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Now if I keep my eyes closed he looks just like you...

Much to Ariana’s delight, it seemed like her charm and seduction tactic was working. Max had enthusiastically kissed her back, and quickly asserted his dominance by pushing her up against the wall. Good, this was good… It meant he was in a good mood, that she’d been overreacting and that she’d had no reason to be panicking in the first place. And with how tempting he was looking under these lights and how good he was kissing her, there was no denying they'd be heading off somewhere a little more private in no time.

“But there has been one thing that has been bothering me...”

Oh no…

The brunette’s blood turned to ice, and she tensed up as quickly as she’d lowered her guard in the first place. She was thankful that Max had stepped back and was now pacing in front of her, because it meant he couldn’t feel how stiff her body had become.

“You and me both know that we are good together… But I also… do not like to share!”


By this point, it was taking every fiber of Ariana’s being to not go into hysterics, but she did play things off with a nervous little giggle. Max definitely knew something was going on with her-- there was no doubt about it. His comment had confirmed as much. Whether it was Jasper or Jace, she had no clue. But if he didn’t say a name or go into detail of the sin she’d committed, she sure as hell wasn’t going to be throwing out names or admitting to anything. So instead, she remained silent, nervously waiting for his next words and dreading what she knew would be coming next.

“What I am getting at is-” Max paused again, cupping her face in his hand before running it through her hair. It was a miracle he couldn’t feel her shaking nervously under his grasp. “If we want to do this, I want to do it correctly. Meaning you are mine… and I am yours.” he finally finished, closing off his proposal with a breathtaking kiss.

Oh fuck.

There were the words she always dreaded to hear when it came to her open relationships.

Although she followed his lead and kissed him back with enthusiasm, Ariana could feel her heart sinking inside her chest. It wasn’t that she didn’t care for Max, because he’d definitely always held a special place in her heart. He was quite a catch: a handsome, charming, dedicated athlete with an easygoing attitude, a quick sense of humor, a kind heart and nothing short of a beast in bed. She was certain plenty of girls would kill to be in her position. But the word commitment was not in her vocabulary, nor was the idea of tying herself down to one person when there was a whole world out there full of different individuals and so many experiences to live. That was one of the qualities that drew her to Max in the first place. How did he go from being content with their flexible arrangement to wanting to officialize their relationship? That was the million dollar question she’d definitely be asking later.

“So what do you say?”

Once the kiss had ended and he’d spoken up again, Ariana stared helplessly at Max. If he was asking her to be exclusive after so many years of him playing casanova and the fiasco with Kellie Anne, it meant he knew how he felt about her and was dead serious about what he was proposing. He wouldn’t ask just anyone to be with him, after all, and the last thing she wanted was to break the poor boy’s heart. But tying herself down like this...

“I- ” the girl began but immediately trailed off, biting her lower lip in uncertainty. God, she fucking hated to be put in the spot like this. “You do know what you’re asking for, right?” she eventually inquired, in both an attempt to stall her answer and give Max a chance to stop and really think about what he was proposing. “If I say yes, it means you don’t get to mess around with anyone else either. So, are you sure you can give up the playboy life? Because you know I don’t like sharing either.”

Please say no, please say no, please say no…
Super interested and have characters for all plots! Would you rather I PM you or contact you through discord?

With Princess Charlotte @Rosalia & Queen MacKenna @spooner

MacKenna slipped the key into the lock of apartment 34 on Maplewood Drive and opened the door. She turned to her saddened cousin and gave her a reassuring smile before letting her pass her into the apartment. Without a word, she led her cousin through the living room and towards her room. Once inside, the dark-haired girl threw the bags she had been carrying for Lottie on her bed and gestured for her cousin to do the same with her bags.

