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It was a bittersweet day for one young girl. The dark skies brought no comfort to Asashio as she stood among her classmates before Yogensha, finally graduating from the Ninja Academy and becoming a true shinobi. Of course she was happy that this day had come. The first step on her path to greatness was graduating, after all. But she still had to hold back tears today for her father couldn't make it to see her. Her mother's betrayal meant it was no surprise that she didn't attend but Asashio would not weep for her. The generally strong girl would probably be mistaken to be holding back tears of joy by any classmates of hers nearby, which in itself was uncharacteristic of her in their eyes and surprising. A few tears escaped her as she accepted the headband and held it in her hands.

As the Amekage gave her speech the young girl hardly paid attention. She was prepared and already knew what becoming a genin would entail. The words about money meant little to her, as Asashio had more than enough already to survive on her own until she got her steady income as a shinobi so was never lacking. But the rain that came pouring down captured Asashio's full attention and she put her new headband on, letting her long bangs drape over it to keep her eye concealed. The naming of her team, henceforward Team 12, was the most important part to the young girl since she lacked family to celebrate with. She had a vague memory of her sensei's name, Iyokan Koko, but she was more familiar with her two genin companions. Sadako and Kasumi were classmates after all, but Asashio never spent time with them outside of class. She also couldn't particularly recall their skills or techniques as she never trained with them either. It was embarrassing but at least she knew their names and faces. So this is it, she thought, overpowering her tears and looking forward towards Yogensha. I'm a kunoichi now, father. I hope you're proud.

The next morning had arrived and she stirred in her bed and began to stretch she felt her arm bump something on the bed next to her. Something light but decently sized. This surprised Asashio, as she never brought anything to bed with her, and it forced her to jolt upright to see what foreign object disturbed her morning stretch. She found a scroll by her side, surprising her further. Someone broke in without waking me? A skill to be expected of shinobi but still a surprise to be on the receiving end of it. Opening it up revealed that Koko-sensei was the culprit, as judged by her awkwardly friendly letter detailing the meeting place. Did he have to do this in such a strange way? And a week early at that. With a sigh she let the scroll fall to the floor and she laid back down. "I'll be ready..."

And so she was. A week had gone by and Asashio arrived at the Academy grounds, timing her exit and trek perfectly to be there no earlier and no later than 9:00 AM. To her surprise she found only a paper crane. Or rather a long trail of them that she diligently followed to a restaurant. The culprit had to be Koko-sensei and Asashio wasn't surprised to find her there in the booth. "Good morning, sensei," Asashio greeted with a polite bow. "Suzuki, Asashio present." It hadn't been difficult to remember her fake surname in years, though saying it out loud this time made her wonder when exactly would be the best time to reveal her identity. But now was surely not the time. After the others had arrived shortly after Asashio they were given their first mission. "Onsen?" she said aloud after reading the mission scroll.

She looked back up to Koko, who had finished her meal finally. Asashio couldn't help but feel as if this woman was fake and lazy based on what little she observed. Her judge of character had always been accurate but in the world of ninja it wouldn't be a surprise if some were charismatic enough to fool her. Either way her starting impression of Koko-sensei wasn't very stellar. After a moment of awkward silence following Koko's last question, Asashio spoke up. "I am ready, sensei. Civilian thugs don't stand a chance." Her visible eye looked forward into her sensei's eyes, a passionate determination burning inside. This was her first official mission. Her first chance to truly stand out. Excellent grades and high marks meant nothing in the real world. She was more than ready.
Soryu Shinano

The blue-haired shinobi didn't even have a moment to react or say something witty after he picked up the strange plant. His brain received so much information all at once, surely something the human body couldn't handle for very long. And luckily for him it didn't last very long, only a few seconds in total. As he snapped back to reality he fell to his knees, dropped his kunai knife, and brought his now-free hand up to his head. Did I just see what the tree was seeing? he wondered, looking down at the bulb in his hand. Noticeably it had deteriorated all of a sudden, but it didn't completely decompose so he could still complete the objective of returning it to the scientist. But at the same time he needed a brief moment to process all the information he just received from the damn thing.

