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Leaving the rp.
Time: Night
Location: Ember Grove Hand of God Church
Interactions: Damien @FunnyGuy

Frida's eyes didn't leave Damien and his crass attitude, much like a sulky child who had just lost a game and found it boring, was somewhat tolerated. She did not relish in this either, but she couldn't rule out the remote possibility that Xavier, upon seeing what she had seen in the streets, had somewhat bent his strict demeanour to accommodate for the lupine curse of his informant. The crow moving away from her did not help either, but this more or less confirmed a nagging suspicion that the creature was a familiar. Of whom, she did not know... yet. But she had known that these creatures were extremely loyal to their masters.

So ... the master of the corvid was someone in Damien's closest circle, if... not the man himself. But what were the odds of such a colourful life finding his way into church? Pretty low. Then again...

Xavier did surprise her mildly upon putting the damned mutt as an equal of hers. But she had long known to endure flippant behaviours if it meant following means to an end. "Well, Father Johnson is the one in charge in here. If he trusts your judgement, who am I to doubt you, Damien?" Frida said, trying to appear a bit polite. "Still the situation is dire indeed. We shall need to communicate eventually. The chosen of the Beast prowl nearby. Stryges. Sons of Lycaon. Maleficae. I am grateful that I've been entrusted to this particular church under transfer orders from my superior exorcists. There is indeed much to do."

I really wonder what ticks underneath that careful kept guard of yours. Oh well, let's shake it a little. Frida pondered. "Allow me to apologize with a little blessing, even though I am no priest." She paused as she extended her hands upon Damien, more specifically the burnt fingers of his hand.

"Mark 16:18. "They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." She said out loud, as she mentally focused. Sanae She thought inwardly, as the once burnt flesh by the silver was knit anew and healed while she laid her hands on the werewolf, just like the healings of faith from the bible. When she was finished after a trifle."With this, you don't need to explain any wound whatsoever. May God be with ye, Damien." The nun smiled.

@Crowvette@Dezuel@Crazy Scion

Dmitry kept looking at the unimpressive rant of the other male student. Everyone made mistakes, no matter the person. Even the Tsar. It was hubris to consider otherwise. He just chose to let the comments go for now, an uninterested expression on his face. "I shall take this lesson to heart, my lady." He said to Lise, not bothering to adress the almost-frothing Andreim. More surprising developments appeared, as the shadow power of the other Valois seemed to startle Lise. Still, the fact that it mentioned a love letter was kinda troublesome.

"I don't remember anything about any love letter, my lady...?" He again said, in confusion. "Tis merely an introductory note to deliver to the princess of Valois in which it states I must serve her. And beg you pardon, I am not a servant of Lady Elise Valois. I shan't object if that is what you really wish, but are you really sure about sending me off? My service could be of some use. I can repair the door Andreim broke in his zeal. And the ground too. And prepare you a new bathroom. The rampage of a servant does reflect poorly on their master."

Dmitry sighed as he eyed Elise, and helped her to maintain her steady gait. "Don't worry, i still support your endeavour, Lady Elise. Love is beautiful." He whispered to the younger-looking of the Valois. Hopefully that brute wouldn't try to stomp her again.
Time: Night
Location: Ember Grove Hand of God Church
Interactions: Damien @FunnyGuy

Sometimes the Lord sent trials and tests to try one's patience. In this case, Ember Grove was quickly to be proving one, with the now unveiled werewolf still being adamant on his reason to be here. Maybe there was a hint of truth, if only because most werewolves were too impulsive or stupid to not try to keep in character when facing being discovered. They'd just flee, or transform. "A likely story." Frida said curtly. "You are telling me that you, a lycantrope, has been the bloodhound of Father Johnson?... Well I am supposed to believe in miracles, but it's a test of Faith on its own." Her eyes met with his, and she didn't seem to budge, until she broke visual contact with him.

