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13 days ago
Current Meh.
3 mos ago
Moving around due to expiration of my job contract. Expect intermitent contact and/or heavy snark with chances of crap rain.
3 mos ago
If there is something worse than being bored, is to be bored and having a cold
5 mos ago
The RP i was going to try to GM is cancelled.
5 mos ago
If I could pick a medieval weapon for a fantasy rp, I think i would go with a flamethrower.


I run on GMT+1 Schedule.

And coffee.

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Mistiel 5 mos ago
I think you meant to say a flaming ballista or a trebuchet. The closest they got in medieval times to flamethrower is clever fiery projectiles. I imagine you as more of an up close and personal tar-and-feather type.
Inkarnate 1 yr ago
Send me a message on discord. Semi-urgent.
AAB 3 yrs ago
Are you still a newt, or did you get better?
Ammokkx 3 yrs ago
Warning: This man contains a high concentration of 'lulz'. Avoid if you are allergic to fun.
Themerlinhawk 3 yrs ago
Hey just checking to see if you dropped the Iron Rose Rp.
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