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Current My Covid tests are suddenly like a shounen love comedy. I have covid! Then I don't have it! ... And there's this kind of dark edgelord with a needle wanting more lifessence for the truth.
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Man I wish that instead of a pandemic we would have radscorpions prowling around. Less dull.
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I am fine. Everything is marvelous! I feel like we have entered a new era of human greatness!
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Country wide lockdowns are so boring. Thank the internet for minimal leisure.
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Diana was on her bed, sitting. She wasn't doing much, merely staring at a wall. And not even there. Her gaze was unfocused, like that of a weary soldier, her mind lost in the horizon. She did acknowledge the intrusion with a tilt of the head.Right, it was my week to renew the spirit wards. I must have forgotten what with CEL BEING KILLED and Luigi on the prowl.

"Don't need to. You reek of Clara's od. Should have better taste with messengers though." Her eyes, weary and with noticeable dark bags under them blinked slowly. Her gaze rested on their question. "No, it's a wonderful time. I was looking forward to a visit from an accursed little-girl-ghost thing that will show me the past christmas or something. So really, it's a great time. Now that Lightbringer is dead by Luigi's hands there could not be a better time to talk. I'm pretty bored with the whole idea of going in a self destructive rampage right now." She said, in a calm tone, betraying an unrelenting sadness and fury underneath.

"So little sweetcheeks, this had better be important, or I will make use of you as spell components."

Sometimes, everything started with a call. The call. Upon receiving it, a somber known voice would deliver probably a piece of news tough to stomach. Such had been the case for the Blackgate family, now bereaved and without home. Victor Blackgate, the patriarch, had finally arrived... to find nothing left of his home, and strange tales from his children who were staggered at the loss of a mother.

He needed to know. He needed to understand. And that's when the call was made to acquaintances. First his trusted allies. Then people who might had been witness to his children's recent mishaps. And so, Victor had called Wolf, requisitioning for him to talk, a message relayed by his own comrade in arms who happened to be Wolf's father. The direction was an affordable motel.

"I need you to come. There's something I need to be explained."

Wolf was at a loss. He had probably shared all of two words with Victor in the past... mostly because the man barely ever spoke. That was at best a mild exaggeration, but the fact remained. It was strange that the man wanted to speak to him specifically and at some random motel.

He was at least half certain the man wasn't going to kill him.

Someone like Victor would have been more upfront about that.


And so Wolf arrived, knocking at the door he'd been directed to, wondering all the while what the hell was going on.

It was then when the door opened, revealing a shadow that loomed upon the small knight. Huge and overbearing, a meaty paw was raised, and then made a single finger gesture, pressed against the lips that bore small dents and scars of a hundred battles. "They are asleep". Said Victor in a coarse rumble, his attempt to not raise the tone. "Mona is dead. My house is gone." He added as he closed the door. "Mer keeps saying she has to be a good girl. She has lost so much weight she resembles her late mother now." His gaze steeled. ""

Wolf's mouth hung open, perhaps answering the question long before he could verbalize it. He was only learning about this just now.

"N-nothing. Wh-what? When!?" He figured he should leave out that he'd been threatening Mona for... the next eternity or so. That particular fact didn't seem conducive to his continued existence at the moment.

Victor narrowed his eyes, as he leaned upon wolf. His stammering was genuine, but the choice of words was not. "" He replied again, insistent, like a hound having found an scent.

"Th-the last time I was at your house I was... just talking to Mona about Meredith. She'd been acting... off lately. I, u-umm, w-wanted to know if she knew anything about it. It got a little heated so I left to keep from b-bothering the kids..." Wolf swallowed nervously. "That was the last time I saw them." Well it wasn't a lie anyway.

Victor frowned deeply, his hand reaching his chin now. " What did Mer do, Wolfram. I was told nonsense. A masked guy who pretended to be a girl blew my house up and beheaded Mona according to Zack. And Mer is making the same miserable stare as when i first found her, half feral." His teeth gnashed by now. "My life is ruined and unless i get the truth, I might... lose it for good."

"She... uhh... got manipulated by some bad people into helping them do something... people almost got hurt..." Wolf explained vaguely. He'd barely been able to handle the truth, having been forced to live through it. He wasn't sure Victor needed to know the full details right now. "M-maybe Meredith can tell you more when she's... calmer?" If Victor really insisted, he'd say more... but he hoped he didn't have to.

"As for your house, and that girly man I've the answers you're looking for." Someone says as they emerge from another motel room. Wearing a pair of tattered cargo pants, combat boots, and a wife beater. His body looked more metal than man, almost like he had a suit of plate mail integrated with his mortal form. "Hey, uh, judging from what you said...You're Mer's dad..." The stranger says, motioning towards Victor. "And you're....Her friend?" He asks, motioning to the poor terrified looking lad. "My name is Luigi, and, uh, mind if we talk around back? I'd rather stay away from wandering ears."

Victor's eyes narrowed even more as he stopped all sudden movement. His gaze rested on Wolf, bearing his full intensity on it. However, by a stroke of luck, his attention went elsewhere. A newcomer. Victor did not make any further comment, merely a grunt of acceptance as he began to walk away, indicating with his head that both of them would have to follow him somewhere secluded by the emergency stairs.

If it wasn't for the fact that Wolf had seen a being similar to this Luigi during the tournament, he might have panicked more at his sudden appearance. How did he know Meredith? How did he know... anything? Who exactly was he? Why was he here?

Why did Meredith bring nothing but chaos into his life these days?!?!?

For now all he could do was nod and follow and hope this guy was as forthcoming as he promised to be.

"...Now, to start off, the masked girly man who blew up your house, and killed your Mona was a friend of mine. He came to me looking for weapons and armor....him and his brother. They both acted possessed, even his brother begging for his mother as whatever it was quashed his will. They talked about going on a divine mission to kill fate breakers. One of those fate breakers was a friend of disposed of them. Your Mona was avenged, and in doing so it nearly killed me...Mer found me walking down the street, dying. She saved my life. Not the first time she did either. If you recall the cultist attack, I had my chest ripped open by one, and she healed me then too. As for everything else.....I've no idea, other than she seems immensely stressed out." Luigi starts, before he lets out a deep sigh.

