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It's been a bit, but I'm coming back. This is my place, this is where I came from. Let's do this!
11 days ago
Current It's been a bit, but I'm coming back. This is my place, this is where I came from. Let's do this!
10 mos ago
Making an attempt at a comeback... Let's see how this goes after not writing for three months!
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Many months later finally received the diagnoses of ME/CFS. Taking a break from RPG to focus on me and my health. Will hopefully be back soon! <3


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All I know is I am in and will be making a female. Havent made any decisions on animal or faceclaims yet or text color... I feel behind. Time to get to work.

Name: ??? || Animal : Sheep || Faceclam: Taeyeon || Color: ffd9eb
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I am interested!

Turner House → Secret Place → T(B)urner House

Was Mirai really going to go to the dumb press conference? Of course not. She didn’t really care, it didn’t concern her. Plus she didn’t need to be around the idiot when he most definitely would make some sort of outburst or scene. People were suspicious of her enough so him drawing attention to both of them was a no go in her book.

Instead the delinquent was driving on her motorcycle looking for a place to smoke and drink the bottle of sake she had just bought. When she was driving around she saw smoke and being, well her, she went to where it was to find two of her favorite things. One a chaotic scene of a house on fire and two a nice bike that she could sell.

Mirai parked her motorcycle near where the bike was and got off her cycle and onto the bike. She then rode off to see her favorite person, an annoying dude she wanted to punch, who bought anything she acquired illegally from her. The location was a secret and like hell she’d sell out the best way to make cash in the city. After she sold the bike, Mirai spent the walk back to the burning house smoking and glaring at anyone who dared to get too close.

By the time Mirai got back to the scene of the fire, firefighters were on the scene. It was a disappointment in her eyes but at least the fire was still going. Leaning against her bike, she pulled out her sake and began to drink it while staring into the flames of the building across the street. The firefighters tried and failed to make her move further away, she was too content watching the fire. What could she say, watching it was a bit therapeutic. Although beating people up was definitely much more therapeutic, that was just much more illegal.

The delinquent was in no way aware of who's house she was watching burn nor exactly how bad she was looking just sitting there watching the fire. In her eyes, she was simply doing whatever the fuck she wanted and enjoying it. Things Mirai enjoys tend to backfire on her a lot though.

Mirai took a swig of her sake as she watched a cop car pull up. When she saw the Turner's in said car. Well that is when she began to see that maybe sitting at the scene of the fire was not a good idea. Especially since she knew the Turner's already didn't like having her in their city. "Well this will be fun." Mirai muttered as she downed the rest of the sake, going back to watching the fire.

If only...
Those must be the two saddest words in the world.
~Mercedes Lackey

Hana sat in her hotel suite practicing her cello, the music escaping from deep within and emotion pouring into every note she played. The flowing sound twisted around her as it seemed to take her back in time, bringing forth memories of the past of Roxy all while tears fell from her eyes.

A letter sat in Hana’s hand, a bouncing red-head sat besides her grinning at her. ”Go on open it! I’m sure it says how brilliant you are and how you are accepted!” Hana looked over to her friend as they sat together on a bench at a park. It had been Roxy who had convinced her to apply after her parents almost talked her out of it. Juilliard was her dream school and here was the letter telling her either she was accepted or denied.

”W-what if I wasn’t Roxy? My parents will only rub it in my face and scold me. Then I’ll have to do some career I will never be happy in. I-”

”Hana.” Roxy had interrupted the anxious girl, grabbing her hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze. ”You are amazingly talented so I know you are accepted. Besides no matter what happens I’ll always be here to support you. Everyone will have your back.”

With a nervous nod and a small smile, Hana let her hand be released from Roxy’s grip and she shakily opened the envelope. From the envelope she removed the letter, as she unfolded it she squeezed her eyes shut, her heart pounding being the only sound she could hear. That was until a small squeal of excitement from her friend ripped through her anxiety and nerves causing the girl to snap her eyes open.

Reading the letters first line a huge grin spread onto her face and she met eyes with Roxy who immediately pounced on the girl hugging her close. ”I TOLD YOU SO!”

The music came to an end and Hana opened her eyes, wishing to be in the past once again with her friend. Wishing that if only things had gone differently and she had Roxy’s back just as well as Roxy had hers then maybe she would still be alive. Hana stood up and carefully put her cello away before going to get ready for the long night ahead.

Right hand holding her left in front of her, her fingers playing with the rings on her left ring finger, Hana looked at the door to the bar in front of her. She knew what would be awaiting her behind the doors. Old faces, old friends, old memories. All in their own way a painful reminder of ’if only…’. All making her wonder how things could have been, but there was no way knowing. It was too late and that was what made it painful.

