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Walking back to Elias, Alexis took his hand in hers and looked him in the eye. "They can wait. I need you to realize that we can still hunt and do whatever we want til we are ready to settle down with a family. This isn't a trap for us. It's letting us be freer than we are right now. We will have the money to do whatever we want and the authority to do it since we will not have to answer to anyone but each other. I don't want to give up hunting, do you?"

She couldn't help but see resentment in his eyes in the future and it scared her. What if he grew to hate her? Could she let him go, down the line? The thought struck a painful chord in her. If at some point he wanted out then she would have to let him no matter the scandal that would go with it.

Alexis wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged herself to him. "Why does it feel more like I am losing you than gaining your protection?"

There was a knock at the door and Alexis broke the magical dome. "Yes?"

A servant opened the door a little bit. "Miss Alexis you and Mr. Elias are being requested to return downstairs."

Sighing she nodded, "Thank you. We'll be down in a moment." Alexis walked over to her mirror and looked at her eyes. They looked like normal eyes again. "After this is over I'll need a stiff drink. What about you?" She turned to him and allowed him to take her arm formally to lead her downstairs.


"I'm with you until the end, my love."

Alexis looked up at him as he pulled her into his arms and held her. She felt some of her tension leave her body in relief. She buried her face into his chest and breathed in deeply. Taking in his scent she felt comforted and protected. The dome fluctuation stopped and the magic softened at the change in her mood. She spoke quietly.

"Thank you. I'm so sorry, I wouldn't ever hurt you on purpose. Please forgive me. On the up side, we will have nearly unlimited money. Aunt Jean said the fortune is massive. I know we will need to discuss the details of what we expect from each other with this whole marriage thing. We don't have to do that right this minute unless you wanted to but...I can tell you that I do want kids someday."

Alexis sat back down on the edge of the bed and waited for him to say something else. Realizing that he would soon be her husband made her wonder if he was still going to sleep around with all of the women he felt like. She knew if he did it would shame her to no end but she also knew that he was changing his life for her safety. All of the thoughts and worries that were pouring into her mind were making her feel tired and heavy. The magical drain on her was taxing her too.

"Elias, are you really okay with all of this?" Suddenly the weight of the enormity of her words was sitting on her shoulders and she realized what a disaster it could be if they weren't totally honest with each other about what they wanted.


Alexis locked eyes with Elias. "We were already bound to each other through the Grim oath that we took. This would bind us legally and protects me from Nathan." Sadly she looked away, pain clear in her eyes. "We don't have to change anything else in our lives if we don't want to."

Alexis turned away from him so he wouldn't see the tears she was fighting back. After a minute she successfully stopped them and she grabbed a bag and started packing. She was pretty certain that she had ruined everything. How could she not have? In her mind she had destroyed their relationship with her spontaneous outburst. Somewhere a part of her had hoped that he would realize that he loved her, but now she was sure now that he mustn't really love her that much. She concentrated on packing her bag and when she was finished she looked back at him and her eyes automatically took in his expression and posture trying to read him. Her eyes got stuck at his lips. She smiled slightly at how kissable they were.

"Okay, I'm ready to go if you want me to." Alexis dropped her eyes and tried not to let him see how deeply it hurt her to think about leaving him let alone actually do it. She had to be strong. If she wasn't then she wouldn't make it out there on her own. Once the supernatural world was informed about her hunting on her own it would put her in danger. Her magic started to jump and move in it's dome. It was a sign that she was upset. It was taking all of her emotional strength to keep her magic under control.


Alexis got up and locked the door and then came back to Elias and they became surrounded by a dome of magic effectively soundproofing them from the outside world. "I'm so sorry, I didn't have the right to do that to you." Alexis looked him in the eyes. "I kind of blurted it out without thinking and once it was out there I was to scared to take it back. I was completely thrown off when Aunt Jean backed me up." She looked down a second in fear of what he would say next. Glancing up at him she said, "I completely understand if you want to tell them that I lied or that we had a fight and broke up." Tears filled her eyes at the thought of losing him.

"I beg you though, if you want to do that I need a few hours head start. I refuse to marry Nathan and I would have to run. He only wants my money and to hurt me." The pain at the thought of having to leave him forever made her turn away from him. "I'd much rather marry you even if you don't love me the same way I do you." The magic of the dome keeps shifting colors from red to pink and blue and purple depending on which emotion she is displaying.

"If we marry we can still work together, we are such a good team. I was surprised at how well you worked with the magic I infused with you." Turning back to him Alexis reached out and hugged him tightly. "Thank you for stopping him."


