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Priscilla Harker

Location: The museum
Skills: None

β€œMmmhhmmmmm...” She made a sound and followed after Akhmed started leading her somewhere and was in the middle of a speech that seemed to be explaining the origin of the mark on her stomach. She kept mostly quiet as she followed and listen to him with focused expression, occasionally rubbing her stomach through the shirt to feel the branded skin underneath. It really wasn't a pleasant feeling.

β€œAlright, let me get this straight...” Mosi started as Akhmed was doing his explanation.” So this is the mark of Seth... Seth is a bad guy, representing danger and other general nasty stuff right?” She asked and looked at him with a mix of serious and confused expression.” Why would I have the mark on my stomach branded? Especially the mark of that guy?” She asked as the curator also appeared and earned a raised eyebrow from her since he and Akhmed started discussing divine rights of succession all the sudden.

β€œAlright, alright, do not argue who's got the right of rulership over Egypt on the gods side.” Mosi stated to interrupt the curator and Akhmed who were having some kind of argument here. She had no idea why though.” Just tell me what this mark means. You can leave the bickering between you two for after that.” She added and pulled her shirt once more to underline her current predicament.” Also this Seth guy looks weird, is that head of a real animal? Because I for sure haven't seen that animal before.”

Amelia Payne

Location:Sharpsburg , Main st.(F11)
Skills: N/A

The whole location seemed incredibly quiet right now. Amelia realized so almost in amazement as she was keeping watch and waiting for the next person to stand vigil. She almost couldn't believe it was so quiet and calm, given the situation from just hours earlier when everything was a growing nightmare and they lost so many people... People dying in front of them. She shivered at the mere memory of it.

Finally after a while, she didn't even realize exactly how much time had passed, Ray woke up and came to her.” Ohh...” She made a sound as she noticed him and smiled to him.” Thank you, Ray.” She said to him with a small quiet voice and pulled herself up from sitting on the ground. Amelia made a hurt groan when she did so because her muscles were still screaming at her. The fact Ray wanted to change with her was really good for her and she knew it.

β€œLook, wake me if something happens or you need help or company, okey?” She called out to Ray with a smile as she pulled herself to the sleeping bag and moved back into it, turning to the side. She didn't feel as tired anymore, but felt herself drift to the land of the dreams once more. Only when she was laying in the sleeping bad did her sore body felt somewhat relaxed, though not entirely without soreness." You will wake me if something happens right?" She tiredly pleaded as she was slowly drifting off.

Constantin Kolev

Location: London : Northwest Inner Wall( Exiting)
Skills: Tretiy Glaz(passive), Fal'shbort(passive)

A lot of things were going down and the Bazhooli's booming voice was being heard all the time right now. Apparently their desitnation was being altered. The firewalker blinked, shook his head and sat in the wagon, rubbing his eyes and then his temples for a few moments.' Vhat's going on right now? Something seems to be going down and ve aren't the ones in control...' Apparently their destination was a place called Bristol.

β€œVhat the...” He finally mumbled and shook his head. There if the plan was being altered it could very well mean that they will be getting further and further away from Veta rather than catching up to her.” Unless...” He mumbled with a thinking expression on his face. There maybe was a certain way for them to travel faster? After seeing the bloody wall open up, Constantin couldn't help but wonder if the bloody weird German didn't have a lot of other such miracle like tricks up his sleeves.

Seeing that resting could very well be hard given the situation with the circus possibly going on another direction, Constantin moved over to the driver seat of the wagon and sat by his father. He checked his weapons one more time before being satisfied. Where were they going to head now all depended on the leadership so he was going to wait... and ponder his revenge on the Talink and German fellows.
Of all things to happen to Vala, teh techpriests speaking to her in binary with a weirdly comforting sounding way made her cringe. Maybe it wasn't really in the idea to be comforting or nice, but it came off that way and it just made the merc let out a loud sigh as she stopped working on THE bomb for a little while. She wished she had a nuke... yeah tactical nuclear device would have done wonders. She once got to see one form up close. A real honest to the emperor nuclear bomb... She so regretted not having the cash to get it back then, but then again it came with being a merc... "01001001 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111" She finally replied with another sigh." I read and comprehend binary well enough, speaking is hard because human vocal cords aren't made for it." She stated with a shrug as she was doing some final connecting of pieces on her little tech heresy on which she was working with a visible glee.

