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Starring Chanel | Julie

Julie smiled at the picture of a small Chanel grinning toothless back at her. Going down the line she saw scenes of her best friend and her brother growing up. Deep down it made her feel sad knowing the Martin siblings story. As she heard her best friend dragging her feet down the stairs she spun around to face her smiling brightly.

“Oh you know… I sold my soul to satan.” she winked at her friend and giggled. “I brought you a bit of a pick-me-up!” Julie exclaimed and lifted the tote bag filled with products and gave it a light shake so Chanel could hear the jumble of goodies inside of it. Almost immediately, Chanel’s facial expression changed; what was once before a painful grimace turned into an expression of pure delight. Without much hesitation, Chanel reached for the bag of products so that she could take a peek inside; her eyes widened happily as she spotted the several bottles of toner, moisturizer, and perfume. Chanel looked up at her best friend with an appreciative grin; although her stomach was still churning and her head felt like it was going to explode, Julie's gesture sure made her feel a whole lot better than before.

"Oh, what did I do to deserve such a good friend like you?" Chanel said with a smile as she slowly began to lead the way to the kitchen. "I would definitely give you a hug, but I'm in desperate need of a shower." The young woman shuddered a bit as she headed to the refrigerator to refill her glass of water.

Smoothing out her skirt as she sat down in one of the kitchen chairs Julie surveyed her friend as she gulped down the water. “I gather that you had an.. Eventful night?” she suppressed a small laugh. It was a rare sight to see Chanel in this state so her redheaded friend couldn't help but just smile at her.

Chanel simply shot her friend a look as she gingerly placed her glass into the sink. “Girl, eventful would be an understatement,” she said as she thought back on everything that had happened earlier that night. Chanel fell silent as she remembered how she’d given Lucas Anderson a hard slap across the face near the start of the dance; while he definitely deserved it, she couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed at how quickly she’d reacted without thinking things through. And then there was the alcohol. Apparently, Chanel needed to learn her limits; although she’d already downed multiple cups of spiked punch, she didn’t hesitate to drink her weight in Vodka when it was offered to her.

“Anyway…” Julie started, changing the subject as she dug around in her small purse for her phone. “I have some more good news actually.” A big grin spreading across the girls face as she scrolled through the contacts on her phone. Chanel leaned against the counter and eyed her friend curiously as she did so. Finally she stopped at a specific name and sent the contact over to her friends phone. “Daddy said to call his assistant Josephine! He’s made sure she saved you an intern spot!” Julie twittered as she clapped her hands excitedly. Before Julie could even fully finish her sentence, Chanel hurriedly pulled her own cell phone from her pocket to take a look at what her friend had sent her. As the news began to set in, the young woman let out an excited, high-pitched squeal, something that the subsequent sharp pain in her head almost made her instantly regret. But Chanel paid it no mind as she stared at the phone number she’d been given, a grin spread so wide across her face that it nearly made her cheeks ache. It was no secret to anyone that Chanel had always dreamed of pursuing a career in the fashion industry; as she stared at the phone number, Chanel finally felt the sense that she was now in the process of turning her dreams into a reality.

"Julie..." Chanel finally said as she struggled to find the right words to say. "I... fucking love you," the girl finally said before throwing her arms around the other girl, enveloping her in a hug. "thank you, thank you, thank you."

Julie laughed at her best friend’s sudden outburst “Anything for you CoCo, you know that.” she returned her hug just as excitedly. “But remember the rest of the interns are all from fashion schools and they fought tooth and nail to get in.” The redhead pondered as they broke apart. “So they will be vicious. And that’s coming from the daughter of their boss,” She huffed.

“Girl, you know better than anyone in this world that I can handle myself,” Chanel said as she returned to her original spot and picked up her cell phone once more, “I’ve been waiting and preparing for this since freshman year, so believe me when I say that I’m not going to let myself or any of these ‘vicious’ fashion students screw this up for me.” Of course, Chanel meant every word of what she had said.

