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Lisa Mason

Location:Camp Mexico Beach:L11 (Beach, Bar)
Skills: N/A

“I'm indeed.” She replied with a nod and a huge grin to Ada as it was a matter of fact. No point in pretending or anything the like.” It's not like we get every night to have a free time of a beach party and just enjoy the hell out of the night. It would be a shame if I didn't.” She added, taking a sip from her beer.” Mmhm, though I got work tomorrow... a hell to it, I will tank a single day of hangovers and lack of sleep if I have to.”

Then one of the new arrivals well arrived at the bar requesting a beer. From a quick glance it was one of the people who got them artificial limbs. Lisa knew that life was hard out in the wild, maybe it was only a dumb luck that kept her in one piece so far or alive even. Didn't mean the woman would be unable to live, Lisa herself might not be able to outlive her if she survived till now. She was also someone to meet and get to know from this point onwards. So many new friends to find! Ada took the chance to also introduce her.” Heya, nice to meet you.” She greeted Thalia and smiled. She still hadn't really gotten her name. She seemed like a nice enough sort though.

Then others showed up as well. The new faces sure were coming to the bar at a speed. Guess it was their thirst for the normalcy of a party and alcohol. When else will they have gotten to drink freely on the road when a single lapse in attention could be their end? Lisa couldn't help but grin as well as she spotted Ada giving winks.” I dunno, last I heard of her she was coming here to the beach. Guess she ended up distracted along the way? And I suppose said distraction could have been of the male variety of new arrivals type. We shall see if they arrive together and we shall know for certain.” Lisa laughed half jokingly. She was honestly curious about this as well and the curiosity didn't take too much to be resolved as Nikki's voice could be heard.

“Come on now, don't keep the girl dying of thirst!” Lisa said with a grin, looking at Checkbook.” So what took ya so long? I've started drinking without you, otherwise I would have dehydrated by now!” Lisa asked, throwing a glance at Ada, before returning it back to Nikki.

Amelia Payne

Location:Camp Mexico Beach: I11(Beach)
Skills: N/A

Amelia was smiling as Riley pulled her off to the dance floor. Being at the edge of it she felt more comfortable. In either case she would have been happy as she and Riley were close and stared dancing. Being held so close as they moved with the music was comforting. It indeed was an eternity since the last chance to do something like this. She could remember it, at the wedding of Tati and Jack. That was not too long ago yet it felt like eternity. She couldn't help, but silently shed a few tears. Tears she herself couldn't consciously explain, tears of relief and joy.

She held on tight and close to Riley as they danced all the way through the first song. In her head this had already became one of the current most important memories. The music, the lights, the locale, it was not a overstatement to say she thought this was heaven for a bit. She felt like this, elated by the experience right now. Even the ever present paranoia of untold dangers had been somewhat pushed away for this brief span of time. Holding Riley close, all Amelia could think of was the woman in her arms, the music and their dance. All else was drown out. She didn't want to let go as the second song started, not wanting for this moment to end. Even as the song no longer carried the same feeling. She just wanted them to continue dancing for even just a little while longer, holding onto the emotions. If this was a dream, she didn't want it to end.

Lisa Mason

Location:Camp Mexico Beach:L11 (Beach, Bar)
Skills: N/A

Lisa had a wide grin at what Ada had told her. Sure enough, she got the drift alright. She had stolen a glance at the couple with a smile before focusing on her beer and decided to enjoy it while the party was starting properly. Music soon joined as well with some pretty nice renditions of classical songs. She liked what she was hearing. Always enjoyed a party more or less. It allowed for a nice change of pace in the slow and somewhat samey life here. Granted she enjoyed the lifestyle, but a change of pace never hurt anyone.

Soon enough the music changed to something slower. Something good for a dance. Good old Elvis, always a nice one to hear. It was already called for people to pair up for dancing. Lisa considered it for a moment, seeing some people already setting up for it. She herself wasn't really having a partner right now to dance with. Well it was fine, she just decided to enjoy it for the moment. Watch the dancers from the side and enjoy the view was a valid way to take in the party as well. She just stretched her arms and leaned on the bar with her elbow, looking at the people. After looking at people gathering for a bit, she pondered, maybe she should actually see if someone was looking for a dancing partner after all... However she didn't really have anyone in mind specifically. Hmmm... Hard problem to solve.

