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How will applications be handled? First come, first served?
I just want to be a dwarf and go smash monsters.
I'm interested.
A few seconds pass, but it seems like an eternity as battles rage throughout the dining room. Jin, ever so skillful in his usage of tonfas, quickly dispatches the shield and spear satanist with a series of combat maneuvers before landing the “killing” blow onto his dome. The other satanist, the one who dual-wields, recovers his stamina and strength on short notice. Coughing, the unnamed satanist stands a few yards across from Jin. “What? Are you going to give me a lecture on peace and friendship?” the satanist states with a harsh tone.

“You and I know how this will go down,” the satanist notes as he stares down at his brother’s corpse besides Jin. With everything said, the satanist takes a more careful approach to the exorcist. Given the distances between the two, the satanist does not have to cover much ground to get into striking range. With five steps forwards, the dual-wielding satanist is in reach. A deadly staring contest follows as both men attempt to see if one or the other will strike first. The satanist, deciding on his own initiative, tries to draw blood from Jin. With the twist of his arms and hands, the satanist does a slashing motion for his two blades - one aimed for Jin’s stomach and the other at the exorcist’s head.

Meanwhile, Ekaterine has brutally gotten rid of two satanists with powder and strength. One utterly blasted by the likes of powder and the other is bleeding to death on the floor. As for the one satanist with the shotgun, a Russian has taken care of the problem. No one now dares threaten Ekaterine as every other satanist is currently busy dealing with their own exorcist and the ones that planned to kill Ekaterine are also dead. The battle has been won, but the war is far from over. If anything, Ekaterine would now notice the “fight” between Yu and the suit of armor and is now free to aid others in their fight against satanists.

With his unique use of the whip, Yu wraps coils around the neck of the suit of armor. The job was tough as the armor did not easily give in, resisting any attempt by Yu. Luckily for the exorcist, the censor worked its way into the armor and caused a slow weakening of the armor suit. Even then, the armor suit fought back. Grabbing onto the coil, the suit of armor attempts to wrestle control of the whip coil for itself. A short, but tense, battle of tugging ensured. The clanking and cracking of the metal plates and bits are heard loudly as the suit twisted and turned. With blessed smoke entering into its systems, the suit of armor gave away to Yu’s will. Displaying a good show of strength, the exorcist throws the suit of armor into the glass window. The breaking of glass is heard all throughout the room as the armor suit impacts the thing. Bits and parts of broken glass fall upon Yu and onto the nearby floor. For the suit of armor, it falls two stories down - creating a hefty impact sound as it lands onto the solid earth. With the suit of armor out of the house (for now), Yu is free to do as he likes.

Alistair, if anyone was watching anyhow, exhibits a great understanding of swordplay and management of multiple enemy opponents. One bold satanist swings faster than the others, but Alistair manages the one and creates an injury upon him. Without any issues, Alistair beats off the hoard of blades and quickly manages to get into single combat with a single satanist as the others recover from Alistair's rebut. A quick duel follows, lasting just a few seconds, and Alistair cuts down a satanist with a feint maneuver - piercing through the faceplate and into the skull itself. Another satanist comes forth and attacks from behind, managing to do harm against Alistair. The fight is long from over as Alistair insults them before going back into battle.

Dzhon, the second newest arrival, does all forms of interesting maneuvers to combat the satanists. Stabbing, kicking, rolling, grabbing, throwing, all forms of actions within a short timeframe - quite the dexterity. If that was not enough, Dzhon also has time for jokes as displayed in the pun of a severed hand before kicking a severed hand of a cultist towards other satanists. For the time being, Dzhon has no other satanist to kill, but he likely will find some in helping others. Alistair still has some for anyone that wishes to help him. Lastly, another exorcist came onto the scene with a certain style. Coming in, Alma María would see chaos and bloodshed everywhere. Corpses of satanists lay about the room, splashes of blood can be found around the battle between satanist and exorcist, a censor fills the room with smoke, clashes of swords are heard, and pure chaos is found. All in the day's work of an exorcist.

