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The cool wind swept across the swaying palm trees, it's touch as smooth as silk to those it flowed across.

His hammock rocked gently to the ebbing of the winds. There Thessir laid, fast asleep under the noonday sun. He was fully dressed with the exception of his big brown boots which were two sizes larger than his feet at the least and his backpack which was really more of a sack cloth held together with wooden rods and cloth fastenings. His big brimmed hat was set pretty much over his face, the black headwear shielding him from the sun's annoyingly bright rays.

Over the sound of the trees and Thessir's snoring was the distance caw of a macaw. Approaching his site a brightly colored parrot carried what appeared to be a sort of note in it's claws. The bird flew down, landing on a sort of stick set out for it to land on. Dropping the note by what was essentially his mail box, though box is a misnomer since it really is just a stick that's appropriately shaped for parrots to land on, The bird sat on the makeshift perch and waited a short bit for him to come get his mail. When he didn't move from his resting spot it decided to announce itself.

"Craw! Mail Delivery! Craw!" It hollered with it's characteristically shrill yet croaky voice.

Thessir stirred from his rest only slightly. It wasn't until the bird continued to beak off at him that he roused from his slumber.

"Hhh... Who sendz mail at this ungodly hour of the day?" He complained as he shifted about in his attempt to rise from the hammock. Being a light fellow it was quite easy to slip off the sometimes treacherously balanced bed arrangement that was the hammock. He even managed to keep the hat up on his head which was good because there wasn't a cloud in the sky and he didn't have his blindfold on.

Staggering blearily across the sandy beach he gave a long straining yawn as he rubbed the tiredness out of his eyes. He managed to get to the mail post without tripping over his own feet, an accomplishment for someone who was definitely not a morning person even if it wasn't even morning. Stooping over he picked up the envelope and eyed it over, looking for any identifying print or insignia. As he looked the envelope over the bird took this as it's cue to skedaddle and left back for the village post master.

The envelope had no address and the seal was a symbol he did not recognize. In that short moment he went from sleepy to intrigued. With that he cracked the wax open and freed the letter from it's papery trappings. His eyes rolled over the words, scrutinizing each sentence upon the stationery.

It was not a welcoming message. An invitation that much was certain but he took no mirth from the words it contained. It spoke of events it shouldn't of known, COULDN'T of known. But how? Mystery was afoot.

"Guess it's time to solve a mystery." He confirmed out loud, speaking largely to himself. Heading back to his rudimentary shelter aka a few sticks and palm leaves arranged to keep things dry during a rainfall he picked up his meager few belongings and set forth towards the quaint fishing village he called neighbors.

"So you're sure he'll get the letter right? I cannot return empty handed you know."

A man dressed a darkly colored herald's uniform argued with the post master, a rather plainly dressed fellow. Behind them rows of birdcage's sat, the homes of the messengers he trained.

"Yeah. Don't stress out, I sent my best bird." The post master responded with his usual air of casualness. He just assumed the man was making big bones out of a small issue, not something unusual for folks from outside the village. The herald seemed to carry this task with the impression of utmost importance but that was pretty much always the case with these sorts.

There was a sudden tapping on the herald's right shoulder. He looked over to the right in mild surprise, only to see nothing. Turning back to face the post master there was now tapping on his left shoulder. He looked over his left shoulder, this time faster than the first, but still no sign of the culprit. Attempting to be clever the herald waited, feigning ignorance for the moment, before whipping right around.

"Aha! Got you- Wait, where?!" Before him was still nothing, not a sign of anyone. As he turned around however there was someone right in front between him and the post master, causing him to stumble back and briefly cry out in surprise.

"Hahahaha! You sure got'em!" The post master laughed heartily at the joke Thessir had pulled on the herald.

"W-who dares-"

"Szo, retuuurrrn to szzzenderrr hmm?" Thessir cut him off with his weird accented insertion, presenting the envelope he had recieved. The herald found his current train of thought halted by the new evidence presented.

"A- ah, you must be Thessir. Erm, yes we are to return to the sender. That is correct." He straightened himself out, resuming a finer posture. "At your earliest convenient opportunity we shall leave for the sky ports. Do take care to not linger too long, my employer seeks your audience before too long."

