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Hello, and welcome to my bio!

About me:
While I don’t get too personal on forum bio’s, I will say that I am easy going and friendly, with an odd sense of humor that can take some getting used to. Since we are on an RP forum, it is safe to assume that I enjoy writing. I also enjoy gaming off and on. I am male and an adult, though I’m fairly certain my mind got left behind where maturity is concerned.


I’m not one for counting words or paragraphs, and usually just let things ride along until I’m done. Ordinarily, my posts will probably fall within the high casual to advanced regions.

Post Frequency:
This can differ from week to week. I don’t like to leave my partner hanging too long, at least not without a word to let them know I may be delayed. One to three posts a week would be my least, depending on the length and involvement, but if I do get delayed due to work or other real-life activities, I will let you know so that you don’t sit there wondering whyyyy.

Personally, I find OOC chats can be important for things like world building and keeping things running smoothly in the IC, but it really does depend on the RP and partner. PM’s on the forum will usually do the trick. I do have Discord, but I wouldn’t normally find it necessary.

Adult stuff:
Generally, I prefer to play things out as they happen naturally in the storyline, whatever that might entail.

-Blood and gore, like most other things, have their place where they fit appropriately. I wouldn’t normally head into an RP for the sole purpose of violence and bloodshed, but if the plot does call for things like that along the way, then I wouldn’t say that I have a faint heart.

-Where romance is concerned, the usual question on peoples lips is the matter of sexual content. While I am open to writing out everything the story leads into, I will say that the story and plot is most important and will always come first. If sexual interactions get involved, I will not engage in levels of smut my partner is not comfortable with. Finding out limits is a matter of courtesy.

In terms of magic:
I prefer to keep things on the plausible side. I'm aware that plausibility can vary from person to person. We can discuss this, too.

Plots and Character:
This is a loose topic for me. At times a fixed plot can be good, but more often I enjoy the surprise and suspense of not having a concrete plot in place. Freedom of creativity and adapting to the story as we go along is exciting. This is the case for characters, too. While setting parameters for a character is safe and even courteous, I also like to find out most about my partners character as I go along, and tend to enjoy having my own characters be revealed in a similar way.


My genre interests include -

Low Fantasy.
Slice of Life.

Time periods -


Writing and roleplaying is as an escape for me. Yet, while escape is a thing, I prefer to keep things believable; plausibly; whatever word you prefer to insert. Original content is my scene.

1x1 MxF is my go to.


Thank you for taking the time to read my Bio. I also have an interest check and plot ideas if you'd like to take a look.

Go ahead and PM me if you would like to discuss any ideas you may have. You're always welcome :)

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