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Current I might never be enough for her, but this guitar likes me nice enough.
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2 mos ago
Find your balance when you can and learn to regonize that. Helps with narrowing down meds that work. But I can tell you all the ones that won't; so don't.
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2 mos ago
Id like to think Riddick has to have his leisure time between flicks.
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2 mos ago
As you were, furtive salt shaker. Papi needs no bad mojo.
2 mos ago
I'll have my Sprite extra crispy thank you very much


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Then we'd have two goblins haha, I believe Expendable's Savva is also a goblin. A character with a clerical interest sounds very intriguing (I'm assuming you mean a cleric with an interest in medicinal science rather than outright magic)!

Goblins the working folks of fantasy lol Oh maybe a curiosity in the magic but nostly how to heal people. Also apparently "More often than not, the Carpenter would also serve as the Ship's Surgeon and perform operations and amputations with the same wood working tools (with no anaesthetic!)." So theres thats.
@Periodity I catch up quick. I was thinking about an escaped goblin slave as a lingot deckhand that chats his head off but secretly eants to get into the clerical side of the biz instead of the backbreaking side. So maybe a poker shark too.(knows many languages from being a slave and gambling in the gulags)
Life hit me like bricks, digesting the backlog now open to collab as I read up. Expect something from me shortly. You mentioned a manga, guess I should look that up too.
Seems interesting, I want a skysurfing imp with sunglasses now for some reason.
🤘 sounds rad

Edit: I think an elderly lycan would be neatO. Perhaps the transformations dull out with age.
I love abusing the Third Reich with rocketry. Plus test pilots always have the best stories.

Kinda wanna make a confused old (was a longbowman now a crossbowman from a bad shoukder) bloke who's saving grace is shot first regret later. Also he's Gary Busey.
I mean I suppose Kev could show up in some foil parachute pants. Being called a Hot Pocket all the time would get old fast
Yeah Kevin anvillaunching around is good for the pothole ratio around Seattle right I figured I might have him on a motorcycle
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