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MxF. I normally play male characters while female partners play female roles.

Plot comes first. I play out mature scenes.

Posts are usually high casual to advanced.

I'll let my partner know if I can't reply within our usual time frame.

OOC communication works.

A base plot can be good. It's fun to have things open.



Low Fantasy.
Slice of Life.

Time Periods



Thank you for taking the time to read my Bio. I have a plot ideas thread.

PM me if you have any plot ideas. You're welcome :)

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Spirit of the Beast

Maltar gave Amandine a nod and a slight grin when she gestured with her sandwich to make note of his point about Mercenary work. Maltar had also observed Faline's lack of expression toward him and Amandine while they spoke their piece, which he deduced at first to be aloof. But it was only while the Half-Elvian woman began to express a considerable amount of knowledge on the Duskrot situation, that he figured she was probably just being patient with his lack of knowledge. Apparently, Maltar's mentors had been a little less forthcoming than Faline's were about their work involving the disease. Not that this surprised Maltar. While most of the knowledge he had acquired over the years had come from his mentors, he had of late spent much of his time away from home hunting the monsters that plagued the northern borders of Laelilon. It therefore stood to reason that Maltar may have known less about the current circumstances than some of the others in the room as well. He thought it best to bite his tongue for a while and listen.

Dorian's confirmation and consequential explanation was illuminating, to some degree, and the task the group was being asked to do in retrieving The Amulet of Selene from the woods did provide insight to Maltar's second enquiry about mercenary work. It was soon after Faline spoke of the Hiemaquas Dragonian tribe that the newest member of the group, a Dwelf decorated in heavy armor, made himself known and approached the table. Once the Dwelf positioned himself, Dorian answered Torsten's question for the second time, confirming that they were indeed being asked to head into the woods to retrieve The Amulet of Selene.

After Dorian had welcomed their newest member, Maltar turned his head down and to the left and observed the empty air beside him. He raised one eyebrow like he was listening to the empty space quietly speak to him. A moment later, Maltar nodded and turned his face back toward the group.

"Yeah... I agree." He then addressed a question to Dorian; "When do we leave to retrieve this amulet?"

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Spirit of the Beast

Maltar nodded to Faline for her confirmation of his inquiry, and he considered eating some of the pheasant Amandine provided, but he wasn't really hungry having eaten a few hours earlier. The Elvian had some thoughts to consider while he listened to a discussion between the members of his company, a brief discussion at that, due to Dorian returning with the arrival of a young swindler by the name of Gus. Then, soon after, entered a Northern Orc. Not something you see every day.

For a moment, Maltar remained in his seat while the groups dynamic shifted to include the new arrivals. It was only when Dorian commenced his speech that he made his way to the table and stood back from the group with his arms folded. It was amusing to watch the Orc scrutinize their host as he talked, so Maltar couldn't help but grin while listening to what the Governer's son had to say.

As Torsten mentioned after Dorian finished speaking, it was good to be assured that Thoren and Marya were still alive, but a part of Maltar leaned in favor of Budi's less than eloquent request. Maltar's only real interest up to this point was finding his adoptive parents. Still, Sir Dorian's yet vague proposition gained his intrigue.

"Mercenary Guild...." The Elvian hunter added with a hike of his brow at Sir Dorian. "I know a little about what my parents invested some of their time in. By 'working to solve a mystery affecting the Ellezag Plains', would you be referring to the plague? If so, solving a mystery behind a disease doesn't sound like typical mercenary work."

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@TiI hope the start of my second last paragraph allowed sufficient lapse of time for you to introduce Amandine properly. It wasn't my intention to ignore anything. Let me know if you'd like me to edit.
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