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Current I'm back.
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Probably, actually.
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Lo there do they call to me and ask me to take my place in the Halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever.
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Keyboard warriors, assemble!
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See ya at the bottom when you trip over it.


Bitch, I'm the best.

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Well since you guys are curious, I'm just gonna drop a Discord link to make communications quicker if you choose to join. Anyone can feel free to join with this link before it expires. Me and Darkod are online right now and can answer questions and/or humor you.

More than one hundred years have passed since the death of Zeref and the defeat of the Alvarez Empire, the year X900, and the times have changed. As the world has grown more advanced the proliferation of magical tools has allowed non-mages to truly compete with mages. Guilds as we know them have adapted to the changes becoming less traditional and diverse, instead specializing and behaving more like businesses instead of community centers. The Magic Council has recovered and grown stronger than ever, asserting its authority more strictly over the guilds of Fiore in the form of more regulations and restrictions. In a world that has forgotten the lessons of the heroes of old there exists an up-and-coming guild that defies the corporatization of magic guilds, that believes tradition and family are what gives a guild its place in the world instead of efficiency and money. This one tiny guild nestled in the back alleys of Crocus, led by one of the few who remembers the days of old, plans on stepping out and showing the rest of Fiore that the old ways still exist and that a tight band of mages could accomplish far more than a massive guild with no soul. This guild is known as Fenixtear and they are ready to take the world by storm.

So that's the gist and setting of our Fairy Tail roleplay. I'll be running things with the assistance of Darkod974 and Endeavor, and we're looking to get no more than ten players to start out with. There will be an OOC in the near future but we have a basic character sheet that can be used to start creating your characters in the meantime. Feel free to ask any questions here or in our PMs and we'll be helpful. To those who are migrating from a previous Fairy Tail roleplay that didn't quite get off the ground you can most likely use your previous character with only minor tweaks to fit the new setting.

Well then if he's being a chill dude and not overtly full of himself, I suppose the two have probably gotten along very well over the years. The best you can get along with minimal conversation at least.
Oh certainly they wouldn't be friendly, exactly. I was just thinking there are good odds they had worked together before since they've both been in the guild for years at the top of the totem pole. Jaden would have a good understanding of her power of utility and Grasidia would have a good understanding of his power of strength. At the very least there would be a mutual respect, but I also figured that Jaden probably would think himself to be the superior of the two and have a unique perspective where he looks down on her while everyone else looks up.
@vancexentan Since Jaden and Grasidia are, so far, the most senior members you'd figure they probably worked together at least enough times to get an understanding of each other yeah? For some reason I get the feeling that he would think she doesn't deserve to be on the same level as him, but at the same time I could see him understanding the value of her spells and how much she could do. At the very least he surely knows she just doesn't talk much because she's awkward and not because she's some cool, edgy, distant type.
Well, technically she is Ceri's big sister. Small world.
She doesn't do the speaky thing good.
And here I am, posting the character before saying anything else. Power move.
You can also consider me interested too. Can't get enough of Fairy Tail content.
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