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Nettle was approaching the door when she turned only to see the pale young face of Evangeline lunging towards her at high velocity.


The sound was of course her falling to the ground underneath Evangeline, caught fast in her grip as she bowled her over. She looked down to the one pinning her as she rambled on about pancakes and syrup.

"Hhhh... H-I find hthe selection of tree saps havailable in the academy cafeterias are quite hlimited in variety." She gave her own insight into the topic at hand, no sound of perturbance in her tone despite being trapped in Eva's grasp.

"Hhadmittedly I have hnever eaten... Hhh... Panned cake before." As she spoke a small stowaway peeked it's head out from her satchel. It was a long black millipede with white tipped legs. It nimbly climbed from the entrance to her bag out onto the dorm floor, sashaying swiftly across the gap between her and the door before crawling underneath it. Out into the hallway it breached, escaping ever still down the hall to the stairs where it began it's descent into the school proper. All the while Nettle had failed to notice, her attention for the most part consumed by the presence of her two dorm-mates, one of whom had yet to let her back up.

She didn't have anywhere to be immediately. Her only concern really was the state of condition the contents of her satchel were in after taking such a fall with her.
Through their eyes she watched, set by set like the screens of a camera network. In the relative security of this bathroom in the generally empty hallway Sophia was able to survey the land far greater than she did earlier that day. Well secluded she saw all.

The first sight to catch her notice was a girl dressed in a semi-dress leotard of some form in a top-hat, sparkles lighting the path behind her in a dissipating trail. She did not seem too keen to obfuscate herself from observation so there was little impetus for her to maintain watch over her knowing that she could locate her at a later time with relative ease.

The second sight was another magical girl, this one dressed in military formalwear with green hair and tanned skin. This one seemed a bit more wary of her environment. Sophia contemplated the possibility that she might be looking for something or possibly someone but the more likely answer she concluded was that this was likely just the girl being concerned with running into her fellow contestants on this very contested night. Nonetheless she would need to be careful with her raven's placements lest she draw the green haired one's suspicions.

Then there was a blonde haired girl.

Wait. Something changed.

As she attempted to survey the blonde haired one this magical girl vanished from her view. In surprise she flitted to multiple different ravens all within their proximity in the hopes of catching another glimpse of the girl but the effort was in vain.

What happened?

This was an alarming development. Without being able to observe her she could not tell if the girl was even aware that she was being watched. This recent development raised a wide number of concerns.

What if she could trace them back to me? What if she's able to teleport anywhere she wants at will? Is she coming for me!?

Sophia took herself out of her summon's sights for a moment to glance around the pitch black bathroom. Her sight was well adapted to the dark as a result of her general affinity for darkness but she could see no other company in this room. She was alone... But was she?

She took to watching through her ravens but she narrowed the general area of her view to the last location of the blonde haired girl, the area surrounding the hotel she was in and of course the forest where the other mysterious figure had fled after spying on her.

So early into the competition it would be tragic to lose here. Anything less than securing the wish for herself would ultimately be a total failure for her. However the fact that she was facing such difficulties so early into this battle royale painted a grim look into the future of what the following evenings in the Hex Night held for her.
Excellent to hear. I shall see to writing something up in the near future.
I should be getting a response up in a similar time frame.

She began to stir as a small hairy leg was placed upon her shut eye. The tarantula had crawled up upon her during the night, now sitting on her face as the morning light drizzled through the gaps in the vines covering her window. As she opened her one free eye she could see her little roommate looking straight back at her with all eight of it's own.

After a moment of stillness Nettle calmly lifted her arms up from her sides. She laid one hand flat in front of it and used the other to nudge the spider forward gently. With it having crawled up onto her hand she carefully placed the tarantula upon the trunk of the pygmy tree that grew directly above her head.

