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My Covid tests are suddenly like a shounen love comedy. I have covid! Then I don't have it! ... And there's this kind of dark edgelord with a needle wanting more lifessence for the truth.
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Man I wish that instead of a pandemic we would have radscorpions prowling around. Less dull.
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I am fine. Everything is marvelous! I feel like we have entered a new era of human greatness!
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Sakura began to somewhat shiver upon being put in contact with the blizzard. Despite spartan training, she spared no time in conjuring a fluffy coat that for some reason, had to be pink too. Well, it still stopped the blowing wind. Obscuring visibility in purpose, something told me there were many a trap ahead. A hothead she was, but even this cold blizzard seemed to cool her head a little.

Welcome to the show said indeed, as a foppish individual called her. She would have given Aurelio a stern gaze, but there was no time for antics right now. She nodded briskly, as she focused on the task at hand. She was glad Emily wasn't in this mess... although she grimaced that Lily had chosen Mariette's side. Still, there was this important task at hand.

For once, she would play coy, and simply allow herself to keep being in close vicinity to the bombastic leech, as she went on with her speech. She would commit only the reasonable lightning in sniping the incoming forces, giving a sense of protection and unity towards Justine von Visceral. That bloody mosquito loli had a high opinion of herself, and there would be many a chance to slap her across the room... If she could keep herself glued to the vampire lady.

Meanwhile, the girl know as Tenebra silently gazed at the leader of the expedition, the Beacon girl. The second team would move on to making a pincer attack, and she knew her space time warping ability would be able to at least make the whole portal and teleporting less than a one-sided affair. She blandly smiled, chuckling to herself, before pulling an artifact out of a Hammerspace handbag.

"Disguise artifact, shall I use it?" She said to the infiltration team.

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"Mew?" Dina let a surprising yelp upon Dan's forceful nature taking her away to Mariette, before blinking at the unfamiliar situation. True to her bearings, she kept under a masquerade of poise as she absorbed the situation. She had been literally pulled at the last second.

Well, if she had been pulled earlier, Penny’s situation would have erupted, so that was a small blessing. Only just a bit. The situation here was not much better. The group was as heterogeneous as it were. She spotted the Golden Trove people, the decent girl and the ex-harlot among them. And a bunch of others.

And just like that, Mariette had been forced to start the play when the vampyr came in with a squad of beacon. Amidst some ranting about a brainwash, apparently. Of course the girl was brainwashed. Well, that wasn’t the term Dina would employ. Pavlovian conditioning would be more likely.

Vampyrs needing an invitation to enter was tosh apparently. That girl was starting to pressure, but at least the affirmation to help was in there, nominally. Until one girl, with a bombastic display started doubting things about allies.

No way, already bickering? Dina rolled her eyes as she watched that green girl’s display. Reassuring Mariette would come later. The scene brought a certain deja-vu. People were questioning ambiguous allegiances.

Oh the irony. At the Sanctuary, Dina had been the green girl there. But she had taken no pleasure in it. But this girl… was all joy and japes, but her heart and true intentions seemed far more muddled. The tell tale fretting of the would be ambiguous double agent was almost transparent. Dina had a good eye to appraise people, thanks to her power of friendship. Patrons also, more than often not, were far from transparent with their charges.


She muttered under her breath as she twitched her tail and rolled her ears. She began to focus her power.

“Don’t answer that, girl. It’s obvious she’s trying to play her cards at being an information hustler. She probably knows more than you do.” Dina said to Viridian, as she walked towards Lily and Alexander, and snapped her fingers.

“Chuchuna of the Ruler’s Menagerie, come forth.” Dina said, summoning a beast upon her presence. Out of seemingly nowhere an humanoid, huge, tall and monstrous came forth, covered in skin and resembling a bipedal gorilla.His kin had many names. Among those were Bigfoot and Yeti. The creature had a sad, somber bearing, but a glint of intelligence and restraint was shown in his eyes.

“I know you don’t like fighting, Chuchuna, but we need more time. Go forth into that snowstorm and buy time. Harass, but don’t engage frontally. Try to fetch their candles and mirrors if you can.” Dina said to the Yeti, before attempting to send the Yeti to the snowy battlefield with her key cat-girl doll.

Her eyes rested on Lily. “It’s okay, girl. You probably came with kind intentions to this abode, only to be caught in politics and power plays.” She paused. “I also know how it feels to go solo, and need another patron.” She caught a glance at Dan.

She indicated Lily to follow into a corner of the room, before addressing her further, touching her shoulder softly.

“Whoever that Umukamui or your patron is, it’s nothing important as the fight we’re about to do.” Dina said to Lily, as she drew closer. “And I would be honored to fight with you.”

Lily listened in as Mariette explained the situation, and gave a very slight wave of her hand to Eliza who was the last to arrive, barely lifting it from her chest, before she resumed her attention to the eyepatch-wearing girl. Mariette seemed to have caught her lie, as she felt the stoic girl’s hard gaze upon her, causing her to avert her eyes. Then Alex told her the truth, and she bit her lip in shock.
”A-Alex...” She spoke, looking at him. It was a sensitive topic, and she hoped that she could discuss the matter more discreetly, when there wasn’t an invading force out for Mariette’s blood, but it seemed they had no choice. Fortunately Alex at least had the courtesy to not mention Ronin by name, but she could only hope Mariette wouldn’t become suspicious of them, and would answer honestly.

Lily then gasped under her breath when Mariette admitted to the possibility of her mind having been tampered with; even if she dismissed the topic afterwards to focus on Justine’s attack, the green-haired girl was left with a lump of anxiousness sitting in her stomach.
Well, it’s still possible Ronin was mistaken, but…

She half-heartedly nodded to Mariette’s request to help her as her allies; even if she disliked the idea of having to fight against some of her friends, she needed to somehow stop them before things went out of control. She lifted her eyes up when tactics were discussed, and then blushed as Mariette suggested she could help with regards to Mariette’s own Bane.
Uhh...This is embarrassing. But we’ll do what we can. She gave the most fleeting of glances to Alex, and took the communicator offered to her, setting it to her ear.
She was slightly startled by the voice that suddenly came out of it, and took Alex’ hand, her other hand lifted up to the earpiece.

