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Well, on my end, Mordred is going to be paired with Seira and Hinami will be going with Gil, since we've already half agreed on this. It's alright with me at least.
• Name: Mordred "The Knight of Treachery"
• Class: Saber

• Personality: Mordred is a problem child, simply put, she seems to exist solely to cause spite and exasperation on others and enjoy the spectacle while doubling over in laughter. Even though she's a delinquent she still holds the pride, but not the code of honor, of that comes with not only being one of the Knights of the Round Table, but also being the rightful — in her eyes — heir of the Camelot's throne. As such, she's quick to pick fights with whoever she feels like and will use whatever means she needs in order to win.
There was a time when Mordred also held a great, boiling mix of contempt, and admiration for her father that caused her to be an extremely unstable individual on top of her already problematic attitude. However, after being summoned to countless Grail Wars, she eventually found a Master that helped her sort her feelings. Now, instead of hatred, Mordred holds an insecure admiration towards her father. She still desires deeply to be recognized by the king she admires so much but now Mordred feels like she should do everything it needs to impress, instead of spite, her father even if it means to begin another rebellion.

• Stats:
• Strength: B+
• Endurance: A
• Agility: B
• Mana: B
• Luck: D
• Noble Phantasm: A

• Class Skills:
— Magic Resistance B: Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected.
— Riding B: Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above average skill, even vehicles that did not exist in the time period one was alive in, for they are no exception. However, cannot ride the likes of Phantasmal Species such as Monstrous Beasts.

• Personal Skills:
— Instinct B: Through this ability, it is possible to halve the penalties inflicted by visual and auditory interference.
— Mana Burst A: At Rank A, even a stick can become a weapon of great power. A normal weapon that is not on the level of a divine Mystery can be destroyed in one blow. Can also raise one's defense several times over.
— Battle Continuation B: Did not give up even when pierced with a Holy Spear and ended up giving the King of Knights a mortal wound.
— Charisma C-: Mordred's Charisma fully shows itself during a rebellion.

• Noble Phantasm(s):
• Name: Secret of Pedigree "Helm of Hidden Infidelity"
• Rank: C
• Type: Anti-Unit (Self)

• Effects: The helmet her mother Morgan gave to her along with the words "You must not remove." Within the Status, personal skills, Noble Phantasm and anything connected to the True Name is masked. However when Clarent: Radiant and Brilliant Royal Sword is released, the helmet must be removed.

• Name: Clarent "Radiant and Brilliant Royal Sword"
• Rank: C
• Type: Anti-Unit

• Effects: The sword denoting the right of succession of the throne that was stored in King Arthur's armory. It is described as "more dazzling than any silver, and is a treasured sword with worth excelling or at least not inferior to "The Golden Sword of Promised Victory." Because Mordred stole the sword without acknowledgement, the rank is lower than the original.

• Name: Clarent Blood Arthur "Rebellion Against My Beautiful Father"
• Rank: A+
• Type: Anti-Army

• Effects: Clarent's full power released form. Original was an ornate, sparkling white silver sword, but when invoked it is dyed with dark red blood and warps into an unsightly form. The blade is clad in wanton hatred and fired. A demonic sword of calamity.

• Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
• Changes: None that aren't already canon.
Ok, it took me a while, but she's ready:

“Welp, things got really crazy, really fast,” Mavis said to herself as the battle devolved into complete chaos almost as soon as she finished speaking with Tian and— “Oh, what are you doing in a place like this, Riyame? Also, now that you are talking about her, where’s Reddy?” the redhead said as soon as she noticed the dark-haired gunner, over the sound of explosions and gunfire.

“We’ll have to leave the chat later, Mavis. This isn’t looking good. Everyone is doing as they please with no coordination. I’ll try to get the Linkers to form a united plan. You go there and make sure Mila doesn’t get caught in the crossfire,” Subaru said over their team coms, bringing Mavis’ attention back to the matter at hand. As soon as she was done making sure that her team was already, she turned to the open channel again. “We need a unified strategy if we want to get out of this without any unnecessary damage. If all the Linkers can come up with a coordinated plan, we may be able to maximize our combined strength while avoiding friendly fire. Let’s do this as if we were all a single squad,” she said, addressing everyone else.

“You name it, Subs!” Mavis said as she plunged into the fray, blocking spray of bullets that could have hit any of the Gunners behind her. “Actually, I do have a plan to end this thing but it’s a little, erm… unorthodox,” she said over the open link. “If you guys wanna know, just say it,” Mavis added after she tried to bull rush one of the alien’s paws in an attempt to shake its balance.

• Name: Hinami Asakura
• Age: 24 (apparent), over 400 (presumed real age)
• Appearance:

• Personality: Hinami is normally a calm and collected person. After all, she has seen enough of the world to know that hasty and ill-thought ideas never go forward for long enough. That said, she’s not one to dwell in an endless recursion of schemes and countermeasures as well.
After setting her sights on a goal she’ll work relentlessly towards completing it, though her methods may vary depending on her current physical state. In fact her whole way of being tends to do so as well, becoming more brash when she’s younger and more cold and calculating when she grows older.
She enjoys working on mysteries, reading, and coffee but isn’t too fond of drinking and smoking. If pressed, she would say that she likes cats and dogs in an equal way, but Hinami avoids keeping pets for the same reason that she tends to put on a cold mask to avoid making deeper relationships with other humans. Living a life that’s just too long tends to make you desensitized to the value of bonds that’ll come and go no matter what you do. Though, deep beneath the surface she harbors the desire to have and raise children, which is just about the only thing she was unable to do in her whole life, despite falling in love and getting engaged in relationships multiple times over the years.

