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Hello! I'm LadyRunic! But you knew that...

I love most types of Role Play, but by far my favorites are fantasy. Magic, medieval, dragons, elves, modern day or otherwise. I can do Sci-fi and others but fantasy is my best. I also like music (except rap and most pop songs), gaming, drawing, animals, and books- So many books. It's a running bet that I will become buried under a pile of said objects one day... I'm a tad busy, and when a Rp really catches my interest I'm inpatient for posts. It's like reading a good book and getting stuck on a cliff hanger.

I also have a yearly anime convention I go to and it's literally my x-mas. So you can generally expect posts regularly once a day if probably more, but that's the one weekend I'm not available in the slightest unless I manage to restore my narcoleptic laptop. Which, let's face it, isn't happening any time soon. While I may get my hands on a computer and post, it's possible, I most likely wont. It's the Con and all hail the con. Yeah... I'm too excited typing this up.

I have no idea what you put in these things.

I've RP'd for years, so I can honestly say I have some experience and I've developed the itching fingers again- if you know what I mean-! Oh, I hope you know what I mean...

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Rhys Asher

Location: Wizard Tower Heading to Floor 21

Walking up the stairs was like a trip down, or rather up, memory lane for the rogue Wizard. Had he stayed he would have been a Ordinary Wizard bent over some book or other with his own apprentice to turn vile and wicked in the lad's time. Then again if he had stayed, his mentor's death would have been laid at his feet and well that wasn't something he had been willing to accept. The old bastard had it coming as far as Rhys was concerned. Even as old as he was and as cruel he could be he did hold a bit of tenderness towards the woman who had birthed him and his death had shattered the leash on his temper and will to accept second best.

Arya had gained the ExtraOrdinary Wizard's attention unfairly and unjustly. The little girl would pay dearly for her crime, and he would make sure of it. [color=Gold]"Good for you, but that does little good as of right now. We will learn exactly who your mistress of chaos is, and gain control of the Wizard's Tower." Rhys thought in a sardonic tone to the Elder God that had possessed him. Though it was perhaps not wise to do, there was a certain grim glee in Rhys's mind as he considered the wickedness he would cast upon the ExtraOrdinary Wizards. "We gain a strong point from which to strike and the rest will fall into our laps." Rhys reasoned with a grim amusement, moving towards the final level and hoping he'd be able to gain access. Already falling into the mind of bumbling Erin, the man had been a fool in the end.

Skaoi Silverveil

Location: Manuscriptorium[/center]

Skaoi mused about the Manuscriptorium, as she idly flipped through pages with a gentle carefulness. It would not do to bring the ire of the Head of this grand library when she needed answers. Her hands itched to get a hold of the man and examine the illness, though she never had to courage to actually approach the man about it. That would be a terrible breach of etiquette and being noble born, bred and raised and a Eastern Snow Plains native on top of that made that breach a even more terrible thing. At least to her eyes. That the man was respected and feared, also arguably hated, did not help things in the slightest. If he had been a lesser being she would have most likely dragged him off with many apologies and steam rolled the poor fool into a treatment. Of course, that would have been terribly rude too but she had the benefit of class.

So when a sullen youth in clothes too large for him approach her with a timidity that matched her own, Skaoi gave a sharp squeak of surprise before muffling it with a hand. The oppressive nature of the Manuscriptorium seemed to make even the slightest bit of noise a horrible sin to be shunned. Casting an apologetic look at the youth, the physik offered a fairly shaky apology. "My apologies, I was caught up in my research." Brushing the long strands of her silvery hair from her face, she mused about cutting the length. He hung to past her waist and was on it's way reaching for her thighs. "If you could, if it wouldn't be too much trouble? I am trying to find anything about this Sickenesse, the Burning Fever, the Sleeping Dead or any plagues made by Darke Wizards or Witch Covens. Perhaps even something denoting something flawed within Magyk itself." The Healer was more and more certain this had to do with Magyk and she was growing afraid. If all the Wizards were struck down, despite her efforts, what would happen then? The fact plague was weaponized in the past did nothing to ease her mind.


Location: Wizard Tower - 21 florr


Moving through the broken glass, Grimspound grimaced at the former door though he had been of the mind of doing something potentially worse. Having yanked his temper back under his control the Dyrki man ran a hand through his slicked back hair, ruffling it slightly. "I wasn't going to share with the group I could do that." Grimsound quipped to Arnora as she perched in a chair next to the branded lad. "Let a man keep a few secrets, makes us more appealing to the ladies." He winked an emerald eye at the woman, as he considered the door. In truth, he had spoken true though there was also the fact that this bit was something that latent in many of his cousins according to family whispers and his grandmother had a fair few tales to tell of those who could do as he did.

