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Hello! I'm LadyRunic! But you knew that...

I love most types of Role Play, but by far my favorites are fantasy. Magic, medieval, dragons, elves, modern day or otherwise. I can do Sci-fi and others but fantasy is my best. I also like music (except rap and most pop songs), gaming, drawing, animals, and books- So many books. It's a running bet that I will become buried under a pile of said objects one day... I'm a tad busy, and when a Rp really catches my interest I'm inpatient for posts. It's like reading a good book and getting stuck on a cliff hanger.

I also have a yearly anime convention I go to and it's literally my x-mas. So you can generally expect posts regularly once a day if probably more, but that's the one weekend I'm not available in the slightest unless I manage to restore my narcoleptic laptop. Which, let's face it, isn't happening any time soon. While I may get my hands on a computer and post, it's possible, I most likely wont. It's the Con and all hail the con. Yeah... I'm too excited typing this up.

I have no idea what you put in these things.

I've RP'd for years, so I can honestly say I have some experience and I've developed the itching fingers again- if you know what I mean-! Oh, I hope you know what I mean...

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Athanasia Theroux
Location Camp Half-Blood, Dining Pavillion

Athanasia tilted her head as she watched the skeleton lumber off, considering Andy's question. They were good questions and the possibilities with them were tantalizing. "Well, I can shout stuff to them." The pale girl reasoned tapping the table in thought as she stared into her tea. How hard would it be to see through a skeleton's eyes? They didn't have eyes, so eye sockets? As for talking to them..."Chatters talks all the time. I understand him, though I've never really asked the skeletons to talk." Considering this, Athanasia's brows furrowed in a perplexed expression.

"But seeing through their eyes? Now I need to try this! What a marvelous idea, Andy!" Athanasia beamed at the thought, especially if it gave her one leg up to boast over Arthur. It was always fun to poke some achievement at her older brother. Never in a mean way, but in the way of a sibling who was smug with success was showing off what they had figured out how to do first. Seeing as the skeleton was off doing as she bid and the talking would be easy enough to test... "How would I even do it?" Athanasia frowned in thought. "I mean.. It's not like I'm summoning them."

Arc I - Terreille in Trouble

In front of Ashkevron Residence, Askavi

Interacting with @Slim Shady @eclecticwitch @13org @Zoey White @SilverPaw

"Gennar." He returned the courtsey, jerking his head in his brothers' general direction. "My brothers, Bellinar and Denvar." It was a short answer, but they were running low on time, taking note that Fatima would be busy with the remains of her former companion the Warlord gave a short nod to Mikhail. He could appreciate what the assassin was offering. While Faeril would have been a better option, the Black Widow was out of commission by her own actions. Something he was going to explain to her was a bad idea. "There's a better place than Bellinar's room..." Muttered the Warlord. "Just... help me strip it of everything before you begin." The words were softly spoken but at most only Jean would be close enough to make them out. Picking up one of the Eyriens, he left the other for the Dea Al Mon. Figuring the Grey Jeweled Prince would rather carry his own weight so to speak. Leading the man, he walked towards Faeril's work room, and thankfully found the witch within dead within. Though Dareen proved more of a question, giving the Pruul witch a stern look as he pushed the door open and hauled the two warriors into the room. Gen raise a finger to his lips. If she wanted to, for all he cared, the witch would have no trouble following them as Gen shoved open the hidden door and made his way as quietly as possible down the steep steps to a second door, as heavy as the first.

"Don't mention this room to anyone. Faeril is... It her other work room." His golden eyes held who ever was following him. "Been in her family for years and these won't be the last, nor the first, to... suffer down here." There words were halting and stilted as he lit the small hidden room with witchfire. The dim glow revealing a long stone table with channels in that Mikhail would know was for a liquid. Cabinets lined the wall much like the room above but this one was filled with books and the tools of the Black Widow's craft. Dropping the cringing, and now awake though his partner was far in the realm of dreams yet, eyrie on the cold stone floor. Gen shut the door behind the group before dragging out a large and heavy-looking chest. Old power was woven about it and within it he began to stack the precious journals and books. Some falling apart, others looking like several hands had written in them as their covers were partly torn. "You can start once we get these away from their stink."

Bellinar grinned imprudently at Xandar. "Can't wait to show off to the Ladies, can you? Thankfully Faeril's asleep else hopefully she'd have the sense to..." It was a clear just but an elbow from Denvar rammed into his brother's stomach and an irritated and forlorn sigh told anyone with half a thought that it was an old one.

"Go get wood, Bellinar, or make yourself useful and may the Darknesss be merciful don't tell Faeril that. Not after this. She's liable to rip your wings off and beat you with them." Shaking his head at his brother's stupidity he walked to the house and began pulling things out of the kitchen that they would probably need.

