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I'm interested as well.
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I'm thinking biokinesis or teleportation for the character's power.
I'm interested, count me in.
I'm interested, if you'd have me.
It seems like you already have enough players, but I'll post my interest in case a spot gets open.

Emerald Forest
Kingdom of Vale


As he continued walking through the forest, Fen grimaced as he bit an apple. It was something he pocketed while getting breakfast, a little snack for later. But he didn't expect it to be so sour. He continued biting into it anyway; It was wrong to waste food, and it kept his mind off the tranquility of his surroundings, which began to annoy him. There wasn't any immediate danger so far; Even so, he kept the inactive Gjöll in one hand, ready to be unsheathed at the slightest hint of a threat.

But it wasn't long before Fen found someone far off into the distance. A man carrying what appeared to be a sword, all alone. It was safe to assume he was another student, and thankfully in need of a partner like himself. Fen walked at his casual pace towards the man; They were bound to meet up, and if the person was anything like Fen, he'd take running at him poorly. As he drew closer, Fen could make out more details about his possible partner. There was nothing that particularly stood out, except being slightly taller than Fen. It didn't matter much to him, he didn't know what kind of partner he'd personally like, not that he was given a choice. When they finally met face to face, the man introduced himself as Zargun.

"Hey. Fen Saffron." Fen waved back and jutted his thumb towards himself, an apple core still in his hand. There was an awkward silence afterwards, as Fen had nothing else to say to Zargun, and the two apparently began a impromptu staring contest. Deciding to break the lull himself, Fen silently pointed back, towards their destination. He immediately did a 180 on the spot, and walked back.

The next day
Emerald Forest
Kingdom of Vale

Fen flew as he propelled himself forward. He wasn't one of the first to be launched from the pad, so he was prepared for his turn. And as he began to descend, he fired shots from his tonfas at an angle, sending him further ahead and slowing his descent. When he felt that he could drop safely, he stopped shooting, letting himself land on a particularly sturdy branch. And as the leaves from the tree fell from the impact, he waited for any possible danger. Feeling that he was safe, he jumped down to the forest floor.

Taking a deep breath, Fen looked around. Seeing the forest from the outside, and being in it now felt like two entirely different experiences for him. There was nothing around him, and he couldn't help but crack a faint smile as he took in the peaceful atmosphere for a moment. However, he had a objective to complete, and started to move. But he stopped as he thought about it more, and looked back, towards the cliff where he came from.

Fen went further than the others, most of them at the very least. And by the Headmaster's words, it seemed like he needed a partner for the rest of the initiation. He walked back towards the cliff as he looked for a potential partner along the way.

Beacon Academy
The Great Hall
Kingdom of Vale

Fen wasn't awake. He wasn't awake when his body reacted to a nearby sound, nor was he awake when his body moved towards the source of the noise. He moved with surprising alacrity in his state, clutching his knapsack to his chest. He stopped and crouched when he reached a certain distance from the commotion, glazed eyes observing the situation.

It was a trait honed by spend his nights out in Vacuo. There weren't many safe places in the middle of the hostile desert, and he had to be wary of ambushes as he slept. His body would completely wake him up if it was a Grimm attack, but against bandits looking for easy prey? It wouldn't even bother, being on auto-pilot was good enough. He did have issues with this habit however, as an unaware dormmate would find out firsthand. But thankfully, Silas never reported him, and he eventually dulled his reactions to the point where Silas could wake him up without any problems. Well, as long as he didn't make any sudden movements when Fen's eyes opened.

Unfortunately being in a completely different location, in a place where he wasn't expecting danger at all, caused him to react normally.

Fen scanned what was happening, his half-conscious mind making small mental notes on who he saw. He judged that there were four assailants, going by their aggressive body language. Two appeared to be simply watching, one appeared to be their ringleader, and the last one appeared to be armed, although Fen in his state couldn't tell with what. They were against an injured girl, who had an ally with her. His muscles tensed as another participant entered, foot first into the leader. Another ally it seemed. Someone else jumped into the fray, who he recognized as someone he met. She took out the armed man, leaving only the other two spectators. It appeared to be under control by now, with the two active aggressors being taken out. But as Fen was about to move back to his original spot, he saw one of the remaining members prepared to bring out something out, something against the now retreating Mei.

If Fen's subconscious mind had to explain what it was about to do, it would be something like be this: Throw knapsack at legs, to destabilize. Neutralize by grabbing arm, jamming thumb into wrist. Wrap other arm around neck, squeeze if necessary. Turn held body towards last enemy. It was formulated in an instant, as Fen lunged instinctively at the threat.
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