"This entire thing has been a shitstorm, and I'm sorry for not getting ahold of you earlier. My phone went up in the disposal." Luigi adds, very purposefully avoiding talks of killing. He turns to Wolf. "..You seem of the right age you might of ran into him before. Do you know of a fellow named Celest Lightbringer? Goes by Cel?"

Victor's eyes became wide at the mention of the masked killer and how it attacked Luigi and Mer... before his eyes became like pinpricks. He bit his lips so hard he bled. His eyes rested on Wolf once more. "Yes Wolf, explain me, once again... you're lucky you are son of who you are son." Victor said a third time, this time in the form of an ultimatum.

Wolf let out a long breath. He didn't look scared anymore, so much as he did... resigned. He didn't like thinking about it.

". . ." For a moment his mouth opened silently. "She kidnapped my friend, using her as payment to convince someone to kill Vera. I stopped her, but that masked... person... was there. Probably the same one, but I never knew their name. They seemed to be playing both sides. After that it's a blur... my powers went out of control. When... I came out of it the masked one convinced Meredith to go with them. That's why I went to Mona, because I blamed her for influencing Meredith to act like that. But I didn't touch her, I left and then Meredith came and yelled at me for confronting her. But we talked and I thought I got through to her finally..." He let out another long sigh. "That's... that's all I know."

With his story told he finally processed what Luigi had said. The "Fallen One," AKA Cel apparently, was dead? Well... he wasn't going to lose much sleep over that one to be honest.

".......He was quite the manipulator. The wild card in the devil's den. Poor girl would never of known what hit her." Luigi mutters, his neutral stance slowly slouching as fatigue boiled up to the surface. "I know you don't know me, and you don't have any reason to believe me when I say that your friend Mer got twisted around by someone like Cel. With what I heard of her childhood from the little ones...He is a master of taking your pain and twisting the knife to whittle you into what he needs." Luigi tells as he reaches slowly to put a hand on Wolf's shoulder. His other hand produces a card with a number on it. "Here. Incase you've got anymore questions, or need help with something. A friend of Mer is a friend of mine, and someone willing to go talk to a demon about being a bad influence...that's a friend if I've ever heard of one."

Luigi also produces a card for Victor, the card flittering into the air from a port on Luigi's collar where Victor could see what it read, and could grab it.

Something seemed to break inside Victor as Wolf kept explaining. He was not an expressive man, but even he would feel sometimes as if someone had twisted a knife directly in his heart. His baby girl... well. She had done bad things, and she had been mingling with undesirable sorts. He eyed Wolf, as a meaty paw seized his shoulder. "I am deeply sorry for whatever trouble Mer has caused." He droned, ignoring Luigi's business card and stomping towards the door. Opening gently, he indicated Mer to come out. The eldest daughter obeyed, sheepishly. She had a real bad case of dishevelled hair and was obviously skipping on meals and sleep. "Dad?"

"I...thought that the poison had not gone that deep." He said. In a single movement, his hand shot at mer's face... backhanding her all the way to a lamppost. "I guess apples don't fall far from the tree. " Victor said, in a low rumbling voice. "I guess it's up to me to clean the mistakes of my children." He added, his gaze hostile. "I guess it was wrong trying to raise you as human, when you are anything but." His fists clenched. "I will make sure you don't ruin the Koenigsmann family any more than you did!"

Mer was unable to respond, instead clutching her face... with sorrow and resignation.

Wolf shared a concerned look with Luigi as the man stomped off back toward the room. There was no way... right? Victor was just as much a marshmallow as he was an unstoppable force of destruction. He'd literally married a demon to try and give his daughter a normal life. That was the kind of silly, if terribly misguided, thing Victor did.

He wouldn't hurt Meredith.

However, as he followed the man and heard his words... he began to fear otherwise. He sincerely hoped Luigi was ready to make good on his word, because he might be needed. Useless as a screen door on a submarine, but needed all the same. To be fair, Wolf was in the same boat. And then Victor hit her.

He wasn't a liar. Never had been, but his next words may as well have been a total falsehood, "I-I don't know what you're intending, but... if you try to hurt her again... I'll stop you!"

Not a liar because he wouldn't... but because if it truly came to it... because he couldn't.

He could only hope Victor wasn't willing to go that far. Because he would try, and surely Victor wouldn't raise a fist, or blade, against the son of his mentor.

. . . right?

Luigi's ears heard, and his feet began to move. There were few times in someone's life where Hermes boots found their way to them, but now was one of those times for Luigi. He saw Mer impact the lamp-post as though everything was going in slow motion. He slid, sparks flying from the steel against pavement as he moved between Mer and Victor. His feet burned from the sheer friction, but the pain fueled his sheer fury.
"Come towards her again, and I'll break every bone in your body. What kind of father strikes his child when they need help? What kind of father does what you did, leaving his children under a demon's care? To hell with you. The only stain is you, so come get some you bastard!" Luigi's voice roared, a sheer fury taking hold.
There were few things upon the god's green earth that drove Luigi towards such hate, but an abusive parent was one of them. While his mother died, these pieces of human garbage walked the earth spreading misery. Knowingly or not, Victor had summoned an obstacle that would only falter under complete destruction.

Victor gritted his teeth, silent without amswering, eyeing the two. He seemed to be furious, but did not strike twice. He simply lowered his hand. "Hm." He said, apparently calming down. "So, after all what's said is done, Wolfram... you are vouching for her." Victor added, only making a single passing glance at the metal man. "So do you... whoever you are." The rumbling man looked at Meredith, and then grabbed the metal man by the shoulders and carefully repositioned him to a side. "Mer. Are you truly sorry?"

