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"Oh, these things? They are kind of a tool for the job, but not in the way you think. Don't you even know what you are fighting against?" the clown replied Robin's question with one of her own.

She didn't show any signs of going on the offensive while she spoke, but neither did she stop her juggling. In fact, now she was doing it while balancing herself on a single leg, her eyes focused on the bowgirl almost as if she were expecting some kind of reaction.

"Come on, you know as well as I do that there is no one innocent in this world. In the end, we all deserve to burn for a reason or another," the Harlequin said in an amused voice. "Like, I could tell you the darkest secrets in the hearts of those people you just saved. If I did that, what would you do, then? Would you cross the line, or would you still save them, knowing that they'll go back to their despicable little lives as soon as they got back to their feet?"

"By the way, isn't it a little sad, none of your 'friends' are here to help you? I would think a team would be more... teamed together, hahaha!"

"Don't let them get you, everyone. They are just trying to divide you. That's—That's just like every other time... But now I won't lose to you, Darkeepers! I'll not let this world fall under the Witch's darkness," Scheherazade replied in a distressed voice after being berated by the Scorpion Girl.


"You don't need to look so dejected, Saber. I'm sure it won't be that much of a wait," Xiaoyu said not long after they took their seats. It wasn't that hard to read Saber's mood when she wasn't acting in a guarded way but rather as a girl of her apparent age. In fact, the gap between Saber's behavior as a King of legend and lore and as an everyday girl was one of her biggest charm points in Xiaoyu's opinion. One she made sure to document in her journal every now and then.

As Xiaoyu expected, it didn't take long for their orders to arrive. However, she barely had the chance to take a tentative bite at the strange sandwich before a huge explosion wrecked the restaurant.

"What was that? Actually, were you talking about an explosion earlier does that have anything to do with this, huh... Shin, right?" Xiaoyu asked, making an effort to remember the boy's name, after taking cover behind Saber.


"Ho... this modern cuisine is very interesting indeed," Li said after he took a bite of the burger. It probably would be better with some tea, but he could make do with whatever drinks this place had to sell, too.

"In a city like this, that kind of incident shouldn't be considered so unusual—" Just as Li tried to explain his point of view on the news about the explosion, an expected one shook the very restaurant they were in, probably putting everyone who hadn't been hit in a state of shock or alert.

The first priority on the Assassin's mind was ascertaining that his Master was out of harm's way with a quick glance.

With that out of the way, he turned his attention to the duo that seemed to be aware of the reason behind this attack. "I believe this kind of act is outlawed by the authorities of this era, boy. While I'm not against helping the wounded, it would be in your best interest to explain what happened. Especially since it looks like the two of you are expecting it to happen again at any moment," Li said calmly, dusting his coat off as he got back to his feet.

"That's something to consider, indeed," Aerynne said after Erika commented about the possibility of a waterborne threat being the cause behind the disappearance of the mysterious carrier bird rider. "But I can't see signs of a struggle here, so... maybe whoever left these clues behind is still safe?"

The sight of the shimmerfish reinforced Aerynne's guess. But for the time being, the only thing she could do was pray that she was right even as they decided to press forward.

"Thanks, I didn't expect to have to go through a river in a place like so I left mine back in my room," Aerynne said after Erika offered to take care of her notebook. "I hope I'm not being a bother for the two of you. When we are back to the surface, please allow me to thank you with a lunch, or dinner."

"Anyway, I'm ready when you are," Aerynne said, taking off her boots and coat, placing them in her own bag before taking a cautious step into the underground river.

"Eek!" She let out after being surprised by the unexpected coldness of the water.

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"Gwahaha, you are done for, meddling humans!" The Jack-in-the-box laughed once the darkness enveloped the building. Its revelry wouldn't last long after Robin continued her assault, a good shot or two would be enough to finish the Pageless Leader now that it had exposed itself in a place without cover.

"Gah! Curse you, curse you!" it spat before exploding in a small puff of smoke and flashing lights leaving behind a few pages of text, containing the life force stolen by its lesser brethren.

Before any of the protectors could sigh a sigh of relief things turned grim, not only inside the building but outside as well.

