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Hello! I'm LadyRunic! But you knew that...

I love most types of Role Play, but by far my favorites are fantasy. Magic, medieval, dragons, elves, modern day or otherwise. I can do Sci-fi and others but fantasy is my best. I also like music (except rap and most pop songs), gaming, drawing, animals, and books- So many books. It's a running bet that I will become buried under a pile of said objects one day... I'm a tad busy, and when a Rp really catches my interest I'm inpatient for posts. It's like reading a good book and getting stuck on a cliff hanger.

I also have a yearly anime convention I go to and it's literally my x-mas. So you can generally expect posts regularly once a day if probably more, but that's the one weekend I'm not available in the slightest unless I manage to restore my narcoleptic laptop. Which, let's face it, isn't happening any time soon. While I may get my hands on a computer and post, it's possible, I most likely wont. It's the Con and all hail the con. Yeah... I'm too excited typing this up.

I have no idea what you put in these things.

I've RP'd for years, so I can honestly say I have some experience and I've developed the itching fingers again- if you know what I mean-! Oh, I hope you know what I mean...

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Arc I - Terreille in Trouble

Faeril Ashkevron

Present Day
Location - Ashkevron Residence in Aren, Askavi

Interacting with @13org @Slim Shady @Zoey White

Denvar hissed a sharp note between his teeth as he slipped beneath the arch into the kitchen, noting quickly that Faeril's latest patient had taken the chair that would give him a unobstructive view of the front entrance to the eyrie. Though he could perhaps see the couch that frame the fireplace but little else with how the wall obstructed the scene that was surely playing out and Denvar did not envy the sight of it. "Gen, let me deal with the horror you're brewing." The Tiger-eyed Warlord Prince growled, shoving his brother out of the way as he took over the task. Though Gen in his defense shoved back and a short scuffle of straining males in a short and heated argument over the brewing of coffee ensured. Meanwhile Mikhail would be able to hear into the front palor though he would not be able to everything from his seat.

Faeril looked with distaste as Dareen walked in without a care for the wet mess she made of the floor or her hostess's couch. Flicking her hand absently at the woman, Faeril let a heat charm scourge her couch of it's dampness and the puddles from her floors and lessen the state of the woman's clothing. Denvar was a fool for not shielding against the rain but to be fair he had be preparing for a potential fight, though not the one he had found in the kitchen to save their collective sense of taste. While her couch would still be damp, it at least would not be utterly ruined by the Pruulish woman's thoughtlessness. "I see you know your Protocol ever so well." The Black Widow=Healer stated with a icy tone as she sat with delicate grace into the chair opposite of both Xandar and Dareen.

Protocol was the doctrine of manners and laws that the Blood followed. It shaped and gave their society a chance to work without Warlord Princes snarling and snapping the spines of lesser males for simply looking at them. It gave the Blood a level of civility they adhered to. And Dorothea was slowly twisting it to her means. Letting children who grew up learning these guidelines with a twisted sense to them and giving the Queens power without question or restraint. Pointedly ignoring Xandar for the current time, Faeril considered the Yellow Jeweled witch. "It is not common to see a Pruulish witch in these mountains, nor one so armed. Most of those that do bring little good with them." Her eye burned with the cold fury which seemed to make a slight nip of cold in the air. A effect the more powerful of the Blood could cause. The Black Jeweled Warlord Prince was famous for coating rooms in ice. "You would do well to remember that I outrank you. Both in my Caste and my Jewel of rank." Her chin dipped to acknowledge the Red that hung about her neck. As the Lady of the house, let alone as a Black Widow and Healer who wore the Red, Faeril was granted by Protocol a level of respect and Dareen wasn't showing it.

After her piercing words to the Pruulish witch, the Eyrien woman turned her gaze to the lounging Warlord Prince. Her wings spreading slightly to make herself appear larger, he was a dangerous adversary after all, as she examined him with the sharp sense of a Healer. Oh, he needed a Healing alright and there was no one better than her. Tapping her fingers against the wooden arm of the chair she tilted her head in thought. "I ask because while there are rumors, rumors are not always true." Her glacier eyes studied the Ebon-Grey for a moment before she nodded absently and flicked her fingers in a come hither gesture. Faeril would still check, make sure he was true in his words, but Randalvar didn't just send people her way on luck and chance. If the man had known the old tavern owner's son, then it was would stand to reason that the Warlord had sent him. "Very well, let us speak in private."

No sooner were the words out of her mouth before both Gen and Denvar were in the doorway and bristling with indignation at the thought of their friend, female at that!, going off with the Ebon-Grey Warlord Prince who went by the name 'The Reaper'. "You cannot be serious. Faeril, at least allow one of us with you!"

