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Current Come back of the century! (but not really) I just finally have time to once again... 2 years later.... XD
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Just an early warning that on May 10th I'm leaving for a long trip. I will try posting at night or in the early morning but my posting will be limited for almost a month.
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Posting will be random fo the next few days. Sometimes I'll post multiple times within an hour, sometimes once or twice in a few hours, or not at all for a bit. It's all because of how my pain meds.
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Getting surgery done today so chances of me posting today are slim but I should be back by tomorrow if I'm not able to get on tonight.
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I'm back but college starts soon so posting will become limited depending on the day


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Location: Friday Night - Erickson Household

“Duke, what should we do tonight?” Josie asked her dog as she sat strewn across the sofa.
Duke cocked his head, his ears perking up as he heard his name.

“Great idea. A lazy movie night while everyone else is having a movie night with their boo.”
Duke laid his head down on the couch looking up at Josie.

“No Duke I’m not jealous of all of them. Okay maybe a bit, I told you about DJ boy right… Yeah. I did.”
She looked at her dog who was staring back.

“Hey I get to think about him as much as I want when he stole my first kiss.”
Duke licked his nose.

“No I don’t mean stole in a bad way, of course it wasn’t horrible. Just not what I thought would happen. Why do you have to bring him up?”
A whine was heard in reply.

“Hey you asked me if I was jealous, so yes you are to blame.”
He licked her cheek.

“Ok, ok. No boys tonight, well minus you. We are gonna watch a musical and dance and sing our hearts out!”

Josie hopped up and ran to the kitchen, Duke letting out a bark and following behind her. She immediately got to work on dinner along with a bunch of snack foods for the movies. Once everything was complete she set everything out in front of the television in the living room and plopped down on the couch with Duke by her side.

“Mamma Mia or Greatest Showman?” The dancer looked at her dog and nodded looking back to the TV. “Great choice, Mamma Mia it is.” Starting the movie, Josie leaned back in the couch eating her dinner. Occasionally slipping food to Duke, other times accidentally losing food off the plate as she sang and danced along with the movie. Duke happily cleaning up after her.

It wasn’t until halfway through the second Mamma Mia movie that her night was interrupted by a video call popping up on the screen from the last person she expected to get a call from.

Seeing his name pop up on the screen caused Josie to squeal and immediately move the popcorn bowl she was eating from to the table. At the same time she informed her assistant to answer the call.


Trevor chuckled, shaking his head at his sister. “I’m your only brother JC.”

“Thus why you are my favorite.” Josie winked at her brother, a grin on her face. “So how’s my favorite army lieutenant? Any top secret missions? Like finally asking that mystery girl out?”

“What mystery girl? I have no idea what you are talking about. I can’t have a mystery girl to ask out when I have a girlfriend Jo.”

“You do too know what I’m talk-” She paused as what he said sank in, “YOU HAVE A WHAT!? It’s about damn time. With all those ‘I’m asking for a friend on advice with a girl’. You aren’t sneaky at all T. In fact it was hella obvious. Now what’s her name? What does she look like? When can I meet her?”

“Was it really that obvious I thought I was doing good at making it not so obvious… Oh well. But you will meet her and get to know more about her when I feel like our relationship is ready for that. I’ve never been one for something serious but this girl is different, I want to make sure we are good before bringing the family into this. Especially dad. I think you’d really like her JC, I know I do.” Trevor was smiling to himself as he talked about the girl he was now dating. All Josie could do was smile widely seeing her brother like this. When he looked up and saw her smiling at him, he immediately was confused. “What? Why are you smiling like a creep?”

“Look at my brother, being all romantic and shit. Who knew you had it in you. Well actually we all did, but I’m happy for you Trevor. That’s why I’m smiling. Now have you told dad?”

“Actually yes I have. Just got off the phone with him. He’s a bit skeptical but for now he is supportive seeing as she is a nurse. That sold it for him. But dad is why I called you sis.” Josie paled hearing her brother’s tone change. “He knows you were at the Hemsley’s party. He doesn’t know if you drank or did drugs or not but he doesn’t seem to care. He is pissed about you going to that party. He didn’t tell me his plans for punishment, but he said he is going to wait to do so until he gets home next week and can be there to ensure your punishment is actually fulfilled. My guess is something close to hell week, that is what I got out of his angry mutterings at least. Just prepare yourself for hell Josie. I’ll be just a text away.” The two bid each other goodbye and Josie was left to dwell on that information.

Josie sat there in silence after hearing what her brother had to say, her mind was working on overdrive and she had no idea what to do or expect. Her brother was right though, she needed to prepare for hell. Her father had always run the house like a military camp since her mother’s passing so there was no doubt about it...

Collab with @Lovely Complex
And small bits from @Hey Im Jordan as Ashton
Thursday afternoon Flashback

The breeze blew softly around the small deer as the grass tickled the bottom of her feet. The occasional shift in the air brought her wide eyes to the street to watch passing cars before she would look right back down to the grass in front of her and continue to enjoy her walk, naively unaware of the hunter stalking his prey.

