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Current it's been a decade, back to lurkin'
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Yup, still makes me look like a pirate tho till it heals
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4th was great except now I'm dankrupt and somehow got a spark in my eye e.o
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RP the pain away escapism ftw
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Kinda wanna start a skateboard team RP. Kinda just wanna go skate. Decisions


Hiya Deja here, living it up in Miami currently. If I disappear the 5-0 got me again but it's gucci.

Bipolar 1, Pan, Metalhead, Skater/Surfer/MX, tattoo enthusiast. Hmu I role play literally anything if I'm properly introduced.

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Wrong tab sorry, but yes working on lifeguard kinda character
I'm interested. Working on some sheets now.
Kaspaan Mustaven

Day 1 Time: Night Weather: Moderate Rain Location: Harold's Academy, Main Ballroom Participants: Kaspaan Mustaven, Anastasia Arslan @Ti Mentioned: Tessa Vellhart @Mirandae, Raffaella Struna, @Emeth,Walter Ozwyrd @A Lowly Wretch,

Who keeps a Gupoo anyway? "Cigar doesn't make me sn"AHEeeigtCHOOO!" Kasp spun around in a tiny blizzard of snowflakes as Pooka beelined to their mentors head. By the time he had stifled he's sinuses, he was well above the scene below but below to precipice of the ballrooms architecture; mid-dance floor that was wetter than it had been earlier. The storm must have picked up. At least thats what Kas thought, if he were to do much thinking,. He was preoccupied by trying to enjoy the night somehow. Least his stomach wasn't complaining to him anymore. The little rascal saw all sorts of homeroom faces congregating down below.

After the nasal assault, Kaspaan glare floated back down trying to find Raffaelle but to no avail. He saw Anastasia however, and if there were any a night to have an interrogation perhaps the presence of their mentor would alleviate any misdoings. She was leaning against a pillar looking rather exhausted but cheerful still. See, during his first year Kasp had been beaten up rather badly after refusing to give up a special piece of jewelry his father gave him. A feud that had been solved mostly save for the fact when he went for treatment at the infirmary; he had met the vinesse of a fiery heart on his cold skin. One that had drained his essence down to deathly lows it felt like, never before had Kasp tasted the tickling tendrils of mortality. Her healing powers required both users to use their vinesse, and heat sapped his to begin with; this was a fact Kasp was going to find out if he was brave enough.

So, he hovered down to the ground beside someone that made his very bones shiver. Perhaps he would find his answers. He needed to know, and had put it of for nearly a whole semester now. he almost wished he was dealing with a psychiccer so as to expedite his thoughts. But how to introduce himself? A splash of water landed beside him; looking up it was the hustler from his homeroom, Ozz. He rolled his eyes, he should have brought a hat too thinking on how the weather was and oblivious to the concerning absence. The small fountain blew his cover though as he stammered "No that, my bad, wasn't, ok so..uh Hi! We know each other sorta, Kaspaan Mustaven! and your Anastasia, of Arslan of course." He bowed but rose with his own inquiry, cold vapors edging out of his teeth.

"Wanna dance? Or we gonna play burn me again?" Kas bit his lip wondering if he'd said too much again. He made instant amends and bowed again "If an Illumnaire would so ever grace us? You've been busy all night let Tessa take over, or at least Myrion they love that stuff." he winked and motioned over to the homeroom that had assembled, even throwing a laughing glare at Arthur as he fumbled a pastry upon the seat of power.
Location: Camp Shred
Time: 8am - 9am
Participants: Rollie, @Deja

The camp officially opened at 9, but Rollie had to show up early to help set up the arrangements for the new students. Her heart was still pumping after that stop sign fiasco; but she did recall seeing a skater almost get smeared too. Yikes. Blond bangs puft into her face as she thought back to her new job. Her brief phone call with the park manager had said he'd meet her there with all the other instructors for an introduction. Alas, when she showed up he was out apparently to breakfast with the mayor! Huh, well, the few faculty that kept the place running were nice enough to let her use the faculties just as any other patron would. Seeing as she had all her own gear she didn't need to rent anything. Knee pads were essential, as was a helmet but she also opted for elbow pads and fingerless gloves for some more aggressive carving of the bowls she loved. Speaking of which she stood on the rim of the concrete haven ready to drop in.