"Or at least have that talk in the dining room." Denvar rumbled, his memberous wings spreading as he eyed up Xandar. Tiger-Eye against the Ebon-Grey was as good a suicide but the Warlord Prince would fight hard to protect his friend and brother from this potential threat.

Faeril let the arguement and bristling of her adoptive family continue on before raising a single hand and locking the two with a stern look. Speaking in the tongue native to her race the woman pointed out with cool and dispassionate logic. "I will see if he speaks true and if he does not then that wound will be the least of his worries. If he speaks true..." There was a meaning full look between the three Eyriens before Faeril stood and pointed with a certain sharpness at Dareen. "She will remain there until she dries out or I return to question her." Walking with swift strides towards the door the woman glanced over her shoulder with a raised brow. "I know Eyrien men often go without nary a stitch during the summer, but my supplies are in my workroom." Not waiting to see if he followed or not, Faeril swept from the room and down the halls to the room she had been in just earlier with Mikhail.

Root's Teeth, Dhemlan Terreille
@SilverPaw @eclecticwitch

The Winds turned rough and unstable as Jassen navigated the Opal threads and tethers. It was not a straight line to the small village of Aven though the village boasted a landing web. The lighter the Jewel the longer it took to navigate the Winds which was both a blessing and a curse. The psychic roads of the Blood could be turbulent during a storm if the storm was a very bad one and this one? It was bad enough that Jassen was forced to drop into a nearby landing web in Dhemlan. Studying the grey building as rain lashed the walls and windows, the Warlord winced as he saw the reason the Court had kept Fatima away from the particular part of Dhemlan. The mud swamped corrals and sheds were stake and a cruel reminder to what might await them if Fatima's true nature was revealed and another Hyallian Queen from the Hundred Families took exception. The ruling aristo of their caste was a cruel one.

Jandar would note that the cruel looking group of males were hanging about and seemed to have other thoughts on their mind than him as they eyed the Opal witch that had advised him. The woman looked harried and no small bit worried as she slipped through a door that lead to the stairs up to the rooms. The Warlord would easily pick out their words as they passed him intent on the same path the witch had taken.

"Oh, she's a lovely one. Won't it be fun?" One of the males chuckled as he jabbed at their apparent leader who had smiled at Jandar.

With a speculative look at the stairs. "It's always 'fun'. A bit of a challenge doesn't hurt."

"A bit of challenge is troublesome. I want a profit not a squawking harpy." A third grumbled as the door closed behind them.

It was shortly after this that the door to the inn opened and a drunk looking man appeared. His cheeks were too red to be sober and he looked a bit greasy. The woman held close under his arm as though he was trying to avoid her being notice was unmistakably a Queen to Jandar's senses, perhaps a little something more. Though his read on what her jewel of rank was a little bit confusing most likely thanks to the drunk who was hastily trying to bargain for a room. Which most likely didn't exist, but damn if the innkeeper didn't look like he was trying to convince Fatima that his bed was the best in the house and he most assuredly didn't mind giving it up!

Athanasia Theroux

Location Equipment shed

As if her day could not get strange enough with a small gang of cyclopes running after Athanasia in an attempt to turn her into stew. Toss in a satyr hustling herself and Arthur along, and a small herd of flying, cart pulling, flying horses. Now they had a good few teens it seemed eyeing up Roman and his friends, something that generally meant a fight was about to break out. Giving Arthur a small smile as the older boy pulled on her hand. Finding herself once more moving towards the horses and their strange carts. Turning her head back she saw the golden shower of dust as one cyclops was hit with an arrow.

Her jaw dropping open Athanasia closed it and hiss through her teeth. "What-? How did the cyclopes turn to dust?!" Though as Roman roared in fury, the pale girl didn't need prompting as she raced towards their new found, and hopefully, allies. After all, she didn't have a weapon on her aside from a very witty mind and a adorable face. Neither of which would hold up against a teen with a bow or another with a pointy spear. "I wish I had my parasol." Athanasia grumbled as her teddy bear backpack thumped and glared back at Kiera and Desdemona for lagging behind.

Richard Laine & Ayita Dyrkin

Location: LeBeau Casino - New Orleans, Lousiana

Ayita shrugged off her own question as she had been about to roar everyone to silence when their missing red-head (the Other redhead) waltz in. Between the two twins Ayita had to give props where it was due. Marygold was calmer than Chrysi. Though she could respect a bit of rowdy temper, God knew she saw enough of it over at her brother's night club. Though her amber eyes turned to Casper as she arched a manicured brow. "Why are you talking about kidnapping? We haven't kidnapped anyone lately, that I know of. And I happen to know a lot." Ayita had a small smirk on her lips, a tell tale sign that she at least had kidnapped a very willing Damon for a few hours. Running a small spying operation with several of the local residences that didn't walk on two legs (generally), Ayita had a fair idea of a thing or two that she shouldn't have had a clue about happening in their home city of New Orleans. Speaking to animals was a very useful thing, especially when you sequestered yourself to a high loft above Lux.

