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Hey there, I'm Wolvena!
So, after being away from the roleplay world for a while, I'm ready to jump back in. I don't do many 1 on 1's because I tend to struggle to keep it going after a little bit. I normally go with group rps on the smaller side, just because I tend to get a bit lost in larger ones. My go-to genres are animal(mostly wolves), anime, sci-fi, and fantasy, though I'm always up to give something new a try.

Location: Texas
Addictions: Minty chocolate, Wolves, Supernatural Tv Show, Anime
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Even if you think you're alone, even if you think
there's no one else to listen to you. You're not alone.

You are Not making mistakes,
you are Not losing.
You are either Winning or Learning!

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As the deeper memories unfolded in Esme’s dream, she fell into a deeper sleep, one deeper than most she had ever drifted into. Which was pretty much to be expected after meeting up with the group, everything they had gone through together, her kidnapping by demons, and her lack of a good sleep. Yes, she wasn’t a stranger to sleep deprivation but it was nothing compared to what she had recently gone through. Her powers of empathy being in hyperdrive, becoming a demon nuke, and dealing with angels hadn’t come into play back then. It had all left her mentally and physically exhausted. So, with her mental state being weakened, and that wall she had built being weakened, no wonder traumatizing events from her past would be coming back to haunt and torment her. Events that caused her to flinch away from a small touch, or freak out after waking up after falling unconscious. One of those events she hoped Dean and Duke would never hear about, for she knew it would hit them hard emotionally. She also knew they would mentally kick themselves for not being there for her during that time to help her through it or out of it. But when that event came around, Dean and Duke had already gone their separate ways, and she didn’t have any idea where either of them were. Even after escaping the situation, she couldn't bring herself to call either one of them to help her through the trauma she was going through from the ordeal.

The first memory to rear its head was the Vampire hunt in Toledo. Where she and Duke were trapped in a cellar and Duke gave her his deathbed love confession. Telling her that he had loved her since the first day she had shown up all pissed off and ready for a fight. The confession wasn’t anything she hadn’t already known but he had never been in on knowing she was an Empath. When he told her, she tried her hardest not to react any other way then strong in the situation. In fact, she had been quite hard on him while trying to keep her emotions in check by calling him by his full name and telling him not to give up on her. With no one one really knowing where they were, she was in overdrive mentally and emotionally, especially since Duke was out of it, bleeding out on the floor, and a horde of bloodthirsty bloodsuckers were outside the door trying to get into the cellar. After using one of her shirts to stop the bleeding of Duke’s wound, she stood up and tried to collect her thoughts the best she could. After turning back to Duke and telling him they were both going to make it out alive even if she had to take on everyone on her own, she knelt down and grabbed his machete with her free hand. Now with a machete in each hand, she turned back towards the door and stared at it, watching it shake, bow, and creak as the Vampires tried to get through the door. Esme took a battle stance, her knuckles going white as she gripped the machetes tighter. “Alright you horror film rejects, come and get it!” she yelled at the cellar door. The door was ripped from its hinges and the Vampires spilled in, Esme charged forward slashing at every Vampire she met and projecting emotions to confuse them to get the upper hand. The memory faded just before she reached the door of the cellar. Her grip on Duke’s arm tightened.

Esme got a small break before the next memory began to play out behind her closed lids. This one took place awhile after she had parted ways with Dean and Duke and teamed up with her father and some family. Which she soon regretted because she missed the boys so damn much but she couldn’t bring herself to go back and admit that she had been wrong and slightly scared by Dean’s plans for them. It started off with her, her father, and aunt sitting in a motel room in Tulsa, discussing their next case, a haunting taking place in an old house that was being renovated about a mile down the road. “What is with all these Ghosts lately?” she said thinking out loud. “We just took care of two the day before yesterday and the week before that.” She sighed heavily and looked at her father and aunt to see if they had anything else to say. “I don’t know, but the increase in restless spirits seems to be unusually high.” her father chimed in. Esme and her aunt nodded in agreement, then she took her to her feet and grabbed her bag. “Daddy, Aunt Davina, let’s get going before it gets too much later in the day.” she said, throwing her bag over her shoulder. They had already changed into their federal suits, so they could begin questioning witnesses as soon as they arrived. Once the questioning had been taken care of, and they had the information they needed, they changed into their normal clothes and were about to head back when her father received a call. As he spoke, his emotions rose more and more. After the call, he looked at Esme, worry shown in his eyes even though he tried to hide it.