Alexander gave Lily’s hand a light reassuring squeeze. “I’m not really an expert on love, so I’m not sure if what we have is ‘true love’ or just normal ‘love’. Nor am I sure what the difference is. The movies I watched that mentioned it never really went into detail about it...but then again, what would Hollywood know about true love anyway?

H-Hi, Miss Companion! I’m Lily, and I’ll be helping Mariette, she answered back, probably looking like a doofus to everyone else.

For the rest of Mariette’s briefing, Lily occasionally managed to listen, while at other times she was caught up in her own feelings of doubts and fears. It was at this time that she looked around, and noticed other people, such as Dan, Hilaria, and a catgirl she hasn’t seen before. Not only was she pretty like a princess, she also acted like one, with perfect posture and mannerisms. Lily had seen plenty of ojou-like characters in anime and such, but she seemed to evoke the very image of one. However, the dolphin’s inclusion baffled her, as she didn’t expect the jovial, if strange, being to ally himself with Mariette. She did gasp when Mariette mentioned her emergency plan of collapsing the dimension, her eyes wide. When Mariette ended her speech, Lily spoke up.
”You can’t collapse the dimension, Mariette.”
She realized what she blurted out, and continued with a shake of her head:
”I mean, even if you’re desperate, that’s still too much! It’s too risky!”

I’m not an expert on spatial related things, but that sounds like it could have some serious consequences for other nearby dimensions.” Alexander added “I mean, won't we feel some kind of backlash from that in other dimensions?

That was when Eli informed them of Justine’s arrival, causing her to gasp again.
”Beacon...Does that mean-” She didn’t have much time to think of the implications, as another green-haired girl with a bigger presence made herself known, stepping out with the kind of bounce that immediately reminded her of Veronica.
She seemed friendly enough at first, but her true colors quickly showed when she addressed Lily. Suffice to say, she was devastated by the truths she had revealed.
”B-But...How did you...”
Lily had believed she had been quiet about Ixion, only bringing it up with trusted friends. But it seemed even that wasn’t enough to hide it from the likes of a busty bully like Viridian. And she even mentioned her new Patron engaging in illicit dealings. She wanted to deny the claims as lies and slander, and state that Umukamui wasn’t a Patron like that. But she didn’t have any evidence to prove otherwise. Her mouth was wavy as she visibly gained a big drop of sweat on her brow, looking nervous; even she started to have doubts about her Patron. Were the claims true? She was tongue tied, with no idea what she could say.

Sensing her distress, Alexander took a step in front of Lily, in an attempt to protect her

But then, she heard a new voice that advised her not to answer, and was shocked to see that it was the catgirl who spoke.
”What do you mean?” Lily responded, and then watched as she summoned a monster right before her very eyes, frightening her.
”Kiyah! A monster!” She exclaimed as she summoned her magical weapon, but then lowered it once it was apparent it wouldn’t harm anyone in the office.
After the yeti left, Lily sighed in relief with a hand on her chest.
”Phew...That really spooked me. I’ve never seen someone summon a beast up close like that.”

Dina gestured for Lily and Alex to talk, and Lily followed her to the back of the room where they could converse without bothering the others. She continued listening to Dina as she spoke to her, surprised by how insightful she was about her and her recent circumstances. So she had also been a Solo magical girl? Lily found herself drawn to the catgirl’s accepting smile, and gave a slight smile of her own back.
”Thank you for speaking up for me. I got taken by surprise there, heh.”
She offered her hand in a handshake.
”I’m Lily Lightning, and this is Alex,” she said, gesturing to her boyfriend.
”We’re Mariette’s friends.”

Alexander,” Alexander corrected as he also offered his hand “But nobody actually calls me that...for some reason.

”Well, I thought you’d like Alex more,” Lily spoke with a cute pout.
”But I can call you Alexander if that’s what you’d prefer.,”

Alexander shrugged “Eh, it doesn’t really matter anymore. It used to bug me, but I got used to it and don’t really care anymore. It’s just kind of weird how everyone we meet seems to use the nickname ‘Alex’ instead of my actual name.

Dina’s ear perked up as she smiled somewhat catlike, before resuming her neutral polite visage once more, and offering a most elegant handshake. She would have offered a curtsy, but these folk seemed more about modern etiquette than most. “The names of a flower and of a conqueror. Fitting.” Dina said. “I’m Dina Denisova. Currently helping Sanctuary building a rapport and one of Dan’s girls.” Her gaze rested on the both. “This must be hard on you, to deal with such… harsh matters on top of a maze of lies that is politics and reputation. Fortunately for you, right now, with a Vampyr at the door the only reputation we ought to care about is whether you will stick to fighting, sell us out, or leave. And your emotions are written in your face. You’d make a very poor spy indeed.” Dina quipped, drawing even closer, almost nuzzling Lily’s neck with her cheek.

Lily cheered up from what she interpreted was a compliment.
”Thank you! Your name is also super cute.
She nodded to Dina’s statement about political intrigue, looking a bit tired.
”Yeah, but that’s what you get when you live in Penrose. It didn’t help that monsters swarmed the place in winter, and caused some jerks to come here and cause trouble,” she said, puffing up her cheeks. Afterwards, she reluctantly agreed to being too open with her feelings, and she held her arm.
”Well, I’m honest when I say I want to help Mariette...I just don’t know how...”
That was when Dina took a more intimate approach, causing Lily to freeze up, her face red like a tomato.
However, she didn’t push the catgirl away, and simply let her continue her speech.

“That girl, Mariette is warped. Even I can see that. Magic does also queer things, and I have the inkling suspicious her original age was fairly younger. Possibly a lost, mistreated child, easy prey for unscrupulous patrons.” The catgirl said. “Do not fret about that, we will cross that bridge when it comes. And addressing your patron too.” She paused.

