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Current I have lost the count on how many heirs I've killed in Rogue Legacy. D:
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I AM YOUR NEW DOG...wait what someone switched my cheatsheet D:
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Can't we all just get along?


I run on GMT Schedule.

And coffee.

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Still waiting on the final stamp after modifications.
I know who, I was more confused over what you meant by 'the only ones you have there'.

But, well, my brain derpeth muchly.

In Dorne campaign.
Come again?

She might be one of the few ladies in the seven kingdoms who isn't a prostitute who could keep up with him, too.

Well in that case, it might involve marriage, which she is currently looking to avoid :P

Merrel Florent and Alester Florent.

Technically right now, she's a retainer for the Tyrells. Sooo...

Who knows!

Good lord the only ones I have there are "merry drunk" Merrell and "chip in shoulder the size of kilimanjaro" Alester.
How is it

That Mirren is literally a bodyguard who doubles as consort

But she hasn't banged anybody yet - and errybody else is getting lots of action

Shit's weeeeeeeeird

Just get chummy with Seran. Perfect mercenary partnership couple. The quarrels could include swords.

Too bad he's hunting pirates.
And this is why i prefer OC's.
Aurion Waters
Also known as Aurion Lightbringer

House:Targayen, The Blacks

Aurion is a highly cultured individual who loves to make use of his rethoric and wits in public. He is rather personable and even-tempered, and he possesses a dry wit not unlike some sorts of scholars. He treats everyone with their due courtesy and respect, and sometimes even further than that, and he will rarely show anger or dismiss the feats and points of his rivals. However, after a first bath in his tongue and interaction, his words start to ring hollow. Indeed, while Aurion speaks highly and properly, his words and his heart are not connected at all, and his face seems to freeze up in a gentle smile even in the most inadequate moments. Sometimes, very rarely, he completely shows an emotion which does not match at all the circumstances that surround him, and alienates people greatly. While an avid intellectual and fair in his his dealings, those who have known Aurion long enough to see what lurks beneath the cracks of his mask find themselves lured to and horrified of what they see. Indeed, some think that the true Aurion hides a monstrous and disproportionate hatred for all living things, and curses his own existence... while others feel that Aurion is as soulless as his words are, and where his heart stands, only a cold, black void resides.

Aurion was baseborn, and he spent most of his childhood carrying coals to feed the kitchens of the Dragonstone Keep. Weak and with frail sleep, he would more than once spend entire nights disturbed and haunted by vivid dreams. Dreams that more often than not, became true. Aurion, a dragonseed of the blood of Valyria lived a miserable servant existence, until the maester of the keep discovered the strange talents of the child. Indeed, Aurion was quite strange. He never played with other children, partly due to his features which often led him to be mocked and ridiculed, and instead would count the number of stones in a certain corridor of the castle without fail, as well as show similar feats of a precocious intelligence.

Half pitying him, the old man sent him to the Citadel, hoping that the young lad would serve the Kingdoms better by becoming a maester than serving meals at the keep. Initially, the decision and gut feeling of the man had been right. Aurion's talent took to the teachings of the Citadel like fire to dry wood, and indeed, many a compliment the young apprentice received during his training. He found solace among equals, and nobody ever asked about his heritage or the strange dreams that sometimes plagued him. However at the same time, Aurion's behaviour spread quite the rumours. His uncommon fascination to forge the Valyrian steel link and interest for the sorcery set him apart from many of his peers, and he seemed to enjoy the obscure and macabre far more than he should. On the night of his graduation, Aurion managed to lit the obsidian candle on his own, and earned himself the moniker Lightbringer as well as a Maester's chain, but also cemented his reputation as sorcerer and lover of the strange.

OOC: Guess what the Lightbringer moniker really stands for.


I agree- it's cherry-picking, and just being careful. Some details are the same, others have divergences I think.

Gotta hand it to the way you speak and the way you write, you're probably one of the most diplomatic individuals I've ever met. Honestly, it's true. :)

I'll post at some point in the future- I'm a bit overburdened with work atm, but I'll fit it in when I can. I feel I should do a good amount on Ellion, as well as in KL on Willas/Alerie.

And some fox in a henhouse. Or rosecastle. Whatevs.
I dunno it may sound edgy but right now I have the idea of playing a demented ex-maester dragonseed just to use the name Bloodchain. Whose true agenda is the Citadel's agenda of consigning myths to oblivion.
<Snipped quote by AtomicNut>

Absolutely, I've invented House Templeton's four members as although the House exists, there's little canon out there for how they were comprised in this era.

Good. I was thinking of a wildcard Dragonseed :D
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