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Whoops, forgot to mention it has a 18+ tag attached. But well, given that nothing of the sort has happened according to that rating, it should be okay.
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My eva rp is down to 2 players, If anyone is still interested you can apply here.… Thanks in advance.
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Back in the f*****g robot, baka shinji.


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Hmm, interesting. Lemme throw an idea... Excuse me if it's completely barebones, but I need to test the waters First.

Clan Name: Free City of Larna, formerly Clan Larna
Jarl/Chief/King Name & Description: Prince (First Citizen) Valkis
Alias: The Adder
Government Type: City-State Republic (In theory. In practice it's a corrupted Oligarchy). Women hold the same power as men.
Non Human Species Descriptions:

Sapient and enterprising abhumans are tolerated. There is also abhuman slaves and exotic fare about. Barbarian abhumans, however, are exterminated without mercy.

Location: WIP, probably on the South?
Religion: Larnans are said to worship cold, hard gold, but a lot of them have a modicum knowledge and respect of old traditions. Technically, all religions are tolerated as long as they don't disrupt the order and pay their taxes.
Clan Description: Once an insignificant Clan comprised of fishermen, a petty Jarl and a few raider ships, much of the success of the Free City, as the Clan's successor is based on maintaining commercial routes with more civilized lands secure. Spice trade is the main highlight of Larna, as well as distributing slaves from and to their preferred trade partners, the Shalished Empire. However, other fare is also exchanged, like gems, a substantial slave trade, and more importantly, Auxiliary mercenaries that complement the core of the Legions, called the Dragons, employed in naval warfare and as shock troops.

Given the allure of the riches, it is not surprising that Larna has a rather skewed populace towards the female gender, and thus Larnan women have long shaken off the molds and can be found practically in any kind of position, ruling the city while the men go on trade and warfare along the known world. What they lack in manpower due to the bleed of population towards the Empire, they supply with cunning and deceit. Banes of Kings and Jarls, the Serpents of Larna know how to reach even the most guarded man's heart - only to stab it with a knife.

However, for all their disposition, several threats loom in the horizon. With the Empire turning its sights on the North, how many of the Dragons will stay truly loyal, or depose the Republic? Will Larna be denounced openly as traitor? Will the city be split in civil war?
Clan History: (WIP)
Regional Geography/Resources/Economy Details: (WIP)
Important Characters: (WIP)
Important Holdings/Territory/Possessions:(WIP) The Black City of Larna, A walled portuary settlement which takes after the basalts used in their construction and joined by an ancient technology of the southern lands- concrete. The walls are reputed to be sturdy enough to resist cannons.
Relation to other Factions:
I did a thing. @Thinslayer Sykes has officially hit the breaking point.

Sykes frowned as he muttered under his breath. "Not much, just maybe nearly dying in a crash and being trapped in permafrost from centuries while i was recovering from damage on vital brain areas." The mysterious ranger muttered under his breath, his fists still tense. His eyes kept themselves locked on the Reaper at all times, even when the fool decided to discuss some things with the King. Money, power, Glory... what did it all mattered?

If only they knew...

He didn't, however spare a second heartbeat when Reaper jested marriage. "Rest assured, people don't marry crazy." He said to his acquaintance. He scowled visiblely when the repugnant creature wished to speak with Reaper in private. Maybe it was an old experiment? He could not be sure. He felt vexed. Betrayed. And angry. But he stood his hand, and allowed them to play their games.

Was there something else? Oh right, the fool. He was speaking to him, still awaiting an answer. Ravadon, was his name?

"I am Lord Nobody of Whogivesaf*ck. Bow before me." He answered, shaking his head, when something caught his attention.

That Mark... His visage contorted as he bit his lip so hard that he drew blood. He took heavy steps, heading not long after the Reaper and the mutant had left.

He kicked the door open, his eyes glaring with the fury of thousands of years in the making, and he moved fast, closing the gap before the two could react. His face was red, and his neck tense, hallmarks of rage. Out of nowhere his hand shot up and seized the one known as Reaper by the neck.

"Permafrost. Five f*cking centuries. Brain damage. And when I come to my senses, I see you're consorting with mutants, listening to petty kings, and squandering our gifts liberally." He boomed. "Tell me why I shouldn't strip you of your power and rank and send you back to the Court like the traitor you are."
What are you confused by, my dear?

Well, I guess that clears things up. ^-^

Well for starters how can Ravadon have such metaknowledge.


Scarlet raised an eyebrow. That was just cute, that nasty glare the carrion Wraith shot in her direction. She rolled her eyes as her womanpet whimpered and shivered, clearly unused to intimidating people.Come on, make that stupid mistake. Try me. I grow tired of the tortured soul charade, and the deranged prophet mumbo jumbo. Guys like you are dime a dozen these days. Silly humans despair and are broken for so very little. She thought to herself, as she folded her arms. The carrion Wraith spoke nonsense, called her a fool, but tucked its tail and eventually ran.

Typical, really. At least he was more intelligent than she had initially thought. Should they ever meet again, she would have to take notice of it. But now...

Well, there was the Oni, giving her a serious glare and gameface. Should she have reacted to that? Well, whoops, that was a bit of a careless mistake on her part. Humans weren't supposed to be that dismissive and not even bother to look at those kind of veiled threats. So she reacted (half assedly and late) to the Oni's talk. Well, the soul draining dreg was quite striking was he?

"You don't see several high fires or screams right now, do you? I don't need to be told that doing my favorite thing would be contraproducent right now. It's called common sense." The witch added, snapping her fingers and propping a small flame in her palm which she extinguished as soon as it appeared. "I am not sure if that thing still qualifies as human, though." She scratched her head, as she eyed her thrall. "But one thing I agree with you, Oni. Wine could be good before doing our tasks. Fetch us wine, kitten."

She added, before letting the girl go. She literally ran, not wanting to be surrounded by these kind of strangers.
I admit I am a bit confused by several characters posts.
@Spriggs27It's not an actual kitten per se. Just a cute commoner girl.
@AtomicNut what so saving the world by any means makes you evil?

Only if you use soul draining powers to get back at buuurns.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.
Oh sure and Jeggreds the bad guy.

Considering he is planning to eat commoner souls for some slight, i am pretty sure that still counts.
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