Amelia Payne

Location:Camp Mexico Beach: I11(Beach)
Skills: N/A

„Yes, thank you.” Was Amelia's brief reply to Shears. She was never a big talker to begin with and him being someone they barely met not too long ago didn't help much, but in any case progress appeared to be made. She had promised to not allow herself to give in to her stupid baseless prejudices. They had to get along even if they may never become friends. Living in the same settlement now meant they will meet a lot, maybe even work together in the future. If they didn't get along and were unable to at least work well enough, things would go bad quickly.

It wasn't long till the stage was alive and the music started up. Amelia felt like she was watching an illusion. Hearing the music aloud like this. Earlier she had thought this didn't seem real, having gotten too used to the state of the world, the constant living on the run from the walkers, always being alert and ready to bail or fight, keeping quiet as much as possible. Now in this public noise of the living she just felt in a completely alien world after all this time. She couldn't help, but constantly have her eyes dart about the edges of the area. Well at least the edges of her vision, looking for possible signs of danger.

Eventually they were approached by others. The first to speak was the an older man.” Yes. Nice to meet you. Ehmm... Alexander, right? I remembered right?” Amelia asked. It was his name if she remembered right. In any case he had greeted and talked to them, she had to at least return in kind. He then proceeded to talk to Shears. Then older man number two showed up and greeted them. The ever classic 'ladies' made her blink for a moment before nodding.” Hello.” She greeted him as well, before he also started speaking to Shears.

Amelia snapped out of looking about as she heard Shears say that she and Riley should go and dance. She blinked and heard the slower and more melodic song, suited for a dance. With a slight blush on her cheeks she looked at Riley.” Sh..ould we dance?” She asked, she didn't mind it too much. How long has it been since she had ever the chance to dance? It felt like eternity.” Let's go dance...?”
Is it time for a shameless bump? Even if it's not it is now! BUMP!
Still looking.

Lisa Mason

Location:Camp Mexico Beach: J11(Beach)->L11 (Beach, Bar)
Skills: N/A

Things at the beach were quite nice. Lisa found herself reminiscent about the past. Was it a better past? Maybe, there was a certain degree of niceness in the current world. So much slower and calmer whenever it wasn't zombie outbreak that you had to survive 24/7. This was the joy of slow life she supposed. In any case, as she was walking up to the bar, more and more people were arriving at the beach, pretty sure, she suspected most of the camp would have arrived or at least most of those who would be attending the party anyways. She spotted Thana and her boyfriend at the bar already.

Lisa had heard the guy showed up at their doorstep instead. Well it was nice to see them together. Maybe now she and Thana could get the chance to talk more. She really hoped they become friends one day. In any case she walked up to the bar with a smile and nodded at Ada.” Let's go with beer. A beach party needs to have beer.” She said with absolute conviction, she spotted Ash and Thana doing the shots now and grinned.” Seems someone's not planning to move tomorrow. What did ya give them anyways? They do have a celebration do after all.“ She grinned looking at them.

Sure enough the bar area was the place to be as always as more people gathered. To her surprise some headed to talk with Thana though. Probably people that knew her, she didn't recognize them so chances were they were from the new arrivals. Well sadly it stopped her amusement at watching the love birds drinking it out, maybe until one of them passes out. Though thinking about it, they probably wouldn't have had. Night was still young.

Amelia Payne

Location:Camp Mexico Beach: I7(Street)->I11(Beach)
Skills: N/A

The trek to the beach was going to take a little bit more than she expected. Leading Riley forwards, she found that this new unfamiliar place was stressing her out a little. Mostly because she didn't know the ins and outs of it. Usually whenever they'd stay somewhere, she'd be on full alert and she was this time too, but well, she was unarmed. Her hope was that this place was fortified enough that walkers wouldn't be able to show up. A small hope honestly, but it was all they got. There were guards and all that, but she had seen how fast a situation could escalate. Turning to look at Riley, she calmed down a little. It was going to be fine! Yes! It had to be!

Arriving at the beach, she froze in place for a moment, unable to believe what she was seeing. It was the beach, people were milling about casually and there were firepits. This was completely unacceptable in the outside world beyond the walls, fire and gatherings like this attracted all the dangers. It was like she had stepped back into the civilized world. There was food, there were drinks and people. Music would be had later, though she was wondering if the noise from the music won't attract walkers? If they were willing to do this, then it should be fine, but certainly was a very curious question.

Her smile kinda froze when she spotted Sheers coming to chat up Riley. 'Calm down, Amelia. Calm down.' She thought to herself, trying to keep her calm expression and happy thoughts. Her dislike for the man was completely unfounded... mostly and prejudiced... Things got on bad term from the get go with their first meeting. Still it very much irked her he didn't even greet her.' Again, calm down, he probably meant nothing by it. Nothing.' She thought again, taking a deep breath.” Hello, Sheers.” She managed to greet him up instead. Yeah she was going to be the better person and try to get over her emotions. Besides he was having a point, Riley with the band would be good for her!
Hello there, I'm Rivaan, can call me Riv if you'd wish. I've been around the guild for a while and I'm in need of a new RP! I have a base idea for one that hopefully can get some people interested. Before we can get into the details, here's some rules I'd like to toss out here.

