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Current Dook In Peace, Simon! <3
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@Tate, Joker is a simp and doesn't deserve any of them, you totally ship with your favorite.
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I'm so sorry to hear that, Restless. I have two fur noodles myself and I know how bonded we can get with them, it's awful to see them go through that. Sending happy dook energy Simon's way. <3
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RPG is a dumpster fire these days, glad I came out of retirement in time to warm up by it... it was cold and lonely before. Tea, anyone?
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I'm officially retiring from roleplaying and the guild. It's been real, see you around!


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Feat. dialogue from Spike, Caspian, and Sean

Rosefell High had blossomed with life in the time that Cael had spent washing up in the bathroom. The halls were filling up with faces new and old, and Cael was particularly enjoying the two in front of him. Just after he had gotten done introducing himself to one of them — his tourist for the day, Christian — he was approached (and interrupted) by Spike. As Spike often does.

“Cael, my man! It’s good to see you, sorry to interrupt. But, where’s the gremlin? This lovely girl here has her as a tour guide.” Spike asked, and at least he acknowledged the interruption.

“Oh, hey, Spike.” Cael responded, breaking his gaze from the two handsome Liberty newcomers just long enough to glance at Spike. “Rae? I last saw her around the corner, she was actually going to find you. Olivia, right?” He confirmed, looking to Liv now and waving politely. “Sorry I can't be much help, your guess is as good as mine as to where she ended up. Can I still have a lollipop, though?”

“Damn, okay. Thanks, and duh you can. Here.” He placed way more lollipops than necessary in Cael’s hands, “I’m sure these boys over here would love something to suck too.” Spike said nonchalantly and left Cael standing, wide-eyed and blushing in front of Caspian and Christian from that remark.

Caspian kept silent, from when Cael came in, beaming with extra elation, more so than at the cafe, to when this newcomer slid in on his skates. Rosefell was filled with such eager personalities. Raising an eyebrow to Spike’s comment, Cas couldn’t help but feel amused at seeing Cael’s reaction, how his cheeks reminded him of a delicate champagne pink. It was cute, really. Personally, he didn’t know how to feel about the sexual innuendo, but he did feel rewarded and it was all because of this boy he didn’t know. He was nice to look at.

“Uh... ha ha…” Cael ran his non-lollipopped hand through his hair awkwardly, causing some remaining glitter to flutter around. “That would be Spike, our mascot. Yes, that’s his real name and, yes, he is kind of always like that. Sorry… about him.” He gestured to the pair with the spare heart-shaped lollipops for each of them to take. “He means well, I think.”

Having perused the different colored lollipops in Cael’s hands only for a second or so, Caspian intently reached for a red one. His cold fingertips inadvertently skimmed Cael’s skin. Momentarily and while the boy in the glasses grabbed his chosen heart-shaped candy, there was a fleeting glance, where they locked their eyes with one another. Cas’ dark gaze was deep and strangely intense. He, who had such a calm expression on, displayed the eyes of someone who sought connection and whose stare drew you in closer, without him needing to say a single word. After gradually retracting his hand and bringing his attention to the lollipop, Caspian unwrapped it, placed the wrapper in his pants’ pocket, and right before he put it in his mouth, the heart inches away from his lips, he gave a quiet “Thanks,” in response.

As if on cue, Sean showed up to break the air of awkwardness. He was dressed in cosplay which wasn’t unusual for Sean, but was garnering quite a few sideways glances from the new Liberty students. “You and Rae were the ones who set up the decorations right? They look great!” Sean said jovially as he walked over to where Cael stood and gently patted his friend on the back for his work before beaming at both Caspian and Christian. “I’m not your tour guide, but it’s still nice to meet you both. The name’s Sean, and I got a rose for you if you’d like to have one.”

“Awe, what gave me away?” Cael asked, wiggling his now once-again glitter coated fingers and shaking his head, causing a fresh sprinkling of blue sparkles. “Hah! You should see Rae though, she’s definitely got it worse. But thanks!” Cael smiled as Sean offered Christian and Caspian faux roses with a flourish. “No rose for me, Boogie?” Cael asked Sean with a signature pout.

“Not today, but maybe tomorrow there might be something for you and Rae to thank you for all the work you both did to help out.” Sean answered with a wink, though he was definitely hinting at bringing in some of their favorite foods tomorrow for lunch. “It might not be a Boogie's feast, but I can make a good picnic lunch so we don't need to be in the cafeteria tomorrow.”

“I guess that is… acceptable.” Cael replied with a smirk. He then looked to his Liberty tourist now, “Now then, before any more of my friends have the chance to either insult or woo you, do you want to start the tour?”

