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Reidun found Conall right where she had left him, with Aksel. Aksel was telling the end of a story and the others started laughing. Reidun walked up behind Conall and sat next to him. “My final battle is done for the evening. That jerk won’t be so quick to hit them again. I saw the others still over there raiding and the like.”

Conall looked over to where Reidun had just sat down. Smiling at her presence he said “Aye there's still quite a few out there who are never satisfied with the raiding we do.” Then realizing what she had meant she went to confront the farmer he became worried that she left by herself. “You didn't leave the outpost all alone did ya?” he was generally worried for her especially considering that they didn't know if there was still an army out there or what dangers were left in these woods.

Reidun smiled softly at his worrying about her. “No, I took Harek with me. He seems preoccupied of late. How are you doing? Is the ale helping you to relax at all?” She moved to the log behind him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and laid her head on his shoulder. “I hate to see you upset.”

Conall smiled at her show of affection. He looked down at yet another bottle of ale he drank. “Aye it is. Don't worry though I can handle it much better than my brother Harek. I bet he was barely able to stand when he went with you right?” He kind of chuckled at that. It was always quite a show when Harek drank and after a fight like today Harek was sure to be up to his eyes in ale. He rested his head on Reiduns just looking into the fire.

Reidun chuckled softly and moved to sit on the ground next to him. Pulling his arm around her she remarked, “He didn’t appear to be drunk but he was tripping over things a little more than he should have been I’d say.” She glanced up and caught Aksel staring at her and Conall with a smirk on his face. Wondering what he was thinking she raised an eyebrow at him. “Something wrong Aksel?”

Aksel’s smirk disappeared and he seemed off of his normal self. “How did you guys get into the castle?” He took another swig of his ale and stared at her.

Reidun grinned and chuckled. “I was wondering when you’d ask about that. I found a sewage grate around the back of the wall and we went in that way.” Aksel’s eyes sparkled with laughter as he pictured a group of them going into the sewage tunnel. Reidun couldn’t get the hilarity of it out of her mind.

“Aye it was great being a giant trying to crawl through a tiny hole in the wall that was full of shite.” Conall try as he might couldn't help himself but laugh at the fact they had done it. Rubbing the top of his head he began “I think hitting my head on that ceiling was the worst injury I got in the fight. But it was all fine once me and Harek finally got through and got in on the action.”

Reidun smiled at hearing Conall’s laughter. It warmed her heart. She grabbed a mug of ale and pulled off her boots and let her feet feel the grass as she sat on the ground. Sighing happily, however, she couldn’t get it out of her mind that Aksel was just a little off of his usual demeanor. He seemed to watch her as he got up and went to talk to some of the others. Barely paying it any mind she figured her hair was probably crazy looking and that would explain the odd staring.

Conall had seen Aksel giving him a strange look as he walked off but paid it no mind. He turned his attention to Reidun who he held close. “Thank you for staying with me today and sorry for giving you such a scare.” After finishing that he held her a little tighter as if he was afraid to let her go. “I am glad though that Harek seemed back to his normal self. I was worried that I might have to go beat some sense into the fool.” He laughed at the thought of them both fighting once again like they did so long ago.

Reidun laughed at his words while she looked at his hands up against hers. “I’m betting that when your mother had you that you nearly split her in two. Your hands are twice the size of mine and mine are not small for a woman’s hands. Do you think she would have liked me?” Reidun looked at Conall and she caught Aksel looking at her out of the corner of her eye.

Conall rubbed his chin with his free hand acting like it was difficult question to answer “I'm not sure.” Seeing her slightly worried look out of the corner of his eye Conall dropped the act with a little laugh. “I'm kidding of course she would’ve liked you. I’d go as far to say that she would’ve loved you.” Conall looking her in the eyes saw some relief as he continued ”“I mean how could she not like a strong woman with a strong will and one that could keep me in my place. That and the fact you're not a mindless killer but that you save the women and children.” Conall began to laugh as he brought up his next point. ” “That on top of your red hair she would have welcomed you easily as part of the family.”

Reidun smiled, happy to think of his mother liking her and accepting her as part of the family. “I would have loved to meet her too.” After a few moments she started pulling her hair down from it’s wild braids and crazy updo. “I need to get the brush for my hair. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Reidun got up, kissed him on the lips quickly and walked towards where they had put their things.

Searching through her bag she found it and felt hands behind her gently pulling her hair down. Reidun assumed it was Conall and she let him continue to undo her hair. Her eyes were closed and when lips kissed her neck her eyes opened in a hurry. This person had a beard. Turning quickly she saw Aksel and she stepped back.

“What are you doing kissing my neck. You know I’m with Conall. What is wrong with you!” Reidun angrily demanded from him.

Aksel apologized, “I’m sorry, I’ve had a lot to drink. I guess I just missed ‘us’.”

Reidun shook her head. “You had your chance five years ago. I’m happy now. I-”

Aksel grabbed her by the arms and pulled her into his arms and kissed her tenderly but Reidun pushed him back from her and touched her mouth. “Reidun, Conall is dangerous. He is not someone you should be with.”

Reidun ignored him and grabbed her brush. “You say nothing of this. I’ll not have you upsetting him for nothing. And if you touch me again-” Reidun reared back and punched him in the jaw. Her chest was heaving in anger and Aksel’s head spun from her hit. “Just don’t, Aksel!”

Too wound up she sat down and started unknotting her hair. Aksel walked away slowly and went back to get more to drink.

Conall had stayed sitting as with his back against the log as he continued to drink from a bottle of ale from one of the taverns from Watford. After finishing it he tossed the bottle aside with a disgusted face “is this what these people call ale?” he said to himself. He yearned for a drink much like the ones made back home but he only had one bottle left in his pack and he was saving that for a special occasion. Looking up from where he had tossed the bottle he saw Aksel walking back towards the fire.Weird he thought to himself as he didn't remember seeing him leave. “Oi Aksel over here” Conall said in a loud voice as he waved the Earl over as he rose to sit on the log itself.

