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Sasha snarled, as she finished the charge, her cupped up hands were aiming at the entire scene, the ominous light energy pulsating with no small amount of hazard. "Let my will be the hammer by which the Light will punish these miscreants! She yelled at the top of her lungs, bathing the entire battlefield in curse-vanishing holy light.

Normal people would feel like if someone had just smacked them with a flashlight several times coupled with a heavy-weight punch slug, but for those bearing curses the effects would be much, much worse. Bonds would be undone, hexes would be dispelled, and unholy beings might be reduced to cinders.

To top it off, the excess energies lashed against Sasha, and a costly price was paid for her attack.

Her...skirt had ripped.

Let me tell you, squire. The difference between man and beast is paper thin. Sometimes, rules is what separates us from them. And that's why you're going to be whipped twenty times.

Von Lilen tensed, his muscles springing into action from his stupor. The man named Finlay had taken all of them to their barracks. He was going to share his cot with another fellow and a woman. A far shot from his knighting days. Yet, for all the speeches, and the instructions, it was like being a squire over and over again. The spirits and bodies would be broken and rebuilt anew. With a new fresh purpose.

And like every other training camp, it would have no lack of visionaries. Naive intentions who sown the seeds of unrest and lack of discipline. It was said that if the leaders of an army did not pay attention to the signs, unity would crumble. The knight grunted slightly and imperceptible, as soon as the stupid, foolish woman began her spiel. Really, who did She think she was? Some sort of Messiah? Soon others followed.

And with that the sharp and hars scrape of the metal against the scabbard, as Gottfried sprung into action, his blade drawn. It did not matter she was a werewolf. It did not matter there were other heathens, bloodsuckers and feral beasts amidst the sorry lot. He was determined. With speed and decision, his blade stopped a hair's breadth from drawing blood on Brighid's throat.

"Unathorized use of magic. Conspiring to break free with other prisoners. I ought to cut you where you stand, woman. And those who follow suit. But it's not my decision,as we've been told. Orders?" He asked, his gaze briefly pointing at Finlay's head.

She tried. She tried not to fully give into anger. But right now, that task seemed impossible. Her figure bruised from the fall. Dirtied. Felt up by the cold hands of her own kin. There was a ruckus outside. There was no pudding. The lunchlady and her mop had already begun to rudely move Sasha out of her way. She stood there, limp as one of the many undead that sometimes roamed the country-side. She could feel that Alyonna had cleared some distance. She could properly focus. She could properly smite now.

She cupped her hands.

The battlefield's luminosity increased significantly. As if someone had turned on some searchlights to help find and navigate through the wreck and monsters. But it was no mere light. Shasa stood on her feet, her hands raised in the air, a bright orb above her head... that kept growing and growing with each fraction of second that passed.

"Forget the pudding. Forget the food. Forget Nidfart. I have never been vexed so much in a single day. By acquaintances, family, and even strangers. I am going to pass judgment on all on you. Including Sir Cuddles. You will soon pay the price for crossing the Yenin so wantomly." Sasha whispered, as the orb of light kept growing and growing, more power accumulating.

Sasha's fury could not be assailed. Not only her twin sister had ruined her pudding. She had called her fat! Or something like that. Her anger had to be quelled somehow, but then again his manservant went chasing some gregorian monk or something like that. He was in a rush, and he had neglected to say even goodbye! The holy maiden was fuming. No food. Ruined. Ignored. Twinsisted. And Alyonna would not kindly move aside so she could purge the meanness out of her.

She stood upright, her body glowing with the righteous fury of denied pudding and she started furiously beating her feet towards the helicopter.

She also neglected seeing the pudding remains on the ground too. She never stood a chance, and she was defeated on the first move, her entire body falling on top of that of her twin sister.

" I will smite y-WAAAAH!"

At least she didn't hit Alyona with the hard parts of her chest...

Promise... promise you will be nice to your siblings.

The voices echoed in the knight's mind. Out of all things he could remember, that one was precisely what came to his mind. The gates had welcomed him already. He had not been the sort of brigand or fiendish monster these Red Hoods were infamous for rounding up and putting them into servitude. They had called. He had answered. The rumours had never ceased though.

He had been marked. Mistrust and deceit followed, very much like the stench of death followed an all but living corpse. A once proud youth, grown now into a fully broken bitter man. He steeled his resolve as he crossed the threshold, clad in the armor of a hundred battles, and denying others a peek into his inner thought, as his helm dominated his presence.

Still, he would be lying if he had said he felt nothing at the sight. There it was. The sea of banners. The eerie feeling of unity among soldiers. One mind. One soul. At the center, the embers that kept such a fire alive. The commander. This Blanchette Rouge. She seemed a cut above the rest, at least in tough appearance. Far from posh and spoilt lords who more than often, claimed his sword as theirs and sent him to die only for them to get fat. He spotted some of those,too. Fendrel.

Such an elite family. Such a knave fate upon the individual. Unsurprising. The brighter the light, the greater the shades. That family was known for their renown and prowess in the field... but what price would the vassals shoulder for the blood-fueled dreams of men greater than life? That he did not know.

He clenched his yellow hood in his hand, and draped it around his armor, as the metallic sounds of the plate announced his movement. It was then when he noticed one of the fiends. The poor beasts who dreamt to be men among the Red Hoods and had been put under their trust. Sooner or later, they all lost their humanity. Gottfried had no love for vampires, for it was a fate he wished not to the worst of his enemies. And here it was one of them, in the flesh.

Besides him there was a youth, in the garbs of a heathen. His hand reached for his blade at the hilt when catching sight of the vampire, and it stood there for what they seemed eternal moments. His sight then rested on the youth. "Heathen or not, this is no place for kids. Go home." He addressed Edwin, before his words choked in a grunt as his eyes met that that of the vampire.

Whatever, I was going to do some russian business.

Sasha was merciful and generous, so much she even disregarded the nonsense of the cursed youth. Commoner crap? She had not seen any dung in the corridor, much to her confusion. Eagerly, she awaited for the pudding to be served as she entered the cafeteria, despite the insolent glares of the staff room. Yuri... the lunch-lady was not. She was just a crusty old hag who grumbled upon being bestowed the honour of serving a Yenin. The world was taking a turn for the insane.

But that pudding looked fairly fluffy and delicious, as she prevented herself from salivating in a very un-ladylike manner... The spoon travelled slowly, savouring the moment.

Chaos and confusion rained on top of her and her host, the pudding replaced by a face she had not seen in a while. The spoon continued its travel, hitting the soft cheek of Alyonna. That was not pudding. "Aly??" She added, poking a couple of times in disbelief upon seeing the sprawled figure of her twin sister.

Alyonna was here.

The pudding was gone.

There was an helicopter crash and a dumpster flying.

The pudding was gone.



Righteous wrath bubbled inside the holy warrior maiden, as she let the spoon rest on the table, her fist tightening upon seeing the injustice and crime that was happening. Food and desserts were the daily blessings of the gods, and her otherwise lovely twin sister had prevented Sasha's hunger to be sated. And she had wasted the pudding. She opened her hand, full of anger and indignation (and the ever present pout), magical power manifesting.


The rage of a thousand suns coalesced in the palm of Sasha, burning its target with the force of a starved firefly. Or a low-light lamp which could cause you a little flash blindness if you kept staring at it. The Holy Maiden then remembered and cursed under her breath. Both Alyonna and her powers cancelled eachother out. She waved her arms frantically.

"Damnit! Move away from me so I can properly smite you!"
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