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It's been a bit, but I'm coming back. This is my place, this is where I came from. Let's do this!
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Current It's been a bit, but I'm coming back. This is my place, this is where I came from. Let's do this!
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Making an attempt at a comeback... Let's see how this goes after not writing for three months!
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Many months later finally received the diagnoses of ME/CFS. Taking a break from RPG to focus on me and my health. Will hopefully be back soon! <3


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Sitting next to her friends, Hana attended the assembly. Sitting quietly and listening diligently to all that was said.

'Halloween is next week? I almost forgot... Planning spooky surprises though? The faculty is going to make it frightening?! This is why I don't like Halloween. Its scary and creepy and not my style at all.' Hana's thoughts slipped away from what she heard the Headmaster say to terrible things they could do to scare the students, most of them barely that frightening to the normal person but alas, Hana was not normal and could be skittish at times. Even a simple loud noise could send her anxiety through the roof.

It took Hana a moment to calm herself and she only barely did so in time to hear the next announcement in regards to the scavenger hunt. As soon as she heard they would be split into small teams, she began to worry she would be in a group with people she didn't know and that she wouldn't be of any help to anyone due to her flaws, mainly her indecisiveness being a big one. But upon the teams being announced, Hana saw she was with Sam and Zakaya and felt relief wash over her. Sam was the one helping her better herself in terms of her indecisiveness. It couldn't have been any better besides getting a team with Erica. As for Zakaya, she wasn't quite familiar with the girl but she seemed nice enough so Hana figured she'd be a decent teammate. Hana wasn't sure how the day would go, but she just hoped for the best at this point.

Upon the assembly finishing Hana waved goodbye to her friends and headed back to the dorms. She went straight to her dorm and prepared for bed before sitting at her desk and finishing up any schoolwork left unfinished from before the assembly. Then she climbed into her bed with all her fluffy pillows and fluffy blanket and curled up, letting sleep overcome her as per usual, she had an early day tomorrow.

Mentions: Sam @BitchTheFuck, Soleil @Rosalia, and Leo@Melissa

“Hana! Just in time! You’ve been invited to our shindig, this Friday night. Don’t even try arguing with me, Savvy here already lost that one.”

”But… I…” Hana gave up before even starting an argument there. She resigned to the fact she was going to be dragged to a party and she would probably just chill in the corner of antisocialness.

”Okay. I’ll come.” The girl returned to eating her apple, just listening to the other three idly chat as she finished her breakfast. When she finished she set the core in a napkin and folded it up to dispose of. She was getting ready to say goodbye to the others when she was interrupted by none other than Nicholas appearing at the table.

“Morning girls. Lovely morning isn’t it?”

The small girl’s eyes widened and she offered a small wave back only for it to falter as she noticed Nicholas wasn’t even paying attention to anyone besides TJ. She blinked a few times confused as to why he said hi to everyone if he wasn’t even paying attention to anyone besides Tyler Jane. Hana shrugged it off before getting up herself and waving a goodbye to everyone as she headed to throw away the apple core.

In a way only the small timid girl is capable of, Hana stumbled over her own two feet at the worst moment possible. Falling to the ground, face first, a small thud was heard. And who did she become a clutz by? None other than the alphas of the school; Leo, Soleil, and Sam. Hana’s face flushed bright red as she pushed herself up, stumbling a bit and looked to the three before fleeing. Her face was almost the color of tomato as she ran out of the cafeteria and back to the Arts building. Her safe haven.

The sun was barely peaking over the horizon when Hana had gotten up. As per usual she spent some time doing her hair and then picked a cute yet cozy outfit for the day. About an hour after getting up, roughly 6:30 am, Hana made her way from the dorms towards the Arts Building. The rays of the sun finally shining brightly in the sky warmed her bringing a faint smile to her face, the slight breeze blowing the hair left out of her braid and ruffled her outfit.