The hunter stood perched on a street corner, constantly looking over his shoulder. Checking for the predator his mind feared. His leg bounced, his mind only having one thing running through it. The one thing he needed to live his day to day life yet had been without for almost a week now. Having run out of options, he decided to target the way he knew he could think to get what he wanted. He had to hunt down a specific tiny deer.

When the tiny deer walked into his field of vision, blissfully unaware of the fact she was being hunted, the man immediately began his hunt. Stalking behind his prey, a good 50 ft back, he waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. An opportunity that would have less of a chance of anyone seeing and more of a chance of his success. The hunt ended when the deer turned onto an empty street, the hunter taking the lack of people at the time as the perfect chance to strike his prey. The poor deer never saw it coming.

One moment Fawn was enjoying the soft grass on her feet and the next she had her back pinned against a nearby tree, a wild looking man holding her shoulders to keep her in place. Her eyes widened in panic as she stared at him, recognizing him as the customer of her parents who got chased off by her father for trying to short her parents money when buying himself meth. It was obvious to her that the man was going through withdrawals, which was not good for her.

“Your parents owe me my weekly supply girly! Where is it?! Where!” The man screamed in her face, shaking her as he did so. He then let go of her shoulders and turned her around ripping her backpack off before shoving her to the ground. Catching herself on the tree as she fell down, to keep from face planting, she ended up bruising her knees and aggravating her burned hand. She ignored the pain to scramble back to her feet, knowing better from her beatings than to stay on the ground for too long. When Fawn turned around the man was finishing going through her backpack and looked angrier and wilder than before.

The man looked up at Fawn with a glare and began to rush towards her as she tried walking backwards but he caught up, grabbing hold of her wrists tightly in his hands. “Why don’t you have any?! If your parents won’t give me what I deserve and you won’t then I’ll just take you until they give me what they owe me.” He grinned a nasty grin as Fawn froze in fear after reading his lips. She had no idea what to do and she wished someone would notice and help her. She was doubtful though as she had noticed a few cars already drive by and she was still here, alone, dealing with this mad man.

A man unable to cope with life unless under the influence, an addict, was not someone to fear. Not for creatures that spend each and every day surviving and will do whatever it takes to see the next day. To take care of their own. Born in a cruel and vicious world, the predators understand the concept of kill or be killed. Eat or starve. Strength and weakness. Victory can only be obtained if they allow their inner beasts to come out. And they would. Without hesitation.

It was a Thursday afternoon. In an old Toyota Corolla, two boys drove around town on a run. Ashton Lockhart behind the wheel, and his roommate, Lucky Cross, staring out the window in silent contemplation. The sound of knuckles cracking was the only thing that could be heard, since Lucky had a nasty habit of cracking any part of his body that he could when he was sitting around doing nothing. This weekend he had a double shift on Saturday for one of his jobs. Grubhub driver for the Sunshine Diner. One of the many things he had to do to make it out on his own as a teenager with no guardians.

His sharp eyes caught sight of a familiar shape and red, long locks. Along with that oh so familiar form, he noticed an older man, with physical traits that gave away his schtick, trailing behind. “Hey, can we turn here?” By now, Ashton was well aware that Lucky had a new… interest. An obsession, if you may.

Ashton looked over at his coworker, and shrugged his shoulders. “Sure.” He turned the car in the direction that Lucky gestured at and glanced over at him, “is there any particular reason why…? Reina expects me home on time tonight, so whatever we’re doing… let’s make it fast.” Ash didn’t care what they were doing, so long as it was done in a timely fashion. After all, he had a schedule to keep to. “It’s puzzle night.”

It was puzzle night, Lucky.

“That girl…” Lucky paused, choosing his words carefully, “I know her—” The situation was undeniably obvious by the time the car stopped at the curb. By now, Fawn and the meth head disappeared into an alleyway. “—And would hate to see her get hurt.” Because for some reason, her act of kindness and her welcoming warmth drew him in. This instance though? He was pissed. His instincts were set off. “Give me five.” That’s all he needed.

Leaving Ashton in the car, the Hound trailed behind, dark and stealthy among the shadows. The true creature wasn’t the drug addict. It was the man calculating every move, every outcome, every probability that would lead to protecting something that belonged to him. That would lead to her safety and his outraged. That would lead to fear and relief. That would lead to answers.

Why the hell was a meth head approaching her?

Still, he wasn’t completely beastily. If anything, he was more human now than he’s ever been in the halls of BHHS. One thing he had to make sure he didn’t do was scare the girl into hating him. There were still things he didn’t want her to know about him. Too many to list.

Fear. All he needed to do was instill fear and then everything would be taken care of. When Fawn was in a compromising position, where it seemed the stranger was going to do the worst to her, suddenly, very suddenly, the addict gave a choked cry for help as his eyes bulged. He tried to get out of the hold but could not, instead his eyes followed the arm around his neck that reminded him of a noose and saw a face of a young boy, that of only seventeen, restraining him, squeezing the life out of him. “I’m sure you’re pretty familiar with this business, eh?” Lucky’s voice didn’t raise above a whisper.

Words that slithered into the man’s ear who could only let out gasps. “Well, if you do, then you must’ve heard of the Reaper.” Momentarily, Lucky loosened his grip but not loose enough for the customer to run away. Just enough for him to respond.