"Ooo, szkyzship huh? How fanzy." Thessir remarked, tucking the letter back into his coat. "Dizpell your worriez. I havez no intenshun of leavin' your employer szitting on hiz handz. Let uz move on for I am eager to meet thiz perzon." Thessir strode over to the door and gestured to the open aperture with his natural left hand. "Zshall we?"

Sparing little time the herald and Thessir both left the wooden shack and proceeded down the beach up the winding path towards the port town.

Through the streets of padded earth Thessir let the herald lead on, the two proceeding up to the docks and over to the only airship dock in town. After all, the island of Akilos did not lay in the path of any major airship trade routes and being water bound only helped to further remove it from notice by most. It largely subsisted on it's fishing supply and trade with poorer water bound vessels.

After some walking they reached the ladder up to the dock where the airship awaited. A large wooden vessel shaped not unlike a caravel was tethered to a post, anchoring it to the long wooden walkway. Instead of masts it possessed three large balloons, crew members assigned to specific torches & bellows which served to control the heat of the air therein. As the herald and his guest of honor approached the side of the ship the crew needed no signal to proceed, hoisting up a length of boards nailed together into a walkway, complete with hand rails for added safety. The hooks at the bottom of the board hooked onto the knee-high railing at the side of the dock, keeping the planks in place for those coming aboard.

Thessir chuckled a little, looking up at the ship with a bit of a smirk as the sea fresh wind tussled with his loose black hair.

"Something amuses you sir?" The herald questioned, quirking an eyebrow.

"Just the whimz of the zea." Thessir spoke distantly, focused more on the ship than the one talking. It was a small lie of course. Some years ago he wouldn't of been able to conjure up a clear image of the sky, let alone an air ship. Now here he was, looking upon one of the first air ships he's seen. It was a common sight for the crew but for him it was quite the wonder. Even though he had already read up on the principles behind how they operate it was still something else to witness such a large mechanical spectacle with his own eyes. It amused him that he was going to be riding one of these things now too, a Nyxian of all creatures taking to the skies. Not a common sight indeed.

Thessir was given his own cabin and rode with relative comfort on route to the destination of the letter's sender. Sailing over Tenebra was no pleasant sight as fields of twisted or decayed plant life were the only things to witness up to the horizon for many miles. Come the second day however they approached a dock. It was the strangest thing, a lone sky dock in the middle of nowhere in a blighted land. Nonetheless the ship eased down from the sky before anchoring themselves to the dock.

With the walkway down Thessir stepped off the ship, albeit pensively. Even if he knew the air was no longer unbreathable there were many stories of old down below which spoke the many dangers that riddled the surface. His breathing was slow just in case the air he was taking in was poisoning him.

"While caution is always recommended I think you should know that the way is safe. The path has been cleared to make way for you and your cohort's arrivals." The herald assured him. Thessir gave a simple nod, pressing forward with little desire to linger. Whoever said it's sometimes best to stop and smell the roses clearly has never tried to smell a Nosebiter Tulip.

It was not long before they arrived, their destination obvious as it was the only thing around not composed of ruin or rot. The gate was adorned with a metal relief of a dragon ornately fused to it. Around many of the bars and across the tops of the cold stone walls were long thorned vines, the stems of overgrown roses and briar. Thessir took in these sights with a scrutinizing eye before the herald opened the gate for him.

As Thessir stepped inside the herald began to close the gates behind him.

"Not going to join uz?" He turned, questioning the man without necessarily judging him for it.

"Afraid so. I musn't trespass any farther but please do enjoy your stay. As for I, I shall return to the ship." And with that the herald had bid his farewell, turning to leave the site once the gate was closed.

Thessir himself turned back to the interior of the walled location and observed an odd set up. It seemed these walls housed a lush and verdant garden, replete with many types of flowers along with stranger structures. In the center stood a fountain in the shape of a siren. Within it's hands it held what seemed to be a glass sphere, six gems housed within. In the corners of this hexagonal courtyard were six different decorative features, each indicating a different element for their space. There was a large crystal which contained a sort of light, a pillar of water which seemed to stand perfectly well on it's own, a large oak tree, a mound of volcanic soil, a standing cylinder of clouds which remain in place instead of dispersing as they typically do and lastly a strange building wrought of onyx. Lines of color themed flower bushes divided each of these decorations, the colors synced to the related element of their corner.

In the center of the out of place garden sat an elf in rough woods garb which quite clearly spoke of which caste he hailed from. Elsewhere within the walls he could observe a wolf and a crow roaming about. With those spotted he turned his attention back to the only other humanoid now in sight.

