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Current End term is truly such a pain ><! My time got cut off a lot, at least it's almost near the end! After a few more days, I should be back to normal!


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Satilla Valen

Location: The Tower
Interacting With: The Group

Everything happened rather fast and the locked door was blown, allowing them to see and enter into the room. What she didn't expect though was Thomas rushing forward. There was a certain sound of cloth tearing as the younger man found himself inside the room, displaying a certain rather well tailored... underlinens.

“Ohhh my.” Satilla said rather calmly, but with hints of slight embarrassment and concern, placing a hand on her cheek. Almost like a big sister worried about a younger sibling who just fell after tripping and ripped his trousers.” Thomas...” She started to call him when the hooded figure spoke. It was different from what she imagined and expected. Now there was this other thing that he said and she made a little bit of mental reasoning.

“Thomas, come back here, right now!” She called him with rather stern voice, not taking her eyes off the hooded figure and the person in the bed. The witch couldn't see the one in the bed's state, but the way that man worded it, this was possible desease or curse? Any sort of malady was very dangerous.” What has befallen him?” She asked, half from healer obligation, half of trying to get more info to see if this was just a trap.
@Lady Amalthea Well... as Satilla would put it: Ohh my.(in overly big sisterly voice)
@Lady Amalthea now everyone can see Thomas's underwear right xD?
chaos combine the unreasonableness of hte imperium with a whole lot of funsies personality traits.
reasonable... yeah... that's a word.... not one I will associate with 99% of the imperium though
Vala: Stupid fanatics... *curses under her breath while riggin an ignition device to the fuelline non the less*
@Eisenhorn efficiency trumps personal spotlight. Vala wants to live to see another day...
Not to reapeat the same strategy again but.... isn't said titan requiring fueling like all machines? Shouldn't thereb e a convinient fuelline pipes around we can exploit to... BURN EVERYTHIGN TO CINDERS!

Amelia Payne

Location: Outer Wall Ruins

It took a few moments for Amelia to completely process Meg's words.' Need to get the hell out of here...' She repeated in her mind, looking at Meg with eyes still filled with tears.” Right...” Was the final reply of realization. It wasn't strong reply, as most in Amelia's case it was quiet. She nodded, quickly wiping her tears away, though that didn't completely stop them. Then she took Meg and Ray's hand to get up. Granted she did lean more on Meg to not burden Ray more because of his leg.

Amelia quickly entered the building as Meg held the door opened, since despite the shock her mind now had a goal she focused on survival. Yes they had to get out. To get out and survive they needed the bags. It was a really simple plan made out of few simple points: get bags, get out of the city, survive. Simple was what her mind needed right now. Shock was still there, she knew people were dead... didn't know who. There was no way everyone survived. For all she knew they may be the only ones left though that was a terrifying thought. She hoped there were many alive. She needed to see Riley.' Riley was away form here... she should be fine right?' She thought as she stormed in the search of the bug out bags.

Locating 3 bags weren't that difficult.” Here!” Amelia called,finally seeing the bags. There were two backpacks and a bag.” I will take the bag.” She stated, frankly Ray could only go with a backpack because of his condition and even that would be a hindrance to him in the moving through the ruined walls and buildings. Without further ado, she took it. Didn't matter if it had a female set of clothes or male, they could switch them later.

Kosara Koleva

Location: Lake

“...” Kosara looked at Abe for a moment before sighing. Well there was an use of that and frankly should use the chance to set up a few devil's traps on the ground on the way. If she draws them on the earth with a stick, they will stay for a little or she could scratches them on a few trees forming a good trap that way.” Fine... I will wait in the car for now, don't you get lost or fall somewhere...” She said warningly.” I don't want to live alone if something happens to you, gramps.

“Be careful and return quickly. Make the kiddos start heading back before it starts to get dark if you meet them. Predator animals are more active after sundown. Best to have them out of the forest before that.” She threw in, as she bolted backwards towards the car. She planned to grab a few good positions around where they parked and make some devil's traps. The car was protected by sigils now so inside it should be safe, though around it was another matter.

“Better get started...” She mumbled to herself and just quickly took a stick from the ground, starting to draw a real basic one on the ground some distance between where she broke away from Abe and the car. She was going to make a few ones indeed.
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