Though her attention was pulled away as her brother shifted about in his seat uncomfortably. Sure, it was was probable that Richard was just having a very bad time with a hangover but something just didn't sit right. He kept looking at her oddly. Like she wasn't quite fitting in her sweater or something. Pressing her lips together she turned her attention back to Gambit with a sly smirk. Though her eyes turned to look at her fool brother. Tapping into the telephatic communication that was a subset of her powers, the shifter snipped at her brother in what could only be the tone of annoyed younger sister. "What is it that is bothering you? Or did the three Britanys take too long last night? I told you, I'd run them off if you wanted. But no, I'm too young to pour drinks for the masses." It wasn't just helping her brother, Ayita honestly wanted to pick up a thing or two of information. Have a reason to learn a few new tricks to surprise her fiance with. The general gist of stuff and things.

Richard who had found a flask in his suit's pocket was in mid sip of a wonderful concoction of brandy. At least with whatever was going on, he'd have a good stiff drink. Or he would have if Ayita hadn't sent that disturbing thought to him. Brandy nearly sprayed from Richard's lips as the newly realized owner of Lux choked himself into a coughing fit. Ayita. A bartender. At his night club?! Oh, no. No, non, non, non. "Oh, bon sang, non." And he could speak French quite well, as if this day was not strange enough already. Closing his eyes tightly, the man took several breathes to remember what breathing felt like. "I do not need a little demon like yourself tending the bar. I want customers, not the police knocking on my door." He wanted to glare and demand what Ayita meant by 'the three Britanys'. But this wasn't the time or the place, not in the slightest.

"So, what a day. What are we here for Remy, I do have ladies that would love to admire me and a club that won't run itself." Oh, if he needed to play a lavish and lustful night club owner he could do that with ease. It was a mask that was all to familiar to him. It was the face he had worn when he was searching for Ayita and still donned from time to time. In part because it felt good to put it on again.

Richard Laine & Ayita Dyrkin

Location: LeBeau Casino - New Orleans, Lousiana

Richard seen a lot in his life. Hell, he'd done some screwed up things in the past in the name of finding his sister! But this was by far the strangest thing he had come across. He had no idea how he had turned up into the apparent basement of some building. But his snake esque eyes were locked on the bitch of a red head that had given his sister so much trouble earlier. Marygold had a strange way of talking that was sure, though why was she asking Remy where a Ms. Goody Two Shoes was? Of all people, Marygold was hardly one to talk. In fact, as he took stock of where everyone was around him, he found himself extremely worried. He knew some of these people, and he didn't know a grand number of them. But most of all, his gaze settled on Ayita who was perched next to him...

Ayita Dyrkin smiled and flipped a page in her book, it was a thick thing that resembled a collage book, for that was exactly what is was. Ayita had been studying for the past few years in preparation to be a vet- her life time goal. Wearing a stylish black cardigan over a green blouse and well fitted black jeans, Ayita was lovely to look at, and she knew it. Her amber eyes flickered up as she studied the slight chatter about the table, before glancing over at her adored older brother. Beaming happiness turned to worry as she raised a brow, her mental thoughts brushing against Richard's mind. Not in the sense and images that Ayita usually used but words heavily strung together. "Brother? You look like you've seen a ghost."

It was the same Ayita, he would know her mind's feel of speaking anywhere but Richard was still knocked figuratively onto his ass. Startled by the change in sister. No longer was she walking the border between humanity and what nature and their mother had forced her to become, but she was human. Human emotions fully contained within her. No long leaning towards that feral and wild nature and simpler way of life. Patting the solid shoulder, Richard was relieved that he could feel solid muscle beneath. No matter how she was the world was still dangerous. "Perhaps I have." He muttered softly, leaning back and keeping his mouth closed tightly as he considered where he could be and what was going on. This is seemed to be one of those sit back and see which way the wind blows situations. "What has been going on of late?" Or risk alerting his baby sister at least. Her loyalty had always been with him, surely that was still true?

Ayita gave her brother a sideways look, looking a might uncomfortable herself at the question. "You didn't drink that much at the club last night. Did someone slip you a drug?" She hadn't sensed anything wrong with Richard the night prior but he was acting a bit strange for the carefree and arrogant club owner of Lux. "Remy called us all here for a meeting. I can't wait til we get back to home. I left my other book at Lux." She saw his eyes flick to her. "What is it? You are acting like that time when you blacked out after News Years two years ago." Something akin to confusion filled Richard's eyes as he was looking at her and Ayita didn't like it. Turning her attention to Chrysi and Remy she tiled her head. Her dark hair falling over one shoulder. "Want me to take a look around?" The young woman offered her voice soft and fitting far better with this softer version of her.

