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Real Life has allowed me a little lull so I might just restart a RP or two. Not to the level of before though.
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Going cold turkey in all my internet endeavours. Sorry. So long and take care.
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Why make BEE jokes when you can make BEER ones.
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I run on GMT Schedule.

And coffee.

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Hmm, potentially interested, pending an IC archive binge.
I can't really decide...

And you shall have my ax.
Couldn't find a good male picture.

@AtomicNut I went human purely because I expected everyone to go Saiyan

I just wanted a repeat of Satay lol.
@King Cosmos yeah I did see. The idea was Sam just keeps him distracted so everyone can charge up some super giant mega ultra wave attacks and hit him all at once. Even if it didn’t kill Raditz, it’d have killed Sam which is what I still intend on happening.

However if too many people want to die then it won’t be a viable plan.

Well that plan didnt account for raditz charging a huge area attack.

Wish i could have played a saiyan but everyone picks those.
@AtomicNut I did notice so expect a nod from Kojiro

When Sam’s dead we can set off down Snake Way if you want?

It will be like a date except everyone is dead.
Right then lads and any potential lasses, after this round of posting I’m going to try implementing Sam’s plan again. I’m going to assume Raditz’s scouter has been destroyed and Sam’s going to jump in and use his Mist Form technique to try and distract him long enough for everyone to power up a joint attack.

I would appreciate people buying into it. Ultimately I want Sam to die and even if his death is futile, at least I can get out of everyone’s way and just get on to Snake Way.

@Weird Tales any idea when you’re going to get your next Raditz post up?

Mugen is already dead so... company might be good.She also addressed the old man too.

Edit: She was the one with the healing too. Whoops.
Pallas Skyborn

When the man entered unanounced, Pallas knew that something was up with the High Command. Private talks were exchanged, and messages were dispatched. She had an inkling that this was going to be a long night for Admiral Kherol. Finishing the last of dispatches, the woman stood up in her tailored suit, as she logged out of her computer. She eyed her omni-tool. Canteen was about to close, and it would not do that a man of Alexander Kherol's standing would be left without dinner just because his job.

She dug in her heels and trotted towards the nearest break room, which held a cornucopia of kitchenware and tools. Opening the standard issue fridge, she found a prize. Chicken breasts and vegetables. She would be able to make a good meal with this. Well, she wouldn't match the top of the line galactic cooks, but it was leagues above the gruel the file and rank ate.

Tying her hair and donning an apron, she cut the meat and vegetables into pieces with skill and dedication, finishing with a quick TCHUNK on the cutting board, the knife standing upright. The pan on the stove did the rest as she vigorously shook the meat and the dice-sized vegetables, splashing them with some seasoning and balsamic vinegar.

Now, only one thing remained. The coffee. She poured her special brew into a cup, and placed the well-presented dish on a plate as she strode confidently in Alexander Kherol's room, after discarding the apron. She eyed at those present, before addressing her superior.

"I have taken the liberty of procuring a meal for you, Admiral. Canteen is about to close at this hour." She added, beaming a smile and leaving the tray besides the man. She had done it quite right this time. Only just a few floaty, crunchy bits in the Admiral's coffee.

It flickered slightly, the keypads being depressed by a some sort of invisible force. The hallways was ghostly, as lights intermittently shone. Between the darkness and the chiaroscuro, the silent hints of a massacre were patent. The cell's containtment blast door had been bored throughoutly, and the only poor soul who had tried to hold the line in this chaotic situation, laid dead in a pool of his own blood, a red smooth surface where his face otherwise stood. Hints of red illuminated the hallway, as the large crystal floated gently on the remains of his own onslaught.

"It needs to reach Realist. It needs those who can pierce the tide of the fleshbags. Those who were wronged shall do." Bob said as it typed in another wrong combination. It hummed in a low pitched tune, before the flickers of magic eroded the keypad into dust, unlocking the door.

"Thus, you are free." The Burner of Batallions said, as the cells who weren't open were finally open. The power cuts had worked to his advantadge.

And then the alarms blared. A prerecorded message played. "WARNING, WARNING, OBJECT 556 CONTAINMENT BREACH, EVACUATE THE PREMISES IMMEDIATEDLY, SWORD OF MARS IS ONLINE." Bob scoffed. So, they had thought of this aswell. He had to make haste, as he pushed his natural levitation to its fastest, plasma gathering on his back as he gave himself an additional boost of speed, just to peter out mid-way.

"It is drained from confinement." The red crystal vibrated, dejected. It was then when it felt it. The sensation of magic being released nearby. It turned around the corner in a corridor. Several sloshies, of all shapes and sizes... and with bizarre metal-crystal modifications stood... as well as larvas infused with its kin. But Bob's attention was focused elsewhere. The big source of magic. The cloaked organic.

It hummed, and activated his Plunder spell, targetting the organic. Its energy was pristine in nature and yet... it was not anything he had seen before.

"Liquid mana in this one's slurry body. Different from us. Different from those infused." It did hummed. "It is unfortunate, for it requires energy, and the sloshies shall provide, so it can help Realist."

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