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Amelia Payne

Location:Camp Mexico Beach: Quarantine (W: Conference Room)
Skills: N/A

It was show time more or less as they were being told how the procedure was going to pass. Amelia silently gulped, throwing looks around. She studied the place again, studied the people and the possibilities. There were many good points about the situation. There was solid roof, there were guards to protect from walker, these people were also helping them out so far. Then there was the point that there were books and other entertainment here. All things she hadn't had the chance to experience in a long long time. Especially the books were what gained a lot of her attention. She so badly missed the feel of reading a good book.

Suddenly her attention snapped back to the people in the room as Tati went to be the first to do the check up, followed by one of the men she didn't recognize. She gulped as eventually it came down to the next person and she decided it might as well do it now. Amelia moved over and handed the filled out form as she sat down and let them take her blood. Her eyes were focused on the needle like a hawk the entire time, but overall there weren't any issues with it. She did clench her teeth and bit a lip as the needle punctured her flesh, but didn't make too much noise.

When that was over she quietly said she wanted SB to be the one to do her check up and walked behind the screen." Let's get it over with." She was generally a shy person, but since she already bathed in plain view of others, she just clenched a fist, closed her eyes and just removed the entire robe so they can get this done and over with as soon as possible. Eventually it was done and over with as she put her robe back on.

Miss Mary looks at her and sighs. "Sorry girl, you got lice, gotta keep you separate until we get them bugs off out of your hair," she says quietly.

“Ohhh... I see.” Amelia gave a surprised look at the woman as she also suddenly looked down and gloomy. She nodded and walked from behind the screen, being given a yellow band instead of the green one. SB then told her to sit on a chair some distance away from the others. Amelia felt really uncomfortable with that revelation. Just when did that happen? Were they going to cut off all her hair now? That was the fastest way to deal with this after all... She was going to look ridiculous... Her mind was heavy with the embarrassment as she sat down on that chair in a metaphorical solitude. She just hoped that Riley wasn't in the same boat.

Constantin Kolev

Location: Regalia's Ship – Main deck -> Lower Deck
Skills: Tretiy Glaz(passive), Fal'shbort(passive)

Constantin kept some poker face as Hazel told him what the place they were arriving at was. The land was... SO CLOSE! He could almost sense it's presence! This was his first time in such a deep water... The time they arrived with the circus at the British Isles not withstanding, but that was a special case anyway. Here it was just him, Vlad and crazy Ludwig. Taking himself out of the equation, Vlad seemed to be on a clumsy streak and Ludwig was Ludwig. They didn't seem to have his issues with water anyways." Thank you!" The fire walker replied to Hazel and thanked her. He then threw a glance at the approaching port.

"Better go wake up the Germam Fella..." He mumbled and walked down to the lower deck again. He briefly pondered if Dieter, the ferret not the brother, was still going to be paying him attention. Anyways he walked back to where they were sleeping earlier and called out loudly before the sleeping spots were even in view." Hey, Ludwig, rise and shine! We are about to arrive!" He said in loud manner as he walked there.

"Or are you awake cause some weird thing made you to wake up just in time?" He added as the place where the German fellow should be still sleeping came to view. He wouldn't be surprised at all if the German had woken up and wandered somewhere. Needless to say, Constantin's eyes first sought Dieter's last location before confirming anything else.
Prima Rave
Location: Shadowell Manor: Central Hall → Starry Saloon
Skills: N/a
Hit Points: 6

Rave had just about bolted through the door for the Starry Saloon, when she heard what she would only explain like the shriek of a woman who was not having a good time. She froze in place as she gave Moss a blank look for a few moments. This had completely shocked her out of it as she was trying to process his words. She was torn between different possibilities and finally decided on her personal course of action.

“I'm not going...” She stated, throwing a look back in the direction of where they came from.” There are other people who could deal with it and would be probably well better suited to doing so. Our presence might be a nuisance... “ She explained, but her voice was filled with notes of concern and some fear. Truth it she was afraid and frankly her fear of the Lord of the manor was overpowering her desire to help. That and the fact a scream like that was scary.

