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Sammael waited as the last three began to finally introduce themselves. The Water Chosen, Jonah, and the Shadow Chosen, Ruby, seemed quiet and and reserved. It didn't seem like he would have much of an issue with those two. Then there was his 'lovely' sister. Of all the people in this group, she would most certainly cause the most trouble for him.

Or at least, that is what Sammael thought. He was soon proven wrong when the ground below him started to move suddenly. "What the fu-?!" his voice was cut off before he could even finish his exclamation as he was forced into doing the splits. Sam winced in pain as flexibility certainly wasn't his strong suit and it took him a moment before he was finally able to stand back up. He of course knew the only person who would be able to do this... Lach. That one is going to be trouble.. he's lucky I can't do anything yet He made sure to shoot his newfound annoyance a glare with his eyes glowing golden until he felt his familiar peck at him to get his attention.

"It's not worth it, Sammael." He knew that Soleil was right, so he reluctantly turned away. It was just a score for him to settle some other day.

Esmeray held back a laugh only a small smile coming to her lips as she watched her brother fall into the splits. Flexible is a thing he was not so it had to have caused him pain, something she felt he deserved at this point. The entertainment was short lived though as people went back to doing their own thing, so she did too.

The pinkette was soon interrupted from her thoughts as Ethan approached her and brought her food. She looked to him shocked that the boy had just brought food over to her. It was the last thing she had expected, someone to bring her food especially after watching the trio glance at her a few times knowing they were definitely talking about her. So for one of the three to bring her food, especially Ethan... it was unexpected.

The last time she had seen Ethan was almost six months prior when he came to her and Thann in hopes of contacting Eurika and Flurissa. Unfortunately things hadn't ended well and that had caused Esmeray to believe he hated her especially with the such terrible news she gave him. But here he was giving her food which she gently took from his hand and then had to for a minute play keep away from Osseus before she could thank him.

"Thanks..." Esmeray muttered as Osseus landed on the ground and stomped away to find his own food.

Ethan looked to the side, avoiding eye contact. "I...I'm sorry I haven't said anything since...y'know." Ethan said slightly dejected. "I mean it wasn't your fault it was just really difficult to hear that and..." He sat down nearby to at least pretend to be comfortable. "You risked yourself just to help a stranger get closure, and after all that I didn't have the guts to thank you for at least trying. So...thanks." He said, not exactly expecting to open up out of the blue like that.

Esmeray stayed silent as he spoke taking a bite of food everynow and then. She definitely also wasn't expecting a thank you so when he thanked her, Esme froze and dropped what was left of her food staring at him, Osseus running out of the shadows and quickly devouring the food.

No one had ever thanked her before, not outside of the people who worshipped Azrail. "I-I... I didn't do anything worth a thank you..." Esmeray shook her head and looked down at her feet. She didn't deserve a thank you... She failed what she was supposed to do. Esme couldn't give him any closure, she couldn't even try and help all the trapped spirits. Something she should have been able to easily... but there were complications and she failed even that. Coming back to weak and on the verge of passing out. No Esme didn't deserve a thank you for that failure.

"I failed what I was asked to do. I don't deserve a thank you." Esmeray's voice was not as timid as it was earlier this time she was felt more sure of what she was saying. So she wanted to make sure it got across.

Ethan wasn't sure how to react to Esmeray insisting that she didn't deserve his thanks. He wasn't sure if it was humility or just self deprecation forcing her to talk this way. "You tried, you almost got wasn't your fault that you-"

Of course in the midst of an emotional moment, Sammael appeared to spoil the mood. "It's alright, my dear sister. I'm sure you tried your hardest. Though I am surprised you only tried once, I thought you would be a little more dedicated than that." As much as he tried to cover it up, there was a slight hint of passive-aggresiveness in his voice.

After the small verbal jab towards his sister, Sam turned to Ethan. "I believe your name was Ethan, correct? It is my pleasure to be formally introduced to you."

Ethan looked skeptically at Sammael, one part of him briefly thinking that what he said matched with Esmeray's statement about not deserving thanks. He glanced at her, trying to get some kind of hint that what he was saying was false...Then he remembered the source. Even if Esmeray could have tried again, it would have been incredibly dangerous...that thing had seen her the first time, and given that three chosen weren't able to even truly damage it...even if she had given it her all, Ethan doubted that Esmeray would have been able to do anything about it. He looked at her as sympathetically as he could, but there was a very slight bit of doubt in his mind now.

