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Ylva shook her head violently. Then, to clarify that she was actually trying to communicate, she took a deep breath and said I think I'm okay. I mean I'm not okay, but I'm okay here. I really really don't want to be alone right now. For a few moments, Ylva closed her eyes and concentrated on her breathing. She could feel her heart rate start to normalize and nodded to herself I'm not going to pass out or anything. I just... not knowing what to say or what to make of what had happened, Ylva didn't finish that sentence.

She felt hyper aware of all that was going on around her and suddenly remembered something saying something about screaming. I didn't hear anyone scream. Did you? I'm not sure what I heard. Or who. She looked around the group, not addressing anyone in particular. Gosh that was weird. It was almost like she was talking to herself.
Ylva hesitated. She was dying to share whatever-that-was with someone, but she'd only met these people just now. With no idea who to trust, and no desire to be the designated weirdo again, Ylva was hesitant.

At the same time, in a split second, something else was dawning on her. She'd accepted going to this school because she'd had little choice, but the few brief conversations she'd heard and had suddenly came back to her and suddenly it hit her. We're all weirdo's here. She smiled and thought Maybe whoever brought us here, brought us here for that reason? We are all weird in some way? This gave her courage an unexpected boost and she just blurted out I never heard a single voice shouting. I heard a lot of voices, first at the same time, then jumbled. They were taunting, threatening, all talking at once. She looked around the room to gauge the reactions, then continued. Something weird about things having been set in motion and our being here won't make a difference. It was weird, scary weird, nails on chalkboard scary weird.

Ylva looked at the people around her. Her eyes passed over their worried faces. She continued So no, I'd rather not be alone right now. And I doubt I could sleep tonight anyway.

Ylva had a hard time responding to the questions around her. She registered the questions, but it took time for her to digest their meaning. Something felt different, but she could not put her finger on it. She wasn't even sure what the answer should be, either.
Am I okday? Physically, there was nothing wrong with her, and mentally... well she had no idea what just happened, but she didn't feel not okay either. She felt a little off, but that didn't seem to odd given the circumstances.

I think I'm okay. That was weird, though. None of you heard any of that?
Ylva was trying her best to control her voice, but she was clearly shaken, and it showed. She was still trying to make sense of what she'd heard.
Something that had been set in motion? Something that could not be stopped? Our presence futile, a nuisance? What the hell?
I have no idea what is going on, but none of this is good. She seemed unaware that she said this last part out loud.

She rubbed her temples and tried to quiet down her mind. She remembered an old trick her grandmother had taught her when her mind was spinning, and she took a few deep breaths. Trying to clear her mind, Ylva discarded all her conscious thoughts and focussed on her breathing. As soon as her mind quieted down, she felt it. A presence inside her thoughts, inside her mind. The same horrible sensation came over her, hairs on end, stomach churning. It was scratching, pulling, clawing. Trying to break out of whatever part of her mind it was in, trying to enter her conscious mind, trying to... As soon as Ylva started thinking again, the sensation faded. It was like one of those eye-floaters. The more you try to look at it, the more it glides from your vision.

Ylva realised she was breathing heavily again and concentrated on breathing quietly. The moment she stopped thinking about things, the scratching, clawing, pulling started again, and just as before it faded as she focussed on it. Breathing slowly, Ylva concentrated on the lyrics of a favourite song. The sensation faded away again. Was it her imagination or could she feel it looming in the background, waiting for a moment of weakness? For now she was strong enough to block it, to stop it. But for how long? And what would happen as she slept? Or daydreamed in class? This was creeping her out.

Ylva looked around the room, trying to avoid the gazes of the people around her and looking for something to focus her mind on. Suddenly she realised they were almost alone. Weren't there more people here earlier? Where'd everyone go?

