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Current All the guy did was change his pic to a swastika, say some entry-level /pol/ bytes, and changed his bio to basic slurs.
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You know exactly who.
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I don't know why we can't blast both zoophiles and pedophiles at the same time. Two birds one stone.
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idk who needs to hear this but if you like women then you're gay, no ifs ands or buts
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I'm back.
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Bitch, I'm the best.

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It had been a profoundly humbling experience to spend the last week or so living by himself in the Lanes. Nick's first night in his small apartment wasn't so bad but time goes on and the realization that this may be his permanent home from now on begins to set in. The particularly humbling part is the knowledge that this experience isn't too uncommon, considering the other apartments in this building are identical and there are many similar living conditions across the Lanes. The community was very different from the Fields; his neighbors weren't very friendly nor did they want to get to know Nick, but at least he hadn't run into any of the bad things he'd always heard about the Lanes. No daylight robberies, no back-alley murders, and certainly no infected skulking about in the dark. But every morning when he would step outside he would stay on his guard.

Once out on the street he took a brief moment to look to the sky, attempting to estimate the time of day. It was much easier when he lived in a building with a working clock. Not quite noon, he figured. Nick adjusted the waistband on his jeans, slightly moving his hidden handgun to a more comfortable position. Until recently he had never used a gun before, but the Reapers had spent an afternoon teaching him. It'd only been a few days so he still wasn't totally comfortable in how he concealed it but he was told it was better for him to keep it unseen. Nick had never had a problem with the Militia before but apparently they don't like it when people bring unauthorized guns into the Core so it was better to be sneaky about it. Now that he was ready it was time to get something to eat. Never thought that I would miss having a refrigerator so badly.

He had learned of a place nearby that served cheap food. Of course, most places that served food in the Lanes was cheap but this one seemed to Nick to be the highest quality of the bunch. It was a place simply called "Slop" that served a decent bowl of oatmeal in Nick's experience. It was also one of the few places in the Lanes that would sell meat during its dinner hours, though Nick was apprehensive about trying it since he'd heard plenty of rumors about things labelled as "chicken" in the Lanes being anything but chicken. Nevertheless it still was finding a place in his heart. The building it was housed in was rather run-down and didn't have any windows that weren't replaced with plywood, but once Nick stepped inside it was actually kept rather clean. No dust or obvious grime on any of the tables or the floor, though sometimes the counter where they took orders was a bit of a mess. Today seemed to be a quiet day, hardly anybody seated and not a single person in line at the counter.

"Hey, boss," Nick greeted the old man behind the counter. He never knew the guy's name, but he was a thin, sickly old man with a bald head and a thick mustache. He must've had some kind of vision problems because he was always squinting too. "I'll take a bowl." Nick pulled a couple dollars from his pocket and set them on the counter, nearer to the old man than to himself. All the businesses in the Lanes accepted money but the more common transaction was usually made with bartering. While Nick still had some paper money he didn't need to barter, which was a good thing since he presently owned almost nothing of which he could even use for bartering. "Aye, take a seat," the old man spoke, slowly swiping the money off the counter with one hand and pointing to a nearby empty table with the other. As Nick began to sit down he heard the old man mutter something to himself before turning back to shout at the cooks in the back room. "One bowl! Oatmeal!" After a brief moment of silence to himself he heard some shouting from the cooks, followed by one last order from the old man. "Table five!"

A small, dark-skinned man with many scars appeared from the kitchen, setting a steaming bowl on the table before Nick. "Thank you," he appreciated as always, but like always it went ignored as the man silently retreated from whence he came. The people who have lived their whole lives in the Lanes were like a different breed, as Nick had noticed. Many of them didn't like to talk, and many of them had scars or disabilities. He had no idea why it was so common, but if he had to guess it would be from in-fighting when they were younger. Youths that grew up in the Lanes were the ones that would form gangs and commit the violent crimes, but it would seem that the ones that grow old certainly learn their lessons. The people who moved to the Lanes, whether by choice or by necessity, behaved very differently. More talkative, more friendly, but also more jaded. Nobody seemed particularly happy to be here, but as Nick began chowing down on his breakfast he felt a bit differently about it. Out here was freedom.