Meredith looked at her father. "Ih...uh...yeshh..." She said, eyes teary. Victor's hand descended upon Meredith's head... only to pat her, and then give her a bear hug. "I'm sorry too. I've been absent for so long... my little girl. We best pick up the pieces, what do you say?"

Mer was unable to speak, breaking into sobs.

Wolf let out a long sigh of relief. It had all been for show, but it had worked. He had a feeling in Luigi's case it had all been genuine, but the metal man had no idea what he was up against. Even Wolf didn't know the limits of Victor's power, but he knew enough to know that if he'd decided that he wanted to hurt Meredith... he would have. They had no real say in the matter at that point.

But for now at least the crisis was averted and Wolf placed a hand against the nearby wall to hold himself up, stress flooding out of his body as he tried to convince himself it was OK to relax again...

He opened his mouth, but words didn't come out. It was all too much. Meredith was becoming too much. One minute she was betraying him and the next she was in dire need of his help. And he just gave it. Against insurmountable odds he's barely hesitated.

Were they even yet?

With those thoughts on his mind, all he could really do was shoot a grateful look at Luigi. He wondered if he'd have been as bold had he stood alone.

Luigi Vile watched tensely as he was moved by Victor, having to resist the urge to strike out if only for the moment. He watched as Victor talked to Mer, her blubbering as he hugged her. Feeling all that aggression he had built up begin to die down, Vile started to walk back towards his motel room. As his gaze fell over to Wolf, he caught a look a gratitude and sent back a gentle smile, and an offer. "Hey, wanna cola?" He offers, seeing the situation as mainly defused. He thought he might as well leave Victor and Mer to their bonding, knowing if something kicked up he could make a direct b-line to the scuffle.

That, and his feet were killing him after that stunt of sliding across the asphalt. The smell of hot metal was still faintly upon the open air and the skid marks were still ground onto the pavement.

After a few moments, Victor seemed to talk again. He was tired. Clearly he hadn't been talking this much in years. "This city is not safe anymore, Mer. We will go to my hometown. All of us four. Maybe a little peace is all we need." The man said.

That seemed to get a reaction of Mer: "Wh...what? But..."

"I will give you a few days to mull it over..." He said. "Now... I need to check on those two, too. " The giant man said, as he released Meredith from her bear hug and went back to the hotel room.

Wolf didn't understand. Before he could respond to Luigi, Victor spoke of leaving with all his children. Wolf didn't know what to think. It was like he'd lost Meredith, gotten her back, and here she was about to leave his sight again. Perhaps it would be better for her, but he'd promised to be there for her like he should have been all along. And... could Victor keep her under control? Stop her from slipping? What if she slipped again and his response was another back-hand?

And quite frankly, selfish as it was, he'd miss her... somehow... despite everything.

"H-hey... are you..." What? OK? Of course she wasn't OK! She was as far from OK as she had ever been, he was sure. Or at least dangerously close. ". . . can I do anything?"

"......I'll take that" Luigi begins, also seemingly gob smacked by the sudden declaration. He looked at Victor confused, like he was processing things, before he turned to Wolf looking very confused. He shakes his head, and heads back towards his motel room to go get something ready. As much as he owed Mer, he didn't know how to help her with this. "If you need anything, don't be afraid to ask Mer. Anything at all." Luigi says, before he vanishes into his motel room.

Meredith looked at her father's back, trying to extend one hand sheepishly to his departing figure. She did not say a word, but the eyes were telling all everything that was unsaid. Confusion, grief, defeat. "I don't know... can you? You can't help being who you are. You're not my prince in shining armor. We should stop deluding ourselves. Mother's gone now... father's back. I guess it would be nice to just start a new leaf. " Meredith said as she strained herself trying to piece herself together. "The real question... being if it's in this city or not."

Part of Wolf knew that separating Meredith from her remaining family wasn't ideal. However, he didn't know what was ideal for Meredith anymore.

"You'll... always have a place if you stay here," Wolf told her after a moments hesitation. "In the past... you were always there when I needed you most, so I'm here for you now. It's... how it always should have been." And how it would be going forward if he had any say in the matter. If things spiraled out again it wouldn't be from a lack of effort on his part. He couldn't let that happen again. "No matter where you end up, you just have to say something. Even if it's your father." Again, a borderline meaningless gesture in practice, but that wasn't the point.

"Likewise. If you ever need anything call, even if I have to cross the planet I'll get there. I owe you a life debt, and that's something I take seriously. If you decide to stay, you'll have two places you can go." Luigi offers."I...if I can voice my concerns, I worry about your safety if you go with him. He leaves you with a woman who shows young children pronos, and then attacks you by sending you flying with a punch. It's...not a good look from the outside....looking in.....But I don't have the full story, so I won't render full judgement."
With that, Luigi gently gives Meredith a pat on the head with the kind of touch one might have with delicate glass. "I'm sorry all this is happening to you."

Meredith stood still for a second, eyeing Wolf. Even after all of this, he still offered his hand to her. Nice to a fault, that was probably when she had become smitten with him. And then literally batshit crazy for him. She smiled tiredly at the young knight, as she stood tall. However, the niceties soon turned curdled upon hearing Luigi. "Father is a fool. But a fool who charged a succubus lair to rescue a child of his who only knew he had known by rumours until then. He's rough around the edges, in a similar way to you, Luigi. Surprisingly that you did not catch on this earlier." She paused, after a bit. "Alright I will speak to father..." She finished, after starting to walk proud once more.

She had a noticeable sway in her hips, while doing so, as well as a glare... that was reminiscent of Mona once more.

"Dad?" She asked.

"Yes, Mer?" His voice rumbled.

"I'm staying." She said, flashing a vicious smile.

"HAVE YOU LOST YOUR M-" It was the vicious rumbling of Victor again followed by one of his tough lecturing slaps.

