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Ylva Ulven

Ylva really hated being poor, and had headed straight into her usual mode of overcompensation. She had spent the day helping others and running errands. She had even been part of an epic shopping run, with other people's money. She had snuck in a few things for herself. She did not have money, but she was good in the kitchen, and what she had in mind didn't cost much anyway. She'd grabbed some eggs, flower, sugar and milk, and added 5 dollars to the stash of cash they'd been shopping with.

Back in the dorm, Ylva mixed the flower and the sugar in a bowl. She added milk and eggs and mixed the whole thing into a nice batter. She hummed a childrens' song as she tossed some butter she found in the fridge into a pan and waited for it to melt. When this was done, she added some baking powder she'd brought from home and the melted butter to her batter and stirred gently. When she was satisfied with the consistency, she covered the bowl with a towel and put in on the table to rise. Having an hour to kill, Ylva cleaned the kitchen, fetched and cleaned her waffle iron. As she was making the waffles, she pondered the past week, which had flown by.

All the new impressions, the building, the classes, and having to live in English, she liked it, but it took a little getting used to. It took a lot of energy, but she felt like she really could make this work. She felt like she belonged here, somehow. It was little things, like how she normally had issues sleeping in new places, but had slept like a log from the first day here. Or the fact that it had taken her 6 weeks to find her way around her relatively small secondary school, but managed to find her way here almost instictively. She smiled to herself as she marveled at how quickly she had settled in and finished making her enormous pile of waffles, still humming childrens' songs.

When she was done, she returned to her room, showered and changed into her party outfit. she hadn't brought any fancy clothes, in fact, she didn't own any, but she had treated herself to a lovely new shirt before she left. It was a deep green and it really brought out the colour of her eyes and hair. She paired it with a pair of light blue jeans and her favourite boots. She put her hair back in a simple pony tail and added a minimal amount of make up. Armed with her waffles and as dressed up as she'd ever been, Ylva left her room, and went out looking for a good time.
Hey guys,

For the record, I won't be online much this coming week. My husband is going in for some major surgery and I'll be in and out of the ICU taking care of things.
Please feel free to drag Ylva along in whatever hairbrained schemes you have planned out for our group, but do keep her character into account?

As soon as my cold fades, and the fever breaks, I'll be all over this.
where do I apply?
room for 1 more?
I have some ideas on how to make a Vampire work, or could create a character you have a "need" for.
if you do, count me in!
Decided to bow out.

I've been struggling with the characters and concept for days, and simply cannot come up with something I'd like to play for any extended time.
Have to start a new job tomorrow, and if inspiration hasn't hit me now, it surely won't in the coming weeks.

Sorry to leave you hanging, isn't my habit, but for now it will have to be.
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