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Decided to bow out.

I've been struggling with the characters and concept for days, and simply cannot come up with something I'd like to play for any extended time.
Have to start a new job tomorrow, and if inspiration hasn't hit me now, it surely won't in the coming weeks.

Sorry to leave you hanging, isn't my habit, but for now it will have to be.
Sorry for the delay, kind of fell asleep this week...

Will have something for you by the end of the day!

In that case, I am bowing out.

Good luck!
Am having trouble determining magic... oh the possibilities... but will deal with this asap
Consider me bumped ehm interested!

Here's my two cents! Let me know what you think?

As soon as you have a CS, I'll get cracking!
Love this!

Will start on a CS asap, have busy day tomorrow...

Thanks! that does help!

I started out with the first, the whole "everything is unfair and so am I" but that turned whiney in no time... so I guess I'll try for the rush of doing what you're not supposed to be doing or something like that
Going to keep developing history until I hit something I actually feel like playing with... should be a fun week!
Nice, thanks!

Working on her CS, I'm having problems with the evil-ness... I keep ending up with a vigilanty, so will keep working over the weekend...
no worries, I'll get there!
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