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“Oh it’s not that bad” Julie smiled sweetly at Stella as she patted the spot next to her on the bench. The redhead opened the sewing kit and picked out a fitting thread and needle for Stella’s skirt. As the girl sat down Julie examined her skirt and started to stitch the rip as carefully as she could. “This will work for today at least!” Julie exclaimed as she snipped the thread with the miniature scissors from her kit. “What do you think Chanel?” she asked as she packed the sewing kit back in to her bag.

When she didn’t get an answer Julie finally looked up from her handywork. Red eyebrows rose when she followed her best friend line of sight and her blue eyes landed on the female version of the Devil. The Succubus one could say.

Julie didn’t really pay much attention to what the succubus was saying but got the jist of what she wanted. She waved a hand lazyly as she dragged Aurelio away from them. She rolled her eyes at Chanel knowing she felt the same way about the girl. “Wonder what that was all about? The Astor twins coming back is probably going to stir up more than we are ready for…” she mused.

“Hey… Didn’t she and…” Julie began before being cut of by someone fast and loudly blurting a greeting and a goodbye in the same breath. The big beautiful head of curly hair was instantly recognizable as Aaliyah King. Giving the other girls a confused look Julie stood up and slowly made her way over to where Aaliyah had rushed towards.

As she rounded the corner Julie spotted the girl sitting on the grass with her head in her arms. “Uh…” the redhead began. “Mind if I sit Aaliyah? This is something new… eating lunch on the ground.” she let out a small laugh as she floated down next to Aaliyah smoothing her skirt as she did so. “Is there something wrong?”

Starring Archer | Kavan

“Hey dude.”

At the sound of Archer's unmistakable voice, Kavan's head suddenly snapped up, his eyebrows raised in momentary surprise. At a loss for words, the young man simply nodded his head in greeting as he watched his oldest friend take the empty seat across from him. Kavan soon found his palms sweating from nervousness as the two sat in silence for a brief second; they began to sweat even more when Archer finally opened his mouth to speak. The glare from the sun now fell full on his face, which was serene, placid, his usual mask of supreme indifference; Kavan unflinchingly stared back into the boy's eyes as he spoke, desperately trying not to show just how jumbled his mind was at that very moment. It wasn't until about a minute after Archer had finished speaking that Kavan had finally collected his thoughts and began to air everything out.

"Archer..." Kavan began as he let out a breath he didn't even know he'd been holding, "Man... the feelings have always been there. My feelings for you. You didn't do anything that I haven't been wanting you to do for what feels like forever." As Kavan talked, he found himself studying the other boy's facial expressions, anxious to see how he'd react. But despite the nervousness, Kavan sucked in another breath and continued on. "I really really like you too, Archer. I have for a long time, and what happened yesterday was... amazing. Never in a million years would I wish to take any of that back. The only reason things happened the way they did was because of me being scared. Of what we've potentially ruined... and of my parents, you know? I mean, I almost lose my mind just thinking about what they'd say or do if they ever found out that they have a bisexual son."

Archer bit his lower lip in response to Kavan’s last comment and slowly removed his hand and let it rest together with his other hand in his lap under the table. He concentrated on Kavan’s face as he tried to steady his breath. So he was scared, if anyone could understand it would be Archer. Hell he spent most of his early teens being scared: of his dad, his reputation or being pushed around.

“Look… Van” he started before falling silent again. “I get it… you know I- i- i- i- really do.” Archer stuttered as he took uneven breaths. He couldn't believe what was about to come out of his mouth. But he had fought too hard and too long to come out of his closet he was not up for getting into someone else’s. “But…” He locked his jaw in determination. “I can’t be someone’s secret…” he let out and looked up at Kavan eyes shining in desperation.

"But you don't have to be a secret," Kavan said, unintentionally raising his voice. The young man took a quick, sheepish glance at the librarian, who'd shot him a look of warning, before continuing in his normal tone. "I mean... not to anyone else. My sister... Amoli. She already knows. She was the first one to know, actually. And it's not like I care about what anyone in this damn school thinks about me or has to say about my personal life. This could still work, Archer."

Archer sat silent for a moment contemplating what Kavan had just said. He knotted his eyebrows together and smiled tight lipped. “But…” he began before falling silent in thought again. “So, we could just never be at your place? Or… Amoli would be like our look out and make a bird call as soon as your parents would get home?”