Athanasia Theroux
Location Camp Half-Blood, Dining Pavillion

A horn sounding across the camp interrupted the chat between Andy and Athanasia. The pale girl turning her head towards the sound, as she caught Arthur asking what the horn meant. A reasonable question, she thought as the sound seemed out of place. Sipping at the tea, she frowned as Demetri came bolting over, dagger in hand, and ordering the three young half-bloods behind him. Smiling sweetly, Athanasia had an unnerving glint in her black eyes that spelled trouble as she set down the tea. "Oh la, Demetri. Thinking to defend little me." She crooned though there was an undertone of annoyance. As if she couldn't defend herself! Flipping her braid over one shoulder, the child crossed one leg over the other at the ankle. It irked her, but it was true. As she was, Athanasia had to admit that she was pretty vulnerable and weak. Not to say that couldn't change, for it would change, but it was irritating while she always felt 'lesser'. She was supposed to be the best and brightest. Perfection was her goal, nevermind what her mother thought.

Zeke was also on the defensive she noted, so that horn was definitely not good and not some 'big brother overreaction'. "I dislike being short." Athanasia muttered into her tea, wrinkling her nose. "If you would, snälla?" To anyone else she was speaking to the air, but the earth groaned and a skeleton emerged from the ground next to Athanasia. The tiny girl was simply grateful this one had all its bones. "Go see what's about." Ash ordered her chin in her hands. Kicking her legs back and forth absently. "See Demetri? Those who wish to make bones with me, will deal with bones." Grinning at the phrase she had heard her mother say to a colleague. 'If they wish to make bones about it-!'

Arc I - Terreille in Trouble

In front of Ashkevron Residence, Askavi

Interacting with @Slim Shady @eclecticwitch @13org @Zoey White @SilverPaw

Gennar watched as his prescene was ignored by both Dea Al Mon Prince and Eyrien Warlord Prince, and thanked the Darkness that Xandar had his head out of his ass. The man was a great asset, especially for dealing with and protecting Faeril, but he was simply not likable. A rude, argumentative personality that was sadly common among the darker Jeweled Warlord Princes of his race. Trailing after both men, the Green jeweled Warlord hoped that was well, or as well as they could be as Fatima's wailing broke the clouded day. It wasn't easy losing a man and it seemed a lesson the tiny Queen was learning.

Bellinar was hovering over the prisoners, shooting worried looks towards Fatima. His brother, Denvar, perched on a stone looking out for more danger and politely ignoring Fatima's screams. Both men understood loss and both knew best to let the Dhemlan deal with the Queen. Yet as Xandar approached, Denvar didn't leave his post eyeing the Reaper with a wary look as he bowed his head in acknowledgment. But it was Gen in his gruff voice who spoke up at the news the Ebon-Grey brought. "Whatever we do we can't stay here any longer." The Warlord agreed though he looked very worried at that thought. "I think Faeril would have an idea or two, Lady, but leaving will happen. Especially if there is a traitor in the town. We'll have to pack as much as we can. Faeril will be loath to leave this place." The Warlord admitted, giving his brother both a look as they seemed to nod between them and go into the house to start just that. "We can put the prisoners in the Bellinar's room until then. If anyone wants to help... Well there's plenty of stuff that would be better off not in the hands of Lady Melian."

In front of Ashkevron Residence, Askavi

Interacting with @Zoey White

The door swung inwards with a slight squeal of protest from hinges that sorely needed oiled. The wood caught and stood firm as it snagged on an interior rug that was thick with dust before some more pushing would move the rug as well as the door. But within, the first thing that Dareen would notice would be the fact this room was smaller, though not by much than Bellinars and most likely due to Faeril's workroom. Such a room for a Healer would need to be large for dealing whatever the patient needed, especially if it was in house care. But the second thing would be the elegant window that leaked in thin light from between the dusty curtains. They were thick things, made to keep light out but the years had left them motheaten and their edges worn from time. The rest of the furniture in the room seemed to be a collection of spare trunks of stuff shoved in here for storage, spare chairs and cushions or the old memento that had been hidden rather than tossed out.

But those were placed about as if to disguise the truth of the room. Rugs were everywhere across the floor and thick with dust that hid their coloration from the observer. The walls were some color that was pale but certainly not white as was common about the Eyrie. The stone was often laid bare, but not in this room. Plaster covered the stone and the ceiling was spare of any hanging lanterns that could be lit with the Craft. There weren't even any shelves set into the wall. Rather there was a floor to ceiling wardrobe that was covered in cobwebs hiding the design that was carved into the wooden paneling. Other bits and bobs of furniture about the room was equally questionable. Small chests that really could hold nothing of any real size. Shelves that were rounded and the tops were covered with plush little creatures and the odd book. But it was the one piece of furniture that filled the center of the room. Gently rocked back and forth by an unseen hand...

A cradle, the top canopied by thin gauze veils and gently cloaked in dust.

