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Well I'm nobody's baby
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I'm the queen of nothing
I'm the king of the world

A smile spread across Julie’s face as Chanel stated facts about the couple fumbling about infront of them. The smile turned into a cringe when all of Aliyah’s books were dropped and they both scrambled to pick them up and stumble into each other as they did so. Julie sighed they would have their work cut out for them. But it was so obvious they belonged together that it would all be worth it.

“Painful indeed…” Julie said absentmindedly, playing with her ponytail as she watched Aliyah retreat into the school leaving poor Elijah alone in the courtyard staring after her. Just as Julie was about to suggest going up to him to Chanel a soccer ball flew past their table landing behind them. Julie turned around to see if it had hit someone but spotted Martha Radley sitting by herself immersed in her cards. You could almost see Julie’s eyes sparkle at the sight of the tarot cards, anything out of the ordinary caught her interest.

Everyone at King’s knows that wherever a soccer ball flies only one person can follow, and this time was no exception. Andrés de la Fuente came jogging after his ball and sitting down at Martha’s table. From being friends with both of them Julie happened to have some intel on the situation unfolding in front of her. The iconic Macmillan smirk crept its way back on to Julie’s face.

"So, any other people you see that might need fixing?" Chanel said with a small laugh, probably more in an off hand manner but Julie took the bait.

“I don’t know about fixing CoCo, but you know how Martha’s always…” Her sentence was cut short by the arrival of someone new.

“Hey April. How was your summer?” Julie greeted feeling just a smidge of awkwardness, she and April used to be real good friends but a few mistakes and incidents changed that friendship into where they are now, more like friendly acquaintances. Julie’s gaze moved passed April and landed on the Devil himself and one of the aforementioned mistakes. Julie pursed her lips at the sight of him, but shook the thoughts out of her head and glanced down at her watch.
“We should get moving if we want to make it to homeroom” She said shortly as she stood up smoothing her skirt, making her way towards the school entrance.

Archer grinned as Kavan took out Catcher In The Rye and showed it to him. “That is true my man!” he agreed, and was just about to suggest some new readings for his friend when the walking embodiment of toxic masculinity arrived at Archer’s car.

“Damn that fairy dust.. .Oh, it’s just Archer. What’s up, boyo?”

Archer took a deep breath and rolled his eyes so hard it almost hurt him. “Well, not my dick anymore, now that you’re here!” he deadpanned, looking at Sonny with a clearly unamused expression. The young man was just about to make a comment about the racist remark he made towards Van when Marisol stepped in and dragged him away, quickly saying her goodbyes while Archer grumbled profanities under his breath.

“Why are we even friends with that guy? I mean, besides you guy's parents being buddies or whatever. I mean, he’s insufferable! And he shouldn’t get away with saying stuff like that to Van!” he complained as they walked away.

“He’s just making dumb jokes, Archer. You know Sonny,” Marisol grumbled, rolling her eyes in annoyance. She wished Archer and Sonny understood how much it fucking annoyed her to constantly defend the friendships she had to each of them to the other. Why couldn't they just all get along?! “But that's not what I wanna talk to you about.”

Archer shot her a concerned look . “Yeah, well, he should get his humor looked at. Last time I checked, racist jokes were out of style” he quipped, and with one last strained eye roll from the both of them he let go of the topic and refocused on the new one, sensing something bothering his friend. “What’s up dude?”

Marisol wasted no time in letting out a deep sigh and looking straight at Archer, biting her lower lip. “So you know how I was bitching about turning eighteen in March and still being a virgin?” she began, being uncharacteristically hesitant. That would immediately let her best friend know there was more to the story.

He dreaded the direction this conversation was going. Archer narrowed his eyes in anticipation, he noticed his friend having a hard time letting him know what was happening and that only happened when she was keeping something from him. So either she was pregnant or… something worse. ”Gross, but yes, go on?”

“Well… They popped it last month!” the green-eyed girl announced, shooting Archer a cross between a smile and a grimace and not saying anything else to buy herself some more time. This whole thing was being harder than she thought it would.

That she was telling him this was not the weird part, the weird part was that she was being so coy about it. He had half expected her to call him right after when it had happened, which meant that there was obviously something more to the story. “Ok first of all “popped”? 100% gross,” Archer looked down at Marisol with his eyebrows high. “But… and?” he questioned.

Marisol let out another deep sigh, moving her eyes from Archer’s face and staring at her shoes now instead. “Sonny popped it for me,” she said in a small voice, not daring to raise her eyes after the bombshell she’d just dropped on the taller boy.

