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Current Dook In Peace, Simon! <3
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@Tate, Joker is a simp and doesn't deserve any of them, you totally ship with your favorite.
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I'm so sorry to hear that, Restless. I have two fur noodles myself and I know how bonded we can get with them, it's awful to see them go through that. Sending happy dook energy Simon's way. <3
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RPG is a dumpster fire these days, glad I came out of retirement in time to warm up by it... it was cold and lonely before. Tea, anyone?
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I'm officially retiring from roleplaying and the guild. It's been real, see you around!


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The sisters from Chicago (different dads, different last names):

The Seattle native was thankful for his upbringing in Washington as he cruised up the hills in his black Jeep Wrangler. The roads were winding perilously through the wooded hills and were slick with freshly fallen snow. Desmond’s skills at driving in the snow were bolstered by the back of his car being weighed down by his luggage as well as two bags of salt — just in case. Des and his father might be having a bit of a… difference of opinion at the moment, but he did take after the man enough to “always be prepared for an emergency”. Chances are one of the non-local drivers at this camp might be needing it more than he would.

Desmond glanced at the Google maps directions on his phone, seeing that he was a mere four minutes away from his destination. Checking the clock on the dashboard, that put him about right on time for the planned arrival period. Dez drummed his fingers along the steering wheel in time to the Parkway Drive song that was blaring through the Jeep’s sound system. The relentless bass was loud enough that the glass windows of the vehicle were vibrating.

Life is good, man.

That thought passed through Desmond’s mind as he pulled into the parking lot of Second Horizons. This might be his first Christmas away from his mom and sister… and dad… but that didn’t mean it was going to be a bad one! Jackson always talked this place up, plus he’d get to spend two full weeks shredding the slopes, filming sick content for the Tok, and meeting people that like boarding as much as he does. Hell, maybe there’d be a snow bunny or two to get cozy with too, that could be fun.

Dez went around the back side of his car and popped the hatch to pull out his bags. One larger suitcase contained his clothes and basic toiletries, while the smaller “toiletries” bag housed his real necessities. His camera, his weed, a carefully wrapped festive bong, a copy of Halo 3 and an extra xbox controller, as well as his various chargers and spare electronic devices.

Following his fellow campers, he assumed, Desmond made his way to the North Pole area. A larger group was gathered there, with the counselors wearing t-shirts to separate them according to their cabins. Dex recalled that he was assigned to the green cabin and made his way towards a cute little shortie and a guy with curly hair, presumably his counselors. On his way, he saw Jackson and nodded his chin with a half-smile in a subtle greeting when their eyes met.

“Sup, I’m Dez. Where can I put my shit?” Desmond asked the pair in green shirts as he approached them.

Desmond Everett Free || Male || FC: Christopher McCrory || Red or Green Cabin (both fit, whichever needs more bodies) || 40c095

Feat. dialogue from Spike, Caspian, and Sean

Rosefell High had blossomed with life in the time that Cael had spent washing up in the bathroom. The halls were filling up with faces new and old, and Cael was particularly enjoying the two in front of him. Just after he had gotten done introducing himself to one of them — his tourist for the day, Christian — he was approached (and interrupted) by Spike. As Spike often does.

“Cael, my man! It’s good to see you, sorry to interrupt. But, where’s the gremlin? This lovely girl here has her as a tour guide.” Spike asked, and at least he acknowledged the interruption.

“Oh, hey, Spike.” Cael responded, breaking his gaze from the two handsome Liberty newcomers just long enough to glance at Spike. “Rae? I last saw her around the corner, she was actually going to find you. Olivia, right?” He confirmed, looking to Liv now and waving politely. “Sorry I can't be much help, your guess is as good as mine as to where she ended up. Can I still have a lollipop, though?”

“Damn, okay. Thanks, and duh you can. Here.” He placed way more lollipops than necessary in Cael’s hands, “I’m sure these boys over here would love something to suck too.” Spike said nonchalantly and left Cael standing, wide-eyed and blushing in front of Caspian and Christian from that remark.

