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Current "Blessed are the rich. May we labor, deliver them more. Blessed are the envious. Bless slothful, the wrathful, the vain. Blessed are the gluttonous. May they feast us to famine and war." APC
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"Drifting through this boundlessness, this madness of our making. Sound our dire reveille. Rouse all from our apathy, lest we cease to be." TOOL
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If it costs you your peace, it's too expensive.
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"I deal with that fact that I've forgotten the worst. I feel that my social behavior may seem somewhat unrehearsed. Another page, a sullen rage, and I'll be back to my normal self." BO
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Why ya'll talking about RPatt's career and not mentioning his role as Cedric Diggory smh.


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The Night Before School Starts

The sound started faint at first, like the humming of static on a television a few rooms away. It ebbed closer, and the nearer it got, the more the sound separated. Not static… no… sand. The magnification of sand passing through an hourglass. Filling a void. The sound was quickly drowned out by the muffled hum of a deep voice. An underwater lullaby, sung soft and eerie. Demeter felt the tickle of his breath at her ear and jerked her head away instinctively.

At least… she tried to. It was then that she realized she was tied up. Something blinded her and held her head in place. She could hear, but only as well as one could with cotton in their ears. Everything was muted. Demi tugged at her hands and feet, but they too were bound. Panic gripped her spine as she struggled to free herself. A sharp pain at her neck was felt before she lost all sense of gravity. After freefalling for what felt like hours she finally hit the ground.

Demeter’s eyes snapped open but she was still trapped in the nightmare. The plastic glowing stars on her ceiling faded into view slowly while she gasped for breath. She couldn’t breathe, she was choking on the midnight air. It tasted earthy and dry and it clogged her throat. When Demi went to reach for her neck, her hand didn’t respond to the signal. Her whole body was cemented to the floor and she once again was overcome by panicked hyperventilating.

Remember what Dr. Merlot says: ‘If you can tell that it’s a dream, it’s almost over.’ Remember that it’s not real. Try to move your fingertips first. It’s not real. Wiggle your toes. It’s not real. Focus on what is real… what you see, what you feel... smell... hear. Slow your breathing, be still, be calm. Stop fighting it.

“It’s… not… real.” The sound of her own voice, although raspy, washed Demi with relief. She drew in a shaky breath and then another until they became steady and strong. Once she had the strength, Demeter sat up and wiped the cold sweat from her forehead. Covering her face with her hands, she sighed into her palms. Would these night terrors ever stop? Sleep paralysis was a bitch.

A sudden scratch at the window behind her caused Demi to startle. The hair on her arms raised in a flush of goosebumps and a second scratch followed. Her rational mind said it was nothing but a stick scraping the glass, yet she couldn’t bring herself to turn around. Repeating the mantra that it wasn’t real, Demeter eventually dared to turn and face the sound. As soon as she did, the shadow behind the curtain… meowed?

Demi stood up, more curious now than fearful, though both feelings were present, and padded towards the window. Slowly pulling the curtain back and holding her breath, Demi was greeted by a pair of a wide, mismatched eyes. One emerald, and one sapphire, staring from a stark sea of white fur. “Oh…” Demi let out a relieved sigh. “Hi there.” She smiled at the feline. It responded by pawing at the glass repeatedly.

“I’m sorry… I... can’t let you in.” Demeter apologized as if the cat could understand her. Almost like it could, it immediately responded with a dejected mew. Demi felt her heart melt at that… how could an animal evoke such strong emotions? Feeling guilty, the teen came up with an idea. “Wait right there,” she said to the cat sitting in her hanging window planter before spinning away.

The poor thing was probably starving, that must be why it wanted to come in so badly. Demeter made her way from her bedroom to the kitchen, and peered into the bright light of the refrigerator. She pulled out some leftover grilled chicken and shredded it into tiny pieces with a fork before placing it in a small bowl. Slipping on a pair of foam flip flops and tightening the house robe over her pajamas, Demi headed out into the brisk night air.

The white cat, sensing her approach, jumped down from the planter and trotted over to her ankles. It purred and weaved figure eights in between and around her legs. Demi chuckled at the small creature, feeling the tension of the nightmare she’d had moments ago leave her in doing so. Kneeling low, Demi set the bowl down and the kitty quickly turned to scarfing the meat up. She cautiously reached out to pet the animal, and when it accepted her touch, she smiled. “Pretty boy.”