At her last comment everything froze for Archer. It was as everything became muffled: sound, color, even movement. His stomach churned, and he felt like he was sweating. Out of all the guys -and girls- who had been chasing after his best friend over their high school career, she goes and lays with that self entitled, bigoted, white trash, shit for brains? Archer swallowed and cleared his throat.

“So… what does this mean?” he asked bluntly. “Are you guys together?” he continued grasping at the hope that the answer would be a ringing NO

No,” Marisol admitted slowly, an unperceivable disappointment in her voice. “We did it because of a dare, so I doubt he sees it as any more than that. But it kind of opened up my eyes to the fact that there might be some sort of something floating around for me that's not exactly feelings of friendship, if you know what I mean.”

Archer let out a beleaguered sigh as he opened the big doors to the entrance hall of their school dropping his voice down to a whisper as they entered “I don’t actually Mar, I think this is quite a black or white situation.” He trudged up the stairs towards their English classroom, and finally turned to face her on the second floor landing. “Ok. So if you like him that way-” he shuddered at the thought. “You should probably tell him and get it over with. I am not saying I approve. But if that’s what you feel I’m not going to keep you from it,” he tried to settle his face in to a friendly smile, but his eyebrows knitted together in concern. “I just… He’s just so... gross.”

The young woman snorted, mentally cringing at the idea of going up to Sonny and coming clean about how she felt. That would be a disaster. “Well, I think Baxter’s gross too, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting his dick inside you, now does it?” Mari shot back with a smirk, but carried on with the conversation before Archer could reply. “And, by the way: you seriously think I would just go up to him and be like ‘Hey, Sonny. Ever since you screwed me by the lake that one and only time during that Fourth of July camping trip, I think I might be in love with you’? Yeah, no. Miss me with that gay shit.”

Archer turned on his heel and continued up the stairs. “No. Miss me with all of this-” he huffed. “What is this conversation, then, Mari?” he questioned the girl. “Did you just want to tell me that you had Torvald in you? Because I’d rather not have known” He turned around again as he reached the top of the stairs, visibly frustrated. “I just don’t want this to blow up in you face, and by association, my face. I like to decide what goes on my face by myself.” He offered out his arm so she could link up with him again.

Marisol glared at Archer for a second before sighing and taking his arm again. “Nah, it won’t. I'm not telling him shit, so you can sleep peacefully knowing nothing you don't like will blow up in your face,” she assured her best friend, giving him a suggestive smirk before getting serious again. “Look, I know you hate him and all, but I told you ‘cause I thought you would be happy someone had finally de-pussyfied me.”

“Babe, nothing makes me happier than to have you stop talking about your growler,” He smiled as he pushed on through to Mr. Gomez’s classroom, while Mari punched his arm lightly and stifled a laugh. When the pair entered he could hear their teacher grunting about them being late. “Sorry Mr. G! Womanly problems.” Archer quipped as he made his way to the back of the classroom, Sol following suit.

“Yet again, Mr. Diedrikson, you are not a woman,” Mr. Gomez sighed rubbing his eyes in exasperation.

Archer feigned shock as he sat down in his seat “That is sexist Mr. Gomez! What would our dear Principal say about that kind of rhetoric?” he grinned and gave his best friend a wink as she sat down next to him.

“All right, all right. If you are done, Mr. Diedrikson, can I continue with my class?” Gomez asked as he passed down their curriculum. Archer shrugged and settled down in his seat with his arms crossed over his chest.

You're still singing songs of rivers
Like through accidents within
And telling people lies of
Lions, treasures and kings

As he sat there behind his open car door he thought to himself is this what I’ve become? A coward who hides his feelings? This is stupid! He rose from his from his crouching position slowly and watched as Johnny turned to look at him giving a thumbs up. He had seen everything, Archer nodded his head in his direction mentally cringing. But before he could utter a greeting, a weird occurrence transpired. Some new girl was arriving with Andrés and walked directly towards Johnny and started a conversation that quickly turned to an argument. Archer stood there dumbfounded as he watched Johnny grab the girl and yell at her, uncharacteristically rough and harsh. Archer frowned in confusion, drama was something he avoided like the plague and seeing one of his better friends being in the center of it made him uncomfortable.

Just then Marisol Castillo skated by scowling and staring daggers at the pair. He rolled his eyes and sighed, she always needed to be part of action didn’t she? He heard her arrive behind him and jump of her skateboard. Archer turned around slowly crossing his arms across his chest.

