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“Argh, that was anticlimactic,” Yayoi said to her dark magical girl companions after she recovered from Kaeru’s sonic blast. The water magician held her head for a good minute as she tried to shake off the tinnitus. The next time they fought Kaeru, she would be on the lookout for this trick.

That frog girl might be a hopeless idiot at heart, but there was no doubt that she had quite a fearsome power under her control. If only she could come to the fun side of the fence, they would have a much easier time with the detention club’s goals.

“Anyway, I guess this counts as a victory for us, right?” Yayoi said as she approached Himea, and tried to help her partner in anything that was needed.

“By the way, you cost us the decisive blow, you know?” she said to Willow. Just like Shatterscape, Yayoi wasn’t sure what went through the other dark magical girl’s head to try and help one of their enemies in the middle of a battle.

“What should we do now? Go after the other light girls, or hunt some more while everyone else is distracted?” Were her last questions to Himea for the time being.
Ok, there we go. Sorry for the delay.

Also, I set up a little team attack for you, @LuckyBlackCat.

“Don’t you know you shouldn’t ask a magician about their secrets?” Mercurial replied to Rei’s question playfully. “Anyway, I guess I —no, we’ll take that bet of yours and claim tonight’s big prize. I hope you are ready to fork out some big bucks, after all, I didn’t see you catch a single one yet,” she added, right as her partner, the ever-so-dazzling Himea, showed up.

“Stop, please, I’m nothing but a simple trickster. You are going to make me blush if you keep saying things like that,” Yayoi said after Himea’s praise.

Sadly, their light-hearted banter was interrupted by a much-undesired interloper. Or rather, a whole group of ‘em light weirdos.

“On it,” Yayoi answered to her partner’s request. While Himea didn’t explain what kind of distraction she wanted, improvising was part of the show so Mercurial was more than ready for it. She snapped her fingers, summoning a cane with a darkened sapphire in its head, spun it around a couple times, and tipped her hat towards the mass of congregating Miseria.

And then, she fired a stream of bubbles, from her cane, trapping any who would get caught in them, before quickly consuming the tides of darkness.

After taking care of the threats in her immediate surroundings, Yayoi turned her attention back to Himea. She seemed to be dealing with a less-than-ideal match-up against a certain frog maniac. It was right that Mercurial took a part in that as well.

“Let’s see what kind of surprise awaits a pawn like you,” Mercurial said to Kaeru after she joined Kriegspiel atop their elevated arena. As she did so, she threw her hat at the frog girl and her battle toad. Mercurial’s intention wasn’t even to hit them, just to have the magical hat be close enough for her real trick to take effect.

If Kriegspiel took the cue, all she had to do was concentrate on summoning whatever piece she wanted next right from Mercurial’s hat, hopefully making it come from an unexpected angle that would take their target with her guard down.
Ok, a slight change of plans, I'll have to delay working on posts until Thursday, if all goes well. I got kinda sick, so I might need a couple days recompose myself before I get going.
[...] final thing you'll find is a 9mm pointed straight for your face with the most masculine, chiselled hand holding it steady.

Hopefully the provided information is enough to answer your question

Don't give me ideas.
By the way, sorry for not replying yet. I'll try to get a post tomorrow. This weekend was way more taxing than I expected it to be.

“Looks like someone is getting wet, and it has nothing to do with my powers,” Yayoi, or rather Mercurial, thought as she arrived at tonight’s gathering at just about the same time Nyxia was making herself known to everyone in a mile radius.

The night’s air was cold and thick with the smell of countless maladies and malice that afflicted people in their everyday lives, unavoidably coalesced into Miseria. The creatures of darkness roamed around like the mindless feeders they were, and Hibusa’s magical girls hunted them, each in their own way.

The Detention Club – a funny name if Yayoi had to say so – helped bring those who strayed from the light together. But, as is so often common, there were always those who preferred to do things their way, at the detriment of the collective good. Even the introduction of teams didn’t seem to solve that for good it seems.

“Good evening, everyone. I see that the party has already begun, so I decided to bring some party tricks to warm up this cold night,” Mercurial said as she approached the place under the light pole where most of the club’s members gathered. As she did so, she took out her hat and threw it at a nearby Miseria that fled from Nyxia’s indiscriminate fire, imprisoning it in a water bubble.

Mercurial didn’t consume the creature immediately, instead, she watched it squirm and struggle in her water prison. Only when she got bored, did she absorb it into her top hat, which flew back to her waiting hand.
PS: I'll be posting sometime this week, sooner rather than late if all goes as planned.
@LuckyBlackCat@KoL If neither of you have a name idea, I may have one.

"Royal Navy," Given that you've got a chess/water gimmick going.

Not bad, not bad.

@LuckyBlackCatI also thought of Queen's Prestige (Queen's Gambit + Grand Prestige). I suppose you can pick whatever you like the most.
@KoL Ok, I've made my final choice: Mercurial. One, it'd make sense for the exact reasons Emeth said. Two, it'd be a fun dynamic OOC as well as IC because in the last version of this RP, I was the one playing a stage magician themed magical girl.

Hmm what should their team name be?

Oh, cool. Also, I'm not that good with coming up with names on the fly, so I'll think about a proposal. If you have any ideas of your own feel free to drop them.
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