With that said, she braved into the Starry Saloon. There were a few things that came to her attention right away. 4 couches were arranged in the place and the place was still quite big. The big door ahead had to be the one to the ballroom. The final thing that stuck out was that there was a person in the saloon. One of the ones who arrived like her.” Hello.” She gave a little greeting, wondering as of why the woman was here and not in the ballroom.
Hello there, I'm Rivaan, can call me Riv if you'd wish. This is a RP I'd really want to do, inspired by games such as banner saga and Ash of gods. Before we can get into the details, here's some rules I'd like to toss out here.

-Must be 18+, I'm an adult and prefer to RP with adults. Expect gore, hard language, cursing and all that.
-Smut will NOT be the focus of this RP and I will even run it with fade to black if I have to, so we can keep the pace going.
-If I see something I do not like I will call you on it. Things like furries and other kinks for example.
-I expect at least 2 paragraphs for a post. Could be more could be sometimes less, but most of the time 2 is the minimum. No one liners here.
-I would prefer it to NOT be a one post per week kind of RP. At least every other day if it's possible. Sometimes I'm busy, sometimes you will be busy, it happens, but 2-3 post a week should be the norm. Sometimes with many posting back to back during lucky days of course.
-If you do not like something within the RP, talk to me, we shall see if we can figure something out.
-If you need to leave the RP or lose interest, just say it. I will not hold it against you. Let's separate on friendly terms, don't just drop off the face of the Earth.
-I will try to keep on time for posting, but if I haven't replied within 2-3 days after your post feel free to poke me. I will be doing the same. Sometimes RP get burried within other things to do, it's understandable.
-Do not post in this Interest Check, PM me.
-Do not ask me if I'm interested in other RPs ideas here. This IC is about this setting and premise. If you ask I will politely reply to you and then break the PMs.
-I'm searching for one or maybe 2 people to do this RP with, so if you come late and I already have people, I will tell you and change the name of the IC to -name-[closed]. Please be understanding, I'm just one person.
-I mostly play Female characters, but do can play Male as well. Still I prefer to play Female characters better. I can do FxF or FxM.
-Also no RPing from first person, I find it slightly weird and would prefer for my partner to not use it either.

Alright, I think these are the rules I could think up off the top of my head. Should be enough(hopefully)! For characters here we could go in many different directions. I have already a few characters in mind for this, but I will discuss these with people who express their interest. Hopefully I will see(in text of course) some of you! Now onto the good stuff! ^_^

World Narrative

The arrival of those flug through the passages of time had not gone unnoticed in the eyes of those of powere in Kalimdor. From all corners of the world the ripples were being felt, some stronger than others, but the cause was still there non the less. Be it the mighty dragons or the wise demigods of nature. All knew something was wrong with the world.

At the center of the Kaldorei Empire at the edge of the great Well of Eternity and the capital that overlooks it. An uncomfortable sensation could be felt in the air, the Well that held the power of a World was not calm. It's waters were stormy and menacing, causing the populace of Zin-Azshari to be nervous. Still not everyone was concerned. At the fortified inner city guards stood calm at their posts. Aristocrats were working their duties as normal and all were following the will of Azshara after all.

High above the ground at the highest tower, a group of mages were working without rest. Under the watchful eye of Xavius, the spell was being woven at utmost care. He had noticed some strangeness in the flow of magic in the world. Thus he dispatched soldiers to capture the strange outlanders he discovered by scrying. They were definately important! Their arrival was not a coincidence! He had reported it already... Not to the queen of course. She was informed, but the one who truly had to be informed was the master! His new lord for whom they were building this great portal.

"IS THE PORTAL READY?" A voice filled the minds of everyone in the tower. It was a beautiful voice, but an evil one. It chilled to the bone all except Xavius. The advisor to Queen Azshara and the one overseeing this project." IT'S BEEN LONG SINCE I WAS TOLD THERE WERE ACOMPLISHMENTS ON THIS TASK. I'M SENDING SOMEONE TO AID YOU IN YOUR TASKS, PREPARE TO RECIEVE HIM." The voice echoed.

"But the portal's not stable enough yet!" A mage from the circle stated in worry. Moments later he screamed a blood chilling shriek and his head burst into pieces.

"I WILL TAKE CARE OF IT. I'M SENDING YOU ONE OF MY TRUSTED..." With that the voice vanished and untold power flowed into the portal, stabilizing it. Moments later a massive fourlegged shadow with wings came into view. The mighty demon stepped into Kalimdor with a wide grin.


