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Hello! I'm LadyRunic! But you knew that...

I love most types of Role Play, but by far my favorites are fantasy. Magic, medieval, dragons, elves, modern day or otherwise. I can do Sci-fi and others but fantasy is my best. I also like music (except rap and most pop songs), gaming, drawing, animals, and books- So many books. It's a running bet that I will become buried under a pile of said objects one day... I'm a tad busy, and when a Rp really catches my interest I'm inpatient for posts. It's like reading a good book and getting stuck on a cliff hanger.

I also have a yearly anime convention I go to and it's literally my x-mas. So you can generally expect posts regularly once a day if probably more, but that's the one weekend I'm not available in the slightest unless I manage to restore my narcoleptic laptop. Which, let's face it, isn't happening any time soon. While I may get my hands on a computer and post, it's possible, I most likely wont. It's the Con and all hail the con. Yeah... I'm too excited typing this up.

I have no idea what you put in these things.

I've RP'd for years, so I can honestly say I have some experience and I've developed the itching fingers again- if you know what I mean-! Oh, I hope you know what I mean...

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Rhys Asher

Location: Home

Rhy's eyes flashed dangerously as Esmeralda got her nerve up. "Watch your tone, Esmeralda. I may have the Sickeness but don't you dare take an attitude with me under my own roof and about my apprentice." He longed to wring the woman's neck but she was an ally to curing this twisted plague. Stalking over to a table he braced his hands against it, the man's knuckles white. While Rhys would never admit it, he was afraid. He was sick and the cure was unknown. Now this wasn't just about Badger, this wasn't just about Esmeralda never stepping up to reveal that she had his son. In fact the rogue suspected the witch would try to take the boy form him.

But she wouldn't do that, not yet anyways. No matter her feelings towards him she had to know that the cure must come first. She would not risk Fayard falling into death's embrace. "I don't want him doing anything that might strain him, woman. His body is already weak." Why did he ever think bedding this bitch was a good idea? "You're right I don't know shit. Except herbs help, but their help is limited. It's not a cure." Turning back he studied Esmeralda with a dangerous look on his face. "Stop strutting about and be that mother you were so proud and desperate to be. Cure him." Rhys sneered, making the words an insult.

Skaoi Silverveil

Location: Infirmity travelling to Attic

Her pale blue eyes were wide in shock as she took in the ruins of the attic, rather than bringing healing supplies she supposed a hammer and nails would be more effective. Though the thought of herself wielding said objects made her wince at the memory of bashing her finger or trying to cut wood. The latter was one of the things did not miss about leaving her cottage behind in the Forest. The Messenger Rat scurried off as it had done as the physik asked. Taking in the scene, Skaoi noted that for all the chaos there was a surprising lack of injuries.

Her relief however was short lived as Amarantha stepped in front of her, blocking her path. Stuttering to a pause, Skaoi eyed the other woman warily. Her hand clasping the basket tightly as she stiffened with meek annoyance. Her patients needed her and this woman was in her way! If there was one thing the physik would fight for it was her patients. Though the question the Young Army asked stabbed into her worries. "I-I was working on researching the S-Sickenesse." The quiet foreigner whispered softly, her eyes dropping slightly as was her habit. They suspected her just as she thought! She had been alone while researching, or at least she thought she had been. Skaoi's attention had been more focused on her research. Shrinking within herself, she wished she would fade away into the air rather than be questioned by this fearsome woman. "It appears spread by m-magyck. I-I fell asleep in the middle of it." Skaoi wilted further as she bowed her head slightly as she shuffled a bit. "My apologies for my lapse. May I please make sure their Highnesses are unharmed and well?" Her steps skirting about the deadly warrior intent on reaching her patients and Myrus in particular.


Location: Aricie

Trailing after the others Grimspound studied the building about them with some interest. It always amazed him how every village and culture had their little quirks about building. From their history or their environment. Hopping over the ship's rail to the dock, he chuckled at Minerva's glee at being dock though the son of the Dyrki didn't mock it. He too was quite glad they had made land. Sea travel didn't bother him, but he did like to stretch his long legs. "Glad you appreciate the land, M'Lady." He noted with a slight chuckle as he glanced at Arnora who was stretching that limber form. Dismissing it for the time being, he gave a outright bark of laughter at the woman's learning of her powers. "At least you didn't knock out a wall during an explosion." He admitted with some amusement. His mother had about wrung his ear over that one, his grandmother had been too busy cackling in her rocking chair staring out at once had been her back wall. 'The boy is strong, my girl. He will walk a far and winding path.' The approval in her voice despite his horrendous accident had made Grimspound eternally grateful.

