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Current Update: Work is currently being a bitch as work is known to be. To all those I have promised posts to stayed tuned they will be coming!
16 days ago
Just got home from work 2 hours late... promised posts will come tomorrow, sorry folks!


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Welcome to my untitled role play interest check! Bonus points for interested parties will be handed out for interesting titles and can be redeemed in the New Beginnings gift shop! The only prize we have is a bottle full of spiders but that's not intentional, I'm just currently broke! Anywho, jokes aside, I am looking for someone to help me build up a role play based on the characters we choose as there are so many ways to take an idea like this! If there's anything you've been dying to do let me know, if you want to slaughter a characters kingdom I'll tell yah the hand maid already had her kingdom destroyed so that's just cruel man why you gotta destroy the second kingdom she has too? But I'll allow it cause I'm an absolute sucker for putting characters through hell and back! You want them to go on an adventure with the guise of having it be a honeymoon but in reality the prince is just a workaholic who can't put his assignment of killing a dragon down? I'm all for it! So if you have two characters in mind whomever they may be and whatever role they might fulfill hit me up in the glorious P of M's!

But here is a taste of our two lovely ladies to Victoria and Hina! The sun of the west and the moon of the east!
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Hello there everyone, my name is Newie and I'm currently looking for some new dance partners to punch my dance card! If you're interested in this plot and would like to discuss it more please PM me and we can discuss in more detail where you'd like to go with this!

The premise is short but the plot can vary based upon the time setting we are in. The first plot is in a more modern setting while the second is set more in a medieval fantasy setting! I really love to build a plot with a partner so if you're interested and have ideas please put them in your message! Chances are it'll peak my interest and we can add it in! But I hope to see you on the dance floor soon!

Oh and if you have a compelling assassin I may be compelled to switch roles!

Thank you for reading this far! Bonus points shall be awarded for those who make a dad joke in their PM!
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