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New race ok?
As with everything; school is just business. And it can be profitable- especially when Gwenton (the leading military tech company that backs the school) can use funds to simultaneously help improve the field to their specifications as well as continue to be on the forefront of their craft. Gearframes are more or less in the early stages in military inclusion; though the point of VR is to do battle. Which would make for handy data points for their advancements in the field. Publicly, no; Gearframes don't exist, but the idea isn't that much of a stretch in the world to dream it would come about as man once drempt to fly or travel the stars.

As for the faculty's has off approach; perhaps there's more at play within those walls. However, all students are free to choose their faction. Some even change mid-year. Though you're right that its odd that things are the way they are. I wonder why that could be.

@The 42nd Gecko

There's probably definitely some foul play somewhere for everything to align as they have. Perhaps you'd learn of the truths yourself.
Hey all, Formal apology;

I'm sorry I havn't been online in the last 2 weeks. I got stuck in quarantine and my everything had to shift about without much internet availability. If everyone is still interested and available, we can all pick this up. Though I understand if you all had to bounce. In either case, thanks for your interest.

@The 42nd Gecko@TheWendil@Genon@KoL@TreasureSniper@Archetype Zero@Keyblade87
@TreasureSniper Cool beans. Feel free to put them in the tab when you're ready.
Ill be pushing to get us started this weekend. Thanks for joining <3
@The 42nd Gecko The map hopping was really only if you decided that you were going to log in to fool around or do some training. You're right that if you're challanged you spawn in an isolated map to fight in. I myself like the beacon idea better myself, but I'll let you go how you see fit. In either case, you can put her in the tab when you're ready.
@TreasureSniper As KoL-senpai stated, your images are broken. I use imgr links for mine because they're free and simple and can private them for my links only. If you could fix them, that'd be great. After that, looks fine and you can add you sheet to the tab.

@Archetype Zero Great, would be glad to have you along. Whenever you're ready to join, feel free to put up a sheet. It doesn't look like the spots will be filling up too fast.

@The 42nd Gecko • First Drive [Wandering Warrior]: "Her weapons count as herself [for this ability]."

If this counts with her thrown sword, does it count with her shot arrows too? And if she drops her sword in one area and runs to a new map; is that sword still hers that she can teleport to? What if someone else picks it up?
Raula had began to work up a sweat; something she only enjoyed during certain circumstances. This was not one of those times. Instead she continued to bash away between each of the foes. Shadow jumping from one to the other before bashing them with a swing of her hammer. In the grand scheme of things, she probably wasn't doing as much as the others. Though she did quite well to be an annoyance to them and split their attention. Flittering across the battlefield proved to be simple enough to dodge their retaliation strikes and the others were more then capable to crush them by themselves. The drow had enlarged herself to the point she could probably take care of everyone without too much trouble, and Azrael was in a fighting spirit as always.

Taking form on the sidelines, she withdrew herself from the battle. There wasn't anything more to be done that the others couldn't take care of; her leering eyes watching the others. Perhaps she judged them a bit too soon with the last battle, though they wasn't going to keep her from reaching the surface; even if she would have to leave them at some point. But for now, she was fine baby sitting another group. She only wished....
@TheWendil I see. I was mostly just asking for a little clarification:
"acting as a means of concealment by the machine."
Making sure it wasn't just pure blindness/invisability. But as for the radius, I suppose 5 is fine. Accepted.

@KoL Thanks for the explanation. Google wasn't any help with that term, but then again; I was in a bit of a rush and should've added 'gundam' along with it. Again, I didn't watch the show. So I may be a bit slow a few concepts; sorry. I was just making sure you weren't deploying Death Stars or more mini Gearframes. Accepted.

@Keyblade87 Accepted.

You all can put your cs's into the tab. Have a happy Easter! :3
@KoL • Drive 1 [A-Bits]:

Looks mostly fine. A question or two though. What exactly do you mean by "support funnel"? Like drones or turrets? I feel like 24 might be a little much turrets to deploy at once, though better clarification might be alright.


@TheWendil • Second Drive [Cocytus]:

5 miles in all directions is a rather large area; especially if you're trying to freeze everyone in the area. And are you saying you can see out but other machines can't see in? I might suggest to make that low visibility for all; again, especially if it covers 5 miles.
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