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Current what if we skipped this summer rerun and immediately started this year's event so i can get summer nero + summer salter pls & ty
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My EX Luck is back, yeah! I got Welrod MkII in GFL last night, got an SSR Submarine in Azur Lane, and got Nightingale/Void Shiki for my GSSR in FGO. <3
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get outta here not-Karna or I'll get Arjuna to mock you :^)
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hey yo so are there any roleplays that want/need a giant, world-encircling serpent that is also a cute anime waifu cuz I can provide the best
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is it bad that i use the status bar less for statuses and more to be on the front page


Wow, the last time I updated this bio was in 2017. Gross lmao.

Hi, I'm Kuro. I go by that.
I like the Fate series, Dark Souls + Bloodborne, dumb anime, memes, a bunch of other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head; and I'm proud of my collection of 50+ characters that I adapt to various situations.
I'm good like that.
Apparently people think I'm arrogant, but honestly, I'm way better than that.

Ask me about the Gacha games I play and I'll tell you while also crying and regretting my life.

Also, if you've ever played Elsword; 1) are you real, 2) do you still play it, 3) talk to me about it.

I used to use this website a long time ago but after taking a break from this kinda thing to focus on real life and recover from some stuff that really messed me up, I'm finally back to try my best to impress people with whatever I can bring to the table. Oh, and to be a decent person. That's important too.
I'll admit I have a horrible temper, though, so don't say I didn't warn you.

I'll play any genre, any level, any role, and can play any character.
Somehow enjoy playing female roles more than male ones, though.

If you're interested in what I can do, I'll happily provide some examples of characters I'm personally proud of, and might even make a new one for you. :^)

All that being said, wtf I took this way too seriously, send help
Say hi btw or I'll be sad :(

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lotta weenies in this here thread
Rick's response was quick and to the point- as expected on the boy by now.
However, Edmondo had a plan in his mind with the creation of the campsite.

If they were to get lost, this campfire would act as a way for them to find their bearings.
With that said, though, there was definitely risks associated with it, but the cultists being suspicious would only let them work faster.

"We'll make camp across the bridge and abandon this campsite. We'll take the spare stuff and set up a second, smaller site on the inside of what I imagine is their territory."
Edmondo figured it was probably nerves that kept Rick's mouth shut, but he could also just struggle with talking.

He doused the fire soon after they'd eaten, stretching himself and speaking again.

"They'll find this campsite but I doubt they'll think much of it. If they're busy looking on this side, they won't look on their side. If they think the people here are random, they likely won't bother them. They've taken only Mages so far, so I doubt they' arouse suspicion by taking normal hikers."
He hoisted a bunch of his stuff off of the ground and took off towards, and then across, the stone bridge that divided the normal forest and the unnatural forest.

With that out of the way, their chat finished, and the long night ahead.
Edmondo was asleep early after glancing at something he pulled from his pocket and held in his hand as he slept.

It was a quiet night, a simple night.

And Rick would've woken up with the sun barely above the horizon, with several things to note.

Firstly, Edmondo and his sleeping bag were gone, with only a scrap of paper left behind on the ground where he'd been. Secondly, there was no sign of the smaller site that he'd made for them ever having existed. In fact, it was nothing but Rick in the little clearing, no sign of anything or anyone else. There were no footprints on the forest floor, nothing for him to find Edmondo by.

All that was left was to look around, probably. Perhaps the bridge?

It was Rick's time to shine, it seemed.

I can't believe you've done this.
How could you?
Whoever posts under me is a huge, gigantic, massive, big weenie and will suffer 30 years of bad luck in relationships.

Got 'em. I'm in it to win it.
I used to sleepwalk when I was younger, and the creepy part was that I was fully capable of unlocking, opening, and closing a door, before walking down a flight of stairs and looting the kitchen in the middle of the night.
I'd also lock the door on my way back up, so I had no clue I was doing it until I was told about it.

