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Current End term is truly such a pain ><! My time got cut off a lot, at least it's almost near the end! After a few more days, I should be back to normal!


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Huge breasts get in the way of archery for one. Also break balance!
@EWillden xD sure post let's keep things moving!
As for Vivian's chest well whatever you think is good ^^
@EWillden She was cursed by her evil mother! The curse of breast volume decrease!
@Nallore Nally if Riley and Amelia survive the upcoming slaughter we should collab the 2 months time!
@Lady Amalthea Another round or two sound great to me ^^.


Location: Almack's

Everything happened so bloody fast! One moment Mosi felt herself swining her axe and in the moment she felt the strike was weak. Still without even having enough time to react to everything the Ryne just failed so much it was incredible sight ot behold! It was lunging, but in it's attempt to avoid her swing, it instead landed straight on a wall sconce, effectively impaling itself into a position where it could hardly do any damage for at least a while. Then it caught on fire! It was all incredible!

Virginia narrowly missed being decapitated with Mosi's swing as well, and her eyes widened slightly, noticing the appearance of her second brush with death that evening. As the ryne caught on fire, the smell was absolutely horrid. It reminded her of some of the experiments she ran in the basement of the manor, and had she not been holding two axes and dealing with the Soulless, she perhaps would have held her nose.

Instead, Virginia attempted to use the trained skill of pavati and throw her axe at the hraew's head. But with the fiery ryne on the sconce, the smoke, and the horrid smell, she could hardly aim. She threw the axe forward, missing the desired angle, and instead managed to stumble on the steps. Her knee cap popped to one side and Virginia sucked in air quickly, stifling a scream. The axe fell lamely in front of her, but she was more concerned with her knee. It took all she could do not to scream loudly, as she bit down on the inside of her mouth, her knee dislocated. Her leg was at a much odder angle than she had thrown the axe at, lying on one of the steps of the staircase.

"Mosi, see to the Soulless first!" Virginia exclaimed, trying her very best not to scream, but the pain was excruciating. She wouldn't be able to walk until her knee was fixed and she had no medical training. She doubted that anyone in Almack's would be able to set it right--if there were any doctors, she doubted they could reach Mosi and herself in time.

The body of the Ryne continued to smoke and the hallway was filling up with the putrid thick fog rather quickly. The skin bubbling and suddenly one of it's eyes came to a breaking point with the internal temperature of fluids. It bulged, distorting like an opium induced nightmare before it burst. Fluids splattering out from the remains of human balloon which hung from its socket. Blood and puss flying out and speckling Virginia and Mosi in a thick hot goo that made the smell of death and decay be a welcome scent like roses right then.

Over Virginia's head the Hwaew flew. It trying to catch her around the shoulders but her sudden trip and fall meant her went right over the top of her. Hitting the ground behind the two. Rolling across the marbled floor yet that wasn't going to stop it. Even as its facial skin pulled away from muscle and bone from the impact. Coming up in a crouch as the skin hung and wobbled at the underside of his chin. His brown eyes narrowing as he pulled a knife from his belt. This one wasn't going to go down easily.

Mosi did indeed tackle the soullesses first as her friend stated, but it didn't look like things were going to be as lucky as the first one. Her swing was about as effective as Virginia's throw for all it did as the Hwaew dodged, the annoying bugger. THen again it's attack was also as great as hers so thins were lining out to be rather even for the moment. Bad thing was that Virginia couldn't move. Unless Mosi dealt with this one first, they were free game for any of these things that shows from now on.

Virginia took a deep breath, attempting to forget the pain as she tried to turn around. In her position sprawled out on the stairs, her back was to the hraew, and she felt incredibly vulnerable, to say the least. While she managed to turn around and no longer be as in a defenseless position, it wasn't without great pain. Sweat poured down her face, her heart raced faster than she could believe imaginable, and screams ripped out of her throat. She couldn't even stop them by biting down on her tongue. While the knee was covered by the fabric of her dress, she could feel it swelling quickly, like lava had collected inside of her kneecap. As much as she wanted to help Mosi to attack the hraew, Virginia realized how lucky she was not to have passed out.

Second swing came following almost right away, aimed at hte thing's head. Things went better this time, but this thing was just resilient and refused to get hit properly it seemed! It dodged! It bloody dodged and she barely cuts a piece of his right ear! If things were going to go like this it was fine... she then just had to chop him piece to piece until he was nothing left, but minced meat! Then she had to pull Virginia away to safety! First thing's first though, soulless need to be incapacitated first.