Studying the rooms, he admitted whoever lived here had decent tastes. Though as the other two were speaking of healers he considered the man laying unconscious in one of the chairs. "I believe if a healer cannot aid him in removing that brand, I shall have to come up with something." He noted with a slight noise of irritation. "My apologies for making off with you, though if I had stayed... It would not have turned out as well as it did. I do not care for senseless mobs and even less for senseless cruelty. It has no place in this world." Perhaps he was a bit of idealist, perhaps he was naive. Either way, Grimspound had claimed that hill to die on and he would not budge.

Shaking his dark head, the man headed to the tower door and moved to grip the handle. If there was life on the other side? Let it come, he was in no mood for the games of others. "There is only one place for help to be and that is downstairs. Come, Ahote. Let us go before the troupe of guards show up inevitably asking about a green dragon or anyone named Pete or Puff. And if they do... For the love of my grandmother's good temper don't tell them it was me." Giving Arnora a cheeky salute, the man wrenched open the door and began his descent completely nonchalant or trying to appear so.

Richard Laine

Location:The Palace

The loud obnoxious voice of a child echoed down the hall as Richard guided his lady dragon towards a wedding they were supposed to be attending. Oh that hardly fazed the man. He had seen plenty of spoiled and loud children over the years, even had to deal with them when he had been at the X-Mansion back in the day. A few of those memories were painful twinges that had made him want to disembowel someone viciously. Perhaps that was wrong of him, but he had not been feeling kindly during those particular moments. Still he walked on, til he saw the faux fairy wings on the small child. Til he heard her list the twenty eighth was to behead someone.

"No." He stated a firm voice and turned himself about in a one eighty and marched the other way quickly. Beating a most hasty retreat than was dignified. "I've seen enough damn fairies for a life time." The man declared pointedly. While he did appreciate the woman- Lyra, he believed- for finding the egg of his daughter, it was not enough to keep him on that path to deal with another little fairy winged annoyance. Especially one that spoke of beheading. "No." He stated again, picking up his pace.

Richard Laine

Location: Sub-Basement

Oh there were things that were going to be said, or so were Richard Laine's thoughts as he descended into the sub-basement in search of Marygold. It was one thing to harbor misgivings against his sister, but to outright speak to her in such a manner and dismiss her because of something that was part accident and part for the greater good? Oh, he blamed himself for Wonderland- Lizzie's- death. Having known and liked the woman well enough her death had been a blow to him. Though he, at least, understood Ayita's mindset behind it. While her words seemed a little off with her little display in the sitting room it wasn't uncommon. Ayita's grip on human manners was still a learning process. She got most of it but there were a few things she didn't get. Generally things that changed with the times, and popular culture.

So when he spotted Guin, Lance and Dean in the hallway the Adder stepped to one side with a warning look, which only grew more intense as Dean swore he was not a 'puppy' and started blazing about the walls. "Boy, I am not in the mood for a pissing contest. Marygold just had Ayita in tears and-" There was a savage hiss as Richard's head was whipped to one side as the younger speedster kicked him in the head. Wiping a hand over his lips, the snake-eyed man stared at his blood with growing annoyance. "Oh... Puppy, you know better." The Adder hissed as he swore viciously. "Ayita's been hurt and now you're causing a fuss." The man snarled and walked to the door with quick strides as he sneered at Dean in a taunt, "You little, whimpering motherfucking puppy." As Dean would attempt to attack, Richard smirked and slammed the door to the lab open and into Dean's face, a nice bruise to match the one on the lad's ego.

Ayita Dyrkin

Location: Formal Sitting Room -> Outside(First Floor)

Watching as Richard left, Ayita felt a small feeling of satisfaction fill her. He would deal with Marygold, she would have some justice in this cruel world in which Man thought they ruled. Clenching her hand she turned and looked at the fallen Shelly who had just been blasted through the window courtesy of Cyclops. Her boots clacked over the floor as she walked towards the little human who had called her a feral. Another who mocked her for what she was. Her eyes flashed as she stared down at the woman, Scott and Jean. The older woman trying to help her mate up from where he had stumbled out the window to the ground below. "You called me a 'feral'." Ayita stated quietly to Shelly with a voice that was filled with the ice of the northern forests she called home.

"You threatened me." The young woman stated as she walked towards the fallen anti-mutie raised mutant, her hands loose at her sides. Gripping them into fists would hinder her. "You say we bully you? You do not know the meaning of the word." Ayita snarled, sounding unhuman in her rage as she threw a punch at Shelly's middle. She felt something give, most likely a cracked rib. "I starved. I was hunted for my meat and hide. My own mother tried to sell me as a animal." Ayita roared in fury as she round house kicked the woman. Her heel solidly connecting with Shelly's breast. Straighting again, Ayita stared at Shelly with cold fury.

