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I'll be feeding the homeless this Thanksgiving.
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I turned 24 on Saturday. Adulthood is still a big ass scam though.


My name is Jordan, but everyone usually just calls me Jo. I'm 24 years old, and I'm from Brooklyn, NYC.
I'm a high school English teacher who does a little bit of writing on the side.
I've got a little over 13 years of RP experience under my belt.
You'll usually see me in SOL RPs.
My discord is Ejected#5448

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Unlike the majority of his friends at King's Academy, Kavan Varma and his family did not celebrate Christmas. Not once in his life had Kavan helped decorate a Christmas tree, helped prepare a big Christmas feast, or even scoured the malls looking for gifts for his loved ones. No, on December 25th, Kavan treated the day the same as any other; instead of watching those corny holiday programs or listening to Mariah Carey, he simply spent the day reading, writing, and playing his bass guitar. He'd even spent a little time with his older sister, who had the day off thanks to good ol' Saint Nick.

"I don't see the obsession with it all," He'd listened to Amoli say as she reheated her leftovers. "All the tales of a fat white man in a red suit who slides down your chimney at night, eats your freshly baked goods and drinks your milk... sounds like a goddamn intruder if you ask me."

"He leaves gifts for children, Amoli," Kavan had told her with a roll of his eyes. "It's not like he's a real person... He's a fictional character. For children. It's meant to be a good thing." It wasn't unlike his sister to be overly critical of the holiday; in fact, she went on the exact same spiel nearly every year. It was because of this that Kavan decided against asking for her advice about what to gift Archer for Christmas. Then she'd really pop a blood vessel.

"What does Santa even have to do with religion? And oh, what if people don't have chimneys, what does he do then? Just hop right in through their front windows? Bet that still wouldn't be considered breaking in. Oh, and..."

For as long as Carter could remember, his favorite thing about having a Christmas celebration with his father's side of the family in Oakland was finally, after spending the majority of the year apart, being able to reunite with his favorite older cousin. Not only did Carter discover his love for a certain herbal substance through his older cousin, but it was also with said boy that a new, secret tradition had begun between the two of them. First, they'd meet at their uncle's house, both accompanied by their sides of the family. Then they'd spend about twenty minutes or so getting their cheeks pinched by a certain auntie, whose makeup and wig always made her look casket ready.

And then finally, after being interrogated for thirty minutes about their personal lives by random family members that they barely knew, they'd finally excuse themselves from the rest of the family to take a "walk" around the neighborhood. This particular Christmas, the pair decided to stop at a nearby playground to smoke Carter's supply; together they sat side by side on the swing-set, with their only source of light being a street lamp.

"So," Terrell started as he fished around his jacket pocket for a lighter, "What's been goin on, cuzzo? What's new in your lavish life down in Palm Beach?" Carter could detect the familiar hint of bitterness in his cousin's voice; it was no secret that he wasn't too fond of his best friend moving to the other side of the country.

"Eh, same old shit. You know how it is." Carter said, keeping things simple. "Spoiled rich kids, boring ass classes, open mic nights, a few organized protests here and there..."

"Here you go with that militant, black power... Malcolm X shit again," Terrell laughed before taking a hit from the blunt. "I'm talking about college, goofy. You always been the smart one in the family, and I know Unc was probably on your ass about applying, so where'd you get into? You thinkin' about going to college somewhere in Cali?" And there it was.

"Actually... nah, I think I'ma stay somewhere down south." Carter said hesitantly before taking a hit. "You know, like Morehouse... I got into FAMU too, so that's an option." Carter didn't even have to look at his cousin to know the face that he was making. Don't get him wrong, Carter loved Oakland, and he'd missed his other side of the family more than anything... but in his mind, moving back after graduation seemed like taking a couple of steps backwards. "I can still come visit and shit though, like how I'm doing now. Or you could even come visit me."

The two sat in silence after that, finishing off their own spliffs in peace. It wasn't until Terrell stood from the swing that Carter knew their bonding time was officially over. "Whatever, man," Terrell said as he flicked the remaining bud into the grass, "Let's just head back. I'm tryna get a piece of Auntie's sweet potato pie before it's all gone."

1. Sunset ā€” The Internet ft. Yuna Zaraai
2. Take Off the Blues ā€” The Foreign Exchange
3. Keep It Rollin' ā€” A Tribe Called Quest
4. The Light ā€” Mick Jenkins ft. EARTHGANG
5. Good News ā€” Mac Miller
6. Rehab (Winter In Paris) ā€” Brent Faiyaz
7. GATTI ā€” JACKBOYS ft. Pop Smoke
8. Slow Down ā€” H.E.R. & Skip Marley
9. Come Thru ā€” Summer Walker ft. Usher
0. Bottom Bitch ā€” Doja Cat

It was a chilly Christmas Eve in New York City, and for the first time in a little over five years, Chanel was back in her old stomping grounds. It was around seven o'clock, and she'd felt that old familiar feeling of home ever since she'd touched down a few days prior; the "brick" weather, the tourist-infested streets, the bodegas and pizzerias on every corner... it was all too familiar. It felt good for Chanel to be able to pull her old bubble coat from the back of her closet and stroll around Brooklyn with her older brother. It made her feel as if she were twelve again, back when her brother would practically drag her the entire way to the nearest subway entrance so they wouldn't be late for school. Chanel couldn't help but smile as she strolled, her nose suddenly catching a whiff of Armando's pizza. "So you definitely wanna cop ya little sister a slice, right?" Chanel asked her brother in a sickeningly sweet tone.

Andre looked as though he wanted to say no, but how could he say no to his little sister on her very own birthday? Without hesitation, the young man began fishing around his pockets for what Chanel assumed to be a few spare dollars; Chanel waited outside, taking in all of her surroundings as she waited for her brother to return. In the meantime, she decided to scroll through her social media feeds; the very first picture that appeared on her screen was one of none other than Santiago Fernandez, April Foster, and her quickly growing baby belly. Of course, she gave it a like, before moving on to respond to some messages of her own.

"You know, I just knew you were gonna want a big ass pepperoni slice, just like how you'd order when you were a kid," Andre said as he returned to his sister's side. "So that's why I made sure to call in ahead." In Andre's hand was not just a single slice of pepperoni pizza, but an entire 12-inch pie. A single lit candle sat in the very middle of said pizza, ready to be blown out by the birthday girl. Tears instantly began to blur Chanel's vision, and memories of parents began to flood her mind. "I remember mom and dad used to do this for you every year, right? Cause for some reason, your bum ass never liked birthday cake." Chanel laughed at her brother's attempt to avoid getting in his feels, before quickly blowing out the candle and reaching for a slice of the pie. "So what did you wish for?"

Pretending to have a stuffed mouth of pizza, Chanel hesitated for a few moments before sucking in a deep breath and letting it all come out. "I wished that we could go and see them now... mom and dad. Cause you know we haven't since..." As he tossed the candle aside and closed the pizza box, Andre remained silent for a while. Chanel knew how talking about visiting the place their parents' were buried made Andre uncomfortable. Hell, it made her uncomfortable too. But it had been over five years now, and Chanel knew that it was time for them to pay them a visit.

"Yeah, fine," Andre finally said as he let out a deep breath. "Let's go see them."

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