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So, I just realized this exists... After about an year... Right time to fill this out.

So hi, I’m Shiyonichi and as you can tell from my user name meaning death four one, in Japanese. I am...

An Edgy Weeaboo!

So yeah, I am basically human garbage.

I may or may not disappear on you during role plays. From either being dead, trying save the world, trying to destory the world, or a sudden case of being dead inside.

My favorite animals are dogs, I like red velvet cake, and I am obsessed with the katana.

If you need to contact me off forum I have a discord. Though I’m not straight up give it to you, because I’m human garbage.

Though here’s a hint: The first part is the most over used horror cliche of the last decade and the last part is a place with pretty damn good meatballs.

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You’ve got my interest.
@RedBalloon Casual Interest Checks are for group rps, you should move this over to 1x1, you’ll have better luck there.
Really ironic considering that Justimon is a Kamen Rider... Doubly so since I’m using the Dorumon line which has the disgustingly overpowered Alphamon as it’s final Evolution.

I think it might be best to look at another source beyond game lines, since they make up evolution lines or make one up on your own.

Also color doesn’t really matter as there are quite a few Digimon lines that change color as they evolve like Kabuterimon going into Ultimate and Mega. Literally goes from blue to red to yellow.
@Vesper Alright then, I'll await the OOC with eagerness.

I like the idea of using Wormmon/Stingmon but... eh, the later forms are a bit too convoluted with how they are achieved so I don't know if that would work or not.

Just do a regular digivolution to Dinobeemon and the Megalevel I’m just too lazy to look up the name of, you don’t have to follow it 100% if its inconvenient.
Interested, though mind if I reserve Dorumon for my partner?
I’m up for a god old rousing round of killing a god.
Destroy the Compliant, Part 1

Seeds of Light and Dark

It was time to begin their plans to destroy Jhorm. There was nothing else to do this was the only option they had. Asuka activated an item, a face sized golden war-fan known as the <<Call of the Third Unification>> four Humanoid like creatures would come out from the shadows and bow before her, leaving after images in their wake. These were the four ninja type monsters Hanzō, Fuuma, Tobi Kato, and Kashin Koji. Like true ninja they remained bowing before their master, waiting for their orders. ”Kashin, please make it look like we’re sleeping.”

The Kashin would bow before putting it’s arms up simulating an ninja’s hands signs. Mist would form covering the room before collecting into two masses which would shape themselves into the sleeping forms of the sisters. ”Aki, have Kashin hide in the room and incapacitate anyone that tries anything to the illusions.” Miyuki told her sibling. Clearly not trusting of the villagers, especially since they managed to piss one off. Asuka told the Kashin which nodded and hid in the shadows. ”Fuma, go scout around the village. Fuman nodded it’s head and disappeared.

”Follow us.” Miyuki opened a gate to a snowy forest clearing somewhat far away from Jhorm. Asuka pulled out several scrolls and Miyuki prepared several spells of her own, casting enough spells to make them unable to be detected by physical or arcane means. They waited half an hour for the Fuma to report back, most of it was something they knew, but one detailed worried them. The part were the path from Jhorm and the nearest town worried them, as it would put a wrench in their plans, though they had a solution. Miyuki activated a spell, but not just any spell, a super tier spell, Valhalla. A dome of magic bluish white magic circles surrounded Miyuki, the icy wind howling as they waited in silence.

The magic array shattered as six figures descended from the heavens. They appeared to be black winged women with long platinum blonde hair and they were equipped with bluish silver plate armor with runes of a forgotten culture enscribed on them, which covered most of their features and was worn over a white gown. In one hand they held long golden spear which was as tall as they were, that held a leaf blade half the size of the shaft and held a diamond shaped ruby in it’s core. These women were the Sigrún, level 80 monsters with quite a few special abilities. The first ability were to summon 10 Warrior spirits each around level 10-20. Even if the summons were basically fodder to a Yggdrasil players, Miyuki and Asuka just needed a large quantity over quality. They had the Sigrún active it three times, giving them an company of 180 ethereal soldiers. Miyuki had the army on stand by and sent out three out of six of the Sigrún along with 50 Warriors to clear a path between Jhorm and the nearest city.

