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Current The rain stopped, slightly cool breeze now.
3 yrs ago
Good morning all 🤘
3 yrs ago
Whoever messaged me, PM me, at least I can read those....
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Away from tablet, be back later....


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Stumbling through the darkness, you come to a wall.
Feeling around in the dark, your hand touched doorknob.
Turning the handle, it seems locked.
The Dungeon Master

End of Green
Never cared for the taste of alcohol,now Pot...well that's a different story.

Ice cream


my neighbor loves rock and roll.

No, rock n roll is Elvis.

Heavy Metal is not Elvis
Banned for failing to blast We Drink Your Blood by Powerwolf.

Actually have that song on my phone, therefore I shall skip thy Banishment, and ban the next person.
Aye, I'm in.
One of my fave horror films
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