"Ahhh, a faze one morrre than none. Arrre youuu ahn Authorrr orrr ahnotherrr recieverrr?" Thessir approached, stopping within fifteen feet of the man. He stood with his hands in his pockets with a bit of a forward slouch. The brim of his hat cut off the image of his upper face, leaving only his pale awkward grin as the only facial feature to look upon. While the darkness covered his face down to the nose it also meant that the upper half of the person he was speaking to was also cut off for him.

Thessir stood and awaited some sort of indication or response of a sort, even if that response was in the form of an attack. He had not arrived unprepared for such an outcome as the shadows underneath could attest.
Ed & Id

Edgar lifted up yet another cubicle side garbage bin, emptying into the rolling container he was assigned. He sighed, glancing up at a nearby clock before setting the bin back by it's desk. It had been a fair while since he was last at the one meeting room he passed over. Having emptied close to all the other bins in the sector of this floor he decided to haul his tired behind back over to see if the lot had cleared the room already.

Drearily he trudged down the hall, his hair hanging down just a bit in front of his face, not enough to bother him into fixing it but enough to partially cover his upper face. His long between boot steps echoed in the hall he traveled down, mingling with the ambiance of foot falls from others in the hall. Passing him on the left were two what he could only assume were knights escorting somebody down the hall, a stern and tightly-wound looking woman following suit. He just did as he always did, keeping his head down as he dragged his big trash can along on it's heavy set wheels. The less he drew any excess attention the happier he was, not an unusual frame of mind for the ordinary serf.

Under the glow of whatever excuse for a light system the citadel had working for it he stopped before the door to the meeting room. Walking up to it he took a moment to listen through and try to hear if anyone was still inside. After a short period of quiet he gave the handle a good twist. The door opened with a confirming click, A short push from his hand opening the sight of the room before him. While it was, for that moment, quiet it was certainly not devoid of people lingering from the meeting they just had. Great.

Ed simply shook his head and started making his way towards the back of the room where the garbage bin was kept.

"Sorry, didn't know you guys were still busy here. I'll be out of the way in a moment." He excused himself, making his way over to the bin while hoping that nothing terrible was going to happen.

Meanwhile Id, lurking within the same room now, was always up to something terrible. The meeting had provided her a good couple of shady dealings in the field of research that sounded like a fair promise for interest. There was nothing so tempting that she'd break into a researcher's mind to steal it but a couple things were certainly a delightful dessert buffet of potential horrors and curiosities for her to sample, Edgar the veritable spoon in this taste equation. Her brother, both the means and a direct conduit for her fun.

Like a bad feeling Id slipped into Ed's mind, nestling nicely in her familiar crystal palace on the moon. "Oh sweet brother of mine, how I missed thee so~" She chimed with an intentionally fake melodramatic flare, as if she were reciting Shakespear's writings.

Yeah, sure... Edgar thought back at her, his frown quite accurately reflecting his mood towards her silliness.

"You should of stuck around and peaked, it was a blast! There was all sorts of juicy gossip. Wanna hear?" She asked, bouncing the heels of her feet with giddiness while she sat back in her big comfy violet gem of a throne. She didn't bother waiting for him to answer. "Did you know that they run experiments on serfs around here? One such experiment has been resulting in their heads exploding! Gory stuff huh?"

Doesn't surprise me.

As he carried out his internal discourse he simply carried forward around the table towards the trash bin in the corner of the room, head down as he tried his best not to draw any untoward attention.
Mike Morel

Capital Base, Liberty.

Life sure was great. Even strolling down the isles of those in line for reconditioning he held a chipper spring in his step. His whistling was cut short as a poor young youth cried out, purging his stomach down the drain. A shame that. Perhaps he'd enjoy his life better after the nice men fixed him up and got him back on the straight and narrow but for now he seemed to be ill.

"Hello there young fellow!" He greeted the youth with a kind smile, no shred of disingenuousness to it. "Must be a bit of a rough time for you. Want me to put in a request for a couple peptic tablets and, er, another cup of water?"

His offer was not out of pity but rather sympathy for the young man. He understood how it would be uncomfortable, being forced to digest something which leaves him so disheveled and ill. It wasn't uncommon for him to find himself straddling that line given his special dietary needs.