Out in the wilderness, the great fight between Heda, Fabious and the Night elves ended in victory for the Kaldorei. With sheer numbers eventually the two were defeated and tied up, their weapons secured on separate mounts as they were dragged behind. Just the two of them took out a good number of the soldiers. There was about half left by the time they headed back to Zin-Azshari. The night elves wanted to skin the barbaric lowlives, but their tasks meant to them more. As they traveled by the forest, they were getting ever more nervous.

"Sir, we are running in circles!" One of them realized as they all went on alert. Someone was playing with them, making them lost in this wilderness. They had all known the stories to keep awat from the wilds. Those were the home of superstitions and untold dangers and today they had stumbled upon one of them. Then suddenly a flap of wings as a owl flew by them. It was already daytime and they were out of their comfort ground. Then someone shrieked, by the time his comerades turned around, all they could see was him being dragged in thebushes. Then another night elf screamed, dragged into the foliage. The group fell to panic as they attacked the trees and bushes. Yet another set of screams echoed along with the deathly growls of sabers. In the end just a single night elf was left as he watched in horror the bodies of the mighty beasts sink into the ground. The last thing he saw was a giant shadow with horns as vines dragged him into the ground too, leaving only the two outlanders.

"Aristocrats have been forgetting their place..." A mighty voice resounded by the horned figure as the forest came to life to carry the unconscious Heda and Fabious away. Their savior looked at them with curiousity, especially at Heda who was similar to him in size.

Out in Suramar there was a little bit of a commotion going on as the strange creatures were brought in. People flocked in to see them as if they were some rare animals. Whispers were had and one even poked Gronar with a cane as his mount passed by them, but te guards quickly put a stop on that behavior. They were then brought directly to Lord Ravencrest for interrogation. Interrogation was had, explanations were given or withheld, but at the end of the day, 2 of the outlanders were out in cages on the plaze at Suramar. Gronar and Ivaron were chained and locked there, given some food which in Gronar's case would have been very unsufficient for his size.

Ivaron had his magic sealed by the runic cage. The moonguard, fabled for their skill in magic and taking pride in it being equal to the Aristocracy, put extra effort on his cage. From the mind interrogation, they knew he was profficient in magic to a great degree. It baffled them to no end, but refused to admit defeat even though he possesed magic they did not know about.

After a day of interrogations they were now held here in this plaza as animals on display while Lord Ravencrest decides what to do with them. At first the crowds were enthusiastic about the strage creatures, but eventually lost interrest and moved away. By the time night was well into it's peak, there were very few people remaining. Eventually at this point a pair of young night elves entered the plaza. One was a handsome youth with black hair and golden eyes, a rarity among their kin and a sign of grateness. The other a beautiful young lass who wore the robes of the temple of Elune. She seemed to be really interrested in the Ivaron and Gronar pair and quickly came over, asking the guards about them. You could see in her eyes the disgust at the way they were treated as animals." Why are they caged here and not at the prison? Why are they treated as animals? And why aren't they properly fed?" She asked the guard.

"Orders of Lord Raven crest, sister." The guard replied very respectfully." Perhaps he belived they didn't need more food."

"Then you won't mind me giving them more, right?" She replied taking no backtalk and hurrying to a stand to buy food for the two. The owner of the stall didn't take her any money. After all she was a respected priestess of Elune. She returned moments later and carefully put the bows of food and the jugs of water by their cages.

She was expecting them to understand her. They wore clothing and armor and their eyes were clearly brimming with intelligence." Can you two understand me?" She asked, curiousty dancing in her eyes." How are you two called? My name is Tyrande." She introduced herself with a kind smile." Do you need anything else?"

Elsewhere in a secret glade in an ancient forest, Heda and Fabious were dropped off, guests to a host they did not yet realize. The glade was calm, peaceful and surrounded by flowers, but most important of all, it was safe. Not a single harm came to either of them while they slept their damage off, healed by ancient magic that neighter of them would be able to even imagine about. The nature's guardians brought them food while they slep as a pile of fruits were neatly arranged on a big leaf nearby. Now their host only waited for them to wake up.