They ordered the Fuma to stay in hidden near the farmlands and food storage, then gave a message scroll to Tobi and told him to go look for what they wanted. The Tobi gave a wordless bow and disappeared. Finally they took the Hanzō and 30 Warriors with them. Both Miyuki and Asuka put on the Masks of Envy and alternative equipment to hide their identity. Using the information the Fuma gathered they casted a few more anti detection magics and marched towards the Witches of Ondwald.

Rotten Town

Collaboration by @Shiyonichi and @BurningDaisies

The siblings walked into town, the snow under their shoes made squeaking sounds as the snow was crushed underfoot. There was quite a few villagers peeking out from their homes, that reminded Miyuki of a old western and Asuka could feel some aggression from a few of the villagers, but due to being tightly packed together, she couldn’t pick out which of the villagers the hostilities came from. Both of them would have liked to rest and Miyuki would have liked to plan out their next course of action. The sibling came to the village square, they spotted a pair of travelers that were here before them, but they left rather quickly, so they paid them no mind. They still needed a place to stay. Miyuki walked up to the biggest house and knocked on it’s door.

There was a nervous rustle, then a muffled thud. The door creaked open a hair, but it quickly pressed into its frame with a metallic knock, securing it firmly it place. Locked.

Asuka raised an eyebrow at just how fast the door was locked. Where just were extremely Xenophobic? Miyuki turned and motioned for her sister to follow, they should try another home.

A tall, thin man with dark circles under his eyes stepped into the path. Even his sunken cheeks and sickly pallor couldn't disguise his youth. Whereas the other villagers seemed older by a decade or more, he looked to be in his twenties, perhaps even younger. His skin, pale and yellowing, was stretched tightly over his emaciated frame. There were no hints of anything. Cords of wiry muscle clearly shifted beneath his skin as he trudged towards the sisters. He might have had an imposing stature in another life, but with the shoddy, pitted sickle leaning against his shoulder and an armful of dried herbs, he seemed little more than a half-starved scarecrow. His dull brown eyes drifted to Asuka. His gaze was intense but somehow distant as if focused on some faraway place behind her.

"Ena won't come out. Her husband..." he trailed off. There was no excitement in his raspy voice. Instead it was laden with a sense of mortal resignation one would normally expect from a man waiting to be hanged.
His world refocused slowly and he stared blearily, albeit more purposefully, at Asuka. His expression softened, as much as his tense face would allow. He appeared to have just recognized she existed. His eyes flicked to Miyuki.
"Ah," he breathed, realizing he had thought aloud near some strangers.
"Welcome to Jhorm," he said lethargically. "What brings you here?"
He made a deliberate effort to seem friendly, but he clearly had no energy. His flat expression cast a stark contrast to the hollow cheeriness in his voice.

”We’re just passing by, we wanted a place to stay for today and set off tomorrow.” Miyuki asked, slightly intimidated by the villager, they could obviously tell that the village was in some sort of trouble. Perhaps it would be best to leave quickly than waiting for the night, though Asuka spoke up. ”Excuse me, is there some sort of problem around town?”

“Problem?” he seemed genuinely confused. “No. The Witches of Ondwald safeguard this village.” From the way he spoke, it was obvious a ‘Witch’ was something to be revered, no different than the guardian spirit of a temple or forest. He slowly cast a glance between the two sisters, and raised an eyebrow. He opened his mouth to speak, but shut it again with a pensive look.
“Kessig may not like it,” he began. “But, you can stay in my home for the evening. It’s bad luck to turn away travellers.” he said matter-of-factly.
“Although, we don’t really use gold crowns or shells. Not much trade here. If you could spare some food, I could lend you a couple bunks.”