The cat looked up from it’s meal and turned it’s ears back in response. Demi pulled her hand away, afraid that it might take a swat at her. It’s eyes were so human. It looked… offended? “... girl? Pretty girl?” At that, the cat went back to eating and purring. What a peculiar creature, Demi thought as she reached out to stroke it’s fur again — fur as soft and white as moonlight. “Do you have a name?” The cat looked up and tilted it’s head to the side, waiting. “... I think I’ll call you Selune. Goddess of the moon.” Yes, that seemed like a very fitting name indeed.

One of the many beauties of never playing truly hetero characters is not caring about gender balance. Ayyy, where the pretty wimmen at?

How can you have a haunting without a proper ghost? Color me interested. :)
Not gonna lie, this sounds really fucking dope. Color me interested.


This was such bullshit. Eden didn’t even do anything bad to deserve this torture. Sure… she had known what Harlow was up to back in Chicago, but it’s not like she was an accomplice to the crime. Her sister was the one who got busted for shoplifting, yet it was Eden stuck in an awkwardly quiet car ride through the mountains with her mother, on the way to fucking summer camp. Like she was eight or something.

The lavender-haired teen leaned her head against the passenger side window as sunbeams streaming through the treeline strobed across her face. She assumed the car ride was awkwardly quiet, but truth be told she had earbuds blaring edgy screaming, electric guitar, and double bass shoved into her ears, so she couldn’t be sure. Sitting up, she posed for an Instagram selfie, making a pouty face with a bunny ear filter on. See you after summer camp, Sinners! She captioned the selfie for her many online followers.

Eden then scrolled her socials as they travelled, not noticing her data service bars were decreasing the further that they drove into the mountains. She had service long enough to see that Becca, a girl from her old school in Chicago, one who had always been waiting for Eden and Elliot to break up, had liked the past three pics that her boyfriend had posted. Her cheeks flushed hot with jealousy, but before she let it consume her, she clicked Becca’s profile to see her pics. Elliot had liked her stuff back. A fiery rage overtook Eden and she chucked her phone into her leather black cat backpack. So much for making a long distance relationship work. What happens at summer camp stays at summer camp, fucker.

If that car ride was bullshit, sitting through Mr. Small Cock’s televized intro was worse. Eden hadn’t seen a TV that old since elementary school, when the substitute came rolling a monster of a cart into the classroom. But this was the larger version. Eden cared less about the TV video or the counselor’s speech that followed, and instead scanned the room to assess her fellow campers. There were definitely a few cuties, making her glad that she dressed to impress with one of her favorite skirts and a pair of thigh high socks. When it came time to disperse, Eden jumped at the opportunity to find her cabin.

She walked fast, wanting to pick the most prime real estate available in the cabin. Which, growing up as a younger sister, was obviously a top bunk! Harlow always got the top bunk. Thinking about her sister again made Eden sad… this was the first time that they would be apart. Like… ever. Distracting herself, Eden spotted a vacant top bunk across from someone’s bed with a really cool alien bedspread. The purple-haired girl threw her backpack up on the empty bunk to claim it and climbed up the ladder to make it with her own ouija board comforter.

Well, now what… Eden thought to herself once her bed was made. She looked around the cabin and wondered what she would do next. There was no cell service and doubtful any wifi, only human interaction… and bugs. Truth be told, Eden was kind of shy. She made a lot of friends online because she was bubbly and confident behind a camera, but in real life… Well, not so much. This would be easier if her sister was here. But that was the point, Eden was sent here to be away from Harlow. Her mother thought she was a bad influence, and while that was probably true, she was also Eden’s best friend. No sister, and no Sinners. Sitting on her freshly made bed, Eden pulled her knees to her chest and felt the weight of how alone she would be this summer for the first time. This was really going to suck.

Hello All,
As you might have seen earlier in the discord... I have given it some serious thought for two weeks now, and I am formally dropping out of BHHS. When the proposal to bring this RP back was made, I was initially very excited to do so... But the truth is that I have struggled to find the same passion for it that I once had when it comes to actually writing. I try to pump myself up to write posts, or get people to pester me to write, but without the passion, they would only be half-assed posts, and y'all deserve more than that. I still will be writing on the site, just in other ventures with fresh starts. I wish you all the best and I'm sure I'll be seeing you around!
~A Ghost

A @GhostMami & @Hey Im Jordan Collab
Featuring: Sean, Selena, Alistair & Amanda Sterling
Location: Sunshine Diner
Time: Friday Evening

Sean was sitting behind the wheel of the Sterling family car, with his twin sister beside him, and their two younger siblings loaded in the backseat. The set of Sterling kids were on their way to a deliciously greasy, and oh so filling meal at the Sunshine Diner. “This is… a nice car. Everything back home is so nice… I forgot about it.” Sean commented, glancing over at Selena as he kept driving forward, his hands wrapped around the shiny leather steering wheel. “It’s good to be a Sterling, huh? Don’t knock your last name, kids.” He added, looking in the rearview mirror at his younger siblings.

