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Current Making an attempt at a comeback... Let's see how this goes after not writing for three months!
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Many months later finally received the diagnoses of ME/CFS. Taking a break from RPG to focus on me and my health. Will hopefully be back soon! <3


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The hooded figure traveled through the crowds of people in the street, all there for their own reasons from finding love to simply enjoyment. But the figure was there for one thing, thievery. Eris, said hooded figure, had been there for three days prior to this first day of the festival, having scouted out an abandoned building within the city that she could easily get in and out of from the roof. It was the perfect place for setting up camp for the time being as it wasn't too far from the main part of the city but also wasn't too close.

During those three days Eris also scouted out where large masses of people would most likely gather along with multiple routes of escape in the event she was caught stealing; though, she was pretty good at stealing so being caught was a low risk but escape routes were always good to have planned. Now on the first day of the festival, Eris was already getting to work. She'd snatched some expensive looking bracelets off of a few people, grabbed some random items out of bags, even snatched a coin bag that someone was carrying.

Passing by a fruit stand, Eris slyly snatched an apple and once again disappeared into the crowd. Her small stature and her cloak allowing her to blend in with ease. She slipped the apple in her satchel and made her way to the alley way where she used different objects and window sills to scale her way onto the roof. From there Eris ran, then jumped and caught the edge of hoisting herself up onto a taller roof. From this roof she had a better view of the stuff going on below while also being high up enough that she wouldn't catch the attention of those down below unless they looked up directly at her. Sitting near the building's edge she pulled out the apple and began to eat, listening to music from some unknown location and simply watching the people pass by down below.

Takahashi Farms → DDay's Mansion
Mentions Damon @TootsiePop

The sun barely peaked above the horizon as Mirai moved around the farm doing her daily chores. Mirai had made the rounds giving all the animals their food and fresh water. She had collected the fresh eggs from the chickens and put them safely inside. Now she was hauling hay down to the field where she had just taken the two family horses. After she gave the two the hay, she sat on the fence watching the sun fully rise over the horizon as she took a break. Clay, one of the horses came over and nudged her almost knocking her off the fence backwards before huffing in her face.

Mirai pushed Clay's face away from her own before moving to be in a better position to stroke his mane. Clay was the youngest of the two horses and like Mirai could be a troublemaker. It is the reason why her grandparents think the young colt took a liking to the girl. Mirai pet the colt for awhile before patting him gently and hopping off the fence. "Gotta go finish up the rest of the chores. I'll be back to give you your exercise later." Mirai told the horse as she walked off towards where the hay was stored.

Collecting more hay, Mirai carried it to where the family goats and sheep were. She gave them the hay before heading into the barn to clean out the stalls and then clean up the barn as a whole. It took a little while but after she was done everything was clean. If the people she used to hang out with saw her now they wouldn't believe it. She was doing chores and doing what she was asked to. Hell, if the old her saw the new her she wouldn't believe it. It wasn't like that much had changed though. The only difference between then and now was Mirai did these chores for her grandparents because if she didn't she would be sleeping outside or in the barn if she was lucky. She'd learned that the hard way.

When she had first come to Emerald City, Mirai refused to listen to anyone and kept up with her old habits. But after two weeks of not getting through to her, her grandparents kicked her out of the house. They gave her cans of food and bottles of water and told her to find somewhere else to stay until she would do as told. It took a week until she was back and doing the chores. She tried stopping a few times only for the same to happen and found that it was best to just do the chores.

With her morning chores finished up, Mirai went and sat on the fence again, just this time of an empty paddock. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it, smoking while awaiting her grandmother to call her up for breakfast. As she sat on the fence she began thinking of the events that had happened. The girl Lily, the mayor's daughter, having gone missing. The whispers and accusatory stares. It wasn't surprising that she was being thought as a suspect, she already made herself know as a person not to mess with not to mention her grandma already spread the fact she'd been involved with the Yakuza to the whole city. Mirai may not be a good person but she wasn't gonna go and kidnap the daughter of the mayor of the new place she lived. What good would that do for her or for her grandparents. All people cared about though was the fact she was involved with the Yakuza, that immediately made her a prime suspect. She was honestly surprised she had been arrested yet to be questioned over everything. Guess she was just lucky.

Mirai was snapped from her thoughts of the recent kidnapping and her non-existent role in it as her grandmother called for her. Throwing her cigarette butt on the ground, Mirai slipped off the fence and stomped her boot down on the butt, twisting her foot around on it to make sure there was no ember left burning. Once she was sure she was fine, she headed up to the house for breakfast.

Now later in the day, Mirai listened to her grandparents drone on as they handed her some food containers. Simply nodding her head, she waited for them to finish as she adjusted the mask of her outfit. When they finally finished handing her the containers she loaded them into a bag and put the bag on. "Yeah I get it. Yeah yeah whatever. Okay. I'm going now."

Mirai waved them off as she walked out the door, ignoring their suggestion of taking their truck and hoping on her motorcycle. Sticking the key in the ignition, Mirai grinned as the engine roared to life. The purr like music to her ears. Grabbing sunglasses from her pocket, she put them on before kicking the stand up and revving the engine. She then took off, shooting down the driveway and kicking dirt up behind her.

Speeding through the country roads, Mirai grinned like a madwoman as she wove past the few cars around heading towards her destination. It didn't take long until she was pulling up the drive of the town's resident celebrity and her grandparents practically adopted grandchild based on all the food Mirai has had to deliver. Parking her bike, Mirai hopped off and made her way to the door, ringing the bell and knocking on it. As she waited for an answer she ran a hand through her wind whipped hair, looking around at the place. She still hadn't gotten used to how nice it was compared to any where else she'd been. It definitely went to show what money and fame can get you. Now if only the one with said money and fame would come to the door.
My curiosity over the pairings continues to only grow stronger.... It's the downfall of being a cat- curiosity. I'll get to work on a post after I finish the one I am working on for my other rp! So excited it has started, time for Eris to steal everyone's stuff... I mean make friends?

I am excited for this!
@The MuseI saw that some people just posted their characters here but also saw in the rules to PM it to you so I'm just going to do both

@FailingForward Will do! Sorry should have done that from the beginning. My bad!
@The Muse Mind if I apply? @TootsiePop pointed me in the direction of this rp when she saw I was making a comeback and it looks really interesting and I'd love to join/apply to join.
Edit: I aged her up cause I meant to but forgot to do so and only now remembered. I also changed her spirit animal just a wee bit, specified things a wee more.

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