Seeing Conall wave him over Aksel hesitated just a second but he turned to him and walked over and sat down. “What’s on your mind Conall?” Aksel offered him a jug of ale that he had just gotten. “Need a refill?” Aksel felt his jaw clicking thanks to Reidun and he smirked a little.

“Aye thanks” Conall was never the man to pass up a free drink. ]“Nothing of great importance really just felt like talking.” Conall felt that since he was very close with Reidun he assumed he should try to be on good terms with Aksel considering he had taken care of her and seemed to take protecting her quite seriously. “I didn't get much of a chance to talk to you since.” he pondered for a moment. “Well actually we haven't really talked much.”

Aksel looked at Conall and tried to see what Reidun saw in him. “No, the first time I heard anything about you you were in her bed.” Aksel stared into the fire a little bit. “I hear you have quite a past.” He took a large swig of his drink and smiled at the fire.

Conall put a hand on the back of his head as he carried a cheeky grin. “So you did hear me that night. I had kind of hoped you didn't know I was there.” Suddenly though Conall dropped all the playfulness in his face when he realized that Aksel had acted as if he knew about his past. Conall tensed up “Aye I do, what do you know of it? I enjoy hearing what rumors are passed around this fire.” Conall had hoped what Aksel thought he knew was just a stupid rumor like most that were passed around fires where ever Conall raided. “It seems that people can never help themselves but try to figure out where I come from and why im here.”

“Why are you here? Other than Reidun and raiding, is there something else? I’ve heard a lot of things. I prefer to ask you rather than just guessing. Reidun is ...well she is not like most women. If you hurt her… well-” Aksel kind of rolled his head and cracked his neck. “I’d hate to have to blood eagle you.”

“Well I do always enjoy a good fight. That's part of the reason.” sitting up straight making sure he used all of his height that he could. While he had warned Reidun himself that was out of love and not wanting her to be hurt. Aksels words however Conall swore had a different meaning behind them. But besides that Conall also took it as an insult that Aksel thought he would hurt her. “You don't have to worry about me hurting her. She's a strong one and I won't let harm come to her.” Conall narrowed his eyes towards the earl trying to find what exactly he was getting at.

Aksel caught sight of Reidun walking towards the fire. Her hair was down and she was eyeing him oddly. Sitting down next to Conall she slipped her hand into his. “What’s going on?” She asked suspiciously. “Is everything okay?” She looked up at Aksel and narrowed her eyes threateningly and he got up.

“Not much of anything. I just brought Conall some ale. I have to go do something over there.” He haphazardly waved his hand vaguely off to the left. When Aksel was gone she looked at Conall. “What did he say to you? He is acting a little weird. I think something is bothering him.”

Conall relaxed a bit as Aksel walked off and gripped Reiduns hand. “Nothing really we were just talking. Nothing you need to worry about.” Conall made one last glance over to Aksel. It was odd for him, he usually wasn’t like this with people. Most could testify that he was very easy going and made friends with most he met but something about Aksel was throwing him off. Turning his attention to Reidun he smiled at her as he placed his arm around her pulling her close and rest his head on hers. “What about you are you fine?”

“Aye, I’m a little tired though. It’s been a long day. At least my hair is down now. It was too tight on my head. Sorry it took me a little while to unravel it." Reidun stood up and pulled Conall to his feet chuckling softly. “Let’s head to bed. I know the outpost will be safe tonight. They have posted guards and the gates are closed and locked.” She lead Conall to the back of the encampment where she had set up their bed and tent. Reidun smiled as Conall took his boots off. She changed out of her fighting clothes and put on a dress that she usually wore. Her axe was always in reach though. Laying next to Conall she covered them up and fell asleep in his arms.

Fire. Fire and death was all Conall could see. Conall found himself in a giant city with stone buildings and a large castle in its center. Looking around he found that it all was on fire and bodies laid everywhere. “What happened here?” Conall said to himself as he wandered wandered around the city. He had realized that he was in his normal raiding gear and was covered in blood. Looking down he realized he was gripping his axes which were also covered in the blood of the slain. Conall began to get worried about what was happening, he didn’t remember any of this. “Reidun!” He shouted “where are you.” He began sprinting looking for her hoping nothing had happened to her. As he ran he found himself entering the castle that in all the devastation was still surprisingly intact. The sight that awaited Conall when he entered the throne room almost made him puke. Blood was splattered every as well bodies that seemed to be torn apart limb from limb. Hearing what sounded like crying Conall continued into the room.

“Why? Why did you do it?” said a voice coming from the bodies. When Conall looked the voice had come from one of the raiders he had seen with Aksel around the fire. “I thought you were one of us?” Conall stepped back out of fear at what the man was saying. When Conall backed up he kicked another body that was sitting up with its back against the steps leading to the throne. When Conall looked at the body he saw the lifeless body of Harek still wearing a face of betrayal.

“What happened to you brother?” Conall said with with a mix of anger and despair. Conall received his answer however when he saw one of his one family axes planted firmly in the chest of Harek. Conall tripped up the stairs as he tried to get away from the body. “No no no no. I didn't. I couldn't have.” Conalls hand made contact with yet another body. Turning around Conall saw the sight that would haunt him. Laying on her back with a puddle of blood around her was the women he could say he loved. “Reidun.” He said as he pulled her head to him as he began cradling her lifeless body. “No no no no. why you why you? It should be me not you.”

“Yes it should have been you. It's all your fault that I am dead.” Reidun said to him. Hearing this Conall dropped her back to her lying position with a genuine look of horror at what he was seeing. “It's your fault we’re all dead. You said you could protect us. You said you were our friend. Why didn't you warn us.” Reidun was now screaming at him “You could have stopped this but no you insisted on staying with me even though you know the kind of monster you are.” Conall was crying hard by this point at what he was hearing. “I'm sorry I Lov…” “NO you didnt if you truly loved me then you would have ran or better yet died to protect me!”

