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Current Delores O Riordan of the Cranberries died today. :( I will miss her voice, it was incredible and unique.
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Sarcasm and attitude are so much cheaper than therapy and bail money.


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Aksel left the barmaid in the main hall and made his way to the lodging that Reidun had gave him. He entered and shut the door quietly so as not to wake her. Stopping partway across the room he stared at the other bedroom door quizzically. Obviously there was at least two people in there. He hesitated then he knocked lightly on the door. "Reidun? Are you well?"

Conall had felt his heart stop upon hearing the voice of the man. For one he had no idea that there would be another man in the house. What made it worse was Conall had no idea who this voice belonged to. It had sounded familiar in some way but he couldnt put his finger on it. She could have at least told me there was someone else gonna be here he swore to himself. He had looked to her trying to find any sense of worry or panic.

Reidun's smile turned a little pinker as she blushed. "I'm well Aksel. Go to bed. I'll see you in the morn." She spoke out loudly. Then she returned her lips to Conalls and murmured into his ear. "Don't worry, it's just the Earl."

Conall let the words sink in. 'just the Earl'. Conall thought it best to remain as quiet as possible not really wanting to get on the bad side of the Earl. Not that he was afraid of him, oh no I can surely take him Conall told himself trying to make the whole ordeal less stressful. "Why is it always the pretty ones that wind up being the most trouble?" he said in low voice with a playful smile.

Reidun gasped in shock and then grinned a little. "You think I'm pretty and that I will be trouble for you?" Her grin was unmistakable in the light. Her eyes were kind and in that light the green shone through the brown and she raised her chin slightly. "You have no idea what kind of trouble I could be if I set my mind to it." She responded cheekily.

Aksel quickly moved away from the door and chuckled to himself. He knew he shouldn't be listening but he couldn't help himself. Reidun had a man in her room and he hadn't expected that at all. She was not usually so ...approachable. His grin held til he fell fast asleep.

"Well in that case I guess I will just have to keep you happy then wont I?" Conall said with a slight grin but his face showed he meant it. Then getting a sly grin on his face "I do warn you though you've got no idea what madness comes with being near me." he said somewhat jokingly but something in his eyes was serious. Almost as if they warning her, telling her to run and never turn back.

For a half a second Reidun was uncertain of what he meant. "Well as I have no intention of becoming your enemy I doubt it would be something to worry myself about. I am a shield maiden and quite capable of protecting myself ...even against you if I needed to." Looking into the depths of his eyes she moved slightly underneath him and saw the urgency building in his eyes and grinned. "Do I have something to fear from you?"

Conall didnt quite know how to anwser her last question. He had what felt like a battle going on inside him over what to say. On one side he seemed drawn to her and didnt want to scare her away from his side but that emotion wanted him to warn her. "No of course not." he hadnt even realized what had come out of his mouth before he had finished. Trying desperately to find a way to take the focus off of him for a second, he looked for anything to get him out of this situation. "Well if you think you can take me on i'm sorry to break the bad news but i've never lost." It wasnt a complete lie he told himself sure there was that one time but that really didnt count.

Reidun could feel the tension in him as he seemed almost panicked. "I've no intention of fighting you. Besides, I would win. I'd dazzle you with my assets and you'd fall at my feet in love." She was kissing his neck as she said these words and could feel the tension lessening as he relaxed again. She felt his arms wrap tighter about her and his mouth was close enough that his breath was on her neck which made her feel secure.

Conall relaxed at her comment. Well at least she went along with it he thought. He smiled at her, there was something in her eyes that kept him drawn in. Something about them reminded him of his own. They seemed to have a hidden kindness in them. He leaned in and planted a kiss on her head and tightened his hold of her almost as if he was scared of losing her.


Okay go ahead and move Connal over to the char tab.

Reidun closed the door to the lodgings and looked around at all of the activity. People were drinking and laughing and carrying on in the streets and there was a general feeling of good spirits. She laughed at some of the men that were showing off for the women around them. For the most part she moved through the crowds fluidly. She walked around for a while getting a general layout and feel for the landscape and security of the city. Mostly she just liked to people watch a little.

Accepting a mug of ale from one of the women near the hall Reidun, watched as the men danced a norwegian jig and she joined in with some of the women when it was their turn. Her red tresses were wavy from having been up for so long and now as they were free her hair spun and flew about her like a red cape as she danced. Thanks to the ale Reidun was more relaxed than she had been since she stepped aboard the boats two weeks ago. Her contagious laughter caught the ear of many around her and begat smiles from the nearby locals.

Aksel looked up at the woman with the long dark hair and smiled at her enthusiasm. She looked like a warrior so he nodded. “I don’t see any reason for you not to go. We have fifteen boats total on this trip. Some are a little larger than the others but they all float well enough.” He waved at her to join him. “Please Isgred, sit and tell me what you hope to find on our trip to England.”


Alexis nodded. Her mind was so overwhelmed she didn't want to even think any longer. Frustration evident in her impatience she looked at her feet for a moment. "Can we just go do this thing and get back home? I need to talk to Elias." She followed Wayne and soon they were standing outside the building that the pearls were in. Now all we have to do is get inside and steal them without getting caught and get them back to Johann. She thought to herself.