This problem is a lot bigger than we initially thought. This thing's roots go beyond the surface biome. Must've been for kilometers. The wolves, the plants, that mud monster... all connected. The genjutsu we are under comes from these plants that are hidden about. Removing them all in any form of timely manner is impossible. Think... As Soryu stood back up from his knees he stored the plant in an empty pouch of his pants and retrieved the kunai he dropped. His eyes wandered over to the tree, precisely to where he saw the way in just a moment prior. Noticeably it wasn't the way Yuhi went in, so that meant his teammate's guess was wrong and he wasn't actually heading to the source of the problem (short of some good fortune). His eyes drifted back to the fight between the rest of the team and the monster. He watched as it shrugged off damage and seemed to regenerate from Nagi's attacks. That thing isn't going to go down. Not from normal attacks. But it does have a vital area... With his bearings gathered, his thoughts clear, and his senses fully restored, Soryu had come to his conclusion on what to do. Yuhi may be lost and in danger in the tree, Nagi and Izuku are fighting a monster that won't die...

I have to kill this tree.

Soryu drew one of his explosive-tipped arrows from his quiver and two of the strange explosive tags that Yuhi had given him, wrapping them around the shaft of the arrow just underneath the tip. The arrow would explode on impact and that explosion should detonate the new tags as well for an even bigger boom, or so Soryu figured. He began running towards the God-Tree as he removed his bow from his back again and notched the arrow. Dead center, dead center, dead center, dead center... he reminded himself over and over as he leapt into the air and drew the string back. Dead center... Soryu took his aim at the monster. At this current range he was at surely he wouldn't miss, or if so it would be by a very small margin due to wind pressure or any of his teammates techniques interfering with the shot somehow. But Soryu hadn't forgotten the biggest thing that would hinder his accuracy and he took a page out of Nagi's playbook to solve it. "Kai." For a very brief moment, perhaps not even a full second, everything became clear to him. Where his teammates actually stood, where the monster actually stood, the distance to target, the trajectories of his teammates attacks. And in that brief flash of clarity he adjusted his aim to where it truly needed to be. And then he released the string.

Unless the monster changed course from its current motion, either by anticipating the arrow or otherwise, then Soryu's aim would be true and the arrow would strike where he saw the creature's chakra source in his visions. Whether the resulting explosions would do lasting damage or just be regenerated, Soryu had no way to know. He figured that it would at least stun the creature significantly, but he's already assumed wrong so far on this mission and his hopes weren't very high. But he knew this was the best he could provide to Nagi and Izuku right now. They didn't know but if he joined them in fighting it directly then all three of them would sooner die of exhaustion than destroy it. And he knew that Yuhi couldn't be in the right part of the tree because he saw its heart and Yuhi wasn't there, nor did he enter through the same path Soryu saw. He wished that he could call out to Nagi and Izuku and let them know his plan in detail. But the Tree would hear him. He had to let them figure his plan out by guesswork. Unlikely they'd just assume he knew as much as he did because they'd have no way to tell of what he learned, but perhaps they at least wouldn't hate him for his efforts.

Let's just hope this literal plant isn't smart enough to be luring me into a trap, he thought to himself as he landed next to the opening in the God-Tree. Without any further hesitation he rushed inside, wasting no time to examine the massive plant or properly scan his surroundings. After all, he already knows the way. Unless it had hidden any further defenses from its own consciousness, Soryu knew that there was nothing else between him and the source of it all: the powerful chakra he had seen.
Soryu Shinano

With Yuhi catching up the team was reunited in close quarters. The effeminate man gave a quick hot take on the cause of the genjutsu, one which made sense to Soryu. It was unlikely there was enemy shinobi here. Surely it was the tree, in some fashion, causing this mess and accordingly defending it. "Yeah, we should probably check that tree out for ourselves," Soryu agreed, only briefly turning his attention towards Yuhi. "But we might want to make sure we don't get killed on the way there, first." Just as he finished speaking he saw his first glimpse of the creatures that were befalling the squad. He didn't even have the time to fully take in the details of the thing before he had his bow drawn and let an arrow fly. Unfortunately for him that his snap reflex was for nought, leaving Soryu with a frown as he watched his arrow phase through the mutated wolf as if it was a mirage. It's definitely there, though. I can hear its breathing and the other noises it keeps making. It's in that general direction at the least...

