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Happy New Years my friends :)
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@PaulHaynekDon't worry about it... Take all the time you need.
Hello. Hopefully this is the right place to put this, but I have had an interest in the Yugioh card game for a while now and have decided to try my hand at making a few of my own.

If anyone has any suggestions of what kind of cards they would like to see, you're more than welcome to leave suggestions here. Any at all critiques on the cards I make are welcome too, as they will help me to improve.

Note: I do not own any at all art I use for these cards. Please exclude Link monsters and Pendulum monsters as I haven't gotten around to learning about either.
Let me know if Wada's dialogue color is too dark
"Yeah, that's Etihw. The God of this world. Right behind her is Kcalb. The Devil."

Yosafire was a little confused at Dorma's sudden interruption, she could've answered Eddie herself. She shrugged it off though and turned back to face the stage before Eddie asked her another question.

"...Do they have nicknames? I mean, no offense to their names and all that but... I'm gonna seriously butcher their names if I continue talking about Eteewee and Kakalb."

She couldn't help but giggle at Eddie's attempt at pronouncing their names. "Well... You got the old man's name right, but you pronounce her name as Eteehew." She explained. "As for nicknames, I just like to refer to Kcalb as Old Man... He hates being called old..." She said with a quiet giggle. "And as for Etihw, Eti is fine."

Both Dialo and Chelan looked at Dorma curiously. "You got something against Eddie or something?"

"And now, I'm sure you are all ready for the festivities to truly begin. But before that, we have a guest from across the great expanse of water close to our humble village. She has been looking forward to the Gray Festival and wishes to share her musical talent with us all. Now, I want all of you to give a warm welcome to the Gray Garden's very own Great Blue Sea Witch."

Etihw bowed and walked offstage with Kcalb as the curtains of the stage opened up. A young girl in a navy blue, sailor-like witch outfit stood center stage in front of a piano. She bowed to the crowd as everyone clapped for her, it was easy to see that she was a little nervous. "H-hello everyone, my name is Wadanohara..."

Amongst the onlooking crowd, a familiar scarred face stood out to Eddie. A shark finned familiar watched Wadanohara with a slight smile.
@PaulHaynek@A Lowly Wretch Host post as finally been made. I hope you can forgive me for how late this was.
The festival went on for another hour or so before the sun had finally set over the horizon. An assortment of colorful lights lit up to provide light and it was as if the sun was only shining around the festival. A crowd was gathering near the stage that had been set up not too long ago. "Ooooh, this is so exciting! I can't wait to see what happens!" Vanilla said enthusiastically. "I wonder if it's gonna be a talent show, or a play, oh oh oh, or a musical performance... Ah! Am I rambling again? Getting too excited?" she said to those around her.

The crowd grew silent as the two rulers of the Gray Garden stepped onto the stage, Etihw and Kcalb. Kcalb stood back away from the front of the stage as Etihw walked up to address the crowd. "Welcome, one and all, to the Gray Festival!" she called out. A white crystal that was hanging above the stage seemed to propel her voice like a speaker. "To those of you from other worlds, I am so glad that we could share this day with you. What good is a festival without a lot of guests?" the members of the crowd who were residents of the Gray Garden chuckled at how laid back Etihw was being.

"Now, as many of you should know... This festival marks a very important day. A day of peace amongst the Garden's residents, the demons and angels. It warms my heart to see that this peace has lasted for so long, and with so much support too." she bowed to the Gray Garden residents. "Thank you for making all of this possible... We gods can only do so much on our own." she said with a smile. "Now then, who's ready for the main event of the festival!?" she called out as the crowd cheered.

The two cloaked and hooded figures from before were standing in the back of the crowd. "Eff, man... Why are these people so laid back and cheerful... I might need to consider a change of landscape..." the taller one of the two mumbled. "Shhhh... I want to hear what's happening..." the smaller one said.
Ok. Sorry for the constant absence. I got freetime the next two days, I'll have a post up tomorrow. Again, sorry I've been a bad host.
Sorry. Took a hiatus after things got rough IRL. I'll be back tomorrow to give y'all a good host post.
Vanilla nodded with acceptance after the girl looked up at her and continued her explanation. "Ok, back to what I was saying... The Gray Garden has seen a very long era of peace since the war, until recently of course. Apparently, another world lead by a devil and his minions tried to invade this world, but the invasion didn't last long thankfully. Thanks to a handful of angels and demons, the invasion was beaten back. The funny thing is though, since the devil that invaded has disappeared out of nowhere, the world that invaded has been trying to form a peace treaty with the Gray Garden. Things have going smoothly on that end, but there are still a few who don't agree with this peace. I don't mind it, but hey, that's just me."

Vanilla smiled happily, having finished her little info dump. She was happy to have someone to actually talk to. "Oh! I almost forgot, my name is Vanilla. Mister tall, dark, and feathery behind me is Zeal. What's your name?" she asked.

"Miss Yosafire, do you know who is performing in this festival?"

Yosafire scratched her head in thought before answering Dorma's question. "Well... I heard that they come from the sea... But that's uh... All I really know, sorry..." she said giving a lighthearted chuckle.

"Hey uhh, those two got a history or something?"

Dialo glanced at Eddie before looking back at Yosafire and Dorma. "Not really... Dorma looks up to Yosafire but there's clearly something more to it... But Yosafire is already with another so... I don't think things would work out..." she said as she went back to tending to her pie stand.

The sky was changing into a bright orange as the sun drifted closer to the horizon. The evening was almost upon the festival and the performances would soon begin.
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