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19 May 2017 23:41
Supatipanno Bhagavato sāvakasangho. Ujupatipanno Bhagavato sāvakasangho. Ñāyapatipanno Bhagavato sāvakasangho. Sāmīcipatipanno Bhagavato sāvakasangho.
17 May 2017 17:17
And the cerebral cortex has been atrophied so that he can desire nothing except to perform his duties. Tyranny, you say? How can you tyrannize someone who cannot feel pain?
10 May 2017 20:53
Crossing the wide sky. Six pilots to Nansei fly. For Japan they will die.
24 Apr 2017 18:50
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24 Apr 2017 15:43
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ᚹᛖ ᚨᚱᛖ ᚨᛚᛚ ᚷᛁᛚᛞᚱᛖᚾ ᛟᚠ ᚦᛖ ᚨᛚᛚ ᚠᚨᚦᛖᚱ᛬ᛋᛟᛗᛖ ᛃᚢᛋᛏ ᛞᛟᚾᛏ ᚲᚾᛟᚹ ᛁᛏ ᛃᛖᛏ᛬

The Words of Óðinn the High One | |
Gáttir allar
áðr gangi fram
um skoðask skyli
um skygnask skyli
því at óvíst
er at vita hvar óvinir
sitja fleti fyrir

Two are hosts against one, the tongue is the head's bane,
'neath a rough hide a hand may be hid;
he is glad at nightfall who knows of his lodging,
short is the ship's berth,
and changeful the autumn night,
much veers the wind ere the fifth day
and blows round yet more in a month.
I counsel thee, Stray-Singer, accept my counsels,
they will be thy boon if thou obey'st them,
they will work thy weal if thou win'st them:
tell not ever an evil man
if misfortunes thee befall,
from such ill friend thou needst never seek
return for thy trustful mind.
Each man who is wise and would wise be called
must ask and answer aright.
Let one know thy secret, but never a second, --
if three a thousand shall know.
A wise counselled man will be mild in bearing
and use his might in measure,
lest when he come his fierce foes among
he find others fiercer than he.

Þagalt ok hugalt
skyli þjóðans barn
ok vígdjarft vera
glaðr ok reifr
skyli gumna hverr
unz sínn bíðr bana

The Saga of Buddha | |

I am dedicated, myself to the High One, that he might know my strength, that I may join him in Valhalla, to do battle in his name, trusted as Einherjar. We do not kneel before the Gods, superior they might be, for our valor in battle is equal to theirs, much like our strength. If we demand their favor, we do not pray and ask like lambs, we sacrifice and take what we might need. Our god is not a kind god - oh, no - our god favors the strong and the brave, those that do not steal to take, but earn their keep with wisdom, sagacity, virility, strength and the will to live.

I'd rather be a wolf of ÓÐINN than a lamb of GOD.

To go Víkingr is what I want | |

To take by force is a honorable thing - to take without knowledge is a thieves way | |

While raiding a coastal farm, Egill and his men were captured by the farmer and his family, who bound all of the raiders. In the night that followed, Egill was able to slip his bonds. He and his men grabbed their captors' treasure and headed back to the ship. But along the way, Egill shamefully realized he was acting like a thief, saying, "This journey is terrible and hardly suitable for a warrior. We have stolen the farmer’s money without his knowledge. We should never allow such shame to befall us."

So, Egill returned to his captors' house, set it ablaze, and killed the occupants as they tried to escape the fire. He then returned to the ship with the treasure, this time as a hero. Because he had fought and won the battle, he could justly claim the booty.

Waarom doorgaan met leven?

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“Huh, a silent one are you?” Sutemasu continued when no further comment was made by the combatant in front of him. He could have estimated as much from the limited interactions the other combatants had had with each other. Never the less, he assumed a fighting stance, preparing himself for the inevitable clash that the two would have.

Although the warrior in front of him had had the opportunity to go for the first strike, he did not. This lead Sutemasu to think that he was planning something defensively - atleast, that's what he should've thought, but Sutemasu being himself, merely opted not to question it and instead lunged forwards.

The distance between the two had never been properly defined, and it would've been hard to do so in the darkness. Never the less there was a bit of ground to cover, which wasn't as much of a problem for Sutemasu, as his superior physique allowed him to bridge it in a little moment of time - perhaps enough to offer the other combatant the time he needed to finish whatever he was doing.

By nature of his aggressive personality, he did not lunge out and struck forwards, instead merely rushing at the man with his arms spread wide, aiming to wrap his arms around him when he was close enough and tackle him down. The wide spread of his arms cast a wide net, but it was of course very much possible for the warrior to dodge it. “Let's begin!”
Sutemasu appeared in the battlefield similar to how his opponent had arrived - in a bright, yellow flash that illuminated the area around him briefly before the light faded, the low dimmed light on the surroundings fading with it. Sutemasu glanced around momentarily, looking at the battle site. It seemed that many a tournament had been fought here - or well, perhaps an ancient battle. Regardless, there were many skeletons left and right with broken weapons strewn about. It seemed like the perfect place to do battle in - to test your mettle, man against man. This brought him to look at his opponent.

