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Current hello it's me again, here to plug my 18+, slow-burn, mystery + horror roleplay 'Blackharbour'; check it out from my profile if you want <3
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Wanna join a slow-burn, mature horror mystery that definitely doesn't involve Lovecraftian elements? Check out Blackharbour; slots are still available~
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Hi. There is now a major slot available in Blackharbour. Look it up if you're looking for a dark, horror-themed roleplay that may involve Eldritch Beings and may also not.
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Wanna join a dark mystery roleplay with supernatural and horror elements? Check out the Interest Check for my Untitled roleplay in Casual Interest Checks!
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I can't believe my meme post about me vanishing for months actually turned out to be true. Goddamnit lmao.
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You can call me Kuro.
I play basically anyone and anything, whether we're talking about gender, morality, protagonist or villain. If you need someone to fill a slot in your roleplay, hit me up and I'll throw together something fun.
The Eldritch Being in my skull won't leave me alone unless I act like a walking meme.

Active Bamboozles
+ Blackharbour, an 18+, mature horror roleplay based in a portside town. Definitely doesn't involve any spoopy Cthulhu cultists.
I'm actually not joking, it doesn't!
+ The Pale Hand, the story of a young Exorcist faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge. 1x1 between myself and A Lowly Wretch.

Planned Bamboozles
+ Untitled Fate Roleplay because why the fuck not everyone here seems to love these fuckin' things (including me, help)
+ The Puppeteer's Melancholy (or smth like that) probably a sappy 1x1 because it gives off that kind of feeling in my head

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Oh, crap, is it too bright or something? I tried to choose a colour that would've been kinda easy on the eyes..
Is anyone else getting this problem?

How much have I missed & how do I catch up?

If you'll have me, that is...

Hey hey! You haven't missed anything at all. We're still getting character sheets submitted at this point. We'd be happy to have you along for the ride!

You can find the roleplay proper here with the currently approved character sheets, plus a list of available roles and some other stuff there~
also it looks nicer imo but shhh
If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me or ask here~

Edit cuz I'm silly: Are there any roles you'd be specifically interested in? We have some 'main character' slots available~
bump because I forgot people bump these things

we have Occult Club member slots available, feel free to snap 'em up if you want a front-row seat to a literal hellscape the fun and definitely not horrific events to come~
I got a bad post up. Dragonheart-chan is ready for things to go horribly, totally wrong perfectly smoothly and fine.

With everything that'd been going on, Dragonheart had been mostly silent and contemplative. There was a lot of information to parse, and Wu seemed to be handling the energetic Vulpo that was Will-O-Wisp wonderfully.

His weapon was already back in his grip- he wasn't dumb enough to leave it stuck inside that kind of animal. It was likely that the twin swords exiting the beast's body would've sliced up its hind even more.
Good. It'll be dissuaded from hunting them for a while, at least. Until it's healed, if it heals fast.

So, let's recap..
An Operator was gone. That dog was straight up unnatural, and so were these woods. Things weren't good.
At least they didn't have to trek all the way to the crash site of Raven One to find out whether or not the occupants were alive or not anymore. Good.
Dragonheart would've mentioned that they were the only ones to escape Raven Three, but he bit his tongue- not in front of Will-O-Wisp. Poor girl didn't deserve to have her hopes crushed like that. He'd speak to Wu in private later, hopefully, provided they even got the chance to rest. He was doing an awfully good job of not voicing his thoughts aloud, too, which he secretly considered a win for himself. Secrecy, he felt, would assist them during their stay here.
Or, at least, being able to not blurt out every thought that came to your head, at least.

Victory aside however.. the knowledge that an Operator could be whisked away so suddenly only made Dragonheart move closer to his companions. These woods were obviously far from normal, but he didn't need to tell them that. First a freak storm, then the Originium shard that almost engulfed Raven Three..
Dragonheart couldn't help but wonder why nobody else had been taken, though. If these woods could abduct someone so quickly, why hadn't they all been taken? Had whoever was taken known something? For that matter, what had caused Sir Haynek to make those last minute adjustments? Was it related to the strange way that the Originium deposits they'd been sent to investigate?
No way to know now.
At least not yet, anyway.