A second wolf, equally bizarre in appearance, approached from behind the first. Soryu wasted no further time in drawing another arrow and taking aim. This must be the genjutsu at work. My hearing isn't precise enough to pinpoint their exact location when they're that far away and I can't just shoot at random to keep them at bay. They'll just charge me and I won't be able to figure out their exact attack until they've sunk their teeth in... Yuhi's warning about the buds on their tails made their way to Soryu just as he heard the whistling sound again. A perfect timing of coincidence to give Soryu the idea he needed. I don't need to waste chakra after all. The whistling sound was independent of the other animal-like noises these wolves made. It didn't sound like it came from the same source, but it sounded just as close. The growls came from their mouths, the whistles surely must come from the greatest and most mysterious anomaly of their anatomy: the bud on the tail. Without any warning to his comrades he broke into a quick sprint, keeping the arrow notched on his bow as he made distance from his allies.

This attracted the attention of the two wolves that were prepared to strike. In order to maintain their exact distance, if not close in further, they had to chase him. But Soryu didn't run very far, only several meters, before sliding to a halt and turning to face the approaching beasts. As dumb animals they wouldn't have known any better as to the importance of the direction he ran, but their feral eagerness to chase him would be their downfall. They couldn't have realized that the angle he took was to line up the two distinct whistles in one exact direction. Despite the images of the wolves being that of two running side-by-side, Soryu could hear the whistles lined up perfectly. They were running single-file straight towards him. He couldn't risk just shooting one and being attacked by an invisible enemy while he prepared another shot and it was too risky to use ninjutsu when he would very likely need it later. He needed to kill them both in one blow for maximum efficiency and safety. And Soryu's longbow had a lot of power behind it, one that surely couldn't be wielded by normal civilians. Enough to make it through a wolf or two if not stopped by any bones.


And thus he released his drawn bow, aimed as best he could at the overlapping whistle sounds. To his eyes it appeared as if he split the difference between the parallel wolves but he knew that his eyes betrayed him. The arrow cut through the air at high speed but it didn't go very far before it vanished from Soryu's vision. Blood spattered out of nothingness where the arrow disappeared and a split-second after the rest of the wolf came into his view. It was a well-aimed shot with no shortage of luck, as it went through the creature's open maw. But where did it go after that? Soryu's vision was obstructed by the collapsing wolf corpse but soon behind it appeared another wolf out of thin air. The arrow's course had become apparent to Soryu now. It had gone through the first wolf's mouth and clipped its spine as it went out, paralyzing and probably instantly killing it, where it then flew into the second one's left eye. A deep blow, embedding itself through the wolf's brain and likely sticking into the back of its skull. The second wolf wasn't dead yet but it was certainly dying as it let out one last howl of pain before collapsing on the ground and whining incessently for several seconds. Its legs kicked and kicked until it stopped whining and moving at the same time, all of a sudden.

That was a good shot, but when all is said and done, Soryu began to think, his smirk vanishing as he looked upon the bodies. I was incredibly lucky. Despite how far he thought the wolves were based on the sound, the nearest of the bodies lay mere feet from him. Obviously it had skidded to a halt so it died a little farther away, but Soryu had to guess it was all of a meter and a half away when his arrow struck it. His guess was that these creatures were at least twice as far away, if not more. Had he hesitated even a second longer in aiming his shot he would've likely been caught by the throat by the invisible beast and ultimately perished. For such simple, weak creatures that from an outside perspective would've been seen as two easy kills for Soryu... he was well aware of how close he truly was to dying. Perhaps I should've been more open to using ninjutsu on animals...

