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Current End term is truly such a pain ><! My time got cut off a lot, at least it's almost near the end! After a few more days, I should be back to normal!


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Kosara Koleva

Location: Lake

Well finally at the lake they were and Kosara was able to qutie clearly see the other kids moving about, preparing for their choice of activity which probably was searching for Riley. Well not that it mattered to her much, but given the situation there were few things that were as angerous as wandering in a probably werewolf infested forest. Well it was doubtful they would be attacked during the daytime, but one never knew. Without wasting much time she moved over, grabbing her sword that was nicely wrapped in it's heavy clothwrap. The cloth was sturdy enough as it was tightened on both ends and in the middle with some little buckles and a long strap was also placed so she coul put it on her shouler almost how hunters would carry their rifles, though it clearly was not one. It was too short for a rifle and too narrow. She left her sawed off though. She had no place to hide that one for now her pistol hidden under her heavy leather jacket an the trusty sword on her shoulder would have to do in the worst case scenario. Besies having a weapon in the car in case they had to leg it was a good idea.

"So, gramps, any ideas on where to start from?" She asked Abe with a merry smile though she sure was anything but merry inside. Frankly anything they were to do was going to be limited by the presence of all these civilians. That mentioned some of those were also well within her supernatural suspicion so that was a thing also. Time was going to show who was what and what plans they held.
@Lady Amalthea Yay good old viking funeral lol wait no... viking classic OP ePIC funerals were on boats that burn dang it. >_> Got my tropes wrong again. Also a creepy child is creepy.

Location: Mournweald Estate, London

Virginia blinked for a moment, mulling over Ernest's words. Mosi had left a will with clear instructions, from what she had surmised. Why was that not enough for her surviving family? What more could they ask for in determining what the deceased would truly want to happen to their remains? "Mosi left a will. There is no clearer indication of what she would wish for her burial than what she has written herself," Virginia chided.

"That is true." Ernest replie with a flat voice, trying to still come in terms with what had transpired." The way she lived... left our family with some cracks on our so called 'honor&pride'. They are trying to start laying the fundations to 'mend' that right away with her death as founding stone." He said in rather displeased voice." Still now that you are here, my father would have no other choice, but to listen. Your name's on the will and he will respect her decision, he doesn't have other option."

Virginia chuckled softly at Ernest's words. From what she understood, Mosi's family rejected her lifestyle from the very beginning. Why would her death change that? Why would Mosi's will force her family to honor her desires? To say the very least, Virginia was doubtful that Mosi's father would follow through with the burial Mosi desired. Ernest struck her as naive. "I hope that you are right as to your father's inclinations," Virginia commented. She expected more than just a struggle to get a proper burial for Mosi.

"Our father's favorite child is... was..." Ernest started to say as he was leading Virginia towards his father's study." Jeanette." He stated with a grim smile. One could hear Bridgitte who was always on good terms with Mosi, weeping from one of the side rooms." He's unable to decide right now mostly because he half cannot accept her passing. You know, he was so happy last night when he saw her put on that dress he got for her." He explained as they reached a closed sturdy door. Ernest quickly knocked on the door." Father, Miss Crypt is here. The one in Jeanette's will."

"Just enter..." A tired voice came from inside. Ernest opened the door, only to see his father William sitting on his chair, his looks somewhat disheveled, as he stared at a small handkerchief decorated with rather childish clumsly made embrodery.

For a favorite child, the Cranes certainly had an odd way of showing it. Virginia's father loved--no, loves--her and he never would have forced her to live a dishonest life. He was the man who first taught her to throw a hatchet. He never would have purchased something for her to enjoy that she detested, such as Jeanette's father had done with the dress. Alfred appeared to be a bit skeptical as well, though he was keeping a firm grip on James' shoulder to keep the young boy from running amuck in the manor.

"Mr. Crane," Virginia said as she came into the room, noting Ernest's lack of proper address for her but not finding it an appropriate moment to correct him. Had he been one of the Crypt family's business partners, she likely would have had her tongue for such disrespect. It was one of the unfortunate consequences of her sex--a good portion of the men she dealt with did not respect her as they did her father. They did not recognize her as the head of the Crypt household, even if only acting.

"Ahh..." William made a sound of realization as he saw Virginia. He quickly stood up from his seat to welcome them inside the study." Lady Crypt, please enter." He invited before turning to Virginia's companions. "Lord Wenwynith, sir, I'm sorry for my delayed invitation. Please do enter." He turned towards James and Alfred.

"I assume my son has informed you of my daugther's will, Lady Crypt?" William asked, still holding onto the old handkerchief." May I ask, what would be your decision on the matter of the funeral?" He asked.

James couldn't help but perk up with interest as Mr. Crane used his courtesy title. He spent much of his time at the manor among family, causing him to be caused either diminutives by Virginia or the simple Master James by a majority of the household staff. Lord Wenwynith was what etiquette dictated he would be called, until his father was ruled dead. Then he would be known as Lord Dywell. His sister, of course, would be Lady Crypt regardless. She could not inherit the earldom.