Taking a deep breath, Hana pushed the door open. The chime sounding her arrival. She made her way to the bar and sat down in a seat one away from the two men who were there. Once she sat down, Hana turned and looked to the men. She had been correct in her assumptions, these were her old friends. They were just much different than before.

Just as if she was back in her highschool days, Hana fell into an awkward state of not knowing what to say. Finally Hana spoke two simple words, ”Hey guys.”

Sitting on the ground within her playroom, on top of a blanket, and boyfriend, a room designed for picnics and tea parties, Mina Bellerose reached for her tea cup that awaited for her on a table designed to look like a tea trunk stomp. She leisurely took a ladylike sip as she scanned her set up. Her favorite part of this room was the swinging bench and the fruit cart which today displayed strawberries. A little symbolism to her dear cousin’s family. Her tea set was beautiful and whimsical with pink floral design. It looked like it was made for a child. It was. And her outfit was a slim short sleeve lace chiffon dress, with a light peach color, shipped from South Korea.

She seemed unbothered as she waited for her guest this lovely Saturday evening. All the other guests had arrived, in the form of her dolls, but not her special guest, who knew well enough she did not tolerate tardiness. There was five minutes to spare. In the corner of the room, she had a live orchestra band, cellist, pianist, violinist and all, because sometimes it was necessary to add to the atmosphere. The Fashion Princess, the only child of Maxwell Bellerose Jr, needed the calming music because honestly? If she acted out what her mind was thinking, that would be far more… metal. She felt good about her decision. She felt good about this new project, deciding to leave a documentary about the school to someone who cares. She felt good. “Christopher, should I give her a call? She’s running awfully late. Very unlike her. Correction. On time was late, early was on time, in the fashion Legacy’s book. Gingerly, with ease and mild irritation, she took another sip while nestling her bottom on her lover’s lap.

Christopher knew how this plan of hers ended. It wasn’t going to be pretty, but Mina had already made up her mind, and considering that they were practically one and the same, it was unwise for him to aggressively disagree with her. Instead, Christopher would just wait for the inevitable. Mina was going to sit down. And cry. And throw a fit. And Christopher would be there to do his job and cheer her up, like any good boyfriend. As she asked about giving her friend a call, Christopher shrugged his shoulders. “Let’s just wait a few more minutes, princess.” He suggested, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Mina would learn patience eventually…

Fixing her hat, Emmy-Lou made her way in just a minute before she would be on time. She knew she should have been there earlier but she had messed up her makeup the first time around and that simply wouldn’t do. So she restarted and of course that caused her to be ‘late’. "Now I’m sure y’all are tarred and feathered that I’m late. Trust me, I’m tore up over it too. It was my mistake truly, so I must tell y’all I am truly sorry for making y’all wait on me. Truly sorry. But may I say, y’all look as dashing as always.” Emmy sat down delicately and smoothed her skirt out, her back straight and chin up. Looking as lady-like and prim and polished as always. She may have been slightly flustered internally but it did not show externally.

With a calculative glint in her dark void eyes, Mina gave her friend a delicate smile, “Only because flattery will get you literally everywhere in life, you are granted one pass with me. Also that dress, absolutely lovely.” If it weren’t for the compliments, the princess would’ve made her friend cry most likely. The attire simply gave her brownie points for looking exactly how Mina preferred, especially in her playroom. “Now please, help yourself with a macaron and some tea. We have important matters to discuss.” Bending over a little bit, the Bellerose heiress placed her drink back on the table, and when she fixed her posture, her arms wrapped around her lover. She leaned her head on his chest and although her face was plastered with a bright smile, her dark gaze was that of a ravening hawk. Patiently, she waited.

Taking a macaron delicately, she used her free hand to catch any crumbs as she bit into it, doing so until she finished the delightful pastry. Emmy-Lou then picked up her cup of tea and with the grace she had hammered into her from a young age, took a sip before bringing it down from her lips and finally looking into her friend’s eyes. ”I reckon I should start by apologizing for not doing my best at keeping y’all up to date on what is happening at the school but since my last update, things went out of kilter lickety split. Everything was just not hunkey dorey! I was doing my best to put everything in order but obviously y’all found out before I could do so. I shoulda done better Mina. I’m sorry.”

“Oh Emmy-Lou, no need to apologize I’m already over it.” She wasn’t. Absentmindedly, she traced her finger in circles on Christopher’s chest before whining, “It just isn’t right!!! Everyone thinks my cousin is this tyrannical beast, thanks to this horrid article with no evidence! What? So she is no longer on friendly terms with Ophelia and Trixie? THAT gives someone who SHOULDN’T be involved PERMISSION to air out her dirty laundry and probably ‘fluff’ the truth to get likes?! What?!” Fuck you, Jamie Callaghan. This was annoying! Stupid! Nonsensical! He was on the top of her shit list. “So the Punisher’s son can’t keep his emotional whirlwind of a girlfriend to trust him WHOLEHEARTEDLY? I would never-ever-ever in a million years think a PICTURE meant my LOVE cheated on me! And. Christopher knows I’ll kill him if he ever does. Isn’t that right, Teddy?” Mina looked up at her beloved giving him the most innocent grin.