"A test of Faith it is, then. I shall stand vigil alongside you, until Father Johnson or the others corroborate your version. I cannot have someone like you out of my sight. I suggest you do a little prayer. For thine soul." The nun said, sitting on one of the pews, before eyeing the bird for a second.

"Interesting choice of companion. Very intelligent. They also... remember insults and faces forever, so I've been told." She added, with no small amount of hostility, before producing some leftover cookie crumbs and tossing them on the ground besides her. "I do have leftover coffee, if praying is not your thing. It would make a pitiful last meal, though." She finished her spiel.
Lupin Chevrolet

Time: Night
Location: I WANNA GET OUT OF HERE - The Pit
Interaction with:@FunnyGuy@Pyxis@Potter@princess

Lupin tried his best not to shift awkwardly, keeping the best he could his poise as the vampire girl ordered drinks for him. It didn't reek of poison, even if the alcohol seemed a bit cheap, but that was on par with the place. He took his cocktail in hand and pondered why would anyone even do that to a whisky. But well, who was he to judge. Noveau Cuisine and that all. He had made his fair share of experiments too. " Indeed I am,Ma belle amie. I have come here seeking a place to let my old bones rest until i expire my last." He finally said. "So this place kind of fits the bill. I guess that's not the same for your case... You seem... vivacious enough." Lupin began talking, swirling the drink in his hand. He wished he could get an aroma out of it, but between the lights, the infernal noises, and the smell of humanity it was a poor attempt. He could swear at least seven people were in intercourse right now. In the dancefloor.

You want to forget and be forgiven. But that's beyond your reach. You don't belong here, Lupin. You belong six feet deep, in the human made hell of that trench. Lupin gnashed his teeth. It was one thing trying to restrain himself from running from all the noise, but now he was getting flashbacks? He was beginning to be wracked by guilt.

"For Jean Pierre, my battle brother. Best friend I ever had. May his soul rest in peace." He solemnly said. Well, it's not a dance, but the woman with the well-endowed bosom is here. It's the thought that counts, right?. He added as he downed his drink. I bet he would smile that crooked smile of yours. If he could. The last memory he had of him came back to his mind.

Leaking brain matter, half of his head missing. Lupin's stomach churned, threatening to spill the drink. "Ugh, I am sorry...mademoiselle... I ... this is wrong. I should not be here, at all. Goodbye." He excused himself hurriedly, and tried to reach for the door.

Except he had forgotten the critical detail that he should have used the backdoor instead, and facing the same smell he had noticed earlier, plus a couple of his friends.


Sister Frida

Time: Night
Location: Ember Grove Hand of God Church
Interactions: Damien @FunnyGuy

Frida resisted the temptation to slap the man silly. One was taught to turn the other cheek, but what was that about? Associate of father Johnson or not, this was a church, and she supposedly was a nun. He had some superficial looks that would have smitten a novice, but her will was not that weak. What a horndog.

"The work of the Lord never ends, and I serve the Lord." Frida replied, politely, but with enough hint of an icy edge to tell the man to cease in his attempt. Not only that, he was also spouting something about God not reaching far off places... and he was reaching for her crucifix. She did not rebuke his attempt, too busy restraining herself to not appear excessively livid with the disgusting display.

A reaction. The crucifix she had made of silver and enchanted, long time ago. It would burn his skin if one were not careful. And while most superstitions thought that someone who was burned by a crucifix was likely a demon, Frida knew the true reason for it. Her eyes suddenly narrowed, and felt her restraint wane even more.

How dared he. One of the accursed beasts in the house of God, no less. Her friendly front shattered in pieces, as her face turned into a snarl expression, her eyes penetrating and blood curling, full of righteous fury, one could say."Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife." Frida repeated, adding an invective to emphasize the situation."Ill-begotten spawn of King Lycaon. Pray tell me what is your business with the House of God, lest I invoke the Lord's Wrath upon ye. I shall give ye exactly one chance, for I detest bloodshed in this hallowed ground."

