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Current Having some sort of a difficult streak on my life. Posting may be interrupted, or cease altogether. I thank you for your understanding.
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Happy Christmas!
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RIP Evangelion RP
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Whoops, forgot to mention it has a 18+ tag attached. But well, given that nothing of the sort has happened according to that rating, it should be okay.
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My eva rp is down to 2 players, If anyone is still interested you can apply here.… Thanks in advance.


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Okay, kinda jumping the gun quite a bit on this one. If it doesn´t work, might as well make a human/dwarf.

Posting tonight.

Quitting. Cant keep up.
Geez, Lily. Are you sure you want to insult the one person who doesn't mind calling you a cute little child? :)

Are you sure you want to mess up with a pro at finding (and thus fabricating) criminal evidence?
7:36 PM Somewhere not over the rainbow. @shagranoz@Pyromania99@Rune_Alchemist@Flamelord@RabidAnubis

"Alice, being useful?" Lily just shook her head. "She's a support type, just like me, haven't you heard?" Lily just feigned mock despair, as she eyed the dregs of the monster attack still coming at them. She scoffed slightly at Isana's flippancy. Some things just got worst with age, didn't they. She saw Vivian, the bad girl of their lot. Well, the first Bad girl of the group. These days... well, nobody had gotten with life without a stain or two. Even her older sister. Lily breathed deep, focusing her annoyance, but only failing to partially curb it. She fumbled with her phone for a second, only to then suddenly take the initiative.

"Still, don't you worry sis!" She said, for a moment completely mimicking the inflections she had when she was 12. She didn't need to actually try to make her voice any different, since her voicebox had never changed. "I shall punish the evildoers!" She added as she spun her once staff in the air, making an exaggerated pose. "Piriririparu!" She added, launching her staff high in the air, her eyes aiming at the air monster.

The battery of her cellphone flied away to meet the supposed "Face" of the storm monster as she did so, an innocent-but-not-quite so smile forming in her lips. "Moonlight beam!" She said in her sweetest diabetic intonation, before dropping her tone a few octaves "Lithium battery mishap special."

FWOOSH. The hit was dead on, coating the air monster's face with a fast-spreading flame, and given that the thing was actually pure air, it would hopefully spread fairly quickly, disrupting any integrity the thing had.

"How 'bout that, you mutant Hobo Fart! This is for messing with the Justice b*tches, you f*cker!" She finished her spiel with a predatory grin.
7:34 PM

Lily stared blandly at the chaos unfolding before her, adjusting her suit and no worse for the wear after the stunt. There had not been much time to kickass, apparently. As flawed and annoying some of the former girls had grown, the instinct to fight monsters, bicker later was still running strong. The alcohol of her system healed and flushed, she spun her wand in a combat stance, her eyes eyeing the gathering of girls.

Glorious clusterfuck if they ever saw one, as she eyed Emily in the dress once more. She remembered the first time they had gone all together, and how the dress seemed to look on her. Now, it looked atrocious. On everyone but herself, a stark reminder that, she alone, was still the only one who looked like a proper magical girl. Even though Justice Heart was long and done, it was at least a bit heartwarming that despite these issues they had still enough moral compass to tackle monsters before their personal problems.

She narrowed her eyes, trying to scan for clues, her healing magic at standby. She gritted her teeth. "Somehow I doubt this is over, stay sharp." She blurted out. After years of dealing with crime, she knew that dropping one's guard was inviting failure. She grimaced, hoping that the reinforcements behaved. Isana was a selfish bitch, and Alice just had that stupid habit of treating Lily as either a doll or a kid, whichever she fancied.

But well, Carrie was there. She was kind of reliable. Unlike Emily at times. Her sight lingered on her a bit too much, before making a sort of introspection. Why here, and why now? And why does it seem like the monsters are actually matched to our abilities?
I thought the strongest member of Justice Heart was Alice if we consider she's slept with most a good number of the other members. Doesn't that mean she's the strongest?

Nonsense, the strongest member is Lily. She is the white mage. Nobody f£&#s with the white mage.
7:32 PM Fleeing

"Geeeh." Lily weakly protested as her body still reacted to the ruckus going outside. She really wanted to be sleeping and taking a rest right now, believing her part had been done. But there was an awful racket outside. "Buzz off". She groaned, still half drunk. It was then when Carrie's voice awakened her once again. It was Carrie. She was on top of the roof, and more magical girls were arriving. But still, the fact that her old comrade was back despite her life pains, and was already kicking ass, all while her sister was looking there still trying to drive and look panicked, awoke something in the eternal 12-year old.

"cksake." She half motioned as she pulled her pendant out of her purse, initiating a quick transformation complete with sparkly moves and the most tepid entonation of her transformation spell ever. "Star Transformation Water Lily whatever." She mumbled, as she pulled the door open and flung herself in the roof in the fray once more, her healing spells already burning the alcohol out of her body. She looked in top shape, in no in small degree the fact that she still fit the same childish dress of 20 years ago.

"Time to kick ass!" She yelled as she aimed her wand and..." Moonlight BeeEEEEEGHRRMG!"

Apparently that wasn't the type of projectile attack she wanted to do, but with the sudden jolts of the car, the healing rush, and the alcohol, the contents of Lily's stomach were flung at high speed towards the creatures.

Oh well, it would serve as a distraction.

