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ooh~ interest, I have :D
TLDR; Teen Titains, but Adventure Time.

"Welcome to H.o.O.! We are the land's best defense against the evils that threaten our .... our... saftey! I'm your host and HoO leader, pause for effect, Page Wizard! Villagently we stood by, waiting for when the world needed us most. Preparing, in the shaddows, as not to be found out by the enemy. We were there, watching, as war had enveloped the land. And thanks to our honorary non-affiliatedmember human, here you are alive today! And, worry not; for with us on lookout you'll be here tomorrow too! Now accepting new members! And don't t worry if you dont think you have what it takes, with our help you too can do your part! Sign ups are down the hall."

Hello! I'm looking to try to run and start a rp set in the Adventure Time universe. I'll have a main thread up with more detials before too long.

Taking place in a kind of Distant Lands / AU space, I'm looking to set the rp with most of the original plot resolved. There will be some canon characters borrowed as plot demands, but mostly ignored to focus on the group at hand. As a club of heroes, you'll primarily be focused on going through missions and working your way to bbeg plot to its completion. Feel free to ask any questions now.
once upon a time there was a cat that ruled over all

and she lived happily ever after ^-^

A momentarily flicker into reality. That was all it was. Whatever this tower had an effect on her connection to this place. An interference she was unsure of its origin. As she had chosen the destination as to insert into the world, she was not quite in synced in time with the moment of the departure. Arriving at a point just before the rest of reality, the cat warrior would have never landed her assault. It was never registered in the first place as slowly as things were clicking back into order.

'Oh? Did I swing too soon? ... Well, let's try it again then!' The mysterious assailant happened to find herself not in the tunnel facing the group of three, but instead outside what was obvious some unique choice of shelter. She wouldn't know if she'd personally choose a place like this, but she knew better than to blindly walk straight into someone's home turf. No, instead there she stood. Just on the edge of her vision was the obvious signs of a large number of people taking refuge. More than just the three people, it was clear to see, and what an eventful night for them that it had to have been. So much was easy to tell, even from this distance.

Instead there she stood. Waiting to make sure the the world was right before she wasted more of her time waiting for, well, time to settle in for good. Vi-vi never understood things when it got like this; but though one of the strangest, fragilest occurrences yet, it wasn't too unrecognizable for her. Satisfied and growing board of the smell of stale cheesy grease bread and the whole atmosphere in general, Vi-vi pounded away at the ground in front of her with her club of a weapon. Letting the echos of her strike send forth into every nook and cranny of the camp. "Knock Knock~! I hate to arrive fashionably late, but I can't tell you how long I've been stuck in traffic. I hope you don't disappoint; even one would make me quite happy~."

To anyone else who might've had eyes on her or anyone that could actually be defined as her 'self,' not a soul would be able to follow the series of events that had led her to this place. Though she had long since dropped the concern for when things like this.. happened; events like this always stuck itself deep beyond her control within. Perhaps it was this tower have an effect with her abilities, or perhaps her process after an eon of improvement still just left much to be desired. But, this wasn't something to be meant to last- merely a means to an end. One task in a thousand that needed to be completed before requiring perfection.

'Ah yes... this place. Peculiar.' Though not exactly as long since forgotten, the place she ended up was in its own right unmistakable. But other than the natural conditions, it held no concern of the expected capabilities.

Vi-vi emerged back into the world as sudden and trace-less as she left. Unfazed as ever and eyes back on the prowl. It mattered not how the conditions affected her, her body long since oblivious to any change in her surroundings. She knew her path forward and she had nothing in front to stop her. And so, she walked. There was no telling how, when, or where her previous fascination had been left to. *Clack-clack*. Heels marking her presence known as she marched on. There were no souls around upon her arrival to squeeze for clues. Her sword, summoned and dragging itself against the floor as the metal blade grinded away as she continued on. There was, without a doubt, a solution to all her concerns just beyond this next bend.

A predator never forgets its prey. Though obvious that there was something different about her, this was without a doubt the same girl that caused such a fascinating distraction and destruction moments ago, relatively speaking. Already blood pumping and the corner of her mouth smirking, Vi-vi had launched herself with a deathly crack against the ground she had just left. Slinging herself through the power of her strike straight for the red blur and her group of strangers. Vi-vi might not've known what exactly she had appeared in the middle of. But this was just fated luck that she wasn't going to let slip by.
Keeping her ears open seemed to be of a fortunate call on her part as her service seemed to be requested; just not in the way she had expected. Vi was used to the occasional request of waiting beside tables. Additional in-the-moment request of more alcohol was often a tried negotiation tactic between many of the secret deals where timing was everything. Even a lonely lad trying to hook up with a lovely dame might ask for one more last minute drink just to get a few more moments to try to woo the other party for personal gain. Of course, what topics one might discuss as she stood at the ready were never of her or any of her inquiry's concern. But that didn't stop her from keeping her ears open.

