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Current Bad news. I'm ill. So it will be a bit before I will be posting normally again. I will TRY to keep up. But no promises.
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Posting Via Phone, forgive my horrible format for a bit. x.x
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Oit of town for xmas posting will be slow
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Will be afk for the night. Sorry guys. IRL.
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Need a distraction. Will be poating amd in more rps


Hello! I'm LadyRunic- also known as KarasuRaven, Ceridwolf, and probably more names I cannot remember.... *Ahem* Beside the point.

I love most types of Role Play, but by far my favorites are fantasy. Magic, medieval, dragons, elves, modern day or otherwise. I can do Sci-fi and others but fantasy is my best. I also like music (except rap and most pop songs), gaming, drawing, animals, and books- So many books. It's a running bet that I will become buried under a pile of said objects one day... I'm a tad busy, and when a Rp really catches my interest I'm inpatient for posts. It's like reading a good book and getting stuck on a cliff hanger.

I also have a yearly anime convention I go to and it's literally my x-mas. So you can generally expect posts regularly once a day if probably more, but that's the one weekend I'm not available in the slightest unless I manage to restore my narcoleptic laptop. Which, let's face it, isn't happening any time soon. While I may get my hands on a computer and post, it's possible, I most likely wont. It's the Con and all hail the con. Yeah... I'm too excited typing this up.

I have no idea what you put in these things.

I've RP'd for years, so I can honestly say I have some experience and I've developed the itching fingers again- if you know what I mean-! Oh, I hope you know what I mean...

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Alice Lynche

Location Her Cottage

Alice blinked at the knock at her door, knocked from her slight daydream of a potential line of fall dresses. Glancing at the door, she stood up brushing the dusty scraps of fabric and thread from her dark green skirt. It was one of her own design, though not one of her best. A deep green skirt which fell to just below her knees; that was embroidered with falling golden, orange, and red-brown leaves. Dark black leggings to stave off the autumn chill. Though compared to England's tendency to rain, it was more fashion and less necessary. A black blouse with deep bronze buttons shaped like acorns at her cuffs. Complete with a set of MaryJanes- if she was going out. Which Alice hoped was not the case. She had work to do! If only to get out of this town. A sad fact about the murder. She could wait it out or wait to flee. But either way- that door still needed answering.

Skipping about several mannequins that were set about her living room, she reached the door to open it. The eldery woman and her apparent grandson come to welcome her. Well it was right on time of that. Enough that her house was in something of order, or perhaps not she noted as she looked at the bathmat that was serving as a entry way welcome mat. She'd have to find where the actual welcome mat went! Blushing slightly as she took the cake in it's contain, she gave the woman a apologetic smile. "Thank you very much, I'm Alice Lynche." Her voice was a soft and warm sound. Tiny to match it's tiny owner. But there also was the thick British accent that decorated it. "Would you like to come in? I'm a bit of a mess. But I do have some tea and biscuts in the parlor." She offered. It was rude to leave talk in the street, especially with the elderly. On top of that- who didn't like a spot of proper tea? Something she found lacking in this town, but she wasn't above ordering it in from out of town- or country for that matter.

Ayita Dyrkin

Location X-Van

Rolling her shoulders, Ayita took stock of the equipment she had. It wasn't much, but she had never wanted for much. A fleeting note that she should pick up a bow at some point flickered through her mind. It wouldn't hurt to have that welcomed bulk upon her once more. Not that the correct bow was bulky. They were smooth agile weapons that the woman honestly appreciated. Hers had been left in her small cavern home in the mountains. Not really a home, but a den for the winter months. She had thought about reclaiming it- but that would be a waste of time. She could make another if it came down to it. Not to mention she didn't see the Professor denying her that when she noted the guns (loud and obnoxious things) the others had.

A feral smile graced her lips however. It was small hard to notice. But it was there as she stared Pietro in the eyes. Her head slowly tilting to the side to revealed her notched ear. "You say that as if this Mystique is so great because her powers are 'cool'. Strong. Even the apex. Even such fall to the savage desperation of the prey time to time. Such is the law of nature." Her voice never rose, never took an edge to it. Merely stated the facts as she saw them. It did not matter to her if this turncoat missed her warning. It truly was not Mystique that worried her. Human grudges like his sister's concerned her greater. And she would rather face the other shifters the Brotherhood had than the Scarlet Witch. All in all however, Ayita wanted to pull this off without a fight. Thus avoiding the negatives that happened in a fight. Wounds, maim, death. Her amber eyes gleamed as she tilted her head back normally, hiding her ear again. Her feral look cooling to neutrality again. "Be that as it may. I am not keen of meeting any apex predator in combat. Those fights are bloody and often end well for no one." It was true enough, and she wondered if perhaps that's why such clashes between X-men and Brotherhood ended as they did.

Well for no one.
Correction. You all have til next Sunday so 6 days due to holidays
Don't forget to post. 3 days left.
@BlueSky44 Intentional. I can't see her taking one without prompting.
@BlueSky44 Working from phone. Will be a few days til I can get back on computer. Relationship sheet may have hiccuos due to that.


Ooohhh, are we posting things now?
Next GM post has been put up!

@Forett Congrats. You've already terrified people. XD
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