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hey, man, we listened to your demos

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I do like a good padded room.

Nice a e s t h e t i c s.

Anyways, welcome!

EDIT: L.A. Noir and CS:GO are pretty dope games.
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Hello to everyone who happens to stumble upon this page, and welcome to The Chronicles of BuddhaTower™! This is an After Action Report (AAR) of my Sims 4 world, in which reside some of the people I know here on the Guild. (Namely @Buddha, @Asura, @Hillan and @j8cob.) More residents may be added to the roster in the future, but until then this will be a close documentation of these 5 lives, and how long it takes until they fuck up and die. During this playthrough, I will mainly leave the Sims to their own devices (utilising the upgraded "Self Care" AI present in the game), however, I may intervene in order to send a Sim on a fitting career path, or to prevent a death/drive the "story" to a certain point. This AAR will be split into chapters, with 7 days per chapter (so that roughly means I'd spend 2hrs 48mins on each chapter), and contain one chapter per post. You can post suggestions and feedback inbetween posts, though please try not to clutter things up too much. Keep in mind that whatever suggestions are posted might not be fulfilled, depending on whether it would derail the game too much or not, or even be unfitting for a character.

Now, without further ado, let me provide you with the details of this playthrough and AAR!

EA didn't ask for this; [NOT STARTED]


Buddha Fuccboi []
The permanently angry fuckboy and owner of the BuddhaTower™, this landlord dreams of being a Bodybuilder. He is Self-Assured, most consider him a pretty Mean guy, and he fucking Hates Children.
Hillan Baldfuck []
The balding Snob and owner of the Baldfuck Residence, Hillan Baldfuck is Self-Assured and wholly confident in his ambition to be a Renaissance Sim; good at many things at once. Baldfuck also Hates Children, much like Buddha.
J8cob A'Gay []
Hillan's somehow Genius roommate, A'Gay is a Self-Assured faggot and Hates Children, much like his roommate and landlord. His solely pink wardrobe and bedroom are strong indicators of just how much gay resides within him.
Adultsura Autist []
A budding Bestselling Author, Adultsura is the adult form of the being known as Asura Autist, split into two after the great Kitchen Bot raid. This retarded fuck is Lazy and Noncommittal, not to mention Insane. Though, the latter is probably due to his time locked up in the basement of the BuddhaTower™.
Babysura Autist []
The child (and probably more accurate) form of Asura, Babysura wants to be a Whiz Kid. He is also Gloomy, which is probably because he'll never get to fulfill his ambition because he's locked in the BuddhaTower™ basement. In fact, he constantly waits for death, which won't come anytime soon given he's regularly fed by Adultsura (on orders of Buddha, of course). One can dream, though...

Playthrough Information
Game Version: Deluxe Edition
Starting Income: 200 § (200 Simoleons)
Cheats: No (only used for the construction of the houses, they will not be used at all during the AAR)
Autonomy ("Self-Care" AI): Full
Chapters will be added as soon as possible, I just have to balance things out and get it to the correct starting day (Monday).
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