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What are you talking about anyway?
Takamachi Nanoha

Nanoha listened to everything the others had to say, trying to absorb as much information as possible while not letting herself be shaken by the general lack of organization in this effort. If everything continued to be this chaotic, it would be really hard to get anything done, especially a task as complex as interdimensional transportation from a completely unknown—possibly very isolate— world such as this one.

After another round of opinions had been thrown in, she raised a hand, requesting the opportunity to speak.

"I appreciate everyone's ideas but I think that we are beginning to grasp at straws. Theorizing without any solid basis will get us nowhere. So, why don't we adjourn this meeting and continue doing our separate investigations for the time being? I believe that we have a physical meeting being prepared if what Mister Sharpton said is correct. We can resume the conversations when we are in a place where we don't need to worry about spies. Unless anyone has any other crucial information to add, this should be enough, right?" Nanoha said. This meeting answered some questions and created even more; she needed some time to process it as well as take care of her own issues.

Bouncing empty theories around just made them lose time after all.
Meteora Österreich

"I understand what you are trying to say. Perhaps I'm too fixated at Altair. All of us just have our original worlds to take as a frame of reference, so I think it's only natural that this kind of situation where worldviews collide would happen sooner or later. Maybe we can proceed with caution for the time being. I'll keep working on the only lead I have, but I don't wish to compromise anyone's situation with my own ideas," Meteora said in reply to Klaus' statement.

"As far as motivations go, I think that they may as well be all over the place, so spitballing ideas at random isn't really going to help us. We should do as Nanoha said and focus our efforts for the time being. It's also getting pretty late here so we can go eat something and rest, before continuing our investigations in the morning," she said before nodding to herself. An empty sack cannot stand upright after all. If nothing else, the biggest problem of this joint investigation would be dealing with a half-a-day time lag between teams.

Just from this small hands-on experience, Meteora could see why most creators got lazy and didn't properly address the issue of timezones on their works. These things really suck.
Yatogami Tohka

Back at Tokyo, Tohka's attention was taken from food acquisition to a certain girl that she saw running right past her in the street. She was going right after what seemed to be a giant dog and someone on a motorcycle, climbing the roofs of the nearby buildings, leaving Tohka completely confused about what in the world was happening.

The only thing that the purple-haired girl knew what that the girl in armor looked way too much like someone from that annoying Mecha-Mecha Squad that always attacked her on sight. With the idea that this would be the best chance for her to get some questions answered, Tohka summoned Sandalphon and raised it over her head, however, a certain idea passed through her mind just as she did so, saving the buildings where the dog was at the moment from being further destroyed.

Nevertheless, a moment—and a sliced snack machine— later, Tohka, who was now wearing her Astral Dress and well as wielding her Angel, would catch up with the Mecha-Mecha girl thanks to the fact that she seemed to be the only one around here capable of flying. "Hey you, Mecha-Mecha girl, what's happening here? Why is everyone going after that giant dog? It didn't eat your homework, did it?" She asked in a completely serious way. The only reason anyone would put this much effort to catch a dog would be because it ate their homework or something like that. At least in Tohka's limited opinion.

@VitaVitaAR@Raineh Daze@PKMNB0Y@Rin@TheFake@Crusader Lord
Emilia Warov

By the time Lancer addressed the family, both mother and son had fainted. A normal reaction of the brain trying to preserve its sense of reality when one was confronted with such a jarring turn of events. The two of them were unceremoniously laid at the sidewalk, lost in their catatonic slumber, while the young girl stared at him with eyes that reflected both awe and excitement. The appropriate kind of gaze for one that has been confronted with living legends right out a storybook.

"That was amazing!" Emilia said in an excited voice. "Are you shooting a movie, Mister? Wait, no that can't be it, I don't see any cameras around, so are you a Toku hero or something like this?" she followed up, making her best impression of a common little girl. Whether this plan would get her anywhere or not was yet to be seen but the only choice Emilia has at this moment was to push forward; backpedaling would earn her nothing an undignified death, after all.

"My my, what a cute Master do I have. With this sort of reactions, I can't help but feel like teasing her even more," the smallish Archer thought as she observed her Master's attempts at finding their opponents.

Thankfully, it seemed like their enemies also had the same idea, but were much blunter in their approach, or so it looked like considering the words that came out of the doll-like nun's lips.

"So, Saber is a soft-looking person as well, huh? She reminds me of 'that girl', however, it feels like her disposition is on a totally different level. I wonder where did she come from?" Euryale said to her Master, telepathically, while she continued to consume her burger and swing her feet idly, like a little girl, or at least a young one...