"Laaadiies and Gentlemen! What do we have here!?" A voice called from high above, reaching everyone inside the tent-like barrier. Anyone outside could see the source was coming from something, or rather someone, balancing at the tightrope. "Lookout! Don't you know it's dangerous to stand under a tightrope? What if something falls on your head, you wouldn't want that, would you?" the voice said right before an abnormally heavy club hit the roof beside Robin, leaving a small crater in the reinforced concrete.

"Oh no! Not again, not in this world too!" Scheherazade said in a shocked voice, almost as if he had seen a ghost, just as Monarch was trying to reassure him about his faith in humanity.

"Why do you have to be here, Darkkeepers!?" Scheherazade said just as the owner of the voice appeared before Robin in a blink, standing between her and the Jack-in-the-box's remains.

"Hello there. You girls have been having a lot of fun lately, aren't you? I hope you don't mind if we...crash the party a little, hehehe!" the girl dressed as a court jester said to Robin while she continued to juggle some clubs not unlike the one that smashed the roof a moment ago.

"Gah!" The Jack-in-the-box groaned as a shot skimmed his jump's trajectory, forcing him to do some impressive mid-air acrobatics to avoid it. "You'll have to do better than that to get me, human!" It said as it ducked and weaved between shots, kicking off the walls, breaking vases, and being weirdly agile as it reached the last floor before the roof.

Robin's bravery and the team's combined efforts were great impediments. However, the Jack-in-the-box ultimately made it to its destination, using the force from one of Robin's arrows to propel it tumbling out of the roof's door like a quirky cannonball just as the mysterious assailant began its assault on Ayaka and Monarch.

As soon as the Jack-in-the-box reached the roof, everything around the building went dark. Pitch-black darkness as if someone pulled a cloth over the eyes of everyone in the building. In fact, that was an apt comparison, as it would become evident a moment later when a very conspicuous tune began buzzing in the air out of seemingly nowhere.

As if called by the musical revelry, powerful spotlights pierced the darkness, revealing an unexpected truth. The whole building—nay, almost a whole block—had been seemingly moved under, or enveloped by, a gigantic pavilion, becoming the literal stars of some twisted circus.

"Be on your guard, everyone! I hope it's not what I'm thinking, but I don't like where this is going," Scheherazade said in a worried voice from his new perch atop a tall wooden pole.

Divide and conquer. A tactic as old as time, and now it caught to the defenders of humanity.
"Curse you, humans!" The Jack-in-the-box spat out as first Robin, and then more and more of Mizukino's protectors filtered into the scene. It showed little to no regard with its underlings, swiping one of the shadowy puppets with its clawed hand and using it as a shield to block Robin's judgment strike.

When the puppet fulfilled its purpose, the Jack-in-the-box summarily tossed it at Robin.

"What are you waiting for? Get them!" Even as it commanded the other Pageless to press the attack against the magical girls, the Jack-in-the-box slashed its claws through the air, sending vacuum blades flying in Ayaka's direction.

Naturally, the move toppled some of the nearby cubicles, covering its escape route. The only signs of it taking a move would be a door swinging back and forth on its own and the clacking noises the Jack-in-the-box made as it hopped its way up the staircase with deceptive agility.

The grimace on Aerynne's face said all that needed to be told about her interest in going down the way of the path filled with screaming slugs. In all of her years of exploration, she never got to terms with her dislike of the many creepy crawlies that filled many ruins. At most, she managed to reduce it from an instinctive phobia to a level where she could deal with them if she had to, but now wasn't the time for that.

As such, she followed the strange duo with the exhibitionist and the feline girl down the left-handed path.

Aerynne took notes of the many life forms in the ruins. Sometimes, the powers that emanated from certain relics influenced the kinds of beings that lived near them, causing them to evolve and change in the strangest of ways. Perhaps if they could cross-reference that with some other databases, there was a chance to have an idea of what might be waiting for them.

Anyway, the fresh corpse and the duo's conversation pulled her attention away from her notebook.

"Excuse me, but I couldn't not overhear your conversation from back there," Aerynne said as she approached them. "Whether or not this is the work of wolves or anything else, don't you think it's strange they came down here when there's supposed to have only one entrance?"

"By the way, I'm sorry for being rude," she said when she realized she began talking to them without so much as introducing herself. "My name's Aerynne, a scholar of ruins. I'm glad I could find someone else who went down this route."

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