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Celosia watched the interactions with curiosity and then internal disgust as a witch bit Taran and let a tentacle move into his arm. She knew there would be interesting witches at the castle but that was not something she had heard of or seen before, she kept her face neutral despite it though. She then watched as another male witch left on an undead horse, her eyes meeting his for a brief moment before he looked to who Taran had introduced as Alexina. The man let of an aura that made Celosia know that she would not like him one bit.

Her attention was drawn back to Alexina as she began to speak, Celosia’s face still neutral as she watched the woman, ignoring the hand offered to her. Celosia wasn’t trying to be rude, but she wasn’t friendly enough to shake hands with the woman who was in charge of the same coven responsible for the death of her town.

“I’m well aware of the forest and the area becoming more dangerous. Your coven is a part of the issue. Slaughtering the innocent for no reason. It is the reason I’m here, is it not? My home’s safety compromised after witches of your coven slaughtered the town I watched over. I do not blame every witch of this coven nor do I blame you fully. Taran did help to ease some of my anger at the coven itself. And I do see benefits to my safety if I were to stay here.” Celosia paused as the heat of the lava around her and of her hair flared up.

“The issue I do have is I know the ones responsible are still alive and I can’t hold myself responsible for any harm that would come to them if I ever see one of them alive while apart of this coven. Which I’m sure goes against some sort of rule you have. But if we are able to come to an understanding around them and me, then maybe I’d be interested in staying. I know the whole coven isn’t bad and making you all my enemy would be my own downfall but so shortly after the slaughter, I can’t say I wouldn’t do so just to rid this world of the ones responsible.” Celosia closed her eyes briefly and took a deep breath, as she released the breath the extra amount of heat that had flared up cooled back to its original temperature as she reopened her eyes to continue holding eye contact with Alexina. Everything else and everyone else, unimportant to her in the moment.
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גירוש שדים

She was almost out of the alley. Almost to the last stretch that led to the drunk and her home. But then the archer appeared and killed her new toy. Now Rowyn had no goblin to torture and had to deal with this man. He already didn't like this man and now the man had killed the goblin, he was marked for death in Rowyn's eyes.

Unsheathing her sword, Rowyn eyed Flint as she stalked towards him. Her steps slow and calculated, the goblins dead body dragging behind her. When she was only seven feet from him she used her full strength and threw the body of the goblin straight at Flint before charging at him and aiming to tackle him then straddle his body if she was successful, using her knees to pin his arms.

Flint saw the death glare from the demon inside Rowyn. When she pulled her sword he slid his bow over his shoulders. And unsheathed his own sword. He didn’t want to hurt the woman, but he needed to defend himself from the demon. He took a step back to ready himself. He glanced over her shoulder to see a boy hunter nodding to him like he could back him up. Fucking hell that's what he needed, an inexperienced young hunter who probably didn’t know how to properly deal with Demons. He looked to the demon shook his head just slightly, telling him no but not to reveal his position.

This was when the demon decided to throw the body he tried to move to the side, his foot slipping on some blood and guts. The goblin missed him, but Looking up just as it flew over him, he saw her coming in for the tackle. Unbalanced and with the added strength of demon she knocked him over, straddling him and managing to pin his arms. Despite his life being in danger, he couldn’t help but grow red at his situation. Not that she managed to pin him.... but how she was doing it. Her torn pants revealing skin, while a lot of it was bloody.

A low chuckle escaped her lips as she grinned, leaning over Flint, lowering the sword near his neck. “Well would you look at that, you’re blushing. Not used to such an indecent position despite earlier are you?” Rowyn’s eye narrowed on his a bit more as she leaned her body closer to him. “Are you not enjoying this Flint?” His name came out as a slight hiss. Rakshasa didn’t enjoy saying his name but he was playing it up for the time being. “Since you seem to be aware of well… me. And you decided to take my toy away I guess that just leaves you doesn’t it.” Her voice came out as a whisper as she pressed the sword a bit harder against his throat.

Flint narrowed his eyes as the demon spoke through her voice. He didn’t move as she placed a sword to his neck. After her little thing he glanced down at Bart to see Mishka, as smart as ever. Managed to distract him by suddenly running around the building he was hiding. Using the distraction of the horde of goblins that followed right into his path, He looked back up to Rowyn and smiled. He suddenly used his full strength to lift up Rowyn’s left knee, and used the momentum to quickly throw her down another alley. With far more strength than a normal human could use. The blade slicing his neck just barely, but nothing to worry about. He quickly rolled to his side and sprinted away before the boy could see. Rounding the corner before Draco who was chasing Mishka could round the corner as well.

Mishka didn’t even plan to do that, she was just running around as a happy little pup with her future dinner in her jaws. Looking more like a dog playing keep away. When she suddenly came face to face with the boy Bart, she simply jumped over him as the wave of goblins came around the corner.

Bobby rounded the corner just after this. He had followed Bart because he saw him chase after Flint. Not wanting the kid to hurt himself he made sure he followed. Knowing Flint, he probably went to deal with a bigger problem. Something the boy would get in the way of.

When Mishka passed him he looked to see the boy facing the smaller size hoard. ”Wot you doin out here you Idjit!” Bobby bellowed at the young hunter. Personally the thought he was too young to even be out here. He moved forward and swung his ax again, taking a few goblins in a single swing. The ally making a perfect bottleneck to do so.

Once hidden he sighed and looked to Rowyn. “Alright, playtime is over Demon.” He said with a growl. He then started an exorcism. But not like any used by any other priest. He didn’t speak latin, which was the norm. But he began to speak in Hebrew. The actual language used by Christ while he taught his gospel.

The strength of Flint surprised Rowyn as she was thrown down a different alley. She skid slightly before rolling and pushing herself onto her feet, sword gripped tightly in her hand as she prepared to attack again. What she wasn’t expecting was for him to begin speaking Hebrew. The words spun in her head, Rakshasa beginning to panic internally as the words were spoken. Rowyn brought her empty hand up gripping her head as Flint spoke. She bent forward, an almost inhuman growl escaping her lips as Rakshasa fought against the exorcism, Rowyn baring her teeth as she growled.

She took a few stumbled steps forward before she removed her hand from her head and looked up at Flint. Her black eyes glaring at him before she charged at him, swinging her sword wildly trying to get him to shut up. Trying to maintain control over the body that didn’t belong to him as the Hebrew words caused him mental anguish. The real Rowyn watching on with hope.

Flint continued to speak as she started to nash her teeth and wail. He didn’t drop his guard though, he dealt with Demons many times before. There were stronger ones out there. As soon as she looked at him again, He knew this was one of the stronger ones. She charged him and he raised his blade to meet hers. Despite the strength Demons had while in a host, which was enough to send any human flying, Flint matched it with his own.

How ever, this did not stop his exorcism. Which caused the demon to lash out even more. Flint parried and dodged his attacks, a few times he was paused in his exorcism as he tried to deal with the demons swordplay, but he would always continue. But then, he managed to duck under a mad swing, moving in closer he wrapped his arm around Rowyn and twisted, pulling her to the ground and pinning her arms. The demon tried to force him off with it’s brute strength. If it were not for Flints own, he would have been tossed like a rag doll.

Rowyn let out an angered scream as she was pinned to the ground. She fought against him trying to free her arms while also attempting to buck her hips to get him off. It was of no use though, the further into the exorcism the harder it was to fight back plus Flint was obviously stronger than a normal man. At this point, Rakshasa appeared to have lost. But he had one last trick to try. Leaning up, she brought her lips to the man’s stopping his words and also attempting to distract him enough to get out of his grip.

