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8 mos ago
Current ... I never said it would be the same year.
5 yrs ago
I'll be back to RP after 9th May. Sorry for slow replies, but I'm still extremely busy IRL :(
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5 yrs ago
Apologies to all my RP partners. I'm still busy IRL and will be slow with replies for a while.
5 yrs ago
All my (awesome!) RPs are in PM, and all my posts are in Spam forum and not related to RP at all... What gives?


I was on hiatus for 4 years. Maybe I'll try again.

A long shot, but would like to rp isekai plot similar to Fushigi Yuugi and Juuni Kokuki, but with OC. PM if interested.

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Lawful Neutral
Interesting question. I certainly made very close friends through roleplaying, and became closer to some friends when we started roleplaying with them.
Welcome back.

I see and appreciate Yuri Lowell in your avatar.

I decided to not change the avatar from 4 years ago. Gotta be consistent. lol
Nice to see him recognized! I love that game and he is one of my favorite protagonists.
Welcome back, @Tsubaki!

You know how everything works, but if you have any questions just ask. Consider dropping by the discord as well, we tend to spend a lot of time chatting.

I hope you have fun!

Yes I feel like not much has changed from what I remember so I should be able to get around :)
Discord didn't exist back then I believe. So that's something new. I'll think about that.

I used to roleplay here 4 years ago. But then had some huge issues irl and went on hiatus. Now that things are going better, I thought I'd drop by. Glad to see the site is still active.

I would like apologize to my former rp partners for my sudden disappearance, although I'm not sure if they're still on the site.

A lot of things changed for me, including my roleplaying preferences. But I still enjoy roleplaying as a hobby!
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