“So, this definitely calls for a celebration,” Chanel declared as she looked up at her best friend with a wide grin. “I mean, I still feel like shit… so my idea of ‘celebrating’ would probably be something along the lines of eating junk food and watching old episodes of Project Runway. And now that I think about it, we still have a bunch of ice cream left over from our last trip to the grocery store since Andre hasn’t been around and our uncle only eats when he's…” The young woman found herself rambling on as she pulled open the refrigerator door and took a quick peek inside. She only stopped talking mid-sentence when a new thought popped into her mind; she poked her head out from behind the door to look at Julie with a raised eyebrow. “Oh, and have you heard anything from April lately?” the young woman asked. “I think that we should invite her over too, you know? Share the news... but I haven’t spoken to her in days. I didn’t even get to see or talk to her at the dance.”

Julie bit her lip as Chanel mentioned the last part of their trio, it was true she hadn’t heard from April in forever either. But then again their relationship has been shaky at best for a long time. Still Julie was worried about her, April had seemed of at the dance. “You’re right… We should call her.” Julie sighed and unlocked her phone scrolling down to April’s name and calling it. The young woman paced the length of Chanel’s kitchen table back and forth as the dial tone rang in her ear. When she reached the voicemail Julie was kind of relieved “Ehr… Hi April it’s me… uhm Julie! Me and Chanel is at her house celebrating her new internship at daddy's office. So… uhm when you get this come over. Haven’t heard from you in a minute sooo.. yeah, bye!” obviously flustered she hung up.

She looked back up at Chanel “Did that sound as forced as I think it did?” she whimpered. Chanel simply offered her friend a weak smile and a shrug of her shoulders as she continued to search her kitchen cabinets. Then her phone vibrated in her hand and she looked down at the notification. “Huh… it looks like our girl Aaliyah has gotten an instagram,” a small smile spreading across the MacMillan girls face. “And it looks like she might be more receptive for a makeover than we thought!” she smirked as she showed her friend the picture Aaliyah had posted before giving her a follow back.

A wide grin spread across Chanel’s face as she took a quick look at Aaliyah’s post. “I got a friend request from her earlier this morning... honestly thought I was dreaming when I first saw it.” Never in a million years would Chanel have expected Aaliyah King to show up to homecoming looking the way that she did; and now, with the girl finally taking the steps to create her own social media accounts, Chanel couldn’t agree more with what her friend had said. “I’ll shoot her a DM, see if she wants to come along with us to one of our future shopping trips,” the young woman said with a certain gleam in her eye, “We can work our magic on her then. And who knows… maybe we’ll do such a good job that our trio could possibly turn into a quartet.“

Julie nodded along as she kept her eye on the freshly made instagram. “You know we will! Mmh and I agree we have been needing an expansion for sometime now.” she plopped her phone back in to her bag and walked over to where Chanel stood by the fridge. “Do you have any mint chocolate chip ice cream left?” she said as she opened the freezer door.

I'm also a discord hoe so cash me there how 'bow dah. PM me and I'll give it to you. ❤

I am also open for discussing relationships! If someone has any idea about Nate as their friend feel free to PM me :)
Alrighty! And the core group would be the 6 and Sami?
I have a question for you @BrutalBx. Are the Misfits a very tight knit group of friends ore are they a random group of people that just know each other? :)

@spooner I love you

Yeah baby I know it!

JK I love you too!

I'll just put this here!

Hello! I would love to be a part of this action! If possible I would like to reserve a Misfit Named Nathan - FC: Herman Tømmeraas Color: C12358

A collab starring Max@spooner & Georgia@ineffable

Max kept looking at the picture displayed on the screen still smiling. "That would be awesome! I'll hang it right on the wall!" the young man exclaimed enthusiastically. "Here I'll give you one of these..." Max said as he fished for his wallet in the back pocket of his pants. From the wallet he presented Georgie with a business card that his lacrosse coach had made them print to hand out to college scouts. On the card was his contact information both phone and email.

He rubbed the back of his head as he handed the card over to the girl. "I know it's really lame but my coach said it will help me get a foot in at a few good schools.".

She took the card from him and turned it over with a small smile, shrugging as if to say that she didn't mind.

As Georgie started to pack up her camera and say her goodbyes Max looked to his car. He wasn't done with his interaction with this mysterious girl. "Do you need a ride anywhere? I guess I'll owe you for an awesome picture of me? of me?" he grinned broadly at her.