Flint was really hoping no one would come around at this point. With her yelling and trying to push him off. He glanced around to just make sure but when he looked back he was surprised when she suddenly was kissing him. Normally when Demons were in women's bodies, they would try to use their bodies to try and distract the hunter. He never had one actually kiss him before though. He was caught off guard as he had to realize this was not the woman, it was the demon. He quickly pulled back, despite the red clearly on his cheeks and quickly finished the exorcism.

He had tried, but Rakshasa still lost. Flint finished the exorcism and he was pulled from Rowyn’s body and was now back in hell. Meanwhile, Rowyn slowly blinked her pitch black eyes returning to her normal golden eyes. She blinked a few more times as the fog in her brain cleared and she was overcome with exhaustion. A few more blinks and she finally remembered and realized the situation going on. Her eyes focused in on Flint hovering above her, pinning her to the ground, his face red at what Rakshasa had just made her do. It was then that her own face turned bright red as she opened her mouth and attempted to stutter out an apology but was too flustered to do so. All Rowyn could really do was stare at Flint, her face bright red, and her mouth slightly agape.

The tension in Flints body went away, upon seeing her eyes return to normal. He loosened his grip slightly but he didn’t move as she looked up to him. Her face red, she tried to say something but stuttered, his face turning an even brighter red as he realized how he was pinning her down once again.

He quickly pulled back to a kneeling position, and quickly asked, “I- uh... are you alright? Ms?” He realized...he never actually got her name.

When he got off her, Rowyn was quick to sit up and bend her knees to the side. “Um… I’m fine… It’s Rowyn.” She looked down at her hands that were in her lap. “T-thank you. For, well you know.” She said softly glancing up at him. She felt awkward and her mind was foggy as she tried to process everything that had just happened. It was then that the panic at him having met her literal demon began to set in. Rowyn was quick to stand up, stumbling from her exhausted limbs as she did so.

“I should, I should go now.” She said weakly taking a step and once again stumbling, cursing Rakshasa in her mind for possessing her. She hated the aftermath of possession, the complete exhaustion. Even if it meant he was absent now for a little while.

Flint nodded, “Of course…” he said as she looked at him. He Sighed and fell back onto his ass, as he started to feel the pain in his arm again. Glancing at it he saw it bleeding through the bandage she put on earlier. He looked up as quickly stood up, He quickly looked around thinking it was a goblin or something, but she then said she had to go and started to stumble towards him.

”Woah woah woah” He said as he stood up, a sudden wave of dizziness affecting his stance, but it quickly passed. ”You need to sit down and rest first. Being possessed by a powerful demon like that can be extremely taxing on your body.” He said, not realizing this was something that she dealt with before. He put his hands up and looked at her with a calming look on his face. ” Don’t worry Rowyn, no one else will find out.” He tried to comfort her. ”I”m Flint by the way.” He said, trying to distract her from leaving.

“No-No… I-I really.... I’m fine. I promise.” Rowyn told him, finally finding the words to say. It was then she felt the pain in her body finally overcoming the adrenaline. A sharp pain in her side while she was attempting to walk past Flint caused her to take a sharp intake of breath and once again stumble as her hand flew to her side. She stumbled almost falling over, until she hit something hard. Removing her hand from her side as she leaned against the hard object showed that her hand was covered in red.

“Fuck.” She muttered as she stood up straight again, finally realizing the hard object she was leaning against was Flint. “S-sorry..” She whispered as she felt her legs grow weak and she collapsed to her knees. Rowyn put a hand to her head only to wince and pull back looking at the wound on her hand as well. Rakshasa really didn’t care what happened to her body half the time he was in control. She guessed as long as she could still give birth then he didn’t care otherwise. “I think I may need help back to my house… I need my medical supplies. I’m sure you probably need some medical attention as well, so it may be mutually benefactory if we went back to my house. Then I could get to helping everyone else quicker as well.”

Flint raised his eyebrow when she said she was fine. But before he could say any more, she fell into him. He caught her, but just so she wouldn’t fall to either side of him, he really didn’t do much as she was already pulling away from him.. Only to fall down once again to her knees.

“Dont worry about it…” Flint said as he knelt down in front of her. “I must admit I’ve never had a girl invite me to her home to get medical supplies. Usually it’s after a few drinks.” He tried to joke with a cheesy grin. ”But I’m fine let's just focus on you for now.” He said as he reached over and wrapped his right arm around her waist. And lifted her effortlessly with just that arm, before sweeping his left arm under her legs to carry her like a bride.

“Probably faster if I just carry you. “ Flint added, ”Where’s your place. He asked as he tried to focus not to hold her so much with his left arm, It burning more now. His dizziness still slightly there but he pushed through it.

Rowyn rolled her eyes and gave Flint a look at his joke before turning slightly pink as he easily picked her up in his arms. She gently wrapped her arms around his neck as she felt uneasy and gave him another pointed look that said ’little warning next time’. She looked away after that as Flint asked where her place was, she glanced around to get her bearings and once she figured it out she released her front arm from his neck, pointing at another alleyway.

“Just through that short alley right there is my street. It will be the third one down the right side. The cleanest looking one of them…” She trailed off. Rowyn knew she didn’t live in the best area and she hoped he wouldn’t say anything. She did keep her place looking the best on the street though, fixing things that broke and keeping windows clean and such.

Flint kept his mouth as a thin line as he noticed her eyes rolling and the tint of pink on her cheeks. Even though her eyes gave him a pointed look, he could feel his own cheeks warm up looking at her gold eyes. Clearing his throat he nodded and started moving towards her home, his eyes keeping watch for any goblins.

As he was walking he noticed the dead drunk laying in the street. He also noted that they were in the Slums, he glanced at Rowyn but said nothing. There were many reasons for people to live there, he was not one to pry.

He allowed her feet to fall but held her waist as he opened her door for her. Giving her the opportunity to walk in herself.

Rowyn shakily walked in, using the wall for support if she needed it. She glanced back at him and nodded her head in a way to let him know it was fine for him to come in. She then turned back and made her way to where her medical desk was with everything she needed, lit the candle on it and got to work.

The night brought chaos, death, anger, fear… and hope

Following the escape, the men of the vanguard who turned on the king met different fates. Many lost their lives fighting to allow the princess and Fenros to escape. The few who didn’t attempted their own escape. Most were captured, their lives to meet a similar fate of the others after facing the inquisitor. The rare few who escaped were quick to all pack up what they owned and grab their families before taking off to find a new life elsewhere, in hiding.

The rumors that spread the next day were all over the board. Some speaking of the princess, Fenros, and the other vanguard all as traitors who attempted to kill the king and prince and other vanguard. Others of their deaths for no reason. The smaller rumors being the actual truth of the princess and Fenros escaping death at the hand of the king. The biggest rumor being that of the rebellion being closer than it ever has.

The king was furious. His son set off for his own search party but the king commanded more search parties of his own. Striking down on the town not only searching for the princess and her bodyguard but the traitor vanguard men that did escape. He also ordered that all those in charge of the kingdom’s cities be brought in immediately. He needed to know they were all loyal and get them looking for the traitors as well. Messengers were sent out before the sun was even up. He also ordered the inquisitor to torture and get any information from the six vanguard traitors they had gotten alive, some injured but alive. He also sent a messenger to a group he relied on. One that was probably just as livid at the events as he.