Dragonheart had been mostly silent for the duration of their admittedly tension-riddled trip to Riventor. He was on edge- everything seemed far too calm, now. Too calm. He'd much rather have that massive dog in front of them. It gave him a tangible threat to focus on. He felt like there was a target on his back, and considering his track record, he'd be surprised if he wasn't attacked in his sleep sometime soon. Riventor itself didn't provide much to look at, either. It was a small, secluded town full of Kuranta. That said, the mansion in the distance did immediately pique his interest, but his attention was dragged back to his fellow Operators when a voice broke through his thoughts.

"Wu? Is that you?"

A pair of Operators that he thought that he vaguely recalled had appeared before them- the Liberi who was currently burying herself into Wu's chest, and an Ursus who, for a moment, he swore he caught the whiff of alcohol from. Considering how far from her he was standing..
That said, he could use a good drink right now. He might have to bother her to share some later. Maybe. Probably not.
Depends how bad things get, he figured.

The sight of Wu and his Liberi companion embracing brought a small smile to Dragonheart's face. It was always good to have something to be happy about in times like this. However..
He shuffled awkwardly, keeping his distance from the others despite the cheerful reunion. More people had vanished, and the tension in the air was palpable. Dragonheart kept his mouth shut as they began to move into the town. There were Kuranta everywhere, some of which weren't exactly giving them the most friendly of stares.
Odd. You'd think that they'd have been inside because of the earlier storm. Or at least be a little concerned about the crashing vehicles near their town. Or, perhaps, to the residents of Riventor, there hadn't been a storm at all.

His instincts were telling him to be suspicious, regardless. He hadn't lived this long by ignoring his gut.

That said, he kept up with the others as they walked into Riventor, though he fell behind them to keep a decent distance between himself and the group. Not too far, but not too close, either. He could whack someone with his weapon from this range if he had to, and that was what mattered.
The wretched stench of whatever dead thing the citizens of Riventor had left out in the sun hit him like a truck, and brought back some unpleasant memories, but it wasn't enough to make him recoil like his fellows were. In fact, unless you looked at him closely, you wouldn't be able to tell at all. He still kept that same stoic look on his face.
Step, step, step, stop.

The voice that called out to the group caught his attention, and the first thing he noticed was that the voice didn't belong to a Kuranta, but to an Archosaur. Odd, but not too unlikely- seemingly the only non-Kuranta in Riventor, but that remained to be confirmed. Then there were the distinct changes to his hands and feet. Originium mutations? Those weren't normal for an Archosaur to have as far as Dragonheart knew. Hopefully he was wrong. Infection was never easy to deal with.

At this point, Dragonheart was more than a little on edge.
Whatever happened, happened, however.
As the others engaged in dialogue, Dragonheart stood back a respectful distance, 'keeping watch' or something like that if anyone asked him. His gaze drifted between the people, the houses, the mansion in the distance, and then back to his companions every now and again. He would respond if called, but until then.. well, he was stepping aside to let the more sociable Operators have a nice chat.
Or a not-so-nice chat.

- The Old Woods -

Things moved quickly- someone he vaguely recognized had appeared and given them the opportunity to escape. That said, with Will-O-Wisp still clinging to him, there wasn't much he was willing to do- he was slower and heavier, and she was in a prime position to get injured.
That problem solved itself when the Vulpo dropped from his chest, throwing a cheeky taunt his way as she did. Her words, however, didn't register in Dragonheart's mind. His hand was already on his weapon, and he leapt down from his perch on the tree. He hit the forest floor and rolled, hefting himself up again faster than one might expect. His weapon was already in his hands, and he took only a moment to size up his surroundings;
Will-O-Wisp was on the wolf-thing now, and Wu was still holding it off with his admittedly intimidating shield. However, that thing was still mobile.
That was where Dragonheart decided to strike. With a roar, he tossed his Fangs of the Pit right at one of the wolf-thing's back legs. If luck was on his side, his attack would hit both of its legs and send it toppling completely. It would be a hard shot to miss, but sweeping one of its legs out would give Wu a break and let them pin it down instead of worrying about it staying mobile.
Especially since someone was now riding it.

