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Tallulah had been downstairs in the clinic's office organizing the days patient files from those who visited the clinic. Taking a few notes in her own personal notebook of what each person presented to the clinic with and what was done, adding sidenotes of what she believed could have been done better or notes on things she noticed of the person's health that they didn't bring up in the event they came back. It was during this note taking process that she received the ping on her PDA from Vanessa who was just upstairs.

Quickly finishing her notes she placed her small journal in her pocket and put the files away. Exiting the office, Tallulah shifted into her small fox form and ran to the meeting room. Using her small fox form to evade Vas as best she could. When she got there, as she was one of the first to arrive, she simply jumped up on the table and laid down in fox form until more people arrived. When others did arrive she hopped down and shifted back, joining the circle of people.

At first the small girl just listened and watched everyone else, taking in everything and all the information while bouncing on the balls of her feet, her tail swaying behind her. Her eyes ever so slightly widened at Joe's idea for Plan B, yes she had killed and would do so if needed but she didn't agree with just killing everyone. She only felt killing was the last option, for her at least. "I don't think Plan B should be killing everyone... I don't agree with that..." She informed the group, "Just disabling them by knocking them out or something seems like a better option." She knew she was a minority in the not killing but she felt the need to say something.

That is all she said though in the mean time, for the rest of the meeting she'd stay quiet as she typically did unless providing ideas in her areas of expertise. Plan making and tactics really weren't her thing, so she just listened and took in all the information.
Collab with @Kitty@Lovely Complex@Melissa
Location: Dining Area

Taking out wireless bluetooth earbuds, Jax gave Josie the right bud and he took the left. Wireless earbuds would give them mobility, as they listened to the same tune. They were fortunate enough to find that the dining area was completely empty. It was just them and food, but neither would eat. He didn’t want to eat. Jax was going to relax. What better way than to show a pretty girl that he was a man of many talents.

He played a slow edm song, Feels, by Kiaara, that he made a remix too, which felt right and suited the vibes of the night. The song twirled around like thread around them.

And I've got way too many feels,
Way too much emotion
And I don't even know it's real
And I say fuck it, keep on going
I get deeper, I get deeper

Before he drew her closer, Jax revealed to the dancing queen that he knew some moves that only animation dancers were well versed in, specifically Mia Rothstein, famous music choreographer (for big names like Amity Bellerose — now Amity Snyder — a huge pop idol). Mia, who co-owns INITIATE, with Summer Snyder. Yeah, he lied about not knowing how to dance. He loved music, and with his love for music, he took it upon himself to learn a few things by watching YouTube videos.

Yeah, I feel in love and I can see you, yeah I can see you
I don't know
I think I'm loving you
I've got way too many feels,
Way too much emotion

With that charming, cool smile that would be engraved on the dancer’s mind from here on out, Jax was thinking about nothing else, but her company, as he alternated how he contracted and relaxed his muscles, in his arms, legs, and torso. His body popped and locked with every other beat and he moved every part of him, like he was both water and metal. One thing he learned from the videos he watched, dancers could harness the elements that make up the Earth. If the song required fire, they would show that burning heat, with their expression, with their strident, hot aggression, and with their fiery passion for their art. If the song needed electricity, the dancer would send a surge through not only themselves, but to those that watched them. For Jax, he knew he needed the fluidity of water, but also the control of metal. Contrasting elements, that he made work. A human robot.

And I don't even know it's real
And I say fuck it, keep on going
I get deeper, I get deeper

When the keyboard entered the song, he smoothly turned on his heel and gilded backwards to her, lifting his left heel, leaving his toes on the ground, and sliding his right foot back. Then he repeated with the opposite side. Yeah, your boy was moonwalking.

Yeah, I think I'm in love, yeah I see you, I can see you
I know
I'll just keep going
I've got way too many feels,
Way too much emotion

While he made his way towards her, he playfully snapped his fingers when the ‘snap’ noise resonated in the room and turned when the singer said the words:

All the senses on my body,
Yeah, I say fuck it, keep on drowning
And you can pour some more
Yeah, you mix it, pour a potion

His face no longer was ‘cool’. No, this strange rarity had a smug smirk plastered on his face and his eyes sparked with this child-like curiosity. Jax was a child in a body of a man, with a pool full of talents, seeping out of him, waiting to be recognized.

I don't know who you are
But I dive into your ocean

The fire and electricity entered the dance when he grabbed her hand and pulled her in, close to him. He was allowing her to feel the warmth of his confidence and strength. If there was one thing about Jax, he was undoubtedly self-assured with himself. His only baggage was dealing with the rift that he had with his father, but that didn’t matter right now. What mattered was them taking pleasure in being close with each other, letting their bodies move in harmony. He would let her take the lead now. She was the dancer, after all.

The music flowed in through her ear and through her body, every beat becoming a part of her. Every note giving her body life. Upon the beginning of the song, Josie had closed her eyes, letting every part of it flow through her so each emotion and element could be felt from the music. When she finally opened her eyes she couldn’t help as they widened upon seeing Jax dancing. The boy could dance and internally she was flipping out, luckily the music kept her calm on the outside as he danced. His dancing wasn’t just any dancing though. Dancing that she recognized was similar to the style of one of her bosses, Mia Rothstein.

