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After the fiasco that had happened during the first day of school, Santiago Fernandez had become his baby mama’s bodyguard, pretty much sticking to her like glue. On one hand, he’d felt extremely guilty for leaving her alone and open to confrontations like that. April had always been a strong woman who was more than capable of holding her own, but she was in a delicate state, and he should’ve done more to protect her. On the other hand, he’d been furious to hear about the unnecessary stress the mother of his child had been put in. All she had done was try to take advantage of the new year to turn a new leaf, but her attempt had been ruined by Salvador’s psycho (ex?)girlfriend, and blown out of proportion by some new dude and the rest of Lils’ friends. The young man had been dead set on confronting the couple, but it had been at April’s rather merciful request that he hadn’t. It would solve nothing, she said, and only prove that he was just as unable to commit to changing as Kavi was. And being like Kavi Salvador in any way was out of the question.

Once Mrs. Sanders had dismissed them from yet another assembly, the young couple had made a beeline straight to the cafeteria. Mila was making it very clear to her mother that she was starving, so normally her parents were doing their best to beat the lunch rush. Thankfully, the seniors were let out early, and most of their classmates had been busy finding partners for the dance, so there had been no wait time to get their food. April had secured their seats, and Santiago was returning with their trays in no time.

“Well, there goes my plan of taking you as my date...” the young man lamented, carefully placing April’s lunch tray in front of her before taking a seat in the chair facing her. He wasn’t nearly as outraged as the majority of his classmates seemed to be, but he was still bummed out about being robbed of the chance of taking his girlfriend to their last school Valentine’s Day dance.

After the entire fiasco that had occured in the weeks prior, April had really appreciated the relatively little that had happened since then. Apart from the fact that it took quite a bit of effort to convince Santiago not to confront Kavi and Ariel, April had had a pretty calm and quiet few weeks. The real icing on the figurative cake though, was that even though she had prevented Santiago from bringing the issue back up, the result was that he had become so much more protective of her. The pair were inseparable. He’d carried her books between every class that they shared, he’d always make sure that they got a decent seat in the cafeteria and he’d even gone as far as carrying her tray for her. It was amazing how much he had changed in the few short months it had been since homecoming. While she really didn’t want him doing absolutely everything for her--it kind of tarnished the image of the power of the Trinity--she was willing to let it slide for a bit because damn did she enjoy it.

“No kidding, I was really looking forward to finally attending a dance with you. They can’t really stop us from meeting up during the event though, so there’s that.” April said, undoing the lid and taking a bite of the chicken caesar salad in front of her. “Good choice by the way, I really needed this.” she quickly added, covering her mouth as she tried to both chew and talk.

Santiago chuckled lightly. “You’re welcome, babe! And yeah, definitely. No matter who we go with you can be sure I’ll be checking in on you every once in a while. Gotta make sure they’re taking care of you and treating you right...” he said sweetly, giving her a wink before digging into his loaded nachos. “Anyone you want to go with?” the boy asked with a mouthful of tortilla chips.

“Honestly, I can’t think of any. I could probably ask Kavi now that he's single and all now…” she looked at him with a playful grin before shaking her head and laughing. “Joking of course, I wouldn’t do that to you or Kavi.” She laughed once again, seeing the look of an absolutely unimpressed Santiago looking back at her. “You have to admit that was funny though!”

“Hilarious. I’m falling off my seat with laughter…” he grumbled, rolling his eyes and taking a few more jabs at his nachos. “Steve Harvey is shaking. He’s scared he’ll lose his job to you.”

“And what about you? Any ideas floatin’ around in that head of yours?” April cocked her at him as she looked back to him, the grin still ever present on her face. “If you wanted a real laugh you could ask Julie?” She jokingly suggested, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

Santiago snorted at her suggestion. “You’re just full of jokes today, aren’t you?” he snickered, playfully shaking his head. “We both know Julie would rather throw herself off a cliff than go anywhere with me.”

“This is true. Seems to be a slight flaw in that plan. But seriously, anyone cross your mind?”

The gray-eyed male was quiet for a second, flipping through a mental rolodex of his female classmates. “I mean, not really. I guess I could ask RiRi? Not exactly a friend, but not someone who would run in the opposite direction when she sees me coming.”

“I mean she is really fuckin’ gorgeous. I wouldn’t blame you. I’ve never really talked to her otherwise.” April nodded in approval, though it wasn’t based on much else other than what she saw from the outside. “Given that though, someone may have already asked her, not to be a buzz-kill or anything.”

“Just my fucking luck, right?” he said jokingly, taking another mouthful of nachos when a familiar tall, willowy boy approached their table with a tight-lipped smile.

“Hey April…” the newcomer greeted the pregnant girl before he turned stiffly towards Santiago. “The Devil.” he nodded, giving Santiago a chance to acknowledge him with a sharp nod before turning back to April, leaving the baby daddy to watch the scene unfold in front of him with narrowed eyes.

“So… Uh... This dance thing...” Archer Diedrikson started awkwardly, running his hand through his messy hair. “I was just wondering if a fine, pregnant, unmarried teenage girl would need a gay date to this shitshow?” he asked with a laugh.

April briefly glanced to Santiago to see his reaction before turning her full attention to Archer, smiling warmly to him. “Good afternoon Archer, it’s been a while.” The moment Archer started his little piece about asking her to the dance, April couldn’t help but grin at his delivery. “This fine, pregnant and very much unmarried teenage girl would love a gay date to this shitshow of a Valentine’s dance.” She turned back to Santiago briefly once again, making sure that he was in fact alright with this. It wasn’t that she was looking for his permission, but more his approval.

As unexpected as it was, Archer’s proposal was actually a pretty fucking genius idea. It’s not like Archer and Santiago were the best of friends- or even friends at all. But he’d heard enough compliments from Max about how his cousin was a quiet, kind, chill and caring dude, and he’d witnessed firsthand how he was one of the very few people to manage the feat of defusing the ticking time bomb that was Marisol Castillo more than once. If he was able to pull that off, then he was more than qualified to escort the mother of his child to this dance. In fact, he was probably the perfect man to do so… Besides himself, of course.

The muscled boy’s frown slowly turned into a wide grin. “This is fucking awesome, cabron,” he said gleefully, lightly punching Archer’s arm. “Thanks, man. I’ll owe you one.”

April smiled warmly and looked between the two. It was nice to see that Santiago was completely alright with the proposal and it only served to make her day just that much better. As she looked back to Archer, she remembered something that the two of them had talked about earlier in the year and her eyes lit up once again.

“Tell me, does my potential gay date still need me to take a look at his car like we talked about ages ago?”

Nothing good came from these assembly meetings. Part of Chrissie blamed homecoming for Jason finding a Drug he couldn’t resist. Part of her already knew it was just who he was as a person and the only person that could change his character was himself. Thankfully, karma’s a bitch, seeing how his parents pulled him out of King’s and sent him off to military school. His letter to her was a form of apology but she couldn’t tell if he was sincere or if he was doing this so that he could have a clearer conscience — be able to sleep at night, or live with himself.

Regardless of the reason, Jason was in the past. Chris was ready to move on and enjoy her last days at King’s Academy. There was no point in wasting her mental and emotional energy on someone who was drowning in his own demons. She had better things to do, like par-tay. While Mrs. Sanders’ unwarranted voice filled the room, Chris quietly filed her nails in the back, sitting next to Ariana, and nowhere near Stella. Her and her cousin… weren’t on the best terms.

After that fateful confrontation the same day she had toyed with Carter, both her and the madly-in-love fool decided it was best to give each other space. Chris didn’t think there was fault in anything she did or say, and if Stella was going to act like a child, she would too. As stubborn as a mule, the primadonna was absolutely not going to bend first. This has led to awkward times at the Lambert’s, but it wasn’t she who started this cold war. It was Stella. “I can be petty too.” Chrissie mumbled to herself, as she examined her cuticles.

