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Current Man I didn't expect to see lyrics to that Dandy Warhols song when I logged on here kudos to you buddy
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hey come and join my RP called Eschaton please and thanks we need more Heroes ty <3
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man wouldn't it be so bad if i advertised my roleplay called Eschaton in the Casual section again? it'd be so bad! ;^)
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i'm here to shamelessly advertise my new casual roleplay called Eschaton and you should go check it out please and thank you~!
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mfw seeing a bunch of people I know making Intro posts reminds me I haven't even made one for myself yet


hi i'm kuro
i like fate, the soulsborne series and being general weeb trash
i also like elsword and if you know what that is are you real
what am i doing

i moved here cuz i got dragged here by a friend
advanced literate i swear and promise
if you like any of the things i like pm me cuz we can rant at each other over mutual likes

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"The forest is large. Almost as large as Sighisoara itself. We've got a long trek in front of us."

Edmondo kept stride with Rick, moving alongside him. However, he had already drawn something quite.. different.
A pistol. Already readied in his hands with the grip that let Rick know two things almost immediately.
One, Edmondo must've had prior experience with firearms in a professional capacity.
Two, Edmondo was on guard.

"We may not find cultists or the like just yet, however there are plenty of creatures that roam the forest at night. Bears, wolves, deer. The usual, but there are a few things you may not see elsewhere. However, I recently found tracks of an unnaturally large beast. I'm thinking it may be a bear that the cult has corrupted for use as a border guard of their territory. It seems to stick to a very rigid path every night and head back during the day." He cast a glance over at Rick. His gait was odd, too, somewhat crouched down and almost as if he were expecting an attack at any moment. "We follow the bear's tracks, then get off of the path if we see or hear anything coming along it, understood?"

The trek was long, though, and uphill in some parts. An annoying venture that took them deeper and deeper into the woods by the second. Even if it wasn't approaching nighttime, the darkness of the woods would've made it just as difficult to navigate.

As predicted, the sun had vanished below the horizon and drenched the world they made their way through in shadows. Edmondo had quickly pulled a pair of flashlights out of his pack and offered one to Rick, using them to pierce the overwhelming darkness of the forest. The air, for a long time, was full of the sounds of insects and birds going to bed, but soon enough it had fallen silent.

After that, however, the silence was broken by a crackling in Rick's earpiece before a familiar voice came through to him.
"Hallo, Rick? Can you hear me? We have established a connection, however it is a little.. iffy, so we may drop out. However, we are here to provide assistance. We cannot help with cartographic means, unfortunately, as the forest prevents our satellites from seeing past the foliage. This is likely how the kidnappers have been avoiding immediate repercussions. Where they are.. not even Lady Illusion could reach them easily. Please keep this in mind and be careful, Rick."

Though she'd stopped speaking, Eine was indeed there. If Rick needed anything, she'd be happy to assist him.

Eine herself was sitting upright in a chair in a nice, air-conditioned room, staring at a monitor that was tracking their estimated progress.
However, this was only due to the fact that the earpiece also doubled as a tracking device. Rick was currently deep in the forest to Sighisoara's east, heading further southeast by the second. She crossed her arms and leaned back, listening to the hustle and bustle of the people in the room around her. Rick and Edmondo's operation was far from the only one active at the time, but Eine's presence had drawn a large commotion amongst the other staff in the room, and they'd even been kind enough to allow her to use the satellite to track her charge's movements.

The only problem she could foresee is that, despite her monitoring, the distance between them was growing.
That meant more wasted time to get to Rick if an emergency broke out.

It was three hours into their trek when Edmondo suddenly dropped to the ground and waved for Rick to join him. Up ahead there was a faint glimmer of torchlight, and there seemed to be two figures up ahead of them. Edmondo's pistol was at the ready, and he slid behind a tree with the practised ease of a veteran. The darkness made it nearly impossible to see Rick from his position, but the figures ahead were practically bathed in torchlight, allowing the two to focus on them and only them.
They were talking, too, quite loudly, in Romanian. Edmondo's eyes narrowed, but their words were somehow hard to distinguish.

"Rick, can you hear me?" The older man's voice came through Rick's earpiece, breaking the silence. Still, the other men would likely be unable to hear it since they were still far away enough that they weren't actively visible in proper detail.

Edmondo was leaning hard against the tree he'd taken cover behind, listening in to the conversation between the people- deep voices, men. In one hand, his pistol was ready. The other was pressed against the earpiece in his ear to allow him to talk.
"They're talking about their latest captive. Nothing of much importance, but they're definitely our people. We're on the right track."
Flashlight off, they were almost impossible to see in the pitch blackness.