It was during one of those childish gestures that she 'accidentally' kicked the table, causing a ketchup bottle to topple and spill some of its saucy contents over her Master.

"Oh no, we have to get these off before it leaves a stain," Archer said in a half-apologetic tone, not unlike that of a prankster child. "Quick, let's go to the restroom and get some water at it," she added while tugging her Master's sleeve. Once they were out of sight of their foes it would be just a matter of thinking of the next step on this battle of wits.

@Crusader Lord@RolePlayerRoxas@Raineh Daze@VitaVitaAR

  • Name: Othianne "Othis" Phorensia Obberhausen
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 19 years
  • Personality: A true genius with a penchant for behaving in an aloof, almost robotic, way. While this isn't a trait very uncommon among those who attend the Atlas Temple for their whole lives; there are exceptional cases such as hers, even among them. Othis is one such case, surpassing the expectations of being a tool for Atlas' advancement, while forfeiting most of the basic traits of what makes someone human. She's basically a computation device in the shape of human being, whose few non-magecraft related interests revolve around the only activities she allowed herself to enjoy as a pastime, reading and problem-solving —especially those of the geometric nature.
  • Skills: Much like many of Atlas' personnel Othis is an adept practitioner of Thought Partition and Thought Acceleration, allowing her to absorb and process information at an inhumanly fast pace. In addition to that she's also quite knowledgeable at a number of subjects both mundane and esoteric in nature.
    She's also, pretty good at baking and coffee brewing. After all, knowing how to make a good coffee is a talent that's very handy to have when you are used to long hours of study.
  • Abilities: As far as magic circuits quantity go, Othis is a pretty good example of what happens when one negates bloodline purity for too long. That said, having a pitifully low number of magic circuits is no problem for an Atlas Alchemist, whose greatest forte is Mystic Code operation. That said, the few that Othis has are enough for her to make use of a variation of Gradation Air focused on decomposition and understanding of the inner structures of objects. Othis isn't able to employ any meaningful form of projection since she just doesn't have enough mana output for that, but she's very capable of analyzing the base nature of everything with a mere sight, a talent that can pretty much be called "Mystic Eyes of Scanning" though in truth it's more like the masterful eyes of an ancient mathematician an engineer.
    One example of its usage is being able to instantly assess the atomic composition, molecular structure, age and physical weaknesses (crystallographic defects, cracks, etc.) of an item up to the size of a classical age human sculpture, meaning that large or complex structures need to be broken down in parts and or disassembled befoe she can analyze them. It can also be very useful for comprehending abstract concepts such as mathematical formulae and functions, though Othis still has to process the information on her own.
    She also has access to two Mystic Codes. The first is a Orichalcum(Brass) Gauntlet that acts as an amplifier and control unit to metallurgic magecraft and electricity based attacks. It's collapsible to the size of a common bracelet so that Othis can have it with her the whole time. And the second, a harness made of the same material that wraps around her waist, back, and torso, whose primary function is collecting spiritrons from the nearby environment and convert them into usable magic energy. Additionally, it also works as defensive armor (albeit not a very powerful one) and can deploy up to two pairs of extension limbs that very useful when you need to work on more tasks at once than the number of hands you have.
  • Short History: Under construction
  • Other: Under construction

She's ok by me as well. You know what to do now, don't you?