Satay just flashed a stupid grin as she saw the frieza clansman zero on her. Well, he had every right to be mad about losing soldiers, it was after all the one who could lose the most prestige in the operation. Without batting an eyelid, she unsummoned the crystal ball, tilting her head slighty. "Oh, lord Glaceo, mighty kind of you to come hither and pay this humble self a visit." The female spoke, with honeyed words as she eyed her superior.

"I was merely gazing at the stars, making strategies, when these couple of soldiers decided to want a sparring match. I begged to differ, and my opinion was not heed. So i gave them...a "tap"." Her eyes rolled, her smile finally dropping. "Looks like the Galactic Frieza Army isn't as durable as the rumours say. Also, dead body? I beg to differ." She said, as she stretched without input and with catlike steps approached the corpse. "He can still be brought back, with some coaxing." The sorceress knelt before the corpse, craddling the neck back into place. She bit her own tongue, and poured droplets of blood into the alien's mouth, as she whispered arcane words. A faint light emited a glow, and the neck of the soldier jolted back painfully in place, an inelegant foaming coming from his mouth.

"See, I revived your paper soldier for you, my lord. Quell your anger." Satay added as she put an index finger in her cheek. "Wait, us?" Satay looked at her superior with a bit of alarm in her face.



Beep. Beeep.

Another, pause, another motion of the finger. The lone figure stood on the sill of one of the many spaceship windows, her delicate features curled up as her left hand rested neutrally on top of her knees, her feet not touching the ground. , staring at the planet surface as the swirls and clusters of clouds slowly drifted around high above the planet surface. Balsora. Yet another planet teeming with life, as the multiple yet faint signals of the scouter indicated. They weren't exactly designed to be used from orbit after all, as the Earthling, with great disappointment, had found out earlier. Her right hand ruffled her red hair, as she operated the scouter one last time, a slight pout forming in her visage.

Such pieces, unreliable and limited would never be a substitute for true talent. But few if any beyond her in the army knew the trick behind the powerlevel technobabble. Well, she wasn't going to teach anytime soon. Only a chosen few would learn the Ki sensing ability in her homeplanet. and Mr Popo had been a harsh trainer. She looked at the rest of the ship, her eyes showing a mixture of disgust and boredom, as she sighed.

Well, they had to conquer the planet after all, wouldn't they? She deftly snapped the fingers on her left hand, and in small dazzle of light, a crystal ball materialized. It was far better as scouting tool than the so-called scouter, however not without the downsides. Fragile, cumbersome and only those initiated in the mystic arts could use it. Plus it required some concentration.

She shut down the scouter, as she began to focus, expanding her sixth sense, feeling the living souls and forces of the planet with her own mind, rather than with her own device. Feelings. Auras. Familiar auras. She smiled as the crystal ball revealed the disappointed scowl of Arkos at some point, which made her crack a slight smile. "Disappointed yet, monkey man?" She whispered to herself as she giggled softly. But what was that? A sense of fear and worry, mixed with righteousness not too far? Could it be one of the planet defenders? The crystal ball shifted as her clairvoyant tool revealed the two figures. Interesting. One of them didn't seem to be living, yet for what it looked like, it was animated. An undead, perhaps? The other, a wizened figure. She cracked a smile... the memories of being a protector...

It was then when some troublesome space deckhand wannabes decided to start a fistfight within inches of her position, disrupting the ball's image and accentuating her frown, as she raised a finger to her lips, making a gesture of "be silent". To no avail. The seemingly frail and weak woman sighed, and extended a hand.


The reading of nearby scouters picked up the slight flare of powering up for a brief moment before reverting back to 5, as the couple of brawlers was send flying against the nearest wall, pushed by an invisible forces. One of the two seemed to have its neck bent in an impossible direction "I believe i told you to be silent, did I not?" She flashed a vacant smile, as she resumed her business and reconcentrated in following the crystal ball's images. Her moud was soured, significantly.

A little mischief wouldn't hurt.

"Arkos, what's nice and cool and has seen you?" She chirped through the communication system of the Scouters towards the now planet-side saiyan. "Tick tock- three o'clock." She added her voice soft and sweet.
Some snippet I've been thinking of adding with @RabidAnubis about Lily.

The Greatest Story Never Told about Water Lily

After the initial skirmishes between Dollmaster and the still assembling team of magical girls, Dollmaster Katherine sought to strike deep into the team's cohesion by kidnapping their primary support healer, Lily Galbrett. Being far from the strongest fighter and closer to one of other girls it was the perfect weak piece to strike at.

Lily Galbrett was too weak to resist capture once singled out, and she was quickly abducted. From there on Dollmaster kept her hostage, torturing her while whispering at her ear the awful truth of her power. That given her abilities, her body would be stuck as a child forever, and that her only option to live a normal life was allowing the Dollmaster to drain her abilities. Nobody would've known of the incident, and she could always shift the blame on Dollmaster Katherine. She thought she had the young girl in the palm of her hand, after all what could a 12 year old could do?

"It's not the powers that make heroines. It is their choices." Lily said, as she grinned a crooked smile, her eyes boring into Dollmaster's own. "And I choose my friends and the people over myself. " The young magical girl said, as she stared down at her nemesis. "Otherwise I would regret that decision my entire life. I have to ask...Dollmaster, are you regretting your choices?" The magical girl defiantly spat at her captor, while she tore out of her binds, causing great harm to herself in the process.

In the end, Lily Galbrett was able to escape confinement on her own, without anyone ever noticing, thanks to her powers of healing.
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