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Hey there, I'm Wolvena!
So, after being away from the roleplay world for a while, I'm ready to jump back in. I don't do many 1 on 1's because I tend to struggle to keep it going after a little bit. I normally go with group rps on the smaller side, just because I tend to get a bit lost in larger ones. My go-to genres are animal(mostly wolves), anime, sci-fi, and fantasy, though I'm always up to give something new a try.

Location: Texas
Addictions: Minty chocolate, Wolves, Supernatural Tv Show, Anime
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Even if you think you're alone, even if you think
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You are Not making mistakes,
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You are either Winning or Learning!

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Before Esme had asked Duke to grab her a chocolate bar and the painkillers from her car, Duke’s words repeated in her head. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t deny how happy she was to hear, “I’m not gonna go nowhere without you. If I leave, you leave,” come from his mouth, but in the back of her mind she had slight doubts about it actually happening that way because of how her luck was. She quickly pushed the intrusive thoughts to the back of her mind as Duke slowly walked her back to lean against her car. After finding her footing and leaning against the car, she watched Duke make his way around to the other side of the car, eager to help her in any way he could. As she watched him open the passenger side door, Sarah made her to Esme’s side to make sure she didn’t fall. Esme lifted her hand and placed it on Sarah’s head, giving it a scratch and silently letting her know she was alright. Sarah leaned into Esme when she moved her hand from the top of her head to her ear, then down to her neck, and patted it.

Watching Duke open the glovebox and pull out the chocolate and painkillers and pocket them while waiting for his answer to her question, caused a memory to quickly flash before her eyes of a different time. It had been the first time she had overused and had also been overwhelmed by her Empathic abilities around Duke, and it had been Dean that had grabbed the chocolate and painkillers while poor Duke stood off to the side completely confused about what was going on with her. That night she hadn’t been leaning against her beloved Chevelle like she was tonight, it had been Dean’s Impala outside a dilapidated warehouse that had once held a pack of Werewolves. They had played it off like she was suffering from low blood sugar so that they didn’t have to come clean about what she was capable of just yet. Though neither one of them knew for sure if he had truly bought it or not. She was brought back to the present by his chuckle and heard him come back to her side. After he opened the chocolate bar and handed it to her, she took it from him, then took a small bite.

When Duke spoke, a small smile came to her lips that was followed by a laugh to match his. She had also lowered her gaze to the chocolate bar in her hand as her cheeks flushed from him calling her, “His girl.” The words almost sounded too strange leaving his lips even with it making her happy to be called “his girl.” Though when he pulled the pill bottle from his pocket and read the label in the dim moonlight, she found herself questioning the words for some odd reason. Maybe it was because of events from her past, or maybe it could be because she was mentally and physically tired from losing control of her abilities that night, but she knew she shouldn’t be questioning it since she knew what kind of person Duke was. Esme mentally kicked herself for letting her mind drift and then pulled her attention back to Duke. A warm smile made it to her lips at his next words, brightening up the tired features of her face. Lifting her gaze from her chocolate bar, she looked up into his face catching his wince and apologetic look for not having anything for her to drink.

“Dry is fine. You should know this isn’t the first time I’ve had to swallow them dry.” she told him warmly as she took the pills from his hand. While Duke made his call to Bobby, Esme had taken the painkillers and had also managed to close the hood of her car, with the help of Sarah, who made sure she didn’t fall. As he spoke to Bobby, Esme leaned against her car, breaking off pieces of the chocolate bar and nibbling on them. She didn’t focus much on what Duke said to Bobby, because she was mostly focused on not eating the chocolate too fast and making herself sick. At his proud chuckle, she looked up at him just as he was looking at her. A relieved smile made its way to her lips hearing Bobby would come and pick up her car. A thought then hit her, with how things seemed to be going, maybe she would be better off leaving it at Bobby’s for a while. Yes, she loved having her car for those times she needed to go off on her own, but recent events had made it quite difficult even to drive her beloved car.