As far as the group that escaped. They knew they’d be tracked and the way they traveled made it next to impossible for anyone or thing to track them. The woodsmen, being the masters of stealth and living their lives in the woods, were also quite adept at covering their tracks. Having even a few tricks to throw the dogs off their scent.. The group didn’t stop til midday of the day in a small village near a river.

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A shattering sound was heard back at the tavern as a red figure jumped through a window and landed in a roll. Rolling to a crouched position in the middle of the street, a large weapon that the goblins couldn't make out in her hand. The figure was small and the goblins looked at it momentarily before laughing and refocusing on the man with their god in his hand. Her plan was to stay and help where she currently was when she heard a gunshot ring out. The sound intrigued her and she decided she’d go check on whatever hunter that came from. That also meant she’d get away from her brother who would try and be protective of her. So it was perfect.

Smirking, Sapphire stood up lazily walking towards the group and the goblins as her scythe dragging behind her on the ground once again drawing some of the goblin’s attention towards her. Her lazy walking was slowly speeding up until suddenly she burst into a sprint, lifting the scythe and her face to fully look at the goblins. A huge smirking grin on her face as she charge forward and leapt off the ground landing in the middle of a group of goblins. Using her momentum, Saph knelt and spun on one foot, her scythe ripping through the goblins.

Placing her other foot down, she skidded to a halt her scythe behind her and her body facing the direction she needed to go. Taking off once again, she jumped up kicking off of a goblins head to avoid its attack and getting past the group as she became a red streak running off to a different part of the town.

On her way to the other part of the town, she used her scythe to hook onto a roof and pull herself up. Sapphire continued to run along the roofs until she noticed a group of goblins, she changed her course of direction and as she got closer she saw a man sitting on a roof above the goblins trying to use his crossbow with one hand.

Saph ran and slid to a stop on the roof, using her scythe to ensure she didn't slide off as she stopped near the man. She grinned at him, ignoring the goblins for the time being as she took her hood down. “Now why are you trying to do it with one hand silly? I think it would be easier with two… Her voice trailed off and her grin faltered as she noticed the very obvious gunshot wound on his left shoulder. “Oh… Well don’t worry! I’ll keep the goblins away from you and Mr. Grumpy Wolf and I will take care of the rest of the critters when he finally gets here.”

Rowyn continued her slaughtering until she heard a shattering sound behind her. Turning her head to look, she saw the red cloaked girl kneeling in the middle of the street. Out of the corner of her eye Rowyn saw a goblin charging at her with a sword and she turned her head and black eyes to stare it down just in time for her to catch the goblin’s sword in her hand. Pain was not felt, just exhilaration at the fear from the goblin as they locked eyes.

The goblin went to drop the sword and run but Rowyn was quicker, sheathing her sword and grabbing the creatures arm with her other hand. She was quick to rip the sword from the creatures grasp. As she held the creature’s arm, her attention was once again brought back to the red cloaked girl as she spun taking out a few goblins with her scythe all while grinning. While distracted by the girl, the goblin decided to try and bite Rowyn’s forearm in hopes of her letting it go. All it did was piss her off.

With a swift but calculated motion, the goblin let out a pained scream as she tore its arm from its body. Rowyn tossed the arm over her shoulder and grabbed the creature’s ankle before begin to walk away from the group. No other goblins dared to move against her after that sight. A few moving to attack the others instead and others watching on in horror as she disappeared into the closest alley with their fellow goblin. It was still alive and thrashing, all the while Rowyn was thinking of all the torturous things that she could do to the creature to fulfill the blood lust that he had been craving and she had been refusing to give to him. Reminding himself to also grab the drunk’s body and drain it’s blood, cause goblin blood tasted bad but human blood didn’t, the goblin’s screams and struggling just music in her ears as she made her way towards her house.
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Sierra watched in shock as Fenros took off back towards the castle. “Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me!” She growled out as she got ready to take off after him. It was then that Verrick jumped down from the rope and told her to stay with Annabelle and that he’d be back with Fenros and Eleanor soon. Sierra watched as her mentor took off and ran the same direction Fenros went, her mind thinking of the ways she could beat the two up when they got back.

Grumbling, Sierra hoisted herself up the rope and dropped down the rope to the ground on the other side of the wall. She looked to where Annabelle was before walking into the woods, within a few minutes she came back out her quiver and bow on her back under the cloak and a bag in hand as she approached the woman. Pulling down her hood, Sierra revealed her face to the woman for the first time. Half her red hair pulled back into a braid and her stormy blue eyes focused as they observed Annabelle’s wounds from the Inquisitor.

“Looks like you really took a beating. With the mouth ya have on ya, it ain’t that surprising.” She chuckled to herself as she knelt down on the ground and opened the bag she had with her. She poked around in it pulling out a few things before looking back up at the woman. “Well sit your arse down. I can’t help ya if you’re standing and doing nothing.”

Annabelle did as she was told, sitting down and letting Sierra do her work. She had caused enough trouble with her reckless actions. Now she needed to stay clear of trouble, as much as she could. Sighing, Annabelle looked at the direction of the city. ”Sebastian always said that I talk too much, or talk when it’s not appropriate. I sure hope he has prepared for the eventuality that I revealed who I am. He was always the smartest of us.” She then turned her eyes on Sierra and chuckled. ”Who would have thought that I ended up being saved by the Woodsmen. It is like the seers say, no one knows how the Fate will truly spin.”

Kneeling in front of Annabelle, Sierra got to work applying the medicine from her bag on the wounds and bandaging them. She half listened to the woman speak, half focused her full attention on what she was doing. “Was Sebastian your lover? Or one of them? You did say us so probably one of them? Were you in one of those cult groups?” Sierra chuckled to herself, knowing full well the woman in front of her did not seem the type to be in a cult or a polyamorous relationship. She didn’t care though, she held slight hope that she was just for the interesting tale to fill the silent night. “Oh and it is technically the rebellion who saved you. The woodsmen put ye away. Though how the two correlate I will leave that to your imagination.”

Annabelle’s eyes went wide of Sierra’s words ”Lovers? Never! I mean, sure, once in a lifetime you think of...” Annabelle slapped her face after realizing what she just said. ”Sebastian is my older brother. It was he who taught me how to fight, and who helped me protect Isobel, my younger sister. I wonder how he has taken the fact that I’ve been living as an outlaw, and he must pretend that I am disowned by the entire clan.” Annabelle sighed again, the dear memories from the Tyler manor filling his thoughts. ”And now they are in danger again, all because of my big mouth. I just hope that I still get a chance to go and save them, and Granny Viola, before the Vanguard or Inquisition get them. Then there are uncle Cid and aunt Oriana. They took me in when I wanted to try my luck in Akarath as a child, and again when I was looking for a place to hide. Now they too are probably in danger.”

She then turned back to Sierra, ”Still, I am relieved to know there are others like me. I thought I was alone, though in retrospect I should have known I wasn’t. Out of curiosity, how many are there in the Rebellion?”

“You wanted to bang your brother?!” Sierra broke into a fit of laughter after the woman let that slip. Well of course it wasn’t exactly what Annabelle said but Sierra had a dirty mind at times and she wasn’t good with being a people person. Being offensive and saying rude or dumb things like this were normal for her.

After calming from her fit of laughter she stood up and dusted her pants off. “Oh that’s too good… that is too good…” she muttered to herself. She listened after that ot Annabelle as she was asked how many were in the rebellion. Sierra simply shrugged after being asked that question. “I don’t know. We haven’t been given much information beyond location of where they are and what we needed to do while here. You weren’t apart of the original plan but someone with the balls to try and assassinate the king by themselves is automatically worth something to the rebellion. So count yourself lucky. You have balls so the rebellion wants you.”