”Alright I think we can take that deal.” Miyuki reached into her bag at the left side of her belt. though it wasn’t actually to pull something out of she was actually opening her inventory. While magic didn’t seem like it would cause them to be burned at the stake, the sight of opening the item box was quite sinister as such she shouldn’t let anyone else see it or they might get mistaken for an evil Overlord. Of course Miyuki and Asuka were both humans and warriors, so they both carried around food, but as high level players, they carried around quite luxurious foods. Fancy meats glistening in the sun, pristine fruits and vegetables, that would have to be imported from elsewhere and even some oddities like ginseng and various cheeses. Miyuki asked ”This enough?” as she pulled out a well smoked ham, a couple of vegetables, and wheel of cheese all with quality that you would see at a royal banquet, not some town in the middle of nowhere.

His expression grew increasingly distraught as Miyuki produced exquisite foods one after another. His hurried voice lowered to a whisper “Please! Put them back!”
Frantic, he moved closer to obstruct the view of the items in her hands from anyone else. At first he seemed drunk on exhaustion and whatever sickness had stricken him, but now he was quite sober and his eyes were wide with terror.
“Just…” He struggled to find the words. “Just follow me. I’ll show you to my lodge.”

The sibling a little surprised at his suddenly declarations and after doing as he said followed him quietly. Needless to say they were quite on edge.

He lead them down the loamy path to a well-aged barn whose timbers were swollen with years of water damage and covered in streaks of green. Yet somehow the various supporting members seemed petrified in their old age and managed to support the vaulted roof. Much of the barn had interior additions, creating makeshift rooms and storage areas. There were no farm animals inside, but there were various farming tools and hunting supplies along the walls further in. He guided them to one of the unoccupied lofts which gave a view of the entrance through a slit in the wall of old boards.

He deposited his sickle and herbs in storage closet before approaching the sister in a hushed tone. “You cannot offer me something so valuable. The witches protect us, but also watch us. We give them offerings too, we must. But…” He swallowed nervously as if to gulp down a bad idea. “...You don’t want to attract their attention. That’s a dangerous trail to follow.”
“Ah! I’m Rolf,” he suddenly remembered. “My apologies. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to introduce myself as such.”

”We’re Asuka and Miyuki, Katsuragi. Nice to meet you.” They introduced themselves. Though, Asuka asked having absolutely no tact. ”So, is these witches the reason why the village is so… gloomy?” Of course gloomy was a bit of a understatement. Though Miyuki looked at Asuka and immediately knew why she was asking that. She rolled her eyes and silently casted an anti divination spell. She didn’t think anyone was spying on them right now, but better safe than sorry.

Rolf hadn’t reacted to the spellcasting, but he also hadn’t understand its purpose. No one in the village could begin to guess its function.
“It’s not gloomy. Not really. That’s just how things are. We’ve lived like this since I can ever remember” He spoke with surprising conviction, apparently content with his perceptions and way of life. “The village is much to look at sure, but it’s worse outside. I mean…” he hesitated. A question weighed on the edge of his tongue. “There are all sorts of monsters near the mountains. You must have seen them, haven’t you?”

“I have seen them, but is it better than to slowly waste away trapped here?” Asuka asked, with fire in her words.

“We’re not trapped,” he said almost as a question. Rolfs thin eyebrows wrenched upward in confusion. “We are free to leave, but it is safer to stay here. The witches protect us.”

”Look at yourself for a moment, You are grossly underweight. Chances are you’re not living to see your 30s. Is that really safe? Will your witches protect you from that?” Miyuki coldly added. This wasn’t a lie Miyuki had enough medical knowledge to diagnosis that at least.

“Don’t travellers just stuff themselves fat to survive long journeys?” he asked shaking his head. “You don’t understand. This is normal. My father was the same way. Besides... if the witches weren’t here, Jhorm wouldn’t be here either. It’s been that way for generations. We’re all raised by them until we’re old enough to work the fields or hunt. If we leave, we have to come back to raise children. If the witches leave, who will look after us? We’ll all die. That’s the truth of it,” he said firmly. An undercurrent of fear had crept into his words. He sighed and collected himself.

