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Cat slowly settled down next to the fire, warming up. It had been a while since she last had a warm safe place to camp. After she fled her old home, she never rested much at one place, nor risked making up proper camp, least anybody followed her from there or if anybody saw her from their subservient settlements. THis meant for the first time in days she was warmed up from the enjoyable sensation of heat from flames. She smiled and actually relaxed a bit, especially since she had spend a good deal of time moving rocks to bury the kids and the man.

Now she wanted nothing else, but just call it a night and rest, but food first. What followed next, snapped her almost wide awake and she looked with wide open eyes the spice pack." How...?" She asked, looking at him and hearing the answer. Cat then laughed, she just burst out in laughter to the point she had to lay down for a moment." They literally wanted to throw something that other settlements would have traded everythign for. This is priceless! My old place would have likely given them people for it even." She shook her head, snapping out of the laughter and taking carefully her gruel. She also picked a piece of the meat and pulling an improvised spoon from her bag, began eating slowly without hurrying. She knew rushing eating usually was a bad idea since it sometimes brought bad effects.

" Indeed, if we could ahve properly washed the meat, it would have been even better." She smiled, enjoying the taste of meat as she ate." Still good though and I agree, they did make things very well back then by the looks of it, but I think it's also teh fact that salt and pepper don't really have experiation dates? That's what it was called, wasn't it? On that note, I think my old place had located a massive source of salt at one point, but weren't able to collect it since it was on the surface. They couldn't actually organize a proper expedition to gather much of it, it was too far away from the nearest surface entrance we could locate and to begin with it was very far form the settlement." She mused.

Once she was done with the food, to the point the bowl was completely and uttrely cleared of any food remains, she poured a bit of water in, swished it around and drank it. They didn't really ahve enough water to wash the bowls so this owuld have to do. With that done, she found herself the most comfortable place possible near the fire, kept her gun trained and the doorway and relaxed down properly, hand not moving away from the rifle handle." I will take first shift and wake you later?" She suggested.
I will post today. Wasn't feeling especially motivated or energetic yesterday due impending tooth removal. Its gone now, and while I feel meh because well hole where it used to be and pain, Im at least more motivated than yesterady
I've got the usual question: How do they expect 10 years of exprience and at the same time young workers? I mean... should we all start working at 10yolds? maybe 5 is better so they can begin hiring us at 15 -_-' stupidity at it's finest.
@Lucius Cypher So how was your weekend? life slowing down or it's still hectic?
Cat wasn't minding the bodies much, they were practically mummifed, nothign could really happen, but when she heard Donny's desire to move them since he didn't want to spend the night with them nearby, she nodded. She forgot that not everybody was trained to not mind bodies." Very well." She finally sighed and walked over to the bodies, making sure htey were neatly wrapped in the jackets and she carefully picked them up all wrapped up like htat was easier. They were light... there wans't much to weight anymore.

"I will be back in a little while, will bring them to to their father indeed. They deserve at least this much." She nodded and carefully left the confines of the room, heading down the halls again towards the cave-in. It wasn't hard, once she was by the cavein, she placed the two small bodies next to the man and started to pull rocks and rubble from the cavein, covering them. It took a bit of time, but it would ensure nobody looted them anymore. About half an hour later, she was done, pulling a piece of concrete, she took her knife and scratched a cross into it, placing it onto the pile, iwth the cross down before heading back to the secure room.

"It's me, Cat. I'm back. "She carefully warned him first before she entered." How goes the cooking? Anything for dinner?" The soldier woman asked, walking over and sitting on the floor next to him." I left them with their father and covered the bodies with the rubble, it's a way to bury them. I hear it's the way they did things back before the cataclysm. In my settlemetn we just used to cremate bodies or they were droped one specific shaft where probably they were devoured by beasts." She added.