Athanasia Theroux

Location Equipment shed

Athanasia gave a happy grin as Kiera and Desdemona slid out from the gym shed's window, happy that her friend was alright. "Come faster! Coach sees something exciting." With a solid brick wall between the cyclops and her friends it eased the dire situation. Enough that Athanasia felt comfortable to release Arthur's hand, grinning at the slightly older boy though it disappeared quickly as the trio of cyclops came bursting through the wall. Her mouth falling open in shock.

It was a brick wall, after all! Turning about she seized Arthur's hand and pulled him along desperately. The pale girl did notice the flying chariot however, her black eyes going wide. "It's flying!" She squealed in adoration. Forgetting about the cyclops behind them. "Kiera! Kiera, look! It's a flying horse!" It was incredibly childish of her but Athanasia was ten and it was a flying horse which wasn't a common sight. Her hands clapping as she joined Hedge in jumping up and down in glee.

Bethany Bell and Ayita Dyrkin

Ayita had been dwelling in the forest more than the manor of late. Only going among those she considered 'humans' when it was necessary. Which was when her brother was about ready to drag her from the sanctuary that was hers. Richard had come to her practically on his knees, begging her to go North. To speak to her mate and get things sorted out with herself. "Find your center. You got your head messed up since Mesmero was in it, and Mary was being a bitch to you. And you to her." She didn't quite agree with that. Marygold and her had issues, but it was born of a mutual lack of understanding. Which irked when Richard called her on it. Which was why she was out here. Shuffling her black feathers, the hawk-Ayita considered the rabbit that was munching it's lunch in the clearing well off the beaten path. She wasn't one for killing when there was a freezer full of meat, but a bit of hunting didn't hurt... Not when it was rabbits and she had no plans to let the spoils go to waste. Her talons shifted as she prepared to swoop down and take a bit of irritation out on the poor cottontail.

Bethany walked along the woods just outside of the mansion, she sometimes would go there when she didn't have anything else to do really and if she wanted to have some time to herself the woods were the most relaxing for her. As Bethany looked around she eventually found a spot and sat down and stretched out a little bit as she relaxed as well.

Launching herself from the branches, Ayita paused and shifted to her human form as she caught sight of Bethany. The rabbit scampering and thanking it's luck that the hawk had found something else of interest. Tsking her tongue after the young buck, Ayita looked at Bethany with a wary expression on her face. Her should hurt, still and flying to begin with wasn't a good idea. But she needed to test it. It was the fastest way to get to Damon in the North. "Why have you come out this far?" Ayita asked in her quiet voice, though her eyes were nervous as they flickered about the woods.

Bethany jumped slightly and looked over and she noticed that it was just Ayita seeing her moving over towards her and gave a slight shrug. "I just wanted to come out here for some fresh air is all." Bethany answered as she stood up and dusted herself off a little bit. "What are you doing out here?" Beth asked.

"Hunting." Ayita responded automatically, before flinching away from Bethany. Actually taking a step away as though she didn't mean to say that or expected a bad reaction. Bethany's response had been reasonable enough, and Ayita cringed at her own reply."That- I didn't mean... I am what I am." Ayita stated softly, her body tense as she took another step away.

Bethany looked at Ayita seeing her flinch when she got up and raised an eyebrow slightly she wasn't sure why the sudden reaction, and felt like she had done something wrong. She rubbed her arm slightly and looked down at the ground she still regretted her actions when she hurt Carolina and Annie during the whole Mesmero thing. "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you or anything."

"No, I-" Ayita fumbled for a second before sighing. "I'm more worried about scaring you." She admitted softly with a nervous glance towards Bethany. "I didn't mean to disturb you."

Bethany gave a slight shrug as she went to go and sit back down where she was and looked up at Ayita for a moment. "Nah you didn't disturb me I was just sitting here for a bit." Bethany said.

Ayita nodded, rubbing her shoulder. "Bethany, I- The entire thing with Mesmero..." She looked off into the distance looking unsure how to continue as she massaged the healing wound.

Bethany looked down at the ground for a moment mentioning Mesmero and nodded slightly, she regretted what she had done and Carolina was currently suffering still from it as well. "I know I did somethings as well to Carolina and Annie.."

Ayita nodded shortly. "I lost control of my instincts." She studied Bethany. "Not when we hunted him, before that. I= Perhaps I am wrong to ask. Humans are confusing, but I hope you do not think ill of me." Ayita ran a hand along a braid, looking unsure. "I know I am not easy to approached."

