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My name is Jordan, but everyone usually just calls me Jo. I'm 24 years old, and I'm from Brooklyn, NYC.
I'm a high school English teacher who does a little bit of writing on the side.
I've got a little over 13 years of RP experience under my belt.
You'll usually see me in SOL RPs.
My discord is Ejected#5448

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As Chanel carefully made her way out of the girls bathroom and back to the main room, the young woman couldn't help but feel slightly disheartened after her conversation with Chrissie. But instead of thinking about it any longer, she made a beeline for the refreshment table to seek out the spiked fountain once more. What better way to cheer herself up? As she took a few sips from the plastic cup, Chanel couldn't help but search the crowd for her friends; it didn't take her long to spot Carter and Stella at the other end of the table. It was then that one of Chrissie's earlier statements came echoing back in Chanel's mind. "I hope those two get together," she'd practically screamed, and judging by how comfortable the two of them looked together, Chanel came to the conclusion that her hopes had actually come to fruition.

"Well I'll be damned," Chanel said to herself with a half-smile as she watched the duo for only a second more.

It was after Chanel had finished off that final cup of punch that the room suddenly began spinning. And after deciding that drunkenness and high heels didn't mix well, the young woman suddenly kicked off her shoes, kicked them next to an empty seat, and plopped down. It was then that Chanel decided to call herself an Uber, not wanting to take Sunshine away from having a good time. Instead, she sent the girl a quick text message saying that she'd pick up her things the next day; of course, there were many typos but she made sure to get the message across as best as she could.

Chanel also sent a quick text to Julie and April, telling them just how much she loved them before bending over to grab her shoes (and nearly puking in the process), standing from her seat, and stumbling towards the exit. Tiffany was two minutes away from her location, and Chanel hoped that she wasn't the type to try and carry on a conversation. The young woman was leaving the party a little earlier than she'd intended, but decided that the feeling she'd experience after crawling into her warm, king-sized bed at home would be worth it.

"And I haven't danced like that in... ever." Carter responded to his girlfriend with a chuckle as he dramatically took a few deep breaths and wiped the sweat from his forehead. Stella was a big ball of energy, one of the many things Carter liked about her. And of course, seeing her so happy as she moved around the dance floor made him happy as well; her smile was infectious, and his cheeks were starting to ache because of it.

Once the pair had reached the end of the refreshment table, Carter grabbed two waters as Stella found an empty seat. He opted to stand next to her as he took a few sips from one of the bottles. “Whew, those last couple of songs sure wiped me out,” Stella said, and Carter nodded in agreement as he handed her the second water bottle. While he may not have been as worn out as she was, it had been a while since he'd done anything as physically demanding as she Cha Cha Slide.

And then Stella asked about the very last person Carter wanted to hear about during that lovely evening. Chrissie McCoy. “Do you think I’ve been too harsh with Chrissie?" Stella asked him, and Carter fought hard to control the facial expression that would've told it all. But after taking a peek down at Stella's face and realizing how much she and her cousin's current relationship state was affecting her, the young man sucked in a deep breath and spoke the truth, no matter how much it pained him to say it.

"Look, you're not being stupid, Stel," Carter began in a soft voice. "And while I don't agree with everything Chrissie does, I'm not gonna tell you that your relationship with her isn't salvageable. I mean, you're family, after all. Hell, before all of this happened, you two were pretty much inseparable. And I hate that things aren't the same between you two because... well, because of me. I might not be the whole issue but I know that I... and we play a big part in it."

"Chrissie doesn't like me very much, but she does love you. She thinks that you deserve better, which is probably why she did what she did. Maybe it was her twisted way of trying to look out for you, you know? Again, I'm not saying that it was right..." Carter paused for a brief moment to grab hold of Stella's hand. "But I guess what I am trying to say is that... you and Chrissie will make up. You just gotta give each other time."

Truth be told, after finally being able to tell Archer how he honestly felt about him, Kavan was happier than he'd ever been before. As the pair re-entered the Country Club, their hands interlocked, Kavan felt as though he were walking on air. It felt as though this weight had been lifted from his shoulders. And much like Archer, he didn't feel much like dancing; he just wanted to spend some more time with the person who meant the most to him. Kavan didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around Archer when they'd finally taken a seat; he rested his chin on Archer's head as they sat in silence for a few moments, taking in their surroundings. And then Archer began speaking.

