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Somebody owes me a new cinnamon roll!
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@Lord Wraith Yes I beleive the words I used were "Thank you, I don't want it right now but I will eat it later." That was yesterday at around 4pm, he ate it sometime between 11am and 8pm...
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If your roommate bought you food and you decided to save it for later, what is the acceptable time frame for it to be in the fridge before at is fair game? Discuss.
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Spring break! Means lots of time to write. ^-^


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@Birdboy I just wanna say I love Rala. Puts up with the never ending sarcasm that comes out of Aura's mouth, and manages to not clap back too hard. :P

It wasn’t long before the fleet set out again. Brutos decided that with Maxwell not with them they might need some extra time out. Of course before leaving Brutos set out a whole list of rules that Max was to follow while most of the crew was gone. The shark man had even taken the time to write them out though the handwriting was horrible. If Max was honest up until then he was convinced that the Boss didn’t know how to write.

-No leaving the house unaccompanied
-No talking to the Muckrakers
-No talking to anyone for that matter.
-No leaving the territory even accompanied.

The list seemed to go on forever with about a million other things Brutos had deemed Maxwell was not allowed to do though those four seemed to cover most of it. He was also left with a list of things he needed to do, most things boiling down to getting Brutos more money, and any useful information was to be passed to his “caretakers” so that they could take it to the proper channels. Maxwell was sure that Brutos had left a similarly large list with the few men he left behind to ‘watch’ Maxwell. Though the boy was sure they would only care to uphold it for the first week or so at least. Afterward they would get bored of watching the boy who talks to animals and would do off and do their own thing.

It took less than two days total for Paul and Hendricks to lose interest in Maxwell and go off to do their own things. Neither returned to the house the second night and Max couldn’t help but think that this was some kind of new record for the speed in which someone disobeyed Brutos. It made sense though, those two were the newest editions. Max wasn’t sure about how or why they joined, not totally, but he knew at least with Hendricks it hadn’t been a very pleasant experience. Was Brutos so sure that his crew was totally loyal to him and or afraid of him that even the newest members would follow his orders blindly, or was he losing his edge? Whatever the reason Max couldn’t help but be at least a little relieved the two of them had left him alone so quickly. It meant Max had at least 2 weeks to do…something…

If asked what Maxwell was doing he honestly wouldn’t have an answer. He only had a handful of Berri to his name and honestly he wasn’t sure what he had was really enough for, well, anything. Either way he bribed some of the local birds to keep a look out for his babysitters so that he wouldn’t get caught out and slipped into the streets of Pol Sticid, something he hadn’t done in a long time. Not alone at least.

Elsewhere unbeknownst to the young brown haired boy Hendricks was meeting with an old associate, an enemy of Brutos and the Saw-Tooth Pirates. Money and information was quickly exchanged and the two parted ways. Hendricks knew if he lingered too long one of Maxwell’s little animal informants would catch wind of it and inform the boy. Even new, the older pirate was well aware that Maxwell got information from all over the island rather quickly, and discreetly. All he had to do was sow enough worry in the Muckrakers that the boy could just as easily get and sell information on them that might potentially cause trouble with The Grime King himself. This one stop was all it would take to get the word around and then the “Mighty Brutos” would lose the one thing that put him so far ahead of all the others in terms of information. What happened to the boy was none of his concern; he, much like many others on this island, simply wanted to get ahead. And Hendricks had his eye on “Riptide” Brutos’ cut of territory.
Aura opened her mouth to speak and then closed it again, she was about to respond sarcastically to Cascade's siblings not being the majority, but the next comment threw her off. She looked at Hawk and then back at Cascade. "First of all, god? No this is my familiar I have an enhanced connection with him cuz of this." She points to the chain that connects a small stoppered bottle and her belt. "Second, I asked him first and he said it was cool. Anything to make him more powerful. Where on earth did you get the idea Hawk was a god?" Aura couldn't help but be confused by Cascade's statement. Nobody had ever thouught her bird was a diety of any kind so this was definitly a new one.
<Snipped quote by LostDestiny>

<Snipped quote by XxFellsingxX>

Cascade did state earlier IC that not everyone in her village is not her sibling. That would be weird. ^^"

Allow me to alter my statement.

I'm going with most of it. XD
Also how much of this village is Cascade's half-siblings? XD

I am going with all of it XD
Aura was half tempted to let Cascade continue to talk but was glad when Rala finally said something. She smirked at the older human. "Don't worry I am sure you have that passion in your bones somewere." There was a clear teasing smile on her face before she turned back to Cascade.

"All, half siblings, no full? What did your mother sleep with every man in your town or did you all just happen to find eachother and make one?" She was half joking at that comment. "I am not sure what I would do if I found out my father had that many kids with other people. As far as I am aware it was just my mother. Though he doesn't talk about her much. Only that she was an Elven Princess or something but I am pretty sure he made that up so that he could give her an excuse to not want me." Aura shrugged as if a mother not wanting her child was perfectly normal. She knew her father was capable of taking on a more human looking form so she generally theorized that her mother had no clue he was a genie so when Aura came out blue...well she knew something was up. Though she never did get confirmation. "Either way, that's insane to have so many siblings."

As she finished speaking she heard a familiar screech above her and Hawk came to perch on her shoulder. She winced a little when his talons missed the leather shoulder pad she had specifically for the bird to perch on. "Hey there buddy. I have an idea to make you a little tougher if you don't mind me changing your form." There was a moment of silence as it seemed Aura was listening to something. "Perfect we can do it while Flicker and Jormund finish their nap, it will take me an hour anyway." She looked over at Cascade and Rala. "You two up for watching me make Hawk not a Hawk anymore. It will be super exciting I promise." The last part had just a hint of sarcasm as she pet the bird and continued to walk.
"I still think that we should wait for Flicker and Jormund just so they are there and we don't have to relay information to them, reguardless of the former slaves current mood about being... more or less freed." Aura took one last look at Plasm and shuddered, she hated to think what the patron did to the other guy. She hated to think the damage Plasm must have taken to get the Patron to react in such a way. The look was brief. "I want to get out of here, no offence but hospitals make me nervous, even make shift ones." To emphasis the point she shivered and stared walking out of the tent.