"You don't know the meaning of a hard life. You scoff at us, but you. Do. NOT. Know." Each word was clipped as Ayita's voice settled to a deadly growl. Not the passive quietness that was usually about her, but a deadly chill that was filling her heart. She was sick of this girl and she was tired of the insults. Mary had crossed the line and no one else was going to add to it.

Athanasia Theroux

Location Courtyard of CRS

Running a hand over the braid that held her pale hair off to one side, Athanasia gave a sigh of resentment. The ten year old truly did not like asking for help, but as she was- in fact- ten there was no help for it. Frowning she studied their crazed instructor as he wandered towards a corner of the courtyard. For a loud and hardheaded teacher, Hedge wasn't one on Athanasia's list. The man was an annoyance and a pest but not outright cruel like some of the others could be. Especially her maths teacher, Mz. Grimzle. The woman looked like a hag that had been brought from those pictures where knights talked to witches and peasants were constantly setting things on fire. Perfection was a necessity in that class according to Athanasia, and perfection kept her from being noticed in a negative way. Mz. Grimzle had a habit of making sure those who did badly in her class were utterly humiliated and while Athanasia wanted nothing more than to make sure the old hag got her just due, it was not time for it.

"Oh, la." The ghostly girl sighed, her dark eyes glittering with something that bordered on malice. It was the look that meant Athanasia was plotting the end for some teacher or other and it was not going to be pretty. For all her coloring, or lack thereof, Athanasia had one thing that stood out. A set of midnight black eyes that were bottomless. A gift from her father she was sure, for none of her mother's relatives had the black eyes and her 'not=father' had a pair of 'pearly blues' as her mother called them. Well, she wasn't so sure she liked them, but her mother adored them, saying they gave her a lovely contrast. Startling was more along of the lines of what Athanasia thought. More than once she had heard the whispers of 'Black-eyed children'. Utter nonsense!

"Mz. Grimzle is teaching us fractions." She stated slowly, clutching the paper under one arm defensively. "Fractions and how to mix them about and such..." Athanasia plopped on the grass with a uncharacteristic pout, as she thrust the paper at Kiera. The pale cheeks a bright pink at the scrawled numbers and symbols that marched about the page and jumbled together. "I cannot for the life of me get it! This is why human beings invented calculators, computers and things." The young girl ranted as she looked torn between being terribly upset at the teacher and terrible embarrassed at the situation as she turned her attention over to Roman's group of 'friends'. They resembled a pack of hyenas like in the Lion King to Athanasia's mind, though she would never admit that.
Blood's Jewels

“Terreille in Trouble”

Gen snarled as Mikhail spoke so casually of Faeril's caste. One that was best left hidden for Black Widows were outlawed in most, if not all, of the Terriellean Courts. The penalty of being one was to be forced to serve a Queen, hunted and killed, or broken. Gen was not sure if any of those options were better than the others, but he was not going to make Faeril choose. "You speak out of turn revealing such." He could hardly deny it after snarling and calling in his Eyrien warblade, a wicked sword made specifically for Eyrien warriors. Still this breaking of trust had to be answered, and he could feel his brothers at war with staying away with their busy work as the Queen 'suggested' and coming out to aid him. Rage snapping in his eyes.

"That... is... enough." The faint voice came from the front room, and turning one could see Faeril gripping the doorframe, her icy eyes narrowed on Gen as sweat beaded her brow.

Casting a worried look at the proprieter of the house, Gen Vanished the Warblade to take a step towards the shaking woman. "Ashke! You should be resting, you've been out for-" He took a look at the ticking clock as it's pendulum checked off the seconds in the day. "The better part of an hour and a half." His tone was far from pleased as he hedged at how exactly to get Faeril back to bed without causing some serious damage to her or inflicting her snake tooth upon himself.

"I shall when your boiling tempers stop shaking the webs I have woven about the entire house. I may be at the Blood Opal but I can still feel them." The woman stated tartly as she cast a warning look at the man who was her escort and self proclaimed protector, even if the foe he was protecting her from was himself. Turning that slightly unfocused gaze on Fatima the woman grumbled in a utterly grouchy voice, "And I see that we have more 'guests'. Lovely." The Black Widow-Healer groused. "Does no one listen to a thing I say?"