Oh, and sometimes I'll sit up while asleep, look at people, have a short conversation, then go back to sleep.
One of the times that always gets brought up is once when I did that and my mother was like "Kuro, you're asleep" and my response was apparently a genuinely surprised look on my face, followed by an "Oh, okay then" before laying back down and resuming my snoozin'.

I woke up the next morning to my mother laughing her ass off about it. It was great.

Agh, curses, my evil plans hath been foiled! We'll meet again, Hitmaaaaaan!

I'll send a PM your way!
"No living being knows when the Storyteller first blackened the sky above us.

It came out of nowhere and began to poison our oceans, kill our lands and corrupt our people.

Those who survived, human or otherwise, fled for their lives towards larger cities. These cities wasted no time erecting defenses, creating massive shields and walls to protect themselves from the slowly darkening world around them. For the longest time, humanity barely coped- struggling to survive in a world with little to no water or trees or food. Every single one of these cities was cut off from the others, kept isolated by the ever growing corruption that washed over the Earth like a tidal wave of misery. The cities stood tall, however, like beacons of light surrounded by an unending storm of darkness.

Mankind was shoved into a corner and they were forced to adapt- Magick suddenly returned thanks to the corruption of Reality, and technological advancements that were hidden behind the concept of 'morality' suddenly became almost commonplace. People were given artificial limbs, Homunculi were created for a variety of purposes, and finally, mankind managed to create the Hermes System- a series of flying machines that were able to transport people, materials and supplies between cities.

It seemed like humanity was finally getting back on their feet.
At least, it seemed that way, until the first Nemesis appeared.

They called it The Dreamer. It appeared out of nowhere, without warning, and destroyed several cities in the span of three days. Nobody knew how- those who witnessed The Dreamer were all killed. The only evidence of its existence were the panicked, horrified messages and pleas sent to other cities. The Dreamer went on a rampage, almost destroying two more cities, before something changed. A light appeared above a house, and within the week, a single person living inside had suddenly changed.
People called them the Original Legend; the one who set out from the comfort of their city and fought the Dreamer and the army of corrupt monsters at its command.
Humanity was so far gone by this point that when the reports came in that The Dreamer was dead, nobody could believe it. It was only thanks to a team of brave reporters and their helicopter that video evidence of The Dreamer's corpse spread around the world. Mankind cheered for the Legend that had saved them, but their victory was stifled by sorrow.

The Original Legend had given their life to kill The Dreamer.

"This is God's will."

Those were the last words they spoke before collapsing, dead, beside The Dreamer's corpse.

Mankind took a day or so to mourn, but this was a chance that they couldn't waste. They redoubled their efforts, making sure that, from now on, no Nemesis could ever destroy any of their cities. Armies were made, massive cannons lined the walls of the streets, powered by a mixture of Magick and Technology.

And yet, despite this, mankind suffered one more crushing blow.
The Dreamer came back. It raged and raged, attempting to shatter the defences of several cities before finally dying down. This time, however, it was much, much stronger.

Another Legend was chosen by God above, and they proceeded out to fight the new Dreamer. They were hailed as a paragon of humanity, the epitome of what mankind should strive for. The name stuck.
The Paragon fought The Dreamer with all the strength they could muster, finally besting the Nemesis, but then.. They too, died.

There was a theory quickly spreading through the world- that the Nemesis and the Paragon were eternally linked, bound by fate to repeat an endless cycle of murder and rebirth. Every time a Nemesis appeared, a Paragon would soon appear afterwards.

What, then, was humanity supposed to make of the several lights that appeared all around the world at once? It was a revelation that shook the world.
There was no longer only a single Paragon.
Which meant that there was no longer a single Nemesis."

So my silly self thought of the skeleton of this concept off the top of my head a little while ago tonight, and I thought the idea would be pretty fun. I'm still ironing out the details of the world and story, but I'd also like to take a moment to explain the tags I've listed above. If you don't really care about it, feel free to ignore it.

Also, please keep in mind that this is just the Interest Check- I haven't prettied it up or anything, or laid down any particularly solid ground rules as of yet. I do have an ending in mind, but the journey there is up to you!

Multiple endings, what?!