He had to be careful; one wrong toss and he might accidentally impale Will-O-Wisp. This was the other reason he went low- if the wolf-thing suddenly turned, it might put his fellow Operator in harm's way. Friendly fire was on, after all.

Get the thing on its back, pin it down, and kill it. That's how it goes. Works with everything, even things that aren't animals.
Simple, quick, efficient.

The only downside was having to stare something in the eyes as you murdered it.

I did the thing;…

Those of you who're done making your characters (bar Occult Club relationships if applicable) may upload your characters.
Welcome to..



The Plot.
The Occult Club of Blackharbour's Blackmoore College was originally founded as a joke. For a laugh.
Originally, it was invented as a way for the Club Leader to spend his time playing video games by himself, or maybe it was reading books?
Whatever it was, with the approval of the Dean of Blackmoore College, the Occult Club was given permission to make use of a small, dilapidated building at the northern end of the campus, nearby the large forest that encircles half of the town of Blackharbour. It was, at first, a gross and pathetic shack that was left to rot after over two decades of abandonment, so far from the rest of Blackmoore College's campus that it was oftentimes not even considered a part of the actual College.
Which made it perfect for the one who would become known as 'The Leader'.

Over the course of several months, the Leader turned what was originally a depressing, decades-old wreck into something that vaguely resembled an actual dwelling; with beds, couches, chairs, working lights, and even a now-restored and functional toilet. The Occult Club's 'secret hideout' was now a refuge, at least in name.
However, it soon began to see more use than just that of the Leader; more and more people joined for a plethora of reasons; not wanting to join a proper Club, running away from their life, or perhaps even running away from something far more sinister?
Whatever their reasons, the Occult Club managed to garner more attention than even the Leader expected, and soon enough a motley crew of people who might otherwise not be capable of coexisting together.. did just that.
Friends, they might call themselves.
But the one thing that everyone knew is that they were members of the Blackmoore College Occult Club.

Everything was fine. Good. Lovely.
Until, one day, the Leader stopped showing up.
Until, after a few days, his mother finally went to the police, distraught and terrified, and the information became public;
The Leader who created the Occult Club had vanished into thin air. Not a trace of him remained.
He just didn't come home one night, or the next, or the night after that. He'd vanished from the face of the Earth, and nobody had any clue where to or why.

Until, one night, when every member of the Occult Club was fast asleep, they had a dream.
The Leader, standing at the edge of Blackharbour Forest, smiling and waving.
With his eyes closed, and his mouth sewn shut with red cord.
Every night for the next week, they all had that same dream.

Until, on the last night, the Leader appeared with open eyes and open mouth, and spoke.

"Please find me."


The People.
The people of Blackharbour are as normal as normal can be, at least for the most part. While the province has no lack of superstition or rumour, it's, in general, a rather nice place. A mix between a sleepy fishing hamlet, coast-side residential living, and a bustling if small city, the kinds of people you can find in Blackharbour seems to be infinite. The majority of people who make the province of Blackharbour their home are of the Christian or Catholic faith. That said, while it might just be a normal place to anyone who doesn't go against the town's beliefs, that's not at all the case for those who do.

With such deep and long-running roots in the Christian faith, anyone who the townsfolk could potentially see as problematic don't have long at all to wait until the stigma grows. People will give them the side eye, others may call them out on the streets. The faith runs very, very deep here, and those who don't follow what the locals consider the right path suffer for it. People will raise prices, people will refuse sales. People will direct their attentions towards you more often and more aggressively; because to them, you're a stain on the pristine, God-beloved land on which they've grown so much. Many people cite the lack of rain in South Central as a divine blessing, and many more attend the seemingly impossible-to-disturb grounds that surround the Old Church and the Convent.

