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Current So... how’s everyone’s quarantine going?
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RIP Kobe Bryant, a legend, and his daughter Gianna, who was a legend in the making. πŸ’”
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I'll be feeding the homeless this Thanksgiving.
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I still love the status bar. This is better than watching The Bachelor.
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I turned 24 on Saturday. Adulthood is still a big ass scam though.


My name is Jordan, but everyone usually just calls me Jo. I'm 24 years old, and I'm from Brooklyn, NYC.
I'm a high school English teacher who does a little bit of writing on the side.
I've got a little over 13 years of RP experience under my belt.
You'll usually see me in SOL RPs.
My discord is Ejected#5448

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To be honest, Ariel was half expecting Kavan to say no to her suggestion. He had way closer friends than her, but maybe they already had someone else to go with or something. Who knew. Nodding as he spoke, she gave him a small smile.

”Awesome! I’m definitely down to coordinate. I hadn’t picked out anything to wear yet either, but something tells me we might want to avoid red. I feel like a lot of people might be wearing that color, I dunno.” Realizing that she was rambling already, Ariel paused for just a moment to collect her thoughts before speaking again. ”Do you maybe wanna walk to the lunchroom with me? I’m starving.”

"Okay, well that means that red is out of the question, then," Kavan said with a half-smile. "Maybe we should wear black? I feel like not too many people will wear that color. And sure, why not? It's been a while since I've actually eaten lunch in the cafeteria. Hopefully the food is edible."

As the two began their walk towards the cafeteria, Kavan couldn't help but wonder whether or not he should even ask Ariel about how she'd been feeling lately. He wasn't really one to stick his nose in the business of others, especially if it were someone he wasn't particularly close with. But Ariel was one of the Misfits. She was part of his family. And although they didn't interact as much as they did with the others, he still cared about her well being. "So..." Kavan said hesitantly as they walked down the hall. "How have things been going over the last couple of weeks?"

”Black sounds great,” she said, slight enthusiasm peeking through her voice. Shrugging her shoulders, she half smiled at his comment on the cafeteria food. ”I think it’s pizza day, so I don’t think you’ll die.”

While walking down the hall, Ariel was scrambling to try and find a conversation topic. Should she ask how things are with Archer? Or maybe she should try and find out about his latest artistic endeavor? Thankfully Kavan was quicker at coming up with topics of conversation than she was.

”Decent enough,” she lied. ”I’ve been practicing some new dance moves here and there. Picked up a few extra shifts at the diner. It’s kinda cool having so much extra free time, ya know?” Walking into the lunchroom, Ariel took her place in line. ”So what about you? Anything new and exciting in the World of Kavan?”

"Dance moves, huh?" Kavan said with a half-smile as the pair entered the cafeteria. "I look forward to seeing those at the dance. I'm not really much of a uh... dancing kind of guy, so you'll have to teach me your ways."

As Kavan stood in the line, he found himself taking a quick glance around the cafeteria, his eyes searching for the rest of the Misfits, and he couldn't help but wonder who Archer, Marisol and Sonny would end up going with to the dance. "And well, I decided to join the Drama Club a while back, so that's going pretty good I guess. I'm also toying with the idea of telling my parents about Archer and me soon, especially since Prom is right around the corner and... well, we're going together. Not sure I want my 'coming out' to be a big surprise on prom night."

Ariel was paying more attention to the food than anything. She had absent mindedly skipped breakfast this morning, and the growls coming from her stomach were making that very apparent.

”I bet you’d be a great dancer once you learned a move or two. I could have you and Archer waltzing in time for prom,” she said half jokingly. ”How do you think they’ll react? Your parents, I mean? Like I know we aren’t that close but if something doesn’t work out, I’m here to help in any way that I can.”

"Honestly? I'm not too sure," Kavan said as he slid a slice of cheese pizza onto his tray and reached for a bottle of water. "Despite not being as traditional as some of our other relatives... I still don't think they'd like the idea of having a bisexual son. My father, especially. But it has to come out at some point, right? What better of a time to do it than right before I graduate and leave for college? At least I won't have to worry about having to sit through awkward family dinners for too long afterwards." Kavan let out a dry laugh as he said those last few words, and followed Ariel all the way through the line until they were both standing by the exit door with their food in hand.

"But thank you, it really means a lot," Kavan said sincerely as he took another quick glance around the cafeteria. "It's actually a pretty nice day out... I think I'll go and eat in the courtyard. Are you coming with?"

Ariel shook her head. ”Nah… I have some homework and stuff that I need to proofread before I turn it in.” She smiled at him one last time. ”I’ll be sure to text you later with some outfit ideas for the dance though.”

β€œAh, okay,” Kavan said with a smile as he nodded and began walking away. β€œSee you then.”

Gonna go ahead and make reservations.
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With a half-smile on her face, Ramona watched Nate down the shot of peach Ciroc in one swift gulp. Her eyes sparkled with excitement when he went on to grab the liquor from her hands and take a few chugs straight from the bottle. His eyes watered as he did so, and the look on his face after he'd finally put down the bottle made Mona burst into a giggling fit. Nate had proved himself, that was for sure. "I definitely thought you were gonna puke all over the place," the young woman said, trying to control her laughter as she poured another shot. "I probably would've. I hate the taste of peach Ciroc. Nasty stuff. I like dark liquor a whole lot better. I had some before I came here, which probably wasn't that great of an idea since my pops always told me not to mix dark and light liquor..." Ramona had to catch herself before she started rambling, one of the few negative effects of her drunkenness. See, Mona was what many people deemed as a Happy Drunk; it'd only be a matter of time before she'd be unable to control her laughter and over-friendliness.

When Jasper brought up the fact that she was hot, Mona simply nodded her head in agreement. "Now that you mention it, it is pretty warm out here. And I mean, I always get super hot when I'm drinking. I'm burning up right now..." As Mona spoke, her eyes began to wander around the party. She saw a bunch of familiar faces, one being her roommate Camilla. She was just about to suggest that they include her in whatever game they were about to play when she spotted Junie MacMillan not too far away from the rest of the crowd. Suddenly, Mona tapped her two friends on the shoulders and nodded towards an area of the lake a little ways away from where her best friend and Jasper's brother stood. "I think I know how we can cool off, if you two are up for it," Mona said as she started skipping away. "Last one in takes three more shots of tequila!"

It wasn't until after Mona reached the edge of the water that she realized she hadn't worn a bathing suit underneath her outfit. That, and she'd spent way too much time on doing her hair to even think about having it drenched in lake water. Under normal circumstances, that probably would've been enough for her to rethink what she'd been planing to do. Drunk Mona, on the other hand, couldn't care less; she pulled her skirt off in record time, and went running into the water without a care in the world.
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