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@Maria 127It's full, we are only doing this one as a 1x1. My friend has never written like this before in an rp site.
Maggie Grey

"Um, okay I leave in 2 days to go back to school. We- I'm going to have a problem though."

Pulling away from William she bit her lip. Confusion and worry show in her eyes. Fluffy came up and put his head under her hand and she started absentmindedly scratching his ears.

"You might be terribly upset with me."
Maggie Grey

Chuckling softly Maggie says, "In all of the books the Alpha is dominant and fierce and very jealous and protective of any man or beast going near his mate. Always, in every book."

Thinking about the other inconsistencies in the books she smiles. "I guess we will see what else is different in the real world. Won't we?" Sliding her arms around his waist she lays her head on his chest. "I would still need to finish my degree. I only have a couple of months left til graduation. I need to find a way not to give that up. I may have to go back for a couple of months. Are there any females that I should know about?"

Maggie looked up at him.
Maggie Grey

Maggie felt her arms pull herself closer to William as he deepened the kiss. She could hear Kip going crazy in her mind so she blocked her out. When the kiss ended she pulled back just slightly and nodded.

"I'll stay."

Fluffy pawed at her wanting to be in the middle of things. She slipped her hand into William's and bent down to give Fluffy a kiss on the head.

"Go outside Fluffy. We'll play later."

Once he was outside Maggie looked at him and said with a twinkle in her eye. "You aren't like the alpha's in books."
Maggie Grey

Maggie gasps as she feels the tingles burst all over her body everywhere that their skin touches. After catching her breath she whispers,

"Slade says it too?" Seeing the brightness in his eyes she murmurs "Does it always feel like tingles exploded everywhere?"

She felt herself relaxing in his arms. Part of her wanted to go but so much of her wanted to stay. "Well William?"
Maggie Grey

"What does your wolf say? Maybe mine is just overly hopeful! You are the Alpha, shouldn't you know?" About that time Fluffy barreled in and ran into her pitching her forwards sending her flying into William's arms.
Maggie Grey

"I- I'm not sure I remember that. I mean, I kinda remember but I was so young. I-I'm not sure. What about my friends and my classes. I'm supposed to be a doctor. You want me to throw everything away because I used to kiss your cheek? I can't do that."

Maggie felt scratching in her brain that was terribly annoying. In her mind she shouted at Kip. "Kip What is it?!!!" Kip purred loudly at her "He is mate!"

Something settled in Maggie's mind and all that she had read about werewolf mates scared her. What if she lost herself in him? What if she just disappeared?

"Mate?" She whispered to herself and then looked up at William half in disbelief.

Maggie Grey

Maggie looked at the blue eyed alpha and felt her wolf purring again. "Mate" She heard in her head. Her eyes registered what Kip was telling her.His hand on her shoulder sent tingles down her arm. She tried to think back, had he touched her before? Had she just not felt the tingles because of the stress and shock of her situation? Confused about the mash up of feelings inside her she asked him,

"You love me? What do you mean you've loved me since we were kids? Are we related somehow?"

Maggie Grey

Maggie looked away. Unable to stop the tears she clutched the necklace in her hand.

"Why did they hide all of this life from me? If it was so wonderful and great why did they send me away to school?"

Feeling helpless and alone and suddenly extremely tired she wiped her eyes.

"I just want my life back. I want my parents back." She sighed. "I have a lot of packing to do so if you can get Fluffy for me I'd appreciate it."
Maggie Grey

She took it and looked at it closely. It was the necklace her father had given her mother for their 20th anniversary. She had always loved the wolf howling at the moon on it. Tears started to fill her eyes.

"You found them?" she said softly.

"I didn't know that. I was told nothing other than the basics I guess. Do you know what happened?" She hastily wiped the tears away. Undoing the clasp she put the necklace around her neck.
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