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End term is truly such a pain ><! My time got cut off a lot, at least it's almost near the end! After a few more days, I should be back to normal!


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Satilla Valen

Location: The Tower, Floor 2
Interacting With: Keystone and the crew

Everything had happened so fast and Satilla could see the emotions on Sana's face. It had affected her a lot. They were really close, probably to a point Satilla could barely comprehend. It was a reason why Kyra felt so protective of the bard when she was injured. Now that partner and person who felt as family had been killed. Satilla hated herelf in thi very moment for the lack of strength. She regretted not being able to protect or save Kyra, she wasn't going to let Sana die now. Especially since the bard dashed upstairs in chase.

"Sana!" Satilla called and quickly tried to run after hte bard. She couldn't allow the woman to die. She would never forgive herself if she did so she ran. Or tried to at least, Keystone as usual was big and hindered her path. She threw herself at the openeing between him and the staircase, pressing herself and pushing through the gap finally. Once free of hte Keystone barrier, she ran for the upstairs.

Amelia Payne

Location: The Park near her home, Los Angeles, California
Interacting With: No one@SouffleGirl123

The day was not starting well at all... Amelia still sat on her bench, clutching the dead phone, allowing herself to calm down a little as she listened to everything around her. It was a park after all there were tree or two, there was the rustling of leaves and of course the people who walked about in their daily chores, unaware of things that were happening so outside the normal. Or maybe they were aware, just refused to acknowledge the happenings. She knew that if she was witness to something like that, she herself would refuse to believe it's real. The world was scary enough even without these... powers, but she had not the choice now as she had a power of her own. A dangerous power...

'Yeah... there was a shop to buy a burner phone someone around here. It's been a while since I went there.' Amelia thought, remembering the store. She had bought a few things there before. Cheap second hand was usually her price range. Even now she didn't really have too much of money. Maybe she could sell this phone for parts? It's old though who would buy it... She sighed as a dog came to her barking as if begging for food.

“Hey there, little one.” She called, looking at him and his big pleading eyes. She knew what he wanted, because she wanted it too right now – food. She too was hungry.” Okey, come... I will buy a hotdog from nearby and will give you part of it, okey?” She said quietly and waved to the dog, wondering if it would understand what was said. With that she headed to the nearest Hotdog stand, after being it, she planned to give part of it to the dog and then it was burner phone shopping. She at least hopped she would be able to put some music on it to listen to.

Claire Winters

Location: ME Office, New York City, New York
Interacting With: Olivia

"Hhehe, I felt hte same at first." What she saw in Olivia's mind was rather adorable in a way. The crazy part she could understand, she felt a little like that for a while after she first started hearing people's thoughts, but she quickly understood it was real when everything sorted out and she knew what criminals were thinking. A really good way to deal with people who had gotten used to avoiding cops or hiding stashes of drugs, money or guns.

“Hey, Olivia, wait!” Claire nearly shouted as she jumped after the ME outside and opened her umbrella to cover the woman too.” Why are you going outside without an umbrella in this downpour?” She asked shaking her head, moving close to the woman so the two of them can walk under it and keep mostly dry. Now that they were shoulder by shoulder, the cop looked about.” So are we close to this place you mentioned we can get a coffee? Otherwise my car's parked over there.” She pointed it out.

“Seriously though, you should be more careful. What if you get sick... actually have you even gotten sick since, well... you know?” Claire asked, with curiosity. It was a rather good question! There as a good chance that Olivia right now was the living cure for the common flu!

Kosara Koleva

Location: café

“I suppose that is true, gramps, but still... I wished to leave it behind for a little while...” She replied. Stuff was always happening in a hunter's life, but because of that they rarely got a normal life. She was lucky she got through education mostly normally with the hunts happening parallel most of the time, but maintaining a level of normality around herself. Once she turned adult there was non of that. That's the reason she left Europe and came to the states to live with Abe in the middle of nowhere all things considered. She actually enjoyed the calm life here until now. Right from that abduction of Riley, it all turned to the usual hunting habits. Though even she knew the truth that she couldn't top now. She knew the truth and had promised to help whomever she can in her way.

“I know that, Abe...” Kosara replied a they exited the car to walk for the cafe.” That doesn't mean that she's not onto supernatural on her own already. Some of the things we talked, she was incredibly close to actual supernatural occurances... I doubt it was completely theory based for a book... Even if she won't hunt, she can help by knowing when to run, who to call and how to help herself if she has to. I'm not saying to make a hunter out of her mind you...” She finished when they entered and quickly hopped to the nearest empty table that was next to the front windows.

She quickly pulled her phone and typed a quick message for Jenna.

To Jenna:
Okey, we will come get you in a little while, just say where to come to.-K

With that done, she pulled the menu, curious as of what to pick. Not htat there were too many means in a cafe at this time of day, but she wanted to see what they had non the less. Picky eater a little bit, she was.

Priscilla Harker

Location:The Museum
Skills: None

At first Mosi looked at Rosheen with a little bit of a surprise as the woman kissed her cheek and then there was also the tease feeling friendly wink before the woman was gone with her motorbike. She drove off as wild as they had arrived, causing indeed many to protest, but Priscilla couldn't do anything else, but smile widely, laughing softly from amusement an to approve of Rosheen's behavior. What's more she really enjoyed the kiss on her cheek. With pleasant thoughts, she reached a hand to touch the place. Yes, so far this was turning out to be the best day ever! It trumped even that one morning she... nahh she promised to the nuns to not think of those events... though the precise words were repent.