From where Alma María stands, echoes are heard from down the hallway - barking. The hounds of hell are approaching with haste. These beasts are quite fast fuckers as they show themselves just down the hallway. Another case of satanic teleportation, it seems. Given the tight hallway, the hellhounds are forced to form a single file line. A dog in front, one in the middle, and one at the very end - a very orderly formation. They come barreling down the halls with maws wide open. They are hungry creatures and their sights on set on the first thing that they see in front - Alma María.

I don't mind a discord.
“Good to meet you two,” Ryan says quickly as he finishes up his drink of red wine. He shoots a quick glare over the whole group of four, especially towards Alistair Ardizzone and Jin Dak-Ho. There is not much time left before he has to leave. The tension is rising, and a fight is bound to happen within the next few minutes or even seconds. If anything, he could have just teleported now and let the boys handle the rest, but Ryan would rather just have a few more moments with his guests. Exorcists are very rare sights, and he would love to spend a few more minutes, but he understands that staying any longer is a bit risky with the current climate.

That is before Dzhon came in. The local shootout alarmed everyone within the local area. Surprised, Ryan stares at the Russian. “You must be late to the party. I see you also found some of our staff as well…,” he says, thinking upon his next set of actions. The Satanist did not plan for another Exorcist to join in, but that fact will not stop any of the plans that the servants of Satan had in store. The boys will just have with extra people then. He was sure that those Exorcists would be quickly dealt with. If anything, Ryan could call upon more bodies to swarm those shits. If the mansion has to be filled with piles of dead bodies then so be it.

“I’m sad that we can’t talk further, but I expected as much. I wish you the best of luck and a very happy Halloween to you all,” Ryan states with the biggest smile that anyone has seen today. With a snap of his fingers, he fades into nothing. Gone, poof, just like that. The suit of armor is still there, playing its tone of classical music. Of course, the quiet silence merely lasts for a few seconds. Following the vanishing of Ryan, groups of armor-clad Satanists teleport from out of nowhere into the dining room floor. Some wield spear and shield, some are duel-wielding, and others have close-ranged gunnery. If someone counted, one of the Exorcists likely would, there would be a headcount of ten men set for a good fight. For one reason or another, all of the Satanists were teleported onto one side, the other end from the Exorcists.

The Satanists at hand are all covered in metal from head to toe, masking any form of individual identity. Patches of spikes can be seen on the shoulder pads, head, and likewise. By the looks of it, from the armor to the ability to do rituals on the fly, these Satanists are quite more competent than your average demonic scum. In mere moments, the Satanists jump into action. They were prepared for this and found themselves to be the first to engage the Exorcists. Jin, the Korean protestant, is rushed by two of the Satanists. One wielded a great-heavy metal shield with an equally large spear to boot. He charges like a bull towards the Korean man with full force behind his steps. Meanwhile, the other Satanist is a bit more exotic in his choice of weaponry - if melee was not exotic enough. He had one blade in each hand, dual-wielding swords. The fighter also rushes Jin, but unlike his brother, the movement of the body is way more fancy and elegant with more involved footwork and responsiveness.

For Ekaterine, she also has Satanists on her tail. Two Satanists, both wielding two-handed bill-hooks, wastes no time in standing around. The two servants of Satan make full speed ahead towards the mother, managing to reach her in just a few seconds of sprinting. One of the Satanists attempts to take a quick stab at the Exorcist, thrusting forward the pointed end of the bill hook at the sides of Ekaterine. The other brother also attempts his hand at doing harm at the Exorcist, with the Satanist trying to use its hook on his pole-arm to grab onto the left leg of Ekaterine. The problems for Ekaterine do not end there. One more Satanist joins into the fun, holding a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun in hand. This one holds his fire, adjusting aim for just a few seconds before he shoots off his shells at the Russian.

