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Hey there, I'm Wolvena!
So, after being away from the roleplay world for a while, I'm ready to jump back in. I don't do many 1 on 1's because I tend to struggle to keep it going after a little bit. I normally go with group rps on the smaller side, just because I tend to get a bit lost in larger ones. My go-to genres are animal(mostly wolves), anime, sci-fi, and fantasy, though I'm always up to give something new a try.

Location: Texas
Addictions: Minty chocolate, Wolves, Supernatural Tv Show, Anime
Favorite Quotes:
Even if you think you're alone, even if you think
there's no one else to listen to you. You're not alone.

You are Not making mistakes,
you are Not losing.
You are either Winning or Learning!

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When Duke carefully kissed her back, Esme’s heart skipped a beat. She still couldn’t believe that she was letting herself get this close to Duke after everything that had happened and knowing that he wasn’t planning on sticking around that long. Then again, somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew it was bound to happen. After everything they went through together in the past, it had always been hard shoving down the feelings she had and not thinking about them after she left, and she had succeeded in doing so. Though, the moment she heard Duke’s voice when he found her and Cason being held captive by the demons, all those feelings came rushing back, along with memories she thought she’d forgotten.

She smiled more when she saw his cheeks flush as he pulled the pizza closer to him. Even before he said it, she could tell how he felt about the nickname she had given him, and if she was being honest, she missed the nickname he had given her. “I know you don’t, but it fits you. It always has. It always surprised me you'd let me get away with calling you that.” she told him with a small laugh as she took the slice of pizza from him. She never meant for the nickname to appear if she were poking fun at him. She always spoke it with fondness.

Lifting the slice of pizza to her lips, she took a bite, holding back the sounds of enjoyment as she chewed. She felt like she hadn’t eaten in days and was starving. Duke’s voice pulled her back, a laugh escaping her at his teasing and trying to keep the mood light. She also couldn’t blame him for feeling that way after everything she had dumped on him since meeting back up. As he continued, her inner voice spoke to her. What the hell are you doing, you stupid girl? He’s said he doesn’t plan on staying long. Why are you letting yourself get so close to him? Esme tried to keep from listening to the voice but it was hard to ignore, but she forced it back as she always did to focus on Duke’s words once more. Her smile grew, and she laughed softly as he went through his rambled introduction and tried to show her he was alright with everything she’d told him. She gave a thoughtful noise in response to his, “Can I stay the night?” question as she went to take another bite of her slice of pizza. At the words, “demon ex boyfriend variety” she stopped mid-bite and her eyebrows shot up. She stayed like that for a moment before she closed her mouth and lowered her slice of pizza.

She knew he had to be playing around but she still couldn’t hide the surprise from coming to her features, and little did he know just how close he was to speaking some truth. Which caused her to lose her appetite. Movement could soon be heard at the end of the bed before the bed gave a light shake, quickly collecting herself as best as she could and forcing the surprise from her features and replacing it with seriousness, she held up a hand to stop Sarah from coming up further on the bed. Sarah immediately stopped with one hind foot hovering just over the edge of the bed. She watched Esme for a moment before slowly getting off the bed, causing it to shake once again and laid back down with a heavy sigh. Lowering her hand, Esme looked over at Duke, seriousness still written on her face. “Demon ex boyfriend variety, you say?” Esme tried to keep her tone serious and unwavering. She wasn’t ready to answer questions he may have if he noticed how much the words affected her. “You’re not implying what I think you are, are you?” she asked, meeting his gaze. Yes, it was obvious that Cason had a thing for her, but that was because she had helped Anna after they had their encounter with the angel and he felt indebted to her. Was he her boyfriend? No, he wasn’t. Could she admit ‌she was beginning to trust him? Yes, she could because of what he has done for her.
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Rosalie Braeden

Rosalie couldn’t stop the smile that came to her lips and the small laugh when she announced her presence to Maggie, her reaction and words had forced the smile to her lips. It wasn’t the first time she had heard the words, her father, mother, and grandmother had all told her the same thing when she was younger. She could think back on times when she had scared all three by coming upon them quietly and startled them and they would laugh about it. It also proved to be a great skill for when she was in school and was bullied, she had used her quietness and small size to her advantage and put a stop to it in a hurry.