Seated in a large chair upon a raised dais in a opulent residence, the dark skinned and golden eyed woman studied the twelve males before her. A gleam in those eyes that promised nothing good and a cruel little smile upon her lips as she considered who to send upon this mission. At her feet was a thirteenth, a Purple-Dusk Prince, who had come running from that sheep town Eldan with a interesting whisper upon his lips. Hefan had felt the pull to the young Tabithi years ago, but fear of what might happen if he left and the Court of Fatima hunted him down had held him back. The man had played his part as a loyal servant for years and had been believed. Kissing the slippered foot of his new Queen he was eager to please this woman as he looked up into those soft golden eyes that held so much compassion.

"So that bitch-queen Fatima of the Grey Jewel fled to Askavi? And you know not where?" Tabithi asked with a tremble in her voice. Hefan thought it was fear, Tabithi knew it as laughter.

Eager to assure his new Queen that this Grey Jeweled Queen was not going to come looking for him, Hefan eagerly nodded unaware of the amused and hate filled looks of the Court behind him. "She went to seek out a Black Widow. There was rumor or two and Fatima was certain she could seek the witch out. Beneth and Jassen came back looking like they had walked through Hell and without her. Though I do remember them mentioning something about the 'Winged Pig'..." He felt happiness rise up inside of him as the Tiger-eye Queen smiled. It was like walking into a warm room with good friends and wine.

But the fool never saw the blow coming, as a hulking brute stepped up behind the man and brought his club down upon the skull of the Prince. Tabithi studied the slippers and her gold pressed gown, both now splattered with blood as the body slumped off the side of the dias as it was nudged thus by the club wielding Warlord Prince. Letting herself prop her head up via a fist to her chin, Tabithi smiled sweetly at her court. "Thank you Prince Tyrron. Now I think I know of the Winged Pig. Or rather that you might?" Her golden eyes met the Sapphire Warlord Prince's eyes with a wicked smile that was a sweet poison to her Court. While Tyrron was the strongest male and Eyrien at that, the rest were not slouches in the ways of fighting. In fact Tabithi made it a sport to 'hunt' with her little pack of hounds. They got the females they caught and she got the studs for her stables.

Looking out the glass window she gestured sharply with a snap of her fingers and smiled as ten men left taking the body with them. The two men with her remaining as they ought. She was the Queen after all.

Rhys Asher

Location: Wizard Tower

"The children of real gods you say? How quaint." Rhys poked the thought with annoyed interest. He had been hoping to slip into the higher chambers of the Wizard Tower. Arrive early had done him little favors, and walking across that thrice Cursed talking floor would only give him more problems, or such was what he expected. Nothing had been going right and now hosting a unwelcomed guest, to put it mildly, was far from comforting.

Looking about the room, he tapped his fingers along his thigh. Ideally he would want to slip away, perhaps scare some pathetic youngster into submission by consuming his friend. Get into the books and figure out the answer to Elder God's question as well as his own. Though the latter would be harder by far to do. The Ordinary Wizards and Apprentices were the only ones being allowed up the stairs into the depths of the tower. Smiling wickedly the man had the most horrific idea. Finding a shadowy bit to slip into the man cast a Disguise charm to make him appear as the first of the Elder God's victims and slipped up the stairs. "Soon. First we need information."

Skaoi Silverveil

Location: Infirmary -> Manuscriptorium[/center]

Skaoi had been gazing over her notes, the pile of books she had been reading as well, looking for any mention of 'Burning Fever', any connects of plagues to the Witch Mothers or Dark Wizards, and the 'Sleeping Dead'. While she wasn't sure this had anything to do with the illness the physik was desperate for information. Anything to help heal her patients, and spare her the wrenching of her heart when she had to pronounce one dead. Rubbing tired pale eyes, Skaoi looked up at hustle and bustle of the Manuscriptorium.

She hated to leave her patients but she needed some place she could quietly read her notes. Some place to think. Which was proving difficult. The staff were on edge and rushing about. Sighing, Skaoi hadsettled for what she could find in the Manuscriptorium. and began again with the notes. This time finding something a bit more fruitful in a child's story about a witch who had to deal with something wrong with magic itself. Her brows furrowed in irritation, Skaoi considered this new information.


Location: Outside Wizard Tower


Irritated and annoyed, the small dragon swept his wings to shape the winds. He did not care for the madness of cities for they often bred such within them. What was bothering Jazen 'Grimspound' Dyrki was the fact that men had turned on one another out of ignorance. He had seen such walking the roads before and been a victim of it. Usually he was able to get out of the trouble, but it raked his hide the wrong way when he had seen that mob branding a young wizard for being what he was. Because they were afraid of a Sickenesse. Irrational thoughts had clouded their minds just as the irrational rage had clouded his. Drifting down he circled the castle and the Wizard's Tower, a place he knew by description alone, looking for a place to land and to dislodge his three passengers.

