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Current Okay peeps, I'm bored what's up?
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RumikoOhara 3 yrs ago
Just checking, the Guild has been acting strange lately
RumikoOhara 3 yrs ago
And the world keeps spinning round, an round
Dnafein 4 yrs ago
I hope I didn't offend asking what I did in the room.
King Tai 4 yrs ago
Hey there Sis! Just checking up on you :)
RumikoOhara 4 yrs ago
Peeling sucks after all that work luckily for me I'm so weathered now it doesn't matter
Blueflame 4 yrs ago
thank you
RumikoOhara 4 yrs ago
I love this spy feature LOL

Hi just popping by
The Mage 4 yrs ago
Allo? I wanted to swing by and see if you'd be interested in giving it a go for a roleplay. I don't know what you are interested in,so sorry!
POOHEAD189 4 yrs ago
Hope you're ok <3
Shadow007 4 yrs ago
Hello... Saw your status and wanted to wish you the best. *hugs* Hope everything goes well. : 3
MetalHead 5 yrs ago
Burying the hatchet here! I'm sorry to hear about your dog. It always sucks when someone dear leaves you like this but look on the bright side, you still have one left to enlighten your day.
King Tai 5 yrs ago
Well hello there boss lady! :D
POOHEAD189 5 yrs ago
*High fives* Sup awesome girl
King Tai 5 yrs ago
Well....not only am I going to be the first to post on your VM but I also wanted to say how flattered I am to be mentioned on your Bio. I just showed up on your profile and BAM! my name was there :). thanks for the shout out! :D
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