Group One: Fabious and Heda. Location: Cenarius's Glade
Group Two: Ivaron and Gronar. Location: Suramar(plaza)

Amelia Payne

Location:Camp Mexico Beach: Quarantine (W: Lady's Locker Room -> Conference Room)
Skills: N/A

There were a few things that could brighten up Amelia's mood right now and the greatest of them was luckily present. The mere fact she could have Riley and make sure the singer was alright, calmed her somewhat. That said, she was already experiencing minor paranoia spikes. The minor tics of her hands as she just wanted to grab a bat at this unfamiliar place. So far there was yet a danger to be discovered, but she couldn't calm down enough.' No, there's a danger...' She thought, they didn't know the people.' The hospitality is so far good though... can they be trusted?' Was she too worried for nothing?' Surely not!' Amelia was being torn up from the inside. Her eyes were dancing all around, looking for any danger and possible weapon.

By the time they were told to go, she dashed away to Riley and didn't move more than a step away from her. Her current goal was to protect her love and she was going to do so. What she didn't expect was the location they were led to. It looked fine, but the thing the people there had with them not as much. She felt all the hair on the back of her neck stand up as soon as her gaze fell upon the needles and other tools. Her face displayed her strained nerves as she moved to stay in front of Riley. Amelia wasn't sure she was going to be able to allow anyone to get close to her with any of the needles there.

When they were told to pick up a form to fill out she really cautiously took one, her eyes filled with suspicion. She carefully looked down at the paper to read, trying her best for all of the locals to be in the corners of her vision as she glanced over the questions. Her expression froze and then came the mild surprize." Huh...?" She mumbled and gave Riley confused look. Was this a joke?" What do you think of this...?" She asked of her love. They were really asking all that? How would they prove they wrote the truth!? Was this just an elaborate ruse of some kind? There weren't much choice though, they had to fill it out by the looks of it anyways. She started playing with her hair as she found herself a nice spot near Riley to sit down and start writing.

Claire Winters

Location: New York City, New York
Interacting With: Olivia@Nallore,@FantasyChic Quinn Peterson

"Some water will do fine, thank you." Claire replied with a calm charming smile to her friend and threw a look at Quinn. She pondered the info being given and nodded." That's the best possible course of action indeed. I was trying to run some data on this, but couldn't locate anything more than what was publically avaible on the murders, but that said it's also cause I wasn't really able to get into proper research yet. Busy couple of days."

"Bad attitude is still better than murder..." She commented and besides some of the bad attitude people usually turned to be pretty decent when you could read minds... all those insecurities, just begging to be abused and have them pulled like strings on a puppet. She let a sly devilish smile wander on her face as she was thinking about it, but soon enough regained her charming smile." Evolution, virus, solar radiation, magic, the infinite power of Jimi Hendrix... frankly it could be anything. But the fact there's usually a period where we all got sick means something probably changed into our bodies. Anyways... you two had that creepy doctor scientist/researcher wanabe visi you? Been searching for excuse to cause him problems." The cop stated with flat voice." Didn't like his attitude and self rightous mug."

"Also for the next while I might either have more free time or less depending on the situation. So contacting me might be harder. Some changes at work are happening and I'm being temporary assigned to shadow a detective. Will see if I can use his access to grab some info on the murders the police may have hidden."

Amelia Payne

Location: Los Angeles, California
Interacting With: Riley@Nalloreand @Jasonhero Fumiko "Kuīn" Nakamura

All three of them ended ordering the special which was just a tad funny in Amelia's mind. It wasn't unusual for that to happeen, but she didn't quite expecting her casually saying that to lead to Riley and Fumiko doing the same. Now there were going to be e3 same meals on the table. She was just sipping a lil from her beer still though. She nodded ay Fumiko's suggestion.' Well she doesn't have a plan really in that case...' Was what she concluded. After all it was more of a general outline. Still she supposed they probably at least had good places in mind.