If you asked Christopher — no one ever did — this whole thing should have blown over after the New Year’s party. He wasn’t too interested in it, but Mina was, so he was dragged along as a spectator. If she wanted to pick a fight with Hailey and the rest of them, then that was her prerogative. Christopher would be along for the ride, and to catch her when she inevitably hit the ground. When she addressed him directly, Christopher looked at her, and smiled with a nod. “Of course, Princess. Focus on your important meeting.”

That’s right! This meeting was IMPORTANT. “Where was I? Oh, yes. This school will utterly go to the dogs and I can’t allow that. I’m sure there will be an announcement about the student council since I know my cousin can no longer be bothered by UNGRATEFUL, GOOD-FOR-NOTHING SWINES.” She paused to calm herself down, thinking about the school enraged her. Truly, vengeance was her drive. “If you want me to feel better, I’ll need you to run for President. You have the charm, you are an absolute angel, and you aren’t one of the big Five, which our school doesn’t necessarily like. As a Bellerose, closely tied to the Green family, I cannot possibly take the charge, but you can. You can be the shining light this school truly needs. I’ll help you with your campaign, but I won’t be your running mate. It’s best if I stay… in the shadows. And if you win, we can make the school sugary sweet. How does that sound?”

Emmy-Lou listened to Mina intently, nodding every now and then in agreement while occasionally taking sips of her tea. She knew Mina was upset and that if she didn’t want to end up on her bad side she needed to stay quiet and listen. As she was informed of Mina’s plan, a smile spread onto her face. Setting her tea down gently, she folded her hands in her lap. ”As y’all know your druthers is my ruthers, so you’re darn tootin’ I will run for president. I will of course need y’alls help as you do know better than I who I need to get on my side to ensure a victory. You can count on me. I’ll win the school over with my winning personality, looks, charm, and your plan of course.” Emmy smiled widely at the idea of being school president. Ma and Pa would be proud. She’d have more power in the school. Not to mention it would look great on her resume.

“ACTUALLY!” A sudden light bulb went over Mina’s head. “I might know your perfect running mate. She will win you big sympathy points because she’s the cutest little thing and easily… influenced. Her only downside is her social skills. I’m sure I can convince her to try to get out of her comfort zone. She’s Scott Lyon’s little sister and looks like an absolute doll. Just imagine her right beside you? Picture perfect! Also since she is a transgender, you might win points with the LGBTQ community. She actually came back from her vacation today.” Mina was already taking out her phone to find her childhood friend’s number. “I’ll give her a call and get back to you. Sounds good?”

”Ain’t that a swell idea! You really do have a horse sense Mina!” Emmy-Lou clapped her hands together in excitement. Her face then became blank as her mind began to turn with an idea. It then lit back up even brighter than before, ”We should be called the TEA PARTY!!!” She exclaimed excitedly, in one of her blonde moments nonetheless.

“I like it.” It’s true. The Tea Party had a nice ring to it. It would be easily marketable and they could get away with overdressing Anastasia solely because of their name. There were avenues for this. They could take down any competitor using pure cuteness as their weapon. Yes, good thinking, Emmy-Lou. Good thinking, indeed.

With the plan laid out before them, Christopher nodded and looked over at Emmy-Lou, “you can go now. Make a scene and some noise… posters, a slogan, maybe even pamphlets. You’re intelligent, I’m sure you can figure it out. Talk to people, find out what they need or want. Post on Snapchat.” Christopher was once again relegated to the ‘shooing people because Mina was done with them’ role, but he handled this particular role quite well.

”I’ll get to that lickety split! Now you two enjoy your evening while I just skedaddle on out of here.” Emmy-Lou stood up, grabbing a few of the sweets and putting them in her purse. She then wiggled her fingers in a little wave and made her way out, her heels clicking with each step she took, fading as she got further away. She was already planning her first step in her head. She was going to make sure she made them proud.

In arrogant triumph, her faintly glossed lips tugged upwards into a sinister smirk. Tilting her head, with the phone against her left ear, the ringback tone filling the room, as she waited, Mina giggled, “I’m going to have so much fun.”

After a few seconds, a sheepish, quiet voice answered: “H-hello. Hi. Mina. Are… are you ok?”

I've already made some changes to my list, cause my indecisiveness is strong but also want to play around with characters who don't have much going on with them yet.
I'm indecisive so I have two characters that I'm still toying with the idea on if I want to bring them back fully or not... my list shows this...
I'd be down for this to come back. I couldnt do it this month as I am also moving near the end of the month. I'd probably shelve a few characters as well... but I'd def be down for this
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