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I would like to change American football. And I will only change a thing

Please just say or call it something different from "football." It is just too hard for me to identify which sport you are talking about through a screen with almost no references or hints.

Question: Do you eat omelete with soy sauce or pepper sprinkle over the surface?
@JunkMail so toxic

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Mana: 150/600

I am sorry. Paralyze thinks as he looks around him. His teammates were heavily damaged, yet they continue to fight with the boss. He could see clearly the expression of almost everyone from here. From the droplet of sweat that is running down Reylan's eyebrows to the way Aster's muscles contracted after initiating her fancy sword swinging skill, he could see it. Or how Theodore's muscles tensed into something like a block of ice as he prepared to get hit. Actually, everyone is being quite intense. From the mages in the backline that is refueling their mana for the next wave of magic barrages to people like him tanking the hits from Fenrir. Everyone seems to be in their highest state, wanting to kill the enemy that had been using its strength to defy the power of teamwork and friendships. They do this for each other. As the “Wolf Pack" is composed of more than one wolf. And this state of mind was precious, truly was.

But… it was too absurd.

Paralyze could not feel any emotional rush as he looks his teammates rushing in for one another. He can see how determined they are about this idea of sacrificing oneself for one another. He knows what he should execute, wrecking the Fenrir until there is nothing. It is for the good of others and not putting the group as a whole into a danger zone that he should follow what Reylan just said. Paralyze knows. He knows what a man should do. Or hell, what all men should do in this moment. Bravely go into the war zone while stalling for some precious time. But it wasn't there. It just wasn't there.

Clenching his mace as tight as he could, the being headed forward. Its steps were slow at first before picking up movement and headed straight for the Fenrir. It was a reckless action, revealing its chest with almost no form of defense except for its dented armor. But the being seems to be in an attempt to suicide, striking multiple furious blows against the Fenrir. Its strikes were much harder and faster as there is nothing blocking its path but the flesh of the enemy.


    - Thinking about something as his teammates are dying
    - Strike the Fenrir 5 times:
    1st and 2nd strike aimed at the right shoulder
    3rd and 4th aimed at the other leg that is not occupied by Theo
    5th aimed at its heart.
Yes. But if I can meet that person, I would pretend that I am nothing more than a stranger that most see on their way to work. Although I may turn back, clinging my hope on a surreal image of what once was, I would learn the lesson. And if that person notice me? Nice. We would chat for a moment, maybe drag each other to a karaoke and sing to the next day. But then, our way would be apart once again. Maybe, I would only watch that person from afar. Silently happy with them. Silently sad with them. Silently in everything.

Well, I just got quite emotional there. And saying nonsense again. Sorry.

Huh, let's us to continue. Whose avatar is the best in this "Ask the Person Below You a Question?"
Yes. I do. With My Heart.

And how I hate you Clem, for ruining the seriousness of the spam for a post. For a moment, I thought the Spamming section had reached Nirvana.

Why Spam forum will never reach its Salvation?

The parasite quickly evolved as it absorbs the nutrients from the host. Swimming in the host vein and freely nipping at every piece of flesh that it sees fit its taste, the parasite quickly grow longer and faster. It didn't take long for the parasite to feel how tightly pack the host is becoming. So with its sharp teeth, the parasite carved its way out of the host and releasing a small shrieking noise as it burst out of the host's chest.

So we are currently the long and small chestburster thingy?

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