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@ZAVAZggg - I'd prefer you wait until the old gods return from their dream. That way everyone can be involved in what's going on with the world upon their return. It shouldn't be too long but it just makes the chronology that much simpler when everyone's back on the same setting.
As soon as the fighting ended she dropped hold of the guard she was wielding. Seeing the other captives had a key to these chains she excitedly welcomed their service, loosing the chain's grip on her wrists and ankles. No longer impeding her she was quick to start peeling the gear off of a downed soldier.

Knowing her way around armor she was able to quickly strip down and promptly don a breastplate, helm, gauntlets and greaves before 'The Cav' and his reinforcements showed up. She hadn't had time to do up any of the straps and such so the greaves and breastplate did shift about but luckily neither were going to fall off at the very least.

"We'll probably die but we'll die tryin'! Am I right?!"

"Yeeaah!" Gang pumped one of the batons she had picked up off a downed guard up in the air and cheered.

"FOOORR DEEAATH!" Taking whatever it was the guy was talking about without really considering what it was even about she let out an overjoyed battlecry as she charged, making a B-line right for the gold guy. As a section of guards tried to intercept her she rammed through the first guard to attempt to strike her, her massive strength sending him flying back and knocking those following him over like bowling pins. With the path to the one who seemed to be spear heading the assault on the cafeteria cleared she charged, weapon high in the air as their clash neared.

Just as she neared him rather than go for the expected swing she lead her attack with a forward stomp kick aimed for the center of his breastplate. With the aim of stopping his advance and knocking him off balance she readied her baton to strike down upon him when the opening presented itself.
@ZAVAZggg@Stabby@Duoya@Archangel89 - I have updated the Characters tab to reflect the current roster of deities. I would add in my new addition but that will have to come tomorrow as I've been catching up on posts in other rp's I'm in.

@Archangel89 - I have reviewed Ahmenophus and I am happy to say he is accepted. You have my permission to post him into the characters tab. I will update the roster listings to include him once he is.

Also, just a note for everyone with new gods: Those of The New Era will not appear in the dream of the temple beyond the golden gates for they are not yet born. Over the duration of this your deities will come into existence and go about their lives on Tabrasa while Those of The First Era discover a truth long hidden from them.

Also of note: As soon as the dream reaches it's end I will post an interest check and see about bringing in new players to join in the new era. Given the ten thousand year gap there is plenty of space for them to appear without detriment to the narrative.
"Are... Are you going to be ok?"

Such words were not unfamiliar to her ears. Her appearance alone, this wretched state she was left in, often drew many a concerned look and words of worry. Much like her own end most interactions with friends and strangers alike typically reached the same terminus: Her condition. It was not their fault though. Much like her magic she brought that element of melancholy to pretty much everything that involved her. That sadness simply clung to her, afflicting those around her. Inevitably the same as always.

"Let's not hang around here too long. Sure, if anyone comes back and makes the connection, we'll be able to take on them no problem, but it's something we could do without."

Sophia nodded in agreement to Noriko's conclusion. As they traveled she largely remained quiet, her eyes largely fixed to the path on the lookout for bumps and cracks in the road that might give her wheelchair trouble. It seemed Fuyuko was intent on talking however.

"So, um... Where to?" Fuyuko asked. It seemed before either of them could provide any input she continued on.

"That is, of course, if you want us to stay around. Ah! I-I'm not saying we don't want to stick around! What I meant is... After that just now, and considering everything going on tonight, would you rather be alone, or...?"

After a lingering silence carried in the air for the moment Sophia answered.

"I am sorry... To have brought you discomfort." Her face was an unbroken mask of calm, no change to her inflection. Even despite that the weight of the pause between her words wove the apologetic subtext into her words no less.

"Nonetheless I am happy to meet you two. My welcome into this magical girl community has been much warmer than some. I fear a newcomer to the magical girl trade itself was greeted with far more cruelty from her peers."