“What about when Ma goes crazy?” Alistair asked, and Sean raised an eyebrow in the mirror, while Alistair looked out of the window sideyed, adding. “Like she surely will… when she finds out… that me and Mandy are missing… because no one told her.”

“You were supposed to tell her!”

“Yeah, but… I… I did not.”

Selena rolled her eyes. The twins were nothing but trouble, at all times. Always a nuisance. “I’ll text her.” She said, pulling out her phone and tapping away at the screen with ease.

“Nooo funnnnn!!!” Mandy whined from the backseat. “You’re so BORING!”

“I am not boring.” Selena snapped back, glaring in the rearview mirror. Why on earth did she let Sean convince her to take the kids? He was pampered with all of his time away from them, he still thought they were cute, or sweet, or whatever it was that he thought. That’s only because he didn’t live with this, all the time, twenty four-freakin’-seven.

“Sometimes it’s fun to see her go crazy, don’t you think, Sel?” Alistair asked, unbuckling his seatbelt to lean forward over the passenger’s seat and peer down at Selena’s cell phone, causing his older brother to glance over at the face that was now in between Selena and himself.

Oh man, Sean was going to have to bring the hammer down. These kids were crazy, weren’t they? He didn’t think it was going to be this bad! They behaved when he was hanging out with them back at the house! “Hey! Sit your ass back down, boy!” Sean snapped, which made Alistair freeze and do nothing other than blink, until Sean took a hand and put it on his kid brother’s chest and shoved him back into the seat, “And I’d better hear that seat belt buckle.”


Mandy looked over at Alistair and giggled at his scolding, sticking her tongue out at him. Selena looked absolutely smug, a small smile on her lips as she peered out the window. Their mother replied to her text, saying that it would have been nice to know that before she had the chef start preparing dinner, but she was glad that they were all getting along. If only she knew…

“Is this place going to have waffles? I want a whole stack of waffles. With chocolate chips! And whipped cream! And lots of syrup!”

“I think the last thing you need is that much sugar, but yes… they have waffles.” Selena responded without taking her eyes from the passing city streets.

“Who cares about sugar! Mom’s not here to bitch, and Friday night means no bedtime!” Mandy exclaimed and went to high five her twin brother because A) no bedtime and B) she just used a swear!


Her brother connected the high five and Sean’s hands tightened just a bit on the steering wheel. He didn’t have too much of a problem with the kids swearing; it would be kind of hypocritical, Sean had spent most of his time growing up at the academy swearing up a storm. He wasn’t going to complain about that, but… “Respect our mother. She does a lot for us. You’re making me sound like dad… Behave, guys.” Sean muttered, before he added, “I don’t mind if you swear when you’re hanging out with me, but be respectful at least. Now… that being said, you can have as much sugar as you want.”

“...whoa.” Alistair muttered, thinking about all the whipped cream he could pile onto his food. Maybe they’d even have caramel filled French toast!

“YESSS!” Mandy exclaimed with excitement.

Selena turned to look at her twin as if he had just committed the most egregious sin. He basically did, he just didn’t know it yet. “Oh… lovely,” she remarked sarcastically as the g-wagon pulled in to the parking lot of the Sunshine Diner. As the Sterlings all one by one stepped out of the vehicle, Sel turned to address her younger siblings before they entered. “You two seriously need to behave in here. This diner often serves celebrities, and they will kick you out if you are… well… yourselves. Contain your impish nature for an hour, and you can eat whatever you want, like Sean said.”

Mandy nodded when Selena was looking, but as soon as she turned her back, Mandy leaned over to whisper in Alistair’s ear. “Okay, mommm.” She mocked with a stifled snicker.

While Alistair stifled a giggle as they followed their older siblings into the diner, Sean glanced over at Selena and offered a word of advice. “Sel… maybe try talking to them more like… like they’re kids, y’know? ‘Impish nature?’ You sound like a grandmother. Just talk naturally to them, and they’ll be good.” He suggested.

