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I just realized. I never grew up, I just assimilated into the next generation.
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Current I just realized. I never grew up, I just assimilated into the next generation.
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Hi, how you doing?
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Hi, hi you doing?
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Finally back.


So, I just realized this exists... After about an year... Right time to fill this out.

So hi, I’m Shiyonichi and as you can tell from my user name meaning death four one, in Japanese. I am...

An Edgy Weeaboo!

So yeah, I am basically human garbage.

I may or may not disappear on you during role plays. From either being dead, trying save the world, trying to destory the world, or a sudden case of being dead inside.

My favorite animals are dogs, I like red velvet cake, and I am obsessed with the katana.

If you need to contact me off forum I have a discord. Though I’m not straight up give it to you, because I’m human garbage.

Though here’s a hint: The first part is the most over used horror cliche of the last decade and the last part is a place with pretty damn good meatballs.

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Jack is literally meant to be a Jack of a trades with inclination towards healing. I think a that’s just a wording choice problem on my part. He doesn’t have the formal training to be the best, it just that he was taught through necessity to at least dabble in everything. Basically he’s not going to have the raga level spells for any magic with the exception of cure, but he’ll have at least base level magics, with a few ra level of spells in Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Barrier. Due to those being the most used besides cure.

Basically, Jack is a solo post apocalyptic survivor, which is why he has so many skills, since in a situation like that, not knowing how to do something could be the difference in life and death. At the same time he doesn’t have many masteries due to not having a formal education in anything.

And I’m not avoiding it, I just had to go to sleep and didn’t have the time to correct myself.

And I don’t know if it’s my wording but I thought the notes indicated that it that would be the case.
@Shiyonichi, Can you make the images smaller, extend the bios into three paragraphs of five lines each or the equivalent, and correct various spelling and grammar errors?

I don’t know how to crop an image on my phone I don’t have access to my computer right now.

The Bios are meant to be updated as time goes by, with Jack I’m keeping everything vague as Jack is supposed to be more played off like an old fashioned anime hero like Vash the stampede, introduced more through his reputation and starting off with a vague past that gets more intricate as the story goes on. Basically I’m trying to invoke the same thing, but making it work for Rp, which is why the origin story is practically non existent to try and keep it streamlined.

With Reina this is basically because most of the meat in her backstory is in that mystery around her creation and due to the timeline of events there really isn’t any more events that is necessary for her character at this point.

I’m asking you to make an exception for these characters, as one I literally made with the exact purpose of being played without a backstory going in and the other, has a backstory, I just don’t want to have it on the Bio going in.

As for grammar and spelling, they are not my strong point even on a good day.
Not the best CSes I’ve ever made, but I had a bad month.

Quick question, do I have to think of an original world/Unmentioned fandom world for my character or can I use a destination world?
<Snipped quote by Shiyonichi>

Would you like an actual reboot, then?

My other players wanted a continuation of the existing game, but to be honest, continuing would present problems...

I don’t mind either way, but I would need a summary if you are continuing. Basically do what you feel like.
I’ll take interest this time.
The blade pierced through the man in front of Ryuga, but it did not pierce the former mercenary, rather Ryuga jumped above, flipping over impaled samurai. As he came down, Ryuga slashed down with his sword. “You know, you should never use a Nodachi outside the battlefield.” He advised. Nodachis were clumsy weapons and trying to take out such a long blade from a body they stabbed through quickly was nearly impossible, which was the reason Ryuga could bisect the large man’s head. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, if you can’t bring your weapon up to guard, you’re dead.

Seeing a large man get killed in one move was going to cause all but the most seasoned warriors to flinch. Giving enough time for the former mercenary to do a low dash around the large man’s body throwing a knife to the face of another samurai to bring their guard upward before slashing open their guts by taking advantage of the opening. Ryuga inspired by the earlier man’s actions then push kicked the body of the samurai toward the rest of the group.
Ryuga sighed looks like his plans of not fighting was compromised. “Glad to have your help in cleaning up street trash.” The former mercenary said to the police officer before stating to the Samurai in a nearly apathetic voice. “Looks like it’s your funerals.” The former mercenary drew his sword, unlike his usual posture, he actually looked like a warrior with years of experience rather than a random bum playing law enforcer.

Ryuga charged the nearest Samurai with a right sided slash to which the samurai brought up his blade to guard such an obvious attack, but Ryuhad expected that. He used his opponent’s blade as a pivot point to take a step in and hook punch the opponent to disorient them as the enemy was disoriented he stepped around the samurai and pivoting his blade around the opponent’s, he slash downward drawing blood across the enemy’s spine. Another Samurai would charge at him, but Ryuga used his Iron plated Genta to block and catch his sword before kicking it to the side. He used the kicking leg to take a step in and drew a knife from his sleeve and stabbed it into the right side of the samurai’s throat with a reverse grip. Ryuga let go of the knife, letting the man fall, before drawing a handful of knives hidden up his sleeve and tossed them into the enemy group, not caring whether or not that they were causing injuries, as they were meant as a distraction for his allies to exploit.

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