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I need some help. Any of you got images of an extremely thicc mech? I need something very blocky and heavy-looking.
<Snipped quote by Dog>

That would be on the heavier side of the spectrum. If not mounted onto the body/shoulder of the MAS, it'd have to be carried in both hands of a traditional MAS as a heavy rifle.

I s e e
Does a 127mm autocannon count as a primary or heavy?
It appears that I'm the only heavy "mobile" suit.
I'll just post both apps here and in the casual thread.

Should I keep posting in this thread or move to the advanced thread?

My app, my character, not mech, is coming very soon.
I'll join in.
Sjalvolki Gorassos

No time for thinking or judgment. It was time for murder, Sjalvolki thought to himself. Without much time wasted, the Sun Elf unholstered his composite bow and, in extremely quick fashion, pulled an arrow from his belt-quiver. Sjalvolki locked his sights on any clansmen nearby, which there were plenty of them for the Elf to shoot at. With strings pulled, Sjalvolki unleashed a highly accurate shot. A clansman, wearing nothing but a piece of cloth over his genitals, found himself to be “un-alive” in a few short moments. An arrow happened to be stuck inside his forehead. Said clansman, disconnected from the physical world, then fell over nearby Magdalene. Even in this mist of sand and confusion, Sjalvolki was as calm as one can be.

Analyzing the whole tent, or what tent there was, Sjalvolki noticed that the central group was struggling - never minding the chaos that was the ongoing combat among the stone golem and clansmen. Sjalvolki didn't have time to take a look at the dwarf either and anyone else. The only thing right here that matters was the murder of the clansmen. An objective that Sjalvolki plans to do and execute to its fullest.

Artur had himself overwhelmed from the looks of it, and Sjalvolki responded. The Elf focused on not allowing the clansmen to funnel into the exposed flanks of Artur and anyone near him. An arrow is taken from the belt-quiver, and an arrow is shot. Another clansman is dead with the symptoms being an arrow lodged in the throat. A steady flow of blood slips from said wound, where it likely will stain the ground and Artur himself as the body falls near the bastard. Sjalvolki appears to be not letting up on his rate of fire, preparing another arrow in just a few seconds.
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