“That I have, Akhmed. So far it's been turning among the best days if not the best.” She replied, still smiling brightly from the recent events and the building joy of this new place. And to think some of her family proposed he takes a trip to a monastery... permanently! Here was way better.” Please no need to call me ma'am. I'm not a married woman nor of age to be called that.”

“I see that we have gathered at the appointed time after all.” Mosi mentioned with a smile, studying the man for a moment out of professional artist curiosity mostly.” So do we walk to the place? ” She asked with curious voice, looking about.

Constantin Kolev

Location: Russian Imperial Circus - Tent City
Skills: Tretiy Glaz(passive), Fal'shbort(passive)

Constantin was caught a little unprepared when he heard Veta's voice and took a look at her at hte moment she had placed a hand on his shoulder. Perhaps he had to keep proper formalities worthy of their respective ranks. She was not anywhere near his equal, but he couldn't help it right now. He answered ot her with a smile." Alvays." Was his reply though. He was always ready to perform. His was a position that couldn't afford to be neary ready. Rather non of the performers were allowed to be NEARLY ready. THey had to be ready and in his heart and mind he was sure they were! This was going to be made a performance like non other! The pride, it was all their collective pride put on the line and even more. Everyone was in this with all their beings!

As Veta started to speak, Constantin focused on her. Only on her for that moment. The way she spoke, the way her voice carried hte burning feeling of a proper woman of the circus. Yes she was not simply a royalty, she was more than that. She carried the knowledge and skill of a performer too! He smiled, even with all the verbal skirmishes between them she was a close friend. A family and he was glad to be family with the circus and everyone in it, including her. It was time to show those people their skill.

The discussions weren't really the most productive considering they still reached for the solution of simply walking downstream though not directly by the rifer of course, but they still more or less used it as a guideline to keep the direction straight from afar. South, that was the direction to walk to, luckily there were no stupid soldier patrols or anything to hinder them so far as they walked. Still Chambala doubted it would be completely uneventful all the way there. After all there were some areas they were going to pass through that were completely out of human presence of decades if not centuries. Especially those parts of the forests south. Dangers lurked within and while she was content that she can navigate and survive with little difficulty because she lived all her life in the forests and she had seen a lot of mandess that only nature, twisted and menacing nature could produce.

"We are already far off the regular paths..." Chambala commented when Calieo commented about the grass." As further away from villages and settlements we go, the bigger the grass will get. There are no animals that are being brought here to graze on the wild grass. Still keep an eye out tall grass is usually a good hiding place for things such as snakes. If anyone gets bitten tell right away, so I can treat your wounds immediately. Some poisons are incredibly lethal." Chambala mentioned, still keeping to the direction. All in all it wasn't completely without a pathway south.

" We are in luck.... it's not the dry season. If this was the summer and all the grass was dried up, one spark from our resident pyromaniac and we wouldn't be able to make it away." Chambala said, noting that Denise was now literally playing with fire. It showed quite hte control from what she could tell. Direct magic abilities weren't her expertise all things considered, but it was pretty. Though when she thought of that the very greeness of the grass was curious. This place must have been keeping warm, because at some places the grass and tries were already turning yellow and brown in preparation for the upcomign winter. Well there was still time, she just though it was rather interesting since this palce kept green longer then it must mean it was good for crops also.
nahh... it's linkin park lol

Location: The Library of Arius
@Sho Minazuki

The situation on the market place was about as one could expect, given she was on a not too tiny wheel chair and people weren't making her any way. Progress was slow, the aroma from the stalls was overpowering her senses, but overall it wasn't too bad, all things consdered. She finally made her wya through the latest crowd and found herself looking about, making a mental list of things she wanted to buy. First was bread, she would do well to buy a loaf if she could find. Aside that, some potatoes, rice, tomatoes and some other vegitables.

That aside she noticed there was a stand selling roasted meat nearby. It was a good plan to also grab some meat too, now that she thought about it. Proteins were rather important and she did enjoy the taste of meat now and then. Having the little mental list gathered and checked, she quickly started moving again, meat she could get in a few places and even she could just buy a meal from her inn. For her own cooking though she wanted rice. It's been a while since she had any. She would made some boiled rice with some spices and oil. It made for a really good meal that didn't even need bread to eat. Thus was her priorities : rice first, then potatoes, after that the other veggetables, she woul be content with variety of whatever she finds.
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Constantin Kolev

Location: Russian Imperial Circus - Tent City
Skills: Tretiy Glaz(passive), Fal'shbort(passive)

Everything was rather well the usual for the circus anyhow. They were preparing to perform for the Graveolase who just happened to be the current spectators. Viewing it this way made Constantin feel a lot calmer about the performance. He had gathered up with his parents as they were discussing final preparations about their act.

He threw a look at the main tent where the performance was going to go down soon. His family had already prepared the set up for the embers. Were already dressed for performing even if Constantin had to improvise with his get up because of a tiger and a crazy German.

“Ve ready?” He asked his parents when Vlad had finished his little speech. He received the replies in the form of two hands patting him reassuringly on the shoulders and nodded. Yeah this was going to have to be big. He threw a final look about, and quickly went to take of his shoes. One did not dance on embers with shoes on! After all it was the best way to destroy a pair of shoes!
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