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Frankie sat in the chair next to Josh with her legs crossed her right foot taping the air. The video playing was so redundant not one of the kids sitting in this room was paying any attention to it. And for Frankie it wasn’t any different, the girl was looking anywhere but the ancient television. Even though there was no reception anywhere Frankie stared down into her phone in hopes to find something to do but of course it came up blank. A huge sigh left her as she shifted in the uncomfortable plastic chair. Her focus shifted to Josh as he began to speak about how the summer would play out.

Slowly Frankie took of her sunglasses to get a better look at the young man sitting next to her. Did he get hotter since last year? Her mind traveled back to past years when she had just remembered Josh being a nerdy kid that stayed in the background. But now as she watched him going on and on about ice cream she couldn’t help but stare at his face. Biting her lip she made a mental note to explore it further at a later time. The murmur that broke out when Josh mentioned that camp would last for three months surprised the blonde. This must mean that there are a lot of new campers. Frankie raised an eyebrow and tried to arrange her face into a calming expresion at the same time trying to spot the new kids. They could be of use during the summer.

As soon as the speech was over Frankie stood up and patted her colleague on the shoulder “Great job Joshie! You didn’t scare’m too much!” she shot him a sparkling smile before turning to the group of campers idling around them. “Alright girls! You can follow me and this lovely lady and we will take you to your cabin!” she said loudly as gestured towards Alex who had stepped forward from her spot leaning against the wall.

The group of girls made their way towards the cabins in a slow manner as the heat was getting almost unbearable. Frankie fanned herself with one of the camp maps as she walked next to Alex. She turned to the taller girl “So did you hide the good snacks already or is that on the agenda for later?” Frankie grinned from behind her sunglasses.

When they arrived at the campers cabin Frankie threw open the door sending out a puff of stale musty air. “Well! Here we are! Your mansion for the next three months.” She stepped out of the way so that the girls could step inside. “If you need us we’re up in the counselor’s cabin over there…” she pointed to the larger cabin up the path. “...but don’t go crazy. Anyway I’m going to lay out down by the lake to get some color on this translucent skin. Please don’t bother me if you haven’t brought a drink or popsicle or something. Okay byyyeee!” she said sweetly lowering her glasses and shooting Alex a wink before turning around and heading down to the lakefront.

Blue eyes scanned the phone screen as April sat down at the table. “Hey sweetie.” Julie said with a smile putting her phone down. “How are you doing?” she asked as her eyes flicked to her friends midsection. Thankfully she caught herself before it became too noticeable and composed her face. “Where did you disappear this weekend? I tried to check on you but I didn’t get an answer. I’m guessing you and… Santiago made up?” she probed.

She picked up her phone again scrolling through when April asked for ideas “Well I’ve just been musing a little bit.” she said with that sparkle coming back to her eyes. “So first I was thinking we could put bees or spiders in the vents… but that might be seen as animal cruelty and a bit extreme” she shot Chanel who had vetoed that idea a look “Then I thought maybe we could do something at a big football game! But then that might upset your… friends.” she looked away through the window out into the courtyard. For some reason the huge fountain that sat in the middle of it held Julie’s concentration. Suddenly Julie’s face lit up and a small gasp escaped her.

“You guys!” she clasped her hands in front of her. “What if we turned the courtyard into a huge foam party?” she mused in a low whisper. “Like we sneak in here the night before and set it all up and when everyone arrives in the morning it will look like they entered a party in Ibiza.” she turned her head toward the fountain “We could use that as our big foam machine” she said pointing with her fork.

“What do you guys think?”

Archer gritted his teeth as he watched his big cousin stomp away. Should he have told Max? Was this going to come back and bite him in his ass? Probably. Butt all he could do now was roll his eyes and go back to scribble in his notebook. He was deep into translating a latin poem when he felt someone take a seat next to him. When he felt the gentle touch of Kavan a warm feeling filled the boy. Everything was still ok.

He returned his boyfriends gesture with a kiss on the lips before shutting his book. “Just writing Mrs. Archer Varma over and over again.” he said grinning widely vincing at the pain that too large facial expressions brought. “How’s your day going? Any troubles?” Archer asked leaning into Kavan snuggling up under his chin.

As Guy sat down the wavy haired boy straightened up in his seat. He only knew how much he hated to be around PDA so he wouldn’t want to be the one displaying it. “Oh you know…” he began following his friends gaze that landed on his boyfriend. He laughed “No, no! This is not a result of any kind of domestic violence.” Archer pointed out as he waved his hands in front of them both before grabbing Kavan’s hand and squeezing it. “No this is… uh how can I put it. It’s the result of me not knowing when to shut up… as usual.” he gave his friend a weak smile.