Riley seconded the bars idea and Amelia nodded." Alright, bars got it." She stated quietly and threw a glance at Riley who asked if she was fine." Yeah, I feel better already, Riley. Don't worry." Amelia reassured her roomie with a tiny smile, her eyes glancing around them in cautious manner before returning to her drink and checking the time on her phone. It was old and she had it wrapped on the sides with insulating tape just in case. She could never be too careful with her power. She was especially careful now at home cause all the electronics Riley had were really costly, so she made sure to not get too close to anything off too good of importance." Question... if we are going to a bar... How do we slip the paparazi that would be usually camping you two outside Riley's home?" Now that was a good question she wanted to hear the answer to. If paparazi followed to the bars it would be unpleasant.

Priscilla Harker

Location: Main Deck(Open Air Lounge)
Skills: N/a

Mosi was a little perplexed by the woman. She was so... calm about everything. This statuesque demeanor was making her curiosity experience a major increase here. 'Just who was that woman?' Mosi thought, but she wasn't thinking about the name, the woman's character and possible background were the points of interest here! And Mosi needed a major interest or five to distract herself from the fact she didn't get to hang with with that feisty redhead more.

"It's not that I'm completely uninterested in it, but to be exact I'm not interested in watching them splash in the water. I'm curious who it is and how the hell they ended up down in the water to begin with. Heh." She smiled." I think those questions are much more important and deserve more attention. And maybe a joke or two on their expense. Besides if someone actually drowned, I'm pretty sure people will be talking about it by now. Then it would have been a murder mystery, which will be way more interesting." Mosi explained with a huge grin, throwing a look at the woman again.

"Anyway, Miss Bella, could I ask you from where you hail from?" She asked, her fingers now adjusting folds of her sleeves. She should have brought her hat..." I'm personally from the States, which probably is apparent from my accent, but never hurts to introduce one self when asking questions first."

Constantin Kolev

Location: Regalia's Ship – Main deck.
Skills: Tretiy Glaz(passive), Fal'shbort(passive), Perception

Constanitin had a really firm pokerface as the woman talked to him. He nodded and then sighed and nodded again." Thank you for the information." He said and threw a look towards the captain's cabin. So Vlad was still there! Well that was good, meant the captain and his leader was getting along just fine. Otherwise one of them would probably have killed the othr or something. With a persona like the Great Bazhooli, you either liked him or wanted to punch him. At least that's how Constantin viewd things. Vlad's character was too grand for any middleground! The fire walker was firmly in camp 'like him'." Let's hope not, my nose still hasn't healed..." He added another mumble as the woman climbed upwards.

The firewalker gazed at her for a lil and then looked away and towards the sealine. There was the usual boundless surface of the water all around, but then his eyes spotted it! Land! There was a port at one direction, so they were indeed close to Mother Earth now! He cold see the place wasn't overly big, but had a few ships there. He looked back to the Hazel woman and she was already all the way to the top! That one had impressive climbing skills and he was seriously wondering how Ludwig managed to get up there earlier too.

"Hey, do you know what that place is!?" Constantin called out to the woman that was currently way up high over there on the lookout of the mast or however it was called. He wasn't really aware of the naval terms, he was a firewalker! Naval and ship knowledge wasn't in his competence.
Prima Rave
Location: Shadowell Manor: Grand Vestibule -> Central Hall
Skills: N/a
Hit Points: 6

"Of course, thank you for the help." Rave said with a smile and nod to Jasper who pointed them to the Ballroom. By the looks it was situated at the back of the manor. She looked at the others with her and nodded to them too." Yes, we shouldn't waste much more time and be too late." She nodded to Penance and headed for the door to the central hall too. The speech of their host, the one he gave when they were given when they arrived, was still in her head. He was not happy with them. It seems the fact they weren't the ones responsible, didn't matter. It scared her, that man was powerful and angry and he could do stuff with little consequences to them. Besides inside these grounds even if something happened, she doubted it will reach the outside.

Stepping through the doorway, she found herself in the central hall. It was a really impressive hall.' So... spacious and tall...' She noted to herself. There were the stairs leading upwards to another floor above and then there was the door forward and she could pick on the sound of music that was reaching her. The music had started it seemed and she could only hope they weren't late for the lord's opening speech. Maybe that was going to happen after a little while as for the guests to be able to mingle first and give Rave and her companions time to arrive!

She could only hope it was so. One could never know and she herself certainly wasn't learned of the proper rules in these events. Rave could only hope. The greatest hope was that she'd live through this night and manage to leave this dangerous place alive... and with her goal acomplished if possible.
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