Unfortunately for Sean, Caspian was distracted and didn’t grab a rose or introduce himself. Cas wasn’t one to be rude, but he also didn’t expect Alina to come in this very moment. He couldn’t ignore his best friend, who sounded tired and disheartened. Seeing her brought back the memories of when he got out of his first therapy session, not too long ago, and she somehow knew he would be there. He recalled the rush of emotion that washed over him and how his tears just streamed out of his eyes. Aside from Calypso, she was the first person to see him cry. “Just one moment, Alina.” Before dismissing himself from glitter central, he decided to clear his throat and leave a compliment for the barista boy, “I… like the banner. It’s… nice to look at.” Gazing from Cael to Christian, Caspian waved goodbye and gestured for Alina to follow him somewhere away from the crowd.

The compliment struck Cael more than it ought to. He hadn’t heard Black Eye Coffee — err, Caspian — say that many words at once before. Let alone for something so… nice. “Thanks,” He muttered stupidly, feeling his cheeks grow even warmer. Doing his best attempt to shake away the butterflies, Cael turned his sights back to the other hottie, Christian. “Right, well then, shall we?”

A fresh start.

Could you even call it that when it was your second time doing so? Today’s start felt about as fresh as day old bread. Tough, sharp, hard to swallow. Liberty was meant to be a fresh start, and look how that turned out. Niki’s thoughts ran a mile a minute as they blow-dried out their caramel blond locks. The ghastly person staring back at them in the mirror looked about as confident as they felt — not at all. Nik had barely slept a wink last night, their head spinning about what their first day at Rosefell would be like.

Would their fellow Liberty classmates remember them? Would they stare? Would they ask prying questions? Were there rumors about why they disappeared half way through last spring semester? How could this be a fresh start when Niki had no idea what stories had been flooding the halls of Liberty at the end of sophomore year, stories that might bleed into the locker rooms of Rosefell as well. But maybe they were overthinking this, it was more likely that nobody but his sister and two best friends even noticed that they were ever gone.

A dash of concealer under the eyes was an attempt to cover up both the dark circles and the anxiety that put them there. Best not to show up to their first day of school looking like a drug addict. Hell, that might be one of the rumors. Niki wore the lightest of make-up, just enough to cover their many flaws, but not enough to look too flashy… or too feminine. That could be saved for instagram, after school. Despite Emily’s best efforts to embolden her bestie, Nik was still cautious about being their true self in the public eye. That felt like being naked… embarrassing, and dangerous.

That said, Niki decided to get a little daring, adding a coat of mascara to their eyelashes. It was hard to wallow in self-doubt and criticism when Lizzo was singing at them to get ready to walk their fine ass out the door. Maybe after getting dressed in the outfit they bought on a recent shopping trip with Emi, Niki could try “feelin' good as hell”. Speaking of that feeling, there was someone recently that was helping them get close to that.

Wade Quinn.

Just the thought of their secret, shaggy brown-haired lover was enough to send a rush of dopamine through their system. A warm pulse tinged their cheeks pink in a blush as they bit their lip. Looking up at their reflection, for the first time this morning, Niki Zabrecky smiled. For the first time this morning, they felt pretty. Pretty enough to snap an outfit of the day selfie and open up their DMs with Wade, sending the picture along with a caption.

To: @FreeWadey
I hope you have a good first day! ❤

With that message sent and the dopamine-infused confidence boost that followed, Niki made their way downstairs where the aromas of first-day-of-school breakfast greeted them. Their mother, Anna, had made chocolate chip pancakes — a particular favorite of Niki’s, especially with some sliced bananas on top. Niki ate mostly in silence until Alina arrived in the kitchen. They would be relying on their sister for rides to school, since hospitalization had gotten in the way of their driving lessons last year. “Mornin’, Ali. I’m ready whenever you are.”

Nikolai Ian Zabrecky || AMAB Non-Binary (they/them) || Liberty High Student || FC: Stav Strashko || CC: E9967A

A @GhostMami & @smarty0114 Collaboration
Featuring Wesley Slater & Bradley Barron

Bradley’s head swiveled from Griffin’s receding form to Wes, back and forth, the extra basketball band still clutched in his hand. The pounding of the music was disorienting, and the liquor in his stomach wasn’t helping. He shouldn’t have come tonight. This was all about to go horribly wrong. He looked down at his empty cup, nerves swarming in his gut. Seize the day, seize the day, seizethedayseizethedayseizethday. The mantra blended together in his head until it was just a jumble of words, and Wes was standing in front of him, cute and slightly disheveled, but still, just right.

He did his best to grin and cover up the turmoil inside, reaching out to hand the band to Wes. “Griff wanted me to give you this,” Bradley said, holding up his own wrist to show off his matching one. “Don’t ask why, something about good luck,” He said, omitting the fact that the luck had been more for Brad’s sake than Wesley’s. “I’m guessing the booze run went well, considering this is a success,” Bradley said, nodding his head to the beat of the music and looking everywhere except Wes’ eyes.