It was something she had on her mind even throughout the tense confrontation and mysterious run-ins she experienced. This was her way of subtly steering the topic to that of the magical girl community while also providing the two insight in regards to a new arrival amidst their flock. In part she was helping them. In part she was hoping to encourage them to open up about the other local magical girls. It was a possibility they knew them better than she did.

It also didn't hurt that it steered the conversation away from the topic of herself, something she loathed to discuss. It was hard not to loath the subject when it always came back around to the same end it always did.

Inevitably the same as always.

@LuckyBlackCat- Apologies for the wait. I'l have my post up by tonight.

Edit: The post is up.
I have updated my post and review both new arrivals.

@ZAVAZggg - While I will note that mortals with sufficient divine energy can resist the maddening effects of M'arash's realm I am happy to say that your character is accepted. You may feel free to post him in the characters tab.

@Stabby - I will note that you misspelled the word "Authority" In your rules and limits tab but otherwise I am happy to say that your character is accepted. You may feel free to post her in the characters tab.

I will get to updating the deities roster tomorrow. You may also see a new deity of my own entering the field now that the setting is prime for his arrival.
Just letting everyone know the second half of the post is underway but may take until tomorrow to complete. I'll review the new sheets along with it as well. Sorry for the delay.
@Duoya@Noodles@Archangel89 - I decided you've all waited long enough so here it is, the first half of my intro into the Hall of The Divine. As I've mentioned all currently existing deities were affected so basically everyone aside from the newcomers will be placed in a ten thousand year long slumber. Luckily (Or unluckily depending on how you see it) time passes differently in the dream so they won't be stuck hanging around inside a dream for that long.

You may notice I don't have the second half of my post up. I'll be working on that first thing tomorrow but I figured I'd let you all see what was done thus far so there wasn't any more silence from my end of things.

@ZAVAZggg@Stabby - So I've erred on the path of bringing the setting forward into the age of medieval fantasy. Your deities don't have to necessarily have been around for the entirety of that time so you can determine how long within those ten thousand years your deities have existed. They could be relative newcomers, coming into their own around the time the old gods begin their awakening or they could have come to be just shortly after the gods entered their centuries long rest. Either which way you, and anyone else entering new gods, are free to submit sheets for review. Since I've thrown some new information some editing might be required so I'll have to look any submitted sheets over to see if they conform to the current circumstances proper. Aside from that those who I have seen look quite good so it should be of little issue.

And of course like before if you're still participating but I haven't @'ted you do feel free to let me know since my memory is far from perfect and thinly spread.
Her wooden brow may have indicated a softer expression but her gaze held a solemn understanding for his concern towards them.

"I fear that you may not have the time to help those before sleep claims you." She warned him. Underneath Hayim a flower bud that was even tinier than him emerged from the wooden limp he was sat upon. It grew and then bloomed, it's lovely white and light green spotted petals unfurling beneath him. It became platform for him to stand upon as it outgrew him, growing large enough to support his frame.

"When we merged into the wood of these trees we found our roots connected. We could hear one another's thoughts and feelings through our roots and so we spoke with those of our tribe. While there are some who still seek to return to their humanity our majority wish to keep the divine power this event has filled us with. As humans we were small and frail but as trees we are tall and hard. We can still move despite our changes and should another catastrophe like this occur these new forms of ours will help us endure. Though we welcome you to aid those of us who do not wish to remain in this form we must ask that you consider yourself. We will survive until you return, even now we adapt to better accommodate ourselves to this strange new life we now live. While we will do all that is within our power to keep you safe during your stay whether or not you wish to return to the safety of your realm is your choice to make alone."

As she finished her words the ninth chime rang. It was not solely Hayim that felt this exhaustion but all gods, all goddesses, all deities of every form. The chime resonated with their Divine Cords, echoing inside the mind that resided within these tiny strands of endless power.

Whichever choice was made by Hayim the tenth and final chime rang soon after. Should he have stayed his unconscious form would be shielded by the flower which would enclose him, concealing his form from the harshness of the world.