She barely registered a new arrival, well at least didn't register him until she was ready with the bomb. She started laughing with a wide grin." Done well done enough." She stated as the only missing component was the triggering mechanism." Once this thing goes off, anything close to it will be vaporised... Normal explosions to spread out the plasma even further, anything that's within the blast radius is toast, doesn't matter if it's a warp portal!" She stated rather proudly, as she looked at the trigger device in her hand which at this point consisted really of a weird mix between time delayed switch and remote controlled trigger." Once I insert the trigger we can set the detonation time, but I simply cannot ensure too long of a detonator range. Underground isn't exactly easy for any wireless devices to get connection." She stated, looking at the others.
Satilla Valen

Location: The Tower, Floor 1 -> Outside the tower.
Interacting With: Ancient cosmic powers of the load bearing boss cliche and the sturdy floor... and Thomas!

The world felt like it was crumbling down around her as she tried to move. Hell this was not how she wanted to go, but under the adrenaline and the threat of death you didn't really have much chance to think about anything complex while attempting to flee for your life. She managed to get some distance as she walked, but the tower finally looked like it was giving up because it started really crumbling down.

At first the witch thought this was going to be her grave. She didn't want it to be, but it wasn't too bad, she mused. She did some good managed to defy her upbrining so that was good, then something else happened. She was hit by some kind of shockwave or something as the back walls crumbled first. The force of it knocked her off her feet and she slit towards the exit. Now this was not something she ever expected to happen and all things considered she was grateful for it. Then she hit something and said somethign turned out to be a very poorly located Thomas who got knocked down and fell on her and she then hit Keystone, who stood like a mountain there." Aghhh... I'm out...!" She mumbled in a painful groan, trying to get up, but not really able to move at all since there was somethign heavy on her and her body was screaming from the impact.

She was in a very uncomfortable position at the end of it, but at least it was only a thin Thomas on top of her and not Keystone. Granted she was covered in puke and everything, but that was mild concern when it got to the overall situation of the area with the tower coming down. That said they were still not out of dodge as she realized a stone could very well crush them all down into pancakes.

Claire Winters

Location: Her home, New York City, New York
Interacting With: Trevor the GeneticLab Annoyance.@Nallore

Claire's dream was just getting to the most serious part when the noise from the construction started once more. Just as she was knocking on a door in a dream, the noise of machinery and construction started to leek into the dreamworld and her dream mudded up, turning weird as she was waking up. Sounds overlapping and the like until she finally woke up completely with the nice addition of music from the neighbors. Meeting the attractive ME aside, this day was not turnign out too great so far. She had lab annoyances and now also this construction work. She had the feeling she should just go on a proper vacation. Maybe a rental cottage somewhere away from the big city.

"For Pete's sake... what time is it...?" She mumbled then her phone went off with a message. She sighed, rolled around in bed, sighed some more and finally reached for the phone to check what it was. Apparently a message from Olivia. Now that made sense... She sighed and quickly typed back a message.' Alright, I will check what the police database has on it next time I'm on shift.' That was her reply and she finally rolled out of the bed, slipping off the silk robe exposing bare skin as she headed for the bathroom to take a bath. After that was done, she dressed up in some casual tshirt and jeans and crashed into the sofa in the living room, waiting for time to pass, and wondering if she had to punch a dude to get things more quiet or something.

Amelia Payne

Location: Riley's car, Los Angeles, California
Interacting With: Riley@Nallore

Amelia followed Riley into her home and couldn't help, but look around as she did so. THe penthouse looked just so different from anywhere she's ever been. More importantly she's only seen such lux on the tv or other shows about high end homes about people." It's a great place!" She exclaimed as she threw a look at the view outside the window while she was following Riley. The scenery was certianly spectacular. Amelia briefly wondered if her uncle will believe her if she told him where she was going to be staying at... and with whom." Alright, I'm behind you!" She hurried to say following right behind the singer.

When she saw her new room, Amelia couldn't believe her eyes at first. She blinked a few times and walked ot the bed where she put down her luggage." It's a nice room! Really nice!" She added and sat down on the bed next to her luggage. She couldn't believe her luck, but was it really luck? She even missed that Riley's phone got a message as she was too preoccupied with thinking and spinning in circles in her mind.