“So worry only whether you will flee Beacon or stay, Lily. I won’t judge either decision. I wish I could flee, alas. I would hate to die a dog’s death… but that child, Mariette… needs motherly care. And time is of the essence, Lily, Xander.”

Alexander raised an eyebrow “Xander? That’s new.

Lily’s lips parted, as if to say something, but instead she simply stared forward, thinking.
”O-Okay...You’re right.” She finally had the will to gently push Dina away.
”Let’s do our best in stopping Justine, Dina. You can count on me!”
She then blinked, and pulled out her phone.
”By the way, can we exchange phone numbers? Just in case either of us gets into trouble, you know? And, uh, you seem like a fun girl to talk to, tee hee~” She giggled slightly from her embarrassment.

This feels weird” Alexander commented “Last time I had to deal with Justine, I was on the invading force. Now it’s the other way around, and there’s even more political nonsense. Thinking back to how everyone put aside faction based disputes to work together to stop her, I can’t help but feel like we’re moving backwards here. It’s actually kind of sad.” He sighed

“Such is life. But time is of essence. We should talk of this later.” Dina said, before addressing Lily. “My phone? Huh… just a sec.” She said as she brought her phone, and tried to extract a number… only to show a couple of male stud pics and a gif video about a nyancat. “...maybe later. Let’s get to it.”

Lily eagerly looked at Dina’s phone while clutching her own, only to reel back with shock from Dina’s fumble.
”Yeah, that’s fine with me, haha!” She responded, perhaps a bit too fast to be normal.
”Anyway, I now feel so much better than before!”
She gave a little hug to Dina before stepping off.
”I hope that after this we can be good friends. Bye for now!”
She then went back to Mariette’s side of the office.
”Hey Mariette, which way is to the roof, or somewhere else really high? I think I’d be able to help the best with a wide view around the mansion.”

There aren’t a whole lot of us here Lily. So if you do pick a high point and snipe, you’re probably going to be up there alone. Are you sure you’re going to be okay on your own? Alexander asked worriedly.

Lily looked back to Alex with an unsure look.
”Don’t worry, Lexander!” She gave a bright smile.
”If I spot trouble, I’ll just run back here to you. Anyone trying to pursue me will be caught in the traps Mariette mentioned.”

Alexander raised an eyebrow “’Lexander’? Is that actually a thing?” he quickly dismissed that line of thought with a sigh “ careful, okay? Don’t take any stupid risks.

Dina for the most part, silently nodded and then addressed the rest of the people around Mariette. “Hope you do not mind me staying besides Mariette as healer. I can provide mythological summons on demand, stronger than normal beasts. Also, miss Su… do you think we could infuse those runes in mirrors so that they explode and can’t be used against Mariette?”


Sakura's eyes narrowed for the briefest moment, acknowledging Ronin. Well, this was going to be messier than she initially thought, so after the dust was settled, she looked at Ronin, and then at the Vampire lady. For some reason she was elegant, cute, with a dark allure, and very punchable.

"I'd like to join Miss Venereal". She said. Fucking stupid elaborate names. Couldn't she be called a bit easier?

Meanwhile, Umbra let a small chortle at the blooper of her comrade, before looking at the beacon members, and then Umukamui. "Pendersen isn't the only one who can make portals... folding space is a piece of cake when you know advanced relativity, tensorial calculus and Gravity as magic. Heee... I wanna give her a good butt spank like the bad girl she is." Umbra said, as Umukamui tilted his head and looked at everyone else with his lifeless eyes.

Dina did not show any signs of it outwardly, but she was positively relieved she had avoided bloodshed. Well, some lingering feelings of certain people were pegging her with mistrust and disapproval, but it was better to snub some people to avoid a fistfight in such a volatile situation. Her ears folded a little back, betraying her inner mood when Penny dug up the Shinespark from the chest.

So much work to do, the girl did not have a single clue on how to act as a ruler. Rulers do not ask for permission. "I beg you pardon, your highness but rulers do not ask for permission. They simply embody the will of the people and act in their best interest." She said in a small voice.

"Still, the lack of secrecy about this shelter is truly worrisome. For that regard, I insist your highness exercises caution when exposing your decision to Beacon, and we cannot afford it should we spark conflict once again. It is but a humble opinion of a noblewoman in training, but a high-handed refusal at this moment in time might have some unintended consequences. Our movements should be far more subtle." She eyed the crowd.

"It's a small blessing people here are still willing to listen, but words will not ultimately stop our foes. We need more time to get to safety and build our defenses so we can truly be a sanctuary." Dina added, before doing a curtsy. "With your permission..." She said, before making the attempt to leave the meeting.
Melanie and Diana


Diana's entrance did not take that long. A speeding sports car, skidding to a halt just before the entrance. The plate with the all familiar plaque, that denoted this once had been Lightbringer's car, now a convenient hand-me down to his old flame, almost a wife in name. It was a great car.

But she couldn't reach the wheel nor the clutch, so she had to summon an skeleton chaffeur. It clicked and whirred, and its ugly dissecated head began to spin like a merry-go-round when it skidded to a halt. She should've braced his neck better.

"Stooooppp" said the ghastly creature, in a hissing voice, before making a disgusting cracking noise and adjusting the chaffeur hat and suit, waiting for input. It took a brief moment before the sack of bones creaked out of the driver's seat, and opened the room to the passengers' seat, before making a curtsy.

It would have looked good, if the damn head did not fall off and started rolling on its own.

Still, Diana's dress was notably unfazed by the rough and tumble entrance of the servant. A second figure stepped out of the car. Melanie, bringing a strange getup. The striking difference of height was accentuated even more so, given that both girls were in the different ends of the spectrum. The tall Vigilante tilted her head.

"I do think I should thank you for bringing me to this opportunity to find objects of beauty. Or I've been told to do so." said Melanie, before automatically pulling out a lollipop for Diana, which the witch gleefuly declined.

"Just go have fun." Diana said, staring into Melanie's vacant stare.