He had no idea where his first arrow could've possibly gone, but Soryu at least knew he could retrieve the one he just shot now. But first, he had to assist his comrades. Turning to face his team, which was now five meters away from him instead of immediately adjacent, he saw that they either all already finished the wolves attacking them or were just finishing them up. He resigned himself to quickly analyze the body of the second wolf he killed and then, rather unceremoniously, yank out the bloody arrow from its eye socket. The body gave one last twitch, presumably from the brain being damaged further, and Soryu stood to his feet to gain his distance from the putrid smelling corpse. It only just now died. These things just stink on their own... Deciding the arrow wasn't worth the tainted smell, he tossed it on the ground and jogged back to the team. "If any more attack us, we can locate them through the genjutsu by the whistling sound their tails make. The genjutsu doesn't mask its true position so the illusions won't fool our ears," he announced his findings to the team, though it seemed like the genjutsu may have been lifted as the environment around them suddenly warped again to present a straight path towards the God-Tree.

"That wasn't suspicious at all..." But nonetheless the team had to persevere onward. Soryu had escaped his encounter completely undamaged, but he was on edge now and more alert. In fact, he decided to avoid the possibility of getting ambushed by unseen creatures altogether and formed several handseals. After taking a deep breath in he had to stop walking for a long exhale. Having released his chakra into the air around the area he could detect the true shape of the environment around him. Everything that had a physical form would disturb his air and thus he would feel it precisely. To his surprise what he saw around him largely matched what he was sensing, meaning the genjutsu still was present but was less detached from reality than it was before. As the team continued walking forward his sensing range began to spread with the air. Just as it reached the God-Tree itself, thus confirming their distance from it, he was able to sense a presence behind it. "Yo, hol-" he tried to get out before being interrupted by a loud and very different roar. The ground began to shake and the large creature he felt showed itself to the team. "Yeah, that."

It appeared to be made entirely of mud, or at least covered in a very thick layer, so Soryu decided his bow likely wasn't going to be of use. But as he stowed it away he noticed Yuhi beginning to run off towards the God-Tree itself instead of staying with the team. "Hey, wait a minute!" he began to protest, though Yuhi responded by handing him a stack of different-looking explosive tags and proclaiming that he was the only one who could examine and accordingly impact the God-Tree enough to disable its defenses completely. The logic wasn't completely there, but Soryu knew that of the four there that Yuhi had the best odds of being able to do it. It just wasn't a guarantee anyways, as the man hadn't exactly grown up in a God-Tree farm or anything. "That's fine, then. The three of us can take this thing anyways!" As Soryu stowed the new explosive tags and turned away from Yuhi and back towards the mud creature he felt something catch his step and almost trip him. Looking down towards his feet he saw a strange plant sticking out of the ground secreting gas. SHIT! He quickly ripped off his entire left sleeve and wrapped it around his face, covering his nose and mouth. A late reaction to any possible poison was at least better than no reaction at all. This thing looks important though. I didn't see anything like it up until this point. Perhaps now that we're closer to the tree these things will be more common. I'll take this one now while I'm thinking about it. He had business to attend to in the form of a mud monster attacking his team so Soryu made it quick and clean. He dropped to one knee and in one hand he grabbed the glowing, gassy bulb while using the other to give its stem a quick slash with a kunai knife for a smooth cut. And like that the strange plant was removed.
Soryu Shinano

Other than the Cloud ninja, it seemed to Soryu that his assigned squadmates didn't exactly appreciate him. Yuhi ignored him and Nagi snapped at him, but at least this Izuku fellow returned the greeting. I could've sworn the file on him said he was a jonin. I think I should've paid more attention, he couldn't help but think after Izuku introduced himself as a "pretty damn good genin." Hopefully he can provide more than just liability. Like Nagi said, it'd be odd to send a genin on something this important to the Kage... For now he had to ignore the open hostility Nagi had towards Izuku, as clearly there was some past history between the two and Soryu knew that getting involved with that wouldn't help anyone. Of course it would have to be addressed at some point in the future of this squad was going to be working together for a long run, as the cohesion of the unit was far more valuable to Soryu than petty relationships. Life was the most important thing, after all, and the potential risk to his from an extended quarrel in the team didn't appeal to him at all.

