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In The Portal 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Balthazar007 - I'm afraid I will have to bow out. I do not do real life photos for pictures. My apologies.
@Darkmoon Angel - I'm still here. I've not abandoned an rp yet and I have no plans to start here.
In The Portal 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Balthazar007 - Anytime during Saturday before 7:30 should be fine. I can even do Sunday if the time scheduled falls between noon and 7PM.
In The Portal 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Balthazar007 - I should, in theory, be able to make that. I'll try and keep you all apprised as the situation develops as early as I feasibly can.

I'll try and get the cs and post for my character up today since tomorrow I may be working either twelve hours or eighteen hours tomorrow.

Edit: Just to note I'm going off EST (Eastern Standard Time).
In The Portal 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Balthazar007 - I'm still in. Unfortunately due to a recent change in my schedule from work I won't be able to make this current Sunday since I'm working 7PM to 7AM and I'll be working 9PM to 3AM this Saturday. I may be able to participate in something for this Saturday but I won't be able to stay past 7:30.

That is not to say my schedule will always be like this. This week's just fully loaded due to the site training. Once my schedule normalizes I should have a good idea of what my availability is.

If that worries you I can always bow out and allow someone else to take my place. Hopefully we'll be able to work around this but I will understand if you do decide that.
This does sound fairly interesting. My weekends are fairly open asides from having to work saturday evenings but otherwise I think I could set aside some time and try my hand at this.
Got my post up. At long last Babble has destroyed Peter Gabriel those darn speakers. Now to deal with the big monster thrashing about or something.
On the floor at Liberty Island...

Even in unconsciousness she could feel the sound around her. Sounds ebbed and flowed like waves in the ocean, some small and some much larger. Bang! Crash! Shattering clatter and resounding disaster. The sounds of shadows ripping through the buildings surrounding her, the noise of people dying all around dwindling as the wind whistled with their approach. Housen said some stuff, moving her around too as was evident by the shuffling of her clothes. And that music, synth tunes choked and garbled through speakers in an offense to her core.

Luckily unlike in movies or books or whatever unconsciousness doesn't last longer than a few seconds. If it does then that'd be a case of serious brain damage, possibly a coma. Her eyes fluttered and she suddenly sat up in a violent surge, back straight like a razor. The ground under the two quaked as she pumped a short surge of high-decibel sound into the space beneath her. The vibration from the beat was powerful enough to kick her up to her feat from sitting, the effect also shattering the concrete in a ripple pattern centered directly on where she previously sat.

Her head swam like a school of fish in the ocean. It hurt but not like 'A ceaseless onslaught of suffering raining down on me in a constant roar for eight long years' hurt, just a 'I just hit my head on something hard' kind of hurt which in comparison was basically nothing to her. What was annoying though was the swimmy-ness of it. It made it harder for her to focus, stumbling a bit as she took her first couple of steps after crash landing. Moving past Housen she approached the statue which was now devoid of everyone now that the guy had turned into that huge shadow thing over there. Her eyes were trained on the source of the music. Those speakers needed to die.

With each step a stagger she stumbled until she was at the foot of the statue itself. Looking up she could see it like a beacon, tunes mingled with static pouring from the ledge and diffusing out through the air. Through the ground and up the stone she transmitted a signal of her own. Though sound was like water in that it wanted to spread wherever it had the power to reach she could focus it, concentrate it like into a single flow like a river. She created a focused pathway which fed sound both to and from the speakers, the vibrations of their plastic against the stone telling of their exact location. Like lightning on metal the stone would prove a conduit for her sound to reach the speakers.

As she honed in on them she concentrated on their form. She had mapped the full form of these devices inside and out as the vibrations filled every millimeter of their physical being. With a mere thought she suddenly amplified each and every vibration in these devices manifold. Purposefully staggering the intensity of the vibration ever so slightly for each individual component the pieces these devices comprised of all simultaneously jerked away from one another. Metal, plastic and rare earths all ripped free from one another with the force of the sound inside them and rocketed away. Parts smashed into the side of the statue's crown, embedding themselves into the stone like shrapnel from a bomb, while other parts sailed clear over the island and rained down into the waters of the bay.

She had destroyed every part of the sound system this villain had used to play his silly synth music simultaneously. With the echo of the shrapnel's shatter fading past all that remained was blessed silence... Aside from the cacophony of noise that giant shadow monster was making. Also the organic functions of the wrestler who had dropped in.

Sigh! So much for a sweet new base. Looks like folks weren't just going to leave well enough alone.

@Zero Hex@Bluetommy
@VitaVitaAR I don't think I have much to say in regards to them acknowledging Sophia's ravens, sorry.
I'll get my reply up after the GM post so I can respond to the Super Mega Cataclysm that'll ensue once the big bad sees the heroes have infiltrated his secret base.
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