“W-what the fuck do, do you know ‘bout the—”

Weapons weren’t necessary, but Lucky was prepared if need be. “Do you really want to find out? “ The boy was on an adrenalin high and even if he was keeping things ‘sweet’, he still enjoyed this thoroughly. “Approach her again, in any way, I will deal with you myself, but don’t think for a second I can’t get him to do my dirty work. Got it?” Without waiting for a response, the Hound shifted his hold, releasing the man briefly before bashing his head in with his fist, knocking the man unconscious, who immediately fell on the floor right in front of Fawn.

Not saying a word, or even looking at Fawn, Lucky felt the man’s pockets and took his wallet out. Opening it, he found the ID and took a mental note of the name, address, and other vital deets that would benefit him in the future. He surveyed the body for any clothing that symbolized this man was affiliated with certain… groups. There were none. Okay, so he’s just a druggie.

When he was finished, Lucky stood up, threw the wallet on the ground, and with glaring, cold eyes, he glanced up at the deer in headlights. “Come here.”

She’d been preparing herself for the worst when she was suddenly released from the man’s hold. Her eyes flickered to the arm around the man’s neck and followed it to the body it was attached to, Lucky. Somehow, things had turned for the better for her. Somehow, she had gotten Lucky.

Fawn took a few steps backwards as she watched Lucky and the man, it seemed as though Lucky was speaking to the man based on the man’s facial expressions but she couldn’t see his mouth so she was left clueless. Within moments of his arrival, Lucky knocked the man out, her mind taken back to when they first met. But the memory was shattered when he looked up at her with his cold and glaring eyes. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her, she did, but the look caused her to instinctually flinch back. Her own eyes quickly looking to the ground as she followed the order he’d given her. Lucky had accidentally triggered an instinctual response in the small deer. One that caused a minor internal battle as she had to remind herself that Lucky wasn’t her parents. Even if a small voice in the back of her mind asked, ‘What if he is like them?’.

By the time she reached him, Lucky had allowed himself to cool down. Closing his eyes, he took another breath in and then out. Bending in front of her, so she could see his lips and his hands, he revealed the little sign he’s been starting to learn: We’ll talk later. I want to know.

Subsequently, he gently grabbed her hand, the one with the visible marks, finally taking notice of the damages. There weren’t any more words coming out of his mouth as he observed her, pulling her closer to him. All the skin that she showed, he took it in. As if she was on exhibit and he was taking in all her blemishes. Sighing to himself, the boy seemed to understand something but not revealing this new found knowledge. Instead, he swooped her up in a bridal carry, pressing her close to his chest. ”You’re staying with me tonight.”

The deer’s second look at Lucky was better, he was calmer and appeared more gentle. It helped to calm the girl’s instincts enough to not flinch when Lucky brought up his hands when he began to speak to her. She was able to read his lips but his hand movements caused her to furrow her eyebrows. Was he also speaking with his hands?

Fawn was aware of their being an easier way to communicate than her using lip reading and writing on the board but she had no idea how to do it. Nor did she known more than the fact it involved hands. She couldn’t quite remember what it was called, but she never thought it had been important. Seeing Lucky use the suspected communication made her wish she did know though. She simply pushed that thought away though as she observed the boy observing her.

Standing completely still she let him take her injured hand and look at it, then look all over her. The deer wasn’t sure what was happening or why he was doing what he was but she went with it all. A calm, quiet feeling falling over the two. It was shortly broken by a short, small squeak of surprise as Lucky suddenly picked her up. Her eyes barely able to catch his words as he began carrying her to the car he had arrived in. She was staying with him tonight?!

The redhead’s mind raced as she thought of what that could mean for her at home. If her luck continued, her parents wouldn’t ever notice her absence and she’s be fine. If it didn’t continue, well she could only fear the worst. As Lucky set Fawn down in the back of the car her thoughts went away from her parents and home, instead turning to the different possible outcomes that could happen from her going to Lucky’s place tonight. Those thoughts kept her occupied for the whole duration of the time spent in the car with Lucky and his friend, someone who Fawn barely noticed with her preoccupied mind.

Collab with @Lovely Complex
Wednesday night Flashback

Wednesday was date night for the couple, just a night they set aside some time to spend some time together as they both could get busy during the week. KC especially had become busier during the week after her Miss Teen America win but she always made sure Wednesday was free or as free as she could get it. Unfortunately this week she had a short radio interview to conduct before the two could really enjoy their night together.

Mitch being the supportive boyfriend he was told her he would come and they could just leave from there for their plans, of course KC still felt bad though. Thus she got her grandma to make some of her famous cheesy potatoes for Mitch seeing as if KC even attempted it she would most likely burn the whole house down. When she gave him the potatoes she probably ensured him 100 times that she wasn’t the one who made them as he had already had the misfortune of trying her cooking once, the one time something of actual substance made it through the process.