As for Ral the pod did not answer. The chimes rang no further in distance from him than it did for Hayim or even Oao. With the ninth chime it was made clear that no matter what he was doing sleep was no longer an option, it was guaranteed. After a short time the tenth chime came and, no matter where he decided he would be there is where he would rest.

There is where they would all rest...

For the next ten thousand years.

She felt herself stirring. Though Oao's eyes were opening the form they took were not quite the same, her form was not her physical manifestation.

She rose from her curled fetal position like smoke from a smoldering ember, her body a vaguely humanoid mass of living shadow. It flowed like air, an immaterial conglomerate of lightless space occupying the space in which her mind resided. She looked down to herself to see this form, a form quite familiar to her as it was similar to how she molded the shadows when she cast her senses forward, operating them as though she were there as, in a sense, she was there.

This was simply how he dreamt herself to be. She was the darkness and this was the form she picked for herself, not the one that was picked for her at either of her births. This was a dream.

A familiar dream too. She had stood before these massive golden gates before. What she stood upon was nothing but a solid nothing she could not pass through. Behind her from every direction except from the gates was a deep black nothingness. It wasn't simply the darkest darkness for even darkness was something, a something that she was. This was nothingness, an empty black void which pulled at the mind the longer one looked at it. She turned away from the void and back to the gates again. A massive beautiful ornate solid set of golden doors set within a wall which towered overhead. The doors were seamless, nothing able to slip through the cracks and the walls would simply extend upwards against those who would think to fly above them.

Except now these doors were no longer closed. They were left ajar, their flawless golden surface seemingly inviting her inside. What laid beyond was something she could have never conceived of without seeing it for herself. It was a large temple of sorts, It's entrance a long corridor bereft of walls as tall pale white pillars supported the arched roof above. The structures were perfectly smooth, formed to exact angled and shaped without flaw. Beneath the formless wisp that were her legs joined together she could see the floor was long perfect smooth surface. This surface, unlike the pillars, had a split pattern. Half the entire floor was perfectly black while the opposite half was perfectly white. This pattern was split lengthwise down the corridor into the temple itself, dividing the entire structure down the middle into two halves.

She continued down this corridor, drawn by this amazing structure which had laid hidden since the dawn of man and deity alike. Something hidden like a pearl within the maw of a clam for so long now open for them.

Why? She asked herself. For what purpose does this great structure open it's gates to us now of all times? What changed?

She had to explore. To be kept in mystery for so long it would be a disservice to not investigate deeper into this wondrous building.

At the end of the hall was a massive set of doors, similar to those that kept them from the courtyard of this temple to begin with. Unlike the golden gates however this door was divided along a similar pattern to that of the floor. One door was white, one door was black. On them a massive insignia was emblazoned onto their surface, occupying a majority of the door's face. It was a clock.

She did not recognize what it was though. She had never seen a clock before either. They did not exist, not yet.

The half of the clock on the black door was a brilliant white while the half on the white door was a tenebrous black. She could not tear her eyes away from this strange design.

What does it mean? Is this the symbol of it's creator? It's chieftain?... It's god?

Her thoughts were cut off as she heard distant movement behind her. A few of the other deities had come as well. She turned, the long thin fibrous strands of darkness that her hair comprised of roiling as flecks of darkness flit out from the tips like sparks from a flame. She shrank somewhat, receding behind one of the pillars though there were no shadows to hide within here. She might not be at risk of exposure in this form but her disdain for being looked at had not abated.

Those few that remained...

Relevant to:@Duoya@Noodles@Archangel89 And any other participants I may have missed.
@Force and Fury - Hmm, this looks like the perfect setting to bring back Babble, a psychotic sonic manipulator who lost both her hands in a freak cranial saw incident. She spent her days scaring people away from an abandoned asylum and stealing peanut butter from the convenience store down the hill in the dead of night for sustenance. Now she'll be recruited for justice!

There's more to it than that but that's just a brief summary.

I do have one important question though: Do you require photos, drawn pictures or strictly text for appearances?
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