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1 yr ago
Current Come back of the century! (but not really) I just finally have time to once again... 2 years later.... XD
3 yrs ago
Just an early warning that on May 10th I'm leaving for a long trip. I will try posting at night or in the early morning but my posting will be limited for almost a month.
3 yrs ago
Posting will be random fo the next few days. Sometimes I'll post multiple times within an hour, sometimes once or twice in a few hours, or not at all for a bit. It's all because of how my pain meds.
3 yrs ago
Getting surgery done today so chances of me posting today are slim but I should be back by tomorrow if I'm not able to get on tonight.
3 yrs ago
I'm back but college starts soon so posting will become limited depending on the day


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I promise my writing is less jumbley when I am not writing at 3 in the morning 😁

@CaptainBritton Accepted! Go on ahead and move him on over to the CS tab!

@Dusty Check your pms please! We have some changed plot things to discuss with you!
I think I'm going to have to pass on this, I'm sorry. I just can't find any ideas for a character in my head and though this plot seems interesting my mind just isn't in the right place right now. I will most likely be reading along though as this is quite interesting though.
@RedUponTheBed Well there isn't such thing as republican or democratic in this so no you couldn't. I am not sure if you were joking or not, I am horrid at context sometimes when it comes to figuring out over just text/writing if people are joking or being serious. So if you were my bad for taking it seriously and actually answering, if you weren't. Well I answered the question
@Shard please include me in the PM if you would please :)
What exactly would an esoteric Joker classification of a dragon be like? @EnterTheHero

We have once again brought it back, this time with different races clearly stated as part of it. We are revamping it a bit more than we did between the first and this attempt, which was horrible timing due to the holidays and some personal things in my life. Feel free to look over the interest check and ask any questions you may have!
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