“Awesome! That means I have one less thing to worry about!” she said happily, which was followed by a light laugh. Then she slowly walked around him to the open driver’s door of her car, then sat down in the driver’s seat, leaning her shoulder against the back of the seat as she looked at him. “I’ll go along with going back to the motel, only because I know you’ll argue with me about going somewhere to get a bite after what you’ve witnessed tonight, but that’s only if you promise me we’ll pick something up on the way back.” she grinned. She knew he’d want to whisk her straight back to the motel now that her car situation had been resolved, even though they were both hungry and needed to eat. She knew he wouldn’t want to risk anything else happening to her with how weak she was after going nuclear. Esme then quickly glanced at her attire, and then back up and at the trunk of her car, and sighed softly. Before they left, she was definitely going to grab the duffle bag that had her clothes. She wasn’t about to let herself be stranded without them again.

“Could you help me with my duffles bags? I’m not looking forward to being stranded without clothes again and having to borrow from one of the girls again…. Unless you want to lend me something of yours to wear.” she said in a teasing tone followed by a mischievous grin. Esme knew Mika wouldn’t be too happy about having to lend her some of her clothes to wear again. She then popped one more piece of chocolate into her mouth before she folded the wrapper around the remaining chocolate and tucked it into a pocket of her jacket. Esme then scooted herself back and laid across the seat, opened the glovebox, and proceeded to fish out the remaining chocolate bars. She didn’t want to leave them in there with her car going to Bobby’s for a few days. By the time they made it to Bobby’s, there could be a mess waiting for her in the form of melted chocolate.

When Esme heard Duke’s answer to her question, she visibly winced even though she already knew the answer. If he had said no, she would have honestly been surprised. Scaring him and sending him running was the last thing she wanted, but when he kissed the side of her face and continued to talk, she nodded to show she understood, and the thought of him running at that moment faded. She smiled ever so slightly when he said it wasn’t the weirdest thing he’s seen but it was the weirdest from her and thought he was okay, and not killing him was a plus. She understood that he’d need time to process seeing her become a demon nuke, but part of her was glad that he witnessed it without the others after telling him about it not that long ago. And now he knew for sure that he wouldn’t get harmed or killed when it happened.

Esme kept her head rested against Duke and opened her eyes looking up at the night sky. Even though it didn’t seem like he was going anywhere at that moment, she did wonder if this whole thing would cause him to leave earlier than he intended. She pushed the intruding thought from her mind like she had done earlier that night. Knowing he was uneasy about this side of her, the old Esme would have started to push him away to keep him from witnessing anything more and possibly getting hurt trying to help her through it. She had tried to push both Duke and Dean away several times in the past when it came to her empathy getting the better of her but Dean fought against her and won. Now being older with a new ability, and going through so much on her own, it actually scared her of what it meant to go it alone and what this power meant. Truthfully, she didn’t want to go it alone this time.

Tilting her head, she rested her forehead against Duke’s neck, then released a soft sigh through her nose as she held onto his arms. “It’s always a plus when no one dies.” she breathed, nuzzling her head against him. “I know this whole thing has to have you uneasy and confused. This is the second time this has happened and I’m still confused about it.” She paused and closed her eyes briefly as she took a deep breath and slowly released it, due to her head pounding. “I’m sure yo……” She pauses again with a wince because of her pounding head and sighs softly. “You’re waiting for me to start pushing you away because that’s what I do. I push people away when I think it’s something I need to deal with on my own or I’m afraid they might get hurt if they stick around……” Esme then lifted her head from his shoulder and released his arm from her grip, she then slowly turned in his arms so she could see his face. “I’m not going to push you away. I’m done pushing others away.” she breathed looking into his face.

Lifting a hand, Esme gently placed it on his cheek. “I don’t want to go it alone anymore…. But if you do decide that this is all too much for you to handle and you need out…. I won’t stop you. I won’t force you to stay.” She spoke the truth. If he did want to leave because he didn’t know how to handle this or if it became too much, she wouldn’t stop him from going even though she didn’t want him to. She wasn’t one to force anyone to stay where they didn’t want to be, even if it hurt like hell to see them leave. She wasn’t that selfish of a person. “I love you too much to do that.” she told him as she ran her thumb across his cheek. Esme fell silent, watching him for a moment before she let her head fall into her free hand with a slight groan, closed her eyes, and messaged her temple. Her other hand slid from Duke’s cheek to his neck. “I need to get into the glove box. There should be some chocolate bars and some painkillers in it…. If they aren’t there, there’s a small purple bag in the trunk that will have it. Chocolate usually offsets the effects of when I overuse my empathy. I’m hoping it’ll help with this too.”