"I don't, we both didn't really have control over what had happened either, I just hope that Carolina and Annie forgive me." Bethany said as she rubbed the back of her neck slightly.

"You were not yourself. Why would they hold that against you? They are aware of that." Ayita stated simply. "You are worried about this." The woman leaned against a tree, slumping against the tree.

"Well yeah, I nearly killed Carolina, Beast said she's going to be having problems for awhile." Bethany said as she sat down again and rested her back against the tree.

Ayita winced, she really needed to pay more attention to the others in this group. Perhaps she had been isolating herself, but it hadn't been intentional. She just was, if she was honest with herself, leery of people and with good reason. "I did not know." Falling quiet she stared up into the leaves. "I tried to kill Jean, Scott, and Shelly. I pulled the ravens around here into the fight and put them at risk. It is not the same- you know Carolina. I am distant to the others." Her amber gaze moved down to study the shadowy girl. "She will heal. Carolina, I mean."

Bethany turned to look at Ayita for a moment, she knew that Ayita was controlled as well but they had more experience, Carolina and Annie were both pretty easy pickings for her to attack. "Yeah, but I don't know if she will forgive more or not." Bethany said as she looked down at the ground and sighed slightly.

"You are welcomed out here either way. Though I doubt I have the right to deny you." Ayita admitted with a sigh, moving to lay a hand near where Bethany sat. "I hope they do forgive you. I'd bring you something fluffy since that seems to help with most things, but none of the rabbits will let me in their burrows. With good reason." Ayita admitted.

"I'm not really into anything cute and fluffy to be honest." Bethany said as she gave a slight shrug and looked at Ayita again and smiled a little bit, she hoped so but right now she decided to keep her distance from the two of them for now.

Ayita nodded. "I prefer feathers or the skin of an orca. Walking can be... limiting at times." She admitted standing and offering a hand to Bethany after a bit of hesitation. "If you ever want to talk, I can listen."

Bethany accepted Ayita's hand and pulled herself up and looked towards her for a moment and gave the woman a slight smile and nod. "I'll keep that in mind. I should probably get going now anyway." Bethany said as she started to head back to the mansion.

Arc I - Terreille in Trouble

Faeril Ashkevron

Present Day
Location - Ashkevron Residence in Aren, Askavi

Interacting with @13org @Slim Shady @Zoey White

Gennar nodded absently, pouring the ground beans into the water with little hassle before letting it boil. In truth, he wasn't one for making coffee that others enjoyed drinking. Gen's was a rough fare he made while hunting in the mountains, leaving the coffee smelling wonderful but tasting akin to sludge. Not that he really noticed, for someone who lived with a Healer and two Warlord Prince brothers Gen was quite oblivious to some things. "Well good thing that you came to Faeril. Though I pity the Black Widow who tried to botched the job if the Lady ever gets her hands on her sister." The Eyrien noted with dark amusement, using the term sister to note another of the Hourglass coven that all Black Widows belonged to.

Faeril had slipped back inside from the back gardens, the basket over her arm filled with damp plants and herbs she wanted to get in before they lost their potency. The eyrie was a sprawling maze of several rooms, including a mud room that was for such days of this. Stepping out of the loose boots the Black Widow-Healer slipped on the simple house slipper which was more ideal than going around a stone floored hours barefoot on a chilly night. Dressed in a simple, if slightly out-dated, dress that wrapped about her neck rather than her back to leave her wings unfettered. Those annoying wing slits that were made in clothing always made her feel as though something just wasn't setting right. Personally she blamed her aunt who had tried to limit their time in town by handing down clothes.

Wandering through the halls of family home she paused before one tightly shut door. There was nothing special about it, but that it looked decidedly untouched for a number of years. Continuing on her route the woman set the basket in her workroom. One of the three that were in the eyrie. One was the hidden room where she worked the Craft of the Hourglass, another was the room where she took her work as a Healer, and a third was where Mikhail had been earlier. It was her patients' room, and Faeril took pride in healing people one way or another. The Healer's room was plain, bare of anything real personality. Shelves filled with drying herbs, bottles, jars and various tools lined the wall. While a counter lined another wall. A small and narrow room, it suited for it's purpose just as it had for it's purpose before that. Orginally the Healer's workroom had been a workroom, one of three in the house, for Eyrien weapons that the men liked to care for with a uncanny passion. The pegs and unfinished table still sat where they had, though now the beaten up table had a few scorch marks.

