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Brothers and sisters are natural enemies. Like casual RPers and Advanced RPers! Or Free RPers and Advanced RPers! Or Nation RPers and Advanced RPers! Or Advanced RPers and other Advanced RPers!

Damn Advanced Roleplayers! They ruined the Advanced section!

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In Mahz's Dev Journal 2 yrs ago Forum: News
This is probably stupid, but it popped into my mind while scrolling through 1x1: Tags for the different shippings that Roleplayers look for (MxM, FxF, MxF). Again, it's not a huge deal, but a lot of people only Roleplay one or two in my experience. It may be easier to just be able to search the tags for one of the three instead of constantly writing "Male looking for females" or "Female looking for males" in titles, but that may just be me.
>Keep following.
>Enter the tunnel.
>Follow Wibble's lead.
>Follow Wibble.
>Try to absorb half of the Glyph of Dancing.
Might as well share it with Blue or Wibble.
Welcome to the Guild! Hopefully we have room for this enormous-sized Blackletter family!
Welcome Back!
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