“No!” Conall shouted as he shot up with tears streaming down his face in a cold sweat.

Reidun had awoke at Conall’s thrashing in his sleep. She was currently laying out of range from his flailing arms. When he shot up awake she moved towards him and put her arms around him calmly. “It was a dream Conall. You are safe and you haven’t done anything wrong. Shh.”

Reidun climbed into his lap and let him hug her as she calmed him as best as she could. She remembered her own nightmares for a long time after her family died. She had always felt guilty and she knew he was feeling that way still. “You are safe and I am here.” She gave him reassuring butterfly kisses across his face and she wiped his tears.

“But you were, and Harek was…” Conall was having trouble speaking after what he saw. Conall held her close scared that he would lose her. “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.” Conall wiped the tears away from his eyes. “I need to go for a walk and clear my head.” Conall sat up and headed out of the tent.

Reidun walked out of the tent and stood there watching him as he walked off. His shoulders were slumped and he looked dejected and exhausted to her. She felt Aksel approach her rather than heard him. He had his eyes on Conall and then turned to Reidun. “I told you, he is dangerous.” Aksel looks her over and sees her arm reddened and his voice tenses angrily. “He hit you?”

Reidun looked up at him and shook her head. “Not exactly, he was having a nightmare and he flung his arm out. That’s all. I’m fine. I’m more concerned that he is so hurt.”

Aksel put his hands on her shoulders and moved in front of her. “You’ve only been together for two weeks or so. Don’t get so invested that you can’t see daylight for his shadows.” He looked into her eyes and she nodded.

“And if he hits you again, asleep or no...I’ll hit him back for it.” Aksel kissed her forehead lightly and walked back to his friends.

Wandering aimlessly around the camp he came upon Harek sitting staring into the fire. “What are you doing up this late old man?” Conall said sitting down next to him as he picked up a bottle of ale off the floor studying it to see if it was fit to drink before he took a swig.

Harek barely noticed as Conall sat down next to him. Jolted out of his haze by Conall’s words he looked up blearily as the tall man sat down next to him. “Just enjoying the heat. Why aren’t you in bed with Reidun?” Harek began to poke the dying fire to try and get it going again.

“Couldn’t sleep. Thought I might be able to relax with a fire in front of me.” Conall Stared into the fire as he Thought about his dream. “Harek may I ask you a question?” Conall said everything without looking away from the fire.

“Sure, what do you need?” Harek tossed the stick into the fire as the fire came back to life.

Conall kept his gaze on the fire for a moment before turning to look at Harek in the eyes with a look of concern. “Am I a bad man?” It was a simple question but Conall felt it the most important in the world.

“No, I have met quite a few bad men in my time. You are not one of them. You are a just a man that bad stuff has happened to.”

“You hold the same words as Reidun did.” Conall turned his gaze back to the fire. When his gazed reached the fire he saw himself standing at its center. He saw his face fade as it was replaced by the faces of those he had seen fall in combat, both friend and foe. “Do you still see their faces Harek?”

“It is a curse people like us must bear. Warriors with consciences...such irony”

Conall chuckled at the statement. It was indeed funny how great warriors who thrived in battle could be haunted as they were. “I’ll admit brother, I fear I’m becoming worse with every passing moon. The night terrors get more vivid and are no longer of the past but what is to come.” Conall hasn’t taken his eyes off the fire at all during this time.

Tossing an empty bottle off to the side “and I can’t even hide those fears under a drunken state with what they call ale here.” Conall laughed as the words left his lips. Seeing Harek still holding his ale he laughed once again. “Funny how these horrid things where the reason we met isn’t it.” He has said as he picked up yet another mostly empty bottle that once held ale.

Alexis was shooting off sparks without control and her fear was making her more dangerous. "I'm not here to hurt anyone I need your help!" Alexis was on the verge of tears, her frustration and need for answers was worse than ever in the past. They were bombarding her mind trying to get her to open her mind so they could get in but she wouldn't. Finally she yelled at them once they had encircled her and they were all just out of her reach.

"Get away from me you ugly bitches!" With that she opened her mind and thrust her hands out from her sides with her palms flat out to them. Her hands shot out a pulse of sorts that immediately stopped them from using their magic. Unaware what the magic that she was using was doing she kept it up as her frustration fueled her anger and soon the hexenbiests grabbed their heads and some collapsed while others attacked her with weapons or fists.

Scared they would kill her she just went on her instincts and followed what felt right. She screeched as she pulled her hands in and shoved them back out with great force. That telekinetic push flung them away from her. The rest of the hexenbiests ran off or disappeared into the trees. Exhausted, Alexis collapsed onto the ground. Her body woged back to normal and she was just Alexis Grimm again. Alexis was surprised to realize that her face did not change the same way the other witches did. Maybe it was the Grimm blood that kept her face looking almost normal. Her hair had turned white and her teeth had elongated and her nails had turned into claws. In her mind she was still on high alert so her body slept but her mind listened for anyone that might sneak up on her.

An unknown amount of time later Alexis woke and crawled to a nearby tree and lay with her back to it. Wrapping her arms around her entire body she hugged herself. It was cold out but she didn't feel it. Her mind was too preoccupied trying to understand what she did. Reliving the moments in her head she continued to realize that she could do more than she had originally thought. She didn't know whether or not to feel happy or afraid. One thing was for sure, she was a force to be reckoned with if she could repel or at least mostly repel an entire coven of witches all at once. She smiled softly at her accomplishment and then she spoke softly to herself, "What if Elias can't accept me like this? What about the rest of the Grimm family? What will Uncle Marcus and Elenora say? If they knew this could happen why didn't they say anything to warn me? What if they want to kill me?"

