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I'll see if I can come up with a character idea for this later.
Huh. Nice handwriting KoL. I had figured you for a doctor's penmanship, but alas I have yet to meet anyone worse then myself.

Oh, that's actually my (hasty/messy) engineering handwriting. My actual cursive handwriting is way less readable than that.
By the way, the stairs, and doors, are appropriate for weird physiologies as well, so no "a centaur can't go through here" comments.

There are around 20 individual beds per room, to a total of 40 for each grade and 160 students in general. They are arranged with 11 in the wall opposite to the door and nine on the door wall. Each student has around 9 m² of floor area for him/herself (that is a square of slightly less than 10 feet on each side with the bed on the middle, close to the wall), with a 1.5 meter (5 feet) lane separating the room. It's not cramped at all, unless you are a literal giant so, even a horse could sleep there very well.

The common areas are furnished, and have mini libraries, a television (with a latest gen W-box console), a couple of public computers each and even a small snack bar with a fridge. Your characters aren't living in spartan conditions at all so there's no reason for than to complain.

The place is as good as it can be without veering into rich children pampering syndrome.

PS: Just to be clear about this. Both the common areas and all entrance and exits have CCTV cameras, to keep everyone safe while maintaining the rooms privacy.

The simplest and most functional design possible. In case you still cannot picture a common dormitory with room assigned by gender and floors assigned by grade/schoolyear:


Sure. I was waiting for that.

Emilia and Anna may not be that strongest pair but they'll make up for it with compatibility through the roof.
Since it seems like you still haven't got it, I'll try to provide some minimal floor plans by tomorrow. It'll not be anything as detailed as a blueprint but it should do the trick.

Don't get used to it thought, because I feel like this kind of extra effort shouldn't be necessary. I just want to make my description clear and avoid miscommunication between us.
And there's Meteora, trying to buy a bit more time for her to find out what's happening. It may not work, but this is within the plans as well, since Meteora is kind of the comedy relief.

Well, the battle had finally come to an end. For the most part, Meteora resigned herself to stand aside, or as close to aside as possible while remaining close to Sanaki, and observe the other's behavior—perhaps even try to help the smallish empress in her attempts to negotiate with the authorities. Or so Meteora would like the others to think. In truth, the Sage of the End of the World, the most impressive mage not only of the world of the RPG Avalken of Reminiscence, but also the de facto main character of the Re:Creators anime project, the very own beautiful mage named Meteora Österreich was using her unique skills to analyze each and every one of them—recording, or rather unveiling the information contained in her magical book— at this very moment.

"... it's much better than searching the internet..."

When Meteora said those words to the spineless Souta while explaining the abilities of her grimoire, The Book of a Thousand Miles, she wasn't lying.

Anyone observing her right now would merely see Meteora lazily flipping pages of her book while using it to cover her face from the eyes downwards. Adding her hood and fidgety movements to the equation, it was unlikely that anyone who wasn't very intimate with her character design would see through Meteora's sheepish facade. Even if they did see through it, Meteora had a few tricks up her sleeve such as projecting an illusion of herself—in her civilian garments— leaving the store along with some of the onlookers that were naturally going to be dispersed by the police.

Even then, if something—like Mr. Bucket possibly recognizing her before Meteora could ascertain her thoughts on this incident— happened, it was a matter of improvising and hoping for the best. And this is exactly what Meteora did when she spoke with lower, more nasal voice as she replied to him saying, "Excuse me Sir, Metal Man, have we ever met before? I don't think I would forget a face such as yours. It certainly would have been bolted to my memory."

@VitaVitaAR@Crusader Lord@Raineh Daze@PKMNB0Y@TheFake@TheUnknowable

Did no one read my last post completely?

There are no copy paste dorm rooms in the Academy. Your characters are staying in a proper military like dorm, with everyone's beds under the same roof.

I have to bring this up before the confusion snowballs into something that wasn't meant to.

Please, correct your posts.
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