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Ylva was only vaguely aware of the new arrivals to their little group. She noticed Ziggy's aversion of one of them, and the other guy's blow up doll. She wanted to say something, but something was tugging away at her and she was quite incapable of ignoring it. This pulling was like nothing she'd ever felt before. Her usual pulls were soft, gentle, like someone was gently tapping her shoulder for attention before taking her by the hand and asking if they could show her something. She'd even managed to pull herself out of it once or twice by asking the something to come back in an hour or so because she was in the middle of an exam. It was also nothing like what had happened earlier today. There had been no pull, that had been more like stepping into a hole, or missing a step. A sudden shock, unexpected. This was clearly a pull and it was aggressive and very uncomfortable.

Looking down on her arms, Ylva became aware of two things. Both were equally disturbing. First of all there was her physical response to the pull. It was obvious that all the hairs on her arms, and the rest of her body now that she thought of it, were standing on end. She felt sick, feverish, and had goosebumps all over. The only thing that had ever made Ylva this physically uncomfortable was when a teacher had pulled her artificial nails across a chalkboard during a particularly exciting after school club meeting. The sensation had only lasted a few seconds, but this felt similar but so much stronger. A hundred nails pulled across a hundred chalkboards.

And then there was Ylva's emotional and mental response to it all. She suddenly felt hyper aware of all that was going on around her, as if she was watching the same images through a hundred pairs of eyes at the same time. The people around her seemed more vivid, more present than before, and she was painfully aware of every movement, every sound, every speck of dust in the air. She realised there were fewer people than before. Lilly? She watched people move, heard them talk, almost saw the words as they left their mouths. She was hyper aware of movement, expression, sound. And yet she was almost not a part of it all.

Simultaneously Ylva was overwhelmed by the knowledge of how pointless everything was. It so did not matter who liked who, who ate or drank what, who said what and least of all who did what. Nothing you do here matters. In the end, none of it has any bearing on anything. None of it matters. None of you matter. Why are you here anyway? Many voices, all talking at the same time, all conveying similar messages. Some sounded almost familiar, some were completely foreign to her, and since none of the others were responding to them, Ylva assumed they were all in her mind. It is done. It will be done. Nothing can stop it. Nothing can change it. You cannot change it. You may as well not be here. Why are you still here? In harmony now. The voices kept repeating the same messages. The voices got louder and louder, the sensation of nails across a chalkboard got stronger and stronger ... then, as suddenly as it had started, it all stopped and Ylva was thrown back into her own perception of reality. The whole thing had only taken a few seconds, but Ylva felt shaken to her core.

Moving slowly, as if she feared movement would bring the sensation back, Ylva reached for her beer and gulped the remaining half down. Then she looked around at the others, panic and fear still shining brightly in her eyes. What The Fuck?! She blurted out.
Not knowing what else to say or do, Ylva slumped back down in her seat and tried to make sense of it all. What will be done? What can't we change? What is going on here? And what the hell is this place doing to me? Am I the only one? Where are Lilly and the others? The questions tumbled over each other in her mind, and she could not answer a single one of them. It left her feeling small and confused. Slowly, the hairs on her arms settled down, the goosebumps faded. But the experience would stay with her for a long time.

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No, I shaved a couple of pixies and glued the results to my head! Ylva rolled her eyes and sighed. She had thought she'd gotten over people commenting on her hair. She was probably still a little muddled from her little incident, and more insecure about meeting all these new people than she'd been willing to admit to herself. She sighed again and continued on a friendlier note. Yes, the hair is real. And yes, that is really my natural hair colour. Ylva shrugged and smiled. Just lucky, I guess. I'm a literature major by the way. I love to read, I write and am nuts about languages in general.

Ylva looked away, towards the brownies again. She felt better now that she had gotten some food and drink in her, and wondered whether she should just try one. Looking at the others, it didn't seem dangerous or anything. Zoning out a bit might just be what the doctor ordered. And none of the others appeared to be suffering uncomfortable visions of any kind. Ylva finished what little food was left on her plate while pondering her decision to just give it a try. When she was done eating her sweet selection, she snatched a quick slice of pizza. Apparently pot was good for your appetite, Julius had almost inhaled half of it by the looks of it.

