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Still alive all. Also Ariamis. If you read this, I left Jake out of my latest post because he's most likely going to be working in sync through Elise.

So yeah, at some point, I have to get back on Discord and start a possible collab between them at anyone else on the bridge of the NOAH when things get going due to the recon drones and such.
For Maria, thoughts were still distracting her even after the meeting ended.

One of which was Jason being benched on his mission so Lorenzo himself wanted who knows what. But Maria knew that it may have something to do with Serah.

Which started to fill Maria with dread. But it was also one of the sad things she had learned early on even when she first started to train as a pilot.

Those above you just looked down on you.

It was one of the first things that she and six others had learned from Caulder himself. Unlike other leaders slash scientists, he didn't sugar coat it. He told the truth. Even when high command themselves told him when not to. may seem like Maria had to say goodbye to yet another pilot...but unlike when she was Seven, saying goodbye was going to hurt.

But was that the right way to live? Just turning off your brain to the point where your just numb to the war around you? Caulder had warned the seven of them at the time to be wary. Sure, such feelings and the thing she feared, attachments, did grant you impressive sync and unimaginable potential.

"But is it worth the price you'll most likely pay? No matter how much brutal physical training and experiences you'll most likely experience, the ones that hit your soul will hurt the worst...emotional pain is ALWAYS worse than anything physical", he had once said.

As Seven, she had accepted it and simply worked on her teamwork with the other six to improve their mission odds with sync rates around averages around seventy percent or so. Back then, things were simple. All that mattered were the orders given and the mission completed. Even if some were "dirty" work.

Now...Maria looked back on it and perhaps realized something...and as she sat there in the Neo Angel, waiting for the call to move out from the NOAH...maybe Caulder was wrong about THAT part at least.

Sure, she was an emotional mess...but at the same time, she was focused. Her sync was perfect now. And perhaps better yet...she made better decisions rather than falling back on suisidal tatics like the "Ash to Ash" protocol. But at the same time, Caulder was also telling her the truth about the emotional baggage it will bring.

At the moment, even she questioned whether or not this was the right way for her. To embrace emotions. To have proper friends as Katya put it. And even the things Elora had told her during that last was starting to make some sense now.

She had her eyes closed the whole time as she thought about all this. But now wasn't the time to think. Caulder was right about one thing though.

Once the mission starts, leave thoughts outside your mission at the door.

And from inside her black helmit and red visor, Maria then opened her eyes.

"Maria Angel Twilight in the Neo Angel. Standing by in the docking day", Maria said on the comm line, verbally checking herself in.
Sorry for the lack of activity. I've been planning this mission, and have yet to decide on how it should play out.

We also talked about it too so yeah...don't forget about me ;_;
@DarkRecon Yikes, sorry for the slow response! Crazy busy last week, first chance I've had to look at the forum. In regards to origin story, yes, it can remain the same. Though we never really hammered out the details and put that into actual forum posted 'paper'. We should probably work on a collaboration at some point to figure that out. Probably after this next combat would be a good time to hammer all of that out.

That's fine. I'm still here too but right now, it just seems that the RP has hit a major slow right now. Still, I have been checking in here at least so I'm still around.
I think Black Star might be getting a facelift, and also a loadout change... Black Star - Anubis:

Drop the armor wings in favor of additional thrusters, like the ones on the assault pack that I used before...

Giving speed and stealth, less armor is needed...

thinking about it. nothing official yet.

Ohh pretty ^_^

Though now it looks less Gundam-like...still, I'm guessing our mechs still hold the same origin from Elizabeth's company right?
Sorry bout this double post but I'm going to be away come saturday for the rest of that week. Family vacation stuff. While I will have internet through my iPhone, making posts through it probably will be sloppy so if I do, I apologize in advance for it.
For Maria, it was a rough night. Not because she partied too hard but because of the incident she was involved in with Elora. She should have figured as much too.

She just hoped that Elora was ok. But not knowing anything hurt the most for her.

At any rate, it was new day and Maria just decided to do what she did best. Train.

Asking for Jake's assistance, he agreed to do some simulations in the V.R. pods to get her up to speed with her perfect sync. Jake admitted that he also needed some training. Said something about focusing on both his sync rate and his own physical body.

Though it wasn't long before both heard the announement to report into the briefing room.

Both Jake and Maria took seats and listened in. For Jake, though, it was no surprise that Fortress was their next stop. After the party, he had decided to see if there was any important news on the war. And the takeover of Fortress was the top of the list.

Pilots and cadets asked the usual questions. Maria, though, kept quiet for once. Usually, she'd had asked for something like intelligence data. Though for Jake, that was THE question for him. You always wanted to know what was coming or what you were going to get into if at all possible.

So when Jake heard Ritsu's order for Elise and Katya making her comment about Irina and her "without knowing more about the enemy's strength and deployment" part, Jake then spoke.

"If I may ma'am. We could always use my recon drones. I had spoke to Elise about this before but if you want, I can have Elise control the drones from the bridge of the ship and have them simply scout the capital out to see what were at least going to be dealing with initially. I know this ship has it's own sensors but the drones will be more accurate with visuals and data analyzing...I know it's weird to request Elise but I still acknowledge her as my superior despite her "demotion" so if you don't mind, I would like to put my trust in her to be this teams extra eyes and ears. Course, we'd have to be cautious. Despite their small size, the last battle has shown that they can be destoryed with precision fire."
@DarkRecon I mean you saw the size of it? We wrote a lot it's why it took so long.

I did see it. Just felt that it'd never be finished =p

But yeah, I'm ready to move on if we are ready?
Finally an update ^_^
Hi. Is there any open slots left for this RP? Just curious.
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