To actually be included, however, in her customer's private matters were a first. Vi's face froze momentarily, unsure how one should react to be given such a heavy choice. She thought about what words she should say. In what manner was she supposed to reply? This was nothing like how she operated, even in her back room; could she even manage-

A ring. Number 44 of the day, as her front door had let in another wandering spirit into her establishment. A split decision as her hand reached for the sealed envelope. Slipping it out of the curious woman's hands and onto the counter in front of her; an empty glass placed on top of it. A half-nod solidifying her decision, though her mind had already moved passed the moment. Already falling back into her business routine as the owner of the bar and finally addressing the woman who had just walked in. Already she had found her place confronting this meeting's leader; she wondered if this was the intended second gust. Either way though; it was clear how she already had plans to meet. Seeing the water from the soaked letter gather upon the bar, Vi had slid another glass nearby to her empty seat in preparation.

Vi had looked at the guests quite closely; but especially with herself seemingly haphazardly thrown into the group, she couldn't find a reasonable connection between them. Other than the group orchestrator, it seemed the man hadn't much of a clue either. As for what went on in the underground, even Vi could probably tell him more on that; but that just proved to show a greater divide between the woman's chosen cast of characters.
No sooner had the bird picked up the cold rock had it felt its rapid change. Having succeeded in its mission so far, it was rather disappointing to know exactly what was about to happen; too soon for anything to be done. Not even a last caw to morn its departure of the physical world before its shape started to waver. Distorting with unease as fire replaced strands of shadow until its eventual eruption.


The sad silence of the raven no more was drowned out by the chaos of an unapologetic world continuing to move on. Sirens blared by the girl that walked casually though the streets. Dancing lights painted the snow in a multitude of colors; giving brief life to the world around her before quickly being swallowed by the darkness once again. She, herself, was a ways out from the warehouse that had gathered so much attention. While she could just as easily re-summon her favorite companion and perhaps give chase once more; she had figured that tonight had been eventful enough in its own right.

After all, how ever the DHA decided to take things there; it would all work out in the end. What she saw through her raven's eyes was proof enough of their capabilities and inability to stop her if they wanted. Even now, a couple rested behind her. Weakly clinging to life without a mark on their body. A young woman stripped of anything of interest, face down in the snow; failing in her battle against the elements as the cold night would consume her just as it will her companion who also laid not a foot away. Neither able to move or cry for help. Shadows claiming their souls in death's quiet embrace.

"Frail is humanity's own mortality. A governing force that is invisible to all, yet feared by many in their search for a cure. Tis their foolish determination that leads them down a road of pain and strife. Not knowing what fate lay ahead of them on the dimming path. Yet here we are; a fate intertwined as we look past the veil that separates us." Words spoken to friends unseen. The waitress of a late night diner setting down a fresh cup of hot cocoa and a slice of cake to the lonesome girl that sat alone.
First ring of the day.... Second. Tenth... Vi would find her days working behind the counter varied very little day to day, and even less week to week. 11th glass... 25th.... 54th... Each of them following the same beats of life in the little get-away of hers. Sometimes they were filled with whisky, sometimes with wine. Sometimes the drunkard of yesterday would come in swearing off the sins of the night before; only to need repentance not hours later. No matter how much the day, the time, the person changed. At the end of it all, it was all the same.

Even when she heard the bell toll once; signaling the mysterious woman's arrival, she was unfazed in the uniqueness of the day. Listening close to her request as she sat alone at the bar. Vi's cloth in hand, removing the last smudge from a clean glass before working on the next. Already had she laid out a clean ashtray for the woman, should she so choose. But still she kept her ears open, in case she was needed for anything; drink or otherwise.

That time wouldn't come, however, until another ring just as unique let itself known with a shake of his hair. It wouldn't have been hard to wager who his pair was. The way he searched the bar and walked toward his caller told the barkeep all she needed to know about this arrangement. A second ashtray greeted the man as he sat. Continuing to work off to the side until he spoke up for her attention.

Her bright blue eyes raised, answering the call. Nodding along affirmatively, she had a pair of glasses already prepared. Able to serve the man no sooner than he was able to light his smoke. She stood, waiting to fill the next order. But kept her ears ready; not only to learn of his role, but her's as well.
Not even a single caw would pierce the night sky as high above a lone raven circled the party below. Eyes peering downwards at the band of demon hunters marching fearlessly into what seemed like just another routine job. The ghosts inside holding no interest to the bird's master, but something else grabbing the familiar's attention. It would seem there were foreigners mixed in with the usual hunters. A few new faces showing a concern from the DHA that would only make her smirk. It would be interesting to see them make some sort of move so soon, but she had her doubts on their competence and ability to act so fast. Even given how this fight has started, it proved just how little she would have to worry for now.

Instead, the raven dove; silently descending swiftly towards the earth before catching a draft parallel to the ground. Gliding as low as it could manage into the night and circling around the building; searching for an opening. There would be plenty of time to order the raven to curiously stalk the new members. As interesting as they were, they weren't what had initially summoned the raven to the scene. Instead, a different treasure had called out to the one in control. And where it not for the scene that had arose here; her personal presence would've been preferred.

Finally seeing an opening. Watching the woman of fiery wings launch from the ground so spectacularly, was just enough of a further distraction for the raven to make its move among the layers of chaos already inside. The ghosts and the victims meant not; only the glimmer of rocks hidden away from the world had the bird's focus. Collapsing its wings and hopping along to claim the rock for itself. Their cold essence disappearing into the raven's void. Dispersing into an even colder soul.
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