When Rose led Maggie to the table, she nodded to Maggie's words with a small laugh at the joke she made. She did look like a tired mom but that was to be expected after losing sleep when it came to trying to calm down your child from a horrible nightmare. Both her parents had done the same with her on many occasions. What was it with men telling their children scary stories before bed? Was it some sort of test to see how much they could tell them before they were beyond terrified? After taking a seat at the table, she watched Maggie for a moment before looking down at her bowl, taking her spoon, and bringing a bite to her mouth. When Maggie answered her question, she looked up from her bowl and nodded as she spoke. New Mexico, Maine, and Washington. That is a bit far. she thought to herself. Setting her spoon back in her bowl, she chewed the bite she was working on and swallowed. “Then I guess it looks like we’re going on a road trip.” she said in an upbeat tone, trying to make light of the news.

“Or were you thinking of flying?” she added. As much as she disliked flying, she’d do it just to make sure a monster was dealt with so it couldn’t kill or harm any more innocent people. “I’m up for either way as long as it means some monsters are dealt with…. That is if you plan on going that far. I know it’ll be a bit difficult with the twins.” Rose then fell silent to hear what Maggie had to say about the trip. As she waited for her response, she went back to eating her breakfast before it could get too soggy. Even if Maggie didn’t go, just to stay behind with the twins, Rose felt the need to go just to make sure the Djinn and Vampires were taken care of. She couldn’t just sit around the bunker waiting for another case to pop up that was closer and hope that another hunter showed up to take care of the Djinn and Vampires in Maine and Washington.
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Rosalie Zadoorian - Primora

Location: South Bronx, NYC
Interactions: Issac @FunnyGuy

Rosalie watched Isaac as he turned his gaze from Colby to her then seemed to space out for a moment. She was already unsure about the man and him spacing out just made her more unsure about him. Her eyebrows knitted together as she saw him come back and look at her once again, her words finally seeming to register with him. She knew that her words made her come off as a softy but she didn’t really care. Yes, he tried to kill her but that didn’t mean she had to turn around and kill him, she was better than that. Plus, she had managed to trap him where he couldn’t do any more harm to her. All she would have to do was either leave him and risk him telling others, which she knew he would, or shock his brain until he forgot everything. Though that’s when this guy showed up and stepped into the situation. She watched him as he walked over to the gun that lay on the ground and picked it up, then weighed it in his hand. The way he held the gun after weighing it spoke volumes on what he was about to do next. She looked to Colby who was struggling to get free of the ground and muttering curses to himself, then looked back to Isaac when he spoke, his words caused her to raise an eyebrow.

It was as if he thought she’d never seen such a thing happen to anyone or he was trying to save her from seeing it. Either way, she didn’t avert her gaze as he walked up to Colby and spoke to him. Rose saw Colby open his mouth to shoot back a retort to Isaac but didn’t get a chance as the butt of the gun collided with his head. The action caused her to flinch slightly and then again at the second blow Isaac gave Colby. She watched and listened to the interaction going on between the two and shook her head lightly while Isaac’s back was still turned to her. She could have easily done the same thing without causing so much trauma, except for possibly making Colby a vegetable. She was pulled from her thoughts when Isaac tucked away the gun and turned to face her, the first thing she noticed was how cold his eyes were and how they held no regret in his actions. At his words, she raised an eyebrow as she looked at him, the look on her face saying “Really?” as she looked at him. “You don’t say? I could have gotten the same results without bashing his head in.” she said, seeming unfazed by everything. If she could have crossed her arms over her chest at that moment she would have.

She shifted her weight to one foot watching Colby’s head bob as if it were on the body of one of those dashboard dogs. She barely caught Isaac’s next words while watching Colby fall unconscious. She then sighed heavily through her nose. “And what makes you think that?” she asked flatly as she walked over to Colby. Kneeling next to his unconscious form, she placed her hand on the ground and began to manipulate it, the ground once again became a sand-like consistency. Colby’s body was pushed to the surface before hardening once again underneath him. Rose then took to her feet once again and faced Isaac. She opened her mouth to say something else but quickly shut it as she heard something large coming their way in the distance. Her head whipped to the opposite end of the alley as she listened as the sound came close and closer to the alley. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” she muttered as she recognized what the sounds were coming from. It was a Sentinel and it was one of the last things she wanted to deal with, especially now after this whole thing. She cut her eyes over at Isaac as she swallowed hard, hearing the Sentinel getting even closer to their location.