Sister Frida

Time: Night
Location: Church
Interactions: Damien @FunnyGuy

Frida listened carefully to the words of the ones that people rarely paid attention. Evildoers were no exception. Frida had long known that the poor and the dispossesed saw but did not say... at least without a little coaxing, such as the warmth of a person of faith. Most of what they had said was nonsense, but the all too familiar patterns of the creatures that plagued mankind were laid bare before her. They were sighted. And they were bold enough to even leave half-eaten blood bags in trash bins. Frida herself felt being watched.

Guess that old Prude was Right. Even taking in account father Xavier's temper and flair, this was worth an investigation..

Frida would have loved to remark that rest was not for the wicked and sinful, but she weighed her options carefully. As a newcomer, she barely had a foothold in Ember Grove for the size of the monumental task that little by little was revealed to her. So she traced back her steps towards the haven of God, the church. Well, not like the place was actually warded against anything particularly well, she would have work towards that goal later, but even the most brazen of Vampires knew that kicking the beehive of the Holy Saviours was not a wise move to even attempt.

As she heaved to open the door of the church, her sight rested on the mostly empty for the one man standing at the pews. He had... a thoughtful air about him, like if he was not really focusing on what was front of his eyes, but rather elaborating in the meaning of life. He was too well dressed to be either a burglar, a vagrant in need of shelter, or one of Johnson's associates.

A wayward soul, perhaps? Well they sometimes appeared. People on the verge of a breaking point, or desperately looking a purpose in their daily existence.

Although the presence of that crow... was really suspicious.

"May the Blessings of God be upon ye, stranger. Have ye come to seek absolution from your sins? Or have ye come to find strength in the Faith?" Frida said, her hands crossed in front of her crucifix, as if emphasizing contrition.
Lupin Chevrolet

Time: Night
Location: OH MY GOD SO MUCH NOISE - The Pit
Interaction with:@FunnyGuy@Pyxis

Lupin simply smirked back at the woman's laugh. There was nothing that a well-timed joke couldn't solve regarding meeting people by random chance. The vampire woman also graciously accepted his mint, a good sign when it came to socializing, and it helped to relax the atmosphere a bit. Her next commentaries did not surprise him too much. So she was that sort of entertainer. He was never sure about this these days. Everyone was so... aesthetically provocative these days, one could never taken that sort of thing for granted. He decided to trust her words and friendly attitude. After all, people were usually good willed, and only a few apples, relatively speaking were truly rotten. Besides, if it came to the worst, Werewolf bites weren't nice on bloodsuckers.

"Actually I was looking for burlesque...but since Le Moulin Rouge burnt, it was never the same." He tried to say, but was cut short by how she closed the distance and addressed herself as Coral. Maybe a stage name. "Je suis Lupin." He curtly added, duly noting the gun clicking sounds in the distance. He had not made any attempt to react yet. It looked a bit off, but he could never be sure who was a hunter or who was a creepy stalker trying to find some fine female flesh yet, and he was seriously debating whether to call the police or not.

However it was cut short when she took the lead and guided him inside the club, where the noises started to hurt his sensitive hearing and people began to throw strange gazes at him. Not before a last gesture, full of spunk, in the form of a raspberry to the unknown man. "Easy there, mon amie, creeps with guns and crowds do not mix. Don't goad him, kitty." Lupin chided softly. "We don't want party crashers, do we?"
Lupin Chevrolet

Time: Past Dusk
Location: Outside the Pit.
Interaction with:@Alivefalling@Ithradine@Pyxis

Lupin narrowed his gaze. It seemed everyone was too busy to notice the old man sticking out like a sore thumb. Some wanted to keep in the middle in the fray. The vampire couple of an old man and a young woman went about with their business. No doubt that would seem a bit disgusting. How much of a craddlerobber that man was? But oh well, that other gentleman was none of his business.