When the meddlesome teacher finished her spiel, Chris rolled her eyes in annoyance. She wasn’t too worried about finding a date, she was single, after all, and the school was her oyster. However, it did bother her that the teachers felt so inclined to force a positive atmosphere when it’s obvious some people would just not get along. It did bother her that they were so heavily involved in their kids’ affairs, knowing more than they probably should, when they were grown ass adults that should be focusing on their own problems. This was their last semester for crying out loud. Kids will be kids and nothing here actually mattered. It would all be forgotten the moment they aged up into adulthood.

Chris’ gaze followed one person in particular, who seemed quick to gather his things and leave. She didn’t want to lose track of him. She’d have to find him sooner rather than later, just to make sure she claimed her date. Standing up, she looked at Ariana and growled, “Can you believe this shit?” Her expression was like: why did the faculty and staff love to make them a social experiment? In addition to that, why couldn’t they go alone? Why did they absolutely have to go with someone? Once again, she wasn’t worried for herself, but there were some people she wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. People that were more effort than not, just to hold a goddamn conversation. A waste of time and space. Those individuals, she pitied.

“Eh, it doesn’t bother me as much as it should, I suppose,” Ariana said earnestly, her expression indifferent as she shrugged her shoulders and grabbed her belongings. “There’s definitely a handful of people I can ask to go with me, so finding a date won’t be hard. But I’m not going to lie: I get slightly peeved the more I think about these pesky rules. And I’m betting my collector’s edition snakeskin Birkin bag that Mr. Big was a very big supporter of this dumb idea. He’s been acting stupid since he caught me with Casanova on the first day of school...” she added, the annoyance dripping from her words.

Ever since Jace’s untimely appearance that first day of school, things between him and Ariana had reached an all-time low. The detention period he had appointed her for after class had turned into a verbal tug-of-war: with the young woman loudly arguing that what they had wasn’t serious and he had no reason to act the way he did, and the older man trying his hardest to remain professional but eventually exploding into a growling beast demanding she keep her voice down and explaining how he felt completely differently. It seemed that the two were reenacting the Ross and Rachel 'on a break' discussion- except that they were debating over how serious their relationship was or wasn't. In the end, their heated argument had ended with Ariana swearing up and down she was done with him, Jace declaring the same and her storming out of his classroom.

Nearly four weeks later, and they had both remained true to their word. They hadn’t so much as exchanged words or text messages, and were doing their best efforts in subtly trying to get under each other’s skin. Anytime Jace walked by them or was within sight Ariana had been all over Max, hugging him, kissing him, getting on his lap… Meanwhile, Jace had been doing his part by ignoring her raised hand when asking questions in class, not answering her questions, collecting her work last so she would be rushing or late to her next class… And, of course, sharing the burden of glaring at each other whenever possible. It was quite the dumb, childish, petty game they were playing, but one they continued to engage in all the same. Waving the white flag of surrendering would mean weakness: both Ariana and Jace were too proud for that.

As they reached the door, Chris raised an eyebrow. A question crossed her mind, and at the same time, came out of her nude-colored lips, “Do you think Biggie is going to be there?” She didn’t want to say as a chaperone because she didn’t want any of their other peers to overhear. Mr. Big always had a 50/50 chance of attending events and usually the circumstances revolved around Ariana flipping in a short skirt or Ariana being in close proximity to people he knew she’d want to fuck.

"Think? Peaches, I know he's going to be there..." Ariana said bitterly, rolling her eyes at her best friend. "You think he's going to pass up the chance to cockblock me? Ne.Ver. He doesn’t want the cake but refuses to let anyone else eat it, too. Selfish prick."

“How awkward!” Just imagining her friend’s position made her mad. First, because it sucked having someone peer over you like a hawk, and two, because of bad memories with Jason. The scottish student knew her Cherry liked the attention, but still… Valentines was a day to get lost in ‘love’ or lust. Or both! It would be awful if Ariana didn’t get down and dirty.

Exiting the door, Chrissie caught sight of Kavi speed walking away, and directed herself and her friend in the same direction: toward the quad. “Regardless of who you take I’m positive he’ll cause a clitorference.” At least without having a boyfriend Chrissie didn’t need to worry about Jason taking her away from all her friends and flaunting her like she was a shiny toy rather than his girlfriend. While she did like that possessiveness, to a degree, she also loved her freedom. Ariana understood that better than anyone.

The brunette couldn't help but cackle loudly at Chrissy's comment. "Damn right they will!" Ariana whooped, smiling and playfully slapping her best friend's ass. Frankly, she was over thinking of Jace and all the ways he could try and meddle in her personal life, so she decided it was time to change the subject. "You got any idea who you're taking?" She asked her, holding the curly-haired beauty by the waist.

After giggling at the slap, even giving a reactive ‘meow’, Chris lifted the furthest hand from her bestie, made a finger gun, and pointed it to the back of Kavi’s head, “Bang. Him.” Earlier, while they were in the classroom, it didn’t take Chris too long to survey her peers, ultimately coming to the quick decision of who exactly she would take to V-Day dance. “I think it would be fun to get to know one of the most ‘talked’ about boys here, don’t you think? He’s literally drowning, and I find it hilarious, but also, I feel kind of sorry for him.” She would be lying if she said she didn’t find him… charming. She did, but for this project, she wanted to be a saint, not a sinner. She wanted to have fun and make him smile.

Well that was certainly a way to make sense of things. “You know, Kav’s not really as bad as they paint him out to be,” Ariana mused with a shrug. “Now I’m not saying I defend how nasty he’s been to people throughout the years. But we’ve all said and done dumb stuff at some point in our lives, and you can tell that he’s really sorry and regretful about the nasty mess that happened on the first day. Do I constantly question where his good taste has gone since he decided to date Ariel Gray of all people? Yes. Every day. But do I see him as this big, bad wolf? Nah. But, like, be careful, okay? You wouldn’t want that psychopathic bitch to come after you just because you’re breathing the same air as him!” she finished with a laugh, shaking her head in amusement at the absurd but possible consequences Chris could face if she decided to follow through with her plan. "I think she's, like, clinically insane."

“I’m intrigued by him!” She cheered, loud enough to leave an echo in the hall, and to her surprise, Kavi was still completely oblivious to her voice and the fact that they were still successfully stalking and talking about him. She wasn’t scared of Ariel, that’s what long nails were for, or even better, her keychain, but Ariana did have a point. Honestly, this felt more like a daring adventure than anything. Something risky, yet all around fun. A gamble that she was willing to take. High risk, high reward, baby!

Turning her gaze to Ariana, she sighed heavily, “You were my first choice, but I think I need to get myself out there and stop sulking over Jay…” Her words trailed off momentarily, before she shook his image out of her head and turned the conversation around, “Now, you. Anyone you want to bite?”

Pausing, a concern appeared in her mind. Quickly, Chris’ voice went to a whisper, “You don’t think… Mr. Big told Mrs. Sanders and every other teacher under the sun that you and Casanova snoogle, do you?” It was only natural for Chris to assume Max would be one of Ariana’s first options, assuming the teachers didn’t know about their romantic affairs.

“I don’t think he’s ratted me out just yet, but I’m sure if I say that Casanova and I are going together he’d be the first one to raise hell about it…” Ariana told Chris, rolling her eyes again in annoyance. “And, honestly? I have no idea who I want to take. I was going to say you, but since you’ve already decided to dump me for Kavi, I guess I might as well be all alone in the world...” she said, giving her best friend a fake pout of sadness.

With a mirrored pout, Chrissie thought fast, thinking of all her peers, like she was skimming their yearbook, and the person she stopped on was her dear friend, Jasper. Oh how she loved him, but oh how tragic and lonely he was. Metaphorically, she became Glinda from Wicked the Musical, during Dancing Through Life, and her friend, Boq, wanted to go to the ball with her, but she directed him to someone… in need of some attention, Nessarose, and in return, she, the good witch, could take the hot guy, Fiyero. “ know what would be kind?”

