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Minami's family probably moved out when that criminal take over happened and then, moved back in again.
I don't see any reason for Minami to not be from the city.

• Name: Leynanniel "Leyna"
• Age: Young; for an elf
• Gender: Female
• Race: Wood Elf
• Height: 151 cm
• Weight: 41 kg
• Rank: 6 of Coins
• Appearance: Leyna is pretty much exactly what most people picture when they think of her race: small, lithe, and beautiful in a nigh otherworldly way. Despite being around a head smaller than your average human, her exotic features more than make up for it. The long, pointy ears characteristic of the Elvenkind, complimented by emerald-colored eyes and greenish hair reaching down to her waist, make it sure that Leyna is a hard to miss sight within human lands, both for good and ill.

When it comes to clothing, Leyna is conservative and utilitarian, wearing only as much as she needs for any given situation, mostly leather and fabric outfits dyed in drab, earthy colors like green and brown so that she can blend better with all sorts of natural environments.
• Personality:
• Brief Backstory:
• Equipment: While her usual outfits are all of high-quality elven origin, her Elven Cloak and Boots deserve special mention. As long as its wearer is an ally of the Elvenkind, not only it protects them against the harsh elements, it also acts as camouflage, seemingly shifting colors to match the lighting and ambient around, making the wearer far harder to spot. Similarly, as long as they are worn by an ally of the Elves, the boots make it able to walk steadily in anything other than the most treacherous surfaces, while making their wearer's steps as silent as those of a cat on the prowl.

Other than this, the only item worthy of note belonging to Leyna is her Elven bow, made of sacred wood taken from deep within the ancient forests inhabited by her kind. Despite its slim appearance, it's sturdy enough to be used as a quarterstaff without any risk of breaking, even when parrying a direct strike from a bladed weapon. The bow's draw is far heavier than anything inferior woods are able to endure, but as long as it's used by an ally of the Elvenkind, its enchantments allow it to be drawn effortlessly.

Leyna also carries a typical assortment of adventuring equipment (rope, daggers, rations, etc), all of high-quality Elven manufacture.
• Skills:

Hola, is there still room in this? Got an idea for an orc bard I want to try.

Orcs aren't even on the list of playable races.

Name: Kyrsi Eirisphere
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Skills: Aside from magecraft related stuff, Kyrsi's only noteworthy skill is sewing which she does not only because her magic demands it but hobby that she caught over the years.
Abilities: As a traditionally schooled magus, Kyrsi has all of the basics covered, with a knowledge of general magecraft, with an expertise in curses (especially the ever-popular Gandr) and bounded fields.

Her family's signature magecraft is soul transference and spirit binding. Kyrsi employs it in an unorthodox manner; binding wraiths to mystic codes shaped like plush dolls (particularly damaged-looking teddy bears) that she carries around as key chains. With a minimal infusion of magical energy, the dolls are turned back to their normal size and do Kyrsi's bidding. They attack with vicious claws and fangs that carry curses from the vengeful spirits.

In addition to her plushies, Kyrsi has a sewing kit mystic code that has been passed down her family for generations, which she carries around in a pouch the whole time. It's collection a tools specialized for the creation of other mystic codes, but since they also carries a considerable number of curses of their own, they can be to fight other magi if need be. The most important items in the kit are a bundle of thread made from an ancient witch's hair, a set of needles made from narwhal tusks, and a pair of scissors whose blades are rumored to made from the shards of a demonic sword.
Brief Backstory:

I'll give this a proper read later today or over the weekend. I just figured that I should post here sooner rather than later.
The day of Judgemment, huh?
Ok, so here's what I'll be working on from now on.

If her quirk is ok with ERode, this will be it for me:
Nekoyama Minami

• Name: Nekoyama, Minami [猫山南]

• Age: 15 years.

• Height: 5'2".

• Weight: 98 lbs.

• Quirk: Cat. She can do everything a cat can do.

• Description: Minami is a young girl with a pretty impressive figure and a quirk that almost makes her cross the line between human and animal. With a nigh perpetually upbeat personality. Despite her pretty action-oriented abilities she has a life-long desire to be the number one support hero in the nation, that blossomed as soon as she was in the kindergarten and got stuck in a three for a couple hours before being rescued by a hero using some really unique gadgets. She also holds a pretty high admiration for rescue specialists such as the Wild, Wild Pussycats, for pretty much the same reason.

Thanks to her interest in support heroes, Minami's true assets aren't visible to the naked eye. Her most valued characteristic is her craftiness. However, since her quirk is more appropriated for an action hero, Minami has been flirting with the idea of being a hybrid between a support and a rescue hero, that uses both her brains and her body to help others.

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