When he heard Kol yell out after him Max whipped around bounding back towards the kid. “Listen here Halliday! I am not taking it out on anyone. All I am saying is that do not be an asshole and you won’t be punished. You got a problem with that? Or did you want to go beat someone smaller than you?” he said his anger barely being contained. He turned on his heel again starting to walk away once more when he heard Sawyer pipe up. Max stopped dead in his tracks lifting his hand to his nose pinching the bridge of it letting out a big sigh. What was with all of this wineing. Turning back a second time he stared Sawyer down locking his jaw before answering.

“Who said I was giving anyone a break, huh?” he asked stepping closer to Sawyer “Maybe I didn’t want to discuss what I was going to do with you fuckwads? Maybe I have already done something?” Max continued getting closer and closer to Sawyer’s face. “So before you go complaining like I just took away your favorite blankie maybe just think! And if you ever step out of line like this again we’re going to have a problem…” before he could continue he felt an arm pulling him back. Looking up he saw Santiago’s concerned face.

“Oh for fucks sake…” he said shaking Santi’s grip from his shoulder. “Just stay out of this…. what do you want?!” he spat crossing his arms in front of his chest.

After the girls left on sunday morning Julie spent the rest of the day lying apathetic in her bed staring at the wall. Then after a while the redhead just got mad. At first at Aurelio but then mostly at herself. She had let him in again and yet again he had let her down. What had she expected? Once a flake always a flake. Julie decided right then and there: from now on she would focus on getting through the rest of her senior year with good grades so she can get out in the world with something to fall back on.

The fist part of the day had gone by in a blur. Julie concentrated hard on avoiding Reli, but apparently he and his sister had decided not to come. So come lunch the stress levels had gone down and Julie plopped down next to Chanel with a frown and a limp salad courtesy of lunch lady Patricia.

"No funny, but I feel like I'm slowly dying. And I don't think this food is helping me out." Chanel lamented surveying her fish sticks.

Julie just slowly nodded picking at her salad with the plastic fork in her hand. “Mmmh…” she mused. There was this weird heavy feeling in her stomach and it was eating at the redhead that she didn’t know what it was. Then all of a sudden it was like a light flickered on inside of her. She realized she had been so caught up in everything happening around her. First everything with Marisol at homecoming then April being with child and finally Reli blowing through her life again. Basically the girl had forgotten about herself, she had become a boring side character in her own life. This had to change. Julie narrowed her eyes at her salad before shifting her eyes to her best friend.

"It's whatever though, I'm pretty sure we all feel a bit... off after what all happened on Saturday. Right? Shit was wild." Coco said as she pushed the remnants of her lunch away from her.

The redhead bit her lip “Yeah… yeah it was. And again I am sorry for my little… breakdown.” she whispered. “But!” she exclaimed throwing her fork into the plastic bowl of her salad “After my small moment of weakness.” she paused clearing her throat quietly before continuing “Don’t you guys think we should make the last part of our senior year… I don’t know. Exciting? Like we should do a stunt or like a heist!” a sparkle could be seen in the girls blue eyes. She looked around at her friends excitedly “Right?!”

“Thank you very much!” Max smiled at the portly lunch lady as he grabbed his lunch. He turned around to look for his cousin whom he had a very special lunch date with. But before he could spot him his phone buzzed violently on the tray. He sat down at the closest empty table and looked at the text message from Georgie. A wide smile spreading across his face as he read. Max’s head popped up as he finished reading looking around for Georgie. when he spotted her at a table with one of her friends he grabbed his tray and made his way over to their table.

“Can I finally call myself a real model then?” Max chuckled as put down his tray and crouched down folding his arms in front of Georgie. “You can use the picture if you think you will win with it and if you send me the pictures as you promised!” he smiled at her. “Deal?” he said tapping the table and stood up. “See you around!” he bid them farewell as he backed away.

In the farthest corner table in the cafeteria Archer sat nose down in his notebook scribbling away furiously shutting out the rest of the world. This weekends activities had left the boy in quite a funk. First his brother comes out of nowhere bringing up the darkest memories of his life and right after that he gets punched in the face… twice. But like always he gets saved by his friends they must be so tired of bailing him out. These are the thoughts that had swirled around in Archer’s head the last couple of nights. Writing it all down was the only thing that helped right now. Getting his thoughts out instead of keeping them in like he had done the last time.

“Heyo! Little cousin!” a burly voice called out from behind him. He recognized that jovial shout anywhere. It was a voice he had grown up with, his cousin Max.

Without turning around Archer drawled “Still older than you by two months Max.” . He closed his book and put it away in his bag as Max made his way around to sit across from Archer.

Max put on his signature grin “I mean in stature… I always mean in stature Archie!” he followed it up with that booming laugh of his. “So uh… do you have the… you know?” he whispered before clearing his throat as he looked down at his lunch.