Of course, at the thought of Amoli having to make strange noises whenever she needed to warn Kavan and Archer, the young man let out a brief chuckle and shook his head. Because he knew that, while his sister had done them a solid the day before, there was a slim chance that she would ever be willing to act as their "look-out." Hell, she'd probably try to convince Kavan to come out to his parents before she ever did anything of the sort. "Look, my parents already know that we've been friends for a few years," Kavan finally said after giving it a little thought, "And they know that you've been to our house multiple times. They literally welcome you in with open arms. I don't see why anything has to change when you do come over, except for the fact that we'd have to be a little more... careful. You know, so Amoli wouldn't have to start practicing her bird calling skills."

A big sigh left Archer as he straightened in his seat. “Look no one wants this to work more than me dude…” he looked around the near empty library. “I just don’t want you to feel weird around your parents because of me.” he stood up and walked around to the same side as Kavan and sat down in the chair next to him. “But if you’re sure… I want to make this work.” Archer smiled and grabbed Kavan’s hand as he leaned in and planted a small kiss on the dark boys lips.

"Okay, so it’s settled, then,” Kavan said with a wide grin after pulling away from Archer’s lips, We’re going to make this work.”

Archer Diedrikson opened his eyes after a turbulent night when his alarm blared. He had been tossing and turning all night waking up in half hour intervals. Thinking about what had happened was doing wonders for his sleep schedule. He turned his head looking at his phone that still layed screen down with a determined sigh he grabbed for it. He read and re-read the answer from Kavan a few times. Try as he might he could not come up with something to write back. Instead he hopped out of bed and started to get ready for school.

As he stood in the shower letting the water wash over him. Archer was deep in thought about the predicament he was in. How could he make this right? This was on his mind all the way through his morning routine and even as he ate his cereal. Only when he sat down in his SAAB had he made up his mind. He would face this head on and just get it over with. Deciding to follow the advice he had given Marisol months back.

He spent the ride to school being a hazard on the road since his mind was definitely not on his driving but on the different conversation scenarios that would play out between him and Van. But by some force of nature he arrived in his spot in the parking lot of King’s Academy. He got out and leaned on the rusty blue metal of his car as he lit his morning cigarette. Blowing a big cloud of smoke in front of his face surveying the students entering the building. He needed to talk about this with Mari. She would probably freak out about it, but he needed her backing him up in this situation. But he had not heard from her since their lunch at the Surf Shack. Hopefully he would have time before homeroom.

Archie killed the cigarette on the hood of his car and threw the butt in the bushes before he made his way towards the school building. Much to his annoyance yet another mandatory assembly was forced on the seniors so he trudged together with his peers towards the auditorium for what surely would be a hell of a time.

He took his seat in the second row where he and Mari usually sat so they could mock whatever was going on up on stage. He craned his neck around to see if he could spot his petite friend. Eventually she came in to sight and sat down beside him. But to Archer’s great chagrin so did Torvald. Archer made a confused but disappointed face and was about to inquire when the pair had gotten back on speaking terms before the assembly started. The young man sunk deep down in his seat the annoyance stewing inside of him. He was annoyed that they had to sit through yet another assembly, he was annoyed that Sonny was suddenly apparently going to be part of his life once more. As their principal spoke the Diedrikson boy’s foot tapped frantically indicating that he. was. over. it.

When the speech about sexual education was brought up he had enough. He stood up and grabbed his bag. “This is ridiculous…” he uttered and he walked out. What were they going to do? Expel him? Go right ahead. He could hear Marisol call after him but he just couldn’t be bothered.

Once again he was found in the parking lot leaning against his car with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth looking up at the school building. This place is such a hellhole he lamented to himself. He saw the flood of students pouring out of the gates after about an hour which indicated that the assembly was over. Archer sprung of his car and made his way to the cafeteria to find Kavan.

When he was nowhere to be found the curly haired boy stood biting his lip in the middle of the courtyard trying to figure out where his dark crush could be. Then a light bulb lit up inside his brain. He turned on his heel and sprinted in the direction of the library.

He pushed the heavy oak doors open with his shoulder and looked around the quiet book filled hall. It was of course mostly empty since it was lunch hour. So spotting Kavan was not at all difficult. There he sat, at what could be seen as their table. A smile spread over Archer’s face. Kavan looked like a beautiful exotic creature as he sat reading with the sun illuminating him. Archer’s heart started pounding in his chest as he took determined steps towards the dark haired boy.