“That man of your dreams can sure be an asshole…” His best friend said in that off-hand voice she knew Archer hated. “C’mon, Archie. Wipe the drool off your face and get your ass over here. Or do you plan on hiding from ‘Prince Charming’ for the rest of the year?” she smirked.

It was too early in the morning to be this annoyed, Archer made a face to match his mood and closed his car door. “Naawh, you know you’re the only prince I need” he said and put what was left of his cigarette in the corner of his mouth as he walked over to her. Just as he was about to rebuttal her comments another student arrived.

"Johnny-boy being a dramatic dick, as usual?"

It was Kavan Varma a fellow literature buff, Archers face perked up in to a smile when he saw his good friend. In Archers eyes Kavan was one of the coolest people at this school, and he made it his mission to befriend him and he is really glad he managed to go that.

"It's too early in the morning and in the school year for that shit." Kavan wrinkled his nose at the sight of the cigarette in Archer’s mouth.

“Oh… Sorry Van!” Archer took out the cigarette and put it out on the bottom of his shoe. “I would quit… if I was a stronger person!” He chuckled and looked up at his friend “Are you wearing eyeliner? It suits you dude!”

Archer grabbed his bag out of his car and locked it, “Well shall we get going on this last year?” He sighed and turned towards the big entrance of King’s academy. But just as he was about to leave two other girls arrived. He smiled at Grace as she introduced herself

“Hey there I’m Archer” he said giving her a two fingered salute. He turned back to Kavan as the girls started to fuss over each other. Archer was waiting to hear Marisol’s famous catchphrase.

“So have you read anything interesting lately?” He asked as he fumbled for his phone in his pocket, he fished it out and checked the digital clock in the corner and groaned. “Ey Mari! We need to book it if we want to make it to english!” He jerked his head towards the school, of course the pair had all the same classes.

Take it all
or don’t take at all
nothing left to break my fall

Julie’s favourite pastime is people watching and spending her mornings at this particular garden table doing just that was just perfect. There was just one thing missing and she had just the fix for it, she picked up her leather bag and retrieved her small thermos mug filled with delicious colombian roast. She flipped the lid open and took in the heavenly smell that erupted from the mug, Julie took a careful sip since it was still piping hot. But as soon as coffee made its way down Julie’s mood brightened instantly.

As she sat there daydreaming, looking at people with her chin in the palm of her hand, Julie noticed a few things: Dawn Bentley and Charlie Grobowski had broken up after 3 years, Finn Doberman was obviously high on campus and Sonny Drake had already started trouble with faculty. Julie finally snapped out of her dreamstate when her friend Chanel arrived across from her obscuring Julie’s full view of the courtyard.

"The start of the end of high school. Fucking finally." Chanel lamented as she set her designer bag on the table.

Julie smiled at her and let out a small yawn “I don’t know Chanel, I think this year can be quite interesting” she set her coffee mug back down on the table. “Well at least I think we can make this year very interesting.” She noticed Spencer the small freshman walking in with a small group of friends, Julie smiled and gave him a wink. He looked around at his friends flustered as they all rushed inside.

She turned her attention back to her friend “Anyway, so I talked to daddy about getting you in at the office, he said it really depended on what you wanted to do there and what your skills are. Unfortunately he said you’d probably get to catalog all the different pieces for his fall/winter collection.” She eyed her friend not wanting to disappoint her “But I also talked to Iris and she said she could score you an interview with her management office, so that’s something.

Julie absent mindedly played with her ponytail as she scanned the sea of students for something interesting, and her pale blue eyes fell on two students in particular standing a few steps away from the crowd, both looking a bit awkward. Julie did recognize them but couldn’t really place them, after some brain rummaging she found what she was looking for. The girl was King’s Academy’s chess champion, who ran a blog that Julie had read once and the boy was some sort of computer wiz who some people called “JewBoy”, which Julie thought was a rather harsh nickname. If she wasn’t mistaken their interaction was some sort of sad attempt at flirting, her heart was melting. She turned her attention back to Chanel yet again,

“Would you look at those two!” She flicked her head in the couples direction. “Have you seen anything cuter? We need to fix them, they clearly need our help.” She looked them both up and down. She looked like she just thrown her uniform on, meanwhile the guy looked like he wakes up at 5 am every morning to freshly press his uniform in desperate need to let loose a little. “I think we should invest in them! Or would our stock plummet?” She asked Chanel with a raised eyebrow.
Question! Do we have to wait until everyone has made their intro post to post with our characters again?

