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@KaiserElectric - I was just thinking since after I implemented the changes asked I changed the healing ability but I forgot to tag you in my last post with the updated version of Al. I'm curious to know your thoughts on the power I put in place of the one that was there when you approved Al. Do you think it's a suitable replacement for the original power?
@Savo@redbaron1234 - Here's Al, now with the fixes asked for implemented. I changed his healing a bit to hopefully better represent the changes requested of it. The Version 2 tag is temporary, it won't be staying should the sheet be accepted.

@redbaron1234 - Excellent advice. I'm working on the formatting and moving of the powers right as I write this (Perhaps not EXACTLY as I write this but the idea remains).

Given both your and Savo's advice I'm thinking I should put Al's second iteration up with my proposed alteration to his healing. From what you described the changes that I'll be making to his healing should cover that particular change request quite well, or at least I hope so.

I'll be back shortly with a slightly different Al, his CS hopefully cleaned up to spec.
@Savo - I shall make all the changes needed and re-post his CS to the OOC here. As for explaining Al's healing, hm...

Well, to break it down as it currently stands it is basically a passive effect which can be toggled on at will which heals smaller wounds faster than larger wounds. Assuming we're simplifying the overall health of the body and the state at which it operates into a numerical percentage then his healing as it currently stands can, assuming the max time for each category of injury listed is required, heal his health total from one percent to one hundred percent in a sum of nine minutes and forty seconds. Naturally it costs him ki to maintain this effect, more ki than he passively recovers. With this being the case he cannot heal his body and regain ki at the same time and having either reduced to zero will almost definitely result in his defeat. In addition this power can be used to heal others but for double the cost and half the speed since his mythic ki gets weaker the further it is from him, always starting at half strength the moment it's beyond the limits of his own body.

I do not believe this form of healing is stronger than, say, Malus's living metal regeneration as Malus's healing does not have an upper cap to how much damage he can receive before he straight up dies like Al does. As for speed while ten minutes is a ludicrous speed compared to a normal human's regeneration in an active fight it's quite a long time. I've scarcely seen a fighting game with time limits higher than ten minutes. It plays to his strength which is fatiguing his opponent over a long hard fought match and works into his weakness towards getting his ki burnt down with a steady stream of heavy, unrelenting damage.

Don't mistake my explanations for an unwillingness to adapt his healing to better suit you. If you still feel as if his healing doesn't gel with your vision of this world I can offer a different take on his healing ability.

I could, for example, modify his divine healing to work more like Bastion from Overwatch's "Self-Repair" ability, albeit slower. It would heal his wounds (Or the wounds of someone he is physically touching) at a steady rate and require him to take no other action outside of maintaining concentration on the power. On top of still costing him the normal sum of ki required to maintain the power it would force him to look for moments where he can acquire a reprieve and borrow the time needed to heal either his or another's health.

If you have any other suggestions regarding Al's healing or just Al in general I am happy to hear you out. The fault is only mine if something about Al doesn't seem to be the right fit for this rp.

As for @redbaron1234, I eagerly await to hear your input on Al. I will note that I will be posting another edition of his CS here soon so do look out for that when considering what you've seen thus far.

Meanwhile in a dilapidated office inside an abandoned warehouse on the docks...

No longer shrouded by a tarp Anny stood hunched over the dead body of a middle aged man with premature balding and an expensive looking suit. She was in her usual getup, a white metallica t-shirt and faded khaki cargo pants with her hair wild and about like a sort of proud silver mane. She found it hard to style her hair without sacrificing practicality since the hair needed to be free to splay out for extra shock-itude.

With one hand she reached down, digging her claws into the dead man's stomach like she was reaching for some potato chips and pulling out a small minced heap of human tripe. With her other hand she was busy looking at her claws, casually examining them for spots and scratch marks that needed buffing. She wanted her blades to look nice and shiney for her next kill. While she was sort of waiting on her agent to call she couldn't say she'd of been crestfallen if he failed to. She had been setting up her next hit for a couple weeks now, hunting down those who were involved with |Project Neuropath| so she can figure out when they're going to be shipping out the prototypes.

She took a hearty bite out of her handful of human flesh, her teeth cutting the meat into swallowable chunks. The answering machine blinked a little red light, sitting right next to an old cherry red rotary phone upon the office desk. Taking her clean claws she reached over and gently pressed a dial with the pointed tip of her index claw.

<"Hai-hai! You've reached Anny's handy answering machine! She can't reach the phone right now so please leave a message after the beep! Beep~!"> The cheery prerecorded message finally beeped for real, the message left following after.

A fake ghost, a Victorian brawler, and a drug addict. A less united force I could not conceive of myself. Heh.

You’ve been wired the money necessary for your next fight, so you’re aware. After this, you’ll have to pay your own way into each battle.

Savile Fist, you’re rank 199. The lowest in the experiment, for reference. Speaking of experiments, look for The Scientist in the cryo lab of Destroy University. You may encounter Chroma at the university too; if you do, ignore him.

Omnivore, you’re at rank 130. You’ll find Rainbow Stakes in the Bow and Arrow Theatre.

Whiteout, you’re rank 146. Maxi Million is in one of the skyscrapers in the Destroy Central Plaza; you’ll get more info on which one precisely when you get there.

Trust your Force, and head for the Garden of Madness.

Anny dabbed down her bloodied claws with a moist towelette clutched in her tongue's metal claw grip, the closest thing she had to saliva. It was good that her exterior metals were all stainless composites, it made washing up that few steps less laborious and removed the threat of growing rusty, something she had no intention of becoming in both the literal and metaphorical sense.

She huffed as the message ran to finish. "Fake ghost? Hah. I'm the closest thing to a ghost any o' these normies are ever gonna see. I'll bet Rainbow Stakes will wish she saw a ghost soon... As if she'd even see me coming."

Leaving what remained of the man she was devouring on the floor Anny stood up from her hunched position into a still hunched but less so position and went over to the window. The sun had yet to set so she'd go do some homework on her opponent first largely to kill time. Daintily lifting the window she stepped out, gripping the wall below the window sill with her talons. The yellowing day lit sky cast it's glow over the bay and the docks before it. Reaching up she pulled herself onto the roof of the warehouse, shutting the window with her feet before gripping the edge of the roof and kicking off into a leap. Diving down she landed nimbly upon the shipping container below, only mildly scratching it with her talons. She set off, leaping from container to container until she reached the streets where she took to the tops of buildings instead. It was off to the public library, after closing time of course.
@KaiserElectric - Thank you for your approval. If the others approve I'll see about repairing the various [ hr]'s that popped up there before I submit him to the CS tab.

@redbaron1234 - That's okay. Hopefully Al will be acceptable though I'm quite fine with tweaking the strength of his powers to better suit the preferred range you three have in mind. Anywho do take the time you want, I don't want to make life any harder just for my sake.
I've brought Al back again for review. I don't think there's much else I'd change outside of recommendations from the GM's so for now consider this his complete sheet. He won't be the only one as he does have some opposition that will likely appear, should he be accepted.
Here's my character for your review. Hopefully he's acceptable enough.
@KaiserElectric @Savo - Glad to hear. I suppose the posting of characters will wait until the main OOC is made?

Edit: Shame I didn't refresh the page six minutes ago. Oh well.
After a cursory read I do believe the prospect of an open ended fighting rp strikes my fancy. I'll be giving this one my attention, if you'll have me.
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