If I had to choose, I'd also select both Military and Future since the world is essentially at war, and for the latter, the technology available in the story is far off from modern technology, so..
I'm horrible at not mixing genres. My bad~

Here's where I'll be putting down some bonus stuff that'll be being worked on in the future.

~ The Players ~

Now, what roles are available?
Paragons, Nemeses, and those in-between. I love discussions about the lore and stuff, so if you have any ideas, feel free to drop them in and we'll chat!

However, keep this in mind;
Every Paragon has a Nemesis.

That being said, The Dreamer is open for you guys to play, but the role is a bit different from the others. I'll be discussing that with The Dreamer when the time comes. On top of this, playing a Paragon does not force you to play their Nemesis, and vice versa.

I'll leave the character sheets up to you, but the one thing that you need to know about Nemeses is that they're named a single word. 'Dreamer, 'Breaker', 'Corrupter', etc. That's the general naming convention for them, but the rest is up to you. At least one picture is a necessity. Please read the info below before planning a character, however, and ask me any questions you want to ask~

EDIT: I've made this obvious because it's important, but now every Nemesis is able to be known as a title instead of a single word; three words maximum, though!

~ Paragons ~

"Heroes and Legends, the best mankind can offer, yet.. Will they ever be enough?"

Paragons are essentially regular people, or people that are as regular as the circumstances can allow. Your Paragon can be anyone from the clerk at a grocery store to a specially trained operative for the Crimson Breakers. Whatever they are, they wake up one night to find themselves branded on their body with some sort of tattoo. As soon as they were chosen, a faction known as the 'Servants of the Chosen' snapped them up and collected them in a single city- Washington, D.C.
That said, the Paragons can come from any cultural background you want them to. They're stuck in America for now, though~

~ The Mark ~

The Mark is what confirms that a person is indeed a Paragon- a mark somewhere on their body, whatever you want it to be (within certain limits, obviously). It's a dark, black tattoo that pulses whenever the Paragon approaches the corruption, and it glows brightly when their abilities are in use. On top of this, the pulsing grows more pronounced when the Paragon approaches their Nemesis, and their Nemesis only.

~ A Paragon's Strength ~

What makes a Paragon a Paragon? Their God-given abilities, of course! The Paragon is given a single blessing unique to themselves to combat the Nemesis they're supposed to face, and what that ability is, I'll leave to you. Keep in mind, it could be the most diverse ability in the world, but you're only allowed to have one!

~ The Desire ~

A Paragon doesn't always have to fight their Nemesis. It's not encoded in their being- in fact, the Paragons are able to be outright cowardly, avoiding their duties as long as they want, but eventually, something will hit them.
The Paragon may find their personality changing, losing themselves to the sudden urge to go and fight their Nemesis. It's perfectly fine to resist, but it's a lot like a drug; once it stops, it gets harder and harder to ignore. Something deep within themselves urges them to go and hunt and kill, but.. Some people can resist even the most overwhelming urges, after all.

~ The Nemeses ~

"The Dreamer was only the first to drag us into this endless nightmare.."

The harbingers of the corrupting death that engulfed the planet, the Nemeses exist purely to wipe mankind off the face of the planet. They, too, have an ability unique to each of them, generally reflected in their titles. That being said, the Nemeses can also corrupt living beings by ripping out their hearts. Eating the hearts of humans results in the Nemesis getting a power boost of double, and eating the heart of their assigned Paragon gives a quadruple boost. The Nemeses don't need to do this, but their goal is to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth as commanded by the one who created them; the Storyteller.

~ The Corruption ~

+ The Nemeses can corrupt life simply by being around it, though sentient beings are immune to this effect. The black liquid that coats the planet can empower the Nemeses if they ingest it, but it also drives them into a wild, frenzied state. The Nemeses can also corrupt those whom they kill, resurrecting them as smaller, weaker beings called Adversaries. These beings have a will of their own, and even have personalities that reflect who they used to be. They are, however, driven by the same desire as the Nemeses- to eradicate all life on the planet.

