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Current Greetings from Periodity, wilderness expert! I have minimal connection and 7% left of my battery!
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I'm already gone *ominous laughter*
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Coincidentally, the same applies to other carnivores and herbivores! The animal kingdom is a brutal, but consistent thing
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Depends on how pessimistic you want to sound
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Cheese.... cake?


Writing about myself has never been my strong suit but I'll give it a shot. I'm Periodity, or whatever shortening of that name you can imagine lol. I've always loved fantasy rpgs, books, comics, manga etc and I recently started getting into writing! Thats why I'm here now, to try out roleplaying for real. In the past I've done a few roleplays with friends such as in dnd and stuff but It'd be fun to try out some roleplay-only writing. Anyways thats me, don't be afraid to say hello!

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I try to combine things I like in order to come up with usernames. I like peridot as a gem, and while I've never really been much for writing before, I've always wanted to try RP which was an oddity for me. Thus peridot and oddity became Periodity. It just sounded nice :]
The Ancient Depths

Legends speak of the Last Haven, a civilization lost to time far beneath the crust of the world. It is a culture shrouded in mystery and only remnants of its evident existence remain on the surface world in the form of ancient ruins with undecipherable runes. What became of this civilization and what remains in the world below?

The underworld is a deep and dark place filled with vast expanses of unexplored cavernous regions. It is a place where the treasure and wonders of Last Haven lie, as well as the unimaginable horrors of the deep. The divers, brave explorers set on the discovery of ancient artifacts left by Last Haven are the only ones capable, and mad enough of traversing the depths.

Greetings brave explorers! My name is Periodity, and this is my second 1x1 interest check. I've heard you should keep these short so I won't delve too deep into the lore. If there is anything you'd like to discuss, don't be afraid to send me a PM!

This is what I imagine will be the main things in this RP

  • -Adventure- This is going to be an RP focused on exploring a new world with all the wonders and dangers that follow. Therefore, it will hopefully be filled with exciting and life-threatening events where the main explorers have to commit or die! Whether that be taking that seemingly impossible leap of faith over the abyss, or fighting that creature of the depth in order to save their partner.
  • -Taking it one meal at a time- Of course, there will be a time for relaxation and the slower aspects of an adventurer's life. A little chat during an inventory check, or maybe some cooking under the stove in a peaceful part of a flora-ridden cavern. Essentially, it won't be all "We're going to die!".
  • -Ancient mysteries- A central part of this experience will be uncovering parts of an ancient civilization that ruled the earth in ages past. Therefore, worldbuilding is essential for this RP. What's that? You LOVE worldbuilding? I think I'm going to like you :]
  • -Light and heavy- This RP will sway a lot between a lighthearted fantasy adventure to the grim reality of such a world. One minute you might be petting the cute cavernous jellyfish, the next you're on the brink of death from the poison it just injected into your blood flow. The stakes are high, but that shouldn't stop one from being just a little carefree from time to time.

And these are the things I'm looking for in you!

  • Be nice :]
  • Try to keep grammar mistakes to a minimum. (They are however fine as we're both human[?] and make mistakes). I usually try to proofread my posts at least once before posting them!
  • Two paragraphs should be the standard, and anything more is just great! This is quite situational though, so don't feel bound to this if the situation really doesn't call for more than one. But no one-liners as this is a Casual RP after all!
  • I'd also like to ask for at least one or two posts per week.
  • Communicate! For me, one of the most important and essential qualities of my partner in writing is the ability to communicate. If there is doubt about what a character should do, or if you've simply forgotten or not understood something, ask! I understand it is difficult for some to talk to a stranger, even online, but this is a skill I need to know you're capable of in order for us to both have fun.
  • Communication (the sequel), is not only important for the cooperation of writing this story, but also to ensure we're both actually having fun. From my limited experience of roleplaying, ghosting usually happens when one of the team is losing interest. This is totally fine and there is no blame in that, but please give a heads up. It could be a quick, "Hey, I think I'm losing interest.". I'm very patient, and if you want to take a break or quit, that is fine. But please do not make me wait for weeks without giving a word. And in return, I promise to always give a heads-up if I'm losing interest!*
    *: Exceptions to this are: if I'm abducted by aliens, ravaged to pieces by a deep sea creature, or died by several lightning strikes.