“Looks like we're about to have some unwanted company. I hope you’re quick on your feet.” she told him. She glanced at Colby then looked down the alley and prepared herself to fight or to escape knowing that Sentinels went after non-humans and not humans. She had hoped that she would never have to come face to face with one of these things but she also knew that being Inhuman it wouldn’t detect her as a threat unless she used her powers. Though she did wonder how things would go with this new guy who just randomly showed up and decided to help her out. For a split second, Evelyn and Robert came to mind and how she was going to explain what happened to her if and when she got back to the shop. Rosalie took this opportunity to quickly check the bullet wound on her shoulder by pulling her jacket back, removing the bandana, and placing it in a pocket, then she pulled her shirt away from the wound, it appeared the bullet went clean through. This was good news for her. Without a second thought, she summoned a small flame to her fingertips and cauterized the wound right then and there, a hiss and growl escaping her as she did.

Pulling a clean bandana from an inside pocket of her jacket, she wrapped it around the wound the best she could, then turned back to the end of the alley just as a Sentinel rounded the corner and quickly spotted them and stopped in its tracks, it was obviously scanning them or something along those lines. It took a few minutes but she soon realized that it seemed to be focused on Colby rather than her and Isaac, this struck her as odd. Was it planning an attack on Colby who was a human? Surely not. They weren’t programmed to harm humans.
Rosalie Zadoorian - Primora

Location: South Bronx, NYC
Interactions: Issac @FunnyGuy

When Colby became neck deep within the manipulated ground, Rosalie had the ground harden around the base of his neck, then took to her feet. Still gripping her shoulder, she looked down at Colby who looked up at her with a glare. After being shot at three times and two of the three shots making contact, it was oddly satisfying seeing him stuck with nowhere to go as a punishment. Yes, part of her still hated that she had to go to such measures to make sure she didn’t get shot again, but she had to admit to herself it was about time she stuck up for herself for once. She was known more for taking up for others and not herself in a lot of different situations. This situation definitely called for her to stick up for herself and to put Colby in his place, even if in the end he still felt the same. As she stood over him, she debated on what she should do next. Should she bury him further? Give him Electroshock Therapy and leave him? Or was there something else to do that hadn’t come to mind yet? As these questions rolled around in her mind, she felt her phone vibrate within her pocket but ignored it for now. She was pulled from her thoughts at the sound of approaching footsteps and then a man's voice coming from behind her.

His sudden appearance startled her but she didn’t let it show. As she took in his words, she gave a half turn to watch him while also keeping her guard up. Yes, he didn’t seem to be bothered by what she had done and he also didn’t seem to be human by his words but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to be ready by a sudden attack. “The thought had crossed my mind.” she replied. As well as a bit of Electroshock Therapy. I also know full well that scaring him won’t keep him from telling anyone what I’ve done.” she said as she turned her gaze back to Colby briefly. “I also know him better than you think.” she added with a heavy sigh. Colby stared at the two as they talked about him as if he wasn’t even there and soon began to struggle to free himself with no luck. “When I get out of this, I’ll kill both of you freaks!” he bellowed. “I’ll make sure I kill every single one of you freaks I come across!” Colby then turned his gaze up to Rosalie, glaring at her with pure hatred. “You’ll be the first I come for, Rosie.” he sneered. Rose had heard enough from Colby, her whole body had tensed up in an effort to block out his words but they had still gotten through. Without so much as a warning, she threw a bolt of electricity dangerously close to his head, that was on the opposite side of where Isaac knelt, causing Colby to flinch.