It was obvious that Archer was slightly nervous as he uttered those first few words, "Would you ever leave Florida?" The young man raised a curious eyebrow and nodded his head in response. Of course he would leave Florida. Not only was travelling the world definitely at the top of his to-do list once graduating, but he also hoped to attend a college that was out of state. “I mean… If you could move anywhere, where would it be?” Archer continued as he sat up in his seat. “Would you stay in the south? Or would you move up north? Like… say… Chicago?”

Kavan took a few seconds to ponder his reply, slightly unsure of what to say. Chicago? Where was all of that coming from? And it was soon after he began searching Archer's face for an answer that he finally got one. “Cause I got into U of C.”

It didn't take long for Kavan's confused expression to turn into one of pure excitement. And without hesitation, the young man wrapped his arms around Archer once more, pulling him into a warm hug. "What?" Kavan exclaimed with a wide grin. "That's amazing, Arch! You should already know how proud I am of you." But it was after pulling away from their hug that it finally dawned upon Kavan why Archer had been asking him those questions to begin with.

Archer was moving to Chicago.

Kavan stayed quiet for a brief moment, taking that time to figure out what he was going to say next. "Well... I did apply to U of Michigan." Kavan said, letting out a deep breath. "I know that's obviously not in Chicago, but I don't think it's that far. What, 3 or 4 hours tops? I'll take that drive any day if it means that I get to see you. We can visit each other on weekends... holidays... and after we graduate, we'll figure it out." Taking hold of Archer's hand, Kavan offered his boyfriend a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, Archer. We can make this work."

(FC: Diggy Simmons; Dialogue: #751B27)

Unlike a good portion of his classmates (those who'd actually shown up), Dwayne had been paying close attention to what the Headmaster had been saying during the assembly. He sat as close as he could to the exit, his legs crossed at the knee and his hands neatly folded in his lap. At the mention of Halloween being the following week, Dwayne couldn't help but briefly think about what his costume would be... that is, if he even decided to dress up. Then came the news of some lame scavenger hunt with the guarantee of a grand prize for the winning group. Judging by their reactions, Dwayne could tell that this enlivened some of his peers. He, on the other hand, remained indifferent. Maybe if he finally got to see who he'd been grouped with it'd stir up some excitement... right?

Wrong. Dwayne let out a deep breath and slouched his shoulders as he took a look at the list on the bulletin board. Leo Brooks and Francesca Allensworth. "Great." Now, don't get him wrong; Dwayne didn't have anything against the two he'd been partnered with. Frankie was a fairly nice girl when she wasn't trying to get him into bed with her. And Dwayne hadn't really spoken with Leo enough to form a solid opinion on the guy, but deemed him decent enough since he was also friends with Soleil. But part of him couldn't help but have a sneaking suspicion, based on rumors alone, that he'd be the awkward third wheel in their situation.

After scanning the rest of the list out of pure curiosity, Dwayne tucked his hands back into his pockets and began to stroll away, heading straight for his bedroom to finish up some reading. He figured he'd have more than enough time the next day to track down Leo and Frankie, even though he wasn't really looking forward to it.

1. Guarding the Gates — Lauryn Hill
2. K.R.I.T. HERE — Big K.R.I.T.
3. You Know Wassup — Kehlani
4. The Recipe — SiR
5. As You Are — The Weeknd
6. Rosa Parks — Outkast
7. Morocco — Kota the Friend
8. Prayers to the Trap God — Roddy Ricch
9. 911 / Mr. Lonely — Tyler, the Creator
0. The Light — Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign

(FC: Zolee Griggs; Dialogue: #DE563C)

The rest of Zakya's day had gone by fairly smoothly; she'd checked off a good portion of her daily to-do list, and only had plans to squeeze in a late night workout session before officially ending her day by applying a face mask and crawling into bed. Sitting in the auditorium along with the rest of her classmates was the last thing Zakya wanted to be doing that evening, but she figured that she'd attend anyway in order to pass some time and socialize. She'd filled a seat near the very front of the room, and had been engaged in simple small talk with the girl sitting next to her when the headmaster finally approached the podium on stage and began to address the student body. Even then, Zakya was only half-listening. It wasn't until the older man mentioned something about winning a prize that she actually began to pay attention.

"Your teams are posted outside on the bulletin board," the Headmaster had said, causing Zakya to excitedly sit up in her seat. "I implore you to connect with them before Wednesday." After uttering a few more concluding remarks, the Headmaster signaled for them to leave; of course, Zakya was one of the first to hop out of her seat. She made a beeline for the exit, and once she finally reached the bulletin board, gently pushed a few people out of the way so she could get a look at who she'd been grouped with.