Caspian kept silent, from when Cael came in, beaming with extra elation, more so than at the cafe, to when this newcomer slid in on his skates. Rosefell was filled with such eager personalities. Raising an eyebrow to Spike’s comment, Cas couldn’t help but feel amused at seeing Cael’s reaction, how his cheeks reminded him of a delicate champagne pink. It was cute, really. Personally, he didn’t know how to feel about the sexual innuendo, but he did feel rewarded and it was all because of this boy he didn’t know. He was nice to look at.

“Uh... ha ha…” Cael ran his non-lollipopped hand through his hair awkwardly, causing some remaining glitter to flutter around. “That would be Spike, our mascot. Yes, that’s his real name and, yes, he is kind of always like that. Sorry… about him.” He gestured to the pair with the spare heart-shaped lollipops for each of them to take. “He means well, I think.”

Having perused the different colored lollipops in Cael’s hands only for a second or so, Caspian intently reached for a red one. His cold fingertips inadvertently skimmed Cael’s skin. Momentarily and while the boy in the glasses grabbed his chosen heart-shaped candy, there was a fleeting glance, where they locked their eyes with one another. Cas’ dark gaze was deep and strangely intense. He, who had such a calm expression on, displayed the eyes of someone who sought connection and whose stare drew you in closer, without him needing to say a single word. After gradually retracting his hand and bringing his attention to the lollipop, Caspian unwrapped it, placed the wrapper in his pants’ pocket, and right before he put it in his mouth, the heart inches away from his lips, he gave a quiet “Thanks,” in response.

As if on cue, Sean showed up to break the air of awkwardness. He was dressed in cosplay which wasn’t unusual for Sean, but was garnering quite a few sideways glances from the new Liberty students. “You and Rae were the ones who set up the decorations right? They look great!” Sean said jovially as he walked over to where Cael stood and gently patted his friend on the back for his work before beaming at both Caspian and Christian. “I’m not your tour guide, but it’s still nice to meet you both. The name’s Sean, and I got a rose for you if you’d like to have one.”

“Awe, what gave me away?” Cael asked, wiggling his now once-again glitter coated fingers and shaking his head, causing a fresh sprinkling of blue sparkles. “Hah! You should see Rae though, she’s definitely got it worse. But thanks!” Cael smiled as Sean offered Christian and Caspian faux roses with a flourish. “No rose for me, Boogie?” Cael asked Sean with a signature pout.

“Not today, but maybe tomorrow there might be something for you and Rae to thank you for all the work you both did to help out.” Sean answered with a wink, though he was definitely hinting at bringing in some of their favorite foods tomorrow for lunch. “It might not be a Boogie's feast, but I can make a good picnic lunch so we don't need to be in the cafeteria tomorrow.”

“I guess that is… acceptable.” Cael replied with a smirk. He then looked to his Liberty tourist now, “Now then, before any more of my friends have the chance to either insult or woo you, do you want to start the tour?”

Unfortunately for Sean, Caspian was distracted and didn’t grab a rose or introduce himself. Cas wasn’t one to be rude, but he also didn’t expect Alina to come in this very moment. He couldn’t ignore his best friend, who sounded tired and disheartened. Seeing her brought back the memories of when he got out of his first therapy session, not too long ago, and she somehow knew he would be there. He recalled the rush of emotion that washed over him and how his tears just streamed out of his eyes. Aside from Calypso, she was the first person to see him cry. “Just one moment, Alina.” Before dismissing himself from glitter central, he decided to clear his throat and leave a compliment for the barista boy, “I… like the banner. It’s… nice to look at.” Gazing from Cael to Christian, Caspian waved goodbye and gestured for Alina to follow him somewhere away from the crowd.

The compliment struck Cael more than it ought to. He hadn’t heard Black Eye Coffee — err, Caspian — say that many words at once before. Let alone for something so… nice. “Thanks,” He muttered stupidly, feeling his cheeks grow even warmer. Doing his best attempt to shake away the butterflies, Cael turned his sights back to the other hottie, Christian. “Right, well then, shall we?”

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