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@Puffhead - Alas, the fruits of my labor have come to fruition! I present two new character for your review.

They are a sort of inseparable pair. I do hope they are acceptable.
To me the only two plots that seem to be stable are The Reaping Grounds and Those from Beyond. Peace talks and death stops seems more like something characters would engage in on their own initiative throughout the events transpiring.

I vote to see The Reaping Grounds through first and then move on into Those from Beyond, the political motions of characters involved happening alongside it all.
Due to Walter's position in society I'm contemplating introducing another character, someone from the common stock. My only trouble is that I can't decide what sort of character to play. With the panoply of characters with powers trending towards the upper ends of the scale I have a multitude of character concepts I could run with.
@Puffhead - Aside from the zone leaders don't you already have Krag? Or do you mean another character pertaining to the main events?
Got my intro posted. I do hope the involvement of employees in Walter's day-to-day activities isn't of issue. As a man of much wealth and influence it's rare for him to go about matters strictly alone.
It was a late night indeed. He had been sitting at his desk like usual, casually dressed with his canteen in hand. With his feet kicked up he took a nice long swig of his drink. The neon green fluid graced his tongue with it's delightfully sweet taste plus a sharp note of sourness from the apple flavor. The fizzing fluid went down nicely, a sweet drink not unlike liquid candy. He had always been a particular fan of natural sugar cane soda's. There wasn't a single day he didn't crave the taste of a fine smooth soda.

He heard foot steps not far from his door. A short set of knocks was heard.

"Boss! Urgent news! An airplane just fell from the sky! Fell into The Reaping Grounds I heard."

Walter frowned but he resisted the urge to verbally reprimand his servant. He disliked interruptions to his peace but he always enjoyed being kept in the loop.

"Thank you. You may go."

He dismissed the man. Without another word the servant left. Swiveling in his chair he turned to face his window. He could see little past his outer wall save the night sky and little else due to the thick darkness that covered the land. Ever since the power vanished from Britain light pollution had left with it, turning what used to be dim shadows stretching between street lamps into a heavy blanket of obfuscation, preventing all but the most nocturnally inclined from seeing farther than the reach of their own hand without use of torches. He could see why the people of old spoke stories of creatures that dwelt in the night. Little was more dangerous to mankind than those who lurk in the unknown.

Two days later...

Into the warehouse stepped a strange man. A tall mysterious stranger, one changed by the African rift, walked in and approached the conference table. He was dressed in a servants attire and wore a smooth metal mask which concealed all but his eyes. The dapper servant under an arm what seemed to be a nice clean red rug with gold trim.

Before long the tall dark man stood behind a seat at the table. He moved a seat aside, clearing some space as he laid down the fancy rug where the chair was located. Standing aside from the rug the man stood at the ready, awaiting the moment with statuesque poise.

Upon the rug Walter suddenly sprung into view. He was dressed in a suit so fine it looked like it probably cost the price tag of an entire airplane. In his right hand he clutched a finely shaped wine glass, an unidentified neon red liquid within. He appeared to be sitting leaned back with one leg crossed over the other in what was no doubt a position of much comfort and poise even though no chair could be seen underneath him.

"I see you've already got some early birds, hm Ricardo?"

He addressed Mr. Viela with his usual calm yet slightly mischievous smile. It was both a rhetorical question and a greet from Walter, all in one neat package.

"I can see we're still waiting on a few others."

Though clearly visible Walter possessed neither a smell nor a visible pulse. As he looked about the table those who were observant could see his servant's head following Walter's own point of gaze to an utterly perfect degree. In the dark recesses of the masks eye slots a mysteriously glowing silver ring of light could be seen inside each eye as he stood by.
Shame I'm late to the party.

I will mention, just to clear any possible future misunderstanding, that Walter hasn't even mentioned his plans on constructing an electric generator to anyone. The project has yet to be announced, both officially and unofficially.

In any case I'll be writing up my IC opener now.
@Puffhead - I have a feeling Walter will have a delightful time in manipulating Ricardo. After all, a stable united rifter society is perfect for business.

As for Mr. Genos, I feel Walter will have the perfect sales pitch for him.
@Lady Selune - As Puffhead stated it may be true that Walter is a deceptively powerful figure despite having few means of directly harming others. He is however simply playing on a different field. For all his influence and power he's got to deal with people no less influential since the four main territories all pretty much command the majority of rifters, though divided as they might be.

Others might have less available to them than Walter but they also have less competition for what they've got.
@Irredeemable - I think more than that James would be quite useful for his understanding of engineering. Walter has great use of people with building skills and knowledge for building his properties. One thing he'll definitely be wanting to construct in the near future is an electric generator plant large enough to power the Tradezone. With that and a stable network of power cables he'll be able to start undercutting the Russian's prices on electricity until the whole country's coming to him for power.
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