Once the bowl was empty he stood up from his table and gave a polite nod to the old man at the counter before taking his leave. Now was the time to head out to Deadman's Respite. Nick had been told yesterday that a raid was being organized, but he wasn't told when it would be. It would be the first raid he's been on and the first time outside the walls entirely. The other day he was taken to the walls by some senior Reapers so that he could see what it was like and see where they would be exiting from but they never actually went outside. They said that planning was one of the most important parts of any excursion outside the walls, especially since the trips would often take days. Or on the rare occasion: weeks. There weren't a lot of maps left in the city, as far as Nick knew, but the Reapers had their hands on several maps of nearby areas that were invaluable to the cause. Of course, he hadn't been allowed to look at them yet but he was assured that once he'd been around a while and they could trust him that he'd gain access.

As Nick stood outside the door to the popular saloon he noticed something was different right away, yet he couldn't immediately put his finger on just what that difference was. After stepping inside it felt so much quieter than usual, despite having plenty of people around the place. A small group was gathered around the jukebox on the far end of the bar, and upon noticing them it suddenly clicked. There was no music playing. Music machine must be broken, he thought to himself as he continued looking around the room. Unfortunately there didn't seem to be anyone from the Reapers that he recognized, which meant that he would probably wait around for a while. If nobody showed up he could ask about the raid then he would head to the headquarters, but from his own experience he already knew that most Reapers would rather be at Deadman's Respite than at headquarters so it'd be unlikely to find anyone there but the higher-ups. Maybe Simon will show up, he wondered as he sat down at the bar. I'm sure he'd be willing to tell me what's going on.
@Rekker There will be an overarching plot with specific plot points that will take center stage, but its not necessarily a linear plot. The decisions of your characters will matter and will affect the direction/outcomes of the plot. Not quite a sandbox, but certainly not a railroad.

@Th3King0fChaos We'll call it a fresh Monday, start of the work week for the normal folk.
As an aside, if anyone has questions when our esteemed GM is unavailable I can do the job. I have all the insider secrets, and also I can text/call her as needed.
Hey good to see its getting started. Just a few questions:

Will there be a Discord for this RP?

What time is it IC for the Arianna post?

I can answer this for you since she's a bit busy. The time of day is about 10-ish in the morning, and we will have a Discord but it won't be up tonight.
I am also overall finished, or so.

I'm game.


As others had gathered around the scene, Tone couldn't help but feel more and more humiliated. The various chastising was mostly on deaf ears, the embarrassment of being handled so easily already served as punishment. He liked to consider himself one of the strongest around (despite his need to become stronger) and being humbled so suddenly made him wonder just how far he had to go. Or just how strong the others in this guild really were if someone who supposedly couldn't do magic was this capable. I was holding back anyways. If we were outside it would've gone differently, he consoled himself as he gave a dismissive wave to Damien and Ria. Ronan, on the other hand, gave a polite nod to Kaden after his snarky remarks. "My apologies, I didn't realize he had so much energy. Next time I will let things play out," Ronan apologized, his voice remaining too constant to possibly discern if the apology was genuine or sarcastic. "Next time you won't get lucky," Tone couldn't help but mutter under his breath once Ronan's back was turned and he made his way back to the bar.

It'd be difficult for his reputation to come back from this incident but Kaden's willingness to go a round meant that there was a chance to recover. It didn't need to be a fight to the death, simply having a good battle with the S-class wizard would serve as a good reminder to the guild that Tone was a true fighter. "I wouldn't worry about me losing too fast, Mr. Big Shot." Now he crossed his arms and faced Kaden, a cocky grin on his face to mask the anguish of humiliation underneath. "You're lucky that Eyepatch saved you because I might've knocked you out cold with that hit." Was taunting Kaden a good idea? Absolutely not, he always had something witty to say and Tone knew that Kaden had all the material he needed to devastate him should he so choose. Still he couldn't help himself even if he knew better, his pride was too hurt today. "I can show Jasper how a dragonslayer fights, what power looks like." Now he pointed with his thumb to the front door. "Hell, I don't mind if we get other spectators too. Not too often you get to see some of the strongest have a go at it."