Sophie Weston

Sophie looked incredulous. She swung her legs out of the bed adjusting the bottom of her dress as she did. Slipping her shoes on she started getting things around her room and looked at them. "Well hurry up, If I were her I'd go straight to others of my kind to find out what being a hex is and what it means. Who else can teach her that?" She reached for her coat. Looking straight at Elias she said, "Where were the last Hexenbiests that you fought off?"

Sophie stopped and looked at Elias. "You'd better figure out now how you feel about this. If you can't accept her like this there is no good outcome....but if you can, she could be the biggest help when fighting wesen."

@Zhaliora I'll subscribe to this one and keep an eye on it. I haven't decided quite yet but it does look interesting.

Reidun was able to get Conall settled with a tall bottle of strong ale. He was sitting round a fire with some of the others. She had asked Aksel to keep an eye on him. She was in a rough mood so she thought she might go see to that farmer who hit his wife or daughter. She saw Harek. “Hey you want to go with me? I’m gonna kill a man.”

Harek looked up in surprise from the fire he was warming his hands at. Grabbing his sword and a skin full of ale. “Aye I’ll come to make sure you don’t get yourself killed.” Jogging to catch up to her he took a long drink from the skin and splashed his face with some ale to wake him up more. “So who are we gonna be killin? Did you find who burnt the boats?”

Shaking her head Reidun’s voice hardened slightly. “No, we know it was them but not the specifics of who. I want to kill a man in the village I saw mistreating his family last eve before dark. My poor Conall is having bad memories thanks to the ones who ruined the ships and killed those at the outpost.” She massaged her neck a little trying to lessen the tension. “I need to be extremely violent.”

“I guess I could supervise you while you do that. What would Conall do to me if I let you get lost in the woods.” Grinning at his own humor he tripped on a root coming up from the ground. Gaining his balance he glared back at the root and muttered something about hostile trees. “I won’t stop you from beating the man up, but I must advise not killing the man. That won’t do the family any good.”

Reidun looked irritated. She saw his logic but she wasn’t happy about it. “Fine, but I’m going to scare the piss out of him. And that bastard is going to hurt for a week at least.” They walked through the trees to Oakshire. She knew there were others raiding there and she only cared about that one family. She went to open the door and felt it barred. She smiled. Good. I hope he is already scared. After two hard kicks the door came open and it took her only one good hard shove to knock over the table and other furniture against it.The family was a boy of seven or eight and a girl about twenty and a man about thirty years old.

Reidun was fierce looking standing in the doorway. An axe on her waist with one in her hand she was in traditional fighting garb. Tight pants that went to her boots. She had on armor of the best leather and a shield that she set down on the table near the door. She wore her long red hair in a ferocious looking updo that twisted into a messy waterfall of a braid. Her pretty face was covered in angry lines and painted runes as was her neck and arms. She walked into the room in her bad mood which became ten times worse when she saw the young woman with bruises on her arms and a black eye. The little boy was hiding behind her whimpering.

She took a step towards the girl and the boy when the man stepped forward from behind the bedroom curtain. Reidun motioned to the girl and boy to move away from the man. Scared and confused they went to where she pointed. They saw Harek in the doorway and weren’t keen on getting too close to him. Reidun walked straight up to the man and grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him towards her. She slammed his back into the wall and she got in his face. He was only about three inches taller than she was.

“I saw you yesterday. You like to hit women and children. I like to hit men who beat on women and children. See, women where I come from train with the men and we fight with them. This is why we are stronger than you english. Men and women are equal and we can do everything a man can.”

She looked at the man’s eyes who seemed to be extremely perturbed that a woman was manhandling him so easily. He spit at her and her eyes narrowed. “You bitch! Who do you-” Turning her head just a little she allowed the man to lean against her body just a little.

“There is no softness in warriors.” She said.

Reidun let him go and then she kneed him in the groin and slammed her axe about a half an inch away from his head. His eyes widened in fear. She called the children over, “Come, stand there.” Looking at the girl she said, “Women should not allow a man to beat her or her children. Who is he to you?”

The frightened girl said, “He is our uncle. Our parents are dead.” Reidun nodded.

“You know how to use an axe right?” Watching the girl nod she said, “Good, the next time he hits you or your brother you cut something of his off!” The startled girl nodded. Then Reidun waved the children back and she pulled her arm back and she slammed her fist into his face repeatedly and then started on body shots. When the man fell to the ground she looked at the girl. “I mean it girl. You kill him if you have to but don’t take that from any man.”

The young woman looked at Reidun and smiled at her as she left the home. Reidun was still a little hot about the abuse and she looked unapproachable to everyone except Harek.

“Well that was quite exciting, now wasn’t it. I do wonder if the uncle is going to try anything more now?” With that Harek jumped a step ahead and began to walk backwards. “I am just wondering if that got your rage out or not. I am terrified that maybe when walking back a terrible bloodlust will consume you and I get a blade to the back of the head.” Smiling Harek turned back around and nearly walked into a tree. Spinning out of the way he gave the tree a glare that would have made a hardened warrior collapse in fear. “I swear I will be killed by a murderous tree. Damn trees have long memories.”

Reidun watched Harek trip again and laughed at him. Grinning she asked him, “You’ve been tripping a lot how much ale did you drink before we left?”

“Hey, one must always celebrate a victory, no matter the cost they came at. If victory isn’t celebrated, what is the point of winning.” Harek looked through the trees to see the light from the camp and sighed. [color=00aeef “Everytime I come back to a raiding camp it feels like home.” [/color] Getting extremely quiet he muttered, [color=00aeef“Maybe someday I’ll get a real one.”[/color]

“Thank you for bringing me along on this little excursion of yours, it has been quite entertaining.”

Reidun heard what he muttered. “Aye, I’d like that too. I’m hoping we can get some land here and make our home. I think I’m almost ready to settle down. Now that I’ve found Conall… I wouldn’t mind a babe or two in the next few years.” She glanced over at him. “Is that what you are thinking too? Any ladies in mind?” She grinned. She wanted her friend to be happy.

