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"Ohh, friends of battle! How poetic!" Medaira exclaimed, having heard hte story of how the Celestian and the Farseer apparently came to be together in a team in the heat of war and survival! And what a story it was, worthy of an imperial scribe writing it down and turning it into a reading for the ages! Truly the marvels of the world knew no bounds! She even started humming a song while browsing the menus!" Ohh look, a very well ages wine! It would go perfectly with a nice steak!" She said to herself, seemingly ignoring Adrianne's suspicions and questions for the Farseer, until she wasn't anymore and actually spoke out.

"To be perfectly fair, Prank Friend Maya's presence isn't without precedent to begin with." She stated, pulling over another page of the menu." A numerious imperial forces have worked, work and will continue to work with varying xenos, no offence intended by the term. It happens often enough if you look for it. Some factions more often than not, in fact I've heard that a lot of rogue traders employ non humans in their crew and nobody really bats an eye... ohh roasted chicken. And we are kind of above most regulations anyways." She spoke, randomly exclaiming on the food in the middle of her sentence." Prank Friend Maya, do your people have similar dishes?" She asked with curiosity, before turning her attention to Stukov and raising a well trimmed and maintained white eyebrow. She returned her attention to the menu once more as she listened to his little tyrade about the eldar. Then began humming a tune that to a person many millenia ago during hte world of old Terra would recognize as the memorable melody of 'London Bridge is Falling Down'. In fact to those who were REALLY trying to listen, they might even hear a very quiet jolly lyrics being sung presumably by her servo skull while she was making hte melody.

'Months of Shame are going down. —
Shame is won, and no bright renown.
Shields resounding,
War-horns sounding,
Wolves are shouting in the din!
bolters singing,
power-coats ringing —
The Omnisiah makes our Wolves win!'

Now where had Medaira gotten that data from only Medaira knows, but tech priests and priestesses tended to know things when others didn't.

"Let's be honest here, Prank Victim Friend Stukov, the Imperium has a staggering death toll from internal causes in all major conflicts too. Common defense practice is collapsing defense for hte guard, which consist of shelling our own battlelines as the guardsmen are trying to retreat to the next set of trenches and it gets even worse from there. So we can't rightly blame the xenos for everything. We can probably blame the C - words though. They are not possible prank friends!" Medeira quipped." Nobody's stopping you from being paranoid though! It's in your job description! In all our job descriptions~! You are doing greaaaAAAAAAAT~!!!" Then she turned to the Celestian." I'm thinking a fine aged red wine, a well made beef(ish) steak. What about you, Celestian Boss Lady friend Andromedai~?"
"But of course, making boxes is a must have skill!" Medaira chirped in agreement, nodding her head vigorously as she was also grinning underneath her mask and underneath her hood. The only thing that vaguely transmitted her emotions of fun was the upright curve of her eyebrows that formed whenever somebody smiles and the slight intonation of her synthetized sounding voice." I've worked with less in the past." The magos added with a shrug. It was true, once she build a box with nothing but wires and wooden sticks. Here she even had proper metal sheets to work with!

She let out a snicker at the words being spoken about the suggestion of not thinking about the book." Good chance with that indeed, better keep it quiet from anybody not of importance to the mission though. We already know of it to begin with so it's impossible to compeltely cut off our thinking on the topic one way or another. Bringing in people who hadn't had idea of it and mentioning it to them however will be a surefire way to get people's interest."

Once outside and exposed to the merry celebrations of Sanguinalla, Medaira broke out in a merry two tone jingle with her servo head. Ahh it was one of her favorite celebration days! So much joy to be had and even she wouldn't pull off a mean prank on this fine day. She eyed curiosly the celestian and then the Maya when the other took of her helmet. Medaira 's grin got positively huge, eyeing the pointy eared woman as the party had varying other reactions to the revelation. Stukov was positively negative! Psyker friend Adrianne was quite a bit negative also! Medaira side stepped around her patting her on the shoulder, eyes locked on the eldar. Elder in imperial power armor! Elder in Imperial Sororitas Power Armor! SO MUCH PRANKING POTENTIAL! She was saving that one for the celestian and the psyker friend whenever she puts one on, but this will do fine too! New prank victim aside, she was posively positive of the eldar's presence! Such a great source of Eldar tech information so close! She just wanted to grab Maya and drag her over to her room so she can ask a few hundred questions! She started singing her merry jingle even more as she walked over to Maya." Happy to properly meet you, Prank Friend Maya! Let's be best of friends!" She greeted the woman, her head filled with positive friendliness and happy thoughts. She suddenly felt a great pressure, taking her breath away, but she barely reacted. She just looked around and looked at Adrianne who spoke out. She let out an amused jingle melody and returned to her duties while they were flying, which consisted of poking things and checking her gear for damage and repairs and also doing a few spot weldings on the box.

