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@Ithradine@KoL@Vancexentan@Not Fungus@TheMushroomLord@addamas@Frettzo@Guy0fV4lor So everyone is aware, I intend to start the IC come next week, giving time for the remaining individuals to complete their sheets before applications are closed and we get moving.

Addamas brought this up a while earlier, but for the sake of receiving everyone's input, how would each of you feel about the creation of a Discord? Obviously one isn't exactly necessary, but if people think it would be useful, especially while we wait for the remaining sheets to be created in order to maintain a sense of activity, then I can get right on that.

Either way is fine with me, I suppose. But, if we have to wait that much longer, maybe a Discord will serve the purpose of keep interest going until then.
Clair took a look around the bar after leaving Emilia's shop. It seemed like everyone went their separate ways at least for this intermission. Not that it bothered her or anything like this. In fact, she decided to take this chance to kick back and relax as well.

There was no better way to do that than by pulling a phone from her pocket and taking some photos of Cait while she was curled up, sleeping like a kitten. "You should take care, KitKat, if you are this defenseless, someone might just snatch you away one of these days," she said, taking photos from various while tickling the blueish feline with a reed stalk.

※ ※ ※

"Your patronage is very much appreciated," Emilia said when Akiko and Rose made their deals. The Dollmaker wasn't so much into the sudden physical intimacy with the later but didn't make it evident yet.

"I'm sorry but I cannot help you. If you want any of this kind of equipment you'll have to look somewhere else," she pointed at the closed General Store right across them. "After all, I'm only a Magic Item dealer. I know nothing of such practical matters," Emilia added, flashing an all-too-innocent smile at Rose.

"Oh, but if I'm not wrong, you already missed the 'flag' once. If I were you, I would pay more attention to the upcoming worlds, just in case you get another chance~" She finished in a sing-song voice.

@KoLI'm pretty they meant the number of magic affinities.

I wouldn't discount the value of education if I were you. Having high raw potential is nothing if you don't have the tools to make it work. Someone who's naturally good with learning is obviously more capable of developing said potential faster in something that's essentially another academic field than someone with any kind of cognitive impairment.

Even discounting the magic affinities, I still consider Andromeda's education to be her greatest asset. You'd be surprised how much can be done with a solid knowledge of natural sciences and mathematics, plus other assorted things like music, etc.
@Vocab Thanks. I don't know if you're talking about are talking about the magic affinities or that she's a highly educated person (or maybe both) but I'm interested in seeing where that'll go. In fact, I picked that because I think there are many possibilities for what could happen when someone who's already good at modern science get their hands on magic.

At any rate, it seems like Andromeda is also the only one named after a Celestial object here, huh? Very interesting.
She's also, the only adult in the group so far which is kinda funny.
Well, here we go:

I'm hoping to have something done at some point during this weekend.

Celestial Musician
"And here was I hoping for something like a duel right out of Kurosawa-sensei's movies," Subaru said in a dejected voice when Saber attempted to skip right ahead and ignore the duel. "The opponent is right ahead of us and, judging by the difference in your parameters, you are much faster than him. There's no way he'll be able to shoot before you close the gap," she finished, explaining her logic.

"Aren't you giving up too much information, Mister Archer?" Subaru spoke after Archer made his intentions clear. "The fact that you are looking for relatives means that you come from a clan that would have plenty of Heroic Spirit candidates like the Taira or the Genji. Isn't that a pretty big hint? At any rate," she prepared her violin again as she continued speaking, "I'll have to refuse that part about us being out of it. If you mean to guarantee that Saber won't strike your Master, that's something I can concede. Slaying Masters isn't the objective of a Holy Grail War, after all. On the other hand, I'll fight with Saber and we will defeat you. Also, isn't it kind of rude for a familiar to be so condescending toward their Master?"

Subaru's hands went to work as she spoke, playing a rather elaborate melody that provided a minor boost to Saber's Agility, making him even faster than before. "Very well, Saber, we have our victory conditions. Don't harm the girl and try to not kill Archer if possible. Now, show me your best game."

@Anza@Crusader Lord@King Cosmos
My brain trembles after seeing this.

I'll wait to see how this looks after finalized before committing in the fullest, though.
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