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Grace watched heartbroken as her best friend excused herself from the table and retreat back towards the resort. Had she been to harsh again? Was the gin getting to her already? A sharp sigh escaped the woman as she slumped back into the uncomfortable expensive chair. Frustrated she looked around for something to take her mind of Willow leaving. It didn’t take long for her wandering eyes to land on the broad shoulders belonging to Andre Martin.

Almost an hour had passed and still Andre hadn’t even looked her way. Grace narrowed her eyes and gulped down the last of her drink before slamming down the tumbler on the smooth surface of the bar table. The dark haired woman stood up and walked with determined steps towards the table that was just behind where her former boyfriend stood ignoring her. Luckily for her she knew some of the people situated there so it wasn't as awkward when she laughed a little too loudly at the joke about the food that was being passed around.

Her eyes shifted frequently to Andre's back to see if he would notice her existence or if he was hardcore ignoring her. When she realized it seemed to be the latter Grace did some last minute soul searching and decided she was done making a fool of herself and politely made up an excuse to leave the table.

Just as she passed the pool a huge splash of water drenched her right side.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me?!"

Grace roared as she whipped around to see Brent flail in the water and a crowd of people starting to form at the edge of the pool. In the distance she saw Amanda's slight figure storm up towards the main building. Grace decided she would much rather follow her lead than deal with whatever the fuck those people were dealing with. So she slung her now wet hair over her shoulder and set of after Amanda.

She caught up with her former best friend as she stood waiting for the elevator.

"Guessing that this isn't the reunion for love huh?"

She said quietly and carefully and she stepped up next to Amanda.

Sitting alone wasn’t as bad as one could think, especially with a bangin’ G&T in your hand. The table that Grace had chosen proved to be one of the better ones for people watching. It had a good vantage point to see people as they entered the party area so she could see everyone as they first entered. Though this made her realize that she really didn’t socialize at all as a teenager. Most of the people milling out of the hotel Grace couldn’t name for the life of her. As much as she tried to place them in her mind she kept drawing blanks. That was until of course the Queen of King’s stepped out in her signature Prada. Grace braced herself for impact as they caught each other’s eye.

To Grace’s great surprise Amanda’s face for a split second softened before returning to its original determined hardness as she offered a short nod. The beautiful blonde then turned on her heel and headed of in the other direction.

Feeling somewhat relieved that the no doubt tense interaction was shelved for later, Grace blew out the air that she had collected in her lungs in anticipation and returned her attention to her drink. Swirling the last of the liquid in her glass as she continued people watching.

It almost felt like time froze when she saw him step out of the glass doors. He looked just like she remembered him. It was like a tsunami of warmth washed over her and memories that had been pushed to the deepest crevices of her mind came tumbling back. Grace almost had to remind herself to take a breath as to not pass out. Her face lit up in a smile when he finally looked in her direction. Her chestnut eyes searching for his. Finally they connected and Andre turned away.

Again the wind was knocked out of her. This time for a whole different reason. So he didn’t want to see her after all. First she felt like throwing up, but then the nausea turned into something else a huge ball of anger in the pit of her stomach. “Oh that’s your game huh?” she whispered into her almost empty glass. In that moment she steadied her trembling lip and decided “To hell with him! Men are scum and always will be.”.

Grace folded her arms in front of her and leaned back staring at Andre’s back as he bro’ed out with his stupid ‘King’s Men’ poison almost oozing out of her. She needed a distraction and she needed it fast. As usual her savior came in the form of her best friend Willow.

"I can't do this anymore, Gracie. I should have never come. Do you think I can still get a partial refund if I check out now?"

It took a few seconds before Grace could peel her eyes from Andre’s laughing back but she took a sharp breath and turned to face her distressed friend. “Girl…” she said curtly looking at Willow with a raised eyebrow. “It is way to early into this party for you to already be this close to tears. What happened at the bar?” she queried as she looked over Willow’s shoulder. “Oh..” she said as she saw Grayson and Amanda disappear into the crowd arms linked.

Scoffing she sat back down arms folded “Get a grip Willie! I can’t believe you are still let freaking Grayson “no spine” Chambers crush you like this. You had one bad date 10 years ago! I seriously do not get what you see in that dickweed. Never have and never will!” she spat.

As soon as she got it out of her system Grace bit her lip, she had once again gone too far. She let out a soft sigh before putting a calming hand on Willow’s. “Babe… I’m just saying that you have to get your priorities straight” she lifted her hand to pat her friend gently on the cheek. “Look let’s forget about… all these jerks and just and make this weekend about us and us alone!” she smiled warmly grabbing Willow’s hands in both of her own.

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