The lanky teen just rolled his eyes and dove under the table yet again retrieving a blue folder. “Yeah, yeah. I have it. Keep your voice down will you?” Archie whispered as he slid the folder over to his cousin. “It’s not A+ material… but you know it has to look believable.” he sighed wincing bringing his hand up to his eyebrow where a big cut was visible. He ran a hand through his hair revealing his fresh shiner covering his right eye.

“This looks great Arch… I-” Max said flipping through the pages of the essay. He cut himself short when he caught sight of his cousin’s face. “What the hell happened to you?!” he exclaimed dropping the folder and leaning closer to Archer surveying his face.

Archer backed away a little before letting out another big sigh “Uhm, yeah well your boy Leone wasn’t as o.k with authenticity as you are. And you know he had problems with my lifestyle choices.” he said picking at his thumb nail. “But it’s over… don’t worry about it.”

The larger teen’s fists was balled up on the table in front of him. His blue eyes staring at his cousin, a blazing fire lit behind him. “Brad. Did this to you?” he said slowly “He beat you up? Because you’re… gay?” he continued breathing heavily.

“Yeah but M-max. It’s taken care of… Don’t-” Archer tried but his cousin had already whipped his phone out typing furiously.

“Emergency team meeting in 10 minutes on the field! Fail to be there douchebags and you’re kicked out of the team!”

Max sent out the message to the Lion’s group text chain and stood up “Fuck that, it is taken care of when I say it is taken care of!” he hissed as turned on his heel sprinting out of the cafeteria leaving Archer staring after him.

“So!” Max yelled out in front of his fellow players “I trust everyone had a great time Saturday!” he continued to a murmur of agreement and a few highfives. “Some might have had too much fun!” he locked eyes with Brad before he continued with his speech “It has come to my attention that my cousin got beat up. By one of you fuckers.” he looked around the team who had all fallen silent. “And I don’t take kindly to hate crimes. So if I hear of any of you motherfuckers touch him or any of his friends ever again, I will personally throw you out of this team. And now I know some of you can’t afford that.” he finished crossing his arms in front of him “Now fuck off!” he said before walking away.

“Read em’ and weep boys!” Theo exclaimed with joy as he laid his winning hand down on the table in front of the rest of the band a wide smile plastered on his face. Cards where thrown and taunts where flung but in the end they all went back to taking shots together. This was a tradition for the gang before every party they went to. Playing cards and drinking until they were drunk enough for anything to matter.

Theo slammed one last shot before stretching his body with a satisfied groan. His whole body feeling warm with that feeling being inebriated he always craved. His usual face of indifferent replaced with the confident smile his family was known for. He turned to his friend sitting next to him looking uncomfortable “How are you holding up Zeke?” he asked putting an arm around his shoulder giving the guy a little shake. “I know parties isn’t your scene but… Don’t worry we’ve got your back!” Theo gestured around the room letting out a small laugh “Well at least I do!” he winked at Zeke before jumping to his feet.

“Well?! Shall we?” he asked as he made his way to the front door not even waiting for an answer.

As the group arrived at the beach the party was in full swing. Music that was making the sand shake was pouring out from huge speakers surrounding a guy with a backwards turned cap enthralled in whatever he was doing on his laptop huge headphones covering his ears. Everywhere there where people dancing and cheering around the huge pile of wood that had been set ablaze. As they moved through the crowd members of the group dropped of to do their own thing, finally Theo stood in front of a red rope that was hung at one of the white linen tents. Of course Rachel had to have VIP section at a beach party.

“THEODORE!” a screeching voice came ringing from the back of the tent before the petite girl came sprinting out jumping over the rope to fling her arms around his neck, violently embracing him. “You’re finally here! Come, come, come!” she said excitedly lifting the rope and letting him through. She grabbed a little stamp from one of the staff and stamped it on his hand leaving a black VIP mark on it. As they walked deeper into the tent Theo recognized a few faces. He said hello to some but ignored most as Rachel dragged him to where she was sitting. “So this area is for the cream of the crop Teddy! Only the best of the best gets in here. We even have a personal open bar with the best bartenders on the island just for us! I know you’ll like that!” she squealed like an overexcited child showing of her toys. “And of course there is other party favors if you are so inclined…” she said sheepishly as she flopped down in a cushioned lounge chair. Theo’s eyes traveled to the small glass table next to her spotting the lines of white powder.

“Classy Rach…” Theo huffed rolling his eyes. “No, like you said the bar is my favorite place. You know where to find me.” he said as he left her scream laughing at something someone had said. Shaking his head he made his way over to the makeshift bar in the corner of the tent. It was impressive what the staff had been able to do in just one afternoon, the bar looked like it belonged in a classy hotel but it had for sure not been here before. “Can I get a gin and tonic? Thank you.” he said as he sat down in the lush bar chair.

He turned around to look at the loud party wondering where his cousin was in all of this. He hadn’t seen Lottie since the boat. But she was a big girl, she could take care of herself right? Right?

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