The short blonde took her time to walk to the Arts building, enjoying the outdoors and the views around her. She looked off to the wilderness and decided she wanted to go out and draw later today after a short walk. It would have to wait though as she wanted to work on the panting she’d been working on for awhile now. Something about it was still off and she felt she was missing something, did she mess up the lighting in the scene? Was the piece just too similar to something she’d done or seen? Hana had yet to figure out what was off with the piece she’d been working on but her horoscope led her to believe that today would be good and she’d find what she was missing.

Arriving at the Arts Building, Hana entered and was quick to head to the room where her painting and paints were left. She hung her scarf and bag up before sliding an apron on over her dress. She grabbed the canvas and set it up on an easel before going and grabbing her paints. Placing earphones in her ears, she began a calming playlist and got into the mood, instantly getting to work. Time became a distant thing as something clicked within Hana and she adjusted a few things on the painting before getting to work to finish off the large painting that had been a few days in the work.

Quite a bit later, Hana stood back and admired her work, it wasn’t the best she had done but she was satisfied and happy with it. She moved the canvas to a safer spot and then cleaned her brushes and work area. As she took off her apron and hung it back up she glanced at the clock realizing it was 8:30. Her eyes widened and she rushed to get her scarf back on and slung her bag over her shoulder before running off and out of the Arts Building.

Stumbling a few times, she made her way to the cafeteria and entered, scanning her ID and being handed her daily fruit which today was an apple. How thankful she was for not having to choose her food as that would end up in her holding the line majorly. Stepping away from the line and looking around the cafeteria Hana saw the few people she’d gotten closer to. Sam was with Leo and Sol, so there was no way she was going over to where he was. Bradley was one for solitude so she wasn’t going to disturb him. Charles, she didn’t know him well enough to feel comfortable eating with him. That left Erica, who was sitting with Savannah and Tyler. Hana didn’t know the other two as well as Erica, but if Erica trusted them and was friends with them then she could learn to as well. Weaving between tables and people, Hana made her way to the small group and sat down giving them all a small wave and smile before silently eating her apple, not wanting to disturb whatever they were talking about before her arrival.

I hope that her history is enough of one, if not I apologize and I will add more.

All I know is I am in and will be making a female. Havent made any decisions on animal or faceclaims yet or text color... I feel behind. Time to get to work.

Name: ??? || Animal : Sheep || Faceclam: Taeyeon || Color: ffd9eb
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Turner House → Secret Place → T(B)urner House

Was Mirai really going to go to the dumb press conference? Of course not. She didn’t really care, it didn’t concern her. Plus she didn’t need to be around the idiot when he most definitely would make some sort of outburst or scene. People were suspicious of her enough so him drawing attention to both of them was a no go in her book.

Instead the delinquent was driving on her motorcycle looking for a place to smoke and drink the bottle of sake she had just bought. When she was driving around she saw smoke and being, well her, she went to where it was to find two of her favorite things. One a chaotic scene of a house on fire and two a nice bike that she could sell.

Mirai parked her motorcycle near where the bike was and got off her cycle and onto the bike. She then rode off to see her favorite person, an annoying dude she wanted to punch, who bought anything she acquired illegally from her. The location was a secret and like hell she’d sell out the best way to make cash in the city. After she sold the bike, Mirai spent the walk back to the burning house smoking and glaring at anyone who dared to get too close.

By the time Mirai got back to the scene of the fire, firefighters were on the scene. It was a disappointment in her eyes but at least the fire was still going. Leaning against her bike, she pulled out her sake and began to drink it while staring into the flames of the building across the street. The firefighters tried and failed to make her move further away, she was too content watching the fire. What could she say, watching it was a bit therapeutic. Although beating people up was definitely much more therapeutic, that was just much more illegal.

The delinquent was in no way aware of who's house she was watching burn nor exactly how bad she was looking just sitting there watching the fire. In her eyes, she was simply doing whatever the fuck she wanted and enjoying it. Things Mirai enjoys tend to backfire on her a lot though.

Mirai took a swig of her sake as she watched a cop car pull up. When she saw the Turner's in said car. Well that is when she began to see that maybe sitting at the scene of the fire was not a good idea. Especially since she knew the Turner's already didn't like having her in their city. "Well this will be fun." Mirai muttered as she downed the rest of the sake, going back to watching the fire.
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