“We don’t have to talk about it… If you don’t want to,” she began carefully. She knew her cousin had always been a bit more fragile than herself, and it didn’t really help that she had inherited her father’s word vomit. She bit her lower lip almost as to stop from saying anything stupid, so she changed the subject. “I don’t know if you want to sleep in here or with Keeks but I’ll make a bed for you either way,” she smiled, bending down to pull out the mattress she kept under her bed for these kinds of situations.

“Thanks, babe. Really,” Charlotte reiterated, following her cousin’s lead in placing down the rest of her bags next to the pile MacKenna had brought in and taking a seat at the corner of the bed.

“Oh! On some whole other topic!” the Asian girl said in between her grunts as she sorted through the boxes of shoes and bags that obscured what she was looking for. “This probation stuff... What does uncle W say about it? Can he do something you think?” she asked, finally emerging from under her bed with the extra mattress. “And, shit, what did your coach say?” she rambled on, sitting herself on the edge of her bed unrolling Lottie’s mattress on the floor next to her.

“I haven't talked to Coach Jeanie yet, but you know how Dad gets..." Lottie told her cousin, rolling her eyes at the memory of her father’s stern phone call. "He blew up my phone asking about what had happened and if I was there, and after I fed him some bullshit story about how I wasn't even at the party he told me he'd get on it. Thank God I was with Kiki inside the cabin all night, because there is literally no trace of me at that party. Too bad we can't say the same thing about you…" the blonde commented with a mischievous little smirk. "How does it feel to be Meadow University's most desired bachelorette and having guys fight for your heart like old school gladiators?"

Mac, who had been rummaging through her closet looking for bedding, flipped her hair back dramatically, resting her chin on her shoulder looking back at Lottie with a smirk. “Oh how the tables have turned…” she laughed, bending down to put the fresh sheet on the mattress. Of course, she was talking about how all of the boys and girls of Crown Heights, their hometown, used to always chase after Lottie, and Mac was the one on the sidelines.

“Yeah, tell me about it…” the blonde chortled in amusement. She knew any other girl would probably be jealous at the attention Mac was getting-- or, more importantly, who’s attention she was getting. But Lottie couldn’t be jealous even if she tried. About time worthy guys finally took notice of how amazing her cousin was and wanted to woo her! God only knew how much she deserved the world and more. “But don’t try and skirt around the question, babe! What’s your take on all of it?”

As she smoothed the sheet free of any wrinkles, Mac sighed. “Honestly it’s mostly just annoying…” she looked up at her cousin with a frown. “They both are acting like children… Like I’m some sort of… Trophy or some dumb shit.”. Truth be told, she felt like a clichéd basic bitch from a Netflix rom-com. But the way Cassian and Theo acted at the bash was not something she was used to, and it irritated her more than anything else. Another sigh escaped her as she got up to sit next to Lottie, resting her head on her cousin’s shoulder. “If you only knew how many times I wished this would happen when we were growing up…” she commented, staring at nothing in particular. “Now… I don’t know if I like it.” she continued.

Charlotte wrapped her arms around her cousin. She could tell this whole Cass VS Theo was starting to overwhelm Mac, so she wanted to return the favor and help the girl sort out her feelings. Not to mention that inserting herself in her cousin’s drama was an excellent distraction from her own failed relationship. "Is it because you don't like either of them? Or does it just make you feel weird because you're not used to the attention and all that?"

When she was let go from the embrace Mac slumped back on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. “I don’t know…” she closed her eyes, deep in thought. “I guess it’s a bit of both?” she turned her head so she could look at Lottie. “Cassian is very hot… But there’s something that just bothers me about how he carries himself-- plus, he’s a smug asshole! On the other hand, Theo is just so hard to figure out, but he has always made me feel like. Good.” Mac grabbed a pillow and covered her face with it. “And now the whole junior class probably hates me... “ her frustrated voice emanated from under the pillow.

Charlotte couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “Who the hell is going to hate you?” she questioned, grabbing the decorative pillow nearest to her and slamming it across the one Mac had on her face for her completely baseless comment. “You weren’t the one who leaked the video to the school, right?”

