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Current ...And my inner Typo imp strikes agian.
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Why do it call it grapefruit even it does not resemble a grape and it's not a tasty fruit?
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Having some sort of a difficult streak on my life. Posting may be interrupted, or cease altogether. I thank you for your understanding.
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Happy Christmas!
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RIP Evangelion RP


I run on GMT Schedule.

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I'm just imagining Impa sighing in the background as this all goes on.

"Hyrule is screwed."

"Think of the positives! I know how to run a Ghost Merchant business!"
Though real talk, this Fellowship of the Zelda is gonna be gr8.

“You have my shield!”

"You have my magic!" -flings magical talisman, hits someone in the face with it- "Oops."
<Snipped quote by Inkarnate>

Impa will share her opinion.

Bilko is best girl.
Trash Wizard now 50% more garbage with rubbish stats.
Oh hey, Dragon's Crown.

Uh, should i find a new picture then?
Imma nick your template if you don't mind @Inkarnate

This has an Ocarina of Time vibe. Room for one more?

The crackling, ominous energies of the demonic rune spell coming to life belittled its effect. Little by little at first, but then increasingly fast, Wolf's shattered and bruised body snapped and fused back into place, as the dark conjuration bathed him in a ominous -yet healing light. Meredith's usually easygoing expression was now showing a stern gaze, her visage being concentration incarnate as she kept maintaining the energies required to heal Wolf. Wolf. Herself. The spell. That's what her world had been reduced to, as everything around herself became background noise. Even when the ghost of his best friend's girlfriend perked up with an accusatory finger and demanded explanation, Meredith's stare did not waver in the slightly.

It was the touch, some cloth draped over her that provoked a response. Her face darted to find the interruption, as she gave a withering glare to the person who dared disturb her in the middle of something. Had it been earlier, she would have had the restrain to keep her thoughts to herself. One of her hands, still covered in claws, drew its own accusatory finger to Vera, as the eerie light of the night gave Meredith's eyes... a certain sinister glare. She spoke. But it wasn't her usual energetic and somewhat squeaky self. Her voice was more solemn, grave, and mature, carrying a certain aplomb that reminded which parent she had gotten her eldritch powers from.

"Don't. Ever. Interrupt. My healing spells. Unless you want your boyfriend to explode in a rain of magical energy and flesh." She said. Fortunately, she had finished for the most part when she had felt the distracting presence, but something had stirred deep in her mind.

And then she blinked twice. "Bweh?". Her face immediately flushed red, as all the stimuli and information she had blocked to concentrate came rushing to her. She promptly tried to shield herself with her arms, trying to cover what her skimpy clothes could not, as she eyed the tiny jacket, that sadly had been a futile effort. Her wings were in her way, so it was just looking like an oversized scarf. "L..loo...looo...lookIcan'thelpitOkay?". She stammered flustered."These clothes have runes that bolster my...mag...bwwe!!? She added, as she paid attention to some kind of detail in her minimal clothing. "...Nowaynoway.Theybolster...that...". She fumbled, unable to form a proper sentence. It was the sirens and the people leaving that brought her back to some kind of functional sort, as she smiled tiredly at Wolf's words. "You're welcome Wolfie. But you owe me a good dinner for this one." She smiled with that stupidly placid grin of hers. Meredith was back, despite the embarrassment.

It was then when he noticed some of the other people. That Ascott woman. She couldn't help but raise an eyebrow before looking back to Wolf, and shrugging. Too tired to even try to make sense of that woman's antics. The name Galbrek seemed to bring forth a slight twitch in the corner of her mouth. Typical of that other half demon.

Meanwhile, Anna after having one real painful case of running face first into Vera's palm and nursing her nose for a good while, neatly regained the cool for a 10-year old, and hovered towards the wounded woman, as she smirked like a predator does before defenceless prey. "You are most kind. But I already have in sight what I want." The half-demon brat lunged without care for personal space, pushed her tongue out of her mouth, and gave Vera's wounds a long and way too dedicated lick. "Mother does not let me have human blood as treat. And you're shedding lots." The little brat squeaked with delight. "Sooo good." . She bit one of her fingers, and painted a rune in Vera's forehead with her own blood, a smaller version of what Meredith had used.

And just like before, energies crackled, mending the flesh and skin. "It is done. The agreement has been fulfilled, mortal." She finished, a little too theatrical.


Sieg drew his finger yet again and examined the bloodstains. They were, of course, as expected, fresh. His gaze straining, trying to pierce into the mists beneath to no avail. This was getting really dangerous for his lacking, and he was beginning to consider that his fast acting could have been a folly. His eyes wandered to the path he had taken down. Was that someone following? He felt relieved for a second, then frowned at the second person's tardiness. He had hoped he had some real top notch equipment to justify the late arrival.

But there was no time for this. Sieg, once more, braced himself and stared down into the Abyss. If he was going to chase that demonic human that a White Whistle was, he would have to be much tougher and daring than any youth had right to be. So with that in mind... he grabbed the device once more, and this time, alternated between activation and inactivation, thus making a faster, yet still controlled descent. A little girl's life hanged on the balance, he could not afford any second more than necessary. Considerations of the ascent would come later.
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