“Well, my little wolf, you’re going to have to finish this one on your own. Davina and I are needed somewhere else right now. I know you can get the job done on your own.” he said, forcing a smile onto his face. “But Daddy, I can…..” she was cut off as he placed a hand on her mouth. “You’re an amazing hunter, I know you can help us but someone has to stay here and take care of the Ghosts.” he told her, slowly removing his hand from her mouth as he spoke. “Your aunt and I will be fine. We’ll meet you back at the motel when we’re done. Okay?” Esme reluctantly nodded to her fathers words. “Okay, just be careful and try to come back in one piece.” she told them. Dropping her bag, she hugged them both and kissed their cheeks. “I love you, both of you.” she told them as she stepped back against her car. “Love you too.” they said in unison. They turned and walked away from her, Esme hesitated to get in her car, watching them go. “What’s going on Wesley?” Davina asked in a hushed tone as they walked to his car. He sighed heavily and shook his head. “I’ll tell you on the way, Davina.” he replied in a similar hushed tone. Once they got into Wesley’s car and pulled out of the parking lot, Esme snapped out of it and got into her own car with a heavy sigh through her nose after putting her bag in the trunk. “With everything that’s been said about this place, it should be an interesting case.” she told herself as she pulled the car door shut.

Things skipped ahead to after the Ghosts were taken care of and Esme was coming out of the house a bit battered from being tossed around the house. Reaching her car, she unlocked, opened the door and threw her bag into the backseat, not taking the time to put it in the trunk like she normally did. Once in, she pulled her phone from her jacket pocket, noticing she had a missed call and voicemail from her father. Sinking into the seat, she held the phone up to her ear to listen to the message, a knot forming in her stomach as she listened to her fathers voice and gunshots in the background. “Looks like you’re still dealing with the Ghosts.” he sighed. “Well, it looks like you were right again. We should have all gone into this together but I was afraid for your safety even when I know how capable you are as a hunter.” He sighed heavily then cleared his throat before continuing. The knot in Esme’s stomach tightened more at hearing the pain in her father's voice, the screaming, and more gunshots in the background. She could feel her fear for them creeping up on her as well as tears beginning to burn her eyes. “I’m sorry Esme. My daughter. My little wolf. I never thought it would end this way, not with all of us here on this one. “I…… Get back you son of a…….” Wesley trailed and rapid gunshots followed, then a yell of agony. “I’m sorry….” he grunted before the voicemail ended. “NO! YOU DIDN’T TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE!” Esme yelled as she yanked the phone from her ear. She quickly went to her recent calls and selected her fathers name, then put the phone back to her ear, tears streaming down her cheeks as she listened to the call connecting.

“Come on…… Come on, pick up.” she cried. The call was finally answered but no one spoke. All that could be heard was heavy and wheezy breathing that gripped Esme’s heart. “Daddy?!…… Daddy, tell me where you are so I can come to you!” she demanded. “No!” he snapped weakly. “It’s not safe….. To come alone, even with your gift…… Get out of town now and don’t look back….. Don’t come looking for us….. We love you. I love y…..” Wesley trailed off and fell silent. “Daddy! Daddy no! Don’t you leave me! Not like this!” Esme cried into the phone. She received no answer back, though she could hear heavy footsteps on the other end. “Whoever or whatever you are!” she yelled into the phone. “Know that I’ll be coming for you!” Deep maniacal laughter from several individuals came through the phone that sent a shiver up Esme’s spine, then the line went dead. She then remembered she had snuck a tracker on her fathers phone because he had the tendency to run off from time to time to take on a case he thought would be too much for her. After going through the steps to find his location, she found out he was on the east side of town in an old flour mill. Starting the car and putting it in gear, she pushed the gas pedal to the floor and sped the whole way there. Pulling into the place, she slammed on the brakes causing the car to skid a couple of feet next to her fathers car, killed the engine, grabbed her gear, and headed inside. The place seemed deserted and it was eerily quiet compared to what she heard over the phone. It was like whoever or whatever was here didn’t want to wait around for her.