Spying what appeared the be a dragon sized landing pad at the top of the largest tower in the area, Grimspound's mood lightened as he drifted towards it. The winds buffeting about him as Jazen backwinged to a elegant landing, hinting this was not the first time he had flown. Shifting he deftly set Ahote on his feet, followed by a dip of his shoulder to side Arnora off, and finally the unconscious Wizard. Noting the sealed window as he shifted back, Jazen frowned adjusting his cuffs. "This is a louder entrance than I planned on making. Alas, it cannot be helped. Purely genius." The man muttered in irritation, as he eyed the windows with a glittering intent a hand raising to smooth his dark hair back.

Richard Laine

Location:The Palace

He wasn't worried, he just wasn't taking his child's safety for granted. Perhaps he was a bit over protective, goodness knew that Ayita his younger sister had felt it enough. Felt and commented in her own way. Seeing Zekarra race off to find Rainbrook most likely made him twitch uncomfortably. She was a young woman, perhaps a bit naive in the ways of the world, and fully able to protect herself. He had no reason to worry! She had her mother's powers, his looks, her own overly friendly and free personality.

"I am not worried, just..." Richard coughed slightly as he cleared his throat and bought himself time to think. "I'm just not assured completely of the safety of the Palace, and I'd rather not get chased out for setting fire to the place. Again." He wrapped an arm about Thalia, pulling her a bit closer in a side hug. Though there was doubt in his voice as he glanced sideways down at the dragoness. "Do you regret it my dear? Taking me as your husband? Or is there another reason for your dour mood?" Taking a step, Richard gently urged Thalia to start walking, lest she get run over by some rushing servant for there were a few and someone was bound to come running this way for something or other.

Then again that might just be his own take with Weddings.

Richard Laine & Ayita Dyrkin

Location: Formal Sitting Room

The pulse of her heart hammered against her chest as Marygold's words struck blow after blow. Ayita's eyes because distant as the woman walked away and her hands curled into fists, her nails biting into her palms. This was rage. This was pain. A profound feeling she had known for those few who could not contain their sneers, who cared little for seeing her as anything but a beast. As a monster.

Gripping the back of a chair the shifter of the North took several deep breaths. Fighting the urge to run Marygold down, to challenge her as a she-wolf for this territory. The problem was that there were very few who thought like her, and she expected no one to. Which is why she was still here, learning to think like they did. The green-thorn bitch knew nothing. She knew nothing and assumed everything. Catnip was not like the same as Wonderland had done but it was damn similar. The nightmares would return and the she-birch would not care that Ayita would suffer for her ineptitude. Letting out a roar of fury of uncontained fury, Ayita whirled hurling the chair into the wall. Sending the chair straight up in the air.Sidestepping the projectile as it fell, Ayita stalked toward the door which opened with a furious bang.

Richard's head snapped about as he whirled to face his sister. He had seen Ayita in all her glory and rage before but not like this. Not this level of sheer spitting fury. "Ayita-" The imprudent anti-mutant spewing gurl had already sharpened his temper over his baby sister but this? It put his temper to dangerous levels.

Ayita cut her brother off as she spat with venom that rivalled his own.[coloe=ForestGreen]"I grow tired of that green-thorn bitch's insults. I grow tired of being condemned for a murder."[/color] Amber eyes watched as the fury filled Richard's face as she continued. No longer venting but giving her brother a list of the wounds she had verbally received and by who. It was not like her to say it out loud but fury drove her. "I killed Wonderland out of the fact that I lost control, and I was running out of time. I weighed her life against thousands and found her lacking. I took the blow she hurled at me while she died in my jaws and now Marygold, that bitch, condemns me not knowing the price I've paid. She gave the cats catnip, not giving a damn about my own sanity. You know what it does." Ayita hissed as her brother strode past her his hand pulling her dark head against his white shirt. Her hands gripping his as she shook with emotions. "She sees only my power and not the effect upon my mind. She said I need to learn not everyone thinks like me! As if I do not know that! Brother. I grow tired of these humans. So quick to judge, never seeing anything but their own natures. I grow tired of it all." Furious tears burned Ayita's eyes and she felt the hand pull her close.

Richard felt fury rise within him. It was one thing to dismiss Ayota but to call her a killer? Marygold did not know the number of time he, and most probably Ayita's mate, had woken to her seek comfort from the horrors of her killing humans. Beasts she could understand. It was survival, but it was never easy. Looking to Storm and Rogue as Gambit was busy with shouting at Pietro, the Adder nodded his head. "I don't have the right to ask this of you, but look after my sister, I must deal with this... woman." The Adder hissed as he strode from the room in search of Marygold. Leaving Ayita leaning against the chair he had occupied a shirt time before.