-Must be 18+, I'm an adult and prefer to RP with adults. Expect gore, hard language, cursing and all that.
-Smut will NOT be the focus of this RP and I will even run it with fade to black if I have to, so we can keep the pace going.
-If I see something I do not like I will call you on it. Things like furries and other kinks for example.
-I expect at least 2 paragraphs for a post. Could be more could be sometimes less, but most of the time 2 is the minimum. No one liners here.
-I would prefer it to NOT be a one post per week kind of RP. At least every other day if it's possible. Sometimes I'm busy, sometimes you will be busy, it happens, but 2-3 post a week should be the norm. Sometimes with many posting back to back during lucky days of course.
-If you do not like something within the RP, talk to me, we shall see if we can figure something out.
-If you need to leave the RP or lose interest, just say it. I will not hold it against you. Let's separate on friendly terms, don't just drop off the face of the Earth.
-I will try to keep on time for posting, but if I haven't replied within 2-3 days after your post feel free to poke me. I will be doing the same. Sometimes RP get burried within other things to do, it's understandable.
-Do not post in this Interest Check, PM me.
-Do not ask me if I'm interested in other RPs ideas here. This IC is about this setting and premise. If you ask I will politely reply to you and then break the PMs.
-I'm searching for one or maybe 2 people to do this RP with, so if you come late and I already have people, I will tell you and change the name of the IC to -name-[closed]. Please be understanding, I'm just one person.
-I mostly play Female characters, but do can play Male as well. Still I prefer to play Female characters better. I can do FxF or FxM.
-Also no RPing from first person, I find it slightly weird and would prefer for my partner to not use it either.

Alright, I think these are the rules I could think up off the top of my head. Should be enough(hopefully)! For characters here we could go in many different directions. I have already a few characters in mind for this, but I will discuss these with people who express their interest. Hopefully I will see(in text of course) some of you! Now onto the good stuff! ^_^

Okey this is the basic setting idea for the RP. Been planning to attempt this one for a while now. IN any case if you read this, I wish you the best and ... FOR ASGARD AND THE NINE WORLDS!

Edit: Could be ran as an isekai story as well. After all if you think about it, norse myths are the original Isekai. You die, be brought to fantasy world by pretty woman, have party, kill monsters, profit.

Lisa Mason

Location:Camp Mexico Beach: L7(street)->J11(beach)
Skills: N/A

Apparently the universe was having a joke on her plans today. She was planning to chill around in case they didn't need her helping and hopefully getting so see some fuck ups. That would have been a grand time, but just as she was walking down the street, turned out that the preparations were actually ready to go! Lisa rose an eyebrow as she heard the announcement. Well that was putting hold on that plan. On the plus side of things, it meant she wasn't going to have to wait to access the beach however! All for the better as far as she was concerned.

Walking down the road, she looked around a few times, spotting others heading for the beach as well. Some of the new people since she hadn't met them all yet probably too. In any case, they'd have all the time in the world to meet and get introduced from now on. Not like they had a choice, with this being a closed community. Well... unless they decide to leave in the near future, but she really hoped they wouldn't! For their own good and the good of the Camp. They needed more people at this place.

Nearing the beach, she could hear the sound of the moving water from distance already and with the setting of the sun soon, the area had a rather pleasant feel to it. The weather was somewhat warm right now, it wasn't cold nor too hot, it was quite perfect honestly, but at night temperatures tended to drop down especially around beach areas. She had her leather jacket with her for when that happened, so she was good. Stopping to walk at the edge of the sand, she looked around, saw all the preparations, and pondered if she should take off her shoes in the end decided not to for the moment. It would be a pain to lug about the boots.

In the end she figured it would be best to first go grab something to drink while everybody gathers here. She didn't spot Nikki around, so either she was hidden about somewhere or had yet to arrive. Which was actually curious since she was told she was needed here just earlier. Lisa smiled, pondering where the Little devil could have went.