He looked back at Sammael. "Right, Sammael. It's uh-" Ethan stopped himself, it was way too early to stir trouble in this group. Given his dislike for Sammael may have been unfounded..."Nice to meet you." He finished, deciding to keep friendly.

Sammael only made Esme feel worse about herself. Why hadn't she gone and tried again... Maybe if she had used their dead bodies she could have had a stronger connection and been able to free their spirits. It was too late to know now. Esme had messed up their chance for closure, one that they may never get back. "Sammael is right Ethan... I could have tried more. Done it differently. Used something else to connect with their spirits. I'm sorry..."

"I'm sure you did as much as you could... sis." It sounded so unnatural to call her that, even for him. He did know that it had to be done. His little comment to try and call her out in his introductions back fired. How was he supposed to know that everyone was dumb enough to actually trust HER of all people? He needed to gain their trust and fast.

He stood beside his sister, quickly wrapping his arm around her in a friendly manner and trying to act brotherly. Pulling her in and whispering in her ear so that only she could hear. "You might want to play along here 'sis.' After all, it would be a shame if our parents found out..." After leaning away he plastered a friendly smile onto his face.

Ethan was suspicious to say the least when Sam pulled Esmeray in to whisper. Something was up, but he already knew he wouldn't be able to get to the bottom of it right then and there. "Y'know, I'm sure if you really could've done anything differently. That old man that kept hitting me with his cane would have said something." Ethan said, not entirely certain himself, but not exactly willing to take back his thanks from before. Unlike him, Esmeray had gotten a close look at that thing. If there was even a chance that it could have hurt her, he'd rather she didn't least not before that thing was ripped to pieces...

Esmeray froze up as Sammael put his arm around her and hugged her close to him, it was unnatural and not something she'd experienced since they were children. Then he threatened her. Knowing not to let her face give it away, she kept it neutral but felt a shiver run down her spine at the thought.

When he leaned away she gave him a small smile, "Thanks Samantha... you always know what to say to cheer me up." The words felt disgusting coming off her tongue but she had to play along... at least until she died out here and knew she wouldn't have to deal with her parents anymore. But if she was going to play along she was going to play the teasing sister part. Which she already did, just now she had to actually get along with him when not teasing him. So his nickname was back... well one of many...

At the mention of Thann, Esmeray's smile faltered slightly as her chest tightened. A sad chuckled left her lips as she remebered the many times he had whacked her in the head with his cane... a stubborn man he was. But one who just wanted what was best for her and for her to not be weighed down too much by her duties but also know just how important her role in life was. Before he had died he had already been on his death bed. Sick but staying stubborn as he didn't want to die on her birthday, he wanted to hold out for a few weeks past the first scare of his death. The stubborn man held out for three more months past her birthday. But with each day she got stronger, he grew closer to death. Then he was assassinated, she was blamed and then he wouldn't even speak to her in the spirit realm no matter how many times she tried. He'd only say it'd make her weaker if she couldn't accept his death without visiting him... still she tries and to this day, keeping the jewel from his ring around her own neck.

Meanwhile, a little dragon had been staring up at a beautiful griffin. He was captivated by the creature and was going to fly up to greet her but then the person she was perched on moved... and touched his Esme. He hated the person the beautiful creature perched on. It had been one of three people to be mean to her and do bad things. So he mixed one of his favorite things in with his anger after letting a few of his sharper teeth grow...

Osseus bit the squishy.

Sammael heard the nickname he hadn't heard in a long, long time. Samantha. He scowled at the name. Very few people were allowed to call him anything but Sammael and it was his biggest pet peeve to be called anything but that. He stood up, intending to walk away before his anger got the best of him. "You little-" He started to mumble before he got cut off. He felt a sharp pain, in his ass of all places. It took a moment for it to process before Sam yelled out in pain. "Get this damned thing off me!"

The griffin flew off of his shoulder and landed on the ground by Ethan and Esmeray, giving a slight chuckle. Soleil knew her master was in no real trouble as this had occured several times in the past. "It seems Osseus is very riled up today."

Sammael managed to finally pry the skeletal dragon off him by pulling it by the tail and after finally doing so he tossed it towards his sister. "Take your boney brat and keep him away from me! I'm tired of it doing that..." He complained before stomping off in another direction. Soleil flew up and perched again on his shoulder as he left the other two behind.