Though he turned a cheeky grin on Ahote as the man admitted that was why he was there, to learn. "We have similar goals then! Perhaps we shall have more than one drink?" He offered with a friendly tone. It wasn't anything but friendly, scholarly interest that could be shared. Grimspound always enjoyed a kindred mind and they were so few when you traveled the road, but he didn't let that get him down. People interested and fascinated him. How the interacted, how the tools of their lives worked. How different countries and cultures did their crafts so differently or similarly. Though as Ahote mentioned control, Grimspound raised a brow at Arnora in interest. Though he had a theory it had been trial by error. Teachers were not exactly common for that sort thing, or so he could image. If she had learned from someone, he would bet it had been someone either close to the family or a very strange stranger.
Ayita Dyrkin

Location Cells

Dropping to the ground in a feral crouch as the lights died, the younger shifter trembling slightly as she still heard the echoing cry. A sound like that boded no good to anyone or thing. As Lance lit the hall with a bit of light she uncurled and stood. The hairs on her neck still raised. Ayita looked at Dean and Pietro as she pulled out her earplugs and slid them into a pocket. Thrusting the gun at Allison, she sniffed at the air slightly. "I shall find us a way to the surface." She didn't so much as say it as let the thought wash over Pietro and Allison. Taking a deep breathe she backed away from the group. Rubbing her hands up and down her arms as bones creaked and groaned. "Wait here..."

Her breathing became slightly labored as she closed her ambers eyes tightly casting herself into the shadows. Shifting wasn't pleasant business when it was a new form. The moose had hurt enough, and luckily this was smaller. But still, if Ayita could wish for one thing it would be a constant IV drip of painkillers to be in her set of powers. As it was, she was sorely tempted to be in a bad mood and snap at Dean just to underline the point the bitch was bitchy. Stepping past Lance, the dark coloured Dire Wolf peered at the humans with amber eyes. "We go. Pack hunts." The thought she sent to Allison was broken more than usual and there was a primal quality to it. Sniffing at the silver speedster she trotted by them and her startled brother to the stairway. Tossing her head back and giving a lonesome howl, before she began to scramble up the foolish human construct. In this form at least, she would give someone pause. Larger than her preferred Grey Wolf form, her teeth were capable of breaking bones and rending flesh.

Richard Laine

Location Cells

Richard winced even as he heard the scream echo from above. "You have got to be joking." The assassin muttered as the lights blew, cursing under his breathe the man retraced his steps to rejoin the group as Ayita slipped back into the shadows. Typical of her to not want others to see her shift. Though he was able to catch that Muscles, as Guin had dubbed the Future Pietro, was dead. Grimacing the former assassin shook his head. "Just what we need. At least that scream should have knocked out the opposition. Though I'm not going to bet on everyone being down." He hadn't lived this long by being careless.

As the large wolf shoved into the light, Richard took a step back in respectable wariness. Which was reasonable when you are standing next to a ancient and massive predator that hadn't walked the earth for a good number of years. Watching the wolf slip from the light and listening to the sound of claws clicking over the floor and too the stairs, Richard shrugged as the howl echoed up the stairs. "Well, the Dire Wolf has a point." He noted, carefully picking his way after Ayita.
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Ayita Dyrkin

Location Cells

Ayita snorted and carefully plodded after Dean as he ushered the OMEN agents towards the cells. There was no reason to change back and give them a opportunity to attack. As the door shut with a sound of finality she could only agree with Dean. There was a reassurance when a threat was locked away. Though she could not get the horror of hearing that sound upon herself. It made the beasts beneath her skin shiver with worrisome nerves. Bone and flesh bent and twisted as the moose appeared as the tall human form of Ayita.

