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3 days ago
Current I would sooner face outright phobia again than be given a half-hearted apology by the same systems which did nothing in the face of injustice and to now seek to make profit from our suffering.
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3 days ago
I will never celebrate Pride Month for being stabbed in the leg and shot in the neck while it is sponsored by Chase. I will never mistake complacency for forgiveness nor acceptance.
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3 days ago
Pride Month is celebrate by those who have never struggled. Those of us who have - those who have been harassed, assulted, detained and debased - have no such pride in it. There is only ire and spite.
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3 days ago
So sorry if I'm not enthused. It's just that there's nothing to be happy about now, and people just buy rainbow stuff from the same corps who need us kept down to sell them in the first place.
3 days ago
Meanwhile, I get to read 500 posts a day from comfortably middle class people about how they're making a difference by putting rainbows on everything while we can hardly go outside without harassment.


“There was a time when I was master of the universe. As I was staying ageless and motionless before my computer, flying untouched over human frenzy, cities rose and crumbled under my thumb, tiny people ran hurriedly to their death on the roads I had built and time flew at my command.

Then it all stopped, and I had to become one of those running specks. They call it 'life.'”

Nicolas Combrexelle

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You've done well my faithful potato substitute, you have my thanks.
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