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Sounds interesting. @Vampiretwilight
Maggie Grey

Maggie leaned into his kiss and she smiled. "Well I don't know about where he went but he hasn't attacked anyone after his fourth victim. He just totally stopped attacking women. Yes, I am yours and I will be more than happy to have you beside me always. " The last of her tears fell to her cheek and she wiped them away. Come on, let's go eat."

Taking his hand she turned and tugged him out of the room and down to the kitchen where a bouncing black lab was noisily begging for bacon.
Maggie Grey

Maggie shook her head against his chest. "I've done everything to make sure it can't happen again. I took self defense and martial arts. I can take care of myself now." Feeling the warmth and love coming from him she sighed and sat on the bed pulling him to sit next to her.

"The first semester I was at school there was a rapist on campus and I was his third victim. One night after class, it was around ten pm I was walking to my car and the light had blown out. Later, I would find out that the bulbs had been shot out on purpose according to campus security. I never saw the man who grabbed me from behind. He was wearing a ski mask but his voice was distinctive. I'd recognize it anywhere. He knew my name. After that I just didn't care much. My rapist took my virginity and beat the shit out of me. I never told my parents. I didn't want them to worry about me."
Maggie Grey

Maggie pulled away from him and walked towards the door angrily. "I don't want to talk about it. I'm not that ignorant weak girl anymore. Just let it go."

Maggie was trying not to let the memory come back to her. It was always just below the surface and it plagued her.
Maggie Grey

Blushing Maggie raised up smiling at him and then sat up all the way. I want you to know something. "Obviously I wasn't a virgin but that wasn't by choice exactly. The important part, is that until you I'd never told anyone else that I love them other than my parents."

Standing up she went to tug him up with her.
Maggie Grey

A few minutes later she returned to the bedroom. After she closed the door she was all smiles as she crawled across the bed and on top of William to kiss him.

"Morning love." She smiled into his chest and lay on top of him to listen to his hear beating. It was her favorite sound in the world.

"Are you hungry? Breakfast is ready downstairs." She kissed his chin lightly and smiled at him.

Maggie Grey

Maggie pulled her shirt over her head and wriggled out of her shorts. As she kicked her clothes to the floor she pulled him into her arms and she kissed him without hesitation. His eyes roamed her body and when they reached her eyes he saw the honesty in her eyes when he heard her softly say, "William, I love you too." He slid into her and as he did the bond between them was sealed.

Maggie's eyes burned from the light that hit them when she opened them. She heard scratching at the door. Fluffy needed to go out. She groaned. She hadn't been up so late with carnal activities at such a pace as last night, ever. She glanced over at the heavy leg that was trapping her in bed. Reaching over she kissed William on the side of the mouth and whispered,

"I'll be back I need to take Fluffy out."
Maggie Grey

Maggie responded and it didn't take long for them to get things heated. He pulled her up into his arms more and she wrapped herself around his waist as their kisses turned more passionate.

As William rolled himself on top of her and he was about to lift her shirt a long loud noise came from Fluffy. Maggie started laughing at the same time William did. The stench made it's way to them and she pushed him off and they scrambled to their feet and hurried into the pack house hand in hand.

Once they got inside William pulled her upstairs to his room. Once the door was slammed shut she was pushed up against the door and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he kissed her neck.
Maggie Grey

Maggie reflected back on the evening as she leaned back against William's chest. They were half laying and half sitting up looking up at the night sky. Fluffy was snoring on his back with his feet up in the air. Maggie couldn't help but chuckle at her goofy dog. She patted his belly and he rolled over onto his side. She felt happy for the first time in a while. The tingles against her skin reassured her that William had not run off on her.

The trip back to school was bound to be one of interest to him. She wondered if he had ever been to the big city or if he had even been to school. Did they go to school? If so how did they handle sports? Wouldn't they be faster and stronger? She still had so many questions. Feeling his hand on the back of her neck softly she turned to stare into his blue eyes.

"Do you think they will accept me as Luna even though I have to finish school first?"
Maggie Grey

Maggie looked up at him and her stomach turned over in a nervous reaction. Shaking her head she murmured softly..."I have a boyfriend back at school."

Watching his reaction she put her hand on his and grasped his hand tightly. "I had no idea you even existed, no one told me anything about wolves. I have to break up with him of course but....he lives directly across the hall from me."
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