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Current Time is something everyone has, roleplaying is a passionate illusion to fill that void.
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12 mos ago
When you make an interest check for a Ready Player One rp because that would be a cool roleplay. The movie was so good!
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1 yr ago
When you come back after a year and don't even know where to start...
2 yrs ago
People are so friendly here! I love it!
2 yrs ago
So many interesting roleplays idea on here!! I love how this site is set up!


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@Raging Fenrir You're accepted though please choose from your list of jutsu 0-5 un-basics to know/be proficient in.

I'd appreciate if you updated your character sheets into the one's we have placed.
I do not approve of Uragiri Sakana’s age vs. rank, I also disapprove Uragiri’s military statues.

1) Uragiri is a Jounin not a special Jounin S-rank technique & missions do not apply to him
2) I disapprove of the amount of 16 Jutsu’s to the character. Especially, since Jounin tend to only lean towards specifics and mastery of one or two elements.
3) I’m not allowing custom Jutsu’s now

Now with the decision of Sakamach Sadako. Please redirect her format to the basic one us admins laid out for you.
I disapprove of how many Chakra natures. Especially at the age Sakamach is at.
If your character is not a black receiver it is not allowed the Black Rod Release.
By experience the character wouldn’t even be able to do Truth-Seeking Release/Black Rod Release either.
Not allowing custom jutsu
For your characters age and experience they know to high of jutsu and to many.

Final evaluation on your characters:
They need to be updated to the layout we provide.
They are completely over powered for their ages. (knowing to many jutsu or too high of jutsu. Being to high ranked of a ninja for their age).
Their skills need to be rethought out.
In the canon a Jounin barely can use two nature chakras on average and they have years of experience and tend to be over the age of 25/30.
Your characters also are all over the place with techniques most don’t line up with each other meaning it would be harder for them to learn or causing their chakra to run quicker then somebody else with their basic lines of jutsu.
Neither character will be accepted at the state they are in.

@Bounce You’re accepted! Congratulations!

@Deadlyrose9641 Yes, it is still opened and you’re welcome to apply a character!
@BladeSS4 We are!
Welcome all to the beginning stages of the Naruto Universe roleplay! Hopefully there is a long and lively foundation of beautiful characters and writers here. I and Reflection hope to satisfy all of you with our images of this new world.

@dndragons@Allycat@Reflection@Amore@Revi Hunter@JackDLemmy@Raging Fenrir@Hoekage@sassy1085@alexfangtalon@CaptainCaptcha@Ephemeral@Red Alice@Experiment 249@AdmrlStalfos19 @Bounce@Dead Ringer @Zapdos@Odin@MesuOkami

In the character tab under the character sheet. Reflection and I have posted the allowed/opened ranks for titled ninjas. Calling a rank does not mean your guarantee to that title. You can apply and if your character does not pass/see fit try again or pick a different title (recommended lower rank).

Character Sheet

Please post your character application sheet (the sheet above) in the OOC not in the Characters tab. Please and thank you!

Allowed/Opened Positions

The Tsuchikage

It began with the murder of Tsuchikage. Konoha denied involvement, but that didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered to the Hidden Stone village was somebody needed to pay for the fallen. The wheels of militarization flared and begun to move from this. The sleeping giant of the Hidden Stone Village had started to wake, and the Hokage knew his choices were narrow. Accept the destruction of his people or declare war. Whether he was guilty or not, it wasn’t in the picture anymore.

War started and now it held to a steady pace. The battle of Recovunx Pass is a startling beginning to warfare. A bloodbath when the armies gathered hoping to bring peace but were blinded by a lie. Bloodshed piled onto the ground and nobody knew who struck first and why. All that is known, is that there were no survivors.
This caused conflict with all the villages and their allies. The Stone and Cloud village was against the trio of Mist, Leaves and Sand. The fear only started a few months ago and now it still marches on. Higher ranked ninjas were slaughtered by equal competitors. Now the few trainers the villages have left are sending their Genin out before maturity hoping they will survive. Or were the trainers hoping the Genin would try and revert to peace over war? Unlike the developed ninjas who were set in their ways?

Please Read The Rules!!

@dndragons@Allycat@Reflection@Amore@Revi Hunter@JackDLemmy@Raging Fenrir@Hoekage@sassy1085@alexfangtalon@CaptainCaptcha@Ephemeral@Red Alice@Experiment 249@AdmrlStalfos19

We seem to have a good crowd to start off with! I will be creating the IC, OOC and CS tab. Reflection and I have already communicated on what villages will stand for now, the time period and created the basic character sheets for all of you, wonderful people to fill out.
The IC topic should be created and put up by the end of the week to mid next week. You all will be tagged into it so you don’t miss out on another. Hope to see all of you there when its up and getting ready to run!
<Snipped quote by Zora>

All right! Let's get everyone on the site involved. It will be the biggest RP the Guild has ever seen.

I wasn't...exactly saying that... If we are getting that many people. I'm going to need more mods.

Let's start small, okay? nervous laughing
I want to throw my interest in but I also don't want to overwhelm whoever ends up GM with 200 players ahaha

You won't overwhelm me! It will be alright.
I see interest in this.
@Raging Fenrir All original clans will be in this world.
@Allycat Every clan is a little over powered in their own way. We will keep all clans, villages, etc to the universe. We will just regulate different things on them and on characters specifically.

@Hoekage@Raging Fenrir Reflection and I are actually discussing situations to start off with. War is a considerably good one we are putting our eye on.
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