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Mostly inactive due to college.


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Brothers and sisters are natural enemies. Like casual RPers and Advanced RPers! Or Free RPers and Advanced RPers! Or Nation RPers and Advanced RPers! Or Advanced RPers and other Advanced RPers!

Damn Advanced Roleplayers! They ruined the Advanced section!

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American. From New Jersey, but lives in Massachusetts.
Nineteen years old, Pisces, birthday falls on February 20th.
Claims to be female, but who really knows.
INTP/INFP and Chinese zodiac is the Tiger.
Always tired.
Overly aggressive debate student.
Filthy weaboo and ineffective memer.
Cares far too much about the environment.
Has an unhealthy obsession with real crime.
Wannabe and (hopefully?) upcoming paranormal investigator.
Rookie Jiu Jitsu martial artist with a white belt and two stripes.

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a water bottle is definitely good advice! As is the rest. Will prepare against sunburn, starvation, thirst, and shitty tourists. As for avoiding Disneyland, it's too late now! XD thanks!

I tried. Looks like I was too late. You'll be remembered.
Bring your own refillable water and I would recommend staying away from the snacks sold there. I'm sure that it'll be tempting, but it's expensive and my sister claims that most of it sucks. I'd recommend dressing in cool clothing and carrying some sunscreen with you. Tourists and their kids tend to be a little shitty too, so I'd recommend avoiding them too.

Actually, I'd recommend just avoiding Disneyland all together.

Go to the beach or the Grand Canyon instead.
Banned for simply being Briza.
A sock.
We've already crossed paths, but hey, welcome!

As I've already implied in our PM exchange, I'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the website and/or Roleplaying as a whole. So, if you have any questions, then don't hesitate to ask! Otherwise, I hope you find what you're looking for and enjoy the time that you spend on here!
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