Keeping her gun and flashlight pointed straight ahead, she carefully and quickly made her way through the building searching for her family. When she made it to where they were, she wasn’t prepared for the scene she came into view. She was stopped in her tracks, she couldn’t breath, she couldn’t even make a sound. What she was looking at looked like a scene from a horror film, it couldn’t possibly be real. Blood was everywhere she looked, the bodies were spread out like a child's toy collection in their playroom. Esme’s eyes darted around looking for her father, until her eyes landed on his hardly recognizable body. She ran towards him, passing by other bodies she could barely recognize. Each one was torn up pretty bad by something with huge claws, which could be a Werewolf or something else. When she reached her father, she dropped to her knees next to him, her gun and flashlight hitting the ground beside her. She checked for a pulse but didn’t find one, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled his torso into her lap, holding him close as she broke down in uncontrollable sobs. Resting her cheek against the top of his head, she looked around at the rest of her family that lay torn and broken on the floor of the mill. Her entire family had been taken out in one night by who knows what and she wasn’t there to stop it. “Why did you have to do this without me?” she sobbed. “If it was time for the Stirling's to go out with a bang, we could have gone together.” With a trembling hand, she pulled her phone from her pocket and dialed the first number she could think of, before calling the number, she tried to control her sobs so she could be understood.

The line rang a couple of times before a woman’s voice answered. “Esme, Sweetheart, it feels like it’s been ages since we’ve talked. How are you, Sweetheart?” the woman asked in a cheerful tone. When she heard the familiar sound of Esme holding back tears, her tone changed to one of concern. “What’s wrong, Esme? What happened? I know it has to be big for you to be crying like that. You don’t cry like that for nothing.” Esme took a deep breath and stuttered a bit before the words finally came out. “They're gone, Seraphina….. They’re all gone.” Esme choked out. “I….. I need your….. Help.” Seraphina’s gasp was loud and she was shocked into brief silence. She cleared her throat before speaking again. “Don’t worry, Sweetheart. I’ll be there with help as fast as I can. Where are you?” Esme choked out where she was and Seraphina said she was on her way, then the memory faded away. The memory had caused her to curl into Duke and hold onto his arm even tighter as tears escaped her closed lids.

The next memory was one that was relatively fresh in her mind, for this one happened a little over two years ago. Sometime after the loss of her family, she teamed up with three others for a short while to help them on cases of their own. The four were in a room pouring themselves over dozens of books, researching information for their next case. “Any luck, Liz?” he called over, looking up from her book. “Nope, nothing yet.” she replied with a shake of her head. “Brad, Ty, how about you?” she asked. Both shook their heads to her question. She mumbled something under breath before standing from her chair. “Well, I don’t know about you three but I need a break.” she said with a stretch. Lifted her left wrist, she looked at her watch and sighed heavily. “We’ve been about this for hours, five to be exact. I’m going to get some food and drinks. Anything special I can get for you guys.” They all shook their heads with a smile. “You’ve been with us long enough to know what we like. We trust you not to screw anything up.” Brad teased with a chuckle. “Haha, very funny Brad.” she replied, mocking being annoyed. “While I’m out, why don’t you three take a break from pouring over all these old books and walk around a bit. Go outside and get some fresh air. “Yes, mother.” they teased in unison. Esme shook her head as she walked over and grabbed her jacket, opened the door and walked out. There was a little diner within walking distance from the motel they had decided to camp out and do their research. Once across the street and in the diner, she looked over a menu and flagged down someone to take her to go order.

Ten minutes later, Esme returned to find Liz, Brad, and Ty outside as if they were waiting for her to return. She looked at them with a single raised brow, thinking it a tad odd for them. “What? Were you afraid I’d eat and drink your stuff too?” she asked with a light laugh. None of them cracked a smile at her joking. “Are you three alright? You’re acting a little off.” That’s when the three turned to her and nodded. “Yeah, we’re fine. Just tired after pouring ourselves over all those books today.” Ty answered quickly. “If you say so. Did you figure anything out about what we’re after?” Esme replied. “Actually we did.” Liz chimed in. “Looks like we’re dealing with a young shapeshifter who’s still learning the ropes. “I guess that does make sense with everything we’ve heard. Which means it shouldn’t be too hard to take care of……. Anyway, let’s get inside and eat. I’m starving.” Things skipped ahead a week, the group were in a diner grabbing a bite to eat after taking care of another case, this one involving a Siren. She felt the Siren was taking care of a little too easily but she didn’t question it for the job was done. After eating, they all went back to the motel, hung out for a bit in Esme’s room, before they left for the night. Later that night was when everything went to hell for Esme. Ty, Liz, and Brad got into Esme’s room as she slept and attacked her in her sleep. Esme woke and put up a fight in her groggy state. “What in the hell are you three doing?!” she yelled at them. They said nothing as they continued to fight her to tie her hands and feet and were surprisingly strong.

