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Claire Winters

Location: New York City, New York
Interacting With: Colleague@Nallore

Claire smiled at the detective. She studied hte man for a few moments before nodding." Likewise." Replied and listened to him speaking." Alrihgt, not a problem with me, I will be on time tomorrow." She smiled and with a final nod to him walked away leaving him to his own duties while she headed back towards to where she had parked her patrol car. Her partner was probably going to start being nervous after being left alone for quite a while now. She called him over the radio to inform him that she was going back to pick him up now. This day was not turning out how she originally assumed it was going to, but that was not a bad thing. Best part was that she now had a great work opportunity to shadow a detective prior to her own detective exams. Well and the woman with whom she might or might not have tactically flirted with exchanged numbers. All was good in the world.

She hopped into the patrol car, turned on the engine and snowly drove away from the police station. If there was a thing she disliked about this city, that was the traffic. Anoying traffic was bloody annoying and sadly she had to suffer through a lot of it as a patrol officer, after all she couldn't just turn on the siren without reason. Well she could, but if she's caught there was going to be a huge pile of annoyances and possible internal problems and demotions and fines and stuff. So she didn't really want to bother wit hit, especially so close to tackling the detective exams.

Amelia Payne

Location: Los Angeles, California
Interacting With: Riley@Nalloreand @Jasonhero Fumiko "KuΔ«n" Nakamura

As thankful as Amelia was at both Riley and Fumiko for the kindness that they were showing her, she felt as equal amount of regret and self disappointment. This was not the type of person she wansted to be, to always depend on people's kindness. She wanted to be also of use and to help out, but in comparison to these two who were established artists, she was just an ordinary person who didn't even really have a specialty to work with. Worst came to worst, she was going to try and get an internship at a hospital or clinic or something... at the very least it was going to be better than a motel cleaning duty and it was related to her studies. Which she had no idea whne she'd restart again. She had nowhere near enough money to pay for the year taxes.

As the clothing was payed for and put into the bags, Amelia followed after Riley with brisk pace, looking downwards mostly." Hmm... Chinese?" She suggested, she didn't really care too much between which of the two to go to, but if she had to choose, she supposed she preferred Chinese food just a tad bit more than Mexican food. She then looked around, seeing the people milling about, each to their own destination. The busy street, reminded her that she was walking with stars... Musical stars that is. She wondered if people were going to recognize Riley and Fumiko, she also wondered if there were paparazi around...

Maybe she could help the two by secretly zapping paparazi whom she spots? Or even their cameras, if she just as much as touches them, she could probably fry it beyond recovery... just as she did for her phones after this madness started.

Priscilla Harker

Location: Main Deck(Open Air Lounge)
Skills: Inspiration, Perception

And just like that suddenly the magic was all gone. Mosi was caught surprised mid drawing a line as she froze in place, not continuing to push the pencil in any direction as she just stared at the sketchbook in her hand. Her eyes were filled with the mixture of confusion, surprise and sadness at the realization. Her inspiration had vanished just as suddenly as it had arrived and more likely than not whomever was that pushed her chair was responsible. She despaired at the fact that such inspiration might not appear again anytime soon if at all.

Finally she pulled pencil and sketchbook apart, her hands relaxed in her lap as she leaned backwards in the chair at the Lounge and looked upwards...” God dammit!” She cursed rather loudly and sighed. She wanted to punch whomever it was that pushed her earlier, but her attention was too caught in saving her art and drawing, so focused she was that she missed taking a look at their face.” I screwed up...” She sighed.

To pull her attention from this screw up and bad luck aside, she looked around at the people, hoping to notice anything interesting or worthy of notice about them, but nothing really stuck out. Mosi shook her head as she put her sketchbook and her pencil away in her pockets. Maybe she should go order something to drink? Yeah... or she could return to her room now and get some rest after today's events. She was torn between the two possibilities and finally decided to head back to the second deck. She'd grab a drink there and head to her room afterwards.

Prima Rave
Location: Shadowell Manor: Music Room
Skills: Persuasion
Hit Points: 6

This was just so damn crazy! Mauve's way of behaving was making Rave consider the woman extremely dangerous. She couldn't imagine even doing what the madam did with such a smile on her face. To act so ruthless and cause so much pain, was beyond Rave. She just wanted to help people and be friendly. She looked at Mauve with a eyes filled with a little tiny bit of fear and more nervousness. Especially when she heard the woman call Plum a deadman.