The interview went by quickly, the questions for the most part the same as other interviews had been. The girl having to drive the interview herself in a direction she would prefer to talk about instead of simply all the makeup and clothing. KC silently thanked the lord that the swimsuit competition had been removed years prior. Though she enjoyed making the outfits for the competition she didn’t do the competition to be recognized for her looks, she did it to help bring a voice to the things that need a voice. Her monologue made that pretty clear. Yet many interviewers wanted to focus on the superficial parts of the competition, it just meant she had a lot of work to do.

Exiting the room and making her way over to where Mitch was she smiled at him, ready to spend the night with just him. The first thing on the agenda was paintball. Something Mitch had introduced KC to and she’d only really do with him. She enjoyed it but the one time she tried it on her own she got annoyed by guys trying to hit on her or calling her princess due to looking like she wasn’t fit for the activity. That is why she only did it with Mitch, showing up with him kept most people from saying anything to her. Also kept her from almost getting in fights with said people.

“Ready to go?”

Like clockwork. Every Wednesday, they went on a date. Every engagement she had, he kindly offered his support, sitting somewhere secluded with his hoodie on, as he played Candy Crush on his phone. Every time she felt bad, she gifted him. He understood his girlfriend like he understood the depths to cyberspace. She sucked at Chemistry, he easily helped her with that, even if it was a simple boost in her grade within the system. She had two distinct sides, a coin he could easily flip. The princess and the warrior. Beauty in one hand, strength in the other. She thrived in making a difference, speaking out when she thought she should, intervening when she probably shouldn’t, and dreaming big, because her dreams were what separated her from everyone else.

Glittering beads of sweat trickled down his face, Mitch Clark cursed this place that didn’t have their AC on. Fuck the windows being open. AC provided controlled temperatures. He waited, as usual, thinking about the thousand and one things he could be doing, then sitting in this lobby. Thinking about wanting a drink, wanting more food than these cheesy potatoes he finished the moment it was given to him, wanting to be on his supercomputer scanning the jungle of algorithms and hearing the glorious violent beating of his fingers against the keyboard and the spin of his CPU cooler fan. Bored, he was bored, but anything for his girlfriend of two years.

His dark hollow eyes glanced up from his phone, no sign of emotion for a good moment as they locked eyes. To extract the human in him took KC years to work on. That machine he could only control shifted into that one-of-a-kind cheshire grin, wide and open, his white teeth shining in the light, “More like, ready to get your ass kicked?” Standing up, he pocketed his phone and put his arm around her shoulder, starting to direct them to their destination, which was walking distance from this radio station. At least they had that going for them. He looked ahead, always straight ahead, never up to the sky, never down to his feet, always looking at what was in front of him and listening to the sounds around and behind him.

KC rolled her eyes at her boyfriend’s comment leaning into him as she let out a laugh, her arm naturally fitting around his waist. “It is so on! I'm finally gonna kick your ass!” she grinned, glancing up at him. Her competitive side showing fully. “So what are we putting on the table tonight? Nothing boring tonight like loser pays for dinner, I need more motivation to win.” Her chocolate eyes held a mischievous glimmer as she raised an eyebrow, curious to what he could come up with.

“Person who wins gets to pick how we fuck tonight.” Crude. As always. “If I win, we’re going back to your place and doing it on Jasmine’s bed. Just sayin. She will never know.” He could’ve done something ten times worse, like they could go full on exhibitionist, but doing it while most of her family was home was a good second.

KC shivered as she thought of everything that could go wrong, mainly Jasmine finding out. She needed to win, she’d like to live to at least 80. “Fine. If I win, I get to try tying you up this time.” She replied nonchalantly.

Shortly after, the couple arrived at the paintball building. Kiara let go of Mitch, leaving his side to pay and retrieve their gear. Within a few minutes she returned to her boyfriend’s side carry everything they needed for the night. “Ready to be dominated for the first time tonight?” Her lips contorted in a wide smirk as she held his gear out to him. From this point on until the game was over, they were enemies. This was war and KC was determined to be victorious.

“You wish, babe. Your ego is going to get so bruised. And y’know, it would suck if that pretty little face of your’s does too, Miss Teen USA.” He purposefully mocked her title because he hated pageant culture. He was allowed to tease. That was a privilege he had as boyfriend!

If there was one thing that he definitely could never get behind, it was how she thought she had to join a ‘pretty’ contest to get her message across. Whatever, he was the boyfriend so he had to support and if she believed he always had her back, things would always be good for them. That was the only way she’d give him any sex anyways. Happy girlfriend, happy life. Or however that saying goes.

Before she put any face gear on, he stole a kiss, biting her bottom lip before releasing her, “I never lose and I won’t lose tonight.” As stoic as he can be, when he was in playmode, his emotions took surface. KC was lucky to witness this more than anybody else he knew.

As always, her boyfriend knew how to tease her. The kiss he stole simply leaving her wanting more as she saw his emotions surface like they did in situations like this. That side of him that she knew better than most, seeing it, getting to experience it, it was more or less a turn on for her. KC loved both sides of her boyfriend, but this side really stole the show.

Biting the same lip Mitch had just bit, KC donned her face gear. The war was on.