Ripping the pillow off her face, Mac sat up again. “No… but I was heavily featured! Whatever, it’s not like I actually care what people here think. It’s just that Dad has thrown a hissy fit like he always does. I guess it has me stressed out...” she admitted.

“Okay, then let’s move back to a better topic: the brave warriors after your virgin little heart,” Lottie jokingly interjected as she perched herself on Mac’s stomach, hoping that the change in subject would entertain and distract them both from the current stresses they were facing. “If you were to pick one of those boys to pop your cherry, which one would you choose and why?”

“Okay, first of all... Gross. she made a face. “Second of all! Who said I even want one of them to… ‘pop my cherry’?” she huffed. “Especially after the stunt they pulled!” she became quiet. When she actually thought about it, she couldn’t help but imagining Cassian at one of his swim competitions, shirtless… In a speedo... As quickly as the image entered her mind the girl shook her head to get rid of it.

“Don’t be such a prude, MacKenna!” Lottie scolded her cousin, lightly elbowing the Asian girl’s side. “I would give anything to have a big daddy like Cassian fighting over me like he did for you. Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely adore Kiki to death. That’s my man and nobody can change that. But have you seen Cassian Lee?! I swear I would get reconstructive surgery down there so he could pop my cherry all over again and I can brag to everyone about it.”

Ew…” was the only thing Mac could get out after her cousin’s salacious speech. “Like I said, they both have qualities that could justify giving them a second chance...” she said, letting out a groan while smoothing out her baby hairs that had escaped her ponytail.

“Here’s my advice-” the blonde offered, taking on a serious tone now. “Give both of them a shot. You’re a very single, very independent young woman with no ties to either of them and absolutely nothing to lose. I say, you go on at least one date with each of them, get to know them separately and all that, and then based on that you can either pick the one you vibed better with or send both them on their merry way. Sometimes first impressions can be misleading, so you get a better chance of seeing someone’s true intentions in private.”

“I have a better question! Who would you pick for your fair chamber maiden?”

Charlotte turned her face so she could stare at her cousin. “What’s a chamber maiden?” she asked blankly, visibly confused by the question.

“Nevermind…” Mack waved her hand in the air, rolling her eyes. “Maybe you’re right…” she mused. “I’ll give them both a chance to get into this Asian persuasion!” she declared, laughing at herself for how ridiculous she sounded.

“That’s the spirit!” Lottie cheerfully cried out in encouragement, laughing right along with Mac and shifting her position around the bed so that she could effectively tackle the dark-haired girl. “Now go to the kitchen and make me something to eat! I’m your guest in this place, and I am starving!”

“Fuck you!” she cackled as she got up, leading their way into the kitchen.
"What is your biggest roleplay pet peeve(s)?"

I have a whole damn list girl LOL:
🚫 F L A K I N G !!!
🚫 Lack of communication
🚫 Ghosting
🚫 Not adding to the plot/subplot/rp
🚫 Lack of or little OOC talk, be it for 1x1s or groups.
🚫 Favoring one character over others when playing multiple in the same rp.
🚫 Not reading/skimming fellow writers' posts or the OOC information.
🚫 Being asked questions that are clearly answered in the OOC, a character sheet, or a post.
🚫 Backseat GMing.

Interacting With: Leo @Melissa | Samuel @BitchTheFuck | Dwayne @Ejected
Mentions: Theodore @spooner | Wesley @GhostMami | Frankie @spooner | Quinn @Filthy Mudblood | Zakya @Ejected | Hana @Kitty

After greeting Samuel and grabbing her own protein-packed breakfast, Soleil followed her two friends to the preselected table and took a seat next to Leo. She didn’t notice how truly hungry she was until the sights and smells of her plate hit her nostrils, and it showed in the way she practically scarfed down her food. She’d been taking the last bite of her toast when Theodore Wallstrom walked into the cafeteria in all of his shirtless, chiseled and glowing glory.

