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1 yr ago
Current Sound reasoning: Finish the painting for the miniatures you have before acquiring more. Me: Naaaaah,
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1 yr ago
And we are officially back.
2 yrs ago
To write again...that is the question...
3 yrs ago
Of course life continues forward like this. We may be closing in on the bitter end of my time here.
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3 yrs ago
Just Exalted this weekend, that and determining the future of Salem at this rate.


Martial Arts, Writing, Reading, Coroner (No I'm not dead, I work there), Video games, and my friends. There: My life in a nutshell.

I do the Sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, Dark fantasy and steampunk thing when it comes to roleplays. I'm pretty straight forward

I Gm this:
Due North

I Play a character in this/these:

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@bandcrsnatch sorry double post. But you can move the CS it's good
@LanternLightsounds good. As soon as I find a good image for North Northam I'll be all set. So we will probably shoot to start in the next 48-72 hours
@bandcrsnatch looks good. He'll like Lord northam's private collection.

@AXISshould be good to go just make sure you pick a single color for her dialogue
@TootsiePopMight as well just put them in the character section lol
@NuttsnBolts he looks good

@AtomicNutI like her. If she's only be with the family for three years then she's probably a secret Lord Northam is unaware of so that will be interesting.

You can move them to the characters page
@KountKraken just going right for the call of cthuhlu rip off. I love it.

@NuttsnBoltsfirst impression: very cool. I'll read the whole thing at work

As for atomic. Exactly lol
Sounds good to me. Hopefully Lord Northam will go up tonight
Those sound fun. I adore the maid idea. Reminds me of a character from arkham horror
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