The brunette exited the building with a slight pout, her arms crossed over her chest in defeat. She felt like she had been so much closer to winning that time but, of course, Mitch won in the end. KC wasn’t all that surprised by her loss, but it didn’t mean that her pride didn’t take a hit with each loss. She was competitive, whether against her boyfriend or a stranger she always went all in.

““I’m never gonna beat you at paintball am I?” KC questioned, turning to face Mitch.

“Damn right you’re never going to win!” The blonde grinned widely at his girl, with his egotistical self. “It’s okay, babe. Next time, I’ll go easy on you. Maybe then you’ll stand a chance.” Mitch was terrible at making her feel better after she lost, because well, he liked winning and he would shove it in her face until she can do the same right back. This was how things were and she either loved it or hated it. Depended on the day. Her hellcat always hated it. Her hellcat actually hated everything Mitch did. Cats sensed things and if there was one thing Momo sensed it was Mitch’s lack of empathy for just about everything that wasn’t him. Walking beside her, he rested his hands on his unruly hair, smiling to himself and leading the way to the car.

Rolling her eyes at her boyfriend’s typical egotistical self, she caught up to her boyfriend trying to keep up with his long strides. The beauty queen sometimes got bothered by his lack of empathy but she was pretty much used to it by this point in knowing him and dating him. There were definitely times where it had caused some slight problems between the two, times when all she wanted was even a little bit of empathy from her boyfriend. He had been improving in the moments when it was more of a critical need in their relationship and really that is all KC could ask for. She wasn’t going to expect him to change, but the fact he would try was enough for her.

“Go easy on me and I will have to kick your ass for real.” KC joked, although she would be slightly upset if he did go easy on her. He wouldn’t do that though. No matter what the two did, if it had any form of competition then they both went full out. A cheeky grin made its way onto the brunette’s face as they reached the car, she stopped and leaned against the door facing him.

“So we going to actually do things in the proper order? Or are we skipping dinner and going straight to dessert like last time? Maybe a taste of dessert before dinner?” KC hand toyed with one of the strings of his hoodie as she tugged on it slightly, beckoning him closer. Her eyes meeting his as she bit her bottom lip, the same lip he had bit prior to their game. The same one that had left her wanting more. She hadn’t forgotten that bit of teasing from earlier, nor his emotions coming to the surface. If there was one thing that turned the beauty queen on, it was seeing that rare side of her boyfriend. Maybe it had to do with the fact that when things got heated between the two, she also saw a bit of the same thing. Right now that isn’t what mattered though, Mitch was the only thing running through KC’s mind right now and she wasn’t gonna just leave where they were without something more than the teasing kiss from earlier.

A toxic way of life this was where sexual advances became their main language. Nothing was done by accident by these two lovers. Especially not Mitch, who did everything he wanted. He preferred lust to love. It kept things worth fighting for. A devious smirk graced his face as he stepped closer to her. Step by step. One foot in front of the other. With total disregard of his surroundings, he lifted her up, grabbing her by the waist, pulling her up close against his chest, while pressing her ass against the car window.

There’s a vulnerability in her eyes he couldn’t resist sometimes, especially when she wanted him so bad. No words were said back. Instead, he firmly pressed his lips against hers and let his tongue slip into her mouth. PDA at its finest and he didn’t care. Taking it to the next level, he let his fingers trail up her shirt… she asked, and so she received but not because it was for her. Oh no. He got far more pleasure out of this and if he felt like it, he could pull away and leave her disappointed. Mitch could move her and that was all that mattered.

A gasp of surprise escaped KC’s mouth as he suddenly lifted her up and pressed her against the car. She then grinned as she wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him physically closer, her lips and tongue moving with his as soon as they made contact. Her hands wrapped around his neck, one snaking its way into his hair. After a little time of playing with his hair she let her hands trail down his chest and abdomen, leaving them to tease along his waistline. Her mind and body both totally captivated by him.

“Get a damn room!” A stranger yelled off at the distance.

“GET FUCKED!” Mitch pulled his lips off his girl and yelled back at the nobody. What a buzz kill. Like a trophy, he held onto KC and turned their bodies to look at a group of teens, tweens? One being a boy that had the audacity to yell at him. “You wished you had tits like these.” The kids began to say profanities and act a lot older than they were. Rolling his eyes, no longer acknowledging them, Mitch glanced up at KC and smiled, “Let’s finish this on your sister’s bed.”

Kiara rolled her eyes at the interaction between Mitch and the group of teens or tweens. Amusement playing all over her face as she looked to her boyfriend just as he looked at her. She leaned in for a short kiss, this time biting his lip before pulling away. “If I end up dead, just know it is all your fault.”

“I’ll take the blame if it means I get to have some of this.” Mitch took a moment to appreciate her ass by squeezing it, before happily transporting her to the passenger’s seat. Yeah, he was ready.

Location: Gym after school
Mentions: Marshall @Silent Observer, Jax and Cyndi @Lovely Complex

4:17 Erika was late… again. Josie had given this girl four warnings, she typically did the three strike system but she had given this girl some slack. But now she was going to have to ultimately make the best decision for the team and that meant kicking her off. Which also meant finding a replacement.