Athanasia Theroux

Location Courtyard of CRS

Despised was as good a word as any to put to Athanasia's feelings of Crystal Rivers School for troubled youths. Not all the teachers were awful, and not all the youths were troubled, but regardless a becon had been lit and the ten year old had heard the cry of war to put it poetically. While at the dreary school Athanasia had been forced to abandon her usual tastes in preference for the uniform of their lot. That had been another strike.

The final had always been that she was not here for any just reason. Her horrid 'not-father' father had placed her there. It wasn't her fault she had been plagued by horrid creatures stalking her! Of course when she admitted that her mother had looked stricken and the irritating man she had presumed as her father had looked furious and accused her of making it up! Crossing her arms Athanasia kept her head high as she turned her nose up at the food as other students peeled outside to enjoy their limited freedom. She had quickly scarfed down the unappetizing fare.

Spotting the form of Kiera Donovan leaning against a tree Athanasia's hackles went up as she saw another student was being accosted by the creepy Roman Campbell. She wasn't in any of his classes being so much younger but she had heard a thing or two and didn't like the attention he was paying to a possible recruit of her 'organization'. In her time at the school for troubled youths Athanasia had not sat idle. She had played the sweet and innocent girl to the teachers and behind their backs formed a band of like minded thinkers who despised the school. Pulling pranks and subtle rebellions against the system. Kiera was the age and muscles of the operation.

"He is a creepy one, isn't he?" Ash, as she was called by most, noted to Kiera as she appeared around the tree to one side of the older child. Her silvery blonde locks were braided off to one side as she tapped a finger against her lips. "I was thinking about recruiting her for or little 'game'." Black eyes looked down at the sitting Donovan then moved to observe Hedge. "I do have a question... A favor really." Then ten year olds cheek heated as she huffed a breathe. She hated seeming less than perfect but she could admit when something was out of her reach when she really wanted in her reach. Otherwise it was like trying to pull teeth to get her to admit it.

Rhys Asher

Location: Enroute to Wizard Tower

Rhys was not keen on sticking to the main path. He wanted to get the the Wizard Tower and do so yesterday. True he would be a bit out of place, but the lure of power was great. It was a draw to him as the life force of other people were for the Elder God. Though as he crossed the maze of alleys.

"You mentioned Asgardians?" The Rogue Wizard noted with some amusement and irritation. He had heard nothing of that strange word before. Though it seemed to apply to a people. Interest sharpened his mind.

Skaoi Silverveil

Location: Infirmary -> Manuscriptorium[/center]

Skaoi was less than pleased when a small girl rushed into the infirmary. A less than pleasant stench following her. "While that is wise. I would suggest you do so elsewhere and not in a infirmary." Skaoi advised softly. It wasn't sanitary after all.

Her heart ached as she looked to the waiting figures on the bed. The Sickenesse was destroying them and she was feeling utterly helpless. Useless. Worthless. Closing her eyes tightly Skaoi's lips thinned as she thought of those she knew infected with the illness. Pleading the need of nature Skaoi fled the room. Walking quickly through the halls desperate to reach the Manscriptorium and fine an answer. Not thinking as to where she was going so much as the desperate need to find something.


Location: The Port => Snake Slipway

Skills:Charisma, Intuition and perception

"You assume much." Grimspound stated in a voice that rivalled the coldest winter winds of the North. The rocks that were flung at the Dyrki man paused in mid air before they rose in the air spinning about the man to block away any missiles. "I am no Wizard, not like the ones you know. The ones you know protect you from what is worse. Be glad for it." His green eyes were filled with annoyance as he looked down his nose. Though a part of him winced at the arrogance that was coming so naturally. But he could not stand how close minded and weak these people were.

"This Sickenesse spreads it is true but it does not mean Wizards have caused it. Look to the cure." Turning on his heel Grimspound too the form of a man sized dragon and lifted the branded Wizard in his talons before depositing the lad on his back. Lowering his body slightly he repeated the process with Arnora before scooping Ahote up in his talons. Spreading large, memberous wings Grimspound took to the skies and the Wizard Tower. Surely the Wizard would fare better among his own kind.

Richard Laine


Richard was not entirely pleased to be at the Palace again. Of course he had a fair reason. Killing Puck and all hadn't eased his mood. Letting Zekarra run about was putting a strain on the man. This place had been proven to be dangerous to his eyes and he didn't trust it.

Fingering the suit like jacket he wore Richard hovered at Thalia elbow. He wasn't sure on his wife's standing but he was interested in hatching another egg. A small thought he nurtured while watching the girl-dragon child grow up. Now a good deal older he appeared as he always had. Well dressed with a sly smile about his lips, and a protective nature to his bones as he observed the Palace. "Shouldnt we keep an eye on her, wifey?" The Adder worried.