Annabelle felt terrible embarrassment. ”No” Absolutely not! I never thought it that way!” The outlaw sighed, ”And I probably just dig myself deeper with this conversation… Well, you wouldn’t be laughing if you met him. I think half of Yeruse’s girls have wanted to marry him at one point.” Annabelle shook her head before continuing. ”But enough about that. I can understand the secrecy. Kept me quite safe before the whole getting captured. And I’m not sure if I’m brave or mad, when it came to killing the King. I didn’t feel fear or hesitation or anything, when I pulled the trigger. He was no divine figure or anything that would bring awe to my mind. He was just a man who deserved to die. I will do that again, if I need to. But you don’t need to worry about me causing trouble, or, as long as my family is safe, at least. I have caused enough trouble already by working on my own, so I will do what I’m told, within certain limits. I’m not sure about Fenros, though, and I don’t blame him. It’s because of me that he’s out there.”

“Fenros is probably much happier now that he and his love crush will be free of judging eyes. I mean anyone could see the two have been in love with each other for years now but of course neither has acted on it although the princess probably was blind to her own feelings now that I think of it…” Sierra thought out loud before disappearing into the forest for a second and reappearing with four horses in tow. She quickly got the four ready for riding before returning over to where Annabelle was. “Though he may not right now, he will be thankful for ya later. Now him and the princess can finally admit their feelings for one another and do all that romantic stuff and such. I mean, he is a beefcake so it sucks that he will be off the market but he’s been off market for quite some time since he only had eyes for the princess. It is too bad. Probably would have been one hell of a lay.”

Holding her hand out to Annabelle, Sierra awaited the girl to take her hand so she could help the woman up. “As you can hear. We don’t have much time until the others are back. Hopefully you can ride a horse… if not you will be stuck riding with either Verrick or I and trust me you don’t want to ride with Verrick. Honestly I’m not the best to ride with either since we are gonna be mid-escape and I need to be able to shoot the bastards before they shoot us. So really, you are riding on your own whether ya like it or not.” The whole time she was talking, a commotion on the other side of the wall could be heard. It was distant at first, but it was drawing closer as time passed. Soon the others would be there and they’d be on their way, away from the castle.

”Don’t you worry about that” Annabelle answered, grabbing Sierra’s hand, rising with the lift. ”I grew up among animals. Maybe not as much as another friend of mine, but I know, how to ride .” It was then that she also noticed the sounds. ”Looks like we’ll be in a hurry.” Annabelle said and climbed to the horse she assumed was meant for her.

After helping Annabelle up, Sierra nodded in response to what she said. She was quick to mount her own horse and there the two sat awaiting Verrick, Fenros, and Eleanor.

As she went through her transformation, Celosia watched Taran’s reaction with amusement dancing in her eyes. He appeared to be more embarrassed from her lack of clothing than she was. His refusal to look towards her amusing Celosia as she stood there, her warm hair flowing and dripping every now and then on the ground.

"You can control that...right? Alexina doesn’t like it when people mess with her forest"

“I can keep it from setting things on fire if that's what you are wondering…. It will burn things, but I can keep it as close to me as possible and make sure to not harm the trees and forest to the best of my ability.” Celosia informed him as she put her hands out, controlling the lava to wrap around her feet and stay in a circle around her ankles. It would eventually grow as more lava dripped from her hair but she’d use her magic to the best of her ability to keep it contained and not piss off this Alexina, whom she suspected was the coven leader.

The battle with goblins was close to being lost. Rowyn’s pants were shredded and her shirt was torn in multiple places. To stop her from kicking and hitting them the goblins had stabbed her and cut her, or maybe it was to help get off her clothes, she wasn’t sure. Either way it helped slow down her fighting enough for them to overwhelm her.

Just when she thought the disgusting creatures were gonna have their way, someone tackled into the group of goblins. He fought some of them, killing some before coming back to her and pulling her up as he stood. She looked to the masked man as he called her doc then asked her,

”This is so much fun isn’t it?!”

“Sure. Fun…” Rowyn muttered sarcastically, “Thanks for the help by the way.” she added as she looked around for her bag as not only was she hurt, but this boy was bleeding from quite a few places and had just pulled a sword out of his arm. Of course her bag was lost in the chaos of everything which not only meant no medical supplies but also no more knives leaving her with her sword. The ever growing presence of Rakshasa in her mind wasn’t helping. If she had to use the sword, the chance of him taking over grew immensely, it was inevitable at that point with everything that happened so far.

A whizz of something flying threw the air past her caused her to jump back away from the boy. She looked back to the goblins to see an arrow sticking out of on just as it fell. The arrow, most likely Flint's, drawing her attention back to the goblin’s as they charged to attack again, all clearly pissed at the intrusion on their ‘fun’. But they all stopped at the sound of a squawk from a chicken, their heads along with Rowyn’s turned to the sound to find Flint standing with a chicken in hand, holding it high in the air as it squawked and panicked in his hand. ‘Idiot’ She thought as goblins began to move towards him.

Taking out the sword, Rowyn took out the goblins closest to her, not caring much about the pain from her wounds. She was obviously not as skilled in the sword as she swung it and took longer to kill the goblins than she normally would if she had her knives. As she drew close enough to call out to the man, she did so.

“You are an idiot. Put the chicken back in the coop. You aren’t recovered enough from the wendigos to be trying to play hero right now!” Rowyn scolded Flint. Killing a goblin as it came at her. She felt teeth sink into her thigh just above her knee and that’s when her mental battle was lost. ‘Didn’t pay enough attention to your surroundings… my turn to play.’ Rakshasa told Rowyn as she lost control of her body.

'Rowyn' froze for a moment as the goblin bit down on her thigh, then in a swift motion she ripped the goblin off of her thigh and threw the goblin into the side of a nearby building. The goblin’s head broke open and seemingly exploded on contact. She looked towards Flint one last time, glaring at him with black eyes before turning and glaring at the goblins as she crouched and prepared to charge. A few of them met her eyes and stopped in their tracks. A malicious grin slipped onto her lips as she charged forward slashing at the goblins, her skill with the sword much different than it was before. Where it was a bit slow and occasionally sloppy before, the sword now was quick and sliced through the goblins with skill.

A few goblins tried to run once they noticed her eyes but 'Rowyn' was quick to catch them. She kicked one down as she skewered two at the same time and dragged the sword out of their bodies before walking to the one she knocked down and slamming her boot down, crushing its skull beneath her foot. A pressure pierced into her left side and she looked down to see an arrow piercing her side. She pulled it out and shattered the shaft of the arrow in her hand as she looked at the goblin that had shot her. She picked up the dagger the goblin she had just killed was armed with and threw it. She didn’t have the accuracy she had early and only managed to hit its shoulder. It kept it from shooting her again which is all she cared about as she focused her attention and blood lust on the goblins closer to her.

Mentioning/Helping: @Aerandir@TheDoctor

Killing the creature the goblins seemed to worship was a big mistake. For every goblin that Rowyn seemed to kill, another one seemed to take its place. How had the goblins even come to the town in the first place? In all her years here Rowyn had never seen this happen before but she had heard of it happening to other towns so she guessed it was just chance.