Amelia Payne
Location: Education Center (M)
Skills: N/A


The trial of Hunter was a complete and utter mess. Amelia’s initial feelings on the matter was that it shouldn’t be dealt with such parading around, but it wasn’t her rule to make. Then there were all the questioning and now well the moment they started questioning the man himself everything just fell apart. Not that she had too great a confidence in him, biases not withstanding, but when on the position to be questioned, he just appeared to snap. It was like the man got under his skin and then Hunter was just rambling things that at times contradicted or just didn’t make sense. But then again this was to be a human… still him speaking the way he was, wasn’t doing anything for his cause in her eyes.

Amelia originally wanted to just let him live and maybe even allow him to be kept around, the enemy you know and all that. Better him here under eye rather than out there, doing whatever. However as his rambling continued and some rather damning things were said, even if he was denying that he’d ever do those, she began to wonder and a tiny itsy bitsy shard of paranoia reared it’s ugly head once more. Can they allow him to live? She’d be a hypocrite if she denied ever making contingency plans while in quarantine and afterwards. She practically slept with a chair in arm’s reach because it was the only improv weapon they currently had at hand at their home.

The proceedings now, all the word spoken, emotions and thoughts revealed, finally put Amelia in deep thought. How did she prefer this play out after all? Was her original idea of just keeping him under watch and around viable? Was he more dangerous out of the gates? Was the final solution the best one for the safety of everybody? Her mind raced mile a minute, going in loops and circles, trying to reach a conclusion. She didn’t like this.


Lisa Mason
Location: General Housing(X)
Skills: N/a


Everybody had different ways of coping with grief and in Lisa’s case, she didn’t want to currently wake up from hers. The world inside the dream was perfect, well as perfect as it could be in a Victorian Era fairy tale adaptation. Mansion inside the dream was huge, she and dream Lucy got to experience all manner of things while they were doing their jobs. Then there was the fact that they were helping the proverbial Cinderella to win Prince Charming. Granted there were no glass shoes involved in this case, no fairy godmother either, but with a bit of hardwork on the maids’ part and kind meanings, they got the girl suited and prettied up for the ball. Adding a bit of help from the rest of the manor’s caretakers and the rightful heir was the most beautiful girl at the Ball!

It was perfect story, weird vampire zombie creatures roaming the street here and there not withstanding… Weird dreams were weird, but hey, Dream Lucy and Lisa got to beat one to death with frying pans at one point when it made their way inside the manor via the back door for some reason and following that there were some weird duel going on in the reception hall of the manor while everybody was simply dancing… Weird dreams.

β€œUghhh… this is the last time I duel off vampire zombies with a frying pan while dancing waltz…” She groaned, sleepily, rubbing her eyes for a moment, before they snapped wide open. β€œWait what?” She blinked in confusion, before scurrying off to grab the paper she had left nearby to write that shit down. There were some things that you just didn’t think of while awake and you better not let them go after you wake up.
Medaria was having a really fun day today! First there was fighting, then scary demon, then explosions, sparkles, unnatural warp based abilities, chaos spawns, people dying, conspiracy and so much more! She also go to play with grenades sho she was grinning like a madwoman underneath her breather device. She eyed the newcomer with a happy glint in her eyes, wanting to be friends and then followed the rest of the team into the dublicated governor office. She was extremely giddy at the look of it and right away started poking at the wiring indeed to confirm if the electrical instalations and other network cabling were in the same configuration, for the glory of the Omnisiah or it was just a cleverly ellaborate ruse!" You know, they could use this place to issue planetwide announcements if they just have somebody masquarade as teh governor and nobody will be the wiser for it~ Or this is to be used as emergency bunker later in case of an invasion from our side and the cultist control the planet." Medaira chirpped, fiddling iwth a wall panel and the wiring behind it. She was now checking if the room's air conditioning was the same as the real office, if it was she was also going to mess with it because why the Emperor not?

