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Current Moving around due to expiration of my job contract. Expect intermitent contact and/or heavy snark with chances of crap rain.
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If there is something worse than being bored, is to be bored and having a cold
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The RP i was going to try to GM is cancelled.
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If I could pick a medieval weapon for a fantasy rp, I think i would go with a flamethrower.
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I am gonna try my hand at GMing.


I run on GMT+1 Schedule.

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Celestine Lightbringer


Broken. Humilliated. Powerless. Celestine gritted his teeth as he was slumped unceremonously by what seemed to be Diana... but was anything but. That was something he had never expected. The dolly witch, which fumbled at each step had struck gold and surpassed him. Many of them did. Very much like his moniker, "The Fallen One" he had fallen from grace, and was once again in a hell of his own making.

He staggered, shouldered perhaps by the one person he found his touch gross...That shapeshifter, a biomass with the shape of a butler, was the one aiding him. He, who scoffed at the mere thought of partnering with him. "It seems...i have no choice but be led by you, mr DeVitt". He croaked, finally coming to terms to what seemed the only help he was getting. Mayhaps it was what he deserved. For what he could see, the carnivorous blob had also been heavily damaged by the encounter of now. Maybe they were not so different after all. One whose body could be anything, and one whose mind could recall anything.

Was that envy? Maybe. He resented many for their chiselled bodies and streamlined gifts, while he was just stuck with a subpar body, that, despite his control and exceptional will, was still lacking. If only he could change the one thing the Gods had burdened himself with... But it was in vain, as his brain, due to exertion, lacked the nutrients to stay conscious. And as soon as Gilliam led him out to safety, Celestine collapsed, without prior warning.

A black expanse appeared before his unconscious mind. Even when fainting, thanks to that blasted blessing of his, was still aware, and recording the experience, and unable to do a thing about it. Ever since he had awakened, even dreams were just droll chores of organizing the information within his mind.

A light lit yet, as a small, 5-year old version of himself greeted him. "They are meanies. Being unconscious sucks. It has been 5 months, six days, 24 minutes and 3 seconds since the last non-routinary sleep blackout. What shall we do now?"

"Zip it, Numen"Celestine exerted to his copy, which wasn´t really a copy. Numen was just the representation, the avatar of his power. Sometimes he manifested as separate entity, some sort of helpful application like that annoying clip of a certain word processor, and was sometimes just as grating. "Body functions, show me the results."

"All systems seem OK...but we won´t wake up soon." He gestioned to a gigantic, outlined version of his own body, like an holographic display, switched several colours before settling in a pale blue ghostly scene. "All cells have sustained astral hits and have been left with the bare minimum to sustain life. Even forcefully awakening with endogenous epinephrine might compromise integrity."

He had never seen his own body so...dim, Celestine thought. And just like that, he noticed the biggest concentration of life energy in a certain spot. "Numen, explain that." He called to the sum of all his knowledge.

"Complete match not found. Partial match with ... "Source of Gift" most likely."Numen droned, as Celestine then took over the display. "Warning, tampering is not advisable." The young boy construct seemed panicked.

"If only I had more...power." Celestine gritted. "I wouldn´t be in this situation." He thought to himself, as he rerouted energies to that spot. "It´s worth risking one´s life. Just like last time." He aded. "With the Witch. We managed to awaken my Laplace demon."

Numen let out a monotone wail, before fizzing to static. And suddenly, red screens popped all over the void.


WARNING: UPGRADE REQUIRES ~34$%&&!@@@ units of energ$%/%

·&$//" -EMONSTR- ·$&/%? Y/N YYYYYYY

Celestine´s self was now beset by static, as his inner self, and his outer self, now in his unconscious rest began to spasm and cough blood, before all of his bones were forcefully shattered. He wanted to scream, but his muscles were irresponsive, and he could not turn the pain system off.

"YOU FOOL." A female voice rang. A voice that was very much like the one he faked when he wanted to pass off as girl.

