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Current When you bruise your ribs you tend to not want to sleep at night but during the day.
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Time is something everyone has, roleplaying is a passionate illusion to fill that void.
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When you make an interest check for a Ready Player One rp because that would be a cool roleplay. The movie was so good!
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When you come back after a year and don't even know where to start...
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People are so friendly here! I love it!


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@yoshua171 They can be processed and examined. Not all are allowed.
On that point, I actually don't know. I don't think any rebellion in the cannon was around in this time. Though I felt as if there would be little rebellions against the individuals who sell weapons, black market, etc...

If not I just assumed and that can be erased from the topic.
Yes @Ellri, this character doesn’t know much now. That’s the absolute uniqueness of this character and the foundation. She will have all the curves and opportunities to learn for herself. Which gives her the best opportunity to interact with all the different PCs.

For one she is running away from a mad man she considers her husband which will be having a bounty over her head. Giving half the interaction opportunities right there. For dos she will be running into people quite literally… she isn’t going to let herself go back to her husband without a fight. So, she is always going to try and be finding help and getting herself into the most erratic positions.

For realism yes, she grew up a girl with no physical power, not much education given to her either and then sold off to be a pampered live model for a rich man. She isn’t going to know much but she’s going to have the most ambition to break that cycle. Her plan is to join the rebellion and become independent on learning how to fly crafts, use different weapons and become a family among the rebellion.

All that is what makes her stand out her hopes and dreams.
I'm interested.
The Second part of war

The winds of change started roaring months ago upon the land. Since the falling of the Tsuchikage was declared among the territories. A panic has travel among every single individual of each village not just the ninja’s roaming in the areas but the common people that feared for their families and friends lives. No one wanted to send out their mother, father, sister, brother, or lover out into the field. Everyone in panic caused the warfare to become even more difficult for the ninjas to leave their families. Parents didn’t want to send their children out to protect and scout the areas.
As demanded by the older ninja who argued with many families and ignored most comments. Took the Genin’s and Academy Student’s away to certain locations around the village to protect the Kage if they failed to keep the enemy at lest on stand by on the front line. Now it’s been awhile since the higher ranked ninjas came from the front line, but all were arriving back home. A standing amongst the villages have put them in a week of peace and rest. Truly that never mattered the rules of war have always stand and been put upon everyone but there was always one to try and break these rules.
Higher ranked ninja’s have come back home to inform the one’s who are titled Chuunin or lower they left behind that they will be going to the front lines in about a week if not earlier. Now having to break the news has caused the night to feel pressured and overwhelming not just for the nature but for the Jounin and Chuunin who must inform their companions that they need to prepare for what lies ahead.

[Everyone please start around the same general area or where you can hear the Jounin/higher ranked ninjas call for you to inform you.]

Where everyone should try and start out:

Team A
Leaf -
Jounin introduce by coming back from war / informing the lower ranked ninjas.

Chuunin – Academy students start by knowing the Jounin/higher ranked are coming back.

Mist -

Since you have no high ranked ninja start out either with the leaf or sand.

Sand -

Chuunin start by coming back or being informed that all the Jounin have fallen and you are in charge now.

Genin – Academy start by being informed all the higher ranked have fallen or be completely oblivious.

Team B

Cloud -

Jounin start by going to the Stone village.

Stone -

Jounin start by arriving home or informing lower ranked ninjas.

Chuunin – Academy start by being informed that the higher ranked ninjas have come home.

@Ellri In my eyes yes.
Salutations everyone reading. I am in search one again of a companion. Mishaps happen and my recent found partners have had things or no writing connection with me. Sadly, I am in search again though this brings happiness. A new beginning of a new found connection between two people.

What I am looking for:

Supernatural theme (not the show)
…modern or ancient
18+ content
a beautiful writing partner…

I tend to play male’s though I do play females. Though, in a roleplay I tend to play one of the main characters while my partner plays the other. Then I create up NPC’s, so I tend to play all different types.

I’m looking for a partner who would want to create a whole world with me. A world of where humans and supernaturalism live under the same atmosphere.
If interested state under and I will PM, you or boldly PM me. Either or works.
@Ellri Updated.
@Raging Fenrir That would be up to the older Genin to decide. We at least know none of them passed.
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