When they arrived at their destination that turned out to be a fancy restaurant, Medair was a very happy camper! Ohh it was going to be a very nice family sanguinalla dinner, but without the family and with friends instead! It was great, the Omnissiah was generous this year. As they were leaving to follow the Celestian to the restaurant the magos felt herself being pulled away by sudden psykic force." WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" She made a sound of glee as she snapped in place in front of Adrianne." Worry not Psyker friend! Box is very sealed as for Prank Friend Maya, I'm sure Prank Friend Maya will be of great pranking help in the future!" She chirped as they were walking into the restaurant now. It was quite darn obvious they stood out like an orc in a beauty contest." Now, less worrying that causes wrinkes, Friend Adrianne, and more Sanguanalla Celebratory dinner!" She added, giving the psyker a surprise HUG, with capital letters as she made it a very tight hug." You too, Prak Friend Stukov!" She added as she let go of ADrianne and repeated the hug on the man, before letting go and with a jingle on her lips, skipped away forward to Andromedai.

"What a lovely place, Friend Boss Lady Andromedai!" She told their leader with a happy voice as she took off her breather like mask and pulled down her red and black hood, letting her shoulder length white hair free.
Cat rose an eyebrow when she saw who was replacing the guards.' That's a big guy... just wow.' SHe thought, seeing the man that was now guarding the entrance. This was some serious protection right there, honestly she wasn't sure anything short of full combat grade ammo would even put a dent in that guy. Pistol type ammunition would likely do little to no damage if his skin or hide... hard to tell really was as sturdy as it looked. That and he used big heavy things as projectiles? Yeah no, hse wasn't liking the idea of taking a ba og cement to the face thank you very much. The bricks were amusing though for some reason. Maybe he used them as melee weapons in some kind of martial arts that focused on bricks? Like in some of those old world books.

"First, honestly not sure it was all ghouls that made left this place... and second, I'd gather he wasn't on guard duty at hte time. If he just stands in front of the enrance and spreads his arms, pretty much nothing's making it past him without some serious firepower." She told him, thinking about the issue. Between the two of them, they might be able to do something if they had to, she doubted even that juggernaut of a being would take a bullet through the mouth or eyes that well, but that was of course only in the realms of the hypothetical.

"Hey don't worry, we'll just carry it along for now. I've still got ammo for my own assault rifle, so we are good for the time being. Besides if I need to get handsy with somebody or something, I've got this." She pulled the handmade knife from somewhere on her person, hard to tell exactly where, but since Donny would be somewhat familiar with it for their travels so far and since she pulled it a few times prior when they camped, it was from her left boot. It was a sturdy piece of metal even if it wasn't originally a combat knife. It was made out of a steel pipe that was polished, cut and sharpened, making a surprisingly effective tool for killing. She put it away again.

In difference from donny who made himself a bit of an improvised meal that was at least easier to swallow. Cat directly pulled a few bits from the nutrient bricks and chewed on them, before washing them down with a swing of her cantina. She didn't waste time in preparing a meal, mostly cause she wasn't too trusting when in a settlement filled with unknowns. She was 'fed' in a matter of moments and ready to go. She was used to worse conditions to eat in anyways, this was rather alright.

"For now we go out. Nobody said anything about us returning every day here..." Cat stated and looked at Donny." We shall go on an expedition for a few days..." She drawed and looked about to see if anybody was listening." We will explore the areas beyond Underhaven, will check the map markers if possible and along the way we will strip some wires if the situation allows it. We can keep an eye on the 'ghouls' as we go along. If they really passed by the react, then it's true that some would have gone feral, but I'm getting the feeling not everybody did. Some would ahve died over hte radiation poisoning and some might not have lost their minds. We will keep an eye out for them, but we've got ourselves to think for first. For now we should focus on exploration, scavenging and securing a more longterm secure location we can call at least a hideout. PReferrably one that as few people as possible know about."