Asuka hooked her pinky finger and put it under his collar and then lifted him off the ground.

”I wouldn’t expect you to understand.” Miyuki began. ”You are a farmhand correct? However, you should be far more muscular and heavier as such my baby sister here should have more trouble lifting you up. The only way you can gain this kind of build is if you are not eating. Tell me where is your father? If he also worked as a farmhand he should have gotten enough exercise early on to have survived looking at your age.” Miyuki then lists the common symptoms of malnutrition and starvation. “Do they sound familiar? They should, any doctor should be able to tell you that you are starving, do you understand that most villages would be broken up and move somewhere else? You said that you were surrounded by monsters, yet you could have just moved the town further away. Heck you could probably grow more crops where it’s warmer. Do get what I’m saying? If you really weren’t trapped then why would you be staying in a place like this? The witches? If they were really out to protect you would allow you to stay here? They could have easily guided your people somewhere else, away from the monsters, now couldn’t they? Rather than leaving you here to starve and constantly fearing monsters. If you’re so sure that the witches are on your side, then why do you seem so terrified of them?“

Does she have any idea how hostile the frontier is? Scouts of the Fennlords kill have killed more than a dozen villagers in the past. North is bandit territory. And what even is a doctor? Some kind of healer or sage? Countless questions and ideas collided in his head, creating a wreckage of disparate trains of thought. He could even form any coherent words to defend himself.
Rolf didn't struggle. He kept calm, but a silent fury seethed inside him as Miyuki kept spouting nonsense. He knew now what Kessig meant when he said outsiders were dangerous. Not enjoying her repeated criticisms, his tense, red face barely concealed his acrimony.

“On second thought, you can keep the food,” he said defiantly, still hanging from Asuka's finger. The threads of his shirt were already weak and frayed. They tore apart under the constant strain with an audible rip. Rolf collapsed to the ground. He glowered at the two sisters in silence for a moment.
“Consider it a charity from a stupid farmhand who doesn’t know anything. Stay the night for free, or go as you please. Either way, just be gone by morning,” he said, obviously frustrated with the two of them.

He staggered onto his feet and left.

Miyuki called out to Asuka. ”Asuka, I know what you’re thinking and I know it’s crazy.” Asuka grinned. Jhorm was already rotting from the inside. As they said it would honestly be better to move at this point. Asuka whispered to Miyuki in a low voice to make sure nobody heard them.

”Let’s go destroy this town.”

Akira looked at Suzue in more of a curious intrigue than anything, though he didn’t seem to really mind being called out by Suzue or her being selected as captain, though he didn’t join the discussion. Something he learned in street fighting is that anything could be used to your advantage. He walked over to Saito and the delinquent’s hand would become a blur, as he snagged Saito’s newspaper right out of his hands. Before the president could complain, Akira rolled it up and flattened it and wrap the newspaper around his neck and zipping up the collar of his jacket to keep it into place, making it so that ink couldn’t easily get on his throat. Akira gave a small smug “thanks” as he walked back towards the group.

”I doubt it’s intangible, since I doubt Mr. Electric Eel would be that cheap. Though he did gave us a bit of a clue in that, it’s going to be using ink in some way. Akira took another sip from his pancake drink. ”Now either he equipped it with a paint brush and trained it to use it like a psycho slasher or it just has naturally has it. Akira seemed to have fully drank all of his pancake drink as he turned it over only for it to spill droplets. ”Well either way trying to create a complex plan against something you have so little info about is stupid. Let’s just go and see what it is first. Akira walked over vending machines and pulling out a handful of coins he bought a half a dozen sodas before putting them into his bag. Whatever for was anyone’s guess.
@Archangel89 All of your skills with the exception of rage are martial arts. Martial arts are new world exclusive, players shouldn’t have them and your alignment is wrong it’s not D&D alignment it’s Overlord alignment. In Overlord alignment is given a number between 500 and negative 500. With -500 being extremely evil and 500 being extremely good and zero being Neutral.
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