There was also a scream of someone who had arrived which startled her, but it turned that some had frozen up at the sight. Well that had happened and she wasn't sure whom to pay attention first. Thus she was trying her best to help with the bleeding. Though the way Plum spoke, she couldn't get over the feeling that he was trying to manipulate her or something like that... She didn't really like it, but he was a man in need of help so she complied and put her all into the pressuring of the wound, pressing as strongly as she could with the cloth still inside the wound since she had pushed it in there earlier.

She then threw a look back to the person who had screamed earlier. It was Creme... She wondered if someone could help her here..." Ahmmm... some help?" Rave called, still pressuring onto the wound that had a handkerchief stuffed inside. She felt like her plea was adequate enough to persuade people... probably.

Flynn Jenkins

Location: P7Y-496: Gate location-> Forest

Flynn waited until Cassandra, Crystal and Evan arrived through the gate. He fixed on his baseball camo cap and cracked his neck as they stepped through and the gate closed behind them with the distinct sound. The surrounding forest was rather nice actually, the gate was located in what appeared to be a small clearing in the forest where the ground was paved with stone slabs and a cobblestone and gravel path led away from the gate in the direction of the local settlement. The fact how peaceful this place looked, was probably because of hte lack of Goa'uld interference for a long long time. With no naquadah to mine, the planet enjoyed a lot of peace. The air was extremely clean too.

"Alright people, we are going to be following along the path, but going through hte forest as I said for cover. Keep your eyes open, Cassandra, Crystal, you two follow after me while Evans, will take the rear." He said and turned to the other soldier." You keep your eyes open and remember no shooting unless I give the okey for it." Flynn stated and started walking and heading into the forest. Far enough deep to be somewhat hidden in the trees, but also close enough to the path so they could be on hte lookout and see if someone's on the road.

"Intel suggests that the local culture's similar to medieval Europe farming community, but without the whole Christianity and burning people on crosses deal." Flynn called and gestured with his gun at a stona statua that could be seen by the road through the trees. It was a representation of Ba'al." Anyway, Cassandra and Crystal, keep that in mind if someone starts talking about what women's duty should be and the like. Not sure it will happen, but we should try to not get into arguments. Also keep with the group... there was a case where then Major Samantha Carter was almost traded to a warlord by a local during one SG1's early missions." He told the other two, trying to see their reaction. It was an old case at this point, but hey he might as well poke at the newbies to see how they react.

Suddenly a sound of snapping fallen branches echoed around the forest and Flynn gestured for attention right away and started to search for the source.

Great the crazies of the group did affect the creature, but in their wild fighting and throwing fire at it, they pushed it right at Chambala and Rebecca." Dodge!" She stateda and dashed to the side, pulling a piece of engraved bone the side of a finger. She gripped it tightly." Enflame" She whispered as the piece of bone burst into flames and she tossed it at the creature. It's greatest weakness was fire and she wasn't really set up to combat it properly right now. First of all her fire trinkets weren't really a combative thing, she usually used them to lit up campfires or torches or the like. If the crass was dry she could have set the place ablaze, but it was not.

She then narrowed her eyes and hopped away and to her backpack where she pulled a waterskin from it. She also pulled another piece of bone similar to the first one and lit it too. Holding it in one hand she took a sip of the waterskin in haste and spewed it at the direction of hte knoll rotter, but holding the flaming bone in the path of the spit liquid it catching fire. It was alcohol rather high concentration too, usually she used it for massages and cleaning wounds rather than drinking, but it burned rather well. She was basically breathing fire at this point at the creature, trying to make it move back in the direction of the pyromaniacs of the group. If they could corner it from all sides and stop it from escaping, they wouldn't have to worry about it later.

"You have a big magic weapon, try it!" She shouted at Rebecca between sipping the alcohol and spewing it at the creature. She would have used different means to fight it had she expected to encounter one of this size, but that was not among her expectations of what to do today. Best part was that even if the grass was green, the flaming liquid that fell on it would make it fire up a little bit at least too for a few moments, making sure she'd have a wall of fire on the path of the Knoll Rotter.