Except this time, it was cross countered. With a punch to his face. Meredith reeled and buckled under the pressure, but countered. If there was something she had learnt about all of this... nonsense is that sometimes the nice way was not the best way. It was a delicate balance. "I don't know, Have I? I still have friends here, you know. Oh, and the whole thing about the demonic taint? Why don't you fucking recollect how shitty my life has been as of recent. You can't , Can't you. All you are good is for flexing muscles. I may be at fault, but the hell you were thinking, really?"

Victor was... speechless, as if force had escaped her.

"So how about this, dad. I stay, you take my younger siblings, Satan forbid i need a break specially from that little mini-Mona called Annah. Spend more time with Zack, he idolizes you. "
Victor's voice ...trembled. "Uh...okay." He reeled back, not physically hurt, but surprised that Meredith was that insistent in that regard. "You will come on weekends, right?"

"...I have wings to take me anywhere." Meredith shrugged. "And you're still my dad. Even if you're a musclehead." The half-demoness said, before stretching herself to kiss her father's cheek.

"Wha-" The ruckus seemed to wake up the two little siblings, who were now awake, staring at the exchange wide eyed. "Did the mammoth just countered DAD??"

"That was cool!" Zack said.

"......Explains why I didn't like him from the start." Vile mumbled after watching Mer walk away, a sense of dread forming in the pit of what would of been his stomach. ".....I feel like I did something stupid...." Vile grumbled, cursing his own lack of social grace. He looked over to Wolf and looked like he was about to ask something before shaking his head. "Hold onto that card for if you need anything. Car repairs, a new weapon, or hell, even jewelry is in my wheel house.....First one's free." He says, before he begins to shuffle back to his room.

Wolf tensed up at the sound of Victor slapping her again, but this time it seemed Meredith had the confidence to deal with it herself. It seemed... that it was over. The future still left him nervous, but for the first time in a while, he let himself breathe. He had some faith now that he could handle what would come.

"Thank you..." he said to Luigi. And he was thankful. Thankful that he'd lent his voice and that he might be there in the future as well. And he was also just thankful that it had all ended well -- that it hadn't become another painful chapter in his life.

Meredith looked then at the two boys, while nursing her hand. That had been worse than punching a brick wall, but it had yielded result. She tilted her head, and then smiled coyly eyeing Wolf. "Actually... can you dance, Wolf?"

". . . a little." Vera had tried to teach him once, but apparently he'd been largely incapable of transferring fighting footwork to dancing. Considering who his parents were, he was lucky anyone had ever tried to teach him. Or not so lucky considering what Vera had said to him every time he messed up... "Umm, why?"

"Well, that sounds rough. Ask your girlfriend to teach you. There's a charity party soon" Meredith said, and promptly walked towards him, eyeing Luigi. "Can you dance, Luigi?"

Luigi stops, and thinks for a few moments. "Hmm, for something like the charity party? I could certainly try. I've always fancied slow dancing. Why do you ask?" Luigi replies, not registering what such a question would mean.

"Excellent. I won't take a no for an answer. You're coming with me." Meredith said. "Even if you're Mephisto."

"...Wait, what? I'm horrible, an eyesore, and be around...." Vile starts, as if he was going to protest before he sighs. "Ok, what time would you like picked up, by car or by horse, and would you like for me to make you a dress for the event?" Vile offers, a bit thrown off his game.

So that was it. Even without Vera telling him about it, he recalled now that a costume ball was being held. Vera had actually sounded somewhat excited.

He didn't know much about this Luigi. Him being a Mephisto and what he'd just said should have made him nervous, but he clearly had some code of honor or loyalty which seemed to be working in Meredith's favor, so he said nothing. If anything, he was glad for it. It would make things easier. Someone else to keep an eye on Meredith and to keep her company at the event.

There was one last issue though. One that wasn't going to be so easy in the end.

"Umm... I'll get out of your way for now, but..." He sighed. "When your father leaves, let me know. You can stay with us. I'm sure my father will allow it." The difficulty of course coming from when Vera inevitably found out. But he'd deal with that dumpster fire when it happened.

Meredith looked at Luigi. "You get things done. That's what it matters in the end, Luigi." The girl said. "I do have an idea for a dress already. As for the pickup, I don't need anything. I can fly, remember? And your house just blew up." She paused eyeing Wolf.

She raised an eyebrow.

"Are you a masochist? As much as a I have decent memories of that house, that girlfriend of yours... oh well, I appreciate the effort." She said, shrugging. "Will be fun... to see you trying to reign her in." Meredith added, her smile now resembling Mona's.

"......Oh...right....also..uhh...thank you for...going with me....the only other people who'd normally want to go are no doubt gonna be in a sour mood..." Luigi starts, before seeing her grin at Wolf, as if she was about to put a straw in him and suck out his misery. "....So..uh...I've gotta go get a suit tailored. Have fun with your masochism." He adds, as both a gentle jab, and a reasoning as for his departure.

"It's fine. I'll manage somehow," Wolf mumbled, trying not to think about it. "I can't let you be homeless."

"Okay then... I will be seeing you then." Meredith said, before waving her hand to her family too, and Wolf. "Now, let us go, Luigi." She added, while neatly sliding herself to grab his arm "Gonna start practicing now. You don't think I will ALLOW you to get that suit tailored without me?"
Those who remain


"Thank you, book lady." The voice of Ai fidgetted, before she and her mother exited through the portal, back to the relative safety of her old home. That was the deal breaker for Yui. She was getting out of this city as soon as possible.

Meanwhile Kamy looked at the new girl's eyes. She was a downcast, battered little thing, but she seemed to have useful powers. It would do no good if she started ordering her around in her fragile state so she... shuddered and made the body contact humans were more known for, cradling Tenebra's face beneath her hands and drawing her close.

"Can you do a little thing for me, child? Then we all get home, and you shall have food and refreshments. As well as handling funeral rites." Umukamui said to Theresa, and whispered into her ear, while the corpses of the two magical girls disappeared somewhere in Umukamui's teleporting signature move.

The girl silently nodded.

And both disappeared from the Overcity...

