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I, of course, am waiting for the city escape scene to draw to a close so that I might lurk in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce.
@Xaltwind I have Nettle posted up in the CS tab. I'll lurk until a viable introduction point presents itself. Having some random child wonder up to a group of adventurers without purpose might not promote invitation to go murder things.
@Xaltwind - I guess asides from the fact that she's a kid and also uneducated in her own race's culture, leaving her illiterate, I've included a negative to her max health as a trade-off. A bit of fragility in exchange for good health. I've also scrubbed away |Choking Spores|, leaving it as a higher level spell for later, and included an extended portion on the skill |Wild Life| to better elaborate on her lack of formal education. Hopefully this should suffice.

Here is another character submission, my swamp witch concept.

@Xaltwind - Excellent. I think I'll start with my swamp witch concept since I've got the most content set up for her already. It's just a matter of fitting it into the format and I'll have her posted soon.
@Xaltwind - Alright. Here are some ideas for characters I can write up.

My first idea is another concept I've dabbled with. She's a young witch who was raised in a deadly swamp by a strange otherworldly being known only as "The Care Giver". One day it simply was gone, prompting her to set out from her swamp on a quest to find The Care Giver. As far as powers are concerned she'd be similar to a druid of sorts, mainly dabbling in plant and poison magic with a side focus on spirits.

My second idea is a young man that is a golemancer, someone who practices the arcane art of constructing golems. Originally he got into the craft after inheriting his father's workshop but due to the laws of the city he was in he was forbidden from making golems unless he was a member of the Chess Guild, a guild of golemancers who build entire armies of golems to take part in their "Chess Games", wars conducted between several high ranking members against one another in an never-ending effort to rise above one another in the hierarchy. This man would have the misfortune of being conscripted to the White Queen's forces as a pawn. The White Queen is a ruthless psychopath who is cold and calculating with a seething hatred for all things but herself. The young man is forced to build and operate pawn golems for her army, his caste being seen as essentially disposable labor. On the day of a major battle the fear of getting killed in battle combined with the crushing knowledge that nobody would even bat an eye if he were crushed or disintegrated by the magical volleys lead to him taking his pawn golem and sneaking it away from the battle while everyone else was busy. Now he's on the run as his immediate superiors are furious at his desertion.

His main focus would be his golem, his magic mostly consisting of spells to help maintain his golem. The golem itself would start off as a simple affair, a large blocky stone dude who's main form of damage is smashing things with stone fists. With the right tools and materials the golemancer would be able to construct new attachments and addons to his golem to make it better & more versatile. While the golem would be powerful it would require the golemancer in order to function as without a rechargeable feed of power it's own supply of arcane power would dwindle until it eventually shut down.

My third idea is a short elf guy from a tribe of elves that have lived trapped within the mountains in a series of caverns for many generations, never seeing the light of day. This guy was training under the head alchemist to be their new head alchemist, the one who leads their ritual where they paint the walls of their home cavern with a special paint that wards away a massive worm. On the day of the ritual however, the first time this guy would be performing it no less, giant bats suddenly fly up at them, eating several elves and knocking this guy way down into a river below. He gets dragged below the water by the currents and passes out only to be washed out into the sea. After drifting ashore he eventually comes to, awakening to find himself surprisingly alive and somewhere completely foreign to him. From there he sets out to explore the world, his aim to study the night sky so that he might one day be able to join with it.

As his people lived in caves his chosen vocation of magic is shadowmancy, the manipulation and control of shadows. His spells would involve conjuring shadowy hands from people's shadows, hands as thin as paper but as tough as hardened leather yet no less flexible for it. He would also practice alchemy, brewing up useful potions, salves, paints and poisons to use.

I think the only difficulty for this concept would be the fact he'd be relatively nocturnal, mostly napping throughout the day and staying up at night. This is due to the fact that his race of elves lived in nearly total darkness for generations so his eyes are very sensitive to light. He'd be able to see in almost total darkness but any bright lights would be blinding to him. Much like himself his magic would naturally be weakened by strong light sources and light magic.

My fourth idea is a relatively normal young man who's entire life is changed forever when a strange old man wandered into town. This old man paid a couple silver coins to the young fellow for him to watch over his wagon, warning that if the strange box goes missing there would be "Dire consequences". As the old man meandered into the nearby tavern to stuff his maw with pies the young fellow watches over the wagon until he's distracted by a beautiful young woman. She seduces the young man, luring him away for some fun. When the young man finally comes to however the beautiful young woman is no longer with him and he realizes he completely forgot to watch the wagon. When he returned the old man, furious at the young man, cursed him to die a thousand deaths. At that moment a lightning bolt hit the young fellow, killing him instantly. Three days later the young man rose from the earth, naked and alone. Such was the first of his one thousand deaths. Now he travels the lands in search of a way to break his curse.

