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Current hey come and join my RP called Eschaton please and thanks we need more Heroes ty <3
12 days ago
man wouldn't it be so bad if i advertised my roleplay called Eschaton in the Casual section again? it'd be so bad! ;^)
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13 days ago
i'm here to shamelessly advertise my new casual roleplay called Eschaton and you should go check it out please and thank you~!
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13 days ago
mfw seeing a bunch of people I know making Intro posts reminds me I haven't even made one for myself yet
14 days ago
hello i made a casual roleplay called Eschaton and you should definitely check it out ;^)


hi i'm kuro
i like fate, the soulsborne series and being general weeb trash
i also like elsword and if you know what that is are you real
what am i doing

i moved here cuz i got dragged here by a friend
advanced literate i swear and promise
if you like any of the things i like pm me cuz we can rant at each other over mutual likes

Astolfo best'girl' 2017

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Sorry for my late response! I was busy all of yesterday and just got onto my laptop today.

Thinking on it further, I think that might actually work. Feel free to go ahead with that idea, although keep in mind the other Chosen Few would likely be surprised by the fact a 'Monster' is one of them.

Unfortunately I wouldn't say so. I doubt God would let a Monster become one of the Chosen.
We'd be glad to have you, though!
shameless bump because we need more 'Chosen Few' over in the actual roleplay

this isn't illegal is it? ;^)
shameless bump to put us at the top of the roleplay page cuz we need more Chosen Few

C's across the board are fine, yeah, including Mana Capacity and Magickal Proficiency. However, keep in mind that a Mage can't have any Spells or Abilities that are of higher Rank than their Proficiency stat!
I'm also gonna edit the stat thing one more time to throw in an idea I just noticed I forgot to mention.

I look forward to hearing about Willow! c:

Funny you mentioned the time explosion thing, since that's exactly what I was thinking might happen if he went back in time to himself LOL.

Like I said, he's good to go. If there's anything that comes up I'll let you know when it does!


After a quick read through, there's a few things I'd like changed.
You might need to adjust his stats, and I'll explain why.

I feel like my explanation of stats is a bit lackluster, so I'll throw a thing down here.

Consider the base stat, D, for Physical Competence.
D is the base human stat, the average of human ability.
However, due to the nebulous nature of the stats, I've recently decided on a scale that allows both normal humans to be compared to things like Deities and Demons.
How it works is, with D being your average human ability, C would be twice the capability. B would then be double that (quadruple), A would double that again, S would double the A score, etc.
EX is limited to things that 'cannot be measured'.

The scale goes as such:
E (Lower than average human)
D (Average human)
C (Double average human)
B (Double C)
A (Double B)
S (Double A)
S+ (Double S)
SS (Double S+)
SSS (Double SS)
X (Double SSS)
EX (Anything above X)

Admittedly that's my fault but originally I made the stat system with only myself in mind, so not properly explaining is my problem. Sorry!
With that in mind, I should also talk about 'Faith'.

It's not so much Faith in religious terms as much as it's 'Faith in outcomes'. The Faith stat is 'I have Faith this will happen'. So when a Mage uses a Spell they use Willpower to 'force' the change on Reality and Faith to 'believe the change will occur', hence why a high Willpower and Faith are required to use something as insane as a Boundary (which are always pretty crazy).

In relation, could you add clauses to his Passive True Mind that allow those with higher Willpower than himself to negate this Passive? The Willpower stat is actually really, really important, so I made a pretty big mistake by not properly explaining it.

Willpower is.. a very difficult stat to be honest. A person with zero Magickal prowess might actually have a Willpower of A or even S. Willpower can also be described as 'determination'. Like the term 'iron will'. Having a higher Willpower stat means you're capable of resisting the Magick of other people with lower of equal Willpower. It follows the same rules as Physical Competence, but know that having an EX Willpower is meant for beings who're Divinity and the like.
For a regular human with no formal training or boosts (as Willow could easily be giving him) the highest Willpower stat would be C. With training, a person can reach higher ranks, but without training they'd be around the average or slightly above.

Aside from that, he looks great, although I'll reread just in case there's anything I forgot.
I know the majority of my criticism is due to my lack of explanation so that's my fault.

However, I really like what you've got going for him so far. We may have to have a chat about Willow in the future (because I'm interested in what Willow is) and I also really like how you handled his time ability. Whenever I see time travel I tend to cringe, but you hit a really good spot as he can't derail the timeline and it doesn't give him a 'full reset' to get out of horrible situations.
Can he interact with his past self, though?

Also, I really enjoy the concept of a not super-strong guy kinda tricking people into thinking he's super strong because he's super fast and nobody could really tell the difference.

This went on a bit longer than I'd meant it to, but Leolin's looking good so far!

Edit: Jesus Christ this was long mfw

Hey there! I look forward to seeing your character!

I'm glad to hear you're interested!
Eschaton Industries is working very hard to push the boundaries of technology and Magick, sometimes combining both. I'd say you'd be seeing things akin to the Final Fantasy series where you have (using Type-0 as an example as I'm currently playing through it and it fits better than 12/15) both Magick and technology far advanced from what we'd currently have while the state of the world stays 'modern'.
So we have things like transport airships replacing planes, cybernetic limbs and suits, single pilot mechs, etc.
Nothing too big or grand.

In the future, however, when things get further and further in, that's very likely (almost guaranteed) to change.
The majority of the work is handled by Eschaton Industries as they're really the only organisation with enough funds, staff and know-how to do anything. Other companies definitely exist but somehow Eschaton is really the only company who seems able to handle Magick in any capacity, hence almost all Magick-related stuff is under their watch and development. I'm certain other companies could do it, but Eschaton was the first and are clear cuts above the rest.
Not to mention there's a.. special reason, but spoilers~

The technology prior to the big bang explosion event where everyone died would be, like, about..
The 'Judgement' occurs in, say, 2016 or 2017, meaning the technology would've been modern. Cars, planes, that one head transplant..
However, you could totally have an astronaut living on one of our space stations join the story. I think it'd be pretty neat to have someone who witnessed the absolute devastation from above.
Although 20 years have passed since God appeared and then ran away, so keep that in mind in terms of age.

But being up there would be a fun perspective. It might also mean they saw something really crazy!

For the sake of simplicity I was gonna avoid delving into 'Hell' too much since the majority don't know about the things you mentioned, so originally I intended for it to be a hypothetical 'not Hell but might as well be'.
Although, really, who's to say there's not Demons out there somewhere hanging out? After all, if there's a God..

[Placeholder for my character sheets.]

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Hey, hey, welcome to the site! Hopefully you enjoy your time here and find lots of quality roleplays!
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