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Saki wasn't the only one who found it to be quite awkward, Nadeko had wrapped her arm around the back of Saki. She could feel the big clunk of her body against the magnet arm. Her insides where churning, everything inside slowly being pulled to her back. How more Nadeko would pull on her body how much more magnetic her own body would turn with this much metal inside. Saki softly groaned as the magnet was slightly affecting her. It was clear she would never have Nadeko as opponent.

"Not a problem~ Okay, ready as can be~"

Nadeko pointed her second arm out towards the front and at first nothing seemed to happen, it was only that she was steadily increasing the power she was pulling with. Saki could feel her back gradually being pushed more & more, her feet were sliding over the floor. They were quite annoying to put down with them already moving a bit. Soon they were flying rather fast through the air, Saki couldn't tell what was happening. Her vision was statically and her memory of it faded a bit. They had stopped and they were both back on the ground, Saki dashingly watched around her.

"O-oh we're here~"

Nadeko pointed at Yukari fleeing with the briefcase in hand, Saki locked on and heard Nadeko out. Saki could handle this she was made for catching up! Saki gave Nadeko a small wave and a quick thanks as her eyes flashed green. This is what she came here for, getting more combat experience would definitly help her. Saki dashed towards Yukari with large long steps. Close by she launched herself above Yukari as surprise. Her panda hoodie fluttering after her.

"Found you~"

Saki creepily grinned as she saltoed above Yukari her eyes flashing red to activate her strength as she extended her leg in her spin bringing her leg down onto Yukari like an axe with groundbreaking force. She landed with her back flat and quickly pushed herself up right again to see if she had hit. She tried to grab the briefcase with her tail.


The rest of the group had noticed Saki sprinting towards them, most of them continued on which was quite normal. Nadeko waited for her untill she had caught up. With her big arms poking out of her gym uniform she had waved towards her. Sweat dripping Saki waved her hand back at the magnet girl and slowed down catching her breath with her hands on her knees. Half gasping she spoke.

"N-no form anymore! he- Yes, I'm glad I got to see you before anything happened!~ Thanks for waiting~"

Saki gave her a troubled sigh and relaxed herself somewhat as Nadeko explained to her that she was gonna go to the center now. From the looks of it Nadeko was gonna pull herself towards some metal? She even got a warning which raised some suspicion. True, from her knowledge she knew that magnetic trains where once of the fastest types of vehicles on land but Nadeko couldn't possible go that fast right? It had to be faster then running at least.

"As long as there is no magnetic interference inside me I should be fine... I could use a lift just be careful okay~ I-I think I'm ready Nadeko."

Saki softly approached Nadeko and clamped her arms around Nadeko her body somewhat awkwardly. Squishy. Any magnetic interference with her brain could probably leave her out cold for a while. Perhaps it was wise to at least be ready for a reboot if it was needed.

One way or another they arrived Saki still being somewhat dizzy from the ride. She positioned herself like a soldier and smiled there after.

"H-Hana Saki, quirk Robot reporting for duty! Sorry I'm late~"


Yukari was quick to get back onto her feet and spoke like nothing happened. They had both seen that she was trying to basketball yet had miserably failed. It was still cute that she was trying to hide her little mess up. Yukari had asked them if they wanted to play with her, Saki wasn't really any good in basketball but she would manage to score just a few goals if she tried.

"Sounds fun, we can try to play a little"

Yukari stretched out her hand like it was nothing. She had seen her before in the quirk demo. Her flexible body seemed rather handy for the tricks she did. Saki wondered if she could use her as a ball as well. Acion threw the ball next, it was rather forceful and he caught it himself again for his accident. Not all that handy with the ball, but quick on the reflexes. Saki asked for the ball as well and got to throw it as well. Saki dribbled the ball as her eyes glowed green. Softly but high she threw the ball and just barely missed by hitting the front of the hoop. Saki softly ran towards the ball and threw it back towards Yukari.

"Guess i'm not too good either hehe~"

They went on to throw the balls a few more times before heading towards their next class.

*day 2*

Most of the students had gathered on the training grounds when Mako split them up and began explaining what they were gonna do in the villains and hero exercise. Two teams, heroes and villains and the hero team had to defend the 10 golden suitcases standing on the pedestals in the central buildings of the training grounds. Seemed straightforward enough.

Saki hurriedly ran over the training grounds, gasping for air as she made her way towards the hero group. The streets seemed rather empty and the hero nor the villain group was either in sight, it couldn’t have been much further but it was still a maze in here.

‘Shoot I’m way too late, Mako-sensei is gonna kill me. Whhyy meee!~’

*10 minutes before the exercise*

After Mako gave her explanation in class everyone headed towards the gym changing rooms and changed into their gym uniforms for the training. While most people were done changing and headed off towards the training grounds Saki was still undressing. It had taken a while but she came to the conclusion that her gym uniform wasn’t in her bag. Hurriedly she called her mother who raced to school with her uniform.