Georgie was seriously judging herself for thinking of taking up his offer. She already knew he was someone not to mess with, and knowing herself she'd probably get too caught up in his sense of fun, fall deeply in love with someone guaranteed to break her heart and be propelled back into cliched teenage angst. But again...It was Max Wallenberg after all, and he was pretty cute. Damn it! "I'm er...I'm not going anywhere at the moment."

"Oh... Ok! Well..." Max's shoulders slumped in defeat.

What a failure. She wanted to hang out with the guy but she was saying that she didn't need a ride? Georgie resisted an eye roll as she scraped her sneaker against the sandy floor. God, she'd have to come up with something to make him stay then.

"I'm free though, so you can owe me an adventure?"

A wide smile spread across the young man's face yet again when she made the proposal of an adventure. He face scrunched up as he thought about what they could get up to on a Sunday afternoon. As if a switch was flipped inside his head Max's face sit up like a light bulb. "Do you like dogs?!" his smiling face eager to hear her answer.

When Georgie heard him say that her face spread into a huge grin. She'd always wanted a dog but her dad was allergic so she took every opportunity to be near one."Are you kidding? I love them!"

"Alright! I think I have just the thing for us to do! Come on." he chuckled and jerked his head towards his car. As he approached it he took the sweater he had thrown in earlier and folded it neatly before he put it in the back seat so that Georgie could sit shotgun. When you thought of Max you would think that his car would be filthy and a mess but his car was something he kept clean, neat and always with that new car smell. He straightened up and held the door open for her huge smile still intact.

Georgie stepped into the car with a tiny nod of thanks as he held the door open for her with all of the boyish charm she would've expected of him. As she sat in the seat she fiddled a bit with her fingers and tapped her sneaker impatiently against the floor of the car. She considered asking him about the adventure he was planning but decided against it. Maybe they could talk about other things instead.

Max jogged around to the drivers side and got in carefully closing the door behind him. He turned down the music to a pleasant level so that it was more of a background notice before he reversed down the dirt road that led to the main road.

"So...How have you been since our English project?" Argh! What stupid question. Georgie smacked herself lightly on the leg before she waited for his answer.

He let out a laugh glancing quickly at Georgie before returning his gaze to the road. "Well you know, can't complain! Spent most of summer training and... uh you know." he cleared his throat remembering how his summer had ended. His smile faltered only for a second before it was back full force "What about you Georgie? I haven't seen you around school much. Was I too embarrassing during our poetry slam?" he let out another signature laugh.

Georgie noticed the absence of his smile, if only if it were for one second. Of course, he'd had so many girlfriends she'd forgotten about his latest one: Kellie. She didn't know the player felt.

"You were great, should've won an Oscar or whatever the poetry slam equivalent is! As for me, I've been fine. I've been gathering together a portfolio during the know how it is for college applications and everything." She rolled her eyes and waited for an awkward silence to ensue. She could ask about his ex, since that seemed to be the only recent news she knew about, she couldn't do that. Georgie glanced out the window momentarily before she focused her attention to the front, bracing herself for no further conversation. Why did she think this was a good idea?

Nodding along as he heard her speak Max took the exit that lead back to his house. "I mean if your portfolio is as good as the picture you took of me? I know you'll get accepted to any school." he smiled at her again. Soon enough the car pulled up to the driveway outside the Wallenberg house. Max stepped out of the car and opened the passenger side door to let Georgie out. "I'll be right back!" he motioned for her to wait and disappeared inside the hose. After a few moments the door opened and a golden labrador bounded out towards the girl.

Georgie almost jumped in place with excitement as his dog raced towards her and she bent down, reaching out a hand to pet the golden lab as it circled laps around her.

"CHARLIE!" Max called as jogged after the dog as he excitedly circled Georgie barking joyfully. When he reached the dog he held Charlie down petting his belly "Sorry he loves meeting new people." He laughed looking lovingly down at his dog who now was on his back enjoying his belly rubs.

"It's no problem! What's his name?" She smiled down at the dog and got onto her knees so that she could also give the dog a couple of belly rubs. She laughed as he kicked at the air and flicked back her hair so she could get a better look at her surroundings. Man, were the Wallenbergs loaded...but weren't all students at Palm Beach this rich? Including her, of course. She scoffed to herself. Still, if this day would be just her petting this stupidly cute dog she'd be absolutely fine with it.

