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Current @Ding AaronMik I think the future is just simply not exist. And the if something never exist, then it could not possesses an end nor a beginning.


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We got two nerds
Fortunately, I am a douchebag so I don't care about those people.
I stare
You stare
We stare until the world become the abyss
And continue we stare
Upload a bunch of hentai and sexual image about you in the Internet. Thus destroying your name and turning you into nothing more than a THOT. You may have killed me I don't care. But how would you escape your name, THOT?

When other see you
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@MaeNope, I will try to save one move for now. Just in case I need to run from the thing.
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>Move up to D13


626 → 624

Walked inside the inn, Paralyze let out a heavy sigh. His steps were heavy as he slowly approached a stool next to Fortuna, one of his comrade. They have spent maybe 2 days to clear a small dungeon along with Sam the Tinker, Polak the Trainer and TrueLove the Marauder. A smirk appears on Paralyze's tired face as he try to remember about TrueLove and found out that he knew nothing about that guy. No number. No real name. No nothing. The guy just straight up getting killed after the group approach the small dungeon. And his body just disappear out of the plane of existence. Although Paralyze could swear that this seems to violate some law of Physics, the true nature of this game reveals itself very clear with that guy “removal."

Handing the Inn owner the money for his food, Paralyze smile. Although he did not felt any burden or regret using the money that involves his comrade blood, the thought of how this simulation work just like the same old real work surprised him. It surprised him that tomorrow he will have to wake up, performing quest, receiving the paycheck, and to spend it to complete another quest. How complex could this become as the players further their level? Would some choose to sell their bodies as a mean to earn a living? Would they decide to stay here forever due to their fear of death? The possibilities and variations seem endless as Paralyze continue to think.

While thinking, Paralyze constantly filled himself with the chips and fish that he just bought. Sometimes, he drank the cool fresh and clean jug of water that placed beside him. And when there was nothing on his plate or in his cup, Paralyze just stared at the empty dish that lay before him. The Inn was loud and filled with cheered. Some sighed and some cries while trying to fill their sadness with these cheap alcohol. But Paralyzed could not spend attention to any of those rubbish, he is too busy thinking about the future.

Thompson Lumber Mill Inc.

After thirty minutes from Lee finishing his beer, the alcohol inside Lee began to wear off. The vision become more clear and the people chattering sound around Lee become less buzzing to his ear. And with it, Lee’s fear of being observed by these strangers’ eyes came back. But it is not alone as there came a sudden thrust of pain in his brain, causing Lee to hold his brain while kneeling down on his knee. In Lee thought, it is probably due to the drink. Maybe the beer itself was expired, and he did not check the date before drinking it, Lee think while trying to regain his balance. Lee’s image of tidy and neat is now replaced with his messy clothes, red eyes and skin. His left hand with blood on it massaging one of his temple.

Suddenly, Lee felt a sudden pull from Samson as he seems to see something behind Lee’s back. And the curious killed the cat as Lee turned his head to see what behind him. Blood and broken bottle of beers falling down are few things that strike him. Men and women, with various ages and skin colors, are now being decapitated or slice in half by a man wielding a rusty axe. Blood spilling, people trampled on each other, and the killer is heading toward Lee direction. Suddenly, the thought of sharpening the blade or buy something new would reduce the strength that person spent on these human. And then, Lee’s mind appeared men and women on the ground with broken bottle near them. Some have their eyes and mouths were open wide. And some still had a smile on them while missing their whole bodies. Fears creeping into Lee’s mind, filling him with these fears as the dead are looking at him. They won’t stop looking at him even Lee began to turn his head and run. Lee pushed others to make a way for him to escape all this horror. Although it may seem Lee is running from the killer, he is actually running from the images inside his mind. The dead are getting more and more with broken glass next to them. And they are all looking at him with their terrifying white unclosed eyes.
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@Mae I think Scare should have 40xp by now, based on how you say his xp in this post of your

>Scare decided to marvel at his great work after sending the hellbat to the abyss
The image was spectacular. It was brief and sudden. It was quick and lethal. It was filled with excitement as well as fear. Sadly it was not enough for Oedipus. If there was something Oedipus could do. Then he would restrain the beast and unleash it later on. And Oedipus smile when think about such thing, about the image of the horror of these human when they saw their friends betray him. Such happiness could he gain from seeing such things happened? How many will die in pain and grief after being surprised by their comrade? Oedipus takes a deep breath, enjoying the excitement that has painted his inner room. And the room shaken as Oedipus sigh, releasing a strong and cold wind across the places. The image on the wall is quickly washed away as Oedipus shake his head, disappointed in the Beast. A cruel and maniac tone coming out from Oedipus mouth, making those beings under him to bow down. The edict from their beloved God was simple, and the people rejoice for hearing His words.
“You see, that is what separate Me and the Beast. The Beast know no boundary to chase after their stupidity thirst of blood. They knew no arts, making them to be hindered. The only thing they are good at is making ME happy.”

And slowly, Oedipus lifted himself up from the throne to take a few steps. With each steps Oedipus took, thousand being crushed into mud under their God’s weight. And Oedipus care not about those things, the things that he had created.

Outside, Oedipus slowly moves toward Anni, who is crying over the pile of mud and ground. What make the Beast in no longer more on this earth, yet the little girl still weeps for. Oedipus think while continues to walk closer to the little girl. Ah. Yes, for a pile of grass, earth, and tons of bacteria that probably come from her presence. The woman that had helped him previously is now being taken care by the Little Angel. And the Jester is now talking with the Mechanical. Although he could not listen to what others said, what Michael just say really want to make him laugh. And from his inner thought, Oedipus thinks it is going to be real fun to see Mr. Police lose in this game of “stop Annie from crying.”Slowly kneeled down so that his head would be equivalent to Annie, Oedipus began to say his thought with a sincere voice.

“ I always wondered why would man cried for nothingness? Would they certainly think their tears would make the dead to re-live? Or would they hope the dead will know that they are crying for him? I really don't know the reason why.”

Oedipus then turns to look at Annie, whose eyes had become to red due to her continuous crying. The sound of her sobbing can still be heard and all of that only make Oedipus to be happier. But outside, the bird face was filled with sadness and seem to be lost by what just happen. Two red orbs of dancing fire becoming small and turn into a blue and cold color. And a shaken voice from the beast as it look directly into the Annie.

“Then tell me, why do you cry? And what is this boredom and uncomfortable feelings called?”

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