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Be weird to cross Matrix & Harry Potter, like instead of of'd be potions. "Wake up Harry, you are in the Matrix."
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My first updates pretty hilarious
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Been awhile, what's up?
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I'm running into some problems with archetypes using a D20 system. :(


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Thanks everyone.

Welcome back. Any specific Roleplays catch your eye to draw you out of your hiatus?

Nothing yet but a lot of people that participate in these role plays are very good.
Hey everyone!

I've role played quite a bit but sometimes I get lost on where to go with my posts. As a result, I don't role play as much, but I spend a lot of time thinking of unique ways to role play. I often read a lot of other people's role plays in each section because I find them very interesting. I'm usually and on and off person, meaning I usually have a stint where I'm active and then inactive.

My favorite genres would be something like Cowboy Bebop or Outlaw Star. I guess sort of cyber-punk genres. I also love to play with virtual & augmented reality type scenarios. I guess I'm more into creating unique worlds and imagining how it branches out more than actual role playing. I'm not sure if that makes much sense.

Just like how I'm on and off, my writing discipline is non-existent. When the irons hot, I strike, but once it cools I pretty much drop it until the next time the iron gets hot again. It's pretty poor technique but its something I noticed which will explain my poor posts count and the amount of years I've spent on the site.

Anyway, if I happen to slide my way into one of your role plays I am very good at communicating my activeness. So, if I know I won't be active I'll definitely let you know. I usually don't participate in role plays unless I know for sure I can see it to completion or to the extent of the role play's given life.

Well, that's about it.
Kung fu is hard work.

Wing Chun cannot be learned in six months - form alone will not teach you Wing Chun. One of Wing Chun's greatest exercises is chi sao (sticky hands) and it must be done with another opponent. Chi sao will teach you how to "feel" the opponent's movement and its a gradual climb. There's definitely a difference performing chi sao against a master and against a student. There are other nuances that a master must observe in and teach the student. Structure is very important in Wing Chun because without it you'll be an ineffective fighter.

Many masters focus on particular parts of Wing Chun and have been considered experts at them. Wong Long is the master of bong sao, Bruce Lee is the master of trapping hands/bridge (I don't remember), and Ip Man was the master of shifting (it was said he never backed up during a bout). It takes serious study and time to become known for specific parts of Wing Chun.

Lineage is considered very important in Wing Chun as well. Unfortunately, Wing Chun is one of the martial arts that a lot of people gravitate to because of the media and Bruce Lee's notoriety which in effect means that there will be people who will exploit people's eagerness to follow in Bruce's steps or people who are genuinely curious about Wing Chun as a martial arts.

I shall wait!
It's going okay.

At this moment, are we waiting specifically for characters who haven't responded to Blaque to show up?

For Sam, do I need to role play that he is there or can it be implied? I'm having a little trouble keeping track of when I should post or when I should wait. Other than that, I love everybody's characters so far.

Looking forward to meting out brutal justice alongside with everybody else.
I hope everyone is having a great holidays so far.

If anyone is up for anything, please don't hesitate to PM me.

Be safe & have lots of fun.
Okay, great.

Sammy Lee

Today was Sam's errand day, a day he would set aside to catch up on "adult" responsibilities. Sam was no stranger to the ghetto and Holton Slums was no different. More or less because anyone who looked at Sam would be weary of his augmentations. Sam tried to hide them by wearing a plain long overcoat and clothes that would more or less hide his extremities.

He couldn't hide his face though. The augmentations were like scars or tattoos, they wouldn't go unnoticed. In times like these, Sam always felt a smile or a grin would suffice to ease the edge people would have upon seeing him. At least, this is how it was for the average people who kept to themselves. The sort of people that have lived a hard life and wanted no trouble.

There were other people here in the slums. Scumbags. Shitheads. Strung out druggies. And of course the people that profit from these lowlifes. It was enough to merit a scowl from Sam but he wouldn't betray his sort of benign expression for what has become quite normal here in this place.

Sam's eyes detected a possible threat from two people that were sizing him up. Awesome, more lowlifes he thought as he kept his pace normal and gripped the grocery bags he had tighter.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? Another 'borg?" one of them chimed up.

Sam ignored the comment and kept walking until one of them grabbed his shoulder. Nothing to be provoked about. Maybe I can talk it out. Sam reasoned.

"You think just cuz you got them nice parts you can just walk passed us?" the other one said.

Sam's eyes scanned them and saw they had weapons - one had a handgun tucked behind him. This was the one that first spoke - he was also bald and had the look of being in the business for awhile. Like Sam, they were of Asian descent, but he couldn't figure out what ethnicity.

The other one had his hand on a hilt - possibly a knife or something similar. His hand was held firm against Sam's upper-right chest. He was pinning Sam towards the wall, "Look here 'borg, you got some nice parts, and the way I see it... no one's going to miss you. So, you let us harvest and we'll let you live."

Sam's look didn't change.

"Don't you get it you stupid shithead? We are going to kill you," he repeated again.

They were body harvesters. People who tried to go after people with augmentations to sell their parts in the black market. Most likely the lowest rung in their organized crime organization or gang.

Without responding verbally, Sam's hands let go of the grocery bags as their contents spilled out on impact of hitting the ground. His right hand wrapped around the guy that had him pinned and with the ease of someone pressing a button to an elevator, he broke the guy's arm. The guy tried to pull back and scream but before he could Sam's other hand chopped his throat causing him to gurgle and falter back. Sam lifted one leg and kicked him away from him to allow him free reign on the remaining guy.

"W-what the fu-," before the guy could even draw the gun or get the word out, Sam was within CQC distance. Sam's hand slapping the thug's gun hand inwards to follow the thug's elbow, and instinctively straying from its possible trajectory. Sam was able to redirect the thug's arm so that it was across his shoulder. Using his free hand Sam wrapped it around the base of the man's neck and let his other elbow slam straight into his face.

Blood gushed and Sam guessed he either broke the man's cheek bone or nose. At this point, he didn't care, he was intent on finishing the combo. Sam disarmed the man's handgun and rendered it useless by dismantling it. Sam surveyed his work - one man writhing in pain and the other one holding his face with blood gushing everywhere.

"Team, I need everyone to return back to Safe Haven ASAP..." Blaque chimed in through Sam's receiver.

Sam responded, "Okay, boss, I'm not that far away. I'll be there in a bit."

These encounters weren't common to Sam but when they did come he had always met them head on. Today the result was this but what if it were someone else? Sam wanted to make a forcible change. These deviants no longer listened to reason but they would listen to force and Sam had a whole lot of force.

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