Even back when they were a team, Esme always made sure to keep some sort of chocolate on hand and easily accessible. She kept at least two bars or a small handful of small chocolates in the glove box, the same in the purple bag in the trunk, and in her duffle bags. On rare occasions, she’ll resort to some type of chocolate cookie, like Oreos or double chocolate chip cookies. After a moment, she opened her eyes and lifted her gaze just enough to where she could see her damaged car and sighed heavily, shaking her head a bit. “You don’t suppose I could sweet talk Bobby into coming and getting her, do you?” she asked him with a small smile. Sarah inched herself closer to Esme and gently placed her muzzle against Esme’s cheek. Esme smiled at the action and moved her hand from her cheek and placed it on Sarah’s, giving it a rub to reassure her she was alright.
As Arabella looked over at Harper, she gave a light laugh at her words which was followed by a nod. “That sounds like a great idea.” she told Harper. She watched as Harper walked past her and grabbed her duffle that was on the floor in the doorway. Once Harper had her duffle, Bella grabbed her own duffle off the floor with a wince and threw it over her shoulder. She took two steps out of the room before turning and looking back into the room at the damage. She gave a small sigh as she adjusted the bag on her shoulder. She was happy to be leaving this place, this case took way longer than it should have but she was glad to have gotten the ghosts to move on, even if it was by force on a couple of them. She was also glad there wasn’t any evidence to tie either one of them to any of this.

Turning on her heel, she followed Harper out of the building and walked over to her motorcycle. Once there, she threw her duffle on the back of it and securely strapped it down to the seat along with the other bag that was there. Pulling her keys from her pocket, Bella unlocked and opened the traveling box, and pulled out her helmet, then put it on after shutting the box. She then carefully mounted her motorcycle, put the key in, and started it up. Looking up ahead, Bella found Harper's Jeep and gave a signal letting her know she was ready before pulling away from where she was.

At The Motel

Bella followed close behind Harper but not too close. Pulling into the parking lot, she headed to where the reception desk was while keeping an eye on where Harper went. Once there, she parked, killed the engine, put the key in her pocket before getting off her motorcycle, zipped up her jacket to hide her injury, then headed in as she took off her helmet. As she walked up to the desk, she ran a hand through her hair to get it out of her face, then gave the man behind the desk a warm smile. “Good evening, Miss. How can I help you?” he asked her kindly. “I’d like to get a room for the night.” she told him as she held her helmet under one arm. “Sure thing.” he said with a small nod.

After a bit of small talk and a little flirting, Bella paid for a room and received her key. Making her way back to her motorcycle, she pulled around to where her room was, right next to Harpers thanks to her flirting and sweet talking. She parked next to Harper’s Jeep, quickly killing the engine, she took the keys in her hand and carefully got off. “I think I may have gotten lucky.” she told Harper, as she went to the travel box. “He seemed a little reluctant about giving me a room close to yours. Perhaps he was hoping something would happen tonight.” she laughed softly. She then unlocked and opened the box and placed her helmet inside, then pulled out her first aid kit, which was disguised as a toiletry bag. After locking the box, she placed her keys in her pocket and unbuckled her bags from the seat.

After freeing her bags, she leaned against them, careful not to bump her side, and looked at the room doors. She knew this wasn’t the best of places but it was better than sleeping outside tonight in the cold as she had done before. She then looked over at Harper with a soft look on her face. “So, which one of us gets patched up first?” she asked in a light tone. She felt like she and this woman were more alike than they both knew. She also thought that she could trust this woman. Funnily enough, Bella wasn’t one to trust other hunters easily.

Esme was fed up with demons. In less than three years, she felt she had dealt with enough of them to last her a lifetime or more. Anyone that knew her knew she was pretty good at keeping her emotions and empathy in check, but recently it felt like both were in overdrive. Anyone new would more than likely see her as nothing more than an emotionally unstable lunatic and have the men in white coats after her. This wouldn’t be the first time she was in a place like that, and it took weeks, possibly months for anyone to find her after she was taken. She still didn’t know just how long she had been there. Sure she could have asked her aunt but she couldn’t bring herself to talk to her about it, even when she had plenty of opportunities to. Even with all the time that has passed, talking or even thinking about it still took a heavy toll on her mentally. It also didn’t help that she was still slightly sleep deprived.

