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12 days ago
Current To all my roleplay partners. I may not be on for some time. I'm dealing a with some stuff that needs my attention. Thanks for understanding.
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2 mos ago
Want to get back to having to many roleplays that I can handle. But that's not really possible since my writing style is pretty bad haha
2 mos ago
Anyone else agree that "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me" Is the fakest quote ever? Words hurt me. Way more than they should. Then again the quote is not for everyone.
2 mos ago
Waking up at night with a random idea for a rp is the best. Although it's sad when nobody wants to join it.
3 mos ago
Sleep sleep sleep. It's all I want to do lately. And yet everyday I get up and deal with life. I just feel like sleeping forever. Anyone relate?


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Beep boop.
Making sure your not deadsies lol
Interesting indeed
Yeah, but I need a break from rping for a little-

I'm severely unmotivated right now and just need a break.
I was thinking just a few days in the roleplay until she is well enough to be out of the hospital. That's when I will pop back in.
You two go ahead and go back and forth. Bee won't be doing much except for getting healed anyways.
She relaxed after hearing that. Allowing herself to lay down and be taken to the hospital. Her tail and mane a mix of white. Pain. And whatever worried was.
"The building collasped?!?!" She asked, coughing hard and wincing. Her chest hurt so much. Her vision blurred as she kinda went limp. "is everyone inside ok?.." She asked.
That is true. Welp, once we have the 14 members, I'll hold applications.
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