Arc I - Terreille in Trouble

In front of Ashkevron Residence, Askavi

Interacting with @Slim Shady @eclecticwitch @13org @Zoey White @SilverPaw

Faeril was dead to the world as Xandar took her back to the only room he could, her workroom. The witch's wings were tight to her body and she offered nothing in way of protest which must have been a refreshing change for the Warlord Prince. Though those were not the thoughts of Gennar as he watched the Ebon Grey Warlord Prince exit the eyrie to sit on a low hanging branch. The words that Faeril spoke unnerved him but not the witch herself. Faeril would flare her wings and snarl and snap at any man or woman who offered her offense or slight, real or not, but it was to protect a far more delicate interior. One that had been badly scared by the last few centuries. The countless wounds of heart, mind and body she had healed from the victims of Hayll's taint. The loss that marred her and kept her at arms length from men of any sort. Which was not something they needed in the long run. As a witch of the Hourglass, she was hated and feared. No one would come to her for apprenticeship and even if they did she could not risk teaching them and revealing herself. So her craft would be passed to any daughter she might have. Her aunt had died childless and her mother had born her no siblings. The Craft that the Ashkevron practiced would live or die with Faeril.

Bellinar shifted uneasily as he nodded towards the two prisoners, "I'll go keep an eye on them. We don't need any more close calls." Dripping blood from several wounds he shook his head as Gen moved to protest. "Flesh wounds. Nothing I can't care for myself. Our Healer is out and we can't risk her right now. Denvar nodded in agreement as he perched on one of the large stones that served the gardens as a boundery marker and watched Fatiman and her small Court. Wiping off the bloody warblade with painstaking care.

With a sigh Gennar knew they were right and decided his own choice was best to stop the trouble that seemed to be brewing as the Dea Al Mon and Eyrien Warlord Prince squared off. While not a Warlord Prince himself, Gen had to admit that Mikhail had the balls as he challenged Xandar. Gen didn't like the man for his open hosility but he could understand it. Eyrien males weren't easy to get along with if you weren't dancing to the tune of some aristo game. Living as a rogue only shorted the temper and sharpened the edge. He had seen enough men like Xandar but none of the Reaper's caliber. "Prince Mikhail. Prince Xandar." The Green Jeweled Warlord stated cautiously. Not wanting another fight so soon after this costly one. If these two started something it could damn well shatter whatever Faeril had in motion and that, Gen could not allow.

The hall that weaved through the eyrie from the kitchen and front parlor circled about the bathing chamber and around in an 'L' shape. The back hall that was sheltered under the mountain where the three brother's room were in a row. Narrow windows letting in dim light. Across from them, and deeper under the mountain, were three other rooms. One- the middle- was Faeril's workroom where the Healer-Black Widow currently slept. The one at the end of the hall- unbeknownst to Dareen- was the woman's bedroom. A more personal place and far darker which the Black Widow preferred. But the third door was seemly there and not there. Dust formed about the base of the door, the knob was dull with little use or cleaning. The wood itself was old and worn look. Uncared for. Forgotten. An odd thing as everything else in the eyrie was pristine and presentable. It was a small detail that would have gone unnoticed if someone was walking by but as she was facing it... It was painfully obvious. Though perhaps even stranger was the slight wear of the rug in front of the door.
Athanasia Theroux / Arthur Stanford

Location: By the Forest

The following week went pretty easy for Arthur, surprisingly healed up to a hundred percent after his short bit of bed rest and food. With things put right with Andy, and all drama seemingly subsided, he was left with enough mental space to plan, and take in the new world he found himself in. Along side him, was his friend and half sister Ash, and with it just being the two of them on their own here, he found himself checking in with her, to see how she was taking things. In a technical since, he was the older sibling after all, which he supposed meant he was partly responsible for her. One morning, before they headed out for their training, he found himself asking her, "So, how're you taking all this? I think it's finally becoming real for me." He smiled, sitting on his bed, and looking over to her.

Her feet kicked back and forth in the air as Athanasia laid across the bed, frowning at a book of Greek mythology. If they were going to be tossed into a strange world with one-eyed giants and goat men, not to mention the centaur that was their instructor, then the pale girl would darn well know what was what. Even if it gave her a headache doing so. The skull, Chatters, sat by the door as added security thanks to a few little amusements she had gotten into with Demetri. Dark eyes flicked up as she grinned at Arthur. "Oh, la. Brother, it's real as you or I seeing as we are part of it." She giggled and twisted about to sit up, the book falling shut. "I do enjoy it ever so much. Well, except the Ares Campers. I don't enjoy them." Chuckling to herself the pale girl had a slightly troubled look as she gazed out the door towards the camp where the noise of other children floated through the air.