“Ty, Liz, Brad! Why are you doing this!” Once again they didn’t answer, they only looked at her and grinned, their eyes flashing black quickly then going normal. Esme’s eyes went wide in shock as she continued to fight them, mentally kicking herself for not seeing the signs. The harder she fought, the more of their strength they used before one held out a hand and drew his fingers in and started choking her. Gasping for breath, she began to project fear onto them to get a leg up in the fight, and she could see it starting to work. “What the hell?” Demon Liz called out. Confuse was written plainly on her face, she loosened her grip and pulled back a bit, then you could see it click. “She’s a damn Empath! Did you two know about this?!” she cried out. Esme was just getting a leg up when Demon Brad shook his head. “We can’t have any of that now.” he growled. Turning he grabbed a heavy object and bashing Esme’s head with it, knocking her out cold. When she came to, she found herself stripped down to her bra and underwear in a strange place, tied tightly to a bed with a pounding headache, and tubes attached to her. She fought against her restraints, which only made them dig into her flesh causing her to hiss. Her head snapped to the right at the sound of approaching footsteps. “Well, well, well. Looks like the last of the Stirling's is finally awake.” Demon Ty sneered. He stood in the doorway with a large grin plastered on his face as he looked over at her, he got a glare in return from her. “Release my friends before I make you.” she demanded. He chuckled and shook his head, taking several steps towards the bed. “Oh, you stupid girl. Those three have been dead for at least a week.” he told her with another laugh. “They were so weak, it was easy to kill them and take over their bodies.” Esme clenched her fists and jaw as he grinned down at her then called to the others. “She’s awake! Get in here!”

The other two came in and leaned against the wall next to the door, smug grins rested upon their faces as they looked at her. Esme’s eyes darted between the two at the door and the one near her, a low growl building up in throat. “You’ll pay for what you’ve done.” she growled. All he did was laugh then closed the gap between him and the bed, then leaned in close to her. He brought up a hand and brushed some hair from her face, then took a hold of her chin when she pulled her face away from him. “We were going to kill you quickly with you being a Stirling but….” he grinned mischievously, leaning in close, his nose just inches from hers. “After finding out what you are. We’ve decided to have a little fun with you first and get you to help us with some things.” Esme tried to pull her face from his grasp and away from his face but he only held on tighter. “I’ll never help you.” she spat. She then slammed her head into nose, hearing the sickening crack of it breaking. He cried out in pain pulling his face back, holding his nose with one hand, he used the other to backhand across the face. Working his nose back into place, wiping the blood from his face, and blinking the tears from his eyes, he glared down at Esme who was glaring back. “I thought you’d say that. We have ways of making you more compliable.” With a new grin plastered on his face, he looked over his shoulder at the other two and held out his hand, and one of them quickly put a syringe in his hand. Close his fingers around it, he brought it around and examined it, almost playing with it to see if he could get a reaction from her.

He didn’t receive the reaction he hoped for but could feel a change in his emotions, he could feel fear creeping up on him and laughed. “Trying again I see. We're going to have to put that to better use. Into something more productive.” Holding the syringe in his fingers, he thumped it a couple of times. Pushing the plunger lightly, some of the liquid shot from the needle, then he injected it into the tub coming from her arm. “You son of a bitch. When I get out of here, you’re going to pay for what you’ve done.” she managed to get out before she started to feel light headed. She closed her eyes and shook her head to clear it but it did no good, making the already spinning room spin more. They had given her some kind of muscle relaxant and she soon couldn’t hold up her head. Her body felt as if it were made of lead. He then took the opportunity to get another syringe and inject it into the tube as well. “Alright, now that you’re mellowed out and can’t play with our emotions, it’s time for some fun.” Whatever he’d given her was hitting her hard. It was making it hard to concentrate on the situation but she was determined not to give in and become a puppet of theirs. She wasn’t going to become a Demon's plaything, she was strong enough to fight this, strong enough to fight against whatever they pumped into her. “I’ll never do what you want.” she said, her words coming out slurred. “I beg to differ.” he laughed. “You’ll lose this fight like so many others and become putty in our hands.” He turned to the other two, giving them a quick nod, they returned it with matching smirks.

The days passed by slowly and soon blended together, making it hard to know just how long she had been held captive. The room had no windows, smelled damp, and was cool, making it seem like she was in a leaky basement or a cellar. The only source of light she had was from the lamp the Demon’s brought with them when they would come in for their daily torture session and to pump her full of drugs. Every day they were relentless in their methods to break her and bend her to their will, but they failed. They soon started to get more inventive with their methods, adding shocking, burning, and starvation to the mix. When that didn’t work, they went more personal with their methods. They were holding back on one last option, they were sure it would work but didn’t want to go there just yet, just toe that line for a while. The Demon’s soon became frustrated after breaking through Esme’s wall only slightly after all the time they spent working her over during the weeks they had her. Even with how physically weak she was, they couldn’t understand how she could keep fighting against them. They were sure she couldn’t take much more before she finally broke or they killed her during the process but they still wanted to use her gift for their own gain. More days passed and they hadn’t made any more progress in breaking down Esme’s wall. Now, more frustrated than ever, they felt they had to play their last card, which had worked every time on strong willed human women.

