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In Testing site 5 mos ago Forum: Test Forum
Work to be done:
+ Flesh out the system
+ Rules
+ Worlds Building
+ Products Building
+ Taxes/ Guilds Building
+ IC post lay out
+ OOC post lay out
@Majoras End You are not a pen-Guinness. You are a hu-man
@Winter Star12 Pluto- chan is not a planet. She is a dwarf planet
@Aeolian That is not salt. And no flame either.
@SolaYes. Probably will have the post tomorrow after I make the grammar check
I don't like socks. I prefer walking in bare feet
@The Harbinger of Ferocity
Huh, a song for the tribute.

I used own like 10 pair of discus, from thoses with stripes to those with red bodies. Hell I was even good enough to make them breed. But it was a long time ago.
@Wildman13Still here.
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