Sakura's antics with the half naked Shoggy were cut short by the telltalle smell of gore and seared flesh. Her neck snapped to see the gross spectacle that had been the beasts attack, as she gritted her teeth and still tried to keep herself on her feet, despite how tiring this was.

"That looks painful!" chirped the half-horror naked girl wrapped in a pink blanket with ribbons. That wasn't helpful.

"W..hy...didn't you... dooodge!??!" Sakura let an exasperated growl at the situation. She had no healing powers. Emily was a fire user. Shoggy was just something you'd find after three months in a fridge. Umukamui was a sexy jerk who would not meddle directly, and the new silver haired girl looked a bit eerie and loopy on her own.

Hold on.

"GAH!" Sakura jumped off her feet at seeing the two newcomers materialized from thin air. "What the hell, titty rat!?" The young-looking magical girl chastised.

"I was off... recruiting. Meet Tenebra." Kamy said, as she crossed her arms, her sight now resting on Shoggy.

"Hi." said the new, frazzled girl. "And don't call mother like that." She added. "Or you are going to have a bad time."

Sakura raised an eyebrow at the circumstances, looking at Emily, then at Umukamui, then at the newest girl who did not look like the sharpest knife in the drawer, then at the scene. "Uh, we need healing, actually." She pointed at the situation.

"I can help. I got this." said the newest silver-haired weirdo, with shaky words as she just...floated away towards the wounded, healing sphere in hand.

"Shoggy can help too! She has nice cleansing hugs." The horror girl added, before being cut short by Umukamui.

"Shoggy... by any chance... did you revert?" The female-form puchuu said, eyes like daggers.


"Back to the jar with you." Umukamui frowned, as she pulled the same jar where the magical girl had been once stored, which then proceed to create a magical vacuum and absorb the horror girl entirely before she could object.

"Oi you rat bastard..." Sakura grumbled. Shoggy was stupid and disgusting in her appearance, but that did not mean she could be handled like instant soup.

"It will only be temporary. I have assignments for her and the new girl. Outside the city. They will protect your... family's new city." Umukamui said. "As they're going to be evacuated, to a safer place." Kamy added. "They got caught in a riot. My apologies. They weren't hurt... but it was a harrowing experience. Lily did fend the attackers off, though."

That was it. Sakura reached her limit again. Growing extremely silent, her leg whipped out like a snake, landing with a sickening crunch on Kamy's face. Teeth were broken alongside the jaw. But the... human simulacrum did not budge one second, before rolling her eyes.

"Feeling better? You're lucky the new girl did not see this. She has a strong emotional attachment." The Puchuu talked, disregarding the bloody mouth and the broken jaw.

"Do you have ice in your veins you fucking asshole... or what?" She whispered to herself, nursing her sore leg. Well, at least things were more or less done for the day. She couldn't wait to plot down next to Emily in a couch and watch cheesy movies until sleep.


“I am so FREUDIAN right now”



"Heh, Blood is the color of life." Reaver said, amusing the jest. "Pardon me if I don't laugh but I will bleed even more, my lady." The knight said, as he breathed in relief seeing the healing artifact repair his body even further. With the boost of healing, he doubled his efforts into leaving the scene. "I beg you pardon, but do you know of shelter by any chance? After my fight, I do need to make myself scarce for a while." He said.

He pondered. Was he being too straightforward with this woman? Why was he trusting her so far. It was a warm, soothing feeling for some reason. Familiar. He had never felt like this. No other woman had managed to make him drop his defenses so easily, and with Chloe's betrayal he should have been more wary around her.

But why could not he? Was she a psychic? She did not look like a psychic user.

Why did she feel so familiar, anyway?

Darkest Before Dawn - Vault

Moved to Vault, due to recent changes in RP policy:


-Grosket-roasted Reaver


Splinters, blood and flesh clouded Reaver's vision for a few moment, as the might of combined attacks fell his opponent. Battered and bruised beyond belief, he first rolled into the ground, extinguishing the fire, and then limped to his feet, clutching one of his many wounds and cuts. That was it. There would be no further fights. Bravery was already growing into recklessness territory, and other people were getting involved.

That new girl... well, monster-girl, as his third eye told him by the way she had changed shape and burrowed herself into the creature without doubt had been quite the boon. And he was grateful. Flexing his mind, his berserker thirst subsumed into that of a dark gallant knight persona. Perhaps this newcomer could be befriended and favoured, filling in the gap that Chloe's lack of concern for his efforts had emptied. There was neglect play, and there were neglecting duties and commitments. Something that Reaver did not take kindly.

Scooping the girl's warped form in his arms, he pushed himself to bring his healing forth with reinforcement. Not that it'd do much in the sorry state he was, but the intention mattered.

"I am grateful for your assistance, my lady. Now let us leave the battlefield, once and for all." Reaver said, as the ugly regeneration of his was slowly bringing his body to a working state. He grunted, strained under the effort of carrying someone bridal style despite the heavy wounds, and then put his still working legs to work, as he left, the barriers weakened enough for both to retreat safely.

And yet... why did this girl seem so familiar? Had he seen her somewhere? He could not place a finger on what it was, but he had this gut feeling that somewhere, in the past, they had met.
The Crying Game

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And then…


The bittersweet peace of a haunted battlefield was only pierced by the faintest of wails of tiny mourning creatures, having assisted with horror what was the death of their favorite entertainer. Corpses grew cold, as girls were depowered and a young boy searched frantically for an exit, fed with conflict. Mother stared at daughter. Daughter stared at mother. Yui had sheltered the worst bits of the carnage, but Ai had seen enough. She was somewhat shaken and aghast.

“I’ve had enough…” The beauty snarled, memories of a past life, a harsher life resurfacing. But even she, was stopped short.

Amidst them all, a new figure appeared. Silver haired, blue-eyed. It had been a mere curiosity at first, despite the ongoing battle against the horror. Umukamui could not field more effectives and interference was tricky, so all the puchuu could do was sit, wait and plot. Such as a calculated example of goodwill. Those Beacon types loved compliance by using these methods of keeping a family safe. Umukamui never imagined they would be taken to the Overcity by a trio of horror servants. But where there was strife, there was opportunity. He had learnt that much.