As Ariana raised a questioning eyebrow, Chrissy pulled out her phone, went to her gallery, and scrolled until she found a picture of her with Jasper. A selfie while he played the piano. “This would be… so, so, so perfect. I worry Tavy might not have anyone ask him out and I honestly don’t know when was the last time he had a ‘good’ time. If you get what I mean.” She dorkily winked, while she finalized her proposition, “He’s tragically handsome and I find the idea of him having no one unfair. Godawful! Cruel. Why not give his lonesome self a night to remember? It’s basically charity work.”

"Huh…" was all Ariana would say before taking a moment to think this through.

Ever since her arrival at King's Academy's high school wing, Ariana had been a slut for athletes. She had a clear, foolproof type: tall, lean, dominant, with chiseled bodies and commanding personalities that called attention in and out of the court or fields they played at. Jasper Fray was, obviously, the furthest type of male from the brunette's usual prey. He was that quiet, artsy boy that would keep to himself as much as possible and only really shone when his dainty fingers worked magic in the keys of a piano. Of course, that wasn’t to say he wasn’t really fucking handsome in his own way, or that he didn’t have his charm- in that mysterious, edgy sort of way. And who knew? Maybe he’d surprise her, like Sonny Drake had done during those secret, glorious few months back in sophomore year a lifetime ago. It was the best opportunity to spice things up and try a different flavor.

"I'm into it!" Ari finally said to Chrissy, giving her that kittenish, sultry smile her friend would know so well. "He's not what I usually go for, but I can't say that I'm not curious about what he's packing under that cloak of social distancing and mystery. Who knows? Maybe he'll give me the dickdown of the century!" she snickered mischievously.

“You’ll have to tell me all about it.” As Kavi took his seat at a far table, probably in hopes to avoid people, Chrissie decided this was her chance to make her move. “Okay, lover.” Shifting her body, so it faced toward Ariana, Chris dismissed herself by giving some sugar, “Smooches.” After a delectable kiss on the lips, the theater geek swiftly returned the spank with an ass grab and then pranced off to her prey.

“What a load of ass.”

Sonny walked out of Mrs. Sanders’ classroom annoyed and bordering on the state of irate. He slouched like he always did and his hands were in his jacket pocket. After the category 5 storm that was Hurricane Homecoming, Sonny was grateful for the amount of time that the faculty stayed out of the students’ affairs. Leaving them be was the best they could have done. For Sonny, it was pretty fucking beneficial since he shaped up and got with Marisol (eventually), but now as he walked side by side his idiot in love, he was pissed.

He huffed out, stopping suddenly and pulled out his phone. Staring at it for a moment, he sighed. “This is just the same shit they tried to pull.” Sonny’s eyes rolled themselves to the sight of some of his classmates echoing his sentiments with the gestures of their hands and then he spotted Kavi a bit off in the distance with Chris McAvoy, which just made him roll his eyes even more. “Not that I’m about the V-gay shit but I would have liked the option to take my girlfriend to that shitstain of a dance.”

“You have a girlfriend?” Marisol asked him, feigning surprise. When her lame attempt at a joke failed, she rolled her eyes and gently shoved her boyfriend. “Oh, cheer up, Son! You’re taking this as if we don’t have at least four other people to ask. Plus, if we really wanted to get technical here, they’re only asking you to invite and take a friend to the dance. They’re not saying we’re expected to stay with them for the whole thing. See? Genius!” the girl said with a smug expression, tapping her temple.

As he playfully shoved Mari from the side, Sonny chuckled. He found himself thinking about those four people, which resulted in the typical low humming sound he made whenever he was lost in his own head. After a few moments of silence, he looked at Mari. “Fine, if you’re such a genius, who do you recommend I ask? Maybe I’ll give Stella a ring and she can carpool with us and whoever you choose.” Sonny knew all too well how much she grimaced as soon as Stella’s bubbly nature took control of any room or space they both were in, which was the exact reason why he mentioned her name.

The short girl’s reaction was instantly visible in the way she scrunched up her face as if she’d just stepped on a rather large pile of feces. “I’d rather throw myself off a building,” she spat, glaring at Sonny now.

Sonny laughed. “Relax, I’m obviously kidding.” He was only partially pulling her leg with that one. While it would have been hilarious, he wasn’t even thinking about Stella. Not only did he like having his balls unharmed, but she was also obviously doing her own thing now and so was Sonny. “We’ll come back to my choice later. Who the fuck are you going to ask? Since, ya know, the best options available aren't allowed,” he chuckled, pointing to himself like Blake Shelton does on The Voice.

“Damn, man. If you’re the best option out there then that speaks volumes of the shitty selection of people in this school…” Mari teased, grimacing and shaking her head in mock disappointment, ignoring his question in an attempt to buy herself some time to find an answer.

”I’m just going to pretend you didn’t say that because you’re clearly not gonna find another pimp-ass daddy like me at this school..” Sonny laughed triumphantly, knowing he was right and then moved right along. “But seriously, what are we going to do? I mean, we could just cheat and get Kav or Archer to be our date.” Even though he laughed at his own suggestion, he entertained the possibility that he would get turned down by one of them or if he could deal with Archer’s comments about his truck.

Spare. Me.” she commented with a typical eye roll, but gave her boyfriend a wink and a smile to make sure he knew she was just playing around. But when he commented that inviting Kavan and Archer as their dates of the dance was ‘cheating’, she scoffed. “That’s not fucking cheating!” she cried out defensively, earning herself a few disapproving looks from her classmates and flipping them off to show how little she cared. “All they said was no partners or love interests. And, as far as I know, Van and Archie are the furthest thing from that for us.”

“Maybe for you,” Sonny chuckled and smirked. “I’m in a position to gay it up with our friends for the good of the dance,” he winked at Marisol, unable to contain the overwhelming need to laugh, forcing him to close his eyes. A moment later, when he opened his watery eyes, Sonny could just feel the light punch to his arm and her glaring at him but this was too much fun. Once he settled down, he cleared his throat. “Well, what about Rye? Or even Marisol Lite?”

Although she was still glaring at Sonny and debating whether he meant what he was saying or not, the mention of Ryland and the sight of a red-haired beauty daintily walking past them wiped everything else from her mind. A few weeks previously, Ry had confided in them that he’d developed a raging, burning crush on none other than Julie MacMillan herself, but that his subtle attempts at getting her attention had proven unsuccessful. With this tidbit of information randomly rising back up to the surface, a lightbulb went on inside Marisol’s brain. It was much too obvious what needed to be done.

“Babe, I’ve got the perfect fucking idea!” Mari exclaimed, turning to fully face her boyfriend with an excited grin on her face.

“Oh, dear lord…” Sonny began to slightly panic. Whenever she had that grin on her face, he knew trouble wasn’t far behind. No matter how noble her intentions, something bad always happened whenever she followed through ideas barely contained within her grin. Still, he couldn’t say that he wasn’t curious, especially when it had to do with Ryland. “What’s on your mind?” He asked her with mild caution and a curiously-raised brow.

“You know how Rye told us he has the hots for Mami MacMillan, but that she doesn’t cut him some slack?” she began, waiting for Sonny’s acknowledgment before continuing. Well, how about you invite Julie, I invite Ryland, and then we can spend the whole dance trying to prove to her that he’s worth her time and setting them up? I know all this Matchmaker shit is fucking gay as balls, but I just want him to get a real fucking shot with her. That and we still kinda owe him for when he caught us in your bedroom on the first day of school...” she added as an afterthought.

”You might have a point.”

He always admitted it when Marisol had a point. The smug bitch rubbed it in his face like a sweaty jockstrap as many times as she could- but when she was right, she was abso-fucking-lutely right.

Since finding out about them and especially after he sent that voice message, apologizing to them, things still haven’t been the same. They all still hung out, surfed when they could and fuck around the boardwalk, but Sonny had always felt things were a little off. The way Rye’s mannerisms became stiff and he was less talkative than he usually was, especially when Sonny and Marisol had moments of PDA, Sonny could tell he still wasn’t completely cool with them as a couple. People might say Sonny wasn’t observant, which most of the time they were right, but when it came to his closest friends, Sonny noticed things. He knew Marisol’s quirks and he knew when she was about to pop him aside the head before he realized it. Likewise, he knew when Rye was uncomfortable.