Cursing out a string of words, she threw yet another goblin off her back into two goblins. In front of her she noticed three more goblins fall, arrows sticking out of them. Looking up from the goblins she noticed the man she had taken care of in the tavern, Flint is what she think Bobby called him. He was holding a bow and had most likely been the one to shoot the goblins. She watched as one jumped on his back and he slammed it and himself into the wall of a building, he was certainly stronger than he looked. But now he appeared stuck and two more goblins were approaching him.

Deciding to return the favor, Rowyn threw the knives currently in her hands, one hitting one in the head and the other in the neck. Hopefully buying him enough time to get himself unstuck from the wall. She noticed another hunter on the ground wrestling with a goblin and was quick to grab a third knife and throw it straight into the skull of the goblin. Now done helping out the two other hunters, Rowyn refocused on her own fight having just enough time to pull out another knife and stab a goblin midair in the chest. She used her other hand and shoved the goblin off her knife and was going to go to move and get more distance from the group of goblins so she didn’t get encircled. Unfortunately when she went to move she felt a pain on her left leg just above the back of her knee as a goblin got its claws through the fabric of her pants and clawed down her leg ripping a chunk of her pants away with it.

Lifting her left leg up with the goblin hanging on, Rowyn stabbed it causing it to let go. At the same time a goblin jumped onto her from the side and caused her to topple over with the creature on her and also making her lose her grip on the knife she used to stab the one that ripped her pants.

The one goblin ripping her pants got the other ones all excited and they all began trying to tear at her clothing. Some being successful in creating small rips, others meeting her knee, foot, fist, or elbow. She was fighting back with all she had but Rowyn was outnumbered by the goblins and was slowly losing the battle. And of course every other hunter seemed preoccupied in their own battles as they helped the remaining citizens get away from the goblins and dealt with their own overwhelming number of goblins. It also didn’t help that Rowyn was also fighting a mental battle now with Rakshasa to keep control over her body. Fighting both battles at once was a lot for the girl and sooner or later she’d lose one if not both.

Double checking to make sure the candles were all out, Rowyn looked around her place one last time before heading out her door. As she was locking her door she heard muffled screams behind her. Slipping her key into her bag, she grabbed two of her throwing knives and turned. The sound seemed to be coming from the alleyway that lead to the main street from her side street. Keeping her steps silent she walked closer until she could peer around the corner.

On the ground appeared to be one of the drunks that hung out in the area, on top of him were four goblins. It looked like the wendigos would have to wait. Without hesitation and a flick of her wrist, a knife went soaring through the air and embedded itself in the skull of a goblin killing it swiftly. The goblin collapsed to the ground as she drew another knife to replace the one now in the goblins skull. The blood from the wound now permeating its stench through the air.

As the goblin collapsed dead, the other three goblins noticed her presence and got off the drunk man who was now a dead, drunk man it would seem. The goblins ran at her all at once to overwhelm her. Though it didn’t go as planned for the creatures. She nimbly jumped up, landing a foot on one’s head and jumping off of said goblin’s head, knocking it to the ground as she jumped to the ground, landing crouched. Her back was still facing the goblins but she was aware of their movements. She planned for it to happen this way.

A goblin, seeing it as an opportunity, ran right over its fallen friend and jumped on her back. Prepared for this Rowyn grabbed the small creature and used its own momentum to flip it over her back and onto the ground, swiftly stabbing it through both eyes and ending its life. She was working on removing her knives when one of the other goblins tackled her from the side. She lost her grip on her knives as she fell onto her back the goblin on top of her. She then felt the other goblin also climb on top of her.

Through her boots Rowyn felt the second goblin trying to bite her and she growled, glaring at the one closests to her that she was holding away from her as she reached for a knife. Of course the creature was like a hyper child against her gloved hand and kept wriggling free. So she quickly have to catch it with her other one, giving up on the knife for the time being. Rowyn knew she’d probably have to use the sword but doing so made her more susceptible to Rakshasa taking control, she was not in the mood to fight him over her own body right now. But if it came down to it she would use the sword.

Bending her arm, she held it up to block the creature, and the goblin decided to bit down on her jacketed forearm. She took this moment to reach down and grab one of her knives before plunging it into the neck of the goblin. She groaned in disgust as the blood got on her jacket, Rowyn knew how much the smell lingered from experience and knew this jacket was done for. She removed the knife and tossed the body to the side at the same time she kicked the other goblin in the head and knocked it off of her before throwing the knife into its head as she sat up.

“Damn goblins. Ruined my jacket. That was my last one…” Rowyn muttered to herself as she went and collected her knives from the corpses of the goblins. Her last stop was by the corpse of the drunk. She knelt besides him and looked at his wide open eyes. It was clear by the state of his body that he had passed. Closing his eyes and giving him one last look, she stood and walked through the alley to the main road. She walked over to a well nearby and took her bag off before taking off her jacket. She threw her jacket down before pulling the bucket out.

Placing the bucket on the ground she walked to where she put her bag pulling out a rag. Rowyn returned to the bucket and dipped the rag in the water before using it to clean her knives and then clean her jacket. She was going to stuff it in her bag and hope it didn’t stink too bad. As she slipped her knives into their spots on her thighs she looked to her bag to see another goblin rummaging through it. Right as she was going to do something about it, another goblin came running by chasing a chicken. The goblin rummaging through her bag grabbed her bag and began chasing after the other goblin and the chicken.

“Oh you have got to be-” Rowyn stood up and took off running, leaving her jacket behind but making sure she had all her daggers. Chasing after the goblins she managed to throw a knife and take out the first goblin, the one not with her bag, swiftly collecting the knife from its body before beginning the chase for the other goblin shortly after.

Shortly, they were getting closer into the main part of town and the number of goblins was increasing. She could see them attacking others, them fighting them off as they did. Rowyn grimaced and swiftly threw her knife. With just her luck it flew by the goblin just as it tripped over her bag and hit the chicken instead.

‘Ha, you messed up!’ Rakshasa laughed in her mind knowing her fuck up meant he would get his fun soon. Meanwhile the goblin looked at the now dead chicken, its final bakaw catching the attention of a few other goblins who now were all watching as the goblin with her bag dropped the bag and charged her. Them following suit.

Rowyn simply cursed Rakshasa and her luck as she pulled out two more knives. ‘Stupid Chicken’ She thought as she began fighting the group of goblins.

Collab with:@Dustyand@Aerandir(as the king)

The king had requested a family dinner, the same night as the day he had Fenros arrested. To say Eleanor wanted nothing to do with him or the dinner would be an understatement. She was already well aware that Fenros was, well had faced Eva, the lovely inquisitor. Her heart broke for him, she already didn’t like Eva, but now knowing she had hurt Fenros. Well Eleanor couldn’t stand the thought of the woman.

She’d refused breakfast and lunch, staying in her room and sulking for the beginning of the day until she began to plot how she could save Fenros. Of course, Eleanor hadn’t gotten much of an idea other than to just demand he be released. Besides, how could he be a traitor? She was with him almost all the time and would have known if he was doing anything fishy. Not to mention he was Fenros, her Fenros. He was loyal to her and would never, NEVER, do or think of such things. So all she could feel was anger towards her father, for ever believing that Fenros was a traitor and for locking him up.

Despite all the anger towards her father, Eleanor knew she had to be there. She had to be strong and push her emotions down, face her father, and try and get some answers. Walking in through the doors as the guards opened them to the dining room, she noticed she was the first there so she walked to her seat and stood by it awaiting her father and brother. The fourth chair would remain empty as always, her mother forced to dine in the king and queen’s chamber like normal.

