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Current Not dead… But I feel like it. Health problems are fuuuun…
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After an extended hiatus, I'm back :)
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Slowly but surely recovering from the hospital :)
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Just got a new phone. Sorry for the absence.
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Taking up card design, anyone interested?


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I’m willing to hop in with an Applin that eventually turns into Hydrapple. I think the idea of the multiple wyrms talking amongst themselves to come to a decision is funny.
Pirilika’s awe at the sudden appearance motorcyclist was significantly lessened upon hearing the man was a convenience store worker. What? With that kind of entrance, anybody would’ve taken him for an action hero. Unfortunately, her attention was taken away by the kitsune becoming extremely aggressive toward Kai due to his entrance blowing away the fox girl’s chips. Not wanting a fight to breakout before everyone had made proper introductions, Pirilika took off her backpack and unzipped it. “Wait! Please don’t fight! If you’re hungry, you can have some of my homemade fluffcakes. I haven’t met anyone that didn’t like them.” Within the bag was a foiled wrapped bundle of the so called fluffcakes, a sweet aroma wafted from the foil. “Be at peace, and you can have as much as you want as a member of the Nethertime Support Force.” She said with a friendly smile.

“…Sounds like this might be all we’re going to get team. And, honestly, don’t know half of ya. So let’s sound off! Your name, or cool team name for ya and a fun fact about ya, before a brief team huddle!”

Whether Chinatsu accepted the fluffcakes or not, the backpack girl was suddenly pointed at by Rodd’s baseball bat. Being put on the spot, she muttered to herself nervously before standing up, hefting the massive backpack with little effort. “Well uh… My name is Marianne. But you can just call me Mari. I recently started working for the Rosen Queen Co. so I’ll help with getting fresh items and equipment… Just uh… Don’t expect too much… I’m uh… Still at the bottom of the merchant ladder.” She said nervously before bowing her head.”It’s a pleasure to meet you all…”
"Hi! Excuse me, do you have any food in your bag? Would you be kind enough to share, pretty please?? I'll give you all of the cards in my new pack. Oh! Except the ultra rare one, I've been waiting for that one to come out all year..."

”Oh! Uhh…” The girl was surprised by the sudden appearance of the kitsune and had to take a moment to process what she had just asked of her. “I… Suppose I can… S-sorry you kinda spooked me…” She unzipped one of the various pockets that were on her massive backpack and pulled out a bag of chips. “Is this ok? Sorry… I’m still trying to organize everything in this… Are you volunteering for the support force too?” she asked curiously as she held out the bag to the fox demon.

Meanwhile, both Pirilika and Pii-chan were stunned by the sudden appearance of two other newcomers, more so by Zeta’s entrance as she had literally face planted into the earth and got up like it was nothing. “My… What a fascinating group we’ve gathered so far.” Pii-chan said before turning to Rodd. “You may want to finish eating, apologies but all I could make out is your name… Uh… Odd?” The prinny said in a polite manner. ”Loyalty to protect is good enough for me, I’m glad you could all show up.” Pirilika said with a cheery smile. While she was sad that her recruitment efforts failed to gain her a significant force, just the thought that there were people willing to help was good enough to brighten her spirits. Plus it’s not like it’s been the first time a small group overthrew a much more massive force before, so why worry too much?

”Nice to meet you all, I’m Pirilika! Founder of the Nethertime Support Force. I hope my recruiters were clear on what you were volunteering for.” she said, bowing her head in the middle of the introduction while Pii-chan waddled over to one of the attendants to grab some papers.
Hinomoto, a land consisting of a myriad of netherworlds and the main base of operations of the Nethertime Support Force. Here, many demons live under the code of Bushido, a code that long ago came under attack by a vengeance driven demon swordsman. But thanks to the efforts of the son of the swordsman and his allies, the fallen swordsman’s ambitions were put to rest. Now having been restored to its former glory, Hinomoto will now serve as the staging grounds for a new group of heroes, who will unite the lands of Hinomoto, and other netherworlds together to stop the uprising of a new and terrifying force.

“WHAAAAT!?! What do you mean barely anyone showed up!?!” The horrified yell of a young woman echoed throughout the area. “Miss Pirilika, please calm down.” A yellow prinny with cat-like features was trying to comfort a panicked nekomata demon. They were at the top of a building overlooking a marketplace the Nethertime Support Force was using as a meeting place for new recruits. “From what I have been able to gather, our recruiters were only able to find a handful of volunteers.” The prinny explained. ”Only a handful, but why? Surely they realize this is a major MAJOR threat to netherworlds everywhere? How can only a few see this? We need all the kelp we can get.” “Help, Miss Pirilika. Need all the help we can get. On the brightside, we may not have the number you were expecting, a few is better than none.” The prinny stated. The young demon clapped her cheeks before straightening herself out. “You’re right, Pii-chan! Come on, let’s go greet the newest recruits of the force!” Pirilika smiled as she went off. “That is if they will stay…” Pii-chan mumbled before following after his young master.

Within the bustling marketplace, where stalls, stores, and restaurants could be seen frequented by the inhabitants of the Hinomoto Netherworlds, stood an empty plaza where the recruits of the Nethertime Support Force were set to gather. Only one person was there at the moment, along with several attendants keeping watch over the place. The one recruit, a demon girl with a massive bag of supplies on her back, was sitting and leaning on said bag, daydreaming to herself. “Hmm… I hope I wasn’t too early…” She mumbled to herself as she fiddled with her weapon, a custom made pistol that served as her sole method of self defense.
@Shiyonichi hey hey. Good to see ya. :). Always accepting.
Bump for anyone else interested
Here’s the discord if anyone’s interested
@AzureKnight Take your time. No rush :)

Protectors of the Netherworlds

The Netherworlds have seen a new era of peace, or as peaceful as a universe full of scheming demons and monsters can be. Some issues that arose were quickly stomped out, an evil swordsman here, a sorcerer trying to revive a god of destruction there. But now, everything seemed fine for the most part. Especially thanks to the hard work of the Netherworld Support Force, a group formed after the defeat of said evil swordsman, dedicated to the aid and protection of all the Netherworlds. Life is good for the most part.
That is until the realm of Galias was conquered by an unknown tyrant, Overlord Dyson. This self proclaimed overlord crushed any who opposed him in Galias and formed a new empire, the Dark Sphere Kingdom. With his new empire, Dyson declared war on all other Netherworlds, proclaiming that he would unite all of them under his empire, and form a universe where only the truest of demons and monsters could live.
Fearing the apparent power of this new overlord, the Netherworld Support Force has sent out representatives to every corner of the Netherworlds, in search of willing individuals to join in protecting the other realms from Dyson. Will you rise to the challenge to stop Dyson’s empire? Come and join the fight, dood!

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