The rage within Esme was still growing and growing quickly, much more quickly than it had at Bobby’s and when she was here the first time. Even through the rage, she could feel Duke’s and Sarah’s nervousness at her sudden and drastic change. She could just barely hear Sarah’s barking and whining, it sounded as if she were far away making her feel somewhat alone. Her eyes then rolled into the back of her head and glowed more, she couldn’t stop the rage from taking her over and becoming too much to bear. Her head and chest both felt as if they were about to explode from the pain. When Duke came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, she flinched and her body grew tense. His voice and words got through but not enough to change her rising rage as much as he would have hoped. She was far too overwhelmed by the rage to turn the tables in her favor.

Bringing up her hands, she placed them on his arms and held onto him. A whimper of pain escaped her as she closed her eyes, still trying to fight against it, even though she knew it was in vain at this point. “I…… Can’t stop…… It.” she told him through gritted teeth as her head dipped. She held onto him tighter as if holding him closer would help. “It’s…. Too…… Strong.” The pain and the fight to gain control were evident in her voice. She gripped Duke’s arm tighter and drew in a deep breath as her head tilted back. Sarah took this moment to run and hide behind Duke’s truck, just before Esme screamed and a psychic blast shot from her body. In the distance, screams of pain could be heard as the blast hit a few unexpecting demons that were lurking about. If she hadn’t been so wiped out, she would have smiled brightly about the screams but only a small, barely noticeable, smile made it to her lips.

With her body now weak and trembling, and her breathing heavy, Esme’s eyes closed as her head fell back against Duke and her grip on his arms loosened just before her knees buckled beneath her. She didn’t expect to feel the ground beneath her, because she knew Duke would prevent her from falling. Whenever close enough in the past, he had always kept her from falling or smashing her head into the ground. She knew that no matter how scared or nervous he was of her at this moment, he wouldn’t allow it to happen. While Esme worked on catching her breath and collecting herself, Sarah slowly came out of hiding. First, she slowly poked her head around the side of the truck and looked over at Duke and Esme, just to make sure the coast was clear. She then slowly made her way out from behind the truck and over to Duke and Esme, giving a slight whine as she approached Esme and gave her leg a nuzzle. “I’m so sorry.” Esme managed to say in a breathless and shaky voice.

She took in a deep shaky breath and slowly let it out, feeling terrible and embarrassed that she let rage overwhelm her over the damage done to her car, knowing it could be fixed. Sure, this wasn’t the first time Duke had seen Esme pissed off but it was the first time he’d seen her lose control of her abilities. She wished she could read Duke’s mind at that moment, wondering what he was thinking about the whole thing. Though knew she had to have scared the hell out of him with what he just witnessed, she couldn’t focus on anything other than collecting herself and calming her breathing at that moment to be sure. If she could have pulled herself away from him she would have, just so she could have turned around and read his face or walk over and sit in her car. “I scared the hell out of you, didn’t I?” she asked him in the same breathless and shaky voice as before.

Esme knew Duke was right about Bobby being able to fix the damage in no time. She could too if she had what she needed on hand. She also knew she probably cared about her car a little too much but when it’s become a home and has sentimental value, it’s not hard to develop a slightly unhealthy attachment, and even though she couldn’t see it, she felt like something else was wrong. She then watched Duke as he waved his hand and shook his head after she thanked him for bringing her here. She listened as he spoke, visibly wincing when he brought up Cason, saying he wasn’t going to be much help. Which was true after what had happened back at the motel earlier. “What do you mean, don’t thank you for this? If not for you, I would have had to walk or hitchhike my way here.” she told him. “And with the way things are going, that wouldn’t have been the best thing to do since it seems demons are out for my head.”

Resting one arm against the top of the car, she dropped her head, resting her forehead on her arm. Closing her eyes briefly, Esme released a silent and heavy sigh. “I feel like I have a bright neon sign above my head saying, ‘Here she is. The last Stirling and demon nuke. Get her before she gets you.’ or maybe that sign is just a giant target on my back.” Since she was a kid, she always felt like she was a magnet for trouble when it came to the supernatural, especially demons or the ones that sought out power. Who wouldn’t want someone that could control the emotions of others on their team, willing or forced? But in the back of her mind, was a thought she didn’t like to dwell on. What if there was more to it? What if they were drawn to her for some other reason other than to put fear into others or make them compilable?

