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Actually got some writing done today. I feel accomplished.
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life is so expensive once you stop stealing from self checkout :/
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Writing when you're drunk is all fun and games until you can't decode the hieroglyphics you wrote when you're sober the next day.


My name is Jordan, but everyone usually just calls me Jo. I'm 23 years old, and I reside in NYC.
I'm a high school English teacher who does a little bit of writing on the side.
I've got a little over 13 years of RP experience under my belt.
My discord is Ejected#5448

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There were many perks to having your own car. For Tyra Washington, her absolute favorite was not having to catch a ride with one of her friends or pay for a Lyft whenever she wanted to go to some party that everyone was raving about on social media. The car was nothing too fancy or expensive; it was just a little something that she could afford with her TA salary and that got her from point A to point B without breaking down. It sure did a fine job the night before when it took her on the hour long trip to the University of Georgia for yet another PWI frat party her friends just had to see her at. And although she was slightly tired from practicing all week, and still a bit freaked out about her new abilities, she went. I mean, "powered" or not, she was still your average, college-aged girl. One party out of town couldn't hurt, right?

Wrong. Tyra woke up the next day in the same house she'd remembered strutting into the night before, her body sprawled across the couch. Taking a quick peek around, the young woman could she that she wasn't the only one who'd had a little too much to drink and ended up involuntarily spending the night. Her friends, however, were nowhere to be found. A quick glance at her phone told her that they'd made it back safe earlier that morning, but had for some reason left drunken Tyra alone to fend for herself. Some "friends" they were, huh? Well, at least she didn't have a super bad hangover to deal with as well.

In swift motions, Tyra gathered her things and began the quick journey back to her vehicle. Five minutes later and she was on the road, blasting her current favorite songs and dying for something to eat. It wasn't long before she finally gave in and pulled into a rest stop in Gwinnett County. She figured that she could also use that time to change into the sweatpants and hoodie she had left in her trunk from practice, and maybe even try to fix the way her hair was looking at that moment.

The rest stop bathroom was pretty gross-looking, but that didn't come as much of a surprise to Tyra. Careful not to touch much, the young woman entered one of the stalls and slipped on her change of clothes. And once she'd gotten to the sink, she flung a bit of water in her hair and raked her fingers through it in an attempt to refresh her curls. She then offered the elderly lady that stood at the sink next to her a small smile and nod before exiting the bathroom and making a beeline for the snacks.

Potato chips, candy, sunflower seeds, apple juice... Tyra's weird combination of foods that she placed on the counter earned her a funny look from the cashier. But neither of them spoke a word as her things were rung up and placed into a plastic bag. It wasn't until after she'd pulled out her credit card that she began to hear commotion on the other side of the room. "Who the fuck stole?" a woman's shrill voice called out, causing a few bystanders to approach the scene and check things out for themselves. Even Tyra stood on the tips of her toes and took a quick look over the shelves, momentarily forgetting about her snacks to see what was going on. She immediately regretted her decision to be nosy, however, when one of the men decided to point a gun right at the screaming woman's face.

"Aw shit, why me? Why now?" Tyra said as she quickly turned back to the counter, tossed a few crumpled bills onto the counter, grabbed her bag, and began to make a beeline for the exit. "Fuck... fuck!" By the time Tyra got to her car, the police had already arrived. It was also around that time that something out of the ordinary happened... something that she wouldn't have even believed before the incident gifted a select number of individuals with dangerous abilities. The woman who'd been screaming earlier suddenly began to grow to gigantic heights. Without wasting any time, Tyra grabbed her bag of snacks and got out of her car before deciding to put her newfound powers to good use. She ran away.

“EVERYONE WILL DIE!” Tyra heard the large woman scream as she sped away from the rest stop, trying her hardest to dodge the woman's footsteps. Tyra found herself yelling a few curse words as the narrowly missed being crushed by a supersized, black Air Force 1. Soon, however, Tyra found herself at a safe distance from the rest stop; she'd come to a stop in the middle of the forest. It was then that the young woman realized that her car was more than likely destroyed, which meant that she would have to rely on her super speed to get her back to her apartment.

