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2 yrs ago
Current After an extended hiatus, I'm back :)
4 yrs ago
Slowly but surely recovering from the hospital :)
5 yrs ago
Just got a new phone. Sorry for the absence.
5 yrs ago
Taking up card design, anyone interested?
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Took a bit of a hiatus but I'll be back tomorrow


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Deadline is Saturday for those who are still interested.

@TheNoCoKid@Psyker Landshark@Sho Minazuki All of ya are accepted.
@Psyker Landshark Probably one or two more people and we’ll be good to go.
@Psyker Landshark
Oooo… An UnderNet Navi. Really like that, anti-hero characters are some of my favorites in media.
Hm… If you want to try that then we can, sure.

“In the year 20XX, the world has become interconnected through the Net, a vast computer network through which humanity has used for communication, commerce, and even crime. Within this advanced network, humans are able to interact with each other and the world through the use of their own personal computer programs, known as NetNavis. With these programs, humans are able to easily complete tasks and remove viruses from their day to day lives. Some have even taken up NetBattling, competing NetNavis against each other in friendly battles and tournaments. It is because of this network that the world has seen an era of peace through technology, but this peace is only skin deep. Within the bowels of the Net lies the Undernet, a dark and twisted expanse of the Net where every kind of shady individual calls home. Here, a group is rising, recruiting, and in some cases creating, like minded individuals for an all out assault on the Net, and then the world. The only thing stopping these network terrorists and their viruses are the NetBattlers and scientists working day and night to keep the peace.

Here in Den City, up and coming NetBattlers attend the prodigious ACDC Academy, learning the ins and outs of the Net, and competing with each other to sharpen their skills and make new friends. It is here where an unlikely group of people will be brought together through unknown circumstances, to decide the fate of the Net and even the entire world. Are you ready? Then get ready to Jack In!”

Everything’s ok now. Just had a power outage from the recent storms. Should be good in the next day or so.
@Sho Minazuki I was planning on this being an AU. Separate from the canon timeline. That way every NetNavi is available (besides main ones like the titular blue bomber and his rivals Proto and Bass)
Was desperately hoping someone would get the BN bug from Legacy Collection and put this type of RP up so I didn't have to do it myself. Put me in, coach.

Considering the wide variety of canon Navis, I assume we can use most of them outside of the unreasonable/main character ones?

Correct. Most of the Navis will be up for grabs. And if you’re feeling like it, you can make your own.
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