The tail of her scuffed board clacked on the lip of the drop, giving way to a excited giggle as she lead forward and adjusted her balance to properly tuck into the initial drop-in. The rushing screech of wheels and trucks bounced around the bowl as she dipped her knees and swayed her hips to carve up the wall and grind her back trucks on landing when she approached the top. It made a satisfying growl to her ears and the thumping of friction rippled up the soles of her shoes and she slowed down to a near-stop. Rollie tweaked her board inward and swung her arms to throw herself back into the empty pool, barely managing to save the grind from dying out but also getting the maximum tweakage to the trick. She smiled and popped out of the pool with a soft clack and landed in stride with her board in her hand.

"WOOOOooo..Man that was close! Whew who need coffee right." she spoke to no one in particular. Coming out of her little shred heaven she eyed the front gate. Yup, people were lining up down the block it it looked like! Maybe she'd find some cool new students to teach. On her neck was a somewhat official looking lanyard the staff had told her to wear and a bright blue tshirt with the SHRED logo as a uniform. She found it a little lame but never the less collected herself under a canopy with a table by the gate, a stack of stickers in hand ready to hand out as nametags. Those that had shown interest in the camp were told to just bring what they had so there must be some sort of promotional thing going on she figured. Oh well, as she sat down at the foldout table under the canopy, she put on her best customer service face and got ready to greet the new crowd. The clocked struck nine as tiny bells could be heard from the small mission across the bay. The gates opened up, and kids with pads half on, adults being strewn along, vets slinking in rarely too.

Rollie smiled brightly again and spoke up as the crowd shambled over to the greeting table. "Greetings everyone! This is Camp Shred so welcome. I'm Rollie by the way, one of the instructors you see in these rad shirts. Oh, and for you all here are nametags! Pass'm around and don't be greedy!"

Kaspaan Mustaven

Day 1 Time: Night Weather: Light Rain Location: Harold's Academy, Main Ballroom Participants: Kaspaan Mustaven, Raffaella Struna, @Emeth Mentioned: Wolfgang Weiss @Aeolian, Lady Penelope Upperton @Aeolian, Tessa Vellhart @Mirandae, Sylvia Copeland @LuckyBlackCat, Lhoren Ashdale @Silver Carrot

Wolfgang's voice crackling across the ballroom interrupted anymore banter he had about a potential dance fizzing out of his mind. such a punchable face, his But it did encourage the young noble to be reminded that this was a formal affair after all, so do as they do! He might enjoy the fact he had a new friend here at the Academy, re-introductions were in order! He thought this as the flaunting upperclassman gawked on, then the celebrity appearance made him hoot with joy! Being of a famous family himself, he may have ran into her in another life, but for now he just enjoyed the show.

The lively music rushed into Kaspaan's ears. Lady Penelope Upperton drove the vibrations high in the night and he liked it. Having already settled his hunger for now, the boy was restless and excited. Maybe that's what kept the notoriously hard to pin down rosey Raf'el in the front of his mind instead of slung aside like most of his behaviors. A plan hatched in his head, maybe if he kept his two left feet busy he wouldn't have time to put them in his mouth with a bad remark. Such musing made him turn back to Raff and begind to float upwards, calling towards her. She doesn't know you're a flying iceberg, just go with it

"Um, yeah sorry about blowing your cover back there, you looked a little shaken.""How 'bout I give you a dance to make up for it?",suggested Kas, offering a open grasp to the little lady in pink. "Professor Ivo says first years need flying partners anyway." He chuckled softly. "If it's too much for you and your fluffy buddy I get it, lot's of flying with a crowd can be scary! What's it's name by the way?" his nostrils wrinkled and shifted as he flew a little higher but still close. Professor Grumble was keeping the setting serene, but the headmistress absense did not bode well in Kasp's gut. Oh yeah, his nose picked up the feast below them that was most likely being scoped out by his partner in crime Sylvia. His gaze dropped back to his side, Tessa's here! He would definitely need to tell her about him and Raff meeting back together.