But her curiosity, and empathetic nature, caused her to return to the scene after the damage had been done. With wide eyes, Tyra sped around the rest stop in a desperate attempt to find any survivors. She was just about to give up her search when she spotted a bloody, familiar looking man laid out in the grass; it appeared as though he'd been making his way deep into the forest when he passed out. "Shit," Tyra said under her breath as she took the man's pulse; it was weak, of course, but she figured that there was still a chance for him to survive if she could quickly get him the help he needed.

"God, why couldn't I've been gifted with super speed and strength?" Tyra said in a strained voice as she hoisted the bigger man onto her back and took off running. Soon, the young woman was running through the front doors of the Grady Hospital; she made sure to hide her face and wear her hood as she carefully laid the man down on an available gurney.

"This guy needs some help over here!" Tyra barked at a few doctors that stood nearby, visibly shaken up by her sudden appearance. "Like, now! He's gonna die, you need to hurry the fuck up!" In an instant, doctors came rushing to the man's side, but Tyra didn't stick around long enough to see them in action. Instead, she sped her way back to her apartment so she could process everything that had happened within the last few minutes. It wasn't until after the young woman had been standing in the shower, watching the man's blood wash off her body and go down the drain, that she came to a sudden realization.

She forgot her fucking snacks.

{"You can't run from yourself. No matter how much you want to."}

1. Aaliyah - Rapsody
2. Touch Down - SiR
3. Worth It - Roy Woods
4. All For Us - Labrinth ft. Zendaya
5. Juicy - Doja Cat
6. So What? - Vince Staples
7. The Feel - Little Brother
8. Dior - Pop Smoke
9. Floating - Schoolboy Q
0. Floor Seats - A$AP Ferg

Location: King's Academy Campus Quad
Interacting with: The Trio

As soon as Julie had brought up the idea of doing something that would liven up their final year of high school, Chanel's mind began to wander as she thought of all the things they could do to leave their mark at King's Academy. And while she definitely wanted to pull off something memorable and funny, she didn't want it to be too crazy or dangerous that they'd face being suspended. After all, she wanted to pull some harmless prank, not risk her chances of going to FAMU next fall.

Soon, April had joined the two of them at their usual table in the Quad. Chanel let her eyes glance at April's growing stomach for a brief second before redirecting them to her eyes and flashing her a warm grin. Julie was right when she'd said that she had gone MIA for the remainder of the weekend; if she was being totally honest, she'd been slightly worried about her good friend after not being able to contact her during that time. “If we do something like this, we have to do it like, all out," the young woman said, and Chanel simply nodded her head in agreement. “Ideas?”

Julie spoke up first, telling their friend about her initial ideas to put spiders or bees in the vents, an idea which Chanel had already expressed her disapproval, or to pull some crazy stunt at one of the school's football games. Although not being totally against the latter, Chanel decided that she would feel slightly uncomfortable angering some of the more aggressive players and the people who cared more for the sport than they probably should. Suddenly, after sitting in silence for a brief moment, Julie’s face lit up and a small gasp escaped her lips. “What if we turned the courtyard into a huge foam party?”

A devious smile slowly made its way upon Chanel's face as she listened to her friend's idea for using the fountain as their "foam machine" and turning the courtyard into one big Ibiza party. "I like it. It's memorable and funny, but also pretty harmless..." Chanel said as she thought of how her classmates and the school staff would react. "Okay, why not? I'm definitely down for that if you guys are."

Location: King's Academy
Interacting with: Georgie

Leaving the school during lunch had now started to become a part of Carter's daily school routine. He'd often find himself making a beeline for the parking lot after the lunch bell rang, just so he could sit in his car, crank up his music, and snack on whatever he'd had leftover from the night before. Every so often, like that time in particular, Carter would even risk taking a few hits from a joint as he sat in the vehicle. After spending a few years at King's, Carter pretty much had everything figured out so that he wouldn't be caught by a faculty member; he knew exactly where to park, who to look for, how many hits he could take before having to roll down his window and let it air out for a bit... Carter was relaxed. He preparing himself to begin the second half of his day.

