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Current Just got a new phone. Sorry for the absence.
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Taking up card design, anyone interested?
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Took a bit of a hiatus but I'll be back tomorrow
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Happy New Years my friends :)
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3 days till Christmas and currently freezing mu butt off ×_×


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Ater and Arbus looked at eachother after hearing the newcomer's request for a sparring match.

"Should we?" [Ater]

"I don't know, it sounds fun." [Arbus]

"But Master Kcalb said no fighting with the guests..." [Ater]

"Oh... Good point..." [Arbus]

"I see, well, may I ask if there's any type of special event going on right now? I can see that there still bustling in the streets." Raven noticed stands and vendors aplenty, all lined up and down the town streets. "I hope I haven't missed too much, but I see people are gathering toward some place. Is there a special ceremony taking place?" Said Raven as he began making his way toward the same place.

"Oh yes, you're about to miss the performance of the Witch of the Great Blue Sea." [Ater]

"She's a talented musician from what I hear." [Arbus]

"You better hurry, I doubt you would want to miss it." [Ater]

Lili stepped back from the door, standing in attention to her superior as it were.

*munch* *munch* "Alright, I'm ready. Shall we get going, Lili?" Said Nadia, in her usual stoic tone.

"Hehe. Of course, Lady Nadia." Lili said as she gave a peppy smile and followed beside Nadia. "Oh! Did you know that the person performing is a witch just like you? You might be able to get some tips or advice from her." She stated.

The taller of the two hooded figures groaned. "Alright... That's it... Poemi, you're on your own... I'm off..." He said as he proceeded to push past the crowd, bumping into Daisy in the process. "Sorry... Eff... I hate crowds..." He said under his breath. "Meanie... He just wants to find that girl..." The smaller figure said as they stood as they were.

"Wha?! How dare you! I helped you escape and you never expected to see me again? You're so mean, Sam!" The actor pouted childishly at the shark familiar. "I thought we had something special, man. Something deep. Something that rivaled your bond with Wadanohara. Are you saying that's all fake? It was all a lie?"

Samekichi gave a understandably confused expression, before that expression was quickly changed into an annoyed one at the slap on the shoulder. What was up with this guy?

"Ha! I'm just messing with ya, Sam. So, how's the Sea? No more creepy-crawlies crawling about the creeks and the cracks? Ugh, I swear those Red Sea guys came out of someone's nightmare."

On that they could agree on. "Yeah... Freaks could give anyone shivers from the sight of them... Thankfully we were able to seal them away for good." he responded.

Everyone in the audience started to quiet down as Wadanohara bowed and stepped over to her piano. Sitting down, she took a deep breath and started to play.

Wadanohara's Performance 1
After I get done with work around the house, I'll see about getting us out of this 3 month hiatus
@AzureKnight Funny you should mention that, just got out of the hospital a few days ago.
Maybe just make it a continuous with just the first effect?
It's more of a standalone card.

Kuri Kuri Chant

Field Spell

If the effect of a "Kuri" monster is activated from your hand, you can add a "Kuri" monster from your deck to your hand. All "Kuri" monsters gain 1000 ATK and DEF and are unaffected by your opponent's card effects. If this card is destroyed and sent to the GY, you can add a Level 7 monster with 2500 or less ATK from your deck to your hand.

I honestly want to make a kuriboh deck
Can I get an opinion on a custom card I made?
@Ambra Wasn't asking if absol could evolve or not, I was just asking about the age range for a nonevolving pokemon. Honestly, your answer came off as a bit rude to me.
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