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Current End term is truly such a pain ><! My time got cut off a lot, at least it's almost near the end! After a few more days, I should be back to normal!


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@Paradoxial It could work actually. Though in Alliana's case it's not important since she's not any god's follower xD Though on that note I'd have to ask you about hte possible buffs you thought up for drinking blood types. Since well she's been at it for a while she's bound ot know at least what effects some types of blood have.
@Crazytazer No one has as of yet ^^ So it should be fine ^^
@rivaan lmao, you are safe Riv. Your character was outside and wasn't part of this. Take a breath. ^_~

Phew~ *wipes sweat off forehead and goes back to monster hunting.*
D; *runs to hide*

Constantin Kolev

Location: The Almack's.

'But if they vere led into the city...' He thought, making a dark grimace. That meant someone in the city was doing something equal to a mass murder. Excluding the possibilities of soulless sneaking in, this had a lot of implications. What could have been the end goal with sneaking soulless into the walls though?' Is someone going to use them to expand their power? Kill off the competition?' He thought, tilting his head to the side.

Now that was a classing power struggle and schemes plot that would actually make sense. Soulless... were a force to be reckoned with because they weren't mindless.' It's possible for them to make a deal...?' He wondered. Yeah after all... they weren't stupid and there were men with wicked hearts out there.' Vhat would stop the soulless from turning onto their partner though?' Constantin wondered, his fingers drumming along the handle of his sabre. This was a curious subject to discuss. Maybe he could get Elizaveta to talk about this with.

Priscilla Harker

Location: The road towards the museum!(The mysterious filled with adventure Side Street!)

It truly was not a mistake to put the time to look about in this side street. Away from the busy traffic from the tourists, it proved to be it's own very specific unique flavor she wished for. Even more than the more heavily populated main streets, this was Egypt! She was smiling as she browsed, until a voice attracted her attention.”Hmmm?” She made a questioning intrigued sound, locating the source of the voice. She was almost like a cat who's attention just got pulled by offering of food.

Well this surprised her. The man seemed quite insistent with her trying out his food, but she didn't really feel anything bad about it. She was smiling just about to take the offered piece when a woman appeared behind him. She was not a local though. From the sound of her voice she was European, most likely Irish going by the looks and if her accent memories weren't lying to her!

“No problem.” She replied, reaching to take the small piece.” I didn't think any bad ill of it.” Mosi said with a smile to indicate nothing bad was assumed indeed.” Actually I really haven't. Just arrived earlier, you see. Didn't get a chance to...” She explained, quickly pulling to try what she was given. She blinked in very pleasant surprise.

“I'd like to order a proper sized one though!” Mosi suddenly stated with a bright smile! Might as well enjoy the food while she was here! Then more browsing and the museum afterwards! It appeared she would have her hands full with stuff to do today!

Amelia Payne

Location: Building 2 (Mess Hall)

Amelia's only good idea about what she could give James was just pretty much shot down like a duck in hunting season by Chloe's statement. She wanted to say something, but no words came out of her mouth in confusion and after a moment closed it, returning to pondering the very uncomfortable situation that she found herself in. James was leaving and she had nothing to give him... A friend was going to vanish from her life.

“Yes...” She finally quietly agreed with Riley's sister about the time. She had no ideas of what to do with this. What could she gift him? He was going to have a knife of his own. A medkit just got shot down too. She sighed, unable to think of anything.

Amelia looked at Riley with a frown.” But... I couldn't think of anything in the end...” She said and sighed before took the hand and stood.” We'd better get there indeed. Even if we cannot give him something, at least to wish him safe travels and say goodbye.” Amelia said quietly. She was pretty sure this might be a final goodbye and that's one of the things that hurt her most. The world wasn't fair and the knew that there were enemies around them too. She did try to ignore that at least for the moment though. Amelia's current hope was that she'd be able to send off James with strong face... This was going to be hard to swallow even without tears.
@Eisenhorn I see a facepalm xD
*rivaan not impressed face*
@Andromedai Dunno if I will join. Have yet to decide you know. So no poking!
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