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More power here than we thought to find! The Gods so jest with men!


Hello! I'm LadyRunic! But you knew that...

I love most types of Role Play, but by far my favorites are fantasy. Magic, medieval, dragons, elves, modern day or otherwise. I can do Sci-fi and others but fantasy is my best. I also like music (except rap and most pop songs), gaming, drawing, animals, and books- So many books. It's a running bet that I will become buried under a pile of said objects one day... I'm a tad busy, and when a Rp really catches my interest I'm inpatient for posts. It's like reading a good book and getting stuck on a cliff hanger.

I also have a yearly anime convention I go to and it's literally my x-mas. So you can generally expect posts regularly once a day if probably more, but that's the one weekend I'm not available in the slightest unless I manage to restore my narcoleptic laptop. Which, let's face it, isn't happening any time soon. While I may get my hands on a computer and post, it's possible, I most likely wont. It's the Con and all hail the con. Yeah... I'm too excited typing this up.

I have no idea what you put in these things.

I've RP'd for years, so I can honestly say I have some experience and I've developed the itching fingers again- if you know what I mean-! Oh, I hope you know what I mean...

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@Belle Thank you very much. And do not worry Belle the drama had nothing to do with you. I completely understand you were stuck as that was my bad as a GM.
@NanoFreakV2 @nohbdies 7 days left to get your posts in. Just a reminder! (And also one for myself!)
@FallenTrinity @Fallenreaper @Belle @Forett I'm ending this Rp here. I enjoyed it and I am forever thankful you all stuck with me through it. But three of you have missed the deadline for posts. The drama that happened to several players earlier this year didn't help either. But I see where I went wrong and should I start this up ever again I'm going to strive to do better.
Mythical sirens. Not that she's seen or believes in them.
Alice cringed at the fight that was preparing to unfold before her. She was in general a peaceful woman who liked pins, needles and a good swath of fabric. Liam had well earned the aggression she had dealt him! Though he was exception and not the rule. But the way these three were set to go after the vampire only confirmed that he had wronged them in some way. "I'm not going with you." Alice hissed as her eyes flashed red behind the mask.

No, she would not go with him. No matter what he offered. Alice's hatred of the man ran perhaps too deep. But questions were creeping over her. Who was Sturmgiest, or was it a what? A where? She didn't know and the tailor was getting the feeling this might be why Liza stayed away from Dalton. Not that she blamed the man for this meeting. He was defending her admirably so far. "You worry about your white gloves, but you don't tell me what you did to my masterpiece? I made a lovely coat and you don't have the decency to wear it!" The woman muttered with a sour pucker of her lips.
So they meant to take over a small area that wasn't heavily guarded. Perhaps if they did that near Egypt, Ryssa would have her chance to slip away. It was as good an idea as any. Her eyes grew sharp at the mention of 'cute girls'. Oh, these fools. One was among them and if she played her cards right they would have no idea that she was there. A blessing for her, a curse for any other woman who crossed paths with these men. But the world was a harsh place, a fact that Ryssa had learned early on. The strong survived and the weak died. Picking at the wood of the deck the supposed man mussed in thought.

"No one is keen on dying except the cursed or desperate and even then death isn't a common want." Rys stated in a harsh voice, though he shrugged absently. A slight smirk of a smile forming on lips the sea had roughed from their original delicate shape. "Though if you are so eager for women, surprised you haven't tried to attract the sirens of the sea. There are probably a few who would oblige you." For a fee however, nothing in this world was easy and nothing was free. The price to Egypt seemed to be costing Ryssa her nerves and reasonable people around her.
Works for me!
Alice shivered in fright, her flinch from Liam's touch having saved her from being ensnared by the vampire who had caused her turning. The malice that hung heavy in the air didn't help matters as Alice hesitated approaching the three masked figures though she well knew who at least one of them was. Though as she listened, their words startled and unnerved her. Liam knew them? How? What was their issue with the man= vampire? Alice's green eyes flicked back from the deadly red in her shock.

What did they mean by 'the master'? Was it perhaps the same way Liam had tried to gain leverage over her? Biting back her questions and holding her terror in check, the small tailor nodded at Dalton's words and took the next few steps that put her behind the three and most directly behind the man who had been her partner to the dance. There was so much what she wanted to ask, but there was no time. Or rather, this was not the time. Wrapping her arms about herself, Alice looked at Liam from behind the group with sheer loathing.
Oh, how she wanted what he offered. But Liam would give her nothing without strings she wasn't willing to agree with. Irritated and annoyed Alice was loosing her edge as she felt her back hit the railing as Liam towered over her. Her crimson eyes gleaming withe rage as she wrung her hands hopelessly. "No!" The tailor hissed between her fangs. "You took my life and shop. There is no way you can return them. Them and not some second rate copy!" The raven haired vampire moved suddenly her hand striking across her creator's face with a ringing slap. Her nails having been dragged across his face. Temper and power had been behind that blow and using it as cover Alice darted to the side. Attempting to put more distance between Liam and her.

Furious and close to breaking her emotional walls again. Alice focused on trying to get around Liam, to the safety of lights and people. Even if she wans't one of them. She was a vampire and horror of the night. But she wasn't the worst thing out there. Liam saw them as prey. As something to quench his thirst and be used for his entertainment. That wasn't her, that wasn't Liza. They saw themselves as apart of humans but still close to them. Or so Alice thought.
Ryssa blinked in shock. Pirates going after pots? Fine pots, sure. But at they end of the day they were chasing down pots. Her lips twitched as she fought back the tickle in the back of her throat, knowing she wouldn't be able to hid a silver laugh as a man. Coughing violently, the 'man' rolled a shoulder, working out a kink in muscles that were not used to clambering about a ship's mast. Though this news about taking a small town was worrisome. "No booze." Rys said though not unkindly. She dared not get drunk as she had no tolerance for the wine.

"What is this about taking over a small town? How would that work?" The newest member of the crew frowned as they fixed a tie on their sandal that held the rags tight to their feet. Making them look larger than they actually were. Her mother had warned her that feet and hands were easy to give her away as what she was. Though she could do little about her hands aside keep them busy and play off as a dainty lad, she could and did wrap her feet to mask that fact. If they were taking over a small town and sticking about there, Ryssa would need to find another ship that was heading south, to Egypt. She wasn't about to risk everything because the idiot captain thought a small respite in a town was a good idea. It was something that could get her found out or killed.
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