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Current Why is the rum always gone?
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Back in town. Posts will resume tomorrow!
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Posts/replies might come slow if not at all this weekend. I will be out of town.
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"Shall I describe it to you, or would you like me to find you a box?"
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"What's happening out there?"


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The highwaymen are more than willing to point out where they last saw Cascade, so Aura and Flicker will find her soon enough without any need for rolling... But not before they meet someone else first.

KK just making sure. ^-^
Do I need to roll anything for talking to strangers and finding where our soon to be friend is located?
Part of me is tempted to see if the water seeking ball we got from Nanna May would help us locate our new water genasi friend, but I don't know if it works like that xD

Lol don’t think it will work like that. Plus that’s not fun for Aura. She would have just used Hawk to make it easier but Aura likes talking to people unlike a certain moody Fire Genasi. :P
Lowkey wish the guild had a heart reaction cuz I would heart the shit out of that character art @Guardian Angel Haruki Hope you don't mind but I think I might have Aura start off by flirting with your character. "Can't resist a pretty face" after all. And though Aura's preference is male she can't turn down a good looking woman, at least in terms of gassing them up. :P
The time the group spent in town was relatively relaxing. Aura had spent most of her time chatting up the locals and travelers alike. Casual flirting with people when the opportunity presented itself. Nothing serious, just some blink and you will miss it passes that most people payed little to no attention to. Still it was a good distraction for her, she was used to being on the road, staying in one place for too long made her nervous and antsy. So when the group finally got on the road again she relaxed despite the group heading out without there artificer which weighed heavy at least with Aura. She couldn't say much for the rest of them.

When the sun began to set and they found the Highwayman's camp Aura bounced a little on her feet excited to see what the camp had to offer. It had been a while since she had stayed a night in one of these camps. Though when they are informed that another Genasi was present in the camp her excitement turned toward meeting this individual. It was true that the three of them that were in the party was strange enough but to find a fouth? It must have been fate.

"I am going to go find this Water Genasi." Aura told her group as soon as the highwayman left them. She didn't wait for an answer from the group before she trudged into the camp to ask a few people if they knew where the Water Genasi had found themselves. She could easily use Hawk to find the Genasi for her however that seemed less fun than talking to the people of the camp.
26 Gold
71 Silver
521 Copper
-Split 6 ways

Ah @Cao the Exiled split the sale money 6 ways for us Split 6= 108 GP each
I haven't split the money from selling stuff so I can do that really quick.
@Cao the Exiled If anyone hasn't already taken the 6th split, I will do it. My character doesn't need much in terms of new gear and Rala got a platinum piece so I think she is satisfied.

The 6th portion is the rainy day fund everyone got a cut of the money on top of the rainy day fund.
Advantage means I roll twice and take the higher roll, correct?

Cultists Robes x4
Leather Armor x10
Rations (/day) x30
Components Pouchs x8
Gems x6

Anyone want leather armor?

No Leather armor for me, though keeping the rations might be a good idea so we don't have to pay for food when/if we leave this town any time soon.
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