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Hmmm, wull stay safe and be careful if thats possible OwO
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It was only then that the other campers realized just how many drugs David had just taken ... All of them.
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... plz explain ...


OHMAILAWD! I forgot about this part! BIO! Okay, I can do this, I know about me right? Yis. So where to start ... uuuuum ... Hmm.

OOH! Okay, you've probably noticed, but I'm a little ADHD. That's probably a good place to start, kind of like a disclaimer. I'm a little all over the place at most times, but I'll try and stay on track when the writing starts. My interests are also kind of all over the place, and I have a tendency to like OBSESS over things for a bit and then dip. I'll fill like two and a half sketchbooks and then just drop it forever for to work on nail art, or read old comics online, or some free 2 play game on my crappy phone.


Speaking of writing, I don't have like a looooot of experience. I mean I know words, a lot of words, but like not ALL the words, ya know? Probably not even MOST of the words, but I've got a solid foundashum ... I'm actually really impressed if you're still reading, where are we even going? Your van smells sus.

RIGHT, bio ... I like animals, all animals, and I'm fond of nature, but only SOME nature ... like non-hostile nature, the desert sounds pretty awful. I like music, ALL mus-okay not country, but most music ... okay SOME country. MOST music, but only SOME most music. It's gotta slap, that's what I'm getting at. Whatever style or genre it's gotta have a little something to it, something that makes you wanna DANCE.

I like some movies, and some shows, but mostly weird stuff. OMG have you seen Willy's Wonderland on Netflix like OMG amazing and weird and amazing. Horror movies are also great, but only some, others are really awful, and then some are so awful that it's great ... Go watch Willy's Wonderland, srsly.

How have you even held on this long? Even I'm not reading at this point. UUUUM I'm happy to try writing just about anything, and I have a google so I can git into a fandom pretty quick, just keep all that smutty smut to yourself! *finger wags* Bad adult! Don't be sus like that!

I can't even think of anything else, but if you aren't going for the block button yet, feel free to DM me or leave a message here or ... whatever other ways this place has of getting me words from people.

OH YEAH and I got discord just like ... ask me for it cause I'm not just gonna put it up here ^ - ^

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Dis looks pritty kewl
Madeline didn't notice the little bunny, nor it's little funny hat, at first. Even when the humming began, the little witch was convinced the cicadas were just busily warming up. It wasn't until the balloon appeared that she let out a startled peep, watching as the freshly birthed floaty floated off with the wind.

Blinking a few times, she peered down at the bunny as the horse moved past, bound for the little town's sleepy little general store, where a hitching post stood empty. Madeline offered a little wave to it as she muttered to Vicar "Strange welcome ..."
... SUDDENLY AND YET INEVITABLY ... the forest parted, and past a small clearing of sun-yellowed grass and nameless ferns (except one named Archibald), the little hamlet of Greenfern could be seen. Poking out of the tall grass some twenty feet before the nearest building stood an old wooden sign, upon which was written "The Hamlet of Greenfern Village."

With questions of dark, other realities bubbling in the backs of their minds, the small adventuring party set out once more down the road. The thick, clinging vines of the darkened wood peeled back, and soon they were travelling through a forest like any other, rather than one that could easily be said to contain a monstrously large and particularly murderous turtle.

Madeline, who had taken to floating along rather than engaging in such a mundane mode of transit as walking, was the first to spot the little figure approaching. Of course, little being rather related to distance, it wasn't much longer before Madeline, to her own chagrin, realized she was still the shortest among them, with the new arrival standing feet taller than her once they were up close.

Stifling a little sigh, she offered a wave, noting only now the lingering aroma of citrus.

"Hello ... you smell of limes ... welcome!"
Sooooo, what kinds of characters are people thinking of making?
Arthur and Clark exchanged dread-filled glanced before turning their combined attention back down to Roland and his cruel little smile. There wasn't a second to waste, as each passing one brought Gordon closer and closer, but what to do, what to do? Putting distance between themselves and the menacing pair didn't seem like a good idea, given what had happened to poor Geoff ... poor, poor Geoff.

Oh, what will his poor mother think ...

ANYWAY, there wasn't time to waste. Arthur's fists clenched at his sides as he stared angrily down at Roland, still covered in blood. Roland, sensing a challenge, moved to take a step, turning a spiked shoulder up at him in care he threw a punch. Clark was busily staring at the approaching Gordon.

And then, quite suddenly, he turned and soccer-kicked the little bastard right in the Rumpelstiltskin.

Roland wasn't expecting it, busily focused on Arthur. Arthur didn't expect it, knowing Clark wasn't a fighter. Even Gordon slowed for a moment, looking a bit stunned. Stepping forward carefully, Clark prodded Roland back into a ball and lined up. Gordon, who took a few more moments to realize what was going on, dove for cover only seconds before Gordon came sailing through the air where his torso had been.

Roland, having missed his target, embedded into the second story wall of an inn with a >PING<, spiked securing him to the masonwork quite expertly.

Arthur, still kind of stunned, turned a quizzical stare toward Clark.

Clark offered a grin. "I realized ... I can kick things too" And, as if to prove his point more than being a cricket ever could, he did two effortless squats on the spot.

Arthur grinned and nodded in approval, but it was only moments before they both started to get the sense that this time would be better used fleeing, or fighting. Something anyway. Time IS generally best used for something, even if that something is a very purposeful nothing.
Momentarily disheartened by Vicar's seizing of the reigns, she soon understood what was happening as his hand stretched down to her. Of course, it was about this moment she found herself covered in a millin itty bitty spiddys. Closing her mouth so none would wander in, and wrinkling her nose as she felt a few little arms testing their welcome, she offered a little squeal of frustration as she batted the spiders off of her face and hands, the rest hanging stunned in place, forming what looked like a lustrous fur coat that draped from her form.

Sucking her teeth in frustration, Madeline opened the menu and closed the game. It didn't take long to uninstall, and once she did her antivirus found Scott in a few seconds and wiped him from digital existence with a click of "okies." Reinstalling took a bit longer what with updates, but it wasn't TOO long before the game was back up and running, and as the world returned to a state of existing, Madeline offered a little blink.

... Everything seemed normal, although there was a blinking red dot in the corner of her vision that mentioned something about a sale on in-game currency that she couldn't figure out how to dismiss.

FINALLY she reached out and took Vicar's hand, although he looked a little weirded out by being reinstalled, and swung her little self up onto the horse, pushing her pink hair back into order and straightening her large witch hat once she was settled.

"There we go!"
Thunder crashes from off in the distance, and it begins to rain lightly. Madeline looks to Scott again, then back to Vicar.

"I mean ... there is something kind of off about Scott ..."

Considering it a moment longer, she finally offered a shrug and a nod. Probably better to be safe than sorry, wouldn't want to glitch out the server or anything.
Madeline stared up into Vicar's eyes, her optimistic smile slowly dripping away like so much Scott. She looked slowly back over at the not-quite-rabbit creature, then shook her head.

"Are you sure it was THIS dust bunny from beyond the abyss?"
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