• Abilities: Hinami is both skilled and knowledgeable enough to be considered equal to a Magus with the rank of Grand; the apex of modern magecraft. In fact, she could hold such a title if were not for the fact that she’s at odds with the Association. Hinami is experienced in most, if not all, system of magecraft known to the Association, but prefers to use elemental invocation spells whenever possible.
However, what makes her an uncommon individual in the eyes of the Association are her Mystic Eyes, which are a byproduct of being awakened to her Origin, known as Motion. In practice, Hinami’s Origin is connected to circular motion and cycles, making her whole life always go in circles. It’s usually represented by the fact that she grows and then young, always trapped between the early days of elderhood and the late days of childhood. Her Mystic Eyes reflect this, with the ability of reversing the flow things (usually entropy) when she’s on her deaging cycle and speeding the same flow when she’s aging forward.
The fact that Hinami’s Mystic Eyes edge on the territory of Magic is the main source of the problems she has with the Association who would do anything to get their hands on them, including slapping a Sealing Designation on Hinami’s back.

• History: A magus that is old enough to be considered a legend between within the halls of the Mage’s Association. In fact, it is common knowledge that she might as well be older than the Association itself, but after living (existing) for such a long time, even Hinami isn’t sure of it anymore. In fact, she forgot even her real name — if she ever had one to begin with.
Her story began centuries ago, when she was a mere normal girl that happened to be the only survivor of a village decimated by a plague. Her life was spared thanks to the compassion of an alchemist that took her under his wing, teaching her the basics of magecraft. To the great majority of people in the same situation as she, her story would end here, as she lived the rest of her days with her teacher, inherited his talents and passed them forward to her own chosen disciple.
However, that wasn’t the case for Hinami. During the time she lived with her teacher, she got awakened to her Origin and, as befits any who does so, was enthralled by it. The first time she noticed this was shortly after she finished training her own pupil and became a hermit seeking a secluded place to pass the remainder of her days.
Nevertheless, death never came to Hinami. Instead of getting older, she noticed that her complexion became more and more jovial with each passing day and, after a few more decades — when she was just a child once again — her aging process reverted once more and she began to grow older, only to repeat the same cycle anew.
After this point she has been living in the shadows, in a manner not dissimilar to individuals such as the Head of the Makiri clan, seeing the world of mystery grow into the world of technology and finally have the two of them meet up in their search for the Root.
While Hinami usually tried to keep to herself for ages, she couldn’t avoid the pull of her Origin, directing her to Fusang City. In fact, she came to believe that her whole existence was meant to guide her to this place, to see the possibilities that come when two paths to the Swirl mix up together.

• Other: Using her Mystic Eyes accelerates the aging/deaging process in an amount proportional to the amount of energy she manipulates. Because of this, not even Hinami is sure of how old she’s. Furthermore, she’s currently at a deaging cycle, so she can use the “Regression” aspect of her Mystic Eyes. She has about twelve years’ worth of energy to manipulate before she begins to age forward again and is forced to use “Mystic Eyes of Advancement” for the next seven decades or so.
Well, here goes nothing. I hope she's not too confusing since we've already discussed some of the details of this character yesterday.

PS: I'm still thinking whether or not I'll do a second character but if I do it'll be Mordred, because someone more action-y would be good for a change.
Ok, I'll try to have my CSs done before the weekend.

Since we already have a mage that deals with metal, I'll go with my secondary Master idea instead of reusing Othis. And for Servants, I'm between Cleopatra and maybe Mordred at this point.

I think that my Master may be an unusually skilled mage (around Brand or Grand rank) with a Sealing Designation on her head. The Kara no Kyoukai vibes I'm working with are strong enough to make me want to do someone with a focus in more esoteric things like Mystic Eyes, Origins, Reality Marbles, etc. The question is if I still have the creative power to put together a KnK style character.

PS: I'm leaning towards Mordred now, since this just looks too good:
Hmm, perhaps I will give a second chance to a certain transfer student from Atlas into this.
I'll post with Kirsi later.

"I would recommend against doing that, Master," Lancer said as her Master talked about visiting the Church. "Rider's Master is a shrewd adversary. It's all but certain that he set his familiars all over the city, especially the Church. We would be taking a pointless risk to go there on our own. Furthermore, the fact that you were able to summon a Servant and form a contract with them is proof enough that you are allowed to take part in this ritual. Acquiescence to the Church's demands is not necessary, but if you still wish to do so, I recommend that you send a courier — especially an unrelated party — carrying a message that does not disclose any important information. That should be enough to satisfy the Overseer if they know anything about their role in this conflict," she said as she observed her Master set up the computer for a video conference. The silver-haired Lancer had an impressed look in her face as she admired the device, especially its ability to reproduce letters and symbols instantly, even though no one would be able to see her expression while she was in her spirit form.

"That said, his choice of using Father's sacred birds as his familiars will be to our advantage. When the time comes, I'll be able to turn his eyes against himself."

As soon as her Master was done with her talk, Lancer materialized her physical body before the camera. Before she spoke even a single word, she drew a few runes in the air, producing a bounded field that isolated their room from the outside word. She didn't fear the idea of others finding about her identity, but betraying the privacy of her Master's family relations was a completely different matter.

"I'm pleased to meet you, Madam. I'm Brynhildr, Queen of Isenlant and the oldest of the Allfather's Chooser of the Slain. However, for this Holy Grail War, I have been summoned as a Lancer-class Servant under the command of your daughter. You can rest assured that I'll not allow any harm to come to her, even if it costs my life to do so," Lancer said, introducing herself in a formal way.
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