At any rate, @floodtalon @Majoras End, we are waiting mostly on both of your replies before moving forward to the last stage of this scene. Just telling you since there's been a while since you made your last IC posts.
  • Class: Archer
  • True Name: Sir Tristan
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Personality: "To gaze into his eyes is to know the real meaning of suffering..."
    Tristan is the embodiment of the sadness and longing that come with tragic love stories. His life story both before joining and after leaving the King of Knights' court is the subject of a lot of contention, however the fact remains that the "Child of Sadness" is as beautiful as he's downcast.
    Even with all that happened in his past, Tristan still remains loyal to his vows as a knight and to his burning love for Iseult. If his master is righteous and just, he'll dedicate his whole being to their cause, but even they'll be spared no mercy if their nature is fundamentally wicked. However, his whole reasoning is shaken when it comes to females, if his master turns out to be a woman, Tristan's dedication will be manifolds greater, to the point that he'd willingly walk into a trap to rescue them if need be.
  • Stats:
    • Strength: B
    • Endurance: B
    • Agility: A
    • Mana: B
    • Luck: E
    • Noble Phantasm: A
  • Class Skills:
    • Magic Resistance: B
    • Independent Action: B
  • Personal Skills:
    • Harp of Healing C: Musical performance that make use of the bowstring in his Noble Phantasm. Suppresses allies mental disturbance, while opponents lost their fighting spirit.
    • Unblessed Birth B: To be born of ill fate. He was called Tristan, the child of sorrow; for grief follows him so ever since his birth. By means of his singing voice, filled with lamentation, it provides additional bonus to his musical performance.
    • Admonishment of the King of Knights B: "The king understands not of human heart-----"
      The decisive trauma that was engraved on the King of Knights. In the legend, it was a severely heart rending admonition. And yet the Knights of the Round Table, summoned as Servants, unanimously declare so: "Nay. We truly know not what manner of thing you are guilty of."
      The words he left at the very end was an excessively cruel remark; Tristan himself severely regrets uttering those words.
      In essence Tristan's words and melodies are like a sharp blade, delivering a blunt truth that others may not be willing to acknowledge and causing their resolve to be shaken. Even after being summoned as a Servant, Tristan has to keep tabs of the words he speaks otherwise he could easily cause an incident similar to the one involving the King of Knights, his uncle, King Mark, and even his beloved Iseult.
      Truly an accursed gift of "hitting where it hurts" regardless of meaning it or not.
    • Weakness (Poison) D: In the legend, numerous times he was weakened by poison, driven almost to death. Due to that, his resistance against poison is lowered to an extent.
  • Noble Phantasm(s):
    • Name: Failnaught: Fantasia of Lamentation
    • Type: Anti-Army
    • Rank: A+
    • Range: 5~100
    • Max. Targets: 10 people
      Tristan’s bow was called a “bow that always hit its target”… but the form of this Noble Phantasm is nothing but a mere “string”. He used the string of his favorite harp, and he flicks off the air by shaking this string, firing what should be called a vacuum arrow. Because the velocity of the arrow, the bow’s angle adjustments, and above all, the loading speed of its arrows are all unusual, it is almost impossible to avoid the entire bullet, no matter how fast the hero is that excels in speed. It seems that the only ways for one to oppose this is by jumping dimensions, move one’s body outside of its range, and so forth.
      For the different ways to use this string, Tristan can take up tactics such as tearing up, slicing up and tying down the opponent. Furthermore, if there is a location that is an obstacle, such as a forest, etc., he can insert traps like “foot entanglements (snares)”, and so forth. The instant a foot takes one step onto the mysterious vacuum trap that was laying there, the enemy floats into midair and is chopped up into pieces.
  • Changes: None.
Interested as well.

No problem with that here.

"I don't think that the lack of, erm... plot on one's legend matters that much," Elizabeth said, regarding Caster's comment about Saber's figure while trying to not make the King of Knights feel too bad about the cold truth. "Being cute is what matters above all else, right? Wha—!" she added before almost jumping out of her scales as Nero employed another low blow against the poor dragon girl.

"Do—don't do this kind of thing without telling me first, you Dumb Emperor! Are you trying to send me back to the Throne with a jump scare or something like this?" Elizabeth said in an indignant voice, despite the fact that she didn't really try to free herself from Caster's grip. "Though, I suppose that if you are feeling cold, I could share a bit of my Idol's warmth with you."

"Anyway, what are we going to get from this place? Since it was Saber's suggestion I suppose she should be the one to decide, right?" The draconic Lancer said as the three of them walked through the market, peering at a number of stands. "By the way, you two don't think that we have time for a snack or two along the way back, do you?" she added while turning a narrowed eye look towards a group of, seemingly, street urchins that were curiously observing them from behind the corner of a nearby building.

"Hey, you know that a giant ice block in the middle of the city is way more conspicuous than a construction site accident, right?" Black Shot said in a nonchalant voice as her cold partner dragged her away from the fight just as things were about to get fun. "Anyway, she was the one that began it, with that talk about punishing evil and all that sappy nonsense. You wanted me to sit around and do nothing while a newbie like that tried to trash-talked me?"

Knowing that none of her words would dissuade Kanbaru from her course of action, plus they were way too far away to continue the fight now, Black Shot crossed her arms and puffed her cheeks in a sulky manner as she made herself comfortable on her partner's vehicle. "Anyway, are you here because of the Boss or something like that? You can't expect me to believe that you are worried about this bunch of small fish," she said while flinging more of her black daggers at a group of Nightmares that were right in their way.

Meanwhile, Getsuga was left alone to fend off against a wave of Nightmares crawling towards her like moths attracted to a flame. What would be of her fate was left to be seen. That is if anyone cared to look for her while thunder and moonlight danced through the abandoned city streets protecting the few people that were around the downtown streets at such a late hour.

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