Shady’s throat immediately became dry, her breath getting caught in her chest while her closed thighs tightened up. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t take her eyes off him, allowing Frankie and Sol's 'best friend' Quinn to go unnoticed as they walked behind them. She watched as he grabbed his own breakfast tray, took a seat at a nearby table and stroke conversation with his friend Wesley, and not long after his booming laugh was reaching Sol's ears. Suddenly, the events of the past night began to play in the young woman's head once again, but this time bringing a crucial detail back to the surface-

“He was naked.” Sol mindlessly blurted out without thinking, her green eyes the size of saucers. “Yesterday. At the pool. I thought we’d just stripped down to our underwear, but I forgot that he’d kicked off his boxers before I went in. Holy shit, he was fucking nak-” she stopped in her tracks as she watched the scene unfolding before her eyes.

It was as if an animal instinct had taken control of Soleil’s mind and body. The whole world was now under a red-stained filter, but her tunnel vision was centered on the way this girl was very obviously flirting with the ‘close friend’ she so desperately wanted. Her strong hands suddenly clenched themselves up into fists, nails digging so hard into her palms there would be crescent moons behind. The tiger green eyes burned like the sun now, her brows coming together in a deep scowl. And her beautiful face was transformed into a menacing scowl: wide nostrils, lip raised, teeth bared and a low, guttural growl.

Suddenly, slow-motion images of a large tiger leaping towards a peacock began to flash before her eyes. The striped animal was determinately rushing towards the colorful bird, who panickedly tried to make its escape… But it was far too late. The larger animal had pounced, sinking its sharp teeth into the base of the peacock’s neck and ripping it apart from the rest of its body. Crimson blood stained the feline’s fangs, and the decapitated bird’s head now hung limply on the proud tiger’s mouth-

The sound of Hana Jeong falling next to the table she shared with Sam and Leo pulled Shady away from the gruesome scene playing in her head. Before Sol could register what had happened, the girl was scrambling up and squirreling away, leaving her and her two friends almost shaking their heads.

"Well that was weird..." she heard Samuel said, but her attention to the table’s conversation was far gone.

“I need a moment,” the dark-haired girl brusquely declared, pushing the empty breakfast tray towards Leo and abruptly rising from her seat. “I’ll catch you guys later, ‘kay? Count me in for skipping the assembly, though. Text me the details of what we’ll do instead.” And with that, the young woman turned on her heel and rushed out of the cafeteria.

The hardest thing about keeping any type of relationship under wraps was not having the freedom to truly express what you really felt. For any regular person, this was a difficult but achievable task. But for a girl with Soleil’s temper, the challenge proved to be nearly impossible. The genetic anger inherited from both parents was always bubbling under the surface like scorching lava, boiling and waiting for the right trigger to make the volcano explode.

What intrigued her about this whole debacle was the newfound intensity of her emotions. Before San Agustin, exercise and breathing techniques were often enough to keep Sol level-headed most of the time. She released her negative feelings into the bags she punched, the weights she lifted, or the miles she ran. But lately, it seemed that no amount of physical activity could tame the overpowering feelings once they made themselves present. And frankly, it scared her to think that, one day, she could fly into a blind, mindless rage and cause any permanent or lethal damage to someone.

Lost as she was in these concerning thoughts, Shady failed to notice the direction in which she was going. It wasn’t until her lightly muscled arm and elbow sharply collided with that of another that the dark-haired girl’s attention was once again back in the present.

Shit!” the girl muttered, rubbing the injured arm before realizing she’d literally bumped into none other than Dwayne Freeman. The very attractive young man was one of the very few people on her ‘cool list’, one of the best gym buddies she could ask for and one of those low-maintenance friends she knew she could count on despite not hanging out as much as they should. Huh. Maybe she should change that…

“Hey, D! Sorry about that, man. Didn’t really pay attention to where I was going. My bad!” she explained with an apologetic smile, her mood simmering down and her expression softening significantly.

