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Current I've been sucked back into persona 5 with no regrets.
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Never wear white at all 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Got a full page ad as well 🫠😭
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The way I want to call out tomorrow is real, but alas, I cannot


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’Clink.' 'Clink.' 'Scrap.’ The dining hall was filled with little sharp tings and scrapes of crude cutlery dragging against the dingy dishware they tried to pass for plates. Each sharp sound bit at Erith's brain, like dozens if razor sharp teeth gnawing away at his nerves. He couldn’t say he fully hated the mines. He liked the tedious work. Plus, rocks were fun. But the “cafeteria” was a whole different beast. His icy-blue eyes rolled and winced every few seconds with each new sound. Not only that—it was also filled with a myriad of unpleasant smells and bodies that slurped and devoured each meal. Though the gruel was something little better than what he could have dug out of the trash. But at least it was palatable—mostly. Sometimes he’d let his mind wander off to some of the best dishes he had eaten. But not today, today was filled with teeny annoyances that caused the feyling to bounce anxiously in his seat.

”Just chew. Chew. Chew. Chew.” His fevered brain yelled at him while mirroring his own hasty gnashing of teeth against the hard, tacky break. It was desperate to drown out the chaos that was building around him. It felt like little jolts of electricity were itching beneath his skin giving cause for his legs to bounce at a rapid pace. Unfortunately it was to no avail—eating and chewing just wasn’t enough to dispel the torrent of sensations rushing through him. ”Well, that’s enough of that,” he said under his breath, fingers gripping the plate while swinging his legs out from beneath the table. Dinnertime was over. Would he regret not finishing it? Probably. But that was future Erith’s problem. Current Erith needed something better to do to fill his time.

The feyling had made his way partly down the cafeteria before hushed voices cause his attention. ”I know that voice! His tail curled it’s way around his waist, the tip flitting back and forth excitedly. He could feel his shoulders slump away from his ears while relief flooded over him.

To say Erith made his way over towards the nearby table was an understatement. There was a noticeable bounce with each step as he more or less danced his way over; tray still in one hand. ”MHIN,” Erith shouted excitedly before sliding into an empty seat amidst the group. He shoved the plate away from himself before propping his head up on the table. A wide grin plastered across his face while he looked at the elf. Her fiery hair fell around her face with no real sense of direction. He had offered once to braid it for her. To which Mhin had very quickly, and harshly, shot him down. He tore his eyes away from her and glanced around the table. Maybe he was mistaken but if felt as if there was an uneasy air to the table. He noted the darkened and serious looks etched onto their faces. ’Well, Mhin’s face always looks like that . . .’ Erith’s brows knitted together in a moment of hesitation before brushing off the notion.

He lowered his head trying to make as much as eye contact as possible with each of them before whispering, ”Did I miss something?” His forehead wrinkling slightly as his brows drew up. This smelled like a mystery and if there was anything Erith liked it was adventure.

"Can I join?"

Let me know if I need to fix or change anything ^^;

@Zmija Sebastian

You, uh, okay there?
Sorry that I have died. IRL has been stupid busy and stressful.
Ophelia Cayde

@Lithfangel and @Dark Cloud

” Oh kid, you gotta think I'm not as sharp minded as I was long ago but if ya think I believe in them cards?" The old man’s voice cut through caucus of the tavern around them. His words as offensive as the swill she had been served prior.

Ophelia wasn’t new to naysayers. Though the blatant disregard easily wormed beneath her skin and chewed on her nerves. With a calm, steady hand she packed the cards tightly against one another—a sharp rapt on the table. Her eyes had narrowed into glittering slits the only not calm about her was the burning malice that wafted from her gaze. ”Oh, trust me old man. I knew you were past your prime long ago. But I didn’t realize that old age had riddled your mind so deeply, already. But maybe it’s the one too many knocks against the head, eh?” The tone in her voice matched her movements, steady and calm with an edge of fury that gave it a small bite.

She cupped the cards in the palm of her hand, folding them toward her body before reaching up on the toe of her boots and leaning across the bar. Her free hand struck across the air between them. Opehlia's index finger hooking and pulling onto the nearest bit of loose fabric on the old man, drawing him towards her. ”You going to tell me you’re a skeptic in this tavern? Where a corpse and shade walk freely around us? Magic. Death. The strange and unusual,” she paused to cock her head to the side, eyeing the loud man while he clattered down his drink, ”are reality but afraid to trust a little in some cards?” Her lips parted in a sharp grin.

Ophelia let go and leaned back away from the bar. She had shut her eyes away from the duo, taking moment for herself before reaching back to her earlier disregarded bottle. The bridge of her nose wrinkled as her brows pinched together in thought. She plucked her cards up from the bar. Ophelia’s knuckles white with the grip she had around them. ”Ah, fuck it.” She could feel the burn of blood rushing to her cheeks, knowing full well that it had already bloomed and painted her with a deep rose color. Be it from the drinks or the anger, she couldn’t tell. She took another swig from her bottle. Nor did she particularly care at that moment. For the moment the rim left her lips she let her fingers spring open. The bottle fell to the floor in a sharp crash. Glass and wine scattered and pooled beneath her.

”Huh,” she mused. She was a terrible drunk. Didn’t matter how much experience she had. Something always got broken. With a shrug she stepped away and closer toward the strange man, tucking her cards idly away. Someone will get that. The mess was already out of sight and mind. Ophelia let her gaze loll around before taking a half step backwards and bumping into the strange man who was still at the bar. He seemed aggravated a moment earlier, but she was too swept up on berating the old man to pay attention. She turned her head back and over her shoulder. ”Got something to add, stranger?” She let her eyes widen to their full extent, hoping to mirror his own previous intensity. Part of her was aware she was toeing a possible dangerous line but what was life without a little fun. Plus, she didn’t plan to stick around for much longer.
Welcome back~
I'll be trying to get a post up soon-ish ;^;
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