We do what we want
And as soon as it's done
We just do it again
Let's do it all
And when we come down
We just do it again

The huge cotton curtains were fluttering in the morning breeze cooling the stuffy sunroom that Jason Macmillan used as his study. In the big sofa in the middle of the room a red haired girl was resting her eyes. Julie had been up quite late the night before talking to her sister Iris who is currently doing a levi’s campaign in Shanghai. Julie had asked all about the culture and the food Iris had been eating and suddenly it was 2am. The alarm had gone of at 6am because she needed to finish hemming her uniform skirt. Julie had decided to spice things up by breaking the dress code and shortening her skirt to just above her fingertips. Hopefully this would elicit some kind of reaction be it good or bad.

Her hand rose slowly as Julie checked the rose gold chain link watch around her wrist, it was almost time to leave. She let out a small sigh as she hoisted herself up in to a sitting position, eventually getting up from the sofa. She smoothed out the crisp fabric of her newly hemmed skirt and looked at herself in the full length mirror beside her father’s work table where he sat engrossed in a few fabric samples. “Did I overdo it daddy?” Julie mused as she fussed over her hair, which she thought was her best asset by far. Today she opted to wear it up in a ponytail accented with a hermes scarf.

“No you’re fine pumpkin” her father mumbled without even looking at his daughter. Julie smirked as she finished tying the scarf around the hair tie that sat at the base of her ponytail. She fluttered over to her father and bent over his shoulder and kissed him on his cheek “Bye daddy! You should try leaving the house today, remember Dr. Ogawa said it would do you good to get out and about!” Julie chirped as she left, grabbing her small leather shoulder bag on her way out.

With her new AntonFrans sunglasses on she made her way down the driveway and passed both hers and her father’s cars. It was the first day of school and Julie Macmillan was riding the bus. It was a sort of tradition Julie had made, she loved watching the new students riding to school for the first time. When she got down to the bus stop there were a few kids standing around, all new freshmen Julie had to assume because no one old enough to have a driver’s license would be caught dead taking the bus. She checked her watch again, the bus was a few minutes late when it arrived and Julie stepped on and smiled at the tired driver as she passed. She settled herself at the back of the bus as it made its way through the neighborhood. Not that many people got on since even if you were someone that didn’t have a license, you’d probably have a driver or even take an uber. But one kid caught Julie’s eye, he was small even for a 14 year old, his uniform almost swallowed him, his hair was mousy brown and messy, he had a nervous look on his face as he looked around to find a seat. He looked like small lost puppy and Julie couldn’t help but smile, the boy took the seat right in front of Julie and she heard he was a little bit out of breath like he had been running to catch the bus. She leaned over the back of his seat and rested her chin on top of it.

“Hey… you excited for the first day of high school?” she whispered. The boy almost jumped out of his seat at the sudden voice in his ear, and recoiled a little when he saw Julie smiling sheepishly at him. “Y-yeah I-I guess” he stuttered and offered a nervous smile, Julie offered her hand “Well I always say it’s better to know someone right from the start! I’m Julie, and you are?” she asked. “S-spencer” he blurted as he took Julie’s hand, his palm was a little bit moist. “Charmed” Julie smiled at him just as the bus came to a stop in front of the academy. “Now don’t be a stranger, ok?” she told him as she patted him on the shoulder as she made her way of the bus. “O-okay” she heard Spencer call after her in a small voice.

As soon as she stepped out of the bus she noticed her first hurdle, madam president Victoire Bailey was situated at the gates surely to check on student behavior. Julie looked down at her newly hemmed skirt and smirked to herself, hopefully it wasn’t that drastic of an alteration to warrant a lecture this early in the morning. She flicked her hair over her shoulder and confidently passed and made her way towards the entrance of the school stopping to sit down at one of the garden tables that were scattered around watching as the students began to fill the courtyard.

So now we're dancing through the garden
And what a garden I have made
And now that death will grow my jasmine
I find it soothing I'm afraid

The night before Archer’s senior year starting at King’s Academy just happened to coincide with his brother Warren leaving for Harvard, so of course the Didriksons had to have a going away dinner for their golden angel of a son. As an act of kindness Warren had given his family gifts, even Archer. Sceptical Archer reached for the cylindrical parcel his brother had tossed in front of him, with narrowed eyes he carefully ripped the tape that covered the top. Just as he got the top open he could feel a gust of air and something hitting him in the face. When he opened his eyes he was covered in pink glitter and a note had fallen in to his lap, his eyes shot up angrily at his brother who could barely contain a fit of laughter. Archer unfurled the rolled up note, on it a single sentence:

“See you at thanksgiving, fruitcake!”