All three came bursting through the door, startling Esme out of a sleep she had drifted off into, then blinded by the lamp when they turned it on. “Alright Stirling! No more games! Today is the day we finally break you!” the female Demon exclaimed happily. Both men rushed to the bed, one at her hands, the other at her feet and untied her from the bed. Esme tried to fight them off but was super weak from the lack of food and everything else she had been put through. As they maneuvered her, it clicked in her mind, she knew just what they were planning to do and her eyes turned into saucers. Never did she think this was something that would happen to her, especially at the hands of Demons. She continued to fight and try to project other emotions, but it was no use in her weakened state, they were unfazed and carried on with their plan. They both forced themselves upon her, one covering her mouth to silence her screams of protest. It was only seconds, but to Esme it felt like hours went by before someone came rushing through the door. “What the hell? How did you find this place?” she heard the female Demon cry out. The men jumped up and spun around just as a handful of others came through the door, giving Esme the chance to see who had entered the room. “Seraphina.” she said weakly. “Don’t worry, Sweetheart. We’re going to get you out of here.” Seraphina told her. In the blink of an eye, a fight broke out in the room. Esme curled up close to the bed to stay out of the way since there was nothing else she could do. Seraphina made her way to Esme, knelt down and covered her bare form with a jacket causing Esme to flinch harshly. “Easy, Sweetheart. It’s just me.” she said softly to her.

The memory ended and Esme woke up with a start, covered in a cold sweat and breathing heavily. Forgetting who she was with and feeling the touch of another in the dark, she scrambled off the bed, falling slightly over the edge and tripping over Sarah as she tried to get out of the room, causing her to growl low. She stopped seeing it was Esme in a panicked state. Taking to her paws, she gently pushed Esme over into a chair before she could go anywhere, then placed her head in Esme’s lap. Sarah gave a whine feeling how badly she was trembling and how tense her muscles were. Lifting her head, she moved her body closer to the chair, wrapping her large body around it and Esme to comfort and calm her down. Now remembering where she was, Esme dropped her face into her trembling hands, rested them against Sarah, and silently cried into them, not aware of Duke or what was going on in the next room.
As Esme sat on the bed, she hid a light smile that tried to come to her lips at Duke questioning if she was speaking Gaelic, to which she nodded slightly. It was a little surprising that he knew it was Gaelic she had spoken. She continued to look at Sarah as Duke continued to speak to her and when he slid off the bed. At that moment, she was at a loss for words to respond with, though she was relieved to hear he’d stay as long as she wanted him to or she decided to leave with him. Even if she was slightly afraid to let herself fall back into that place she was once in with Duke again or further, it was still nice to hear those words. Even with that fear, she couldn’t deny that there was definitely something there, especially since she had kissed him back after he had kissed her earlier. All that knew her, knew she wasn’t one to openly admit her fears, especially to those she cared about most. They had to be pried or coaxed out of her, sometimes with a promise that it wouldn’t be held against her or used as a playful joke. Then again, there wasn’t much she was afraid of. Esme watched Duke from the corner of her eye, thinking about what he had said, and knew he was right. Right now, sleep would do her a world of good and would help her forget about the memory creeping back into her mind, which was something she was all for. She didn’t want to think back on that time of her life again, it made her feel weak and stupid for letting it happen and not seeing the signs.

When Duke returned to the bed, the slight tug of the blankets pulled her from her thoughts and she turned her head slightly towards him as he spoke and offered his arm to her. “I could tell you to keep your hands to yourself as well.” she almost whispered as she dropped her head slightly with a slight smile and a soft sigh. At any other moment, she would have laughed at him telling her to keep her hands to herself if she wanted, and she knew he knew that. Though at that moment, she felt her mind was swimming with every thought under the sun and she could feel herself tensing up again from Duke offering her his arm. Her fingers found the blankets and gripped them tightly before she brought her head up and looked at Duke’s offered arm. Fighting with herself, she forced herself to release the blankets but still hesitated a few moments before slowly taking Duke's arm. She then laid down with him, still holding onto his arm as she laid her head on the pillows and the side of her face rested against his arm. Once he turned off the lights, she could feel her exhaustion settling in and her body feeling as if it were made of lead. Sighing heavily, she adjusted her head slightly and closed her eyes. “Don’t worry about Sarah.” she whispered to him. She lifted one of her hands from Duke’s arm to pull the blankets up more around her, then placed her hand back where it once had been. “She won’t do anything to you. I promise.” she added tiredly. It wasn’t long until Esme sighed softly as she nuzzled into Duke’s arm signaling that she had fallen asleep, just like she had always done back when it was just the three of them.

