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Current End term is truly such a pain ><! My time got cut off a lot, at least it's almost near the end! After a few more days, I should be back to normal!


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Amelia Payne

Location: Outer Wall

Amelia stopped swinging as Kristina's hand found her way on her shoulder. Amelia looked at her friend, trying to keep her tears from appearing with a rather questionable success. She wiped them away with her sleeve as she nodded.” I guess... I don't want to even think of … him anymore.” Amelia mumbled, clenching a fist.” Couldn't he have been the one to bite it first... then they wouldn't have had to die.. or leave.” She bit her lip.

“We could hope so... right?” Amelia quietly replied.” At the very least... they won't have to suffer this world anymore.” She added grimly, bringing her hands firmly onto the hoe once more, waiting for Kristina to pull away before she swung once more with nearly all of her strength, causing her hands to feel the shock from the hoe hitting the hard earth.” This place made me forget... the death around the corner.” She finally said with sad voice.” I made the mistake to allow myself to think that maybe it was going to be all alright. It's not going to be... life is short...” She mumbled, making a mental decision. She was going to be happy with Riley. As much as reality hurt. If she was to die, she didn't want to die without leaving a love and blissful memories behind.

"It didn't use to hurt like this... when I didn't have friends." She quietly said." But... I cannot bring myself to live that empty life again."

Kosara Koleva

Location: Abe's home

"Yes... yes... gramps." She shouted from inside hte house as she was bundling up the last of her 'tools'. She put them neatly in a sack before rushing outside, naturally locking the front door and then going ot hte trunk of hte car to put them inside. With a pistol and knife on herself ready and her main weapons in the trunk in case of need, she felt ready enough and quickly hopped in hte passenger's seat by Abe.

"You know... we should ward off the car against spiritual presences later just in case." She stated suddenly." Actually I will do so when we return later. Never know when it might come in handy." She smiled innocently as she put on the safety belt.

"Hey gramps... if this proves to be as big as we suspect, shouldn't we call some more hunters here?"
@bobert778*throws the balls again, but this time adds banana peels*

Priscilla Harker

Location:The Museum

“Ahh...” Mosi made a sound of realization when the man corrected her way of pronouncing the name of the weapon. “Khopesh, of course.” She said repeating the way he said the word with a nod.” I apologize, I will try to remember it to heart.” She added as she quickly followed after him. The man was really courteous and polite. She wasn't used to be spoken much in such a way.

“Yes, thank you. This will do perfectly.” She thanked Ahkmed with a smile.” Lined this way allows one to well see the way the craft advanced through the ages.” She noted pulling her notepad and pen once more.” The way the blade's curved and bent into this shape suggests it's original form was similar to an axe no?” She asked.” If my memory serves correctly, I remember reading it's origins indeed should be found in some form of a battle axe. It's a really unique type of sword indeed...” She nodded to herself, doing rapid sketching across the pages of her notebook, making some assumptions on the lengths or wights by eye.” Now I really want to forge one... It will be wonderful in my collection... hehehe.” She said with an almost daredevil like smile on her face.
Huehuehue... yes~~~~~~
Satilla Valen

Location: The Tower
Interacting With: The Group

This was madness. She realized the degree of severity that Thomas must have felt in order to turn his insides out like that. The way he threw up, probably emptied almost all of his stomach was bad for his body as he was rolling about. This was bad... they barely started and one of them was already down. Luckily there wasn't an enemy present.

“Thomas...” Satilla said as she moved nearby, rummaging to find his waterskin. The others were hurrying this up so there was not much time.” Thomas, get a hold of yourself! Here... wash your mouth and face with some water. Don't drink yet, just wash and spit.” She added, noting that Keystone was going full door punching mode.

Until he cleans his mouth, the unsettling sensation in it will stay and make things worse. He probably could use a few minutes of rest, but they didn't have the time. There was the option to give him a potion which she would do when she's certain he wouldn't throw it up also." If I knew this would happen, I would have prepared some stomach settling medication..."

Constantin Kolev

Location: The Tent City.

Constantin's heart almost exploded when he saw that Veta took breath! This was almost akin to miracle and he only threw a glance at Myshka. The tiger was naturally worried about Veta and Constantin suspected given the chance because of that treatment they gave her, they were going to be feline food soon if Veta hadn't breathed. Still the fact she was living for now was all fine and good, but they had to keep her alive!

“Cold gear, right away!” Constantin replied with utmost haste as he dashed off get to Viktor. He doesn't remember running so fast since just a little while ago when he bolted through the opening in the mist. Now both the cases of him pushing his speed to the limit were about Veta. She was among the closest of friends. No way he's letting himself not help her to the utmost.

“Ringmaster! We need cold gear for Veta!” Constantin almost shouted as soon as he came near the location where Victor usually was.

He hadn't confirmed Viktor was here even though he called so he hurried to look about to find the man. If he was here and heard him -great! Otherwise damn he was ready to grab the gear himself and just suffer punishment later if he had to. No time to lose.
@Lady Amalthea Ookey.. I was expecting a trip into madness, but that turned rather pleasant xD Made me want to dance!
*distant tap dancing*

O_o... *throws oil and glass balls all over the floor under Bobert*
@CAS1006 I got what the hint was, doesn't mean it didn't sound like Wylde was ahaving a Beatrix complex xD
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