“So, how do you propose I do this? Just go up to the queen and be like ‘oh hey friend, wanna go to this forced-not-forced social obligation with me?’” He drolly stared at Marisol.

“And why the fuck not?” she challenged with a raised eyebrow, her hands now on her hips. “Julie knows you. She’s cool with you. What’s the worst thing that can happen: that she says no?”

As he digested what she said and what this meant for Sonny in terms of what he had to do, he rolled his eyes. He didn’t want to say that it was going to be embarrassing, at least not as much as his mind was making him believe. And it’s not like they were on bad terms. In all honesty, the unlikely friendship that he had with Julie was better than he had with most of the senior class (sans the Misfits). She has helped him out in crucial moments and occasionally they might share lunch together, but to go from that to him asking her out on a friend date seemed like one hell of a leap of faith.

“Fuck it!” He threw his arms up in defeat. “I’ll fucking do it. And when it fails, which I’m certain it will, I’m going to fucking ask Archer or Kavan. Deal?” He sternly glared at his girlfriend in a cowboy standoffish sort of way.

“Deal.” Marisol replied, sealing their deal with a defiant little shrug. She glared right back at Sonny, keeping her stoney-faced expression and holding his gaze for as long as she could before slowly breaking into a smile, running into his arms and wrapping him up in a kiss. “I love you, dickhead.”

Sonny’s hands went lower to her waist and he spanked her butt. “Not as much as I love your flat ass!” He joked, kissing her on the cheek. “Now let’s quit this for a bit and get some food. I’d hate for you to become bitchy because you made yourself late to get your burger and pizza fix.” Sonny couldn't help but remind her as they jogged hand in hand towards the cafeteria.

In a move that surprised nobody, Theodore had never returned with the promised drinks, having left Madéleine and Bastién to fend for themselves at the party. But contrary to Theo and ever the gentleman, Bas had kept his word in finding his baby sister a place to sit. They fought their way through the crowds of loud, drunk party-goers until finding the perfect seating arrangements, and spent some time joking, laughing and judging those they pleased. It was in times like these that Maddie was grateful life had given her two brothers instead of one. She took comfort in knowing that no matter what happened, one of them would always have her back.

It was the sound of a familiar male voice crying out the name of the baby-blue PowerPuff Girl what briefly interrupted the conversation happening between the Bonfamille siblings. Frowning, Mads' blue eyes carefully scanned their immediate surroundings for the handsome face she knew came along with that voice, and broke into an ear-to-ear grin when she spotted the impeccably dressed, dark-haired male just a few feet in front of them.

"LANCIE!" Madéleine shrieked, jumping up from her makeshift throne and jumping straight into her best friend's arms, failing to notice her brother making his exit. She had missed him dearly during their time away. They hadn't had any real time together since the end of the previous semester, as their respective familial commitments had kept them occupied all throughout their summer. Of course, that didn't mean their bond had lost its strength. "How are you, my sweetheart? What's been going on? I haven't seen you in so long! Gosh, I have missed you so much!" she told him, taking a step away from Lance and grabbing his arm to pull him in the direction of her seat. "Come on this way! We have tons to catch up on!"

"If you break my heart, I'll break your face."


Time: Before the party
Location: Lola's Sorority House ---> The Great Bash
Collaboration with @Lionhearted


Huff, huff, huff.

Pastel pink bed sheets creased and wrinkled in disarray; tall windows fogged from increasing heat; and crumpled clothes lined the soft carpet, leading to the bed that hosted a tanned, blonde vixen and a tired, out-of-breath party boy. Blake laid propped against the bed frame, one hand rested against his forehead to catch the sweat that flopped his once-styled hair and the other limp along the curve of Lola’s lower back. Here in this pile of disheveled sheets, pillows, and comforters was a college guy—falling just a hair short of love—with the girl he craved just as much as he did thirty minutes ago, before sex. Blake’s eyes were still glued to her body, infatuated both with her amorous physique and the personality that flaunted it.

Meanwhile, Lola was lying facedown on the bed next to Blake, mindlessly scrolling through her social media apps on her phone. The blonde hair that was once neatly styled was significantly tousled now, and her cheeks glowed pink with the remnants of what had transpired between her and Blake for the last half-hour. While her indifferent demeanor could be interpreted as complete disinterest in her companion and their previous liaison, the assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth. A mixture of relief and euphoria were filling up every fiber of her being: from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. After the weeks spent apart tossing and turning in bed, looking for the answer to the persistent question of whether she was truly in love with Blake or not, confirmation had been received. This was not an infatuation, or a crush, or a passing interest in a person she considered physically attractive. This was definitely something else. And although her body language didn’t show it, Lola was jumping up and down with joy on the inside.

“Do we really have to go to that stupid party?” Lola complained, making no motion to get up from her comfortable position. They'd gotten into this scenario with an unspoken agreement: once they’d finished ‘catching up’, they would get dressed and go to The Great Bash. But in reality, she didn’t want to go to the stupid party. Why they couldn’t spend the rest of the night in this bedroom ‘catching up’ some more was beyond her, but she wasn’t going down without a fight.

Blake ended his huffing with a sigh, trying to even out his breaths to speak clearly. “I mean,” he paused, hesitant to counter her desires to save himself from an unwanted argument. “Can’t you just let me show you off a little bit?” He smiled at her.

That earned him a chuckle and smirk from Lola. “Show me off to who, exactly?” she teased, tossing her phone to the side and shifting around the bed to rest on his chiseled chest instead.

Blake lifted his arm invitingly, repositioning himself to make a comfortable pillow out of his chest. He chuckled under his breath, one hand combing through her knotted, though otherwise silken, hair. “Anyone and everyone. I’d tell the world you were my girl if you’d let me.” The statement was bold, released without second thought and immediately half-regretted. Thankfully, she was turned away from him so she couldn’t see the heavy blush that heated his face.

The young woman’s deep sigh was immediate. “Can we not go down this route again?” Lola snapped defensively, shifting around once more so he was facing her back instead. It wasn’t exactly a secret that Blake was head over heels in love with her. He had never outright said it (most likely because he knew she would freak out if he did), but even an idiot would be able to piece it together. And, honestly? Lola knew she felt the same way about him too. He had so many of the qualities she wanted in her ideal partner: handsome, charming, sweet, considerate, affectionate, with the kindest, most beautiful heart and so much love to give. She knew she was an idiot for pushing him away so adamantly, and she knew that it would break her heart to ever see him with somebody else. But the idea of putting herself at the mercy of somebody else like that was a more terrifying prospect in her eyes.

Blake’s mouth opened to speak, but he was shut down by her defense. He was careful with his words with Lola, understanding her fiery spirit well by now—though simultaneously admiring that spice about her. His heart called to him with words of complete adoration, accumulating until he felt so full of emotion that it pained him, causing the crease in his forehead and the frown of his lips. He knew he couldn’t express his undying fondness for her, but he became used to living with the craze, so he didn’t speak at all. Instead, he gently stroked her back with his finger. He started at the curve of her hip, going up to the small of her back and to the base of her neck. Blake moved to kiss the soft, delicate skin between her shoulders before resting his forehead against her in defeat.

Although the sounds of Lola’s sorority sisters could be heard faintly in the distance, the silence inside the room was deafening. The blissful atmosphere that had filled the empty spaces around them just a minute previously had soured, replaced with the usual tension that came every time the sensitive topic of what they could be was raised. She didn’t need to be looking at Blake to know he was probably bursting from the inside out- because she was as well. It was so difficult to keep her walls up around him, to watch the way his face fell every time she pushed him away, or how his eyes glazed over with sadness at her cruelty. It was a constant, titanic effort to keep him at arm's reach. And for what, exactly? What had pushing Blake away brought her so far, besides supposedly protecting her heart from potential harm but breaking it herself instead in the process by risking the loss of the one man who had ever truly loved her? Nothing other than shared, unwarranted pain.