The personalities demonstrated by his squad so far didn't paint a remarkable picture. It would've been better if his friendliness was returned, but at least the situation didn't seem dire. Soryu felt that even right now after just meeting they could work together if push came to shove. Sure, probably not in the most efficient manner but working together was better than four "lone wolf" types failing to communicate completely. Most the team seemed rather silent, or at least reserved, but that didn't dissuade Soryu. "Well, let's get this show on the road then!" he proclaimed to Izuku and Nagi, as Yuhi had already left ahead of them without a word. On the surface it appeared as if he was blissfully unaware of the tension between his two squadmates and of Nagi's irritation with him personally, meaning he did a good job at projecting his charisma over his true concerns. Hopefully his smile would eventually be infectious to these people but as of right now he didn't honestly expect the squad to mesh together very well during this upcoming flight.

- - - - -

It was only when they were onboard the VTOL did this Yuhi fellow finally address the team and introduce himself. Apparently he was some kind of support role, equating himself to a librarian that just knew how to fight. A vague description, but at least it was something. Nagi as well felt the need to vaguely explain her capability, but even more direct and to-the-point than Yuhi. Though Izuku didn't give clarity, the picture Soryu had of the team now was that he and Nagi were likely intended to be the muscle. Or perhaps Nagi the muscle and Soryu as back-up muscle. Yuhi was surely a support role in combat with more use out of combat, and Soryu assumed that Izuku would be similar in a way considering he was only considered a genin. Either way, now he felt it would be best to give his new friends some intel on himself. "Ah, well I'm pretty well-rounded in my skills. I can do a bit of everything, so I'll likely just be filling in for what we need as a team at any given time. You guys can count on me, I'll always have your back." He didn't expect these three to fully believe his capability right off the bat, but Soryu still spoke in earnest. If all else failed he would at least ensure this team survived.

The unannounced but obviously coordinated change in the flight plan immediately bothered Soryu. When his squad's VTOL aircraft diverted from the rest, despite there being no apparent need based on his knowledge of the map, he grew suspicious. Not of a potential trap or betrayal, but of the intentions of the people organizing this expedition. Clearly the mission briefing given before was a red herring, to convince the other seven squads of a false story. Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't even know who is in charge of this operation, Soryu thought to himself, bringing a hand up to his chin and staring down at the floor between him and Izuku as he contemplated. Surely I just missed the part where that was explained. I know the Hokage isn't controlling this, and I can't recall hearing any names I recognized... Surely the ones in charge of this expedition were chosen by the Kage in either a vote or as a representative committee, but then again... His thoughts trailed on like this but to no proper conclusion. The more he pondered the more questions he was left with, eventually prompting him to give up on trying and direct his attention elsewhere. Such as to his squadmates.

He didn't notice the God-Tree until Yuhi had made an exclamation about it. The phrase was unfamiliar to Soryu, but he felt like he had a pretty good understanding of what this "God-Tree" was once he had a look at it. A massive, monolithic trunk that he could practically feel. It almost made him feel uneasy but Soryu wasn't so easily intimidated. "That is a big tree," he agreed with Izuku. When the pilot made clear what was to come, Soryu stood from his seat and patiently allowed his comrades to all jump first. Not so that he could use them to test the waters, but because he wanted one last look at the landscape from the air. This location wasn't on the map provided in his PDA (not that he could've accessed it right now anyways) and he wanted to get a clear understanding for navigation purposes before he returned to ground level. With a deep breath he stepped over the edge and allowed himself to fall. The trip down was quick and like his teammates before him rather uneventful. He had properly braced for the impact and felt completely fine after landing.

