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Vanilla nodded with acceptance after the girl looked up at her and continued her explanation. "Ok, back to what I was saying... The Gray Garden has seen a very long era of peace since the war, until recently of course. Apparently, another world lead by a devil and his minions tried to invade this world, but the invasion didn't last long thankfully. Thanks to a handful of angels and demons, the invasion was beaten back. The funny thing is though, since the devil that invaded has disappeared out of nowhere, the world that invaded has been trying to form a peace treaty with the Gray Garden. Things have going smoothly on that end, but there are still a few who don't agree with this peace. I don't mind it, but hey, that's just me."

Vanilla smiled happily, having finished her little info dump. She was happy to have someone to actually talk to. "Oh! I almost forgot, my name is Vanilla. Mister tall, dark, and feathery behind me is Zeal. What's your name?" she asked.

"Miss Yosafire, do you know who is performing in this festival?"

Yosafire scratched her head in thought before answering Dorma's question. "Well... I heard that they come from the sea... But that's uh... All I really know, sorry..." she said giving a lighthearted chuckle.

"Hey uhh, those two got a history or something?"

Dialo glanced at Eddie before looking back at Yosafire and Dorma. "Not really... Dorma looks up to Yosafire but there's clearly something more to it... But Yosafire is already with another so... I don't think things would work out..." she said as she went back to tending to her pie stand.

The sky was changing into a bright orange as the sun drifted closer to the horizon. The evening was almost upon the festival and the performances would soon begin.
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Sorry for the wait, life has been... Difficult to say the least. I'll have a post up ASAP.
Edited it, now she's just asking if Daisy could look directly at her.
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Oh, I figured she would have her hood up so she wouldn't see peoples fears. I didn't realize she had it off already.
Now Yosafire had a confused look on her face, why did Dorma get so down in the dumps all of a sudden? "Hey wait, Dorma. What's wrong, why so pouty?"

"Heeeey, this is that famous Dialo's Pie shop, isn't it? Are the pies here that good? You got one more for this wayward visitor?"

"Hm... I wasn't aware my pies were so famous..." Dialo said as she finished up with a couple of festival goers before getting a slice for Eddie. "Here you go... If you want anymore, just ask..."

"I can see you are... Knowledgeable of this land. As I am new to this land myself I find I... Don't have a real idea of where to start. Forgive my peaceful interrogation but would you be able to provide me a few details regarding the land or perhaps even this festival itself?"

Vanilla glanced at Zeal, the familiar thought it over before finally giving in. He nodded and gave her permission to speak her mind. Vanilla smiled and looked back at Daisy. "Well I'm glad you asked. This is the Gray Garden, a large part of the Gray World. Angels and Demons live in peace with one another, but this didn't always used to be the case. From my studies, I read that this world used to be embroiled in a war, angels and demons fighting against eachother. But that was a long, long... Long time ago. And this festival is held in commemoration of the peace treaty formed between the angels and demons. Their leaders, God Etihw and Devil Kcalb, even have a relationship with eachother." Vanilla took a breath and glanced at Daisy to see if she were still listening. "Hm... Hey, could you maybe... Look up at me? It's kinda spooking me out how you haven't really been looking directly at someone..." she asked.
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I don't blame you, life has been stressful on my end so I have a hard time paying attention to rp business too
"Alright, Ater. This apple pie stand sounds pretty good." Eddie replied. "Lead the way."

Ater nodded. "Ok, right this way." she said with a flick of her tails before leading him to Dialo's stand. As they walked to the stand, Ater caught a glance of two particular demons walking through the crowds. "Hm? Oh... Oh no... Uh..." she turned to Eddie. "Sorry, but I have to see Arbus about something that just came up. Just look for the red haired girl in black maid clothing, she's Dialo." she explained as she walked off rather quickly.

"Of course! Anything for you... Savior of the Gray Garden."

"Uhhh... Hehe... Right..." Yosafire said giving a nervous smile, the wink Dorma gave her kinda made things awkward. "Rrrright... Well... Here you go..." Dialo said handing Dorma and Yosafire each a plate with a slice of pie on it.

"My magic is... A form of summoning magic."

"Oh wow... So, this big thing is one of the things you can summon? That's so cool!" Vanilla said looking up at the tall reaper-like creature.
"If I may ask, are you a local?"

"Me? Oh no, I came here just like you. Oh! Did you know that the Gray Garden mmmhmhmm..." Zeal covered Vanilla's mouth before she could get going, he gave Daisy an apologetic look before letting go of Vanilla. "Sorry, Zeal... Uh... Sorry, miss... I can be a liiittle excitable when I sense magic, hehehe." she said giggling.
I'll have a post in a bit, I'm gonna give this 1-2 more rounds of posting before time skipping to the musical concert. How's that sound to you two?@A Lowly Wretch@PaulHaynek
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