Esme fell into a deep sleep, one of the deepest she’d ever had. It started out peaceful and dreamless but after a while, that changed. She began to dream about the good times she had with Dean and Duke and some of the cases they had taken on. She dreamed about a time they had taken on Ghouls in a sleepy little town’s cemetery that turned out to be a little more than they had expected. Instead of just one or two Ghouls to take care of, it turned out to be four. They came out battered and bruised but they did get the job done, then headed back to their motel room to get cleaned up before going out for a drink. The place they picked just so happened to be having a Karaoke night, which of course was something they couldn’t pass up taking part in. Esme loved singing Karaoke and just singing in general, especially on those long road trips. As soon as they walked into the bar, her and Duke went over and signed up to sing for the night while Dean went and found a table. After signing up and meeting up with Dean at the table, they both received a look from him that said “You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?” which made them both start to laugh. “Nope, we sure couldn’t.” Esme answered for both of them with a huge grin. The three laughed and Dean helped her into a chair at the table, then he mumbled something about having to sign up too since they did. Which just caused more laughter as he walked off to do just that. “You know you love it! Don’t you dare deny it either!” she called after him. He responded with a shrug of his shoulders as he walked away but it was clear to her that he was smiling as he went.

By the time Dean had made it back, the drinks had been ordered and were on the table. Dean took his normal spot next to Esme and Duke sat across from them. The night went on smoothly with talking and laughing as people got up to sing for the crowd, by the time Duke’s turn rolled around both boys were already drunk but that didn’t stop Duke from downing the last of his drink and marching up to the stage that had been set up. He got up there and sang his country heart out and the whole bar absolutely loved it. Playing to the crowd, he tipped his hat to them before walking off the stage and back to the table. Before Esme could comment on his singing, the next singer's name was called, “Nightingale”. She smiled then pushed back her chair and stood, it was the name she always used when it came to Karaoke ever since a friend of theirs called her it after singing one night, it just kind of stuck. Plus, she never liked using her real name during these things. “Wish me luck.” she teased as she walked around Dean’s chair. Both made a comment about her not needing luck as she made her way to the stage, causing her to laugh softly to herself. Once on the stage, everything around her faded away other than the music. She stood there and sang her heart out, not for the crowd but for herself, and a little for Dean and Duke. When the song ended, every sound came rushing back along with the bar erupting in applause and cheers. Esme took a bow and gave a smile before walking off stage and back to the boys. After sitting down, they talked about her performance as well as Duke’s as another person was called up to sing.

Next was Dean’s turn, who was definitely drunk by now, though he got up and made his way to the stage to sing. And sing he did even with some of his words slurred in his drunken state. Half the bar hated it, the other half loved it. Dean’s singing gave Esme and Duke a good laugh and they cheered him on. As Dean made his way off stage after his song, the dream began to fade away, then completely when he made it back to the table, sat down, and put his arm around her shoulders. Her dreams settled a little after that, giving her small bits of memories here and there from the past and the past few days before lingering on deeper moments of her past.
This has my interest.
I’m also trying to get back into the swing of things.
I’ll admit, I’m a little rusty playing male characters.
Rosalie Braeden

A soft and small smile came to Rose’s lips at Maggie’s reply. She knew how much she enjoyed road trips, especially when it came to taking care of monsters to help the innocent. “Yes, I do know that. I just like watching your reaction when I bring it up.” she said with a slight laugh. She then fell silent and worked on finishing her breakfast as she listened to Maggie talk, nodding every now and then to show she was listening. It was clear that the coffee was doing its job and helping her mind organize itself and waking her up from her sleepless night. Once Maggie was done speaking, Rose nodded once again in acknowledgement and her own mind began to start working through things. There were a few people that she could contact on her end to come and help, that was if they weren’t busy themselves. She also needed to call and check in with her father, it had been some time since she had spoken to him about everything that had been going on. Setting her spoon down in her bowl, she swallowed her bite and looked over at Maggie.

