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I'm actually going to keep the server closed up save for the people who want to join for now and people already in the RP. Sorry.

In that case, I'll see if I can drop an app sometime later this week.
Mind if I get the discord link?

Sounds kool.
Andrew simply wanted a break; a breather from the last missions in the past few months. Sadly, the current situation is less than ideal to do so. Either by hubris or ignorantance or a combination of both, the Coalition has decided to attack the fifth-fleet and sow chaos. Sitting in his own mech, Andrew stared at his holoscreen for a solid few minutes with his comms on. He sat and listened to the combat ongoing outside in space with the Garmrs, Fenrir IIIs, Hardballers, and whatever else the Coalition decided to bring into the fun. No matter, the seventh will take care of this annoyance. With time already wasted, Andrew kicks into high-gear as he takes control of his mechanical beast. The hanger-doors drop open and with the assistance of thrusters, Andrew enters into space and into the fray.

Andrew quickly analyzes the situation at hand, using both his internal scanner and hints from the comms to get a grasp of who is who and what is what. Gansu, from Andrew’s views, appears to have largely dealt with the Fenrirs. Good on him. From the looks of it, there are only a few Fenrirs that have stayed behind the fighting. With his targets in mind, Andrew boosts his T-120 forwards to the front-line towards the few Fenrirs left.

“Hey ya, Gansu - sorry for being a bit late to the party. I was just doing some system diagnostics,” Andrew calmly states over the comms with a soft voice.

Andrew runs another analysis, hoping to pin down more exact numbers of enemy mechs. An alarm goes off with his systems having detected two Fenrir II(s) very close by - a bit too close by. From there, Andrew repositions his T-120 to get a proper line of sight for his Kirov Superheavy Lascannon. In the meanwhile, his targeting systems attempt to get a lock-on onto the Fenrirs. A few shells hit the shields of Andrew’s mech - 35mm rounds. The Fenrirs are a bit more quicker then what Andrew predicted. Sadly for them, they will not exist for much longer. Andrew’s targeting system manages to get a solid lock onto one of the Fenrir. With the push of a button, the T-120’s Kirov Lascannon instantly fires. Bullets might have travel time, but lasers are quite different. Unable to dodge the speed of light, one poor Fenrir has its upper chest utterly pierced by the superheavy lascannon. That uparmored alloy plating is not much of use, is it now? The Fenrir attempts to get out of sight, but Andrew simply tracks and gets off another laser shot - sealing the fate of that one Fenrir and its pilot.

The other Fenrir, while his friend gets destroyed, has chosen to close in with its broadsword. Andrew reacts with his plasma melter. The broadsword manages a hit onto the chest of the T-120, but that won’t do much against the extremely armored plating and structures of Andrew’s mech. In return, a wave of plasma melts off the Fenrir - turning the poor pilot and his or her mech into a molten slag of metal. With those targets down, Andrew turns his attention to a frigate that his systems just picked up on the radar. It appears that Roanoke did quite the damage to it already. May as well finish off the job for it. Andrew does another reposition before unleashing his lascannon towards the frigate. That should finish it.
Can I also be added to the waitlist?
Can I make a berserker dwarf that fights butt-naked?
This is pog.
I might join.
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