"So should I shoot Mephistos? Or Balloons?" Melanie tilted her head.

"Do not...ugh, listen, you just get drinks and talk to people, okay?" Diana grumbled. She could not believe she was the one babysitting this tall soul-addled girl. Where was the rest of the vigilantes and Mephistos when they were needed!? It was then when she noticed Brutus, and walking up to him, offered her hand for him to take.

"I trust I have not been excessively tardy?" Diana said to her companion, snapping her hands and conjuring a fancy mask out of thin air. "Masquerade dresses require a lot of preparation." She added, before dismissing the Skeleton who had just picked up his head and put it on its place... upside down. No sooner the creature had its orders, it jumped in the car and began driving without closing the doors.

"Speeeeeed" said the creature as it hapzardly drove away. The witch urged resisted the temptation to facepalm. Melanie was going on a head, parroting some sort of cat noises? Seriously, that girl was so unpredictable. Her eyes rested on the conmmotion before her, and eyeing Brutus, she retracted her hand.

"Do excuse me for a second." She added, as she took hasty strides to reach Lady Valois de Saint-Remy and offered her best appeasing curtsy. That rash fool of Rurik was always mucking things up with poor manners, wasn't he?

"Mylady. It is an honour to be invited to this masquerade ball. Joys of this kind are few and far between and I am sure your magnificent self is too much to bear on our crude etiquette, but I assure you, as Mephisto's councilmember that those lovely two mean absolutely no harm, besides that which is born from ignorance. I am Diana Graeca, at your service." She said, buttering Louise up.

Buncha peeps


Mer knew deep in her heart that as soon she stepped those doors, the stares would come. Stares had always been a part of her life. First, because of her demon heritage... then as her body was shaped by sin of lust that was carried over from her own mother's veins, the heads were often turned the other direction. A third option was the contrast between herself and her companion. Whereas she was a haunting beauty, he was more of a rugged functional form. Day and Night. St Laurel's and Mephisto. Two different ideas together.

Meredith ruffled the skirt of her dress and offered her hand to Luigi, indicating that he should lead her. She had done her best to preserve the glamour, and had to ask her father for some things back home, but she had managed to do so. "Shall we, Lou?"

"We shall." Luigi replied, gently taking Meredith's hand as he gently pulled her along with him. The suit that Meredith had helped him make had a tinge of dramatic flair to it, the coat being almost cape like as he strode forwards. Those who knew Vile might not know that the man strolling into the ball was him, as rather than being caked in the oil and soot he normally had clinging to him from his work he had completely cleaned up. His long oily hair was detangled and made fluffy and a tad curly with the help of some conditioner, and his skin has been thoroughly scrubbed and any blemishes picked out or covered with small amounts of make up. He even took the time to cover his augments in a thin layer of fake skin to make himself look more human, something he had never done before that night.

Vile's eyes twitched behind his sunglasses as he scanned the room for important figures, potential threats, and structural anomalies. He had come to the ball much more lightly armed then he'd of liked, only a combat knife within his coat and the blade built into his arm. He felt practically naked without some manner of ranged weapon, but he figured bringing a firearm to an event like this would be a wonderful way to end up on the news, or in jail.

"Oh, sounds like this was supposed to be a masquerade my dear. Here." Luigi whispers to Meredith, pulling a small black mask out of his coat for her. As to why he was carrying such a thing around was only for Vile to know, and for others to be perplexed by.

"See I told you could pull it off if you tried, Lou." Mer clung to Luigi's arm like someone clings to a shade in a sunny day. "It's good that you are tall. Not that many people taller than me." She added as she took the mask for herself. "Hm. Something tells me people aren't going to be picky, but I wont be picky about it."

"I figured we went through enough effort, might as well do it right." Vile says with some pride as he puts on an opera mask, before he registers her remark about being tall. He pats her on the head gently, to not disrupt her hair too awful much. He then leads her forwards into the crowd, his eyes looking for danger at any moment. Meredith could feel the tension in each movement, like Vile was a toy soldier who had his key twisted one to many times.

"Hey, let them stare. Stares can't hurt people that much." Meredith said as she drew closer. "Or is it something else, Lou?"

"......" Vile's mind raced for a plausible explanation for his rigidness. He thought back to some of those stupid romance shows he watched late at night when nothing else was on....
"It's cute when you cling to me like this. It's nothing to worry about, I'm just a worry-wart my dear." Vile says, trying to handwave Meredith's worries.

"Hmm..." Meredith said, before drawing apart. "If you say so. We could literally fly away from here you know."

Luigi frowns a little. "I know, but...I just get ancy near groups. People do bad things...I just want this to go nicely for you." Vile says, seemingly unhappy about Meredith drawing away. He keeps moving, trying to head towards the refreshments table, figuring it'd be harder for someone to try something out from the main blob of people.

Meredith says. " It will be okay..." before finally pushing Luigi Vile off, dodging a certain suspicious vial that was thrown her way. The strident laugh of a third year was heard.

"Ohohohoho, my bad, my bad... I confused you with a loiterer on this princess ball, what with the taste of a meretrix you seem to have. I should fetch my associate Marty and show him too..." Helga, the witch that had thrown acid at Mer's face said haughtily as she snapped her fan.

Vile's eyes flickered around as a hand went into his coat, clutching the handle of the combat knife he had come with. "Hmm, a friend of Marty huh? Much like your taste in clothing, your taste in associates is garbage. I'd suggest you leave before this goes towards Mask of the Red Death real quick." Vile says, before he leans forwards with a pained wheeze.

"Vile, be polite, we're in a constricted public place. The only thing that'll be happening tonight is a clockwork heart beating softly in a grave if you start to misbehave." Marty says, walking out from the bustling crowd from around Vile. Meredith could see that Marty had stuck Luigi in the side with some sort of small shiv, slipped between plating near Vile's hip. He takes his place beside Helga, leaning over to say quietly "Do refrain from throwing things. Acid vials make a mess if they hit, and you mutilating someone at a ball would seriously damage your image, even if you think the person deserves it. A shiv works better, small, hard to see, painful but heals easy." Marty whispers, sounding more like a disappointed instructor than a date.