Alexis' eyes locked on Elias' when he turned to face her. She knew he was probably very angry with her for her claim. Taking his hand in hers she hugged him and kept her eyes downcast. She knew that her magic was in her eyes for all to see. She needed to get to a private room to speak to Elias as soon as possible.

"Elias! Is this true? Did you really ask her to marry you or is this a ruse to avoid marriage to Nathan?" Marcus demanded as Elinora rushed past Jean and yelled to the butler to get Nathan to his room. She followed upstairs to make sure he was alright.

Alexis went to move past Elias to head to her room but stopped at Marcus' words. "Alexis! If you are lying there will be severe consequences and I mean severe!"

Alexis nodded and murmured, "Excuse me." quietly. It was all she could do not to run up the stairs. The magic was subsiding a little bit but not enough to be able to look her uncle in the eyes. She hurried into her room and sat down. She sat there just thinking about what she had done. Elias was going to kill her. She had effectively changed the course of his life without asking him and she felt horrible about it. She paced back and forth wondering if he was going to deny her claim as he had every right to do.

Alexis focused on controlling her magic until he got there. She smiled at how well he had fought with her magic guiding him. "Wow, together we could be such a force for good. I hope he sees that." Nervously she also mumbles to herself, "I also hope that he loves me enough." Sighing and unable to hold the tears back she cries quietly. "What have I done to him?"

As soon as Elias had turned Nathan away from her she hurried to stand behind Elias. She could feel the magic coursing through her veins in her fear. Realizing the truth of Jean's words she stumbled over her words but very clearly stated. "Nathan I would never marry you! I wanted more time before my wedding to Elias. He just asked me to marry him the other night." The horrified look on Nathan's face and the tension she suddenly felt beneath her fingertips from Elias' back made her bite her lip in worry that he would deny her claim. "I guess since Uncle Marcus is adamant that it happen sooner than later I'll have to speed up our plans!"

Hearing this from the doorway Jean smiles and turns to Marcus who is red faced and about to explode with rage. "Now dear brother as I have already given my approval of this marriage you no longer have any say to deny it."

"This isn't over Alexis! I WILL have you as my wife!" Nathan raged as he pulled his fist back to punch Elias in the face. Alexis' magic infused itself protectively through Elias at her touch.

Sophie Weston

Sophie shook her head. "I know you are right. We need to find her but then what do we do? How are they handling this Nathan Broussard? Her aunt Jean went to get her and bring her back. I have to get back to work. I'll do my best to keep her calm. If Elias doesn't think of something and she loses control...I'll have to do something to distract them???" Shrugging her shoulders she groaned, "I'll figure something out if it comes to that."


Alexis felt her spine stiffen as she got closer to the house and stables. She was doing everything she could think of to try and keep control of her magic. The stable boys took Hundar and her Aunt Jean's horses from them after they dismounted. Jean reached out and took her hand trying to encourage her and give her some support. Alexis took a deep breath and tried to calm her nerves. She wondered where Elias was and if he had come up with something. She walked behind Jean and tried to ward off the nausea building in her stomach as she heard voices on the other side of the door. She breathed out and put on a smile and tried to remember her manners and grace as she had been taught.
Marcus' response to Elias' comment went unspoken as the ladies entered the room. As Alexis stepped into the room she caught site of Elias leaning against the doorway. His face showed no surprise other than his eyes at her arrival. However, when she looked up at Nathan Broussard she was unable to look away from the fury on his face. When Jean stepped to the side to speak with Elinora and Marcus, Nathan stepped forward and grabbed Alexis roughly by the arm steering her into the room. Alexis was trying to keep her emotions under control as Nathan manhandled her to the couch before he sat next to her.

"Uncle Marcus, I request more time. You specified that I had more time and now I demand to know why you are changing that." Alexis demanded slightly jutting her chin in stubbornness. Nathan became angered at her words and he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of the room and into the hallway. "Ouch, Nathan!" Embarrassment flooded her cheeks as he slammed her up against the wall roughly. His hand was open when he slapped her hard across the face.

"You will NOT disobey me! You will become my wife in spite of your whorish ways!" Alexis was holding her hand against the side of her face that he had struck. The tears in her eyes were from genuine pain. He raised his hand to hit her again.


Alexis was sitting in the middle of the field behind the woods. No one would see her from the house unless something big happened. She was brushing Hundar as she spoke to him softly. Confiding in him as if he were human she told him of her problems. The steed seemed to understand that something had changed about her. Magic seemed to roll off of her like electricity. It crackled as she touched the horse and it seemed that Alexis was incredibly nervous. She had been out here for an hour and she had hidden in the woods when she heard her uncle and some of the stable hands out looking for her on horseback. She was certain that she had swallowed her heart at one point.