~ What is a Monster? ~

Each and every Nemesis has a personality, is sentient, and if it weren't for their function or the overriding will of the Storyteller, each Nemesis would likely be a normal human. With that said, every Nemesis can have a human(oid) form and a monstrous form, or both. It's really up to your imagination.

~ The MagiTech Conglomerate ~

"Those who seek greatness often find that sacrifices must be made to achieve it."

The characters from the MagiTech Conglomerate can be a variety of roles, from researchers to CEOs of companies, to spies, to whatever you really want. There's no set roles or rules here, as long as it isn't too outlandish.
Perhaps even an artificially made Supersoldier can be made?
But, then, what kind of ripple effect would that have..?

~ The Crimson Breakers ~

"Those who seek peace often find themselves drowning in violence to achieve it."

The Crimson Breakers operate in the same vein as the above, albeit instead of being mostly civilian or researcher roles, the Crimson Breakers are made up mostly of soldiers and those who command them. That being said, the Crimson Breakers do have their own R&D Division, you know? Who knows what could come outta that wacky oven?

With all the above put down in stone, please ask if you have any questions about literally anything. I'll be happy to answer them here or in PM's. If you'd like to reserve a role, let me know here, but I won't confirm it just yet, mostly because if anything changes you may want to back out- especially if you're looking to snap up The Dreamer.

Please also keep in mind that this is the bare skeleton of an idea I hatched at 1 am and have spent the last hour and something working on just to upload. Thank you for reading if you got this far. I appreciate it, and look forward to chatting and playing with you!
With Rick's response read loud and clear, Edmondo stayed pressed tightly against the tree, listening in on the now more audible words from their targets. More chit-chat about the prisoner filled the air before one of the men quickly shushed the other, pointing out into the forest where they were headed. With a stifled exclamation, the due began to jog through the forest, seeming to forget that they were supposed to be quietly making their way through it. Within moments, the two of them were gone far, but Edmondo didn't move.

It could've easily been a ploy, but after waiting a good five minutes, he crouched down and tossed a rock out towards where the two beings, now long gone, had been.
Nothing stirred, nothing moved. Nothing changed in their little pocket of the forest. With a sigh of relief, Edmondo slid out from behind the tree, gripping his gun tightly and holding it at the ready just in case. Nothing moved, even as he did, and after a few moments, when he'd reached the place the two people had started their sprint, he beckoned Rick over with a hand. He let his gun fall to his side, watching the faint light of the torch carried by the two beings light up the darkness far, far away.

"It'll be easy to follow them, at least, but look up above."

Through a crack in the foliage that acted as the forest's nature roof, Edmondo could make out what seemed to be a massive beam of light shooting up into the sky above. It was abnormally bright, and it came from far further through the forest than they were. When Rick had reached him and made his comment, if he made any, Edmondo glanced over to him.

"I think it's time we get this show on the road, don't you?"

Edmondo lead Rick on a trek that lasted all night, then all day, then the rest of the next day and through the sunset that followed. As the sun set, the duo had to stop once again. In front of them was a massive ravine with only a large stone bridge there for them to cross it. On the other side was a sign, but Edmondo didn't exactly feel comfortable crossing the bridge just yet. Instead, he'd set up camp for the second time during their trip.
The fire had to be subdued for obvious reasons, but before the sun set, it burned brightly.
Edmondo was studying a map, furrowing his brow as he did.

"There shouldn't be a ravine here, but there is. If this doesn't spell out 'cultist activity', I'm not sure what would."

He folded the map, reaching up to rub his forehead. A small smile sat on his face as he sat in front of the fire.
"So, tell me about yourself, Rick. How'd you end up getting sent all the way out here?"
The question was simple, and as he spoke, Edmondo produced a duo of MRE's from his backpack and tossed one over to Rick.
He waited.


I have a few questions; the first would be 'Can I play a non-Communicator?'; the second would be 'Can I play a moderately modified Mythological monster?' (say that three times fast); the others kinda take a backseat after those two.

I like the idea, though!