Also maybe he was just a naturally empathetic fellow. He didn't consider it out of order to help out a person here or there even when they weren't in his department. Occasionally he was considered a bit nosey but for him being nice was just what came naturally. So there he stood, over by the cell door leaned just the slightest bit forward, his pitch black hair brushing the frame of the door.
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Mike Morel

Capital Base, Liberty.

Just another casual day at the base.

He was a fairly recent trainee. While he had the basic training done there was still much more for him to learn, and nothing learned would teach more than experience in the field. This would have to do though.

Mike walked with a skip to his step, something which made him stand out from all the grey folks who simply stood or walked where they went, not a hint of flair and little passion. Perhaps that might be an exaggeration but excess in happiness was not a common trait, not visibly at the least. He was having a good day and it was looking to get better.
After all, today was the day he was going to start Remote Piloted Combat Vehicle training.

Once inside he strolled until he reached the staff only region of the building, a part which was pretty much most of the building since it was the Capital Base. Coming up to the secure entrance he scanned his card, stepped through the electronics scanner to ensure that there were no unregistered electronics present on him, presented his eye to the retina scanner, spoke his unit code aloud for the voice recognition software before the inner door opened, allowing him passage.

Walking through the clinical halls he bid friendly greetings to all his fellows, only some of which were reciprocated. Taking out his base approved breath freshener he sprayed into his mouth, a fresh minty sting refreshing the coat inside his mouth which helped conceal the foul odor of his breath.

He always arrived early when he could. It gave him an extra fifteen minutes to hang out and check the hussle and bustle. Today he figured he'd come check out the detention block, see what was up and such. After passing by and saying hey to a number of guards he passed on by a number of cells. He was just strolling, hands in his pockets as he milled by. He occasionally eyed his watch to make sure he wasn't running overtime.
Here's my Liberty Agent.


Stealth is key.

Such is the life of the ods. The pale claws of an od grip his hand-hold well, hoisting him upwards despite the great weight of his back satchel and weapon. Strung to his back with a spider silk cloth strap was a long pole, the grip to the small cannon head which hung from what was basically a belt tied around the hip. Upon his back sat a bag slung parallel to it's weapon grip, half full with alchemical supplies. Despite his small size he carried himself nimbly up the rock face, quietly creeping up so as to not draw any unwanted attention.

This particular od was on a trip to gather some materials for alchemy among other things. His current bounty was a particular type of root which reached deep, deep enough that it even reached as far as their distant little slice of the world. These roots were sought after as a delicacy of their people, something which adds flavor to their otherwise bland diet of moss and bat meat.

As he reached the top, the tunnel leveling out horizontally, he proceeded with caution, his frame low to avoid the notice of predators which may potentially be hanging overhead. Though they dined on bats for the occasional feast more often than not it was the bats which dined well for these winged mammals had a taste for the warm blood of the ods and the size enough to carry a fully grown human off in it's grip, let alone an od. Luckily for this one there were none down this particular junction.

The prize was in sight. Climbing up the side of the tunnel to reach at the roof the od clung tight, holding himself steady as he produced a long tool with a sharp scissor-like end for clipping the roots which poked out from above. Just as he was about to clip off a single portion of the root a piercing scream rang out from deep within the tunnel. This scream though similar in tone to the squeaky language of the ods possessed an unnatural reverberation, distinctly distinguishing it as the sound of something that was distinctly non-od.

As the scream carried the od did flee, leaping from the wall to the floor and bolting down the way it came, taking only enough time to avoid tripping over the tail of it's distinctly sapphire blue spider silk coat. He stalled before the deep descending downward tunnel, clambering over the edge and scurrying down the side of the winding hole.

Oao sat upon the cold damp stone, it's scream still echoing distantly. It did not need air but it's chest did heave, it's heart beating with the rapidity of a rabbit's own. It's eyes as dark as the void were wide with fear, darting quickly around to confirm reality. It was alone, this now was made certain.

"A-a-a-a lady!? A vision? No, a dream! A dream? I-i-i-i don't dream!? No sleep! I don't sleep, I haven't slept since I-uh-i-i- um."

It looked down at it's bony little fingers, counting on them until it realized it's fingers don't count past four.

"Mu-mu-more than I can count... Why did I doze? How did I doze? And who was that!? A person, a lady figure... Lady figure... Who... I don't know. I don't know. I cannot trust, I- I cannot trust them. Not until... Not until I know."