“Maybe, just maybe you gossip. If I said anything you would tell Conall, and that man can’t hold a secret for his life. Honesty and alcohol is never a good mix.” Harek shook his head and smiled, “That happens to be the reason we met. The giant was bragging about how he had never been beat in combat and I wanted to have a peaceful drink. Unfortunately for him he decided I was short enough to use as an armrest. Ask him how well that went for him.” Harek had begun laughing at the old memories.

Reidun laughed. She could imagine how well that went. “Well he is rather tall. He thinks everyone is short so you are not alone there.” She grinned to herself at the thought. “I left him with Aksel and a large bottle of ale. He needs to sleep and calm down. I am worried about him. What advice would you give me? He is having troubles from the past in his mind.”

Harek’s eyes softened hearing what his friend is going through. “All he needs is for you to be there for him. With a person to lean on he will be fine eventually. You should go check on him, he is probably so drunk he might try to fondle Aksel. He will be much less useful without a hand.”

Reidun laughed and reached over and touched his hand softly. “Thanks Harek. I’m glad you came with me.” Reaching over she kissed his cheek and then ran towards Conall and Aksel.

Harek turned away from Reidun and wondered if he would be able to find his spot by the fire again. Taking another drink he began to walk towards the general direction of his fire. As he sat back down at the fire he looked into the blaze. He saw villages on fire, people screaming, horses stampeding. All the terrible things he had done in his life were flashing before his eyes. He couldn’t pull his eyes away from the fire, from the visions.

The healer was tending to the fire and their dinner while Vestar and Marewen discussed their situation when a single rider from the palace happened to ride into the village. He had an announcement. The healer glanced at the door to her hut and she was relieved to see it firmly shut.

"Villagers! I come to you with sad news. Our young prince was accidentally killed in a hunting accident. I can not stress how important it is to the kingdom to find Princess Marawen. She is now the heir to the crown." The man stopped and listened to the shocked expressions of the boy's death. "The King and queen beg you to help us find her." The man waited several moments before getting down and accepting a bowl of stew to eat.

The healer walked casually to her cabin and opened the door accidentally hitting Marewen with the door. "Excuse me girl! Your problems just get bigger and bigger." She sighed and closed the door.

Marewen was still trying to respond to Vestar's declaration of devotion to her and noticed that the woman seemed upset. "What is it Adelaide?"

Putting her hands on the girl's arms she told her "There is a messenger outside. He just announced that your brother has died from an accident while hunting. Marewen, you are the new heir to the throne of Mercia. Your father and Edgar can no longer kill you but they will never stop looking for you either. Without you your family's bloodline would disappear."

Marewen looked dumbfounded as to what to say or do. She looked at Vestar and she sat back down on the bed and stared at her hands.

Vestar was willing to prove that he was not going to leave her nor let her die for him. That's for damn sure. He turned to notice the commotion going on and raised an eyebrow from the unexpected news. Her brother, now dead and then on top of that, Marewen's death was now null and void.

He stared back at Marewen after what was said and wondered what her reaction would be. Yes it's good that she's possibly no longer in danger but the sad news involving her brother... The prospects of them finding her, and an unknown future was at hand. Vestar walked over. "Mare...." He called her in short. He sat next to her. "What is on your mind?" He asked.

Marewen looked up at Vestar and said, "Vestar, would you marry me and be my king?" She knew she had to go back now. She was nervous as she waited for his answer. Adelaide's response was to choke on her stew and cough so hard that Marewen got up and slapped her on the back. Turning back to him she said, "If we marry in a church then we can overthrow my father with the viking armies. You could rule by my side. We would be free."

The question Marewen asked him caught Vestar off guard. Usually it was the man that asked for the hand in marriage. For a moment, Vestar didn't answer but averting his eyes, he gave it a quick thought. "Usually men ask that Me having power that stretch over the land? A chance to bring about more power to the would be an honor..."

"So...maybe I should make the proper gesture. We must be favored by the gods to give us chance at true change. I can't help but marvel at the devastating blow your father and Edgar will suffer." Vestar took Marewen by the hand with a smirk and the confidence he's displayed before and continued "So...Marewen of Mercia, it would be my honor to have your hand in marriage." He knew she'd say yes since she initially asked him but hey, why not do this the proper and traditional way by being the one to ask her. "Will you marry me and allow me to be your king?"

Marewen grinned at him happily and wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him. "Yes, I would be honored to have you for my husband and king. We have to find a priest and get married as soon as we can."

Returning her kiss, wrapping his arms around her back, Vestar gave a grin to the idea of having to find a priest quickly. "Ah! Yes! Let's find out if there is one close by. Unless you know any personally that's close by?" he asked, taking a hand wanting to start the search immediately. "Shall I have my former raid companions accompany us?"

Marewen nodded, "I think that would be wise. Edgar will kill you faster than look at you. We need to avoid Edgar at all costs. He wants my father's crown more than anything. We should go to Guthram to get married in another kingdom where there are a lot of witnesses and the roman catholic church. My father can't anul it then and marry me to someone else."

Adelaide looked at them with her chin on the ground. "Are you out of your mind girl? Do you realize you are plotting treason?" Marewen nodded.

"Yes, I am aware that I am plotting the course for my own life and that as such it is treasonous." After looking to Vestar she asked Adelaide, "Can you make certain that the castle gentleman is gone please?" Adelaide left the cabin and returned a moment or two later.

"He is gone but be careful I don't know what direction he went in."

"Understood. I'll speak to the men if they would agree to assist. But they still do not know of who and what you are. Let me reach them and hope to come to an agreement. I will surely inform them of the results of what comes after our marriage. That may be the motivation and comfort they need to agree."

Vestar looked to Adelaide and smirked. "We can go to Guthram if your strength will allow us to travel now." Vestar suggested.