Persecution has never been a stranger to Blackharbour. Ever since the city was founded and rebuilt by John Bell, there have been.. problems. A few lynchings here and there, the public trials and executions of assumed Witches who live in the Black Forest, even some racism here and there to make things more interesting. While to most Blackharbour is an idyllic place to live and pass on, anyone who has seen the underbelly of the beast in which they live will tell you that its fangs cut deep.

The one exception to this seems to be Hightown; never has any crime been punished as severely there as it has been elsewhere. They welcome all with open arms and cheerful smiles, while simultaneously sneering at and spitting on those they feel are beneath them. Those who refuse to live in Hightown once given the opportunity, especially, receive less than stellar treatment.

In the years after Blackmoore College was constructed and it brought in thousands of people, tensions had been slowly evaporating. With the arrival of certain outsiders, the people that lived within Blackharbour learned to live with their eccentricities; as long as it benefited them, of course. No longer do people sneer at others in the street because of what they wear, oh no; now they do it privately, stewing in their anger and self-righteousness.
One day, definitely, the people of Blackharbour will rip themselves apart. All they need is.. motivation.


The Black Harbour.
Founded in 1843, the province of Blackharbour has seen several name changes throughout its lifetime. Originally founded as a convent for the Christian faith, it was abandoned when it was attacked and razed to the ground by an anti-religious cult. After this, an enterprising businessman brought the land, rebuilt the Convent, and then built a town around it. This same businessman knew that trade made towns, and thus he made sure to get what was then called Bel's Cove up and running. To his delight, he found that there were two things that made Bel's Cove truly unique; the first was the deep, plentiful silver mine just outside of the town's outskirts, but still on his land. Mining began immediately, and continued strong until 20 years prior to the founding of the Occult Club, when the mine suddenly caved in on itself.

The second uniqueness of Bel's Cove was the native wildlife; in the ocean nearby lives what appears to be a special type of sea snail, with a pitch-black shell. These live in what eventually came to be known as the Black Harbour; they can grow up to 2 meters in length, and their shells can grow as big as a person. Their shells deform with age, creating striking patterns, and they make wonderful art pieces when painted.
On top of this, the snails themselves, when cooked correctly, produce a uniquely bittersweet taste that is hard to truly find anywhere else. In fact, the flavour is so unique that Blackharbour actually exports a spice based on it to other places.
With all of these discoveries, Bel's Cove quickly boomed and turned from a small fishing hamlet into a fully-fledged port town.

However, in recent years, the Blackshell Snails have become more difficult to catch. They're slowly going extinct in order to keep up with the growing demand. The Union of Blackshell Protection was created in the province in order to keep them from dying out, and to protect them from poachers.
The name 'Blackharbour' is certainly an ominous one, but it's common knowledge that the town was named that because of the once-plentiful Blackshell Snails that, in a time long forgotten, coated the bottom of the harbour like a thick, black paste and made the ocean seem pitch-black.

In order to capitalize on the people moving to Blackharbour, the Blackmoore College was founded, and quickly gained plenty of staff and students alike. It's the only institution of higher learning in Blackharbour. While there may be several different primary schools and high schools, the only College is Blackmoore College.

What was once a single small seaside town is now an entire province complete with an entire city, a coastal town, the Black Harbour and the surrounding areas. To say that the place expanded would be a total understatement; from Old Rowan's Rest to Blackmoore College, the place is almost a city-state in of itself. Even if the rest of the world was destroyed, Blackharbour would keep running smoothly.


The Map.
A crudely made map found on the Leader's personal computer. Several spots are marked on the map that correspond with places in the real world, but the dimensions of the Leader-made map are slightly off ever so much. It shows the major roads and districts, but a lot of landmarks are missing, like the Church and Convent. The map was released to his friends and family in a bid to get answers to his whereabouts;
Nobody had any clue.


