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Current Three weeks out from an Exalted table top *cue Kung Fu Panda music*
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2 mos ago
Even more Dungeons and Dragons
2 mos ago
Seriously considering doing something that could really go south....hmmm. Do I have the time and motivation that is the question...
2 mos ago
So I got Omens of Ice today....I'm such a Cthulhu fan boy...
2 mos ago
Vacation is over and back to work. Does that mean I consider writing work or do I just need the structure to write consistently...


Martial Arts, Writing, Reading, Coroner (No I'm not dead, I work there), Video games, and my friends. There: My life in a nutshell.

I do the Sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, Dark fantasy and steampunk thing when it comes to roleplays. I'm pretty straight forward

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@HushedWhispers Right, job here is done thank goodness lol.
@Alfhedil I have some ideas that I'm cooking up right now so don't worry all you lone wolf, couldnt be bothered with a mold, had to make a special snow flake character, people out there. *literally talking about everyone self included totally sarcasm*
@BishopYour character is either a Hunter or part of the pack. Pick one or the other.

Right, this is against my better judgement but here it goes.

Sound off if you are staying and include your character slot [i.e, Werewolf Alpha, Coven Vampire, etc.]

I will be taking on this RP baring the return of Hushed. This is contingent on me hearing back from everyone. If your character has been accepted please move them to the Character Tab. If you need to make an adjustment do so then move the character. If you are not a leader character please network with your leader character authors and determine how the coven, pack and hive/circle (mages/voodoo) will be going forward. IF YOU ARE A VOODOO PRACTITIONER PLEASE @MENTION ME SO THAT WE CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO HANDLE THE ABSENCE OF THE VOODOO CIRCLE LEADER (hushed).

If you still need to a make a character please do so quickly. Do your best to fill in any missing slots, as people sound off I will update the list in the character tab. If Hushed does not return within a month I will go ahead and move everything to a new thread which i have control of. Assuming that this RP continues forward of course. As I am not Hushed and I have no idea what her intended story was, I will be relying on you as players to step up and assist with driving the story for the foreseeable future.

If you have the opportunity to do so please feel free to PM me and Arena with any ideas for directions you'd like to see this RP go in. I have some vague ideas and I should be able to stagger in a decent direction but since this is not my RP I we will have to come together until such a time as this whole thing falls apart or Hushed returns. I have a history of taking on RPs that creators just walked away from and they usually end poorly but I'm hoping I caught this early enough that I haven't lost momentum and the player base. I think this is a cool idea but I need all of your help to make it work. Please if you are at all interested stick around and lets try to make this work. I'm tired of taking over leaking ships that people immediately jump from.

If you have any other questions, PM me or hit me up here in the chat.

As soon as everyone has sounded off we will get this train rolling. I cant afford to lose anymore momentum waiting on Hushed to return, we've lost enough momentum as is waiting on someone who may very well never return.
I'll take a look, thanks mate.
@Lionhearted@Queentze so here is my thing. I'm the king of picking up carrying along things I didn't start. I'm not sure I want to do it again it really depends on the autonomy of the players. I suppose I could but I'm going to drag my feet until everyone has checked back in and all the cs are finished and moved to the character tab.
@Fabricant451- No comment, its good.

@McHaggis- No Comment, its good.

@Bishop- The Character needs to lose the resistance to mage spells. There is no reason for the character to have it since we have no crunch that says other supernaturals ever acquire resistance to magic. Being lit on fire repeatedly doesn't make you resistant to being lit on fire or smashed by a rock or electrocuted. I have some reservations about this character as a whole but I'm going to reserve judgement until I've seen the character in action so i'm putting my faith in you because I think this could be an interesting character

@Ihinka- No comment, its good.

@Alfhedil- Needs to clarify her naval rank. There is no way she went from Non com to Lieutenant. She would have had to be commissioned as an Ensign and then she never would have seen combat. It needs to be like Chief Petty Officer or at most Warrant officer. Other than that the CS is good.

@Queentze- looks good

@Natascha- Physical appearance (spelling). that is a super knit pick but I just happened to notice it

IF I MISSED ANYONE JUST LINK ME YOUR POST URL AND I WILL REVIEW IT AS SOON AS I SEE IT. I apologize to anyone I might have missed if I did.
@AlfhedilAs soon as Arena gets back to me on Comments we should have all that fun stuff up.
Just talking over the comments with Arena then i'll post them up for you guys and gals.

I'm going shooting and I have a date tomorrow so don't expect too much from me tomorrow.
That's strange
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