A groan escaped the dancer’s lips as she pinched the bridge of her nose. She had enough going on in her mind, she didn't need to worry about a new dancer. She refocused on her team running through one of their dances in front of her, watching for places they needed to go over and work on more. They had just finished learning the choreography the previous day and they were doing good for how long they had known it. Upon the music ending Josie smiled and clapped her hands together. “Amazing job! All of you are as talented as always, having the choreography down so well only a day after learning it. Honestly amazing. Before we take a short break I have a quick announcement. As you all have probably noticed, Erika has once again decided to not show up to practice so she will no longer be apart of the team. That means if you have any suggestions for someone to take her spot please let me know. Now go ahead and take a quick break then when you get back we will run over a few parts of the routine before doing it all again.”

The dancers walked off to get some water, from what Josie could hear none of them were surprised nor upset by the loss of Erika. She had been a bit of a toxic teammate but she was a talented dancer and her scores from tryouts automatically placed her on the team. It was a system set up before Josie, although Josie did let some people on that may have had low scores but she could see the dedication and motivation in them.

While she waited for the team to get back from their break Josie’s mind wandered to the night before. The DJ, her first kiss… she never had gotten Jax’s number. Everytime she got the courage to go talk to him again she couldn’t find him, just her luck it seemed. Josie didn’t know if that was fate trying to tell her to give up but she simply couldn’t give up, not when he was all she could think about all day. Mainly not when his lips on hers were all she could think about all day. There was something about Jax that just kept her from getting rid of the thought of him. She’d already gotten in trouble multiple times that day for her mind wandering to the boy. Mainly her mind thinking of all the things that went wrong, mainly the fact she just left him hanging when she was a flustered mess. It was embarrassing. Josie was confident in everything she did and in who she was but then Jax comes along and turns her into an absolute mess.

She needed to know more about him but she needed help if she was going to find him in this school. Josie knew only one person with the type of connections she needed to help find this boy. That person was the one and only Marshall, her dancing partner-in-crime. Pulling out her phone she texted him,

To: 💖👯Marsh👯💖

I need your help with a boy.

The text was short and to the point. It was known Josie wasn’t the biggest fan of texting, she would always prefer conversing with a normal phone call or in person. Especially for something like this. She needed to talk to Marshall in person about this.

Hearing footsteps approaching Josie looked up from her phone to see one of the dancer’s approach her. “Josie, I have an idea for who could take Erika’s place.” The dancer informed her. Josie simply raised an eyebrow, curious as to who it was. “Cyndi Green. She is coming back to BHHS.” This got Josie’s full attention. She knew who Cyndi was and knew she had quite the talent for dancing. That may just work perfectly, now she just needed to get in contact and ask her. That would have to wait for later, it was time to get back to practice.

Location: Wednesday during class
Mentions: Lucky @Lovely Complex

Last night was… Fawn didn’t even know how to begin putting it into words. True let her crush slip, Lucky took her on a date. It wasn’t any normal date by society standards and she was still processing it for the most part. The biggest thing on her mind though was what happened during the date between the two.

Her face turned bright red and she covered her face with the sleeves of her oversized, knit dress. She was trying not to think about how close he got, how close their faces were. Every time Fawn let her mind wander to the previous night, her face turned bright red and her heart would begin to thump wildly in her chest. It didn’t help that her mind seemed to be wandering easily, so her face felt as if it were constantly on fire.

Fawn wasn’t sure if he was even going to kiss her like her mind was making it seem, a big part of her doubted it but another part held onto the sliver of hope that maybe he did like her. He did take her on a date, an odd one but a date at the very least.

The sight of two people fighting for fun was different, she only knew punching when it was a punishment but there were people getting excited over two guys beating the crap out of eachother. The little deer had simply stared on, first in fear then with mild curiosity as it went down. The only thing that bothered her about it was when her mind imagined her parents being the ones beaten up. She was the opposite of violent, she feared violence for the most part, but by Lucky’s side she had felt a feeling of safety she’d never experienced and her mind somehow felt safe enough to express a thought she had always felt even if she didn’t know it. She wanted her parents to receive a taste of their own medicine, feel the same thing she felt due to them. It scared her yet somewhat excited her at the same time. Maybe it meant she would be escaping the nightmare soon.

Maybe Lucky would be her saving grace.

Location: Library

Tamami Saori sat in the library staring blankly at the English classwork in front of her. It was on smiles? No similes. Something she didn’t understand at all. She’d been at this for a good thirty minutes with no luck. All Saori could do was stare at the paper and reread the instructions over and over. A few minutes later a bang echoed through the library as her head slammed onto the table in front of her, waking her back up from the short doze she had just taken.

“Itai…” The green haired girl softly exclaimed rubbing her now red forehead. After nursing her wound for a minute she refocused on the homework in front of her. Saori was hopeless, she needed help. More specifically she needed to find herself a tutor. Standing up, she put her things away and marched out of the library to go find her English teacher in order to ask for help finding a tutor.

Locations: Late Tuesday Night/Early Wednesday Morning at Xio's place of work | Wednesday Morning Rodriguez Resident

Lights flashed. Music pounded. Bodies moved to the beat as onlookers watched on, money in hand ready to be given to the dancers. But most of their ones were saved in anticipation of the Snake Charmer. A double innuendo that seemed to work wonders on the audiences excitement.