"Hana Jeong?" Zakya said to herself, her eyebrow furrowing in confusion as she stared at the unfamiliar name on the list. It took her a few moments to picture the young woman's face in her mind, but even then... she knew little to nothing about her, especially not enough to guess what strengths she'd bring to the table for the scavenger hunt. What if they didn't work too well together? What if she couldn't keep up and wound up costing them the special prize the Headmaster mentioned?

Shaking off her negative thoughts, Zakya glanced at the second name on the list and let out a relieved breath in response. Samuel Costigan. She didn't know too much about him either, but figured she was lucky to have him on her team. After all, she could've ended up with much worse. And so, Zakya began her walk towards the gym with a content expression on her face, her mind whirling with ideas of what the grand prize may be.

The first week of classes had gone just as Ramona knew they would. From receiving six different syllabuses across all of her classes, all the way down to trying to figure out new ways to reintroduce herself to a classroom full of familiar faces, Mona had surely grown used to "Syllabus Week" by now. It was nothing new or out of the ordinary. And all throughout this week, Ramona had made sure to keep her signature grin plastered across her face whenever she stepped foot outside of her bedroom, whether it was while striking up conversation with a Sophomore in one of her elective courses or jogging around campus and greeting those who strolled past.

No one would've ever guessed that Mona had been feeling a little more down than usual, ever since the evening following the Great Bash. And of course, she had yet to tell a soul about what was bothering her. Not even Junie, who'd been her closest friend since they were in diapers, knew about it. Even Mona's roommate, who'd been too preoccupied with her work to notice the sudden massive pile of empty ice cream pints and wine coolers in their trash can, hadn't caught on.

It was a mutual decision, she and Leon's breakup. And although the two promised to remain good friends with each other despite no longer being in a romantic relationship, Ramona still couldn't help but feel a bit empty after handing off a bag of things he'd left in her possession... Hence, why she'd been unsuccessfully attempting to fill this emptiness with Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie. In fact, Mona had been spending almost every single day after classes sitting in the exact same spot in her bed, a spoonful of ice cream in one hand and a blunt in the other. She'd laugh to herself while watching old episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and wondering what her friends and family would say or think if she emerged out of her funk ten pounds heavier.

Mona had planned to repeat this same routine on that Friday night until she saw a post on Instagram that caused her to change her mind. Apparently, one of her favorite bars was having an open mic night, and she figured, what better way to lift her spirits than to get all dressed up and go check out the local talent? Well... the prospect of finally being able to drink something a little stronger than Mike's Hard Lemonade also played a pretty big role.

So after finishing off one of her pre-rolled cones and spending about an hour getting herself dolled up, Mona called up the nearest Uber driver and made her way downtown. It was after she began typing out a text to Junie that she remembered her saying something about having a date that night and tucked her phone back into her purse, deciding to wait until the next day to ask her for the details. And when Mona had finally been dropped off in front of Nectar’s, she took a brief moment to readjust her dress before letting out a deep breath strolling inside.

Ramona made a beeline for the bar, not really bothering to search for any familiar faces for the time being. Instead, she waved over the bartender and asked for whiskey on the rocks. And after draining the entire glass in less than a minute, signaled him over again. "Another one, please."

Starring Archer | Kavan

“Back at the car huh?” Archer whispered in Kavan’s ear wiggling his eyebrows. “Are you just trying to get me alone so you can… ravage me?” he let out a low cackle a little too proud of his own joke.

"I don't know, maybe I am," Kavan responded, a smirk evident on his face as he took a quick look at both Danielle and Jasper who stood close by. "I think those two over there are about to head to the dance floor pretty soon. That'll give us a chance to sneak away for a minute. What do you say?" As Kavan spoke, he looked at his boyfriend with a questioning look, eagerly awaiting his response.

“You don’t have to ask me twice…” Archer suggested and proceeded to say goodbye to his cousin and Jasper before grabbing hold of his boyfriend’s arm following him.

Flashing him a smile, Kavan interlocked his arm with Archer's and began to lead him towards the exit. The two didn't speak much until they’d stepped foot outside of the country club and the sound of the DJ's current musical selection had started to slowly fade away. Kavan lead Archer through the lot, all the way towards the parking spot that he and Ariel had left not too long ago. And once they'd finally reached Kavan's car, the young man brought him to a stop beside the passenger side door, and let his arm drop back to his side. "Okay, so before I show this to you..." Kavan said with a half-smile, "I just thought I'd say a few words first, while simultaneously trying not to sound too... cheesy."

