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hey guys,

sorry for the minimal imput and late reply.
last couple of weeks have been rough!

I'm still in and will keep in touch!


Ylva opened her eyes and for a moment had no idea where she was. Before the panic set in, the events of the previous night came back to her. She must have slept really deeply. She yawned Huh, I must have fallen asleep after all and ran her fingers through her hair. Eeeww. Ok. Priorities. Ylva resolutely got out of bed and jumped in the shower. A few minutes later she emerged from her room feeling fresh and oddly well-rested, but totally caught up in her own thoughts.

Reviewing the things she'd seen and heard last night in her mind, Ylva made her way to breakfast. Food first. Juice, some cereal, yoghurt. While eating, she continued to mull over things in her mind, oblivious to the people around her. She wasn't sure what was going on, but it seemed to her that, since her episodes had only occurred here, that all of this had to be tied to this place somehow. So Ylva decided she would spend what free time she had today looking up the history of this place. The things she saw, the voices she heard, they could be tied to this building or this area somehow. Shame she hadn't done more research on this place before she came here, but how could she have known. She shrugged the thought aside and finished her breakfast.

Hey guys!

sorry for my late reply, I've had a rough couple of weeks!
Just wanted to let you know I'm still in!

Sarah jumped off the bus the first chance she could. Overwhelmed by the sensations of the forest, she had no choice but to ignore her fellow campers, including the weird cat. She was still on the fence about that one, not quite convinced it was a cat, thought it put on a good show. For a moment her eyes fell on the lovely cabin that would be her temporary home. Sarah tried to smile, but the sensations took over before she could.
Inhaling deeply, Sarah walked over to the nearest tree and sat down against it. She closed her eyes and allowed the sensations of water and forest to pass through her. While doing this, she kept a close hold on her excitement. Breathe in - Breathe out The controlled breathing kept her heart rate somewhat under control as she slowly ajusted to the sensory overload.

After a couple of minutes she became aware of two things. First, the silence around her. She opened her eyes, blinking against the light, and realised that the rest of the group had moved towards the cabin. She shrugged and focussed on the second, more interesting thing. Sitting here, with her back against a tree, Sarah realised she could feel the tree's juices flowing within. This is new!
Sarah wasn't sure what this meant for her. On the one hand this was one more thing she could destroy if she wasn't careful. On the other hand, this was incredibly cool!!!

Sarah gave herself a couple more minutes to revel in the sensation. She closed her eyes again and rested her back and head against the tree. Huh, look at me, making friends with a tree. The thought made her giggle, yet it felt really right. It also instantly made her feel better, because she'd never hurt a friend. She got up, brushed herself off and started towards the cabin. Suddenly, she stopped, and turned back to the tree. She placed her right hand on the bark and said Thanks, buddy. I really needed that! She smiled to herself again and practically skipped back towards the cabin. She felt revigorated and happy and ready for anything.
Sarah was super excited about this camp trip. She absolutely loved being outdoors, and though she would have infinitely preferred a trip to a coastal area Oh how I miss the sea. The wind, the birds, the crashing of the waves, the smell of salt in the air For the umpteenth time that morning, Sarah closed here eyes and took a few deep breaths. Her joy of going out and roughing it for a while was enough to tip her over the edge, and the memories of the sea and the water weren't helping her control herself. Breathe! Sarah reminded herself. Why oh why had they planned this camping experience so close to the holidays? She was already excited about going home and seeing the sea and her silly old lighthouse and her parents again.

Sarah sighed and looked around the bus, hoping this would distract her from her thoughts. No point in going over the edge or getting homesick now. She'd been doing great so far, loads better than she'd hoped. Living on the little lighthouse island had made her little family unusually close. Being her parents' only child had added to this bond of course, and Sarah had dreaded coming to school as much as she'd been excited about it. She'd definitely enjoyed her first term at Haven. It was great being around like-minded people, not having to hide your weirdness and learning how to control that which made her so different from others.
It had taken more time to get used to the relative silence of the forest, honestly. She'd had trouble sleeping for weeks because she found it difficult to nod off without the constant rushing of the waves all around her. It had taken time, but by now Sarah was almost as fond of the forest as she was of the sea. If she couldn't live near the coast, the forest was preferable to a big city or a desert scene. Way to distract yourself, Sarah! She rolled her eyes at herself and smiled.