Right behind Eleanor followed her new bodyguard, a man in his 40s who would not give her any space. She had already snapped at him once today and with how closely he had followed her to the dining hall and was now standing not too far from her. She was ready to give the man a piece of her mind again.

Following soon after Eleanor’s entrance Prince Aaron arrived without pomp or ceremony. He strode rapidly across the hall, ignoring the beauty surrounding him, paintings, purple canvases and silver cutlery placed intricately around, but his eyes were fixed on a leaflet of parchment clutched in his hand. He had changed and bathed at least since arriving. His hair was slicked back and he had donned new outfit of black and silver with his personal crest embroidered into the sleeve. An elegant sword swung at his hip and in his wake a new squire scurried, like a frightened kitten following its mother, terrified it might fall to far back and be rebuked.

Reaching the table Aaron threw down the paper he was holding an irritable frown dominating his face has he muttered obscenities under his breath. It didn’t look like he had done much sleeping the previous night, and his eyes were sunken and bloodshot. Despite this he managed a small smile for Eleanor, but it quickly vanished when he saw the absolute righteous fury burning underneath her feigned mask of emotional control.

“I understand your anger dear sister.” Aaron said trying to cajole her. “I too am taken aback, but perhaps it would be better for your sake, and that of our friend in chains to conceal your temper. I know you better, but our lord father is not dullard, and he will see in a moment that you wish to shove the nearest fork down his throat. Just as quick as I noticed. Perhaps something to calm the nerves.” He waved his hand beckoning the new squire. “Sister, meet Justain Royce, son of the late Simmion Royce, and my squire. Boy, pour us wine.”

Justain stood blanky for a moment staring at Eleanor before springing into action gathering the nearest glass goblets and a pitcher of wine and began pouring a glass for Aaron.

“Not me you fool.” Aaron hissed resisting the urge to slap the lad across the head. “Serve the princess first, Were you taught nothing?”

Justain mumbled an apology leaving Aaron’s glass half full, before rushing around the table to where Eleanor was. Aaron groaned in exasperation but said nothing more picking up his half full goblet and draining it in a single gulp.

It had been an interesting few weeks for Justain. Interesting, confusing, and terrifying. He was completely bewildered, unable to think and remember as he usual did. Aaron had been explaining all the delicate principles of serving those with power on the road. He had done so in great detail in fact, laying out everything Justain would need to know and more. Such as in what order to serve drinks, whom to bow to, and by what title he should address each person as a squire. Of course Justain had nearly forgotten everything the moment Aaron had explained it, and he’d been to scared to ask the Prince to repeat himself. Thus he went about every new task, and he had many even in the last fourteen hours of arriving, with all the delicacy of a man holding a volatile magical explosive. Justain figured he was of such low importance that he couldn’t go wrong by just scraping and bowing for everyone.

“Apologies my lady.” He gasped as he spilled some of the wine staining the pure white tablecloth with a few crimson droplets. There was something about Eleanor that made him even shakery and muddled than normal. He beat a hasty retreat trying not to stare at the princess as he went to fill Aaron’s glass and then stand quietly out of the way hoping everyone just forgot about him and he would be left alone in the shadows of the big hall. He wouldn’t cry, no he wouldn’t dare, and even still all his tears had long been spent. He just hoped with all his heart that when Aaron introduced him to the king he wouldn’t force him to show off that gastley trophy he had brought with him.

“It is alright Justain.” Eleanor told the boy, smiling softly to him. She hoped her brother wouldn’t be too harsh to the poor child. But this was her brother, child of her father. It sometimes seemed she didn’t fully belong in the family with how harsh and brutal her father and brother were. But they were her family and that was that. Looking to her brother, her smile kept for only a second before she began speaking. “I will not hide all of my anger, father would be an idiot to not know I was angry even if I hid it. Besides, you and I both know I’m not the one who would want to shove a fork down father’s throat. Violence isn’t my way brother. It is you who needs to hide their frustration and anger so he doesn’t believe you want to shove said fork down his throat.”

Eleanor looked to the drink that had been poured for her but she was in no mood to drink. She didn’t need it to calm her nerves. She hadn’t ever been a fan of drinking to begin with, her brother knew this yet choose to ignore it. Besides, her face now was unreadable. It may have been readable when her brother entered, but masking emotions was a skill she was good at, one she had always been able to trick her father with and many others. Standing taller, Eleanor glanced from her brother to the door. All they awaited was their father. Once he arrived and sat down, the two could also sit and dinner could begin.

Sipping his wine Aaron smiled cooly back at his elder sibling, his eyebrows raised ever so slightly in amused fashion. “You wound me El.” He clenched his fist close to his heart in feigned pain at her cruel words. “You know I hold no malice towards our beloved father.” Aaron held Eleanor’s eyes only for a moment before he broke, looking down and chuckling. “Alas you read me like a book. I have never been able to hide my feelings from you, they are concealed like sparkling stones are hidden on the bottom of a calm lake. Transparent as glass… But truly, what son does not hate loathe the father’s ways? I would wish him no harm, not in the fork-throat stabbing sense at least. Though that is not to say he does not frustrate me to no end. And you as well if your mood is any indication.” Aaron fell silent, swirling his wine and watching the door expectantly. When the king made no appearance he look back to Eleanor expectantly. “Do you know where he is, perchance? I have no mood to wait out the evening in hunger. The road and battle makes a man ravenous, and I am wearied. A proper meal, and a good night's rest would do me, and my feet a world of good.”

The main doors to the the hall opened quickly, The King walking through just as the door was wide enough. As soon as he entered his eyes were on both Aaron and El. He sighed irritably and as he moved to his position at the head of the table. According to what happened in Fenros’ ‘interrogation’ it was clear he was up to something. Now…. he had to find out who he was working for.

Without so much as a grunt of acknowledgement, he sat down and snapped his fingers for the servants to start serving the food. He was hungry and that didn’t go well with his mood. He leaned back in his chair and on his right arm as he looked back and forth from Eleanor to Aaron. Eleanor face was blank once again. He narrowed his eyes slightly at this, annoyed that she was doing that. She was probably bent out of shape he took her bodyguard from her. Childish.

He wasn't just annoyed with El, but with Aaron as well. Fenros did bring up the fact Aaron was greedy and self serving like any other nobles. He knew this, but with the recent assassination attempt, all were under suspicion. Especially when Aaron ignored his orders and took the brat under his wing. He wanted the family dead. He would deal with that in a moment though. He started to drink, allowing the silence to fall.

For a few moments after the plates were filled, He looked to El, and decided to give her the only bit of good news he received. “I just received word, there is a prince in a kingdom to the south that despite all his interests, is willing to settle down with an older maid.” He said flatly. Finally he had some way where this girl could be useful. Especially after the assassination attempt and that damned Earl who didn’t know his place with her.

He looked down at his drink as he sipped it. “You leave at the end of the week to meet him and be wedded.” He said in a matter of factly tone. Having this business with Fenros happen now was just as well. He didn’t want her to stay all clingy to her bodyguard.

Head turning to the door as it opened, Eleanor watched as her father strode in. Watching him until he sat down, sitting only after he did. Food was quickly served and Eleanor couldn’t help but to just stare at the food, she picked at it in the tense silence that sat over the family. It wasn’t until she had just gripped her glass of wine, deciding maybe a few sips to help take the edge off wouldn’t hurt, that the silence was broken.

