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Current I want some OM cause all i have is NOM NOM NOM.
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...And my inner Typo imp strikes agian.
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Why do it call it grapefruit even it does not resemble a grape and it's not a tasty fruit?
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Having some sort of a difficult streak on my life. Posting may be interrupted, or cease altogether. I thank you for your understanding.
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Happy Christmas!


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Royal Rumble

I am puzzled by that response. I saw nowhere that magical girls need to be solo.
In other words, Mari is Judge Frollo. At one point, she might have been a legitimately good person but now, she became self-righteous and condescending to the point of turning down the people she's supposed to be allies with.

Hard not to when her actual age is 70ish. She has seen shit. But i would not compare her to Frollo as she isnt chasing skirts around. Stannis would be a better fit.

And to be fair, it is easy to turn down people who make veiled threats just to be cool.
I can't get a handle of The Hag's personality she seems to have good intentions but her manner of speaking is....overtly obnoxious anyway i'll work on a post

50 years fighting the good fight do stunt emotionally.
Sieg looked at the Bird. Then at the little girl. Then at the mess that were his boots. And his backpack. He grumbled under his breath, as he clenched his fists. He muttered a curse, and then breathed deep. His ribs hurt, and there was a gash torn in the backpack. And no sign of the girl. Well, maybe now that there was a bunch of other suicidal morons who had caught up, his chances of finding her might raise a bit. Specially seeing how a little girl with a rock was better at killing things than himself, that had proper trainers.

Well, this was the insanity of the Abyss altogether. But it didn't end up like this, oh no... He grimaced as he hoisted his backpack and set it aside. He'd need to repair it and switch priorities. There was no jumping down in a rat race now. He stared at Rags, muttering something alongside a "thank you." You should always thank the help.

And there was the other girl and the rash fool of earlier. He had stabbed her apparently... Such a track record really. Maybe he should kick him off into the Abyss. But the girl who apparently had -wings- (The earlier sight had not been a fluke) had been stabbed. He knew some medicine, maybe bird parts weren't that different from humans. I wonder how much would someth...someone like her cost in a market of the strange and bizarre? Still, this was the Abyss. He couldn't be picky with his company. Human or not, the girl seemed rather sentient and rational.

He advanced towards Kryss, pulling out his medical supplies as he drew closer. He looked at Kai. "Out of the way, this is something that needs to be done by someone who at least has an idea of what he is doing." His gaze stern, he stared at the girl. "Look, girl, you can sell it off as an scratch, but I can see it's not. I don't really care about those wings, really. This is the Abyss. We could be finding fire breathing three eyed monkeys next. But if you don't let me close the wound and staunch the bleeding, every single predator in the vicinity will think you're the next meal."

"And since I am looking for a little girl... well -was- until people suddenly decided started raining and stupid birds tried to headbutt me into the precipice, that would only add to my troubles." He almost snarled. "So be a good girl, and show me the wound. I will fix it. We're wasting enough time already."

He then looked at the bird. It was smashed up. "Also can someone get me the edible parts of that overgrown pigeon?"

Ah, as expected. Mari bit her lip ever so slightly as she cast away her gaze upon hearing the replies of the assorted magical girls to her stance. One of them, which had missed, had laughed. Another one, the volcanic magical girl who had been shouting at her last night was spewing death threats, emboldened by what their ringleader had said.

And then unexpected things happened. What was another child of Light barging in the Dark Girl's den? And trying to break up the fight nonetheless. Mari's eyes tensed at the display as she clenched into a fist. This was escalating out of control. And then another bloodthirsty voice raised her tone cheering upon battle. She frowned ever so slightly, as a practitioner of karate, such glee for violence was against self-discipline. Still.

She stretched one hand interposing the sight between the aggressive Dark ones and the newcomer. "Please forgive her. Clearly she is trying to do what she thinks she is best." Mari decided to talk, as she eyed more and more magical girls and their replies. While they couldn't hide the contempt they were more reluctant to have a throwdown just because.

"The others... the ones before you, they never listened. They allowed beasts to nest inside their hearts, and ended up fighting for scraps. With words like knives, i sometimes manage to get people to heed my warnings. Emotional intelligence? I suppose it has deadened over time ever since I became a magical girl. My apologies" She added. Her eyes focused on Ami, the flaming one. "If you raise your fist against me, won't you prove my point and contradict your peers? That enough should be the reason." She then decided to end the conversation. "I think this amounts to what I have to say. Stay safe." She added in a detached, neutral tone, as she walked towards the other magical girl and the door.

"Come with me, It seems you are in need of directions and help." She indicated the barrier girl.
apologies ,rl got in the way.
Mm, did a bunch of quick research and it turns out that the force of a meteor varies greatly. You probably should work with something more specific, cause meteors go from apparently causing the ice age to just bruising someone.

Meteors are just rocks that go so fast they catch fire. Some of them even never touch ground, completely vaporizing through the atmosphere. And yes, we're speaking of supersonic speeds. So start thinking in terms of "space rocket" at the lowest, and "experimental railgun" at the highest.
And the cat's out of the bag: She came with the sweets because she is treating the fallen ones like her dead comrades.
Mari's expression was impervious, as she kept scanning the room with her gaze. Only the sight of Alex made her lips turn down ever so slightly, as if disappointment had set in. "Hello Alex." She added, politely as she kept the calm and the distance with the other girls. Her eyes turned to the shallow attempt of jeering of a certain girl who had been the first to snatch a daifuku. Foolish words, she paid no heed, as she eyed the class rep.

Corruption did horrible things to people it seemed, as the class president went from the usual behaviour to casually threatening with a gang beating. Mari's fist clenched on reflex, but her stare kept being still neutral and unwavering. Her gaze went from Touka, to Chie, to Maiko, Rai and Alex. She gave a longing stare to the last one.

"It's been always an habit of mine to employ Christmas to remember the ones who did not make it. I put flowers on graves, I place offerings in bowls, and I always stare at every single one of the ones who fell because I wasn't there for them. I spent nearly five years bedridden, and those fallen have increased as a result." She then lowered her head. "I am sorry, I was not there to help you all." She offered an apology. "But do not despair. I will keep fighting for as long as I draw breath. Even in this situation, there is still a ray of hope."

Her gaze left the ground and she stood composed, elegant and tall once more. "Nothing is stopping any of you of such a thing. However I must issue a warning first. I am your senior. And I will defend myself if need be." She paused, her stare now becoming piercing. "I will not cower. You all have faltered once. I did not"
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