“Landlady!” said Ai, recognizing the figure that not long before had brought grave news before the Yamamotos. That ice-cold woman had delivered severe blows, with the death of the father of the house, Sakura, and the acknowledgement that now the flat belonged to her ilk.
“As if things could not get…any better.” Yui said, her face scrunched up in disgust, as she eyed the woman who, not a minute before had appeared out of thin air.

“The exit is around that way… Butterfly shop, If I am not mistaken. Tell them I sent you.” She pointed, as she eyed both the Yamamotos, and the fleeing Alexander.

They didn’t waste a second thought, running away on quick feet.

Eyeing Lily, the straightforward one, who had quite never been hostile at any of his forms, he brushed her hair as Alexander flew past. A good addition to the team, she would have been, had she not left midway to the struggle. And now... Umukamui could feel no patron enforcing this girl.

“Open for recruiting huh.” Kamy said to herself, noting to extend a decent offer to the now patronless girl for services rendered. A card with a phone number materialized in Lily’s pocket.

“Thank you, landlady!” Ai said, as she was hushed away by her own mother, being dragged away from the madness. Another potential Umukamui noted. Recruiting a sizeable force was an act of balancing. Her father turned magical girl would be peculiarly…incompatible with this kind of recruiting.

It was then when Kamy noticed something else. The last of these three girls had awoken, and was crying softly, hugging herself to the remains of her old comrades. Pebbles wobbled up and down as her powers misfired, and she still had a terrible case of electrically combed hair.

“Gone…they’re gone….uhhhuhuuhhuuu” Tenebra babbled as she rocked back and forth, failing to notice anyone else in the vicinity. Not even Alexander. Not even Lily. Not even the Fairies and not even Umukamui.
“I…don’t wanna do…it…anymore…” She said, as she twitched. Dark claws of her eldritch master digging deep down in her mind, in her psyche. “I…wanna…die…” She wailed.

Kamy tilted her head, as she focused. “Star Eater… we meet… again. The dances of karma spin many threads indeed.” The Puchuu turned woman spoke, to no one in particular. “Yes, yes… but how about leasing me the this one for the time being?” Umukamui said. “It’s not like you expect to gain much, your power was cut to one third in this city.” Kamy said, eyeing the gravity girl.

The dark thrumming ceased, as the mark of the horror left the girl’s body, leaving the silver haired girl dazed. Her eyes finally noticed the form of Kamy. Silver hair. Blue eyes. Same as Tenebra's. The mind under duress worked. She jumped to conclusions.

“Mom! You’re back! It was so scary, scary! Everyone is dead! That zapping girl killed them! And the dark voices would not stoppp!” She bawled, her response prompt as she buried herself into Kamy’s bosom.

Umukamui was a level headed creature. An alien of unfathomable whims and reasons. But even him… sometimes had peculiar, more relatable reactions. Shock, for starters. Followed by anger. You’re soiling my best human female simulacrum with your body fluids you loud, spitting, mewling human larva!. Still, as if by trained by a reflex, her hand went to comfort the extremely confused girl as she kept mourning.

“It will be okay. “ Kamy cooed. Soft words worked wonders when it came to herding confused young human larvae. “I am here. I won’t abandon you.” She said.

“Now please make a contract with me and become a magical girl.” She added with aplomb.

The streets, admiring the Rocky Mountains and the Great Canyon


Jimmy looked at the parcel that the other girl handed her. What were these, casino coin chips? He couldn’t make sense of half of the magical girl minds sometimes, but he accepted all that was given so… he took the reward to himself.

Jimmy then smirked, addressing Tetrad. “Fine… you drive… a hard…bargain…” He acquiesced without too much fight, as he summoned his willpower to stand upright. The fact that Tetrad had decided to show her back to him was a sight to sore eyes. Or limbs. Or broken teeth.

“It's Kingqueen34, not 69! 34!” He corrected. And the Grand Succubus Herald made himself scarce.

Sakura stood still, as she watched her ally go. Relentlessly rolling. Zapping. Fighting. Winning. Even despite the last desperate sword attack.

“NANIIII??!!!!” She shrieked, a high pitched squeal that added to her disbelief, and then looked at Emily. “…Is Shoggy a Banchou or something!? Can I become boss at this rate?” She sputtered at the spectacle, wondering what in the hell was the deal with the shifty rat. If she had just pulled a magical girl who could stomp horrors while being one herself, what was next, interdimensional pocket bags that released Shinigami on flaming motorbikes?

“Tell me you saw that, Emily. Tell me. For my sanity’s sake.” She couldn’t completely believe. It was somewhat sad the not-beast had carried itself while looking at Faith, but the disco rolling doom jello seemed to be the highlight in Sakura’s mind, so-

“Fuck, Emily! Evade!” She said as Shoggy, bereft of a target, engaged the group at cruise speed and...

...just kind of stopped short before the two. And began to tremble and shudder, making some awful squelching sounds. As if it was to give a giant, eldritch sneeze. The pulsating creature then... expelled the form of the monstergirl once more, while the remaining carcass of the ooze that should not be evapored into tar-like ichor. being whole herself again, blinked twice, and tilted her head. "Where is the doggy?" She asked in confusion.

Sakura facepalmed heavily. "Dead." And then she pointed to the obvious. All transformations had a toll. And Shoggy was particularly jarring. And horrifying.

"Get some fucking clothes." Sakura said, pointing at the monstergirl's naked form, before trying her best to summon whatever pitiful magical juice she had to manifest a pretty blanket to cover the naked horror girl.