Vile pulls the shiv from himself, and looks like he's on the verge of doing something stupid, if his gritted teeth and his enraged look held any substance to his actual mood.

"Marty, Marty, always the grandiose. These vials don't have acid, see?" Helga said, producing one and swabbing it lightly on her face. "It's just a purifying concoction, also smells rather nice." She said, rolling her eyes. "You should not stab churls, It is poor etiquette." The witch waved a hand and whispering arcane words, healing the stab wound.

Meredith saw the exchange with a frown, and drew close to Marty, her face a wide smile. "Oh you naughty mister... please don't do that again." She added as she levelled her face against his. "Or i will squash you, gnat "

".....Vile, you really gonna hide behind your date?" Marty asks, seemingly ignoring Meredith's threat.
Luigi smirks before replying "She is stronger than me....smarter...far more beautiful....but if you, or your diana-lite wanna be witch sugar momma tries anything else, I'll use your ivory to carve her an exquisite set of jewelry." Vile replies, and Marty rolls his eyes.

"I personally have nothing against you, Meredith...but beware your company. He's a bit unstable." Marty replies, before trying to leave with Helga, figuring squabbling with those two making them look worse than it was making Vile and Blackgate look the fools.

Helga said nothing, but upon the mention of Diana, her eyes seemed to bury herselves in Luigi's skull, before deciding it was enough and leaving too.

"Jewelry?" Meredith said, raising an eyebrow. "Nevermind that... this made me thirsty. Let's get a drink then."

"You can polish bones....make a nice ring set, or ear-rings, or a tiara.....spoons...dice..." Vile begins, moving towards the refreshment table. "It's as about as subtle as my death threats go. I figured it'd be better than yelling I was gonna skin him at the top of my lungs. More classy at any rate."

"A real gentleman huh... you know. You are fetching the drinks."

"I figured..." Vile says as he goes to grab the drinks for himself and Meredith, wondering who else he'll run into....

"Court Lady, huh. Hmph. Well, you could say so." Dina nodded briskly, still a bit sour of the early conversation and the fact that her labour had not gone wholly noticed. Still, she could not deny these girls this plea. Noblesse Obligue had been ingrained in her since birth, and while she was at times a vain starlet, this was a matter of alleviating suffering. After becoming a magical girl, the hearts of people had always been laid bare before her.

Anxiety and fear, wounds still open in one's soul put under strain by the decision of the new queen. She noticed the hologram, as her ears twitched and folded back in discontent, her tail hugging her leg.

"As much as I would love to..." Dina said, as she eyed the other girls. She did want to offer her advice in private, but tensions were running high. Voices of dissent were already being heard. She had to make a hard choice about this matter. Rebuking a monarch was a tricky prospect, and even someone like Dina had grown acquainted to talk things with Penny in private and smooth things out. But no amount of smoothing would do to set the hearts in disarray her latest decision had caused.

She had to dazzle them. Dina thought. She had to overshadow the queen in sheer presence and charisma, or at least try to do so.

"...that is no longer an option." Dina said, somberly as she eyed the girls. "Assuage your fears. I shall speak in your behalf in front of the queen. Right here. Right now." The catgirl said to the gathered group. "Do follow me if you would be so kind."

I'm sorry Penny, but I can't let you go like a bull in a China shop in this matter. Lots of girls don't know what to do with their lives.

She thought as she began to walk towards the gathering, in confidant steps as she whistled for her maids to gather at her side, her back open for the other girls to follow. Her fingers went into her mouth as she emitted a sharp whistle, followed by the brisk beat of wings from a most curious creature. A raven... however, different from the black plummage these birds were known of, this creature was fully white, on top of being one outstanding specimen of his kind with lustrous sheen.

"Raven, Announce me." Dina commanded to the creature, as he briskly nodded and flew ahead of Dina, her entourage now escorted by the catmaids. She drew closer, and the closer she drew, the more smooth and regal her movements became. Years of etiquette training still stuck with her, after the ravages of decades of time had clouded and chipped the memories on her mind. She had been regal in her youth, an attendant to royalty now gone. She could do this.

She could bring forth splendour greater than Penny, whom had never met an actual court nor queen. Her barriers flared up, gently pushing the doors of the room open, as the bird flew into the room.

"Her ladyship Dina Denisova, Empress of the Strays, advisor to the Queen, Scion of the Tsar" said the raven in a mouthful as the catgirl began walking into the room. Her barriers gently wobbled at her feet, as if some sort of improvised carpet that had been rolled, while she graciously performed a walk between catlike and regal. Flaring her Power of Friendship at her maximum, she deployed her soothing aura into the room as well, while the maids made a corridor for her.

That would probably get more than one's attention, despite the ruckus and confusion. Draping the folds of her skirt, she performed a curtsy once more, like the ones she usually did in her youth.

"Your Highness, pardon me for my prompt entrance." Dina said, before continuing with her speech. "But your highness must understand... the overwhelming nature of this situation indeed." She began. "No matter how much effort you put or how noble one cause's is... an open wound will still bleed if you are to strain it."

"And the wounds that Beacon... or their associates have inflicted upon all of us are still...fresh." Dina said, raising herself. "We all are tired of conflict, and peace is but what we would yearn for. Your efforts towards peace shall never be questioned in that regard, your highness." Dina added, as she turned and eyed the girls.

"Look at us, your highness. Use your eyes or heart, it matters not. We all are a lot from different backgrounds and sorts, united only by one wish. Under one banner of strength." Dina said. "To heal the scars that abandonment has beset upon us." Dina said. "Abandoment that generates mistrust. Ostracism. And one of the said chief collectives is Beacon."

"Fear cuts deep. Bereavement cuts even deeper. Look at us your Highness. Forgiving and forgetting are two different things. Even if all our hearts were all loving, and we wanted, for the sake of peace, let bygones be bygones... we cannot simply forget. The fear of being hunted. The sadness of losing the one pillar of strength we once had." She paused.

