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Current The RP i was going to try to GM is cancelled.
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If I could pick a medieval weapon for a fantasy rp, I think i would go with a flamethrower.
2 mos ago
I am gonna try my hand at GMing.
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Three swedish witches switched Swatch watches.
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Happy Christmas you Bakas


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Meredith frowned as she kept eyeing both of her improvised teammates. They were a split second from falling apart, only saved due to the ridiculous endurance both seemed to have against the cultists. It did seem like it was going to be quite a slog, a slow fight where both sides were going to be depleted. Her sight wandered to the center of the arena, where a group of people was taking on the largest clump of cultist mojo she had ever noticed.

And then... a breakthrough. The commander, leader or whatever that was, decided to fold. The attack would not be pressed, they were finally on the retreat. Her eyes wandered to the remaining force of copy magician cultists. She licked her lips, like a predator being shown the weakness of her prey. She almost tried to reach for them. But she stopped. Get a grip, Meredith. You're not a ravenous succubus, even if sucking life essence dry beats any kind of sweet or tasty food. She chastised to herself, before spreading her wings far and wide. Too many things had happened in so little time.

She was tired.

Eyeing both the machine man, and the amorphous being she announced. "Okay, they are leaving. Time for Mer to play nurse. I will be back in a jiffy. Don't uuh... explode... or melt. Or explomelt." She said as she beat her wings towards the gathering of injuried students and teacher of several schools. She drove her claws hard into her arms, drawing blood once more for a large healing demonic rune.
"Senior Alto, I will perform first aid." Meredith say, curtly, as she required the utmost concentration. A few words, and drawing movements later, the large healing energy burst was deployed. "Can't do anything about the Mephisto girl's curse." She muttered, her eyes looking at Bak and her sorry form. And then, as if all of a sudden, she plopped on her butt, sitting with her legs spread. She was surprised how little she cared about her state of dressing now, and she bet that her black underwear was showing through the blood-caked tatters of her St Laurel's uniform.

But she was done for the day, and tired. She breathed in long drawn breaths. "I'm spent." She said to no one in particular.

"Except I am no king, just a second Prince, mother." Darvus shook his head. "Gerald is the crown Prince, he is the one destined to do so. In case you have forgotten, I do not deal well with people. And my talents are a pale shade of yours and father. I am weak, young, inexperienced, and I do not have illusions nor dreams." Darvus said as he took the mana gauge, a small, tired smile appearing in his corner.

"If i wasn't able to forgive my own mother for trying to see what's best for me, I'd be hopeless as a human being." He added as he took the pocket watch, and adjusting his belongings began walking to meet the others.

"Still, because I am weak... I keep thinking. And thinking. Until the gears turn. Until the pieces fit." He said before stopping. "I must confess, there's a big shadow of dread in my back. This world... feels wrong, somehow. The fog of ages has probably hidden something dreadful. And that dragon..." He paused.

"Nevermind, that'd be speculation." He shook his head. "No use at this point."
Dropping the rp. Thanks for having me.
Alright I'll accept the characters does anyone have any requests on how they want to start this? I will be free handing a lot of this rp.

Drunk, naked, and with no recollection of the previous night.

Just kidding. Just do whatever
@vancexentanCharacter was modified to clarify.
Alright I think that the character is fair however how would her having the rank of troop captain effect this roleplay? That would mean she would have her own squad.


On a side note, I finally decided to go with Akeno being a fresh recruit, so that people can question where is her father. Sheet has been modified.
@AtomicNutShe should already be a Shinsengumi at this point unless she's just joining into the squad commanded by Fujimaru. Onna-Bugeisha would be a title, or a nickname. A rank should be investigator, or assassin since she has no experience in the Shinsengumi at this point then she'd be on the lower ends and not a corporal.

Both options are tempting for different reasons. Expecting a grizzled Sword Tester only to find a purdy gal is bound to be funny... what to do...
@AtomicNut We're supposed to be Shinsengumi you may be as you choose to be but you're still a police officer essentially. Mass murdering psychos are less likely to be officially sponsored by the Shogunate, or officials.

@RennyThe only real question I have is how his father reached manslayer status. Was there any conflict that would warrant that type of title that happened in the boshin wars.

I meant in terms of gizmos and themes, not psychotic personalities.
Kenshin was a cool series. So we take it we make characters for the Samurai 4lyfe faction?

Can we get Juppongatana kind of weird?
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