Grimar, Bard, Haf and the 2 spearmen were still in town but simply waited for news from Vestar about what's to come now since they've reached the destination and yet, still had a bargain. They watched when a messenger came and spoke about the death of King Philip's son. To the vikings, that sounded like wonderful news. One less potential ruler to give them problems. What about this princess though? She was missing? It sounded unusual but if it brought the kingdom to panic, this was the advantage they needed.
@King tai

After talking to Harek and checking in with Aksel, Reidun was helping gather the weapons and shields from the dead when she heard a familiar voice.

Conall had been helping with moving some of the wounded and the dead and whatever else he could do to help. After helping some, he saw Reidun helping with the dead. Approaching he said in a caring tone “Glad to see you’re alright. Do you need any help?” As he finished he motioned to take the weapons she was carrying to lighten her load.

Reidun let him take some of it from her and she smiled. “No, this is the last of it. Aksel will split the monetary treasures accordingly and we will re-arm those that lost their equipment in battle.” Reidun glanced up at Conall. “At some point it might be a good idea for you to check up on Harek. I spoke to him earlier and he seems a little off down. Maybe it’s just the battle today, Maybe not. How are you faring? Any battle wounds to heal up?” She asked as she casually looked him over for injuries.

Conall let what she had just said about Harek sink in. It was odd as he never remembered him being this way after combat. Then again it had been a long time since their last raid together so something may have happened since then. “Ay I’ll make sure to check up on old fool.” Conall looked down at her to see her looking him over with a hint of fear that he might be hurt. This made him smile at the thought of someone caring so much for him. “I should be fine I only got glanced in the shoulder by a arrow.” he said using his thumb to point to his left shoulder. “What about you? Did someone dare lay a hand on you?” He said with a serious tone like he was ready to kill someone but held somewhat joking tone.

Reidun chuckled at his question. “Oh they dared but they did not succeed in stopping me and some lost a hand for it, others lost a life. I’m not so easily killed as that. Just a couple of scrapes and cuts to clean up. There is nothing serious to worry about.” Picking up the last of the weapons she carried them to a stack they had piled up just inside the castle.

Reidun got to the edge of the castle and looked up at the sky towards the water. Smoke? Why would there be smoke? Oh no! The ships! Racing out of the castle and towards the water she could see their ships on fire. Rushing past Conall she yelled, “They’ve set the ships afire!”

Conall had barely entered the castle when he saw Reidun rush past him in a fit of anger and surprise. After hearing about the ships Conall dropped what he was holding and rushed after Reidun making sure to keep and eye out for the culprits of burning their ships.

Staring at what little was left as the ships blazed like an inferno Reidun’s heart raced. “They must have gone around and-” Reidun’s eyes widened at the thought of those at the outpost. She reached down and grabbed her axe from her waist and headed towards the outpost at a full run towards the woods. Aksel saw Reidun and Conall ahead and turned towards the outpost assuming that they would have gone there next. His war cry sounded in Reidun’s ears as she reached the outpost.

Conall had for the most part zoned out only seeing red from his anger at letting the enemy sneak past him and burn their ships. This anger fueled his sprint to the outpost as he sped past the other raiders. Finally arriving at the outpost what he saw enraged him, 5 fellow raiders lay on their backs with lifeless faces. Conall let out a roar that would have scared death itself. Conall ran at a full sprint in the direction that the bodies had pointed to. Entering the forest Conall had lost all sense in what was happening all he could focus on was finding who did this and tearing them limb from limb for what they had done.

Reidun watched Conall and heard his anguish. That scared her more than anything she had seen thus far. He was faster than she was and he had much longer legs. When she caught up to him it was to find the outpost empty of soldiers and all that was there were bodies of dead vikings. She ignored Aksel when he got there and started yelling orders and curses. Conall looked to be losing his mind with grief. He darted into the darkness of the woods.

Reidun ran into the woods with a little more caution than Conall did. She wasn’t sure what animals lived in these woods and she didn’t want to run off of a cliff because she didn’t see it. “Conall!” Hearing him barrelling through the trees up ahead she sprinted after him. She knew the English soldiers wouldn’t stick around. They were vastly outnumbered it would be suicide to stay and fight the vikings. “Conall please! They are gone!”

Conall’s sight had finally come back to him at the sound of Reidun’s voice. Conall slowed down to a stop as he finally got his senses. Conall stopped for a moment before finally dropping to his knees letting out another roar full of anger and despair. Finishing the hellish sound Conall slammed both of his fists into the ground. He kept seeing flashes of his past and of the events of that night in his village. He was using all of his will to stop from entering into a blind fit of rage again or from breaking down into a crying infant.

Reidun finally caught sight of him and slowed to a walk. She saw him on his knees and it tore at her heart. Figuring that this brought back old memories she put her hand on his shoulder and walked in front of him and dropped to her knees. Reaching out to him she pulled herself into his arms and when his arms wrapped around her she could feel the weight of the world on his shoulders. “Everything will be okay. We’ll find them and then they will die. This is not our fault. It’s not your fault. It just is...the gods’ will. We don’t have to understand it. Maybe Odin wanted them to fight and punished them for not doing so.”

Conall could barely keep the tears back when he felt Reidun slip next to him or when he heard her reassuring words. Conall honestly tried to take her words to heart but he couldn't deep down he thought that he could have done something. Conall sat for a moment in silence trying to gain his baring in the swirl of emotions he was feeling. “Whoever did this had to have been in the city and ran making it my fault so don't dare tell me it is the way of your gods” he said in anger snapping at Reidun as he unintentionally threw her away from him. Once he had finished his head slumped back down at the realization of what he had just done. Tears began streaming down his face as he yet again buried his face in the dirt. “What a monster I have become that I would hurt the people I love most.” He said to himself in a low voice that unbeknownst to him she had heard. What he said next he made sure was loud enough for her to hear. “Reidun you need to run and get away from me I'm too much a danger to be near you.”