Amelia Payne

Location:Camp Mexico Beach: K5(street)-> I7(street)
Skills: N/A

Amelia looked at Riley as she pondered aloud the possibilities of games on the beach? Making a thinking expression for a moment, Amelia tilted her head then shook it lightly.” I'm not sure... more likely not, I suspect?” She supposed. A party at the beach was all fine and dandy but given the situation they were in, she wasn't sure what manners of games they would be able to set up if any. Besides it it wasn't the middle of the day or anything as to play games.” Though who knows... things seem to go by their own pace at this place.” Amelia added. She had never attended a beach party in the past prior the apocalypse. That's why she was honestly unsure what actually constituted a beach party game.

“In any case...” She turned quiet as she spotted that Riley appeared to be actually in thought and quiet. Seeing her like this... made Amelia sad. Amelia simply kept quiet for a moment as well as she squeezed gently Riley's hand with a reassuring loving smile. It wasn't much later that the very important public service announcement was made. Apparently the area for the beach was prepared and ready for the beach party. Amelia blinked in surprise. Well this was slightly faster than she anticipated, but it worked.” Come on, let's go to the beach. It's been ages, since we've been ages since I've even seen the beach!” She smiled, trying to lift Riley's mood with thoughts of the beach. Thus she made a turn and started heading down a street, heading for the beach area.

Lisa Mason

Location:Camp Mexico Beach: L6(street)->L7(street)
Skills: N/A

The familiar sights of the Camp with everyone leaving the Mess Hall and milling about, heading to do their own thing was very comforting. People were heading home or heading to do their tasks, it gave the place a feel of living rhythm and civilization. As she walked down the street, heading for the beach, Lisa recalled her time prior to arriving here. Survival of the fittest, living on the complete edge, never letting down one's guard. Outside the walls of any community, it was a harsh reality.

Stopping herself in her tracks, Lisa took a deep breath and looked up at the skies. The past happened, so many suffering and death everywhere, but she didn't think it was all that bad. Sure all those people who died and then roamed about killing even more was a nasty thing, but in a way it settled a lot of issues the world had. Even back on the roads, she found her lifestyle a lot more to her enjoyment. You didn't depend on anyone or have to report to anyone. It was a free life that she did enjoy for a while. In the camp things were more civilized and civilization came with responsibilities. After the wildness outside, it gave her a new purpose. However even with the responsibilities, she enjoyed this life more than before the end. World seemed to move so much slower and you could really appreciate the passage of the time of day. The sky was so much clear as well most of the time and at night, sleeping was much easier without the noise of a big city.

Slowly her hand reached into her pocket, finding a familiar metal cube, gently gripping it with increasing force for a few seconds, before she let go and looked down the road yet again. She hoped that the work would be done by the time she arrives. If not, she was going to enjoy sitting down somewhere on the road outside the beach area.

Amelia Payne

Location:Camp Mexico Beach: L5 (Mess Hall)->K5(street)
Skills: N/A

Being at a new place like this, certainly was going to take a while to get used to. Outside of the Mess Hall, Amelia finally had a little bit of time and chance to allow it to sink in that they were not needed to be on guard every moment ever. Of course she couldn't actually stop worrying and be on guard. It was mostly quiet, weird to not have any walkers in a city in any direction to spot. It was usually a rare event out on the roads. Here, it was a bit unnerving, especially since she still expected something to show up from any shadow around them. Yeah any of these shadows could hide a number of scary things, but at the same time they really shouldn't. It was weird and she had to console and calm herself with Riley's presence.

Hearing the woman speak, Amelia looked at her and pondered for a moment. They really didn't have all that much time honestly and with it being this late in the day, it really wasn't all that helpful to see and experience it all. So it was more of a stroll to help food digest and just have a nice relaxing time.” Well...” She mumbled for a moment as she looked up and down the street.” Why don't we just walk on the main street as far as we are allowed? It doesn't matter too much for tonight.” She suggested as she started walking down the sidewalk in the direction of the Armory Supply. It really didn't matter in which direction they head, a real personal stroll around town to get to properly know the place would have to take place during the day, after whatever tasks they would be given for tomorrow.

Lisa Mason

Location:Camp Mexico Beach: L5 (Mess Hall)->L6
Skills: N/A

"Ehh..." Lisa started when she was asked what she did before the whole nightmare of a world happened." I was a professional housekeeper... or a maid... Depends on whom you asked really, personally I think it was more or less the same thing. We even had a uniform dress to wear. Did like the uniform, it was nice." She admitted without much worries about it, she wasn't ashamed of what she did for living before the walkers. It was a regular job to have, many had it, some were ashamed, some weren't. She was among the unashamed portion of people." Well I did live at the location I worked too... so I think maid is the proper classical term." She grinned.