They were quickly approached by this scientist, one Dr. Okaminari, that Soryu couldn't say he ever heard of. He paid attention to some things going on in the world but not the sciences. The stuff plainly didn't interest him. And this doctor's demeanor was endearing but at the same time he had a sinking feeling that he would be at least a little bit annoying and overbearing. "Yeah, we're the... crack team..." he confirmed, his smile fading slightly at what he perceived to be an insult, though he continued trying his best to maintain a friendly aura for this civilian. Soryu ignored the talk about NDAs and PDAs and the bio-whatever jargon. This stuff may have been up Yuhi's alley but the finer details weren't his to worry about. He only really began paying attention once the important things were brought up. "Local fauna..." Soryu repeated to himself as he gazed off towards the God-Tree from the line of sticks. He presumed this meant some kind of animal, but considering the gigantic magical plant before them it wouldn't do to exclude the possibility of carnivorous plantlife attacking them.

He didn't get to assess the situation long before the others stepped ahead of him to enter the "no-go" zone. Soryu had to resist calling out to them to wait a moment longer, so that they could gather their thoughts better and coordinate a plan of attack, but considering he was actually the odd one out in wanting to wait longer he decided to remain silent and adapt. Stepping forth and being subject to the same illusions he was actually glad they made their way in so quickly. He would've failed to account for such a detail from the "outside" looking in. "We don't need to panic," Soryu spoke up to his team, in regards to the genjutsu effects they were under. "This is one of two possibilities. Either we stepped into a genjutsu or, what I think is more likely, what we were seeing before we began walking over here was the actual genjutsu and we are now perceiving the environment correctl-" Soryu stopped himself mid-explanation as the strange sounds began. Instinctively he removed his bow from his back and drew a single arrow, notching it and turning around to face the direction the team came from. The sounds came from every direction so he figured if each member focused on a 90 degree quadrant, with him taking the rear, they would have maximum awareness.

Is this the fauna the man was referring to? Definitely some kind of beast. A civilian could be killed by an average wolf, so we've got no real intel on how dangerous this is. I could kill it with an arrow, or perhaps I would need to use ninjutsu to be able to do the job. But I can't just waste chakra on regular animals, so I have to be ready to switch tactics if my weapons alone aren't cut out for this... Already his mind was racing on the possibilities of this coming encounter. How many hostiles, what they could be like, whether or not he would even be strong enough to defend himself alone should his team briefly fragment in any possible chaos or disruption. "If this is just wildlife then we want to preserve our energy. Surely we'll need it as this can't be our only danger..."
Soryu Shinano

Though not the first time he had been in a VTOL aircraft, this was Soryu's first time traveling to Amegakure. He was familiar with many lands but had never been assigned to this one before. Of course he was as familiar with the city as he could get without ever having been there, having used this flight as an opportunity to touch up on Amegakure's history and culture with the book he bought on the subject after initially receiving this assignment. The provided map of the city would also surely be handy to memorize. It didn't take long to get a decent understanding of where he was going and the majority of the flight was spent instead thinking on the subject matter of the "expedition" at hand.

Soryu was aware of the scale of the attacks that Konohagakure suffered and knew that this was somehow involved. The Hokage, and the other Kage for that matter, must have information that leads to the New Continent to capture or kill the men responsible. As of right now there was very little details that Soryu was certain of. He was simply told that the details would be explained in a briefing in Amegakure. All he knew for sure was that he would be working with shinobi from other nations and that they would be going into uncharted territory. He could only assume anything else. The higher-ups wouldn't send shinobi to simply explore a new land, so calling it an expedition seemed not quite right to Soryu. But he'd call it whatever they wanted him to call it as long as it gave him something to do.

