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1 year later... Still in denial. Also trying to set up a discord server.
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Still in denial about Berserk. Also RL made me busy.
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"Insert witty quote here"
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If there is anyone out there... could you please tweak the RNG of the world?


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Mina blinked at the sudden turn of events. Her baby could talk now! She was so proud. Wait, her baby was Mike, of course he would be able to talk. She looked at the flailing Michael with a weird expression. "No. You're baby." She would say, unable to see the flaws in her argument. "You'll be safe here until you've got to fight. I promised the Pink Lady! That I would take care of you." Her eyes then darted towards the basket of apples present before her eyes, her mouth watering. It was then when she made a realization.

"Does Mikey want apple? I bet he does!" She cheered, grabbing an apple from the basket of apples. She was concerned about the gift the apple lady was giving to Michael. It kinda looked pointy, so she confiscated the Mithril brush. "Uh, I appreciate the sentiment but this thing is pointy! I will give it back when he grows up, okay?"

Celestine did a double take at the apparent knightly dive of Wolf, folding their arms as they waited for the student to fish out the spider senior. "Oh, so you are leaving me for her? Hmm I see. Can't blame you. She is cute, if you are into half-charred spider chicks." Celestine would add. "And she probably won't say no to you right now. No clothes either" They giggled impishly. "Scoop up fat hairy butt. I guess we are doing this and following my dear friend Aly." Celestine added as she hovered down to Wolf, and pronounciating a spell, enchanted the tree bodies with levitation.

"Well, I gave you flight. Let us go, then?" Celestine said, without mediating a word more and chased after Aly's trail. They could mention Kiwi could be healed with their powers, but they did not want to.

Finding Alyona on the trail of a bunch of goop minions, they would then join them facing the roof rat. "Morning delivery. Are you the key master?"

Mina looked at both Suzakura and Vera talking. Okay, using the Milk Thief's head as puppet she wasn't fooling her and was quite mean, but she accepted it because it was a bit hilarious and it was his King. However, what he said following that made the cow blessed sulk a little, her ears becoming slightly downcast. Manager? She hated managers. Her dad tried to become her manager to order her around and tell her whom she would give her Miracle Milk. She hated her dad. "I hate managers..." She pouted slightly.

However, the Pink Lady surprised her. "Moo?" She said in slight surprise. She had never been called smart frequently. Not even Suzakura did that to praise her. "Dummy", "Stupid", "R*tard", "Fat Idiot", "Beef for brains." All of those things. Her eyes beamed somewhat, as she pleaded herself she would put 110% of her brainpower to hear Vera's plea. She looked at her boyfriend. The pitiful milk thief. He was scrawny, and helpless. Maybe she had been too hard on him. Maybe he needed her Miracle Milk more than anything. She could understand his thinking now. He was trying to act tough, like all boys did. To win her girl a dinner or something. But he was tired, and his luck would run out.

Just like a toddler.

Her eyes then rested on Michael, then on Suzakura, then on Vera. "Mooo... Maternity leave!" She beamed as she began to search for a cloth to drape Michael with. "I'm sorry Suzakura. I guess I think I'll have to leave the tournament. Mikey is my baby now! He needs me!" She beamed as she began to craft a blatantly oversized baby carrier with some random cloth she found. Yes, she would protect him! Smart move, Mina!

"I'm too sore to craft a lot of milk." She would add. "So, if you want some, Suzakura, you'd best win the tournament for me, kay?" She would add as she tied the unconscious Michael to her torso and chest. To him, she would bestow her first serving of her remaining milk, hopefully restoring the Painter to top shape, while keeping a bottle apart.

Once she was set and with Michael fixated to her, she ventured out to reach Vera. "Heeeey, Pink Lady! Don't worry about your boyfriend! He's my baby now! I'll keep him safe and give him my miracle potion! Oh yeah, I'm taking maternity leave, so Suzakura will take over for me!" She would beam, before handing her a flask of her potion.

It was still oddly lukewarm.