She casually walked up to the door and tried the lock. When it didn't give she walked on and turned down the alleyway towards the back of the building's entrance. Putting on her gloves she wasted no time. Once there she picked the lock and opened the door ever so softly and waved Wayne forwards as she entered the building. She was aware that there would be tighter security in the room where the pearls were kept so she was careful about what she touched and where she stepped. The building seemed to be empty of people.

Alexis couldn't help the adrenaline rush that soon made it more exciting than it really was. She shot Wayne a grin as she pointed to the room near the end of the hall on the left. She could see the case that the pearls were in.


Arrival at Kattegat

Aksel stood up as they neared the shore and the landscape full of homes and businesses in Kattegat’s heart became clearer to the fifteen boats sailing towards it. The adrenaline flowed through his veins faster and faster as they neared the docks. Unloading would take a while but it was going to be worth it. Aksel knew that the ruler here used to be Lagertha but he wasn’t sure who had taken her place after she had died.

Aksel’s wide grin was contagious and he looked to see that many of the others were also extremely happy to be arriving. Glancing down at Reidun he noticed relief upon her face. “Are you ready to be on land little one?”

Reidun nodded, keeping her eyes on the land leaping into her view. She could feel her stomach flipping. They were almost there. Thank the gods! “I was ready yesterday.” She got herself ready to vacate the boat as they pulled the boats into the dock.

Uffr gave the steering oar one last turn to bring the long ship into an empty space along the dock. Without orders his crew quickly stowed their oars and tied the Odin’s Whisper to land. Uffr looked to Aksel and smiled, “We have arrived, I'll give my crew half leave and let's continue on to your needs.”

Reidun was the first off of the boat as she scrambled up onto the dock. Aksel watched with understanding as she murmured to him about finding their lodgings. She disappeared into the crowds of people and headed for the great hall where she would have to talk to one of the servants to the hierarchy of the city to find out about lodgings.

Aksel and most of the others disembarked and rambled at a slower pace.

Reidun spoke to several people before she found the right one. When Aksel appeared a few moments later she had the name of an empty lodge they could stay in. She also knew where to send the rest of the crew for a place to stay. Meals to be eaten for new visitors were generally held in the great hall so the ruler could meet them. As the group approached her she said, “Aksel we have a two bedroom house in town just down the street." She gave the rest the addresses of the Inn's in town. She fell into step with Aksel and walked with him to the great hall.

Uffr once again split his crew he chose 5 men to stay with the Whisper and bought the rest lodging, with the order to return to the Whisper in the morning. Then Uffr joined Aksel.

Aksel kept his eyes open and noticed the guard protecting the king and his family. He also noticed some of the seedier looking men from another group. He walked up to the ruler and introduced himself.

“I am Aksel Hallgrimsson an Earl of Denmark and these are my men.” Aksel’s eyes missed nothing of what went on around him. He saw the man two back on the right that pick pocketed one of his men and another that was making eyes at Reidun. He was almost always on guard even as he met the ruler Bjorn Erikksen.

“Bjorn Erikksen King of Kattegat, this is my family.” He said waving to a wife and couple of kids. Aksel nodded and smiled as he raised his mug of ale. Turning slightly, he looked at Uffr and his nod stated that they were okay here.

Uffr returned his nod, of course he and his small group of men had to leave their arms at the gate, but the reason for their presence was obvious enough. Uffr looked around the dimly lit hall, at the men lining the walls in the shadows, he smelled cooking far off and felt his hunger.

Reidun watched as Aksel and the king spoke and there was a smile upon Aksel’s face. With this knowledge she moved towards the door and bumped into Uffr.

Uffr looked down and frowned, “I apologize Reidun, I must've stood in the wrong place, are you okay” he said in a soft voice quiet enough not to disturb the official business going on.

Reidun smiled up at him. “It’s alright Uffr. I just need to go put our things in the lodge.” She glanced outside at the darkness and all of the men that were not part of their crew. She was quite capable on her own but that was a lot of men if the need arose to fight.

Uffr, bored by the slow diplomatic way that things were progressing resorted to counting the armed men in the room. In the room there was 20 men not including the king. Uffr then looked up to listen in on what's being said.

Reidun moved lithely around him and walked out the door and headed towards the small house she was given earlier.

Aksel glanced up and turned his head to see Reidun leave the hall and he made a mental note to keep tabs on her. They had not been in such a large city full of warriors before and he felt responsible for her even though she could fight as good as any man. His attention was stolen by a pretty blonde who was refilling his mug.

With a nod to Aksel Uffr stood and walked through the bland, loud and smelly city back to the Odin's Whisper, where it was clean and semi peaceful, and sent runners to gather the crew.

Collaboration with @Sirkaithethird

and yes, kai is right on the armor. The royal guard would have link/chain mail. More than that would happen later.


I'd like to start the IC tomorrow if we can. I'd like to run some things by you in discord though first if I can.
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