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Real Life has allowed me a little lull so I might just restart a RP or two. Not to the level of before though.
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The prince, surprisingly was able to withstand his mother's withering glare. Once upon a time, he would have cowered and reeled back. But not this time. This was a time of sword and curt actions, not a time of mollifying his mother. He just listened to his peers. Some people had the same ideas as him. Some more excitable than others, like the blonde Viscountess. The nod of approval from the veteran count did a little reassurance towards him.

Well, at least someone appreciates I am making mother livid and turning myself into a sacrificial lamb just for the sake of dear lord Father's mission. The prince thought to himself as he watched the Isparian weirdo leave the room.

"I don't think that would be the wisest course of action, father." He muttered under his breath. There was some kind of self-entitlement in this man, a reluctance to even try to suceed in basic courtesies that made him worry for the cooperation inside a team. "Please keep the messaging channels ready and a steady supply of funds, father. We need not to be stalled at all costs and we will be moving a lot."

However when the rings were deposited in his hands, the prince was concocting an idea already. "This will allow us to cover as many places as we are within two days. Provided we forsake any kind of fighting, focus on the intel, and gather here at the second day. Although the best safety would be in numbers."
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Diana for the most part gritted her teeth. She was one step of losing consciousness each time she swung, each time she breathed. She was well and truly spent, the last embers of her defiance always one step from being snuffed out. But she steeled herself. She held, gritting her teeth and rectifying her poise. She knew that, were she stop struggling, people who had done their best would have been swiped away by the cultists.

The sword. A person with an electric blessing. A change in the fight's tendency. Diana breathed heavily. Sometimes, even the gods themselves showed the path. She decided to trust her gut, and aiming her blade. she thrust it with all her might, aiming for Brutus' heart. "Go!" She yelled at the more-than-possibly empowered Brutus. "Sunder them!"
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The Prince stood there in a corner, for the most part. He had been unmasked so easily, despite his indications. Were the guards of the kingdom any trustworthy? And there came a young woman with the curiosity of a cat asking for who was him and what was his deal. Some people just didn't see the signs. For them a "don't bother me" was a "want to meet you" and "danger" was "must explore". He wondered if this one was the sort of deadly overconfident type, who would charge boldly for promises and glory. Despite her looks and warm worms, the prince had chosen not to say who he was- the guards had done the job with him

Well, it was one of the types this kind of call would gather. Along with the two Ispari who seemed engaged in banther in their own tongue. As if he couldn't understand them. He had received some lessons on it, and while he wasn't entirely confident he could speak, he managed to piece together a few meanings.

"Very disrespectful indeed, I would say. You have heard and chose to answer the summons of this kingdom. It would do good to the both of you if you were so kind to put... this little business with my lord Father the King first, and then your Ispari spats second." Darvus stated all but bluntly, before pacing towards the table where everyone was gathered.

I am sorry mother, you said not to get in a fight with the crown prince, but surely you don't expect me to keep my hands crossed when he boasts such trash in front of so many people. Darvus thought.

"Do that, brother, and that will earn you a bunch of magical ash and an aggravated dragon. That beast is ancient, even more so than this kingdom, and yet it has survived. I am sure people have tried that obvious strategy before. And it probably failed. You should heed my words and put those mages where they belong." Darvus said with applomb, his eyes maintaning contact with Gerald.

"Sir Rhayven does have a point, we should not thread this lightly, and while i do not place much faith in wondrous artifacts, I'd gauge that the beast's prowess and firepower matches several kingdoms given by the fragmented historical records as a conservative estimate. We would need scores of powerful siege weapons raining death for days on his lair at the minimum to obtain any kind of result." His fist clenched on the table.

"I don't think we can beat the dragon. My lord father is asking for the impossible." He said, eyeing everyone in the room. "Then again, here is here and now is now. The past has shown that some impossible feats can be achieved. So mayhaps. Mayhaps we oughta use the artifact search... as an excuse to scour the kingdoms for the artifacts and any piece of information which can get us leverage. I doubt he will be very open to diplomacy given our limited information, but... it's better to have strength to back up diplomacy." He added.

"And one more thing. I know it's said impossible. And some people call me sullen... craven... moody." He paused. "But even I am tied by duty, and bound by blood. My sister the princess was taken. And I swear with all of you as witnesses I shall see her safe return, or I shall never return at all. This much I will guarantee." He finished, letting his words sink in.

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