The waters trembled ever slightly as she rose from the pool of murky water she slept within. The pool was just deep enough to cover most of her body when she was laying flat but shallow enough that she did not risk inhaling water while she slept. The roots of the pygmy tree trapped the water to form this pool. The floor of her room was covered with rich, dark soil that all served as the base for all the plants which grew upon the floor of her room. The soil at the bottom of the pool was rendered a soft mud upon which a species of moss that thrived underneath shallow water grew. The moss helped to hold the mud together without sacrificing it's softness making for a nice bed to sleep upon. At least it was for those who do not mind the bugs, bacteria and other facets that come into play with all of these organic elements present. That pretty much meant only Nettle for the most part.

Standing up from the pool the strange mixture that the water now consisted of dripped from her wet body back into the pool, mixing back into the swirling composition of white, black and translucent blotches. This was of course a result of her adding special salves and other herbal mixtures into the liquid, giving it a nice refreshing feeling and scent while also helping to keep the pores of her skin splendidly clean. It was a far cry from the benefits that dining upon the Caregiver's special stew held but that particular meal was now in limited supply ever since the Caregiver disappeared from their lives. As for the sweat and oils from her body those were taken care of by the roots and moss which happily dined upon the water's rich mixture. While this meant she had to refill the pool after each day this also meant every night she'd rest in a clean, healthy mixture.

Though she was introduced to the concept of towels during her year as a tyro she never found such things all too useful. They just wipe away the water along with all the beneficial ingredients she put in said water. She much preferred to let herself dry naturally. That way the water would evaporate but leave the herbal mixture on her skin which prolonged it's usefulness.

As she sat cross-legged upon her carpet of vines, moss and reeds she brushed through her hair with a comb she had made by gluing together two pieces of wood using a particularly sticky sap which hardens with time. The hairs of the brush were particularly stiff whiskers harvested off the giant bodies of Stranglesun Swamp rats that were found dead in the stranglebriar vines and then stuck between the pieces of wood where they're held fast. After working out any tangles in her glistening cascade of moss green hair she got up, now dry for the most part, and went over to the pile she left her clothes in.

She started with a long cloth which she used to wrap around her chest and hips with. The teachers had informed her partway into her tyro year that covering certain areas of her body with undergarments was an expected social norm, especially when wearing robes, so she got into the routine of using a cloth wrap to cover these specified regions of hers. After that she simply slipped on her earthy brown robe, stepped into her oversized hide boots and hung her satchel off the shoulder before stepping up to her door. A small tangle of stranglebriar vines hung in front of the door and several spirit charms and dream catchers hung not only from nails embedded in the door but across the walls of her room and just over her vine-tangled window. These charms and wards she has crafted are enchanted with effects designed to ward off unwelcome spirits from many different venues of approach. These were just a small few of many arcane secrets the Caregiver had imparted upon them. A little something to make life more livable down in the swamp where not all the dangers were always strictly natural.

While stranglebriar vines were notorious for grappling and killing prey for nutrients she knew them well. A big part of surviving these lively thorned lengths was to simply not agitate them. Motion aggravates these vines, especially when caught within them. Calmly she gently lifted them aside like a curtain before opening her door and stepping through, careful not to simply drop the vines as she lowered them with due caution so as to not agitate them.

Now out of her room and into the dorm proper Nettle approached the bathroom on her side only to find it locked. Upon testing the handle to discover this a sing-song voice called out to her in response to the knob's rattle.

"One moment~!" The response of her dorm-mate was shortly followed by the unlocking and subsequent opening of the bathroom door. Striding out past her was Tinita Drendle, a fellow student in house Phantasma who was settled in the room on her side of the dorm. With her curly blonde locks bouncing on each step she strode past Nettle with a spring to her stride as always.

"Good morning Nettle~" She merrily greeted Nettle despite not slowing in the slightest in her pace as she approached her own room. Upon her shoulder sat her summon, a cat with long golden fur and a pair of angelic wings. It was playing a soft harmony on the golden harp it carried while it rode almost weightlessly upon Tinita's shoulder. In truth the cat was actually a divine spirit summoned from one of the many heavens. Probably a heaven for cats.

"Hhh... Hgood morning." Nettle answered back plainly in her usual breathy drawn out accent knowing that regardless of her answer Tinita was unlikely to stop and chat. Unlike a fair portion of the students she was familiar with Tinita had class for her first session and she often liked to eat breakfast early so she could arrive early to class as well. It was part of Tinita's efforts to impress the teachers or at least such is how it appeared to Nettle. She didn't hold any strong opinion on her about that. She didn't really understand it but there was also a lot of social intricacies that weren't familiar to her either.