This was all too exhausting… It was time to finally grow a pair, take a leap of faith and let it go.

I’m just scared… Lola finally croaked through the silence, her voice betraying her by breaking slightly at the end of her admission.

Blake was shocked, lifting his forehead from the gentleness of her back to properly look at her. He watched her hair fall to cloak the expression that he was desperate to see. The mix of emotions was crowding him as he let the silence ride out longer. An unforeseen fragment of Lola’s feelings came out in the form of a shy whisper, strumming the peculiar chord his sensibilities created. Her choice of words was hard to decipher, and hard to react to; but after careful thought, Blake approached the anxiety that dressed her voice in insecurity.

His arms wrapped around her in a protective embrace, a kiss resting gently on her forehead. “Baby, you don’t have to be scared with me.” The moment was raw in form, and he was selective with his responses, afraid the genuinity would slip between his fingers.

And that was all it took for Lola to suddenly whip around, wrap her own arms around Blake and collapse into a sobbing mess.

Blake had never seen Lola cry before. It was the first that she’s ever shown her vulnerability to him, the true feelings that sat behind her veil of fire and charm. The once romantic situation plummeted to deep emotion, but it came with a satisfying clarity, yet still added confusion. It was clear to Blake that Lola had been subduing strong emotions, whatever they may be, and handling it independently. For Blake, he immediately blamed himself, feeling that his selfishness of always prying at her feelings was what turned into this. But how deep did these revealed feelings go?

He comforted her, a similar sadness hinting in his own voice, “Baby, no. . . Why are you crying? Don’t cry. You don’t have to be scared. I’m sorry. I promise things are okay, things are always okay.” The conviction in his voice veered off and became desperation.

Instead of calming her down, this only made Lola cry a little harder. She hated that Blake’s immediate reaction was to assume he had done something wrong and apologize. Had she really strung him around in such a way for so long that he now believed he was the root of all her issues? That was messed up, and it made her feel ashamed of herself.

Eventually, her sobs subsided enough to allow her the power of speech again. “This isn’t your fault, handsome. You don’t have anything to be sorry for...” she tried to reassure him in between sniffles, using up all of her willpower attempting to calm down. “It’s just…” she began again, looking up directly into Blake’s eyes so he could witness firsthand the raw emotions that were about to be exposed.

“I’ve been in control of the majority of the aspects in my life since I can remember. It makes me comfortable knowing that I have the reins of things, and that nothing happens around me without me allowing it. But then you showed up in my life like this fucking hurricane taking everything by storm- and all of a sudden I’m not in control of anything anymore. They all revolve around you now. And, like, I try so, so hard to keep a tight grip on my feelings, but every time we’re together I feel myself losing it a little more each time, and… I’m just done. I’m done trying to keep it together. I don’t have it together, and I haven’t for some time now, because…” she trailed off, looking away to blink back the tears stinging her eyes. “Because I’m in love with you, Blake. I’m crazy about you. And it scares me to death knowing that you literally have me in the palm of your hands.”

Blake watched her eyes glisten as she spoke, occasionally catching the tears that would fall with a gentle stroke of his knuckle. He listened intently, valuing each and every word that came pouring out of her soul like a decadent waterfall, proud that he was the only one to see the sight. It’s a peculiar feeling—when you dream of the way someone tells you they love you, and then experiencing it in a totally unexpected, unpredicted way. It came crashing into him like a mortar, flaming and forceful; but it landed him in a field of still victory and a strange euphoria—or in this case, a bed of satin sheets with a dim light from a lampshade. His heart stopped, his lips parted in shock, and his eyes beamed with mutuality.

There were so many recited words he would say when this situation presented itself, but he found himself to be speechless and cowardly. Blake pulled her close to him, his hand tangling in her hair. He tried to steady himself so she wouldn’t feel his pitiful shaking. Blake spoke—securely, meaningfully, and with as much heart as his rasping voice would allow—in a dramatic annunciation: “I. Love. You. Lola.”- which only made the young woman start crying again.

The moment contrasted Blake’s old vision in several ways: there was no music, just stillness; there were no birds, just them; there was no ocean nor view, just the messy bed and the mix of moonlight and lamplight. He continued, “I promise it’ll be okay. I promise I won’t disappoint you, Lola. Just please,” it was hard to talk, “Please let me be that guy. There’s no greater privilege than that.”

And when he asked like that- with those puppy-dog eyes, that intense look on his face, and that desperate, raw honesty in his voice- how did she have the heart to say no?

"If you break my heart, I'll break your face," Lola warned him, trying to look and sound tough and serious yet quickly letting out a watery laugh. It was a legitimate threat, of course, but she knew Blake well enough to be certain it was one she would most likely never have to see through.

And it was her flame that caught him from his fall. The same flame that ignited the night they met, raging whenever he laid eyes on her, and the same flame that now shines a different light. Not just one with hot red and crackling orange, but with foundation of blue and pink and yellow. Blake never experienced love quite like this, or maybe this is what love really felt like and his perception was what was flawed. It took him a little bit to forage his contentment, releasing her from the hug to show her his dimpled, genuine smile. “Lola, if I break your heart—I break my life.”

Lola couldn’t help but laugh, cupping his face in both of her hands and bestowing a sweet, tender kiss upon his lips. As relieved as she was to have finally been open and honest with Blake, it didn’t mean she was comfortable with verbally expressing her innermost musings all of a sudden. Of course, that wasn’t to say she wouldn’t show him how she was feeling. The blonde had always been better at communicating physically anyway.

The pleasurable satisfaction of her kiss helped level out his feelings, the thunderous affirmation of his heart and the crash that followed. Even as she released him from her kiss, he pulled her in tighter for a second one before he laid her on her back gently, the gold chain around his neck dangling down as he hovered above her.

Pulling away with a soft smile, Lola looked up at Blake. “If I didn’t know you better, I’d swear you’re a theater major instead of Accounting,” she teased in an attempt to lighten up the mood of the very deep conversation that had just transpired between them. “You put up a hell of a performance.”

Blake let out an airy chuckle, breathing and kissing against her neck faintly. “Yeah, but they act in theater. I’m not acting right now. Are you gonna let me show you off at this party or what?”

“Not if you keep teasing me like this…” she mumbled, smirking slightly with her eyes closed. “You’re just over here pushing all the right buttons and expecting me to get out of this bed? You know me better than that, sweets.”

His cheeks stretched into a triumphant smile, “I like pushing your buttons.” He kissed again. “Well, the right ones anyway. But if you’re not gonna get out of this bed, then. . .”

Blake lifted her from the bed fast in an attempt to scare her-- which, judging from her loud, surprised shriek, had worked. He was carrying her with her legs around his waist again until they reached the countertop of her en suite bathroom. He set her on the counter gently. “Getting ready time.” He smiled.

And sometime later, the newly-official couple was making its entrance to the party: with a triumphant Blake holding his girlfriend by the hip and a smug Lola with her thumb hooked on his belt loop, her boyfriend’s golden chain hanging from her neck.

Kieran’s compliments on her choice in fashion brought a grin to Charlotte’s face. “Thank you very much!” Lottie cooed, showing her appreciation of his words with another brief kiss to his lips. “I picked the outfit, and JoJo was the hair and makeup guru. She pulled out all the stops, didn’t she?”

It seemed Kieran agreed with Charlotte’s statement of Joey’s cosmetology skills, because he planted a quick peck on Lottie's cheek, light enough to not smudge any makeup she might have on for tonight's festivities. "And of course I'm doing better now that you're here! But hey, enough about me! You just get here? Are you set for drink? Or are you good to split the Jameson with me?

That earned him a chuckle and a playful eye roll from the short blonde. “When have I ever turned you down?” she teased, shifting around his lap to sit a little straighter. “Who cares if I just got here? Of course I’ll split the Jameson with you.”

