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So, I have decided to GM:…
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I am so cross I don't feel like saying thank you to people.
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Other than that, stay classy and reasonable. Have fun!
Guess what mode G stands for.

Edit: This post may lead to branching.
@Cassowarysaur@Lmpkio@Renny@Holy Grail

The explosions and noise became a symphony in perpetual crescendo, as the oily yet bony abomination cranked its neck, the beaked mask that formed sort of face blinking with infantile, yet harrowing curiosity. Upon closer inspection, the explosions never grazed the creature, all sorts of munition being prematurely detonated as if through an invisible force. It blinked, and raised its arms slighty, deciding to simply ignore all laws of physics and common sense and lift itself up in midair out of nowhere, a mighty, opressive wind being formed at its feet while ethereal ripples warped even light itself.

The creature was having the time of its life. Although humans were not exactly keen on reading the emotions of unblinking amphibian monstrosities, so that much context was lost.

On the ground,Misato clutched her chest tightly, as she eyed at her young charges. Definitely one bad day to start a pilot job. If she made out alive, she swore by inexistant gods, that she would show Section Two how to section in two. The pilots for the most part... well, they weren't dying, but only one, Helen. It was decided. Next time she would ask for an all girl team. Taro seemed to be reliving his own version of the Shining, while being blissfully unaware of the exploding UN budget at their backs, and then got in. Well at least he was not -completely- hopeless. Adam was being one hell of a little rude gaijin bastard by demanding the Evangelion unit. And the last to have been gawking?

Yup, Taro definitely needs a hundred or so psychological tests and drugs more. The captain snapped back into her serious mode, as the mere sight of the angels brought the ruthlessness in her persona forth. They had scarred far too deep. "SHUT UP AND GET IN!" She snapped both at Yeshua and Adam, only to see that much to her chagrin, only the latter had obeyed.

Misato, channeling all of her mother hen instict, managed to break several running records as she clung to Yeshua, holding him firmly against her chest as she ran towards the bus only to launch him into the other two male pilots. The three boys were sprawled in some backseats, as Misato slammed the door shut, sitting right next to Helen. Grasping the girl's form against herself, she yelled directly to Aoba loud and clear.

"Aoba, Mode G!" She yelled at top of her lungs, as Aoba nodded somberly. His deft hand, used to typing at fast speeds on a Magi keyboard, found its way to the glove compartment...only to find a couple of white gloves. Frowning, he put them on, as a pair of tinted sunglasses followed.

The final touch was himself resting his hands against his chin for a brief moment, before calmly hitting the gas until it nearly broke, a slight aseptic humming sound as he switched the radio to an even more infernal tone. And then he drove through a lampost. And a second lamppost. And a third. Then a car. At some point an adult magazine had to be scrubbed off the windshield with the wipers.

"Acceptable losses." He mumbled every now and them, as he started to drive with no care for collateral damage or property destruction, while doing his best Gendo Ikari impression. Misato gritted her teeth as the tension of the whole situation caused her to squeeze helen against her chest even harder, as she did her best effort to do angry backseatdriving.

Neither of them, had noticed that most of the UN forces were turning tail now, leaving not even reconaissance units...
So many valyrian bloods. I am partly at fault lol.
In the meantime I've set up a discord chatroom. If you guys fancy. I am actually working so it is likely that until the weekend i will not be able to do a thing.
And I just happen to have a killer headache and work issues. So bear with me.
<Snipped quote by AtomicNut>

You have the DVDs?! I'd love to have them, but I also like not selling my kidneys on Piratebay to finance such a purchase.

It's still a tough decision. Kidneys or Evangelion. What do you reckon?

Spain was big on Evangelion, yknow. There is re-releases and HD and stuff.
<Snipped quote by AtomicNut>

Aw, where's the fun in that?! Just remember, take a shot every time someone shouts 'the entry plug won't eject!'

Time Paradoxes are not fun.

Edit: Do like me, I am using the excuse to rewatch my DVD's :D
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