Arthur smiled over to her, and nodded at her book. "I'll have to take a read through that once you've finished, if you don't mind." He said, before shrugging a bit and adding, "I wouldn't worry too much about the Ares kids, they're not exactly my cup of tea, but we all have our place." As a group, those kids were better to have on his side than not, muscle was always something to be appreciated, and something he was woe to have against him. "At any rate," He continued, "I definitely want to take some time soon to get more acquainted with my godly side, and figure out exactly what it is we can do. Would you like to join me in that?" He asked. In theory, he assumed, anything she could do, he could do, and he hadn't tried to raise any dead yet, but that sounded like something he wanted to try very badly.

Pale hair swirled as Athanasia whipped her head about to smile like a chesire cat at Arthur. Her black eyes sparkling with amusement. "I'm not done with the book yet, but if you can raise more dead than I can you can read it." She grinned with far too much sweetness and a wink that would make bones rattle. "But if I raise more than you, I get to be Leader of the Cabin. In name anyways." It had was a fun little arguement that echoed back to when they had first come to Camp Half-Blood. Who would lead? In truth they had agreed on a partnership, but with Arthur acting as the leader.

What was a little fun between brother and sister with a bit of a contest?

Arthur grinned at the notion, "Well that's hardly fair, isn't is Ash?" He said, chuckling, "You've already done it, haven't you? Aren't you at the slightest advantage?" He asked, he didn't even know if he was able to, and he wasn't about to bet on something he wasn't sure could be succeeded upon from will alone. "How about you show me how, and give me a bit to practice, then I'll raise more than you and get the book." He proffered playfully.

Ash laughed and wrapped Arthur's arm in a hug as she pulled him towards the door. "Fair enough! Now, come on! I want to see if I can call one that isn't missing any limbs this time!" The tiny girl was practically bouncing with excitement, as she beamed with delight at the prospect. The fact her skeletons were missing limbs was a constant annoyance for poor Ash, who by nature was a perfectionist. A missing head she could fix herself, but limbs were another matter.

Arthur felt himself pulled off the bed by Ash, and staggered after her, "Are you hoping to give it mine" He asked jokingly, as he slipped his arm out of her grasp, and followed closely. He hoped the camp wouldn't look down on them raising the dead in broad daylight, but he was pretty excited to be trying his hand at it, truth be told. So far, he had no idea what he could do, and he felt like raising up a skeleton would help console him in the fact that he belonged here.

Athanasia studied her brother with a serious look that didn't belong on her face. "Do you think I could detatch someone's limbs? I mean, they are bones after all." A finger tapped her lip in thought as she stepped out of the Cabin and onto the path. "What if you call a limb but it's living?" Her brow furrowed as she shook her head, pale hair swaying as she snickered. "I don't think so. What we call, Brother, is dead, right?"

Arthur blinked at her, trying to find words to respond, but was at a loss. "Well I." He tried to start, but couldn't figure out how to finish. "If we can, I don't think we should." He said, exhaling, while trying to keep a straight face. That being said, he'd file that away for if he ever had to defend himself. As far as last ditch efforts went, controlling somebody's skeleton was a pretty good one. Not something he'd want to do unless he had to though. "Let's head out and practice, yes?" He said, keeping his march forward.

There was a positively wicked snicker as Athanasia spun her heel and scooped up Chatters who, wisely, remained silent aside from the despairing wail of 'Not the eye sockets!'. Patting Arthur's arm as she caught up, the smaller girl gave a sweet smile. "Did I shock you, brother mine? I promise not to do that too much." Beaming with delight, Ash spun about in a circle, hyper and delighted with all the world. "Oh, la! Arthur, where shall we practice?"

Arthur smiled innocently at Ash's question, "Me? Shocked? Never." He said. He wasn't going to give up his regular composed nature so easily, even if that made him the polar opposite of as right now. Placing his hands gently behind his back, he suggested, "How does the edge of the woods sound? Where we were playing Capture The Flag?" That would keep the skeletons out of sight of any campers that might not want to start off their day by seeing what was probably once campers like them.

"What a lovely idea, best not to shock the entire camp just yet." Ash nodded sagely ignoring Chatter's comment of "Oh, but it's fine to scare the skull?!". Of course, it was fine, as the skull would be among his own kind. Not that Chatters really appreciated such a thing. Humming a slight tune, Ash poked Arthur's side as he folded his hands behind his back.

Arthur jumped a bit at the poke, and shooed her a bit, giving a small smile. "Yes, we'll save that for the next game of capture the flag." He said, nodding at her. As they reached the edge of the woods, he looked around, and kind of put his hands out in front of him. "So how does this work? Do you just put your hand out and hope?" He stuck his hand in thew air, as if trying to pull skeletons from the ground. He had no idea how to pull this off, and hoped her advice would assist him.