Of course the way the silence was broken only broke Eleanor’s facade. Though her face for the most part remained blank, anger blazed in her eyes. Yet another marriage proposal it would seem. One with the addition of the words older maid. No doubt, a sly insult from her father, she knew he wished she had been married off many years ago yet here she was. Eleanor didn’t realize how tightly she was gripping her glass until it shattered in her hand, red wine spilling all over the table, some even on her dress. The glass exploding outwards, while some embedded itself in her hand.

Just as it shattered, Eleanor snapped her head to her father and stood to her feet. All anger on full display. “I’m quite tired of you choosing who I marry father. You don’t seem to be able to ever make good decisions in regards to it so maybe you should give up on the love business and instead focus on not being a terrible king!” Eleanor snapped at her father, glaring down at him in his chair.

“Imprisoning people falsely would be a good start. Not only in regards to the events of today with Fenros but our own mother. What sort of image do you think you are setting to the people of the kingdom by locking their queen away in some tower! Then imprisoning and torturing probably the most loyal knight of the vanguard! You are sending a terrible image to the people is what. No wonder there are rumors of a rebellion against you!” Eleanor finished yelling and not only did she leave the servants nearby standing paled in shock, but she shocked herself. She had never blown up like that, especially not at her father. She tried to sense any regret within herself though and she had none.

The king sat in shock as the girl broke the glass in her hand. He sat there staring at the girl he raised as his daughter, as she started to yell at him. Each word only making his blood boil a little more. Suddenly getting the gaul to tell him he cannot tell her what to do, or who to marry that is. That he is horrible in making decisions in that department.

His eyes narrowed as he was called a terrible king, as she explained herself he started to see that perhaps this girl really could be apart of the attempt on his life. She just openly admitted that he was a terrible king, Bringing up his wife, and of course, Fenros. She was acting like a child who’s favorite toy was taken away. Once she was done, he only grew more angry. She was only confirming the inquisitors theory in his eyes.

He stood up, and threw his drink to his left angrily. Hitting Aaron’s new squire in the chest by off chance with the half filled glass. “You dare speak like that to your King?! I tell you what you do, that is my role. You’ve lived a comfortable life growing fat off of my kingdom and not pulling your own weight.” He pointed to Aaron, “He at least deals with with problems that arise. While you sit and play around with your bodyguard. It's time to grow up and become an adult you ungrateful brat! Unless you truly want to just take the kingdom from us!”

“Me? Not pulling my own weight?! You call murdering countless innocent lives pulling weight?! I at least have gone out of my way to help the people of our kingdom, the commoners not the damn greedy and lazy nobles. The people you treat like dirt.” Eleanor slammed her hands down on the table, further pushing glass into her hand. Her anger blinded her from the pain though. “I act more like an adult than either of you two! You two don’t even have the decent manners of children when it comes to dealing with people around you who you see beneath you. You could care less for any of the people who serve you, you are the selfish and ungrateful one father. Ungrateful for the life you were given on a silver platter. Did you ever think of what your life could have been had you not been born royal. I surely have plenty of times. It allows me to not take things for granted and people for granted. BUt you just use and abuse people. Enjoying the show and how people have to follow your every order simply because of birthright! One day it is going to come back to bite you and if you keep acting the way you do, it’s going to be sooner than later!”

Holding back a condescending sigh Aaron motioned his squire forward. The lad was covered in red wine, and his cream-colored tunic was stained as if he was drenched in blood from some terrible wound on his chest. He looked a little shocked but hurried forward to Aaron’s side all the same. “Attend the princess, Justain, she has spilled wine on herself.” As Justain move hesitantly forward to obey Aaron remained seated, staring at his standing family an annoyed expression etched on his face. “El, I - I thought we discussed this? But perhaps I am being too harsh? Father please, forgive her. You can clearly see she is in a state of shock, speaking foolishness, from the assassination attempt. Hellfire, it took me nearly a full day after my encounter with one of Royce’s retainers before I recovered...” Uncertain whether he had been successful in defusing the heated conversation the Prince tried to gently nudge evenings discussion to less tumultuous waters, giving the servers an angry glare that demanded they finish their duty and leave.

“The mission was a success. Your armies performed adequately as expected, and those few levies and knights the Royces’ were able to gather either surrendered, or perished by the sword upon the siege’s conclusion. Sir Bennrick of the Vanguard even now remains to steward the manor until young Royce comes of age, or you deem the titles worthy of another family.” There was a hint of a plea in Aaron’s voice. He did not wish for his sister and father to be at each other’s throats, and he knew all to well the paranoia that clouded his father’s vision, making him dangerous even to his own children. Fenros’ fate was a clear testament to that. It had taken Aaron some time, but he knew the game was won in wiley ways, not through brash outrage and shouting.

Eleanor’s head whipped to look at her brother. She ignored anything he said after not only ordering the poor boy to attend to her but also apologizing for her. With fire in her eyes she stared down at him. “Do not apologize for me! I am not a child, I am not in a state of shock. Stop trying to weasel your way into the good graces of our father. You are sometimes no better than him. Forcing this poor child to serve you! He’s terrified! You don’t even bother using your own manners. Have you forgotten mother’s teachings of the uses of please and thank you. Try using them. Also instead of buying yourself fancy things you should start helping our people too. Mother would be disappointed if she saw that you were following in father’s footsteps. Murdering and mistreating people. I know I’m disappointed. But the only person to blame is father, you of course can’t see that as you are blinded by the same life that was handed to father on a silver platter as it is the same one being served to you.” Taking a step back from the table, her face only softened to wave Justain away. She didn’t need his help nor really want it. After she looked away from him, Eleanor’s face hardened again. Anger still clear on every feature.

“Both of you may believe you know what is right for this kingdom but as you sit here on your chairs, people starve and die from things we could be helping with. But as I have no power, that all falls on you two. You two are doing nothing to help the main population of people, instead you have only made their lives worse. I am disgusted to be a part of this family and to have to call myself a royal of this broken kingdom.”

Sitting straighter in his seat Aaron felt his blood boil. How dare she? How dare she accuse him of such things when she knew nothing of the trials he undergone, nor the vicious coldness of the people she spoke so highly of. She saw them, yes, while surrounded by guards while the scraped and pleaded for coins. But had she seen them stab each other in the back for the tiniest copper? Or how they lied and stank and were cowed by the slightest threat. “You go to far sister!” Aaron slammed his fist on the table, making the tiny shards of glass from Eleanor’s shattered goblet dance and scatter. Aaron knew better than to get angry, he knew better than to make enemies of the one person he could trust, truly trust never to betray him but her words cut deep, and his pride flared like a forge’s fire.

“Must we sell the clothes from our backs? Must we wallow in the streets with the beggars and give up these comforts to state your guilt at being born amongst this family? Should we mingle with the people we seek to rule, and how then would we bring about a better kingdom? I broke my arm fighting,” Aaron raised his bandaged limb glaring daggers at his sister, challenging her to deny the wound. “Fighting to stop a tratorious family from rising up against us? For this family I would give ten fold more. For you, for father, and for mother. You, us, means everything to me and I would kill a thousand more innocents if I must. You call it cruel, you call it murder, but how quickly do you think Lord Royce would have taken your head as well as mine if he could? You know nothing of these realities, though you speak as if an authority. Our power is of the divine, and we must wield it as our ancestors wielded it. So that our children might wield it after us. This is our burden and our privilege. You know as well as I.”