With her shirt inside out and both socks at different heights she found Mako who was just done explaining what they were doing. Half crying and panting she stopped in front of Mako with hands on her knees.

‘Sorry Miss-Mako I was late, I forgot my gym clothes at home. C-can I still join~.’

After a short debrief she sprinted off again towards the rest of her group who had been way ahead of her. Hopefully she didn’t hinder them all too much with her absence. The best situation would have been if the combat hadn’t started yet. Full speed she cried out towards her team.

‘Wait for meee pleasee~!’

With Saki her speed she would be in time before any actual action would happen and without the rest having to wait on her.


After a delightful lunch in the cafeteria together with her new friends Carol and Nadeko, Saki started to explore the school a little in the free time she had left. Perhaps find an outlet for her to charge herself in the meantime. It would be kind of weird to charge herself in the hallway so perhaps in a room if she can find somewhere she is allowed in during lunch. There were a few in the gym but... which way was it again.

Saki had wandered around about half the school before finally finding the gym, there were a few spots that did seem nice and relaxed to charge herself but were currently occupied by other students. It would be kind of weird to sit on the ground next to them to charge herself. Going into the changing rooms she undid her shoes and already found some places she could sit. The soft dribbling inside of the gym caught her off guard however, there was already someone here? Saki opened the door towards the gym and could see the girl from her class. Not a moment later the basketball that she could hear dribbling before hit her right in the face. Saki gasped at the sight of the poor girl, that must have hurt and exclaimed herself

"Uwa! It didn't swoosh at all~!"

Exposed from her cover behind the gym door she walked into the gym as well. The girl was already quickly helped up by her fellow classmate Acion. Saki hurriedly got towards Yukari and stood by Acion as she faced the girl lying flat out on the ground. Saki gave a quick wave towards Acion as greeting but was promptly back on track with the hurt Yukari. Quickly bending over her with a concerned smile on her face as she generally just seemed dazed about the hit.

"Are you alright~? You took quite the hit~"


When Saki was about to get her brush from her bag Alice was cut short by the start of the lesson not being able to explain that it wasn't bed hair. Saki kindly smiled towards Alice and turned back towards her own desk. It was still to be believed that it was bed-hair.

Alice was after Saki in the class introduction. It appeared she was very calm and proper with her introduction not missing a single beat. Saki was glad that it went well for her as well, hopefully she got every point out that she wanted to give about heroism. Next up was the cute angel winged boy Acion, she was definitly gonna remember that name. He even had a good vision about heroism, Saki her tail playfully danced around as she grinned at him. Even if he didn't notice her it would be nice to get close to him and talk a bit.

The cute clutzy girl was next up, it clearly appeared that she wasn't ready for her introduction yet. She was stammering and looking for words but her preparations before hand made the difference and guided her through. Saki was glad the girl got back up and introduced herself as Carol the antler light girl. Apparently from another country as well. Must be cold there during winters, it would probably be quite harsh for her here with the heat. Carol made cute points as Saki patiently looked at her and gave her a warm smile while nodding. Next up was- Saki her tail shot up as her glance went over the finger of Mako to the boy standing up with his hands on the table. His name was Sendachi Kouki, Saki kind of shriveled towards the window as she looked at the boy. He didn't seem all too happy to be here. He probably just didn't have his day, Saki tried not to think about it too much and managed to give him a smile as well.

Finally was Nadeko the magnet arm girl, her focus was mostly on symbolism like the top tier heroes who showed power and heroism. It was a nice reason and showed that she was really prepared to do the extra. Mako took the word after finishing up the last of the introductions. Next they were gonna go to the gym, they had to get into their gym clothes. Kind of exciting since she hasn't worn those for a lesson here before. Saki happily stepped up from her seat and grabbed her bag along-sides the table before heading to the gym changing rooms.

Once inside of the gym she was met with a dozen of eyes pointed all at her. It was clear the other classes students were talking about them. Saki softly waved both her tail and hand at the other class somewhat awkwardly. It was kind of weird for them to just be there, Saki made sure not to do anything out of the ordinary. Saki faced her own class now and patiently waited with her hands behind her back. She was wearing shorts and a shirt in the school colors with her shirt neatly tucked into her shorts. The power cord was neatly sticking out between her shirt and shorts. As for socks, they had cute panda smileys on them, of course >>.

Teacher Mako told them the other class was gonna design costumes for them, hopefully it would be somewhat panda themed. Furthermore they were to show off what their quirks could do. Saki could do that, there was a lot of versatile things she could do with her quirk so it was somewhat difficult to determine what to do, she still had some time for her display.