Cocking her head at Pietro, she made a questioning noise. "Plug our ears?" Whatever was going on, she was confused by the advice that bordered on an outright demand. Striding over to the dead men, Ayita quickly checked pocketes and ripped apart cloth. They were dead and wouldn't be needing it. But she was on a look out for the little bulbs called 'earplugs'. Perhaps they had some? She was keen of ear and eye. That someone was telling her to shut down a sense was unnerving. Pulling two pairs free from her search she shoved one set into her head and snapped to make sure she couldn't hear anything. Satisfied she pressed the second pair into Allison's ears, snapping to check that they were in.

Richard Laine

Location Cells

Richard would never admit it but he was relieved when the OMEN agents surrendered. As ruthless as he was, killing these people would not help their image and while he never cared about the mutant image... Well, he hadn't had his sister with him then. Still he kept a sharp eye on the stair well, ignoring the massive moose that plodded by. Thankfully she didn't have horns being a female and all, he could image that doors would be a bit bothersome. The thought made his lips curl slightly.

Hearing the light footsteps of Ayita shortly behind him as he walked over the bodies, he didn't pay her much mind as he began to systematically search them for what they might need to get out of this facility. Weapons were a must, as was ammo. A gun was hardly useful if it didn't have bullets. While he could respect Ayita's taste for a bow, as arrows were easier to get, he still saw more use for the devastating effect of a solid glock. Coming up empty aside from empty hand guns he still picked those up, thrusting one at Pietro and Lance. Keeping the other for himself as he noted Ayita had hers in hand. He also shoved earplugs at the two, putting a set in himself. Satisfied, he turned to the stairs and gestured that he was going to keep going.
@Black Alice Shame about that as we're just getting the Court together for the first time, but fair enough! Rps in progress are hard to get into sometimes. Happy Rping!
Blood's Jewels

“Terreille in Trouble”

Faeril Ashkevron

Location - Ashkevron Residence in Askavi

The Eyrien woman nodded absently to Mikhail's words her cold blue gaze moving over to study the wooden frame that held the physical web she had woven to mimic the mental strands of power that crossed about Mikhail's inner barriers. Hooking memories and drawing them to the surface and binding fast those she had already placed in their proper position. Tsking her tongue against her teeth in disapproval of the foolish journey-woman who had done the rough shod work in the first place Faeril stood. Her head beginning to swim under the strain of overreaching her limits. "It was merely basic." She murmured slightly carefully wrapping the web in a bundle of silk. Absently wondering if she could fake being fine long enough to get him out of the room. Or would it be worse for him to leave and her brother-in-arms to find her collapsed of exhaustion? Either way was going to be trouble with overbearing males.

It was the way the Blood worked after all. The Black Widow-Healer noted with some amusement. The Blood were the ruling caste but also the caretakers of the Realms. The males protected and served the distaff gender due to the latter's connection to the land. Though they did a bit more than that before Hayll twisted the rules of Protocol. Males had a extremely bossy nature when a witch of the family was weak or doing something the males were strongly against. Also, if the males were doing something they deemed in the witchs' best interest. Stubbornly the Warlord Princes were the worse and had a good Warlord Prince had a habit of digging in his heels and marching in the other direction. Coddling, irritating males. Oh, they 'served'. They served the way it suited them, and they would yield to reason. But other than that it was a furious dance of power.

Of the rank of jewel they wore. Then finally of caste. While she was a Red Jeweled Witch, she her caste nor jewel was stronger than Fatima. The fact this was her home ground gave Faeril the leverage she needed. While on the other hand the Ebon-Grey Warlord Prince who had showed up outranked Fatima despite her being a Queen. As he belonged to her Court he didn't officially outrank her. He would protect and serve her and while they had the formidable power on their side. It still made Faeril uneasy. The Ebon-Grey was the strongest of the Jewels, the only one stronger being the Black.

And only one wore the Black. Setting the silk bundle on a shelf one of the cabinets, Faeril considered the rug over the stone floor. It seemed to swirl and twirl with colors. A welcoming daze came over her and that was the last thing Faeril remember as she dropped like a stone. Fainting from exhaustion. Awake all the night weaving her webs, only to push herself more this morning... She had not had a chance to rest since Fatima had come to her door in Denar's arms. Mikhail would see the Eyrien woman drop the bundle safely on a shelf.

@nohbdies @eclecticwitch "I have been eating. Eggs, many eggs. All of them cluck and gobble." The woman assured the large man as he hovered over the woman who had birthed him as he shooed her into the house.