Kieran laughed as he pulled the hefty bottle he had obtained from the table closer. Ever the gentleman, he slid the second red Solo cup out from under the one that contained his own beverage. It was a tradition of his that he always grabbed two cups from the stack at a time. You never knew when you needed to be able to share a drink with a new friend… or a very special one.

As he guided a generous portion of the liquor into the second cup, the Canadian did his best to keep the conversation going. “I should have guessed the outfit tonight was a tag-team effort. You and Joey make one heck of a combo. You could up do the whole university proper!” Satisfied, he plunked the bottle back on the table and handed the cup to Lottie, who graciously took it with a smile on her face. “Well, I don’t know when you got here, but this will make sure you get right into the party spirit! Cheers, munchkin!”

“Bottoms up, Viking!” Lottie cheerfully replied, tapping her cup against his and taking a swig from it. Her eyes suddenly filled with tears as the alcohol slightly burned her throat as it went down, but she quickly shrugged it off to focus on her handsome companion instead. “Sooooooo…” she began cautiously, as if testing the waters. “I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you about something!”

A strong sip of the whiskey passed Kieran’s lips in time with his drinking partner. He knew Lottie wasn’t much for Jameson, but he appreciated her gusto all the same. It was how she lived life. So when she wanted to talk to him about something, the hockey player was cautious, but intrigued. “Is that so, now?” he asked. “Well, I am all ears, Lottie. Let’s talk.”

“You know how you just said Joey and I make a hell of a combo?” Charlotte continued, gently caressing his jawline with her index finger.

“I think I did just say that, yes.”

Well... I’ve always talked to her about what a good time you and I have every time we’re together, and I came up with the idea that maybe all three of us could hang out sometime!” she proposed, waiting for Kieran’s answer with bated breath.

“Hang out?” he asked, with an eyebrow raised at the prospect, while Charlotte nodded eagerly. Kieran hadn’t honestly given Joey much thought in that sense. To him, Joey was just to Kieran what Mac and Eli were to Lottie. They were aware of each other, but most of his knowledge came from the stories Lottie shared of the escapades they went on. It’s how he knew they were close, but aside from a few social outings there was never any real one-on-one time with Joey. Certainly not in a three-way hang out sort of since.

The Newfoundlander would be rubbing his chin right now if Lottie wasn’t already doing that for him. “Well, given what you’ve told me about Joey, and what I already know, I think this could work. I mean, any super best friend of munchkin is welcome in my presence any time! You know, as long as the hair remains untouched. What sort of hang out did you have in mind? Like a movie or something?”

No matter how hard she tried, there was no stopping Lottie from bursting out in laughter. After so many weeks apart, it was so easy to forget just how clueless Kieran could be sometimes. “Okay, maybe ‘hang out’ wasn’t the best way to describe it,” she said with a giggle and a peck to his lips. “I wasn’t talking about hanging out as in dinner, a movie or anything like that. I was talking about the type of hanging out you and I do in bed together.”

Now both eyebrows were raised. “Oh… Ohhhhhhhh...Oh!” The light bulb had finally come on. Kieran had never thought about doing that with Joey. Or Lottie at the same time for that matter. His father had a saying about that sort of thing. Best be dropping your net in just the one bay, boy. Otherwise, you spread it out and you’ll get it ripped to shreds. But Kieran wasn’t a fisherman! He was an athlete! A star athlete! And they could do what they want! Especially if their go-to gal was proposing bringing in another girl. A girl who by all accounts was similar to Lottie in many ways, and that had to extend to the personality as well.

Kieran gave a little cough to clear his throat. “Well, I mean… I’ve never been one to be a prude or anything like that. You know me in that regard, Lots. And, uh, I’d be more than willing to give it a fair go. Is Joey up for this though? Have you brought this up with her? …Shit, is this her idea?”

“Let me answer these trivia questions, big guy!” Lottie declared, taking another swig of her drink before elaborating her answers for each of Kieran’s questions. Is this her idea? Nope! It was mine! I came up with this one all by myself. Have I brought it up with her? Yes! Absolutely! We had tons of discussions about it before she gave me the green light to ask you. And is Joey up for it? Hell yes! Just the idea of us tag-teaming you until you’re exhausted is enough to get us going...” she muttered in his ear, softly nibbling his earlobe before turning back to him with a mischievous giggle.

It was a good thing Kieran was sitting down because he was starting to get a little weak at the knees. Especially with Lottie giving his ear a quick bite. The girl definitely knew where his buttons were. “Well, you do know how long I can go for, and if you think you need Joey’s help to tucker me out… then I’m for it.” Kieran knew he drew it out a little bit. Most guys in his position would instantly jump at the thought of a threesome with two of the most beautiful girls in the Meadow. But he was known for playing things cool the majority of the time, at least until it was time to fight on the ice, so he had to give Lottie a little slow play. “I mean, I don’t know what you’ve told her about me, but if she wants to find out, and you want to help her, then who am I to say no?”

When Kieran suggested Charlotte needed her girlfriend’s help to ‘tucker him out’, the blonde raised her eyebrows. “Viking, I don’t need JoJo’s help to climb this mountain,” she replied, putting her free hand over her chest as if offended by the mere suggestion that she wasn’t challenging enough for him. “We both know I can take you out just fine by myself-- I have been for years. Just look at this as a way for us to change things up a little bit.”

The Viking chuckled. Just as Lottie knew how to push Kieran’s buttons, he learned how to hit hers in the time they had been going one-on-one with each other. She was always competitive, be it on the tennis court or between the sheets. He had to get a little shot at the ace now and then. “All right, all right. You have taken very good care of me: that is true. I will do my best to try and take care of both you and Joey when we get this little party of ours started. You have my word.”

Yay!” Lottie shrieked happily, downing the remaining Jameson from her cup so she could excitedly clap her hands together. ThankyouthankyouthankyouTHANKYOU!” she exclaimed, wrapping her arms around her Kiki to give him a tight hug. “You’re the best!”

Kieran returned the hug, enveloping the blonde in his giant arms. “People keep telling me that, I guess I gotta believe them. So thank you, Ace.” He punctuated that with a kiss on the lips. He could still taste the whiskey. “So, now that we have that done and dusted, what say we take down some pitiful fools at flipcup or something? Show those rich kids they’re no match for a couple of stars?”

Charlotte’s face immediately scrunched up in clear dislike of the suggestion. “I’m not really feeling the same old cup drinking games…” she mused, taking a second to think of a better alternative and quickly coming up with it. “How about Jenga? I saw a Joey-sized Jenga set near the cabin on my way in. We can add some spice to it and make it Strip Jenga if you want...” she playfully suggested, making her point by wrapping Kieran up in another deep kiss.

Kieran laughed. “Well, that’s a bit easier on the whiskey, as well as a lot easier on the eyes! I think you got me beat on options to take off, but if you want to lead the way, girl, I’ll be happy to follow.” As the two finally abandoned the picnic table to head back towards the cabin, both seemed in lighter spirits, and not just because of the Jameson.

Friday, February 8th, 2019

When the seniors of King’s Academy arrived at school that day, they had assumed it was just another Friday: attend their classes, give their best at practices, make their plans and eventually be dismissed into the freedom of the weekend. However, what they had not expected was to be ushered away from their third period classes and into Mrs. Sanders’ classroom. As each student took a seat, the mood in the room quickly changed from curiosity to anticipation. From numerous previous experiences, they knew that whenever impromptu meetings were called out like this, it meant they would be getting screwed over one way or another.

They were not wrong.

“Hello guys! How’s it going?” Mrs. Sanders began once everyone was sitting quietly, and was given an assortment of shrugs and hums in response. “Alright! Well, I know you guys get really nervous whenever we take you to the auditorium, so Mrs. Chamberlain was gracious enough to allow me to meet you all here instead. You know, make it a little less scary, a little more personal and all of that…” she trailed off with a small laugh. When none of the students laughed along with her, Ms. Sanders awkwardly cleared her throat and moved on to the reason why they were all there in the first place. “Right! Well, as you all know, our annual Valentine’s Day dance is happening next Saturday. I’m sure you all have plans in mind: the outfits, the hair, maybe a little someone you’d like to ask…” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively for a second. “But Mrs. Chamberlain and the faculty have decided to try a little bit of a different approach this time around. This year, the dance will be centered on celebrating friendship, rather than romance, which means that you will not be allowed to take a significant other or a current or potential romantic interest as your partner for the night.”