A laugh escaped Esmeray's lips, the first one in what felt like forever to the pinkette. Her laughter continued as her brother struggled with the small dragon biting his butt. The others would hear her, see her and probably think she was crazy. But she was just enjoying what she could for the time being.

Catching Osseus the girl grinned at her brother as she patted the little dragon on the head. "Sorry Samantha. You know how much Osseus likes to bite the 'squishy' as he calls it." There was no sense of sincerity in her apology as she watched her brother walk away.

Ethan stared slightly perturbed by Sammael's angry outburst. He could easily chalk it up to getting bit in the ass by some rather sharp teeth, but something told him that it was really just a glimpse of his real personality.

"Well, for what it's worth, your brother probably deserved that. Regardless of what you say, I'm still grateful you tried at all. You didn't owe me anything, so even if someone says you didn't do everything you could have, you still did something." With that, Ethan walked off with a single wave. He was definitely frustrated by the possibility that there had been any possibility of saving Eurika and Flurissa's souls back when Es first tried, but he still knew what they had to do now. If that thing was gone, it wouldn't be dangerous at all to contact them and get their closure...Even if he didn't tell Ka'ora, which he couldn't bring himself to, she would be more than willing if they encountered it again. This time though, Ethan would have to make sure he was there to keep the last bit of family he had alive.
In Chosen 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Staring on, Esmeray watched as the group introduced themselves one by one. She had the full intention of doing so when it seemed like a good time for her to take her turn, unfortunately for her two things happened. First Osseus decided the wake-up and climb out of the bag lazily, biting down on Esmeray's arm gently causing the girl to grab the dragon by his tail and pull him off her arm before he could begin chewing on her arm again. Secondly, Esmeray's lovely brother took the opportunity to introduce her before she got the chance, calling her rude at the same time which really it did seem rude and make her look worse than she did.

Letting out a sigh Esmeray looked to the group again, "I was never actually given the chance to introduce myself yet so please ignore my dear brother..." The pinkette shot a look to her brother, "But as he said I'm Esmeray and yes I am the Death Chosen. But hopefully, you all will be able to learn to look past that so we can work well as a team and get everyone back safely." A warm, soft smile graced her lips as Esmeray finally got Osseus settled in her arms, holding him as one would hold a baby. She knew she had a long way to go before she gained the trust of everyone but it was what the Chosen strove for, that and to clear the names of Azarail and everyone who supports him... even if she died trying.

Location: Hallway
Interacting with: Trevor@Silent Observer and Josie@Kitty

Throwing her bag over her shoulder and slipping her phone into her pocket, Josie quickly made her way out of her homeroom classroom, regretting getting distracted by the text from her brother that kept her a bit longer after the bell. Once in the hall, she paused and looked in both directions, ignoring the complaints of the other students while trying to spot her other redheaded friend. Luckily, it was easy to spot his fiery red hair in the sea of students with boring hair colors.

Dipping and dodging gracefully through the river of students heading towards their next classes, Josie made her way towards the boy as quickly as she could. When she was finally within a good range, she decided to call out to him, “Yo Trev! Wait up!” Hoping he would hear her, she continued making her way towards him as fast as she could.

Following their conversation in homeroom, Trevor and Damian had parted ways in the halls. The boys were in different grades, and therefore had different classes to attend throughout the day. This morning’s news still shook the ginger jock to his core. He felt awful for his friend, this punishment seemed unreasonable and unfair. How would the team even fair without him as their captain and quarterback? Trev only had a few seconds to ponder this as he walked, before someone called his name.

Trevor paused and turned to look over his shoulder towards the source of the sound. “Oh, hey Josie!” He slowed down and smiled warmly at her. Josephine was a friend of his, he’d talked to her about JROTC a few times before, and they share similar interests and friends in school, both being jocks. She even has a brother named Trevor, which was a cool little fun fact that he’d found out the first time that they talked. “What’s up?”

Finally catching up to her friend, Josie smiled at the redhead. “Times like these make me realize how thankful I am to no longer be the short freshman I was. These hallways are seriously crowded.” She joked with a grin spreading across her face. Her face then got a bit more serious, “How’s Damian doing?” She asked, remembering what she heard Damian’s mom say. She felt bad for Damian, he loved football, and she couldn’t imagine that this was easy for him.