Archer looked up at his parents, his father with his forehead resting in one hand and his mother frowning at Warren. Archer stood up quickly and stomped of towards his room leaving a trail of glitter after him. “Go eat a dick Warren!” He screamed as he slammed the door to his room shut shaking with anger. He tried brushing the glitter of but it stuck to him no matter how hard he tried, glitter really was the herpes of crafting. Archer looked at himself in the mirror he had beside his closet, the glitter had settled in to his thick hair. That would take like a month to get out. He could hear his mother scolding his brother downstairs, Archer let out a big sigh as he retrieved a pack of cigarettes he kept in a drawer beside his bed.

He sat down in the large bay window at the far end of his room and opened one of the windows wide. As he took a long drag of his cigarette he could feel the calm rush over him and the anger ebb away. Staring out at the manmade lake that his house had in his backyard, he wondered how his last year would pan out. He took out his phone and opened up his Misfits group chat, he thought about telling them about what had happened but changed his mind. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with Sonny’s bullshit and Marisol would just send over her brother to punch Warren in the face, which would be satisfying but not really helpful in this situation. He decided to tell Marisol in the morning when he saw her at school, and the others needn’t know this ever happened as far as they would know the glitter in his hair was just a fashion statement.

After a quick shower where he furiously scrubbed his scalp to get most of the glitter out of his hair, he laid down in his bed and fell asleep.

In the morning, Archer stayed in bed and listened for when his father left for work before he threw his cover of and started to get ready. Putting on his King’s uniform felt almost claustrophobic, Archer made a face as he straightened his tie in the mirror. He shrugged and grabbed his book bag as he made his way downstairs. In the kitchen his mother Jessica sat with a cup of coffee, when she saw Archer walk in she gave him a worried look and started to say something. He put up a hand to stop her “No don’t… I’m fine” he said sitting down across from her. Jessica grabbed her son’s hands and gazed at him “Your brother… he says he’s sorry….” she started, Archer rolled his eyes “No he really is, he’s just processing all of this in his own way.” She continued. Archer snatched his hands back and stood up “I’m going to be late for school” he said and grabbed his keys of the table. His mother called something after him but Archer was just over the whole conversation.

He closed the door to the garage and rested his head on it for a second before turning around and facing the now nearly empty garage now that both his father and brothers cars were gone, left was his mother's BMW and his rusty blue Saab, it was a hunk of junk but he had at least bought it with his own money so it was really all his. Getting in to his car was easier said than done, he first needed to rearrange the jumble of trash that littered the front seats to fit his book bag and himself. It was a array of various books, old take out bags from the surf shack and a few notepads filled with scribbles and texts, this was done by just piling it all in the backseat. Archer made a mental note to clean it out after school as he turned the key to start the engine, it took a few false starts before “the blue devil” started and he could finally back out of his garage.

The drive towards school was uneventful and boring as always, usually he would pick Marisol up on the way but seeing as it was the first day of school Mr. Castillo probably had something grand for his daughter and Archer didn’t want to disrupt that tear-fest. So instead of taking the exit towards his best friends house he kept course for King’s Academy, all the while listening to one of his favorite new artists and drumming on his steering wheel. Archer had manages to score a good parking space in the senior lot, close enough so he didn’t have to walk that far to get to the school gates but far enough so some people wouldn’t give him crap for sitting in his car smoking. He disconnected his phone from his aux cord and wrote a quick text to his ride or die:

He put his phone in his pocket and rummaged around in his bookbag for his pack of cigarettes, when he finally found them he rolled down his window and lit one. The first cigarette of the day was Archer’s favorite thing in this world, he leaned back and closed his eyes. The day had yet to start and he could already feel a headache linger in his forehead. He decided it would be better to get some fresh air before he had to enter the gates of hell so he got out of his car, as he got out he saw the familiar broad tall frame of Johnny Baxter, with his long legs, nice strong shoulders muscular arms, big hands that was holding a phone that was filming and Archer could see his own face in it and he was staring.

“Oh shit!” Archer yelped and ducked down behind his car door, praying Johnny hadn’t seen him staring at him.
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Also, @spooner, I think she and Jules would be good friends too. I think she would always be trying to do Bea's make-up or get her to dress up. Which she would do begrudingly. I think she would get Bea into a lot of innocent trouble too.

If she's upp for standing out and getting up to no good then...

Archer like "Oh...hello!

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