"Alright, Rick. Now's your chance. What do we do with them?"
The sun had set not too long ago and Eine had retrieved Rick from his room, casting a glance inside before muttering something under her breath and flicking her wrist into the room.
A second trap, just in case the first was disabled. This one was on the roof. Rick might've seen the slip of paper she'd tossed, but it wasn't easy to tell in the questionable light coming from the hallway and the speed she did what she did.

Wordlessly she nodded and began to leave, giving Rick ample time to lock the door behind him before the two made their way outside. A car awaited them, and Eine wasted no time in getting inside. The driver waited for them both to be seated before taking off towards the forest.

"Edmondo scouted the area out earlier but decided not to come out. He's not that far in. I'll lead the kid to him. I'll drop you off at the station first, ma'am."
Eine nodded and the rest of the drive continued in silence. The last rays of the fleeing sun had completely vanished by the time they pulled up at a building not too far from the forest and Eine opened her door to get out. She paused before she did and turned to Rick, reaching over to place a gentle hand on his shoulder.
"You'll be fine. I know it. I'll be in your ear at all times." Her other hand placed a small item, an earpiece, in his grip before, after a moment's hesitation, she spoke once more.
"Möge Gott über dich wachen."
Her words were genuine and lingered in the air as she left the vehicle, but then suddenly leaned back in and tossed something else small into Rick's lap. A small charm, apparently handmade. She closed the door before he could mention it to her, however, and the sharp sound of her tapping the car let the driver know to take off.
And he did.

The drive was rather uneventful, the older man seemingly refusing to speak to Rick. Naturally, someone so young being sent on a mission like this didn't sit right with him, but who was he to go against a direct order from the higher ups? Did the kid even know how to use basic charms? What about wards? Barriers? Could he use that sword he had on him?
None of this was communicated to Rick, though, as the man's gaze was firmly on the road ahead.
And soon enough they stopped once more, the man opening the car door and closing it behind him. He waited for Rick to get out before locking the thing behind him, motioning with his head for Rick to follow as he began to trudge his way into the woods. It was a rather long walk through the almost pitch black woods.
The man's flashlight didn't seem to do that much at all to keep the darkness at bay. Eventually, however, he paused in place and turned to Rick, handing him a second flashlight and giving him a nod. "Edmondo's likely got your location by now. He's a good tracker, and he's got support in his ear too. He shouldn't be-"
"Of course not!"

The man's face went pale as he looked past Rick and, standing behind the young Exorcist, was a man who was currently brushing leaves from his outfit.
The duo had just walked straight over him without even noticing. The man gave a bow at the waist and made his way over, flashing his ID in the light of the man's torch and showing that he was, indeed, Edmondo. The man with the flashlight nodded and dropped the backpack from his back. "Supplies for you, sir."
"Apreciez asta foarte mult."

The man left quickly after and Edmondo cleared his throat.
"We'll be speaking English. I'm not aware of your knowledge of Romanian but I am fairly certain our cultists aren't familiar with English. That works for you, I assume?" The man was sizing him up with his eyes, making sure he wasn't going to drag him down, and it was quite obvious. At the same time, Edmondo wasn't doing it to be rude or judgemental- he was just, like everyone else, surprised to see such a young man.
Edmondo himself was at least early thirties with the faint wrinkles to prove it. His figure was a little wider, with a triangular shape to his torso. It was hard to really make him out, though, with his form-concealing outfit that blended a little too well into the shadows behind him. His long, dark hair was tied back into a ponytail to keep his face clear and his eyes were a dark brown that seemed almost the same shade. He awaited Rick's answer.
The scrying session was as normal as could be to say the least. If Rick had expected anything abnormal to happen, he would likely be sorely disappointed.

That is, until, he was finished.
The very map he'd worked hard on, spent his time putting every detail into, was blank. Once the scrying ritual was done with, the paper had simply.. been erased. Immediately, without explanation, without warning. For Rick, was an obvious sign that something was wrong.
And likely an annoyance.

While Rick was cooped up in his room and scrying, however, one Eine Minerva had left the building and begun a little wander throughout Sighisoara on her lonesome. Her elegant stride and rather.. odd visage would've caught the attention of many if not for the ace up her sleeve.
Magickal Makeup.

There were no bandages upon her face, and her eyes were hidden behind a pair of quaint, rather surprisingly fancy designer sunglasses. Her trip didn't take her anywhere near the woods, although she was well aware of the eyes that were trained upon her inside it.
She paid them no mind, however, as she went about her day buying groceries, chatting with the locals, and purchasing a rather large amount of salt.