Tilting her head, so her cheek was now resting on her arm, she looked over at Duke once more, watching him inspect her car. “Anyway, the important thing is that we got her back in one piece.” she told him as she lifted her head from her arm. “Let’s get out of here and go stuff our faces with something good. I’m starving and I’m sure you are too. We could go to that little diner we passed on the way here. If you want. ” Esme was trying her best to lift the mood and keep herself from dwelling on the scratches on her car and finding the leather jacket on the ground. Pushing herself away from her car, she tucked her keys in her pocket as she went over to one of the barriers and started to pull it off the road and into the ditch. Sarah took this opportunity to jump out of the truck and walk over to help her with the barrier.

Once it was off the road, Sarah went over and took care of the other barrier, pulling it across the road and putting it with the other. “Thanks, Sarah.” she told the Hellhound after she had made it to her side. “You’re such a big help.” Esme whispered as she scratched Sarah’s head fondly. Sarah gently nuzzled Esme, then they walked back over to her car. “Alright, let’s blow this place.” she said, pulling her keys from her pocket. Sarah barked before running off and jumping into the back of Duke’s truck again. Esme then got into her car and pulled the door shut. She was ready to leave this place before a demon or something else popped up, which she wasn’t looking forward to dealing with on an empty stomach. She looked around to make sure nothing was out of place or missing, everything was where it was supposed to be. Pulling down the visor, she made sure the photo of her parents was still there, it was. She gave a small smile to the photo before putting the visor back in its original position.

Placing the key into the ignition, she turned the key but nothing happened. The radio didn’t come on and her beloved car didn’t roar to life. Confused, Esme turned the key back and then forward again, and again nothing happened. She could already feel her anger rising. “What else did those bastards do to you?” she asked through gritted teeth. After pulling her key from the ignition, she reached over the seat, opened the glovebox and pulled out her spare flashlight, and then closed it back. Holding the flashlight firmly in one hand, she shoved her keys into her pocket with the other, pulled the lever to pop the hood, then opened the car door and got out. Esme stormed to the front of her car and opened the hood. Turning on the flashlight, she illuminated everything under the hood and immediately saw red. Everything of importance was destroyed and beyond repair, it would have to be replaced. It was clear the ones that escaped from Duke’s rescue had come back and did this to keep her here. They were planning on trying again at some point after trying to strand her here in this town.

Esme stared at the damage in disbelief. They really went the route of destroying parts of her car rather than hiding it somewhere. “Dammit to hell!” she hissed. Placing her hands down on the car to sturdy herself, she clenched her fists and closed her eyes, breathing deeply. Her anger was rising and getting the better of her. She could feel the ache in her chest and her body heating up as it had back at Bobby’s the night she became a nuke. Esme opened her eyes after a moment, which were now glowing a lavender color, and lost it as soon as she saw the damage again. “I’m going to kill them! I’m going to kill every last one of them!” she growled as she stood straight. She then chunked the flashlight as hard as she could, it hit the underside of the hood with a loud bang, then landed on the damaged engine. “Those…… Bidh aithreachas air na bastards sin a-riamh a bhith ag obair còmhla ris a’ chàr agam agus mise! Tha mi a’ dol a losgadh na feòla bho chnàmhan nan soithichean aca agus dèanamh cinnteach nach fhaic iad solas an latha tuilleadh!” In her rage, she had slipped into Gaelic without realizing it.

While Esme was losing control, Sarah had jumped out of Duke’s truck again and was watching Esme, too nervous to get too close to her. She then ran over to Duke and barked at him to get his attention and to get him to look over in Esme’s direction. Sarah ran back over to Esme and whined seeing just how close she was to losing it entirely and becoming a nuke all over again. At least this time she didn’t have to throw herself on anyone to protect them from the blast.

Esme watched Duke, seeing how her voice pulled him out of thought and caused him to flinch. His flinch caused her to wince and take a couple of steps back. I guess sitting on the edge of the bed to put my boots on wasn’t the best idea. Maybe I should have sat at the table. she thought to herself. His voice then pulled her from her own thoughts. As he spoke, she started to feel a bit bad, that was until he called her a sex witch again. Esme placed her thumbs in her back pockets, shifted her weight to her hood leg, then looked at him with raised eyebrows. It seemed this was something he was going to hold over her for a while.

