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Current “Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you!” - Kamina
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I am REALLY trying to be nice...
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Unavailable to post for most of today. Busy watching my best friend get married!
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When your Ex drunk calls/texts you asking you to be his date for your BFF's wedding that you are both in!
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Just make a freaking decision! Note to myself and indecisive idiot. XD


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Idk about anyone else but I say we go ahead and skip ahead to the ball if we are still doing that. I am not sure what Sanity has planned but I am sure he can do it during or after the ball.
She took the needle and thread and stared at her wound. Taking a few deep breaths before she was about to start sewing. As she reached for the wound he handed her a piece of leather. She paused, "No offence but that's been in swamp water I think Ill take my chances without it." After a moment she managed to hype herself back up enough to start stitching the wound closed. A slur of profanities exited her mouth as she did so but eventually she was done and cut the thread and reached into the kit for some gauze to wrap her leg with. "Shit that hurt." She was visibly sweating not just from the swamp air but from the pain also. But at least now she wouldn't have to worry quite as much about foreign objects entering the wound. "Okay, ready whenever you are." She said this but she made no move to stand up.
She nodded digging through the bag and pulling out the first aid kit, handing it to him. "A plant grabbed you? I mean I guess it's possible you don't have any clue what planet we were traveling by when this all happened do you? They don't exactly keep the cooks up to date on the travel logs." It was true. She was usually the last to know when pretty much anything happened, which in most cases she was fine with. "Is your leg okay?" She asked concerned they would both have a hard time walking now. Fraya looked at her own leg as if just remembering the injury on it. The towels had kept most of the gunk out of it but they were both now soaked through. She couldn't keep them on the wound. Removing the towels she revealed the deep wound in the middle of her thigh. It was still bleeding so she dug around in her own bag and pulled out one of the cables. Using it as a temporary tourniquet. "That kit wouldn't happen to have a needle and thread in it would it?" She asked peeking into it.
Crap guide to all the races (the song) is so funny.
Drucia followed the group into the cave torch in hand. She kept her quarterstaff secured in it's place on her back seeing as if they ran into trouble her first reaction would be to wild shape. As they walked she heard Cullen's voice carry down one of the tunnels that split off. "I think he went this way. I can hear him calling." She pointed down the tunnel she heard his voice from.

Perception check- 21 with mods
Prolly Gunna be waiting for the other two for a bit. Imma just pop my roll link here so I don't forget about it later. 15+6=21 Perception Check I rolled hoping it would roll low. Damn my +6 to perception XD Oh well. Ill take it.
Drucia would sigh and put her instrument away, deciding to follow Mahir and Alaric, she would much rather at the very least help them out, just in case. She grabbed a torch out of her pack. She had packed up quite a bit earlier before Cullen had gotten drunk. She climbed down the cliff though her hoofs did slip a bit she got down with no issue other than that. "I am comming with. Just in case you run into trouble." She said lighting the torch she had thought to bring. She was useless in the dark so a bit of light would be fantastic.

Athletics- 13+1=14
"Troubled is an understatement." She muttered in response to Alaric's statement. She wasn't surprised her statement hadn't gotten a rise out of him, he was much more sensible than most people she dealt with, which did make him less fun. Her attention went to Ruby with the supplies they found. "Right, I remember him saying something about, glory...maybe. Not sure. I was too distracted thinking about the party I am going to have after this." She left out the part about him being totally nude in front of them. Something told her the two males wouldn't be too happy about that one. She would save it for ammunition later. "Are we going after him or not? I swear this man secretly has a death wish, and I am half inclined to let it happen."
Jeweled Bone Sickle
Potion of Flying
Scimitar +2
Buckler +1
Hand axe of Throwing +3

I didn't write down the stuff from the hobgoblin fight though.
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