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Current ... all bard campaign ...
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>Yaaawn< Mmm, alright, time to go, it's currently my bedtime ... in Anchorage ...
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It feels like the right time to say this: I know I annoy some of you and ... I consider that a "You Problem" ggkthnxbai UwO
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Mais les Ananas ne parlent pas!
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A Rice Cooker UwU
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OHMAILAWD! I forgot about this part! BIO! Okay, I can do this, I know about me right? Yis. So where to start ... uuuuum ... Hmm.

OOH! Okay, you've probably noticed, but I'm a little ADHD. That's probably a good place to start, kind of like a disclaimer. I'm a little all over the place at most times, but I'll try and stay on track when the writing starts. My interests are also kind of all over the place, and I have a tendency to like OBSESS over things for a bit and then dip. I'll fill like two and a half sketchbooks and then just drop it forever for to work on nail art, or read old comics online, or some free 2 play game on my crappy phone.


Speaking of writing, I don't have like a looooot of experience. I mean I know words, a lot of words, but like not ALL the words, ya know? Probably not even MOST of the words, but I've got a solid foundashum ... I'm actually really impressed if you're still reading, where are we even going? Your van smells sus.

RIGHT, bio ... I like animals, all animals, and I'm fond of nature, but only SOME nature ... like non-hostile nature, the desert sounds pretty awful. I like music, ALL mus-okay not country, but most music ... okay SOME country. MOST music, but only SOME most music. It's gotta slap, that's what I'm getting at. Whatever style or genre it's gotta have a little something to it, something that makes you wanna DANCE.

I like some movies, and some shows, but mostly weird stuff. OMG have you seen Willy's Wonderland on Netflix like OMG amazing and weird and amazing. Horror movies are also great, but only some, others are really awful, and then some are so awful that it's great ... Go watch Willy's Wonderland, srsly.

How have you even held on this long? Even I'm not reading at this point. UUUUM I'm happy to try writing just about anything, and I have a google so I can git into a fandom pretty quick, just keep all that smutty smut to yourself! *finger wags* Bad adult! I'm 16 years old, so ye, beware!

I can't even think of anything else, but if you aren't going for the block button yet, feel free to DM me or leave a message here or ... whatever other ways this place has of getting me words from people.

OH YEAH and I got discord just like ... ask me for it cause I'm not just gonna put it up here ^ - ^

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*one-punches the spider, house explodes* DED!
*also sees the spider in the corner* Eeeeeee!
Madeline summoned herself a madeline-scale cup of tea on a madeline-scale saucer. She'd just taken a sip when her eyes lit up. "Bandits! How exciting!" With a fluid motion she swirled her finger in the air, the empty tankard magically refilling. "I think I've only ever met horses as big as horses! You must have been terrified!" Madeline took another sip of her tea, pinkie extended upward.
Madeline's eyes were wide "What was your last great adventure!?"
Madeline's eyes went wide as the man announced his title. A saint! How amazing! She collected herself and offered her little hand to shake. "I'm Madeline, it's nice to meet you! A saint! You must have some amazing stories ... w-would you ... would you tell me an amazing story?" She'd leaned onto her elbows on the counter now, looking rather impressed even without a story.
Madeline watched for his reaction like her entire future depended on it, managing to keep her balance through a kind of ... spiny ... wiggly dance atop her little stool. Once she'd regained her composure, she put her little fists on her little hips and offered a little smile.

"Only the best for MY customers ..." She stood just being proud for a few more moments before her ears flattened out and her expression fell. She was being rude!

"Oh my goodness, I didn't ask for your name, sir ..." A quizzical look fell onto her features as she, pause hanging for an answer.
Madeline nodded excitedly and turned around to face the prep window ... only to remember no one else worked here ... and that it was a cafe. Standing stunned on her stool for a minit, she finally waved her finger in the air and summoned a frosty tankard of ale. Turning back around, she set it gently onto the counter with a proud smile. "There! ... and yes, my absolute and only first customer ever!"
Madeline straightened up as she heard the door, turning to see a figure in plate mail with a sword on his hip. Her eyes lit up, and she hopped onto her stool behind the counter.

"Hello, and welcome! You're my first customer! What would you like, whatever it is it's on the house!"
Madeline sat back down on her stool of sadness, pressing her chin into her palms. Swirling one finger lazily, a floating espresso cup appeared with a little latte in it, lifting itself to her pouting lips for her to sip at. She was unaware of the horse currently.
Madeline paused with a confused look on her face. Looking around, she wiggled her pinky in her ear and listened for a moment before offering a little shrug.
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