Looking around the bus again, she recognized a few faces. Some of these students she had met before and had worked with in their various classes. She saw a couple of new faces as well and looked forward to the chance of making new friends. Her eyes rested for a moment on the black and white cat sitting in one of the seats. Was this a student? Or had someone brought a pet? She smiled to herself and let the bus carry her to her destination.

She's up!

Can I just rejoin as I was? I have no idea where my character sheet went... lol

Ylva shook her head violently. Then, to clarify that she was actually trying to communicate, she took a deep breath and said I think I'm okay. I mean I'm not okay, but I'm okay here. I really really don't want to be alone right now. For a few moments, Ylva closed her eyes and concentrated on her breathing. She could feel her heart rate start to normalize and nodded to herself I'm not going to pass out or anything. I just... not knowing what to say or what to make of what had happened, Ylva didn't finish that sentence.

She felt hyper aware of all that was going on around her and suddenly remembered something saying something about screaming. I didn't hear anyone scream. Did you? I'm not sure what I heard. Or who. She looked around the group, not addressing anyone in particular. Gosh that was weird. It was almost like she was talking to herself.
Ylva hesitated. She was dying to share whatever-that-was with someone, but she'd only met these people just now. With no idea who to trust, and no desire to be the designated weirdo again, Ylva was hesitant.

At the same time, in a split second, something else was dawning on her. She'd accepted going to this school because she'd had little choice, but the few brief conversations she'd heard and had suddenly came back to her and suddenly it hit her. We're all weirdo's here. She smiled and thought Maybe whoever brought us here, brought us here for that reason? We are all weird in some way? This gave her courage an unexpected boost and she just blurted out I never heard a single voice shouting. I heard a lot of voices, first at the same time, then jumbled. They were taunting, threatening, all talking at once. She looked around the room to gauge the reactions, then continued. Something weird about things having been set in motion and our being here won't make a difference. It was weird, scary weird, nails on chalkboard scary weird.

Ylva looked at the people around her. Her eyes passed over their worried faces. She continued So no, I'd rather not be alone right now. And I doubt I could sleep tonight anyway.

Ylva had a hard time responding to the questions around her. She registered the questions, but it took time for her to digest their meaning. Something felt different, but she could not put her finger on it. She wasn't even sure what the answer should be, either.
Am I okday? Physically, there was nothing wrong with her, and mentally... well she had no idea what just happened, but she didn't feel not okay either. She felt a little off, but that didn't seem to odd given the circumstances.

I think I'm okay. That was weird, though. None of you heard any of that?
Ylva was trying her best to control her voice, but she was clearly shaken, and it showed. She was still trying to make sense of what she'd heard.
Something that had been set in motion? Something that could not be stopped? Our presence futile, a nuisance? What the hell?
I have no idea what is going on, but none of this is good. She seemed unaware that she said this last part out loud.

She rubbed her temples and tried to quiet down her mind. She remembered an old trick her grandmother had taught her when her mind was spinning, and she took a few deep breaths. Trying to clear her mind, Ylva discarded all her conscious thoughts and focussed on her breathing. As soon as her mind quieted down, she felt it. A presence inside her thoughts, inside her mind. The same horrible sensation came over her, hairs on end, stomach churning. It was scratching, pulling, clawing. Trying to break out of whatever part of her mind it was in, trying to enter her conscious mind, trying to... As soon as Ylva started thinking again, the sensation faded. It was like one of those eye-floaters. The more you try to look at it, the more it glides from your vision.

Ylva realised she was breathing heavily again and concentrated on breathing quietly. The moment she stopped thinking about things, the scratching, clawing, pulling started again, and just as before it faded as she focussed on it. Breathing slowly, Ylva concentrated on the lyrics of a favourite song. The sensation faded away again. Was it her imagination or could she feel it looming in the background, waiting for a moment of weakness? For now she was strong enough to block it, to stop it. But for how long? And what would happen as she slept? Or daydreamed in class? This was creeping her out.

Ylva looked around the room, trying to avoid the gazes of the people around her and looking for something to focus her mind on. Suddenly she realised they were almost alone. Weren't there more people here earlier? Where'd everyone go?

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