Now in the bathroom Nettle went about her morning bathroom routine as usual. She always made her own toothpaste and after rinsing her mouth out she'd take a type of small dark herb that secreted a transparent, odorless resin which was poisonous and rub her teeth down in it. She found it did a good job at killing off bacteria. It didn't effect her any so all she knew of it were it's benefits.

After she was done she stepped out and proceeded towards the door. She was in no hurry herself since she didn't have class for her first session but food was starting to sound quite welcome to her stomach. In measured form she ambled coolly for the front door.

Just an average start to another normal day at L'Mordryn Academy for Nettle.
Just putting it out there that Nettle is still available if anyone wants to share a dorm room.
I'll cast my vote for both A and C. I like C's aesthetic better personally and feel it fits the thematic nature of the school but, as Rune_Alchemist mentioned, A has potential for bathroom shenanigans.

Edit: I will note however that on the front it states that the school meals all take place at the Galleria. Does that mean none of these formats will include a kitchen due to that reason?
@Artifex - That may be helpful since that way Nettle can keep a lot of the wilder growths more contained to her room.

On the topic of dorms I am welcome to anyone wishing to share a suite with Nettle. I will warn that she shares her room space with numerous insects as well as her summon Nidhogen and often dabbles in strange alchemy and incense for a variety of purposes. An odd roommate indeed.
@ZAVAZggg - Given I just found out about Duoya's leaving I must say it leaves me in a bit of a bind since the active scene with his character in it was a main driving plot meant to link the two timelines together. I'm not sure there's a lot of other remedy to this particular conundrum other than a hard reset which I may consider at a future point. As it stands though given the stagnation of interest currently I may need to put this current thread to rest given the circumstances.

As a note to everyone still interested if and when I reboot this rp I'll be certain to give you notice since I acknowledge the efforts put into your character's creation and am quite sorry to see these character's futures curtailed at this present junction.

Still, given it was my first attempt at a roleplay I'm quite proud that it took off as well as it did. What refinements I've gleamed from this first iteration will be built upon in the next which will of course be taking place in the same world during it's high fantasy medieval period.

Until I have that drawn up to those involved it's been a pleasure and I look forward to future roleplays with you all.
Zun - Airport

While the two talked back and forth about what the guys could of been Al just watched, a blank look on his face as his eyes from May to Wally and back. His eyebrows steeled themselves however when he saw one of these mystery men passing right by the reporter and her camera man.

Things seemed to go by in slow motion as trouble spiraled well out of control, a few brief moments passing like minutes as he stood still trying to wrap his head around what just happened. A large guy in a cloak charged the dark gestapo looking figure only for that figure to produce a sub-machine gun and plug the large dude several times in the chest. He would of tried to intervene or help the guy but the incident transpired so quickly Al had little other recourse but to look on like his feet were stuck in cement.

Thud. As soon as the large guy hit the ground Al was off his heels like they were spring loaded, dashing over to the man's side and turning him over to see if there was anything he could do to help. Looking at the damage it was clear the man was fading fast. He could overhear the man's words as his body stiffened in it's final death throes.


Al looked up to the cloaked girl who in that moment immediately started to flee just as the rest of the long coat guys all started pulling guns, their weapons trained on her. That's when things got really hectic.

Without sparing any time Al leapt in an arc over the nomads standing between him and the fleeing lady. Landing lightly behind her Al ran up close so that she could hear him over the deafening roar of gunfire.

"Hey, if you wanna get out fast then hold on!" He shouted as he kept pace behind her, reaching out a hand to her. He cast a glance over his shoulder and made sure to position himself in-between her and the shooters so that he'd take all the shots aimed for her to himself. Only a few seconds had passed but decisions were going to need to be made quick or a lot more people were likely going to die, himself included if worst came to worst.

There were worse ways to die but this wasn't likely to make his first choice. Probably wouldn't even make his top five.
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