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End term is truly such a pain ><! My time got cut off a lot, at least it's almost near the end! After a few more days, I should be back to normal!


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Priscilla Harker

Location:Garden City
Skills: None

The trek to the destination where they would dine took a lil longer than what Mosi thought it would because of the traffic, but eventually they arrived there and only to be greeted by a rather concidental surprise of sorts she was not expecting. The people they left at the museum were there too. Seemed like it was the Neema woman who was Aton's aunt from her understanding that was actually the one to prepare teh meal for them? Mosi had smiled as Aton offered a hand to help her leave the cab and she gladly took it." Thank you." She told him with a smile now that she was outside. Akhmed quickly followed suite with Josephine, which caused Mosi to smirk in amused manner looking at hte lovebirds.

She then threw a quick look about, it was a nice place they had here. Could be great to live, but she wasn't sure that she'd find a place this nice at good prices. After all the best spots were usually well filled with people, that and she preferred to actually live somewhere closer to the actual city streets... the natural state of this place so to say. For example one of the side alleys like the one Rosheen lived at. Yeah Mosi was going to start planning for searching a place to live somewhere around like that. The hotel was nice and all but in the end of the day it was a hotel and she was paying for every day there, so the sooner she was to find a place to stay out of the hotel, the better.

"Likewise, miss." Mosi replied to Lauren when the woman greeted them. Mosi didn't know her name but it was probably a good idea to learn it. Also the names of all the others, but everything at it's time. She tipped her hat at Lauren as the other woman movied away and looked back at Josephine and Akhmed. After all she was with them right now so it was probably good manners to keep with them until their host returned. That aside, she was begining to wonder if it was something beyond coincidence that she appeared to meet all these people time and time again. She wasn't going to complain even if it was. This was probably a good indication that she'd better make friends with them!
Satilla Valen

Location: The Tower, Floor 3
Interacting With: Ancient cosmic powers of the GOOD DICE ROLLS, flaming youngsters and... THE BEARFALL

Satilla had let a sigh of relief when Sana looked like she was finally going to make it. The healer was glad, but then there were other things that were redirecting her attention from her joy to a whole slew of unexpected events. First of all was the fact that Thomas had decided to just turn into the human torch and probably with the help of his magic released such a burst of fire that it charred stuff around him. She couldn't believe he would do something like that, didn't his magic hurt him too? She was just about to rush in his direction now that Sana was healed enough. She also had to deal with the dwarf, but one thing at a tim...e...” Wha...”

Then it happened. Keystone seemed to have snapped and Cyneburg was somehow tied to it or dragged to it or pulled and spun into it. Because the crazy cook/monk person just spun a god damned bear around and threw it into the air straight at the hooded douchebag. Satilla blinked a few times in disbelief. If just last night they had told her she'd see a flying bear hurled by a man, she was going to tell people they are drunk and need to sleep it off, but now she had seen nearly anything.” OHH!!” She pulled herself together in realization as she snapped to reality and dashed to Thamos... Why was he burning him clothing like that she wondered before she studied him. He was not in a good condition so there was no choice.

“Come on, Thomas.” She called, pulling a potion and shoving it into his mouth, not wanting to risk the healing not doing enough. She seemed to have shoved enough to chip one of his teeth, but better that than dying. Beside a better healer than her should be ableto fix it... maybe.” Man it out... You will get a 'I'm sorry' kiss on the cheek later... you hear me? There more potions!” She called, hoping that he'd hear it and pull himself together and start chugging potions of his own accord too.

Thalken & Constantin

Location: Russian Imperial Circus Tent City (Regent's Park) - Main Tent
Skills: Nope

Of all things to happen when they had just about finished dealing with the fallen canvas was to see someone who was not from the circus. That alone Constantin could deal with, it wasn't that he was feeling intense anger or hatred towards outsiders. He felt distrust, so the man's presence alone was not enough to enrage him. He was standing up on his legs now, but he seemed kind of shaky. Did he get too much to drink or something? "Hey you alright?" He asked. Then it all happened. Something hot and horrible hit his face. The stench struck his nose moment later. The man had just puked at him... right at his very face. Constantin's mind just went blank for a moment. For which time today had this damned happened!? He just switched to full hatred mode for a moment. Then he bend his body slightly, putting the strength in his left leg before delivering a powerful kick at the man. A kick containing as much power as he can muster. And oh the power that that one kick did muster...

With Thalken still nursing a horrid hangover, his usual quick wit and surefootedness was, needless to say, far from quick and far from sure. Before Thalken had adequate time to react, Constantin's foot made direct contact with his stomach, effectively sending him flying backwards. Yes, flying. More so, seeing as he had already vomited himself out, what remained in his digestive tract had to come out the only other way possible: out the back end. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's just a flying Thalken who crapped himself. Mind you, when he said that he needed to atone for his sins, this is not what he had in mind.

