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Inkarnate 5 mos ago
What has KoL been up to? Been a minute.
Spriggs27 4 yrs ago
Aw crap I'm 6 late to say this but Happy birthday.
Xaltwind 4 yrs ago
I, the Mighty Xalt of... Xalt...wind...ia... shall poke you most vigorously! VIGORUSLY I SAY!


Also, TheWindel said I should contact you because you may be able to lend me help, so here I am! Contacting you. See? I can take directions!
Spriggs27 5 yrs ago
Still doing those test KoL ? If so here's a test tip, or late tip, do everything you know first, then move to the ones you don't know, also if you feel flustered on the question your on try to take a quick breath and exhale to calm down, you can also take down two questions or three multiple choice
Spriggs27 5 yrs ago
I don't know if you will see this, but I will say this, Good luck KoL, tear them Midterms a new asshole like Alice did Tsubaki.
Spriggs27 5 yrs ago
I know this will sound random and out of nowhere but my story it was on Wattpad and I stopped writing it and deleted a couple sections of it because I wanted to restart but I haven't felt inspired to go back to it.

I think the first two parts are still there it's called Onyx: Transfusion.
Spriggs27 5 yrs ago
I'll still make a big ass extention cord and bring it to your house.
Spriggs27 5 yrs ago
Hey KoL everything good at your house ? Is the power still out ? Do I need to build a long ass extenion cord and drag it across the world to get you some power ?
Spriggs27 5 yrs ago
Ha I took your Vm Virginity, and you can not have it back KoL.
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