Reidun had only fallen backwards but she stared at him as she heard his words. She picked herself back up and went back to him. “I’m not leaving you. Let me help you.” Gently she sat next to him and rubbed his back hoping it would help him to know she was there for him. “I’m not so delicate as all that and I know you won’t hurt me. I know your heart.”

Conall was touched that she was trying to help him but was worried that he would hurt her or worse she would die because of him. “But you don't know what I have done, the things that been caused because of me.” He said feeling the floodgates opening. “It feels like i'm constantly followed by death itself as it takes from me everyone I hold dear. And what about just now? I hurt you out of a small anger. What happens when I completely lose it when I'm near you?”

Reidun thought for a moment and said, “You did not hurt me. Death follows all of us, it is not just you. I’ve lost all except you and Aksel. If you think that you just hurt me you must think I’m as frail as a flower. I am not and if you started fighting with me I would kick your arse. Don’t even think twice about it. You are no monster. If you were I could hardly love you now could I?”

Conall had been shocked at her statement. Sure the part about beating him was a stretch but he would let it slide for now. He chuckled at the thought of him actually losing to her. But then Conalls thoughts went back to her statement. He had thought he had the same feelings for her otherwise he wouldn't be opening up this much. It also seemed as though the weight he carried with him was less when around her. He sat there for a moment just thinking about everything that was happening and contemplating how much he should tell her of his past.

Reidun smiled at the look on his face when she told him that she loved him. Taking his hand in hers she wondered where they would be in a year or so. “What is on your mind that has you so upset? Your old village? That was not your fault either. You can’t save everyone Conall.” Reidun leaned into him.

“Aye it is my old village. Well what's left of it anyways.” saying those words hurt Conall to his core. “And I know I cant save everyone but that is how I was brought up since I was a lad in me tribe.” Conall looked down once again, he hated opening up these old wounds. “And it's more of what I did that night that tears at me heart every night.” Holding her hand tight he felt fresh tears roll down his face. “That was the night you could say I truly earned my title of Berserker as your people call it or as mine called me. ‘Demon of the Wolves’.”

Reidun wiped the tears from his eyes softly. “Tell me what happened that made you so fierce.” She said quietly seeing his grief.

Conall could still see the events as clear as day. “My clan was one of many in our homeland. While our island was full of many tribes ours was considered to be one of the forces in all the lands. We would raid the english coast and be feared when ever we stepped foot on the beaches. However we were different from most clans. Unlike most we were not savages. We never killed the civilians or burned down their houses. We also would make sure to leave enough supplies for the surviving families to live off of until they got aid from their king.” Conall took a breather letting Reidun soak it all in. Beginning again Conall started. “Unlike yours and Aksel’s homeland were the tribes for the most part stay out of each other's way, my lands are in constant war with each other and constantly trying to strike the others down. While this rarely happens in full effect i've seen it happen twice in my time on this earth. Once my clan utterly decimated one of our southern neighbors for betraying us. To some it may seem harsh but to our clan where loyalty is everything this is the gravest of sins. The other time was a group of clans that formed together because they feared my people. They are known as Ulster.” Conall’s breath hitched a bit at remembering his clan's greatest opponent and unknowingly at the time, their last.

Reidun listened intently and nodded in understanding. “Alright. Keep going.” She said seeing him upset by the memory. She rubbed his upper back softly as he spoke to her. She wanted to calm him.

Finding it easier to continue with her support he continued with the tale. “When there was another clan that wiped out another i was talking about the Ulster clan. One night we were celebrating and preparing for a raid on the Coast line of these here isles. However that raid never came. Come the morning my home was a wasteland of fires and of dead bodies. We had been attacked in the night by the Ulster clan. They had hoped that we would unprepared but luckily because we were expecting a raid most of the men had their weapons handy. The battle was intense and furious unlike any i have seen to this day, and it only got worse. In the middle of fighting i heard my name called out in pain. When i turned to look i saw my mother....” Conall took as quick pause this was the moment that changed his life forever, this solid moment was the event that lead him to this point. “I saw my mother being cut down in front of me. The last thing i remember was seeing nothing but red and entering something like most berserkers do but many times stronger. I completely lost it killing anything that moved in my path.” he buried his face in Reiduns shoulder. “I wouldn't care if it was only the enemy but i can see the faces and the voices of those in my tribe. Those i fought with and would've laid down my life for all dead by my hand. When I came to I was the only living thing left. The village was a mass of dead bodies and burning buildings.” Conall stayed quiet for a moment. “I am the last of my people, the last of the MacTyre tribe. I guess that is my curse from my gods, to be the last of my kind and to be haunted by their faces and screams every night.”

Conall stayed quite waiting to see how Reidun would react to this story. He in all honesty didn't know what to expect he had never let out that information before to most he just said he left his tribe long ago.

Reidun felt her own tears well up and she wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly. She let him cry and get his feelings out. “It’s over now. You are not cursed. You are just a man with a lot of terrible pain in his past. Most men are not strong enough to stay pure of heart after something like that. You are. I think that makes you a man that you can be proud of. A man that I am proud of.” She reached up and kissed him softly.
Sophie Weston

Sophie was in her room and heard Elias at her door. "Elias? Come in." When he walked in he looked a little shell shocked to her. He was holding a knife and she furrowed her brow and asked. "Are they back? What has happened?" Sophie's injuries were almost totally healed but she was under orders by Jean not to get up. The distress on her face was clear. Her worries for her partner and friend were utmost in her thoughts.


Alexis ran until she got to the forest where she and Elias had fought with the hexenbiests and the other wesens.

By the time she got there she had woged and she looked enough like the other hexenbiests that they came out to meet her when she screeched of her arrival. Alexis felt like a totally different creature. The power felt amazing as it rushed through her veins. It was intoxicating. The others didn't look so happy to see her though. They looked at each other and nodded as if reading each others minds. Alexis was blocking them from hers. She didn't trust them with her knowledge.