Thalken hit the ground with a dull,---squishy---thud.

"Проклет да е..." Constantin cursed, pulling off his shirt and wiping his face with it, to get all the damned puke off it. He was going to have a bath of some kind right now... no way he was getting anywhere near a bed like this. He took a step towards the man whom he kicked, but stopped himself when the smell hit him. "Bah..." He made a sound of annoyance and disdain. Of all things that could have happened today... all those happened and this happened. This was officially the worst day since forever.

"Get someone to drag this one's ass out of here." Constantin shouted in clear growing irritation and anger. Frankly he had felt a whole of a lot better after he kicked Thalken strong enough to send him flying, but it didn't fix his mood completely. "Pour a bucket of vater or tvo on him or something..." He added before turning to move away from the fallen Thalken least he kicks him once more to completely fix his mood!

The fall rattled Thalken's already pounding head, and the world spun for a moment or two before coming back into focus. Had he not already emptied the contents of his stomach, he probably would have vomited again or--pooped again. He winced slightly as Constantin's loud, rumbling voice egged on his impending migraine. Any bit of harsh intensity that normally pervaded his features had since melted away to reveal sheer weariness. But truth be told, he had been weary well before the alcohol had ever taken its hold on him. His hellish life had made him weary.

Speaking of hell, this was an absolute nightmare! Yet he felt too weary to truly entertain the thought of how mortifying this whole situation was. He knew that he would never live this down, but perhaps in a way he didn't want to. To live. "Just kill me now, and put me out of my misery," he grumbled in a raspy voice as he stared distantly at the ceiling. He seemed to shrink within himself, shutting out the world, until he was eventually gifted the small mercy of passing out cold.

Constantin just let out a really angry grunt before he walked away without even giving Thalken a final look. Moving as a stormy cloud he just stormed away towards the tent of his family. He was hoping his mother had already did her usual way of action and put water to be heating up. It was a long day and night after all. He just wished to get a bucket of warm water to clean up for … he didn't even want to recall the number. Today was truly not his day and he was not happy about it.

Amelia Payne

Location:Sharpsburg , Main st.(E11)
Skills: Sneaking, Athletics

“Hi.” She greeted after Ray had introduced her and then continued speaking.” You've been in the woods for a really long time then.” Amelia said with a friendly voice.” Must have been hard.” She added with a nod.” Thank you for the gesture, but as the others said it's fine to keep them. You found them after all, we aren't marauders or thieves.” She finally said and nodded to the rest as they said that it would be for the best to get inside.” I'm heading in...” She said quietly and staggered inside in tired manner, barely keeping hold of her bat and entered the sturdy building.

On the inside she saw Medic and Sam, she smiled at them before her gaze passed across the place, studying the interior. She wanted to locate a place to rest as soon as possible and what would you know there was a broken down old couch of sorts and some sleeping bags lined up. She took a few steps and then slowly staggered to the couch, sitting down.

The couch started creaking the moment she did so. Springs and wood, it felt like a really old furniture like the ones her grandparents had. She never liked going to her grandparents, but the furniture always creaked in unnerving ways.” Too tired...” She mumbled and looked at Medic.” I will take some sleep... wake me if something happens.” Amelia mumbled and laid down on the couch, having it creaking ever more, but she didn't care. She just wanted to stay like this without moving on something soft." I don't want to move for at least a year..." She whispered to herself, feeling the( relative) comfort heal her tired soul.

Amelia Payne

Location: Her home, Los Angeles, California
Interacting With: Landlord

“I haven't forgotten about the rent, I should be getting my paycheck next week. I will be sure to pay it as soon as I get it.” Amelia replied with hurried voice, remembering that fact. Rent was due again... so much money was going into the rent. In a way rent was the only way she could have a roof under which she can sleep, but then again if she had kept all the rent money so far, she might have been able to buy a place to call her very own somewhere out of the big city... or in a cheaper state. She sighed in relief when the landlord finally went away.

She then moved away and sat in the sofa again. Eventually a knock on the door happened again and Amelia carefully moved over to see who it was. When she saw it was Riley, she let out a sigh of relief and quickly opened.” Yes, the right place.” She said, quickly throwing looks both sides of the corridor in concern and slight fear.” Please, come in.” She added, eager to just close the door again and separate herself from the outside.” Did you have any problems while coming here?” Amelia asked trying to figure out a topic of conversation. She also had to make some coffee... or tea... or soda?" Do you want something to drink?"