Athanasia raised a pale brow as she shook her head with amusement. "I just called to them. Like when I call to my friends- the ghosts." She added as an afterthought, that troubled look flickering over her face. "They- the skeletons- aren't like the ghosts. They followed my command like dolls." The black eyes closed as Athanasia demanded of the dead to heed her. "Come. Whole this time!" She cajoled firmly to the earth. Nothing happened and crossing her arms, Ash glared at the ground. "I said, come. Lazy bones." She hissed in annoyance. This time her call was answered as a skeleton crawled from the earth. Minus a hand, which set the younger of the two to puffing out her cheeks in frustration.

Arthur watched his sister call out for an undead servant, and thought for a moment. "No no." He said, as somebody well acquainted with getting people to follow his orders, "If you want them to listen, you need to do it like this." He cleared his throat and said. "Rise now, please." He didn't bother specifying for wholeness, any skeleton worth his time should just assume that, after all. After a few moments, he was rewarded by a skeleton clawing it's way out of the ground. He looked at it curiously, inspecting it to confirm it was whole. A smile played on his lips, clearly proud that he was able to do something like this in the first place.

Athanasia raised a brow and took a step back as her brother called forth his own skeleton from the earth. "Ah..." She noted with a nod of comprehension at how it was done. If a please was all it took, then why not give it a shot! Though, she had the idea that if Arthur could summon one, why couldn't she try to summon two? She should keep her leave after all! "Please, arise and come to play." She cajoled far more sweetly, and laughed with glee as a whole skeleton crawl from the ground. Well, if she couldn't get two at least this one was whole! "Wonderful!" The pale girl cheered, clapping her hands.

Arthur watched his sister try, and decided to go for it once more, hoping to double up. "Once more then?" He said curiously. Unfortunately, the skeletons didn't quite listen, and a skeleton half hardheartedly slicked out of the ground, looking feeble and not wanting to do much. Unhappy with his failure, he shrugged and said, "Alright, let's keep trying then." He said, motioning for his sister to try again before he went.

Athanasia clapped her brother on the back as his miserable skeleton huddled before them. Her own was whole and while that was far better than what she had got previously, the daughter of Hades was ambitious and desired more from herself. Ergo the next step seemed to be getting two skeletons, whole and not missing any limbs, to burst forth from the earth. "My last." She admitted to Arthur as she wiped at her brow, pulling strands of silvery blonde hair away from her face. "If you would please?" She stated cooly to the earth. Trying to will the dead to heed her this one last time. And heed her they did, two skeletons pulling themselves slowly from the earth. Reluctant to heed her call. Bracing an arm on a nearby tree, Ash gritted her teeth, ready to demand more answers to her call.

"Eh, now! Boyo, lassie. No need to wear yourselves out! The days still young!" Pleaded Chatters, as Ash sighed glowered at the skull even as she gave Arthur a look of wary agreement. "I am getting tired." Ash agreed hesitantly. Not really wanting to admit that fact, but who else could she admit that to if not Arthur?

Arthur nodded, the act of raising the dead was taking a toll on him. Necromancy apparently wasn't the easiest thing to do, especially on an empty stomach. "How about some breakfast, and we might get back to it later?" He offered, giving them a good way to step away from what they were doing, without having to admit that they probably couldn't take much more.

Ash nodded in agreement, looking back to her set of skeletons. "Thank you, we don't need anything." Turning her attention back to her brother, Athanasia scooped up Chatters who was grumbling to himself. "What do you think they will have for breakfast?" She wondered as she gripped Arthur's hand and impatiently towed him towards the dining pavilion.

Athanasia Theroux
Location Camp Half-Blood, Dining Pavillion

Athanasia whistled a merry tune as she skipped to the pavilion. Fresh clothes from the morning's tedious activities told that she had taken to her own cabin to change, or she had simply woken up late. Either could be true, not that Athanasia would admit to either. Plucking a selection of food onto her plate the girl looked over the tables, noting that her brother was not among them. Though it wasn't quite a shame as she had met many a new face over the past week and hers was a bubbly nature that was eager to meet people. Though as her dark eyes found Demetri and she caught a word or two, Athanasia rolled her eyes as she dropped an offering into the fire. "Well at least Papa's side of things is interesting. Do enjoy." Athanasia thought silently as she made her way past the trio towards where Andy sat.

"Us trouble?" She pouted mockingly with a sly smile on her lips at Demetri as she giggled and continued on her route. Neither confirming nor denying the fact she was trouble. Which she was. It was her best feature. Sliding next to Andy, the pale girl snickered. "As if they aren't trouble!" Athanasia noted with amusement to Andy as she bit into an apple. "At least we look good doing it." She grinned, flipping the long braid over her shoulder.

