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To answer some questions in order...

@Polybius - Firstly I'm thinking Oao's realm would be concurrent with the mortal realm. Her true realm doesn't lie beneath The North Crown however. It has become her unofficial home ever since the sun drove her from her true home: The darkness between the stars which she was born into long ago, nestled safe within her egg. Ever since then she has been barred from returning by the sun's light ever since, even at night due to the light reflected off the moon's surface which gives it it's characteristic silvery glow. There is only one night each month where Oao can tap into the power of her realm. That night is the night when the moon itself is at it's darkest: the night of the new moon. For the remainder of the time she remains hidden up in The North Crown.

@Leotamer - In terms of chronology I'm thinking the order of which gods came first should start with the gods of basic elemental forces such as earth, water, fire, darkness, light, ect. After those would probably come the gods of humanity and after them would come the young gods. Just my take on what would seem like the likeliest order of arrivals.
@Frozen0Titan - Erm, I think you might have posted twice in the same round. You might need to wait on PaulHaynek's summary post first I believe.

So his tigir's a caster too huh? Talk about fair play. Hah!

He watched as the beast cast a spell to try and slow his poison's spread. It was cute to see that his opening move had them so ruffled. They had yet to see the half of what he was bringing to the table.

With the man trading words with his pet it gave him plenty of time to whisper a few words to himself too. These weren't just mere mumblings however. Just as the man started to trade buffs with his tiger Thessir turned his head down, the rim of his hat covering what skin was visible from the front. His flesh softened as his skin quickly darkened. All details vanished as his head turned as black as the night. He no longer held any visible facial features, it was almost as though his face was naught but a blank slate. He could still see, taste and hear but what shapes and contours that had previously defined the presence of such organs were all now identical to the dark mass that his face now consisted of. His hair flickered and flowed about the air like shadowy wisps, the hairs having transformed into tiny tendrils of hybridized darkness.

Taking the time to make a short hop so the ice rolling across the ground did not catch his feet he didn't even bother to look up and see what they were doing. It didn't take a genius to figure the tiger was going to leap on him now and that's exactly what it did. As predictable as it was the outstretched paw whapped against his side. He had changed his entire torso and head into dark mass, leaving his arms and legs as normal. This way all his vital points were now soft and malleable, no longer vulnerable to many forms of damage which he was about to see inflicted upon them.

His jacket crumpled around the tiger's foreleg, his gooey self still inside as it wrapped around the limb from the force of it's swipe. His arms and legs were cast off, falling onto the icy ground directly below them where they laid limp. The ends which his body previously covered were capped with a small glob of his dark mass to keep them from bleeding out.

As for the remaining attacks the second one from Maldur's ice tail smashed into his jacket still coiled about the leg. There was a loud crunch as some knives were jostled and a glass bottle was crushed, the faint smell of barbecue sauce wafting up below the tiger's keen nose, however the rest of the force from the blow did little more than squish a bit of his mass as the majority of the impact was instead transferred through to the limb he was wrapped around.

Now as for the last attack he was actually looking out for this one. Instead of avoiding this one he purposefully held out a knife to try and catch the beam of lightning with it. With another tendril he pressed the flat of the blade against the ice bracer on Maldur's foreleg. Now he was no expert in lightning magic but he certainly spent a fair while listening during class unlike certain other students. He knew that once electricity reaches it's target if there were no enchantments designed to enhance or guide it's pathing it would always choose the path of least resistance in it's ever constant yearning to meet the ground. He was not touching the ground but the tiger certainly was. By forming a conduit through the ends of his throwing knives he planned to divert Kazudain's lightning attack into his precious pet.

Now, dark mass was far different from regular flesh and it's properties regarding electricity were quite different as well. A major detail Thessir had not been aware of was that the darkness was not conductive to electricity. On one hand his nervous system didn't operate like how it did with normal flesh meaning he experienced no involuntary seizing as was characteristic of electrocution. On the other hand the amount of resistance his dark mass provided essentially stalled the shock by the time it reached halfway down the tendril holding the receiving blade. The heat generated by said resistance caused the substance to bubble slightly and the cuff of his sleeve was starting to smoke. Were it regular flesh it would have been thoroughly cooked but of course when it came to dark mass heating it up only made it more fluid which really didn't disrupt his form any, at least not at this level of heat.

"Yikes!" He remarked with both fascination and surprise as he retracted his knife-wielding tendrils into his body. Talk about an odd time to make a new discovery about the properties of darkness. That was not to mention the fact that the flash of the lightning stung his tendril like a splash of rubbing alcohol on an open wound.

Coming down from his failed idea for retaliation he swiftly concocted a new plan on the spot. Leaping off the tiger's foreleg he dove into it's shadow, catching his arms on the way through though his legs were a little far to easily grab in a single leap so he left those behind. He emerged within the darkness underneath Kazudain's cloak, right between his legs. Extending his ropey tendrils he attempted to wind himself around both legs with the entirety of his body. He figured by fighting this close up on it's master the tiger would be unable to attack him without risking harm upon the other.

With his arms, daggers still clutched in their grip, he stabbed up at him while using his outfit to mask his attack. His aim was to plunge both daggers right up under Kazudain's rib cage where all the soft vital parts rested. He figured if he was about to kill the man then the judge would surely call the fight regardless of whether his tiger was still in fighting condition or not.

The truth was that the poison earlier wasn't truly meant to remove him from the fight...

It was to keep him from escaping.
@Lord Zee - Indeed. As any general may tell you though territory is only as good as your ability to hold. Having a nice large home will provide for some interest conflict as this rather reclusive deity will have to strive to keep her tunnels from being usurped in the likelihood that someone takes an interest in them. Or you know, if the gods of light just want to make her day worse like always.
@Lord Zee - That is a lovely map. With The North Crown being the longest range of mountains around Oao's got herself a fair bit of land to try and keep free of horrible, horrible intruders... Which is basically any intruders.
@HokumPocus - In a technical sense she isn't quite genderless as she still reproduces, it's just through cellular division as opposed to intercourse. As her form of reproduction is known in bacteria as asexual reproduction I use that term to define her gender as otherwise, given how her mind is currently from a female, she'd be female sans the correct organs.
@Polybius - You say Chaos placed it's eye as the sun but on the front page it states that it was Time that had set his eye out to become the sun, eternally chasing the sun with his hand becoming the moon. Did this change?
@jetipster - Any amount of time taken back from the Light Dwellers is a victory in Oao's book... And by book I mean the scratchings on the stone walls. Not a lot of trees down in the caverns to make paper from.
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