Satisfied with her stores after laying the herbs out to dry, Faeril made her way back through the twisting hall of the eyrie towards the kitchen were Gen most likely took their guest. Her plan had been to save the poor Dea Al Mon from what Gen considered coffee, for she could smell the horrid concoction brewing, when a knock at the door distracted her. Turning her steps one archway sooner than the kitchen she slipped into the front room. It was a comfortable room that spoke of wealth that the kitchen did not. With plush chairs and a couch crowded about a low table in front of a fireplace burning with wytchfire it was a place for conversation. But the subtle wreath mounted above the mantle of the flames held a hourglass that spoke of Faeril's true nature. Paintings and hanging weavings drapped over the walls, softening the stone walls. Eyries required heavier furniture as their homes held the weight of stone within the mountain.

"Not likely witchling." Denvar commented before he had taken off with Dareen in his arms. Careful to shield himself just in case the woman tried to knife him or do something equally stupid. It had been his fist that had rapped upon the eyrie door, knowing better than to just march in with two strangers. The heavy door that was the entrance for the eyrie shifted and locks turned before it swung open to reveal a irritated looking Eyrien woman to the three her blue eyes piercing as she gazed past her friend to the other two. "Well isn't this interesting." Faeril muttered to herself as she stepped back with a wary look at the Pruul native and the Eyrien Warlord Prince she had heard a rumor or two about. "You both might as well come in before you start looking like drowned rats. Though why I find The Reaper on my doorstep is a question I'll ask, as well to whom your loyalties lie." The woman raked her gaze over Xandar with an annoyed rustle of her wings as they spread slightly. "Denvar. Go save the coffee from your brother." Dareen would well know the title the reaper and the name Xandar Markov. Not many of the Blood wore the Ebon-Grey and only one was a Eyrien male who had been wanted by the Queens with quite the bounty on his head.

"Do you want to know about the wit-" Denvar hesitated as he slipped past the woman inside, vanishing his coat before it got Faeril's floors wet.

"I know a Pruul witch who wears the Yellow when I see her, more than that I do not consider her a threat I cannot meet. Go, Denvar." Faeril dismissed with an annoyed sigh. "Sit. Explain. Then I will decide what to do with both of you." The woman ordered, the Warlord Prince vanishing into the kitchen which was visible thanks to the archway that opened into it. The only other exit from the room that didn't lead outside opening into the hall.

Root's Teeth, Dhemlan Terreille
The young blonde looked to have Glacian heritage as he jolted and struggled in futile effort against Jandar's strength. Finally subsiding to the fact it wouldn't work, the pale golden eyes glowered at the man as the boy stiffened under the Warlord's hand. "Worth me while? I doubt that. Ain't goin' no where with you." His voice was sharp as he attempted to duck out from under Jandar's hold failing miserably. Grumbling with a sharp burst of temper, the boy hunched his shoulders in defeat as the horses below nickered softly to each other.

"Why should I tell you where I got 'em?" The youth scrowled as he seemed to accept that escape wouldn't be an option right at this moment. "You'd just as well could toss me to the innkeep or some Queen's guards. Or just toss me to the next 'collector' for some marks." The youth seemed poised to run as one small hand slipped into the pocket of the patched breeches. "Just take the papers, they aren't of use to me anyways. Not like there was anything good in that bag."

Queen's Residence, Eldan, Hayll
The young maid was impressed and more than a bit worried that she was revealing this secret to a queen who wore not the Sapphire she claimed. Fatima would know her shields, including the aural one, were in place and no one was listening too closely. It wasn't healthy after all, especially if a servant was caught by one of Fatima's First Circle. Meekly Illyria nodded. "Go to Askavi." She instructed softly, her golden eyes cast down as she toyed with the hem of her sleeve. "It would be best if you went alone, you won't be able to take guards past the tavern. The Winged Boar in Aven." The woman's mouth worked but no sound came out, turning Illyria's face from nervous to startled. A spell that guaranteed silence had been woken. "I- I can say no more." The maid whispered as she touched her throat.

Allison Andrews and Ayita Durkin

September 26th, 2020

Allison had been going back and forth with this. With Mesmero being taken care of, she wanted to talk to Ayita. She knew her friend was going through the wringer. What really upset her though was that Ayita took to Guin first before her. Hadn't she always called her a pack sister? Why didn't she talk to her? If anyone knew about Psychic power play, it would be Allison surely. She had to admit, her feelings were hurt.

But she knew it was best not to bottle them up. So she came to Ayita's door and knocked. "Ayita? It's Allison. Can we talk?"

There was an almost mental glance towards Allison's mind before the door opened slightly. "You do not need to ask," Ayita stated softly. Her arm in a sling at Richard's request. On her bed was a small pile of things AMD an array of neatly laid out tools. A leather satchel resting between the two. Clothes were already tightly folded and stuffed into the bag. Ayita looked like hell. A mix of pain and anger in her amber eyes. "You are always welcome." Implying that some were not.

