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All of life is open to interpretation. Make of that what you will.
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Sarcasm and attitude are so much cheaper than therapy and bail money.



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Brienna heard a knock at her door and scrambled to her feet, sliding her shoes back on. She answered the door and nodded murmuring something to the person on the other side. Brienna came back to him a moment later. "Tom says that Samuel will be going back to the quarters in a few minutes. He is waiting outside to take you to him." Brienna smiled softly. "In a few days I'll be going to the country home with the queen for a few weeks. I'll ask for you to be assigned to go with us. I would like it if you did."

Brienna took his hand in hers, again noticing the size difference she chuckled. Her eyes fell back to his and she blushed a little. "Come on, let's get you to Samuel."

Over the next few days Brienna was so busy getting the queen ready and packed for her trip she barely got to see Jason from across the room once in awhile. She did get him assigned to the trip so at least she knew they would get some time to see each other then. The thought of spending time with Jason made her smile so much so that Elizabeth noticed and asked her about it.

"So are you smiling so much because of that man I saw you with the other night?" Elizabeth inquired teasingly.

Blushing at the unexpected question Brienna nodded. "Yes, I really like this man. I care about him a lot."

"Shall I make it a match for the two of you?" Horrified at the thought of being forced to marry someone no matter who it was, sent tremors of fear down her spine.

"Oh no! Please don't do that. If it is meant to be that way then it will on it's own. I don't want either of us forced into a marriage that we aren't completely certain of. It's only been a few days and I've barely seen him. I'm hoping for some time with him in the country."

"You are right. I won't force the issue." Elizabeth had gotten a rise out of Brienna and that made her giggle just a little bit.



Okay, I have to go. I'll check in in the morning. I was delayed in getting here today. :)


Wrapping her arms around him as he pulled her closer she knew he was worried that he would not ever get home. Never see his family again. She felt like she was being selfish because in her mind she was wondering what would happen to her if he did. Would he take her with him if he could? What happened if it happened like it did today and he just vanished and reappeared somewhere else. She had never felt such excitement with anyone before and she was afraid to lose that, to lose him.

"I'm so sorry, I don't want you to go but I would never want you to lose your family. Do you have any idea how you got here or how to get back?" She maneuvered herself to see him better and found herself staring into his pained eyes.

"I'm so sorry. I know you must be hurting and miss your family."

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I am guessing you got caught up in something else. I can bring Sophie back to the house if you would like.


Brienna moved into his side and laid her head on his chest as his arm wrapped itself around her. She shivered a little but this time it wasn't from the cold. She laced her fingers through his and grasped his hand with hers. The glow of the fireplace made his hands look larger than they were, dwarfing hers and she chuckled softly. The shadows hid her blushes as she looked into his eyes. She was hoping to find that he was as interested in her as she was in him.

Keeping her voice low she asked him if his head hurt and she moved a little to see the stitches. "Does your head still ache?"


Brienna chuckled at his attempt to cheer her up. The guard at the balcony entrance gave Brienna a thumb's up and she smiled and mouthed a simple thank you. It was windy outside and as soon as the drunken lord had left the vicinity the guard gave Brienna a wave and she pulled Jason back inside and down the hallway. Sneaking into her room so they might speak in private she closed the door and she motioned for him to sit on the couch in the guest/living area.

The fire was roaring in the fireplace and her room was very cozy. "As a guard you will be able to protect castle patrons like the guard you saw tonight. His name is Tom." Brienna kicked off her shoes and sat on the couch, tucking her feet under herself. She was still chilled so she hugged herself hoping that he would sit with her.

"I also am thankful to have found you today. I would hate to have heard you existed only after you were killed. I couldn't allow that to happen. I-" She stopped as she looked into his eyes and remembered the first feelings for him that she had had.


She returned his smile and her eyes cast downwards slightly at the praise he was heaping on her. "I do assure you, I am not an angel." She noticed the looks they were getting and she blushed slightly. "I'm just glad you didn't lose more than you did."

When the next song came a drunken lord approached them. Brienna recoiled from the man when he reached for her. "M'lady I want the next dance with you." He stumbled and Brienna moved out of his way and grabbed Jason's hand and pulled him out to the balcony as one of the guards stopped the drunken man from following them.

Brienna was a little shaken.


Jason had let go of her hand and wrapped his cloak around her as well. His arm around her shoulders made her feel warm and secure and a little electrified. She could not have foretold that a man would fall out of the sky and drop literally into her life and that the day would end like this. The party was winding down. The queen had already retired to her chambers and there were only a few couples left. Some were servants and only a drunken lord or two were left dancing with a couple of local ladies looking for husbands.

Once they entered the room Brienna slid out from under the cloak and took one of his hands in hers and placed his other on her hip and started to dance with him to the ballad. "Do you know how to dance?"



Nora watched the mage the tall purple man speak and her father waved her over a moment. "Excuse me a moment." She ducked out and went to her father who was already packing her things for her. "Father? What are you doing?" He gave her an odd look.

"I'm sending you off to have a life of your own! If you stay here you will starve to death. B'sides, that young man needs your help. He'll never be as good with his sword as you are." Her father hugged her to himself and kissed her cheek. "I love ya lass but I'm breaking yer plate. Now get yer armor and sword on they are too awkward to carry." A few moments later she came out with all of her stuff in a couple of bags and he handed her her sword and shield.

Walking toward the men she looked back at her father and he nodded at her with tears in his eyes and she nodded back with the same in hers. She knew there was a good chance that she would not see him alive again. He was already sick and losing weight.

Putting on a brave face Nora stepped up to the men leading her horse behind her. "I'm ready when you two are. My name is Nora. And you are?"

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