As stated above, I'm always open to questions and discussions about this idea. Send me a PM if this sounds interesting to you at all! (This check will stay open until it is filled :])

[[This RP is closed until further notice!]]
An Alchemist's Substitutes

Alchemy is the science of understanding matter and the transfusion of one into another. Using their knowledge they can turn lead into silver, make wonderous potions beyond understanding, and discover new elements previously undiscovered. But the real goal of an alchemist has always been to discover the recipe for the mythical philosopher's stone, said to create miracles and matter out of nothing, completely ignoring the laws of equivalent exchange.

An alchemist is an essential part of any respectful city, so after the previous ones' sudden and mysterious disappearance the position is left open. Will you be able to rise to the cause, and solve the mysteries of the legendary philosophers stone whilst also running a business- with a partner? People need their elixirs after all.

Greetings and salutations, I'm Periodity! After some consideration, I thought to reach out to try and find an RP partner with a similar interest in the fantasy genre. The idea above is essentially a spin on the zero-to-hero formula where two people go from nobodies to alchemical geniuses, mostly focusing on the journey there. I should also note that this idea is sort of inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist, so if you've watched it, or at least heard of it that's a plus! This idea is not fleshed out all the way, and that is simply the fact that I want my partner's input to make it -our- story!

About me-

-I'm a fantasy buff, playing DnD and enjoying that sort of media but I also love steampunk.
-I am not a native English speaker, but I am quite confident in my writing ability. However, I do make grammatical mistakes at times (but I try to avoid them as much as possible) so bear with me.
-I love character dynamics, and how it changes as characters grow together which is what I want to focus on. That is not to say other aspects of worldbuilding are important too as the two as intertwined, but that is what I enjoy writing the most.
-I don't write explicit settings, I am simply not confident or comfortable writing it!
-One to two paragraphs is my standard for responses, but it can go up to as high as five if it calls for it.
-Other interests include (but are not limited to):
Final Fantasy
Isekai's (and anime in general hah)
The legend of Zelda

What I'd like to see in my partner

-It goes without saying, but be nice!
-Any interest in the fantasy/steampunk genre or my interests is a plus!
-A good grasp of the English language. Grammatical errors are of course okay, I just expect you to put in some effort to minimize them. The same goes for me!
-Communicate! I'm very open to hearing and discussing ideas, and I love when my partner thinks of something that I would've never thought of. And for example, if something is unclear in my responses don't even sweat about asking me about it! This one is one of the more important things I ask for in a partner.
-Regular responses! Two or three each week is appreciated, but I understand that's a bit optimistic so one or two each week is also fine.
-Write more than one sentence! This is a casual interest check so you're not expected to write half a book for each response, but one to two paragraphs is the minimum, (if not for some specific reason which we both agree on).
-Don't disappear for a week without giving a heads-up first. Life happens of course, but a simple "Hey, I won't be able to respond for a week" is enough to let me know that you're still interested.
-If you're losing interest, or simply don't want to continue, just tell me! I know writing a story can get stale, and taking a break or quitting is absolutely understandable but please don't just ghost. Again, a simple heads-up is enough.

I'd like to imagine that is all! If you're interested in this, don't be afraid to send me a PM. I should note that I like to keep my RPs in PMs only. Thanks for reading!

(This post will be up until someone fills the spot, so if you're seeing this, nobody has gotten it yet!)
As the grand metal giant's voice boomed, a few of the townsfolk nearest to them subtly took a few steps back. Mechanical constructs were known by some to exist but they were by no means a daily sight. As for Katja, she was stunned, gazing upon the large figure above her. The voice was so foreign to her, but it was soothing in a sense. She thought it had sounded like how her books had described a whale's song. Katja stood up and brushed her robe off before giving a courteous bow. "That is correct!" the woman hastily answered. "In fact, I have come to join the MILOV's crew. I am Katja, Katja Veniro. It is an honor to make your acquaintance, Mamjir Warden of Iron." She responded in a friendly manner, trying to hide her feelings of awe and slight unease toward the broken-down machine towering above her. "Would it be reason enough to assume you are here on similar business, Mamjir?" Katja continued as she gazed upon Mamjir.

She had never been the brightest when it had come to the more advanced mechanical scriptures in the old library, but she did take an interest in tinkering here and there. That was however nothing compared to what amazing feats of metal were happening inside the being in front of her. Just as she was about to ask Mamjir about himself, the crowds bustling cut her train of thought. The MILOV was landing. The ship eclipsed the light behind it, casting a shadow on the dock. Its hull hissed with steam as if it was exhaling after a long journey. The bay was like one you'd find anywhere at sea, but instead of water, there was a long fall into an abyss. The ship rested upon large metal beams which hung over the edge, letting the ship rest.