"Which now seems to have revived as Beacon." Dina said. "It raises questions and fears."

Her eyes turned back to Cindy, and then to Nuncio. "Do not think for a second we do not appreciate the burden you are taking upon by rising upon this blood-soaked throne to give some misguided souls a chance to live proud once more. However, it is equally true that sometimes even good intentions can hurt if they are performed from ignorance. As unfortunate as might be, the Beacon name and reputation are reviled in this abode, nearly as much as the Mint, and it is too soon to ask for a change of heart in that regard." Dina added.

"Asking to break ties might be a tad harsh... Yet your highness must understand that a ruler who doesn't keep the welfare of their subjects in their heart... is a tyrant. And right now your heart seems to be singing praises for Beacon, or at least part of it, while ours sings curses and cries of fear towards it." Dina eyed Penny.

"So, is your highness heart that of Beacon or that of a monster girl? There can be no middle ground, as the kind sir before me has addressed."


It had been an uneventful time for Sakura. She had been always been a bit of a roamer, and despite Emily being adorable, she had no right to mooch off from such a nice girl. Keeping her in the dark about certain details was an struggle. Particularly if your boss was an actual alien psychopath, your teammates had a few screws loose, including Sparky-chan and the crazy broad who though the shifty rat was her mother.

A message drew to her attention as she finished her paltry meal, a hotdog. Well at least this magical mumbo jumbo let her get nice if barf-level pink-like clothes on a whim, and she still had a penchant to be ignored.

Ronin, hun? What is that loli up to? Sakura began to struggle with the modern phone. Apps still were a bit difficult for her. She missed the times of normal cellphones, or even public phones. These smart things were only good for being showy. Plus they weren't good bludgeoning weapons like the public phones of old... But she was digressing.

"Mmm, I would not answer that call." A voice said at her back. Sonofa- How did that rat keep slipping past her keen senses, time and time again? The smug, fluffy form of Umukamui stood in front of her.

"That acquaintance of yours has also contacted Lily, and is trying to raise people to her cause. It is ... a delicate matter." The rat said, as he drew closer.

"Powerplays are the new fad... you know. Pulling strings and the such. What a waste, specifically for this reason."

"Stop speaking in riddles you damn rat or I will punt you in the nearest garbage chute. Or truck."

"Two unpleasant people, one Mariette Pendersen and one Justine Von Visceral, who serve horrors have decided to suddenly wage their own proxy war. And they've brought their allies. One of them is Beacon."

"The popos??? I thought..."

The small creature swished his tail. "Yes, Beacon is cavorting with a vampire now. And we're with Beacon. Your... Ronin and Lily have foolishly pledged to fight the vampire."

"Well, good for em. If a damn titty leech is dead, it's good, despite the popos?"

"What if i told you... the other girl serves a horror who turns little girls into brainwashed soldiers?"

Sakura visiblely frowned.

"Yes. Violent trashing and destructive behaviour aside... that is your one advantadge. I did not need to mental edit you, nor I need to watch my language when regarding these subjects. You're conditioned to murder. Surely you understand what I am going to ask.

"I'm not killing the loli or Lily."

"Why would you? They are not the root of the problem. It's the other two. I want you to ensure... a certain accident befalls to both Mariette Pendersen and Justine Von Visceral. I am bound to help the vampire by proxy in her mission to take down Mariette Pendersen... but I have never sworn to protect her life." The creature tilted his head. "Surely even a blockhead like you would understand."


"I will take that as yes. We shall rendezvous with Beacon, and you shall provide assistance...for now. But I want both of them dead. Do so, and we might... discuss further perks. I shall bring Umbra too. Her ability will be useful."

Sakura eyed the creature as it left briskly, clenching her fist and then hitting the nearest wall with it. "Fuck. Yakuza got nothing on this fuckfest of a magical girl world." The girl said... while ignoring Ronin's message. "Well... what's a couple of dead corpses on my karma anymore." She admittedly sadly.

Shortly after Beacon arrived, the very space in the room where the Beacon and Justine gathering was taking part wobbled noticeably. A gravity-infused magic then tore the space in two, as three figures crossed the warping gate. One, a pink-haired young girl with a sullen expression, followed by a rather...unfocused Silver haired girl cradling a small fluffy white puuchu on her arms. It was this last creature the one who addressed the group first.

"Greetings. I have come to bring assistance in the form of auxiliary girls as per my agreement with Beacon. These are Sakura... and Tenebra. For those who have not been acquainted with me, I am known as Umukamui.

"We could've gone in the motorbike." Sakura grumbled,as her eyes scanned the room. Well, at least some of the girls were cute.

Dina was not having a good time. The whole changes in Sanctuary had caught her unawares to an extent. It appeared that Penny had been working on much more behind the scenes than she had thought. And she had not tell her a soul. She, who had been one of the first to help settle the Sanctuary. Furthermore, the first time she was around, there had been disparaging remarks about her. She had doubted her.

Yet, now, in the perspective of this... this revelation, Dina could not feel other than hypocrisy from Penny. How quick was she to judge other monster girls, yet lap up anything Beacon and Cindy related at the first chance. She had seen the video. More of Let's be friends drivel nonsense. Dina could not help but narrow her eyes at it. How dare they? How dare they after staining their hands on monster girl blood so much, to make such an statement.

And that "Cindy", to speak of a better word, was all sorts of wrong. A ghost should pass onto the next cycle of their lives, not cling like a mockery of life riding alongside Beacon. The thought of it made her feel nauseous. What kind of deviant was this Janet Howell, to mess with souls and memories this way.

Suddenly, Dina felt as if the very walls of Sanctuary were oppresive. Was Penny a false idol? A puppet of beacon? She could not tell. But one thing was certain. While she didn't like how forceful and prideful the old Cindy was, this new Sanctuary could become even worse in her eyes. Reigning herself with poise, she approached Penny, and doing a small curtsy, she glared at her.