“Will you shut up already?!” she said through gritted teeth, while also holding back the urge to kick him in the face. If she were to kick him now, she knew she could easily use every ounce of her strength and break the bones in one half of his face or break his neck, which was something she didn’t wish to do. Her hazel gaze landed on Issac as she thought back on what he had said, then she released a sigh through her nose. “Even with him being a pain in the ass and shooting me, I don’t want to kill him. A tragic event from his past has warped his thinking about those that aren’t human.” she finally said, taking a quick glance back at Colby. “I’d much rather have him forget the whole thing and even me if possible.” she admitted. Pulling a purple bandana from her jacket pocket, she finally wiped away some of the blood on her cheek from the wound on it. Then carefully pulled her jacket away from the bullet wound on her shoulder and pressed the bandana against it with a slight hiss. “I’m not one for killing humans if I can help it.” she added as she let her jacket fall back into place over her hand.
Rosalie Zadoorian - Primora

Rosalie’s fight against Colby continued with each exchanging heavy hits to the other, even if Rose wasn’t using her full strength at the time, she was landing some pretty heavy hits on Colby. Even if he wouldn’t listen to her or reason, she still had no desire to hurt someone she used to call a friend but it was starting to get ridiculous. He was so full of rage and the need to get revenge, nothing was getting through to him. “Enough!” she cried out as she punched him in the stomach harder than she had before, sending him back a couple of feet and into a wall. His grunt from the punch and crash into the wall echoed in the alley they were in. Clutching his stomach as he hunched over, he looked up at her with a glare and a bit of surprise in his eyes from the force of the punch. Rosalie stood tall, her hands clenched into tight fists as she stared at him, a fire burning within her hazel eyes. “I told you I didn’t want to fight you and I’ve tried my best to keep from hurting you, but you’ve pushed me too far.” she said with hurt and anger in her tone. “You’ve left me no choice but to fight and now…. You’re about to learn I’m one person you shouldn’t have picked a fight with.”

A smirk made its way to Colby’s lips as he straightened, wiping blood from his mouth with his free hand and still clutching his stomach. “Aww, did I hurt the little princess's feelings.” he said in a mock baby voice. “Come on Rosie, I didn’t think you could get your feelings hurt so easily.” The use of two of her most hated nicknames caused her to narrow her eyes at Colby and clench her jaw before her fists clenched more, causing her nails to dig into her palm. “What hurts most is knowing I lost a friend that I considered family.” she shot back. At that moment, she took a deep breath and a light glow formed in her eyes, wiping the smirk from Colby’s lips. “What the hell are you? A mutant?” he asked in a demanding tone. “A soon-to-be nightmare.” she replied. Lifting her right hand to rest in front of her, she uncurled her fingers and electricity bounced from finger to finger. Rose looked at her fingers for a moment, a smirk now coming to her lips before lifting her gaze to look back at Colby, who now had a slightly worried look upon his face. Flicking her finger, she sent a bolt of electricity towards Colby, hitting the wall behind him and dangerously close to his head and sending pieces of brick scattering in all directions, causing his eyes to become saucers.

Shaking himself to rid himself of his fear, he glared at Rose. “I always knew you were one of those freaks, and it explains why you didn’t help me that day!” Colby yelled at her. “Even if you didn’t know them, you were still on their side and you didn’t care what happened to some human!” Rose sighed heavily at his words, closing her eyes briefly before her hazel gaze met his pale blue. The electricity that bounced on her fingers formed into a ball in the palm of her hand as she glared at him. “Would you listen to yourself and hear just how ridiculous you sound!” she snapped. “After everything, we went through before that day, do you seriously think I would purposely let them beat the hell out of you and kill you?!” It was clear frustration had finally gotten to her, her hand flexed and took on a more claw-like appearance before she threw the ball of electricity at Colby, it hit the ground just inches from his left foot and caused him to jump to the right. His glance to the fried ground before looking back at her didn’t go unnoticed. Unclenching her left fist, she brought it up and ran it through her hair to brush away the hair that had fallen in her face, sighing once again.

“You always were hardheaded and it seems that hasn’t changed with our time apart.” she almost whispered. The next thing she knew, Colby pulled a pistol from the back of his pants and shot at her. Lucky for her, his aim was off and the bullet whizzing towards her only grazed her right cheek before embedding itself into the wall behind her. Surprise overtook the smirk that was once upon Rose’s face as blood seeped from the fresh wound on her cheek. She never expected him to have a gun. In the past, he hated them and swore he’d never own one or even touch one. It seemed his traumatic event had changed all that. Collecting herself, her mind began to work overtime. She knew the gunshot would no doubt bring unwanted attention into the alley, and that would risk her being exposed as a non-human, that was something that just couldn’t happen. She was going to have to get this matter taken care of quickly. If only she had the ability to erase or manipulate parts of his memory, it would make this so much easier. Then again, maybe a little bit of electroshock therapy could help remedy that problem when she had him subdued.