Suddenly, Ylva felt the familiar pull she usually felt before zoning out. For a moment, she thought she heard a woman scream, but it was gone before she could focus on it. The faint pull faded quickly, and she wasn't expecting any issues. Nothing like the last one, anyway. But it did make up her mind about the whole brownie thing. She was not ready to let go of what little self control she had left today. Not right now, anyway. She grabbed a brownie, folded it into a napkin and tucked it safely into the small purse that alwasy dangled off of her right shoulder. I'll save one for later, if that's okay. I've always wanted to try one, but now is not the time.

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Pot brownies, eh? That explains a lot. She winks at Ziggy. I could do with a little relaxing, but that's not my poison. Hang on. Ylva walks back over to the food and piles a few things onto a plate. She grabs herself a beer and returns to sit down next to Venus.Hey Ziggy, I'm Ylva, sorry did I forget to slip that in? Temporarily distracted by Lilly flashing by Does she look worried? Drunk fight already? Ylva almost missed Ziggy's not so coherent speech.

Suddenly selfconscious, Ylva runs her free hand through her hair. She gulps down some beer and nibbles on a waffle. Then she shrugs. We can't all look good all the time, can we? Comes with the hair, I guess. So, how did you guys end up here? Nibbling on her brownie, Ylva took the time to take it all in and center herself. She looked around the room, watching everyone have fun, and for the first time in a very long time, Ylva realised she felt like she belonged somewhere. She smiled to herself and leaned back in the sofa, enjoying the stuff happening around her.

Suddenly she realized the other guy in the group hadn't said a word. He didn't even seem to register they were there. Guess he's not handling them too well? Ylva smiled. Maybe she'd try one later, when she felt a little more grounded.

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Confused and more than a little frightened, Ylva shook her head. Sounds that did not make sense bombarded her ears. Bodiless voices floated around her. They were speaking in a language that she recognized, yet nothing she heard made sense to her.
She leaned back against the wall. Somehow, she had known it was there, without looking. She took a few deep breaths and carefully opened her eyes. At first the light was overwhelming, and all she could see were shadows moving around in the distance. She started to breathe faster, a feeling of panic rising from her stomach. As her eyes slowly adjusted to the light, Ylva began to recognize her surroundings. The Party she thought to herself. Just breathe! New school, new people, new party!

Relieved, Ylva took a few deep breaths and calmed herself. How long had she been out of it? And what had triggered it this time? Ylva had had spells like these before, but they usually occurred when she was stressed out or communicating with the other side. And she always felt it coming, except for this one. Also, she didn't remember anything. It was as if she'd been drawn into a dead line. She shook her head again, and shrugged her shoulders. This was not the time to worry about that. She would have ample time for that later tonight. Great, another sleepless night! No wonder! I'm probably dreamwalking.
The more she calmed down, the more Ylva looked around. She vaguely remembered someone trying to talk to her. His voice had brought her back to the present. She looked around the dorm full of new people, recognizing a few faces here and there and slowly she fell back into place.

Unwilling to draw too much attention to herself, she pushed away from the wall and found that she could stand on her own. She hesitantly took a few steps and smiled. Balance is good. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by the sound of her stomach rumbling, Balance is good. Food is better and Ylva instinctively walked towards the food. She put the plate of waffles she'd been carrying down and grabbed a few pieces of chicken. Perfect! then huh, that was weird! She finished her chicken, staring thoughtfully ahead, and looked around for something sweeter. She caught sight of the brownies and decided to go make a few friends. Completely ignoring her own absent spell and waffles, Ylva smiled as she sat down and pointed at the brownies. Hello, is there room for one more? These look great!

@TheGrundlesnart sweet! Getting away with murder, I like that...
Save me a brownie? :)
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