“Oh, you really know how to charm me don’t you?” Archie grinned leaning in and kissing Kavan on the lips before pulling back and letting him continue. Looking at his boyfriend he got filled with warmth. He really was his favorite person in the world, even surpassing Marisol. Not that he would ever admit that to her face. He just stood holding his hand looking down at his own intertwined with Kavan’s.

Sucking in a deep breath as he studied Archer's facial expressions, Kavan continued on. "You mean a lot to me, Arch. You're my best friend. And the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. And these past few months have honestly made me into the happiest version of myself. So, for this Valentine's Day, even though we weren't able to come together, I figured I could at least give you something to show how much I... love you." And there it was. Those three words that perfectly described how Kavan had grown to feel about him.

As the words left Kavan’s lips it was like Archer’s whole world stood still. He was frozen to the spot he stood. He couldn’t get a word out, no matter how hard he tried. Usually, he couldn’t shut up but now his boyfriend’s words had made him mute. What he really wanted to do is to shout the same three words from the mountaintops. “Uh-” he croaked before going back to being mute.

Thankfully Kavan hadn’t heard as he finally pulled open the car door and began rummaging under the passenger seat until his fingers finally wrapped around what he'd been searching for. He then stood back up and faced Archer, this time with a small book held firmly in his hands. On the cover was a beautifully illustrated photo of none other than the two boys themselves. "So, with the help of one of the Sophomore girls from the arts department... since we both know that I'm a terrible artist," Kavan let out a brief chuckle before continuing.

All Archer could do now was to stare into his boyfriend’s eyes still as quiet as before. He could feel the stupid water well up behind his eyes which he tried real hard to hold back. He couldn’t believe someone would ever do anything this thoughtful for him. His green eyes moved fast over the cover. It was beautifully illustrated, and as Kavan stated definitely not done by him. Archer’s lips stretched into a wide smile as he caressed the outline of the painted versions of him and Kavan.

"I wrote us a little book. You know, of how we first met and how far we've come since then. It starts with the very first time I sat at your table in the library... shows us, Marisol, and Sonny on our first day of high school... that time in my bedroom when we finally admitted our feelings... It's all in here, Archer. Well, most of it, anyway." As Kavan spoke, he flipped through a few of the pages so that Archer could see his handiwork.

A tear rolled down Archer’s cheek now, he couldn’t hold them back anymore “You cute little shit…” he whispered mostly to himself. He carefully took the book from Kavan’s hands and stared at it for a little moment before laying it on the car seat. When he turned back he threw his arms around his boyfriend on the verge of sobbing. “I-” he tried to start but had to center himself as to not start wailing. He nuzzled into his neck breathing heavily before finally pulling back. Archer quickly wiped his eyes and proceeded to hold Kavan’s face in his hands “I… love you so fucking much…” he sniffed pulling him in planting a passionate kiss on his lips making sure Kavan really felt it.

As Archer's lips found his own, Kavan could feel a comforting warmth growing inside of him. He was happy. He'd found his person. They loved each other. Kavan was the first to pull away from their kiss, and when he did, he took hold of Archer's hand once more and offered him a large grin. "Think we should get back in there and see what we're missing?"

“Honestly I could spend the rest of the night here in your car” Archer sighed looking back towards the country club. “But I guess we should take advantage of the party…” he gave him a quick kiss before both of them headed back towards the Valentine party.

Starring: Chrissie McCoy @TootsiePop & Chanel Martin @Ejected

After each cup, drinking more seems like a better idea. Jokes become funnier, time no longer matters, and depending on the type of drunk you are, the flirtier you get. By now, Chrissie leaned against the window sill in the bathroom, staring at Jason’s contact information. She felt a little frisky and she couldn’t help but replay the night she gave him a strip tease. He always brought out the provocative side in her. Biting her bottom lip, she wondered if she should show him exactly what he was missing.

Unfortunately, with her surroundings being her school, she was reminded of the people that were rooting for her to move on. Going to the camera mode, she diverted her thoughts toward her date. Kavi. Wouldn’t he like to see that? Convincing herself to take pictures at least, she went to the nearest stall, closing the door behind her, and slowly brought her straps down. She could always send the pictures to Ariana, if by the end of this she came to her senses.

