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Current Why do I post the same status twice? It's like I'm-Motherf-
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Why do I post the same status twice? It's like I'm-
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Haven’t updated this in about a year, better think of something clever to put- Oh goddamnit!
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Haven’t updated this in about a year, better think of something clever to put- Oh goddamnit!
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I just realized. I never grew up, I just assimilated into the next generation.


So, I just realized this exists... After about an year... Right time to fill this out.

So hi, I’m Shiyonichi and as you can tell from my user name meaning death four one, in Japanese. I am...

An Edgy Weeaboo!

So yeah, I am basically human garbage.

I may or may not disappear on you during role plays. From either being dead, trying save the world, trying to destory the world, or a sudden case of being dead inside.

My favorite animals are dogs, I like red velvet cake, and I am obsessed with the katana.

If you need to contact me off forum I have a discord. Though I’m not straight up give it to you, because I’m human garbage.

Though here’s a hint: The first part is the most over used horror cliche of the last decade and the last part is a place with pretty damn good meatballs.

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Kana quickly leaped over the the beam, using her superhuman physique to launch herself into the air. The white clad girl did not get caught off guard by it attacking even after it lost it’s upper half, as after the earlier experience with the other Shade, she was absolutely not going to let her guard down until she was absolutely sure that the enemy was dealt with.

The white haired magical girl fired out a water jet from her boots to push herself forwards in midair, soaring above the and beyond the Shade to get behind it.

Kana spun in the air like a wheel, before firing another water jet to increase her speed and momentum even further.”HYAAAAH!!!” The white haired swordswoman dropped down behind the Shade and unleashing a shout she brought the sword downwards using the combination of momentum and gravity to increase the strength of her strike, causing her sword to become a guillotine of destruction as she gave a shout as she brought it down on the enemy.
”My other magic? If ya want to know badly, then I guess it can’t hurt to tell ya. It’s-“ Kana paused as she was interrupted by the others noticing that a new trouble maker had just appeared. ”Quant, get behind me.” With a simple “right” as a confirmation Quant took cover this time the fairy was going to avoid being caught and becoming the damsel.

The Shade fired lasers at the group, Kana immediately stepped forwards with a raised hand, in front of her manifested a clear, thick barrier made from water to meet the beam. The lasers would pass through the barrier, as they were traveling through water, they would distort and bend away from the the girls.

After the hail fire would pass away from them, Kana took the remaining mass off water from the barrier and shape it into three needle like javelin. Kana quickly fired the first water Javelin to try and hit the orbs to disable pierce through them to prevent the mantis like Shade from firing off anymore lasers at the group.

Kana would then bare her blade. “Kana, this is a higher level Shade then what you have been facing. Just be careful!” Quant warned Kana, though the white colored magical girl didn’t respond, despite this being a stronger shade, she didn’t show any sign of fear.

She had already met a Shade to be afraid of, a true monster she needed to overcome. If she let her fear take over for a Shade like this, then her blade would never be able to reach her hated enemy. Clear and crisp like her element, the swordswoman briefly studied her opponent, nothing the Shade’s features, before dashing into the fray. The two other water javelins followed besides her as she went into melee range.


Kana… Gave a flat stare at the group… she didn’t really outwardly react to Hotaru to attempt at spooking her out (Due to her being able to somewhat sense her as a magical girl.) nor did she really react to Himejima’s flamboyant introductions, there was only one thing racing through her mind… Do these people all have Chuunibyou? Though not all she supposed the forest girl seemed to be the sanest person here, besides the floating ghost lantern, though the fire girl was definitely terminal Chuuni, but even she gave out a Chuuni like Magical girl name. Was that normal for a magical girl and she was just the weird one or did was that just that what happened sooner or later? Was that was eventually going to happen to her? Shouting like a anime character? She didn’t really want to think about it.

“Yeah, he’s fine. Don’t worry about it, it was my fault for letting my guard down in the first place.” The colorful introductions at least managed to get the delinquent magical girl to abandon her original thoughts. Instead she was just left with a feeling of disappointment in herself about her own inexperience. “Um… Right, we should introduce ourselves as well.” Quant flew from behind Kana, floating next to Kana.

“… Right introductions.” Kana rubbed her back of her neck. ”The name’s Kana.” Quant tapped her on the side with an ahem. With a slight grumble, she reiterated. “ The name’s Kana, I’ve been fighting Shades for about 2 weeks now, so I don’t have an alias-“ “What about, White Girl?” “-Yeah, no, never in a million years am I using that name. Anyway nice to meet ya all.” Quant tapped her again. ”Kana, this is your chance, to learn from your seniors, so ask something. Quant whispered, to which Kana whispered back. “So what am I exactly supposed to ask?” The Fairy simply sighed at his contracted girl.

“My name is Quant, I’m acting as Kana’s fairy. Please take care of Kana, she’s a bit of a loner when it comes to new people, so help her out when she needs it.” Quant gave his own introduction, to which Kana interjected with. ”What are you, my mother?”


Kana looked up to see several attacks flying towards the bat like Shade, as she used her super human physique to chase after it. ”Hey wait!” She yelled out in surprise as she saw them flying towards the Shade. The white clad girl was concerned about her companion, afraid that the Fairy would be hit by a miscalculated shot or be put in the way of the assault by a sudden movement of the bat shade.