Nadeko, last in introductions, first in quirk display. With her finger-less metal arms she pulled some metal towards her from Mako and tossed it around with her magnet arms and up into the air. Saki gave a happy small applause as Nadeko finished up her presentation. The mute boy his power was that of some sort of sticky string that could pull his weight. He had good control over his quirk and it seemed he was quite agile. Saki oogled at him with her mouth agape as he was on the ceiling and gave him a short cheer as he landed~

"That looks cool to do Kousuke~ I suppose you can do even more with that string~"

Dulga was already walking towards Mako and the boxes picking something that would help her display her quirk. It was a heavy weight she pulled from the box which made Saki's eyes already widen at the ease of picking it up. Easily it was snapped in half, Saki jumped up and held her tail in her hands out of fear. The half weights were pressed flat with two other pairs and thrown into the air one by one hitting each other. Saki stood there, goosebumps in her neck as lose strands of hair were standing up into different directions, mouth agape while her eye twitched. That was too much, Saki could use big strength as well but still had a long way to go for this level of strength. Despites the amazing performance Dulga did seem a bit down on herself. Saki still sounded her intrest in this girl.

"Amazing! I've never seen anyone so strong before~ Must be a lot of power in every single muscle of yours~ Do you train your fingers as well?~ That metal snap was powerful!~"

Saki cheerfully bounced her body and gave a small relaxed smile towards Dulga as she spoke. The angel boy was going next, this was getting intresting! Saki will love to see this. With the power of his six wings he produced a lot of wind at his start up blowing Saki her hair back with a lot of force. He shot through the gym flying bright and wide doing multiple rendezvous as he threw and caught the ball mid air. When Acion landed Saki clapped for him and gave him a soft smile.

"Must be great being able to fly~ It looks like a lot of fun~"

Kouji was next at the quirk demonstration. He made a small tornado and propelled his own house keys up into the air. It was pretty nice to see, she wondered how high these tornadoes could get from him. It was quick and neatly displayed. Saki gave him a small applause as he walked into the group again. Donny, the blob boy. He was gonna put up some sort of show it looked like. He made his own stage with his own props and setting. It was unlike the other students a performance that showed off each of his abilities. Very nice way to sum it up and original. The cute teddy bear that ate and danced probably made it even better. Made Saki wonder if he put a lot of time into thinking about the idea.

"That was great!~ Really enjoyed your show Donny~"

Her front desk neighbor had to go right now, one of the most anticipated shows for now. The girl did not show much of herself yet so she was rather curious. Once the sleeves rolled up and the arms transformed Saki was already getting excited, her wings looked beautiful. From what she could guess she had a transformation quirk with the aspect of an owl. So quiet when flying and those hairs, it all clicked. Hear form was beautiful in the air, Saki liked owls so.

"Loved your showcase Alice~ Your quirk seems really nice, it looks very pretty as well!~ Your wings I mean~"

As last for now was the cute antler girl, Carol went on with stammering just like before. Saki giggled a bit and patiently waited for the girl to finish her setup. It didn't matter if it took some time, they had plenty. Once she finished thinking it through and setting it up she displayed her quirk to them. Much like Saki her quirk she worked with electricity. It was a light show of colored lights, suddenly the athletic side of her rose up and took over doing a sudden cartwheel while still giving the light show. Saki was expecting something to happen apart from the many lights but nothing did. It was only once Carol actually turned on the lamp that it was clear her quirk was powering things. Saki studied it well since she could perhaps team up or know more about her at least. It would be a huge help to know her quirk.

"Your lights are really pretty, the demonstration went almost perfectly~ Don't worry~"

Saki was gonna go up next. It was not clear to her yet what she was gonna do, it was pure improvising at this point. The panda themed girl stepped forward in front of the class and put a finger to her chin as she pondered what to do. It had to be clear her quirk was about powering herself and to show it was from electricity as well. Saki shortly glanced through the boxes, there was nothing of the sorts like batteries that could power her. It would be hard to show. She got a puzzle book,

"Hi class~ I'm gonna show my quirk now called robot, hope you enjoy~"

Saki her eyes briefly glowed a soft green indicating her agility was now at 200% procent. Saki sped up and sprinted over to a bench along sides the wall. She faced the class again with a cheerful smile as her eyes glowed
a soft red. Strength, she lifted up a bench along-sides the wall with one hand rather easily. Softly setting it down she launched herself from the ground with her green again on the same place she started and grabbed the puzzle-book. Her eyes glowed blue as she wrote down the answers rather easily of a sudoku. It wasn't so spectacular but it made the point. She displayed the book with the answers and tilted her head to the side as she smiled. She made a courteous bow and stepped back into the group waiting for the last few.
Hello :) looks good @Vocab! Keep up the good work!