“There’s a few calls I can make so we can have some extra hands on this. After that, I’ll get to work gathering the supplies we need and checking the cars to make sure they are ready for the trip.” she gave a soft smile to Maggie, then finished her breakfast. She figured it would be best to take separate cars on this trip. Plus, it would help them take everything they may need and they wouldn’t be packed into one car like sardines. Two of the calls she planned to make were to two she knew would jump at the chance to take down Djinns and Vampires. She just hoped that they weren’t too busy to help out with this, since they could use all the help they could get being away from the place they called home. The thought of calling them and having them agree to help, made a small smile tug at the corner of her mouth. Not only would it be great to have their help on this, it would also be great to see them after all the time that had passed since they saw each other last.

Pushing her chair back from the table, Rose stood up from the table with a stretch, grabbed her dishes, and walked over to the sink. Once there, she washed and dried them and put them away. She then grabbed herself a coffee cup from the cupboard and made herself a cup of hot cocoa, since she wasn’t that fond of coffee. Before heading back over to the table, she retrieved the whipped cream from the refrigerator and put a good amount on the top of her hot cocoa and a spoonful before putting it back up. “I’ll leave you to wake the rest of the way up and have some time to yourself before you do what you need to.” Rose smiled, as she placed a hand on Maggie’s shoulder. “If you need me for anything, you know how to get my attention.” She then gave her shoulder a pat as she laughed softly and walked out of the kitchen to do what she needed as she brought her cup to her lips to take a sip of it carefully.

She decided to go back to the garage and finish the work on her car while making her phone calls, so she could kill two birds with one stone. Not to mention, she was already covered in grease from her first round from this morning. So to her, it was better to finish her first job then to start another, then go back to the first later. Once in the garage, she took another sip of her cocoa as she walked over to her tool box, then set her cup down in a spot she had designated for cups she had brought in with her. Going to the driver's door and opening it, she found the lever for the hood. Once the hood popped, she shut the door and walked to the hood and opened it. After a quick set up of what she would need, she pulled her phone from her pocket and scrolled through her contacts. Finding the first, Rose selected the name and waited for it to start ringing before tapping the speakerphone button and getting to work again.
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Esme Stirling

Esme watched Duke as he spoke, then cut himself off as if he was interrupting her. She tried to ignore the emotions she felt coming from him, but it was a laborious task as she waited for him to continue speaking. She watched as he seemed to think back on a moment that she could only assume that it was about Cason, since that was who they were talking about. At his words, she dropped her gaze to the bed and sighed inwardly with a shake of her head. Duke wasn’t telling her anything she didn’t already know about how Cason felt about her. She could feel every time he got close to her. Now that she thought about it, she didn’t really know if his feelings were all because of what she had done for Annabeth or if there really was more to it than that. The more she thought about it, the more it made her head hurt and spin with slight confusion. She soon pushed the thoughts from her mind and sighed heavily as she ran her free hand through her hair. Looking at the slice of pizza in her hand, that was only the crust now, she tossed it towards the end of the bed to Sarah, who caught and ate it.

Lifting her gaze slightly, she sighed once again. “You never were one to pry.” she breathed as she closed her eyes. “He’s not my boyfriend, though you are right. I can honestly admit I don’t really know how I feel about him. Maybe it's because I’m still trying to process that we have teamed up with a demon instead of sending them back to Hell. Any other hunter would have sent them back to Hell in a heartbeat without a second thought.” Bringing up her knee, she leaned forward a bit and rested an elbow on it and leaned her face into her hand. “I’ve always seemed to attract strange individuals but a demon being drawn to me, that’s still a little hard to swallow, especially with one giving me a Hellhound as a bodyguard.” She fell silent as many things rolled around in her mind, many of them sending a shiver down her spin. After a moment, she broke the silence by clearing her throat as she gently shook her head clear of the thoughts invading it. “Am I crazy for feeling comfortable having a Hellhound around?” she said in a hardly audible whisper, which was more of a thought than a question to Duke. “Are we all crazy for teaming up with a demon?” she said, thinking out loud again.

Falling silent once again, Esme shook her head in her hand, releasing her sigh through her nose. She couldn’t help but think of what would have happened if she would have just stayed in her room that day and hadn’t ventured to the room down the hall where all the commotion was coming from. For one, she would have never heard the name Winchester. Two, she would have never met up with a demon and the girl that was his girlfriend at the time. Three, she would have never learned that Dean had come back from the dead. Four, she would have never been a part of what followed afterwards, found out she was psychic, and would have more than likely missed her chance at meeting up with Duke again. Was it fate that it all happened? Or was this all some sort of dream and she would wake up to being alone once again? Would she have the rug pulled from under her crash back into reality? All these thoughts were making her head spin and hurt, her stomach to knot, and her chest tighten as well. As she sat there next to Duke, a part of her still wondered if she should have stayed away and not followed Natalia back to where Sam had been staying.

