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Current Refraction.
1 mo ago
I went into a Toys R Us and bought myself a German Shepherd plush for $9.99 because I was sad. Don't test me, I'm a dangerous woman when it comes to spending my money.
2 mos ago


Heat-senpai's Words Of Wisdom
Brothers and sisters are natural enemies. Like casual RPers and Advanced RPers! Or Free RPers and Advanced RPers! Or Nation RPers and Advanced RPers! Or Advanced RPers and other Advanced RPers!

Damn Advanced Roleplayers! They ruined the Advanced section!

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About Me
American. From New Jersey, but lives in Massachusetts.
Nineteen years old, Pisces, birthday falls on February 20th.
Claims to be female, but who really knows.
INTP/INFP and Chinese zodiac is the Tiger.
Always tired.
Overly aggressive debate student.
Filthy weaboo and ineffective memer.
Cares far too much about the environment.
Has an unhealthy obsession with real crime.
Wannabe and (hopefully?) upcoming paranormal investigator.
Rookie Jiu Jitsu martial artist with a white belt and two stripes.

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Your new friend.

Been there, done that. Still not enough since I'm quite literally on my own.
What glory?

Shitposting and insulting one another. I see that you are new.
this is now a Hello Kitty x Peppa Pig crossover episode.

You seem like an edgelord that bandwagons random content because "LOL RANDOM xD". It's people like you that killed the glory of Spam.
I was wondering if you could do a reading regarding my college experience sometime?

@Witch Cat

Thank ya kindly in advanced!
Anime is a mistake.
Top Ramen will be your friend.

Ramen is for fucking scrubs. Do I look like a scrub to you? If you said yes, then you would be right.
You'll do fine. You're a smart girl^^. Plus college is easy as fuck. Everyone there is more scared than you.

I caught one, boys.

On a serious note though, thank you. I'm more or less stressed about the money aspect, but I plan to see Financial Aid about that as soon as possible. So we will see where that goes.
I'm so in denial that I'm in fucking Egypt right now.

Make them fight for your honor.
What is this cancerous creation.
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