“Now hold on there, Cowboy…… You can’t pin all of what went on this evening on me. In case you’ve forgotten…. It takes two to tango.” she told him in a slightly more serious tone. “You had plenty of opportunities to get out of our activities this evening. It’s not as if I was holding you hostage or anything. Although, a little spell casing may have been involved.” She smirked to herself, then walked over to the table near the door and pulled her jacket off the chair it was draped over. Swinging it around behind her, she slid her arm into the sleeves, adjusted it over her frame, then adjusted the collar as she turned towards Duke. “Alright, let's go save my car from the side of the road.” she said with a warm smile.

Esme then made her way to the door and opened it, and looked over her shoulder. She opened her mouth to speak but quickly closed it with a small laugh. She was going to ask Sarah if she was going to come with them but before she could get a word out, Sarah had darted from the bathroom and out the door. “Guess that answers that.” she said to herself softly. She then walked out the door and towards Duke’s truck. As she walked to his truck, her phone began to ring in her jacket pocket. Which was a surprise to her, she thought it had been left in her car. After digging the phone from her pocket, she looked to see who was calling and smiled at the name she saw on the screen. “Hey, I was planning to……..” she started warmly, but trailed off, her smile fading from her lips.

“Sassy…… Sassy, please…… Let me explain…….” Esme tried to speak, but the person on the phone wouldn’t let her get a word in. She leaned against Duke’s truck and sighed as she ran a hand over one side of her face, holding the phone away from her ear as the person on the line ripped her a new one. “Sa…..” She sighed once again at not being able to get a word in and dropped her head. She waited a moment before trying to speak again but as soon as she opened her mouth, the person that called started in again. “Sassy, please!” she said a little more harshly than she intended but it made them stop talking. She then brought the phone to her ear. “Look, I’m sorry I haven’t called to check in with you. Things have been crazy and I misplaced my phone. I had every intention to call you and fill you in on everything.” Esme blurted out in an apologetic tone.

“I can’t go into detail right now but know that I’m alright, and I’m not alone anymore. I’ll call you back later and fill you in on all the details.” she said. She went silent and nodded as she listened to the person talk, a small smile made its way back to her lips. “Yes, I promise I won’t leave anything out…… I’ll call you later tonight….. I promise.” Esme fell silent again, nodding softly as she continued to lean against Duke’s truck. “Hey, Sassy?..... I really am sorry I worried you…….. Love you too.” She ended the call and returned the phone to her jacket pocket. Leaning her head back, she ran a hand through her hair with a heavy sigh. “I should have known that call was coming.” she whispered to herself. Esme then felt a nudge against her leg followed by a whine, she looked down with a warm smile. “I’m alright. It was just a call from someone worried about me.” she breathed to Sarah as she scratched her head.

At the roadblock

Once they arrived at the roadblock, Esme jumped out of the truck without a word, shutting the door behind her. She looked at her car, the driver's and passenger's doors were still wide open. As she stood there, the events of that day played in her mind as clear as day. A shiver ran down her spine and she wrapped her arms around herself as the memory continued. A few moments later, she shook her head to rid herself of the memory and let her hands fall to her sides. Esme then walked over to the passenger’s side of her car, looking it over as she went, then picked up the worn leather jacket off the ground, bringing it up and holding it close to her chest. “Hey, beautiful.” she whispered to her car, as she shut the door. “Sorry, it took me so long to get back.”

Esme walked around the front of her car and to the driver's door, looking over every inch as she went. Which wasn’t easy with what little light shown in the area thanks to the cloud cover. She placed her jacket in the car in its normal spot, draped across the back of the seat. After pulling her head from the car, she saw it as the clouds moved away from the moon, several nice long scratches along the back door and corner panel. Closing the door slightly, she saw the scratches also went along the driver’s door. “Dammit to hell! Those bastards!” she growled through gritted teeth as she stared at the scratches. She then ran a gentle hand over the scratches, feeling that they were deeper than they looked, obviously done with her car key, which she just so happened to see on the ground. She released an irritated sigh through her nose as she picked up her keys, then stood up and looked over at Duke. “Thanks for the lift here.”