While Tone was blustering at Kaden, Ronan took his original seat at the bar and continued watching the scene. He said that he wouldn't interfere anymore but perhaps he was still keeping an eye out just in case. Tone began to lead the way outside, sparing a passing glance at the one-eyed man. While it wasn't the first time Tone had been "defeated" it was still a bit unnerving to him how it happened. Even the Blue Pegasus mage earlier that also demonstrated great speed didn't bother him so much. There would always be someone faster than him but something just wasn't right with this guy. Tone couldn't put his finger on it so he looked away and stopped at the door. "Alright, Kaden. I'll even let you pick the place," he spoke up, this time using his bravado to hide the fact that he had no idea where they could even spar at. He got harassed in the streets, he got harassed in the woods, perhaps it was just a better idea to let someone else pick out where to go. "But if we get in trouble that'll be on you, not me."


The dragonslayer had no luck today. As he marched back to the guild, having taken to heart the warning not to fly over the capitol, he grumbled to himself and stewed on the day's disappointments. It felt like the stars had aligned to prevent Tone from being able to cut loose and get some good practice. Kaden was a no-show, Zen was busy, and even in the woods he was getting harassed by guards. Lame day, he thought to himself. But at least I got my bad luck out of the way early. Rest of the day will probably go better. The self assurance wasn't particularly convincing as Tone continued to radiate an angry aura as he approached the guild hall.

As he opened the front door to the guild he saw that it was pretty much about as busy as when he left, only now with different people present. Fenixtear had gotten popular after all so even being gone for only a little while was long enough for the population inside the building to cycle out. His angry aura subsided as a devilish smirk crossed his lips. Among those present he could see the back of Kaden's head, as he was presently occupied by talking to Jasper the resident Exceed. Or at least Tone was pretty sure he was an Exceed. Unlike the other S class wizards of this guild who are more uptight and reserved, Kaden is a lot more free spirited. He wouldn't be the type to turn down a fight unless he had his hands tied with something else. More important than that: if he were spontaneously attacked he wouldn't turn down the fight even if he was occupied with something else.

Tone shiftily navigated across the guild, stealthily approaching Kaden from behind to take advantage of this opportunity. As it stood there was no apparent figures of authority anywhere to be seen, a rare event in the guild hall. Nobody to deter or punish Tone for his recklessness other than Kaden himself, and Kaden will be too busy to flex authority when he's retaliating to a sucker punch surprise attack. I'm sure he'll understand, Tone figured as he stepped behind Kaden. Besides, I'm sure we won't break anything. With a grin he twisted his body around, bringing his right leg up in a spin to roundhouse kick the S-class wizard in the side of the head.


A look of genuine surprise replaced the devilish grin on Tone's face when his kick was blocked. The air pressure from the stopped blow continued on and mildly breezed through Kaden's hair, though the audible impact surely alerted him a split-second sooner. Tone looked to his right to see Ronan had caught his foot and stopped the sudden attack. "Huh?" Tone had never seen this guy before, and something about his eyepatch and dead stare made him feel a bit uneasy. "Striking an unsuspecting victim isn't very compassionate," Ronan spoke, releasing Tone's foot and letting him stand back upright. What's with this guy? Who the hell is he? Wasn't this guy sitting at the bar? The dragonslayer took a step back, mostly to gain his distance from Ronan but also Kaden, whom would be none too pleased by the events unfolding around him (but not so unpleased as to launch into combat without question, unfortunately). "Hey, I was only just messing around. Kaden would've been fine," Tone defended himself, his smirk returning. "Besides, who the hell are you? I've never seen you around before."

Ronan gave a polite bow towards Tone. "My name is Ronan and I just joined your guild. Torys will give me the guild's mark momentarily, when she is done helping another who joined just before me," he introduced, which would also serve as his introduction to the nearby Kaden and Jasper. Something about this man just felt off to Tone. He always considered himself good at telling who good people were, so something feeling off to him set off some red flags in his mind. The guy seemed nice enough but he was very strange. What grown men are joining magic guilds? This dude was easily the oldest one in the room right now. "I'm Tone, nice to meet ya. But, uh, you're kinda gettin' in the way of my plan a little bit here. Kaden and I were just gonna have a little spar together, right Kaden?" While Tone thought he was being slick and might be able to still convince Kaden to have a go despite failing the surprise attack it seemed that he was going to be prevented from cutting loose again.