It gripped it's head, it's fingers scrunching up it's surprisingly smooth and silky hair as it clutched it's skull, the small thing rocking back and forth until a gentle pair of hands gently set themselves upon it's shoulders. It knew the owner of these thin ink black hands for it was a dark form, living darkness given shape by Oao's own will. The form of darkness gently held Oao in it's arms, softly petting it's long black hair.

"Now now Oao... You are safe. No one knows you are here. You are safe."

The faint, whispery voice was Oao's own. It was extending it's voice through the dark form to speak to itself, to usher words of comfort from the closest thing to a friend it could trust. When it was finally coaxed into a state of relaxation it finally released the mass, the darkness returning from whence it came. Oao now stood, Reaching out to scan the many tunnels and caverns that comprise it's lands through small nodules of darkness. It's vision split into a compound state through which it was able to see through each and every available nodule simultaneously. The echoes of thousands upon thousands of caverns filled it's rather elfin ears. The variety of airs left sensations of touch upon it's snow white skin, each nodule but a point upon it's body which it could feel through. Their smells, their tastes, all sensations were split upon the many small blobs of darkness it had left about to serve as it's eyes, ears and more across it's vast subterranian realm.

Little could enter the underground without it's knowing.
With the sounds of movement around him he begun to stir. Motion passed him and he rose to his feet, pushing himself up the wall as the light began to melt into shapes and colors.

There he was, still stuck in the citadel halls as some two-bit janitor/slave. He cared little however. The whims of life had already claimed most if not all that he cared for. All that remained was to live for the sake of living.

He still had some concerns though, his most immediate one being whether or not anyone had caught him nodding off next to the meeting room like that. Truth was that he didn't care what they thought of his performance or work ethic. What his work master had to say however was of more consequence, especially when it meant having his ears talked off while pretending to listen lest he get reprimanded... Again.

From her crystal throne she watched the real world's going ons from her fluted gemstone castle. The floating image depicted the sights percieved by Edgar's eyes, a movie of the world presented as clear as Edgar himself saw it, perhaps clearer. The sounds of the bustling citadel echoed within her throne room. She listened keenly, picking out sounds selectively in the event he hears something that might be of even remote interest.

Edgar pushed himself from the wall and went over to the meeting room door. He peaked inside through a crack to see if the meeting was still underway. It was. He leaned out of view but he could still hear what was being discussed. So too could she. From what was being discussed by the woman who's name she swore she saw transmitted down into the 'Things Edgar Probably Isn't Going to Remember' memory banks there were two topics of any note. Firstly, there was a ball being discussed. Now she knew that Edgar was never going to be invited to a ball of that echelon, not in a million years, but she had definitely fantasized about attending balls before. She was sure hers were definitely far more elegant and extravagant than theirs could ever even conceive of being but attending balls was just one of those fun little things a lady like her found hard to resist.

The other topic of note was whatever the one cross-dressing scientist was going to discuss shortly. Whatever it was, surely it had to be more interesting than any of Edgar's work was. Tripping Edgar while he's carrying garbage started to get old after the hundredth time or so. He was a little more careful about carrying garbage since a few times ago she had tripped him while carrying garbage at the top of a long stairwell. It was a painful spill down some flights of stairs, that much was learned well.

Reaching forward she grasped an invisible door handle. The seams of her reality were shorn into the rectangular shape of a door, swinging open with the pull of her hand.

"Hey, I know just how much you love having me with you but I'm gonna go check out that meeting. Don't stray far now~"

Id teased, stepping out of his mind. The faint sound of door chimes unheard by all but Edgar was the tell she left to let him know she had gone out. The intangible thought scanned the area, checking the space around her for any signs of psychic tampering. Not a sign of another mind nor any devices which presented a threat to her. It helped that the electricity to the citadel was all shot up, leaving a lot of defense systems without power while they scrambled to cobble together their security measures.

With the coast clear for now she stuck herself into the room; unseen, unheard and unfelt.

Edgar wanted to vent internally at this point but withheld given the fact he couldn't know for sure if she didn't just let him think he was alone to see what he'd say behind her back. The last thing he needed right now was another case of reprimandation from her. Those were never pleasant.

Instead he swallowed his resentment and went about his way, head hung low in his dreary tired march. Off he left, setting down the hall to go finish off the rest of the trash cans in the wing before he would return to see if these cheap suits were finished their little meeting.
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