Esme was enjoying spending most of the evening in bed, even if she knew she needed to go get her car and eat something but she was having trouble pulling herself from Duke’s arms. When he unwrapped her and pulled away, she gave a small groan of protest, then rolled onto her side to watch him as he put on his jeans. At his words, she put a playful pout on her face, then one of shock at him calling her a sex witch in a teasing manner. “A sex witch?” she breathed to herself. She gave a light laugh, she had never been called a sex witch before but it wasn’t a surprise such a term would come from Duke’s mouth. As he stood there, she pushed herself up and swung her legs over the side of the bed, holding the sheet up around her chest. Esme looked over at Duke with one eyebrow raised.

“Is that what you call every woman you have a good time with?” she teased back with a light laugh. She then stood up from the bed, still holding the sheet, and looked around to see where her clothes were. She then dropped the sheet and began to gather her clothes. “Well, if I can’t touch you, you can’t touch me.” she teased more. She gathered the last of her clothes and looked over at him as he tapped the table and spoke. The awkwardness he showed as he spoke brought a slight smile to her lips, then nodded to show she agreed with him. It was clear that he didn’t want to leave the room and neither did she but they really did need to go and get her car before something happened to it.

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she stood there holding her clothes, then released a small sigh. She was trying to think of something to lighten the heavy mood that had settled into the room so quickly. Esme’s smile suddenly grew a little bit and she walked to the end of the bed, swaying her hips a bit dramatically as she went. “You make it sound like it's terrible to be stuck with you…… Unless you're implying I’m the one that would be terrible to get stuck with.” she teased. Esme then brought her hand to her chin, then tapped her index finger on her lips in a thoughtful manner. “Then again, today has shown we don’t get much done when we’re alone together…… Still doesn’t sound bad to me.” she said, smirking at her last comment.

Removing her hand from her chin, Esme placed it back on the clothes she was holding. “I’ll go get dressed and make myself presentable so we can go get my car and maybe do a little something after.” she smiled. She then walked to the bathroom, swaying her hips as she made her way there. She stopped at the door and looked back at Duke. “I won’t be long.” she said warmly before blowing him a kiss. She then walked into the bathroom, closing the door to a crack behind her. “Oh, Sarah. Have you been in here the whole time?” she asked the hound with a slight gasp. Leaning down she scratched Sarah’s head for a moment, then proceeded to clean up and get dressed. A few moments later, Esme came out of the bathroom fully dressed and made her way over to the bed.“See, that didn’t take long at all.” she smiled warmly. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she put on her socks and boots, then took to her feet. “Alright, ready when you are.”

As Esme sat up from the bed, she was holding back a smirk of accomplishment from getting a shudder from Duke and causing him to grip the sheets. It was just the reaction she was hoping for from him, which also told her she still had it. She hadn’t lost it from all that time on her own with hardly any human contact. She also couldn’t help herself when it came to teasing him a bit and having him try to keep her in bed, because, in truth, she wasn’t quite ready to get out and about. So she had to be a little sneaky to get him to keep her in bed just a little while longer even if he possibly knew what she was up to.

When he grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back down, she looked up into his face, a soft smile resting on her lips as she heard him speak. She opened her mouth to speak but when he leaned down and started softly kissing her collarbone to her jawline, she lost her train of thought and bit her bottom lip as her eyes closed. A soft gasp escaped her lips and her eyes opened when he gave her a tiny bite. It had caught her off guard, but it was quickly followed by a laugh to match his. “Good. I think the same.” she breathed as he pulled the covers over them. When he kissed her, she brought her hands up and cupped his face, and returned his kiss. Esme felt like her head was in the clouds and she didn’t have to worry about a thing for once in a long long while.

Esme felt like she could be a normal woman enjoying a special moment with a special someone and not have to worry about anything that went bump in the night. It was something she had longed for and felt she desperately needed after meeting and joining the group but that wasn’t something she would come out and tell anyone, not even Duke. Yes, she enjoyed helping the innocent and ridding the world of creatures that caused problems for everyone but sometimes you just needed a slight breather and a little bit of fun when you were in this line of work.

Esme moved her hands up into Duke’s hair, then gently pulled his head towards her to deepen the kiss. She held his head for a moment before letting her hands slowly slide down his neck, over his shoulders, over his chest, and over his abs. She stopped above the button of his jeans, then broke the kiss to take in a breath of air. She nuzzled her cheek against his, bringing her lips close to his ear. “I can’t remember if I said this earlier or not.” she spoke softly. “Thank you, Bright Eyes. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for patching me up, and thank you for taking care of me.” She then kissed his ear before giving it a small nibble, she then trailed kisses along his jawline to his lips, kissing him passionately as her eyes slowly closed.