Arc I - Terreille in Trouble

Faeril Ashkevron

In front of Ashkevron Residence, Askavi

Interacting with @Slim Shady @eclecticwitch @13org @Zoey White @SilverPaw

Faeril was about to snap a reply to the Eyrien warrior that would be far from polite when he took flight, satisfied with himself no doubt. Feeling the Queen pull her arm from her weakened grasp, Faeril felt herself sway. She had lost a decent amount of blood fighting with Xandar and a sleepless night hardly helped when the jitters after a nerve-racking event set in. Fatima hardly needed to be stern as the Ice Healer sat on the low garden wall that kept her annuals from the more sinister herbs and winced as her wing jolted the cut in the membrane. If there could be one kind thing said of Faeril at the moment it would be that she was far from a wriggly patient. Being a Healer herself she knew better than to fight or argue when you did need a Healing done. Too often she had been the on the receiving end of such foolishness from a patient.

Watching as Mikhail approached with a less than pleasant look, the Black Widow tried to give him a poisonous look that turned more into a weak and watery glare as the Gray Jeweled Prince lectured them. She was hardly an apprentice at her Craft to be scolded so, she thought as her temper bristled slightly. The lack of sleep and her overworked body dulling its edge, as her mind slowly sorted through Mikhail's words and worked them so they made sense. He wasn't entirely wrong on some points but there were others he just wasn't prepared to know about. Giving a weak smiling chuckle, the Black Widow rested her head against the stone pillar that served as a marker for the garden. "Your contract, Prince, to me will be complete with time... Your contract to the Lady?" She called with a crow's harsh voice after the Dea Al Mon Prince. "Do you think it not strange that a Warlord Prince of skill, a Queen with a powerful Jewel, along with two other capable men turned up at my door all at once? I am not so sought after as you might think." Her blue eyes were closed as her voice wavered with exhaustion. "I spent many a night weaving my tangled web and dreaming and drawing power to me. Powerful males to serve. A powerful Queen who could stand free of the taint that threatens this Realm. Be Xandar what he may, this corruption has left scars on him as profound as your own though in a different way. But you both feel the pull, and you both can walk away from it."

There were wing beats as Gen and his brother flew up the cliff face to reach their Black Widow again. Faeril Ashkevron staring at Mikhail as she opened her eyes, hardly seeing in the physical realm as the world took on different shapes and tones and meanings. "An Eyrie with brutal force and power who wears the darkest Jewel in the realm beside the Black. An assassin who wears the Grey. A Warlord who wears the Red. That is the start of the Grey Queen's Court. I cannot make you stay Prince Mikhail, but I can beg you to. Because if you do not... Then the tapestry will rot. The threads will untangle and fall through the Darkness and the next tapestry will begin to rot again. This time the rot will be a mold that leads to a plague. It will be fought, but how can one survive a plague? Ashes, Prince. I see black ashes." Faeril's tone took on the queer dreamer's voice as it grew in strength. Falling silent, Fatima would realize the woman had fallen into an exhausted sleep. Gennar and his brother landing and hurrying over to her with looks of worry on their faces.
Athanasia Theroux / Andy

Location:Outside Medical Tent

Athanasia had been delighted with her summoning of the skeletons, though that happiness soon died when she learned that both Arthur and Andy had found themselves in the medic tent. Why had she split up from her brother? The ‘half’ part conveniently forgotten. Some kids had been talking about it while walking to the sing-a-long and Athanasia had diverted her course. ”Missus, they’ll be fine! They’re tough kids. Why in my day-”

”Shush, Chatters.” Snapped the pale-haired girl uncharastically harsh with the skull, who wisely shut his jaw. Weaving her way thanks to a few helpful instructions Athanasia quickly spotted Andy exiting the tent and grabbed the girl up in a tight hug. ” I heard you and Arthur got hurt! Are you alright? I mean, of course you’re not! Oh, la! You had me worried!” Athanasia chattered on in a mixture of worry and relief. Holding at arm’s length the one-legged skeleton hopping up behind her as dark eyes searched Andy for injury and frowning at the bandage on her arm.

Andy tensed as Ash hugged her. It wasn’t that she was upset at the hug, she just wasn’t used to them. She knew she was supposed to wrap her arms around the other person and she did, but it was slow and obviously nervous. “We’re both fine.” She considered how best to explain to Ash that the two of them had hurt each other. “I fell from a tree, and he...well I hit him really hard with some electricity.” She held up her unhurt arm and demonstrated a spark between her fingers. “They have these squares of food that taste like chicken soup and heal up just about any injury. The arm is only wrapped cause it is sore still.”

Andy noticed the hopping skeleton and raised an eyebrow at Ash. “Looks like you had fun.” Andy wasn’t certain if she was weirded out by the skeleton and after a moment of deliberation she decided any well-decayed corpses were worth the friendship with Ash.

Grinning slightly, Athanasia shrugged as she removed her hands from Andy’s arm lest she hurt her friend further. ” Well my first one was missing an arm, then some campers lopped off his poor head.” Scrunching up her nose slightly as she turned to look at the confused looking skeleton she sighed. ”I suppose I ought to tell him to go back, but it’s rather nice to see the others do a double-take. Plus it’s so much easier to get directions when there’s a skeleton who can tap people on the shoulder and not someone short like me.” The girl winked with a conspiratorial look. Quickly sobering, Athanasia frowned at Andy with a worried look. ”How bad is Arthur hurt? And who pushed you out of the tree?”