Claire Winters

Location: Cafe near ME Office, New York City, New York
Interacting With: Olivia@Nallore

Claire smiled and nodded, playing with the coffee cup.” Always a good plan if you ask me. I too probably have to do some cleaning, but I will do so tomorrow in my second day off.” She nodded and sighed. Frankly she was a step away to just calling someone to clean up the entire place and just pay them instead of doing it herself. She was not a fan of doing cleaning and while she kept her place clean enough, it's been a while since she's done stuff like cleaning the walls and so on. She had even taken off any carpets and just left it with the wooden floor because it was easier to clean than washing up carpets all the damn time. She put those on only when it was winter so she doesn't have to step on the cold floor.

“What do you think of 7pm?” Claire asked casually.” It gives us more than enough time to do home chores and the like, prepare and meet up. By the time we get to the casino it would probably be already past 8pm.” She added with happy expression, before turning her attention to Quinn who appeared to be in thought right now.” Hmm shall we get going then? I will walk with you to your workplace.” She smiled, pulling a pen from one of her pockets and quickly writing down her number and first name on a napkin, before walking over to Quinn's table.” If you wish to have someone to talk to about the dreams you can call me at some point.” Claire just stated with a casual smile.
Same here,@Darth Shadow. Have luck out there finding a RP to join and enjoy ^^
@Darth Shadow@ONL@Indra, so while darth made a character, Onl and indra you two haven't quite done it and it's been way more than a week now. As much as it pains me to say it I'm not really sure it will work out now. Darth I wish to apologize to you for the interest, but my inability to deliver a RP.

Kosara Koleva

Location: Abe's house

Kosara sighed as she was focusing on mixing ingredients, creating the hexbags, focusing on making their power take hold properly. It wasn't exactly easy thing to do especially without being the gifted sort of witch, but to begin with she wasn't even a proper witch really. Most witches had demon patrons aka demons to give them power to perform their curses and the like. Kosara was not bound to a demon, but that didn't mean she couldn't perform a few spells especially since she had given the subject a deep study a while back. It tied with demons quite well especially on the hex bags to hide from demons. It was the first thing she learned.

As she finished tying up and sealing the first bag, she cut the rough cord she used to make it so, then she did the other the same as Abe arrived, having finished salting the exists of the building." Well..." kosara said as she tied hte second bag and weighted them with her arms." I will make a few calls, Abe." She stated, walking over to give him one of the bags." Don't take it off..." Kosara stated." On that previous subject I will call in some old hunter friends... will try to get a hold of one of those demon killing knives... I will call every hunter handler I can think of... even the ones in Europe if I have to, but I will get one of those knives here... Will also try to dig out a way to see hellhounds... don't put much hopes on that though." She stated.

"I've studied witchcraft, any ancient demon lore I can figure out and even old bible editions I can find... I've gotten hold of information on stuff like trapping demons, exorcising them, what can cause them pain, different rituals tied to them, but nothing quite on what to use to kill them... I have the feeling demons might have been affecting history by killing people who know their bigger weaknesses or something. So we need one of those knives or any other demon killing weapon." Kosara explained with a shrug." Alternatively there might be some demon sealing containers we can probably import from the far east or something." She added with a shrug.

Priscilla Harker

Location:The Artistic Demonstration
Skills: None

Mosi had paid little attention to Akhmed and Josephine's way of acting. Mostly because it was so bloody obvious in more way than one. If one could see auras, she'd bet there would be a huge pink bubble of flowers and hearts around them. That thought aside, she could see the attraction between the two quite clearly with normal eye still. It was 3 parts charming, 2 parts cute and 1 part the desire to send them to their own room and sort stuff out and chill a little. All of which were good things in her book!

"Thank you." She smiled as Aton spoke to her about his gift to her. She then quickly settled the blade firm in her grasp with it's blade just under her forearm, not wanting to hurt someone in passing in a narrow place. Mosi then quickly gave a studying glance at Aton before making an expression that more or less voiced her thoughts on it. 'Why not~' Was what resounded in her mind when he offered a hand for her so he can be her escort. She didn't really see him in the way Josephine was seeing Akhmed, but that said she didn't see a reason to refuse this invitation. With a smile she took his hand." Lead the way. I can't wait to see what place you will take us to." She smiled friendly to him. Mosi had the good feeling about him that they could become really good friends. Maybe she'd show him her own skills and gift him a blade in return. She was already having ideas popping up in her head as of how to forge the blade, what shape to give it and what engraving to place on it too. Mosi was so going to sketch them all as soon as they arrived at whereever Aton was going to bring them to. All in all she was a happy woman right now and that happiness could easily be guessed by the huge grin she had.
@Lady Amalthea Me and Mnkee will be collabing for my(our?) next post. AND IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!
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