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9 May 2017 16:03
Current Last week of classes then finals. Should be more active consequently
20 Apr 2017 23:09
Three weeks of classes left then I'm on my own for being an adult.
23 Jan 2017 4:23
Back to classes for the last time tomorrow. Should be interesting.
21 Jan 2017 2:19
Okay, so I took a turn into something I never intended to create but the interest check for Job is now up.
18 Jan 2017 23:12
So I started watching Hell on Wheels and reading the Parasol Protectorate. I am now divided as to if Knighthood is where I should be putting my efforts currently.
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The next round of posts should be reactions to the letter and the offer of sponsorship and then putting in an appearance with Ezekiel. I won't get a reaction out until I have everyone and then that way I can divide the groups and we can move from there.
An Offer you Can’t refuse

Rafim stood at a comfortable distance from the entrance to House Valens. It had been decided after the events of the morning that it might be better to see the Gladiators in action as opposed to buying out house Valens in full. The retainers Rafim had with him were there to take note and prepare a set of invitations. While the prince had his Owl Guard and Muziri had his own agents. Rafim had not sat idly since they had made it to this backwater town, in fact long before they had made it to the town Hakim’s Vizier had made preparations. Coin in the right hand, even foreign coin, was the right way to find gladiators. Rafim was one of the few members of the inner circle who actually understood what had happened in Anan Sol years ago. Rafim knew what he had to do in order to get his Prince back in place and secure his own power. As much as he loved his Prince Rafim was not a fool, the Vizier was getting on in his years and there were only so many more years he could spend out on the road. As if to illustrate the line of thinking the Vizier rubbed his right hip which often twinged before rain; he’d discovered the phenomenon when after leaving the Hitar providence where it nearly never rained.

They had made careful note of the Gladiators as they had entered the House of the Valen gladiators. Now they were making their way out, no doubt they had agreed to sign on with Loreia but Rafim had talked the Prince into buying out the Gladiators individually. If Loreia had a team that was worth anything then they would have to outbid other potential sponsors. This was a gamble but at least this way they had stock to work with and if they needed to let Gladiators go they could. That and it might bring the Lady of the House running which was good business too. To Rafim’s knowledge she had been down on her luck since the death of her father and that made her an easy target for a hostile takeover.

That of course had not been how Rafim had pitched things to the Prince since taking advantage of a young woman would have been the last thing Hakim would want to do. So he’d gently urged Hakim into taking over the Gladiators she ‘let go’. What the Prince didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.

After Rafim was certain the last Gladiator had left to make preparations for the evening’s event he dispatched his couriers armed with the seal of House Iqbal, gold and promises of sponsorship. Once they had made contact the letters had instructions for appearance at the arena an hour before tournament start. There were too many for them to be a single team and Ezekiel would no doubt wish to organize them into two teams beforehand. The rest could meet with the Prince before their shot in the arena.

With his mission complete the Vizier set off at a limp with his retainers in tow. There were preparations to be made and things to attend to. Hopefully the Valens’ girl didn’t catch wind of the plot until it was too late. Rafim grinned to himself. All according to plan.

They had moved part of the Prince’s camp to a space a few yards from the entrance of the Arena. It was already starting to fill. A port town on an evening with mildly cheap entertainment. Ezekiel stood with his back to the tent pole of the arming quarters they had moved as a means of arming any...less than satisfactorily armed. Ezekiel was not looking forward to this since quite frankly the descriptions he’d seen from the couriers were...questionable at best. Atleast he wasn’t being asked to train them. Just sort them into teams and send them to no doubt an embarrassing death in the arena. Sipping at a metal container that had uncut Raki in it Ezekiel grimaced. Thank Akzum for strong booze, it took the edge off of watching idiots charge to their deaths. Now all Ezekiel had to do was wait for them to show up.

Let amateur hour begin

@Viciousmarrow@CollectorOfMyst @AngryBadger@The Narrator
@Free Faller

Sounds good. Okay just finished sorting out some of the job stuff I was working on let me get settled and I'll have an IC post up before I leave for the evening
@neogreggoryTake care mate
@VoiD I have a job posting to apply for and then I'll do the next IC post.
Got it, we'll start tomorrow. What you can do right now is finish collabs and then tomorrow ill make an IC post prompting everyone for their next solo posts. it will occur an hour before they are suppose to go to the arena
@Themerlinhawk No, I've not, because it's GM only, and whatever lies within is thus for only you and Estella. I'll be able to better channel my own initial reaction into Elain's the less I know. So it's a timeskip until after they've all met, right?

Thats probably going to be the easiest to manage and I'd rather avoid them all needing to meet Hakim one on one like what they were doing with Elain so the next round of posts I think will probably be on you guys to receive basically a competing offer with better pay and the promise of a sponsor who can help them train and grantee admittance into the bigger name arenas when they have proved themselves. That way everyone can do their own solo post. At that point we will determine who is going into the arena and who gets saddled with the owl prince or just on the sidelines and then we will reverse with everyone who sat out going in for the next round and then swapping in the initial set to meet Hakim and watch the next go around. Hopefully at that point Estella will be back. if not we will go from there
@Themerlinhawk No, I'm good with it. What were you thinking of?

Same story line basically? We'll just probably transition to Hakim making them an offer they cant refuse and then if Estella comes back she can have it out with the Owl Prince for "her" gladiator team back. Personally I think that sort of makes it a little more interesting but thats just me. The gist of the long term story line will be a build up to a return to the Hitar providence, If you've read my GM tab you know where this is going already

@The Narrator
@Free Faller

Hey all you happy people. I don't know who has jumped ship or who is still lurking or who has seen my message but basically here is the gist.

I haven't a clue what Estella intended in the long term for this RP. I imagine her life caught up to her and she'll be back at some point so here is what I'm asking: I'm happy to take over GMing until she gets back. It will require a time skip and possibly a little bit of a plot derail from what is up right now but if that keeps this alive long enough for her to get back. Great.


I need an all call check from everyone in the OOC. If you are sticking around we pick up on Monday and the Owl Prince will drive the plot until Estella gets back.

If you are not staying. I'd still like a response.

Finally, if Estella does get back in a timely fashion this is going right back into her hands since I don't know enough about the world or the plot. As of right now this RP might have an expiration date but I plan on keeping it alive long enough to give Estella a fair shot at coming back to it.

Any questions just @ mention me or PM me.
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