It was right after Carter had tossed the remaining bit of his joint out into the grass that he received a text message from an unknown number. Raising his eyebrows in surprise, Carter quickly read over Georgie's message before typing in a quick response, saving her number in his phone, and tossing it back into his book bag.


CARTER: no prob, glad i could help u out luv

CARTER: not weird at all. i'll keep that in mind

Soon, Carter had scarfed down the remainder of his mother's empanadas. But a loud rumble in his belly following his last bite told him that he hadn't quite had enough to eat. In swift motions, the young man recollected his things from the passenger seat, exited the car, and began to make his way back towards the school. He didn't stop walking until he reached the cafeteria, where he then headed straight for the lunch line and began to dig around his bag for a couple of dollars. A few minutes later, Carter was approaching an empty table with two cups of cold french fries in hand. He usually wasn't one to eat anything served in the cafeteria, but hey. Desperate times called for desperate measures.


Location: King's Academy Cafeteria
Interacting With: Amoli Varma, Archer Diedrikson

"You know, at this point I think you just like having me chauffeur you around."

As usual, Kavan Varma had found himself in the school library during Monday's lunch period, his head buried deep in some classic novel that he'd already read numerous times. The only inconstant at that time happened to be the presence of the young man's older sister—not in person, fortunately for Kavan, but through a FaceTime call. Amoli had called her little brother right as he had stepped foot out of his previous classroom, and he opened it to see her lips fixed in her infamous smirk, poised to say something she knew he didn't want to hear. "There's probably nothing even wrong with your car. Ma said that it was supposed to be out of the shop a couple of weeks ago, so what the hell is the problem?"

"Oh stop acting like a baby, bhaee," Amoli said with a chuckle, but Kavan didn't find the situation amusing. "Come on, it's just for another week. I promise you, I don't like riding around in your car as much as you might think. If I have to listen to one more Kiss album, I'm gonna lose my mind."

"What's wrong with Kiss?" Kavan said, slightly raising his voice. To further prove his point, he even went as far as to sing the first few lines of one of his favorite songs. He immediately regretted this, however, when he received a warning glare from the librarian who sat not too far away at her desk. Kavan simply shot Mrs. Davenport a sheepish grin before turning back around and slumping down in his seat. "We'll just have to talk later. I'm not even supposed to be on the phone in here."

"Ugh, whatever," Amoli said with a roll of her eyes. Kavan was just about to end the call when his sister opened her mouth and piped up once again. "Oh, and I forgot to ask you about your boy this morning. How's he doing? You know... after everything that happened at the party? I still can't believe I fucking missed it all!"

An indescribable feeling came over Kavan as the events from Saturday night replayed in his head. To say that it hurt him to see Archer be treated that way would be an understatement. It made him sick to his stomach. And what made him even more sick was the fact that he knew Archer partly blamed himself for the metaphorical target that was now placed on Kavan's back. And it was true, Kavan had started to receive weird looks and snide remarks ever since he'd become more public about his sexuality; but coming out to the outside world was his decision. So screw whoever had something negative to say about it.

"Well, he's got a nasty shiner," Kavan finally responded to his sister, "But I think he's holding up pretty fine. Or... as well as anyone would expect after all that he went through." Soon after he said this, Kavan ended the Facetime call and stood from his seat at the back table. And after quickly checking out his latest book, the boy made a beeline for the cafeteria. Although he wasn't hungry enough to even bother going through the lunch line, he was eager to meet up with his boyfriend after going through the first half of the day without seeing him. Kavan surveyed the room full of students before finally spotting Archer in the farthest corner table. In swift motions, the boy took the seat next to him, slung his arm across his shoulders, and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Writing anything interesting?"
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