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It had to be one of those cheeky Columbian girls, huh?

She's ok. Now, it's just a matter of waiting the actual thread be ready by this weekend.
I'd be up for this if you're still open!

We are indeed. Welcome.
Do you get to share a bedroom with another student? Share a bed even?

Yeah, shared bedrooms will be a thing. I haven't decided on how many girls per room yet since this will depend on the numbers of players.

As for sharing a bed, that's up to you. I certainly can think of how useful it would be in those cold winter nights...

Two quick questions:

Would it be ok for me to post again?

Also, would it be ok if Eris knew a bit about General Jaeger? He's kind of a living legend but I still prefer to ask before doing something like that.

Though, I realize its like asking if a WWII tank commander can know who Rommel is. Even so, I better be sure.
I have a few more questions. What do we know about Rocs? Like do they hunt near their nests or are they long range hunters for example.

Do we know of about my weaknesses or fears that Rocs have?

How determined are they to pursue prey?

How is the weather currently(unless I missed that in the post)?

Finally, how do they usually attack? Like in swarms or are they usually solo hunters?

Good questions. I'll answer them later, or at most tomorrow.
Stupid kids everywhere.
Hmm, Evan. All you want to do is sleep all day. It'd be a shame if a few girls dragged you away to go shopping....

Someone gotta carry the bags. Hehehe...
While GMing, it's a customary thing to come across player problems where, no matter the solution you present, or the way you address it, you'll always be considered in the wrong.

For example, you post a comment on the OOC that gets misinterpreted by someone. Either they think that you are being too blunt, or outright sadistic, or that you are patronizing them. When you try to explain that no, they didn't get the meaning of what you said right (which is especially jarring when you use direct language to avoid misunderstandings), they come up with false arguments about you being intolerant and always trying to be on the right (some times appealing to straw man fallacy). Less mature players can actually dive straight for finger pointing and yelling, leaving no room for a civilized talk.

So, the question of this thread is: What do you do while GMing when you find yourself in this kind of scenario where either you are being taken as too harsh or patronizing, with no middle ground for a talk? In addition, how do deal with players that place you in this kind of scenario where no talk is viable? How tolerant are you of it?
I'll likely post sometime closer to this weeked, as usual.
As one additional note, I might begin the OOC either later today or tomorrow. I'm just trying to see if this can get some more interest before going for the next stage.

* PS: At most the OOC will be up during the weekend since beginning it during the middle of the week doesn't sound like a good idea to get interest, in retrospect.
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