Judging by the way the room quickly filled up with the buzz of hissed, ouraged conversations and shared looks of annoyance, it was clear that the young adults in attendance were in complete disapproval of this idea. It was to be expected, though. They had most likely been planning to spend the evening cozying up to those who made their heart soar, maybe even paving the way to later partake in conducts that would be completely against the Christian values they had been taught at the school. And that right there had been the root of the problem for the past few months.

Unbothered by the sudden hostility from her students, Ms. Sanders continued as if nothing was going on, raising her voice just enough to carry over the angry tides of conversation. We have noticed that there’s been an unfortunate rise in conflict between you seniors during this school year because of the blossoming and culminating romances taking place, which has led some of you to engage in negative, unacceptable behaviors that we’ve had to take disciplinary action against. As such, we are hoping that this novel approach to the dance gives you all an opportunity to think outside the box, build new friendships, spend time with those who have always stood by you, or even repair ties that might have broken along the way! I’m certain that each and every one of you will deliver in the end. Remember to let us know who you’re taking by Monday, okay? We’ll see you all there!”

And with that, Ms. Sanders enthusiastically waved at the students and rushed out of the room before they could hound her with protests, effectively dismissing them to their lunch period fifteen minutes early.


Current Scene Purpose: Each character needs to get a date for the dance.
🌟 The date cannot be a current romantic interest or significant other.
🌟 Best friends, friends in passing and even former flames are okay.
🌟 If unsure about your choice(s), please run it by the GM via Discord DM.

Max Amount Of Deadlines For This Scene: 2
Deadline Dates:
🌟 March 22
🌟 April 5 (No extensions will be granted on for this deadline.)

Next Scene: Valentine’s Day Dance
🌟 Time Skip Post: April 6


Let the games begin! ❤

An @Altered Tundra, @Dirty Pretty Lies, @Spooner, & @Ejected Collaboration Post
featuring Sonny Drake, Kavan Varma, Marisol Castillo, and Archer Diedrikson

As Archer stood there, listening to Sonny speak, he couldn’t help but be grossed out by his facial expressions- showing it, no doubt. He was grossed out by not only the colorful story that Sonny was regaling them with about their morning, but the fact that they had felt the need to keep this a secret. Okay: so he hadn’t been the biggest fan when Marisol had told him that they had done the devil’s tango last summer. He might even confess to having been a little dramatic. But if she was really happy being with Torvald, who was he to deny his best friend that?

“It’s whatever you guys…” the skinny teen shrugged. “I mean… Really happy for you guys and all that but…” he paused. “You really don’t have to worry about what I think of it as long as you guys communicate better than what you have been doing…. At this rate, I’ll have to become a couple’s therapist or some shit!” He laughed, punching his small friend on the shoulder and earning himself a playful shove and a hug in return.

Sonny recognized that Archer wasn’t his biggest fan. Even after the Brad incident, there was only so much closeness they could have. Friends or not, he was still Marisol’s best friend. Sonny knew that and he never tried to get between them. The fact that Archer came around to liking him was a big plus. Still, he had to try and make things less awkward. Even if the attempt felt flat on its face, he knew he had to try.

“You’d be perfect for that job! You’re always giving us and others advice, even when we don’t think we need it!” Sonny laughed, trying to bridge the awkwardness with the new topic as much as he can.

"I think we've gotten better at communicating with each other…" Mari mused, still holding onto Archer as she tried to think of an example in which she and Sonny had improved in communicating as a couple. "Like the other day. Son was wearing a shirt that looked pretty fucking stupid on him, and I told him he looked like shit. That's communicating, right?"

“I’m not sure that’s what Arch meant,” Sonny commented, laughing. “More so we shouldn’t keep anything from our two closest friends, not you roasting my legendary fashion style.”

"If by legendary you mean stuck back in the nineties with Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, then sure," the short girl clapped back, jokingly sticking her tongue out at her boyfriend.

Kavan smiled and tried to stifle a laugh. “As much as I agree with the whole better communication thing… she does have a point there, Sonny,” Kavan said jokingly. “Maybe you should give the Sonia Drake look another try instead.”

While Marisol snickered, Sonny glared at Kavan for a few, good long moments before relaxing his eyes a bit. “Ah, who knows what could happen in the coming months?” He shrugged, laughing it off.

“Do it once,it’s funny; do it twice, it’s a hobby!” Archer laughed winking at Sonny.

“Maybe he has a kink for it,” Mari teased, letting go of Archer and going back to wrap her arms around Sonny’s waist from the back, resting her chin on his shoulder. “That’s fine by me, though. Sonia Drake would make a hot girlfriend. Mami’s got herself a juicy piece of ass.”

Sonny’s laugh came with a cough as if taken by surprise from Mari’s comment. “You couldn’t handle Sonia! She’s a lot of woman,” he winked at her, shaking his hips and grinding his waist against hers while Mari now pretended to hump him from behind (much to Archer and Kavan’s annoyance, they were sure).

“Shit!” he exclaimed, casting a glance at his watch. “I need to get to class! See you guys later!” he turned to place a quick kiss on Kavan. “See you in the library later!” he whispered as he headed off in the direction of his French classroom.

Archer’s sudden departure prompted Sonny to give his phone a glance and he realized what time it was. Upon this realization, he quickly tugged at Mari’s arm. “Archer had the right idea. If we don’t jet, Lopez will be on my ass yet again for being late. You know he likes to make an example out of me every single time!” Sonny rolled his eyes. If that lardass calls him by his full name one more time, Sonny was going to show him the power of a kick in his fat-fucking-ass.

“Yeah, I guess I shouldn’t be late either,” Kavan said with a sigh as he readjusted the book under his arm. “I’ll see you two…” He trailed off, remembering that he wouldn’t be seeing them during lunch, “later!” And with that, he began to walk in the opposite direction.

Mari, who had given parting waves to both Kavan and Archer, was about to begin her trek to the Econ classroom with Sonny when she felt her phone vibrating. Frowning, the young woman pulled the device out of her skirt pocket, and was immediately consumed with both anxiety and hesitation when the glance at the screen said she’d received a voice memo from Ryland. “Huh…” she said in surprise, looking up at Sonny with worried eyes. “Ry’s just sent us something.”

He looked down at her phone then back to her. “Maybe he’s come to his senses and wants to apologize for how he overreacted earlier.” Sonny knew that was hoping for too much but he was hopeful. He still was a little annoyed at Rye from earlier, so there was that to consider as well.

The brunette could only shrug. “I guess we’re about to find out…” she replied before unlocking her phone, clicking on the message and pressing Play.

"Hey guys. I just wanted to say... Sorry. I know I can be kind of hard to deal with…

It was just... a lot. To see you two together. It really makes me realize... we're not kids anymore. It fucking sucks. Not you guys being together! Nah, that's fucking money. I mean the whole... growing up thing.

Fuck, well. Marisol, give my boy hell, okay? And Sonny, my man, if you hurt her— I'm sure she'll break your nose before I get the chance.

I love you two."

There was a long moment of silence between the couple after Ryland’s voice had disappeared. Mari could only stare at Sonny with wide, tearful eyes. Their best friend’s words had sent waves of relief crashing over her, washing away every second thought and negative feeling. As much as she said that people’s opinions didn’t matter, it would’ve sucked to know that their closest friends were against their relationship, and Mari knew she wouldn’t have been entirely happy. But now that she was certain that it was all fine and dandy, the girl couldn’t stop herself from grinning from ear to ear.