Wesley took the bracelet and looked at it quizzically, turning it over in his hand. Something about it made him smile… probably the fact that this was exactly the kind of trinket he would pilfer from someone’s room if he saw it just laying around. A little happy memory to stow away in his growing stash of them. “Well, we could actually use this bit of luck soon, so it’s good timing.” Wesley was referring, of course, to the genius plan he had come up with in his pre-party nap dreams. Before Wes could reveal his fantastic plan to Bradley, he was distracted by the mention of the booze cruise. “Yeah, it was totally awesome! Sav and Erica are way more meddlesome than they look, cheeky little criminals, they are. Although… I think I made Erica mad at me by pretending to be her boyfriend in front of the cashier…” Wes mused with a bummed out shrug.

Confusion flashed across Brad’s face at the last bit. Did that have something to do with Erica and Griff’s dance earlier? Maybe that had been happening under his nose for longer than he’d realized. “Erica’s usually mad about something.” He didn’t want to dwell on how the thought of Wes and Erica dating hollowed him out and filled him back up with longing, a longing that seemed to steal all the words he wanted to say. He needed another drink.

“What’s the luck for?” Bradley asked, trying to steer his way back into safe, calm waters. Pranks, if that’s what Wes was referring to, had become their own language, the bonding that had brought them so close. Even if he couldn’t find the words right now, he could always talk about a way to stick it to the powers the be.

“Oh right!” Wesley exclaimed, gesturing with his drink excitably, sloshing it a bit in doing so. “If the narcolepsy is good for anything, it’s for the flashes of genius I get while I’m sleeping. SERIOUSLY, I almost slept through the party for this shit.” Wes stopped to lick the drips off the side of his cup and take a hefty gulp of his drink before he spilled more of the precious nectar in his excitement. Anyywayyy, you know how we’ve been trying to figure out how to smuggle in spray paint?” Wes waited for confirmation before continuing.

The smile that spread across his face was pure instinct, brought on by Wes’ own excitement. It was infectious. He’d always felt like he was always meant to be looking at the canvas, capturing the colorful people of the world while he moved on in black and white. With Wes… every laugh showered him in the rarest pigments, and for a moment the monotone shades of gray faded. “Of course, it’s gonna be the best vandalism this place has ever seen,” Bradley said, spirits lifting as he spoke.

“Damn straight it will be.” Wes said and went to tap red solo cups in cheers with B-rad, only to find that his cup runneth empty. “Whoa, you ain’t got nothing in your cup, we gotta fix that first, c’mon.” He ushered his friend through the crowd of fellow students and over to the makeshift bar. “So here’s the thing…” Wes began, a crooked smirk complimenting the single eyebrow that raised as he revealed his plan. “What if we didn’t have to smuggle anything in at all?” Wes waited again, letting the dramatic suspense build.

Clear liquid, indistinguishable from water except for the tell tale thickness of liquor, filled Bradley’s cup, followed by a generous amount of sugary red juice. He nodded as Wes’ words fought through the haze of his mind and burst into the light of understanding, signalled by a drawn out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Bradley took a gulp of his drink, thankful for the new influx of alcohol, before continuing. “Wes, you’re a fucking genius! I could kiss you right now!” Oh. He hadn’t meant to say that last part. He hastily covered his mouth with his cup, taking another gulp as embarrassment and drunkenness turned his face redder and redder.

“Exactly!” Wesley exclaimed with a giggle and polished off the rest of the mixed drink in his own cup. He thought of Brad’s statement as nothing more than the shared excitement of the moment and began to mix himself another drink. The effects of the rum were already buzzing within him, making his blood feel warm and heavy. “There’s already spray paint here, in the school. No smuggling of contraband needed. There’s loads of it in the technology department, dude, we just gotta go get it.” The mischievous glint in Wesley’s eyes was nothing short of devilish as he smirked above the rim of his solo cup.

“We can go tonight, while everyone's here. If security should be concerned with anything, it’s this,” Bradley said, laughing softly. His eyes ran over Wesley’s frame then quickly glanced away. “Has Griff seemed off to you?” Bradley added, nerves pushing him further and further away from the conversation he needed to be having right now. The band around his wrist seemed to burn, as if trying to remind him of the promise he’d made.