"Greetings, Penny. I request an audience. In private. No rush, when your highness is available. Please cavort with Beacon at your leisure." She said, a hint of venom in her voice, before she took her leave. She really needed to reign herself before she eventually snapped, and so she walked towards the garden. Indeed, some of the other girls were looking at her. She was, after all, a potent presence among both monsters and normal folk, so her very actions and words were always being watched. Sometimes, even with hope.

The gardens seemed a good place as any to get a break. She would just shuffle into a corner, her very ears and tair betraying the sour mood her face was struggling to contain.

Okay. Should I stay commited to this project? Should I go back and try again with those fools at Golden Trove? Should I just quit and go to that dolphin's bastard dimension? Mint? Nah, too foul. Cradle? Who were these guys again? Should I take over the Independent? It's too tainted. Dina thought, as she watched the boy named Shane go around with menial tasks.

Another face Penny had recruited and failed to mention. Well, at least he seemed an earnest sort. But that didn't cheer her up in the slightlest. She felt insulted to not be relied on.
The Great Penrose Movie Marathon

It wasn't half bad, despite not being taken seriously at all. Sakura's comfy sitting atop Buttercup was actually good, the pleasant plumpness of the girl being a balm to her nerves. She was in such good mood she even allowed other girls to play with her hair and cute-like features without even attempting to defend herself. She wondered if she should do the next one with Emily alone. She did looked a little overwhelmed, and felt a slight pang of guilt to drag herself around.

Slight being the term. This was a mighty fine gathering of oddballs, but there wasn't anyone truly malicious. Well maybe the Oppai miko and her devilish bottle ploy. But it was still harmless. Everyone was winding down in their manner, and that was good.

And then Sakura made a fatal mistake.

She fell asleep.

During a Gojira movie. Drooling all over.


And she didn't lean on Emily this time.

Meanwhile, Tenebra would just watch the movie, laughing and snorting at the silly costumes, german words peppering her speech. She'd also try to cuddle to Alex. But knowing that thunder bitch, she refrained. No cuddle with a nice guy was worth being zapped again in such a manner.

Unlike Shoggy, who seemed to be smitten with Shane. "Ohboy! Where do I start. I was slithering around an asteroid when Umu did a contract thing. He gave me a face, and opposable thumbs and made me a cutie! But he was a bit odd. He called me a failure. He was my boss regardless. Except that time he stuffed me in a jar. Or that time that eldritch horror stud with the opalescent operculums wanted to be my boyfriend. He was a jerk though. Made me raise a thousand of children... then ate me! I got better though." She added as she leant on Shane, her mouth stretching in impossible manners to give the boy a kissy face. "So let's get to making bab- hey look at Pinkie, she's drooling! hahaha!!!" She said, pointing at the asleep Sakura.

"I am hungry now." She said, eyeing the movie discs again. "But I need to watch my waistline now! I got a boyfriend, right, right??"
The Great Penrose Movie Marathon

& Sakura and Others

The sound of thunderclap was heard as Tenebra received the slap reeling so slightly as she trembled significantly. Not because of fear, but because more complex feelings as she als hissed under her breath “Eppur si muove”... and transformed as a reflex. Lily stepped back in response, still shaking from her violent outburst.

“Wut” said Sakura, relenting on acquiring the movies after witnessing the start of a scuffle of the two magical girls.

“Violence… I don’t like violence… Can’t we just all get along??” said the panicky monster girl with the impressive mounds… of Gojira movies. Sakura just raised an eyebrow at her, but not before checking her out.

It was then, when Sakura was distracted by the other girl’s...attitude, when Tenebra snapped.

“! How dare you, bitch! Idiot! Poopyhead? Poopyhead!” Tenebra said, without even bothering to attack. “You don’t know. What the fuck do you know! We were cast away! We were broken! And then you came upon your fucking hig...high horse and your justice and nonsense stuff and started saying we were the scum of the earth. I bet you never had to witness you being dumped by your own mother as trash! Or...being born wrong because your mom did drugs! That your patron died? Boo hoo! At least you did have a decent one! I’m just a second rate bargain from a horror that nobody liked!”

"That doesn’t excuse what you did!” Lily shouted back.
”You bullied an innocent little girl!”

Tenebra’s eyes turned to pinpricks. “And until recently, until my brain was fixed by magic, I could not even comprehend half of this. Yes, you got it right, I was brain addled, and those two were friends with me despite that. So apologize. Right now.!” Tenebra’s gravity hummed.

Lily turned her head away, and took a shaky half-breath before she responded:
”You’re just like those other girls...”

Sakura was left a bit agape, and looked at the other girl instead. “er… could you stop. I mean, Gojira movies.”

Lily glanced at Sakura, and then back at Tenebra.

”I...I tried to save her, you know. I used magic I knew I couldn’t control, and risked my life to do it. And because of that, I lost a friend.” She wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand.
”So yeah...I am a poopyhead. But I at least try my best.”
With that, she turned to Buttercup, and took the bundle of movies from her.

“Soul was always rough… she just knew how much prostitute mothers with loving kids hit really home…” Tenebra admitted.”So she wanted to show me how it was like. That one was a cute potato, the poor thing was regrettably terrified. She did look like a cute little sister.”

Lily turned back with the pile of movies, looking less resentful but still agitated.
”Well, at least you didn’t want to hurt them, but it was still wrong of you.”

“So… it was you, huh.” Sakura said, eyeing the girl and Lily. And without further ado, landed a powerful blow in Tenebra’s stomach, making her reel and gag and Lily to gasp. “You know, I used to be the guy who was that girl’s father.” Sakura gritted, before offering a hand to Tenebra. “Water under the bridge. I don’t feel beating you into a pulp. What would it prove?”

”Um, those were my movi... “ Buttercup weakly protested before relenting.”You probably need this more than me though…” The girl admitted.

