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6 days ago
Current PC is set up. Back to business as usual finally.
8 days ago
Once I set my PC back up it will be business as usual. For now I am on my phone so only short replies here and there.
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11 days ago
I am so freaking exhausted, and I am not even half way done with that I need to do today...
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13 days ago
What do I do when I am bored? I world build. It's relaxing for me, especially when the creative juices are flowing.
16 days ago
Bored AF.


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Love the little blurbs you have written @SereneDoge definitely interesting. :)

Anyway I have started working on the first post for the IC. Gunna start off with all the Princes arriving at the castle. Will be a short celebration of there arrival, some introductions a few words form the King that kind of thing. Just to give you all an idea of how we are stating so you all and get at least a little ready for it.
I tentative plan is good tho. Plans can change, but having ideas it always a good course of action.
Okay now that all the characters have been accepted and I think moved to the Character tab. I would like to see about staring off the discussion of pairings.

From my understanding so far we have had talks about Jinayah and Alvaro as well as being informed recently that Kalal and Loreena have also been discussed. It was my understanding that Annalise and Vyarin would be paired as well from my brief talks with bloonewb. This would just leave Sulhana and Erick.

If I have my information wrong, or you would like to discuss further please let me know/do so. I plan on getting the opening for the IC hopefully before the weekend but if I don't, it will be up my Monday at the absolute latest. As always I am available VIA PM if you have any questions or concerns.
@CassyK Looks good to me go ahead and move him to the Character tab. ^-^

Ill update the OP and then we can all start discussing pairings.
I am pretty excited to get this going as well.

I guess I will give some insight as to what will be happening story wise, and how some things will work.

Story wise I have a basic idea of how I want things to go but the decisions of the group as a whole will heavily influence the direction of this story. There are a few key points that are unavoidable but other than that we will collectively be steering the narrative. I like when all members involved have some say in how the story goes.

As for the pairings I would like to have those pre-established before we go into the story. I believe one of not two pairings have already been discussed but we will wait to finalize any pairings until after the last Prince has been added. In other words, if you haven't already, think about who you would like your character to be paired with and when it is time we will discuss options.

I would like to keep the group together as much as possible, at least all within the country of Astalia, but there may be times when pairs or small groups head off to take care of something in another Kingdom. The bulk of the story will be within Astalia though to make story telling and interaction amongst one another easier. Like I said, the idea I have is simply a blueprint that can be changed as we go to fit what the collective group has in mind. ^-^
@SereneDoge I love her she brings a stark contrast to the others that will be interesting to play with. You are free to move her to the CS Tab.

@Saryylyss You are also free to move her to the CS tab. If you would like to PM me an image and a short description of the court mage the has been training under you can, or if you would like me to do that for you, I can as well. We already discussed the limitations of her magic use so I am not too worried about that. Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.

That goes for everyone PM me if you have any questions or concerns.

I believe we are just waiting on @CassyK to finish there CS and then we can get started. ^-^
Oh, also would we be interested in making a discord server? If not everyone is interested/able to join I probably won't do it. I don't want to exclude anyone from anything.
You don't have to do that. It is appreciated but I am sure if I give it a few more days we will be fine. I might be able to bribe someone from my other thread to join us if push comes to shove :P
Just a tiny little bumparooni to see if I can get a bit more interest in this. Just need two more.
I have edited my CS a bit for anyone who has already looked before I made some changes. Also I added a Zeroth post in the CS tab with will be were the NPCs of the story will go. If you happen to have NPCs that go along with your character, an example being a body guard or two for the traveling Princes, and would like to add them to the NPC list just send me a short description and or image Via a PM

Also, I would like to get this started ASAP so I will wait a few more days and if interest for the last two Princess spots doesn't present itself I will try to fill in the spots myself or, if any of you are interested in making a second character the option will be extended to you.
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