His cheerful grin fell flat at that question, as Trevor’s mind was brought back to Damian. “He’s being Damian about it, handling it with finesse and all that. But… it really sucks. The whole thing is pretty upsetting, but we’re gonna do what we can, you know, the team and I.” Trevor talked as they kept walking through the halls, wondering if they were perhaps heading to the same class.

“Is that all you wanted to ask about? Because… I’ve been meaning to chat with you about… something.” His nerves were getting the best of him now, made more obvious by the pauses in his sentence.

Josephine nodded in understanding, Damian has his way of dealing with things even, if sometimes it was not the best way to go about it. But who always goes about anything in the best way? When Trevor asked if she had something else to talk about, her grin returned and grew at his obvious nerves.

“I actually do have something I wish to talk to you about. If I am guessing right based off how you are acting right now… it may just be the same thing.” Josie had a bit of bounce in her step, hoping her guess would be right as she looked at him. “I believe we both wish to talk about a gorgeous southern belle one’s brother believes is just his type. Might I be correct?”

“Wait…” Trevor’s eyes widened in shock. How did Josie know that? Was it that obvious? Maybe she was just referencing what Riley had said at the party, that must be what it was. Unless, of course, she knew that because of something Savannah had said. He felt sweaty all over suddenly. “W-what do you mean?”

“I mean.”

“Yes. But how did you know that?”

“That’s for me to know and you to wish you knew.” Josephine winked at him with a slight playful smirk on her face. The way he was reacting was good news for her plans on getting the two together. Ahh, the innocence of the two with the way they both got flustered at the mention of the other, it was pretty entertaining, but also just adorable.

“So knowing I’m right, I first would like to know what you wanted to talk to me about regarding Savvy. I need to get an idea of what your thoughts are concerning my friend… mainly so I know I don’t need to whoop your ass.” She joked.

Trevor’s eyes, which were still quite wide, grew even more so. He held his hands out in front of him non-threateningly and spoke in a rushed defense. “No, i-it’s not like that. I swear. I just—” His light brown eyes swept around the crowded hallway quickly, and then he looked back to Josie. He motioned for her to join him in a quieter alcove next to a water fountain and whispered his next words.

“Listen, just between you and me, but… I kinda have trouble talking to her. I know, jocks are supposed to be like, super confident, and get all the girls and all that. But, that’s not me, I’m not like that. Savannah is, wow, she’s something else. I don’t know that much about her, but I’d really like to, but it’s like… whenever I’m around her, or talking about her, or thinking about her… I get nervous. Like sweaty palms nervous, and I swear I sound like a bumbling idiot when I speak. She probably thinks I am. But… you’re her friend, so I was hoping you could, maybe, help me?”

Joining him next to the water fountain she listened to him, her heart warming at how utterly adorable it was that he thought and felt that way about Savannah. Josie just knew how right these two were, she sure as hell was gonna enjoy spoiling her little redhead godchildren in the future.

“First of all, I can assure you Trev, she does not think you are a bumbling idiot. The fact you aren’t like all the other jocks is why I want to help you. She’s precious, your precious. Bada bing, bada boom. Perfect match. So I’m going to help you because I love Sav and I love you. I want what’s best for both of you and your gorgeous selves. So anything you need, just hit me up.”

“Do you think she thinks we would be a perfect match?” Trevor asked shyly, his cheeks blushing a fierce red. Not even he could believe that he just asked that question. “W-what should I say? Should I ask her out? What does she like to do?”

“Maybe.” Josie winked at the boy. “How about you start simple and ask her to the movie Friday? That way she can answer that question herself. Plus, for what to say Trev… Well, just say what feels right. Be yourself. The worst thing you could do is pretend to be someone else. She likes you for you.”

She likes me. Trevor thought dreamily to himself as a stupid grin crept across his lips. A movie date, he could totally manage asking her to that. A movie date, on the roof of the place that his father worked at. No big deal, he definitely wouldn’t grill Trev for more information if he saw the pair of them there together or anything. Trevor’s nerves spiked, but he was also excited by Josephine’s encouraging words. “Yeah, good idea. I can do that. I hope she likes Star Wars!”
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Haven had rarely suffered from much crime, just some minor stuff here and there then some more major things every now and then. So when not only one but six bodies were found murdered and the bodies were those of all Previous Chosen… it caused major panic and fear through the city. Someone had gone and killed six Previous Chosen… assassinated them, leaving the city under the protection of the new generation of Chosen and one Veteran. Of course fingers were immediately pointed at the Disciples of Death and the Chosen of Death despite the Previous Chosen of Death also being assassinated. All those who believed it was them had ways to explain that though, saying he asked to be assassinated as he was on his deathbed already which was a true statement causing many to take up this theory furthering the ridicule of all those under Death and furthering the distrust between Azrail and the rest of the gods.

