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Somebody owes me a new cinnamon roll!
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@Lord Wraith Yes I beleive the words I used were "Thank you, I don't want it right now but I will eat it later." That was yesterday at around 4pm, he ate it sometime between 11am and 8pm...
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If your roommate bought you food and you decided to save it for later, what is the acceptable time frame for it to be in the fridge before at is fair game? Discuss.
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Spring break! Means lots of time to write. ^-^


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Just replace the PC losts with a "permenent" NPC. They find an excuse to remove the NPC later down the line, it's usually what I do when I need to fill a spot.
I am not sure about everyone else but I think shopping was the last thing we were doing before hitting the road so if we wanted to move along I would be fine with that.
Well push comes to shove we can shove Plasm in the cart and hope they come back but at least they would be with us. Just not have them in any encounters we might get into.


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| | Thursday, June 1st - 6:00am | |

Allister woke up groggy and confused, why was he on the floor? Where was he? For a moment he didn't have the answers to these questions but slowly they came to him. He was at some camp for god's kids, what had Jai called it? Camp Half-Blood? And he was on the floor because he and Jai had gotten in late the day before last. "Fuck." He mumbled realize he had slept an entire day away. This wasn't an uncommon occurance but it was still annoying when it happened.

Al sat up from his spot on the floor rubbing the last bit of sleep from his eyes. He had to once again take the time to process the information Jai had given him. He was the kid of some god or goddess. That in itself was crazy enough to think about, but the fact that his friend was also a, what had he called it, demi-god, was even more wild. Standing up Al stretched realizing he had slept in his day clothes and he stank like roadtip, and he desperately needed a shower. Al grabbed his bag of clothes and wandered about for a bit before he finally located a shower.

After a rather long shower Al dressed himself and headed out to figure out where the hell he needed to go. Where was he told to go? He couldn't remember, even after the shower his head was still foggy. Sleeping all day had proved to be a bad idea. Sure he could likely just text Jai and ask where he needed to go, but then Al would have to admit that most of what Jai told him had gone in one ear and out the other, which he knew his friend would give him a hard time about.

Al wandered around for a while just kind of taking in the camp. Had he ever been to something like this? Sure he had stayed in cabins before but those were definitely built for the rich and the famous. These cabins however were not. This place looked like one of those summer camps from tv shows and movies. The Ski lodge his family went to every winter was maybe the closet he had been to something like this and even that was far more boujee than this place. As he wandered he did his best to not look as lost and confused as he actually was.

Eventually he spotted it a larger building. The Big House, Al remembered it being called when they first arrived and all he wanted to do was go to sleep. If memory servered he was supposed to go there to get officially settled in, so that is the direction he walked, as casually as he could. All the while thinking about who his godly parent was. His folks had been out of town when Jai and shown up to get him so Al had simply sent them a text message explaining he was taking his bike, and Ghost, and going camping for a while with a friend. Not really any opertunity for either of them to say anything about it. He smirked a little as he walked, it had to be one of the big three right? No way his mother would have settled for anything less than a top dog.

Al finally entered the big house, which seemed mostly empty. "Hello? Anyone in here, kinda don't know where the hell I need to go." He called into the house probably louder than he needed to and stood there waiting for anything or anyone to answer him. "Something about needing to be claimed maybe, I don't really remember what Jai said." He called again seemingly to just hear his voice echo.

If it's something Rala would do, Aura is currently somewhere else mentally. Just kinda spacing.
I just haven't had much to say sorry

You and me both. Rala and Aura just vibin silently back at the cart. XD

I just headcannon that Rala and Aura have never actually had a conversation alone together before so they just sit in silence :P
<Snipped quote by LostDestiny>

Auntie Rala's among the rest of the party too. :P

Ah true, I forgot she wasn't with you guys.

"the rest of the party"

The rest of the party= Aura and her "pet" XD
Happy New Year!
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