The Players.
There are two kinds of roles available to people interested in joining this roleplay;

Unset Roles are mostly the Occult Club members; these are blank slates that you can customize as much as you'd like. They can be of any College-like age, and you can be as free as you like with their backstory. However, please keep in mind that this is not a very high-fantasy roleplay.
That said, I want to stress this; there are supernatural elements present in this roleplay, so if your character is a little psychic or whatever, that's totally cool with me, but nothing too crazy.
At least at the start.
These roles also include 'Bystanders'; people who aren't directly affiliated with the Occult Club but are dragged into the story regardless.

Set Roles are specific roles that, if not filled, will be handled by me. These characters have their place in the story set in stone, but are pivotal to certain plot points; three examples that have the most importance are 'The Detective', 'The English Teacher', and 'The Leader's Mother'. Applying for any of these roles comes with some special requirements and what basically amounts to a Non-Disclosure Agreement for certain important things.

Character deaths are avoidable, but nobody has 'plot armour'. If your character, regardless of who they are, makes a fatal error, they will die. This does affect the ending of the roleplay, so if you want to 'win', don't die.

Keep in mind that members of the Occult Club have known each other for varying lengths of time by now, and are all quite friendly with each other. I actually encourage the development of their relationships both during the roleplay, and in character creation; are two of the Occult Club members dating? Maybe one joined the Occult Club because their friend or crush did?
I want the Occult Club to be a tightly-knit community of good friends and maybe more; a group of people who are genuinely affected by the disappearance of the Leader, and the events that come after it. Lone wolf types are okay, as long as they're happy to tag along and get engaged.
For any preexisting relations with the Leader, please PM me so we can use it as a plot point later on if you'd like to.
Also so I can give it a yes or no.

The Occult Club.
Torn apart by the loss of someone close, this ragtag group of misfits and not-so-misfits will have to endure much to see the light at the end of the tunnel before them.

The Leader and Founder of the Occult Club: definitely not played by @Kuroakuma or anything.
(I'll be highlighting roles in the hex codes that players use for dialogue. Please let me know your hex code if you want to use one specifically!)

The First Member of the Occult Club: Megan Connor, played by @geminironin

The Second Member of the Occult Club: Maxwell Sawyer, played by @sassy1085

The Third Member of the Occult Club: Reserved for @A Lowly Wretch

The Fourth Member of the Occult Club: Evelyn Wolfe, played by @Vocab

The Fifth Member of the Occult Club: Available

The Sixth Member of the Occult Club: Phoibe Graves, played by @KZOMBI3

The Seventh Member of the Occult Club: Reserved for @Bastian

The Bystanders.
Dragged into the oncoming storm without warning or reason, will these souls hold on and endure, or will they drown in the coming maelstrom?

The First Bystander: Cole Bentley, played by @addamas

The Second Bystander: Elexene Sothorett by @CosmicVixen

The Third Bystander: Reserved for @A Lowly Wretch

(It's totally fine if you want to play as someone unaffiliated with the Occult Club, but the priority goes to Occult Club members. They're the most important.
Or, perhaps, your character is the Leader's Childhood Friend? Maybe a person who works at a place one of the Club members frequents who heard the tale and got involved? An obsessive stalker?
The ball is in your court.)

The Chess Pieces.
Whether native to Blackharbour or not, these poor souls, too, have important roles to play. Whether or not they'll see the light of day, we will have to see.
May the Lord have mercy on them.

The Detective: Reserved for @Cu Chulainn
+ A Detective hired by an anonymous force to investigate the missing person's case.

The English Teacher (Female): Taken by @Kuroakuma
+ A teacher at Blackmoore College. She's been rumoured to engage in.. less than pure acts with students, but nobody has ever proven it.

The Leader's Mother: Taken by @Kuroakuma
+ A forlorn widow who cherished her only child greatly. Remarried the Leader's Father only two years prior.

The Dean of Blackmoore College (Male): Available
+ A well-known and well-liked man who gave permission to the Leader to create the Occult Club and refurnish the abandoned shack.

The Leader's Father: Available
+ A slightly aloof man who remarried the Leader's Mother two years prior. They were divorced, but remarried.

The Chief of Police: Reserved for @role model
+ What it says on the tin.