“Hey dude.” he said tentatively as he pulled out a chair across from Kavan and sat down. He paused for a moment before he contuínued. “Look. I’m really sorry for not texting you back. But I felt like I needed to say this to you face to face.” Archer stared at Kavan’s beautiful eyes to see if he could figure out what he was thinking. Then he pressed on “So first I wanted to say sorry for like springning myself on you like that. And I get it.. you’re not like out or I mean if you’re even… Whatever that doesn’t matter anyway. I just… I don’t know I just really, really, really like you Kavan.” He put his hand on top of Kavan’s “And if I ruined our friendship by pushing this on you I don’t know what I’ll do…” he let out a breath and took a bigger one as if bracing for impact.

As he typed out the fourth text to his sister Nate let out a sound that was a mixture of grunt and a sigh. The three texts he had sent since they had set off on their road trip had been left on read and he was starting to get pretty annoyed. He had been trying to push his feelings of guilt to the back of his head. But of course he was failing tremendously. He threw his phone in front of him with a last loud sigh. He rubbed his eyes before he leaned back in the little kitchen sofa surveying his friends that was spread out around the RV with a happy grin plastered on his face. At least he was surrounded with people that he really liked...well mostly.

“Hold on tight!”

Nate’s head snapped to the front “Sami? Wait wha-” he called out as the RV suddenly shifted from upright to leaning on it’s side. A groan was uttered as Nate peeled his face of the RV’s window sitting up straighter. He turned around to see if everyone was ok. His friend seemed to be as confused he was. Suddenly Val was rushing passed everyone to jump out and yell loudly at the people gather outside. He didn’t really think much about it until he heard his name being screamed followed by a slapping sound. He stared at the open door of the RV with a confused look on his face before slowly making his way outside.

“What about me? What did I do?” he asked hopping out of the slanting RV. There was an assortment of people that had joined the misfits. Most of the gearheads had arrived and Val was in a tight embrace with their leader AJ Tyler and beside them Em was crying… again. Unfortunately an Ariana Grande karaoke session seemed inappropriate in their current situation. All he could do was watch it unfold with a concerned face. To his relief Matt of the gearheads stepped in and comforted her. Not far from them a familiar face stood looking annoyed. Nate’s eyes widened and a wave of embarrassment washed over him and he turned on his heels. He hadn’t faced Yessi since the party where they had made out and he felt majorly awkward about it.

Instead of dealing with that, he decided to join Kim and Sami at the front of the smoking RV. He placed himself on Sami’s otherside putting a comforting hand on the latino’s shoulder. “Well… It’s not a party if doesn’t start with a bang, right Sami?” he said with a small laugh. As Kim went to check on Em, Nate relaxed even further. This meant that Emilia was taken care of. “Do we have plan? You think any of these guys can help?” Nate gestured with his head towards the gearheads.

Done and done! :)

Hello! This sounds interesting! I love character driven RP's with a plotarch!

Starring: Aurelio | Julie

There wasn’t much time for Aurelio to react between seeing Julie exit the auditorium and getting dragged along by the tight grip around his wrist. The usual smirk was on his lips as amusement filled him, when it probably shouldn’t have. “Ah, Jules how did you remember that I like it rough?”

Whether she heard him or chose to ignore him his snark elicited no response from the fiery girl as they quickly reached their destination, which was marked by Julie making her boy take a swift seat. No sooner was his ass touching the plastic coated metal than Julie was stating her demands in that enchanting voice of hers. The smugness was evident on his face, though slowly melting away into a small, almost nervous, smile as his eyes roamed over her again. Though he was only half paying attention to how cute she was and more on how and where to start this tale of unfortunate events.

“Okay, well… Where should I start?” Aurelio finally spoke as his eyes held her heated gaze and he leaned forward to rest his forearms on his thighs, a neutral expression wiping away whatever traces amusement that lingered. Well, let’s get this out of the way.

“Well I suggest you start with what the hell happened?!” Julie scoffed. “I mean one night I find myself on the football field writing messages in chalk with my best friend, the next night you’ve disappeared without a trace!” she was talking fast without a pause. She took a calming breath before she continued “And on top of that you ghosted me for a year and a half so start at the top asshole!”

A grin tugged at the corner of his lips as he nodded his head at her words, ”Some family troubles spurred all this, not me, Jules. Unfortunately, wherever Astraia goes I go too, it’s bad luck to split twins up.” Aurelio paused a moment, a humorless chuckle leaving his lips as his eyes went to his hands which had clasped together, “So to keep an eye on my lovely sister we both got shipped off to Seoul, South Korea where Papa Astor had stationed himself. The disappearing thing was Ass’ decision, she didn’t want fuck boy in chief to know anything and I guess cutting off our ties here with everyone was the best way to assure that didn’t happen… I wouldn’t have gone through with it, not with you, but you didn’t see her face when she was asking me Jules, I didn’t have a choice.”