Giddy as fuck, as she prepared for a selfie photoshoot, Chrissie sucked her middle finger, leaned in to display her chest, and let the flood of endorphins urge her to get lost in picture taking until she had the absolute perfect ones. The type that begged for someone to devour her. A mixture of sugar, spice, and everything nice. If only she had someone to critique her pictures, before she sent it with no sense of regret at all. Alas, she didn’t have that leisure.

Chanel Martin came barging into the girls bathroom not too long after that; she immediately approached one of the sinks, sat her purse on the edge, and stared at her own reflection. She was pleased to see that despite her drinking and erratic dancing, there wasn't a single smudge on her perfectly caked face, or even a hair out of place. She was drunk, but not that drunk. She was still fully functioning... at least, she was enough to notice Chrissie McCoy as she stumbled her way through the crowd. It didn't take long for Chanel to excuse herself from her conversation with Sawyer to follow in the same direction. "I gotta go check on someone really quick," she'd told Sawyer before walking away. "I'll catch you later."

Assuming that Chrissie was using the bathroom, Chanel decided to wait until she came out of the stall to strike up a conversation, primarily to make sure that the dick wad Salvador himself didn't say or do anything out of line. So, in order to pass the time, the young woman grabbed her lip gloss from her bag and began to reapply it.

As if some divine power sent her an angel, knowing she was going through one hell of a dilemma of deciding which picture to send, Chrissie peered through the crack between the stall door and the pilaster to see hottie patottie Chanel touching up her makeup. They weren’t the closest, and didn’t even have the same social circle, but girls helped girls out so why not ask her for advice? Pushing the door open, with far more force than she anticipated, causing a loud SLAM to reverb in the ladies’ room, Chrissie exclaimed, “Oh heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

Prancing to the sink beside her classmate, who was in there with intention, and for her, not the lip gloss she was applying to her lips, Chrissie giggled, clearly drunk and in a state where someone like Kavi could easily take advantage of her, “You having fun? I sure am!” Subconsciously, and honestly unbeknownst to her drunken self, she held her phone in a way where a simple glance down could reveal one of her naughty selfies.

When Chanel saw Chrissie come out of the stall she began shoving her lip gloss back into her purse, wincing slightly at the sudden sound of the door slamming. "Heyyyyyy, girl," Chanel said hesitantly, matching the young woman's pitch. "I guess so. I managed to steal someone's date for a little while, find the spiked punch bowl, and make a new acquaintance in the span of forty minutes... so I'd say I'm having a pretty good time. I'm guessing you are too? You came with... Kavi, right? How's that going?"

It was as soon as Chanel finished speaking that her eyes landed upon Chrissie's cell phone, and her smile slightly faltered once they did so. Man, did she seem to be in a lot worse shape than Chanel had initially thought. "Having a lot of fun, huh?" Chanel asked casually, nodding her head at the device in Chrissie's phone. "Who are those for?"

Chanel was asking her a lot of questions in a short time span. Sober Chrissie would’ve answered them all, and even talked about her date and the strong punch, but she could only focus on the last bit. “I haven’t decided! I got options.” Not ashamed of her lewd pictures, she started showing Chanel all of them, and there were A LOT. “Maybs, I’ll text my ex! Make him have ragrets. Or, or, or I can send 'em to my date. He’d be so easy.” Chrissie chuckled to herself, while repeating, “So easy.”

Glancing down, she stopped on a selfie that was more focused on her face. It seemed like she overlooked that one. It looked like her smile failed her and she looked sad, “No, no, this one is ew.” She deleted it as soon as she noticed it. How dare she drop her mask? It was all she got. “So many people are ‘in love’,” She complained, making parentheses with her fingers. Looking from her phone, to the girl giving her company, she huffed and puffed, “You too, probably!”

"Me? What makes you sa-" Chanel was at a loss for words as her eyes briefly glanced over Chrissie's pictures. Of course, she looked stunning, but Chanel couldn't help but feel a tad weird about looking at them. Especially one of the last pictures, where Chrissie didn't look much like... herself. And in regards to her very last question, Chanel simply brushed it off, focusing more on her initial statements instead. "They're not bad pictures, Chrissie... but I don't think you should send them to anyone. At least not while you're..." Chanel paused for a brief second, wanting to choose her words carefully so that she wouldn't upset the other girl. "Look, maybe after you've gone home, gotten a good nights sleep, and had time to think it over... you can send them to whoever you want. I just don't think it'd be a good idea to do it now."