A long gangway was cast down from the ship, one wide enough for the large cargo that was often delivered. A figure stepped down the archway, momentarily obscured by the light behind the ship. He was a stern-faced elf with a gaze that seemed like it could pierce armor. Watch leader Miriat stepped off the gangway and proceeded to look upon the crowd, almost instantly recognizing who was there for delivery and those who were just there hoping for an easy trade. It was a skill that could only have been learned through years of this kind of work. "People of Kallokian! On the behalf of the MILOV, I hereby request all of you who do not have delivery or some other sort of business with the ship or its crew, disburse. We will NOT be trading wares today." Miriat proclaimed to the crowd, many of which left in a grumbled disappointment. Those who remained received their deliveries as it was carried off with some help from the MILOV's very own orc chef. Left behind was a small hill worth of cargo ready to be shipped off to a new location. Miriat took another glance at the people who remained on the bay before noticing the clockmaker Gregor and his smaller associate, as well as the young Bactrice. "You there, I presume you have wares that need delivery?" @Expendable @Conscripts

Katja, who had stood by Mamjir as it all went down, turned to the larger figure and asked "Shall we? " and gestured toward the Watch leader.
You bring up very good points! As I've said before, running a bigger RP like this is very new for me so I appreciate the help :]

Let us not have such a strict turn based order then (I've just grown used to that system). I'll have a post ready for tomorrow which'll advance the scene!
Oh well, I believe it's @Expendable's turn (going by the order that came after the introductory GM post) :]
Hi everyone, we'll be continuing without @Deja for the time being. I have not been able to get into contact but I'll hold the position open for them. So for now we'll just carry on!
Hurried steps clacked on the cobblestoned road as Katja Veniro rushed through the upper parts of the city. She let out a sigh before catching her breath and realized she was utterly lost. Losing one selfs direction was common when just arriving at a new place, but Katja could swear she had a knack for it anyways. The streets were filled with people going about their day, one of which she approached hurriedly. She had spotted an older man with kind eyes who seemed to know the ins and outs of the city's layout.

"Excuse me, Sir, I seem to have taken a wrong turn and am lost. Might you tell me where I can find Docking bay 3?" She asked and bowed slightly. She did not know the customs of this foreign city so she thought it best to act as courteously as possible.
The older man simply stared for a moment before bursting out in a wheezing chuckle,
"Yer not from around 'ere ey wee lass? I agree that our city be mighty grand, but ye do realize you could walk in any direction an' end up in one of the ports. From there, ye simply follow the edge of the city until ye find it. And no need to be so proper lass!" The man scratched his ear and grinned
Katja smiled, slightly flustered as the simple solution was to have just done what the man had suggested from the start, but she figured that she had shed too much time.
"I'm afraid I do not have much time to wander and as such, could you be so kind as to point me in the direction of the docking bay?" she asked again swiftly. The older man simply pointed behind him,
"Tis' right down the hill over 'ere. Just continue runnin' forward and you'll find it."
Katja bowed slightly again and headed off, the hilt rustling against her backpack filled with the essentials.

As she ran down the cobbled hill, she could see a single ray of sunlight shining through a newly formed hole in the cloud cover above. It was then she noticed the large airship, the MILOV. She stood still for a moment, feeling her heartbeat as both excitement and a hint of fear filled her. It would seem that many more than her had noticed the arrival of the aerial vessel as streams of townsfolk rushed past her in an attempt to reach docking bay 3. Katja quickly followed the stream down, ending up at the back of the crowd which hindered any further attempt to reach the docking bay. She stood on her toes trying to see ahead as the bustling crowds cheered at the new arrivals. Deciding she had no other choice, she squeezed through the small gaps between people, uttering quiet apologies such as "Excuse me" and "Forgive me but I must pass". Finally coming out at the end of the gathering, she fell onto her knees before looking up in awe at the MILOV which practically shone in the radiant light.
I'd imagine they stick to horse carriages for the time being. Using the industrilization for reference, automobiles came rather late and were primarly used by the upper class. A very barebones, automobile could exist, but they aren't even near the standard for the majority of people
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