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So, I just realized this exists... After about an year... Right time to fill this out.

So hi, I’m Shiyonichi and as you can tell from my user name meaning death four one, in Japanese. I am...

An Edgy Weeaboo!

So yeah, I am basically human garbage.

I may or may not disappear on you during role plays. From either being dead, trying save the world, trying to destory the world, or a sudden case of being dead inside.

My favorite animals are dogs, I like red velvet cake, and I am obsessed with the katana.

If you need to contact me off forum I have a discord. Though I’m not straight up give it to you, because I’m human garbage.

Though here’s a hint: The first part is the most over used horror cliche of the last decade and the last part is a place with pretty damn good meatballs.

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EXIA: Micheal D. Cicero

”I don’t intend on damaging the Gundam anytime soon.”

Micheal stepped out of the Exia and walked over to head of maintenance and his fellow Gundam pilot, taking off his helmet and putting it under his arm. While the island was great for a hidden base, Micheal couldn’t say he was fond of it. He didn’t really enjoy high humidity areas, but he wasn’t going to voice his complaints pver something so minor. Mostly because there were quite a few people that had doubts due to his age and he wasn’t going to add fuel to that fire. He turned to the head maintenance and asked.

”If there is no issues I’m going to cook dinner. It’s a special occasion and I doubt anyone does delivery out here. Micheal turned to Wesker. ”Since you’re the other meister and the mission well, have anything to request?” Notably he seemed to have blocked out Nick during the second part of that conversation, Micheal had a sneaking suspicion that the Head of Maintenance was one of those people who had doubts and just because he was far more capable than you’re average teenager that one doesn’t mean he wasn’t one or couldn’t be just as petty.
EXIA: Micheal D. Cicero

Exia came down from it’s high altitude flight in preparation to meet up at the rendezvous point. Micheal confirmed Chad’s report as he met up with the sniper. Exia had sustained no hits and as an added bonus revealed no cards that couldn’t be visibly seen, it’s beam gun, beam saber, and other systems were still unknown to the rest of the world. While he didn’t enjoy combat, the first mission felt slightly disappointing. He had spent 6 years preparing for the moment and his heart had raced before it, only for it to be over with barely any effort. He shrugged off the disappointment. It being that easy was a good thing. Arthur shook his head and he listened to Aeolia Schenberg’s speech.

No doubt, every member of Celestial Being was also watching. Though the he had to wonder when Schenberg had recorded this speech. Did he predict that Celestial Being would take around three hundred years to become active? Well either way this would be the first act in Celestial Being’s mission of the Eradication of war. He only had one thing remind everyone.

”With this, there’s no going back.”
I’m pretty sure Julia would at least know about Arthur’s history with the 0 Gundam, since she’s piloting the thing.
@Shandria In Julias mind yer all just teenagers with issues lol.

Arthur is literally the only teenager.
EXIA: Micheal D. Cicero

(Sorry, had morning classes.)

”It would seem that my luck held out.”

Michael looked down at the AEU Mobile Suits crashing into the Earth, Wesker’s quick action prevented any bullets toward Exia, as while conventional arms would hurt a Gundam, it would still be wise not to test it with the Exia, as it’s flexibility was prioritized over it’s armor. It would seem that Wesker and Haro dealt with a lot of them. The Exia swerved to avoid a barrage of gunfire from behind, but it would seem that Wesker had missed one. Though it was only one he could afford them following him to the rendezvous point. Exia slowed down while he took invasive maneuvers, allowing the AEU unit to get closer and closer, until it was close enough for the Exia to ram the standby positioned GN blade into the the enemy fighter.

”All pursuers eliminated, Exia heading to rendezvous point. Second objective accomplished, second phase complete.”

The Exia raised it’s altitude and went into the clouds layer. Micheal took a long exhale to calm the adrenaline down. The best part of a white and blue suit is that it blends right into the day sky, combined with GN particles and the clouds that covered it, it would be nearly impossible for someone to spot Exia. Micheal took his hands off the controls and rubbed his wrists. He had just declared his own personal declaration of war. It was hypocritical trying to bring peace by force, but he and the Gundam would still fight.

”Our battle has just begun, Exia.” Micheal muttered to himself.
EXIA: Micheal D. Cicero

(Considering that the other team is almost done, I’m settling the fight and moving onto the next phase in this post.)

The Exia raised it’s arm and punched forwards with the GN Shield. The curves of the shield with enhanced by GN particles was more than capable of deflecting the knife and the arm it was attached to, though it wasn’t done. The GN Shield kept going and in a cross counter impaled the Enact where the joints met, sinking through the armor and into the internal mechanisms. The Exia pulled it’s arm back, displacing fragments of E-Carbon from were it struck, this was where Exia’s flexibility came into play. Using the rotation of the frame the gundam struck out with it’s GN blade in a hook like motion, decapitating the Enact to add insult to injury. The GN blade flipped back into it’s standby position as the Gundam returned to neutral position.

”This is Cicero, objective complete. Moving on to phase two. It’s your stage now, Wesker.

GN particles would erupt from the cone on the Exia’s back as it took off, the entire sequence far too smooth for any known mobile suit, giving it otherworldly effect.
There is also the Gundam Astraea type F.

Or the Artemie.

And the Raisel.

Or the other Second generation Gundams nobody cares about.

EXIA: Micheal D. Cicero

Micheal looked on, unimpressed by the bravado. He had heard that being near a Sonic Blade unprotected will hurt one’s ears, though that seemed to be understatement. Michael looked over the pilot’s style, contrary to the the pilot’s personality, he seemed to be a defensive kind of ace. Though he as cautious as his style seemed, he made one mistake... He wasn’t a samurai, he wasn’t HRL, and he wasn’t here to duel... He was a Gundam meister! And he wasn’t going to play his game!

”Michael D. Cicero, Gundam Exia, commencing combat!”

GN particles erupted from it’s back as it charged. The designs for the Flag and by extension the Enact were possibly, one of the fastest and agilest machine the known world had to offer... but the Exia was on a whole another level. With speed and grace that didn’t seem possible on such a large object it turn to the toward the side of the knife holding arm of the Enact, bypassing the guard altogether, if he was out to kill he could have gone further and stabbed it through the back, but he wouldn’t take a life he didn’t have to. The GN blade flipped into place and it became a metallic flash as the Gundam swung it towards the sky that it was colored after.

@ShiyonichiWell we won't be running into Patrick so we'll need to establish the AEU ace. It also means that the other two will need to speed up their end as well. So roughly when you land and make your intention to fight known would be best.

Alright there.
I was planning on actually have a segment with the Enact are you sure you want to skip by it so quick?

Also @Everyone remember that protocol dictates that we don't actually vocalize our voices to the people outside of the gundams. Anything you say will be heard only by the mothership, and the other pilots.

Ah, I thought we’re we going to be skimming though this since everyone should at least know what happens, how far do you want me to turn back?

And yeah I know, he’s talking to himself in my post and not the outside.
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