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Same. Though I was thinking about Maria reacting negatively to the confinment of Elora. It'd just show here the lack of trust they have on her just like they did to her back when Maria was moved from division to division. Hell, as far as I know, Maria was never promoted from her low rank whereas everyone else was since...Joppa? I forget the planet when I had Maria in her coma aferwards.

Though Maria doesn't care about rank but bouncing around, losing Setsuka due to high up orders, taking that Cruxi prisoner and now this...expect Maria to walk in a hospital dress from just waking up and perhaps raising a stink about this.
Well sorry for the double post but I wanted to see if I got the totals for both Maria and Jake right. Based on the order of the list, I came up with these totals:

Mai Sync - +14 (MAX SYNCH UNLIMITED not counted)
Mai Exp - +11.5

Jake Sync - -0.5
Jake Exp - 14.5

Clearly Jake didn't get much help Sync wise since he needs it but EXP is EXP. I wish I had also remembered Maria's prior sync rate because I ain't sure that 100 sync rate was a one time only deal. I have her listed right now at perfect sync. Is that alright? I also updated the other parts of both character's sync and Exp.
tldr; Zim fully joins the "It's alive!" crowd on slightly more than consequential evidence.

Also, I need to stop looking at custom gundam build pictures. I keep getting ideas for further modifications/upgrades/totally different werk ideas. I am currently developing an idea for a way to change Black Star's armor wings into something more...


Actually Mr Rage, that just reminds me. I thought about another story arc where it's discovered that Neo Angel and Black Star had similar design origins. However, because of how unique and difficult the T-System was, Black Star was pushed to another company or designer to go in a different direction which in this case, the current Black Star.

It was just a brief story idea if Maria started getting curious about the origins of the old mech, Setsuka and the now Neo Angel.

And I have to go back and check that long lish of exp/sync updates -__-'
After launching his attack, Robin smiled as the monster reacted to his electrical based attack. But then he saw the monster retreat before releasing one of it's victims from his demonic sack.

And Robin knew that the victim was infected.

It didn't help either that he heard gunfire coming from ahead...and the paniked response didn't help. Because as a tatician who learned about platform city and it's many cultures, he also knew about codes of conduct. How some take extremes. Though to be fair, he had encountered such individuals in his own world before. Guile himself taught him a bit about hows soldiers were in his world in some cases as well during his very first appearance here.

But those "extremes"...Robin had hoped to not cross such lines...even now. But sadly, it already maybe too late.

James then gave him some orders to do whatever it takes to save this victim in general as he immedately rushed off after the monster. Robin had wanted to stop him but it seemed James was well-aware of what would happen if he got too close to that gunfire.

Now, though, this person needed help.

Taking out his heal staff, Robin got to work on this individual on the ground and focused it's healing energies on the victim. But in all honestly, all he could do perhaps was slow down the progress of the virus. Perhaps long enough for medics, healers or "first responders" to come down here and hopefully with the vaccine.

But again, that gunfire from before...the odds were against this fellow making it...which means...could he do it? Could he cross that line? Could he take this life if it mean't preventing the spread of this virus? He gave his life once to end Grima's existance but could he take one innocent life to save many?

Word Count for this post: 304
I'm still here all. Just waiting for an update post wise. Just sorry I don't chat here often.

I'm also deciding to...well...I've been thinking about alot of plot devices for now Maria. one of which is facing her past decision while with the Helldivers in some shape or form.

I did metion through Maria when she spoke to Elora through her minds eye that she did "dirty work" when with the Helldivers sometimes. One plot was that at some point in the past, security breaches allowed "doomsayers" to highjack frameworks and simply cause tons of collateral damage to dealing with "CULLING" frameworks.

Just saying that now that her mind is stable, those decisions may start to affect her.

Hell, she may even joke to Ariin about perhaps sharing a prison cell with him someday because of her past actions so...yeah weird as it sounds, chance relationship there. Even more so she she and Jake helped him recover from the Paladin/Ariin mind switch.
Ok. I guess I go after "Slayer". Just trying to keep track of turn order here.

And jesus. I'm not even sure if Robin himself would expect Guile's "Army Men" to shoot civilians or even illegal gamblers on sight. Talk about containment -___-'.

Best Robin can do is slow down the infection running through the individual with his heal staff and hope a proper medic shows with the vaccine but as I just said, "slow it down"...not cure it. Hell, not sure if the heal staff would have ANY effect on the virus.
Sorry for the double-post but I finally got around to updating the now "Maria Angel Twilight" profile. Ariamis. Please go check it out in case I have to change anything.

I forgot how tall I made her though. Was it 5'6" or 5'9"?
Ugh...first Setsuka gets taken away then destoryed in a trial by fire near the beginning of this Neo Angel gets torn up perhaps beyond repair...

At this rate, Maria's going to go through frameworks like toilet paper -_-'
Jake had just managed to bring up the recording of the sync rates on his tablet when he heard someone. He looked up and even though it was a low mutter, Jake's percectiveness picked up on who it was. Pausing it, he then spoke up.

"...hey Serah your awake. Glad to see you didn't get baked", Jake said attempting a rhyme.

He then look at Jason then said, "Sorry Jason. Didn't mean to be a fool. Cutting you off wasn't cool."

Jake then went back to his tablet to see where the sync rates started changing for his team.
OK, heads up on the collab. I am going to put it to rest for additions 24ish hours from now. I'll obviously keep it up for the editing process and for any other back and forths that might need to happen. So if you want your character to get in on this hot posting action, you should probably get in on it now.

As so far as Zim's current activity, he can be skipped if need be, otherwise, I will have a post for Zim up within 24 hours.

Just a heads up on that, I read some of it. I did metion much earlier through the RP that the Telekenetic system in the Neo Angel was classified so I'm wondering which character metioned it in that collab? I couldn't tell who but I imagined certain individuals may know about it regardless.
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