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Current End term is truly such a pain ><! My time got cut off a lot, at least it's almost near the end! After a few more days, I should be back to normal!


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Elleonora Alnara

Elleonora nodded when she spotted Vivian with her on the surface. This was good in a way. At least it meant that there was a magic user with each group, though she alone to face as vanguard while possible, could prove dangerous since she was also hte only healer in the group given the current situation on the surface. Not that she minded the challenge of course." Considering to whom this temple belongs, we always had to deal with undead. The gnolls and the drow simply stirred the nest first." The cleric stated with a shrug, looking at her warhammer. She smiled widely." It is, actually. It's as effective on undead as any blessed weapon would be, in addition if hte need's be I can give it additional power by adding temporary to it's blessing. Let's hope it doesn't get to that though."

"Thank you, Parum. As I said my weapon is indeed blessed, but these will come in handy." She nodded and looked towards the entrance." Alright, I will lead. You al stay at least 3 decent sized steps awya from me, my hammer doesn't recognize friend or foe in the middle of it's swings. I'm trained to wield it even in closer quarters, but don't get too close if combat starts." She stated and looked at hte rest." Vivian, you stay in the middle, Veridis, Parum you need to keep anything that may try to sneak about away from her."

Kalista Neles Ka Valesti

"Thank you..." She groaned as Alexander pulled her out of the pile of bones she was burried into. She could feel them scratch at her clothing as she was pulled free." I think so..." She replied, attemptign to stand firm on her own. Her legs felt weaker because of the terror she went through last night, but with a little leaning on the wall, she managed to stand stable and take a few steps." Yes, I can walk on my own." She said finally with a nod, looking about. They were... undergound and it seemed things were about to turn bad soon. No access to the surface meant if they get chased here by enemies, they couldn't know where to run to." Won't win any competition for speed, but I can move."

"Please save it for later, Catarina." Kalista said with a pained smile." It will not help me any right now. I can move, better save our remedies for when we recieve real wounds from the temple guardians that stalk these hallways." She said with thankful voice." My magic's not affected and I should feel better in a little while."
Post will be out a little bit later today ^^
“Thank you, Vashi.” Mei stated when her adorable night elf mage helped her get into the tower again. Truth was Mei would have been able to climb herself, but she just felt a little tired of it. When she said she felt too old for this, she actually meant it despite the fact draenei didn't really age as other races. It's just been too long since she started to deal with such nonsense so often.

“I doubt it, no one of importance would near Malizia.” She stated, using her swords as pivot, while waiting for her body to deal with at least some of the pain and wounds. She couldn't really heal herself like mages, but she had a degree of master over her muscles, allowing her to at least slow the bloodflow. She pulled a potion and quickly drank it all, causing the wounds to stop bleeding while slowly healing. It wasn't a true healing rapid potion, but more one that stopped bleeding and just slightly boost regeneration. She was a berserker after all. They got stronger the more injured they were for reason. Her armor wasn't damaged at the slgihtest, because of it's quality and materials, but underneath her body was a mess. Seemed like she'd have a few more scars to show at warrior gatherings.

“My leg strength is indeed great.” Mei confirmed with a frown, realizing Sharon's plans.” Though I'd advise against the exact plan you are having.” She stated, placing placing the twohanded swords on her back as the spell was casted.” I will use this spell, just not completely like you wish.” She explained as the spell was cast and walked over to the huge hole in the wall.” I'm getting too old for this..” she mumbled again as she took a few steps backwards, before speeding through the tower floor and hurling herself out the breech, but slightly at a downwards angle so she eventually wands.

The moment she was outside she moved with great speed as she impacted into a building quite far from the tower. Becuase of the levitation spell she didn't cause much damage to it. Using her guantlets and their pointy tip on the fingertips, she used to keep scratch at the building's stone as she ran by the wall, noting the huge demon and speed up once more, hurling herself as a missile at her right at the back of her head. Surprigingly enough her snake hair proved very useful at keeping track of flying objects!!!

Mei's speed was great as she approached from a blind spot right at the demoness's head!” I'VE GOT YOU NOW!” She shouted, grabbing Mali's hair and using it to pull herself on top of the demoness's head!
Satilla Valen

Location: At the tavern
Interacting With: Thomas!

Satilla sighed as she bit in her food while the sorcerer was walking over. She then chewed it fast and swallowed it and smiled as the younger man sat down.” Look, Thomas we are okey.” She said with a smile and a nod.” Don't take it too hard, her situation isn't exactly great and she does have a point.” She stated throwing a glance at Nor to indicate that he's also to listen at her words.” With the situation being what it is... spreading of information without regard could attract as much danger as a well aimed assassination attempt.” She stated.” Not everyone wants to know or for it to spread. Just... don't speak about these things with people, okey? Not everyone out there is out to do good.”

“Yes, we are friends. Don't worry, I'm not angry at you for that. Just be careful from now on, okey?” She stated with a smile, returning to her small meal, hurrying to fill her stomach to a point at least as fast as possible so she can go to her room and rest, preferably after a bath, but sadly baths were not mandatory given the situation.” Look, Thoms, I need to go and get some rest also.” Satilla finally said tiredly and slowly stood from her seat.” Be careful and don't answer any questions, okey? ” She said, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder. He was going to learn... hopefully.

Afterwards she walked over, paid for a room and quickly walked to the room. It was a small nice room and the bed looked so good. Without forgetting to lock the room behind herself, she walked over to the table in the room where she arranged all the tiny bottles of the potions and containers of salves, pouches of herbs and so on, before starting to very neatly arrange them in her backpack so they don't take excess space and she knows where to look for each of them. Finally after all that was done, she slowly walked over to the bed, taking off her outer clothing until she was finally in her under garments. With that she sneaked under the bedsheets, her dagger resting by the pillow as skittles hopped onto her bag to guard it. Warm blankets, soft bed and no cold wind. This was a bliss.

Amelia Payne

Location: Building 7 (Rec Center)

“Okey.” Amelia quietly to Meg when she walked away, leaving her bright red, confused and unsure of what to do with herself right now. The only saving grave was that Riley was not present when these questions were asked. Well that was at least until the singer returned, causing Amelia to lose momentary her ability to speak as she embarrassed looked down at the table, face flushed red from the heat caused within by the alcohol and her mind racing through things she really didn't want anyone to quite know.

“No...” She barely replied with quiet voice, gulping as she stole a glance at Riley.” I... drank it.” She replied, looking at her friend. Why did Meg ask her all those things? Now she couldn't take them out of her mind! While she was trying to force some order in her mind, Tati and Jack proceeded with the cake cutting which startled her as she turned to watch at them. They looked so well next to one another. Very pretty bride and groom! She watched them afterwards get to the dance.

Amelia watched them with slightly hazed eyes as the alcohol was getting to her. When they went to go home, she barely realized that she missed her chance to congratulate them. Maybe... she gulped and turned to Riley once more.

“I...” She started, looking at her friend.” Riley...” She was trying to say something.' It's all Meg's fault!' Was a vague thought in her head, but she shrugged it off, gathering up as much as her courage she can.” Riley... stay with me tonight...? I … like you!” She finally stated, looking at Riley with pretty serious eyes. She said it now it was going to end one way or another and she just hoped no matter what Riley replies, she won't lose her friend.
@mnkee Yep TT_TT, but hey at least she died fighting!
For Chambala hmm hard choice, rythmwize I'd say something like this:

Congrats, @Sigil^^!
Ohhh a soulless that's about being drowned alive and one where it's about twisting one's body adn soul by forcing ingestion of stuff... just when I thought things cannot get more unsettling xD
@Lady Amalthea *nods* Okey.
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