“Seriously?” was all she could muster. She looked at him for a moment without uttering a single sound. “But Relio… It’s fine if you don’t want to discuss your family business with me. But you can’t expect me to believe you just decided to leave me without a word or warning just because your sister asked you to?” she noticed that her nails were digging in to her hands. She relaxed her arms and let them hang down to her sides where they continued to shake. “That shit hurt Relio…” she whispered. “You were the only one I trusted besides CoCo, you two were my everything. And I’m supposed to believe that a look on your sisters face made you ignore that?” she tried her hardest to make the slight tremor in her voice go away.

“I-” Aurelio’s voice cut off as he looked for what he could tell her to make things better, but unfortunately most of the shit from the past two years had nothing to do with him, and weren’t his issues to talk about. The tremor in her voice was a pang in his heart as his eyes peeled away from his hands and took in all the pain that radiated in hers. This was the last thing he wanted to come out of this, but it was naive to believe it would have turned out any different. Standing to his full height he reached a tentative hand to Julie’s face sweeping a light thumb over her cheek and kept their eyes locked.

“Julie, I don’t know enough languages to express how sorry I am,” Reli started out with his voice low so only she could hear him, his hand dropped from her face to her hands and held them gently, an easy hold she could pull away from if she chose, ”I wish I could do things over, but that’s the shitty thing about hindsight, right? I had to make a choice between you and my sister, and I knew you’d have Chanel on your side, so I did what I could to make it easier for Yessi. I didn’t think we were ever coming back, so I figured it would’ve worked out okay for me to just fade away in some distant fond memories... Except here we are, and everything was for nothing… I’m sorry I hurt you mio fiorellino, but I’m here now, for good.”

The redhead jerked her head away as the boy’s thumb touched her skin. She listened intently as Aurelio explained himself. Julie let her hands be enveloped in his. She would’ve been lying if she said she hadn’t missed the feelings of her hands in his. Taking a sharp breath as she closed her eyes steadying herself before she slowly opened them again and looked at him. This time without any ulterior motive. In those golden hazel eyes she found nothing but honesty so she let out a long sigh before embracing her old friend and hugging him tightly.

“Don’t think this means you’re of the hook.” she whispered. “If you pull anything like this again I will hunt you down and kill you.” she let out a small laugh. She pulled away quickly when she heard her other best friend arrive behind them.

“Quite a surprise isn’t it CoCo?” She asked fixing her hair after the tumultuous conversation.

Aurelio couldn’t help the smile that spread across his lips as Julie pulled away from their tight embrace, finally things were looking up. The sound of another familiar person pulled his attention away as he followed Julie’s eyes to the quickly approaching Fashion Diva.

“Crazy? If anything I’d say you were having a good ass dream... But it’s really me, in all my handsome glory. I’ve gotten hotter right?” Aurelio teased laughing at himself as he wrapped his arms around Chanel easily lifting her off the ground and twirled them around in a dramatic fashion, “Oh, my Fashion principessa, how I have missed thee!”

Julie just rolled her eyes as she sat down at their table “As you can see not much has changed.” she said as she crossed her legs and started to dig through her bag for her packed lunch. Her head snapped up when something banged straight into the edge of the table.

The sound of someone whining had Aurelio pausing his movement as he glanced at the newly arrived person, “Who is she?” he whispered to Chanel lowering her back to her feet but kept a lazy arm over her shoulder, “You okay there, uh… sunshine? I’m Aurelio aka the shared lover between these two cuties.” he joked shooting the girl a playful wink.

Looking disgusted Julie turned her attention to Stella “Ignore him he’s an idiot that just arrived back to this fine establishment.” she packed up her salad as she spoke. Julie looked down at Stella’s skirt and saw the rip in it, she must’ve hit the table real hard “Are you hurt? Do you need help with your skirt?” she asked as she went back to dig in her bag pulling out a small sewing kit waving it around. “Me and Chanel will have you patched up in a second!”

Red hair flipped over her shoulder as Julie continued to brush it as he stared into the mirror vacantly. The big information bomb that had been dropped on her last night had been on the girls mind all night and even this morning. Just as she finished up her braid the doorbell could be heard downstairs. A smile crept onto the young woman's face, retail therapy always got her out of a funk. Especially when it’s a Birikn bag.