Esme found herself stifling another fit of laughter as she watched Duke. This was a side of him she loved and had missed from their time apart. At that moment, she finally saw just how he looked at her, even when she made the simplest movements. The look made her heart beat faster and her laughter calm, as a warm smile made its way to her lips. It wasn’t every day that she had someone look at her that way, especially with how she had tried to shut herself off from all of that after all she had been through. She had tried to keep herself from getting involved or close to anyone after her kidnapping, which she had been doing well until Duke came back into her life. He had broken through every wall she had put up as if they were nothing.

She watched him after she gave him her order, biting her bottom lip to keep from laughing at how he spoke in response to her order, almost losing it when he mentioned being afraid of traumatizing someone. If someone were to get traumatized by walking in, it would be their own fault for barging into the room unannounced. Her eyes never left him as he spoke, then made his way over to the bed, then on it, then over her. Her heart sped up as he got closer and nuzzled her nose, which she scrunched up as he nuzzled it. His next words against her lips caused her to finally laugh a little. Esme was tempted to kiss him right then and there, but she decided to do something else to see what kind of reaction she would get out of him.

“A to-do list, huh?” she spoke just as softly against his lips. Her smile grew to match his as she looked up into his eyes and brought her hands up to rest on his shoulders. “Since when did you become such a stickler for to-do lists?.... The Duke I remember did what he wanted when he wanted. He didn’t rely on lists to get things done.” she teased. Esme then moved her head to the side as she leaned in, rubbing her cheek against his, and resting her lips close to his ear. “But if you feel the need to take care of the list….” she whispered softly in his ear, then pulled back and brushed her lips against his. “I guess I’ll get up and get dressed.” Kissing his cheek, she removed her hands from his shoulders and acted as if she was getting out of bed.

Esme couldn’t hold back the smiles that came to her lips at Duke’s chuckle from kissing his nose before kissing his lips. After the nervousness she had put him through earlier, it was nice to hear it ring in the air. A sigh escaped her nose as he brushed his fingers through her hair, but that sigh turned into a gasp as soon as he flipped them, then into a laugh. Her laugh continued at how awkward he was finding it under the covers and did her best to help him find it less awkward. Once he settled in and kissed her passionately, she returned it and brought one of her hands to rest on his cheek while the other hand was in his hair. She was just getting swept up in him when there was a sudden knock at the door.

Like Duke, Esme also tried to ignore it at first but she also knew that was something you couldn’t do for long. Since she knew he was one that would get into the room one way or another. When he broke the kiss with a low growl, she sighed heavily through her nose as she opened her eyes to look at him. She followed his gaze to the window to see Mika standing just outside the window on the sidewalk through the curtains. She shared his frustration but it was also hard not to grin a bit at his frustration, she was starting to get used to the interruptions they seemed to always get. When he dropped his head, she gave his forehead a light kiss before he pulled away to push himself to his knees.

“Hopefully it’s nothing serious. Maybe they're here to say they're going somewhere.” she said as she let him slip from her hands. She watched him as he made his way off the bed, and then grabbed a pair of jeans. As she watched him slip them on, she sat up in the bed and pulled up the covers around her. She just got the covers in place when Duke opened the door. A laugh threatened to escape her as she watched him button his pants before looking up. She could almost imagine the look he must be getting from Dean. Esme sat back listening to what Dean had to say, finding it nice he came to let them know that he and Mika were going out for a bit, even though he didn’t have to. She then listened to the back and forth between Duke and Dean, bringing the covers up to her mouth to stifle her laughter.

Esme kept the covers up to her mouth even after Duke had shut the door, still finding it a bit hard to stifle her laughter. Once she gained most of her composure, she brought the covers down to just above her chest and smiled warmly at Duke. “Well, it was nice of him to let us know they were going out. Even if it did disrupt our fun.” she said, a laugh in her tone. Bringing her arms out from under the covers, she held them in place, and then brought a hand up, running it through her hair to push it away from her face. “Now that the message has been delivered and the messenger is gone.” she grinned, laying her arm in her lap. “Get your ass back over here.”
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