Where as Vallen might've analyzed his potential opponents, Sutemasu had not really done any such thing. So, he had no idea what to expect. But it didn't matter, he'd give it his best and see where he ended up. Probably dead. Hmmm. Sutemasu scratched his chin momentarily as he thought about that. Yes, most likely death. He was seemingly at ease with that notion, lowering his hand then and peering at his opponent. Time passed seemingly without a care, while Sutemasu wondered what Vallen was waiting for. “Hoi!” he yelled, raising his hand at the man and waving at him politely. “I look forward to fighting you! Let's do our best and have fun!”

Perhaps it was an interesting way to start a duel, but Sutemasu seemed uncaring. He hadn't entered with expectations of winning anyway, so having fun wasn't really something he left out of the equation. There was little else to do, after all. “Let's start slow so we can test our mettle, and then fight harder as time progresses! We need to give the spectators a show after all!” Okay, now maybe that was just a stupid suggestion. Well, no, not maybe. It just was. But Sutemasu seemed to be lacking understanding of just what he was doing. “If you make it out alive and I die, then do me a favor and try a drink at the bar! They're impeccable!”

Well, maybe there was no reason to doubt his physical ability in battle but there was almost certainly a reason to doubt his mental.. capacities.

It was about then that his menacing presence began to take hold of the area around him. At times, the mere sight of Sutemasu was enough to scare people. But, it wasn't some sort of power, or magic. It was just his physical presence. As such, it wasn't even really a move he could start or stop. It's just.. kinda always there. How interesting.
Sutemasu heard the call outs and listened intently, before seeing everyone else step off to the teleporters. Hm, they were in such a hurry to meet their deaths. He shook his head, and turned to the bartender once more. “One more,” he said, “for the road.” The bartender complied quickly, though with a slight shake of his head, seemingly disproving of the notion of drinking before a fight. Again, Sutemasu slammed the drink down, before placing it back on the countertop. “Thanks, friend,” he remarked before walking off to the teleporters and stepped into one, before disappearing from sight.

No God, dead or alive, could save him now.
Bump, I guess?

(is that a thing we're allowed to do?)

One of the more silly ideas was to add a new counter just below the post count, something along the lines of "newcomers welcomed", so you can (publicly) keep track of how often you've discharged your Samaritan duties.

Queue me spamming in the introduction threads to get that count up to stroke my e-penis even harder than the current post rating system does.

Perhaps more seriously, this isn't a bad idea but I don't really feel like this would incentivize people. It'd be fun once, twice, maybe ten times, but then the novelty of the counter wears off and people will fall back to not welcoming people.

Another idea is to more officially appoint a squad of 'mentors' (call them what you like) whose task it is to extend a helping hand to new members, which they are free to accept or decline. Should a new user feel the need to have a veteran show them the ropes, a mentor would stand ready to provide such a crash course and to answer any questions.

Queue people getting pissy for not being selected, queue people with the mentor rank going AWOL, etc. If you're running this community style there needs to be some sort of minimum activity level. Otherwise, it will probably end up like RPGN for example, where people do the job for a week or 3 and then end up not getting gratification out of it.

But it's not a bad idea. But then is the question, who are you going to recruit? Great roleplayers? Or friendly people, that might not be as good at roleplay? That'd depend on what you're looking to achieve - help them learn the ropes of roleplay, in which case there are plenty guides already, or help them feel welcomed, which in fairness probably doesn't need an entire rank of it's own just to do that.

On an old forum I visited, I was very motivated by the leveling system they had. 10 points = Soldier, 50 points = General and so on. I was no longer the newbie with 5 posts. I was someone reaching the Soldier rank. So I talked and participated more. It helped develop my forum's persona instead of letting me waste away in silence. The cherry on top was that our ranks were colour coded and had picture associated with it - like those strips you see on the Navy's shoulders. The visual picture element meant that we could instantly see each other's ranks. It was a fun rank - nothing competitive.

This is probably my favorite idea. A forum I went to did something similar ( where the ranks went from peasant to grand master knight. It was calculated by hours spent online instead of posts to prevent spam. So you'd have to have almost a year of daily usage of the forum in relatively reasonable doses to get grand master knight. It came with interesting images to represent that rank, and to me it felt like a real good initiative to get people to spend time there and be active.

The grandmaster knights were also often respected members of the community and generally pretty nice people (until I became grandmaster knight, ofc). It gave me a pretty good reason to be active there, because I looked up to these guys and wanted a nice looking lance to go under my name.

But then this isn't really linked to welcoming new people, so I don't know if this is particularly helpful for the issue at hand.
@little whiskers from the sheer amount of emoticons I feel like you'll fit in here perfectly fine.
In Sherlock 19 May 2017 0:04 Forum: Spam Forum
@The Spectre oh i thought it was all times it's fine though thanks for tellin my, i will change my character once i figure out what to do.

Yeah, preferably stay within history. That means you can play someone from modern day (you can even play yourself though I wouldn't advise that because that'd turn creepy pretty fast) but preferably not future. I hope that that doesn't shatter your hopes for the RP.
My old German teacher likened it to a Hitler jügend haircut. She said it was very stylish and told me I should get one.

I think there was an agenda behind it, but I don't know.
Ah, and that reminds me, I'd like to keep a pretty casual posting speed for this. So take your time for most things you do as long as you keep the rest updated on whether or not you're still active.
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