Xiomara sat in the back awaiting her cue, an albino python draped over her shoulders content with resting with its body wrapped around Xio’s arms. The girl before her walked off stage and grinned at Xiomara. “All yours X. We got some dude giving out a lot of big bills so really play the crowd tonight.” she walked off, followed by the lower rank dancer that collected the money for her at the end of her solo dance. Each solo dancer had someone to collect money off the stage for them, said person would receive a bit of the cut for their help. It was company policy.

Xiomara went to the curtain leading to the stage and glanced in the mirror kept right there and pushed her bra up a bit, smirking to herself in the mirror.



That night Xio made enough money to cover the rest of that month’s necessary expenses like rent and her mother’s medicine, plus it made her some extra for anything she may want to spend it on. By the time she got home she had just enough time to take a relaxing bath before getting ready and making breakfast.

Placing the food on a tray with some water, Xiomara carried the tray through the small apartment to her mom’s room. Pushing the door open with her hip she set the tray on the dresser before going to her mother’s bedside and sitting down on the edge of the bed gently.

“Despierta mamá. Hora del desayuno y su medicina. Xio gently whispered in her mother’s ear with a soft shake. Her mother stirred and slowly opened her eyes. A soft smile fell onto Martina’s lips as she sat up while her daughter went and got the tray with food and her medicine.

Xiomara sat with her making sure she took all her pills and got enough food in her. She then made sure her mother would be fine while she was gone at school, placing everything she could possibly need, minus food, that was all prepared in the kitchen. Martina glancing at the clock noticed her daughter needed to go and grabbed Xio’s hand pulling her down onto the bed. Xiomara looked to her mother as she placed a hand on Xiomara’s cheek.

“Mi cielito. What did I do to deserve such an amazing daughter.” A soft smile, one only seen by her mother, graced Xiomara’s lips as she placed a hand over her mother’s then moved her mother’s hand to her mouth and kissed her mother’s knuckles softly. “You raised me mamá, it is all thanks to you. You are the amazing one. You’ve done so much for me, the least I can do is return the favor.”
Martina smiled at her daughter, “It is the same conversation every morning isn’t it.” She was right, the conversation they just had was basically the same one every morning between the two. There was no doubt the two were close and cared for each other, it showed with how they interacted. “As much as I love talking to you, you need to go to school. I love you mi cielito. Now get out of here.”

Xiomara kissed her mother’s forehead and got up, leaving for the day at school. Her actual first day at school this semester, but her mother didn’t need to know about her short suspension. Xio could care less about the suspension, what she cared about was everything she’d missed during the time she was absent. She had some catching up to do if she wanted to be in on all the drama of BHHS.

Collab between @Melissa & @Kitty

Featuring: Savannah “The Redheaded Savior” Matthews and Josie “Old Cat Lady" Erickson
Location: Semi-Secluded Area

Clearly, this situation was bad enough that it warranted an immediate conversation (plus she knew Josie wouldn’t pull her away from Trev if it wasn’t important), so Sav cut right to the chase. “What’s wrong? Are you okay? Are you hurt or injured or bleeding?” She asked quickly, checking her over for any bumps or bruises.

Shaking her head, her coils getting messed up as she ran her hand through her hair shortly after, Josie began pacing. “No. No. No physical injuries… Just-” Pausing she tried to think of how to even start, her mind was all over the place as everything continued to replay in her head. Specifically the kiss… if it was that.

“There was a boy. DJ. Talking, flirting,dancing, kiss. Sav, I don't know what to do!” Josie started to explain normally but quickly it turned into her rambling out words related to everything that happened. She was a mess right now.

Three words stood out in that sentence as Savannah let her jaw unhinge and fall free from her upper lip. DJ. Flirting. Kiss. Of course the one night that the redhead could not wingwoman her best friend was the evening where sparks flew! “I’m sorry, WHAT?!” She exclaimed a little too loudly, as she noticed the people around them giving the pair dirty looks for causing a scene. But Sav didn’t care, this was major!

She tried to remember who the guy at the DJ booth was, but to be honest, all she was focused on this evening was Trevor. A million questions poured out of her mouth all at once. “Who is he? What does he look like? Did you get his number?” Savannah stopped herself shook her head, realizing she should just let Josie do the talking instead. “Sorry, too many questions. Just take a deep breath and tell me what happened.”

Josie did as Savannah told her, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes as she let the breath out. Starting from the beginning, Josie was able to calmly recall everything that had happened between her and the blonde DJ. From her glances to finally meeting at the bar to them going to the dining room. Through the explanation of the dancing she began to slowly get more panicky, especially as she explained the moment shared and then immediately lost. But as she drew to explaining the closet, she had to pause as she began to pace again. “Oh god… oh god… then the closet… and the kiss. Savvy, I just… we… I…” The dancer couldn’t even form a coherent thought as she thought about her first kiss and the lip ring, oh god the lip ring.