As Ash spoke Andy grinned. She enjoyed Ash’s way of messing with people. She also had a good point. Being under five foot made it hard to get the attention of the older campers. “Uh they said triage?” It was clear to Ash that Andy had no idea what the word meant and that she had never said it before. Andy couldn’t explain that since she had had a broken bone the med tent campers had looked at her first and that Arthur would be totally fine. As far as she understood Arthur had been electrocuted and maybe they needed to do a test on him. “As for who pushed me...Wait I said fell out of a tree how did you even know someone pushed me.”

Athanasia just gave Andy an exasperated look. ’You blasted my brother with lightning, while in a battle. You are both in the medic tent, after a battle. Falling out of a tree could happen, but it’s a fight.” Apparently the daughter of Hades had some particular ideas about battles. Namely that injuries were from fights, not just tripping and falling out of a tree. ”Pushed, pulled, shoved, falling while dodging. Take your pick.” The girl pointed out. ”And besides, if someone pushed you that just means I can sick my skeleton on them.” And an ulterior motive to have a bit more fun with her skeleton, which seemed quite reasonable to Athanasia. ” After all, shorties like us have to look out for each other.”

Andy couldn’t help but laugh. “Well you’re right. I was pushed, but we made up. Sorry, no skeleton sicking. It was Arthur.” Andy shook her head. “I was in the tree with Marygold and Eva from Demetri’s cabin. Him and Kristin came across the river and I tried to zapp him. I didn’t do a very good job, so he climbed the tree but Eva wrapped him in plants. So then he got out of the plants and pushed me. I fell, broke my arm and hit him really hard with the electricity. Since we both hurt each other we forgave each other.”

Athanasia listened to the story, nodding slightly as though she understood. Though she rolled her eyes and grinned in slight delight. ”Oh la! Well at least you two forgave each other! I don’t want my friend and my brother fighting, that would make things ever so difficult!” She was worried about Arthur though, not really knowing what triage was. It sounded like something rather irritating though. Smirking like the chesire cat out of Alice in Wonderland, ‘Ash’ glanced at the medic tent and snickered. ”And I can brag about summoning two skeletons while he’s stuck with the medics.” Turning her dark gaze back to Andy, a pale brow was arched as she tilted her head curiously. ”Where are you going now? I think there’s a campfire, but I heard about you and Arthur and well… It made more sense to make sure you were both okay.”

“Brag away, he didn’t summon any skeletons, at least none that I saw.” Andy looked toward where the campfire was being started even as they spoke. She took a sigh and said, “I’m going to my cabin. Today has been long and I want to go to bed. I’ll catch you for breakfast?” She asked hopefully. Yeah, Ash had just called her her friend, something she hadn’t been expecting and felt great. Andy hadn’t ever really had a friend before so she could only hope that she was taking the right actions.

Fluffing the pale braid that hung over one shoulder, Athanasia smiled and nodded. ”Go with Andy and make sure she has everything she needs then return to the earth- rest- grave?” She ordered the skeleton with a charming smile as if it would affect the boney structure. ”Of course! Breakfast should be interesting in a place like this!” The pale girl laughed lightly as she gave a final wave to Andy before slipping into the medic tent to see how her brother fared.

Once, mostly alone, Andy sighed relieved she hadn’t hurt her friendship with Ash. Hopefully, she wouldn’t be too harsh on Arthur for his part in their injuries. Then she made her way to her cabin going slow enough for the skeleton to keep pace with its single leg hopping. “Uh, thank you.” She said to the skeleton at the door to her cabin, and the ground sucked it into it. Andy blinked at the empty air where the skeleton had been. Yeah....the weird was worth the friend. FRIEND! Ash had called her that. She decided she’d deal with the weird and the sparse cabin for the friend.

Arc I - Terreille in Trouble

Faeril Ashkevron

In front of Ashkevron Residence, Askavi

Interacting with @Slim Shady @eclecticwitch

Faeril's eyes flashed at the insult to her close friends. "Careful Prince. You would rather not make an enemy of me." She whispered quietly with a dangerous undertone. It was all well and fine to spar verbally but to insult the men who were as close as kin to her? That was something she could not and would not tolerate. The brother's mother had suffered greatly in the spiral of terror the Twisted Queens had instilled into the Blood and even with all her skill her late aunt could not lead the woman from the Twisted Kingdom that was madness. Now the Eyrien witch lived with a caring herbalist in Aven while her sons worked to protect the Healer-Black Widow. Turning her gaze to the howling and grief-stricken Queen, Faeril gave up struggling and pulled her wings close to her body. It was a terrible thing for the girl to lose someone she was close to, but the Hayllian man would never have been allowed to join them. He had been too much of a risk that could have betrayed all the Black Widow had worked for. The reason she had drained her Jewels.