As she focused once more on Colby, he pointed his gun at her once more, his finger hovering over the trigger, and his hand slightly trembling. “Today is the day I get my revenge.” he spoke in a growl-like tone. As he squeezed the trigger, Rose threw another ball of electricity at him as she dove behind a dumpster for cover. Her attack hit its mark, his left leg giving him a good little shock and sending him to his hands and knees with a yell of pain as his shot hit where she was standing just moments before. Taking to her feet, Rose stepped out from behind the dumpster and shot a bolt at his gun, sending it flying down the alley. Rose closed some of the gap between them, keeping another attack at the ready should she need it. Colby pushed himself back onto his knees and glared up at Rosalie. “You stupid b, gahhhhhh!” He was cut off by Rosalie hitting him with a continuous stream of electricity coming from both of her hands, sending to all fours. Then using the same stream, flipped him onto his back. “Didn’t your mother teach you better than to talk to a lady in such a way?” she said before giving him a good zap before she stopped shocking him. “Not when it comes to women like you.” Colby grunted once he caught his breath.

“What a shame.” she whispered as her head dipped and shook as her eyes closed. Colby took this moment as an opportunity to pull another gun he had hidden on himself and fire a shot at Rose. By the time Rose heard the click, it was too late to even try to dodge the bullet to keep it from hitting her. As she opened her eyes, she leaned to the right, and the bullet connected with her left shoulder causing her to cry out in pain and stumble back. Grabbing her shoulder and gaining her footing, she glared down at Colby as he began to take to his feet. “Son of a bi……” she trailed off as pain and anger coursed through her. “You’re going to regret doing that.” she said through gritted teeth. Rose sent a new stream of electricity at him that was even stronger than the last. Colby’s scream echoed in the alley as she collapsed and face-planted onto the ground. She then used the same attack to fling him up and into a wall before slamming back down on the ground. Stopping the attack, she carefully knelt down and placed a hand upon the ground. The ground beneath Colby began to tremble and crack before becoming a sand-like consistency and started to pull Colby within it. “What are you doing?! Stop!” he yelled but he was only answered with silence. She fully intended to bury him up to at least his neck but if he pulled something else, she could easily completely bury him.
Rosalie Braeden

Rosalie had woken early that morning, not being able to sleep due to nightmares plaguing her dreams that morning. If she hadn’t chosen a room away from Dean and Maggie, there was no way she would have gotten as much sleep as she did but she still felt rather tired from getting to bed late from pouring herself over books. She had once again found herself in the library of the bunker, pouring herself over the many books that it held. Since meeting Dean and Maggie, and being invited to stay in the bunker, she was determined to read every book it held at least once. And of course, she had to go through and look at every item that had been collected and cataloged. For someone that had grown up without the knowledge of the Supernatural until later in life, and to hear about the Winchesters and what they did. This place was a treasure trove of knowledge and a way to somewhat step into the shoes of the Winchester’s. Rose still craved for more information about the Winchester’s, most of all Dean after hearing some of what her father told her about him.

She also wished she could have met the man and picked his brain and learned from him. Though she did learn that she had some things in common with him, like her love for rock music, burgers, the way she felt about her car, the need to save the innocent, and putting family and friends before herself. She saw him as a family member she never had the chance to meet because of certain circumstances that got in the way. Rose understood why Dean would have himself erased from her father’s and grandmother's memory but at the same time wished he hadn’t had it done. She often thought about talking to Jack about him but with him being so hands-off and not answering them, it just wasn’t possible.

Rose finally pulled herself from the books she was elbow deep in for hours and went to the garage to work on her car, something she did when she needed to get her mind on other things and clear it. Working under the hood of her car with music going had an odd calming effect on her as well. After taking a good amount of time to fix most of the damages from the last case, Rose pulled herself from under the hood when her stomach announced it needed to be fed. She then put her tools away and wiped her hands on an old rag that sat nearby, before closing the hood and making her way up the stairs that led back to the main part of the bunker. As she neared the kitchen, Rose could hear Maggie’s voice coming from within it, a small smirk slowly came to her lips. Stopping in the doorway, she folded her arms across her chest and leaned against the frame of the doorway, her gaze focused on Maggie and her small smirk still resting on her lips as she watched and listened to her.

