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If there is something worse than being bored, is to be bored and having a cold
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The RP i was going to try to GM is cancelled.
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If I could pick a medieval weapon for a fantasy rp, I think i would go with a flamethrower.


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Diana sighed, and began to fiddle around in her bag, producing a rather ornate plush skull wallet. Deftly, she opened it, and produced her ID, place it a good inch or two away from Michael's face. She was used to this kind of situation, given how deft her movements were. "See? No tricks, kid" She said. "That's why you need more experience. Sometimes, things are not what they seem, trap user. You should get used to deceit. Isn't that your style of fighting?" The witch said, before withdrawing her id and walking away.

Maybe she should play the obedient little lamb instead and join Mephisto anyway? That Ward guy seemed to be bent on a self-aggrandizing quest, so why not nudge him a little? It was at this moment when Diana stopped her train of thought. She had spent too much time around Celestine that his bad habits had grown on her. But still, what Clara had done...

She decided she could give some more thought outside the school, so away she went.
There has been a sudden shift in my schedule so i expect an unknown delay for this rp. No less than a week. Apologies in advance.

Diana sighed, as she continued to walk away. Cross was a prety nosy, pushy individual, wasn't he? That hardly seemed a wrong first impression of him. He couldn't possibly be smitten by her. That had never happened, despite how sweet his ex-boyfriend words were. Even Michael, who for some reason, was being favourable in his treatment towards her, had not seen past her appearance and disguise.

He, like half of Mephisto would've believed, thought she was a little girl. "Just a ruined snake servant and some spent components. Nothing that some money and glue can't fix." Diana kept walking away. "I was trying to prove a point. I do not like people who play around in their deals, furthermore if it affects my family."

Diana stopped for a second, her face turning to Michael with a deadpan expression. "I'm actually a 3rd year. And I am old enough to even own firearms if I needed those." She finished, the corner of her lip turning a bit upwards in a mischievous smile for the briefest of moment. "You can drop the little girl. I am just petite."
Closing the discord invite. Due to the interest influx new applications will be invite only.

Diana raised an eyebrow at the stop sign, her glare piercing at Michael. "Michael, get the f*ck out of the way. This is no time to grow a pair. I'm really angry now." Diana hissed, still seething as she hovered, her eyes wary of the trap underneath her feet. The standoff seemed to go for an eternity (when in fact it was a couple of seconds) before Diana's demeanour changed. The presence of Michael made Diana rethink things a little. Michael was a bit naive, but not a bad kid after all. "Fine, Michael, have it your way." She didn't want to revel on this. Her magic seemed to go down as she landed a bit of ways away from the trap. "This creep over here." She began to talk pointing at Cross. "Stalked me. Then decided to act friendly with me, locked me up and then tried to insist in doing funny business with me." She told loud and clear to her acquaintance. "So he got burnt cause he cannot read the mood. At all."

Diana began to walk away towards the exit. "Tell Clara Erdrigan that she owes me for her misdeeds have hurt my family. And I will enact this toll one way or another." Diana spared a glance to Cross. "Diana Graeca, Witch of Bones." She finally said to Cross, before allowing the mangled snake to crawl beside her. "Next time work on your speech, as I was risking life and limb fighting cultists during the attack."
Can I bring back that scout I made?

No you can't it's mine now. Sure.
Right. Just did a bit of a barebones discord in anticipation of the actual thread. Clicky PM me for details.

At this point, Diana's eyes narrowed and she took her kitty hat in her hand, gripping it hard. She normally was calm and collected, but too many things had happened recently. Her near death... Her parents... Erdrigan playing games with her. The newcomer who would not just let her go, despite her more than obvious desire to leave, decided to insist in a spiel, each time aggravating her even more.

If he had taken the blow, and even showed some common sense back then, she would likely have stopped. But no, he had to keep lecturing her. Showing how merciful was he. Such hubris only seemed to light up the fuse within Diana. She began to concentrate.

The first fireball blew up the doors wide, showering Cross in shards before detonating on top of him as he so nonchalantly had given her his back to an angry witch.

"I came here with two options. Get a compensation or wage a small war." Diana said, now floating in midair. "Guess which option it is now, you smarmy fool. I care not for your friendship or offer. The way you proposed it, you can place it right next up to the stick up your arse." She added, the magic of reinforcement making her limbs glow with circuit-like patterns. "I will personally make sure you won't forget about this, and perhaps learnt much sought out humility."

Diana did nothing but to wait. She just waited until he took a seat, and then she ordered her snake to just stay down. At the last minute, though, the snake jerked, lunging at Cross' crotch with its pointy teeth. And then it would twist the bite if its were successful.

"Wrong choice of words."
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