Her outburst was by no means unnoticed, but a certain person who had hit the bar cursed under his breath. "Well...shit." Parker would say inbetween his teeth. Right next to him there was a scrawny teenager with braces and acne, a bucket right next to him with glowsticks.

"Gosh I wish that was me." The youth said next to Parker, while sipping a root beer.

"Pisslord, that's not helping." Parker would grumble. Maybe he'd need to help that umpleasant pink woman. She had some bad reputation in the streets.
@KillamriX88@Dezuel@Letter Bee@Scarifar

Mina was panting heavily still after the ordeal, as she got up from the prone Michael. She rubbed the bruised area with a downcast expression as she cast a last shot of disgust to the glasses wearing guy. She was specially sore and in a foul mood.

Out of nowhere came an apple. It smelt amazing. Pity that didn't last more than three bites. She couldn't be angry anymore as her face turned to bliss for a second. Then a frown.

"Why is it Chinami all these days... you hardly sing about me anymore." Mina said, slightly sulky. Well Chinami was a nice girl, so she wasn't as mad. It was complicated and thinking hurt a little.

And then another woman dared to touch her boyfriend. She felt vexed but the lady's words made a little of sense. Well they were complicated so Mina did her best to interpret them. And then it clicked.

"Oh you are a nice lady too." She said to Vera. "You are worried about your boyfriend the milk thief." She strained her face, thinking at her fullest."Oh, I get it. He needed restorative right? It should be okay, then." Out of nowhere a steely grip grabbed Vera's arm, while the bovine lady scooped Michael out of the ground with her other hand.

"We will go somewhere private, kay? You can watch. But don't think of telling, ok? I will give you some restorative like your boyfriend." She was offering her best smile there.

"I will be back, Suzakura! And you too apple teach!" She said while attempting to drag both of those away.


Mina felt like fire on her lungs, and as if a dozen of hot pokers were inserted against her ribs. She could hear Suzakura's voice, but she could not process his words fully. She was more on guard and jolting by what appeared to be fingers digging on her gluteus. As if a lizard had gotten in her clothes, Mina jolted up.

Her first reaction was to ask if the guy and his glasses were alright, but that was quickly replaced on her mind by his cool bull glowy tattoos, which again, was superseded by a creeping thought. Her face beet red at the realization, she turned irate at Michael...

Except that, still trying to regain her bearings, she did not have the most nimble pace... and fell down again, this time front first on the artist's hands.

Pain and embarassment flared up, as her hand decreed judgement.

"YOU MILK THIEF!!!" She added as a slap came down hard on Michael.


Celestine offered a very worrying wink at the boy's reply of not being dropped, their small figure gripping now Wolf tighter against their self.
"Don't worry. Lots of places to grab onto." They said, as they perhaps took some -ahem- liberties with the places he was gripping Wolfram.

Meanwhile, the Librarian, Kiwi, let out a small weak protest "Now hold a seco- Wolfram!" She said, before being left with the abomination's partner. Kiwi, reacting quickly, drew Alyona closer to her as she began to crawl up the walls avoiding the goop.

<"Our training is hard, but not that hard."> She chose to answer in an accented Yekaterinan. <"We should try and reach the source... I can offer some web supports for us to..."> Kiwi had said, but, right in that moment, Alyona's curse activated, and five of her legs failed to find a support, before the spider girl fell backwards into the goop, but not before pushing Alyona out of the way.

"Hel-" Kiwi tried to say something, but soon it was all darkness.

It seemed Alyona was alone now.

Mina was confused. She had never thought Parker would walk away in this way, not after he had so many broken bones. Maybe he was still concussed? Or deaf? She had given him her best quality milk, but maybe there were things her panacea couldn't solve. She had to find him. But navigating the crowds was so confusing, and not many faces she could recognize.

So when she recognized Suzakura's her face brightened and ran towards his arms, a grin wide. A second later, a strange sound of impact was heard as Suzakura's full kick collided with Mina's ample bosom. The bovine girl let a strangled whimper before her generous rear's recoil would be sent in Michael's direction.

"Not...again..." She whined.

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