Coming to a stop, Josie leaned against the wall and put her face in her hands as she took a few deep breaths. “We heard two loud voices approaching the dining room and Jax said he didn’t want to go back to DJing yet and said he wanted to spend more time with me. So I did an impulsive thing and dragged him into the small supply closet in the dining room. It was so much smaller than anticipated Sav… we were squished against each other and when he turned his head… hislipsendeduponmineforlikethewholetimewewereinthere!” Josie’s last words ran together as she once again freaked out, but who could blame the girl. It was her first kiss and it wasn’t even expected, plus that boy was sending her so many mixed signals that she was just confused and lost.

Sav listened intently as Josie described everything that had transpired- this was some exciting stuff! It also sounded quite romantic and sexy, the dancing in the dining hall sounding like something out of one of the sappy movies the two always watched. But evidently, her friend was more anxious and overwhelmed than excited, so Savvy was going to try and talk her through this as best as she could. She was no love doctor, but now that things were seeming to move in the right direction with her ginger mister, she was a bit more qualified to give some advice. “Sounds like one hell of a first kiss…” She breathed, a small laugh escaping her lips as she tried to diffuse the situation. With another deep breath, she placed a comforting hand on Josie’s shoulder. “How did you guys leave it? Did he say anything or?”

Josie’s eyes widened, “I totally just left him hanging! I told him I had to go and got out of there asap. I didn’t even get his number Sav. Oh my god. What have I done? Probably ruined the only chance I had with him. You are gonna marry Trevor and have cute adorable red haired babies and I’m going to live alone with a 100 cats! I’m doomed!” She cried out the cat statement and got looks from people nearby but ignored them as she leaned against the nearby wall and slid down it until she was sitting on the floor, her head resting against the wall.

“Josie…” Sav sighed, taking a seat next to her anguished friend on the floor. “Sweetie, you did not ruin your chances, and you’re not going to live alone with 100 cats!” The redhead lovingly moved her friend’s head from the wall and rested it onto her shoulder, cushioned by the cardigan she was wearing. The last thing she wanted was for Josie to start banging her head against the wall in panic, which Sav knew she would do if the situation called for it. “The night is still young- what’s stopping you from approaching him and asking for his number? He’s going be DJ-ing for the rest of the party!”

“I would make a fool of myself and become a stuttering, flustered mess. That was my first kiss! You know for the longest time I expected it to be someone different and here a week after he is gone I find Jax and he actually shows interest in me… then bam he takes my first kiss in a complete accident then just acted like it didn't happen! Sav why are boys so confusing?!!” Josie turned her head and buried her face into her friend's cardigan. She just wished they were easier to understand especially Jax. What was it about the boy that drew her to him so much but also just confused her!

Sav shrugged, “Sometimes, Jo, what you expect and what you get are two different things…” Comforting Josie as she buried her face in her cardigan, she wrapped an arm around her friend. “My first kiss was at a county fair- I thought it was going to be magical and perfect, but it really wasn’t. At the end of the day, It was just a kiss. You’re going to have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to find your prince, and you’ll know it when you find him, so don’t worry. If Jax is the one, then thing will work out.” Savvy replied, rationalizing the situation. It was true- you get this feeling when you know you’re with the right person- Sav got it with Trevor.

This is one of the many reasons Josie and Sav were perfect friends. When Josie found herself if situations that overwhelmed her and got her overthinking everything, there Sav was to rationalize everything and bring Josie back to the ground. Bringing her face out of Savannah’s cardigan, she turned her head to just rest it on her friend’s shoulder. “Why do you always know the right thing to say? I swear I’d end up going insane if it weren’t for you Sav, absolutely bonkers.” Josie let out a sigh as she thought about what her friend had said. She just needed to not worry, what is meant to be will be.

The redhead laughed, “I doubt you would go insane- maybe a little crazy, but insane is a stretch.” Sav looked to her friend. “If you like Jax, then I say go and get him. Go find him- ask for his number. If he doesn’t want things to be that way, then fine, you’ll move on, but what’s the hurt in trying?” She questioned, hoping her friend would gain the courage to find the DJ and sweep him off his feet.

Standing up Josie offered her hand to help her redhead friend up, “Okay. I will do that but only if you promise to tell me everything about what you and Trevor have done so far tonight later.” She winked at Sav with a playful grin, finally back to her normal self after having her little freakout.

Taking her friend’s hand, Sav smirked. “Deal.”
Tallulah wasn't surprised by the announcement. She always had her suspicion, hell she basically knew when she couldn't use Izzy's hair to heal her from a distance. That didn't change anything though, Izzy was still like a sister to her and she'd help fight to protect her. But of course Steph was pissed, the other elf was acting high and mighty and honestly it was bothering Tallulah so after others spoke up, she took her turn to do so too.

"Do you have to be such a versoniel Steph? This group, all of us, we are your ranelles. I never took you as being disloyal or a rinellé, but go ahead and leave. See how well accept you will be among other elves as a rinellé of your ranelles. I consider us sersakhan, maybe closer as we are the only elves, but if you keep acting in such a way I may change my mind."

Tallulah sighed after her speech and turned her attention back to the rest of the group. When she heard what Avicus said all she could do was turn and grin at him. "Aww you know you love me snowflake! You love working with me, don't deny it." she teased.

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