Allison forgot that Ayita had her own set of mental powers. She entered the room and closed the door gently. "Wanted to check if you were all right. Planning a tip somewhere?" Though it looked like more than just a simple vacation. Is she truly leaving? She wouldn't just...jump ship? Even with everything going on.

"No." Ayita sighed after a long minute. "I am not alright." Looking at the supplies, she absently tossed a shirt onto the messy pile. "North. I need some time to think away from..." Cutting herself off from saying something rude she shook her head. "Marygold. I talked to her only to have her disregard everything. She cares more for herself than her 'team'." There was disgust in her voice like a puffed up bird's feathers before it settled.

Allison knew of the heated arguments between the two girls. Hell, she had her fair share of tiffs with Mary. But they worked it out. Perhaps the two of them just couldn't get along. "Well, maybe some time away will clear your head a bit. Give you both some time to cool off and think about things." There was more to say, but did she bring it up? Ayita was already angry, she didn't want to upset her more. "Are you doing all right with the whole Mesmero thing?"

Ayita shifted and there was a deep-throated growl of hatred. Something Ayita never really dwelled on. She disliked people but hate was, according to her, a waste of time. "I should have killed him. For that, Mary..." The woman gave Allison a pointed look. "He was and still is a threat. He turned my instincts on the others. Not intentionally, but he influenced it. I lost control." There was a long pause before she sat down on the desk that took one end of the room. "What if he does that again? And I attack you, or Richard? Damon, our children? How can I risk that?"

Allison had figured it was something like this. She hadn't heard too much about what happened other than Mesmero was carted away. "I am sure you've heard this before, but it bears repeating then. It would not have made you feel better. Mesmero used others and didn't care about the consequences. He put real people's lives in jeopardy. If you had killed him, you would have been like him. He used others too. Sara, Neil, Bethany.....Mary." She felt the last name would hopefully cement that in her head. "We live in a dangerous world with or without him. All we can do is strive to be better. You and Damon, your eventual family. I've no doubt you would do anything to protect them and if Mesmero is ever at your door I believe you would end him then and there. But we aren't there. He is taken away finally. Last time that didn't even happen. It may not feel like it now, but we won Ayita. The good guys won."

Ayita's face hardened as she glowered at Allison. "I did not do it to 'feel better'. I would not have felt better and I know that. I did it to keep those I care about safe from him." Her voice was firm but there was a lack of heat behind it that would be anger. Rather it was irritation that Allison was bringing up a point that was moot. "I well understand I was not the only one under his control, and I do not pretend otherwise." Sighing Ayita slumped in defeat and exhaustion, though there was still a stiffness to her form that was her irritation. "And what if I don't end him next time? What if he takes what I care about and I lose them? I need to go North. I need my mate and the open spaces of the wilds." Wrapping her arms about her shoulders, Ayita sighed. "People here to do not understand me, nor do they care for me. Rather I think if given half a chance Mary would toss me to the hunters and be done with it. I tried to talk to her, and I thought we reached an understanding after we were both possessed. But... Merely a day later and she calls me a killer again."

It seemed walking on eggshells was not the way. So it called for tough love. "You know something Ayita. You're right. What if Mesmero attacked people you loved. God, what if huh? What if he controlled people you cared about, made them attack each other and you had to go in there and stop them, worried you may even have to kill them to get them to stop. Did you ever think about that Ayita? No, because you'd rather sit there and throw a pity party for yourself because one person in the house doesn't understand. Want to know who does? Me! Yet for some reason, you felt the need to reach out to Guin, who is Mary's best friend I might add, and confide in her rather than me! What was the term you used? Pack sister? Well I don't feel very sisterly. You are not a killer Ayita, but Mary isn't entirely wrong. I had to stand there and watch those I love nearly kill each other. You don't think I want Mesmero dead? I do! I want him gone, but that is not how it works. We aren't the morality police. We don't get to decide who lives and dies. We protect each other and the world because if we don't, that's it! Then everyone you care about will be gone."

Allison took a breath and continued, more calmly. "Sorry. Got heated there and I am not here to fight. I'm here because I love you and want you to know that. Someone here knows you and cares about you and would hate to see you leave over this. I think you do need to go be with Damon for a bit. And in the fresh air. God knows we could all use it."

There was amusement though faint in Ayita's eyes as she watched Allison yap. "I asked after Guin because Richard would want to know she was alright. You were fine. Physically at least, none of us are fine mentally." Crossing one leg over the other, Ayita rubbed her shoulder and winced. "I owe you an apology, I did not think of what you risked trying to stop us all." It was muted and soft, but none the less meant. Ayita did not say what she did not mean after all. Patting the space next to her on the desk in invitation, the woman seemed to debate with herself for a bit before coming to a conclusion. "Would you want to come? The trip is not an easy one, but when my shoulder is stronger I could carry you. It's rough living, but there's nothing out there but Damon and myself. Well, aside from a few others who live in the brush. We generally look after each other and keep a respectful distance of 'friendly neighbor that's about five to ten miles down the road'."