So busy he was in his train of thought he did not notice the woman colliding into him until it was well too late. Well, that ... funny yelp she made tipped him off. His eyes met with hers, as he offered a hand for her to rise, but relented when she seemed to prefer doing things her own way. "Oh,Je suis désolé, mademoiselle." He quickly apologized as he brought his fedora down to his has performing a little bow to emphasize his apology. A vampire huh. And one that has recently fed. She reeks of blood and has flush cheeks. He thought inwardly. Maybe she was one of those youths who wanted to live a wild life or something. He refused to judge, though. Vampires' age was so hard to pin down sometimes. "I was caught in the middle of something. There's quite a few distractions these days in the street, and particularly dangerous ones. People are going crazy and doing crazy things." He coughed, and adjusted his clothes. "Once again, I am sorry."

He couldn't resist to smile a complicity grin at her cheekiness. It was somewhat refreshing. A small chuckle came from his mouth. "Bingo. I guess I do look the part. Fashion is so complicated these days. Maybe I should've brought a neon cane and a lot of golden chains. It would have helped." He paused. "I actually was looking for some other place, but it's not polite to talk in front of mademoisselle such as you. I thought I had the place, but all I see is cheap alcohol and infernal noises. Is this the concept of fun these days?" He pondered.

"Oh, before I forget. Mint?" He added, reaching for his mint box in his pocket, and offering.

Melanie and Diana


Melanie sought no further interaction, and the hostility she seemed to be bearing towards diana dissipated with a sagely. "Understood. She is evil, cute and a friend. Hencefort she shall be classified as pussycat and dealt with accordingly. Food and treats shall be provided." The tall girl added, which made Diana raise an eyebrow. She couldn't understand what was so wrong with that girl. Maybe being soulless?

Diana's eyes levelled with Nasearph. "I know. The half-succubus drained me during the tournament. Sometimes people get too drunk in power." She added. "But regarding ... him... It's worse than you think." She continued, taking a seat nearby, and struggling to find words. "The gods truly abhor two things... Betrayal and Hubris." She solemnly added. "We ... live in an age of lavish gifts. Of dazzling displays... that goad us to go further. But the further we stray, the more we put the weave of reality in danger, much like a child can tear their own clothes if they spend all the day without staying still." She added, meditating her own words, before hesitating once more.

"...forgive me... Cel." She added, her usual serene and composed face twisting in obvious anguish. "We went too far this time." She whispered to herself. "He is... not entirely himself. He is ...driven... by Divine will." She said. "His God is the one moving his hands and thought by exerting his influence through his own power..." She continued. "I...knew it was going to be much of a burden to him, but he begged me to awaken his gifts beyond what he had... He was me in the past. I truly admired him."

The witch seized the grip of her hand, and bit her lip. "His God reigns over Fate and Knowledge. Something... was done to alter the course of things that were once set. I avoided a death i should have had during the tournament... And I suspected the girl with the connection to that ungodly amount of magic to be the other source. That has angered Cel's patron deity, and now, he will exert power to correct these anomalies forcefully." Diana stood up.

"It's gonna be hard. Really hard. But I have no one else. I can tell you how his powers work." She began saying. "Lightbringer's memory has always been photographic. He can just replicate what he sees once at perfection. His control over his body is equally fine, he can control down to individual vessels in his body, and force his body to go beyond limits. But the most scary thing is his prediction ability." She added. "The demon of Laplace, have you heard of it? Cel can become such demon to a degree. Predicting everything that he can register and understands to a tee. It has an atrocious burden on the body... so he cannot use it indefinitely. Although now that his deity is driving him, that restriction might be lifted."

"Attacks that go beyond his ability to sense can work such as extradimensional attacks and magical attacks... that is how I escaped. But not for long. He will continue to hunt those who caused these anomalies in first place until his body runs out." She finished. "...and the one who made him awaken to such ability was me. I used a special incense to increase his connection to his power... and now everything is a mess. That's why I am going to forfeit half of the pay he owes me for him to stop."

At this point Diana's eyes averted their gaze. There was a limit to the Witch of Bones' willpower after all, and she did not want people see water on the corners of her eyes.
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