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Current I am a slave to well made freshly cooked baked beans loaded in a 12 gauge shell.
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1 day ago
This ain't no place for no hero, this ain't no place for no better man.
1 day ago
How is the statu s bar going with less of my mindless blabber?
3 days ago
I have math homework but I also have villain ideas. Life choices.
5 days ago
Why is it that after I go less active that people suddenly get interested in making song references? Was I so intimidating? GO MAKE MORE SONG REFERENCES NOW
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Macaroni salad anyone?


An anonymous individual spoke to me in a vague point of time in the past that the plane I exist within shall take advantage over me. I happen to not be the most efficient wedged utensil available.
I suspected that the female subject lacked of proper wisdom, and she had her hand positioned over the front of her head, with the fingers mimicking the shape of the capital letter of the alphabet L.

Well, the passing of 365 days begins to approach, and it repeatedly happens without a seeming possibility of ceasing.
I have been worn out by the common code I am to follow within a society, and I gain an injury due to arough landing that occurs as I move across the land in a fast speed.

I found the ideology that one must not spend their time living without pursuing the goals of experiencing joyful emotions as lacking the sense to convince me.
As time passes you gain academic knowledge, at the expense of losing the common sense.
The amount of activities available to me and information I could process with my eyes appeared to be overwhelming. As a result, I have come to a conclusion that there is no reason to refuse the option of accessing the rather unruly secgion of the urban grounds located inbetween and behind buildings.
Gaining knowledge of such areas is impossible unless you physically investigate them.
Unless you develop physically and mentally, you will not be able to illuminate your talent.

Take a look at yourself in the current state of time. You appear to be an outstanding individual. Move on and get your game ready, enjoy the experience.
Look at the current state of yourself. It appears that you are a rock music performer of fame. Go on and prepare for a performance. Receive the rightful amount of pay for it.
Every substance that shines brightly as it reflects light can be classified as gold.
Shooting stars are justified as the only method that can demolish mold.

The temperature of the room is below room temperature, and according to multiple statements it continues to get lower. The multiple number of beings are gathered up in one place at the current point of time, but the state may change depending on the events that happen as they age.
However, the human males that represent the meteorites object to the idea, the evidence of their assertion being a damaged portion on a part of a photogaph via a satellite.

The thickness of the solid water upon which we are skating on is now decreasing.

If you read all this crap you've got some hell of a willpower to walk through the cringe.
Seriously though I have no idea why I did this.
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