This guy will be relatively normal with fairly low stats and unremarkable skills. His main feature is that when he dies he will rise from the earth three days later at a location chosen by fate's whims. While it is a powerful feature for sure he is quite limited in many other fields, possessing no magical talent and being relatively weak with no effective combat skills to start. Also anytime he dies his equipment remains on his dead body, he takes nothing with him to his next emergence point.

I've got more ideas but I think these should be the most fitting. Do let me know your thoughts and if any of them are any good I'll get a sheet started for 'em.
So, I see two main issues we have with this character. The Chaos Surge table and the karma system.

What I'm thinking would be easiest to do would be to eschew the table entirely and just bake variable effects into each spell in a manner similar to Fortune's Transit. While I can understand that this is a collaborative story and not a tabletop game the core concept behind this character does require that element of chance which best befit dice rolls. I feel it would be simply cheesy and dare I say unfair to make a character who's spells effectiveness are decided by chance only to simply have a party dictate the results as, regardless of how fair the adjudicator wishes to be, the results would ultimately be biased. In addition much like in any MMO RNG is a very real element, with elements like dodge percentages and crit rates dictated by the engine that runs it. While this world functions as though real it was still modeled after an MMO if I understand correctly.

In my case my idea was to write up a class that specifically leaned into that particular element, leaving more up to chance in exchange for greater flexibility in the spells cast. The idea would be a class that would encourage taking risks in exchange for banking karma, rewarding the caster for saving their karma by granting them a greater degree of control over a single spell the longer they stockpile it. In essence by indulging chaos Mercurio would be afforded more control when he needs it most. I do agree though that karma shouldn't necessarily offer more power specifically and I'd not include spells that would just result in flatly increasing it's own power through expenditure of karma.

As for the karma system itself what I could do is just implement a soft cap that allows him to bank karma up to a certain amount and past that maximum he'll continue being able to gather more karma but each point stored would expire roughly an hour or so after it was obtained. That way while in the short term he could gather a reasonably high karma amount in the long term he would be limited to his cap, preventing him from obtaining an obscenely high amount of karma and not having to worry about random chance ever again in his magic.

As for why he'd be involved with the group it's hard to say. The story is ever shifting and I do not have the freedom to weave his destiny to specifically entwine with the group's own. That would be something for the gm and I to discuss for they have much more of a say in that than I. I can say that I'd probably characterize Mercurio as less like a Cicero-esque figure and more like that one merchant from The Undead Burgh in Dark Souls. A bit unusual, maybe even a little suspect but still reasonable enough to do business with.

As I've mentioned though if he is deemed ill-fitted I do have other ideas I can put forward. I'd want to put forward the summary of each idea first though to make sure they are acceptable and see which would be preferred.
@Xaltwind Funny that, given how most of his list is largely taken from the D&D 5E wild magic list with some options being taken from the D&D 2E wild magic list.

As for being auto-hits these effects only really trigger when the spell itself hits it's target with the only one sans a hit requisite being Chaos Mend and Chaotic Contamination. In a way they function sort of like curses, imposing an effect upon their victim when cast. While certain affects add on in less direct ways like the pit appearing under the target other things would basically fall under the category of magical curses and would face the same restrictions. I could always just eschew the spells that lack a hit requisite however if that is of concern.

As for why he'd follow a group like so he is not one without reason. Though he sometimes comes off as a bit unstable he is oft a pragmatist given his run of poor luck, especially with the number of times he gets caught and sold into slavery only for other misfortunes to pull themselves upon him. He is however first and foremost a scholar. His main interest is the study of the universe and it's inner machinations. No doubt the rumors of the great shard of sky crashing down would of been of great interest to him. Serafeye, a being from another world essentially, would no doubt raise many questions and prompt the need for further study and investigation into her origins.

As for his karma system while it may seem a bit vague the basic idea is that any instance that would be to his physical detriment, loss of property or otherwise placing him in a situation where either of these two things would be very likely would count to his karmic total. As for how many points he'd net from any given situation the cap is one point, regardless of the gravity of the situation. While a fly landing in his pie would be a minor nuisance and hence not worth enough karma to concentrate into a point things like getting caught in quicksand or getting an enemy that charges at him before anyone else would be worth one point, max. Also, if several things happen to him in a short enough duration it's sum product would still just be one point, not several.

Nonetheless if you should still find him of ill fit to this rp I can always change his class over or, should him as even a concept be unwanted, provide a different character altogether.
In his case it's nice to have just in case he rolls one of his stickier effects and needs to fix the mess it makes.
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