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Not only you, Keisuke. I think that I figured a bit more of this as well, but I still need more of proof before claiming it for good.

Also, talking about Crete, would the Labyrinth be more like a Reality Marble or just a powerful Bounded Field, like the Blood Fort Andromeda? Also, all of this beast hunting really makes me want to use Atalanta's second NP, I really love that lion boar girl's looks. Maybe I'll give it a shot in a battle against the Minotaur, Berserker vs Berserker.
<Snipped quote by The 42nd Gecko>

He didnt realize he was released as he went to his own castle. But he's certainly coming down now. I'll get a post up later today for all fronts.

Mephilus: "Hey, didn't that Angel guy escape from the cell, somehow? Nah..." Ignores it and goes away

Five minutes later...

Mephilus: "Y'know, just like they say, better safe than sorry," Goes back to check and find the dungeon in ruins. "Fuck!"

RILD: "Why do we even pay you morons, again?"
Victoire Bordeaux
"You'll never get it, do you, Avaritia —not, Henry— I'm not looking down on you..." Victoire said as Henry unleashed his rage, or better, Zac's rage upon them. It was now or never for Victoire as well, if she ran away now, it would place everything she did in jeopardy. With a flourish of her hands, Victoire commanded the blood orbs to dart at Henry's direction, changing directions with a sharp midflight turn to attack him from the front, left and right as each of them split into three Bloody Javelins. She didn't attack him from behind intentionally.

The reason for such would become evident just as a portal opened there. A pair of delicate arms crossed under one of Henry's armpits and around his neck before Victoire's petite, but strong, claw-like nails grabbed a hold of him. "I never did so," Victoire finished her previous declaration, "but you in my way. At least this won't hurt at all. Die, Avaritia..." she said right before going for a bite to Henry's neck. Her fangs met the invisible armor donned by him, but even so, Victoire didn't give up.

At this point, it was just a matter of which would break first the armor or her. And a thirsty vampire's fangs are not a joke either...

[D. Rose Radius: 15360/3840/3840/1920/1920 meters] [Catacombs/Underground Coverage: 25.6/12.8/6.4 %]

I know what you mean. Like I said, if it's more interesting, we can surely keep going. I see no issue either way.
Eris Reinhard
"Black Ops, huh? I wonder why did the Intel trust a militia with such a critical task?" Eris couldn't help but think as she heard hunt's explanation. That said, her mind was slightly distracted by noticing Evan's strange behavior. Did she go a bit too hard on him yesterday? She knew that he calls himself an old man and all that but; did she bothered him when he really just wanted to rest?

Eris considered teaming up with Evan if only to have the chance to apologize for her behavior. Before she even had the chance to do so, he snagged Linda, after taking a suspicious glance at Eris's direction. "So, I really did something he didn't like..." she sighed. Well, it didn't matter now, Eris would have her chance to apologize later. For the time being, Eris had to find a partner and get moving. Looking around, she found that the only free one around was Ezekiel. After taking a moment to regain her composure, Eris walked to him and asked, "Would you mind if an old lady like me made you company? We still have a bit of time and I know a great ice cream parlor that's right in the way between here and our rendezvous point," with her characteristic smile stamping her face.
If that's what y'all think is best.

If you need another Nadia post for me in the dining hall, let me know, though. I could probably work one out.

Oh, do so, if you want. We are just wanting to move things forward a bit but I guess that there's no escaping the RL busy times. We may keep the current scene going, if it's the best for everyone.
I'm working on a post. It's not much but I really want to do so today.
Alright cool, is there any particular way you guys want me to hop in? What's happening as of right now?

Well, I think that the slots for being captured are already full. I have another idea for you but it'll have to wait until this fight is done. It shouldn't take long. If people don't deal with this monster up to the next weekend, we will have to end it and move forward.

I know that everyone is busy ,but this scene kinda has lost a lot of momentum.
I'll post on the happyverse in my next post, maybe. I was just a bit pressed to get something out earlier today.
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