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9 mos ago
Current @Mahz I've missed you. Would you like to date?
2 yrs ago
I dropped a clear thumbtack on the floor and now my carpet is holding me hostage.
2 yrs ago
Remember: it's important to plug in the appliance you want to use.
3 yrs ago
bbcode and I about to throw hands.
4 yrs ago
Please stop inviting yourself to take lunch with me. I actually enjoy my thirty minutes of alone time.




guess i'll just step on you.


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Mahz 9 mos ago
I love your bio!! It's creative but also really pleasing. Can't believe you built it with bbcode. o_O
Marlowe 2 yrs ago
Awwww you don't have to feel bad. Thank you for the kind words though.
evierose 2 yrs ago
(Totally not a creep) You're my new Internet crush XD
Dark Cloud 2 yrs ago
I found the exit but how do I leave?
BrokenPromise 3 yrs ago
Don't worry, once you get use to this one, I'll have a new one up. At least I never change my name, right?
Punished GN 3 yrs ago
Can I just say I'm fascinated by your test thread and coding?
Idea 3 yrs ago
Yeah, probably the same.
mickilennial 4 yrs ago
ruhr - uhl i guess
Ejected 4 yrs ago
Just stopping by to say that your music taste is impeccable.
Briza 6 yrs ago
Your Test Thread is very beautiful! Like, wow!
staresque 6 yrs ago
fuck yeah mav
DeadDrop 6 yrs ago
shit bro i guess ur right about today...
Wade Wilson 7 yrs ago
Hey, it's been a while since we were in that Walking Dead RP together, and you probably don't remember me, but welcome back to the Guild, man! Glad to see you got a new adapter for your laptop, too.
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