Outside, onlookers were treated to an spectacle, as Celestine´s body convulsed, and bent into awkward angles as bones, organs, and structures rearranged, and cells were modified even down to the genetic level. His small lithe body stretched and grew, hair now reaching past the shoulders. Two protusions appeared in his chest... signalling that perhaps he would not be a he any longer.

"Demonstration Metamorphosis completed. Be mindful of the cooldown." The now female Numen rang, before consciousness awoke Celestine like hot irons driven through his eyes. She, for she was a girl now, trembled weakly, like a newborn fawn, and pleaded.

"Water... Food... Plenty of 'em. Mirror." She said.

Just experimenting here...

@Thinslayer@Rhiven Knight

"But you want to say much more... but a secret is a secret as long as is not told and some secrets are known to sunder kingdoms." Darvus droned, as he hefted his equipment. "Farewell, mother." Darvus said, allowing himself to stare at his mother once more."It's high time the bird leaves the nest." He finally conceded, as he walked hastily outside of the room.

Keys... uh. Maybe I can find some of these secrets before I depart. He made a mental note to take a turn, before finding the doctor and Sir Draven perusing the same library he wanted to have a look. His frown was made patent, as it was obvious his search would be impeded.

Well, I guess this means mother won't try to portray her as possible match anymore. He thought to himself.
Imma going to say that my inspiration blew to metaphorical pieces, so I will take my leave. Sorry.
Geez, I had half a sheet done, then I realized I can't go Interview with the Vampire route and make a creepy kid vampire. Damn.

Lunatic in a suit of medieval armor it is...

Meredith bobbed back and forth, trying to get a good resting position. She was truly spent and comments seemed to filter as if it was through a heavy waterfall. One of the girls apparently thanked that, and decided to sit in a rather revealing position. Was she trying to tell something? Oh, that. She wasn't the most proper now. Perhaps that would explain the death glare from the Nun. Or maybe the fact she was half a demon after a cultist attack. The Mephisto folks were packing up and trying to retreat, but it was the gravity of Alto's voice that pierced through the haze of tiredness.

A murder attempt. It drove the point a little close to home, as she involuntarily raised her head to her neck, phantom pain flaring of the events that transpired. Celestine. Galbrek. Tank Girl. Vittorio, the one who was talking to Alto. They were Mephisto. Was that a school that groomed them to be naughty? Were the teachers, perhaps, like her mother?

But as far assassination attempts were concerned, Meredith was still touchy about the subject. She eyed the portal, and with a flicker of her wrist, a blast of energy cracked the ground even further, interrupting the portal connection. Circles and drawings were ways to channel energies, the dolly witch had said. She was quite good at this. A pity she probably would not speak to her again.

Smirking, she stood up and swaggered towards Rurik, her demonic features being forced to disappear, reverting to her normal girl guise. "Oh come on, leaving already? What a naughty boy. We don't bite you know? I bet Alto only wants a few questions..." Meredith cooed as she tried to embrace Rurik and prevent him from leaving. "And I could use new friends..." She smiled, eyes fixated on the boy as she tried to press against him.

<Snipped quote by AtomicNut>
And a heavily taxed Walder Frey has the stone, iron, and vision how exactly?

<Snipped quote by Abefroeman>
Jocelyn is a Westerosi name, actually.

There's a few precedents.

The vision is something he earned around the travels after losing his leg. Stone and Iron are paid by whoever owns the castle... coz if not, no mason would ever work.
@Inkarnate Thanks! I'll be here if there are any things that need fixin'

As an aside I am shaping Walder Frey to be a builder. His prices would not be too outrageous. Since you did mention rebuilding...
@AtomicNut You are not a punching bag, don't take it as such. The only penalty still in effect right now is the tax levy against your bridge tolls. Which is set to expire in 380 AC. (You can always use that in character drive/motivation.) Losing some land hurts, but it isn't as detrimental as that toll fee.

As for your Lannister Freys, here are all who survive.
Genna Lannister, Tywin Frey, Willem Frey, Lyonel Frey, and Walder Frey (Red Walder).

Up to you how succession works after Old Walder died.

I was kidding, dude. It's more the effort of having to get into minced details and think on how to perform tax evasion :P
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