The gods took the next two months to look into things around the Midplane more and then create a plan as the Chosen were given time to mourn and get used to having full power. At the end of exactly two months since the assassinations the Gods called all the Chosen together into the middle of the city. There the Chosen were given their assignment of leaving the city and going through the land, finding the rifts and closing them, and searching for the missing relic while they were at it. The Chosen were then given a day to prepare themself for the mission and left the next morning just as the sun rose over the horizon, crowds of people seeing them off.

The first few hours of travel were silent between all of them none of them talking to each other. But now it has reached midday and they are stopping for their first break. So far they had been lucky to simply only encounter a few basic undead so they had yet to see much battle where they’d need to rely on one another. But they would need to get to know one another and learn to work together if they were to have any chance of survival.

Hell. That’s how Esmeray would describe having to go on this ‘mission’. Her own personal Hell. She had been through enough shit the past two months from attacks and damaging of the Death temple to people attacking some of Death’s disciples to people just crowding around outside yelling out their opinions on those who served Azrail.

The worst thing being done was the defilement of Thann’s grave. Many still believed she killed him but what they don’t know is that finding him dead due to a stab wound and not a natural death like the one they both knew was coming soon. It tore her up on the inside, it devastated her in ways she didn’t know death could. Such raw emotion from her triggered her to activate Decay causing the bed below his body to rot away and parts of her shirt to just disappear as she clung to herself even causing small amount of rot on her own skin that were later healed when she was more level headed. Now she has those scars as a reminder of not only his death but also just how strong death of those you love make you. It will be used by her as a reminder that whoever is responsible for all that is happening, well they are going to wish for death when Esmeray is done with them.

Esmeray fiddled with her bracelet as she glanced around at everyone as the stopped and now had a fire going with some food cooking. She was standing a bit away from the others just observing, Osseus asleep in her bag as she did so. As her eyes landed on her brother she simply shot him a glare before moving her eyes away from him. Out of everyone here, he was the only one that worried her. He knew her biggest secret and she hated that and him for it. Someone would have to eventually start the conversation but it wasn’t going to be her. Not this time at least. Right now she was too wary of all the others to even think of speaking. So she settled for silence as she stared on with her piercing red eyes.
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First of all we want to thank both of you for submitting your characters. They both were well written and created making our decision that much harder. But when it came down to it we had to choose a character that fit the dynamic of the group better and would work better within the group. That being said the life Chosen is Vita Axelle.

Here is the link to the ooc, I will pm you all the link to the discord, go ahead and post your character in the character tab unless you have made any changes then please put the character in the ooc. Thank you all for your patience! We cannot wait to get this started with you all!
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The world once flourished with life, beauty, technology. People lived their lives freely exploring the vast earth, experiencing many things through their lifetime. But slowly the negative sides of human nature began to destroy the planet, killing it over time.

The gods, creators of the earth, were mere observers of all the events over time. Only interfering when absolutely necessary, which was a very rare occasion. But as they watched the planet begin to die over time, the destruction growing by the year, by the day… the destruction of the planet beginning to speed up with time. It was then they decided it was time for them to interfere as the human race began to dwindle.

That’s how Haven was born. The gods built the walled city, infusing magic into the wall and land within the wall so the last of the human race could thrive. Upon bringing the rest of the humans to Haven the gods decided that starting the next generation there would be one child born with each gods’ mark. The child would be the gods’ Chosen One and the god would train the chosen one to be one of the protectors of the city along with one of the protectors of the wall. Then following that Chosen One another Chosen One would be born when destiny decided it was time. It would be the Veterans responsibility to train their successor, knowing that as the next Chosen One gained strength they would lose it… eventually passing away.