A second Eyrien appeared in the doorway looking mirror the first with a sharp eye on Vaclav and Artemis. Belor frowned as looked at Fatima with a raised eyebrow. He was shirtless and a warblade rested in one hand. Though he was a light jeweled Warlord Prince, he was still a Warlord Prince and these were strangers on his territory. Though his words were to the two Dhemlans. "Thank you for escorting Mother. Thought Faeril told you she's string you up by your heels if you invited anyone else?" The last bit inquired to the Grey Queen as he waited to close the door after the other two. Apparently this Queen was going to be a handful which would make Faeril a headache...

Hunting out in the far reaches of Askavi didn't seem like a bad idea.

Rhys Asher

Location: Home

The Wizard would be lying if he said he didn't expect this reaction. The boy had been young and the Young Army kept it's members. One way or another. [color-Gold]"Enthusiasic I will grant you,"[/color] Rhys stated dryly. "But be less alert. It will do you no harm and will help you become more alert later. Rest, boy." Gripping a blanket from a nearby chair, the Smiling Man laid it over Badger. Wiping away the boy's face again he gave his final order for the current time. "Rest. If you need anything I will be nearby. Do not strain yourself, do not use magyck. Do nothing but rest and get well." Standing he turned and slipped out the door to studied Esmeralda.

Resisting the urge to cross his arms, he studied the woman. Silently awaiting the words. The harshness that would come. He wasn't going to let the witch into that room without her having a damned better reason than 'I'm his mother'. He couldn't remember her. A new face was the last thing Badger/Fayard needed right now. "We need to find a cure, get him well. Then you can worry about him remembering you." Perhaps it was heartless of him to put it so bluntly but he wasn't known for having much of a heart in the first place. "He won't be much of a son if he's dead." She'd probably slap him for that, but he deserved it for catching the Sickenesse himself. Damn the universe for it's cruel jokes.

Skaoi Silverveil

Location: Infirmity travelling to Attic

She had just finished getting everything reorganized on the desk when the Messenger Rat came scuttling back in. Looking quite out of breathe and panicked. Skaoi's look of confusion turned to one of horror as the little creature informed her of why her message was not being delivered and she herself heard the shuddering boom. Quickly she ran through a list of possible injuries for whomever was in the vicinity. Burns, lacerations, possible broken bones or head injuries. Her feet flew as she went by each bet of her patients carefully checking with each to make sure there was nothing they needed. She was a physik and her patients came first.

Satisfied that they were able to be left alone for a bit, the pale Easter Snow Plains woman scooped up one of her medical baskets for such emergencies. Stuffing her notes into one of the satchels of her waist. She gave the small Messenger Rat a harried and terrified look. "I know you generally only deliver messages but could you lead me to the explosion, please? People might need medical care." Skaoi cursed her timid nature right now, but a rat was easier to talk to than a guard. Less sharp object that might be used on a alleged spy. As the rat nodded, Skaoi bolted from the infirmary at a quickly walk that fell just short of a slow jog. Her eyes locked onto the rat leading the way.


Location: Aricie

So it appeared Arnora was something more than a 'mutant'. Grimspound felt his smile growling slightly with interest. It was in the way she said 'But, lets just say 'mutant' for now'. While he wasn't sure what a mutant was, it was curious as to how she had worded that. Crossing his arms, the man leaned against the railing listening to Minerva admit to assuming Arnora had simply been magyckal. If he had to wager a bet he would say that Arnora was most certainly not a 'mutant' but something else. But he wouldn't out her. That would just ruin the fun and make him a hypocrite. Chuckling deeply he studied Ahote as the man explained the fact that everyone in his village was a mutant except a few.

Toying with the light about his fingers like it was some coin, he bent and shaped it. Flicking it about and walking it across his knuckles. A can-trick is what his grandmother called it thought he suspected the proper name was something else. She was a old and odd woman with a odd way of speaking. But it seemed such was the way of his people. "People with extraordinary powers covers a wide array." Grimspound pointed out with some amusement. "I am no mutant yet you inquired as to my powers, and I have heard a thing or two of interesting folk within this land. Though my question for you, friend Ahote, is what differs a mutant from a magyckal person?" The man gives a friendly grin as he shrugs absently. "I'm incredibly interested now."
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