With that she stood up and offered a hand to help Donny do the same." So, what do you say, partner? Time to hit the wilds?"
pshshh.... details details
you do realize that any melee weapon is also by defition tools, so same applies by any enemies within range too! It's the ultimate risk and reward type of play xD
:3 I suggest an addendum to apply said rules to ANY tech device or tool in 20 ft of Medaira~
Meidara was happily doing some digital chipring birdlike whistling noises as she was tearing pieces of metal sheets and rebars as she worked her mechandendrites and just the tools she carried on her person, sparks flying all around her in a display of colorful fireworks as she happily did her job. She didn't turn towards Stukov for his comment, but her servo head flew over to him, doing a sideways spin as it stopped by him, looking at him from the upside down, making it's hair to just hang down, revealing that yes the servo head was made to be utmost human looking down to what was likely fake skin that looked very real. It had everything, lips, nose, eyes, ears. The eyes moved around and looked at him in the way she usually looked at things, but had a slight shine behind them. All in all it looked like somebody had indeed chopped off the head of Medaira's twin and somehow made it still look perfectly alive.

The sound of a reply came from the servo head while Medaira's main body was still singing a tune in the background, wokring on her extremely suspicious looking piece of abstract art." Ahhh, weird! I always thought that the safety manual for boarding a ship consisted of half a page of text~ then again... I may have been reading the summerized IG field edition~" A sing along voice came from teh disembodied flying head that was upside down and staring into Stukov's eyes.

It was at this point that from Medaira's real body's direction a loud bang echoed along with a flash as the tech priestess's mechadendrites all reached for the heavens and she made a weird celebratory tune as the apandages held a metal box that was just big enough to exactly house the eldrich tome, without it being abel to be opened even a milimeter while on the inside. IT had additional fastening simple mechanical mechanism that would lock it even tighter once the book was in place. On the surface of the metal box was branded with an Imperium logo on one side and on the other there was a flower." I've prepared THE BOX!" Medaira exclaimed as her voice echoed from both her body and the servo head, which finally stopped staring at Stukov and flew over to her.

"One transport box for eldrich tomes as requested! mechanical lock, ensuring no hacking can be done. Once the book's in place and the mechanical lock's triggered, we shall tighten it even more, ensuring the book is to tightly close nothing can escape it in case something tries! It can be hermetically sealed afterwards as I will weld it sute completely just in case!"
"Huh... talk about curious coincidences." She quipped, thinking aobut what she had learned just earlier. A whole new metro line that was waiting to be explored with ferals. Could be the place the people who left Underhaven under questionable circumstances were at... or it could be an unrelated place that had ferals of it's own. Either case could be the one and either had it's own possible benefits. Old metro stations were obviously used as shelters in the initial outset of the cataclysms and while countless people had flocked underground to escape the dropping temperatures, the storms and other fallout, the resulting quakes soon after had left many trapped, crushed or unaccounted for. Hell a huge part of the metro networks were still unaccounted for. What they knew as the civilized world were just a bunch of metro tunnels, caverns and the like that still had some degree of easy accesibility via undergroudn means. Underhaven required a surface treck to access though as brief as it was. That said, if that metro tunnel was burried and left without connection to the surface, even if people had fled to it initially, it meant they were all dead or they were the ferals, though admittedly ferals required a good deal of radiation so most ferals were higher on the surface where radiation could have seeped in. Still better be ready for anything.

She snorted at his comments." Yep, more or less. I'm not saying I'm buying either side really, just saying we should be careful and play it right and not just get used as disposable tools. Sure admittence in Underhaven brings in a lot of benefits, but I didn't leave one 'home' to be a slave at another." She replied with a frown." We do as best as we could by us, some would call it selfish, but those people are just hypocrites. I will do what I think is best and at worst, we can always just get admittence via other means if we really need to." She pointed out, sure chasing down the exiles/ferals for hte seeds was one way, but if those guys really found a place they could settle with reasonble safety and manage to get farms going somehow, then it'd be best to leave them to build up. Still all was up for theories and hypothesis right now on that topic.

"Anyhow, we've got some new supplies here, so we are good to depart tomorrow morning." Cat stated and made herself comfortably, ladying down, using her bag as a pillow, one hand on the handgun and the other on her knife as she was preparing to sleep, calling it an early night. Though by her sleeping habbits, it was clear she'd be jumping like a spring if something distured her rest in even a slightest way. Instincts of a trained soldier, survivor and her highten animalistic traits, ensured it was so." Wake me up at some point after you are done with your tinkering so I can take watch, we probably shall take a few turns while resting, this palce's safe from ferals and other monsters yes, but it doesn't mean it's completely safe." She smiled and closed her eyes.
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