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Current Just got a new phone. Sorry for the absence.
2 mos ago
Taking up card design, anyone interested?
3 mos ago
Took a bit of a hiatus but I'll be back tomorrow
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Happy New Years my friends :)
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3 days till Christmas and currently freezing mu butt off ×_×


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Hey guys, sorry about the long break. Due to an incident involving my phone falling into a puddle of freezing water, I was unable to give any updates on here. If you all have moved away from this I understand, I'd think I was dead too.
With the holidays coming around, I may not be around that much. Just a heads up.
@AzureKnight I like them. You're good to go.
@AzureKnight Sure, we're always accepting.
@A Lowly Wretch Waiting on you, my friend
So to start things up, here are a few cards based on my favorite era of Megaman; Battle Network.

The main point of this series is to use Style Change with other Viruses to power up Megaman.EXE into different styles. Viruses will mainly be used for Style Change but do have effects that remain active for as long as they're face-up. Style Change and the different Styles will also allow for some recycling, allowing for quick changes on the fly to match the situation.
@PaulHaynekDon't worry about it... Take all the time you need.
Hello. Hopefully this is the right place to put this, but I have had an interest in the Yugioh card game for a while now and have decided to try my hand at making a few of my own.

If anyone has any suggestions of what kind of cards they would like to see, you're more than welcome to leave suggestions here. Any at all critiques on the cards I make are welcome too, as they will help me to improve.

Note: I do not own any at all art I use for these cards. Please exclude Link monsters and Pendulum monsters as I haven't gotten around to learning about either.
Let me know if Wada's dialogue color is too dark
"Yeah, that's Etihw. The God of this world. Right behind her is Kcalb. The Devil."

Yosafire was a little confused at Dorma's sudden interruption, she could've answered Eddie herself. She shrugged it off though and turned back to face the stage before Eddie asked her another question.

"...Do they have nicknames? I mean, no offense to their names and all that but... I'm gonna seriously butcher their names if I continue talking about Eteewee and Kakalb."

She couldn't help but giggle at Eddie's attempt at pronouncing their names. "Well... You got the old man's name right, but you pronounce her name as Eteehew." She explained. "As for nicknames, I just like to refer to Kcalb as Old Man... He hates being called old..." She said with a quiet giggle. "And as for Etihw, Eti is fine."

Both Dialo and Chelan looked at Dorma curiously. "You got something against Eddie or something?"

"And now, I'm sure you are all ready for the festivities to truly begin. But before that, we have a guest from across the great expanse of water close to our humble village. She has been looking forward to the Gray Festival and wishes to share her musical talent with us all. Now, I want all of you to give a warm welcome to the Gray Garden's very own Great Blue Sea Witch."

Etihw bowed and walked offstage with Kcalb as the curtains of the stage opened up. A young girl in a navy blue, sailor-like witch outfit stood center stage in front of a piano. She bowed to the crowd as everyone clapped for her, it was easy to see that she was a little nervous. "H-hello everyone, my name is Wadanohara..."

Amongst the onlooking crowd, a familiar scarred face stood out to Eddie. A shark finned familiar watched Wadanohara with a slight smile.
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