Renata Delarosa, Pokemon: The Next Hunt

Is there something that's completely normal to you, but weirds most people out? For me it's ghosts and graveyards.

Rolanda 'Rollie' Clouse, Camp Shred Instructor

"Oh dude, that's definitely heights for most people that join us here at the camp. The twelve foot halfpipe ain't no joke! Or the ten foot big bowl either, so when you get to flying gravity doesn't play fair sometimes! It's so fun though, that rush of weightlessness."

"Does anyone have any odd hobbies?"

It's the first day of camp, so show up whenever you can during the day, if you have errands around the island and surrounding area feel free to flesh that out too. I'll try and bring up more and more of my idea of the island as Rollie adventures around so you all can too! Or set up npc incidents like the stop sign, those are fun to set up character interactions. As an instructor my character has to be there bright and early to set up the stations and decorations but the camp proper starts midmorning like 9am. I'll have the park manger introduced in the next post

"Goooood morning Oarbreak! We got a scorcher today! Were your shades and your sunscreen, and for all those thirsty stay hydrated!In other news Typhoon Boris has just rolled through and now the surfs been closed as debris from the marina has entered the bay. Oh no! Looks like the bros and brehs better pack it up and go back to the day jobs. If the waves aint your thing how bout this new park they opened up, it's looking gnarly! Enough jabber back to the jamz!"

Location: Oarbreak Beach
Time: Dawn
Participants: Rollie, @Deja

Rollie yawned and stretched her arms out as she leaned back into the sand. The sunrise was here, and with it all the fun of the night seemed to ebb away like the tide. She never was a sound sleeper but a sandy boombox and funky stuff in the air was enough to make anyone want to groove past their bedtime. It was a Saturday morning and the only thing this bum had to do was grab some grub and head home for a nice sleep in shower. That is unless she felt like hitting up the Park on the way in, get in a few new scabs before the Camp started up tomorrow. Wait. She had her days backwards again. Today was when she was supposed to go in to teach as an instructor for this new skateboard camp. Frankly all she had was a few phonecalls the past week to go by, she hadn't actually met the guy or the grounds themselves. "Go figure" The Dawn Patrol was rolling in and she did not feel like getting in anymore fistfights.

The fire crackled in it's dying throes, as Rollie dug through her backpack past her various pads for a not so fresh bottle of water. Rehydration was key after all, the festivities beforehand might have left her staggering back to her little moped. As she got up to leave, a hand lingered on her ankle as one of the friendlier party-goers of the night seemed to have woken up to. His devilish mirk mad her shake her bum of sand right on him. The slight headache forming from the rays of the sun were getting to her nerves quickly it seemed. She kicked him of and scampered up the beachside dunes, kicking seaweed off her shins and digging around for her skate shoes. Before the rest of the zombies exhumed themselves she was on her moped puttering along the side alleys of Oarbreak's small tropical haven on her way across the small island to the Camp.

She needed to skate this pain away. The new Camp Shred would be the perfect outlet for her woes. She'd even heard on the radio that it was supposed to reopen Saturday...today she reminded herself. A dented and rusted exaust pipe of an old land boat interrupted her thoughts as it ran the stop sign in front of her. She swerved and slammed on the rear brakes, planting a foot as she did so and skidding sideways with a rubber squeal and a curse. "WTF! How dare you..." He father would have been proud of the hurricane of swearing she hurled at the antique wagon that was meandering around the island presumably lost like all tourists end up. The sun was almost up and it hung a dark shadow as it struck the halfpipe in the distance. Warm cedar glow came off the ramp, with thread marks of wheels marring it's surface. It made her forget her little incident rather quickly, as she putt-putted herself up to the front gate, gear in tow.

Location: Camp Shred
Time: 7am
Participants: Rollie, @Deja
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