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Current I wonder how, I wonder why, yesterday I thought I saw your mom in the sky.


Welcome to the small bio section here.
I'm a 25 year old Dane (Danish person) and I have roleplayed for so many years that I don't actually know how many years it has been.
My mother language is Danish and not English, so if you see some grammar mistakes, then that would be the reason :)

I can roleplay on an advance setting, where I write multiple paragraphs, or I can roleplay where it's a couple of paragraphs. No matter what, I'll always write more than one line, since that's just my style :)

I love music and I love playing music, as well as roleplaying and gaming, just so you know what hobbies I like. Other than that, there's not much to tell. Ask away if there's anything you'd like to know :)

Over and out - Valchyrie.

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Numinia - Craving!
@Blox No problem my friend. It's what I'm here for ;)
@Blox Not only. My plots might seem romance based, but it's more like, I'm seeking roleplays WITH romance in them. It's just if I don't write that, people assume that I want a roleplay WITHOUT romance in it. But it is in no way the force behind the roleplay itself. If we have a medieval roleplay with a big bad evil, that's the main force, while the romance is a side effect of the story. However, I do seek to have it IN the roleplay :)
I've added the following stories:

Gamer Girl.

The bigger Lady.

The Demonic Witch.

The Summer princess.
Updated: The Guild Of Hunters CRAVING!

The Abandoned Underworld CRAVING! :)
Updated with The Hidden Life and The Age Of Princes. Both of them are cravings! I will love you forever to contact me about one of them!
Added "Deceit & Hope". Please be aware that I'm looking for commitment for this, and good posting size.
Updated with "The Dead Return" craving :)
Updated with a craving story! Heavenly Conflict - Angelic Law.

And I won't update my post more for this month ;)
Updated with the story: Rare Oni. Really looking for someone to roleplay this! :D
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