"A virtue I am, if let in. Orpheus had a need of me. I can be tried yet I cannot be executed. What am I?" Virginia recited, pausing for a moment as she waited for a response. "Patience. Now, I must peruse her will if I am to make an informed decision, though I must confess I do not understand why you need an earl's daughter to interpret the written word. A will is just that--a will. It is Mosi's declaration of intent as to what should be done with her earthly remains and in order to honor her, rather than a fiction, it must be followed to the letter."

Mosi's father had a complicated expression for a moment before nodding and pulling a folded piece of paper from his desk, handing it over to Virginia." It is here, Lady Crypt..." He said quietly. It was a rather short thing all things considered. After all Mosi wasn't about to let overwhelming boring details to get in her way. All she needed was quick, short and direct will and that's what it was written.

In but a frew short sentences all things were explained. Should she died, Mosi left the following things: Her main handaxes, the collection of feathers and her 'pipe of peace' to Virginia. Also she was to be burned in all cases. With Virginia being the sole person with rights on handling her funeral rites as she see fit. There was just a single additional rule in her will speaking about how 'I do not wish my death to be turned into a public spectacle for hollow pride.' Which more or less stated that she didn't wish for any public funeral of any kind.

"I..." William started with heavy voice, but couldn't bring himself to continue.

Virginia's eyes scanned over the will twice, before she set it aside. It seemed perfectly clear to her, though she did note once more that she should have been called over far earlier in the day. The funeral was supposed to be this evening and she was intended to arrange it? In order to do something properly, it took more than a mere hours worth of work. No, it would be longer to devise something that would do justice to Mosi.

"The will is quite clear, Mr. Crane," Virginia said. "Your daughter wishes to be cremated. The affair is to be private. After it has finished, we will place the ashes into two urns: one that you may keep here and another that will be placed on a ship to America, where the majority of her ashes shall be spread."

"Yes..." William finally said with a heavy voice, but his expression had cleared somewhat as if he had reached a conclusion." Lady Crypt if you excuse me, I need to stop this sharade." Mosi's father finally stated as he headed towards the exit of his study." Clarice, you're to stop the funeral preparations you've been setting right now!" His voice rang throughout the corridor." We're following her will and if the other people are to talk about it, then so be it."

"Lady Crypt, would you like to see her?" Ernest asked." We've taken her to her room. Frankly I managed to convince the servant in charge of dressing her to put on her buckrobe she brought with her. I thought it would be more fitting."
Clarice Rosefort

Location: Wraith cruiser.

"You look fine considering..." Clarice mumbled seeing the woman freed from her confines as she helped her up." Alright Kara, here take this one and just come along. Time to leave this, a power outage like this will surely cause some alarms to go off soon if htey don't know already. Luckily most of the ship's disabled so hopefully we've got some time." She explained as she quickly handed over her pistol." It has 17 shots, aim for the head." She stated as she raised her P90." Cassandra behind us." She ordere as she gestured with her right hand to start advancing, quickly starting the treck back towards the jumper and just in time as they reached another floor when the alarms went off. Luckily no wraith seemed in sight all the way until they neared the jumper when a pair of wraiths appeared on one of the side corridors, starting to fire at them right away! She barely reacted in time, having just notice them pop up on the radar. Must have just woken up from some pods of some kind.

"Cassandra, Kara, GO! I will cover you!" Clarice roared, starting a covering fire, causing the wraiths to stop firing for a moment." RUSH, START THE ENGINES!"
You gona use the spleen of the cards xD?
@Paradoxial well given the need for fast pace battles, it's a good tactic to just rapidly get the battles over with since moving slow with bigger posts for them alone could get tedious and time taking as a single battle would take a lot of days to take care of. I aprove of getting the battles with shorter faster posts and using the longer more detailed discussion based ones when outside of battle ^^
"..." Alliana made no sound as her attack was rendered ineffective because it collided with Kiera's. It was extremely bad luck and timing to have that happen. TO negate each other's attack was such a critical failure that it was hard to put into words, granting the goblin a chance to escape to probably warn something, activate a trap or call reinforcements. Who bloody knew at this point. She did notice the other Gob that was now aiming at their resided tech expert's back though. She lowered a stance adn dashed backwards aiming at the beastie to take it own before it can surprise him any more." Move forward I will take care of the one behind you!" She called to Barrington for him to advance so he gets away from the goblin's strike range. If getting onto each other's ways was going to be bad about it, they needed to announce their aims until a better teamwork could be build it seemed.
xD why? Does it sends pieces of you to ultramar every time you get damaged or something ? Besides grampa emps said it the meta in the warp is rather unforgiving it's a place only for the most hardcore players of all xD
@Eisenhorn Well we will need to questions Grampa Emps to see what he's got to say about that. I'm sure if there was such a part he found it by now. WHo knows maybe it's where they gather to play Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker.
Having a worst part does not men there's a good part. Only that there's a part worse than the others
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