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@ThemerlinhawkWell, here it is. Can you look over to see if anything needs to change? Thank you.
>Lime names the new spell it created as Mime (partially because it has no meaning what the word means and partially because I’m lazy with naming).
>For the first time since its existence, Lime decided to move up from the pool and aid Cube in creating the greatness of Cube. Maybe giving Cube all Lime’s dirt and infused dirt would make this glorious Cube more magnificent?
>Through a surprised discovery (for a slime), Lime had found that by flatten itself, Lime could increase its body surface with the dirt and absorb more dirt per time. Now, it is three time shorter but two times wider than most slimes.
(Lime flatten itself to increase its surface area, thus increasing its dirt eating amount each time).
> With no eyes, ears, or a sense of touch, Lime have no idea about the change in its current habitat. But, without much of a brain, it continued it previous work, absorb the dirt beneath the pool. With one exception, it drank the transformed liquid of the Slime Pool in the process.
(Cotinue to absorb dirt with the yellow water from the Slime Pool in the process)
>Being a primitive (and adorable) being, Lime absorbed the Glyph of Magic along with the dirt beneath the pool.
>Lime continued to absorb the ground beneath the pool, determining to only stop until the pool size increase.
>Lick the dirt beneath the pool faster until the pool size increased.
>Spawn Sickly Grey Slime
>Named it Lime
>Lick dirt the beneath the spawning pool
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