Richard Laine

Location: Formal Sitting Room

"Start tutoring and tell your feral sister 'paws off' before I get hose."

The comment cut through Richard's puzzling of why Ayita needed a 'chat' that looked less than friendly with Marygold, and it did more than merely disturb him. Turning with narrowed eyes on the snot-nosed brat while Allison tore into the woman, the assassin stood from his seat brushing the glitter from his clothes and hair. But it was a blessing for the fool girl when two voices thick with delightful accents interrupted the deadly hiss that was building in Richard's throat. His snake-esque eyes turning to examine the new comers with some shock.

"You forget my pretty face?" Richard grinned with a lazy arrogance that came with one who was used to playing the game of life and winning. "The Nightly Howler's Casino down in New Orleans. I believe I won you out of every chip you had. Richard Laine, my sister is a shifter of sorts about here." Offering the man a hand to grasp, Richard inclined his head slightly as he studied Remy. "And those are true words." He stated with a deadly smoothness to his voice as his head turned about to Shelly once again. "More however you arrogant girl. You insulted my sister. Ayita is no feral beast, and she has better manners than you as well as a vocabulary."

"Just because my sister takes the form of a cat does not mean she fears water. I have little doubt that she had a damn good reason for wanting to speak with Mary, just as I am sure that she does not want me to know. You, however, are stepping dangerously close to a line and I suggest you think before crossing it." Richard gave Shelly a stern look. "There are plenty of people here who are fond of that 'feral', and we will not tolerate your insult towards her. I should probably stop them, keeping the peace and everything... But I do blink on occasion." The Adder shrugged with a smug smile on his lips as he turned his attention to Remy, dismissing the girl as though she was little more than a side note as he continued the conversation as though they had not been interrupted. "I don't suppose you still gamble? I have a friend, of sorts. Might be interesting to make a night of it."

Ayita Dyrkin

Location: Formal Sitting Room -> Parlor (First Floor)

Ayita studied the palor and the kittens with a soft look as she considered how best to start the conversation. But Marygold's appearance threw the younger shifter a bit. Red irises were not a common trait and it set Ayita's hackles up. Still she would speak, though her instincts warned her to be careful. "You judge what you know little of." Deciding the best way to start this would be forthright, Ayita leaned against a chair lightly as her arms crossed over her chest. Studying Marygold with a look that bordered between irritation, weariness and outright rage. Running a hand through her dark auburn locks, Ayita listened to the clink of the beads and the rustle of feathers. It was some small touch of the wild north and the feel of home. Which this place was feeling less of. It was still a place to rest and den but it was like a cabin when one ranged far from the homestead on a long hunt following the herds in their migrations.

Amber eyes fixed on Marygold again and Ayita felt that all too familiar rage against those who were so quick to judge boil within her. She had always knocked those irritations to the side, keeping to herself often in one for or another that was not human. Pretending not to hear the whispers. What had changed? The metal band about her finger was answer enough she supposed. There was more at stake now. "You say I am barbaric. Perhaps in the eyes of you humans, but you are far more savage than I. For it is humans who hunt and slay for the fun of it. Not to satisfy their hunger or need, but for fun." Tossing her head to the side, Ayita let the notched ear be clear of the hair that often covered it. Studying Marygold, Ayita's nose twitched absently as she noticed a strange scent coming from the woman's hands. Like a bad oil was on her skin.

"Not to mention you thought it would be 'fun' to give those kittens catnip, knowing full well what form I would take." There was bitterness in her voice now, as Ayita stood fully and stared at Mary with revulsion in those amber eyes. "Or did you never bother to learn what happened that day when I killed Wonderland? Lizzie?" Stalking forward, Ayita kept caution close to her heart and was tense to avoid an attack. Something didn't feel right to her. "You say I think death and people dying is funny?" The shifter whispered as she stared into Marygold's eyes and snarled in sheer fury. "What would you know of death? You've faced it before, I know that. But you have not constantly caused it for survival. I was hunted through the forest for 'fun' by you humans. Did I turn around and kill the hunters? Did I rip their heads from their shoulders, gut them?" Ayita hissed as her eyes flashed from form to form, her mind thrusting into Marygold as she deposited the memory of running through the forests with those damned hunters on her heels. The pain as her hear was clipped by an arrow that had nearly missed her head. But these were not the thoughts of a human, they were the sheer panic of a deer fleeing a predator. But also in Ayita's memories were the echoes of the urge to turn about and fight. The urge to unleash her fangs and claws on these attackers and drive them from her territory. To risk those wounds that might hinder her survival. The human in that mind was minuscule and curled in a ball, letting the panic take control. "No. No I did not. I fled. I survived, and I learned." Ayita's mind withdrew as her voice quieted.