“Having a bit of a rough morning, are we?” Rose teased Maggie. Uncrossing her arms as she pushed off the doorway and walked over to the sink to wash her hands. “And this is one reason why I’m glad I don’t rely on coffee to wake me up and get me going in the mornings.” she laughed softly as she dried off her hands. After folding the towel and placing it back near the sink, she then walked over to Maggie, took her gently by the shoulders, and led her to the table. “Have a seat and I’ll start a new pot for you.” She smiled softly as she gently pushed Maggie to sit in a chair, then walked back over to the coffee pot to make some more coffee for the sleep-deprived woman. Once the coffee was going, she grabbed a cup and sat it on the counter in front of the coffee pot before turning and facing Maggie, crossed her arms over her chest, and leaned against the counter. “Have you caught wind of anything this morning?” Once the coffee was done, she poured a cup for Maggie and took it to her with a warm smile resting on her lips before turning and going and making herself a bowl of cereal and sitting down at the table across from Maggie.
Rosalie Zadoorian - Primora

Rosalie continued to stare down the hooded figure before her, still trying to figure out who they were and just what they wanted with her. The way they kept their eyes hidden by shadow and the way they smirked at her, sent a slight shiver down her spine. Not many could get such a reaction from her, but there was something extremely ominous about this guy. Her eyes narrowed and she gripped the handlebars of her bike even more. “I ask again. Who the hell are you and what do you want?” she almost growled, but annoyance was clear in her tone. The guy's smirk turned into a toothy grin at her words and annoyance, clearly enjoying that he was getting a rise out of her from not answering, then gently shook his head with a chuckle. “Has it really been long enough for you to have forgotten me, Rosie?” he said with a chuckle in his tone, his tone changing to a sneer as he said her name. Rose’s teeth clenched as he used her hated nickname in a sneer, he was just asking for a punch in the face, but she was taken off guard by the fact he knew her. This caused her to focus even more on the man before her, her eyes turning into saucers as she realized just who was in front of her. His grin grew even more as he saw that she knew who he was. “So….. You’ve finally recognized me.” he stated gleefully.

“Colby?” Rose breathed as she got off her bike and leaned it against a wall. “But how’s that possible? You’re supposed to be dead. I saw you……” she spoke softly before she trailed off as images from that day flashed through her mind. They were close friends and she still blamed herself for his death that day. She could still see it clearly as if it had just happened yesterday. The two of them were spending the day together, walking around, and minding their own business when they were approached by a gang. What they didn’t realize until it was too late, was that this group weren’t normal humans but wayward mutants. “Yeah, for all intensive purposes, I should be dead!” he snapped at her as he got off his own bike and leaned it against a wall. He then removed his hoodie and draped it across the handlebars of his bike. Rose’s eyes went straight to the burn scars on his neck and arms, she could only imagine what the scars looked like under his white t-shirt. Once Colby noticed her looking at his scars, his expression changed to one of anger. “This!” he yelled, gesturing to his whole body. “Is your fault! You stood there and did nothing while they wailed and used their powers on me! You just stood there and watched!”

“That’s not true and you know it!” Rose snapped back. “I fought against the members of that gang to get to you and help you! There were so many, I had trouble getting to you! When I finally did, they had thrown you through the window of that old wearhouse, brought it down on you, and then set it ablaze!” she told him. “I did everything I could to get through them, to you, and through the rubble of that building! After the flames were under control, I searched for you for hours and could only find half of the other people alive that were in that building! So, do you tell me I did nothing to help you!” she rambled. A fire burned behind Colby’s eyes as Rose spoke, his hands balling into fists, then shook his head hard when she had finished. “Lies! It’s all lies!” he snapped at her. “You did nothing because you were weak and now that I’ve found you, you’re going to pay for letting them do this to me!” He then rushed her, lifting a fist as he neared her, before his fist could connect with a part of her, she sidestepped with her hands up. “Colby, I’m sorry for what happened. I truly am.” she said, trying to use a calmer tone as she dodged another of his attacks. “If I could go back and change what happened I would. You were my best friend and it hit me harder than you know to see what happened and thinking you were dead.”