The second Santiago and Stella made their entrance to the country club ballroom, the boy’s gray eyes quickly scanned the area and fell upon a few familiar faces scattered around. Normally, his modus operandi in school dances would be to locate his brother from another mother, scour the area together for the best targets, charm their way to their panties and take the lucky ladies back to their place. However, the cocky, womanizing boy from before was far different from the loyal, faithful man standing in the ballroom today. Tonight, Diablo paid absolutely no mind to the many beautiful girls sauntering and enjoying themselves around the room. He had eyes for one girl, and one girl only. And when his eyes fell on that very pregnant love of his life, the young man couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear.

“Oh my God, look at you!” he cried out happily as he approached them alongside Stella, helping April get up to slowly twirl her around in front of him. He took a few seconds to admire April in all her glowing, radiant beauty before helping the girl take her seat once again. “You look beautiful, Lils. Really”

And hot damn, she did! The burgundy color certainly brought out the browns of her hair and eyes as well as her glowing light skin, and the dress itself did a fantastic job of flattering her slim frame and gently fitting her growing stomach. He’d known how difficult it had been for April to find a dress she felt comfortable in, so he was both relieved and happy that she’d found the perfect one. Hopefully the same boutique or designer could come through for the baby shower dress she’d be needing in the next few weeks.

After he’d affectionately kissed her on the lips and forehead, he turned to his girlfriend’s date with a smile. “Hey, man,” he greeted Archer with two stiff pats to the back. “How’s it going so far? Stell and I just got here, actually. Did anything important happen yet?”
For someone who heavily dislikes teen drama series (with like 3 exceptions), romance movies, series and books I sure like to write the hell out of them 🙃🤣
I hate apple juice

“Sorry dude… is it ok if I steal her away for a couple of minutes?”

Although her face was as impassive as ever as she excused herself with Jasper and followed Max outside, a nervous Ariana was secretly going down the list of reasons as to why the lacrosse captain would want to privately speak to her. Had he figured out what was actually happening between her and Jasper? They had made out quite publicly that first time when she’d asked him to be her date, after all. King’s Academy was a small school, so it was common for juicy news about hookups to travel around fast. And with how odd it would’ve been to spot the cheer captain tongue wrestling with the quiet, shy music prodigy of their class, she wouldn’t be surprised if any rumors had reached her darling Maxie’s ears. That was a possibility.

Or… There was another worse case scenario she was starting to entertain… Had Max realized what was the true nature of her relationship with Jace? Not that there was a relationship there nowadays, but it’s not like they had been subtle about their pettiness towards each other in the last few weeks. The glaring, the ignoring, the snide remarks, the way she jumped onto Max whenever Jace showed around, or the way Jace stared daggers at them whenever together... She’d often dismissed Max as being too dumb to notice the questionable things that happened around them, but had she underestimated him? Had the oblivious Max Wallenberg actually put the pieces of the puzzle together and figured out she’d been hooking up with their math teacher? Because that would be a Disaster with a capital D.

Holy shit, Ariana: pull yourself together!!! Christ! It’s not a big deal!

She was freaking overreacting! It was probably something stupid and mundane anyway, right? Like maybe he just wanted to tell her how hot she looked. Yeah, that was probably it. Or maybe he just wanted to tell her all the dirty things he would do to her, but didn’t want Jasper around to hear because it would be awkward as hell? Huh, maybe. Or, heck, maybe he just wanted to whisk her away like a thief in the night for, I don’t know, a normal, PG conversation about their day? Another plausible scenario!

Oh well… Time to find out.

“Hey baby,” the girl cooed, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him in for a brief kiss. Better to butter him up just in case things went south-- seduction was always a powerful weapon. “Everything okay?”
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