Alistair faces a swarm of Satanists, five in total. All of them fully encircle the lonely Exorcist - sprinting to block off any form of exit and to create a circle around Alistair. They do not attack yet as all of them simply just stare down their prey. Alistair would quickly find out that every Satanist had a two-handed longsword in their hands, with each one holding their weapon in different ways and forms. In a speedy fashion, all of the Satanists attack at once. Some are going for a stab, some are planning to hit with a big slash, and some are just half-swording for some strange reason. Whatever the method of attack, almost none of them are amateur in their way of handling longswords. There is a certain elegance to their way of just simply swinging their swords and the way that they hold their handles. Alistair finds himself in the middle of a bloody bladestorm.

Yu, who has yet to face a single Satanist, might be feeling a bit lonely. Lucky for the lad, the suit of armor playing the piano gets up from its seat. Oddly, the keys are still playing and actually switch the song played. Moonlight Sonata is the new song being performed. For the suit of armor, a creature yet to be named, picks up his longsword from the floor and slowly walks towards Xiao. Its movements are slow. It is surely taking its time to get to Yu. If Yu wanted, he could easily just dodge the thing by walking around it. But there was one trick that Yu did not think of - teleporting. In a flash, the suit of armor disappears and reappears in front of Yu. Satanists do love their fuckery, able to cast rituals almost instantly. Now in range, the suit of armor forwards its pointed blade towards Yu.

As for Dzhon, he appears to be largely ignored. No one or thing is attacking or has plans to do harm against him. There was a suit of armor, but that thing was busy trying to kill Xiao. It appears that the others were in...trouble. With free hands, Dzhon likely has a lot of freedom on what to do and who to help.
The interior of the dining room, not surprisingly, is richly decorated and furnished as anywhere else in the house. To the left wall, a series of colossal clear-glass windows - embellished with golden ornaments - allows bright moonlight into the room, acting as the sole light source, and causes a blue hue to cover the whole space; a product from the moonlight shining in. To the right wall, a mural displays a modified Last Supper. Satan has taken over the middle-position of Jesus Christ on the table, and the apostles have been replaced with the lesser and greater demons of the Dark God. In the middle, a massive oval table stretches from one end of the room to the other end. Food of all kinds covers the whole table with no inch wasted: pies, cakes, meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and more. Both floor and ceiling are also furnished with white marble.

Only two persons, one at the windows and one at the piano, can be seen. The man standing by the window holds a glass cup of red wine in his right hand. He appears to not acknowledge the existence of the Exorcists, especially Ekaterine, for the time being. The individual at the piano, playing the rendition of Nocturne op.9 No.2, is not so much a man but a suit of armor. A moment of silence fills the air as the satanist by the windows continues to drink his wine. Only with the last drop of his drink, does the man turn around and greets his guests. “You didn't have to kick open the door. It is quite rude to do so,” the satanist states with a smooth deep voice.

“Nevertheless, I welcome you to our humble mansion. Are any of you hungry? I have plenty of food prepared for all of you,” the satanist says with a big smile on his face. The apparel of the satanist, as with most servants of Satan, is overly fancy and proper. The suit and tie that the satanist currently adorns himself with, have no show of wear or tear, creases, dirt, or anything else that would spoil the richness of the black suit and the underlying blue waistcoat. For the actual man himself, the satanist is quite the beauty to behold. A very handsome man with a well-defined jawline, cheekbone, and smooth dark skin to boot.

“Let’s be civil for a few minutes. We can kill each other soon enough. Take a seat, have a drink, eat some food, or just rest for a good solid minute. We might even have a nice discussion before we start our fight,” the satanist notes as he walks towards an open chair and takes a seat. Grabbing a bottle of wine, the satanist pours another stream of wine into his glass.

“How rude of me! I almost forgot to tell you my name. I'm Ryan Chambers. What about you?”
A fair point, i was thinking of this character to be either a cleaner for when things get out of hand or a crazed priest that is obsessed with being his job. Of course, I am open to thinking of another concept for a character.

Got discord? We could talk faster that way.
Hi i was wondering if their is room for one more, i had an idea for a character like Anderson from Hellsing and Ash from Evil Dead.

I can add you in. Give me an overview of what is your character concept. Do note that the tone and feeling of both Anderson and Ash are not thematical well suited for this RP - a bit too outlandish.
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