What was Elias going to do? What could he do? She trusted him implicitly but what if his plan failed? Her heart was beating at an alarming rate and she was worried that she would lose control of her magic soon if she didn't calm down. Alexis closed her eyes and took deep breaths trying to focus. When she opened her eyes she saw her Aunt Jean coming towards her on horseback. Alexis felt her stomach tighten with anxiety and she moved towards her aunt.

"Alexis! I've been looking everywhere for you. I take it that you know they are here? Alexis nodded. Jean sighed tiredly.

"I've been arguing with Marcus and Elinora for the last hour and he is not budging. He says you have to marry Nathan. The lovely doctor has done some serious damage to your reputation and he isn't giving you more time. As your legal guardian he can force you to marry. Why he is hellbent on you marrying that, that nincompoop Nathan Broussard is anyone's guess."

Alexis nods slowly. "He is in business with Nathan's father and it would benefit him to tie his family to ours. But Jean....I hate Nathan. He is cruel and only wishes to use me and get to my money. With my magic...-" Realizing that she hadn't told her aunt all of the details of her magic she stopped. "I don't want to be forced to kill him. What do I do?" Jean pulled her into her arms and comforted her as best that she could as Alexis cried softly. "Elias sent me out here. He said he was going to take care of it or do something but I don't know what. Do you think there is anything I can say to change Marcus' mind?"

"I seriously doubt it sweetheart. I don't trust Nathan Broussard. He gives me a bad feeling in my stomach. Elias might be your best chance although I don't know what he is up to? Your money stays in my possession until you get married according to the conditions in the contract your mother had set up for you. It is sitting in a trust untouched and it will stay there until it is released by the conditions set in it. Marcus can't touch it but your husband can. I'm sure he has a deal in place with Nathan about it. It is quite a large amount of money. Enough for Royalty to live on for decades."


"WHERE IS SHE?" Nathan stomped around the parlor in a near fit. He had checked every room in the house and he had even struck the butler and the stable boy when he didn't get answers. Marcus was pacing the room while Elinora sat with her mouth in a pursed line fanning herself furiously.

"Calm down Nathan. For god's sake you are scaring the staff!" Marcus yelled back at him. Nathan turned towards him and his eyes looked like he was losing his mind. For a brief moment he wondered if Nathan was going to hurt Alexis when he got a hold of her. Deciding that many women beat their wives and it wasn't his business he ignored it and looked at the man like he was a fool.

"Where is Elias? Maybe he knows where she is."


Nathan Broussard

Nathan grinned menacingly at Elias and walked towards the window as he spoke. "Now where is she? I half expected to see my fiance in here. You have quite the reputation and the doctor who treated you sent word to us that Alexis was behaving...lasciviously when it came to you. Now I can't have her tainting her reputation. It wouldn't look good for me when we marry. I hope at least that you taught her something when you bedded her." He looked over at Elais and saw his knuckles grip the tub more tightly before he continued smirking at his reaction.

"Of course it won't matter much." Nathan sighed dramatically for effect as he punched his fist into his other palm. "Of course I'll have to curb her attitude, she has a sassy mouth on her and I can't have that." Turning to Elias he grinned. "That should be easier after I break her spirit. I'll have as many women as I want and all of her money too." His eyes sparkled as he thought of the money.

"So Elias, where is my soon to be wife?" Nathan looked down at him with a haughty expression on his face.


"I'm so glad you are back!" Her voice started to break. "Marcus and Elinora are here. They brought Nathan Broussard here to marry me! Elias, what am I going to do?" She rests her head on his chest for a moment and realizing that he still hasn't said anything about anything she steps back and looks at him. She is truly scared to hear what he is thinking but she has to know. With little confidence Alexis "I don't know where Sophie and Wayne are right now." The darkness is keeping her from seeing much more than the barest of light from the barn's lantern in his eyes. Wringing her hands with worry she could feel the sizzling of her powers running through her body.
"Not now, not now, not now!" She said trying to control her powers. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths and focused like Wayne had told her. When she reopened them she saw Elias watching her. "What? Wayne told me how to try to focus my power so I don't cause too much mayhem." She paused."Elias, if he forces me to marry Nathan, one of us will kill the other. You and I are bonded forever by the Grimm oath we swore so I am asking you to help me figure out what to do. I know that's a lot with all the changes with me right now but...I need to know how you feel about me, these new powers, about Nathan marrying me?" Her voice broke and she turned her face down and her shoulders slumped in defeat.
"Please, I love you but if you can't stand me anymore then I'll leave and figure it out on my own. I dont want you to suffer because of me." Alexis looks up and touches his face drawing his eyes to her."Elias?"

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