"I didn't say to go to the beach area itself, I said to wait out of it for the preparations to finish. In any case, I will be heading there to begin with, maybe I can help out." Lisa stated as she finished stuffing the rest of her food, drank a bit of water and sighed in satisfied manner. The food was tasty to begin with, then it had to counted the fact that she was hungry as a wolf when she started eating, so the food tasted about twice as better as regularly." I'm going to be heading out now. See you two later at the beach." She added, before picking up her tray and storming off to leave it to the drop point, before heading heading out of the mess hall.

Honestly while willing to help out, she just wanted to go hang at the beach, maybe see any dumb situations that might arise there first hand. Maybe someone would drop something heavy on the foot of someone else. With a smile she crossed the street from the Mess Hall, heading to the Education Center on the other side. From there she planned to follow the street down before taking a turn before electrical to get to the pier.

Amelia Payne

Location:Camp Mexico Beach: L5 (Mess Hall)
Skills: N/A

Amelia was a little bit surprised to hear Lisa's vocation prior to the apocalypse, not because she had anything against it, but mostly because she had never actually met or get to know anyone who worked in that field. It was one of those thing that she had only ever seen on a tv show or a movie or a book. The fact they can continue to learn indeed, was a great thing for her to confirm. Amelia was looking to reading book, the advise for her future career in the camp had to do with education as well. She didn't have anything against it! She enjoyed learning and while she had never taught anyone, she wouldn't mind attempting... After she thought of it, she realized she was a bit shy. Just a bit. Pushing the thoughts away for the moment, nothing would change, she'd deal with it when it comes to it. For now she was fine just doing misc and general chores she may be assigned.

"Hmmm... see you later." She said to Lisa as the woman excused herself and said she's heading off now. She indeed stormed away in great speed and in a blink of the eye she was gone so to speak. Amelia watched after her for a moment, looking about the other people in the mess hall, down to her own about finishing meal and then to Riley." Let's just walk about a little. We will be spending a lot of time from now on in our room in the future. We should get to know the area first." She suggested as she ate the rest of her food as well. There wasn't much left in her plate anyways.

In Amelia's mind, she was considering the things that happened today, the people they met and the locations they were shown. Nikki was a good person that they knew from Quarantine when she was around. Lisa seemed decent, but Amelia would be wary around her for a while. Better be safe than sorry. So far, the place looked indeed like a small paradise compared to the rest of the world out there. She could find some similar traits to Newnan as well. Admittedly, the rules that could be the worst dealbreaker were also for the better after a good deliberation she had on them. Better rules, meant more security. Though... how would they deal with something going wrong that wouldn't be controlled by human hands like natural disasters? This was a hard question to ponder." I'm ready to go, what about you?" She asked Riley as she finished the last bites of her food, waiting only on the singer so they can get going.
Vala was really carefully observing everythign as they got close to the headquarters of this place. Supposed headquarters anyway. She was sure that they had probably a secret hideout where they were gathering or doing all their evil schemes at. How certain she was? As certain as the fact that the Emperor of Mankind was on Holy Terra.

As they landed and saw the greeting they were given, she kept a poker face as the mand arbites with him to greem them and invite them into the building. She looked at both of them, then at the man. He didn't look like that much a danger, a single good shot from her pistol seemed like it would be enough to off him good, under the presumption he wasn't a deamon in disguise or had something else like personal shielding device of some kind. In that case a pistol shot might not be enough to off with his head, a shot from the sniper cannon would be neeed instead. Her eyes were narrowing as she looked at the heavy metal doors they were required to pass through. Should they enter, leaving might be really had to do should the base gets into a lock down. Not that they wouldn't be able to breach through such a bulkhead or gate, they could, would just be noisy, take time and attract a lot of attention to their location.

After making a double count on the possible enemies present, she rested her hands by her sides in what would be a casual relaxed manner, but on the right tight she had her pistol strapped and her left hand was still holding the pretty spiffy breifcase like case she carried her tools in. It was metal and actually armored enough. She could use it to block regular shots and also to bash someone's skull in case she had to. That and she had her grenades at easy access on the belt. She was ready, her weapons were actually all set up to be ready to fire at a moment's notice.

If the retinue was shot while htey were arriving, it would arouse suspcions and probably directly earn an exterminatus as far as Vala was concerned. No, in her mind, getting them to land and then finish them off within the headquarters while making it seem like they vanished somewhere later would be better. That or attept to kill them after they leave here which would be another good choice. Yeah, she walked at the back of the group right now, keeping an eye out behind them as she did so.
if that's teh case I will get a post up tomorrow in my day off. I'm quite tired today... The fact ti's friday doesn't help sadly.
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