Colby spun around and swung at Rosalie, but she caught his fist, spun him around, and pushed him away from her. “I don’t want to fight you, Colby.” she told him as she watched him slightly trip from the push. Colby spun around with a growl-like sound in his throat. “Every word from your mouth is a lie!” he spat. He rushed her, throwing a punch that connected with her cheek, sending her back a couple of steps with a muffled groan. She didn’t want to hurt Colby but if he kept this up, she would have no choice but to fight him to defend herself. “Colby, please.” she managed to get out before he threw another punch that she barely dodged. He came at her harder, not saying a word, which gave her no choice but to fight back. The two began to exchange blows, knocking each other to the ground and against the sides of the buildings they were in between. Rose dared not use her powers in a place so close to a place where she could easily be seen by other people but if she were to use them, it would end this fight quickly and get back to the shop. Though she still didn’t want to hurt Colby too badly even though she couldn’t get through to him. If this continued the way it was going, she might just have to use them to get out of this situation and hopefully not be seen.
Rosalie Zadoorian - Primora

Today was just like any other day for Rosalie, it started just like it always did. She got up when her alarm clock went off, made her bed, showered, dressed, and had her breakfast before heading out for work. The bike ride there was even the same, waving to and greeting the people she passed daily with a warm smile. Part of her wished that something different would happen, it didn’t have to be anything big, something small would work just fine. When she reached the Herbal Shop, she did as she always did, she rode to the back entrance so she could bring her bike in so it wouldn’t be stolen and it would also be out of the way. Once at the back door, she got off her bike and pulled a set of keys out of her jacket pocket and unlocked the door, opened it, and made her way inside with her bike. After she was inside, Rose leaned her bike against a wall then locked the door, just to be on the safe side and not risk anyone sneaking in, then made her way to the front of the shop. “Good morning, Mrs. Evelyn.” she greeted the older woman at the counter warmly. The woman looked up from what she was doing and smiled warmly at Rosalie, though concern was shown in the woman's hazel eyes. Rose’s smile grew a little more and she gave Evelyn a look that said she was okay.

“Good morning, Rose. How are you doing today sweetie?” Evelyn asked Rose, concern showing in her tone. “I know today is a rough day for you. I wasn’t expecting you to come in today after telling you you could have a couple of days off. Since today marks the anniversary of…….” Rose looked at Evelyn and smiled at her even warmer than before when she trailed off. The woman had practically become a mother to her and had taken her under wing after her parents had been taken. “Yes, I’m alright Mrs. Evelyn. I thank you for the offer but I need something to keep my mind busy so that I don’t dwell on the past and start blaming myself again.” she told her. “I don’t think you or Mr. Robert wants to have to pull me out of that place again.” she added with a light laugh to try and lighten the mood. At Rose’s words, a slight smile came to Evelyn’s lips and she nodded. “I understand and no, that’s not something either of us wants to see you go through again, it was quite difficult pulling you out of that state of mind.” The two soon fell silent and got the shop in order as they waited for the other girl that worked there to show up. Once the shop was in order and ready to be opened up, the bell rang, signaling someone had walked in, Evelyn’s husband had shown up. “Good morning, Mr. Robert.” Rose greeted him as she poked her head from around a shelf she was finishing stocking.

Robert looked over at Rose, surprise could easily be seen on his face but quickly faded into a gentle smile. “Good morning, Rosie.” he spoke in a soft tone. As much as she disliked being called Rosie, Robert and Evelyn were the only ones that could get away with calling her that. “It’s good to see you in a relatively good mood this morning.” Robert told her. “How could I not be in this shop with some of the friendliest people I know.” Rose said happily. The three of them shared a warm laugh just before the bell on the door chimed again and a girl entered the shop. “I’m so sorry I’m late.” she apologized. “I ran into a bit of trouble on the way here but I’m alright.” she added quickly. Rose stepped out from behind the shelf to get a better look at the girl that just entered the shop. Yes, she was physically fine but it was clear that she wasn’t alright mentally and she was shaking. “No, Sarah, you’re not alright.” Rose said as she made her way over to her. She took Sarah by the shoulders and led her over to a chair near the counter and made her sit down in it before kneeling in front of her. “Now, take a breath and calm yourself then tell us what happened.” Rose spoke softly to Sarah. She watched Sarah intently as she closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm herself, then opened her eyes and looked at Rose.