And then it happened. Both Lily and Tenebra were pinned by the mighty hug of the monstergirl, who had them pressed against her warm chest. ”I don’t know either of you. I scarcely can fathom what you’ve gone through. But you girls did your best. For that, you deserve love. For that you deserve to be happy in this world. Everyone does. So wipe your tears, okay? There’s always a dawn after the darkest night. Buttercup said.

”Hey, what are you-!”
Lily blushed upon being hugged, now clutching the movies in her arms.
Though she first resisted the warm gesture, she gradually calmed down with a pout.

Sakura stood agape, briefly losing her cool upon seeing the action of the complete stranger. That Buttercup girl was something huh.-

Hold on was she signalling that there was space for a group hug too?

“Ugh, FINE! Hey you, wingy-chan.”

“It’s Buttercup…”

“You’re coming with us!”.

”But Saku-chan, we’re already packed in tight there...And...”
She sighed.
She released herself from the hug, and looked at Tenebra.
”Hey, Tenebra...I’m sorry for the bad things I said, ok? I just...I was really angry, most of all at myself. Being a magical girl can be super hurtful. But, it also means we can change things for the better with our own hands. So, can you promise me that you’ll do your best from now on?” She asked.
”In return, I’ll promise to give you another chance.”

Tenebra on her part, let herself be comforted, just letting a small pleased giggle as Buttercup filled the much sorely needed motherly gap she had in her life. “Huh? I’m sorry too.” She said sheepishly before prying herself from Buttercup. “I’ll do my best, then.”
Lily smiled, and offered her hand for Tenebra to shake.

Sakura sighed. “Okay, we're done now? Let 's go. Portal-chan, lead the way.” Sakura said, trying to brush off Buttercup’s attempt at headpats.

”We’re back!”
The group returned, Lily having untransformed as she brought the DVD cases to the shelf next to the movie player. She picked out the first movie in the pile.
”Now, let’s start with...Huh, didn’t know these started in the 50s. Well, time to check out Godzilla!” After she inserted the disc, she went back to sitting in Alex’ lap; unlike last time, when she was obviously nervous, now she seemed to be more accepting of it.
”I-If you want to change, you can also sit on me, Alex. I don’t mind either way,” she said, and giggled as the rubber-suited man made his first appearance on the black-and-white screen.

Meanwhile Sakura had arrived. “We got movies. This gal ceded them.” She pointed at Buttercup, who was now hugging Sakura. She seemed delighted, could her Horrible luck be at an end? Sakura eventually relented, due to a couple of reasons.

“Uh, spin the bottle huh!” Buttercup said. “I may give a try later, today seems to be my lucky day!”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room a hot and bothered shoggoth girl received an electrifying sensation upon being zapped by Shane. Others would have reeled, but Shoggy knew that being kissed … and being struck as if by a current and being tingly meant one thing. It was LOVE!.

Nevermind Ronin’s cupcake instead of kiss (she still ate it greedily though through a mouth that appeared on her hand), this was better! Clinging once more to Shane she began to talk: “That was amazing! I wuv you! Do you want to raise a family? Is five enough? Do you like eldritch pudding? Kiss me again!” The eldritch girl seemed to cling to Shane’s arm, and her motormouth was evident.

Reaver's tally: 3g 9s 3b

2g 4s 3b from al

1g 5s event

Perks bought: Overcity Shift, Enhanced transformation

Cost: 1g 7s 2b

Remaining: 2g 2s 1b
The Great Penrose Movie Marathon Sitcom

Hahahaha no

Sakura looked at Shane's offer, raising an eyebrow. "Oi, dude, thanks for the offer but this was a collection remnant from my past life i've been collecting for years. And the damn tako-brain ate it." She looked at Lily. "I know you're trying to be helpful, Sparky... but we don't know how, as for Weirdo-chan over there..." She motioned at Tenebra who was offering a suggestion. "Oh what the hell, we should try regardless."

"We?" Tenebra said, looking at Lily and then Sakura. It was clear there was something going on between the two. "Umm..." Something that Sakura picked up. "Yes we... that way we can just sort out when you tried to steal Bud from Lily or whatever made you two riled up. Rat bastard does know how to pick them, won't they?".

"But..." said the silver haired girl.

"Besides, this bottle game is too painful to watch, for now. Let's get to it... and where's Tako-brain?" Sakura said.

Shoggy, indeed, had taken a place in the game circle, nonchalant. She waved her hand as she smiled and Connie. And then it happened. The bottle was upon her. Afterwards she noticed the unmistakable human display to conjugate. She was assumed to be of female gender, and this was a male? Hm, it was always so difficult. Still, she felt giddy insidy as he approached.

"It's been centuries since I conjugated! Does this mean I get a bf? Yaaay!" She said, as she happily accepted Shane's kiss... And then something weird happened. Her body shifted as if she was slurry, getting stuck to Shane's face and partially sinking him deeper into the roughly girl-shaped blob that she was. It probably was a good thing Shane could hold his breath. as now dozens of mouths were kissing him everywhere, while the rest of his being was being held by the blob that Shoggy truly was.

"...nope, nope, I'm not separating them. It's his own damn fault." Said Sakura, as she felt the odd feeling of an overcity shift, with Lily and Tenebra in tow...


Buttercup was having a rough day. Her two companions, for different reasons, had decided to make enemies of eachother. This left her lost and anxius, so she needed some sorely needed escapism. And in the Overcity, all sorts of goods were present. She looked at the entire Gojira bootleg special edition displayed at her feet by the means of a rather suspicious looking Fairy.

"A good bargain, don't you think, miss? All the movies here. Don't ask how I got them."
“Uuuh, okay I will buy it...”

It was then when the reality tore apart and three magical girls appeared in front of her.

"YOU! THOSE MOVIES, WE NEED THEM!" Sakura said in a rather brusque tone.

“Why is my luck so baaad...”Buttercup, the unlucky monster girl lamented.

The fairy took a good look at Lily, then gasped. "It's the STOMPER's girfriend! I'm outta here!" She said, as she vanished on speedy, little wings.
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