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<Snipped quote by Ammokkx>

Easy enough to say it went however it would've gone, given there was nothing set in stone about him visiting her.

Yeah that time skip really threw some of us off. If anything, just summarize how it went. I may have to also say that Jake presented his evidence and presentation to Ritsu a day ago if you want to sum up when he was able to get things together. Or he submitted it at some random point in time during those three days.

Either way, I don't think doing another collab between Jake and Ritsu is necessary since everyone else is starting to get caught up in the time jump. Ariamis, if anything, just assume Ritsu received Jake's report, evidence and even presentation of it...or however it works and it's just being sent out or...*sigh*...I don't know
Hi. I'm into mecha so I'll be keeping watch here to see how this develops. Don't have a character in mind just yet though.
Just a heads up all, myself Snow and JasonHero finally finished our massive collab. I think Snow said he wanted to show JasonH his parts before submitting it here. It takes place three days ago obviously since that's where the early parts of the conversation started. just sorry for the delay.
@Ammokkx@Apollosarcher@Evil Snowman@Dragoknighte@Mr Rage@DarkRecon@Jasonhero@redbaron1234@ArkmageddonCat

New post, with new developments for the squad's structure.

So I noticed. Though I haven't finished the collab with Snow and Jasonhero. They were kinda discussing Serah's and perhaps Elora's unique case. Should I say that convo took place before the three day time jump?
<Snipped quote by Evil Snowman>

I mean whatever you guys want. Just let me know what's up lol

Well I never knew how to set up stuff like this on titanpad so unless someone else wants to do it there, I'm open to suggestions.
Still here. And nice new character Jasonhero ^_^

Though I'd imagined with the forum acting all wonky right now, you made several posts...

Also...waiting on a response from Katya if were going that far.
I assure you, no betting of glitter is involved.

That was a typo. That better not be glitter. Just saying that I do believe in friendships but not throwing in over the top stuff like ponies, rainbows and...well stuff you may see if your high on something-_-‘
Are you telling me friendship is not magic?

Not so much that but all the...rainbows, ponies and sparkles...-___-' that better not bet glitter
"Thank you ma'am and again, were sorry for interrupting your meal", Maira said with a salute.

"Well then. Let's go", Jake said.

As the three walked down the hallway, Jake then said, "Ma'am. If you must know, were going to talk about...well something in private but out here..."

"Katya...we want to help Serah and Elora. With Serah...getting those war crime charges dropped. Jake's just afaid to talk to the wrong person about it", Maria then said.

"Yeah. Say it like no one's around", Jake said with a roll of his eyes as they continued to walk.

"As well as Jason. We want to make sure he doesn't do anything...stupid to hurt our chances", Maria then said.

"It's a bunch of stuff. For one ma'am. Where do you stand on that? Do you think Serah facing those charges is just? Or do you think those charges should be dropped?", Jake then asks.
As Maria and Jake continued to eat in the cafeteria, Jake then said, "...there's also someone I want to talk to...just to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid."

Maria put her sandwich down then asked, "Who?"

"Jason of course. Surprised you haven't noticed..."

Shaking her head, Maria then said, "Yeah your right. If he did something rash, there goes any chance."

Looking around, Jake then spied Katya at her own table.

"...think we should take a chance on her too?", Jake then asks.

"Why ask me Mr. Reconniasence? You seem to know what your doing", Maria said with a smirk.

"Oh that's low, ho ho ho", Jake responded with a rhyme.

"...but yeah...let's just ask her to follow us out towards Jason's quarters. If she follows or not, her call", Maria responded.

Finishing up, both Jake and Maria then got up from their tables after cleaning them up. They then approached Katya's table.

"...Katya. I'm sorry for this sudden interruption but if you got a moment, could you come with us to Jason's quarters? There's...stuff we like to talk to you and him about", Maria then asks.
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