"That would be ill advised. Combat indoors would've caused damage even without the use of magic. I am under the impression that Torys would be displeased had I not intervened," Ronan began to lecture. Of course this began to irk Tone. "Oh yeah? And did she leave you in charge of the place? You think you're some kind of hotshot that gets to decide what others can and can't do?" Ronan shook his head. "I'm merely trying to do the right thing." So the implication was that Tone was in the wrong. His day was already not looking good and now this Ronan guy was being a jerk and getting in the way. "You've got some chops to block my kick like that. Maybe you would be a good warmup exercise before I spar with Kaden." "I do not want to fight you, it will only cause..."

A lightning fast jab only met air as Ronan turned his upper body away, never taking his eye off Tone even as his fist flew past him. His expression didn't change either, there was no look of surprise or anger or anything. Tone took this as disinterest and disrespect from Ronan, and annoyance turned to anger. With no pause he threw another jab at Ronan's face. Then another, then another. Each blow only met air as Ronan weaved around every strike. After a moment of this flurry Tone finally stopped, letting Ronan stand upright. "Damn, you're pretty nimble," he said, putting his fists up and taking his fighting stance. "Well I don't want to take a hit from you if I can help it." A smirk briefly returned to Tone's face before jets of flame burst from his body, propelling his fastest punch yet directly towards Ronan's jaw.

A loud crack rang out through the guild hall as Tone's fist broke the sound barrier, kicking up wind in the direction past Ronan that blew around the hair and loose clothing of the hall's inhabitants in that direction. But as for Ronan himself he had leaned backwards just in the nick of time, narrowly evading the powerful blow. How did he dodge that? Tone wondered, but he wasn't able to process the thought any further. Ronan grabbed his outstretched arm with both of his hands, pulling back and down. As this yanked Tone forwards and off his balance Ronan continued the motion and stepped over Tone's arm to straddle it between his legs. Continuing in one fluid, expert move he twisted his body around the captured arm and locked his legs at Tone's shoulder with his feet firmly across Tone's chest. The two hit the ground with Tone's arm locked in an arm bar, preventing him from immediately getting up or effectively retaliating. What the!? Ronan held firm but didn't use all his strength, Tone knew this because from this position he could've easily just dislocated his shoulder or elbow. "If you agree to cease fighting I will let you go," Ronan said simply.

This only made Tone more upset. It was humiliating. He was pinned on the floor by a complete stranger seemingly effortlessly, in front of people who would surely make fun of him for it too. "A wrestler, huh," Tone said, trying to front like he was calm. "I've never met a mage that preferred to take a fight to the ground." "I imagine most mages wouldn't, but I am not a mage." Now Tone's eyes widened in surprise. "Bullshit. There's no way a normal person could have reflexes like yours. Is this supposed to be dry humor?" Ronan released Tone's arm and the young man quickly rolled away and smoothly returned to his feet. After rolling his shoulder a few times just to make sure it didn't take any damage he stood up straight. "That'd be pretty embarrassing for a dragonslayer to lose a fistfight to a normal guy." Ronan took his time getting back onto his feet, not speaking another word until Tone was finished. "You did not lose, I knew you were holding back. But you shouldn't continue trying to fight your guildmates here." Now Ronan looked over towards Kaden and Jasper, giving the two of them a polite nod. "My apologies to all of you for making a scene, I was just trying to help." This time Tone kept silent as he felt both anger and humiliation coursing through his veins. His instincts were telling him that this man was trouble, that something was wrong, but he bit his tongue and didn't return to a combat stance. He knew that Ronan was right that he was in the wrong for trying to get a rise out of Kaden by assaulting him. He didn't want to embarrass himself any further. I'll get him back for this...


The one-eyed man nodded his head when offered a drink by Trinity by looking over at Kaden, who just entered the room. After quickly memorizing his appearance he turned his attention back to Trinity. "Thank you," he returned, accepting the beer in his left hand. "I just joined before you came in the door. Torys will see me to give me the guild mark momentarily, when she is done helping another join." He then took his first sip of his drink, though he gave no obvious reaction to its taste. "I intend on making myself useful." Ronan looked down at the bottle in his hand now, checking to see what it said on the label. Perhaps that was a sign that he liked it? "I look forward to working with you in the future," he repeated to Trinity before taking another sip.
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