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Current This is 'Chicogal' if anyone remembers me - new name :)
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Maybe I'm back...
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Goodnight, travel well.


Mainly 1x1s these days.

My former username was Chicogal.

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Heya! I see you have a little loss of muse, but thought I'd put down a request nonetheless... ;)

Type of Request: Set
Stock: (hehehehe)
Size: The usual, good sir!
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Hi there! :)

Having recently watched the new POTC movie, I'm feeling inspired to roleplay again. It's been a little while since I've written anything, so you'll have to bear with me while I get back into the swing of things.

I'm looking for a sexy pirate 1x1, possibly based in the Pirates universe. I'd like to play the female love interest, and I'm therefore looking for someone to play a male pirate love interest. The universe is dependent on whether you'd like to play a canon, or your own original character. I'm good with a young Jack, Will or Henry. henry may have stolen my heart

I'd prefer someone 18+ for my own peace of mind, although we'll fade-to-black in the more heated moments.

I generally write Casual-Advanced, and my replies will probably average once every 2-3 days (dependent on my schedule). I honestly have no issue with waiting a few days or even a week for a quality reply from my partner.
I'm willing to double as well.

Shoot me a PM if you're interested, and maybe we can work something out. :)

I'm interested, but will probably only join in two weeks or so. ^_^
@Altered Tundra Finally decided what I'd like! ^_^ So many choices...

Type of Request: Set
Size: Normal please
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@Altered Tundra Still open? ;)
Bump. Craving Ouran.

Edited - let me know :P @McHaggis @Roosan @Liriia @Undine
I'd actually be interested. I was in a big Hetalia roleplay once that lasted over 2 years, so it can really work if done right, with enough active writers.

I'd like Denmark to start off with, and possibly France.
Got some apps to discuss...

@Chicogal Hey, Chicogal! There are just a few things you need to fix before we can accept Rain! First, please keep in mind that Verona is literally in the middle of nowhere; it's a small town with a convenient Community College, not a University. Changing that and Primary School to Elementary (ages 5-10) or Middle (ages 11-13) School will be needed because Verona, Washington is in the United States, after all. Next, we just require you add a bit more to her personality section-- it's a bit too small for our liking and we believe you could really add more life to this character with a bit more details thrown in.

Finally! We just need you to putt a bit more work into the Weakness section of her powers. Personally, the GMs and I thought it would be better to take out her ability to conjure water and instead require her to be near water in order to take control of it. Doing this will result in a balanced and interesting weakness for her, which would be great! Also, it could replace the weakness of her being weak to fire as usually water beats fire in most cases.

My thought in conjuring water wasn't so much creating it as drawing it up from the soil or the air, and I thought it'd make for a development in her powers later on. But if that's not okay, I'll change it to what you've suggested :P

Done everything else!

EDIT: I was also thinking about her not having discovered her powers yet. Would that be alright?
Oh shite, I forgot to tag! @McHaggis
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