What home? She wasn’t wanted at Stella’s. Her home was miles away, with her parents in another country. She didn’t know if Ariana’s plans would change because she had nowhere else to go. Kavi was a mistake waiting to happen. Shawna had Sunshine. Kavan had Archer. Where was she supposed to go? Sense washing over her as she dropped her phone in her clutch, Chrissie nodded to the one person that noticed her in her time of need, and probably knew something wasn’t right, “Thanks. You’re right.” She said, surprisingly clear for her state. “Can you… do me a favor?”

Going to the window, she cracked it open to feel the cool night air, “Can you find Ariana? I want to stay here a bit longer.” Little did Chanel know, the moment she accepted and walked out the door, Chrissie would no longer be in the bathroom. Only those like Stella and Ariana would know, times like these, where the drama queen felt utterly hopeless, she would find herself aimlessly walking somewhere, getting lost until someone found her.

"Sure, I guess..." Chanel said, letting out a sigh of defeat as she slung her purse back around her shoulder and began walking towards the door despite the voice in the back of her mind telling her not to. She finally decided to listen to that voice, however, right before grabbing the door handle.

"Look, are you sure you don't wanna talk about whatever is bothering you?" Chanel said suddenly, turning back around to face Chrissie. "Not to be all up in your business or anything, especially since I know we're not super close like you and Ariana or Stella are... but something about you just seems different tonight. Y'know, my mom used to always tell me that it's not good to bottle up all of your emotions, so maybe you should just let it all out... Talk to someone. Is this about Carter or something? Or... Kavi didn't try any slick shit, did he?"

“Kavi? No, no. He didn’t do anything. If anything...” Chrissie trailed off. Leaning against the wall, facing Chanel once more, she studied the floor and her french pedicure. The moonlight seeped through the window behind her causing a halo to surround her wavy hair. If anything, she was the one leading him on because she liked the attention. He was behaving himself for someone with his kind of reputation. As far as she could tell, he seemed to be dealing with his break up differently than her. Or at least, they didn’t give into the sexual desire that was obviously there because maybe, just maybe, they both knew that was a mistake. That the only reason they’d have sex with one another was to feel good about themselves and not because they liked the other in that way.

Before she could go any further about Kavi, Chrissie registered the mention of Carter and her self pity turned to bitterness, real quick. “What about Carter?” Although she was no longer mad at Carter, per say, just hearing his name made her think of her cousin and it pissed her off. “Has he told you?”

"Told me what?" Chanel asked, her eyebrow raising at how quickly Chrissie's demeanor changed. "I mean, he did say something about you and him having a pretty heated conversation before class... but that isn't really anything new, right? And I thought you two had moved past that, anyway."

See, sober Chrissie already couldn’t handle talking about subjects like these. That hit home. Add alcohol to the mix, and it was all downhill from there. “Why don’t you ask Stella!” the primadonna snapped. “Like really! I hope those two get together. The sooner they do, the sooner Stel will stop being a lil' bitch.” Tightening her grip on her clutch, Chrissie stormed to the door.

Crossing her arms, she impatiently waited for Chanel to open the door or get out of her way, “I’m sorry, I can’t talk about this right now. I gotta' go.” Sadly, Chrissie was in no state to welcome kindness and comfort. Hurt people take out their hurt on others, and while Chrissie didn’t mean to, she couldn’t hold back. She was just so sick and tired of Stella’s bullshit. But more importantly, she still hadn’t fully recovered from her break up.

Slightly startled from Chrissie's sudden outburst, Chanel stood frozen for a few seconds before slowly nodding her head and sidestepping out of the way. There was obviously more going on with Chrissie than Chanel had originally thought, so it made sense as to why she didn't want to divulge all her business with someone she probably barely even considered a friend. "I understand," Chanel said, pulling the door open for the other woman to exit. "I hope you uh... try to have some more fun tonight. And stay safe."

“You too! Ciao.” Not giving Chanel another glance, Chrissie stumbled, yes stumbled (remember she’s still drunk), out the door, waving goodbye, heading straight to her next destination: finding Ariana. In the morning, she would probably come to regret this moment, revealing a side of her to someone who shouldn’t have seen it. No one deserved whatever Chrissie was becoming. Especially not someone who was innocent, and hardly involved.

Why was she like this and why did everything hurt on the inside? If only she could find a way to forgive and forget. Find a way to love. Tonight wasn’t the night and a happily ever after was out of reach. Sometimes, you have to hit rock bottom before you can climb again, and Chrissie was almost there. Killing herself lately, that’s been her mission, and it will stay that way until she gains the courage to just deal with it.

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