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Current Come back of the century! (but not really) I just finally have time to once again... 2 years later.... XD
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Just an early warning that on May 10th I'm leaving for a long trip. I will try posting at night or in the early morning but my posting will be limited for almost a month.
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Posting will be random fo the next few days. Sometimes I'll post multiple times within an hour, sometimes once or twice in a few hours, or not at all for a bit. It's all because of how my pain meds.
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Getting surgery done today so chances of me posting today are slim but I should be back by tomorrow if I'm not able to get on tonight.
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I'm back but college starts soon so posting will become limited depending on the day


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Collab between @Melissa & @Kitty

Featuring: Savannah “The Redheaded Savior” Matthews and Josie “Old Cat Lady" Erickson
Location: Semi-Secluded Area

Clearly, this situation was bad enough that it warranted an immediate conversation (plus she knew Josie wouldn’t pull her away from Trev if it wasn’t important), so Sav cut right to the chase. “What’s wrong? Are you okay? Are you hurt or injured or bleeding?” She asked quickly, checking her over for any bumps or bruises.

Shaking her head, her coils getting messed up as she ran her hand through her hair shortly after, Josie began pacing. “No. No. No physical injuries… Just-” Pausing she tried to think of how to even start, her mind was all over the place as everything continued to replay in her head. Specifically the kiss… if it was that.

“There was a boy. DJ. Talking, flirting,dancing, kiss. Sav, I don't know what to do!” Josie started to explain normally but quickly it turned into her rambling out words related to everything that happened. She was a mess right now.

Three words stood out in that sentence as Savannah let her jaw unhinge and fall free from her upper lip. DJ. Flirting. Kiss. Of course the one night that the redhead could not wingwoman her best friend was the evening where sparks flew! “I’m sorry, WHAT?!” She exclaimed a little too loudly, as she noticed the people around them giving the pair dirty looks for causing a scene. But Sav didn’t care, this was major!

She tried to remember who the guy at the DJ booth was, but to be honest, all she was focused on this evening was Trevor. A million questions poured out of her mouth all at once. “Who is he? What does he look like? Did you get his number?” Savannah stopped herself shook her head, realizing she should just let Josie do the talking instead. “Sorry, too many questions. Just take a deep breath and tell me what happened.”

Josie did as Savannah told her, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes as she let the breath out. Starting from the beginning, Josie was able to calmly recall everything that had happened between her and the blonde DJ. From her glances to finally meeting at the bar to them going to the dining room. Through the explanation of the dancing she began to slowly get more panicky, especially as she explained the moment shared and then immediately lost. But as she drew to explaining the closet, she had to pause as she began to pace again. “Oh god… oh god… then the closet… and the kiss. Savvy, I just… we… I…” The dancer couldn’t even form a coherent thought as she thought about her first kiss and the lip ring, oh god the lip ring.

Coming to a stop, Josie leaned against the wall and put her face in her hands as she took a few deep breaths. “We heard two loud voices approaching the dining room and Jax said he didn’t want to go back to DJing yet and said he wanted to spend more time with me. So I did an impulsive thing and dragged him into the small supply closet in the dining room. It was so much smaller than anticipated Sav… we were squished against each other and when he turned his head… hislipsendeduponmineforlikethewholetimewewereinthere!” Josie’s last words ran together as she once again freaked out, but who could blame the girl. It was her first kiss and it wasn’t even expected, plus that boy was sending her so many mixed signals that she was just confused and lost.

Sav listened intently as Josie described everything that had transpired- this was some exciting stuff! It also sounded quite romantic and sexy, the dancing in the dining hall sounding like something out of one of the sappy movies the two always watched. But evidently, her friend was more anxious and overwhelmed than excited, so Savvy was going to try and talk her through this as best as she could. She was no love doctor, but now that things were seeming to move in the right direction with her ginger mister, she was a bit more qualified to give some advice. “Sounds like one hell of a first kiss…” She breathed, a small laugh escaping her lips as she tried to diffuse the situation. With another deep breath, she placed a comforting hand on Josie’s shoulder. “How did you guys leave it? Did he say anything or?”

Josie’s eyes widened, “I totally just left him hanging! I told him I had to go and got out of there asap. I didn’t even get his number Sav. Oh my god. What have I done? Probably ruined the only chance I had with him. You are gonna marry Trevor and have cute adorable red haired babies and I’m going to live alone with a 100 cats! I’m doomed!” She cried out the cat statement and got looks from people nearby but ignored them as she leaned against the nearby wall and slid down it until she was sitting on the floor, her head resting against the wall.

“Josie…” Sav sighed, taking a seat next to her anguished friend on the floor. “Sweetie, you did not ruin your chances, and you’re not going to live alone with 100 cats!” The redhead lovingly moved her friend’s head from the wall and rested it onto her shoulder, cushioned by the cardigan she was wearing. The last thing she wanted was for Josie to start banging her head against the wall in panic, which Sav knew she would do if the situation called for it. “The night is still young- what’s stopping you from approaching him and asking for his number? He’s going be DJ-ing for the rest of the party!”