At what point… had this mission been tainted? What had been the original flaw, the original crack on all the theoretical plan before all went to hell? Reaver pondered briefly about this situation, the cycle of pain and pleasure firing up his neurons in overdrive. He had screwed up, but when had he started? How had this happened? It would not matter. Right now he was on fire. Being crushed by a beak. On fire too. Someone had noticed his fight and came to his aid. Normally he’d feel a bit insulted at being perceived this incompetent, but at this point anything was welcome, really.

Except she was on fire.

Are you going to let more allies suffer so you can go home, William? He asked himself as he unsummoned his axe simulacra, the sword once again appearing in his hands. He did not know who was the mysterious challenger. But every single fiber of his being was telling him to man up and save her. He was beyond exhausted, and tricks could only do so much on lean fuel. Well then, it was time to entrust everything to one of his last aces in the sleeve. When everything fails. When everything crashes into fire and burns, there’s only one way out.


Such was the power that Odin had granted him in first place. Not flashy magic. Not bizarre supernatural abilities. Merely the ability to cut everything up deader than dead. Regeneration, third eye? Those were reliable, sure, but neither would be able to forge victory. Odin and the Mint… he knew that he had to take victory with his own hands.

Valhalla or death.

His thoughts raced to that one swordswoman whose swordsmanship had nearly made a fool of himself. She was beyond his reach… and yet… He felt he could climb to higher heights. His arm, was flayed, but firm. His mind, tired beyond imagination, yet unwavering. One mind. One Sword. Swift strikes.

Grosket’s hand beak exploded in a show of gore and cinders as Reaver himself cut deep into the ligaments that sustained the strength. Form and function. Just like the vines, the fearsome beak was made of flesh. Flesh which was unarmored now, to the mercy of an unforgiving blade that no longer could be tangled by vines.

Hand ligaments. Arm ligaments. Jaw ligaments. Neck muscles. Other arm muscles. Everything in the path of Gram’s replica was skillfully cut, revealing that for all the sturdiness, bone and muscle could hold so much against someone who knew where to cut. The paradox of living beings, and natural things. So strong… yet so weak because of their complexity.That was one of the lessons his father had once taught him. Who knew it was going to be useful in a situation like this, against this ent-turned-Wicker-Man thing?

“Glory to Odin, Woe unto to you! Unhand her, you dreg, and disappear!” He yelled as he strained every fiber of his being into this display of swordsmanship.

Sakura & Shoggy

“Bad doggy!”

“Quotes now, really Tako-brain, really?”

-The eponymous two


Sakura, feeling the faint tingle, looked at Emily. “Well, it sort of stopped whatever that fuck was doing. At the very least.” She sighed. “He had us though. But don’t-cha worry, Emily. I fight better without magic.” She said, steeling herself to stand on her feet and adopting a martial arts stance, using her breath to gather the meager force she was left with.
“Only just enough magic to punch those ghosts, and I’ll be peachy.” She conceded.

It was then when she realized what was happening, with the sudden laser attack. “Son of a-“ She was cut short, as she tried to scramble and put her guard up.

Only for her teammate… for the sake of a better word, appearing in between her and the launched beams, shadow shields catching each shot as Shoggy spread herself wide to guard the attack. No, it wasn’t a mere guard. Shoggy had also light magic, and that enabled her to redirect the attack using both her shadow shift and light magic back into the beast’s eyes, where they had come from.

“No! Bad pupper! Leave Shoggy's Umubuddies, and tentacle sis alone!” Shoggy’s shrill voice snapped at the aggressive move, as she readied herself to fight. She was the reliable one. She had been in this for longer, and had died several times. She liked magical girls, and wanted to be the cool big sister to them. That’s what humans, did right?

Except… maybe that doggie had gone too far. Maybe that doggie had to be taught a lesson. Horrorifying the horror, would not it be cool? A little chaos… could not hurt.

“Shoggy will lead the way!” She added, her hands making a square aimed at the wolf-thing. “Shoggy lock-on engaged!”. She added, as she began to tremble and smile, her Absolute Direction being activated with Ampodryl’s core in mind.
And that’s when it happened.

Shoggy’s midsection just burst into a fleshy dark ooze, like a popcorn made out of tar and flesh, the assembled girl body parts jutting out at awkward angles. They were but a shell for what Shoggy had once been, for what the eldritch creature was as its core. Her head’s expression was frozen in a grin as it was absorbed by the mass of tentacles, eyes and mouths, who appeared and disappeared inside the main crawling amorphous body.

“TEKKELI-LI!” A voice was heard through several mouths.

One of the crawlers in the dark. A shoggoth. That was Shoggy’s true nature. But the worst had yet to come, as the creature was no mere shoggoth. She was a magical shoggoth. Shifting through shadows, the creature’s tentacles began to shoot beams of light magic to anything that would dare to stand in the creature’s fast crawling towards Ampodryl.

“…Okay, that’s fucked up, even by magical girl standards.” Sakura could not help but comment.

The shot seemed to hit the mark, turning Banshee’s snarl into a gurgle as she seized her neck. A lethal wound, that would no doubt kill a normal magical girl. The necromancer staggered, and for a second it seemed like she was about to fall. Yet, her body reaffirmed herself, standing tall once more, the wraiths flaring in a circle around her.

At the same time, Buttercup felt a sting, and found herself with a knife on the leg. While her sturdiness was good, she was delayed just long enough for the second knife to hit her, draining of the emotion that sustained her aggression, and winding her down. However, for all Tetrad’s calculations, there was something that she did not account for. The drive that Buttercup had was despair. Without despair spurring her mind to action, she could feel other things too. She saw her opponents.

And then she saw her leader, bleeding cruelly through a neck wound. Banshee was a mean person…

And yet she was just a child. Someone to protect. Buttercup went all silent, as reinforcements and barriers flared around her. Despair and terror… were replaced by altruism. Fear was replaced by compassion and pity. Banshee had been abandoned by one of her allies. And she would no doubt succumb.

The volcanic rage of a mother bear whose cub was in peril ignited anew in the gentle, and unfortunate girl. No words were spoken, merely a second artifact of light powers being drawn that became a sword of light.