Constantin Kolev

Location: The Bristol Ship - > Regalia's Ship
Skills: Tretiy Glaz(passive), Fal'shbort(passive), Perception,Acrobat, Climbing

β€œΠ― Π² порядкС, Π½Π΅ волнуйся, Π‘ΠΎΠ»ΡŒΡˆΠΎΠΉ Bazhooli ... β€œ He replied with a sigh to the Bazhooli. The concern of the man was well received, but there were slightly more pressing issues at hand... like the big ship and the people on it. He just observed as the Vlad spoke up to the woman who Constantin guessed was the captain of that ship. Then the German fellow climbed up on the ship.

Then the permission and invitation to change ships was given. He frowned, but dammit bigger ship meant a lot more stuff between him and dark water. He moved over to the closest point between the ships and took a rope to begin climbing. The first few steps up were fine, but then he had the bright idea to look down. Who was the one who had said never look down? He didn't know, but whomever it was they were bloody right! He nearly lost grip of the rope when he saw the dark... deep... water. He slipped a feet down, before the fear of the water reminded him that up was away from the water and he started climbing again.

Well climbing only for his leg to slip on the ship again and he nearly bloody fell into the water. Constantin then gripped the rope as tightly as he could, his knuckles turning white from it and froze in place for a while, fear of dark water gripping his heart. He missed the embers... the heat... why did it have to be water as deep and cold as this? He closed his eyes and then muttered to himself.”НСсти страх, я Π½Π΅ боюсь. β€œ He then repeated it a few times and then looked up and started climbing again.” НСсти страх, я Π½Π΅ боюсь.” He repeated with each step, despite all the slip ups and efforts until he was finally up on the bloody ship. He hopped over the edge and went on his knees, before taking a deep breath to calm himself.” Bloody made it...” He stated, once they were on land, he was going to kiss the ground. He missed solid ground already. Never on ship again!

Finally with some degree of safety, he looked about. People... cookie Ludwig, the captain woman, other women, men and then there was one man who appeared really familiar from somewhere. That was of course Fyror, but Constantin couldn't recall his name. He just knew that man's mug was familiar from somewhere. They had met somewhat not too far ago... probably.

Amelia Payne

Location:Headland: E3(House Map)
Skills: Perception(looting the bodies)

She nodded at Riley as the two of them started bringing the bodies outside. It wasn't really a hard task to do, it was just well heavy. Still didn't take much for them to drag them outside. Riley had already dragged one, so Amelia dragged another one and then the last one. The weather was getting way worse fast though. She sighed and crouched over the men they dragged outside, hurrying to go through their pockets. Dammit she couldn't find a thing. It was all the darkness and wind that were constantly hindering her. She didn't really find anything in their pockets so she hurried back inside the house.” Glad to be inside... this could have been a nightmare if we were outside in this weather... and it still could turn into one... wonder if the house's got a celler or something...” She mumbled, worrying about the safety of them all. Tati said the house was solid enough and all Amelia could do now, is pray that she's right.

Soon enough she heard Tati's voice and the woman showed up not long after. She looked at her, the rest had arrived! Amelia took a deep breath and relaxed a little in relief. They had survived yet another danger. Though it wasn't over quite yet. A storm was brewing and storms were deadly if strong enough. Hopefully the house was kept in sturdy enough condition to not crumble on their heads... though then again who knew maybe even the roof could be torn away from the house. She had seen such cases way ago on tv. It was so weird how once tragedies on TV paled in comparison to the normal life now.

β€œLet's go help them get inside... Ash's wounds should be taken care off fast...” Amelia turned to Riley and said with concern in her voice. She was really worried for the soldier. He was the only one shot this time and the wound had been left untreated for quite a while now. Hopefully it's all going to be fine.

Priscilla Harker

Location: Main Deck(Open Air Lounge)
Skills: Dexterity( general roll),Great Observation

Mosi was having the time of her life right about now. In this fine night for a first time in quite a long while she felt like the inspiration had stuck her with the magnitude of a bomb! She was drawing away at a great speed with great joy and it was turning bloody perfect! She felt like a renaissance artist right now, this was a masterpiece that she was glad she got to do! Such inspirations struck rarely after all and the results were displayed well into museums! Maybe one day hers will be in a museum too? Maybe, could be, she weirdly didn't care as much, so focused on the drawing she was.