“I would make a fool of myself and become a stuttering, flustered mess. That was my first kiss! You know for the longest time I expected it to be someone different and here a week after he is gone I find Jax and he actually shows interest in me… then bam he takes my first kiss in a complete accident then just acted like it didn't happen! Sav why are boys so confusing?!!” Josie turned her head and buried her face into her friend's cardigan. She just wished they were easier to understand especially Jax. What was it about the boy that drew her to him so much but also just confused her!

Sav shrugged, “Sometimes, Jo, what you expect and what you get are two different things…” Comforting Josie as she buried her face in her cardigan, she wrapped an arm around her friend. “My first kiss was at a county fair- I thought it was going to be magical and perfect, but it really wasn’t. At the end of the day, It was just a kiss. You’re going to have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to find your prince, and you’ll know it when you find him, so don’t worry. If Jax is the one, then thing will work out.” Savvy replied, rationalizing the situation. It was true- you get this feeling when you know you’re with the right person- Sav got it with Trevor.

This is one of the many reasons Josie and Sav were perfect friends. When Josie found herself if situations that overwhelmed her and got her overthinking everything, there Sav was to rationalize everything and bring Josie back to the ground. Bringing her face out of Savannah’s cardigan, she turned her head to just rest it on her friend’s shoulder. “Why do you always know the right thing to say? I swear I’d end up going insane if it weren’t for you Sav, absolutely bonkers.” Josie let out a sigh as she thought about what her friend had said. She just needed to not worry, what is meant to be will be.

The redhead laughed, “I doubt you would go insane- maybe a little crazy, but insane is a stretch.” Sav looked to her friend. “If you like Jax, then I say go and get him. Go find him- ask for his number. If he doesn’t want things to be that way, then fine, you’ll move on, but what’s the hurt in trying?” She questioned, hoping her friend would gain the courage to find the DJ and sweep him off his feet.

Standing up Josie offered her hand to help her redhead friend up, “Okay. I will do that but only if you promise to tell me everything about what you and Trevor have done so far tonight later.” She winked at Sav with a playful grin, finally back to her normal self after having her little freakout.

Taking her friend’s hand, Sav smirked. “Deal.”
Tallulah wasn't surprised by the announcement. She always had her suspicion, hell she basically knew when she couldn't use Izzy's hair to heal her from a distance. That didn't change anything though, Izzy was still like a sister to her and she'd help fight to protect her. But of course Steph was pissed, the other elf was acting high and mighty and honestly it was bothering Tallulah so after others spoke up, she took her turn to do so too.

"Do you have to be such a versoniel Steph? This group, all of us, we are your ranelles. I never took you as being disloyal or a rinellé, but go ahead and leave. See how well accept you will be among other elves as a rinellé of your ranelles. I consider us sersakhan, maybe closer as we are the only elves, but if you keep acting in such a way I may change my mind."

Tallulah sighed after her speech and turned her attention back to the rest of the group. When she heard what Avicus said all she could do was turn and grin at him. "Aww you know you love me snowflake! You love working with me, don't deny it." she teased.

Collab with @Lovely Complex
At the bar
Luna & Ronnie

As Verónica was about to leave the bar area she heard a voice addressing her. Turning to look towards the voice she was met by a shimmering white, intriguing, dare she say beautiful sight. A girl with light blonde hair, a white dress, and skin that actually seemed to be glowing and shimmering in the light. It seemed a bit ethereal and almost took the Mendez girl off guard but upon the ethereal girl once again beginning to talk, Verónica’s eyes met the girl’s own crystal blue eyes full of mischievousness. To say it didn’t cause Ronnie further intrigue would be a lie.

Walking over to where the ethereal beauty, or Luna as she now knew, was sitting she leaned against the bar besides her and smiled at her. “I’m Verónica. I’ve got to know, why haven’t I seen someone as stunning as you around school? You aren’t someone I’d forget seeing around.”

“Because I don’t go to your school.” Taking a moment to bring her attention to the bartender, Luna kindly and casually requested, “Hey, can I have some cherries?” Without any word or argument, the bartender obliged, knowing exactly who she was. “Thank you.” Shifting her green stare back to Verónica, now with a cup of maraschino cherries in hand, ignoring her margarita momentarily, Luna shrugged, “I chose beauty school over total drama island. Let’s just say, I’m related to some… fond faces that go here.” If Ronnie probed more, perhaps Luna would specify who she was related to, but for now, the blonde felt that such information was not relevant to their discussion. “Have you done anything fun tonight, besides deny every boy that wants to get in your pants?” Her candy apple lips lifted into a smirk, before she picked up a cherry by the stem and put it in her mouth, smoothly and teasingly pulling it off and savoring the succulent fruit.

