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4 mos ago
Current Damn just remembered Barkley 2 is never going to come out.
8 mos ago
I wish the rise preorder had an option to pay extra to get sunbreak when it comes out
10 mos ago
Yeah cuz all the modders fix your shit up in between all the anime titty mods
10 mos ago
If you don’t rock and stone, you ain’t coming home!
12 mos ago
kanye trolling everyone with this wait


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Lunnette 29 days ago
The Lunnette fairy here is to sprinkle a little magic!


Hello, friend! I hope your day is or will be absolutely lovely! ໒(◕ヮ◕)〜⊹ I envy the folk who can do Tabletop Roleplay! I also can't quite tell what your profile picture is, but I like it! It's almost nostalgic somehow.
Angel Vicky 3 yrs ago
Merry Spritzmas!
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