"Hmmmm~?" She made a questioning sound when she was called by Adrianne." Yes, Psyker-friend?" She asked, innocently, holding what appeared to be a metal panel in one hand, a bunch of wires in the other and her mechadendrites were doing something to the system in teh meantime. Medaira tilted her head, hearing the question and eyed the book. She eyed the book like a predator, pondering the ammount of pranks she could use it for, then tilting her head in the other direction, weighting the pros and cons of such actions until she decided that it was probably better left contained for the time being no matter what.

"YES~!" She replied happily, tossing a look at the Armsman." Not far off the standard containment protocols, Prank Victim Friend 2! Make a metal box, slaps holy seals on it, put book into holy sealed box, then put another holy warded box on top of the first one, then use remote means of carrying the thing to minimalize warp and chaotic influences. Maybe even fill the box with blessed prometium just in case a quick burnout is needed." She stated happily as her mechadendrites dropped whatever htey were doing and one of htem turned out to have a welding torch in it." I will have the box made faster than you could recite the Imperium safety manual for boarding a ship! We can use braided cabling ropes to pull the box from afar too or I can use my mechadendrites to carry it 5 feet in front of or behind me..." She stated and started using bits of metal and wires into what sane people would call abstract art.

"We need purity seals! And wards... Maybe we can bless the box itself too!" She was chattering as she worked, creating a box just enough for the book of those dimensions fit in. Once inside, it wasn't oging to ahve enough space to even lightly open it. it was going to stay as sealed as it could be, not to mention she was going to be welding the metal box shut just in case.
"No worries, no rush." Cat replied calmly, giving the man a studying look for a moment." Cabling is one of those things that people don't ask for until they need it or it's delivered to them. Places usually have a stock salvaged from all around, but always buy more. The more technological the settlement, the more their need for cables and even less advanced ones use them since as long as they can provide energy, network of lamps is a great thing to have, good for defense also. Heck, we were required to know how to set up a lightpost when we were going through training." She mused as they started moving again, she didn't bring up the topic of teaming up again. It was something she casually mentioned to him cause it would likely coem into play sooner or later. Maybe he'd be able to settle down and never venture out again or maybe not, but they did survive now some hours or so of chaos and they worked off each other well enough.

The location marked with a pentagon turned out to be an improvised home or shelter. She put her new tool to good use, forcing the frozen door open through it's locked state and they entered, looking around through the light of the torch. She metaphorically froze at the sight an sighed, studyign the two tiny bodies and then looked at the pictures on the wall. It told a grim and morbid story."I suppose I was off with my original estimation for his death... the frost, lack of humidity and bugs must have mummified him... If that picture of a bat is anything to go by... that was likely these two's father. The mother either didn't manage to survive till this place or she tried going in search for her husband and never made it back." She said and gave the two small bodies a polite bow and salute. They must have died out here alone, huddling for warmth when their parents never returned. They ran out of food eventually and then passed away in their sleep. Her eyes lingered on the picture of a sun now. She walked off to it, touching it with the tip of her fingers, like it would fracture and vanish of she pushed harder. She had never seen the sun, by the time she waqs born the cataclysm had struck and the skies were blocked off in perpetual clouds and storms. She had heard rumors that at very rare cases you could see the blue skies before you die. Wondered how much that was true, but she found herself fascinated with the drawing of a sun for a good while longer.

"Alright, Donny, we've got two choices, we try to push through and go even further on, or we can camp here for the night. This break room is secure enough once we close the door, that even a Brute Crab wouldn't be able to breakt through it in one go." She told him, looking around for possible things to use as fuel for a campfire. There were the wooden tables that would burn rather nicely. Sadly in this kind of world, the bodies of the dead didn't matter. Still out of politeness, she used one of the jackets to cover the heads and upper torsos. A final late gesture of kindness to allow them to rest in piece.
Ahh understandable. Rona's been a downright pain in the ass for a long while now.
@Lucius CypherHeya how have you been?
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