God! Now she felt like she needed a good drink at that moment. She was being overtaken by her own emotions, which was something that rarely ever happened to her. It was always the emotions of others that overwhelmed her. “Hellfire. A bheil mi truagh an-dràsta no dè?” she breathed to herself with a quite forced laugh. “Tarraing thu fhèin còmhla. Tha thu nas fheàrr na seo. Na leig leat fhèin tuiteam às a chèile a-nis, às deidh na h-ùine seo.” For a ‌moment, she had completely forgotten that Duke was there and was witnessing her fighting with her own emotions. Lifting her face from her hand, she ran her hand through her hair, then rested her arm on her leg. “I’m sorry, Duke. Don’t mind me and my incoherent rambling. I’m mentally tired from everything that’s happened the past few days. I need ‌to forget about it and keep it from lingering in my thoughts.” she told him as she opened her eyes. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him after her minor breakdown. So instead of looking at Duke, she looked at Sarah, who had her head resting on the end of the bed and was now intently staring at her. It was evident that Sarah knew exactly what she had said and was now speaking to her with her eyes, which made Esme smile slightly. I should’ve known she’d understand. Esme thought to herself.

When Duke carefully kissed her back, Esme’s heart skipped a beat. She still couldn’t believe that she was letting herself get this close to Duke after everything that had happened and knowing that he wasn’t planning on sticking around that long. Then again, somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew it was bound to happen. After everything they went through together in the past, it had always been hard shoving down the feelings she had and not thinking about them after she left, and she had succeeded in doing so. Though, the moment she heard Duke’s voice when he found her and Cason being held captive by the demons, all those feelings came rushing back, along with memories she thought she’d forgotten.

She smiled more when she saw his cheeks flush as he pulled the pizza closer to him. Even before he said it, she could tell how he felt about the nickname she had given him, and if she was being honest, she missed the nickname he had given her. “I know you don’t, but it fits you. It always has. It always surprised me you'd let me get away with calling you that.” she told him with a small laugh as she took the slice of pizza from him. She never meant for the nickname to appear if she were poking fun at him. She always spoke it with fondness.

Lifting the slice of pizza to her lips, she took a bite, holding back the sounds of enjoyment as she chewed. She felt like she hadn’t eaten in days and was starving. Duke’s voice pulled her back, a laugh escaping her at his teasing and trying to keep the mood light. She also couldn’t blame him for feeling that way after everything she had dumped on him since meeting back up. As he continued, her inner voice spoke to her. What the hell are you doing, you stupid girl? He’s said he doesn’t plan on staying long. Why are you letting yourself get so close to him? Esme tried to keep from listening to the voice but it was hard to ignore, but she forced it back as she always did to focus on Duke’s words once more. Her smile grew, and she laughed softly as he went through his rambled introduction and tried to show her he was alright with everything she’d told him. She gave a thoughtful noise in response to his, “Can I stay the night?” question as she went to take another bite of her slice of pizza. At the words, “demon ex boyfriend variety” she stopped mid-bite and her eyebrows shot up. She stayed like that for a moment before she closed her mouth and lowered her slice of pizza.

She knew he had to be playing around but she still couldn’t hide the surprise from coming to her features, and little did he know just how close he was to speaking some truth. Which caused her to lose her appetite. Movement could soon be heard at the end of the bed before the bed gave a light shake, quickly collecting herself as best as she could and forcing the surprise from her features and replacing it with seriousness, she held up a hand to stop Sarah from coming up further on the bed. Sarah immediately stopped with one hind foot hovering just over the edge of the bed. She watched Esme for a moment before slowly getting off the bed, causing it to shake once again and laid back down with a heavy sigh. Lowering her hand, Esme looked over at Duke, seriousness still written on her face. “Demon ex boyfriend variety, you say?” Esme tried to keep her tone serious and unwavering. She wasn’t ready to answer questions he may have if he noticed how much the words affected her. “You’re not implying what I think you are, are you?” she asked, meeting his gaze. Yes, it was obvious that Cason had a thing for her, but that was because she had helped Anna after they had their encounter with the angel and he felt indebted to her. Was he her boyfriend? No, he wasn’t. Could she admit ‌she was beginning to trust him? Yes, she could because of what he has done for her.
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