"Like salt, miss?"
The cashier gave her a kind, cheerful grin as Eine readied her card to pay. The older woman nodded, giving the woman a warm smile in return as she swiped her card and entered her pin number.
"I do. It's tasty, and there's a lot of recipes that make good use of it."
"Yeah, that's true. You here on vacation?"
The card was accepted as she'd expected.
"What kinda business?"
Eine looked back up at the cashier, whose cheerful expression still remained.
No traces of Magick, no traces of Non-Human traits. She was just a curious girl who wanted to chat with a tourist.
Flashing the girl a grin, Eine nodded. "Top secret, super important business. I've got government documents I need to smuggle out of the country."
The girl snorted as she gave a quick laugh, covering her face in embarrassment as she realised she'd just snorted in front of a line of customers. Coughing once and handing Eine's bag to her, she gave the older woman a nod.
"Have a good day, government lady."
"You too, miss. You have a nice smile."

Leaving the somewhat flustered teen behind as she exited the store and stepped out into the daylight, Eine let out a sigh.
This is why they did what they did. Why they fought. Why they..
Narrowing her eyes and adjusting her sunglasses, Eine noticed the sun falling just above the horizon and soon to vanish completely. The dazzling orange-red rays of the noon sun lit up the town around her with a beautiful, almost comforting glow. It was almost enough to make her really think she was here on a vacation.
It was almost enough for her to forget that, later this evening, she'd likely be sending a young boy to his death.
It wasn't that she didn't have faith in Rick, of course. She had plenty.
But not even someone like him was truly ready for a mission of this calibre. Withholding information wasn't something she'd ever liked to do, but that vampire had threatened to rip out her tongue if she spoke too much.
All Eine could do was keep in contact with him and help him as much as she could.
That's all she could always do.

Step, step, step.

A small, young girl was pacing the halls of a building not too far away from where Rick and Eine currently were. Her eyebrows were knitted in concern, her crimson eyes only serving to further betray her feelings. As a Master of Illusions, showcasing one's true thoughts and feelings on the matter was never good showmanship.
But the situation was different.

One of her very own beloved children was putting his neck on the chopping block, and she'd been absolutely powerless to stop it. The sound of a door opening caught her attention and her head whipped around to catch sight of the tall, somewhat angry looking man exiting the room.
"Arthur, what did he say?!"

He shook his head, and Illusion's firm line of a mouth turned down at the edges.
"He won't allow us to recall him. Says that if we were so eager to send him out, we shouldn't have any problems with him being sent on such a dangerous task."
"Are you *kidding*?!"
She marched towards the door, anger fuelling her stride before Arthur put his hand on her head, stopping her in her tracks. She swung at him, but her arms were far too short to reach him as she flailed in his direction, sometimes landing glancing blows on his arm.
"I know. You're worried. I understand you are. I am too. He's my son."
Arthur's eyes remained focused on the little girl's face as she looked up at him, genuine tears brimming in her eyes. He let go of her and she shot forward into his chest, burying her face into him and sobbing quietly.
It was a rather morbidly humorous contrast to how the two had met- a sight Arthur would likely remember for the rest of his life.
Now, after 6 years of working side by side, the two of them were quite close. Good friends.
And that wasn't even mentioning the wonderful people they'd raised together- they were all wonderfully skilled Exorcists and people, and Arthur was proud of them, very much so.
The vampire hugging him, however, was a bit clingy. She'd never let it show in front of them, but she cared about them very much. They were her family- a bunch of people who accepted her for who she was no matter what, even if Angel was a bit prickly towards her.

She didn't know, yet, that in just a few years time she and one of her adopted sons would be in a secret war with each other.
She didn't know what was really in store for her other son, either, despite knowing what she knew.
She didn't know that an ever seething darkness was slowly coming to ruin them all.

For now, she was just upset that someone had forged her signature to send Rick on a dangerous, dangerous mission with a man he'd never met and a support team far too distant to save him in time.
Arthur was distraught, too. He, for the first time in a long time, didn't know what to do. The Archknight wasn't allowing him to call Rick back.
It seemed almost a miracle that Eine had been sent with him, but even that put horrible thoughts in the back of his mind.

Why did whoever forged the signature send a half-Demon Exorcist and one of the world's most powerful Mages to the middle of nowhere to investigate a cult?
He'd be upping security while they were gone, but even then..

He knew that there wasn't much he could do.