The Hexenbiest who was obviously the one in charge shook her head and spat out the word, "Grimm!" Alexis glanced at all of the others and saw their eyes glimmer with rage.

"Yes I am Grimm but I am also Hexenbiest! I need your help! Please..." Alexis backed up slowly as the group started to encircle her...



After a long night of lovemaking they were awakened by a sword being poked into Vestar's shoulder. Marewen was yanked out of his arms with a loud scream. Bastien looked down at her and his expression was irate. The fifteen men he had with him were further back and didn't see all that he did.

"Princess, it looks like your father will have your wedding after all. He may also have to pay the physician a hefty sum to verify your virginity. Sad really, Gone two weeks and you became a whore to a viking!"

Marewen quickly tied her bodice. She could see the guards with Bastien leering over her partial nudity. Marewen glared at Bastien and said, "Let him go. He was protecting me!"

Laughter full of hate spilled from Bastien's lips. "Who was protecting you from him? He is nothing more than a violent stupid barbarian." Marewen shrieked at being pulled away from Vestar as they started to drag her off towards the castle. "NO! I won't go!"

Bastien picked her up and tossed her like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder. He shouted over his shoulder. "Kill the barbarian!"

"What? NO! Bastien! Put me down you @*%%%* *&&&*** " She screamed.

"Princess, your father will be mortified that you even know that language!" he said laughing as he walked off with her kicking and screaming. Once they got to the road he put her into the carriage and joined her. Her screams could be heard back at the camp.

There was nothing like having a few more rounds throughout the night to fall asleep from. Vestar could have sworn he was having a dream he never had before, involving him having children and living his life to the full. Something stung his shoulder, thinking an annoying bee poked him. That was until he woke up with a blade constantly poking which made him sit up, having the blade now pointing near his throat to keep him at bay.

Vestar looked around at the men who were with this official that seemed to be from the kingdom Marewen was from. He himself was still naked when Marewen was snatched up and getting dressed while having conversation with this fellow. Marewen, who is this bastard! Someone told him to shut up while Bastien spoke. Vestar was not going to take orders from and Englishman, standing up when they manhandled her to take her away, only to get blocked and hit multiple times by several soldiers to keep him from doing anything. He tried to fight back but without his axes and naked while facing armed men, his odds of winning a fight were slim.

Hearing his woman cursing, Vestar tried standing again to fight to get her back. The order being made to kill him, Vestar's eyes widened now, with one of the men starting to take his sword to try and strike Vestar, Vestar rushed within the reach of the man to disarm him and elbowed him in the face before trying to evade the next man that rushed in to attack. Vestar couldn't win this fight. At least not like this. He ran for Marewen's cloak, tried to grab his pants while maneuvering himself to parry a sword of one and kicked him into the others following from behind to trip them up since there were slight slopes and roots where they were. Getting the slip on the few men, Vestar threw the sword upon locating his axes and made a run for it to get space between them and himself. He needed to get Marewen back as soon as possible but he couldn't face an entire military or dozens of officials unless he had his own militia to help him. But was it wise to waste time trying to find men willing to help him get a princess back from her kingdom to live a happy life with her?
@king tai

Alexis cried in Elias' arms until she was out of tears and felt dehydrated and had the hiccups. She wasn't ready to move from his embrace though so she kept her head on his shoulder. Something important rang in her mind. Elias had said that he didn't love her any less. he loved her "I know my normal first instinct is to run from you but... this was -I need you. I need you to tell me that you won't hate me." She could see the softness in his eyes and knew that she had a lot of answers to give him. Alexis gave him a deep and tender kiss. "I love you too Elias. I have for a long time now." Shuddering from her reaction to that kiss, she sat on his lap looking at him.

"Wayne and I were underneath the city in a whole other city of wesens. I had to stay quiet and hidden from the others down there so they wouldn't try to kill us. I'm going straight to the part about my mother. We are connected by the hex in us. My mother was apparently fatally wounded while pregnant with me by a hex. The only way to save us was for her to receive a blood transfusion from the hex that did the damage, that naturally effected me. My mother apparently turned into a hex and she killed my father accidentally. When I was born she hadn't learned how to control it fully so she told my aunt Jean and my uncle Marcus to keep me safe so they put me at Marcus and Elenora's as their adopted daughter." She stared at him for the meaning to sink in.

"It means I am a true Grimm, on my mother's side." Alexis stopped and she felt so weak and exhausted. "I need to speak to Aunt Jean. She'll have the details. I now know my grandmother was Elizabeth Grimm. I just didn't realize that Maggie was my cousin."

Dehydration started to get to Alexis and she looked around for water in the room. Crawling off of Elias' lap she went to the pitcher and poured a glass of water. She guzzled it down and poured another.

"I've already been using my powers but I haven't woged out yet. I don't know how strong my powers are or what they are yet. What if I can't control it, my mother couldn't and she killed my dad." She looked scared and like she might run. "What if I-?" Her voice heavy with feelings broke. "I can't let you get hurt by me." She looked at him with all of the pent up feeling in her and hoped he would understand it. With tears in her eyes she headed for the door to the bedroom. Alexis was determined that she wouldn't do what her mother did. If it meant she would never see him again then she would make that sacrifice. The more helpless she felt the more her powers started to act up and that scared her.

"I have to go! I don't want to hurt you and I can't stop the magic!" Alexis looked scared to death. She stopped to give Elias a kiss but her emotions were so tattered that she was losing control of herself fast and when she looked down she saw claws forming where her fingers were. The pain in her head was so bad that she grabbed her head and screamed. Seeing Elias she knew she had only a couple of seconds. "I love you." She darted to the window at full speed and dove out.

Alexis went to the woods where they had encountered Hexenbiests before. She needed answers.


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