Then suddenly a disaster struck! Her whole world shook! It was as if something struck her. Time felt funny right now, she had all the time in the world to pull away from the drawing, but she also couldn't quite do it for a few moments. Then she somehow succeeded! In a grand urgent manner she managed to pull the pencil and sketchbook apart in just the right moment as to not ruin her masterpiece. She was breathing heavily at the effort, her eyes revealing a shocked expression as she barely even noted that someone mumbled something to her. She didn't pull any of her attention from the sketchbook, her eyes stayed locked onto it the entire time.

β€œYou're alright, my little masterpiece!” She called aloud and started laughing and caressing the spine of the sketchbook.” Phew... this was bloody close, a little too close. Luckily it's safe.” She smiled, returning to drawing.
Prima Rave
Location: Shadowell Manor: Music Room
Skills: Perception
Hit Points: 6

Of all things she expected to see, what transpired wasn't quite one of them. The woman's actions seemed vicious and the man attempted to pull a dagger on her! He failed though, a small temporary relief for Rave who didn't want to see people gut each other here. If they started killing each other right now, who knew how their host might react... Though given his speech he might approve of it. She didn't want to know for sure though.

Then Madam Envy also appeared and nearly tripped over her. Rave was happy that the woman ducked out of the way of the bird though. What fallowed was rather unsettling for Rave in a few ways. Mauve seemed like she was almost enjoying the blood. She made sure to have that dagger hurt as much as it could before she pulled it out of the man's leg. She subconsciously clenched a fist as she felt nervous and then moved a few steps away, almost as if hiding behind Envy.

She now didn't really want to be near Madam Mauve anymore. Even if she hadn't felt like trusting Envy at all earlier, she chose to hold her as a metaphorical barrier.” What... should we do?” She asked Madam Envy quietly as she looked at Plum, studying his condition, feeling the desire to help him since he was hurt now.

Looking around for something to help Plum with, she noted that the best possible idea would be to stop the bleeding... but how?! She looked around in haste and panic until she spotted a handkerchief on the ground. She then grabbed it and hurried to stop the bleeding with it as she dashed to the man.” We've got to stop the bleeding! Here! This will help!” She stated as she started pushing the handkerchief into the wound as much as she could. She couldn't understand why Mauve would do something as evil as make the wound even greater!

Flynn Jenkins

Location: Stargate Command(Locker Rooms & Armory-> Gate Room)

"Alright, in this case we are completely ready to go." Flynn stated with a grin and started walking for the gate room." Once we are through the gate, we are going to be following along the road leading towards the settlement. Main directive will be to use the forest around as cover until we locate the Tok'Ra agent or they locate us." Flynn explained as the sound and light notifications around suggested that hte gate was being dialed. They would enter the gate room just as the fith symbol was being dialed in.

The gray huge gate was spinning, the sound of it being incredibly loud. It was truly a marvel of it's very own. He always enjoyed looking at the gate as it was being dialed. As soon as the seventh symbol was locked, the event horizon formed with the patented outburst forward." Chevron 7 locked." The voice over the comm system said from the control room.

"Good luck, SG-17." The general's voice was heard as he had as always arrived for the departure of the expedition teams. Flynn gave a nod and waved for the rest of his team to follow him to the gate. He walked with a calm step, having done this a lot of time in the past already. He knew well that the experience of going out there and seeing the wonders was worth all the danger. He smiled and stopped just before the event horizon, throwing a look at his team, wondering if they were feeling nervous about their first trip through the gate.

"I'm waiting for you on the other side." He said with a grin and stepped through. The familiar sensation hit him right away as everything shifted and changed. Then in the next moment he walked through on the other end. From the contained gate room illuminated by lamps, he suddenly found himself right in the middle of a lush forest. Up in the sky there could be seen a moon that was quite a lot closer than Earth's and then there was also the sun which was a slightly different hue of yellow. As expected there wasn't anyone present which was good. He stepped forward and waited for his team to join him.
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