Night had fallen and Eine was back in the hotel, pouring some salt in a circle in front of the doorway. She'd already requested that room service only attend to both her room and Rick's room when they left. No doubt it made the staff curious, but in Romania superstition was quite rife- the circle of salt would likely remain undisturbed even if the cleaner disregarded Eine's instructions.
Not to mention they'd risk getting a horrible review.
The windows, too, had undergone the same treatment with salt placed upon the windowsill, something she intended to do with Rick's room as well before they left.
And, on top of that, she'd made sure to leave a trap in her bedroom just in case anything somehow got in.
Even the slightest amount of Magickal energy would set off the alert in her mind and tell her that the hotel was compromised.

With that in mind and done, Eine knocked on Rick's door to alert him that the time had finally come.

Sorry for my late response! I was busy all of yesterday and just got onto my laptop today.

Thinking on it further, I think that might actually work. Feel free to go ahead with that idea, although keep in mind the other Chosen Few would likely be surprised by the fact a 'Monster' is one of them.

Unfortunately I wouldn't say so. I doubt God would let a Monster become one of the Chosen.
We'd be glad to have you, though!
shameless bump because we need more 'Chosen Few' over in the actual roleplay

this isn't illegal is it? ;^)
shameless bump to put us at the top of the roleplay page cuz we need more Chosen Few

C's across the board are fine, yeah, including Mana Capacity and Magickal Proficiency. However, keep in mind that a Mage can't have any Spells or Abilities that are of higher Rank than their Proficiency stat!
I'm also gonna edit the stat thing one more time to throw in an idea I just noticed I forgot to mention.

I look forward to hearing about Willow! c:

Funny you mentioned the time explosion thing, since that's exactly what I was thinking might happen if he went back in time to himself LOL.

Like I said, he's good to go. If there's anything that comes up I'll let you know when it does!


After a quick read through, there's a few things I'd like changed.
You might need to adjust his stats, and I'll explain why.

I feel like my explanation of stats is a bit lackluster, so I'll throw a thing down here.

Consider the base stat, D, for Physical Competence.
D is the base human stat, the average of human ability.
However, due to the nebulous nature of the stats, I've recently decided on a scale that allows both normal humans to be compared to things like Deities and Demons.
How it works is, with D being your average human ability, C would be twice the capability. B would then be double that (quadruple), A would double that again, S would double the A score, etc.
EX is limited to things that 'cannot be measured'.

The scale goes as such:
E (Lower than average human)
D (Average human)
C (Double average human)
B (Double C)
A (Double B)
S (Double A)
S+ (Double S)
SS (Double S+)
SSS (Double SS)
X (Double SSS)
EX (Anything above X)

Admittedly that's my fault but originally I made the stat system with only myself in mind, so not properly explaining is my problem. Sorry!
With that in mind, I should also talk about 'Faith'.

It's not so much Faith in religious terms as much as it's 'Faith in outcomes'. The Faith stat is 'I have Faith this will happen'. So when a Mage uses a Spell they use Willpower to 'force' the change on Reality and Faith to 'believe the change will occur', hence why a high Willpower and Faith are required to use something as insane as a Boundary (which are always pretty crazy).

In relation, could you add clauses to his Passive True Mind that allow those with higher Willpower than himself to negate this Passive? The Willpower stat is actually really, really important, so I made a pretty big mistake by not properly explaining it.

Willpower is.. a very difficult stat to be honest. A person with zero Magickal prowess might actually have a Willpower of A or even S. Willpower can also be described as 'determination'. Like the term 'iron will'. Having a higher Willpower stat means you're capable of resisting the Magick of other people with lower of equal Willpower. It follows the same rules as Physical Competence, but know that having an EX Willpower is meant for beings who're Divinity and the like.
For a regular human with no formal training or boosts (as Willow could easily be giving him) the highest Willpower stat would be C. With training, a person can reach higher ranks, but without training they'd be around the average or slightly above.

Aside from that, he looks great, although I'll reread just in case there's anything I forgot.
I know the majority of my criticism is due to my lack of explanation so that's my fault.

However, I really like what you've got going for him so far. We may have to have a chat about Willow in the future (because I'm interested in what Willow is) and I also really like how you handled his time ability. Whenever I see time travel I tend to cringe, but you hit a really good spot as he can't derail the timeline and it doesn't give him a 'full reset' to get out of horrible situations.
Can he interact with his past self, though?

Also, I really enjoy the concept of a not super-strong guy kinda tricking people into thinking he's super strong because he's super fast and nobody could really tell the difference.

This went on a bit longer than I'd meant it to, but Leolin's looking good so far!

Edit: Jesus Christ this was long mfw

Hey there! I look forward to seeing your character!
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