She turned back to Cascade briefly though. "How many siblings did you say you have? And all of them are Genasi? Your mother must have loved your father." She said a little confusion and also a bit of jealousy could be heard in her voice. Though she did not stop talking when she asked in an attempt to distract the other Genasi from insisting on talking to the former slaves.

Annabelle had been sleeping peacefully for once when she was woken to Jazz squawking in her ear. She groaned and pushed the bird away but it seemed he was having none of it. Though it didn’t take long for the red head to realize just why the bird was losing its mind in her ear. A loud boom and a rumble fully woke her up. She grabbed at her pistol and looked around frantically only to realize the sounds were a distance away. Toward the docks she had seen when she was getting the lay of the land.

“What the heck?” She muttered looking at the bird whose feathers were ruffled. “It’s none of my business what kind of crime goes on here. Why are you bothering me?” She questioned as if the raven could speak to her. Sometimes she wished he could, but he hopped around on the bedside table clearly uneasy. “Jazz, we don’t get paid to investigate explosions.” She scolded him as if he would understand her. The bird simply continued to move in a nervous manor.

After several minutes of this Annabelle sighed and grabbed her things. “Fine, but we are only going to look from a distance, through this.” She muttered as she grabbed her sniper rifle. This seemed to calm the raven down some. “Crazy bird.” She shook her head, grabbing her jacket and her mask. No way was she going to get caught out without her gear.

After a bit of talking and some roof to roof travel Annabelle managed to get herself into a decent spot to hunker down and look at the chaos through the scope of her gun. Jazz had been perched on her shoulder up until this point and now the bird found a nearby tree to sit in. Clearly not wanting to get any closer to the area the explosions had gone off. It had been quiet basically the entire trip to her spot so she was sure whatever happened was likely done and over with by now but it was still worth a look.

After another moment or two of looking through the scope toward the docks she found the area where something had clearly happened. What she was not expecting was that people were still there. Were they not worried about the Navy coming? She couldn’t remember what that pirate crew told her about the Navy in this place. Regardless, the fact that it appeared quite a few members of the commotion were still present in the area suggested that perhaps the Marines didn’t care if they were in the area. She wasn’t sure if that was good or bad for her. Either way she decided, what the heck, she was awake and watching, might as well see how this played out.

It didn’t take Isa long to change into the outfit she had picked out for the dinner. She almost second guessed the white turtleneck as an option but decided that she was an adult and perfectly capable of not spilling anything on it. Not to mention she had some encouragement from Jasmine when she voiced her concerns. Shortly after she was done changing she and Jas headed across the hall. She was silently glad she had decided to give Haller a bath seeing as the dog seemed to enjoy letting himself into Christian’s apartment whenever possible but especially when they were having holiday events.

She walked in and placed her drink and juice options with the other drink options and got herself a cup, nothing fancy just some Amaretto and Coke. She knew she would likely baby this drink for quite a while.

Slowly the others started to file in and she greeted them as they entered and made their rounds to say hello to everyone, though she herself remained to the outside of the group as more and more people filed in. They had a decent sized friend group and though she knew most of them well, crowds still made her nervous but as long as they didn’t migrate to surround her she would be fine.

When Christian finished his little speech Isa raised her glass to him and took a seat toward the end of the table. Still not wanting to be crowded, plus this way her elbow wouldn’t bump with anyone else’s while they were trying to eat, being left handed had a habit of becoming inconvenient in times of gatherings where food was involved but she adapted and overcame. She couldn’t help but giggle at her own thoughts quietly, she was after all her own personal comedian.
Aura was distracted by Cascade's lack of knowledge, thouugh she supposed perhaps it wasn't uncommon for a Genasi to be uninformed of there origins. In fact Aura was sure of the Genasi she was an outlier. Not many Genies would want to stick around and care for the children they produce and the even rarer ones who were created extreame elmental weirdness had even less to go off of.

"Half siblings? Do you all have the same mother or father or is it a mix?" She was trying to understand this strange place Cascade came from. "And they are all Genasi?" It took her a moment to continue to explain. "Oh, um, from what my father told me Genasi are created one of two ways. The most common being a Genie pairing with a material planer and the resulting baby is something in between them both. Hense the fact that there are four types of Genie and four types of Genasi. The other less common way is elemental surges doing weird things, I don't really understand that way very much. I was the result of a Djinn or air Genie and an elf, I beleive both Jormund and Flicker are also both the products of their respective elemental Genie. And if all your siblings are Genasi I am guessing you are the result of Marid, which is the Water Genie. Though I suppose I could be wrong about that. I am just guessing. I can try to answer your questions but my knowledge is limited."

She intentionally left out which Genie Jormund and Flicker were resulted from. She hoped Cascade didn't pick up on the fact that she mentioned there were four Genie and only mentioned two by name, but she doubted Cascade was that oblivious. "Anyway I think maybe we should save the interogation for when the others are awake? Unless you are really dead set on doing it now. Not sure anyone would find a heavily injured old lady very intimidating right now anyway." Her shit eating grin returned to her face as her attention shifted to Rala. She knew the woman hated not doing anything but she needed to finish resting, plus having the whole group together would make it so they didn't have to share the information with the other two later.
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