Oh, also, since Avalon is a thing, are we including Arthurian myth in the story as well, or is it an unrelated thing with the same name?
"The forest is large. Almost as large as Sighisoara itself. We've got a long trek in front of us."

Edmondo kept stride with Rick, moving alongside him. However, he had already drawn something quite.. different.
A pistol. Already readied in his hands with the grip that let Rick know two things almost immediately.
One, Edmondo must've had prior experience with firearms in a professional capacity.
Two, Edmondo was on guard.

"We may not find cultists or the like just yet, however there are plenty of creatures that roam the forest at night. Bears, wolves, deer. The usual, but there are a few things you may not see elsewhere. However, I recently found tracks of an unnaturally large beast. I'm thinking it may be a bear that the cult has corrupted for use as a border guard of their territory. It seems to stick to a very rigid path every night and head back during the day." He cast a glance over at Rick. His gait was odd, too, somewhat crouched down and almost as if he were expecting an attack at any moment. "We follow the bear's tracks, then get off of the path if we see or hear anything coming along it, understood?"

The trek was long, though, and uphill in some parts. An annoying venture that took them deeper and deeper into the woods by the second. Even if it wasn't approaching nighttime, the darkness of the woods would've made it just as difficult to navigate.

As predicted, the sun had vanished below the horizon and drenched the world they made their way through in shadows. Edmondo had quickly pulled a pair of flashlights out of his pack and offered one to Rick, using them to pierce the overwhelming darkness of the forest. The air, for a long time, was full of the sounds of insects and birds going to bed, but soon enough it had fallen silent.

After that, however, the silence was broken by a crackling in Rick's earpiece before a familiar voice came through to him.
"Hallo, Rick? Can you hear me? We have established a connection, however it is a little.. iffy, so we may drop out. However, we are here to provide assistance. We cannot help with cartographic means, unfortunately, as the forest prevents our satellites from seeing past the foliage. This is likely how the kidnappers have been avoiding immediate repercussions. Where they are.. not even Lady Illusion could reach them easily. Please keep this in mind and be careful, Rick."

Though she'd stopped speaking, Eine was indeed there. If Rick needed anything, she'd be happy to assist him.

Eine herself was sitting upright in a chair in a nice, air-conditioned room, staring at a monitor that was tracking their estimated progress.
However, this was only due to the fact that the earpiece also doubled as a tracking device. Rick was currently deep in the forest to Sighisoara's east, heading further southeast by the second. She crossed her arms and leaned back, listening to the hustle and bustle of the people in the room around her. Rick and Edmondo's operation was far from the only one active at the time, but Eine's presence had drawn a large commotion amongst the other staff in the room, and they'd even been kind enough to allow her to use the satellite to track her charge's movements.

The only problem she could foresee is that, despite her monitoring, the distance between them was growing.
That meant more wasted time to get to Rick if an emergency broke out.

It was three hours into their trek when Edmondo suddenly dropped to the ground and waved for Rick to join him. Up ahead there was a faint glimmer of torchlight, and there seemed to be two figures up ahead of them. Edmondo's pistol was at the ready, and he slid behind a tree with the practised ease of a veteran. The darkness made it nearly impossible to see Rick from his position, but the figures ahead were practically bathed in torchlight, allowing the two to focus on them and only them.
They were talking, too, quite loudly, in Romanian. Edmondo's eyes narrowed, but their words were somehow hard to distinguish.

"Rick, can you hear me?" The older man's voice came through Rick's earpiece, breaking the silence. Still, the other men would likely be unable to hear it since they were still far away enough that they weren't actively visible in proper detail.

Edmondo was leaning hard against the tree he'd taken cover behind, listening in to the conversation between the people- deep voices, men. In one hand, his pistol was ready. The other was pressed against the earpiece in his ear to allow him to talk.
"They're talking about their latest captive. Nothing of much importance, but they're definitely our people. We're on the right track."
Flashlight off, they were almost impossible to see in the pitch blackness.

"Alright, Rick. Now's your chance. What do we do with them?"
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