The pain was phenomenal in many ways, to the extent that Virginia could try and grit her teeth to stop a scream, but it largely wasn't successful. The sweat and tears were making it hard to see, and knowing that she wouldn't be able to even throw an axe, she fell back upon a different aspect of her training. It was difficult, but she took shuddery deep breaths, invoking the skill of Nakai. She managed to focus her mind and body, allowing herself to become more resistant to the physical damage. While the pain was still massive, she felt the swelling slowly go down and the sweat was no longer so bad as to prevent her from seeing. Having her mental faculties about her, Virginia recognized that she'd need to deal with this injury more permanently--the continued use of Nakai could be incredibly draining. She could only hope Mosi would incapacitate the Soulless shortly.

'This's not working.' Was what her mind was racing with as yet another strike didn't connect. It was getting harder to keep fighting with this smoke and the smell. This could continue for a long time, a long time they didn't have. She needed to think up of a plan fast because Virginia was in danger while staying on the stairs like that. That thought, she had no idea of how to take down the enemy she could hardly look at because of hte smoke. Suddenly she felt something fly past her! It threw it's knife! And missed! That was a good chance.

Virginia, meanwhile, continued to dig deep and strengthen her resolve through Nakai. The pain dulled even more as she took deep breaths, focusing as best as she could. The rate of the swelling and the bruising, from what she could feel, had slowed down a bit more as well. Without the aid of a doctor, this was about the best that she could do. However, she felt worried as well--the smoke in the air must have been posing a challenge to Mosi when dealing with the Soulless.
*gulps* Well I really need to get things going in that case. If this's going ot be Amelia's final night, better make it memorable! If not, it could be the basis for good character growth!
@EWillden sorry for late reply. Was busy with math comepetitions and last weeks of university troubles on top of this.

Hmm I dunno lol. Try to do the teardrop! That usually works! If that doesn't work just go with the counter option and make her flat as a board! xD
Satilla Valen

Location: At the tavern
Interacting With: The group!

Satilla couldn't help it and placed a hand on her face the moment Thomas opened his mouth. There it was. The naive orc was not present right now, but the immature sorcerer was. This was just what the two of them talked about while returning from the apothecary, but the witch didn't get a chance to talk with either of them before Thomas started speaking.

She was not surprised that Kyra stormed off. She probably needed to cool down her head and felt like staying here would make matters worse maybe? The witch liked Kyra and respected her from their journey so far. Satilla also knew that Kyra was so right about this. No one knew who was listening and there was little to do about it now that the cats were mostly out of the bag.

“We can do that, Skittles will secure the door!” She stated with a smile, knowing her smart little kitty while not really too useful for anything else beside helping her memorize spells each day, was nifty thing that could very well stay by a door and react whenever someone was on the other side it would hiss or something.” He's sensitive to unknown presences. Like most animals actually.” Then there was also the possibility it could be taken as a joke which worked too.

“I will take you on that offer, Keystone.” She smiled, reaching for a small piece of food. Satilla wasn't too hungry after that story, but needed to get something in her body cause she was running on bare energy reserves by now.

Amelia Payne

Location: Building 7 (Rec Center)

“But what if she decides we can't be friends anymore...?” She quietly asked when Meg proposed to just ask Riley out. Well it wasn't a bad advice, but Amelia wasn't sure she was brave enough to actually do it. It seemed so weird how others seemed so open about how they felt and expressing it. She had gotten better at not simply shying away from everyone all the time, but doing something like this was still hard to bring herself to do.

“...get it on... ? “ She replied almost in autopilot, in slight confusion, trying to figure out what her friend meant. Well it didn't take her more than a few moments to do so. She had just brought a mouthful of food to her mouth, but luckily the question didn't come as she was swallowing. Instead she just was about to spit it out from the surprise as she was about to caugh, but held it down and swallowed the food properly. Her face was bright red, very obvious bright red.” What... why? Yes?...No?... I don't... can't...” Amelia broke as she started saying random words, unable to form sentences to reply properly. Finally she though hell to it and quickly pulled what was left of Riley's alcohol and drank it all. It felt burning down her throat which kind of pulled her coherent thoughts back together from the confusion though the fact she felt so hot right now was another matter entirely.” It would be nice to not be alone tonight...” She shyly admitted to her friend, looking at the table.” I fear she will dislike me...”

“Ohh.. the cake's... so pretty!” She stated when she suddenly saw it when it was brought. Her mind was still flooded with random thoughts about what to do now. How to ask Riley out. What to say tonight and then there was the fact she suddenly felt a little daring! It was all Meg's fault! But it was true that Riley would love to not be alone tonight, but with Riley.”Uwaaa... Meg why did you have to mention all that... How will I face Riley when she returns now!?” Well if nothing else at least the cake presented a perfect opportunity to congratulate the newlyweds!
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