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Totally game, can I be the Transfiguration teacher?
I'll even take History of Magic... just let me in already? lol lol
Reminds me of my son's first Pathfinder game... he ended up playing an Elven Ranger who sat in a corner and cried for 2 turns... the nasty little goblin that jumped out of a hole in the wall scared her... lol lol lol

@Mattchstick I realised my mistake, but the bloody site won't let me remove the post.

Nope, playing two characters. Neither is me, if that's okay?
I prefer to keep things fictional.

Name Dylan Fischer

Gender Male

District 4

Age 16

Appearance Dylan looks like he belongs at sea. His wavy brown hair and shocking blue eyes make him a favourite with the ladies. Dylan is fairly tall, 190cm, and his outdoor lifestyle has left him looking fit and tan.

Biography Dylan comes from a long line of fishermen. He's skilled with a spear and knows his way around a raft or boat. He's a strong swimmer. Dylan was drafted and really doesn't want to do this.

Personality Kind, open-hearted, reliable and trusting, Dylan is true to his name. He makes friends easily and dreads the idea of the Hunger Games.


Name Meredith

Gender Female

District 4

Age 17

Appearance Meredith is a small, frail looking blonde girl with green eyes. She's much stronger and tougher than she looks.

Biography Being the only girl in a male dominated fishing family, Meredith has learned to make her appearance work in her favour. Her tiny frame and cute appearance causes people to underestimate her. She's skilled with nets and can tie a mean knot.
Meredith volunteerd to protect her friend Marina and her family. Marina's mom died last year in an accident that left her father badly wounded. Without Marina to support the family, her 3 younger siblings will surely become a burden to the village. Marina is equal parts frustrated and thankful, Meredith is strenghtened by the thought that she is doing right by her best friend.

Personality Always underestimated due to her appearance, Meredith knows how to use the frail little girl routine to get what she wants. Make no mistake, she's stronger than most, both physically and mentally, and will not hesitate to do what needs to be done to survive.

Lavender had considered shimmering out of sight again during the presentation, when this girl had sat down next to her.
It seemed rude to disappear, the girl had obviously noticed her, so Lavender took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on the professor's introduction. Listening to the briefing, Lavender smiled to herself. No matter where you went, magical or non, school was obviously school. The same shitty rules everywhere. The coconut thing was different, though. The presentation of the list suddenly made it real, somehow, but Lavender supressed the urge to disappear once more. Time to face this.

As the girl got up to check her room number and get her key Lavender had again considered disappearing. It wasn't that she didn't want to meet all these people, but the whole thing was totally overwhelming. Within the space of an hour, Lavender had gone from being an only child with little to no friends to being surrounded by new faces, boisterous sounds and even a small fight. And she would probably have to share a room with at least one of them. Lavender suddenly felt shy and oddly out in the open, which is why she let everyone else move towards the table and the room chart first.

Before she could even seriously consider her next move, her former neighbour returned. She only seemed to notice Lavender properly at this point, and Lavender couldn't help but smile back at the girl who had sat down beside her. Open, cheerful, and late, Mina appeared her opposite in almost every way. Aware she'd be rude if she didn't at least say something, Lavender said: "Hi Mina, I'm Lavender." Lavender almost panicked, searching for something else to say, when suddenly, something popped up. "What room are you in?"

Check and check! will get on it today... shopping first!
(adulting sucks!)
sounds interesting
did this ever get out of it's interest check phase?

Character sheet?
@Oooie Thanks!
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