“Wow I didn’t expect it to arrive this fast!” Julie exclaimed happily as she opened the door. She wasn’t met with the UPS man that she expected but instead, standing in her doorway was Aurelio Astor. Her former partner in crime and best friend. Her breath caught in her chest and she couldn’t breathe for a second. All of the memories that she had pushed to the back of her mind all came rushing back all at once. It was too much for her to handle. She felt weak and didn’t know what to do. So she slammed the door shut.

She could hear his muffled laugh from the other side of the door. What are you laughing at asshole? she thought as she tried to steady her breathing. After a while the boy knocked softly against the door again. “You know, in the movies I’ve seen, the girl is supposed to run and jump into the arms of the boy. I’ll start serenading if you don’t open the door!

Whipping around she wrenched the door open.“It’s because you watch garbage movies Aurelio” she spat staring at him. “What are you doing here? What do you want?” she demanded.

Aurelio stood there looking at her for some time before slowly replying “Who knows, maybe Korea ruined my movie tastes.” then he shrugged still surveying her,” Have you gotten hotter since the last time I saw you? Or is this time playing a trick on me?”

As it has always been Aurelio avoided what was really important and laying on the flattery thick… and failing. It was like they were 16 again but Julie composed herself and latched on to one detail of his comment “Korea!? So I’m guessing that’s where you’ve been?” he really ran halfway across the world and didn’t even bother to tell her. Now he’s back and acting like nothing had happened. He had a lot of explaining to do but it would have to wait. “Reli… seriously?” the girl sighed as she made sure her uniformed looked right. The redhead stepped closer to the taller boy and stared up into his brown eyes. This maneuver always worked when they were younger to make him do whatever she wanted. She let out a small sigh again biting her lower lips as she kept his gaze on hers. Then she pulled back her right arm and punched Aurelio as hard as she could on his shoulder before storming past him.

“The least you could do is give me a ride to school.” she huffed swinging her leg over his stupid motorcycle.

As the motorcycle came to a stop in the senior parking lot Julie quickly jumped of and pulled the helmet of in a huff before shoving it back to Aurelio. She looked at her reflection in one of the motorcycles mirrors and fixed her hair before straightening up glaring at the young man. “You have some explaining to do later asshole!” she scolded before turning on her heel and stomping of towards the school building.

Homeroom was a blur of nothing until they announced that there was another mandatory assembly for their class. Julie couldn’t help but roll her eyes, as if this day couldn’t get any more annoying. But still there she was trudging along with the other students towards the auditorium. Julie plopped herself down next to Chanel with a sigh trying to settle in for what was probably going to be a drawn out morning.

Their principal Mrs. Chamberlain came out to first survey over her kingdom and then give them a speech of how the faculty was very disappointed of how their homecoming had gone. And the worst punishment they could come up with was cancelling the prom? “Who cares?” she couldn’t help but whisper to Chanel as the rest of the students erupted in protest.

Julie was busy staring blankly ahead when she heard her name being called. She blinked in confusion. What had she done? She wasn’t even on school grounds when she got drunk! It took Chanel pushing her out of the seat to get the redhead to move. On unsteady legs she wobbled up to the stage. Was this some sort of sick joke? Homecoming Queen? With the devil himself as her king? She could throw up.

A grimace appeared on the girls face as Mrs. Sanders put the plastic tiara and the polyester sash on a reluctant Julie. She cast a glare at her partner before composing her expression for the yearbook camera. Following his gaze she saw the reason for the sour look on his face. Her blue eyes fell on the former bombshell of King’s: Aurelio’s sister Yessi. Julie arched an eyebrow and a smug smile krept to her lips. Oh dear he was in trouble now. After what felt like an eternity Julie and Santiago where allowed to exit the stage.

Julie quickly made her way back to her seat and ripped the homecoming trash of her. Out of breath she leaned closer to her friend and whispered “I have something huge… April is going to flip!” before she had time to explain the three longest hours of her life began “I’ll tell you later…”.

When the lectures were finally over and they had handed out the goodie bags filled with condoms and lube the students all rushed to leave. In the kaos Julie managed to lose sight of her best friend and just decided to fall in line behind the rest of the people. She smiled politely as people congratulated her on her new regal role. The smile turned into a frown as she saw who was waiting in the doorway yet again.

She grabbed the boy by his wrist which had grown larger than she remembered over the last years. She dragged him into the courtyard where the senior class was now filling up. Julie stopped in front of what was known as the trinity table and almost threw Aurelio down on one of the benches.

“Speak! Explain yourself!” she demanded crossing her arms and staring down at him.

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