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Done with the CS.
"Now that I think about it, aren't you the only dude in this race, Skull? Unless..." Lydia said over the radio as she passed the mysterious dark rider. She once heard of another skull-themed racer who everyone thought was a man until it turned out to be a girl. But, then again, maybe he wasn't even human but just a cold, computing machine. Who could know what happened behind that stone-faced helmet?

Anyway, such questions were of no importance to Lydia now. Not when she was almost catching up to Aurora and Rema.

"I don't wanna be a third wheel, so I'm just gonna go ahead while you girls duck it off, ok?" the aqua-haired girl said as she tried to move blitz past them only to be hit by Skull's mines. If the Aegis didn't have its shields up it would have been in for a much worse time, but as it turned out, all it did was throw Lydia's timing off for a while, allowing Skull to take the lead once again.

"Ok, if we are going to do this the hard way... Let me give you a taste of what I can do," Lydia said as they entered the looping section, showing off the Aegis' superior maneuverability while forcing her way through with a volley of hypervelocity aimed primarily at the Skulldugg.
"Well, it seems like I got a bit of a slow start," Lydia said to herself as she noticed that she ended up being one of the last to leave the starting line. It would be a long way to reach the first place, but since the other competitors were mostly busy engaging one another, Lydia thought that she could slip by undetected and recover some of the lost time, at least for a while.

With a plan in mind, Lydia zoomed forward, putting all the power of her ship in the engines and shields, trying to go as fast as she could while playing it safe for the time being. It wouldn't be easy. On the other hand, Lydia had the cheers of much of the public on her side. A race was as much about popularity as it was about skills and equipment. And if there was a thing the public loved was an underdog.

If only Lydia could capitalize on it and get some special boosts during the race, she could turn the tables. But first, she had to get through the first obstacle in her way, that being none other than Aurora.

Now was the time to see which machine had the best legs between the two of them.
Here's the beginning of a CS. I'll be finishing it through the week if time allows it:

"I agree with the second half, but... Why did you have to jinx us right from the get go?" Clair said as soon as the giant enemy crab crawled out of the darkness, as if cued by Kanbaru's answer to her earlier joke.

The blonde thief took what little time they had left to survey the area around them. She could see some of her allies scattered around the place. So far, the only one who reacted to the incoming threat was Akiko, who decided to dress in some weird ghillie suit.

"Wait, hmm..." Clair thought as she noticed something she never did before while looking at her pink-haired peer, and Kanbaru as well for that matter.

However, before she could elaborate her thoughts further, they had to deal with their Krusty problem. In fact, she didn't even notice the new arrivals looking at them from the shadows above.

"Ok, I guess that we have to attack its soft underbelly while Catty slows it down?" Clair said as she drew her blade with a stylish spin, rushing in between the crab's vicious claws and legs, trying to find—or make—an opening to retaliate.

"Time to get to work again, Aria!" Clair said as she finally found the chance she looked for, striking one of the crab's legs with a blow empowered by a powerful gust of wind, slowing it down even further in combination with Akiko's ongoing manipulation.

"Ho? If that's what you wish, this old man will be more than glad to lend his fists to your cause, Master," Assassin said, raising an eyebrow at his Master's reply that they couldn't let the situation keep on being as it's.

"What now indeed. Seems like both of you are in quite a predicament, young men. Revealing what you know about the nature of this ritual you spoke of is probably in your best interest."


"Yes, now that we defeated your Servant, and helped you minimize the damage of your reckless actions, it's your obligation to provide us with the information you have," Xiaoyu said as she came into the kitchen right after the Mysterious Lancer and her Saber finished the Bomber Clown off.

While she waited for an answer, Xiaoyu checked her Servant's condition. While the Clown's magic was mostly a non-issue—thanks to Saber's outstanding magical energy defenses—magically charged debris from the explosions could still harm her. There was no way Xiaoyu would accept having her... friend—she supposed—hurt over something like this.
Just making myself known here as well.
In Tower of Fable 26 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

"I wasn't aware we became a sitcom family. What should we call it—It was the Tower all along?" Emilia said when Annabel came back offering nothing but hugs and kisses. Nevertheless, the alchemist — or perhaps witch? — returned the gesture with a knowing look in her eyes.

That night the shopkeeper duo would be nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, they would be back the following morning, just before the adventurers departed.

Emilia was indeed back to her passive demeanor, looking every bit as much like a fine doll, attending her store with an indecipherable smile on her lips. Of course, if anyone were to approach her, she would be more than willing to do any last-minute business.

After all, what could be worse than reaching into a new floor — a new world — while unprepared?


"How strange for me to be the first one to arrive. Maybe it's my lucky day, finally," Clair said as she came down the stairs the next mornign, noticing the utter lack of anyone but the shopkeeper duo. "Finders keepers, right?" she said reaching for some ice cream behind the counter, after making sure Kit Kat was nowhere to be seen.

"So, it's gonna be this one, huh? Maybe I should get a new card. That Tiger girl from before would be a good addition, probably," Clair said to herself as she looked at her lonely couple of cards before going to Emilia's place, looking for another partner to procure.

By the time everyone arrived and they departed on their exploration Clair was already all decked out and ready to rumble.

Their arrival to the world of the murky depths might not have been the most gracious one. However, Clair didn't let that shake her spirits even if the frigid water soaked her to the bone.

"Ok, while we decide on a road to follow, or if we will split again like last time, you can gimme a hand here, Aria," Clair said as she pulled Aria's card and summoned a magical gust of wind to dry herself up while waiting for the opinions of the others.

"By the way, is it just me, or does this place smell kinda... fishy?"

Assassin observed the drama before him. After heard one the young mage responsible for this carnage speak about six others, he more or less formulated the idea that they were involved in some form of unsanctioned ritual based on the Holy Grail War. As it would turn out, it seemed like his guess was true after all.

"It seems like no matter the state of the world, whenever Masters and Servants gather together in a single place, a Holy Grail War is soon to follow," Assassin said. He may not have any clear memories during this summoning but he was certain that he had fought in many Holy Grail Wars in the past.

"I believe it's best if we don't involve ourselves with these miscreants, Master. Of course, if you are willing to do the contrary I won't oppose it either," Assassin said after Shou came into the kitchen.
"Oh well, I guess it can't be helped now, can it?" Lydia said, sighing deep after being spotted by the ever so tenacious camera drones. Perhaps she should get an electronic camouflage upgrade next time, who knows? For the time being, she beamed a smile at the lenses before taking a bite of her food, channeling the best of her star power. "I guess my secret spot is busted now. That's right, these are the best treats in the entire Mevalo. You may not know where they come from, but you'll know where they are going. Come while they're hot!"

"I guess you're gonna have a lot of new customers now, Mister. You can consider that some free advertisement," Lydia said, flashing the same saleswoman smile at the owner of the food stall, before walking away without paying for her food. Just as she predicted, it wouldn't take long for the rumors about the place to spread across all kinds of social media, flooding the poor merchant with way more customers than he could ever hope to deal with. He would probably be beaten to death by the time his stock runs dry, but — Hey!— business was booming, right?

Anyway, Lydia would find herself at the track before she could run into any other unexpected encounters. The last thing she needed was being late for the race. It looked like the competition was going to be fierce, judging by the other participants she saw on Wave's pre-race broadcast, Lydia couldn't afford to cut them any slack.
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