Despite her body moving slightly to the beat of the music, her mind was fully focused on the boy dancing in front of her. A grin plastered on her face as she watched him harness the elements through his body and dance moves. When the blonde moonwalked she couldn’t help the slight giggle that escaped her lips, her hand moving to her mouth as she giggled. He was almost a bit childish but not too much so, the childishness sparking in his eyes for a moment when he was moving closer.

Fire and electricity left his body and entered hers when Jax grabbed Josie’s hand. The same fire and electricity from the song that fueled the dancer’s growing desire to dance herself. Then he pulled her in. The two were practically chest to chest, his warmth and confidence radiating off his body causing Josie to internally swoon. Looking up to him as the music continue to play, she felt as he relinquished control over the pairs movement. He was letting Josie take the lead.

Forgetting all her emotions she let the music take over. The music moved her in a mix of elements, smoothly but with some sharpness. She took the lead expertly. The two of them moving with the rhythm of the music, each slight change in the song bringing a slight change to Josie’s moves. She danced with Jax, leading him with the movement of her own body. Not caring at how close she was getting -even if it would come back to ‘haunt’ her later- nor how their movements looked. To her it was just dancing, she was in another world when music was playing and this time Jax just so happened to be apart of the same world.

Sleek, slim, slender… Josie brought out beauty, no matter how seductive and smoking she was. Jax admired someone with passion and this girl danced like the music was the only thing keeping her alive, as if the music flowed into her like an IV drip. There were subtle touches on her body. Although his hands did explore, they explored respectfully. He was close, extremely close. So close that someone could mistake them for intimate lovers. And yet, his gaze never left her.

Anyone who was on the receiving end would be bewildered by his stare. There was a deepness in them, like the bottom of the sea. Distant and present, all at the same time. Did he like her or was this simply a moment? Moments could always lead somewhere...

“Do you have a channel?” He curiously whispered. Random, but that’s what was on his mind. If she had a Youtube channel, he would follow her. Maybe even offer his filmmaking skills. Yeah, the moment was over as fast as it came. Jax was not thinking about the dance they were sharing.

Seeing his eyes, the look he was giving her. It made butterflies begin to flutter in her stomach and her thoughts begin to wander and think of what it meant, if maybe he liked her too. All at the same time Josie continued to move with the music, that all came to a stop when he whispered those five words. Those words caused her to stop what she was doing and look at him, a mix of confusion and hidden disappointment in her eyes.

“Do I have a channel?” The girl asked him, “Like as in a YouTube channel? Cause if you do, I don’t.” Both confusion and bewilderment were written on Josie’s face as she looked up at Jax. Her mind wondering if she did something wrong or if he was bored of dancing with her already. She thought they were having a moment but now she was confused and unsure of everything. This boy was completely messing with her mind.

“Oh you don’t? You should totally make one! I can help you get a jumpstart at it. Your dancing is wicked good for others NOT to see it.” What Josie may eventually learn, or not, depending on her time with this boy, Jax came with both talents and endless thoughts. They jumbled around in his mind, some organized in lists, some simply kept in storage. His mother told him he was a creative genius, unfortunately the downside with that was everything else that life had to offer, like love that stood right in front of him, flew right over his goddamn head.

With the dance coming to a close, he took out his phone, getting ready to show his channel where it consisted of primarily the burners, skaters and daredevil. They did a lot of crazy, stupid stunts. He had another channel, less popular, that was for storytelling, but he had way too many ideas for it and it wasn’t nearly as focused as he needed it to be. The music came to a stop, when he opened the YouTube app.

Before he could show her anything though, two loud, very loud voices could be heard:

“I would never be caught dead anywhere near your dick, Tyler.”


Looking at Josie, Jax frowned, “I’m not ready to go back to work.” He was having fun with her.

“I’d like that. I know I couldn’t make a channel myself so I’d really like that.” If it meant more time with Jax then Josie would be down for it. As he pulled out his phone and the song ended, she grew curious and was gonna ask what he was doing only for the shouting to be heard. When she looked at Jax and saw his frown, Josie knew she also didn’t want her time to end with this boy. So she did the only thing she could think of, she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the supply closet with her. Only after shutting the door did she realize it was an EXTREMELY tight fit.

So tight that she most definitely could feel his lip ring against her lips… actually, scratch that. His whole lip was on her lips. Everything happened fast and now they were in the dark closet, hardly able to see each other, his steady breathing tickling her face, as their lips touched.

The kiss lingered while…

Outside the closet, AJ went straight to the table of food, ignoring the drunk girl. Fully frustrated, he slapped his hand on the plate of pigs in a blanket, grabbed a handful, and stuffed his face. Bitch taking blows at his dick when she’s never even seen a dick. Well, a dick that wasn’t her twin’s or her father’s. He purposefully filled his mouth so that if she wanted him to speak, he could not. To annoy her even more, he chewed like a cow.

