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Current It is weird to be back ~ A fluttering feeling at that
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When you bruise your ribs you tend to not want to sleep at night but during the day.
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Time is something everyone has, roleplaying is a passionate illusion to fill that void.
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When you make an interest check for a Ready Player One rp because that would be a cool roleplay. The movie was so good!
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When you come back after a year and don't even know where to start...


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There hasn't been much activity here for a few days, so I decide I would check in. How is everyone doing?
Everyone was probably relieved when it came to knowing that there was an actual pilot in the crew now. Captain DeBaker internally and externally could show how much calmer she was now to have such a participant on board. Upon getting asked about the days plan, Apple DeBaker nodded her head, "Personally, I think we should tour the ship once we get it out of compound. This will help us understand what we are dealing with," hopefully this was a better answer than none.

On what she has been told the aircraft is completely good to get out of bay, but she didn't trust the words of compound attendants; at least not all the time. They will say a lot of things to make an extra buck or get a free space up for something else.

Glancing back at the individual who kept asking questions, Dalkalo, she had no true answer when it came to having a mission or winging it. They could probably find something easily if a mission was needed, but her main plan right now was to get the ship out of compound. Stopping to think about it, "I don't think I have anything-" she paused in her thought for a second or two "-winging it might be better for now. Do you have something you want to share, Dalkalo?" Captain DeBaker asked, since he might have a mission or have heard of one.

I made a short post so we can get an idea of how the crew will be ran.

Sorry for being gone for a few days! I'll reply as soon as possible!


@Zora Should I post again, to just reply to your post, or should I wait for someone else? Not really sure, but I know I don't want this to die.

If you are wanting to reply to my post, I would recommend using the post you already have and editing it (adding on to it). Just put a line through the specific text of reply.

How to make a line?
[h.r] without the .

@Smiter19 That sucks. At least there isn't major damage.
@Kale19 Ah, you're completely fine! I think everyone has done that before.
Captain DeBaker noticed the individual approaching, but she paid no mind to the person right away. When the woman held out the folio containing her pilot's license and summation of her racing achievements. The captain couldn’t help her smile, “Yes, Yes I am.” She said confidently when the other asked if she was Captain DeBaker.

Listening to what this Stelle-pilot-character had to say for herself, Captain DeBaker was internally thanking the gods or whoever was watching, “You are in luck, Stella. You’re our last puzzle piece and I am glad that you showed up, since we really needed a pilot.” She could say that she was extremely relieved that Stella, a pilot, showed up.

Welcome Aboard, Stelle.” Captain DeBaker gestured to the other crew members, “I think we have everyone now that you showed up, so we can definitely get that ship out of the compound now.” Apple DeBaker seemed excited now.

@Sylvan Hehe I was hoping you weren't going to see that. Guess I have to get a crowbar now :)

Gets the duck-tape
When April spoke up and explained the illegal techniques she has learned while flying, Captain DeBaker didn't know if it was comforting or not. She thought about it for a second, "I see..." Was the only thing that could trail out of her mouth with all her thoughts. This got the Captain wondering how many illegal activities has this so-called crew got themselves into the past.

Shaking those thoughts away for she didn't care to assume into depth, she smiled towards the girl, "We will see if we will need those skills of yours or not, for now. Let's start getting ready and hope a pilot will come by." She informed the girl with a warm smile. Captain DeBaker wasn't totally against letting April fly, but April did say she wasn't used to flying bigger crafts.

Standing up from her spot, she decided to look at the crew she already has, "I am going to go to the impound station and see if we can get this ship out of there. I am pretty sure all of you have to come with, because I have to confirm that I have a crew for such a job." Hopefully they were willing to walk some way to the impound section of the hanger.

Apple DeBaker was shown bits and pieces of different techniques on how to keep a craft stable so it does not crash horribly, but she was not advanced in the techniques of piloting. The woman listened to Dalkalo and smiled without a second thought, "I am glad that you know how to do such a thing, because I am almost completely oblivious when it comes to piloting." She wasn't shy to admit that she didn't know, she was young, and still inexperienced.

When Dalkalo spoke up again, she could only shake her head, "I do not think many would know how to do that unless they were at least intermediate pilots, Mr.Dalkalo." She commented while looking around, hoping a pilot or somebody that knew how would show up, and she knew it was going to be hell without somebody who was experienced.

"Hopefully we can find one soon because we will need to get the ship out of impound without much time." Apple DeBaker commented more to herself than anything, but she still vocalized it. Showing a slight worry about getting the ship in time.

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