Though luckily, the attacks did not hit the fairy, instead it ripped through the bat like Shade, the icy flames hit it’s wing and spread to it’s upper body, while the thorns impaled it’s chest and created a mid air kabob. The Shade dissipated… Dropping the mouse like fairy from the air. Though luckily the fairy had the ability to fly as it was a magical creature.

“Quant, are ya alright?” Kana voiced as the fairy flew back to her. Quant gave a nod confirm he was unhurt, though he was still shaken from the sudden and surprise flight and subsequent skydiving tour, though other than that the worst did not happen. Kana gave a sigh of relief, though that quickly gave way to a bubble of anger.

“Do you lot have any idea what kind of ri-“ Kana paused as when she was about to voice her displeasure, she had a sudden realization as it sunk in. She didn’t think much of it, rather she was more concerned over not wanting to lose another friend, but these weren’t just some random do gooders. They were like her, Magical Girls.

Kana only had appearances to go off on, but she could tell that there was three. The first girl was some sort of Victorian Era ghost girl complete with ghostly glow and followed by a phantasmal lantern. The next girl looked like an delicate elf princess from fantasy story, while the final girl dressed more in Eastern fashion compared to the other two. They definitely looked more magical compared to Kana own transformation form, which could just be summed up as spilling bucket of white paint on herself and then picking up a Zweihander.

Kana hadn’t met any other Magical Girls since Kaori, after all it hasn’t been that long since she started to prowl around at night. She didn’t really know to do other than just remaining somewhat cautious. While she didn’t feel that they would actively attack her, they were still strangers to her and it was just common sense to be cautious around meeting those who you don’t know at night. Especially ones that had magical powers. Kana pausing her previous statement, only asked a question. “Who the hell are ya lot?”

It was a dim highly with the full moon looking down at the earth below, before it was briefly covered by the splatter of inhuman blood. Kana, spun her sword back after slicing the enemy in two, her pure white clothes being dyed black and orange, before the split target dissipated into nothingness. Another enemy would attempt to charge at the white clad girl, an inhuman opponent in the approximation of a humanoid, shadow like skin, clad in orange eyes all over it’s body. It brandished it’s hands, which had claw like points on it’s fingers ready to slice it’s prey apart… only for it to be met with the pommel of the gunmetal blade that was held by the white clad girl, before being back kicked into an another charging enemy, causing it to be tangled in a mass of limbs.

Kana quickly put the blade behind her, to block the attack of the hand of the third humanoid being, before she stabbed the sword into the ground, vaulted over both her sword and the Shade, before sweeping it off it’s feet and then slamming it down with her elbow and stomping down on it’s chest with enough force to crack the stone path beneath, crushing it into paste and scattering orange and black.

Kana kicked her blade, causing it to be launched spinning from where it was planted and bisecting the first Shade, which decided it was a good idea to repeat it’s charge when it got back up. The white clad girl, then reached back for a single moment before unleashing a double palm strike at the first Shade’s partner, sending it flying away into tree. Kana then spun around and kicked her sword as it was falling back to the ground at one more Shade, causing the same black and orange liquid to be scattered along the grass as the now final shade charged at the currently disarmed opponent.

The white clad girl opened her palm, as a ball of water materialized out of nowhere. Clasping her hand around it, she turned around and made a slashing motion. The liquid flowed out and stretched from the opening of her fist, before slashing through the shadow like creature’s legs and then twisting around it’s neck, before acting like a tendril and launching it into a park bench before the water whip tightened around the creature’s neck and applying pressure around it, then decapitating it.

“That all of ‘em, Quant?” Kana asked, seemingly to nobody, but she got an answer. “I think so. Though you should be able to feel it if there was any left.” The respondent, was a small animal like being. Kana stretched her arms. ”Just double checking.” It had been only a week since Kaori’s funeral, while Kana was a very fast learner, that didn’t mean she mastered everything to the point of complete reliability, Kana was still extremely used to her own mundane senses, the addition of another “sense” was still a bit off putting, even if it was very specific.

Kana quietly walked over to her sword, which landed point down after it stabbed through her enemy. Once again kicking it and flipping it into the air and catching it in her other hand, before the great sword dissipated into particles. ”Gonna get something to drink, before we continue.” ”Oh, get a Calpico.” with a quick nod, Kana walked over to one of the park vending machines, before taking out some spare change and buying both what Quant wanted and a canned coffee for herself. Popping the can open, she leaned back to the bench that she had launched the shade into earlier as Quant sat next to her, handing over the white bottle they both cheered. Quant happily drank the sweeten drink… and Kana definitely didn’t snap a photo on her phone.

”Ahh… Kana.” The fairy paused, causing the delinquent to put her phone behind her back. The fairy pointed at the still white clad girl with it’s small paw, who gave a small oh as she realized she was still transformed. ”Keep forgetting to change bac- Kana was about to release her transformation, when a chill ran down her spine. Leaping to her feet and summoning her sword, the white clad girl looked around see where it was coming from.

Suddenly a shadow came over the fairy, rather than Kana and then it snatched him with it’s talons, spilling Calpico everywhere. “Kana! Help!” Quant screamed as he was carried away by a bat shaped shade. Kana hadn’t expected a flying enemy, she was still used to the grounded street fights of the mundane and not the fantastical. The white clad girl not wanting to hurt her companion, threw the canned coffee she was holding, hitting it where the left wing and back met. The blow caused the bat like creature to go into a temporary dive, preventing it from flying too far away as Kana chased after it.

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