As they reached the leveled ledge in the mountain that held her eyrie, the woman sighed and shook her head at the foolish little Queen. While she could very well sympathize that would not help the issue at the current point in time. They both needed Healing and Faeril was incapable of doing it. Wincing Faeril gripped Xandar's shirt, her blue eyes hard. "I have my reasons for my... lack of stored power. Do not dismiss the fact a Queen and several capable, despite what you may think, men turned up at the same time." The Black Widow hissed softly under Fatima's howls of outrage. "I will rest you snarling, foolish cockrel, but help my brothers. Their lack of power kept me safe. Do not dismiss the rank of Jewel as the only strength a person has. Now, go let their blood rain down." Faeril chided as she turned away, pointedly ignoring him as she tore off a sleeve of her gown. The quite audible grouse of 'idiot cockrels with swords' a stinging barb sent at the Warlord Prince. Wrapping the cloth about the gash in her finger the woman turned her attention to Fatima as the blood flow slowed. "Lady, if you continue to scream you will only draw the entire village up here and I would rather they not know I am housing a Queen. Even that possible reward might prove too tempting, for we too have suffered hard times under Queen Melian and Jurrian- the Territory Queen." Faeril snapped gripping the Queen's arm as she spun the younger woman about to look at her. "Rather worry about what you can do." Hypocritical words but Faeril was quite the proud hypocrite. It was one of her more vibrant qualities.

On the Stairs Ashkevron Residence, Aven, Askavi Terreille
@Zoey White (At the top of the stairs, on level with the Eyrie) @SilverPaw (Two level above Jassen's body and two levels below Dareen) @13org (Same level as Jandar)

The Eyriens were doing the main amount of fighting, save for the Opal Prince who was flying hard away from the eyrie. Wounded though he was the Eyrien had the advantage of wings and with the three brothers caught up in their own fights he was gaining distance from the battle. As the second-in-command to Lady Melian's Master of the Guard, he wanted his mentor's position for himself and getting killed would not get him there faster. But bringing back news of the Reaper and the Black Widow might. If he had brought back the Black Widow it would have definitely have helped.

The Green and Sapphire Eyriens raced towards the earth. Haelendar panicking as he watched the ground get close as they fell faster and faster. Each time he tried to use Craft, Gen sent a psychic blast at the man forcing him to shield or get slammed into the mountain. A mistake on Haelendar's part. If he slammed into the mountain it would have saved him from gaining such speed, if at the cost of a few cuts and bruises. Not that such things were much of a worry. The Eyrien's skin was already taking a ghastly grey twinge from Faeril's poison and his reaction time was lessening. Gen had spent enough time around the Red Jeweled Black Widow to know her work when he saw it. Finally they were close enough and Gen back winged hard away from the cliff as he veered along the ground and back up into the sky. Dareen's arrow would find it's mark well enough, digging into Haelendar's thigh making him wince as he tried to veer away from the ground. Mikhail would hear Haelendar's pleading cries as the men fell but now they fell silent after a sickening crunching crash. The broken form of Haelendar far below at the base of the stairs. His wings at an awkward angle and blood smearing the ground about him. The Green Jeweled Warlord circled back lazily as he checked on his foe and was satisfied with his death.

Kellvar was not faring well as the two Warlord Prince brothers drove him about in a whirling dance of wings and blades. Bellinar's blade cutting deeply as he passed, but gained a nasty slashe across his hip in retaliation. Cursing the newest come brother winged up the cliff. Denvar's opponent whirled to face him, the blade slamming into the youngest brother's shield ineffively as Denvar laughed in mocking rage. Then grunted in pain as he was slammed into the cliff, his wings bashing against the stone hard enough to bruise muscle. Landing a few feet below on the stairs, Denvar blasted his opponent with the power of his jewel. Kellvar shrieking a insult as he fell onto the stairs just above Jandar.

Athanasia Theroux
Location Camp Half-Blood, F,4

Athanasia winced as her poor skeleton had his only arm chopped off, thankful at least that one of the campers had run from the fight. Then again, the boy had been about her own age and if Athanasia had a terrifying skeleton coming at her... Well, she wouldn't have run! A one-armed skeleton wasn't really that terrifying. It was like the joke a mummy looking for its mommy. Funny, but really not all that great. No, what concerned Athanasia was the fact that the other Ares camper had hacked her skeleton's other arm off.

Then his head. "Oh, la! Now that's just rude!" Exclaimed the pale girl looking rather crossed with the much taller boy. "He was lacking arms and you could have just left him be, but no! You just had to cut his head off." Tutting she shook her head. It had been excessive on the poor old bones. A horn jolted her from her thoughts and Athanasia shot Alannah a confused look. "What was that? Did someone capture the flag already?" She hoped so despite herself. Then she could see how Arthur and Andy were doing.
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