Brown eyes meeting the blonde’s green eyes, Verónica listened intently not bothering with thoughts on who she could be related to. In the moment it wasn’t important. “Too bad. Having someone like you around would make the days a lot more bearable.” Ronnie’s eyes then fell to the girl’s lips as she pulled a cherry off its stem teasingly, only shifting her gaze back to Luna’s eyes to answer her question. “Haven’t done anything too fun besides that. But if you hang around I can imagine my night will only get better.”

Taking note of Ronnie’s eyes shifting for a brief moment, Luna chuckled, bringing her long, blond strands over her right shoulder. “Bearable?” The display of beauty and splendor that was Luna Locke leaned closer to her… entertainment for the night. Heat emitted from her. The lustful kind. She had a motive. Whether or not this girl would join in was all part of the fun. “I highly doubt that. I’m kind of an attention whore.”

Suddenly, the blonde tapped the bar, “Shots!” Almost like magic, shots appeared by their drinks. Good bartender. “Hanging was so yesterday, how about we go on a little adventure, skip the small talk and romance—” Cut to the chase. They could play this long, dragging game where they try to learn about one another or she could show her why the school is better off without her. Intentionally, her eyes were doing naughty butterflies. If there was one thing Luna had, it was an incredible amount of charisma. “Unless, you’re not one for adventure.” She challenged. “I’d totally understand. I am being kind of forward. I just know what I like.” She bit her rose bud lips. Soft, passionate lips. A promise for sweetness. A perfect weapon.

The brunette grinned at the blonde, this girl had her caught in her web and Ronnie did not mind one bit at all. The heat that radiated from Luna’s body only drew the Mendez in more. At the appearance of shots, Verónica glanced down at them before looking back to Luna’s green eyes sparkling with a hint of something unreadable by Ronnie currently. She was already in on the adventure, it wasn’t like there was anything better to do at the party plus she wanted to spend more time with the blonde but upon being challenged a smirk rose to her lips. “Oh I’m definitely down for an adventure. Count me in.” Ronnie’s competitiveness shined through a bit as she was challenged by Luna. She was not one to back down from a challenge, ever.

Oh? Luna raised an eyebrow, liking how agreeable this girl was. Just what she wanted. Leaning in closely, putting her lips inches away from the stranger’s ear (they wouldn’t be strangers for too long, though), she let her breath tickle the girl’s skin, before whispering, “Let’s fuck.” She allowed some time for her words to settle in, before adding the intriguing part, “But not just anywhere. Behind the screen. During the speech everyone’s talking about.”

Brown eyes widened at the proposal, letting it fully sink in as she thought it out. But as she looked at Luna and gave her another once over, her mind was made up pretty quick. “What the hell. Let’s do it.” Ronnie exclaimed smiling at Luna.


Hastily, because there was no doubt that Luna was thirsty, the sexually repressed blonde put Ronnie’s shot in her hand, and then put her shot in her own. Hooking her arm around her lover’s arm for the night, so that their arms intertwined in order to drink, Luna mischievously grinned, “A toast! To me taking you to Neverland.” She’ll never want to come back to reality after Luna was through with her.

“To Neverland!” Ronnie repeated raising her glass before throwing the shot back.

After they took their shots, Luna was the first to hop off and offer her hand, like Peter Pan did with his Wendy, “Now that we have our pixie dust, let’s fly.”

Ronnie grinned at Luna and grabbed her hand, “Lead the way to Neverland.”

“Remember.” Luna softly held Ronnie’s hand in her own, while never faltering from her kittenish act, “You must think happy thoughts.” Ideally, the happy thought was sex, with her. What more could this girl want?

The tan-skinned brunette scoffed from where she stood as she listened to the girl dressed in too nice of an outfit for what they were doing. ’Great princess decided to come play in the dirt today.’ Crossing her arms over her leather vest, Rowan rolled her eyes.

Here she was on a perfect Saturday stuck with other teens doing community service when there were much better things she could be doing with her time, like dirt biking through the woods, rather than doing this bullshit just because people didn’t care enough about the environment to throw their own shit away. But no, Rowan was stuck with Jockstrap 1 and 2, a princess, a girl who looked to much like a goody-goody, some chick she’s definitely seen around the police station before, and the old man in charge of watching over them. A great group to be stuck around… really great.

Rowan was pretty sure that of the other four wearing the JDS vest, three of them probably didn't even know truly know what it was like to be truly in trouble with the law. They probably made a stupid mistake and their parents got them out of a bigger punishment.

Speaking of the damn law, they decided to have a cop follow her all the way here to ensure she actually came this morning. Ro wasn’t that dumb to skip out on this like the other detentions, especially when she was threatened with juvie if she didn’t go. Yeah, she didn’t need that one on her record.

When silence filled the area she once again rolled her eyes and shifted her weight to her left foot. “Well since the rest of you are too scared to speak up I guess I’ll go. I’m Rowan, we aren’t friends so don’t even think of calling me anything else. Unlike princess over there, I don’t look forward to this bullshit.”

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