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Current Moving... Moving... Moving... Ugh...
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Things are slowing down. I may become more active in a bit.
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Allergy season is killing me x_x
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Currently brain dead from school -_-
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Ready to start rping


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Ok, good to know
Luna D. Dharc

After what seemed like forever since she had gotten off the train at Tefan Village. Luna had finally arrived at the Clearbrook mountains. She breathed a quiet sigh and looked up at the mountains in front of her, she had heard, from the people in Tefan Village, that there was a nice ski resort in the mountains and she wanted to see for herself. She always wanted to go skiing and never had a chance to back home, it would be a fun new experience.

The happy cry of her partner Deino made her smile as they started up the path. "Almost there, Deino... If you get chilly you can jump into my coat..." she said opening her coat just to show the little dragon that it was warm. Deino jumped around happily, it made Luna giggle a bit. "Such an energetic pokemon..." she mumbled to herself as she continued through the mountain path.

You two still here?
<Snipped quote by Darkmoon Angel>

Yes. I could picture your character adventuring northward to get to the Atana Mountain Range. The deep caves in Atana have both Dragon & Fairy type Pokemon. You Central City and Clearbrook are both on the way there. So you can either bump into me in Central before I get to Clearbrook. OR you can bump into @Artymis's character and my own when we meet in Clearbrook.

So, what do you say? Are you on board? Should I count on you being my third party member for this mission?

I'll have the mission posted in a moment.

And I'll be posting a "map" of our region so far as well. I've drawn it up already but still need to add some color. It's a prototype map, so don't be surprised when it looks rough in places. Lol

Sure, when should I join? I plan on posting today
If you have any problems making characters you can ask me anything.
Anything in Central that would peak my oc's interest?
Sorry, been busy moving things into a new house.
No canon characters, but you can make up to two characters if you want.
OOC is open folks. @PaulHaynek@GoddessOfNature
OOC is open folks. @PaulHaynek@GoddessOfNature
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