The girl Alice appeared very timed as she spoke back. Saki quietly studied her behavior as her power cord softly waved around the chair. Saki repeated after Alice in happy and timid manner.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance Alice~"

Saki smiled as she brushed a lock of hair behind her ear in playful manner. Alice could become her friend she would believe, probably need to talk with her a lot for that before she opens up to her.

"You can connect your phone, I have my own wifi build in my body~ Feel free to use it~"

Saki was somewhat focused on Alice her hair seeing two strands of hair perk up from her perfectly smooth hair. Alice just probably hasn't noticed yet, her eyes looked rather tired as well. Maybe nervous for school?

"Sorry to say but you have some bed-hair~, should I brush it out for you?~"

Miss Mako spoke up meaning the class had started, Saki turned back to the teacher and gave a soft smile as she spoke. They were gonna introduce themselves by name and their reason of wanting to be a hero. For Saki it was mostly clear but she still found herself to be lucky not being the first on the list. Quietly she traced the finger going around the room as the students introduced themselves one by one.

First the black blob Donny, despites his shyness, he did make most points Saki would make. The quirk of his did look quite interesting, definitely a mutant type quirk. Seemed to be some oil type of stuff that is either covering his body or is his body. Kouji and Yukari both came from UA, Saki hadn't realised yet that UA could have been proper hard to attend to, this school was a good choice after all. They should be older then her right? Would they be senpai's in that aspect then? Out of school perhaps. Despites that, would they already know each other from UA before this? Lucky it would take much less effort to make friends that way.

Next kousuke, it was a tad weird that he typed his speech into his phone first to let it play via speaker. If he couldn't talk he had found a plenty good way to fix it somewhat for himself. Saki gladly smiled at the boy as he finished speaking and glanced her way. He seemed honest and nice enough. When Dulga came up it took but a moment for her to stand up and sit down once more. Saki gave a wry smile at her speech, somewhat simplistic but not all people had to have a long reason to be a hero. Dulga did seem rather in herself from the looks of it, saki wondered how it would be like talking to her. Next was a rather nervous looking girl named Junko, it would appear she is a somewhat lonesome girl that has her own reasons for being here. The girl did seem to be happy to see her teacher at least which was rather... Strange, yet Saki was glad for her that she got into this school.

Seventh in place, Saki stood up pushing the chair behind her with her legs. Her tail came free happily dangling besides her as she straightened her back facing the rest of the class.

"Hana Saki, pleasure to meet you~ My reason for wanting to be a hero is~ Helping the country as much as I can to my ability~ Doesn't matter if it is a animal in need or a big villain to defeat~"

Saki tilted her head together with a kind smile and sat down again.



The soft humming of power coursing through her transformators sounded throughout the room together with a soft gentle snoozing. A cable coming from her lower back was plugged into the wall socket right next to her bed. Today will be the first day of her high school debut, she had to make it shine in front of the class with plenty of energy.

7 o'clock, there was a soft beeping of her alarm clock while her energy meter reached a full 100 procent. Saki gently opened her eyes as she stretched her whole body out unplugging her tail in the progress. Quickly getting out of bed she dressed herself in her uniform and washed herself up. After making sure her hair looked good and her uniform was fold free she got out to the kitchen and ate her favorite, some pancakes with coffee. Saki her father and mother wished her luck on her first day of school. Giving them both a big kiss as thanks before leaving for school.

Saki got earbuds out of her schoolbag and plugged them in somewhere under her blouse. With a click of her smartwatch she turned on the music booming through the earbuds. She put one into her ear and started walking her 20 minutes course through the city towards her new school life. Once near the school the uniforms started to gather more and more. Saki straightened her back and smiled some more to make a good impression on the others. Definitely nervous down to the bone.

With her power cord softly trailing behind her from left to right she carefully slid the door open from the classroom. Saki glanced into the room for a moment to see some of the students already sitting at their self chosen desks. They mostly looked normal at first glance, most notable where the big black blob and the bird winged boy but she decided to pay more attention to it later. Saki took a few steps into the classroom clutching her bag in her hand and shockingly noticed the teacher already at their desk.

"Good-morning teacher~"

Saki made a long bow and gave a gentle smile towards the teacher Mako before turning back to the path and continuing towards a seat. For her the best seat would be by the window next to a power outlet for solar energy and perhaps some energy from the school. Once by the window row she looked under the desks but there were no power outlets to her expectations. Saki simply chose the first seat on the window row in front of a bird type looking girl.

"Good-morning, I'll be your front neighbor I suppose~ My name is Saki and you?~"

Saki sat down in front of the girl treading her tail cord between her seat. She gently smiled towards Alice and gave her a small piece of paper with wifi settings on it. Reading 'Hanagasumi' as network name and 'panda' as password.

"If you're ever close to me you can use my wifi~ Feel free to tell it around~"

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