The Head of the Bell Family (Male or Female): Available
+ The current reigning Matriarch or Patriarch of the family that founded Bel's Cove. The true owner of Blackharbour, able to impose their will on almost anyone there. They own the land, and the land owns everyone else.


The Details.
Below is the character sheet for this roleplay. While it isn't mandatory to use this exact layout or provide the exact details, the information I've asked for will be useful during the story for both myself and for others. If you want to keep things hidden and secretive, please PM me your 'complete' character sheet so I can make sure everything will run smoothly, then upload your 'secretive' version publically.
Trust me. Your secrets are safe with me.

Feel free to spruce up your character sheet as much or as little as you'd like. This, after all, is your canvas.
Faceclaims are anime characters.


The Rules.
I. No Godmodding in any way, shape or form. This includes manipulating other characters that are played by your fellow players, or by having your character avoid what I decree is certain death, via unnatural means. However, manipulating an NPC to get you where you need to go is 100% fine.

II. Your character very well may die. In the event of their untimely and brutal demise, you'll be allowed to make another character to stay in the roleplay if you'd like. However, this is your only second chance, bar.. certain developments.

III. Don't be an asshole. That shouldn't need to be said, but it has to be. I have zero tolerance for genuine rudeness from my players, whether towards me or anyone else. That said, I reserve the right to remove you from this roleplay if you act up. This includes the indiscriminate slaughter of your character/s offscreen.

IV. The themes in this story are mature, dark, and when we have such a diverse cast, some things may not be to your personal taste. As to how 'well' certain themes are handled, this is an entirely subjective matter, and thus you may be made uncomfortable by certain things that occur during this roleplay. This, once again, is a dark roleplay. It's designed to make you at least a little uncomfortable, but hopefully not enough to sour the entire experience permanently.
I don't anticipate that anyone might get hurt, but I'm making sure to put this down just in case.

V. This roleplay is mostly open-ended, but there are several major plot developments to help you along. This roleplay is able to be 'failed', and if you don't play your cards right, it very may well have a very bad ending. If that happens, that's it. No retries.
Unless, of course, you do some things right. ;^)

If it's not obvious, I'm not good at making rules. As long as you don't break the rules of the site, and aren't straight up being an asshole, we'll be fine. I trust my players to be respectable, respectful people, and to have fun with the roleplay. We're here to have a good time, all of us.
Except our characters.


The Rest.
A place for miscellaneous information or other things.

Q: Why a College?
A: The themes and events of this story are.. mature, to say the least. I don't feel comfortable putting characters under 18 in the situations they're likely going to be, or giving them the backstory they may have. Making excuses as to why an 18+ character is still in High School is annoying enough, but an entire cast..? No thanks.
Also, High School roleplays happen all the time. This is basically the same deal with older characters, though, so..

Q: Filet-O-Fish?
A: Filet-O-Fish.

Q: is ghost a thing?
A: mmmlemaybe

Q: Should this be called Untitled Cult Game?
A: Definitely, but there's no cults involved. Everyone seems to think so, but there's DEFINITELY NOT.
No, I will not let you see my cultist robes. I haven't gotten the sea salt out of them yet.

Q: Are you adding more things to this section because you're stalling on making actual content?
A: You're too smart for your own good.

Q: What am I supposed to do?
A: Touch fluffy tail.

We have a Discord server if you're interested in joining. Please PM me if you want to join so I can send you the link.
Be warned, we're insane(ly attractive).

P.S: Bel's Cove is waiting for you.
Alrighty! Now that we've got a handful of completed character sheets, I'm thinking of making the roleplay page proper so you guys can upload them for the viewing pleasure of your fellow victims comrades! Naturally, we're still waiting on a bunch, but I figure it'll be good to have at least the existing Occult Club members up so that you guys can actually fill out that final little section.
Take your time with your character sheets, there's no need to rush.

I'm not sure if anyone's been in contact with each other, but I've also sent out PMs to people who want to join the Discord server + added those who sent me their username. If you want to join and haven't yet, just toss a PM my way.
Admittedly I'm a bit out of it today, so if I've missed anything, just let me know.
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