"No..." She said blushing slightly with a smile and looked at her rather small ammount of luggage. It was just a few bags so it wasn't too much." I can get that sorted myself easily enough, thank you, Riley." She made sure to thank the other woman with a bashful voice and slight blush." I would love a drink though, a glass of water will be enough..." She started saying, but panicked about it sounding too forceful. That said her voice was quiet, shy and meek so there was simply NO imposing vibes going on even." I will come to get the glass, no need to concern yourself with me...!" She tried to add.
Good rule and is that the turn order?

Kosara Koleva

Location: 052 Forrester Drive

While Kosara didn't show it, she recognized the name Asmodeus right away and it gave her a cause for concern." I was right to say this was serious after all." She stated though with flat voice as they headed to the basement." We are dealing with a king of hell levels of demon here." Quickly said to Abe." If Asmodeus gets a hosts into our world things will be bad and I'm not sure we will be able to deal with it. That said we better not let it go to that point."

"Not his girlfriend smoke for brains. I'm his niece." Kosara corrected the demon right away and unsheathed her sword also reaching for the holy water with which she poured some on the metal." You see those upstairs aren't really versed in this. They are sort of new, but I..." She said with devilish flames dancing in her eyes as she slid the tip of the consacrated sword across the man's cheek." I have experience with dealing with demons. Now now don't worry. I will be exorcising you in the end, but first we will have some talk to be done." She said and started spraying the demon with drops of holy water." Now I know you bastards love the hard way so I won't even ask if you wish to do it easy." She added and directly then splashed more water into the demon's face." You can speak whenever you feel like it. I want to know about Asmodeus and if he's in this world or have yet to manifest beyond hell."

Valencia Johnson

Location: The Lab
Skills: N/A

"No excuses sir, just observations, logical comclusions and general MO for different events, sir." Valencia replied with calm voice as the leader of SHIELD seemed rather pissed on his own right. Well she wouldn't blame him that was a pretty dumb way to go, but she wasn't even completely sure it was her fault. After all a minor injury on the forearm shouldn't cause near instant death.

"First of all sir, the fact we didn't recieve mission operation gear when entering the Framework put me who doesn't carry a gun within the academy in disadvantage. At the Bulgarian Military Academy we wouldn't carry weapons until given exercises. From there it's the problem with the enemy mutant. The fact is illusions cannot simply be broken from what I've been taught. Optimal strategy against an weaponless enemy with a illusion power would be to let them attack and grab them, but because of her power of deseases I think it was, that option wouldn't be optimal and would likely lead to casualties." She explained without any emotion.

" As for hte enemy, a melee fighter with illusion power would be best countered by waiting for a strike and neutralizing them when a contact is made so you can confirm physical presence, but since I believe the secondary power of the enemy was connected with touch of desease or something similar, such a strategy is unusuable. Beyond waiting for the enemy to neutralize you with a physical touch hidden until the last moment from the illusion, the best course of action would have been to attempt to distrupt the illusion. Given physical pain and injury allows people to focus through mind altering afflictions such as drugs and the like, it was simply the most basic and direct option possible I could think of at the moment in time. As altering the brain chemistry through the release of adrenaline and other compounds during injury should affect the illusion at an ideal situation." She ended her explanation with flat calm voice without any apparent stress or concern. After all she was rather sure something was up with the simulation anyhow, that injury was hardly fatal in normal cases.

Priscilla Harker

Location: The museum
Skills: None

She kept attention on Akhmed's face and saw that his smile vanished when his eyes fell onto the brand. Curious and possibly concerning. She had to know more now! She stood firm without moving or showing shyness or anything else as he came closer and even went kneeling so he can get a closer look. Mosi just looked at him with answers demanding eyes, waiting for him to speak.

β€œMm?” Mosi made a questioning sound as she heard a familiar voice to the side. Turning her head to the side to see the source of the voice, she didn't even bother to let down her shirt. Indeed it was someone she now knew, in fact someone with whom she took the same ride last night, it was Lauren.” Hello, Lauren. Good morning to you too.” She greeted with a smile and turned back to Akhmed.

This was a rather weird thing she had went through so yeah. She wanted answers to it. She believed in the supernatural well enough. She wanted to study the supernatural as much as she can, but to suffer through this she wanted to be sure it wasn't some evil omen or something the likes of that. If it went that route well things would be complicated fast.

β€œSure, lead the way.” She replied with a smile non the less and finally let her shirt fall down again as she headed to follow after the man.
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