To help with process along with creating a better state of worship for the gods, The Order was formed under each god from normal citizens who preferred worshipping one god instead of all gods as most citizens did. The Order gaining the rest of their name from the god they served under. The Order helped with occasional watching over the wall along with visiting newborn children when they are suspected of being a possible Chosen One. They are also responsible with upkeeping a small house for each god, mainly used by the Chosen Ones for training or by the gods for storage of important artifacts and relics or for when the gods visit.

The newly created society continued on for hundreds of years within the walls without problem, the modern world slowly being forgotten as a new language and way of life was adapted over years. It wasn’t until nearly 884 years later that a problem arose. It all started when odd human like creatures began to show up at the wall, banging against it and attempting to reach up the extremely tall wall to those on patrol above. Upon sending out someone to investigate it was found out these creatures were somehow reanimated corpses.

A creature that had not existed since the beginning of time when the God of Death was young and experimenting. Since one mishap that created a single one of them, he was banned from making them again. So immediately fingers were pointed to him and he was watched under a closer eye, the accusation causing alienation of his Chosen Ones and his Order. Shortly after an odd creature killed two Chosen One’s followed by the arrival of more reanimated corpses. A few of the Gods went and investigated the world outside of the walls and found rifts open to their elemental realms. Immediately returning the small house of the God of Death, his Order, and Chosen Ones was stormed by the Gods where it was found that his relic for creating portals to realms was gone and because when portals are left open too long they become rifts the God of Death became prime suspect. It was on that day that he was imprisoned by the other gods further alienating those below him.

For the next few weeks the gods kept to themselves as the Chosen Ones were trained even harder. It was after those few weeks of silence from the gods that the Chosen Ones were called to the middle of the city, the typical meeting spot for all of them. There they were informed they would be sent out into the world to close the rifts in order to prevent them from growing and releasing all the creatures into the world from the different realms. It was up to them to protect the city and everyone within it.

This quest would be the biggest challenge they’d ever face, but they were Chosen for a reason.

Gods and Goddesses

God of Death - Azrail
Goddess of Life - Melea
God of Fire - Ravikanth
Goddess of Water - Hali
Goddess of Air - Anemos
Goddess of Earth - Valterra
Goddess of Light - Luminel
God of Lightning - Tormaigh
God of Shadows - Matlal


Chosen of Death - Esmeray Lionsun
Chosen of Life - Vita Axelle
Chosen of Fire - Almathea Stone
Chosen of Water - Jonah Kalrem
Chosen of Air - Ethan Uilic
Chosen of Earth - Lachdonon O'Brein
Chosen of Light - Sammael Lionsun
Chosen of Lightning - Ka'ora Uilic
Chosen of Shadows - Ruby Dewer


Will be updated as time goes along and the Chosen run into the different creatures, thus 'discovering them'.

Need To Know

  • Bronze Age Technology
  • They all live within the walled city, it is rare for anyone to venture out. Only the Chosen do when absolutely necessary for the safety of the city
  • Gods Relations effect how The Chosens view each other naturally. Some have a natural bond while some naturally have a dislike towards each other
  • Typically previous Chosens will start training the new ones at the age of 10
  • Chosen Ones can combine magic together to create a stronger new magic together but how well it works depends a lot on emotions and feelings towards one another. Close friends or lovers can control a strong blast or attack easily while two people who dislike each other can create an extremely strong attack but cannot control it and run their mana out quickly
  • Using their abilities wastes mana so they must be careful as to not overexert themselves
  • Chosen are naturally more resilient and stronger than average humans, and that's before factoring in their elemental attributes. As far as a power level goes, they are much more akin to benders from the Avatar series.
  • So basically a familiar is like a monster summon, they are specifically a creature of the chosen ones element that is almost a gift from the god in a way as it doesn't rely on the chosen ones mana or magic. Sentient magic so to speak. It has its own store. They can summon themselves and tend to stay in small, 'baby' form for the most part. It can grow to its full form when it is needed to help fight and if it was to 'die' it would just burst into smoke in a way and would then take a while before it can reappear. The familiars also have the ability to speak.
  • Relations between gods

Haven Map

@Grnmachine The OOC will be out within the next couple days if not sooner. There is still an aspect we need to finalize but it is a bit hard when all four of us have different schedules and said thing requires us all on at the same time for an extended period but we are trying our best to get it done. The discord will also be sent to you all via pm at that time too.
@Sailorsadie*cough cough cough*
@onenote Go ahead, just let us know when you are done!

@Aerandir Looks good still!
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