But as the aircraft landed and he stepped out into the rainy grime that is Amegakure, he couldn't help but think about what it would be like working with these other shinobi. After all, their respective nations had been at war with each other in recent memory. His companions here could be enemies he faced in the past, or know people he had killed in the war. That would be awkward... The blue-haired shinobi wasn't able to ponder on the social aspects of these questions for long before another young man holding an umbrella approached him. "Soryu Shinano?" he inquired, clearly a guide of some kind. "Yo. Good guess," was his response said in earnest, seemingly unaware of the potential sarcasm he might've come across with. "I'll be taking you to your room." Soryu simply accepted this with a shrug. If this man was dishonest and leading him to a trap then acting suspicious would give away how prepared he was. But in reality Soryu knew that Konoha wasn't about to be betrayed like this. Whatever it was he was going to learn here, it was bad enough that it has all the nations thoroughly fixated.

- - - - -

During his stay at the hotel room he was finally provided with a dossier with more basic information. Most relevant was the briefing time and the short profiles on who his squadmates would be. The others were all jonin, so Soryu wasn't worried about their level of experience. Though he couldn't help but note that one was from the Empire of Stone and another from the Isles of Mist, two countries whose men he had to face in the past. Granted he couldn't recognize either Nagi or Yuhi in his own memories, though he recognized the "Dog Division" that Nagi hailed from. He also couldn't recall if he ever fought anyone from that division so he discarded the thought altogether. It wouldn't do to assume his new squadmates would have a vendetta against him, as he knew he had nothing against them. Not like anyone would even know who I am anyways, he assured himself, leaving the dossier on the hotel room's bed as he headed out the door.

Upon entering the briefing room he saw that more shinobi had been called than he initially assumed. If it wasn't clear to him how important this was to the various leaders of the nations it was impossible to ignore for sure now. This is surely about something more than just stopping a terrorist... Soryu stopped himself from thinking on the subject too hard, instead redirecting his focus into honing in on his squadmates. Even though he wasn't late, or he didn't believe he was, the other three were already gathered. Being the last to arrive hopefully wouldn't leave a bad impression on the people he would be trusting his life with. Soryu shrugged to himself before putting on a friendly smile and approaching his squad. "Yo!" he introduced, placing one hand on Nagi's left shoulder, for better or worse, and raising his other in a friendly wave. "Soryu Shinano, jonin of Konohagakure, reporting for duty." He didn't let his hand linger on Nagi's shoulder for too long, as the gesture was intended to be friendly and trusting rather than creepy or infuriating.

The dossier he was given didn't have many details on his comrades here other than official stuff like their names, pictures, ranks, and so on. As it stood he had no idea what any of them were capable of or what their personalities were like. With exception to Yuhi, whose age wasn't detailed on his paper, Soryu knew that he was the eldest of the team. Judging on appearance though it was likely he was older than Yuhi as well. This meant he likely had more experience in the war and in combat as well, but all four of them were considered skilled enough to be ranked jonin so he avoided making that assumption. The man from Kumogakure appeared slightly troubled but the other two seemed at least comfortable or calm. Only one thing in particular was nagging in Soryu's mind with this introduction to his team: Is this man really a man? he thought to himself as he looked Yuhi up and down.

Before his gaze could linger too long and give away his thoughts the man at the head of the room finally began his briefing. Soryu took his seat, next to Nagi but making sure not to bump into her with his gear, and paid close attention to what exactly these "details" were that the Hokage didn't share with him before sending him out. The Suna jonin recapped what Soryu already knew about the terrorist attacks before finally revealing something new. The identity of the one behind it, or at least one of the men. There was obvious intrigue about his longevity but Soryu's concerns quickly went to how this previous expedition turned out. In fact the implications of previous, secret expeditions into the New Continent distracted Soryu so much that he was only snapped back to attention to the briefing at the mention of the word "Hokage." Just in time, too, for the mission concerning him and his squad. Squad One, they were called, and they were going to be heading to this Nori Kinsei's last known location. That's an interesting name...

With the briefing concluded he rose from his seat and faced his squadmates. "I'm already prepared and brought all my weapons and tools. Good to board whenever you guys are ready," he informed them, trying to remain professional and informative. The flight out would be the time to learn about his comrades and hopefully bond with them to some degree, but out of respect for them and the mission he didn't want to be overbearing or get in their way. "Good to go?"
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