That was Sonny’s only reaction when Mari played Rye’s message. He didn’t know what to expect when the message played back and Rye’s started to talk. There was even a moment when Sonny was certain Rye didn’t know what Rye was saying, either. But like the Aspen that he was, he found his rhythm and that sent chills down Sonny’s spine and simultaneously gave him a bad case of regret. With how he reacted to Rye’s overreaction, which it was and it wasn’t. At the time, he felt justified but now Sonny knew he wasn’t. He knew it and maybe Mari knew it too. Whatever happened this morning before getting to King’s campus didn’t matter.

Sonny exhaled with a deep breath, glancing at his girlfriend with a breathy chuckle. “I don’t know about you, but I’m buying that goofball all the chili dogs he wants.”

“I’ll make sure to get the drinks then,” she said with a laugh, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend and looking up at him with that beaming grin still in place. “God, I’m so fucking relieved now! I can’t believe this shit went so fucking well. I thought we were gonna have to do some serious damn convincing to get everyone on our side.”

“For real!” Sonny laughed, stretching his arms out. “I didn’t think so many damn people weren’t going to have a problem with it--with us!” For a moment, Sonny’s tone faded into a curious hum. “Now that I’m actually thinking about it, that was a quick change of heart for Rye. It doesn’t sound like the goof we know and love, does it?” Sonny asked Mari.

“I don’t know, but I’m not about to question it,” she chuckled with a shrug. “Not gonna tempt fate to come around and drill us in the ass or something.”

Sonny laughed to the point he nearly hacked up a furball. “You should write a book, what with your gift of painting with words!” Sonny joked of course, but he still liked to tease his beloved any chance he got.

“Maybe I will,” Mari playfully shot back. “I’ll call it Marisol’s Musings, and it’ll have a special selection of my most memorable quotes. It’ll sell like hotcakes when I’m rich and famous: mark my words.”

Sonny was not amused that she was starting to sound like the female version of his father. That didn’t stop him from laughing, though. “Oh, sure, because ‘miss me with that gay shit’ is such a PC thing to sell!” Sonny pointed out with a grin, while Mari playfully rolled her eyes and shook her head. Just as he did, he took another look at his phone and immediately rolled his eyes. “I guess we should get going too. Unless...” He wiggled his eyebrows at Marisol, smirking. “We could be a little late, if you catch my drift.”

“Just a liiiiittle late?” Mari teased with a wink. Even someone as thick as Max Wallenberg would be able to figure out what Sonny meant.

“Fuck econ!” Sonny stated proudly. “Let’s go get high in the bleachers and have some morning fun!” Sonny took her by the waist and pulled her close to him for a deep kiss: only a sampler of what their morning was going to look like. It was the perfect way to kick off their last high school semester together.

“Let’s just skip the first period and go back to your place. Mr. Russo can kiss my ass.”

“Oh yeah?” Max whispered his voice husky as he returned all of Ariana’s kisses. He turned his head toward the exit at the end of the hall still holding on to the girl in front of him. Every fiber of his body screaming at him to just grab Ariana and go home spending the rest of the day under the sheets, just like she was suggesting… but something was stopping him.

“Man… I fucking can’t, Ari…” he said with a defeated voice. “Mr. Russo threatened to get me suspended if I missed another class. Coach would fucking hang me if that happened.” The burly young man said, letting go of the brunette's behind.

Ariana rolled her eyes and clucked her tongue in frustration a couple of times. Why was Max so hung up about missing math, out of all classes? "He hasn't seen you, right? So who's to say you weren't late because of a family emergency or something, hm? I'm sure someone in your house will back that up. And suspension, for absences? That's bullshit. That would give you a few days of detention and a parent-teacher conference at most, but not a suspension. If he'd caught us right in the middle of it as Archer did? Then yes. But for this? Nah. Bottom line: don't worry about the math teacher, Max. He can't do anything to us." she assured him before giving him another kiss.

Max let out a dry laugh. “Maybe not to you, but he seemed pretty serious.” he said in between their kisses. “Besides, this way… the wait will drive you crazy.” he exclaimed before scooping the amused girl up into his arms and practically devouring her.

It would be at that moment the one and only Jace Russo would look out into the hallway to find two students from his first-period math class. To say he was angry was an understatement.

Max had missed more than his fair share of classes, and while Mr. Russo had tried to help him, Max… he just wasn't really all that bright. Still, Jace hadn't given Max anywhere near as many detentions as he deserved. The first bell of the morning had just rung as he looked out into the hall. Most students wouldn't be arriving until the second bell or right after. Considering how Max was wrapped up in yet another girl, Jace had a gut feeling that the young man was planning to be late to class, or miss the first period entirely. Don't even get him started on the fact that the girl Max had wrapped in his arms was Ariana - Jace’s secret, not-so-exclusive girlfriend.

"Mr. Wallenberg. I hope you weren't planning to be late to class this morning," he called out.


Max quickly let go of Ariana, straightening up giving her a ‘told you so’ look. “Uh... No! Of course not, Mr. Russo! I was just about to head in!” he said, smiling brightly at his math teacher. The athlete straightened his tie and grabbed his bag up off the floor, gave Ariana one last grimace before heading for his class. “Sorry…” he whispered as he passed his teacher.

As Max made his way into the room, Jace shifted his focus onto Ariana, whose beautiful face was scrunched up in annoyance while the hazel eyes that usually disarmed him now shot daggers at him.

"Ms. Mossos, I trust that you were headed to class as well,” Jace said, an eyebrow raised in question.

"Of course! Wouldn't dream of missing it!" Ariana answered through gritted teeth, shooting him a bright, yet sardonic grin. There was quite a gap from what she actually said and what she was really thinking but holding back to protect what they had.

”Good, good. Just felt the need to double check since it seemed like you two had other plans.”

Jace knew he had to tread lightly here, but was doing his best to let his anger be known while staying within the boundaries of being a teacher. Granted he had crossed those boundaries a long time ago, but when in Rome…

The young woman rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Bet you would hate that, wouldn't you?" she mumbled under her breath, loud enough for Jace to hear but low enough for nobody else to.

Rolling his eyes right back in response, the man knew that it would be best if he didn’t respond. But Jace being Jace, of course he did just that. If it was one thing that he and Ariana had in common, it was their pettiness, and she was not about to out petty him.

“Yes, I would hate it.” he said, still keeping up the teacher persona. ”Two bright students wasting their future away because all because they felt the need to skip class and bang? Tragic.”

"But lucky we have you around to cockblock everyone and save the day, right?" the brunette talked back, clapping her hands at her teacher in a mocking ovation. "Wow, look at you go, Jace Russo! Doing the Lord's work and all that. Such a blessing. They seriously do not pay you enough for everything that you do."

”They sure don’t pay me enough to have to deal with the amounts of sarcasm I deal with daily. Keep being rude and you’re going to land yourself in detention,” he stated matter of factly.

The young woman snorted. "I'm not being rude. You're just acting all petty because what you saw is eating you alive right now," Ariana hissed, flipping back her glossy chocolate locks with such sass it was guaranteed to rile up Jace even more. She didn't care about detention. It wouldn't even begin to put a dent on her otherwise spotless disciplinary record. What the young woman did care about was that she was furious about being cockblocked, and that she needed to make sure Mr. Russo knew who really was in charge here. “Stop being jealous.”

Ariana had a way of always needing to be right. Always having things her way when she wanted them and how she wanted them. Normally, that wouldn’t bother Jace. He was more than prepared most of the time to do things Ariana's way. But right now -- no.

”Fine. After school detention, my classroom. Be there at 3:15 sharp. No excuses.” He crossed his arms, waiting on her response.

Ariana scoffed again, in disbelief this time, and shook her head, tongue against her cheek. "Sure. Okay. Fine. Whatever! I'll see you then, Mr. Russo," she shot back, an edge of fake politeness and sarcasm when she pronunched her name. Glaring, Ariana angrily grabbed her bag from the floor and stormed off in the direction of his classroom, shooting him the finger over her shoulder. He'd definitely be getting a piece of her mind later.

Quickly glancing around to make sure no one was watching, Jace returned the girl’s gesture before heading inside the classroom. She wouldn’t see it, but it made him feel better in the long run.
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