“Really Rose, I’m alright. It just shook me up a bit.” Sarah told her. She then sighed heavily at the look she was getting from Rose, saying “I don’t buy it.” that caused Sarah to sigh heavily. “It was just some creep trying to corner me in an alley, as soon as he grabbed me I maced his ass and ran for it. He didn’t have a chance to try anything.” she explained. As Sarah spoke, Rose’s hands balled into fists and she clenched her teeth. She hated men that tried to take advantage of women. Taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out, she calmed herself a bit before focusing back on Sarah. “I’m sorry you had to deal with that asshat, Sarah. Though I’m glad you carry mace on you.” she told her with a slight smile. “If you’d like, I can walk home with you after work.” she suggested. Sarah gave a small smile and a small nod to Rose’s suggestion with a soft “Okay” as she looked down at her. “Alright.” Rose said warmly before standing. “You sit here until you’ve collected yourself.” She received a nod from Sarah and a nod from Evelyn and Robert before Robert flipped the sign on the door to open. While Sarah collected herself, the other three did what they normally did around the shop as they waited for customers to come in.

The rest of the morning went along without a hitch and many customers came and went. By noon, they had many call in for deliveries, and after what happened to Sarah, Rose offered to make all the deliveries that were called in. “Are you sure you can manage all those on your own?” Sarah asked as Rose was getting ready to go. “Oh yeah.” she said with a laugh. “Before you came to work here, there was a day I had way more than this, and I managed to get them all delivered before nightfall.” she laughed. “I promise, I got this. You help with things around here and I’ll be back before you know it, and if I run into that asshat that attacked you, I’ll give him something he won’t soon forget.” she told Sarah, smirking at the last bit. Sarah laughed as she helped Rose and Robert grab the items to be delivered and carry them back to Rose’s bike and place them in the basket on the front of it. Then with their help pushed her bike out the back door. Once through the door she threw her leg over and pushed off, throwing a wave over her shoulder. “Be careful.” they said in unison. “I will.” Rose replied before rounding the corner and disappearing from their view. As she rode along, she adjusted the collar of her jacket and couldn't help but be grateful that there wasn’t any rain scheduled for the day in the forecast and the sky seemed pretty clear. It was already cold enough without adding rain to it.

Most of her deliveries went pretty smooth, there were a few people that were in bad moods or had a protective dog or two, it could have been worse. Though as she went along, Rose couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being followed. Of course, she had looked around without it being noticeable but she couldn’t make out anyone being shady, and that put her a little on edge. “I have four more to drop off and then I can get back to the shop. Then I won’t have to deal with it.” she whispered to herself. Rose made quick work of getting the last items delivered so she could get back to the shop. Checking her watch for the time, she gave a small as she stood on the steps in front of her last delivery. “Wow, just shy of two hours. That’s a new record.” she whispered to herself. Pulling a pouch from her inside jacket pocket, she unzipped it and placed the cash she just received into it, zipped it back up, and placed it back into the inside pocket of her jacket. Then reached to the opposite pocket and pulled out another that was for the tips she had received, after putting her tip inside it, she zipped it and put it back into the pocket she pulled it from. Zipping up her jacket, she made her way back to her bike and hopped on it. Though she didn’t immediately leave, Rose looked around, that feeling of being watched being much stronger than it had before.

“Who in the hell could be watching me.” she asked herself softly. She had been extra careful to make sure she hadn’t used her powers out in the open, in fact, she had hardly used them at all. Running a hand through her hair in frustration, she looked around once more before taking off back to the shop. It wasn’t until she rounded a corner, she caught a glimpse of someone following her but couldn’t make out who they were because a hood covered their face. “This could be interesting.” she thought. “Alright, let’s see how well you can keep up.” Rose sped up and cut corners sharply to try and lose her follower but they kept right up with her and at a safe distance. That was until they disappeared and somehow popped up in front of her, blocking her path. Skidding to a halt, Rose stared down the person with a glare, still seated on her bike. “Who the hell are you and what do you want?” she snapped. They responded with a laugh as they slowly lifted their head to reveal a mischievous smirk while the rest of their face was hidden in shadow. This caused Rose to grip the handlebars of her bike tightly. It was just another asshat looking to cause trouble for a woman they thought couldn’t fight back.
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