“Hurt her again, and I will tear you apart. She’s my Banshee.” Buttercup’s voice had dropped an octave, and there was none of her dithering and clumsiness in her voice. Reinforcement strengthened her limbs, as barriers formed around her wings, creating artificial mighty pinions. More than a monster girl, she looked like a guardian angel now. Or an enraged bear.

She wasted no further time nor minced words anymore, as with a flick of her hand, she began to heal Banshee. And then charged both of her opponents, without even a single word or cry. The sword of light blazed, cutting barriers apart. The maul would then strike where the sword had cleaved.

Banshee for her part, was busy channeling her wrath and magic. Like Buttercup, she had grown silent. And was trembling somewhat. That had been an unpleasant close call as it might have been. Her finger pointed at the girl with the bullets and magnetic powers.

“Anima Occiditis.”

An spectral maw burst from the ground just underneath said girl, burying itself deep in Shion’s chest. And then an indescriptible pain seized the whole magical girl, as her soul began to be torn away forcefully from the body, parts of the ectoplasm already being seen dragged forcefully out of her chest. Banshee’s killing blow, able to rip a target soul’s away from her body. The necromancer was pulling all stops there, covered by the relentless attack of Buttercup. Still, Shion’s magical power and karmic fate were able to somewhat stall the process insofar as the death was not instantaneous, but she pretty much was paralyzed with agonizing pain in the process.
That it looked grim was an understatement.

But… there was still hope. The World card that Tetra had drawn again, an omen of good luck burst into flames.

“Oh my.I guess I changed my mind.” Infernalia said having suddenly appeared behind Banshee when nobody was looking. It was a good thing, to have Incognito powers. Suddenly the zombies burst into black flames, product of a barrage of corrupt fire. Before Banshee could ever react, Jimmy’s stronger and nimbler hands snatched Banshee’s mystic weapon and symbol.

“YOINK!”. He said smugly.

The miracle happened. Banshee. The menacing one. The powerful necromancer, was panicking so much she cancelled her attack midway.

“GIVE IT BACK, YOU ASSHAT!” She said, uncharacteristically trying to grab it back from Infernalia’s hands and not even using magic nor recalling it back to her side.

The symbol… had her soul jar all along.

“Uhuhu, no.” Infernalia said, keeping the symbol out of the reach of the necromancer’s weak arms.“You’d kill them. It’s a shame. At least one of them is good looking.” The fire user said smugly, running a hand through his hair. “FETCH!”

And then with a mighty throw, the mystic symbol went into a nearby street drain, into the sewers. Banshee’s mouth hung agape, as she scrambled to get into the sewers as fast as her weak spellcaster legs could allow.

The enemy defeated, Infernalia could now look cool and flirt some more, and flirt he would.

That was when a livid Buttercup hit him so hard he was sent flying onto the same spot as Edward had just a while before, before crumpling himself into a heap in the ground. The monster girl then proceed to run after Banshee, worried about the necromancer's safety.

“Two…No…make it three dates.” He croaked pitifully.
Overcity Rock Night

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Seeing both of her comrades fall before her eyes, Soulburner… once known as Zophia, knew that their defeat was at hand. Her knees fell limp for a second, and it seemed as if she had lost all will to fight.
“Cruel and evil? What…do you fucking know.” She said, her voice shaky. “WHAT DO YOU EVEN KNOW!?” She said as she lifted herself to her feet. “YOU ARE THE ONES KILLING MY FANS, AND USING LETHAL FORCE!” Soulburner was crying, her eyes moist.

With tears of blood.

Amy for her part, had decided to play limp for the briefest moment. Despite Alexander’s assessment of her skills, she was far sturdier than he himself believed, physically on par with the beast boy, but he seemed fairly naïve. Surely if he saw her play dead, he’d give her an opening… and god damnit. He had put a barrier on top of her, didn’t he?
It was then when she noticed the state of her friend, and the normally playful and collected Amy went rightfully ballistic, starting to try and break the barrier with everything she had got.

“Zophia, NO!” She pleaded, Soulburner’s real name slipping from her lips. “DON’T DO IT!”

But her words never reached Soulburner, as the barrier was still in place. She had started her guitar solo once more. Even though the scenario was imploding. That her clones were gone. That both her allies were downed. She stood there, proud, shrugging off the tears, her own life being consumed as she kept going on with her blood magic, spirit energies around her.

It was a veritable storm. Of sorrow. Of anger, of regret. The wind and sound cut like knifes, not of cold and flesh, but soul. Indeed, a myriad of spectral shockwaves assaulted both lily and Alexander, the latter being just barely magically sturdy to not reel from the onslaught. However, Lily, as speedy and as electrically charged as she was, the attack would cut through her defenses like butter.

Why can’t we have good things?

Why our mothers abandoned us?

Why I was born like this?

Why only a horror heard our plights?

Why can’t Beacon leave us alone?

Why did you kill my fans and brought my friends to heel?

I hate you

I loathe you.

I despise YOU.


Eventually, sooner or later, the onslaught ceased, as Soulburner’s guitar exploded in a hundred of pieces, her magical suit vanishing alongside her now, normal limp body.
It was then when Amy’s desperate attack paid off, as she slipped from the barrier, and jumped to grab her friend’s body.
“No…nononono…Zophia, hey, wake up…” She said, all aggression and smugness abandoning her. “Don’t leave me. Don’t…” She cradled the now inert body against her, not making a move, before standing against the survivors.

“Well…I guess you win. Heh. I hope you choke on the reward or whatever.” Amy said, pulling her own blade. “I gotta care of this dummy on the next life…” She said, eyeing Tenebra. “I’m sorry Therese… you’ll have to go on without me. Unlike me and Zophia… you have talent…” She eyed Alexander. “A pity we can’t dance again, handsome…”

The blade pierced the heart. And a second foe fell, never to rise again.

The fairies wept. The stage vanished. Mother and child looked at the scene from their hideout, and hesitantly asked themselves if it was safe now.
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