Allison sat down next to her. "I'm not much of a nature girl, you know. I don't do the whole "roughing it" lifestyle. I need my Starbucks." She giggled a bit, before she continued, her face going down a bit. "It was hard. I thought that you all might die. If Jean hadn't have been there, I don't know what would have happened. And no one talked to me about it. Instead, we went from healing the injured right into taking him down. No, if anything I may go stay with my parents a week or two. Get out of the mansion for a bit. It's almost the holidays, after all."

There was a short chuckle as Ayita leaned her head on Allison's shoulder. "I don't think there's a Starbucks in a hundred miles. Can't have you suffering deposits? Is that the saying?" Though she fell silent as Allison detailed her plans about the holidays. "Los Angeles? I'll travel with you then head North. It's not so far and..." Ayita hesitated before closing her eyes. "I need to travel North for another reason that just my mate. I want to speak with the orca pods and wolf packs up North, or try to. When- I was able to talk to the ravens when I called them to aid me in the fight."

"Sure you can come, though I will be flying there on a plane. And the saying is withdrawals." She leaned her head on Ayita's now. This is what she missed. "Do you think something is wrong with the orca pods or wolf packs or just checking on them?"

"I love them. I always have loved them." Ayita stated simply. "They draw me, and I simply wish to speak with them. The orca though... I want to learn. The sea is wonderful and terrifying. The orca are the wolves of it. They are far more intelligent than what humans think." Giving a sigh she grumbled under her breath. "I will never care for those planes humans enjoy flying in. If you were meant to fly, you'd fly."

Allison laughed at her friend's reasoning. "Well we can't all be blessed with flight, though I have been practicing. Definitely not able to make a cross-country trip though, so flying will have to do." She patted Ayita's thigh before moving up. "Need help packing?"

Ayita shook her head. "My shoulder needs to heal first. I'll only be a burden on Damon til it's somewhat better. It's a bit of a flight to get there." She arched a brow with a wane smile.

Allison stood up and let Ayita have room to relax her arm. "Well if you need help, let me know. I've got nothing but time now that Dean left and we don't anything major looming over our heads."

"I- Actually, do you want me to get you anything while I am up North?" Ayita inquired, giving a small smile.

Allison thought a minute. "I don't think North offers much that I can't get in LA. Besides snow and cold and I don't really want that."

Ayita snorted, and gently brushed against Allison's mind. "Stone and bone. Wood and hides. The North offers plenty more than snow and cold. May I?" Ayita offered softly, hesitantly.

Allison grinned a bit. "You know, if you are about to offer sex, you should know you're not really my type." She played that off though. "I trust you. Go ahead."

Ayita blushed and stammered. "That's not- I wouldn't- Allison!" The taller woman squeaked her voice pitching before she gave a huff. Shaking her head, Ayita's mind brushed against Allison's giving her the images of mountains and the forest through the eyes of Ayita in some winged or four legged form. The dense forests, a mother bear playing with her cubs while Ayita circled above, waterfalls during lovely sunny days. The ocean as it clawed at stone banks and then the water washed over them both and they were beneath the ocean's surface. The thrumming heartbeat of the waves and the singing croon that slipped from the memory's lips. A cottage covered in snow and smoke rising from the chimney, and a man in the door way before Ayita pulled away mentally with a small smile. "Home." She answered simply.

Allison cacked at her friend's stammering before she was whisked away to what could only be described as the most peaceful place she ever saw. She could see why Ayita loved it so much. It was serene and calming. Definitely still nature though, but one she wouldn't mind spending a week in. "Fair enough. That does look beautiful. Still prefer my city life, but I could see myself retiring to a place like that when all is said and done. Looks very cozy."

"Plenty of reason to snuggle up at night." Ayita smirked slightly. "Well worth all the work it takes." Hesitating Ayita chewed her cheek absently. "Do you need help with anything?" Her eyes slightly pleaded with Allison to need some help, the distraction and being around her helped to ease the discomfort of multiple pains.

Allison could see this was more than just a friendly ask. "You know what? Sure, you can help me figure out what clothes to bring to LA. Wanna be cute in case I meet my own Damon." She winked before heading to the door to wait for Ayita to follow. She knew Ayita probably would not like a fashion show, but she did offer.

Ayita smiled softly. "When you do, you'll be nothing but beautiful to them."
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