She had violated Marygold on some level but the woman was not understanding. Not seeing what was before her. Gripping the edge of a table, Ayita let out a snarl as her knuckles were white. "Trying to be 'cool'. As though I care about being cool." She snorted in disgust. Amber eyes looked to Marygold again. "I grow tired of your confusion in the matter. I am not human. I am human in some sense, and very much a mutant, but I am also... Something else. I am every creature that has walk, swam and flown upon this earth just about." Cocking her head to the side, Ayita studied Mary with annoyance plain in her face. "Some have accepted this, some have not. I am no longer content to sit to the side and let words be bandied by you humans about for now they effect more than just myself."

Richard Laine & Ayita Dyrkin

Location: Formal Sitting Room

Richard gave Dean and one of the newer 'kids' to come to the school a smoldering look of annoyance. "Apparently I insulted one for simply speaking." The Adder stated dryly as he lounged in the chair. Not really caring about the little fairy winged children. He had handled worse than them in his life and that worse than them came barreling into the room. Three kittens tumbling about in a ball of fur with the sleek form of his sister following them. That horrid little nagging thought about being an uncle erupted in his mind making him sit a bit straighter as the kits ran from the room.

Ayita glanced at her brother with a irritated look, shifting to her human form a hand covering her nose as she scented the dreaded catnip. The smell wasn't what was bothering her but rather the buzz that was coming into her head from it. The serval in her wanted to roll about in it and enjoy entire fields, but Ayita's fury was boiling like the thunder on the high mountain tops. She had felt that before, she had been in that haze before and all she wanted to do now was curl against her brother and sob with grief. Casting an amber gaze at the glitter covered man, Ayita eyed the twin pixies and wondered how fast they flew. Not fast enough she would wager, but that was hardly her problem.

"Do you-?" It was a half formed thought but Richard well knew what Ayita was asking. Shaking his dark head, the man brushed himself off with a noise that resembled an irritated rattle snake. He had just laundered this shirt! So perhaps he was a bit fussy with his clothing, but he did like to look good. How he managed that with his sister though was a mystery to others, Richard however was not ignorant. Ayita was a fastidious as he, perhaps more so. For she hunted about the manor regularly, honing the skills she had taken years to acquire, and never had returned bloodied or looking as though she had just feasted on some hapless prey. Though what was curious was why his sister was looking as though, in her terms, a skunk had entered the room. The fury he read in her eyes put the assassin on high alert. Something was off and while he didn't know what it was... Narrowing his blue-green gaze at his youngest sister, Richard raised a brow.

Shaking her head, Ayita sent a feeling rather than a though. Bared fangs and a clear signal he was to leave this to her. Richard dealt with his own problems and she had made a clear point with her 'mating' to Damon that she was capable. More than that, she knew it hurt him to have missed all those fun moments in her life that had been stolen from her by their bitch of a mother. Touching his arm as she passed, she brushed away some of the glitter to kiss him chastely on the brow. A affection to gave to so many few. But this was the shield she would use as her gaze fastened as Marygold as the woman ushered the children out and turned to giggle at the older Laine.

Her fangs fought to be bared in that wolf's warning for a lesser to back down, but she held it in check. What she did not hold in check was the slight straightening of her hunched position as she gripped Mary's arm in a vice grip. Not tight enough to hurt but the plant mutant would not find a easy escape as Ayita had the height and was undoubtedly stronger. "You will come with me and we will speak." Ayita stated firmly. This wasn't the soft voice that was her speaking but a deeper and resounding order. A command from one who could and did issue them. The eyes of a wolf looked at Marygold and Ayita bared her teeth in what she hoped was a smile though she feared it was more of a snarl. She was the alpha wolf in the North, and this mutant-human would learn the err of her ways.

A mental shove to the wild side of her, Ayita lessened her mental tone slightly. No less firm though. "Or you may speak to Brother. Easy or hard, but we will speak. This has been too long in the coming." There was a undertone of dark humor, as if Richard would not be only one Marygold would face if she refused. Though he look Richard was casting Mary was one that did not speak of anything good. He was dissecting the situation in truth. Trying to find out what was wrong and what the woman's transgression was. Whatever it was it was serious enough Ayita was acting on it.

Moving so her arm wrapped about behind the red haired woman, Ayita steered her from the room and into the formal dinning room or thus was her intent. Richard was halfways moving to stand and follow, though the warning look from his sister had the Adder frozen as he reconsidered. Something was going down, that was for sure. If anything, Richard sighed, he could blame Damon for this. The man had brought the woman out of the wolf (or vice versa) and honestly? He wasn't sure that was a good thing at times.
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