Bailee staggered and stumbled into the room after AJ, the amount of anger and frustration she was feeling growing by the second. She would learn later that alcohol was like adding a log to a fire- it kept things going for longer and made things erupt in flames even more than normal. “Which is why you shouldn’t be calling me a slut in the first place!” Bailee yelled, feeding the flames of their battle. A drunk hiccup escaped her lips as she walked closer to AJ, brows furrowed. “This is Becca’s fault, she told me to drink and have fun in order to forget the problem and now I’m dealing with it all over again,” She thought out loud as she grew more and more irritable.

Like the asshole that he was, he pointed to his full mouth and even pushed food out to drop on the ground. Sorry, can’t talk. Too busy eating. Maybe the more she spat shit out, she’d figure out the fault in her actions. Y’know, like forgetting a problem rather than dealing with it? Obviously, the sensical route did not make sense to her. Instead of putting the blame on herself, she was blaming everyone else, like her twin that gave her bad advice and was better at dealing with her emotions. Putting his pointer finger up, telling her to hold up, but really hoping she’d just keep going, AJ grabbed a pitcher of water and started slowly guzzling it down. Taking his sweet fucking time.

The brunette kept on talking. She didn’t care if AJ was too busy eating to care. The girl was on a mission… whatever is was. In her mind the words she was saying rang clear as a bell, but in actuality she stuttered and hiccuped through her words. “You can’t just waltz in here and call me names when you didn’t even try to talk to me when I was gone! You-”

“NOT FUCKING TRUE!” AJ put the half empty pitcher back on the table and wiped his mouth aggressively. “Not my damn fault you block notifications on your phone when you’re at meetings. You know what that does? It doesn’t show anything from others until you remember to enable it. I’m not your bitch, Bailee. I’m not going to spam you until you message me back. I’ll call or text every so often, but if I get nothing in return, that ain’t my problem. It takes two to tango and I did my part. When the fuck do you ever do your’s?” By now, he was making his way toward her, visibly fed up.


That was all that Bailee had to say in response. Her drunk-angry demeanor changed to solemn and sad in two seconds flat. What else could she say? The man had a point. Even intoxicated Bails knew he was right. It was the same thought she had earlier when she knew she hadn’t been there for him over the past few months. And this was the cherry on top of her disappointment sundae. Her emotions usually weren’t this volatile, but that’s what tequila did for you. Looking up at him through her eyelashes, which were starting to become blurrier with a few small tears, she let silence rang through the room except for another small hiccup escaping from her lips. After a few moments she spoke, “Is that why you’ve been an absolute dick to me? Because I’ve been a dick to you?”

God-fucking-dammit. He made her cry. With furrowed brows, AJ shook his head, “No, Bails.” He paused and took a step closer. With his pointer finger, he lifted her face by the chin, to look up at him, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m just kind of a dick.” He gave a goofy grin. There was more to it, like yeah, he did kind of hold grudges, and yeah, he was spiteful. BUT, he was a dick to her today, because of this morning. Because she used his first name. Because she told him how to deal with his break up, when he didn’t want to deal with his break up. But the main reason was, AJ most definitely was categorized at this school as an asshole. He just was… a dick!

Bailee let herself look up at AJ for only a second and then turned her head away quickly. She didn’t like it when people saw her cry. Beginning to wander around the room, she let her feet drag on the ground, refusing to pick them up with each step. They felt heavy, like bricks were taped to her shoes. “Drinking makes me mean,” She mused, letting her eyes drift from wall to wall. She wasn’t sure what exactly gave her the urge to walk aimlessly, but whatever it was, she was glad she wasn’t making eye contact anymore. “And you’ve been the one to deal with mean me. You deserve an award or something,”

“I got an idea.” In a matter of seconds, Bailee’s feet were no longer on the ground. With ease, AJ swooped her up and threw her over his shoulder, her plump ass right by his face. “To our next destination, Bailee-bails!” Nope, he wasn’t going to tell her where they were going. They were just going.

“Noooooo AJ, put me down.” The brunette whined like a two year old as she felt herself being picked up. As all the blood rushed to her head she grew slightly dizzier, which only made her giggle like an idiot. “Where are we going?” Bailee asked, hitting her hands on AJ’s back.

The last thing the people in the closet heard was AJ say: “A bedroom.”

The supply closet door opened and the two that were hidden inside of it were no longer interlocking lips. It had already been almost thirty minutes since Jax has been away from the DJ stand. “Sorry about that, I hope my ring didn’t hurt you.” The handsome blond’s face softened, hoping she didn’t mind being awkwardly stuck in a closet with him.

Josie nodded absentmindedly not quite hearing what he said, the words just going in one ear and out the other. “I got to go. I’ll see you around.” The dancer took the earbud out of her ear and handed it to him before walking out of the room.

“Wait, you don’t want my number?” The girl was gone before they could exchange digits. Welp, back to work Jax went.

As soon as she was out of the room she took off running to find Savannah. Josie needed her redhead right now.

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