“Griff’s always been a bit of an odd duck… but, yeah, he’s been pretty weird since getting out of the hospital.” Wesley shrugged, taking a sip of his freshly mixed rum and coke. “Maybe he’s still feeling a little off, musta been one helluva flu. And I guess it’s going around too, a couple of other kids got it, even Theo, and he’s tough as a bear.” Bringing the topic back to the mission at hand, Wesley pointed at Bradley with the index finger of the hand holding his cup. “But rewinding it back, you, my friend, are the real genius here! Tonight is the perfect night to go through with the heist! Both our friends AND the security should be distracted, it’s fucking perfect. It’s the most opportune moment, we have to seize it!” Wesley grabbed a small, almost flask-sized handle of vodka that he could easily stash away in his pocket from the counter. “What'd ya say? We head out now, with drinks for the road?” Wes smirked and shook the bottle for emphasis, causing the vodka to slosh back and forth inside.

Bradley grinned, and finished off his drink, certain he’d need the courage. It would just be him and Wes, doing what they did best; wreaking havoc. He could do this. “Hard to argue with that.” He looked around, cautious of any watchful eyes, pilfered his own miniature bottle, and slipped into the crowd. Just before they were cut off, Brad’s hand clutched Wesley’s tugging him along and out into the considerably cooler air of the dorm hallway. He let out a sigh of relief, and gestured towards the exit, glad to be free of the oppressive heat of the party. “Lead the way, partner in crime.”

Wesley snickered as Bradley tugged the pair of them out into the hallway. He had the small bottle of vodka in his pocket, but his plastic cup was still in his hand. A portion of the brown cocktail sloshed out of it, leaving a nice solid stain in the hallway to remember this night by later. “Shit!” He remarked, more so upset about the lost alcohol than the stained carpet, and ran along with Brad towards the exit. Time to break into the school and steal some property in order to vandalize some property. With the booze run already under his belt, how many more crimes could Wesley fit into one single friday? Only time would tell…

Location | Wesley’s Room → The Party

Wesley could not believe that they’d actually done it! The Booze Cruise had gone off without a hitch and Wes was still riding off the high of getting away with something so criminal. This was rule breaking to the extreme, more so than any of the pranks and mischief that he, Bradley, and Griff could cook up. Today, Wesley Slater broke the law… which was kind of concerning, considering that he was planning to study law and become a lawyer. But, maybe that made him an even better candidate for the job. A ton of people in law and law enforcement are actually criminals themselves, right?

With the alcohol properly secured, the van parked, the keys placed back where they were found, and the trio able to sneak into the dorms with their ill-gotten gains, the party plan was successfully in motion. Wesley brought his filled-to-the-brim backpack to the lounge and unloaded the alcohol, leaving Savannah and Erica to finish up with the party prep. It was their party, after all. He just pitched in his money, backpack, phenomenal acting skills, and, of course, invited damned near their entire class. The last job he had was to get himself ready.

Back in his room, Wes started with a shower to wash away the dried anxiety sweats from his silent mental spiral in the van on the way to the liquor store. He might have played the situation like the charming trickster that he was, but that didn’t mean that he never got nervous! Wesley had his music playing as he showered, dancing to the beats and scrubbing his hair in time, looking forward to all of the shenanigans that a night of drunken revelry might hold.

Once squeaky clean, Wesley made the first critical mistake of his evening. Clad in naught but a fuzzy white bath towel wrapped around his waist, he plopped down on his bed to relax and scroll through his phone. The scrolling slowed as his eyelids grew heavy from the combination of his post-excitement crash, the warmth of his shower, and good-old fashioned narcolepsy. He passed out within minutes and slept for a couple of hours. It wasn’t until the volume of the music from the party increased enough that the thumping bass vibrated his walls that Wesley awoke and realized his error.

“SHIT!” Wesley exclaimed, jumping out of bed and causing his towel to drop in the process. “Shit shit shit!” He continued as he stood naked in the center of his room, his hair having dried into the most ridiculous nest of curls from laying down and falling asleep with it wet. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he zipped over to his closet to find an appropriate party outfit to throw on and hopefully distract from his otherwise disheveled appearance. The next step was to make a second trip to the bathroom to try to salvage his hairstyle. Wetting his hair down and running his fingers through the curls succeeded in keeping them from defying gravity by sticking straight up, but it left him looking a bit like a drowned rat because of how much water was needed to tame them.

“Whatever…” he mumbled in a disgruntled tone before grabbing his phone, wallet, and keys to head down the hall. The party, as he expected, was already in full swing. A couple of his classmates looked like they had even already had their fair share of alcohol, which caused a momentary flash of panic. His Captain! Good lord, please don’t let the rum be gone! Before even looking for his besties, Wes beelined for the beverage station to prepare himself a drink. Thankfully, there was still about three quarters of the Captain Morgan left, and Wesley sighed in relief as he mixed a rum and coke, heavy on the rum, as it seemed he had some catching up to do. Looking around the crowded common area, he sought out his friends and found both Griffin and Bradley chatting. Perfect! He made his way over to them to start off his night on a better foot, hopefully.

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