Max sat back down on the perfectly manicured lawn in front of his house leaning on his elbows as he watched his dog enjoying his new friend. "His name is Charlie and he's a real good boy! Isn't that right buddy?!" Max said giving him one last pet. Charlie turned around and jumped on the young man barking. The young man stood up brushing of his clothing. "I thought we could bring him along on the adventure. Come on follow me." He petted Charlie on the dog's side so that he would follow and headed towards the trail lined with tall bushes leading behind the neighbourhood.

Georgie reluctantly got up from her place on the ground, giving Charlie one last belly rub before she followed Max down the trail. What in the world was he planning for them to do? When she said adventure she thought he was going to refuse, or at least choose a normal levell thing like cliff diving or RV racing but this?

“Uhm Max, Where are we going?” She asked, turning to look at an all too eager Charlie passing along beside them. God was this whole family photogenic.

"You'll see!" He laughed, but then stopped and thought about it and then let out a signature booming laugh. "Oh! I just realized that this all looks and sound pretty weird right? Don't worry it's a public place!" and almost as soon as he said it they arrived at the end of the trail. A big man made lake came into sight and Charlie ran towards it but then excitedly ran back to them as to tell them to hurry up. "He loves the water. I think he's part fish actually." Max smiled as they arrived at the small pier leading ou the middle of the lake.

At the end of the pier Charlie stood waiting impatiently wagging his tail. Max grabbed a tennis ball that he had stuffed down his back pocket and threw it out into the water with Charlie flying after it with a big splash. "See?" Max said looking back at Georgie.

Georgie watched as Charlie took a big leaping jump into the water and laughed as he paddled around. The weather was unbelievable nice and Georgie felt the heat of the sun on her arms, making her shiver with delight. Wind rustled across the water and caused small waves that mimicked those she liked so much in the ocean. The smell of grass and freedom was on the air. She liked it.

”Are we going for a swim then?” She asked, smiling. Not too adventurous but not too tame an activity either. She was literally itching to get in the water and she didn’t care if she had to swim fully clothed. That lake was taunting her. So without waiting for a reply from Max she did something only Georgie would do. She placed a hand on his back and gave a small tiny push yelling out “Race you to the other side!” before she jumped in herself, flailing to keep from drowning and taking off at full speed.

"Oh really? Hell yeah!" The boy yelled after her. In a swift movement he took of his shirt and pants so he was only in his Calvin Klein boxers before he dove in. Charlie barking excitedly as he paddled around Max before hopping up to the pier again shaking his body to get rid of the excess water. Speeding after Georgie Max caught up to her about half way splashing water at her as he passed. "You know I used to be on the swim team right?" He taunted as he looked back at her.

Swimming fully clothed was beginning to be a problem but Georgie powered on, calling back to Max tauntingly “Oh really? Show off your skills then!” She smiled and kicked through the water. There was no doubt he was going to win but she always liked the idea of a challenge. As she raised her head over the water she saw the now fully shirtless Max and almost gasped, swallowing in a small amount of lake water before she shook her head at herself. Focus, Georgie. She was going to win.

His brilliant smile didn’t leave the boy’s face as he backstroked to let her catch up again. As they got close to the small pier on the other side Max reached out and tapped the wooden pier in victory. He hoisted himself up on it running his hands through his wet hair mimicking Charlie as he shook his head to get most of the water out. He laughed as Georgie came closer, he stretched his arm out and grabbed hers and helped her up on to the pier so that she could sit beside him.

Georgie panted as she grabbed onto his hand and pulled herself up, water droplets running off of her clothes staining the wooden deck beneath them. She pulled her now damp white shirt a bit away from it's position sticking tightly (and revealing quite a lot) to her body but sighed when she discovered it was a moot point. At least something was on her right?

“That was a close race! I’m impressed.” he complimented as he fell back and laid on his back breathing heavily.

"Thank you." Georgie took a mock bow with the tip of her head and brushed back her wet hair, leaning back and lying next to Max. "Thank you for bringing me out here by the way, you didn't have to. It was fun." She turned her head to the side so she could look at the boy and smiled a wide Georgie grin. Who knew Wallenberg could be so much fun? The sunlight beat down on them as Georgie waited for the water to dry on her skin. She closed her eyes briefly before opening them again and meeting his.

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