Was her brother seriously patronizing her about how to handle the twins? She knew exactly how to deal with them, she wasn’t the one who spent months at a time in another country away from them. Narrowing her eyes, Sel got a bit snippy. “No, they won’t. And secondly, I shouldn’t have to dumb down my vocabulary to speak with them, they’re ten years old now. They’re Sterlings too, it’s about time they learn to speak with grace.” At that, Selena cleared her throat as they approached the hostess station, a bright smile now adorning her face. Picture perfect to the outside world, as always.

Sean glanced over at Selena and shook his head. If that was how she wanted to handle it… Without another word, he walked up to the podium and looked at the hostess, “table for four?” With a nod, the hostess led them off to a booth, and Sean led the way to the booth.

“I wanna sit on Sean’s side!” Alistair declared, calmly shuffling his way beside his older brother.

“No mee!” Mandy called out, shoving passed her older siblings and squeezing her way into the booth at the same time as Alistair.

“Looks like you’ll be sitting on each others’ side.” Selena replied simply as she gracefully took the inner seat on the opposite side of the booth, leaving the seat next to her open. “You might as well sit here Sean, or they’ll fight the whole time.” The hostess who was seating them chuckled quietly at the show the Sterlings were putting on.

Sean looked at Sel and nodded his agreement after a few seconds of contemplation. He took his seat beside his older sister, and the youngest brother let out a drawn out, over the top sigh. “That’s not fair…” Alistair muttered, and Sean shrugged his shoulders. “I always have to sit with Mandy! And Sel always gets to sit with Sean. You guys are twins. You were in a belly together!” Alistair didn’t have a big grasp on how pregnancy worked… but he knew that much!

“Who cares? I’m right here. It doesn’t matter that much. Plus, I’m letting you guys get whatever you want…” Sean said, shaking his head. He didn’t fully understand why the kids were the way that they were, but… whatever.

“While I get you guys some menus, can I get you something to drink? Maybe something for the kids to color—” The hostess was speaking now, but was cut off before she could finish.

No! We’re not babies. Alistair protested with an annoyed huff. Mandy gasped in an equal amount of offense. They were ten! Two whole numbers, they didn’t need coloring books!

“Alistair!” Selena scolded her brother in a curt whisper. “Sorry about that,” Sel said to the hostess now, smiling apologetically. “I’ll have an iced tea, unsweetened, please.”

“I’ll have hot cocoa, please.” Mandy requested in her best attempt at politeness. It wasn’t half-bad. “With whipped cream and cinnamon on top. Thank you!”

Alistair was putting on a bad show. From unbuckling his seatbelt in a moving vehicle, to snapping at the hostess. It was a combination of Selena’s scolding, and Sean’s hard gaze that made him uncomfortable enough to straighten up and look between Selena and Sean, deciding that he could test the ‘you can have whatever you want’ theory. “...can I have a cookies n’ cream milkshake, please? With whipped cream and Oreos on it.” He looked up at the hostess, but noted that her eyes were instead focused on Sean, and Alistair’s gaze followed hers… and Sean nodded! “Thank you!” A whole milkshake! What a lucky ducky. That’s what dad would say.

Sean looked at the hostess and thought for a moment. “I’d like the hot cocoa as well. And… can you bring me one of those coloring things?” He asked, and when Alistair looked like he was going to protest, Sean silenced it by raising a hand and adding, “Calm down, turbo. It’s for me. I like to color.”

Wait. Sean liked to color?! This changed things. Alistair had a somewhat confused look on his face as he glanced between Sean, Selena, and Mandy alike, wondering what to say next. Did they color now too? He was only ten, he wasn’t supposed to think about stuff like this.

Young Alistair was interrupted from his thoughts by frantic jabbing in his ribs. Mandy was poking him, stunned in silence, looking like she’d seen a ghost. If his eyes were to follow her gaze, he would see a very familiar face — one of the stars of their favorite tween tv shows. “Is that…?” She asked in a ghost of a whisper. It was Blake Milton, the male lead in the latest hit tv show about super-powered high-schoolers trying to secretly live their double lives. Alistair idolized Blake’s character, while Mandy’s bedroom wall boasted posters of him with heart stickers all over them. To say the kids were starstruck was an understatement.

The waitress returned with their beverages and Selena took a smug sip of her iced tea before saying, “I told you celebrities came here.” Maybe now they would finally behave and she might be able to enjoy this little family meal with her brother.

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