The king grew even more angry. His blood boiling even more as his rage started to blind his thoughts. He fought for control over his reason, he needed her to be wedded to that prince for his lands. Aaron pipped in, and despite his anger towards him for keeping that kid as a squire. He agreed with him. For the most part.

“You little bitch. You point your finger at us, but you never complained while you had silk dresses, jewelry, and baked goods! You’ve spent too much time with that peasant Fenros, He has poisoned your mind, much like your whore of a mother.”He said with venom in his voice.“I should have never taken you as my child, and tossed you on the streets to where you truly belong.”

All the anger was quickly drained from Eleanor as those words left her father’s mouth and into her ears. She wasn’t his child? Her mother… a whore? “What? What do you mean?!” Eleanor demanded.

It was Aaron’s turn to shatter a goblet, the vessel flying from his hand as he stood, his high backed chair falling and crashing to the ground behind him. He was pale, and his hand shook as he looked from his father to his sister, or was she? Uncertainty filled his heart with dread. For a moment he could not even form coherent words as he gaped at the two of them. “Explain yourself!” He screamed, all sense of propriety lost to the ether.

The king glared at Eleanor. A smirk on his face. “Your...mother… is a whore. What is there to explain. Why do you think she is forced to stay locked up? It’s punishment. I still want my way with her. But she doesn’t deserve her freedom.” He looked to Aaron. “You.. You are definitely my child. Though sometimes I wonder.” He said after a moment of thought.

He turned his head back to Eleanor. ” Your mother accidently let it slip when you were young. I was merciful enough to allow you to stay and take you on as my child. But I feel that this isn’t worth the trouble anymore. It makes sense that that the recent assassination attempt was aimed at me, and while you were rushed off by ‘your knight in shining armor. Clearly you don’t like how my kingdom is ruled, and have the gaul to tell me, your KING. How I should. ”

He snapped his fingers. “Guards. Take a hold of that traitorous bastard of a redheaded stepchild. He said coldly.

Shock filled her mind and her body. Eleanor wasn’t his daughter. She felt some relief, to not share blood with the man. But she also felt fear, fear that now that it was revealed meant her time was coming. She was correct to fear such a thing as the king ordered the guards to grab her. Eleanor looked to them as they approached, she watched the men hesitantly look at each other before the two guards grabbed either of her arms. Their grips were gentle, but firm. Eleanor wouldn’t fight it.

Looking to her father, her eyes locked with his. Her light blue eyes were filled with a burning fire as she stared at him. “Know if you kill me. Your head will follow on a stake shortly. I’ll be happy to watch you burn in hell where you belong.”

Aaron leaned heavily on the table, his knees suddenly felt to weak to sustain his weight. He said not a word as the guardsmen stepped forward to drag his sister, no, half-sister away, to a fate worse than death. He could only stand, and fear. Turning his head ever so slightly the prince eyed his father from his peripheral vision. The king’s cold smirk shattering him to his core. “El, she wouldn’t, she couldn’t… Mother?” He shook his head trying to make sense of it all. “Sir Fenros, he is the most loyal man I know, he betrayed you at Eleanor’s command? This is madness father!”

He looked to his son. Already Lady Eva has interrogated that traitor Fenros. He was hard to crack...but after a few hours of Eva working him, he continued to try and say she was innocent, putting the blame on you Aaron. Saying you were scheming behind me. And tried to escape when she mentioned interrogating El.”

He looked to Eleanor. ”Tried...but was overpowered. Beaten and burned.” He knew how much she cared for him, despite trying to hide it.” He moved over closer to Eleanor. He leaned in and said through his teeth. ”Then was put to death. He attempted to murder Lady Eva and her servant. It only confirmed our suspicions. His throat was cut, and bled like a stock pig. No one will be there to rescue you Eleanor… “

Eleanor felt her heart break hearing Fenros was dead. She didn’t let it show as she stared, face to face with her father. Breaking down now would do no good, no matter how much she loved him. “Then do as you will to me. Just know that the crown will fall.”

The king looked to his son and used his hand to point, palm open to Eleanor. “See? She admits it.”

“I never would have thought it of you El, to betray us…” Aaron said aghast. “You didn’t know you were a bastard. I saw the shock on your face. You would have killed your own father for what? Your concerns for the people? Should you have succeeded and had slain us the kingdom would have been torn asunder in the following wars for power. How many would have perished then…?” Aaron turned back to the king an undisguised disgust in his gaze. “And what of the noble and powerful house of Allaway? Now that Fenros is dead. Surely Lord Allaway will not abide such an insult? We have seen lesser houses rise in rebellion for lesser slights.” Aaron cast his hand towards Justain Royce. The boy was standing in utter dumbfoundment, taking in all the proceedings with eyes wider than saucers. “It will not be in our favor to anger the noble families by executing their sons so brazenly. He could have proved a valuable hostage to ensure Allaway’s good behavior…”

The king looked to the guards and waved his hand dismissively, “Take her away, lock her in her room and lock the door. Make sure she’s cleaned up too. She will need to make a final appearance.” he said gruffly. Looking away without hesitation.

The guards nodded and hauled Eleanor off. Eleanor didn’t fight and she didn’t regret anything. As soon as she was out of the hall, the tears began to flow. She had lost Fenros. She had lost him forever. Just when she finally figure out her feelings for him. It was her own fault for taking that long. It wouldn’t matter though, she wasn’t long for this world much longer. She’d be with him soon enough.

He looked to Aaron who was trying to tell him how to rule. He narrowed his eyes. “Watch your tone boy, I know what I am doing. The Allaways will follow us, they don’t know their son is dead, They will never know. Don’t think you have any room to give me advice when you don’t listen to mine. I told you to kill off that family line. But now you want a pet. Who will bite you when he gets the opportunity.”

“I followed your orders father.” Aaron said with a frown. “Justain is of a cadet branch of the Royce family line, and should the titles have passed normally he would have been the last in succession. Behind another family entirely. But if you fear for my health so, by all means, order his execution and I shall carry out the act myself. But he is as much my hostage as my pet, and I would not see the house of Royce so easily forgotten. I am not so young as to not remember their service to this kingdom and to the crown. Sentimental though that might seem loyalty, and nobility is a rare thing it seems. I would seek to water this plant early, and ensure its growth personally.”[ This resistance was Aaron’s own small rebellion. To flex his muscle as the new Lord Commander of the Vanguard. Perhaps in poor taste and timing following Eleanor’s own, more serious actions, but that could not be helped. The prince was still rattled by the evenings events, and although unease curdled the wine in his stomach, he had to know how far he could push this, despite the nights surprises. “Have you yourself not said father, to keep one’s friends close, and one’s enemies closer still?”

The King was annoyed. After all that happen, he’s going to try and do this? NOW? He saw the reasoning in his sons flawed view. But from his experience. Allowing part of the family to live only brewed more rebellion later on. “Not after they know you executed their entire family!” He yelled as he slapped the boy on the side of the head. He growled and started to walk away, done with being in the company of his idiot son. ”When he stabs you in the back. Take it as am ‘I told you so.’ “

”Bring me my food to my chambers.”

King Willum’s departure was followed by an audible sigh of relief from Justain, even as Aaron stood silently, seemingly lost in thought. At long last the young prince turned to his squire, his face awash with a great mixture of emotions, from disgust to confusion to grief. "Not a word of this shall leave this room.” Aaron snapped suddenly. "Should someone who is not us, know of what happened here I shall personally cut your tongue from your throat and feed it to my hounds.”

With that Aaron strode from the hall leaving Justain yet again to follow in his wake.
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